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Reminder that the fucking children's book is the first 40k story to have 100% unambiguously evil tau

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I wonder if this shit is actually profitable.

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I can see an artist taking these and editing them if they were set in the proper 40K universe. Probably 2 pages in before the kids are ripped apart.

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Good... good... soon, GW will give us what we truly want...

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No, they wont

Torchstar is easily the worst member of The Eight

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I bet monies that either the nigger or the deserter is a sensei

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If only tau were that attractive in lore.
Instead they look like fucked up alien gooks canonically. So. No, I don't want that.

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The one thing I didnt like about the Secrets of the Tau book was that there was a Kroot pocket thief. I dont know why, but the idea of a member of a millions of years old shamanistic avian-reptilian alien race that lives entirely to eat exotic meat... have to steal pocket money to buy said exotic meat instead of just hunting that shit in the wild... makes me feel super weird.

The Necron book is also the most powerful the Necrons have ever been in the entire history of 40k.

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What age did you guys get into 40K in? I got into it around middle school years and years back. I would not have gotten into it if this was my introduction. Part of the appeal was how over the top and "uncensored" the game was, and I feel like these books would end up being a bit patronizing and turn kids off from 40k.

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I'm not a fan of 40k but these books don't really make any sense to me. It's a little odd if they're intending on getting kids into a grimdark setting using kid friendly books.

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I was in college. I got in because of a professor who ran a Dark Heresy campaign.

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I had my neighbor and his older brother introduce me to the game when I was in middle school.

I didn't really get into it until I was in college though. Then I picked up DoW cause it was on sale and cause I wanted a game like Company of Heroes, and I fell in love with the super over-the-top voice acting.

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Elementary school.
And yeah these books are super patronizing, and really weird considering the tone of every other 40k related media. It's like back in the 90s when there were cartoons and toy lines for R-Rated movies.

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I got in to it in middle school, though I've since dropped it.

I enjoyed the vast, detailed war fighting and the sense of a fleshed out post-post-post apocalyptic future, where like it said on the tin, "there is only war." As the setting veered deeper and deeper in to space Opera and away from stuff like Eisenhorn and Cain, it stopped resonating with me.

This entire 40Kids thing feels like an attempt by a late 30s millenial trying to "get" that 15 to 25 zoomer crowd with a "subversive and adult" kids product, the way Steven Universe and Adventure Time have deeper, more mature themes (so I've been told) riding underneath their bright and exciting kid show facades.

Which I think won't work since it waters down and sells off the very core appeal of 40k. Unless the Age of Guillaman rumors are right and they're getting ready for a big noble bright reboot of the entire setting. In which case I'm glad I dropped it.

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Around 14, I'd say? The first book I read was Xenos from Eisenhorn, and I think I was hooked at the part where Eisenhorn contemplates mercy-killing a wounded woman, then realizes he can't. Also, the girl who clearly likes him dies immediately after her introduction.

That set the mood, all right. Especially the part where you realize that the good guys actually torture the fuck out of people to the point of skinning them. If I had to read shit like this, I'd have written it off.

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I clarify that he 'can't' not because he can't bring himself to pull the trigger, but because it would fuck up his investigation.

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How do you feel knowing they're going to be making a show about Eisenhorn?

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Not thrilled. I get the feeling they're going to fuck it up, and badly. I'm willing to bet they'll do all they can to force diversity into it. I dunno, make Eisenhorn black or something.

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Who's working on it? I'll bite if there's any promise

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>100% unambiguously evil tau
Whats wrong with that? Those dirty blue skinned vagina faces need to be exterminated, Great Crusade style.

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Define "evil".

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This whole premise looks so autistic. Who is going to buy this unironically? And is it really a good look to try and get children hooked on a universe that if they flip enough pages they start running into shit like the demon rape womb thing? I'm not a puritan but Goddamn talk about a lack of critical thinking. Is it just one big meta joke? Turning the parody universe's brand into a parody too?

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That looks like Rutger Hauer

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There is no greater good than the Emperor.

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I mean, when you were a teenager, obviously you want cool content. You don't want them to fucking talk down to you. This is the very embodiment of talking to children like they're retards.

Kids unironically want to see blood, gore and sacrifice. They want to see a Space Marine chainsawing his way through an Ork and fighting his way to the top of a mountain to plant a flag with his last breath. It's why kids want to watch stuff like Evangelion, shit's all adult and shit.

