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Post your models

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Convert More

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First for we're never getting Emperor's Children

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No worries, I remember you posting your minis. You do a really good job, I am abit jealous at times.

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Just need to get rid of the hip and thigh plates, the MkVIII style ankles and knee flares, and it's be almost good enough.

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>That gunt, head balding, and ugly mug
Literally me

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The hip plates are the best part and it's a fucking travesty that multi-part Intercessors don't have them. They're the same plates on actual historical knights and on Terminators.

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My newest necron for my kill team. The idea was that this particular necron was exiled for a failure of some sort and its ability to phase home severed and a necrodermis cursed to never heal as eternal punishment. Now doomed, to walk a rusted planet of sorts, it and its salvaged scarab fight alongside unlikely allies(my kill team) in a bid to redeem itself. It uses the parts of enemy necrons it maims to keep itself repaired and functioning.

This is actually my first time basing too. Going to base all my minis now. I really like it.

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Who needs those losers when you got Fabulous Bill. He can make you Primaris for free.

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Posted it towards the end of the last thread but here she is fresh for this one.

Going to take a break from painting and decant my GW pots into droppers. I just pulled a huge chunk of dried Alaitoc Blue and I don't want to crack another fresh pot to have the same thing happen. Hoping I can get my main paints done over the weekend to keep painting Monday.

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My most recent dudes.

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I have taken the machinepill. I am now #Omnissiah.

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Does anyone have the complete kal Jerico? Or at least the above and beyond story?

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MIG and AK, if I remember correctly, have pretty good metallic and bright colors in general.

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Lelith Hesperax is literally Jamie Lee Curtis with a topknot

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check the Necromunda thread

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Tiddysnake, name pending

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I am curious, what are the primaris bolters called? I don't play anything space marine but I noticed their bolters look way different than a regular marine one.

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They will live on in our hearts. But not on the table

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This is the third time I'm telling you to paint that cunt's palm black.

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bolt rifles

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No because they suck and you'll make fun of them.

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Primaris bolters are nominally called Cawl Pattern Bolt Rifles.
Basically bolters with stocks and slide extensions, less smg, more battle rifle.

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Reminder that primaris marines are cringe powercreep retcons

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I don't think she was ever hot even when young.

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MkVII doesn't have them, though. Also, I believe historically tassets were more on the front, protecting the thighs from incoming blows, not on the sides. Like in this case they should be protecting the joint between the cup and the thigh plate.

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Intercessors have the Mk II Cawl-pattern Bolt Rifle, the dudes on the photo have Marksman Bolt Carbines.

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Who are more fun to play, Iron Warriors or Word Bearers?

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Reminder that a portion of the community wanted 'true scale' marines and they gave GW a way to resell every marine player a new army. Also, they sucked when released and the only reason they are good know is because marines sucked for almost 2 years.

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Some women are built for comfort, some are built for speed. She is definitely built for speed.

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How bad can they be, really?
Just post 'em.

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I'm not doing it on a finished model, I'll test how it looks first on another dude.

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Mother fucking night lords.

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We'll make fun of them anyway anon.

Lol, look at anon who has models so crappy he won't post them! What a loser! Geez, he's probably even had sex with girls.

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green is so awfully dull

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Bro that’s kinda cringe

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Orkbros unite

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>Coconut crab Tyranids is another example
Not sure what that is but I love coconut crabs IRL, so post examples?

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Post your models.

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well I prefer a realistic look over the 'eavy metal look.

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FUCK! I really like your death guard. The head swaps on some them look dope. or maybe its not head swaps? Maybe thats just what death guard heads look like?

My dudein this pic.

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Only Night lord that makes me cringe is this fuck.

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I need a shower now.

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Bro, what the actual fuck?

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>tau players

>> No.72046727

How much bionics do iron hands usually do? I think I remember old pictures of them looking like cyborg monstrosities

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>When Night Lords are such a joke that you won't even humor him by turning around and giving fight.

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What faction and list should one go for to get the maximum amount of dakka. I don't care how bad the list it, just the pure maximisation of unique to hit rolls. I don't care if it's one model with Heavy 100d6 or 100 models with 1d6 shots each.

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Dude, nothing is cringe on this site that doesn't get you banned. It's all anonymous.

Cringe? Why because his non existent reputation is getting damaged?

The boards reputation is getting damaged? Everyone already thinks the worst of 4chan, the only people using it already know we're big nerds reeking of autism.

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Probably the same dude who posts his spotted Tyranids on the 40k Reddit

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Well many of them think it's cool as fuck to chop their own hands, find that flesh is weak, and want to emulate their primarch. Well they have a warped view of their primarch. Their Primarch thought this was stupid, and tried telling them to stop, but he got killed before he had the chance.

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Don't word bearers have an almost useless legion trait and are not good for anything besides possessed bombs?

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Post your own models anon, otherwise the thicc battlesuit anon has you beat hobby-wise.

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Incest is a crime anon.

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huge bimbo boobs are great, huge bimbo ass is great. But we all know huge bimbo lips are the best. Try again.

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300 termagaunts can put out like 900 shots a turn.

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The painted count Leroy Jenkins’ed this shit. It was pretty hard to read, especially the 666 years of rape he’s enduring.

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thin your lipstick

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absolutely fucking rancid

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Reroll failed morale, so yeah. Possessed bombs, but even then alpha legion gives -1 to hit them

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This just came in. What should I build it as? Currently sitting on like the sc box, another 20 boyz, 30 gretchin and a gorkanought. Ive herd good things about dakka jets. But im not 100% set on it. The idea of bomber support sounds cool.

