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Convert More

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How has there not been a huge wave of these dudes yet?

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I curse this thread

>> No.71916524

You can have Lilith Hesperax getting a new plastic model, or get the badass Archon model in plastic

>> No.71916528

GW approved

>> No.71916530

Normies don't paint that fast

>> No.71916539

Because grey doesn't translate well to tabletop as much as 3d rendered models.

>> No.71916540

But preferably a proper kit like the old Chaos Terminator/Sorcerer Lord kit

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something like this just shows how bland space marines really look

>> No.71916555

Archons are meant to be kitbashed, but I'd still prefer that over Lelith.

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Yes that's right

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>Engine War Delayed
>and with Engine War delayed

Seriously, prove it though. I'm dying for information regarding the current release schedule.
I know GW said their stores would be closed and nothing physical would be coming out until May, but they didn't say anything about delaying digital releases.
What do these people know that I don't?

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After that last thread I think we need to calm down a bit. Here's a Torch star for these trying times.

>> No.71916569

reminder that marine players that rebuy their armies as primaris are paypigs

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How do i make a word bearers waifu model?

>> No.71916580

>bare plastic with insignias
just the color scheme for me

>> No.71916582

Imma ruffle.

>> No.71916584

They're kinda boring dude. Even if I was a marine fag, I wouldn't paint these guys.

>> No.71916592

some corrupted daemonhost chick they use as a battle standard

>> No.71916594

no, fuck that faggot that wont collect nids because fleshborers look like guns

>> No.71916600

Stern rules released yet?

>> No.71916602

Female stormcasts converted into noise marines. Buy the old daemonettes if you're desperate.

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Chill out dude, they announced the models less than a week ago.

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why no female marines they seem to be pretty hot

>> No.71916625

Use a SoB/SoS model as a baseline, add some chaos bits/spikes, and then find a suitable headswap. Alternatively, just find some random waifu models to use as your Dark Apostle's lackeys

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Yeah that was pretty dumb

>> No.71916633

mad max a sister onto a pole

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people give sce shit, but the sacrosanct stuff looks good and can make for good conversions

>> No.71916648

Forge world female stormcast heads fit onto GW plastic sisters?

>> No.71916654

>80s depiction of torchstar

>> No.71916655

Female marines are hot because one guy draws them in pinup style. You wouldn't want to see GW's take on female marines.

>> No.71916659

Archons are fucking cool, I'd love to have a proper Archon with the full visor helmet or the Incubus Archon.

Also Lelith would be nice because feet

>> No.71916660

Hey heretics,
My name is Roboute Gulliman, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are filthy, abominable, heretics who spend every second of their day worshipping chaos. You are everything bad in the galaxy. Honestly, have any of you ever gotten any blessings from my father the emperor? I mean I guess it's comforting killing loyalists and worshipping chaos for gifts and promises because of your own insecurities, but you all take to a who new level. This is even worse than being that obnoxious Cato Sicarius (GeeDubs, please kill him off and replace him with Captain Titus).
Don't be a cultist. Just hit me with your best shot. I'm genetically created to be perfect. I am now Lord Commander of the Imperium, and crusader of the Dark Imperium. What crusades do you win, other than "Muh Fall of Cadia and Great Rift"? I also get Primaris Space Marines, and have a banging hot girlfriend (She just resurrected me; Shit was SO holy). You are all heretics who should just sacrifice yourselves. Thanks for reading.
Pic Related: It's me and my eldar waifu.

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I dunno, I've never cared about Sigmar until I saw those noise marine conversions. I will wait, it will be painful but I will wait.

>> No.71916674

What the fuck did you just fucking think about me, you little bitch? I'll have you know I graduated top of my Cult in the Academies of Tizca, and I've been involved in numerous escoteric rituals, and I know over 40,000 forbidden arts. I am trained in psychic warfare and I'm the most powerful scorerer in the entire Legiones Astartes. You are nothing to me but just another ignoramus. I will wipe you the fuck out with magicks the likes of which has never been seen before in realspace, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with thinking that shit about my eye? Think again, fucker. As we exchange thoughts, I am summoning my vast network of Tutelaries across the aetheric plane and your soul is being traced right now so you better prepare for the soulstorm, maggot. The soulstorm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your mind. You're fucking dead, primitive barbarian. I can astral project myself anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over forty thousand ways, and that's just with my mind. Not only am I extensively trained in Khopesh combat, but I have access to the entire Relicuary of the Thousand Sons and I will use it to its fullest extent to wipe your ignorant ass off the material plane, you little shit. If only you could have known what arcane retribution your little "clever" thought was about to bring upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking mind. But you couldn't, you didn't, and now you're paying the price, you goddamn smurf-blueberry. I will shit mind-fury all over you and you will thought-drown in it. You're fucking dead, brother.