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>that fucking dawn of war intro where an entire squad and a dreadnought die to plant a flag in a random hill

never stops being funny because it's both retarded and also so 'the imperium'

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When I was in high school I used to post over at Stardestroyer.net. As you might guess from the name it was a fucking nerd forum for fucking nerds, so there was quite a bit of Warhmamer 40k discussion, which got me interested enough in the setting to get the Eisenhorn Omnibus. I was frankly already sold on it by the time I got the omnibus, but that really solidified my interest. The thing that got me into it was that for an edgelord teenager it felt way more mature than Star Wars and Star Trek, but more importantly I really liked that it had a proper sense of scale. Space is big and in Warhammer things feel properly big. It also feels like strategy, tactics, and logistics actually matter in in 40k in a way it doesn't matter in a lot of other sci-fi settings. In 40k heroism alone is never enough, and even the extremely heroic genetically engineered ubermenschen in powered armour need artillery support, which I always thought was more interesting than winning solely because of individual virtue. Granted that none of this is at all consistent, but big settings with lots of authors are always inconsistent, the point is that these elements that I like feel much more present in 40k than in other settings.

I haven't read Warhammer Adventures and I'm not likely to, but if they're kids books I expect they lean away from the heavy mental and industrialized warfare aesthetics in favour of focusing on adventurism and individual valour, which really moves away of the things that made 40k appealing to me.

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Yeah, sure, blood and gore is fine and how 40k should market itself up front - so what the fuck is this? This doesn't look like it hits any of the 40k chords and I think it's kind of faggy to advertise the universe like this, not just because it's gay but it's so out of whack from its actual themes. Someone out there is going to get into 40k because they think it's some adventure novel shit and then when they're through with this get slapped with a Daemonculaba. Great. Just let its regular themes set the bar and be the gatekeeper for interest, who thought this was a good direction to expand?

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Good, now give a book to us for 100% evil imperium and Orks that aren't that bad and we got new generation set to know how 40k actually is.

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The first time I ever really encountered 40k was with Firewarrior. I remember reading about it in a magazine, and thinking "huh this sounds vaugly familiar wtf is this". I played Firewarrior and actually enjoyed it, even though it was shit. It wasn't until Dawn of War came out that I actually got into the property. Used to post on the Relic forums, learning about lore and shit, and exploring shitty old russian websites with old codices hosted

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Late teens, with Dawn of War. Didn't get my first miniatures until early 20s.

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The Fire Warrior novel is surprisingly good. It's a shame Simon Spurrier lost his shit: He went completely off the deep end with his The Shadow run, which is basically about how Trump is evil (I'm not fucking joking, by the way).

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Yeah I heard about that remember seeing the first comic about the Shadow showing up and... mocking and shooting school shooters. And the other person working on the project fucking dipped

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t. chaosfag

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Nah, just want a book where two biggest villains of the setting (chaos and IoM) as seen by humans from the side.

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Also 'Attack of the Necron' is one of the only books where xenos are actually scary and space marines get wrecked by them

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I was 11

I friend's brother was showing us the LotR game (which is still great and I really need to paint my Easterlings), and then showed us the White Dwarf he had. I saw the 3rd edition Tyranids codex cover in the editor's note along with a photo of a hormagaunt and termagant. I knew immediately they would be my first army.

Thankfully I was nearly 12 because my local GW wouldn't sell me glue and stuff until I was!

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Not being us

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This series is also the first time Ultramarines lose hard against Xenos.

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>but the idea of a member of a millions of years old shamanistic avian-reptilian alien race that lives entirely to eat exotic meat... have to steal pocket money to buy said exotic meat instead of just hunting that shit in the wild... makes me feel super weird.
Yeah Magic Negroes don’t exist. Not even in Magic Negro land.

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So what I'm hearing is "This series is awesome, we were all wrong to doubt it." Good to know.

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They are straight up just a rip off of the Neimoidians from the Trade Federation.

/tg/s verion of the Tau is infinitely better.

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>Shadow showing up and... mocking and shooting school shooters.
To be fair, Batman is a traumatized mentally insane guy who flaunts society and goes out to beat up those who are mentally insane and/or flaunt society. He just happens to be a Chad so we root for him.

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That's a female Tau.

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>The Necron book is also the most powerful the Necrons have ever been in the entire history of 40k.
unironically this

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Why would you post fake stories on 4ch... nevermind.


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I've found these books are actually kind of fascinating if you read them as In-universe Minostorum Propaganda.

Sort of like how re contextualizing the old Battletech Cartoon as in-universe Comstar propaganda elevates it to at least watchable.

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>The Necron book is also the most powerful the Necrons have ever been in the entire history of 40k.

Care to elaborate? Their first codex pretty much portrayed them as the potential end of all sapient life in the galaxy that even the Tyranids seemed to fear..

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Since when?

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Why are Tau described as shorter than humans? They look like the same height here.