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Love the fluff, but I'd like to see some more battle damage and variation on the model itself. I'm not even sure necrodermis rusts? It'd be cool to have like, one perfectly clean/undamaged arm to represent one he ripped off an enemy

Watching your progress with interest. Doing my sisters in White/Gold/Purple over some blue, so you're doing the Emperor's work

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night lords are the lamest motherfuckers out there.
they're like the school yard bully that runs away crying if you stand up to them.

>> No.72046818

Build it as a Burna bommer

>> No.72046820

You shouldn’t cum in your models anon.

>> No.72046826

Shame, I like them. Looking at faith and the fury IW seem like they could be rather strong.

>> No.72046839

Eldar corsairs. Every Troop gets a d6 pistol for free

>> No.72046840

Tyranid, Guard, or Ork swarms would be my bet. Some of those might work more as melee armies, though.

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Super crisp! Very appealing, and you're clearly skilled. The different painted sites on the bolters especially catch the eye.

Couple things do stand out
>Smoke from the smoke grenade is the same color/shade as the grenade itself, might darken the grenade
>Details on the orange blend together, a deeper wash might make them pop and look less like cheese

>> No.72046843

Thats actually pretty good for self made anime titties on a model like that.

>> No.72046851

The one that looks coolest to you. Dakkajet is obviously best one still, followed by Blastajet if you want to protect your other fliers, and last Burna for 'eadbut gimmick, and lastly sonic for doing nothing at all.

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What's the best army for perverts to play?

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Those actually look really good

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Depends on the warband. You play chaos dog?

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>> No.72046882

Opinions on color scheme?

>> No.72046885

Wouldn't you have to fit them all in a bubble though?

I've seen issues doing that with firewarrior and IG lists and they normally cap out at 100.

>> No.72046888

Deldar or Slaanesh / Emporer's Children

>> No.72046903

Is the new white dwarf out yet?

>> No.72046907

You just need 1 from each. Should be doable.

>> No.72046916

Prolly not since Lu-Bu flu.

>> No.72046918

Slaanesh or Sisters.

>> No.72046920

Not him, but you don't necessarily need to be skilled yourself to spot flaws in other's work

This makes me genuinely more uncomfortable than the real model

>> No.72046921


I feel like no other faction gets as much "design" space as space marines. Like theres room to put on insignias and shit. Where the fuck would you put an insignia at on a necron warrior or a tau fire warrior? Seems like other factions just have less space on their infantry at least.

>> No.72046922

Looks dope, anon.

>> No.72046935

Thanks dude. It's the most models I've ever painted and I'm really hopeful to have the army ready for games once Covid starts to die down. I plug away at it almost every day.

Best of luck on your Sisters. I'd love to see the scheme if you have a shot available.

>> No.72046940

It's sculpted and painted quire nicely. You cannot really say anything against the dude, he has converted and painted his miniature, he has done more hobbying than most of the anons here.

>> No.72046943

Bolt rifles are the long ones on intercessors
Stubbier ones used by phobos marines primarily are bolt carbines.
Each as several sub-patterns.

>> No.72046947

T'au get huge flat surfaces, even the pauldron on fire warriors.

>> No.72046958

That's sexy as hell, why was that anon complaining about them?

>> No.72046966


love the minis. But fuck sisters. DIE IMPERIUM SCUM. But seriously, I do like the scheme.

>> No.72046968


I hope this gets easier with practice cause it easily took me 10 hours to paint this fucking thing and so help me I don't think it looks as good as a poxwalker I knocked out with like an hour's worth of mostly drybrushing

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>> No.72046991

Thanks and yeah, I've been gradually improving the ways I paint marines and increasing the amount of detail work. Working on the orange is the next step.

>> No.72046992

That would be because you're super fucking homosexual, Jamie was smoking hot and still looks good for her age

>> No.72046993


hmm.. I guess you are right about the fire warrior. I am just retarded I guess. What about crons though? It seems like they lack good real estate on their infantry. You can do cool stuff with necrons but when it comes to like insignias or free handing stuff, seems not as persuable I guess.

>> No.72046994

>Not him, but you don't necessarily need to be skilled yourself to spot flaws in other's work
To an extent, sure, but keep in mind that /tg/ are not professional painters. We're not golden daemon entrants. We're just random nerds learning to paint and improving over time.
No need to defend some random posters, he can answer for himself because he's an adult.

>> No.72047011

I've seen women with nails done like this and it always looks good, so uh, carry on

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I dont, gotta save that for the waifu figs.

>> No.72047031

Anon... I'm afraid you're blind. She's fit.

>> No.72047034

Get a helmet woman!

>> No.72047047

Shes not hot lad

>> No.72047048

Thinking of converting these bitches and using them as Slannesh cultists

>> No.72047052

None of them are finished.

>> No.72047061

no, as I said she's SMOKING hot

>> No.72047066

man necromunda has some cool stuff

>> No.72047067


dude why these females so thicc. What the fuck GW!?

>> No.72047069

She has a reasonably attractive symmetrical face sure, but I wouldn't say she's "smoking hot" on your image.

>> No.72047078

good idea, gluttony is an often overlooked aspect of Slaanesh.

>> No.72047091

Drugs. Escher have the best chemists in the 'munda underhive.

>> No.72047097

That would be because you're super fucking homosexual, Jamie was smoking hot and still looks good for her age

>> No.72047110

Meh not impressed. It's her face.