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So I got a bunch of Necrons recently and need help making a 2k list from this:
>40 Warriors
>20 Tesla Immortals
>10 Gaus Immortals
>10 Deathmarks
>10 Lychguard
>4 destroyers
>6 tomb blades with gauss
>18 wraiths
>14 scarabs
>2 ghost arks
>1 monolith
>1 night scythe
>1 triarch stalker
>C'tan Shard of Deciever
>Nemesor Zahndrekh
>Overlord with voidscythe and resurrection rod
>Overlord with staff of light
>Lord with staff of light
>Cryptek with staff of light and canoptek cloak

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Because that's exactly what they made SoB for and you're just shitposting aren't you?

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Damn it forgot the picture

>> No.71916715

find a group to play 7th with and make them regret it with that full decurion you have

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this honestly
I'd love to see more companies make limited edition pinup models but I would never trust GW with it. In fact, there's very few companies I would trust with it.

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This is 40k not Infinity.

>> No.71916730

Ayy it's my favorite Word bearers army.
You're conversion with nagash looks sick, definitely better than mine.
Hope you get around to having a game with them

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Hard truth answer? They're not Primaris ...so you can't just paint up an ETB Intercessor and go "Hey, it's the same as from the video" plus the fact that the forefront ones have some symbols that need free handing besides the Chevrons also including a HAND and SKULL which are both pretty tricky outside of it being gold matching the chest. On top of that tacitcal marines are major duds on the tabletop and one more thing being that grey and black are tricky colors.

>> No.71916746

Whenever I see this, I die a little bit more inside.

>> No.71916748 [SPOILER] 

>I would never trust GW with it.
I'm gonna post it, but I'm warning you.

>> No.71916750

They aren't going to release Engine War without the huge number of new kits that are coming with it, digital or not.

>> No.71916751

Anon I just grabbed it from Google.

>> No.71916752

I have an entire company of unassembled marines that I never got the transports for. So even if I use a grip of em for 30k Iron Warriors I'm still blessed with an abundance of squatmarines.

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God dammit anon, I'm on nofap right now.

>> No.71916765

They’re the most iconic, distinct & influential visual element of the setting. I mean, fair play those guys are literally painted grey & entirely unadorned.

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thicc thighs crush skulls anon

>> No.71916777

How fucking hard is it to not paint female faces as if they are male faces?
Fuck's sake GW.

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>> No.71916786

>hair and other un-elegant bits

At least give her beads in the hair or something.

>> No.71916788

fucking based FW Huron Blackheart

>> No.71916803

>change the lore to appease my dick
Play SoB and shut up.

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I didn't know GW make models for Leia and Luke!

>> No.71916818

the heresy wasnt a mistake, but letting 3rd rate hacks write about it was

>> No.71916819

Limited edition models have no effect on the lore you dumb dummy.

>> No.71916821

I for one hail the return of Erda the fempress (she's the one who's really been keeping chaos at bay these past few millennia, you know) and her 6 odd I can't believe they're not primarchs daughters. the grim darkness of the far future is female and if you don't like it, you're a mewling manbaby

>> No.71916828

How do I fuck a Necron?

>> No.71916832

>I'd love to see more companies make limited edition pinup
Infinity and Kingdom death do it right.

>> No.71916841

Blug indo oudled :DDDD

>> No.71916845

Okay, I mean, totally believable.

But, proof though. Like, give me something tangible that I can show my playgroup when we discuss the release schedule.

If there isn't anything, then fine, there isn't, but anything there actually *is* would be useful.

>> No.71916848

>10 Gauss Immortals
>10 Tesla Immortals
>10 Tesla Immortals
>1 Night Scythe

>4 Destroyers
>6 Tomb Blades
>6 Wraiths

>10 Deathmarks
>10 Lychguard
>1 Triarch Stalker

>> No.71916854

get 3 dda or just expect to lose every match

>> No.71916874

I wish people would put more effort in their shitposting. Looking at all of these cheap bait for (You) is pissing me off.

