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Daily reminder The Emperor want to kill cute and innocent lolis.

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I'm very disappointed in you, anon.

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Xenos are not innocent, heretic!

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Neither are humans, you are cause of everyone's problems for past 20k years

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That's a daemon, not a xeno.
Well maybe if the rest of the galaxy weren't full of assholes, and maybe if the realm of souls didn't get fucked over by the Necrons, Orks, and Eldar, then the Emperor might not have had to crusade across the galaxy in an attempt to unfuck everything the fucking xenos ruined.

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But anon, Humans aren't Eldar who literally murderfucked a Chaos God into existence. And they're not Necrons who killed the Old Ones. And they're not blue skinned fish faced fucks that won't ever engage in melee.

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Hot take: Daemons are just xenos from an alternate dimension. Emps should have gone with that instead of "they dont exist lol"

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Ya that "loli" would dam you to pain and suffering forever.
Fire brother. For the Emprah

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>loli daemonette
history walks in circles

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abominations who get off on humping an agri-world peasant's decapitated head are not "cute and innocent lolis"
they are abominations

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They addressed your "hot take" already. Malcador explained that telling the Primarchs about Chaos would have led them to mobilize against it as though it were a material threat. It is not. You don't just fly into the Eye of Terror and invade it as you would a xeno homeworld. The Emperor's plan of starving the Dark Gods of their belief and excess emotion through the Imperial Truth and a stable, unified Imperium was sound.

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>a renegade EC marine and his innocent loli running from the Inquisition and the EC alike, only to eventually be cornered and massacred

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Only sanctioned Lolis are allowed.

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Daemons and xenos are not innocent, nor is anyone who would speak in their defense.

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I miss the old days.

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I miss 'em too, anon. This site seemed so much more vibrant, then.

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The internet hate machine should have stayed a meme instead of becoming reality.

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