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Fuck Marines
Fuck Marinefaggots
Fuck le heresy memes
Fuck Imperial Guard
Fuck Misters of Battle
Fuck Mechanicus
Fuck shitty toaster memes
Fuck Imperium of Shit
and most importantly fuck Jannies

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That's gay.

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Just found out about pic related, it's an official collab apparently.
Has anyone tried painting Retributors yet?

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Do you think Imperium girls fantasize about Spess Marines? Which chapter would have the most fangirls?

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Wow an angry post that doesn't shit on my favorite army/faction. Yay!

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ultramarines and blood angels

the weirdos go for space wolves
the yaoigirls go for dark angels

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while the series is good, the actual chapter color scheme is kind of dull

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what does a competitive 1k DG army look like?

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yaoigirls would go after blood angels for the vampire homoeroticism.

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what are jannies anyway?

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trannies, only they suck more

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Just got a mail from local post that my order of paints, intercoursers and reivers has arrived. Wish me luck, these will be the first minis i've ever painted. I know you guys prefer manlet marines but large scale of primaris might be easier to paint for a newb.

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What is the weakest army in the game?

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don't be mean

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Did you buy them from a lady on ebay? I'm stalking you anon...

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I'm not. DG isn't a competitive army.
t. DG player

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I just mean what is going to have the best shot, not what is going to win some gay national tournament

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Chaosanons, is there any way I can get iron warriors a second warlord trait that isn't a specialist detachment?

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did a scan of some models, assuming gw doesn't kill me i could probably print them if i can manage to fix up the shitty parts.

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1k is honestly a crapshoot in what is good or not
I guess just make sure you can deal with a knight/armor spam? But also deal with hordes too

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If you want to abandon all fluff you can use 2 Daemon Princes /w wings as claws and either 3x Foetid Bloatdrone with spitters or 3x Plagueburst Crawlers with spitters. Your infantry options are kinda shit. Either run groups of 5 plague marines with either 2x blight launchers and run them up the table or 3x plasmas and have them sit somewhere behind cover. Add melee weapons to the blight launcher squad if you're feeling confident. Poxwalkers with Typhus are kind of ok if that's your thing but he's inferior to DP as are all your other HQ options. 5ppm means 200 points for a giant screening unit. Real cheap. In 2k points you have more options, for example a Daemon detachment.

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Deathwatch are one of the strongest.

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okay to give a more specific example as to what I'd build towards, Vs my friend's tau

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Nah, they're from local shop that had big sale on all tabletop shit.

What's so söy about reivers?

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>the shitty parts
What part of that model isnt shitty? You'd be better off sculpting it manually

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Not after white dwarf
Plagueburst to kill drones? Psykers cause no denying?

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>implying LGR is onions

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Oh, what happened in white dwarfe?

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it's definitely not good but the other side is alright, i'm going to try fixing it up in blender and see how i go, otherwise i'll just have to stick to printing weird knockoffs.

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not him but it looks like it just popped out of a spawning pool

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None of this looks ''alright''.

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looks pretty decent with the texture mapped over it

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they shit the bed on the deathwatch ruleset

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Post your best Ork memes
I will start

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Would make a cool statue in a temple that's covered by some biomass or plague or shit.

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Thanks, that really cleared everything up.

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When are you starting?

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That's not a bad idea, I might try it as terrain in some type of throne room or something.

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You am Ork?

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First leg of my experimental brown marines is coming on nicely.
Chapter name is pending, for now u call him shitmarine

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you need to value your own time more

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Kinda reminds me of those native american catachans some anon here posted.

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the alternative is spending $80 on a backorder while i wait for gw to open again, i'll pass.

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You need to mess around with the scan settings. The way you are doing it is for an end product that is digital.
If you want to 3d print it you have to retain the detail/poly count instead of decimating it and relying on a texture like its a phone game asset.

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T'au player here. You want things that are hard to hit and things that output a lot of fairly accurate shots. There are few models that have higher than 5 toughness that are playable. Also smites can't be drone'd so running psychic stuff is useful.

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Are Primarchs sterile? I find it weird non of them had children in 10K years.

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Basically just marine stuff, no unique rules including super doctrine
So they’re the only army in the game with no super doctrine making them the shittiest army

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thank you blue man

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using space wolves terminators is nice for the trophies but filing off all the wolf trinkets and runes is a bitch

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their sperm is too big

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Its questionable if a mate can even survive sex with a Primarch.

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Did they really need doctrines though? They can wipe out infantry with no problems with their special ammo.

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Can't, all i have are the images from the 360 view on gw's site and those are limited for obvious reasons. I'll see if i can find a turn table though.

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As far as I know they have no sex drive like Astartes.

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Oh! I almost forgot, if you have any weapons that Auto-Wound, use them. Tau can't drone weapons that skip the wound roll.

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I'm pretty sure this is a dumb question, but what is the difference between Fire Warriors and "Fire Warriors, in their Breacher Team configuration"? They look almost the same.

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You are huge. That means you have huge cummies.

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Who's the strongest primarch (no daemons) and why is it sanguineous?

Also post your favourite primarch.

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The weapon they use. Literally nothing else.
In fact, Pathfinders and Breachers are also often mistaken for each other

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like when you primarch all over your new sob models

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I honestly didn't know such things existed

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lmao no. I'm saving my essence for the new EC models. When those gte announced I'm gonna have a hands-free Primarch sized nut

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Unironically Guilliman, not physically but because he's quite literally the only 40k character that isn't a shit for brains retard. I don't even play loyalists.

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Why do lorelets hate Abaddon so much?

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shouldnt that shit be in the hhg containment thread?

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1V1? Without Chaos intervention, Sanguineous or Leman. With Chaos bullshit, Horus.

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predictions on war of the spider DG rules? me wanty demon weapons

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He's "the chaos guy" yet hes boring and never wins anything. why isn't kharn the poster boy?

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the Hellfire Shells Stratagem or an attack made with a shokk attack gun with a Strength characteristic of 11+ that fails to wound the target.

Taken from the Tau FAQ

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Obviously Russ and Sanuinie

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literally who

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Necromunda medic

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>flabby stomach

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Letting Abddon win is is like letting Ash win. Or do you want Age of Sigmar 40k?

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It's the phone autocorrect

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I think, canonically, it was Angron that was strongest, in the pure physical sense. Dude was able to dead-lift a Warhound titan after having practically punched his way out of being buried alive. I wish I could remember which book, but I believe it was in "betrayer." I think it was even without power armor.

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Did they fight in the lore? I know that Leman and the Lion had a drunken fistfight. But what about the Angel?

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yeah but he's supposedly a veteran commander genius, yet he fails everything he attempts. at least morty actually got shit done during the plague wars and wrecked a bit of Ultramar

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Anything that doesn't suck like our current codex, hopefully.
I'm guessing the 7 factions will be like the TSons one.
Each one will have a WL trait, a strategem (TSons have a spell instead) and an artifact only that faction can take.
No new artifact or WL trait table.
A 3/4 page of new strategems. One will be "take an additional warlord trait". I hope one is the "use this shit before you shoot with a blight launcher, if it hits, -1 to all saves to the unit that was hit", pretty fluffy, synergistic (encourages you to actually take shitty plague marines) and effective.

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Sia stacks with doctrines so its something
If they allowed bolter discipline to stack with sia again that would also help

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what is this from?

>> No.72016565

Unironically bluestuff casting or scratchmade CAD looks better

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You are right, Angron was the "strongest". But like Mars/Ares, he was a poor duelist.

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any good audiobooks on nurgle stuff or nurgle's paradise

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You can tell that she looks like that because of the massive fucking shadow the 'eavy metal tard painted on the seem between her stomach and cloths. Look a little harder and use the drawn picture as reference.

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>Tau can't drone weapons that skip the wound roll.
Uh- yes they can? Your model is still suffering a wound, which allows you to trigger the drones ability.

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I want to cum on her gunt.

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Yeah angron and Vulkan are probably the actually physically strongest.
I think sanguinius would shred them in a fight though.

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That's a fupa.