>> No.72047113

she looks closer to twink than a woman

>> No.72047114

She looks like a small cut man with tits. I mean, if you like picturing man face when you jerk off to your gay porn, shes prolly for you you fucking homosexual.

>> No.72047115


dude great job on the head. especially the eye and lips

>> No.72047117

You sound defensive.

>> No.72047121

No, actually it's your overwhelming sexual attraction to fat hairy men.

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>> No.72047139

This looks neat. Good colours
Slick af, Anon.
These also look very good.

>> No.72047143

Actually I'm attacking you, and your homosexuality.
You sound sexually insecure.

>> No.72047151

Shes a pretty lady, but needs longer hair.

>> No.72047152

Your just projecting your own feelings.

>> No.72047168

You're just displaying your own homosexuality and poor grasp of grammar.

>> No.72047177

Almost done. I just need to finish the face and hair, a few highlights on the shield.

>> No.72047178

>You cannot really say anything against the dude
Yes I can, in the same way that I can say something against a really good artist who draws furry vore pornography

>> No.72047184

No worries, man. If there wasn't people hating each other we wouldn't have 40K.

As you practice, you'll start to get through them faster. Also, detailed DG would definitely take more time than something like a poxwalker.

>> No.72047191

hence lelith

>> No.72047205

>mid 30s zoomer
I just prefer 90s scream queens

>> No.72047207

Well, I mean, aside from that naturally.

>> No.72047220

there are none

>> No.72047222

Why is he covered in acne?

>> No.72047225

I liked that guy. Certainly more than I liked Sevatar. Still don't quite get why that guy has such a following.

>> No.72047237

The face unironically looks like that ITS MA'AM guy.

>> No.72047238

She's not hot and you are a faggot.

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>> No.72047255

>‘You are and always were an evil Legion. You took the Emperor’s mission and twisted it. Selfish. Monstrous. Tormentors of the weak,’ snarled Raldoron. ‘If Horus had not turned, I would have gladly led the hunt for your kind myself. I thank you from my heart that you came to my sword and saved me the trouble of looking.’ He shifted the weight of his foot, bringing another cry from Skraivok.

>‘Wait!’ the Painted Count said. ‘I give you my surrender. You beat me. I am your prisoner!’

>‘There can be no prisoners in this war,’ said Raldoron. ‘How much mercy have you shown to all those that you harmed? I have as much mercy for you as you had for them. Now get off my wall.’

>He shoved hard with his foot, sending Skraivok skidding towards the drop. The Night Lord dropped the daemon sword to grip at the polished rockcrete with both of his hands, but there was no purchase on the blood-slick surface. He managed to brace himself on the merlon’s rounded corners with his elbows, and for a moment he thought he might save himself. He looked up to see the Blood Angel still staring at him.

>‘You are a pompous man,’ Skraivok said.

>Raldoron raised his bolt pistol.

>Screaming in defiance, Skraivok shoved himself over the edge, whence he plummeted, reaching terminal velocity long before he hit the ground and the stone broke him.

>> No.72047256

Neve Campbell, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sarah Michelle Gellar

>> No.72047268

Prince of crows was awesome. He has some of the best interactions with Curze.

>> No.72047277

Because he coined the phrase, "Death to the false Emperor".

>> No.72047280

Fun fact your opponent will not be able to tell what it is supposed to look like so you can use them all

>> No.72047294

I didn't care for the ending.

>> No.72047306


he's in the early stages of the barking pox

>> No.72047311

Dayum, that looks great! And the Mars bases contrast the models beautifully.

>> No.72047319

I can respect that.

>> No.72047344

Is that the one were dude ends up in a dark angels prison and never seen again?

>> No.72047356


>> No.72047362

>Geez, he's probably even had sex with girls.
Complete and total faggot.

>> No.72047363

Walking your own path, with no fucks given, is based though.

>> No.72047379

I sincerely have no Idea and will have to look into it tomorrow. Thank you for pointing it out.

>> No.72047386

He gets imprisoned, suffers from psychic cancer for a bit, gets psychic cancer treatment by a loli who's being bullied, he breaks out and kills some people, the bully included, and then it ends with him surrendering at gunpoint while saying he is justice.

>> No.72047389

But I only have the same pictures of my dudes that I've posted for months because I haven't painted anything since my gf left me.

>> No.72047393

Have Warp Talons and a sorcerer coming this week. New neon paints too.

>> No.72047411

Pic isn’t the best.

>> No.72047438

Slowly working through my BL dudes

>> No.72047439

Had a really strange dream where anons were random freelance Wyches hastily assembled into an ad hoc cult for a best of five arena series. We lost the first two matches in humiliating fashion, came back in the third match, then won the fourth and fifth matches. I remember several things very distinctly: we were supposed to represent the barbarians a la Gladiator, one Wych had an undecipherable accent so we gave her the Exitus rifle, the Succubi leading us was a Beastmaster by profession, the fifth and final match's arena was two cruisers grappled together in a sphere of null gravity.

>> No.72047444

I'd like to know what happens to him. I know there is a theory that he became a grey knight. I'd really like to know happens to Decimus and bringing the legion back together

>> No.72047456


effective and efficient paint scheme, looks sharp

>> No.72047469

Ok so I kind of don't know what I am doing but I kind of do. I am starting into painting, bought 10 boyz and 10 gretchings, i got 5 and 5 assembled, the other 5 of each i was going to paint parts individually before assembly.