>> No.71916880

>I want female Space Marines but they don't have to be official
Then just buy 3rd party or convert some SoB kits you dumb autist.
>the grim darkness of the far future is female
I actually saw some dumb cunt driving around with a "The future is female" sticker on her back window and had a hearty chuckle.

>> No.71916888

>buying marines

>> No.71916893

Why are you so worried about it? Are AdMech that bad right now? Just curious.

>> No.71916895

>Limited edition models have no effect on the lore you dumb dummy.
The one cool character the fucking Tau had and he was just a noncanon PS2 game dude.

Sorry Kais.

>> No.71916898

You don't give classic a make-over Anon.

>> No.71916909

wishlisting for admech in engine war
>forge world traits get updated to be more in line with the later codex's
>new relics that don't suck balls
>new warlord traitsthat don't suck
>make secutarii <forge world>
>interesting strategems
>bring in character upgrades
>make an archeotech system in the vein of the ork or tau PA upgrade systems
>make canticles as good as they used to be
>make rustalkers not suck balls
>let kataphrons ride transports but take up two or three spaces
>make galvanic rifles decent
>allow the use of 30k units in 40k
>Graia doctrine in the style of the space marine ones that makes rad carbines ap-1.
be sure to suggest additions to the wishlist

>> No.71916913

The normal way, only you're fucking a 60 million year old cougar with a robo-vag made by technology that enslaved stellar gods.

>> No.71916938

Fucking xenarites, for the love of the Omnissiah. They're too cool to not have unique rules.

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>> No.71916946

This is more like a concern for the entire release schedule at large.
I'm assuming that if one thing gets pushed back that *everything* will.

>> No.71916950 [SPOILER] 

You ignorant pigs a good fembot design is all about the hips.

>> No.71916959

here's your (you)

That brings me great joy.

>> No.71916960

No this is Appleseed

>> No.71916974

I hated her after the redesign because I couldn't unsee the giant diaper they gave her.

>> No.71917000

Fleshborers are guns.

And loads of people dislike that about them. It's a pretty common turnoff.

>> No.71917014

25 points to play with since you didn't say what the wraiths or stalker have.

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>> No.71917042

Shame he ditched his sickass terminator armor after going evil. I guess the familiar makes up for it.

>> No.71917046

>"Do what you must, I have already won!"

>> No.71917052

Draw inspiration from Wayne Barlowe?

>> No.71917089

>SoB are female meme
Fuck off faggot

>> No.71917112

>YFW GW has made sisters look so masculine people unanimously think they are men and the whole "women in power armor" thing is just a meme.

Worst timeline

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>> No.71917129


lol. your response is so cartoonishly misogynistic that I think you're deliberately priming the opposition to the fan response to the radical retcon that may be coming down the pike

>> No.71917137


>> No.71917146

>cartoonishly misogynstic
Why, because he called a woman a cunt, or because he correctly thinks "future is female" stickers are dumb?

>> No.71917155

Don't know who that is, will have a look.
Nah inspiration was just me wanting a big gaunt summoner to go with my surf board tzaangor list.

>> No.71917165


the former

>> No.71917176

>it's misogynistic to laugh at the notion that women will run the world

>> No.71917178

>that guy with the marinelets army and conversions

>> No.71917182

Was that meant to dissuade us?

>> No.71917190

>reddit spacing
>cartoonishly misogynistic
Oof, you really had me for second, nice job.

>> No.71917221

The opposite in fact, good sir.

>> No.71917229

I don't think the Gaunt has rules for 40k, what do you proxy him for?