>> No.72016641

>if the wound roll is successful
Specifically says wound roll, so RaW if no wound roll is taken, Savior Protocols doesn't kick in.

>> No.72016651

Correct. Anything that autowounds or isn't an attack will work.

>> No.72016655

No, a fupa is just above the pussy. Gunt is belly fat that hangs down over the pussy.

>> No.72016661

I guess this would make the least ridiculous sense.

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How do you feel about Warhammer 40k: Gundam Build Fighters edition?

>> No.72016686

It was FAQ'd my dude. You can only drone a successful wound *roll*.

There are some serious weird shit to drones. Like if you drone a sniper wound that created a mortal, the mortal just disappears.

>> No.72016692

>If the attack was with a bolt weapon, an unmodified 6 to hit scores an additional hit.
is equivalent to multiply the score by 5/4.

Right? I think I will become crazy because of all the math behind the dice.

>> No.72016706

>Like if you drone a sniper wound that created a mortal, the mortal just disappears.
God Savior Protocols is just fucked
GW should just rework it for 9th Ed

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So what's the term for a gunt on a guy?

>> No.72016713

Fucking White Dwarf reminding everyone that Squats are a thing and are still part of the universe the cheeky cunts.

>> No.72016720

Dunno about children but Astartes can have a sex drive. Bjorn the Fell Handed namely was known to fuck a lot, so a lot of space marines are probably too busy or don't particularly care enough

>> No.72016731

In-universe, how do they even tell Squats and Ratlings apart?

>> No.72016738

Honestly it was fine at first, but then GW noticed that Tau players were passing off smites onto drones and that got them real mad.

It used to be all wounds could be droned. Then it was all wounds from enemies (so you can't pass off your own mortals to drones). Now there are like 5 separate entries in the FAQ just for Savior Protocols

>> No.72016749

Smites never worked - the ability always said from an attack, and psychic powers aren't attacks.

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Break down each Black Crusade using the codex, no lexicanum or wiki. And tell me how he failed at everything

>> No.72016766

Dwarves and Hobbits

>> No.72016776

Scans are references to sculpt, you have to redo the model usually

>> No.72016779

Read the watermark

>> No.72016780

what about "Marines Corium"

>> No.72016795

a anime about people building and playing Warhammer would own

>> No.72016807

There was a bit of contention on this subject. Some would say it was a "psychic attack" (and I believe this was the most common interpretation) and GW just FAQ'd SP to it's current condition.

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Didn't he say that Horus could best him? Wasn't he also defeated by Angron, and tied with Magnus? I don't think Leman is that strong.

>> No.72016829

He tied with Magnus, that's a massive deal. Since he's like, you know, a Daemon Prince and all. Lemon's got his heart punched out and shit while Magny Magic only lost an eye.

>> No.72016847

Russ defeated Horus using the Spear. He could have killed him but he tried to get Horus back and that allowed Chaos to repossess him.

Laurie Goulding said that Russ could have killed Angron if he wanted. He chose not to.

He beat Magnus with a backbreaking.

>> No.72016857

oh yeah his spine too i'm dumb

>> No.72016883

Should I give my sorcerer a Force Axe or a Force Sword?

>> No.72016888

He wasn't a demon prince at the time though, was he?
Seems to me like he's a jobber t b h.

>> No.72016893

axe, power swords or equivalents are cancer

>> No.72016899

Axes always

>> No.72016907

Russ is literally the "Executioner" of the Emperor. We theorise that he was designed to kill other Primarch, like a failsafe.
But Horus was smarter and send him far away from earth.

>> No.72016964

So do you think we'll get classic marines or primaris next time we get a new 40k video game?

>> No.72016970

Newfag. I see a lot of pictures of Penitent Engines/Mortifiers with a sister in white robes and hood strapped in, but neither Engine seems to include such an option on either the GW site or any other. Is that part of an old model, or am I just unobservant/they didn't show it?

>> No.72016974

Can tau drones block blast or template weapons?
You roll to wound but not to hit with those

>> No.72016979

>"BIG TITS" on the deathwatch pauldron
It's the little things

>> No.72016980

I thought Custodes were in charge of eventually offing the Primarchs.

>> No.72016996

Old model, sadly

>> No.72016997

Yup, they only care about successful enemy wound rolls

>> No.72017002

Primaris for sure

>> No.72017008

Custodes are strong indeed, but not as strong as a Primarch and his legion.

>> No.72017010

Primaris hopefully, not because I care either way but because of the bitching. Its just going to be more Chaos anyway so who gives a shit.

>> No.72017033

>Citation needed
Pretty sure the full 10,000 of them could have taken any of the Legions, if they were led by the Emperor.

>> No.72017063

If the firer is BS 3+ that's correct. Each shot averages generating 1*(4/6) + 1*(1/6) hits. Which is approximately .83 which is the same as 1*(4/6)*(5/4). For a BS 2+ shooter it will instead be one shot averages 1*(5/6) + 1(1/6) = 1 hits.

>> No.72017070

FUCK. Maybe I can't find it somewhere. Thanks anon. ;^;

>> No.72017074

>if they were led by the Emperor.
That's the trick. The Emperor knows that he could not be everywhere at once. That is why he delegated some actions, like conquering the rest of the galaxy or kill a Primarch. The usual.

>> No.72017084

Custodes alone could take out 3 to 4 legions.

>> No.72017094

Thank you! You saved my brain!

>> No.72017100

Id assume 3-5 could overpower a Primarch not in their prime though as Custodes seem to be still insanely strong

>> No.72017106

... actually, before I get too upset, that IS a chick in it, right? The more I look at the sideboob the more it looks like a really muscular dude.

Never painted metal before, but I suppose there's a first time for everything.

>> No.72017120


Ok, I think we need some source here. Share our opinion will sadly not help.
I will check on the web.

>> No.72017150

So why didn't they?

>> No.72017174

The model isn't that great and is metal. If you really want that look you're probably better off just mounting a third party 28mm-32mm robed woman in the pilot spot of the new kit. A number of places, including Anvil Industries, make "female cultists" that should work pretty well for this.

>> No.72017175

Your dudes

>> No.72017188

Depends on the Legion really. Didn't Guilliman have about 400,000 legionaries and Lorgar about 300,000 at their height?

Numbers like that would begin to tell even with Custodes superior equipment, genetic enhancement and the Emperor being significantly more powerful than any one Primarch.

Some of the Legions that were more 50,000 though? Yeah, no issue.

>> No.72017202

Some of them were on Prospero, and others were fighting in the Battle of the Webway.

>> No.72017216

All GW women look like muscular dudes with narrow waists.

>> No.72017232

With the help of a Primarch, I don't think the Custodes could win against a Legion.

>> No.72017260

How the fuck does someone in the underhive get so fat? Why is nuGW like this? It's completely immersion breaking. An underhive can get should be very low body fat, borderline emancipated.

>> No.72017272

They got chewed up attempting to hold the Imperial Webway against a literally unending horde of daemons that could die, respawn and reenter the Webway via the massive holes torn in it by Magnus' 'Nothing Wrong'.

By the time they were pushed back into the Imperial Dungeon and the Emperor used the Golden Throne to seal the gate, there was fewer than 1,000 Custodes left combat-ready.

>> No.72017314


>> No.72017318

They're a Doc. A Doc is one of the people whose services will always be in demand by everyone and is most likely to reliably get paid. There's a thriving Black Market in the underhive, and that would include food. You just gotta pay.

>> No.72017325

>borderline emancipated

>> No.72017326


>> No.72017329

Eating other people's corpsestarch rations, then killing and eating the people who the rations belonged to

Because diversity

>> No.72017357

> It's completely immersion breaking.
A little bit of belly fat broke your immersion but Goliaths being 7ft tall roid-monsters covered in vatgrown muscle didn't? For reference, World's Strongest Man contestants, who are just big, powerful guys, not suped up on space-roids have to consume about 12,000 calories per day to maintain that kind of mass.

Goliaths would need even more.

>> No.72017364

They should also be completely covered in dirt and blood and shit. No ones cleaning anything in the under hive. How can I ever believe in the realism of this miniature from the far future.