I think I got all the trim off the 5 boyz and 5 Gretchen and I am wondering what is the next step. I just spent a week cutting the trim, a good light is so good. I do have gaps in my arms and waist in some figures. I know there is puddy but can I get it from a michael's or hobby lobby or local game store?

>> No.72047478

How's it coming along? Not done yet. Don't have the matte varnish yet, Walmart wouldn't sell it, would they? Am I on the right track for 'vaugely blanche' or did I take a left turn into 'that's garbage'?

>> No.72047483

Isn't it a bit wrong for you to make this point by trying to change someone's mind? Hmm...

>> No.72047501

>he became a grey knight.
I think it's past the point where that's feasible. He was thought to be a founding Grey Knight but then the founding happened and Sevatar wasn't present. His fellow Night Lord Fel Zharost was, though. So I don't think they're going there.

But man, if they did it at this point, not only would it be undeserved but also very stupid.

>> No.72047517

But bro, I play both of those armies...

>> No.72047522

>Blue/green skin
You failed already.

>> No.72047523

If nothing else, I like the way I did the ammunition belt

>> No.72047534

And? They're the armies that are obsessed with fucking and lust, amongst other things.

>> No.72047544

Are you painting onto bare plastic?

>> No.72047566

I heard about that the last thread. What color should I change it to? I didn't prime it, so I can just scrape it off and try again.

yeah, since this was just a 'for fun thing's
also so I can scrape it off easily when I mess up, like with the skin color as the other Anon pointed out

>> No.72047578

Different Anon, why is it bad, because no primer? But I have heard so many mixed reviews on priming a figure IDK what to believe.

>> No.72047581


I'm not quite sure what the defining qualities of blanche are other than griminess and thick looking paint but that looks decent to me. maybe some more wash for the gray parts?

>> No.72047583

I must be some kind of double pervert!

>> No.72047596

perverbs in here i swear

>> No.72047612

If you use any kind of cold grey it will look like blue if it is the coldest color compared to all the other warm yellow/red/orange.

>> No.72047629

Primer helps the paint spread even and stick better.

>> No.72047632

MkVIII does though.

>> No.72047659

>also so I can scrape it off easily when I mess up, like with the skin color as the other Anon pointed out

you can also drop a model thats been primed and painted in some 90%+ alcohol and have the paint stripped stipped off in minutes

>> No.72047665

can i use /mydudes/ on table top? i dont want to forced to use a existing chapter and rather make my own.

>> No.72047666

MkVIII also has a different helmet, arms, pads, backpack, etc.

>> No.72047686

Ok, it looks like shit and here's why:

>It lacks any meaningful contrast, your values are very flat all around, there's no lights and shadows and it just doesn't pop.
>All of the colours lack shading and highlights, not only that but they're very sloppily applied, it looks more like a lazy, accidente paintjob than a Blanche inspired piece.
>The model isn't great to start with, there's mold lines all over and the pose doesn't flow in any way, it just looks like a random assortment of bits halfassedly made to fit together, hell, you can see where you glued the head and bionics with no regards to wether it worked or not (it didn't)
>Undrilled barrels
>Lack of areas of interest, everything blends together, most things are a single colour with random splatters of red and brown.
>details that could help the miniature pop are left unpainted, like the bionic lenses.

you can pull off a greyish skintone but only if you use colour theory to make it look less at odds with the otherwise very warm scheme, you can, for example, shade a bluegray with warm colours and then highlight with neutral grays to somewhat neutralise the temperature.

>Prime your shit

>> No.72047693


>> No.72047704


paint likes to run into cracks on unprimed models and as you add more coats in order to bring out the color you want, you can put quite a lot of paint into those recesses. you risk loss of detail starkness

>> No.72047720

>Get off my wall
Dorn approves

>> No.72047721

>getting your hands on alcohol intended for cleaning in the current year of our lord of contagion
ok buddy

>> No.72047738

that model is literally all that i wanted from upscaled marines, GW

>> No.72047740

Can you have Daemons in a Word Bearers army, or do they have to be allied in?

>> No.72047742

Go and stay go nurglite

>> No.72047746


>> No.72047754

Should I highlight black wtih eshin grey or adminstratum grey?

>> No.72047757

Still has the flared knees s-
>They actually fixed the knees
My word, it's actually good

>> No.72047759

Also, as an addendum, Blanchitsu may seem like a very sloppy way of painting, but hte truth is that all that sloppiness is very controlled. It's expressive and reckless, however there's still a precision its appliance.
While it seems like an easy technique to take up, it's really hard to make it work well.

>> No.72047762

You can, and it's encouraged in most cases.

>> No.72047777

I'll be >coof back for >coof wave 2!

>> No.72047790


simple green apparently works well if you let the shit soak for at least a week and agitate it 2x a day

>> No.72047791


>> No.72047793

Where's a good place to read about trying paint in a Blanchitsu style? Or videos about it?

>> No.72047807

>Quad 7 nurgle post
I'll have the emperor's wrath upon you, cur!

>> No.72047827

>a week to strip

>> No.72047843

Got more pics?

>> No.72047851

You made BL actually aesthetically pleasing, very nice
although only gold trim on the shoulderpads is canon

>> No.72047855


? my understanding is time makes the difference between having to scrub a fuckton or watching the paint just peel away at the touch of the brush

>> No.72047860

How do you make Iron Hands look interesting?

>> No.72047874

Purge the heretic!

>> No.72047877

I don't know but that just sounds abysmal

>> No.72047885

Paint them very dark grey instead of black so you can make better use of shadows.