>> No.71917231

1. Stratagem like Chapter Master for a Magos, so that Forgeworlds other than Mars can get a full reroll aura. And for that aura (and Cawl's, by extension) to apply to the Overwatch phase too, because it's actually retarded that it doesn't.
2. Some kind, any kind, of listed bonus for bringing a list that is purely AdMech with no allies (like Knights) or even more of a bonus for bringing a list that is a single Forgeworld.
3. Can the Sacristan Forgeshrine actually be ours please and not Imperial Knights'? Fuck. And can they make it actually decently good maybe?
4. Some form of unilateral Psychic defense. I'm not asking to be able to do important stuff during that phase like 30k's Cybertheurgy or whatever, I just don't want to have to literally go grab a snack and ignore the field for 1/3 of the game because my opponent is Grey Knights.
5. Fuck it, I want Cognis Manipulators back on my damn Onagers. The kit still comes with them, and now if I model the cool drill-arm on my tanks, it does literally nothing, and that's bullshit. Nobody would cry if they had 4 attacks that were like AP-2 or something.
6. We just about invented Haywire (for the Imperium anyway), can our Arc weaponry be a little bit better across the board, please?

7. Just please fuckin come out on time, at least? It's been literally 132 days waiting for new AdMech rules since the preview at Warhammer Open 2019. 132 fucking days. In that time, Blood of Baal, Ritual of the Damned, Greater Good, and Saga of the Beast have ALL had all of their model previews and subsequent releases.

>> No.71917241

Anyone have good noise marine conversions?

>> No.71917246

No it doesn't, i just use it as a Lord of Change

>> No.71917262

Good luck.

>> No.71917278

You don't see grey tide marines? Where do you play?

>> No.71917290

With a wraithboner

>> No.71917303


it's misogynistic to call women 'cunts'. this is known, hence the importance of associating any resistance to the ham fisted retcons I feel are on the horizon to reactionary sexism, as opposed to any disappointment over the willingness of GW to shitcan over two decades of existing lore for the sake of media cachet that may be experienced by core fandom

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>> No.71917317

> implying badass Archon model in plastic is not already released

>> No.71917327

>it's misogynistic to call women 'cunts'
How many men have you called 'dicks' you hypocritical faggot?

>> No.71917335

IT always amaze me how people are able to get greenstuff to perfectly shape like that. Are they using a mold of some type or just going at it with a puttyknife?

>> No.71917337

Sister of Battle already live through the words or Lorgar.

>> No.71917338 [SPOILER] 

Me, on the left.

>> No.71917339

shut up cunt

>> No.71917346


how many breads have you eaten?

>> No.71917368

wat. Seriously, what the fuck are you asking me?

>> No.71917371

Thirteen. I prefer Japanese food.

>> No.71917382

Riddle me this humans!
Who has the greatest mohawk in the galaxy!!

>> No.71917391

That's a common misconception, anon, so if I could just step inside and share some literature with you...

>> No.71917392



I never thought that one day I'd look at MS paint memes and feel nostalgic. I miss the mid-2000s internet more than I'd care to admit.

>> No.71917395


at any rate, deflection. deflection to be dismissed with precisely the lazy amount of consideration with which it was presented

>> No.71917404

Not fucking you Trazyn

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>> No.71917417

What is she listening to?

>> No.71917418

I, for one, wish I had kept to my autistic contrarianism and stayed away from memes.

>> No.71917427

Taylor Swift

>> No.71917429

Words of the emperor

>> No.71917431

Lo-fi hip hop to relax/study to

>> No.71917433

Lofin's hiphop beats to study to 24/7

>> No.71917441

>at any rate, deflection
>deflects to avoid answering
The ironing. Just admit you're a fucking hypocrite.

>> No.71917448

> the sex slave are not human
you ruined it for me.

>> No.71917456


>> No.71917463

Why do furries only play space wolves? How do we get more of them into the hobby?

>> No.71917465

Not everything is about (you), mon'keigh.

>> No.71917475

I don't know who you are, but please stay out of my YT recommendations please thanks bye.

>> No.71917484

> Lectitio Divinitatus =/= Imperial Creed
Stop being an hypocrite.

>> No.71917495

>it's misogynistic to call women 'cunts'.
Hold on a sec anon....what if she bein a cunt?

Not all sheilas are the same m8. To think that is sexist and misogynistic. Some sheilas are nice vaginas and some are mean cunts. Just like some Bruce's are nice richards and some are dicks.
People should be judged by their character and if I have deemed Karen at the supermarket who bought the last 60 rolls of toilet paper for her and the runt who she's purposefully ignoring stealing candy from the counter, who are YOU to question my judgement?

now stop bein a cunt ya cunt.

>> No.71917499


I too was an autistic contrarian but I still saw things like the Gentlemen meme posted all over. Even something I hated at the time is ingrained enough in my memory to start hearing echos of Caramelldansen in the back of my head.