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> thunderhawk
At least respect the canon in your shit comic

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Eight years old and I was sucked in by the military space men fighting nasty aliens and it looking like a 2000AD comic but as a game you could play and cool minis.

>> No.72057034

Because any other race villain would have been too grimdark for a children's book

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Huh. Maybe this is some sort of super-meta-canon Imperial propaganda? Like, it's just so unbelievably absurd that we can't see it. Can you imagine it?

>See? Even children are useful to the Imperium!
>Look! Even these young ones are able to put a stop to the evil xeno!
>They serve beside the Emperor's own Astartes for the betterment of the Imperium and for the Glory of our Emperor!
>It's never too late to join the Guard!

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>This cat told me it was fake.

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They're the only aliens pussy enough that a bunch of kids could legitimately take them on.

I am, however, very happy at seeing all the taufags buttflustered that their faction isn't being perfect enough.

>> No.72057205

anyone care to give a synopsis?

>> No.72057438

When are they going to go up against Fabius Bile or Honsou?

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It makes perfect sense once your realise that there's now a decent chunk of the 40K audience as well as the people running GW who got into 40K when they were kiddiewinks exactly because it was edgy and grimdark and OTT and filled with black-as-the-night British humour, which their parents would have nixed right off if they were aware enough to know what it was about, who are themselves now pearl-clutching parents of little shitmachines.

They want to start playing with their kids, but they're too precious and hypocritical to let their kids have the experience they had, instead demanding Babby's First 40K instead.

Will it work? We'll have to wait at least ten years to find out - the test is whether you catch the big enough to come back after the teenage "everything I liked before I noticed girls is lame and ghey" phase. I suspect quite a few of them will stick around, and they'll contribute to the ongoing PG-13'ification of the IP that GW have been pushing for the last few years.

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Is this canon?

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Around 13-14. Friend knew I was into Starcraft and assumed since I was asian that I liked mechs so he got me a Tau battleforce even though I was interested in Tyranids since they reminded me of Zerg, Sisters of Battle because I have a nun fetish, and Dark Angels because I wanted to have an all Termie army back in 5th.

Needless to say, being the only shooty guy in an all melee meta was FUN.

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fire cast are only a few inches shorter than the average human,
older books said they were the largest of the tau, but didn't specify height,
I think Ethereals and air caste are taller though.

>> No.72060751

So this is in universe Imperium propaganda for children on less shitty human worlds?

>> No.72060947


>implying GW was going to go down the SJW route and chase an invisible market, and not go after what they already have

what kind of SJW faggot are you to expect them to portray the tau as anything good? they're brainwashed communists.

much like your kind.

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She's the youngest and flamer rules suck. The character is fine though.

>> No.72061596

No fuck off, Arra'kon is easily the worst because he's a fucking non-character; his entire backstory is
He was the boss of the enclaves for a while
He likes to analyze battle footage

We know very little about Torchstar but what we know is fucking cool so get fucked

>> No.72061680

I’ve heard it’s actually decently dark for what is essentially a PG version of a setting where a galaxy wide genocidal cult is the good guys. Children getting murdered by xenos, people being merged into flesh walls by genestealers to serve as incubators, etcetera

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Everything you think is "cool" about Torchstar is 100% a projection of your own sex-crazed mind. There is no reason to believe she looks anything like the fan art, she's just another ugly alien with hooves and leathery blue skin

>> No.72064101

The fact that she defected from the empire with a bunch of experimental weaponry is cool
the fact that she's covered in flame tattoos is cool
the fact that she's a pyromaniac is cool
the fact that she's young and spunky is cool
All that shit is canon, none of that shit has to do with sex, all that shit is cool even if she's ugly.

Besides, the mere fact that Kelly went out of his way to say that she shows off her tats at the very least suggests that he WANTS us to sexualize her.

So get fucked.

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Can't argue with those facts.

>> No.72067215

Dumb anon

>> No.72067247

I like to go by this image; the water caste is taller to be at least somewhat imposing

>> No.72067252

>Sex-crazed mind

Man, I'm getting sick of you weirdo neo-puritan missionary people.

>> No.72067284

You know, I despise these books with a passion. But I'd love to see someone like Variel the Flayer show up, and slowly lose his mind from frustration when he realizes he's in a goddamn children's book series.

>> No.72067313

Female Tau look exactly like male Tau. Your cringey fan designs are entirely the product of your diseased imagination.

>> No.72067378

Except we know that's not true because the miniatures show clear physiological differences in face structure between male and female T'au, we got artwork showing breasts (in the very book this thread is about no less) and we got descriptions in Black Library books.