In actuality its the same reason as the cliche "Fat Evil Merchant" that appears in loads of media.

>> No.72017394

Maybe not dirt but industrial sediment

>> No.72017408

>An underhive can get should be very low body fat, borderline emancipated.
>borderline emancipated.
Yeah, look at this poor fella, you can see his ribs! Someone get him a sandwich!

>> No.72017413

Did up this little tribute piece for Atartes. Whatchu guys think?

>> No.72017449

This is clearly the work of a professional. Well done!

>> No.72017455

Doesn't look anything like the matte gray marines but still neati

>> No.72017459


>> No.72017465

Maybe I'm too new and don't understand mechanics, but if I have a vehicle (say a Rhino, or Chimera), and have a squad move up behind it, would they be targetable by enemy fire? Or does LOS kick in here?

>> No.72017467

When I was a kid I thought the future was multipart plastics for everyone.
A box like this for an eldar autarch etc.
Now with the primaris I see the same model in the photos just rotated or painted differently. Seems like a back-step in some senses.
What do you lads reckon?

>> No.72017472

>borderline emancipated
someone emancipated your brain

>> No.72017479

Absolutely, this box and the old terminator lord one from the same era are peak 40k

>> No.72017488

All will be shit. DG is totally broken and can't be repair.

>> No.72017490

If the model(s) that are shooting cannot see the unit they're shooting on, then it's an illegal move. Vehicles block LoS so yes, that would prevent it. However, if even an arm of a single model in the unit is visible, the entire unit can be shot at.

>> No.72017512

Astartes is neat and all. But doing a chapter of non-canon "their dudes" kinda seems like the worst of both worlds to me. Might be fun for a display piece, but I couldn't see myself doing an army of them.

>> No.72017517

We'll be good in 9e, right bros?

>> No.72017518

Are you getting confused by easy to build models? The primaris have normal multipart kits that you can rotate like manlet marines.

>> No.72017534

you cant? they cant be turned at the waist, and the hand is attached to the gun so you cant even pose the guns how you want

>> No.72017539

PA buffs have varied from Dark Eldar (literally nothing) to Grey Knights (zero to hero). Anything is possible.

>> No.72017542

Time for some cheeky positioning, then.
That seemed right, but I wanted to ask before I got my hopes up.

>> No.72017566

nah, i don't think so

>> No.72017569

If your opponent isn't a cunt he won't shoot at a unit because he can see a hair sticking out from above the vehicle, by the way. So that varies from player to player. Generally people don't abuse it too hard, but let's say if half or more of one model is sticking out, that's generally considered fair and square.

>> No.72017576

Onagers should be able to be air-lifted by the new AdMech fliers. They just look like a vehicle designed for that to me somehow.

Like they curl their legs up and they're this small little package. Legs would be an advantage over tracks or wheels in terms of shock-absorbtion too.

>> No.72017590

Guys, this is my new girlfriend, Chemist-chan. Please be nice.

>> No.72017594

I want to believe, but base of Dg rules are total shit. I can't even imagine what need to do to buff it.

>> No.72017609

Jesus this looks good, almost look like actual models. It'd be cool if you could transport Dunecrawlers or some vehicles but they take up most space

>> No.72017622

I have half a custodes army built and I'm hoping GW will fix their problems. Realistically we're going to get the SoS units that already are in 40k in the elite slot, 1-2 SoS characters, and some stratagems that reward SoS and Custodes being near each other.

>> No.72017623

>Jesus this looks good
Fires of Cyraxus never ever

>> No.72017626

Be careful. You can modify posing within reason, but "modeling for advantage" is looked down upon and if it's too obvious or extreme it may get a model banned from use by some Tournament Organizers. Not to mention getting you the evil eye from players more generally. So sure, avoid guys with arms raised over their heads or whatever if you like. But if you start modeling your whole army prone to abuse LOS you're going to develop a rep as "that guy."

>> No.72017628

Those are actual models

>> No.72017634

>O-Oh, new miniature! B-Better find a reason to dislike it!
She's a Doc, gangs pay premium for medical care they can't administer themselves, now shut the fuck up and eat your beans.

>> No.72017644

Hey I wanted to try making a fun Tau army list. Something to play when my friends just want to test stuff or for playing against randoms. What do you think?

>> No.72017665

Do you upload STLS anywhere? I've been looking for files to download before GW removes them.

>> No.72017677

Why not just scan the sprue? You’d probably have an easier time copying and printing that than a full model

>> No.72017680

Read Master of Mankind. The Custodes certainly viewed themselves as always being the ones to eventually put down the Astartes, although whether they had the ability to is not citable, nor will it be either way.

>> No.72017686

>slight tummy

>> No.72017687

reivers suck kroot anus

>> No.72017695

>almost look like actual models
Those are actual models, it is a promotional image for Fires of Cyraxus from Forge World, they would mock up actual models and then photoshop the shit out of it to make it look like an actual warzone.

I dunno why GW doesn't make more use of that technique in its regular books, always looks great to see the actual minis as you imagine them, as well as traditional artwork.

>> No.72017696

>Playing for fun
>Have two Commander Coldstar

Your friends will hate you after that.

>> No.72017697

It strikes me that people have chosen to fixate on the cute doc and not the escher matriarch that looks like a man

>> No.72017698

I appreciate that no one is questioning that she is fat. If this was reddit everyone would be tearing into you for daring to call a chubby woman fat.

>> No.72017700

I hate the FSE and custom Sept mix, and what's the point of triple Farsight Marksman when you're not running sniper drones? I'd say go FSE all the way through, and maybe grab some pathfinder teams.

>> No.72017723

yeah HQ sculpts are real crap right now. A real cashgrab when it comes to strangling the rules to match single models

>> No.72017725

What? Why? Fusion-manders seemed pretty cost efficient for dealing with tanks. And those + the Ghostkeel are my only way to deal with knights/armor.

>> No.72017726

Honestly, the only thing I've ever done that could be considered like that is making one or two guardsmen crouching, and I just did it because I thought it looked nice and gave some variety to the models. I didn't think about it being 'advantageous' at all until someone here was talking about a similar thing.

Also, when I said that, I meant positioning more as 'put two directly behind the vehicle, three wrapping around the side, and move the thing at an angle', or something like that. I'm super new, and I'm absolutely terrified of doing something to be 'that guy', so I try to go out of my way (to my detriment, if anything) to avoid being anywhere close to that.

>> No.72017735

To ne fair I'm pretty sure she isn't fat or even chubby but I'll wait to see the bare resin from more angles before even bothering with that argument

>> No.72017745

I mean there are 10,000 Custodes, nearly twice as many as there are Black Templars. They should be able to, especially when if it ever came to that point the Astartes would lose support from the Mechanicum and Guard.

>> No.72017747

In the current meta, it is VERY strong, that is why.

>> No.72017753

Considering the "big three" were Horus, Angron, and Sanguinius according to the primarchs themselves, I doubt that. Angron is not a general or any real flavor of "leader of men" but he IS a gladiator. The fact that he maintains this reputation among his fellow primarchs with their artificer and terminator armor while he runs around in platemail (not power armor) should give you some idea of his abilities.

>> No.72017754

They look way cooler though.

>> No.72017762

Commanders in general some of your best units, it's not as bad as riptide spam but it's not much better.

>> No.72017766

did you miss THIGHS and SPANK ME MOMMY

>> No.72017773

We're more autistic about people getting Underhive fluff wrong than we are about the feelings of a fictional woman in said Underhive.

>> No.72017777

Huh, I hadn't thought of that. Thank you anon.

>> No.72017781

Holy fuck that's awesome. GW should do more of that

>> No.72017782

I felt that sniper drones weren't that good desu. I'd rather not spend a cp every turn just so that my shots actually get AP.

What's wrong with custom + FSE? The original list had the vanguard as FSE but it felt like the Custom Sept was more efficient. (I plan on having the suits mostly stay put on objectives while the Bat rolls up and actually engages the enemy)

>> No.72017788

She's got a bit of a tummy but it isn't like she's got four chins or something.

>> No.72017812

Also would lose a fight to Fulgrim.

