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Everytime I see nuGhaz I get a brief flash of disappointment.

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How are wraith heavy armies and what units should I look to put with them, maybe guardians for cheap screens?

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Alright, how many of you have actually read the rules?

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is playing Tabletop Sim with internet friends/randos a good way to learn before i embarrass myself trying to play in person?

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In the grimdark future of the 41chan millennium, there are only waifus in power armor.

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I did, but I rarely retain them

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Do it anon, you have nothing to lose.

And might save a lot of money on models you'd rather not play/paint.

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>embarrass yourself
>by learning a game

What the fuck.
How did you ever learn to do anything if you're so afraid of failure?

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Terminators look so ugly and outdated.

>> No.71919495

This image is also proof that you should never drill your barrels.

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No one here plays 40k, they just come to argue and shitpost

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Idk, I saw a cliff notes version of an early edition of WHFB and figured I'd wing it in a tournament. Lot easier having competitive rules lawyers show me how it's done rather than going through dozens of pages of technicalities that probably got FAQ'd two weeks after release so are no longer relevant anyway.

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No it's not you lazy cunt

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Nailed it. This is a lore thread.

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What do you mean

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i have models but i'm too ADHD to learn the flow by reading the rules and too anxious to ask randos at my LGS to help me learn

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I've read the rules, but honestly after a few editions and playing multiple wargames there is a lot that runs together.

There will be times when me and my buddies remember the rules perfectly - but for two different editions and neither of them being the one we happen to be playing at that time.

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>implying anyone knows the lore

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They look fine, just need a better paintjob and some extra bits for bling.The real problem is GW's awfully restrictive rules. They really need to take a hard look at horus heresy and do that.

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that funny but even shut-in neckbeards whos entire familys haven't showered or otherwise bathed in 10 years and are still sucking on their mom's tits at 48 while having lost most of their hair to male pattern baldness have tabletop stimulator

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Do you watch battlereports?
That's a good channel for it.

>I'm anxious and afraid to confront it
Never gonna make it.

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painted my first dude to "battle ready". trying to find something I'm gonna be happy with for bulk guardsmen before I go back to them later for cleanup/optics/details etc. what colour should I do for the rim? I like black but I don't have any

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Have you tried watching youtube intro gameplay videos?

>> No.71919549

Standard Guardians work rather well as cheap objective grabbers, and can also provide some longer ranged firepower with their weapon platforms. Storm Guardians can work as cheaper screening units, though I'm not sure they'd excel in the role.

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About the new fluff or the model? The model seems pretty good to me.

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Please tell me you're just talking about the full rule book rules, not just the 8 page core.

I can dream.

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He's getting exponentially more shooty, his 10th version with have 1024 barrels

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Drilling barrels have always been worthless autism

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I've read them though I'm brand new and just assembling my first models so I've yet to play and probably don't have a perfect grasp since it takes a few games for things to solidify in my experience.

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whats the problem? the biggest baddest warboss clearly should just have 4 big shootas!

not like a battle cannon blessed by gork (or possibly mork)

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>leaving your assault cannons flat


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I hear that eldar are the same as deldar, is this true?

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Fuck, anyone know where to find packs of 28.5mm bases while GW is down? Doing some home recasting while we can't buy minis, but sisters all come on this ridiculous base size that fucking nothing else uses. Any 3rd parties producing them yet?

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So a gay thread

>> No.71919570

post your models

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>wah people keep calling my lazy ass out so drilling barrel is for autists

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looks great, you might just want to leave the rim the way it is with the mud dribbling down it, I kind of like it

you can always clean it up later
yes, we know for most people that means months from now or never

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drilled barrels are a meme

>> No.71919581

Check your mold lines.
What's with the splotches on the lasgun?

Otherwise it's a competent, if boring, Guardsman.

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>Please tell me you're just talking about the full rule book rules, not just the 8 page core
I mean the whole game.

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It only leads to drilling wolf holes.

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I swear to God, if you fucks start that thread again...

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non-autism /40kg/ will ask you to note and differentiate between eldar and deldar to prevent asshole autism meltdowns, though we've never seen one and they're only rumoured to exist

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>proves my point

>> No.71919603

Your mom is ugly and outdated

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No, but soon Eldar and Humans will be one race

>> No.71919605

What are gonna do about it?

>> No.71919606

The 8 page core couldn't be that much different from the One Page Rules version, right anon? I ain't got time for more than one page for a wargame ruleset.

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Yeah that's why I fuck my sister.

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What size drill bit would one use for that? Asking for a friend. As a joke, lol. Haha...

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Depends on how well used it is.

>> No.71919629

thanks man
honestly I can't be fucked with mold lines beyond what I've already done, which was scratching them off both before and after priming. its just too time consuming. splotches are mistakes from flicking the edges and I didn't see them before camera/you pointing it out, so thanks
exactly what I'm going for

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>sisters faces are fine

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Should I even bother playing Guard if I don't like the Leman Russ, artillery spam, or Sabaton?

>> No.71919640

Is this what popped out of the kroot after the eldar came to visit Pech?

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wouldnt this work better if you used an example that could actually paint faces

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there are many ways to play guard, they have a huge roster of units. that said, if you don't like their armour then probably not

>> No.71919645

see the key is drilling oblong top to bottom, then greenstuffing the inside of the wolf's ass before painting it brown to look like an actual Huskie's asshole.

simply drilling is pleb-tier and charletan

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Sure, if long thick Basilisk cannons get you going

>> No.71919653

If you build a small force of them, you'd probably be fine without including those elements and focusing more on infantry or other aspects. At higher point levels it might get tougher

>> No.71919654

>Should I even bother
there are more ways than one to play the game or even the army.
Just paint a killteam if you like the models.
Or make a list that doesn't fellate some random tournament winner and just pick what fits the theme of your army.

>> No.71919655

Good to hear, i suggest getting the rule book of the mega since it's got inline edits of the errata in the system.
What army do you play? because some armies require more knowledge than others with how phases play out, particularly melee armies.

Oh that's understandable, i should have said the BRB rules.

Most of it can be condensed down, but stuff like targeting characters, and assault phase pile in and consolidate require can require some more indepth explanations.
Also ruins, for some reason people don't understand ruins.

>> No.71919662

No, they are NPCs, take a chad action like Ultramarine SM
>new minis every 2 months
>Lord Chadmmander Rouboute Chadlliman
>Cato Chadarius
>blue looks nice
>good rules
Why play anything else?

>> No.71919669

I just want an entire army of renegades and heretic ogryn...

>> No.71919692

do people actually not like sabaton though? I refuse to believe that

>> No.71919695


Sisters. I play, or rather will play, sisters. Loved them in Soulstorm, love the religious fanatic theme and all the nice Gothic aesthetic. I'm given to understand based on what I've read that melee is a very big deal for them and the more competative builds seem to make use of it heavily. I'm not terribly concerned with being too competitive though, just good enough not to get rofflestomped by the friend of a friend who I know plays and who I also know to be a tryhard faggot.

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ive always liked the armour but not the helmet

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>> No.71919711

could always make a guard kill team if you like the troops but not the vehicles.

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>Most of it can be condensed down, but stuff like targeting characters, and assault phase pile in and consolidate require can require some more indepth explanations.
Also ruins, for some reason people don't understand ruins.

That's what the rules lawyer was for, right? To be fair, I'm really just recounting my first tournament back in like 5th ed. I had played a lot of WHFB and sped read through the 40k rulebook once, spending most of my time trying to figure out the easiest way to make my two army boxes stretch to the tourney point value. I think I only had two weeks to the tourney to assemble, base coat, and read rules.

>> No.71919727

I'm looking to do 1500 points of Tallarn, using Bullgryn, Sentinels, and Hellhounds as the tough stuff. Plus two Hades breaching drills.
Maybe a Manticore for indirect fire.
If I like the army I'll get A Marauder Destroyer before the year is out.
I don't like Basilisk cannons.
Minotaurs are sexy but Basilisks, Earthshaker Carriages, etc., are too close to historicals and I'm not interested.

>> No.71919728

They are babby's first metal band and I have disdain for plebs.

>> No.71919730

but asshole autism meltdowns are a daily occurance here?

>> No.71919731

why doesnt gw just release primaris bikes, assault marines, and terminators?

>> No.71919733

I feel like you could squeeze a lot of them into a list. Might even be effective if you tossed some of them in Valkyries.

>> No.71919738

Imaging paying to see these posers in concert.

>> No.71919739

Because that sculpt is ugly and outdated. Terminator armor in general is fine assuming you like the actual design.

>> No.71919740

gravis is the primaris version of terminator

>> No.71919743

Is there a sisters fan comic?

>> No.71919747


What do people get wrong with the ruins? I'm curious.

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>> No.71919752

My super babby's first metal band was Metallica, because they're on the radio. Then my actual first babby metal band was actually Manowar, then Sabaton next. Then Amon Amarth, and then all sorts of crazy shit like Alestorm and Tengger Cavalry.