>> No.72047890

I think Tzeentch has got this in the bag.

>> No.72047895

Most recent. Posted in last thread. Tried to make an old commissar model look as good as I could.

>> No.72047897

Zatcaskagoon Miniatures, Marco Frissoni and K03rnl on youtube, read the 28Mag, Look at Gardens of Hecate, Wilhelminiatures, Ironsleet and Exprofundis.

>> No.72047903

The trick for iron hands is to paint them all like Ultramarines.

>> No.72047923

I like it. I wish I had that model.

>> No.72047930

That's a cool necron.

>> No.72047935

well we're fucked

>> No.72047947

Get mechanical bits from anvil industry, kromlech and puppets war and go crazy.

>> No.72047950

I like how you made that kit look not shitty.

>> No.72047951

As with all marines

>> No.72047955

Are you planning to do some wash or highlighting?
As it stands it looks pretty standard if a bit flat, though if you're going for the "90s model" asthetic it fits pretty well already.

>> No.72047965

I need help picking a sisters scheme do any of these look alright?

>> No.72047966

Needs paint

>> No.72047971

How much effort do you put into basing, anon?

>> No.72047974

So is this how a slaanesh tau cultist looks like?

>> No.72047986


it doesn't look bad close up and I bet it looks better on the table than a lot of fancier pro-level paint jobs do

>> No.72047992

Don't trust impcat for metallics, it can't capture the actual look of it.

>> No.72048007

thanks, I was just trying to base them off the newer box art that they all have - I remember them being silver on the pants in older editions but wasnt sure if that was still canon or not so just went gold all over

>> No.72048009

I like the top left.

>> No.72048013

>>Screaming in defiance, Skraivok shoved himself over the edge, whence he plummeted, reaching terminal velocity long before he hit the ground and the stone broke him.

What a pussy.

>> No.72048028

I still can't decide how to base my Iron Warriors. Do you think jungle would look good, or maybe a martion or ironcrusted planet would fit better?

>> No.72048037

Vanilla marines. Maybe even one of the original chapter.s No one will suspect you

>> No.72048039

I always like mud personally.

>> No.72048040

Is there more of this deldar, shit's cute.

>> No.72048045

What program are you using to pick the paint scheme?

Are there other similar programs?

>> No.72048047

Good taste right fucking here.

>> No.72048053

Is that vallejo sparkly blue?

>> No.72048055

He survived and was well enough to talk afterwards.

>> No.72048059

Do only the most arcane of cryptecs know the secrets of tri-monolithing?(I'm gigling at the idea of tech priests trying to copy paste a tri-force and worshipping the secret of how to create them. In fact admech cargo culting the triforce would be pretty cool.)

>> No.72048061

Why did we get Primaris marines when we could have had a Thunder Warriors army with nasty Terran acheotech and shit. Would have been great.

>> No.72048065

Jungle would be a cool contrast. Maybe slap some mechanical ruins on there to keep with the theme.

>> No.72048067

And you're saying Jamie's not hot? Get outta here.

>> No.72048068

As long as you don't smother a GW technical paint on top and call it good I'm sure it'll look good whatever you choose.

>> No.72048076

I hope you're not about to ruin these with heads...

>> No.72048084

How would Raldoron compare to modern BAs like Dante or Astorath?

>> No.72048085

Play minotaurs.

>> No.72048088


>> No.72048095

Anime is so disgusting. It is one of the most hellish creations on earth.

>> No.72048117

I would like to see a picture of it from a table top distance
Necromunda are godsend for basically any army that has human like units and models

>> No.72048120

I always picture iron warriors on cemented roads with yellow lines. But martian red would be a good contrast and way to add color.

>> No.72048125

Walrmart does sell spray varnishes in the arts and craft section. Look around the modgepodge area. Heck, I think modgepodge makes a matte acrylic sealer that could work. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Mod-Podge-1469-Clear-Acrylic-Sealer-12-Ounce-Matte/17300139

>> No.72048130

Would almost want to put some cruder backpacks, pads and helmets on Intercessors, modify the armour a little, and arm them with heavy stubbers (maybe use legion heavy bolters with barrel upgrades) with auto bolt rifle rules.

>> No.72048144

I want to pick up a Sisters unit just to paint what should I go with?
>Cannoness Veridyan
>Flying Squad
>Battle Squad

>> No.72048152

Yooo these look great. Don't have a problem with the terrible escher hairstyles when your women are all bald.

>> No.72048154

Was that his intention tho? because it doesn't say anything about him even trying to slow his fall to let us know he was trying to get away. He just throws himself off..... It looks like he was angsty and didn't want his opponent to get the kill so he attempted suicide.


>> No.72048185

So does MkX what's your point

>> No.72048190

No, folk art color shift purple and blue

>> No.72048199

>he was angsty and didn't want his opponent to get the kill so he attempted suicide.
His opponent manhandled and disarmed him, pulled a gun and ordered him to jump off the wall. That's not suicide, it's an exection.

>> No.72048223

Well, I mean, if we return to my original post:
>Just need to get rid of the hip and thigh plates, the MkVIII style ankles and knee flares, and it's be almost good enough.

Good enough to be a big MkVII Marine, that is.

>> No.72048232


on the contrary. he didn't want to die by Raldoran's hand but rather by his own. only way it could have been manlier is if he shouted YURIAAAA as he fell

>> No.72048241


Come think of it, could jungle with chemical weapons damage look really fitting?

>> No.72048249

I live in Ohio and all the hobby stores are open, no lack of material/paint/shit. Why is everyone having problems? I know Amazon is a month out, but your hobby stores aren't opened?