>> No.72017816

Also he squatted a scout-titan right after having a building dropped on him, which was pretty baller.

>> No.72017820

Basically because they will remind your friends of the impersonal and indirect cruelty of modern war fare as their favorite tanks and snowflakes are annhilated at whim.
>Make sure to use the Mont’ka Trait and crosslinked jets system so you move 40” without penalty and then reroll hits/wounds of 1.

>> No.72017823

>spend $1000s on plastic because jewworkshop
>game's only balancing mechanic is the cost of miniatures and how you paint them
>literally can lose if GW doesn't like the way you paint
>plastic is malformed miniatures with oversized pauldrons and shitty plate armor with blocky guns and ugly western faces
>completely invalidated by new technology that is explicitly unallowed by JW

why do you do this?

>> No.72017825

Gotcha, yeah. Clumping up behind a tank can be a good tactic. And that stuff is all well within the norm. So you should be good. I just mentioned it because I wouldn't want a new player to think they're being a clever big brain lateral thinker by gluing their Riptides on their side, to cite an extreme example.

>> No.72017830

I’m not a poorfag.

>> No.72017836

Custodes vary from "one can fight off at least 12 veteran space marines at once in single combat" and "10 held their own against the entire TSons legion at prospero and didn't suffer a single injury" to "an unarmed Astartes Sergeant can punch a hole through a Custodian" and "a small group of harlequins broke into the emperors palace and killed 17 of them."

>> No.72017837

It's fun and I like the minis

>> No.72017840

Wouldn't they chop off the heads at least? Don't want prion diseases from eating BRAIIIIIINS.

>> No.72017843

Yea that is a great example.
Cheaper than this guy too (a good looking model, but I couldn't even change the head easily).

>> No.72017846

They used to in 5e at least. Boxes used to be dioramas on their cover.

>> No.72017851

Can’t space marines eat brains to consume their knowledge?

>> No.72017856

Its fun and relatively tranny and weeb-free due to the subject matter and rugged aesthetics.

>> No.72017858

even if its modeling for advantage, fuck flight stands

>> No.72017865

>order some kits
>2 boxes of stormboyz will be delivered next week
>2 boxes of lootas will be delivered early May
i was surprised to even find these, most of the stores i've been looking at are all sold out of everything, even fucking grots. i'm still new and working through my start collecting box but i figure another 20 models will give me a few more months of casual painting so i'm good.

>> No.72017869

FSE are considered traitors to the T'au Empire, so in no circumstances should you have an FSE detachment alongside any T'au detachment other than more FSE.

>> No.72017880

I have them on the Crisis Bomb. I figured giving 8-9 units reroll 1 to hit and wound on their 9 shots a pop would be more efficient than the fusion manders I plan on getting within 6 of the tanks anyway. (thus they would reroll 1s to hit and wound regardless)

I'm honestly surprised that fusionmanders are considered *that* powerful. Yes, they definitely get rid of that tank or maybe a character, but they never survive the backswing in my experience.

>> No.72017883

>that fungal growth
nice touch
also have fun eating prions

>> No.72017884

Those demon boys in the back better be named Hans and Frans.

>> No.72017905

They should be plenty survivable if you keep drones with them.

>> No.72017907

>Delantyr’s grin showed almost every tooth he had. ‘Crush him. Leave them nothing to bury.’

>Ellas gave the control levers another wrenching shove. ‘Something’s obstructing us.’ Kei lifted his targeting visor again, looking out of the Warhound’s left eye-windshield. He took a slow breath, and glanced back at his princeps. ‘My princeps? The World Eaters in the ruins… They’re cheering.’

>The Word Bearer lifted a scalded hand, not for aid, but in warning. Angron had no time to lift his mutilated brother, sprawled at his feet. The sun went dark, as dark as night falling in an instant. He turned, raising his arms, and took a god-machine’s weight on his shoulders. Every muscle in his body locked tighter than the iron trying to crush him. Drool stringed through his metal teeth, skinned knuckles white as he defied the will of a Titan. He gave a bear’s roar as the foot lowered another half-metre. Sinews crackled in his shoulders. His broken boots skidded back on the patch of unglassed rock; something cracked in his spine, something else cracked in his left knee. The compression of his bones sounded like twigs breaking underfoot, which was a vivid burst of imagination he didn’t appreciate.

>But he could hear his men cheering. He could hear them howling as they killed, and crying his name. He blinked to clear away his sweat’s greasy sting, and dug his boots into the ground. With a smile slitting across his broken-angel face, he shifted his slipping, blood-slick grip on the Titan’s clawed foot, and started pushing back.

>‘Lorgar.’ Angron spoke in something that wasn’t quite a growl and wasn’t quite a laugh. ‘Get up. I can’t hold this forever.’

Imagine what the Red Angel might have been without the Nails...

>> No.72017911

I think it's best to pin their foot to a good size rock or bit of ruin if you're going that route.

>> No.72017913

That's... gross.

>> No.72017917

No no no, you don't get it anon. A different chapter has something they don't, so that means Deathwatch is officially the lowest tier army in the history of the game and is now ruined forever.

>> No.72017921

>My riptide moves by tactically rolling on the ground

Nice to hear I haven't hit That Guy territory yet.

While we're on the subject, what's the deal with 'legends' ? They're for old models that don't fit the current loadouts and stuff, right? So if I were to take, say, a Canoness with a Combi-Plasma (or anything other than the stock), would I get dirty looks? In a casual match, that is. (ie. Playing at my 'FLWS')

>> No.72017928

No. Most of the people bitching about the Deathwatch update don't play Deathwatch

>> No.72017932

Knowing the Imperium, they probably just have some process to render the brains safe to consume. Corpse starch is probably heavily processed/they're just using the bodies as a component in making the resulting foodstuff, otherwise you'd never keep the population of a Hive alive on it, you need to be adding in calories somewhere.

>> No.72017935

Yes, the Omophagea organ.
>It allows the Astartes to gain part of an individual person's or creature's memory by eating its flesh.

>> No.72017936

>Imagine what the Red Angel might have been without the Nails...

>> No.72017974

How do I beat IG tank spam?

>> No.72017982

What army are you playing?

>> No.72017984

Imagine what he would do if he ever found the cunt who threw him into the warp as an infant and caused his life of pain. "Perpetual" would be a name truly put to the test.

>> No.72017985

Oh! You mean as a lore thing! That's totally fair, I kinda just went with either
1. It was before the schism
2. The non FSE are just "my dudes" who happened to adopt the same tactics as other Septs. I mean it's not far fetched to assume that FSE picked up some Gue'vesa (or other non-kroot/vespid humanoids) and allowed them to rely on their particular strengths.

>> No.72017986

Usually fine for casual play unless your opponent is looking for a more serious tournament practice or competitive match. Basically think of Legends as "Open/Narrative Play" models since their points and rules aren't being updated. Some people may be uptight about it though. Unless you already have models built that way I'd avoid it.

>> No.72017988

Spam anti tank
Shoot he

>> No.72017991

I went to look at riptides on GW website and it has a crouching variant. Would be pretty funny if that is the only variant you see in competitive.

>> No.72018016

Damn. I ask because I was making a list up in my head and was looking to give the Canoness a bit extra punch, since I can't take two Missionaries. I'll find something else then. Thanks, you've been real helpful. :D

>> No.72018022


>> No.72018023


>> No.72018040

She's just one time fanfic character and is none-existent whatsoever in 40k.

>> No.72018051

Took off the Combi-Plasma. It's a sign.

>> No.72018056

Then spam Dawneagle Jetbikes and Melta missiles.
You are welcome.

>> No.72018073

Source? I really like those portraits

>> No.72018079


>> No.72018096

The new canoness is done in this style. Gives a body hope.

>> No.72018115

>intercessors with auto bolt rifles that can choose between 6" extra range and +1 ap, -6" range and +2 ap, or always wounding on 2's
>bikers and ss veterans as troops mean you're great at playing objectives
>auto win against shit like Nid's or T'au that have shit for vehicles
>incredibly good at killing space marines, or any elite infantry army
Just because you don't have the best AT doesn't mean DW isn't insanely good, especially when you lose nothing for souping.