I... don't want to go back, really, but I wish we still had that anarchic and optimistic atmosphere.

>> No.71917500

>How do we get more of them into the hobby?
By pandering to them like Wizards is doing?

>> No.71917501

>> No.71917502



>> No.71917512

Virgin music

>> No.71917516

Duncan podcast

>> No.71917523

That's ok anon. I want to go back too. Despite everything.

>> No.71917524

I thought we already had the vore fetish covered by kroot.

>> No.71917526

Ultras Warlord Question:

I'm guaranteed to take a Primaris Captain w/ Sanctic Halo and Adept of the Codex.

I'm planning on paying 1 CP for Exemplar of the Chapter to give him another UM trait.
Debating between Master of Strategy: pick 1 unit within 6'' of WL and tactical doctrine is considered to be active this battle round, allows stacking w/ heavy and assault.
Or Nobility Made Manifest: infantry and bikers can heroically intervene like characters if within 6'' of WL.
Pros? Cons? Can't decide which has better tactical implications.

>> No.71917532


>> No.71917542

One day

>> No.71917551

>Cons: You're playing Primaris

>> No.71917552

literally, LITERALLY, just, JUST, use manlet rules.

>> No.71917579


>> No.71917580

>pecs that flat

Never gonna make it.

>> No.71917582

Is it painful being a perpetual?

>> No.71917598

what's a good way to convert this 80s torchstar into an actual mini?

... a-asking for a friend, of course

>> No.71917599

>living 5ever
It would be extremely painful

>> No.71917621

Why, the Escher house miniatures of course! Infinity might have one that's close.

>> No.71917623

>decide I want to start an IG army
>go from painting marines to guardsmen and commissars
Wow this is way harder. Marine players really are painting on easy mode

>> No.71917632

Okay, so fill me in. What's the deal with Primaris Marines?

Are they any good? What are their units like? Could you make a Space Marine army with only Primaris Marines? Why can't they travel in transport vehicles other than than the new hover tank ones?

Other than to force marine players to buy a new hover APC model that costs twice as much as a Rhino kit.

>> No.71917634


>> No.71917635


Pathfinders have the floofy Japanese pants iirc

Start there I guess? Just resin print a custom head and put it on one of those bodies and you're probably done

>> No.71917649


>> No.71917651

>Debating between Master of Strategy: pick 1 unit within 6'' of WL and tactical doctrine is considered to be active this battle round, allows stacking w/ heavy and assault.
Its pretty good, but in practical gameplay turns are you going to be fielding units that would benefit from it? Things like Aggressors doubletapping after moving from turn 1 can be nice, but it depends on the rest of the list. If you don't have something that can take advantage of it Turn 1 (and Turn 4+) then Nobility is probably the better call.

>> No.71917652

I thought that was an inquisitor dude.

>> No.71917657

I've been drinking and streaming, and now I'm live painting. What should the primary colours of the fatigues be?

you probably don't know me because I don't namefag here very often, but I'm COBRAnon. I also have monty python GSC and BLACK AND YELLOW drukhari, among other armies.

>> No.71917660


>> No.71917662

>Why can't they travel in transport vehicles other than than the new hover tank ones?
Physically larger I guess. I'm sure there's plenty of examples of marine models bigger than priamris that can ride in rhinos.

>> No.71917663


I... thank you, anon.

>> No.71917664

There are some 3rd party female Tau minis out there that could provide torsos, and the legs could come from any pathfinder kit. The head and hair would be a matter of more difficult conversions and greenstuff.

>> No.71917675

>resin print
Do I look like I'm made out of money?
... don't answer that.

>> No.71917683

custodians can ride in land raiders but primaris cannot
yes, GW wants to sell that hover rhino.

>> No.71917689


Our local store has a bank of 3d printers and one resin printer that you can rent out to make whatever. Nice stuff.

But I think there's a few print-on-demand services out there online too. Worth looking into.

>> No.71917691

You need 30 intercessors, named characters like g man and tigg, 5 aggresors and a repulsor. Anything other than Ultramarines is heresy.

>> No.71917694

It might sting a little when you see your fellow humans keep making the same mistakes over and over.