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>> No.71919756


There only sisters fan comic I can think of is the one with the gaurdsman who accidentally molests a sister's breastplate while shoving her behind cover, and for some reason they both freak the fuck out and there are rom com shenanigans.

>> No.71919760

Fair enough. I like pleb metal, if only for variety in my background painting music.

>> No.71919761

Bought it recently after years of being too lazy/occupied to play IRL. I think it's perfect to learn how to play and pretty cheap also.
I honestly didn't expect it to be so good, there are all the models and there is even a battlescribe army converter

>> No.71919763


Out of curiousity what qualifies as non plebian? I don't listen to metal personally but I'm always curious to know what dedicated fans of different genre consider to be the "real" music.

>> No.71919765

Listen to Bolt Thrower.

>> No.71919774

a lot of amazing artists are babbys first.

>> No.71919779

Anaal Nathrakh

>> No.71919786

Oof ouch my feefees

>> No.71919791


>Popular bad
>Obscure good

I will never understand this mindset. What the actual fuck is up with hipsters?

>> No.71919796

See, I just had the idea of drilling a hole, putting some green stuff to it and using a tiny torx screwdriver bit to press a little starfish into the green stuff while causing it to expand a bit to form a nice donut around it.

>> No.71919797

Recast them

>> No.71919800

Just reading the band name and title tells me this is not gonna be for me. They probably have less than 10,000 fans worldwide. This is like the metalhead equivalent of snooty wine tasters spitting in a bucket.

>> No.71919801


I'm probably going to be unable to appreciate this because metal isn't my music, but I shall listen regardless since you were kind enough to answer my question.

>> No.71919804

Link? Even if it's low romcom quality, it's not like I have anywhere else to be =/.

>> No.71919805

>he thinks the color blue is good

>> No.71919807

i only listen to small bands nobodys heard of, once they get more than 5 fans, i drop them for selling out

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>> No.71919818

Nah popular not bad, Judas Priest and Mötorhead rule eternal. just the shit babbies listen to like Sabaton and Powerwolf

>> No.71919820

I think with Tallarn you'd be fine. That helps make some of the other vehicle options outside of the Russ more effective. Their Stratagem to outflank a few units might also help mitigate the lack of artillery, since you can use those to flush out entrenched units. A Manticore probably would still be a good idea for larger point games though, since it's fairly effective against knights and other durable targets.

>> No.71919821


https://tapas.io/series/Bolter-to-Kokoro or just go to bolter to kokoro the artist has a lot of stuff and some of it is pretty funny.

>> No.71919822

There's a lot.
Anyone who's genuinely into old school metal gets a pass even if everyone has heard of the band. That'd be Iron Maiden, Deep Purple, Ozzy, Black Sabbath, Motorhead, Judas Priest, and some consider Led Zeppelin to be oldschool metal too.

Past that, it's basically avoiding melodic deathmetal (a contradiction) avoiding numetal (CRINGE) being selective in your metalcore, and laughing at powerviolence because it's a joke.
Prog metal and techdeath are both on the fence. Technically very competent....but there's a lot of faggotry and pretension surrounding it and that's not what metal is about.

>> No.71919833

You can cut your own out of disposable materials Anon.

Tear up an old laundry detergent bottle, those are usually thick. Loads of other material though. As long as it measures fine it's no different from using 3rd party.

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>> No.71919840


looking back at this my favorite part was the random space marine.

>> No.71919848

the less discord trannys crying about their yeast infections from ovipositing pizza rolls the better

>> No.71919851

Anyone Kitbashed DOW II Characters into Prim Marines?

>> No.71919852

Much appreciated!

>> No.71919854

that's the stuff anon

may the yiff be with you

>> No.71919856

>Anyone who's genuinely into old school metal gets a pass even if everyone has heard of the band.
I mean you say that, but hipsters will rag on bands like judas priest and iron maiden if they hear you talking about them positively.

thankfully we've moved on as a species and no longer consider hipsters human beings

>> No.71919857


>> No.71919863

>and some consider Led Zeppelin to be oldschool metal too.

Is Motley Crue metal

>> No.71919867


What if you like old metal and some of the bands you mentioned as being plebian?

Also what is your opinion on Dio, cause I love Dio. Not rainbow in the dark or holy diver, that shits overrated and they have much better tracks. Does Dio qualify as metal? I honestly don't know.

>> No.71919870

They're only like 4 pages. I've memorized three codexes too. It's not that hard.

>> No.71919873

>Not rainbow in the dark or holy diver, that shits overrated

Wow I bet you don't like White Room by Cream either.

>> No.71919876

Dio is power metal and it's great. if you like them look up Jorn.

>> No.71919889


>> No.71919891

We've got ourselves a regular Encyclopedia Brown here.

>> No.71919898

This model is proof that edge highlighting is cancer.

>> No.71919908

yeah bro everything else is solid the harsh highlights really ruin a good model

>> No.71919923

>Encyclopedia Brown
I'm white.

>> No.71919938


I have no idea who that band is or what that song is. I have no taste and no knowledge of music, I know this, it's just I have a lot of Dio CD's and while I know that holy diver and rainbow are the well known songs they aren't the one's I think are best. They're ok, but meh.


Thanks anon I'll give that a look.

>> No.71919944


>> No.71919951

Nice, the melee is definitely something that pays to be knowledgeable about.

Declaring charges is a big thing since you can only fight what you've charge that turn, but everything you declare can fire overwatch so long as they're not already in melee, so it's a cost/benefit choice. A good tactic people use is sending in tough units like vehicles to soak up overwatch and lock units in combat since then you can charge with your squishier units without fear of getting shot at.

Piling in is another useful rule to know how to do properly. When you charge you have to be outside 1" of units you didn't declare for your charge, but after the charge phase is over and you start declaring who can fight that changes. So long the models piling in end closer than they were to the unit the are fighting they are able to move within 1" of non-declared units, the unit will be able to attack you but they'll be locked in combat and will have to sacrifice shooting next turn to leave.
Also wrapping squads with units that aren't in base contact yet is key to lock squads in combat and not getting shot at the next turn.

>hopefully it's not too much of a jumbled mess

Like the write up above said, having knowledge on how certain mechanics work is important so you can use certain tactics, like pile in's and consolidate wraps.
Stuff someone in a tourny wouldn't like to help you too much with since it can cost them winning.

stuff like wobbly model syndrome not being a thing anymore, and what units aren't allowed to move through and up ruins.

>> No.71919953

is space marine worth playing?

>> No.71919959

the relic video game?
the tabletop army?

>> No.71919963

Non plebeian music you say? For me it's clown metal.

>> No.71919967

>the tabletop army?

Fuck you.

>> No.71919975

My waifu betrayed me. Now Isha is my new waifu.

>> No.71919978

You guys got any general recommendations for getting into the lore? Don't think my wallet can handle an army's worth of figures right now.

>> No.71919979

>nothing iconic to space marines is playable these days
It really isn't unless you like playmobil marines.

>> No.71919980

Oh fuck yes, another list of shit to add to my "x metal" list. So far I got

Mongolian metal
Pirate metal
Ninja metal
Samurai metal
Fantasy metal
LotR metal
Romance of the Three Kingdoms metal
Celtic metal

>> No.71919981


There any video guides for this melee nuance stuff?

>> No.71919986

>wobbly model syndrome not being a thing anymore
Wait what? What about the blurb on pg 177 of the corebook, upper right corner (attached)

>> No.71919988

>you forgot viking metal

>> No.71919989


I would very much like to see this list, if only because I want to know what the ninja, celtic and especially romance of the three kingdoms metal are.

>> No.71919995

So's Sirius Black.

>> No.71920004

I asked earlier about the Jes Goodwin Eldar Collection. Someone said it was up on sadpanda, but I've just checked and it isn't. Anyone know where I can grab it?

>> No.71920007

Read the fluff section of the core rulebook, then the codex of your favorite army. If you don't have a favorite army, go by whichever has the coolest cover art.

See a term you don't recognize? Look it up on 40k lexicanum. There's also the 40k fandom wiki....but they're more into summarizing books into huge articles than providing an Encyclopedia entry on what some part of the setting is or does.

>> No.71920021

No one facing a first timer at a tourney using a cobbled together mishmash army thinks for a second that they're going to lose.

Though after first game it'll all be in losers bracket, so who knows.

>> No.71920022

Y'know what? As tribute to you, I'll add your favorite army to the must read list on top of whatever garbage I choose. What'll it be?

>> No.71920024

literal baby metal, inwhich the vocals are just babies crying

>> No.71920026

This model looks a lot better to the naked eye being held a foot away or in a group with others on a tabletop.

Subtle paint jobs don't look good on the battlefield. Your eyes are usually too shit to discern subtlety at those distances.