>> No.72018123

Adrián Prado. Go check his ArtStation.

>> No.72018129

>‘Lorgar.’ Angron spoke in something that wasn’t quite a growl and wasn’t quite a laugh. ‘Get up. I can’t hold this forever.’

>> No.72018131


>> No.72018159

Not in iron warriors.

At best you can take a alpha legion character with a wlt.

But there is no way to get two Iron Warriors wlt into a game.

>> No.72018160

I think you can use a Missionary and Taddeus the Purifier since taddeus doesnt have the missionary tag but he has War Hymns (+1 atk)

>> No.72018164

You're forgetting also that they have inherent rr1 to wound from mission tactics. With the new rules 10 auto bolt rifle intercessors can fire 20 shots that hit automatically, wound any non-vehicle on 2+ rr1, and has ap -1 for 2 cp. Alternatively your 5 storm bolter veterans can fire 20 shots hitting on 3s wounding on 2s rerolling 1s with -1 ap, and even more combinations besides.

The new rules have been pretty good for Deathwatch

>> No.72018181

Caladius Grav-Tanks, Pallus Grav Attacks, and Jetbikes. Honestly I'd just keep with hurricane bolters because a squad of 3 bikers should still bracket the fuck out of leman russ. Be careful though because bikes are squishy for their cost. One cool thing you can do is deep strike in some terminators, use their overwatch denial, and then charge with the bikes to get them in safely.

>> No.72018188

One could make the same case for the entire HH series. I choose to embrace the character for the absolutely rancid sign of the times that she is. I'm usually a fan of Abnett's work but when he drops the ball... we get garbage like the Ultramarines movie and this walking retcon that seems to have a lot in common with *other* trends.

>> No.72018213

>auto bolt rifle
I wish they were only 2 shots.

>> No.72018260

I thought they were assault 2?

>> No.72018264

>hot dogs give me strength to fight my daddy

>> No.72018277

The question is why do you participate in a hobby you hate? Or if you don't and are just shitposting then go fuck yourself.

>> No.72018301

Where da Eldar womyn at?

>> No.72018371

Whole point of vulkan aesthetic is that he looks like a carbonised freak.
>lmao ill make him african

>> No.72018373

Updated to assault 3 in the new Space Marine Codex (And via pdf/PA book for everyone else). Likewise stalkers are now D2.

>> No.72018383

I think i just found new pasta for shit posting. Thanks.

>> No.72018393

Assault 3. They each should make back at least 15 points shooting against troops over 2 turns against nearly any troop choice.

>> No.72018399

>"he doesnt like warhammer"
>"he must not like tabletop gaming"

is the entire warhammer community this retarded and deluded?

>> No.72018413

>Whole point of vulkan aesthetic is that he looks like a carbonised freak.
Honestly I always found that element super weird. Especially since it was added well after their rules introduction to the game in Codex: Armageddon.

>> No.72018443

Jesus christ

And to think if you spend another cp or a relic you can deepstrike them for perfect delivery into shooting range as well.

>> No.72018455

Why isnt that salamander black?

>> No.72018458

They (you) specifically mentioned games workshop several times in the post, and also referenced specifically space marines (oversized pauldrons, man faces, blocky guns) as well. The only reason to make a post like that in 40k general is to start shit flinging, there is no room for discussion beyond the reply of "No YuR wRoNg!" so its a baitpost.

>> No.72018470

>hobby you hate
>conversation was about warhammer
>nobody mentioned wargaming as whole
Is the rest of the wargaming community this incapable of making arguements without misconstruing what other people have said?

>> No.72018472

>black man
>only chapter that encourages SM's to interact with their families
guess they don't go out for space cigarettes much

>> No.72018527

>Dude was able to dead-lift a Warhound titan after having practically punched his way out of being buried alive.

anon he didn't deadlift it, He squatted it.The Titan was about to crush Lorgar under it's foot and Angron caught it (for a few seconds). Dead-lifting is when the weight is under you.

You do know the difference don't you?

>> No.72018532

Seems unnecessary to deep strike them when you can t1:
>advance for an average of 9.5"
>choose the +6" range one
For an average of 39.5" threat range, or just advance cover to cover if the opponent is hiding at the back of deployment.

>> No.72018572

Kraken rounds don't let you wound on 2s, and you won't be in tactical doctrine t1 anyways. 10 footslogging intercessors may be too juicy of a target for your opponent

>> No.72018580

>>only chapter that encourages SM's to interact with their families
Space wolves?

>> No.72018591

Hey /tg/, lychguard or praetorians? Praetorians have a more solid profile with RoC and they look cooler than lychguard, but they don't have the <dinasty> keyword. Also, how do you paint the green of their weapons GW has on their pics? Looks pretty cool desu

>> No.72018592

>He squatted it.
Based Angron single handedly deleting warhound titans from the game.

>> No.72018599

They're still very good, and it's not like you're going to run 1 unit of intercessors when they're legitimately your best unit.

>> No.72018605


>> No.72018611

Are old Chaos Space Marine arms the same size/length of the new ones? Was thinking of converting an old model by swapping out an arm

>> No.72018625

Different backpacks, different helmet. The Breacher helmet looks cooler.

>> No.72018629

Little bit bigger than the old

>> No.72018630

Well no. Vets are still better overall, but Intercessors do have their niche

>> No.72018707

Amped Ion Accelerator.

>> No.72018739


Ultramarine players, how do I make my list better at 1k?

>> No.72018746

Thanks bro.

>> No.72018754

Are there not any of the Primarch novels in the OP megas, or am I just blind?

>> No.72018756

Ehh. If you're doing the normal SS + SB, you have better shooting within rapid fire distance, but worse at range, can't advance and fire, and will be worse against all 1 damage fire that's AP-1 or 0, and the same against ap-2. I think veterans only really good in that they can fill niches intercessors can't, and even then Intercessors can slot a few inceptors/hellblasters into their units.

>> No.72018780

Remove the second lieutenant, swap the hellblasters for devastators, and get a drop pod. Grav-Guns with their stratagem are insane right now.

>> No.72018796

When I did my noise marines I had to make sure the chest wasn’t to big to have the arms fit how they’re supposed to. Some chests were too big for the smaller gun arms to go around.

>> No.72018798

You're forgetting that vets can bring terminators for an obnoxious 2+/3++ and have access to strong special weapons. They have the same number of attacks as an intercessor. The only thing worth taking in a fortis kill team at this point is an inceptor for fall back and shoot

>> No.72018807

Imperial Soup, 3 Battalions, 1,498 points <VALHALLAN>, <STYGIES VIII>, <ARGENT SHROUD>.

x2 Company Commanders [60pt]
>Chainsword, Shotgun

Tech-priest Dominus (WL) Enginseer [110pt]
>Macrostubber and Volkite Blaster Autocaduceus, <Xenarite Studies>

Canoness and Missionary [93pt]
>Blessed Blade, Condemnor Boltgun, <Beacon of Faith>

Infantry Squad [45pt]
>Vox, Chainsword

x2 Infantry Squad [110pt]
>Vox, Chainsword, Autocannon

Kataphron Breachers [90pt]

Skitarii Rangers, Skitarii Vanguard [112pt]
>Arquebus + Omnispex / EDT + Plasma and Arc Rifles

x3 Battle Sister Squad
>Bolt Pistols/Guns, Chainsword, Flamer and Combi-Flamer

Repentia Superior [35pt], >Bolt Pistol
x3 Sisters Repentia (6 models) [468pt]

Basilisk [110pt]

Onager Dunecrawler [102pt]
>Icarus Array, EDT, Cognis H.Stubber

Mortifier (Anchorite) [62pt]
>x2 H.Bolter, x2 Flail

Retributor Squad [91pt]
>Armorium Cherub, Bolt Pistol/Gun, x2 Heavy Flamers, Combi-Flamer

Sororitas Rhino [67pt]

Whew, that was a mouthful to type. I didn't realize Repentias cost that much. Maybe I'll swap them out, but since I bought them I'd like to get at least 1 game in with them. Stretching 1500, even 1k, across 3 armies is probably not the best idea, but meh, they all seem cool and I'm horribly indecisive. Is this a decent enough list? I think I'm lacking in heavy firepower, but with this many bodies that might not be too big a problem, heh.