>> No.72048253

Second to last one brother

>> No.72048268

Permission denied soldier. Please accompany me while we visit the local ministorum personnel.

>> No.72048273

Looking up random crap. Necromunda is great for GSC

>> No.72048274

Same Anon, will not lie though, getting shit from the local game store is like buying drugs.
>Big metal door in back with sliding plates that looked like use in gangster movie.

>> No.72048279

I was considering a yellow and black scheme myself, but was trying to move away from Fists that I had done previously. I do like #7 though, that one and #5 look good to me.

I'm doing 60%-70% helmets, but I do want at least a few heads in there to add variety. I'll be ordering at least a few custom ones and practicing a bit though, since I've never done faces before.

>> No.72048282


... will they help me coom?

>> No.72048292

You are dooming him. You are the biggest tease. Yellow is tricky. Yellow without wash is hard.

>> No.72048295

Please magnetize them if it's your first heads.

>> No.72048304


>> No.72048319

Bill Nye?

>> No.72048325

That could be cool. Burnt trees, impact craters, fluid spills, etc.

>> No.72048330

Hate the models but scheme and execution are top notch. Great job.

>> No.72048340

I-It is washed and highlighted anon. I guess I need to make it more pronounced.

>> No.72048351


this is funny. please roll an appropriately girthy tube of green stuff to run from his crotch down to damn near his knee before priming and painting him

>> No.72048362

I used this to paint my Fists and they came out pretty damn well.

I mean, I'm painting them separate from everything anyways. If I don't like how they end up they never get glued on to begin with.

>> No.72048363

Build a Dakkajet, call it Orko Rosso and write on it "betta be a git dan an imperial"

>> No.72048394

I still don't get how nobody ever found out he was a psyker.

>> No.72048402

Just keep your eyes closed and don't worry about the sounds, soldier.

>> No.72048406

Dubs decide what model I get nexted. Just looking for something cool to paint.

>> No.72048407

Could he have at least resisted? Turn to the side and have his pauldron take the hit? and use the time to try to grab for the sword? Literally anything than
>"kill yourself"

>"My enemies have me on the run. They really beat my ass. I'm gonna just let them kill me, that'll show them. That's the MANLY thing to do. Just fucking give up."

This is why Night lords are worst legion. Fucking Word bearers have more perseverance than this gay shit.

>> No.72048418

Night Lords

>> No.72048424

Here it is from further away

>> No.72048426

I wonder if smoke clouds would look like a cotton field, or could they work?

>> No.72048428

>get box of marines
>anvil for legs
>puppet war for arms/special weapons
>paint black and drybrush/highlight with either grey or blue

>> No.72048434

slannesh demonds

>> No.72048437

Thinking about grabbing mk3 marines, how would anvil arms do with those?

>> No.72048439


FW Thunderhawk gunship

>> No.72048442

With an airbrush yellow is quite pleasant to paint. Without...

>> No.72048443

Seraptek heavy construct

>> No.72048447


the only places I'd put wash on her would be the nose and teeth of her hat skull and the fringe of her shoulder pad. maybe a dab on the wings on her hat and a stripe of the stuff for each crease on her hair. you've got a good high contrast table top look going, I don't think it'd be improved much by applying wash to her fabrics, fist, gun, sword or face

>> No.72048448

>SC! boxes don't even have 500 pts of models
I understand that playing with more things is fun, but it's nutty just how much you need to buy to play at 2k, and that's not including the assembly and painting.

>> No.72048450

What model not faction?

>> No.72048454

what about the 40k rpg?? is any good?

>> No.72048458

Triumph of St Katherine

>> No.72048461

A conversion of all the nu-sisters heads. You must make them into a horrifying sentient blob of testosterone filled faces. You must also give the abomination googly eyes.

Post it later and we will give it rules.

>> No.72048462

No idea why people do zoom in pictures of models when usually people see them at least an "arm away"
Looks great by the way

>> No.72048466

props on her bicycle-cycle being an actual bicycle-cycle. I was a professional race mechanic for almost 8 years, I hate seeing fake ass bikes in cartoons lol. Bike autism ftw.

>> No.72048474

thunderhawk gundship

>> No.72048476

I don't understand the yellow is hard meme.
Just prime in a light color and paint 2 or 3 thin layers for your base. Tada, yellow.

>> No.72048477

Looks great from that distance. People always call me lazy when I talk about "tabletop distance" painting but that's how people are going to see it 90% of the time, even just at home on a shelf.

>> No.72048490


>> No.72048515

It should work with all manlet marines. Its really only primaris that has any issues due to newer proportions

>> No.72048516


>> No.72048523

What are your thoughts on dry brushing? A high skill tool that every painter should use or is it a crutch?

>> No.72048528

Rerolling because I want this

>> No.72048536

Intercessor Squad

>> No.72048543

Thanks anons

>> No.72048558

If you just want 1 model get Sister Superior Amalia Novena. otherwise get a battle sister squad.

>> No.72048562

It's a tool that all painters should know and apply when it's the best tool for the job, and don't use it when there is a better tool instead.

>> No.72048572

>What are your thoughts on base coating?
That's how silly you sound.
Every single miniature modeler in the world uses dry brushing, one way or the other.
Even airplane guys use it for exhaust and on mounted weapons.