>> No.71920033

Sorry, that was a bit untrue.
Keeping a model safe from a precarious piece of terrain is till a thing, GW just had an official statement telling people to cut their bullshit out with using the rule to move where the model has no right in staying.

>> No.71920035

Dark Eldar/Drukhari. They changed the name and I have mixed thoughts on it.
>deldar was easier to say/type
>drukhari opens up the language door and they at least put some thought into it. It's pretty good compared to the Imperial Guard becoming the Astra Militarum or Stormtroopers becoming Tempestus Scions.

>> No.71920038

Check out the mega, it's got some fiction.

Eisenhorn, Caiphas Cain, and Gaunts Ghosts are all good.

>> No.71920044

muchos gusta pantalone

>> No.71920049

where's the app

>> No.71920050

Ey, thanks guys. Stumbled onto the "Emperor has a TTS device" series, binged through, and just could not keep thinking about how insane the base material had to have been to inspire that fever dream.

>> No.71920055


>> No.71920057


Lots of Slaanesh daemon princes (Fulgrim, Dechala, etc) have the morphology of a Sslyth

Did the Sslyth grow four arms as a result of their Slaanesh worship a long time ago, or did Slaanesh get the idea of giving people a snake body and four arms because the Sslyth worshipped him?

>> No.71920060

I can't really find any videos that focus purely on assault phase, but hopefully one of these 2 can help.


>i don't know how to link

>> No.71920062

That's the Laer, a different alien race of four-armed snake people

>> No.71920064

How are Ultras post-FAQ?
We all know Iron hands aren't as good as they used to be but what about the other chapters?

>> No.71920065

yeah thats why tabletop ready is a real thing, theres a massive difference between up close competition shots with multiple light sources and a clump of 10 models standing on terrain

>> No.71920079

That's all astonishingly stupid.

>> No.71920080


Thanks anon.

>> No.71920081

Didn't affect UM at all.
Worst hit was IF, IH a bit but they're still strong without their superdoctrine.

>> No.71920084

the sslyth used to worship slaanesh though
so what came first

>> No.71920086

No one knows because tournaments are cancelled.
I will say:
Imperial Fists suffered the most from the effective deletion of Devastator doctrine. No more killing tanks with heavy bolters or SBRs, and it hit TFCs too.
Raven Guard also suffers because Scout Snipers are back to 0 Ap.

>> No.71920097

Celtic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_wP5SYTB6Y

R3K: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZAqT7oEjGwA

Ninja: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=382WTnI-RdI

I'm sure there are a lot of Celtic-themed metal bands but for the ninja metal I haven't found any, just a couple tracks by random bands or Japanese folk metal/samurai-themed bands. Same with the R3K songs, no bands, just random tracks with themes or lyrics from that era, usually by generic Chinese metal bands or Chinese folk metal bands.

>> No.71920106

What do you do when you can't decide on a paint scheme? I know i want white power armor and metalic accents, but I can't decide what color to do the robes. I've considered blue, red, purple, khaki and orange but there's norhing that just screams at me "this is the color" and whenver i I think I've decided a few daya later ive lost my conviction. At the moment im just putting it off and building but sooner or later I'll have to paint and i just can not choose.

>> No.71920117

Kabalite green robes

>> No.71920119

Do up some test models to see what looks best in practice

>> No.71920120

I base it off of schemes I haven't tried yet, although that might not be helpful advice. What theme are you going for for yourdudes?

>> No.71920124

could do a couple test models and see how they look after a few days, could also use multiple robe colors to differentiate units and leave white as the unifying army color

>> No.71920133

Consider using the same color for the accents and the robes, but contrast the texture.
Image semi related. Suppose you copy his dark metallic green, then do your robes in a green similar to Guard psykers.

>> No.71920138

don't try to make something unique and original just do what works

dark red works great as an accent for white

>> No.71920141

The psykers:

>> No.71920145


Sisters of battle who practice a varient of the imperial cult based on Korean Mudang.

>> No.71920148

I follow color theory

one bright saturated color + one dark desaturated color
one bright desaturated color + one dark saturated color

accent color should contrast with both

No more than one secondary color per scheme unless it's for a weird alien race

>> No.71920154

I'd say go with Red, but with Blue for any Hospitallers or Dialogus you include.

>> No.71920162

I've committed heresy, c-can you punish me?

>> No.71920163

Why don't Imperial Fists have a chapter master?

>> No.71920164

>color theory maymay

>> No.71920169

you are a fraud lol

>> No.71920171


>> No.71920172


So in this case since the white is bright the robes should be a dark color right?

No ifea what saturated and unsaturated means in this context I'll be honest.

>> No.71920186

What is the average life of a guardsman like? How outmatched are they?

>> No.71920191

So what are Ravenwing armies like? I'm tempted.

>> No.71920195

There's the hue of a color.
That's your RGB value.
Then there's the saturation.
The more saturated it is, the more actual RGB there is, up to 100%.
The more desaturated, the less of the RGB.
This is different from the brightness, which is how much black is added to the RGB values.
pic is the average regiment.
If you want a regiment in Hell, read 15 Hours.
If you want a regiment with a good commander, read Gaunt's Ghosts.
if you want Apocalypse Now, read Fehervari's Fire Caste.

>> No.71920198

>some random woman is now responsible for the Primarchs being scattered across the galaxy instead of the Gods themselves directly intervening to fuck over the Emperor

Jesus fucking Christ, is there even anything left in 30k that hasn't been horribly butchered by these idiots?

>> No.71920206

what did onions boy finally quit?

>> No.71920207

thanks anon

>> No.71920209

>Eve is responsible for everything being horrible
I dunno man, read the Bible.

>> No.71920228

I do this thing where I endlessly agonise and theorycraft about it then never do it, or commit to one and decide I hate it after initially thinking it's awesome and putting it back in the box of shame

>> No.71920238


Admittedly red does have excellent and appropriate symbolic meaning and it does go well with white, it's just red and white seems so very obvious and common you know?

>> No.71920242

I liked them, but they're played out for me. There's nothing 'bad' there but the music now is over produced, over-saturated and very repettitve and that's from someone who was a fan of them enough to see them three times in concert (the last one was when I started to lose my taste for them). Maybe I've just listened to them too much over the years, but now they seem very safe, very homogenous in a way. They're the chain restaurant of power metal at this point.

>> No.71920244

30k didn't need an 'Eve' figure, though. It was perfectly fine when it was just the Emperor and his hubris squaring off against the gods.

>> No.71920248

>Tengger Cavalry

>> No.71920252

Since I'm stuck inside I've been looking at trying my luck at 3d printing.

Anyone knows what machine the anon that printed titans used?

>> No.71920257

Ignore >>71919581

Guardsmen looks great, and if you want a 100% perfect super detailed pro painted guardsmen then sure listen to that guy? But it looks decent and guardsmen are small numerous models, no one will spot the tiny imperfections

>> No.71920261


>> No.71920262

There's nothing wrong with being common or obvious if it fits so well. If anything, it's going to more readily communicate what your army is about to people looking at it. Going for something less obvious and less fitting will just result in your purple-robes sisters looking like they have some nobility theme that people might read into that isn't there at all, and just leaves them confused.

>> No.71920263

>ignore constructive criticism

>> No.71920266


I'm afraid to ask, but what the hell am I looking at?

>> No.71920267

>gimmicky folk metal brought to you by Metal Blade Records and Nuclear Blast Records
>crazy shit

>> No.71920274

Anaal Nathrakh is pretty fucking pleb, both of you are tourists
and nowadays it's not even metal anymore, it's deathcore.

>> No.71920284

I unironically mostly listen to 80s NWOBHM bands that only had one or two releases that mostly comprised of fly by night studios mostly cos I love that raw sound.


>> No.71920290

Then post something better, Chief.

>> No.71920291


True, but I don't know that the average person looking at them will know that red was the color of authority and exorcism. But I will I suppose, and it is thematically appropriate for what I'm going for and the source of inspiration for the army, even if most people will see them and probably think red cross or something similar. Thanks anon.

>> No.71920293


>> No.71920294

No sweat

>> No.71920302


This actually sounds pretty decent. Not a metal head but I can get behind this. You got any more recommendations?

>> No.71920303


>> No.71920310

They're okay, nice mobility.

>> No.71920312

came to talk about 40k, learned a surprising amount about metal. Good day I think.

>> No.71920314

If you want Black Adder in space, read Caiaphas Cain.

>> No.71920316

No problem. Hope they turn out well for you

>> No.71920318

The Loyal 32. Finally completed.

>> No.71920320

Wrong kind of Raven but I'd rather put my dick in this one.

>> No.71920323

Look, it was supposed to be inspired by Paradise Lost and the autists at GW couldn't stand the missing element okay?