Furthermore, you're being extremely weird and raving like a happy clappy Christian fundamentalist outside a strip club. This is 4chan, not r/Methodism. So knock it off. It's extremely dull.

>> No.72067404

And before you whine about it being the new miniature, the old one looked even more feminine and different from male T'au heads.

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>> No.72067418

>i don’t understand it therefore why do it this offends me

>> No.72067465

>The Necron book is also the most powerful the Necrons have ever been in the entire history of 40k.
How so? Necron Codex alone mentions one of the Dynasties having all kind of shiny toys that they sometimes use to destroy Eldar out of petty grudges, one of such weapons being a deathray that obliterates planets with little-to-no effort. Them coming in, killing everything, and leaving while everyone asks questions: has always been inline with their lore.

>> No.72067475

And just to hammer it home, here's one of the newish T'au heads close up.

>> No.72067504

>Continuing their quest to find the mysterious Emperor's Seat, Zelia Lord and friends find themselves in a strange spaceport controlled by the alien Tau. What secrets are these seemingly friendly creatures hiding…?

>Get a look at the Greater Good through younger eyes as it's compared with the Imperium in the latest Warhammer 40,000 adventure for younger readers.

>journeying to the bustling spaceport of Hinterland after being saved from certain death by a dubious Rogue Trader, Zelia, Talen and Mekki continue their quest to reach the Emperor’s Seat. But much here is not what it seems. Alone in a strange place and surrounded by aliens, who can they really trust, and what are the secrets of the Tau?

>> No.72067513

It certainly does lead one to believe it if read from Tallarn's POV, as every book has him quickly grow to hate all xeno, want to join the guard just like his dad and brother, and realize why Imperium acting the way it does is necessary for human survival.

>> No.72067535

To add to all of this. We also know that while Shadowsun has been frozen for a long time, she's also seen far more shit than Torchstar has. She's older, more beaten up, and has had more stressful experiences plus a ton of drama and having to be the military face of the T'au Empire. Compare that to a young, rebellious T'au who's got flame tattoos and loves to jump into the middle of things with flamethrowers.

So ontop of having established there's physiological differences between male and female t'au and seeing that Shadowsun's miniature doesn't look that bad for someone who's spent their entire life fighting and that in our own species we see huge variation in women's appearence (and do so in some other 40k races), therefore, it's not beyond reason that Torchstar is indeed cute.

>> No.72067656

and fluffy

>> No.72067670

The fluff is important yes. And before Mr Crusader whines about that, we know for a fact that T'au can grow hair normally, they just shave it off into a topknot because of various reasons. So what would a rebellious firebrand do?

Exactly, grow it out and grow it long.

>> No.72067837

I meant more of a summary of the story and not what you'd find on the amazon description

>> No.72067853

>Floof is fluffy.


>> No.72067878

>none of that shit has to do with sex
>neo-puritan missionary people
Neither one of you could possibly be more wrong if you were actively trying. The fact is that when you spam the same five images with simp bullshit, you are shitposting. If you actually gave a shit about the character, you'd quit masturbating to fanart that doesn't even have the tattoos that are so neat and convert a model for her.
>I don't play

>> No.72067906

>having taste this bad

>> No.72067929

>Buncha twitter buzzwords and ignoring the posts showing you to be wrong.

Go back to /v/.

>> No.72067952 [DELETED] 

my god, it's like your actively trying to sound like your opinion doesn't matter.
>If you actually gave a shit about the character, you'd quit masturbating
that doesn't fucking follow, you stupid faggot, masturbating to something doesn't prevent people from caring about it. I shouldn't have to explain this to you, but your puritanism gets in the way of common sense.

Stop believing that masturbation is wrong. Then maybe you'll allowed to breathe.

>> No.72067960

my god, it's like you're actively trying to sound like your opinion doesn't matter.
>If you actually gave a shit about the character, you'd quit masturbating
that doesn't fucking follow, you stupid faggot, masturbating to something doesn't prevent people from caring about it. I shouldn't have to explain this to you, but your puritanism gets in the way of common sense.
Stop believing that masturbation is wrong. Then maybe you'll be allowed to breathe.

>> No.72067972

Did your parents buy you one of these?

>> No.72068005

>You're shitposting by talking about a canon character's features which are supported by the fluff and miniatures.
>I'm being a self-declared mod and morale police by using the lastest reddit terminology and trying to police what people can or can't like on 4chan.

You didn't reply to any of my posts showing you to be wrong. At the very least I proved that there are physiological differences between male t'au and female t'au.