>> No.72018821

It's clearly a primaris list.

>> No.72018857

So starting to paint a Sons of the Phoenix army and wondering if you all have a good recipe for silver hair?

>> No.72018865


Gang members are meant to be in better condition than your average hiver apart from Cawdor who look the same or worst than your average Joe.

>> No.72018867

Yeah, forgot people do Primaris only / manlet only armies. Either way I think the second lieutenant is unnecessary, hellbasters are mediocre, and apothecaries are very good.

>> No.72018873

>FW models that look completely out of place with the rest of the army

>> No.72018884

Are there any cool chaos marine warbands with white armor?

>> No.72018899

>>a single model in the unit is visible, the entire unit can be shot at.
>Not playing with house-rules that make only that model targetable unless it's a flamer, grenade or similar explosive.
Completely & utterly gay. No wonder everyone here bitches about units getting wiped out turn 1.

>> No.72018909

Should I buy the FW alpharius model?

>> No.72018917

>Taking Vox as Guard, ever
>Using Xenarite studies on a Dominus, wasting WT
>No Guard vehicles except unsupported Basilisk on a regiment that gives no benefit
>Using Arc Rifles, ever
>Bringing only one dunecrawler when their invul ability needs at least two

I don't know anything about SoB, but your Guard and Admech units/choices are pretty awful

>> No.72018926

Use a regular marine. They are all Alpharius anyway.

>> No.72018937

Um...Vulkan was explicitly stated to be the strongest and Ferrus was second. Angron was strong for his size, but probably wasn't even in the top 5.

>> No.72018944

Space Wolves don't interact with the people of Fenris besides showing up at battlefields to collect the young nearly-dead.

>> No.72018949

I mean I can, but I really like the model... but that price is so off putting... I could basically get 3-4 GW models for it...

>> No.72018951

Why is there just some random Grey Knight in this picture? I thought they were supposed to be secret from other astartes?

>> No.72018963

they forget about them when ordered to.

>> No.72018965

Seems kinda cuckish imo. Why paint an army of someone else's dudes?

>> No.72018967


Scans are for plebs. Real chads get out some calipers and measure models by hand.

>> No.72018972


>> No.72018984

Nevermind that, Guilliman is broadcasting to the entire Imperium with a GK at his side.

>> No.72018987

>expecting those shitty HH novels to be consistent

>> No.72018994

You should build all infantry of that model.

>> No.72019013

>implying ultramarines are unaware

>> No.72019014

It would look cool, and would probably be cheaper then GSC dollar per point.

>> No.72019027

Why dont you idiots try playing deathwatch and see how it goes

>> No.72019038

I do play Deathwatch tho. I've been playing them since the index.

>> No.72019050

make your own

>> No.72019060

Funny how that works, innit?

>> No.72019070

I'm sorry that your special ammo isn't even more OP now Anon, such a horrible blow for you to take.

>> No.72019080

Sons of Malice, quartered white/black

>> No.72019090

Literally buy a knight crusader, supreme command of tank commanders, supreme command of blood angels and you have a viable army. I play no FW custodes.

>> No.72019111

>I mentioned I was indecisive.
>It looks cool and has helped in the past
>Most players in my meta are Xenos, so I would think it makes a little more sense.
>Fair point, but it was less than a Tank Commander, and can stay out of harm's way, mostly. Also I neglected to mention it has Full Payload due to Support Ace.
>For one, I modeled them with it so I have to stick with it. Also, what's wrong with arc rifles? Not as good as plasma, but it gives a bit of punch to the squad. Also they look cool.
>Fair point, but same as the Guard Vehicles, and surely 1 is better than none. Had to fit the nuns with guns in somehow.

>I don't know anything about SoB
Neither do I, but they look cool. My choices probably suck as much as the other ones, but with the Canoness I should be getting two 'miracle dice' (can substitute these for just about any roll on the Sisters units) at the beginning of my turns, the Anchorite can make its Bolters [Assault] and has 13~ melee attacks, and the chicks with Heavy Flamers can move and shoot w/o a penalty.

>> No.72019114

I mean didn't a large portion of white scars go traitor? You could run renegade chapters as them and it'd be appropriate.

>> No.72019120

>Several years into 8e
>Still upset Sternguard lost special issue ammo for a gun that's between a boltgun & a boltrifle.
Still really jelly of the Deathwatch.

>> No.72019146

Isn't the extra ap on their boltguns suppose to represent their special issue ammo?

>> No.72019149

And as for the Regiment, it's mainly so that they can shoot at the enemy when the sisters/anyone else is in melee with them. The idea was to have the Autocannon teams move up and hold objectives, firing at anyone within range who would presumably be occupied with everyone else. I might switch them to Tallarn if it's any better.

>> No.72019165

I think so. Imagine if deathwatch could take Sternguard.

>> No.72019169

Yes, but I really enjoyed using special ammo in 7th.

>> No.72019186

They can, as troops

>> No.72019200

Good job, melee is now even more redundant than ever. Cool house rule, bro. Castling sure is fun!

>> No.72019201

White with purple and good for Slaanesh. Then just replace purple with green for Nurgle, blue for Tzeentch and red for Khorne.

>> No.72019207

Who draws these? Reminds me of BFGA Bobby G portrait

>> No.72019224

>*purple and gold

>> No.72019240

4chan Janitors?

>> No.72019246

Haven't played since shortly after deldar got their codex? did they get anything in psychic awakening or did the get sidelined for Ynarri again?

>> No.72019261

They can take vanguard or plain vets, not sternguard.
How would this incentivize castling, it makes easier to hide units from los.

>> No.72019264

They got decent.

>> No.72019268

You like Tau, huh?

>> No.72019277

This is the awful thing. Nuhammer primaris shit will cuck everything forever

>> No.72019279

Ynnari got fucked this edition, deldar was mediocre for pa as well. Deldar is still good though.

>> No.72019308

Sternguard are normal vets with slightly different wargear. Deathwatch vets have access to almost the exact same wargear and more.

>> No.72019313

>Ask for feedback
>Immediately gets defensive when told problems
That's not how you should act

>Most players in my meta are Xenos
Doesn't matter, it's +1 to wounds for your Dominus against Xenos, it's absolutely worthless in 99% of cases since you should be throwing your Dominus in the frontlines unless you're doing something extremely niche.

>was less than a Tank Commander, and can stay out of harm's way, mostly.
Valhallans are a spam army, their bonus is to keep vehicles in top brack and keep blobs on inf from fleeing too easily, your list in no way uses that. Why Valhallans?
A basilisk benefits from that zero. Even with Support Ace you have a D6 WS4+ shot vehicle, it's fine, but you don't even have a MoO.

>For one, I modeled them with it so I have to stick with it. Also, what's wrong with arc rifles? Not as good as plasma, but it gives a bit of punch to the squad. Also they look cool.
You asked for performance, not how cool it is. Arc Rifles are trash in almost all cases.
You foremost inhibit part of your Vanguard from advancing and firing. And the actual stats aren't good anyway.

>Surely 1 is better than none
Sure, but if you're going to have one, why not build for synergy?
Same question for your Forge World choice, why Stygies? Sure a -1 to hit is fine, but so are a lot of other Forge World dogmas if you're looking at flat bonuses.

I don't want to be mean anon, but the list makes no sense from the Guard or Admech perspective.

>> No.72019319


My passion is painting obscure lore color schemes, but i will if i have too.

Oh, will definitely do these guys.

>> No.72019320

Was it that obvious?

>> No.72019327

Manlets. All the other responses are apparently from retards.

>> No.72019343

Based Malal

>> No.72019364

I didn't think I was being defensive, I'm genuinely sorry, I was trying to respond to what you had said. If I came across the wrong way, I apologize.

>> No.72019370

Bring this model back

>> No.72019383

Oddly enough, Malal/Malice has been gaining more popularity over the last couple years.