>> No.71920325

autists can be a fountain of information if fed with the appropriate punch cards

>> No.71920328

hell yeah

>> No.71920345

First attempt at a Sister, Valorous Heart.
Not sure I like the silver on the helmet, think ill try grey nest time.
Also I hoped the gold would come out brighter

>> No.71920348

robes and armor blend together big time

>> No.71920352

The question you want to start with is Resin vs. PLA and go from there.

If you want highly detailed resin minis you can start with Anycubic Photon or Elegoo Mars. If you want terrain or large but less polished PLA minis then something like the Ender3 or Prusa clones work.

Personally I went with the Mars for resin and I scratchbuilt a PLA machine early on when 3D printing first became a thing. If I was doing anything for 40k I would do it in resin, even if I had to break the components up to be made in the smaller printer. The better detail is too good to pass up.

>> No.71920356

Nice, 70k views is still pretty pleb though

>> No.71920370

Sure. Not every band here is NWOBHM, but I'm going more on what sounds good than sticking to strict genre limitations.

Jaguar's two albums are good, then there's

Randy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFKLgbwLgIY

Traitor's Gate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2kYwpbQfsTU

Tytan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQyIeBwfrNE

Satan's early 80s work: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=74Nei5Axde4

Praying Mantis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j4x1i66FyoA

Tokyo Blade: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=buSjOygnKRU

Virture: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SE0for3ejVs

Childhood's End: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GKuf1u5pvHQ

Also because I'll never pass up a chance not to go on about them even if they definitely don't fit the same pattern as the above stuff, Riot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o56ryCy-wFo

There's a little sampler to go on. It's not an exhaustive list of what I like, but it's a decent selection to dip into. Do look into the other tracks/albums these bands have done other than the ones I've listed here.

>> No.71920371


How good is the detail? In all honesty.

>> No.71920374

Surely the Rebellion of the Men of Iron and the Fall of the DAoT is common knowledge among mankind as the reason for their hatred of AI.

The Tau, who want to study and assimilate human culture, would need to be keenly aware of this fact when enticing human colonites to their side since they have primitive AI.

Is it ever mentioned how the Tau feel about this? Do they think themselves immune to mankind's great mistake, or would they have some sort of contingency plan?

Speaking of, it's shown that even Emperor fearing and worshipping imperials can join the Tau and still have faith in him. Do you think Admech ever do so? Perhaps some radicals seeing it as opportunity to study and deploy new technologies and freedoms denied them under the proper Admech?

>> No.71920382

>Common knowledge among mankind

It's not even common knowledge in the Adeptus Mechanicus.

>> No.71920384


> 2020
> Not printing bases

>> No.71920385

So they have no answer for "why we hate Abominable Intelligence" other than "because we're supposed to" or "the Omnissiah said so"?

>> No.71920387

It's Flashman, not Blackadder.

>> No.71920393

Yes. It's religious dogma, not informed opinions. AI=VERY FUCKING BAD and that's all anyone knows until you're a highly ranked Magos.

>> No.71920395

unfortunately the difference between my blacks wasnt very big. i might order some more paints after ive had alook around

>> No.71920396


The thing we have to remember is that the Imperium is not a mono culture. Even the Imperial Creed and the Cult Mechanicus vary wildly from one planet and sector to the next. There are certain key beliefs that are more or less universal, but there can be a lot of variation on implementation and interpretation and a lot of variation on what is "common knowledge"

>> No.71920397

I don't think the reason for the hatred of AI is well known among humanity or even Tech Priests. Odds are the Tau might assume such beliefs are just another superstition among humans, or figure that any legends that might exist of attacks from AI would simply be due to the logical machines and primitive humans not being able to understand eachother.

>> No.71920403

it's not about the amount of views

>> No.71920409


>> No.71920416

The Men of Iron and the Dark Age of Technology aren't even commonly known. You can argue that there's variation, sure, but that is one of those insanely deep dark secrets that practically no one aside from people within the Inqusition and the Adeptus Mechanicus know and even then the knowledge is insanely guarded. Every time the Men of Iron crop up in the fluff, no one knows what they are aside from some highly ranked Adeptus Mechanicus sort (the types who run forge worlds or Ark Mechanicuses) or Inquisitors and everyone else just knows AI=Bad or they're crazy enough to overlook that (and see a bloody end).

We're talking about a setting where most people don't even know the history of the Imperium proper and you want knowledge of the Men of Iron and the Dark Age of Technology, let alonehow they fell to be something that's, in his words, "common knowledge".

>> No.71920419

>looking at GW store instead of working
>look at sisters range
>actually kind of love it when ignoring repentia and bad heads
Wtf bros I think I kind of want to collect them, I love how they still have the iconic 40k look to their weapons

>> No.71920425

Goblin metal?

>> No.71920428


>> No.71920429

Bro if you want your dick sucked and no real feedback about your minis, post on reddit.

>> No.71920430

My nigga https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yZEKlp-H6FE

>> No.71920434

For resin printers? The XY resolution on my mars is 47 microns, can print as low as 10 micron height. Most people use 30 to 50 micron height with the Photon or Mars depending on what they're printing, with most of my prints at 40.

Here's a dude that did some at a 10 and 50 height for comparison:


>> No.71920445

The fact that the Men of Iron existed and nearly fucked everything forever isn't generally depicted as some super tightly controlled secret, though. The specifics are completely unknown to almost everyone (and maybe actually everyone save the Emperor himself by the time of 40k), but the event itself is one of the huge milestones in pre-Imperial history and it's not uncommon to be noted by characters outside the Mechanicus that are just supposed to have had a decent education.

>> No.71920449


That is not an accurate statement. Gaunts ghosts one of the first novels featured Men of Iron, Guant knew what they were. Guant is hardly part of the deep mysteries. He's an average achola graduate and an average mid level officer in the Guard, but he knew what Men of Iron were without needing explanation.

>> No.71920450

More people know about Blackadder than Flashman.

I actually only know Flashman due to Cain.

>> No.71920454

Are wracks born into their coven or are they just randos who for some reason or other decide they want to put "guinea pig" on their resume?

>> No.71920458


Wracks are the deldar equivalent of that poor bastard who eho drops the soap

>> No.71920471

Cause the very term "men of iron" is taken from a very loose account of events that doesn't even mention AI and is presented as an extremely obscure piece of history in the 3rd edition rulebook.

Nothing about the dark age of technology is even remotely common knowledge except maybe the existence of STCs

>> No.71920477

read the codex

>> No.71920483

I just happened to have finished the first Gaunt's Ghost novel and they actually find an STC for (chaos corrupted) men of iron. Gaunt knew of them as an old myth. Of course he did have schola education.

>> No.71920488

>Do they think themselves immune to mankind's great mistake
Yes, the T'au have an unflappable belief that they are correct and working to the betterment of all.

>> No.71920495

Comparisons of the dwarf mini. I think the STL used could have been better, but oh well.

>> No.71920500

Souless = bad.

>> No.71920501

It's like asking a Christian why usury is bad.
If he's particularly well-educated, he'll cite Aristotle at you. If not, he'll just quote Luke and say "Give, without hoping for gain".
Even Dante Alighieri had his Virgil quote Thomas Aquinas instead of being able to trace back to where Aquinas got his argument: Aristotle.

>> No.71920508

Dechala is a mutant, not a daemon prince(ss).

>> No.71920510

He knew there was abominable intelligence, not that 'these are the men of iron that destroyed humanity's first galactic federation'.

>> No.71920519

>just randos who for some reason or other decide they want to put "guinea pig" on their resume?
this mostly

>> No.71920528

Iirc Tau don't use sentient AI for labor because it would be considered slavery.

They're already hitting up against limits and self regulating.

>> No.71920533

>The fact that the Men of Iron existed and nearly fucked everything forever isn't generally depicted as some super tightly controlled secret, though.
The first time it was ever brought up was in an obscure lore keeper's records.
It's not portrayed as common knowledge at all.
Even the Great Crusade and Heresy are ill understood myths even to the likes of most Inquisitors, and this is an era that predates even that.

>> No.71920537

Is there some kind of hidden pact my freeloading ass isn't aware of? Been looking for Saga for the last week in the news, but it ain't there. Anyone able to help a brother out?

>> No.71920542


Need sauce for this.

>> No.71920549

As well as exposure times, the kind of resin you get matters.

Darker resins take longer as well so both color and quality factor in.

>> No.71920553

Aren't they though? If a DEldar and an Eldar mate you get an Eldar, right? They're just different factions, right?

>> No.71920568

/yourdudes/ are whoever you want them to be. Your entire coven can be test tube babies who were only born to praise their mad science god.

Hell, even if you're anal about being able to lean on official fluff you can still field an entire regiment of guardsmen and say they're actually Kabalites and Cultists who underwent plastic surgery, because that's supported as of Phoenix Rising. You can do whatever you like.

>> No.71920585

Did anyone fall for gw's voucher offer?