This too. It's almost as if he's so mindblowingingly stupid he doesn't realise that people can enjoy things on multiple levels. For example, you can play a wargame normally, talk and read about the fluff as one does, and also have a wank to lewd 40k fanart (or even some of the real art if you want). And ne'er shall these meet. Instead you're so deluded (or perhaps mentally deficient that you think that everyone who has a wank is a compulsive masturbator like yourself) that you think that you can only hold one opinion or thought in your mind on any issue.

And this is all ignoring the fact that you're whining about people talking about a character, not even talking about masturbating, not talking about it lewdly, on 4chan. 4chan. On /tg/, no less! Jesus Christ, anon, what, did you have a bad trip and thought Christ told you to stop the naughty nerds on 4chan to stop tugging on their winkiedoodles? You kids today are fucking wrong.

>> No.72068011

Fucking weebs

>> No.72068019

What the fuck does simp even mean? Is it the new discord spam to try and trick idiots on 4chan into thinking boobs are bad or something?

>> No.72068026

Are you gonna cry?

>> No.72068034

> you can play a wargame normally, talk and read about the fluff as one does, and also have a wank to lewd 40k fanart
Oi, I do all of that. What I refrain from is derailing threads with my waifus.

>whining about people talking about a character,
>on 4chan
Why exactly are you acting all surprised?

>> No.72068039

That's not what weebs mean. No one in this thread was even talking about enjoying anime, let alone what actual weeaboos do. You've driven that word into a meaningless thing.

>> No.72068050

>You've driven that word into a meaningless thing.
Yes and?

>> No.72068054

No one's derailing any thread. The topic came up, people responded and it was in line with the general t'au discussion that was going on.

>> No.72068061

Use it properly or don't use it at all. Weeb doesn't mean 'shit I don't like'.

>> No.72068070

>What I refrain from is derailing threads with my waifus.

fuck off there's no reason to complain about thread derailment unless the thread is being derailed by shitposting, and the only shitposter here is you.
>Oi, I do all of that
Oh I see, it's a "do as I say not as I do" sort of situation.

>> No.72068073

> it was in line with the general t'au discussion that was going on

>> No.72068096

>the only shitposter here is you
Waifuposting is a certified form of cancer.

>Oh I see, it's a "do as I say not as I do" sort of situation.
I'm not the prude anon you talked to, but I can see what pisses him off.

> Weeb doesn't mean 'shit I don't like'.
It does when I want it to.

>> No.72068106

You're gushing about your fictional crush in a thread about how the Tau got depicted in the Warhammer children's book. How are you showing me to be wrong?
Do you not get at least ten to fifteen minutes between fap sessions to do literally anything else with your life, or do you just beat your shit raw through your every waking hour? Do you keep masturbating in your sleep as well? Somebody call Guinness.

>> No.72068113

You must be a badass cowboy guy yourself, I'm very intimidated by your stern fatherly authority. At first I thought you were some sad mouthbreather with all sorts of deep seated neuroses but now I know you're a badass cowboy man who knows what's best for me.
Do you think that I'll become a badass cowboy man too if I stop liking cute cartoon girls?

>> No.72068131

oh you're a different prude.
That totally prevents you from being just as stupid and wrong as he is.

>> No.72068135

>Do you think that I'll become a badass cowboy man too if I stop liking cute cartoon girls?

>> No.72068143

There is literally nothing wrong with sexualizing the Tau.

>> No.72068144

>You're gushing about your fictional crush in a thread about how the Tau got depicted in the Warhammer children's book. How are you showing me to be wrong?
by gushing about a t'au.

And maybe I do masturbate constantly. Maybe I'm masturbating right now.

Does that make you angry?

Does that make you sad?

Are you gonna cry?

>> No.72068155

It absolutely was.

>The thread had turned to general t'au discussion
>Someone said that the eight were a thing.
>Someone said Torchstar sucked.
>Others said she didn't.
>Someone then started claiming people were wanking to Torchstar and that anyone posting a specific fan depiction (that's completely in line with the fluff mind you) was mentally ill.
>People then used examples from the fluff and miniatures to show him to be wrong.

Come on, don't be a twat.

You claimed that there's no physiological difference between t'au males and females. I proved there was by showing the miniatures and giving examples from the fluff. Also I don't have a crush on Torchstar and bringing up the subject matter of the thread, on 4chan, ona baord about the subject matter of the thread is ridiculous.

Let me guess, you think 4chan is all about shitposting and not actual discussion, right? Ironic shitposting isn't shitposting. Now you're probably giggling like a 12 year old because you got a response, while you've got another tab open on your browser actually looking at what you think is real wargame discussion on another site. But believe it or not, some of us actually like /tg/ and don't want to see it shat up by a bunch of weirdoes who screech whenever there's anything that makes them feel uncomfortable.