>> No.72048575

What are some tips or tricks you have learned when it comes to techniques? One I learned recently was using brown as a base color if you are trying to get a dirtier look on whatever you are painting. I hadn't even thought about that. The brown gets covered by whatever you paint over it but the recesses and such will have a brown tinge or some of the brown will show through etc which can help with a more dirty look.

>> No.72048582

Underrated AF.

>> No.72048589

>on Japanese inspired image board
>bashes Japanese art medium


>> No.72048592

Or you can use a "muddy" wash? Does the same stuff.

>> No.72048605

40k scale warlord titan

>> No.72048612

Queen of Ecstasy

>> No.72048624

Get yourself some harlequins so you can properly learn to hate yourself.

>> No.72048629

Similar to this is using a complementary color for a base color. It works better if both colors are similar brightness, so red under green or green under red works better than yellow/purple or orange/blue unless you go out of your way to match brightness.

>> No.72048637

Thank God we newfags cleansed this board.

>> No.72048644

Night Lords champion

>> No.72048646

Thunderhawks are so boring, why? They look like crumpled shipping container.

>> No.72048650

The meme SoB unit Triumph of Katherina

>> No.72048661

Ding ding ding.

>> No.72048662


I knew she'd look sharp at tabletop distance! my washing advice stands, with the amendment of either adding a bit more wash to the barrel area of her gun and around the fuller of her sword, or just straight up paint a thin black outline for them. maybe some wash between her tits in order to make them stand out more from each other and her head

as for the hairy hoary guy, wash his hair, faceplate, upper portion of his mouth, and those areas of his gun where the white and red meet metal. then highlight the raised areas of his mouth and hair that were darkened by this washing and use thin lines of orange or yellow/black to highlight the edges of his red and white shoulderpads respectively. maybe drybrush orange or yellow onto the ridges of the eagle on his gun either using top to bottom strokes or bottom to top. not both

>> No.72048672

Fuck Night Lords

>> No.72048696

They're shit but their paint scheme is cool.

>> No.72048726

What ever happened to the art mega?

>> No.72048741

That's kind of small I'll do that but any second model / unit?

>> No.72048752

Thanks anon

>> No.72048759


just noticed how you used white to outline the shoulder stock. I think using black to highlight the edges of the white parts in exactly the same way as you used white on the black stock would look great

>> No.72048773

thats impcat for android

>> No.72048784

Space Marine Rhino

>> No.72048812

Why do people join Genestealer cults?

It just doesn't seem like there are many long term benefits to doing so.

>> No.72048833

Makes your life seem less pointless and without chance of doing better than being a poor worker in the imperium.

>> No.72048839

1k points
Necromunda levels of terrain
Name a more kino way to play 8th edition.

>> No.72048842

Apart from psychic indoctrination, they're usually not as upfront about the fact that it's a deathcult

>> No.72048859

DE or Nids if you're fun, IG if you're into scat porn.

>> No.72048877

2.5k points
Necromunda rules

>> No.72048889

1k points seems kinda bad. Like even with rule of 2, there's not quite enough room to be able to pack answers for a broad variety of stuff, but it's just enough points to start doing gross stuff.

>> No.72048897

Fit like a 14 y/o boy...

>> No.72048910

City of death
Cityscape like sector imperialis

>> No.72048919

MAYBE bump it up to 1250 or 1500 but either way it'd still be a fun time.

>> No.72048936

500 points or bust.

>> No.72048939

>GSC Sluts: Hey big boy, I need you to breed me
>Human Male: u-uh ok
gee I wonder

>> No.72048958

SHHHH! Keep quiet! Do you want to alert them?!

>*Hears the screeches of GCB's in the distance the clicking of keyboards echos throughout the thread.*

Oh no

>> No.72048991


>> No.72049003

>this image board is based off of a japanese image board so you have to like every single thing about japan
this is not sound logic

>> No.72049025

>Being a newfag

>> No.72049031

I wanna play some dudes with my gf while we're stuck on lockdown. We only have a dining table about 2.5 feet by 3.5 feet though, so it's kinda too small for a full scale battle.

Are there any rules supplements or anything on how to play 40K on a slightly smaller scale? Not Kill Team small, still using units and the normal lists and stuff, but just concerning smaller points on smaller tables?

>> No.72049033

why would you go to a place whose culture you don't like?

>> No.72049041

I don't have a problem with anime and I've likely been here for longer than you. I just don't like how you worded your argument.

>> No.72049044

As good as any rpg if you like the setting. More specific rules for the setting and for flavor.

>> No.72049051

IRL people join all kinds of political organisations and cults all the time. With the rancid hierarchy of the imperium one wonders why aren't GSC more popular. They can also be taken as a gag on populism.

>> No.72049062

What model is this?

>> No.72049068

>if you dislike one thing about a culture then you must hate that culture entirely
another lack of good logic
I guess I hate Japan since I don't like sushi!

>> No.72049075

Don't have to like it, but bashing it is just controversy for controversies sake.

IE, bait.

>> No.72049076


what is that?

>> No.72049091

Ask the weaboos. Since 2011 this has been an anti weeb board.

>> No.72049104

Yeah that post probably is bait, but I don't like how you handled it. I'm trying to coach you here.

>> No.72049116

This is 4channel sweaty, not 4chan

>> No.72049117

>I've likely been here for longer than you
on /tg/ perhaps, I've only started coming here a few months ago.
On 4chan generally? Not a chance.

>> No.72049122

Found them. Forge World Banana Custard

>> No.72049126

It's okay if you don't like it. You're baiting yourself here.