>> No.71920586

No, the point was that they're two different factions/armies like how IG and admech are two different armies. Some autist started screeching about dark eldar when someone asked about eldar.

>> No.71920593

It is impossible to not get hard for Carolus.

>> No.71920594

In the Carrion Throne a very senior Inquisitor gets deep into the Imperial Palace and finds a room with twenty statues that look similar to the various Primarch statues around the Imperium, but he's confused because there's only 9 Primarchs.
He's a very well informed guy, but that's really ancient history.

>> No.71920601

Do any scans exist of the Firepower magazines? I've seen WD and Inferno, but no Firepower.

>> No.71920604

Checked all the megas and surprised it's still hasn't been added to any of them

>> No.71920605

>the great crusade and heresy is a myth to inquisitors
>farsight knows all about the horus heresy


>> No.71920607

it is better not to read nu lore anon. Do it at your own peril.

>> No.71920609

Surprised the Custards hadn't torn down 12 statues.

>> No.71920614

Not yet, but I'm considering it because I'm an idiot and there's web store exclusive things I want.

>> No.71920616

Much like how we know about the actual history of North Korea but your average North Korean would not.

>> No.71920624

Wracks are pretty dope

>> No.71920634

Well the question was asking if any Eldar don't support the Ynnari, which if he meant Eldar as faction would mean literally all Eldar since their faction isn't Ynarri.

>> No.71920635

Protip: instead of being pretentious you could say they suck lyrically and their riffs are uninspiring. Also their themes suck ass but that's just my opinion.

>> No.71920639

The haemo is really helped by the head swap. The Skrillex hair doesn't do it well.

>> No.71920641

Almost at the point I am thinking about buying it, but at the same time, would rather wait until I can get a physical copy over a digital one.

>> No.71920651

I don't think they'd be much into vandalisim.

>> No.71920656

what the hell are you talking about, their lyrics are great and inspiring. One of the few metal bands that glorify germans and soviets.

>> No.71920657

It's 70 ausbux for a squad of 5 SoS bitches, what reason is there to use them with custodies? They better be something good for the PA.

>> No.71920667

I'm not 100% satisfied with it myself but it'll do until I have another Haemy model to work on

>> No.71920672


Anon, the gods not doing something out of character and improbably out of their normal ability range is the the first thing the heresy novels have done that I’d call a fix rather than butchering.

>> No.71920673

I'm into black metal, being pretentious is my nature.

>> No.71920678

Given the context of the question you'd have to be a spastic to not understand what he meant. It's just waacfags and autismos being difficult.

>> No.71920680

I need some colour scheme ideas for some Termies, any suggestions?

>> No.71920681

They probably didn't care much. The palace is so big a lot of rooms are only very rarely patrolled, if ever. They've got more stuff to worry about than interior decoration.

>> No.71920696

>tearing down statues what (probably) were commissioned by the Emperor
Remember when Horus threw a shitfit because Malcador had ordered statues of the two missing primarchs to be destroyed?

>> No.71920699


I have a female overlord and I didn’t give her tits because she’s a fucking skeleton.

>> No.71920703

I get what you're saying but an inquisitor on the throne world isn't just a random citizen and Farsight's only insight into Imperial history is through Imperial accounts.

>> No.71920705

What do you all think of the drive to make Warhammer more female friendly? There aren't enough female characters desu

>> No.71920708


You just know.

>> No.71920709


Why the fuck wouldn’t you know Horus was a primarch his treason is foundational to imperial culture on nearly every level, including being the impetus for the constant paranoid distrust of everyone.

>> No.71920710

this is bait

>> No.71920715

Fuck Malcador, he was a cunt.

>> No.71920716


It’s a death mask but aight.

>> No.71920717

everything written about farsight is wank of the highest order
Have you had the pleasure of reading Crisis of Faith yet?

>> No.71920725

Oh I know.

>> No.71920732

>the OG Grandmaster of Assassins was a cunt
You don't say.

>> No.71920735

Mmmm...I love the smell of bait in the morning.

>> No.71920736

>Why the fuck wouldn’t you know Horus was a primarch
Because Primarchs are the Emperor's holy and noble sons.
>his treason is foundational to imperial culture
On a practical level, but not a historical one.

>> No.71920738

Nah, he's the godfather of the most based chamber militant. He's a cool guy by association.

>> No.71920751

>tau fluff is poorly done
I'm honestly shocked

>> No.71920753

hear me out on this one, been thinking about this for a very long time. how about instead of giving orks new models, we make a new primaris ork unit for the space marines. we'll put mind control chips in their heads and stick them in gravis armor it'll sell like hot cakes.

>> No.71920755

So how did all these Chapters that don't know who their founder was know which genetic lineage of Primaris Marine to get as reinforcements?

>> No.71920758

The official story in the 41st millennium is that the God-Emperor had only nine sons and that the Horus Heresy was fought between them and nine evil monsters that were in no way related to the God-Emperor.

>> No.71920760



>> No.71920761

Why does that matter? They're all ultramarines.

>> No.71920764


>> No.71920766


To be fair, it’s only bait because the horrible little cave goblins clinging to 1st century desert tribe gender roles always fucking take the bait, whilst the rest of us know to just ignore the fringe lunatic radfems until they go away.

Of course the radfems respond to cave goblin bait every time too, because you’re both imbecile bigoted bottom feeders who thrive on petty bickering.

Anyhow dear god GW put *one* decent bit of news in next week’s 1/4 of a preview I’m begging you.

>> No.71920767

mars has their gene seed

>> No.71920770

he's had an undercover inquisition agent in his retinue for a while, she delivered a bunch of exposition onto him

>> No.71920772

There's an old, old story about a bolt pistol discovered in M41 on some hive world.
This was a planet that had been liberated by the Ultramarines during the Great Crusade. This was a known fact. And this bolt pistol was an Ultramarines relic.
In the scrabble the claim it, the planet had descended into madness.

A Chapter was dispatched (I forget who) to reclaim the relic and restore order.
Everything goes to plan, order is restored, and then they get their hands on the relic.
It's a bolt pistol alright, but it's not from the Ultramarines. It's got the Eye of Horus on it. It's not the Ultramariens who liberated the planet -- It was Horus! The history had been changed and no one knew. No one at all.
Ultimately the Chapter Master destroyed the relic because it belonged to a traitor legion.

I wish I knew where this story were printed.

>> No.71920778

nice torchers

>> No.71920787


It’s pretty bloody important to religious thematics. Gotta have your lucifer who’s doublethink a dire imminent threat yet a harmless nuisance to your god if you’re going to put together a proper guilt and shame and sacrifice to the community narrative.

>> No.71920794


Is that stated anywhere in general sources?

>> No.71920796

Chapters are required to send a geneseed tithe to Mars. It's from this pool of geneseed that new foundings, reinforcement, purity testing, etc., is done.

Somehow they can't examine the geneseed to determine which seed belongs to which Primarch .

>> No.71920801

anon's point being that the specifics of the horus heresy aren't well known even to the bulk of the inquisition; beyond the cliff notes of "horus bad, emperor good". A rando inquisitorial agent, or even a full inquisitor won't be able to act as a functioning wikipedia page of all of the imperium's darkest secrets.

>> No.71920805

0/10 not even worth a you.

>> No.71920806

Has anyone ever made a "Cleopatra" style necron mini? I love the look.

>> No.71920816

The setting is based on Paradise Lost, especially with the war in heaven.

Horus Heresy was the war in heaven, with all the traitors being satan and the fallen angels that get cast to hell(the warp).

So, just like a normal Christian can't name even a couple of the angels/demons that fell with Lucifer, they don't know/care to study enough to learn about the fallen primarchs. To them it's just an obscure detail of their religion that doesn't actively impact their current daily lives.

>> No.71920817

How are new chapters of Dark Angels successors inducted into the Unforgiven? Like if a decision is made back on Terra to do a new founding and the Lion's geneseed is selected for one of the new chapters, how do the Dark Angels approach the new guys about the Fallen and the secret coordination between chapters?

>> No.71920832

>It’s pretty bloody important to religious thematics.
Only if you're deliberately trying to ape Christianity, which the authors are, but the in universe Ecclsiarchy are not.

>> No.71920833

Cleopatra was a sham (she was hellenistic) but Roman Necrons would be cool.

>> No.71920839

They don't know, but Cawl and Gmoney do.

>> No.71920844


Yeah, but who can’t name Satan?

>> No.71920850

I'm a little annoyed that the =I= of the Inquisition is actually a stylized I for Interrogator instead of being a derivation of Malcador's personal sigil.

>> No.71920852

I wanna see happy fun times chibi shenanigans of the eight but GW wouldn't do it right

>> No.71920854

No doubt about that, I meant like an Egyptian Queen style, hence why I put Cleopatra in quotes. I've seen art of one, but I'd like to see it on the table top.