>> No.72068165

This is true. But ironically, no one WAS sexualising the t'au when the anti-fap addled moron started sperging out.

>> No.72068168

>That totally prevents you from being just as stupid and wrong as he is.
I never made the same claims. I just think that if you want to shit up a thread with Torchstar titties you should start a Blueberry thread of your own. Unless the comapny of refined gentlemen that share your taste in 2d femininity depresses you - then I would advice finding a different waifu to coom at.

>> No.72068178

What Torchstar tits? No one posted any.


Oh right, you're a mongoloid mouthbreather spamming /v/ memes. That explains things.

>> No.72068193

>just think that if you want to shit up a thread with Torchstar titties you should start a Blueberry thread of your own.
there's two issues with that
1- torchstar titties don't shit up threads they improve threads
2- there's no need to make a new thread for that.
remove your chastity cage

>> No.72068208

You do know coom came about because of dedicated discord raids on /v/ to try and get people to adopt anti-sexual ideologies by making impressionable underagefags adopt it until the mods wordfiltered the term cumbrain to coomer (because they're all equally unfunny idiots who think that the undead, beaten-into-the-ground wojaks are anything other than painful) and by using it, you're just revealing yourself to be a complete cunt, right?

>> No.72068222

He thinks not wanking gives him super powers and will stop his early onset male pattern balding.

>> No.72068231

Doesn't it hurt after a while?
I didn't say there was no difference. I said she was ugly.
God damn you guys are on fire tonight.

>> No.72068235

But it's true I saw infographics on /fit/ that prove it!

>> No.72068251

>Female Tau look exactly like male Tau. Your cringey fan designs are entirely the product of your diseased imagination.

Even if that wasn't you, we can see by the miniature that Shadowsun isn't ugly and she's the beaten up old veteran.

>> No.72068253

>Doesn't it hurt after a while?
It sure seems to be hurting you.
>I didn't say there was no difference. I said she was ugly.
based on nothing but your own diseased imagination.

>> No.72068272

And I read on /lit/ that refraining from masturbation makes your IQ sky rocket! Man I can't wait to start no fap.... May! Yessir, I surely am clever and not falling for repackaged Fundamentalist Dissenter sect propagands, yup!

>> No.72068278

>torchstar titties don't shit up threads they improve threads

>You do know coom came about because of dedicated discord raids on /v/ to try and get people to adopt anti-sexual ideologies by making impressionable underagefags adopt it until the mods wordfiltered the term cumbrain to coomer
I don't care. Waifufaggotry is cancerous - you can't fucking keep it to your own threads.

>> No.72068306






>> No.72068316

>Blah blah blah waah waah waah why aren't you doing what I say?!

This is our own thread. You're the cancerous one here.

>> No.72068347

Why don’t Warhammer book threads ever actually talk about the books

>> No.72068350


>> No.72068353

the books suck anyway

>> No.72068363



>> No.72068370

HH threads do talk about the books. As for the ones in the OP, that's simple - nobody reads them, bat many feel like reeeeeeing about them.

>> No.72068372

[badass movie man reaction picture]

>> No.72068380

Shadowsun is precisely what I was thinking of when I imagined what Torchstar would look like and came to the conclusion that she would be ugly
And, you know, all canon sources of what Tau look like. What kind of lube do you use?

>> No.72068381

Yup. He sure showed me. The grizzled bald man shook his head.

>> No.72068390

But her miniature isn't ugly. Maybe not that attractive, but not ugly. And again, she's quite different from Torchstar.

>> No.72068393


>> No.72068401

Yeah, he does actually. Almost certainly more than you do.

Oh man in suit from US telly! Wow we're really in trouble now.

>> No.72068432

Sorry, misread that. Thought you were saying 'you know all the canon sources?'

What canon sources? The description in the codexes which match that depiction of Torchstar? The models which clearly show Shadowsun, the grizzled veteran looking feminine, smooth faced and different head/face structure to male t'au heads? Even the more screeching artwork of Shadowsun (who again is not Torchstar) doesn't look bad, she's just screeching with a warface.

>> No.72068455

If we go by all canon sources of what eldar look like we've got everything from crazy twisted black eyed elfin goblins to supermodels with pointed ears. Meanwhile looking at the models and the fluff we get a more solid idea of what they look like. Same with t'au.

>> No.72068463

is the one on the far left for breeding

>> No.72068479

I can't fap to this. Makes it hard to relate.

>> No.72068487

Great. Now look up a 100 year old human woman who's shaved her head as well.

>> No.72068494

Really? For her age and everything that's not too bad.