>> No.71917695

>Are they any good?
>What are their units like?
Highly Specialized, usually all models in a squad take the same weapons
>Could you make a Space Marine army with only Primaris Marines?
>Why can't they travel in transport vehicles other than than the new hover tank ones?
To sell the new shit
>Other than to force marine players to buy a new hover APC model that costs twice as much as a Rhino kit.
Because the old shit sucks now

>> No.71917701

>Could you make a Space Marine army with only Primaris Marines?
Intercessors, Aggressors, Eliminators are all pretty good, apparently the tanks are alright but I havent used them myself.

>> No.71917705

I'm gonna be tragically honest with you anon. If you want a good torchstar conversion, you WILL pay more than you do for regular characters.

>> No.71917711

Literally just 100 ministorium monks screaming

>> No.71917720


>> No.71917729

Sure do

>> No.71917732

>Newbie, been observing for years but could never been able to connect to any particular faction
>After running over factions, finally figure out that Knights are their own faction, and I want to collect them
>Look at point costs and prices

How fucked am I?

>> No.71917735


>> No.71917743

Well, you don't have to collect many models....

>> No.71917745


Hot fucking damn. You are what I aspire to. Please I beg of you teach me your secrets.

>> No.71917750

Fuck off. None of your armies are interesting.

>> No.71917755

See >>71916751

>> No.71917761

Theoretically they're one of the cheaper armies because of the low model count

>> No.71917762

Not very. Knights aren't as expensive as they seem from a points to model ratio compared to some armies.

>> No.71917788

That's amazing

>> No.71917791

would you feel better if I said I also have blood ravens and Fallen?

>> No.71917794

We're all gonna make it bros, just get that basecoat down and star detailing.

>> No.71917817

What went wrong?

>> No.71917847

>I've been drinking and streaming
What a faggot

>> No.71917848

haha, breathe the funny tummy gas!

>> No.71917860

People bought the base game for the models, then sales went up, then GW mistook it for success, then they continued to make models and rules for a flawed base game they thought people loved.

I wish it was a better game.

>> No.71917873

Genuinely curious, how well did the expansion that just had reprinted DG do?

>> No.71917883

It's baffling how GW hasn't realized people like it more for the new cultist sculpts and the datasheets to use all the characters in 40k armies. But then again none of the models have been loyalist marines, so maybe they assumed they wouldn't sell

>> No.71917895

Literally the cheapest army to buy you retard.

>> No.71917906

Hope Angels Encarmine (2nd Pic) showcase the Red Thirst

>> No.71917911


Still, barrier to entry seems... really fuckin steep when a box of Warglaives are over $60 and because I'm new, I still gotta get paint and shit.

>Inb4 poor comments

>> No.71917925

Does anybody know if Nurgle's blessing has ever visited a "Cemetery World"?

>> No.71917937

So buy it from a chinaman or ebay then.

>> No.71917944

What's wrong? All those hollow victories making you second-guess that WAAC list?

>> No.71917955

Most boxes for most armies will run you a similar amount. My suggestion would be to look for discounts on Ebay or Amazon, and just focus on building up a small army.

For comparison, a Leman Russ runs about $60 and will fill out around 150 points of your list depending on loadout, while the two Warglaives will fill out over 300 points.

>> No.71917957

Miniature wargames are expensive in general.

If you're not spending $60 on a warglaive, you're spending $60 on a handful of troopers.

>> No.71917973

Nurgle's blessing the world during the launch window didn't help.

>> No.71917974

Everything is shut down right now, just do a smash and grab at your lgs

>> No.71917976

You can get a full 2k point knight army for $350.
2 regular, 1 castellan, 2 helverins.

>> No.71917991

Hmm, I'm not normally a criminal but how easy would it be to get a new army right now?

>> No.71917993

For the low low price of one brick

>> No.71917995

Kill Em All 40,000
I am heretic man
410,757,864,530 DEAD ARBITES

>> No.71918003

Shit. I'm fresh out. What now?

>> No.71918009

That's a good way to kill your LGS. Most shops make such a low profit margin that doing that would make them go under

>> No.71918012

>Find a WAACfag who needs his weekly confidence boost so bad he agrees to an in-person game
>Let him get away with his bullshit so he lets his guard down
>Dreadsock him while he's busy trying to figure out which set of loaded dice to use
>Grab, strip, and reprime

>> No.71918016

Use your fist like you do with a baby

>> No.71918025

Why is it our fault they picked a stupid business model? Faggot

>> No.71918027


>> No.71918039

>good fembot design is all about the hips.
a man of culture spotted.