>> No.71920862


Nah they’d integrated into local society pretty well by the time of Cleo, she was born via the finest traditions of the Pharaohs.

>> No.71920874

All T'au AI are sentient and independent. They have their own personalities and have shown to display emotions sometime.

>> No.71920875

When do we get Ms. Necromunda where Clan Esther has Primaris marine stats and Unerring Accuracy with Vindicare rifles?

>> No.71920878

I'm sorry, but I can't take you seriously when you insist a disagreement over phrasing in a lore question is the fault of waacfags.

>> No.71920884


>> No.71920890


I still have no fucking clue how “Ms” is pronounced honestly.

>> No.71920899


>> No.71920906

>Yes, Commissar? This is Trooper #691337. I suspect Trooper #691283 might be a heretic.

>> No.71920911


Which is distinct from “miss” in casual speech and particularly in many accents how?

>> No.71920918

Because a Z sounds different to an S

>> No.71920921


What would a chaos krieger even be like

>> No.71920928

It's not, it's just there to stop unmarried women from getting butthurt.

>> No.71920931

>chaos krieger

>> No.71920954

Is his name Satan? Or Lucifer? Or Morningstar? Baal? Old Scratch? Or Fred? Do we really have any idea? It's not in primary canon, and what is there often conflicts? They're in a similar state. What people do know is mostly scrounged from old rumor and speculative text.

>> No.71920955

I'm sick of these motherfucking perpetuals in this motherfucking setting

>> No.71920964

Becauss waacfags require people to be exactly specific, the question was asked in a general way which set of the autists like you.

>> No.71920968


Same, but they have a spike on their helmet and they’re allowed to sing whilst they dig.

>Missed my calling in the Iron legion so I sold my store to the company store

>> No.71920980

it's fine, they're all (emperor aside) fucking dead in the contemporary setting

>> No.71920981


Oh I’m sorry, are we pretending Christianity goes by what’s in the bible now?

>> No.71920987


>> No.71920994


It’s not politics anon, more literature or history.

>> No.71920996

>Cleopatra was a sham (she was hellenistic)
I don't really get this sentiment. Yes, the Argead and Ptolemaic dynasties were different from the Achaemenid one that immediately preceded them. Yes, the Ptolemaic kings did not speak the same language or practice all the same traditions as most of their Egyptian subjects. But by the time of Cleopatra they had reigned Egypt for hundreds of years. They had adopted many of the local traditions, and many of Hellenic traditions had changed and become normalized. Many Ptolemaic descendants had married non-Hellenes and formed family.

I don't see why people interpret the late Ptolemaic dynasty as a sham or "not Egyptian" when by Cleopatra's era they had been very much integrated as just another facet of an Egyptian society they had been the political, economic and cultural center of for more than two hundred years.

>> No.71921016


>> No.71921026

Who even mentioned the bible? Canon isn't just the bible, catholic church admits that not everything that has been canonized is found within the bible and all churches are heavily influenced by what the Catholics came up with. It's all a big spaghetti mess. That's the point that was being made.

>> No.71921033


You’re not even making sense anon.

It shouldn’t be particularly controversial to say the bible doesn’t particularly reflect the long running oral traditions of the ever-schisming judaeo-Christian faith.

>> No.71921072


Fine, yes, the entity cobbled together from the serpent, the accuser, the morningstar and the beast then refined over the centuries goes by many names.

He’s still a known figure to the religion as a whole and interpreted as a rebellious creation of the divine.

>> No.71921075


>> No.71921080


I do like Dolphins! Thanks anon.

>> No.71921087


>> No.71921119

>mad that there's a label for a married and unmarried woman
>also mad there isn't a label for all the genders and sexual orientations


>> No.71921138


We should bring back the archaic “master” for unmarried men.

>> No.71921140

Alright boys, I just managed to snag a pile of Death Guard, regular CSM and AoS Khorne models/bits off ebay. Should I make them into two separate mono-god armies, or one big Black Legion superforce?

>> No.71921146

Its a lot better than I thought it would be so long as you learn how to use the engine. All TTS does is give you fake models dice and tables, you still habe to actually play the game as normal with a rulebook

>> No.71921150

Imagine having absolutely zero personality.
What does chaos have that appeals to you?

>> No.71921152

Termies without a helm is peak 40k

>> No.71921166

Black Legion

>> No.71921172


>What does chaos have that appeals to you?

If I -had- to do chaos it’d probably be slaanesh. Hedonism sounds more appealing than blind murder, being backstabbed by insecure nerd douchebags or wallowing in filth.

>> No.71921181


The known figure is nothing like the actual origin. It's all been passed down through a long game of telephone where details surrounding that information were largely unimportant.

Same thing for them. There's going to be some information here and there, but largely all that's important to them was the emperors fall and that some humans became traitors and threats. There are a few names of leadership that might float around but details are mostly unimportant and uncared for.

>> No.71921207

It's sad to see an image like this, because it could go either way....except there's an Avatar on the field so Eldar will lose

>> No.71921211

do a superforce, but as your own warband rather than the cope legion

>> No.71921212

How the fuck did I not notice that guy's Eldar M16 before?

>> No.71921216

how do we make custodes fun to plau against?

>> No.71921240

I laughed but it's missing the gas tube. You can tell because of how low the stock is.
Also goddamn, I had to triple check that those bullets aren't loaded backwards. There's a little pointed silver tip on the front so it's fine.

>> No.71921247

Balance the entire game so that everything is killable and nothing has rubber mallets and nerf guns for weapons.

>> No.71921257

Custards suck because it doesn't feel like you're hurting them.
So make a round-about change: Make them tougher, but give them degrading stats so all the math works out the same.
But when you throw 30 boyz into three custards, yeah all your boyz die but at least you can see the stats degrade and know you hurt the bastards.

>> No.71921264

>Double dubs
BL it is.

>> No.71921267

What does the stock have to do with the gas tube?

>> No.71921270

Cringe opinion

>> No.71921277

Magnus being there guarantees an eldar loss.

>> No.71921288

They are fun to play against.

>> No.71921303

It's that thing at the back of the receiver.

>> No.71921328

There are three wraithknights there. Don't they usually get shit done?

>> No.71921329

Gas tubes can be low.

>> No.71921336

Yeah but the guy specified an M16 so I gotta compare it to military-adopted models. Please excuse my autism.

>> No.71921346

Well with the m16 varients, the front part of the stock actually have heat shields in them to help protect the hands when used on full auto/burst, that's why they appear bigger.

>> No.71921356

I think I misspoke.
I'm talking about the buffer tube. The thing the bolt recoils into after it fires. the part that's usually covered by the stock.

>> No.71921375

Oh, ok. Yeah, its lower than a traditional m16.

>> No.71921423


Are you forgetting that time an avatar was left to it’s own devices for a week on a tyranid infested world and when they came back it was atop a literal mountain of corpses?

>> No.71921440

In conflicts against chaos by nids or necrons, how does the Imperium have a record of these events, and moreover why does any side care enough that there are entries? Like when I step on a bug I don't make a journal entry about it, one would think that was what the more hardcore factions would think of each other.

>> No.71921465

That's the buffer tube. It's not related to the gas system. You can also have gas piston conversions for ARs that let you get rid of the buffer tube and attach, say, a folding stock.

>> No.71921536

>doesn't keep record
>gets executed for baneblades that just disappeared
Where did all those men and tanks go?

>> No.71921572

You have poor reading comprehension.

>> No.71921580

Khorne Demons and Tyranids clashing on some remote rock doesn't entail the Imperium losing anything though, right?

>> No.71921610

I do, im retarded

>> No.71921616

Hey, don't be so hard on yourself. I forgive you, battle brother.

>> No.71921628

might be a bit cheeky, but can you take a better pic? much of the detail is lost to fuzz

>> No.71921658

These are all intergalatic threats, not the bugs that infest your kitchen, you numbskull. They can quickly move on to threaten imperial systems.

>> No.71921675

>Want to run a loyalist Genestealer cult army, where essentially I use proxies and conversions to make them non-mutated humans
>Would use Genestealer cult rules, but fluff wise they are regular humans who specialise is daredevil attacks and guerilla warfare
>would be no way infected by the genestealer virus or affiliated with tyranids
>Plan to run them with allied regular guard who are painted in a similar style and converted to be more rugged, which is legal in the rules by using Brood-brothers

What do I headswap the regular dudes with? I've got a box of Atalan Jackals but really can't decide what heads would suit them. I kind of want a rag-tag look to them. Still fuzzy on the paint scheme.
What could I use for some of the obviously mutated units as a proxy? The characters like the Keelermorph could easily be converted, but the abberrants and hybrids I have no idea with

>> No.71921712

Next thread will be made by a cuck.

>> No.71921725

It sounds like catachans to me.

>> No.71921731

What's the battery life of an avatar anyway?