>> No.72068500

>Taufaggots going to great lengths to validate their shit blue skinned xeno scum waifus
T*u "women" are disgusting, ugly, dried up cuntfaced monsters and deserve to be exterminated along with anyone that likes them.

>> No.72068508

It's hard to find human women today who get put on ice every time they're not on campaign

>> No.72068534

Uhuh, now compare the artwork to the model. Or to other depictions of Shadowsun in art. You'll notice there's no similarity.

We have a pic here of Shadowsun and she's not 'ugly', she's certainly not dried up (less wrinkled than some of the Soriatas artwork we've got) and this is supposed to be the grizzled veteran who has spent nearly a millenia being repeatedly frozen, then is let out for years at a time to fight before she's chucked back in the freezer. Only now she's been out of deep freeze for ages due to the T'au empire actually stalling in their expansion.

Yeah and even with that, she's been alive for ages outside of cryo.

>> No.72068544

That's not Torchstar. That's Shadowsun. Who is physiologically different to male t'au, you'll notice.

>> No.72068567

check out dem dsl's boys

>> No.72068575

I mean if you're attracted to disgusting bald alien creatures you go right ahead man. Just know you have shit taste and no official Tau will ever look like your retarded anime fanart shit. At best it'll be shit like >>72068479 but if you're okay with that being the pinnacle of Tau beauty good on you.

>> No.72068608

>Wah, I got proven wrong again so I'm gonna whine about anime on 4chan! Moooom the degenracy is rampant! I gotta crusade against it! They don't agree with me!

Yeah, yeah, you're a twat and /tg/ scares you, I know.

>> No.72068633

So you literally ignored everything I said, decided to make up somethign I didn't say (that Shadowsun was the epinnacle of T'au beauty, which was something I was actively arguing against saying that she's likely pretty banged up as she's fairly old and has seen nothing but combat for years and years and years even with cryo...) and then added some whining about anime which no one was bringing up to it.

Congrats, you're officially a 4channeller or whatever the newfags call themselves these days. Feel free to upload your epic post to r/4chan and enjoy your funposting. I'll be going off to sleep secure in the fact that you didn't even try to argue back.

>> No.72068670

>All that shit is canon
Yeah, and it's also now irrelevant.
It's been 200 years. Torchstar is dead.

>> No.72068682

Looks gay and lame

>> No.72069050

Y'all whining about that design when you got blueberries out there with big motherfucking honkers. Shit, nigga. Bigger fish to fry out there.

>> No.72069067

Then you can point to where in the fluff or rules she's dead.

>> No.72069084

>Water caste Tau is assigned a lifetime function dealing with gue'vesa
>For the Greater Good he/she is required to go through complex body modification and training to look and behave like a female gue'la as it seems to be more efficient in negotiations
For the Greater Good

>> No.72069245

You might as well point to where she's alive after 200 years.

>> No.72069572

>I can't fap to this.

fuckin pleb

>> No.72070797

The Image I posted does have tattoos and is not anything to masturbate to.

There's loads of fan art that is just cartoony fun pics rather than anything to do with getting off.

If the torchstar fans were sex crazed porn addicts like some are claiming, there would be commissions of more than just the tame cartoony torchstar. Anons aren't shy, they'll post raunchy crap without shame.

>> No.72070839

Tau live to 50 or so at most, barring intervention from a magic Sword.
She's dead.

>> No.72070888

>> No.72070934

4chan memes, Dawn of War games, Text to Speech
Don't actually do the tabletop though, I just shitpost

>> No.72070936

good story, good friend

>> No.72070940

>barring intervention from a magic Sword
Or supa science!

>> No.72071628

I'm glad Tau are shown as more openly evil

That way brainlets can only rightfully bitch about tau's rules instead of also stupidly bitch that the only faction that tries to look good to other races so they can convert them seem too good.
It's almost like they DONT want them to know that the etherals are so megalomaniac that they divide their own race into castes, that they sterilize converts and they take over races' authority with mind control, all with a psudeoreligious commie dogma.
It's like claiming the ayys from xcom are good because they slaughter only so many and just want humanity to be their newest lab subject.
They'd gladly do worse if they had the manpower to.

>> No.72072087

the tau were already castes before the Tau'va. No, the irony is Tau'va claims they are all equal but Ethereal are the ruler caste.

>> No.72072107

>they sterilize converts

>> No.72072328

Torchstar could be a male T'au and all that would still be cool.

I googled it. Apparently it's an informal North American noun for a "silly or foolish person."

>> No.72072342

What's the plot of this book out of interest?

>> No.72073156

Dunno anon.

>> No.72073218

They did it in Dark Crusade if you won the campaign as them.