>> No.71918042

Based sorcerer.

>> No.71918046

Based WAACfag remover

>> No.71918048

>He would cost his bros behind the counter their jobs over one (1) box of Boyz

>> No.71918051

Wait, I can use these on babies?

>> No.71918078

don't give him shitpost advice, anon does seem like the kind of nigger to actually follow through with it

>> No.71918090

Do you now any third party where I could find backpacks for space marine/primaris with actual pockets?

>> No.71918092

Yeah, you can't just hit a baby with a brick. You have to train them in unarmed combat first, then move to improvised weapons. If you want a baby to be a good street fighter, always start with the basics and work up.

>> No.71918114

>>71915644 #
My wife has no interest in gaming but is more than supportive of my hobbies

In other news I churned out 60 boys minus basing

>> No.71918162

Nice blue. It's brighter than what I use for my deathskulz. I like yours better. Was this 60 lot all at once?

>> No.71918188

How the fuck are you supposed to figure out what your “playstyle” is or what kind of a player you are (Aggressive, reactive, etc)?

>> No.71918201

These men know.

>> No.71918202

Play some practice games or base it off of the way you play in other strategy games

>> No.71918214

Robobooty connoisseurs represent

>> No.71918218


>> No.71918222

play games

>> No.71918245

well, the /v/ thread suggested a snow aesthetic.

considering I'm hammered, I think I did a decent job.

>> No.71918268

Looks like shit, fuck off to /wip/

>> No.71918270

I think you did a good job nigger!

>> No.71918274

that metal looks just like the old metal minis

>> No.71918285

>looks like shit
I'm 8 drinks in and decided on paints as I went, of course it does.

>> No.71918296

>8 drinks
uhoh we got a tough guy over here

>> No.71918308

dunno why you're trying to start shit, anon. I openly started by saying I'm painting while hammered.

>> No.71918310

Has anyone bought anything from Dark Miniatures? What's the delivery time/quality like? I want to buy from them cause there's only a handful of people doing Sisters stuff at the moment, but there are basically no reviews I can find without access to closed groups.

>> No.71918318

Are there any eldar fighting against the ynnari?

>> No.71918319

fuck off pedophile

>> No.71918329


>> No.71918341

I said eldar, not dark eldar you dumb fuck.

>> No.71918350

How many points should i dedicate to anti vehicle firepower at the 1500-2000 points range?

>> No.71918361

>dark eldar
>not eldar
you fucking wot? you going to insist that astra militarum isn't IMPERIUM because it's not space marines, next?

>> No.71918369

if you read their Psykic Awakening book the answer seems to be yes, many are afraid that the Path of Ynnead will just end up with them all dead and would rather not see society subsumed in that direction

Ynnari is essentially the end of Craftworld Culture to many of them and they're opposed

>> No.71918380

tripfaggots are faggots


>> No.71918387

>calling someone a faggot deflects from the fact you asked your question wrong

>> No.71918393

I play objectives which forces you to change your playstyle every game. Its fun

>> No.71918398

you're a raging retarded faggot

>> No.71918403

perhaps, but you're still too retarded to recognize that the dark eldar are still fucking eldar.

>> No.71918404


>> No.71918407

I only skimmed over the rules for a game, haven't read much of the fluff for them.

>> No.71918408

>8 drinks

teenage girl gtfo

>> No.71918410

it wasn't even me you autismal datamining testicular-cancered faggot

>> No.71918416

Can tripfags please not infect this board with your massive faggotry? If you want attention then post models and be recognized by your models.

>> No.71918418

>shitty paintjob
>thinks /40kg/ plays the board game

>> No.71918419

You are agonizingly pathetic trying too get out of this.

>> No.71918428

I'm not going to post screencaps you projecting faggot

>> No.71918436

Bot? Bot.

>> No.71918437

I've been posting in these threads for years. I just happened to forget ot remove my trip this one time.

>> No.71918448


>> No.71918462

No they're not you retard pedophile, I was obviously asking about normal eldar. Tripfags can fuck off.