>> No.71921780

>avatar eventually falls
>biomass from dead nids gets reabsorbed back into hive fleet
>nids are now better able to deal with avatars after the experience of fighting one

>> No.71921798

How is 40k space marines circle jerk but age of sigmar isn’t a storm cast eternal circle jerk?

>> No.71921807

It is.

>> No.71921809

Because people have been playing space marines for decades

>> No.71921815

I can only presume Stormcast sales just werent enough despite their efforts. SM sales seem to be going strong.

>> No.71921822

Stormcast misfired for many reasons.

>> No.71921848

The people running AoS are smarter than the leftovers running 40k. You put your best people on developing your new products, basic business.

AoS was a completely new product, and a big risk AND had a really rocky start, apparently due to GW's shitty management system where people at various corporate levels didn't talk to each other.

That is why AoS works better mechanically too.

Also AoS hasn't suffered from the 'Space Marines Sell Well = We'll Make More Space Marines' circular logic that 40k has over the years. It is new, Stormcast have barely been around longer than the rest of the AoS factions and a lot of those have been getting totally new model ranges, which always sell well.

>> No.71921881

AoS was an enormous SCE circlejerk for a few years. I think something must have changed at some level within the team because it's only relatively recently that the rest of the setting started getting releases instead of yet another Stormcast chamber.

>> No.71921892

This. AOS isnt big at where I play and the few people who do play actually refuse to play stormcast because they seem way too similar to space marines.

>> No.71921913

Age of Sigmar in general misfired for many reasons. Do you remember the utter shit-state it was on release, no points values and comedy rules like "if you have a better beard than your opponent"?

>> No.71921927

>> No.71921933

If I had to pick one, do I play AoS or 40k? I like necrons but I also like ossiarch bone reapers.

>> No.71921937

>> No.71921940

Depends what people play in your area
40k is probably a safer bet in terms of player population

>> No.71921944


>> No.71921951

How is it that GSC don’t get ratted out instantly? They have literal fucking forehead wrinkles and veiny ass heads. If I am an imperial citizen, and I see a mother ducker with forehead wrinkles, I’m telling.

>> No.71921961

I don't play AoS but Necrons are pretty shitty at the moment whilst I assume the bone rapers or whatever probably aren't because they're new shit.

That said, if you're trying to decide, I'd say go to your LGS and see what everyone is playing. No point shelling out for a whole army in a game system only like two people in your local area actually play.

>> No.71921962

They probably realized that the way they were going the best case scenario would be that the game got stuck in the same bad cycle that 40k is stuck in with the heavy slant towards marines but without decades of gradualism. And at worst people would just immediately lose interest in their new game and never give it a shot in the first place.

But seriously, it's almost unthinkable for 40k to take one or two years off from space marines to focus only on non-marines and specialist games. And that kinda sucks.

>> No.71921975

>I assume the bone rapers or whatever probably aren't
You assume wrong.

>> No.71921996

One or two people disappearing in a hive city raises no questions. Eventually so many disappear that it gets suspicious, but by then its too late.

>> No.71922014

I am probably going to play play warcry or kill team. I hear both games require like 10 pieces? I might play both then I guess.

>> No.71922039

Not all GSC have the wrinkles though I think. I thought it was only some did. So the freaks with wrinkles stay in sewers.

>> No.71922085

You're underestimating just how fuck-ugly your average Imperial citizen is. In one of the Genestealer Cults novels, an Imperial Guardsmen sees hybrids posing as an Imperial monastic order and all he notices is how much stronger and healthier they look compared to the (actually human) citizens of the town he just passed through. Due to the complete lack of work-safety standards, massive industrial waste issues and general squalor the lowest levels of human society are exposed to (which is where the Cults generally originate) the average human may have lost all their hair, have a weird skin colour and be covered in lumps from tumors kept in check by space-medicine laced into their corpse-starch based diet.

Also, in terms of fluff, the Fourth Gen hybrids often actually have hair/no real outwards differences from actual Humans, the baldness, purple skin and forehead ridges are a stylistic thing for the miniatures and the art.

Also the Imperium is a totalitarian state, its citizens are hideously uninformed as to the wider state of the galaxy, all they're fed in a lot of cases is Eclessiastical sermons and propaganda, neither of which are particularly information-rich.

An Ordo Xenos inquisitor might be able to instantly spot the tell-tale signs of a genestealer hybrid but for the average citizen, their "betters" may have decided that talk of alien infiltrators might be likely to spread panic and the proles should be "protected from themselves" and not told of the possibility. Their church leaders may have decided that the very idea that aliens could corrupt and subvert the Sacred Human Form is heresy and anyone talking of the idea should be burnt etc. etc. etc.

>> No.71922099

Yeah, they fucking suck dude. Over-the-top lyrics and gaymetal riffs ain't it, chief.

>> No.71922117

It is definately a good place to start simply because it gives you a taste of the games without you having to sink hundreds of £££ into an army only to find out it isn't for you.

The increased Your Dudes potential of having smaller forces is also fun if you're more into the hobby than the game (like I am). Because you're only painting up a handful of guys, you can spend much more time converting, painting and generally personalizing Your Dudes rather than "well I've got eighty Guardsmen to paint, what is the quickest, simplest way to do this so I don't lose my sanity by mini #20"

>> No.71922161

But what other bands will combine my love of military history and metal? That is a pretty small niche...


>> No.71922184

I know right, I'd much prefer to see Babymetal.

>> No.71922201

Can I not like all four bands? Because I do. They are all good in their own way.

>> No.71922219

>> No.71922228

I wish Skitarii looked more like pic related, more like how they were described in 'Titanicus'.

Hopefully we'll get some heavy infantry version at some point.

>> No.71922234

nice school-shooter gun btw

>> No.71922299

That sounds like Catachan and Tallaran. Add some xenonia to the mix. Hell even some Armaggedon or Necromunda regiment

>> No.71922313

How does a scions army play compared to regular IG?

>> No.71922315


The biggest thing I want is the skitarii leaders.

>> No.71922326

Like Imperial Dark Eldar. Everything in your opponent's army is ded by turn two or you dun fucked up and are about to be ass raped.

>> No.71922330

Dawn of War is a competent introduction and a fun game too. Get Dark Crusade.

>> No.71922347

I had a valk under 1000 points with a permante +1 to hit and - 1 to be hit. Along with basic gun having AP-3 and an aura of re-rolling 1s so my orders could be used for wounds re-rolls.
Fucker was mad as hell

>> No.71922377

Don’t know much about painting, but I think it looks cool

>> No.71922390

sister hospitaller best girl

Also, is there any more? This was pretty fun.

>> No.71922565

>The Emperor raged hard and long at her betrayal
He’s just like me.

>> No.71922581

It was Adam’s toxic masculinity that was really to blame.

>> No.71922602

The Emperor's hubris is very much a point of focus throughout the entire scene.

>> No.71922608

>The DoW player finally figures out 40k.

>> No.71922739

Does any book address how the Harlequins, and most specifically the Death Jesters work in the Ynnari “society”?
Their leader is meant to represent Chegorach, a different god, and the Death Jester represents Death (before they gave it an actual god in the Eldar pantheon), which now I guess should represent Ynnead himself
It seems like the kind of thing that should be at least somewhat addressed

>> No.71922743

There needed to be more black refugees allowed into the garden to keep Eve satisfied.

>> No.71922780

My 40k OC is Karen, a single mom living in one of the more pleasant neighbourhoods near the imperial palace who’s main struggle in life is keeping her son, Little Timmy, from leaving with the imperial fists recruiters until someone responds to her angry letters appealing the custodes decision to not accept Little Timmy’s application.

>> No.71922806


It was God who caused all the issues, did you guys even read genesis?

>> No.71922807

My 40k OC is Maimeth, a Novokh lychguard who really likes maiming.

>> No.71922824

No, God simply gave them the ability to fall. Everything else was their fault. He made us flawed because He didn't want mindless slaves.

>> No.71922831


Why is he named like a female dark eldar?

>> No.71922844


He made humans without the perspective for free will then got surprised when they were easily talked into eating something he didn’t want them to eat.

>> No.71922846

His overlord gave him that name after hacking in to a camera on commoragh and seeing a dark eldar doing dark eldar things.

>> No.71922851

yeah you know what fuck you
fuck you in your stupid face
You don't get to say there is a benevolent being out there after the horrors of WW2 and Auschwitz

If god exist I fucking hope he can eat my rancid shit

>> No.71922861

Why make something flawed and then punish it for being flawed?

>> No.71922864

What does the existence of God have to do with human atrocity? And why would you think a higher power would be benevolent?

>> No.71922874

I would read that book.

I generally disliked the Horus Heresy series because 90% of the books are just Marines Marining and Primarchs Primarching and I can't relate.

But there was one short story about a young mother trying to first find her baby in the ruins of city with an ongoing Titan-battle happening around her, then escape. Was really good and such a fresh perspective.