>> No.72019386

That only works as an order, and means you'd sacrifice rerolls and FRSRF unless you brought Laurels.
And Tallarn is for mobility boost to heavies, why do you need a mobile arty?
Quick reposition of autocannons are fine, but that's still 4 shots on WS4+. Doesn't make sense to choose a regiment for it.

>> No.72019405

Whoops, meant>>72019343

>> No.72019406

fatfags should be hanged

>> No.72019414


>> No.72019443

I had considered this, or maybe swapping out some stuff to put in RG, but I feel like 3 agressors by themselves arent gonna be worth it.

>> No.72019462

>seamlines on skulls
>not even painted

>> No.72019466

Here's a color scheme I came up with for crons while my internet while down yesterday again because of the tornadoes I got. What do you guys think of it?

>> No.72019487

that blue is too bright for the rest of the scheme

>> No.72019502

I don't think the jade green and the emerald green have enough color contrast to look good against each other. They'll just sort of blend together.

>> No.72019507


>> No.72019526

Randomizer will do that. Maybe it wouldn't be as bright if I actually painted it.
Can that work or would you recommend me darkening it up?

>> No.72019552

Commanders are auto include. If you don't add them you really aren't playing Tau.

You're limited to three, and those three get taken every time.(unless running FSE, in which case it's +1 per FSE detachment)

It would be like guard not taking enough characters with voice of command to buff their units. They don't just take sly marbo and a commissar and call it good.

>> No.72019572

They're really good markerlight applicators. That's the bulk of their value.

Marksmen are almost never taken with sniper drones.

>> No.72019606

Definitely don't feel compelled to take sniper drones with marksmen.

You're underselling sniper drones though. Removing buffing characters is ridiculously strong, and just having snipers on the table significantly affects the way the opponent sets up and advances.

>> No.72019628

The difference is that IG commanders make their infantry viable as anything more than batteries and nothing more. Tau commanders are meta defining. Like basically every edition with Tau. Most of the army is reasonable but there is one part that just wrecks face and you'd be an idiot to not take it. Fish of fury, Triptides, Tau'nar and now commander spam, with Coldstar being the most bullshit.

>> No.72019648

high heels the best footwear to tranverse junkyards, debry fields, pipes, vents and ladders.

:thumbs up:

>> No.72019653

>auto include
Not really. You have plenty of good units in T'au, they're only auto include (beyond 1 to actually get Montka and kayun) if you're trying to build a WAACfag list. I'd liken it more to saying double Repulsor Executioner is an auto include in iron hands.

>> No.72019686

How are they efficient for markerlights? They're a single markerlight for 25 points.

>> No.72019694

Eh, old lore. By now FSE has picked up enough converts that it's going to be competing against the motherland for diversity.

Also pretty sure it was lore that FS randomly shows up in Tau space to aid in fights out of nowhere, and he has even teamed up with Shadowsun and Aun'va in the books.

Really no lore reason to not have some mixing going on.

>> No.72019700

>the most bullshit
What about a FLY unit with 48" Move, 2+ WS rerolling 1s is bullshit?
geez anon, IG have Bullgryns! Clearly Tau need a buff.

>> No.72019711

Oh, and here's a DEldar color scheme I made with the randomizer too. Reminds me of gundam for some reason.

>> No.72019725

LoL female doctor.

>> No.72019733

Yeah? That's pretty efficient for tau. Pathfinders average about the same for almost twice the point cost, with significantly less survivability.

>> No.72019740

This was a really simple Kitbash after all.

>> No.72019758

They're 15 more points and come with 4 more markerlights.

>> No.72019773

I mean special issue ammo was deathwatch's gimmick, that the sternguard co-opted when they got that name rather than just being veteran space marines.

I kinda dig them going back to rank and file bolt troopers, but I am also a bit of a weirdo.

>> No.72019778

what the fuck is this list anon

>> No.72019785

A single marker light that has the character keyword and BS 3. Pathfinders are gone the second someone wants them gone.

>> No.72019797

Eh, it's a common complaint. GW fans are weird in narrowing the word 'hobby' down to Warhammer.

Like, you alter a picture in photoshop and it's not the photoshop hobby - it's photography or art, digital art maybe?...not 'the photoshop hobby'. No other gaming/tabletop community uses hobby to refer to one companies product unless they come from GW background so makes sense for people to get confused sometimes.

>> No.72019825

I don't know the math offhand but I believe that 3+ re-rolling a miss (sacea) has like a 75%ish to hit, while pathfinders 4+, assuming you go first or the survived past T1 has a 50% that goes up to around 66% after you get that first markerlight on there. Just depends on what you're going for I guess? My list (posted here earlier) only really needs 5ish markerlights that all come from characters.

>> No.72019833

Imagine the gains after the work out. they had to be huge.

>> No.72019843

Guyzzz help the people at my store won't stop picking on me for running 2 max squads of GK Paladins in casual games?!? Why won't they just understand that they're auto-picks /; !!!

>> No.72019854

Oh hey, did you also do the thing of mixing basic Sisters bodies with parts from the Seraphim/Zephyrim kit?

>> No.72019871

ignore them. GK have been shit since early 6th. Fuck them, if they that just because 2 years in 8th ed, and before 9th, you having some sort of working army is suddenly a bad and unacceptable thing.

>> No.72019882

are we still talking about Coldstars? I thought it was a 40'' advance. They have a 3+ WS, and a 3+ bs if they advanced.

>> No.72019887

As the other anons rightly said, not a very good one. Maybe I'll get better at making lists one day.

>> No.72019896

Riptides are probably more meta defining, to be honest.

Commanders are slightly better platforms for suit level weapons, Riptides have completely different weapon systems that do enough work that you can replace the rest of the army with shield drones.

>> No.72019899

I've always viewed the "hobby" to be the construction and painting of models. That tends to be the bit that can exist independently to the setting.

>> No.72019900

What's the most cp you can start the game with? I think it's either IG or Red Corsairs, but I don't know how much is possible within 2k points.

>> No.72019911

Yup. Since the Seraphim kit had 10 backpacks it just seemed heretical not to make use of them. I mean, 85€ for a 10-girl squad just sounds pretty bad, so this way I'll be able to get 15 girls for that.

>> No.72019921

I also only run a few markerlights. 1 from a fireblade, 4 marker drones, 2 from a skyray, and 3 more from Pathfinders (the other 3 I gave ion rifles). I figure combined with strat support it should be more than enough. I also only run 1 commander so I'm probably not playing generic meta chaser Tau

>> No.72019925

I'm gonna go full meme with primaris, with not even scout marines to fill the troop tax. What's the best chapter for infiltrators/incursors? My friend said RG or BA but I've taken a liking towards IF/CF.

>> No.72019927

Character means they don't get instagibbed like pathfinders and their BS is better, so when run in sa'cea they're nearly guaranteed. The other markerlights are on vehicles or drones where the application and cost are worse and there is still no character keyword protection.

>> No.72019956

Exact same boat. I made those heroes in the front with spare parts from the two kits, plus five each of seraphim and zephyrim.

>> No.72019958

How are you so oblivious to shit posting?

>> No.72019982

I just started painting a Sons of the Phoenix army. It will be all primaris.

>> No.72020001

Nah, he was talking about Farsight I think?

>> No.72020006

I wouldn't call myself a meta chaser. I don't really know what the meta is or what other armies consist of. I just picked what I thought were good models for the positions I wanted them for (Fusionmanders = character/tank, crisisbomb = teq, breachers+stealth = Meq)

I do have a list that runs triptide, but I wanted something lower powered that would also be fun to play.

>> No.72020011

100% oblivious, but I am autistic.

>> No.72020021

This is your brain on 3e immersive fluff that was never meant to be taken at face value.

>> No.72020030

Farsight isn't that good though...

>> No.72020043

I think guard, with all the cheapest options taken, can fit three brigades, plus your 3cp for being battleforged.