>> No.72049128


>> No.72049132

Night Lords Knight

>> No.72049133

did you try not missquoting? Maybe it would help you understand even the first anon's point.

>> No.72049144

If I'm trying to paint a cast iron, Should I go for like warplock bronze or balthasar gold and use washes or thin black layers to darken it up, or start black and add washes on top?

>> No.72049145

But I like anime.
Based on what evidence?

>> No.72049147

Kaldor the MemeMaster

>> No.72049169

It's not a missquote. You surmised that the poster dislikes Japanese culture solely on the fact that they expressed a dislike of anime.

>> No.72049183

>Goes to Disneyland
>Complains how he hates cartoon-themed parks
>Someone asks you why you would come then
>'Just because I dislike...'

>> No.72049189

Sagittarum Guard
Normal 40k rules just modify the missions to fit a 48 by 48 table. Generally that's what you want for 1000 point games.
Secutarii with Shield

>> No.72049192

Im sick of chaos and imperial wank. What are some good books about:
>Eldar (of either flavors)

I want to read about some xenos.

>> No.72049209

Find a different game

>> No.72049211

The culture of the website isn't based on japanese culture, but on anime culture.

>> No.72049212

Severed is pretty good for necrons. War in the Museum is schlock but fun schlock.

>> No.72049224


>> No.72049231

Are there any bits I could use for an Amazonian Sisters order? I have need of skull helms and copious feathers and more skulls for my Quake III Hunter squad.

>> No.72049245

You're shitposting about anime images on 4chan.
If you have honestly been here before 2007, then I'm Snacks.

>> No.72049290

Corvus Cabal from AoS Warcry might work if all you're after is feathers and birdskulls, though there's a lot of guys mixed it. Daughters of Khaine might be a good option if you're looking for bikini armor

>> No.72049310

No, you're baiting yourself in to a pointless argument, ie how to best call out bait.

No one cares.

>> No.72049311

Necrons need to be able to ally Admech, the two have helped each other multiple times.

>> No.72049318

Mutalith Vortex Beast

>> No.72049340


>> No.72049350

Any of the Farsight books are pretty good.

Try 'Farsight' or 'Crisis of Faith'.

>> No.72049376

Today I'm eating crow.

On the left is another attempt painting incorporating Blanchitsu. Overall I do not think it is a successful model. It is a conversion based off of Red from Transistor for Necromunda. The sword obviously is a huge nono for normal blanchitsu, the skin tone is alright but uneven in a bad way. Most of all I'm ashamed of how bad I am at Greenstuff. Nothing is smooth no matter how much I work it and it translated to bad textures on the rest of the model. She's sealed though and I'll move on.

On the right is a primaris sergeant for my roommates Exorcists. Something better for people to look at.

>> No.72049378

Could you walk the camera back five feet? I want to see if these guys turn into shapeless black blobs at regular viewing distance.

>> No.72049394

>when a nightcuck thinks he's big shit cause a giant flaming skull has his back and he's not even worth your time but he says that -one last thing- about your dad that puts you over the edge

>> No.72049398

There should be just enough silver to avoid that.

>> No.72049407

Is that one of those Shapeways shoulder bits? Could you please rotate it so we can get a picture? I'm starting to gather minis to make a kitbashed exorcist kill team and I was looking at those shoulder pauldrons.

>> No.72049416

Can you tell me how you did the left?

>> No.72049437

Yeah it's one of the shapeways shoulder badges. Fits just fine on a standard pauldron, I think a single order comes with like 30

>> No.72049452

new one guise

>> No.72049467

poorly, apparently

>> No.72049485

Model is a female magus with a headswap. Arms were repositioned and a different sword was swapped in. I shaved down the clothes on the torso and added cleavage. Green stuff was used to add a coat and "feathers" around her collar. Paint is a lot of stuff

>> No.72049504

Photo please?

>> No.72049516

Anyone here know what I could use for Sons of Malice cultists?

So far, I think that I like the guy with the skull mask from the normal cultist box, but I need more that scream "iconoclastic and omnicidial."

>> No.72049563

Convert honestly

>> No.72049567


>> No.72049597

There's this supplement called "stop being a bitch and learn the new system"

>> No.72049602

I'd suggest the Unmade from Warcry, with the caveat that you'd need to do some weaponswaps, particularly when it comes to some of the mancatchers. They all have skull helmets though, which could fit very well with a proper black/white paintjob

>> No.72049623

>Page 8

>> No.72049628

I like how Custardes got reactivated just to constantly get dabbed on in the lore

>> No.72049634

They look so good from the side, but from the front, they look THICC. Thanks for postin

>> No.72049693

if you're born from it, it overrides your mind completely. iirc, genestealers can outright rewire your brain by tagging you with their 'kiss' so that even if you were a loyal son or daughter of the Emperor before hanging out with their slightly strange shift buddy at their favorite local dive, you'd still wind up corrupted. on top of that, the various cults usually have a sales pitch that includes your fellow man loving and supporting you and some nebulous 'Skyfather' figure being a great guy. I'm sure you could present a gsc as an imperial cult offshoot just by playing mad-libs with the verbs and nouns

>> No.72049788

What should I put in its hand?
>'convert less!'

>> No.72049810

Another skull, with it's mouth open and an eyeball/camera lens in it.

>> No.72049949


>necron pelvis


>> No.72050346

Yeah, the dude asking about a new thread definitely just wanted to jump on making a new thread for whatever reason.

>> No.72051697

Looks good homie. But you better touch all those buttons with silver or bronze or I assure you all your miracle dice will roll 1-2

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