Unfortunately then Ultramarines showed up and it became about them.

'Dead Men Walking' was such a good book because it just followed a regular couple (well, one was the Planetary Governor's niece but still) trying to survive the horrors of war in the 41st millennium.

>> No.71922876

God wanted Auschwitz to happen.

>> No.71922889


Is she completely oblivious to her book club being a recruitment front for a genestealer cult?

>> No.71922892

If you think about it, didn't God make us in his image? And if we who were made to resemble God commit such atrocities, doesn't that mean God would commit the same atrocities?

>> No.71922915


He’s referring to the childish modern understanding of a deity that has infinite knowledge, infinite power, perfect benevolence and contradictory desires to both micromanage everything and leave us to our own devices.

It’s... Not very philosophically coherent.

>> No.71922917

That's something I figure Warhammer Horror and Crime might help with. Shift the scope of storytelling to something smaller and less focused on power armor, I mean.

>> No.71922939

The Harlequins are outsiders even to the Ynnari who they help. But they give aid to Drukhari and Eldar too so that isn't unique, they follow the orders of a whimsical god. Cegorach was always an outsider, that was why he managed to escape The Fall and hide.

Death Jesters represent 'death' as a concept but not as a literal being like Ynnead. They also represent Cegorach's interpretation of death, which is why they don't just shoot you dead, they shoot you in the foot so you stumble into your comrade who was lining up a missile launcher shot, causing him to fall and launch it into the side of a passing Leman Russ.

>> No.71922940


In his own words, the god of the Old Testament is wrathful and jealous. He never claimed to be perfect, his followers claimed he was when flattering him.

>> No.71922951

Yeah, I'm hoping so too.

>> No.71922969

>wrathful and jealous
This is why Tengri is the best god

>> No.71922989

This. When people talk about "God fearing folk" that comes from the Old Testament. Dude would tell you to sacrifice your own children.

>> No.71923007

As thanks, here’s my (heavily WIP) interior of the jacket of the Death Jester of the Harlequin army I’ve just started to build

>> No.71923010

You do know that's exact christian cannon 1:1 though, right?

re: eat my shit elohim/jehova/whatever part

well why should we praise or live by what such an evil, indifferent creature told ""us""?

>> No.71923012

>Does any book address how the Harlequins, and most specifically the Death Jesters work in the Ynnari “society”?
They're not part of their "society", they just show up sometimes and everyone hopes it is to help rather than play some lethal practical joke on them.

>> No.71923030

>all this talk of society
>thanks to corona-chan we no longer live in one
Really makes you think.

>> No.71923042

That looks really good, credit for painting Harlies and going for the full-on technicolor dreamcoat scheme, I've always kinda wanted a small Harlequin army but my painting ability isn't anywhere near good enough to do them justice.

>> No.71923046

Harlies are hella fun to play.

>> No.71923092

Not really. There's no roving bands of raiders dressed in BDSM gear looking to steal my guzzoline so until we reach that point I'd say we're still living in a society.

>> No.71923098 [DELETED] 

Death Jester has to be one of my favourite minis. Shame his rules are particularly special.

>> No.71923103


Even mad max is a society, just one made up of feuding tribes.

>> No.71923114

The Death Jester has to be one of my favourite minis. Shame his rules aren't anything special.

>> No.71923119

Basic Chaos Marines should have A2 due to their veteran status.

>> No.71923129

*bottom texts sadly*

>> No.71923133

Yeah, I was never particularly interested in the Ynnari, until that question came to my mind, so I guess I misunderstood the relationship between them and the Harlequins
The impression I had was that a bunch of Craftworlders, Dark Eldars and Harlequins joined together to venerate the new deity and following the new plan to Eldars’ “survival”, but evidently I misinterpreted it

>> No.71923143

All marines should have 2 W baseline.

>> No.71923203


>> No.71923208


Marines should have two wounds base and two attacks on the charge.

Primaris should have identical base stats and a 6+ fnp, the rest being down to their equipment such as their fancier bolt rifles.

Chaos marines should have separate units for newbies with 1 attack (2 on charge) and long war veterans. (2 attacks, 3 on charge). Both should be troops. Cult marines should count as long war vets and get the extra attack.

Chosen should be essentially a unit of minor characters, with all the fancy equipment and bonus stats that implies.

>> No.71923209

The issue I have with that concept is that they really shouldn’t be considered veterans as a whole, since it doesn’t make sense that most CSM are heresy era, most should come from chapters/companies that have betrayed much later, unless we are meant to view the CSM as a ridiculously small faction, even more than the Tau. I mean, I know that time doesn’t mean anything in the warp etc. but the ones that survived for actual 10k years and still wage war to the imperium should be a handful, not the bulk of the army

I’m not saying you shouldn’t have the option to give them veteran status if you want to fluff them as actual great crusade veterans, but having them being such as the standard option doesn’t make sense

>> No.71923230

Do they ever build new Hive Cities, or was the ability and resource to construct them loss during the DAoT or the Great Crusade?

>> No.71923250


Loyalist marines are said to be only 1 million men. That’s not enough to take down the tau if they gathered up and attacked alone.

>> No.71923262

They haven't really explained it at all. A lot of the lore that explains it best is actually from 2nd -4th ed.

There are different kinds of 'death' represented by different things. Dark Reapers are the part of the C'Tan Nightbringer that got imbedded in Khaine, Death Jesters are dancers that represent death as a concept (including both Ynnead and the Nightbringer), but then Ynnead is a different kind of death - not quite resurrection but not final either.

>> No.71923265

>Primaris should have identical base stats and a 6+ fnp
Primaris are bigger, stronger and tougher. They should either have boosted W and A or S and T.

>> No.71923270

They probably do, but its an overlooked abd boring detail that theres not much on it.

>> No.71923284

Hive cities are just cities that have been built up and up over the years, they grown organically really. As far as I'm aware the have the tech to build new ones but the lower levels of all of them will be old as shit.

>> No.71923288

They don't have to be from the great crusade to be veterans. Marine veterans are only as few hundred years old, the majority of Chaos Marines will be at least that old.

>> No.71923297

>Primaris are bigger, stronger and tougher.
They're stronger in a way I am stronger than an average dude, not how an average man is stronger than a woman. 4 S is fine enough for both.

>> No.71923310


I run fairly wraith heavy in my Eldar list. I feel that Wave Serpents are a must, as are tons of psychic support. Fortune and Conceal on a wraithguard unit turn it into a Deathguard unit in terms of survivability.

It's not going to be "competitive" but it has teeth and a good pilot can make it happen.

>> No.71923318

I was thinking about using the ossiarchs as dark eldar covens, what do you guys think about this idea?
Pic related are basically Grotesques, Wracks and an Heamonculus with just a few weapon changes, bits added and is it so weird to have a coven that works on bones instead of flesh?

>> No.71923319



>> No.71923328

>Oll Persson
>Old Person

>> No.71923337

Nah, they're a lot stronger.
In Shroud of Night a basic Intercessor is stronger than a Chaos Marines who was renowned amongst his squad for being stupid strong with Chaos blessings.

>> No.71923338

As long as the system is based on a d6 they can’t really go and represent that in that amount of detail, as shown by the Orks being stronger than humans but weaker than marines being represented for years with them having S3 (with Furious Charge) until this edition when it was made S4

>> No.71923345

I think there's a distinction between veterans in general and votlw. I must disagree with the anon your answering too. I think chosen are enough to represent veterans. They have the extra A and access to all the cool gear. It's a bit dumb that votlw is a stratagem and not an upgrade like it used to be.

>> No.71923347

Jesus is a fag though.

>> No.71923367

>Dark Reapers are the part of the C'Tan Nightbringer that got imbedded in Khaine
Ok, that’s news to me (though it’s not really that unlikely, since I’m not an Eldar player though I’m considering eventually adding a wraith detachment to my harlies because I really like the models
That sounds pretty cool

>> No.71923453

>Iirc Tau don't use sentient AI for labor because it would be considered slavery.
What about creating sentient bots just to send them off and die in wars? Surely that would be considered more cruel.

>> No.71923463

Stormcast suck cock ruleswise

>> No.71923594

And model wise.

>> No.71924305

Miss and Ms are two different things. Women have 3 titles. Miss, Ms and Mrs.

Mrs: Married ("missers")
Miss: Unmarried ("miss")
Ms: Unsure if married ("mizz")

>> No.71924331

God I wish I had a super short ar15.

Been an ausfag gun nut is rough.

>> No.71924411

There's a bit in titanicus when a broken and lost reserves squad tries to evade a warhound while helping some civilians which has a similar tone and it's amazing.

>> No.71924658


>> No.71924689

You dumb nigger Jesus was a kike and his heretical offshoot of kikery is the exact same as the longnose tribe bullshit

but no, suck a long brown haired blue eyed fag in a white toga some more


warhammer 40.000

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