>> No.72020077

here's a real soup list

>> No.72020080

Not exactly. It's equivalent to getting +1 BS with the caveat that it works on BS2+ as well. So it's a 5/4 multiplier for BS3+ in particular (4 hits per 6 shots -> 5 hits per 6 shots) but additional bonus hits or lower proc thresholds affect the math. For example, Necron Immortals with Tesla Carbines:
>Base: BS3+ means 4 hits per 6 shots
>Tesla (2 bonus hits on 6+ to hit) means 6 hits per 6 shots
>My Will Be Done (+1 to hit): hit on 2+, 5 hits per 6 shots
>Combine the two: no hits on 1s, 1 hit on 2-4, 3 hits on 5-6 for an average of 9 hits per 6 shots or 1.5 hits per shot.

>> No.72020100

What's with all the new players with ME ME ME attitude when it comes to playing the game? This is a game that takes more than one person to play, they are human too.

>> No.72020105

what does that even mean

>> No.72020113

If Sa'cea, you're getting a ML hit 8/9 of the time. A single Pathfinder gets you a ML half the time, and it dies real quick.

>> No.72020115

Self Interest is the ultimate moral good cuckold

>> No.72020132

I've heard good things about SW Infiltrators.

>> No.72020133

Damn that looks cool, but... JUUUUDGE, ANON IS MODELING FOR ADVANTAGE.

>> No.72020140

are you a sm player or dw player?

>> No.72020153

>Unironically agreeing with Ayn Rand
Only good thing to come out of her ideas was Rush.

>> No.72020165

I've been thinking about building Iron Hands or T'au, and my GF is also interested in building T'au. She's been in the game for much longer than I have, and is interested in us building an army together. Should I go for it or no?

>> No.72020178

The Zephyrim only get worse as they get taller because they're a melee unit. The Seraphim I measured to keep them at roughly the right height, since it does matter for them.

Also Aesthetic > Gameplay

>> No.72020182

You can both do a detachment

>> No.72020199


>> No.72020203


deathwatch/grey knights are for small allied detachments only

>> No.72020206

But they're also a third of the points. 3 pathfinders get 1.5 hits and still cost less.

>> No.72020229

A marksman can survive more than one round of enemy shooting and get you 5 hits over the course of the game. The pathfinders die in the first battle round because they're the most fragile thing around.

>> No.72020236

this is bait right?

>> No.72020245

Both tau and IH are good at making very hard to kill pieces.

>> No.72020274

what's wrong with it

>> No.72020282

They should bring Malice back and introduce malicemarines/demons as a Chaos Not!Custodes army.
Convince me that a new Elite-focused Chaos subfaction + the "wow pog epic FIFTH kayoss god!" hype wont make it sell good.

>> No.72020284

Obliviousness is pretty high on this board for some reason. At least compared to what it used to be.

Idk, I took a break for years due to work and came back due to quarantine and it seems like a portion of the userbase is made up of people with lobotomies. I knew that the reputation from the pepe meme had caused enough controversy that a younger brother thought I was crazy when I told him to post about some gaming question here for input, but the impact it had on the userbase is pretty big.

Like...who tf complains about softcore fan art like in the last thread?(torchgirl images) Who gets riled up about a couple of guys reposting the same picture as a meme in every thread?(taucrons/necrons) A lot of things that were done tongue in cheek or ironically are now just anons being that dumb. 1d4chan is years out of date in the majority of places so it's not even like most of these bodies are contributing in a meaningful way to a larger community...it's just all crap.

>> No.72020297

Most units rules are alright, its just that the faction bonus is mediocre (unless you play FW dreads, then it becomes crazy powerful instead), the strategems are mostly useless and there are only a handful of relics, of which only 2 are worth using.

>> No.72020303

So I take it that pic related, Mordian, with a basic Russ and a Basilisk with Full Payload, Heavy and Storm Bolters, souped with two the same SoB HQs, two Battle Sister squads (Combi Flamer, Flamer) and one woth (same, Heavy Bolter), One squad of 9 Repentia, and Anchorite, and an SoB rhino for 999pt isn't any better?

Should I strive to get better soup, or just focus on one army for now, since I evidently don't know what the fuck I'm doing? actual legit question, don't read into that thinking I'm bitching

>> No.72020331

It's less about averages and more about reliability. Those Pathfinders are a priority target, whereas Marksmen are easy to ignore unless your opponent has a bunch of Eliminators with nothing better to do. The first ML is also the most crucial thanks to Uplinked Markerlight. Starting off with a Marksman to make the BS4+ MLs easier to land is also a valid strategy. But mostly it's because cheap utility characters have a value of their own.

>> No.72020340

Being a servitor isn't so bad.

>> No.72020346

PA seems to be mostly for buffing factions. DEldar are already good so they didn't need any buffs.

>> No.72020388

Convert more!

>> No.72020390

you're literally relying on scions to do everything, once they start getting shot down you're fucked
half your list is sisters that aren't gonna do shit besides screen and maybe kill infantry and random gk

>> No.72020393

new thread

>> No.72020399

I cant wait for Harlequins to get jack shit relegated to 2 pages in a white dwarf. Fucking assholes.

>> No.72020442

Yeah, it's for the greater good bro.

>> No.72020486

You need to play to each army's strengths if you want to soup properly
sisters have three niches, either a hardy infantry core using valorous heart and imagifiers to ignore -2ap along with invuln buffing characters, bloody rose repentia, stacking attack buffs with missionaries riding in rhinos as well as extremely strong jump pack infantry that can clear screens upon arrival and then charging with souped up power swords
guard similarly have three niches, cheap and tough MBTs that are cost efficient while maintaining decent fire output, strong line of sight ignoring artillery in wyverns and basilisks and finally cheap as balls infantry squads to swarm objectives
pick the paths that best compliment each other

those are 20 plasma guns with ap-3 baseline because of the regimental trait and a 5+ invuln because of the relic, they can outpuch almost anything besides knights before accounting for orders and the meltas for flavor
sisters ignore -2ap as well as have a 4+ invuln because of celestine and provide strong anti infantry clearing
GK are the countercharge unit while also letting draigo be a glorified objective babysitter with his storm shield save

>> No.72020501

I feel you, Anon.

>> No.72020507

Yeah...most of the memes haven't even refreshed over the last few years. Basically boomer related memes are the only big innovation.

>> No.72020531

I agree. Give Malice some land mines and snipers for lulz

>> No.72020592

>who tf complains about softcore fan art like in the last thread?
shitty coomer art posting is cringe, it's the same shit furries do elsewhere

>> No.72020717

Its going to get worse. Since the cavill instagram post I've seen tons of normies and thots saying "I'VE ALWAYS LOVED WARHAMMER! HERESY! XD" If even 1% of these "people" get into the hobby its going to be an even worse clusterfuck than it already is. Kits will get more expensive due to increased demand, they'll likely play SM's so their rules will get even more lopsided in their favor, LGS will have to adapt to them for their dollars at the expense of the "fucking nerds" that play the hobby now. Watch, I hope that I'm wrong about everything.

>> No.72020762

Shut the fuck up, idiot.

>> No.72020822

Whatever you have to tell yourself. There is a reason I posted here and not in the new thread, no need to bring the pessimism to it. Normies are celebrity whores, they'll buy or say whatever they think will make them like their "heroes". Go ahead and deny it, it won't change the facts.

>> No.72020839

kitbash and conver waaay less

>> No.72020856

I am fairly certain Cavill lurks here on the regular and also is one of the posters behind Carnac, chaosrager and perturaboposting

>> No.72020878

Not since gw gave them actual codexes
Deal with it

>> No.72020963

Ferrus doesn't get enough love

>> No.72021112

Rogal Dorn for his interests, Mortarion or Magnus for "miniature" design.

>> No.72021232

no way, cool

>> No.72021362

To be honest, the only reason I know of Malal's existence is because of "Heretical Love"

>> No.72021437

If it was like, big breasted MSpaint garbage that pops up I could understand.

Most torchstar stuff is pretty tame though, and definitely not cringe. See image? It's definitely cringe due to low quality, but the mammaries are not anything worth talking about.

>> No.72021482

The video games are a much bigger deal than the tabletop ever was, and contain most normies.

The miniatures are seen as niche, and way more people just grab some to try their hand at painting than to actually try to play. No normie is wanting to invade tournaments or lore oriented boards.

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