>> No.72073231

that's a book, not a mirror

>> No.72073245

How long are people going to whine about Tau? I remember these same exact discussions like a decade again.

Like I can understand being annoyed by the fetish stuff getting spammed but come on.

>> No.72073317


That was only a possibility suggested by the pro-Imperium narrator, not a fact.

>> No.72074510

It's SPECULATED that they did it, as an explanation for the diminishing human population after the conflict ended. However, even if they did, the humans of Kronus weren't just converts; they'd already joined the Tau once, only to betray them once the Imperial Guard showed up.

Obviously it's not exactly nice to sterilize populations with a history of rebellion and betrayal, but that's still practically kid gloves compared to how the Imperium deals with dissent.

>> No.72074700

>This is 4chan, not r/Methodism.
Wrong. It’s 4channel and we can’t post 4chan content here because Gookmoot wants ad revenue.

>> No.72074943

Sterilizing populations is what the imperium do to their loyal citizens 'when they see to much' aka, first Armaggedon War.

>> No.72075078

If it isn’t right now, then it’s an investment in a future customer base. Basically GI Joe and MLP for miniatures.

>> No.72075081

It is beyond fucking weird how GW is trying to market a universe based almost entirely around brutal murder to kids, or I guess the parents of kids. I saw some of this shit at Target when I was perusing the store right before quarantine and it completely surprised me.

>> No.72075142

Ya know, if you stop and really think about it, isn't real life on planet Earth based around brutal murder?
All animals kill and eat and fuck.

>> No.72075368

Casting diversity wouldn't be an issue with everyone in the future a mutt anyway. The biggest worry is them rewriting the imperium or any other faction to be "more compassionate" or "easier for the audience to connect with".

>> No.72075665

Systematic genocide and total war resulting in the horrible deaths of billions aren't the same as predator prey relationships. Those are probably not values I'd want to impart on my hypothetical child, and if GW isn't including those elements in their offerings for kids then it's not a really honest representation of their setting. Kind of a lose lose in my opinion.

>> No.72075700

nerd stuff is no longer for incel creeps like you

>> No.72075785

I wish Tau were redesigned to have a more appealing faces.
Personally I think they would have been the coolest if they had some sort of lizard heads.

>> No.72075970


>> No.72076050


>> No.72076158


>> No.72076237

I like the tau lore because they are a child race that got in over their head. They are like the imperium in a way, fighting for survival with a concept for motivation and justification (greater good vs. The Emperor). And just like the imperium those on the front lines fighting for their cause may as well just be pieces on a chess board to be used by the real rulers to get what they want (ethereals vs. high lords of terra/different nobles/primarchs/etc.).

>> No.72076623

Wrong again. I'm amazed at how obtuse you cumbrains are being. We're trying to talk about children's books and three posts in you are derailing the thread to spam the same stupid shitposts again. Torchstar isn't even in the books, but maybe she should be, I wouldn't mind hearing that the deserter kid smashed her ugly bulbous skull in with a pipe

>> No.72077160


>> No.72077446

Virtually everybody good will be non white, women, or gay. The bad guys will almost exclusively be straight white men.

>> No.72077552

They do it as usual business. According to the Gladius game, Hive City water and food sources are spiked with anti-fertility and sex suppressors drugs.

>> No.72078001

predator-prey relationship is a total war though, with "arms race" being one of key way species evolve, organisms on earth have a lot of very nasty ways of survival and reproduction read about sacculina or how spiders eat

>> No.72078226

Checks out, this is also why we get things like No Thank You, Evil! and the Hero Kids RPG - parents wanting to get their kids into their same interests without daring to give them the same shit that got them interested in the first place.

>> No.72078406

This is what Commander Shadowsun looks like, art-wise. Does this look remotely fuckable to you?

>> No.72078451

> https://youtu.be/nWtOPnbiAw4

"A man that puts himself in a subservient / submissive position under women in hopes of winning them over, without the female bringing anything to the table."

>> No.72080760

I come into these threads for big, blue tits I am always disappointed.

>> No.72083410

Anything is fuckable if you're creative enough.

>> No.72083968

She looks like one of those weird plastic-faced celebrities.

>> No.72084013

Reddit is the other way, way more your speed, and has fresh glue for you to eat.

>> No.72084243

Because /tg/ is a shadow of the hollow of its former self
Spend any amount of time in any Warhammer thread and you can see people largely don’t have a fucking clue as to what they’re talking about. Most of it is half remembered mixed in with memes and secondhand knowledge from people in the same boat as them

>> No.72084525

>Most of it is half remembered mixed in with memes and secondhand knowledge from people in the same boat as them
Hey guys does this make you feel nostalgic?

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