>> No.71918464

Just took a dive into yoyhammer, looks like there's only two reviews there so far. Looks like the casts are reasonable, no heavier cleanup compared to other reputable recasters.

I can't say anything about what it's like to order from them, since I buy from a different recaster.

>> No.71918468

You can still fuck off

>> No.71918474

>dark ELDAR are not ELDAR becuase you don't want them to be

>> No.71918483


>> No.71918500

>hurr durr i don't know the difference
If you can't figure out what he meant then you really are autistic.

>> No.71918505

>frequenting /v/

>> No.71918507

I adore this army. so well executed.

>> No.71918524

I know it's because of the lighting in the videos, but I was always under the impression that these guys were more dark bluish-greenish than just grey, I think they'd look more interesting that way.

>> No.71918532


not sure if this helps but its perhaps more than loosely related

this is an actual spoiler of sorts
Slaanesh attacks wherever the Ynnari go, devastating Craftworlds when the Ynnari show up to recruit or ask for help or even simply hide. To welcome them in is to welcome destruction and death.

>> No.71918545

Thanks, Anon! I'm searching a bunch of recasters at the moment, and I've found some decent public reviews of the major players (although some seem to no longer be trading).

>> No.71918573

They're two seperate armies each with different models you retard. You should be able to figure out which one I'm talking about based on the question you fucking autist.

>> No.71918588

>keyword AELDARI

once again, you going to say guard models aren't imperium because they aren't space marines?

>> No.71918591

Depends on meta. really hard to give a more clearer answer. If you're playing against a bunch of boyz or nid swarms all the time or something then you could need nearly none.

>> No.71918601

>Eldar and DEldar models look different

>> No.71918603

You're asking a lore question about a subfaction that has interactions with all of the major eldar factions. It isn't at all clear that you're asking specifically about craftworlds

>> No.71918615


>> No.71918617

Stop throwing a fit because someone misinterpreted your poorly worded question. You could've just said "I meant craftworld eldar".

>> No.71918627

>implying they look different

>> No.71918646


>> No.71918649

>this butthurt
take the L, autist.

>> No.71918659

Any chance you know MM? I know all the webfront recasters except that. Throw me a clue?

>> No.71918660

>getting clown eldar and spiky eldar all confused with eldar when anon clearly posted eldar and not spiky eldar or clown eldar
pic related

whatever is going on I've never seen so many faggots in a slow dead of night thread come out to such a tripfaggots dick so fast

>> No.71918662

I haven't been on top of recent recaster changes and developments given my army is on hold until War of the Spider.
I do know there are a few Russian recasters that are definitely still operating though. The one I usually buy from is updating their catalogue still, and sent out a "yes we're still working" email just over a week ago.

>> No.71918666

nice. :thumbsup:

snow esthetic is best esthetic.

>> No.71918675

nice hotglue

>> No.71918684

Right WIP is dead so I'll ask here how do I use contrast paints without them looking like ass? I've met a number of people who painted their minis using just contrast and they've actually gotten good results, and the example video from warhammer tv while not very helpful did have a semi decent looking mini at the end. How the fuck do I into contrasts?

>> No.71918693

are use using the medium to thin?

>> No.71918695

man if you ask me man khorne just bootleg orks man bunch of wannabes man you can't prove me wrong khorne gayer than slaanesh man

>> No.71918704

skavenblight dinge and dawnstone for the armor with some warplock bronze and brass scorpion for insignias. abaddon black and corvax black for guns. leadbelcher and nuln oil to taste. white armor is celestra and ulthuan grey.

just because it's plain looking doesn't mean you have to be simple.

>> No.71918705

Just go for a light basecoat so the colors don't fuck up, and then apply it evenly.

>> No.71918711


I'll be honest I've no idea what you are talking about. I've not heard anything about thining the constrast paints, it seems like they are quite thin already.

>> No.71918713

I can't say I know much but as far as I can tell, it's the same group as WHS/FML.
I don't know to what extent they're all linked, but the catalogue updates associated with all three acronyms have been posted to yoyhammer before.

>> No.71918715

Do assault based space marines suck compared to gun line space marines?
Basically BA vs UM, who takes advantage of SM strengths?

>> No.71918716

It wasn't difficult to figure out, people like you that need to be spoonfed specifics are the reason 40k is full of waacfags

>> No.71918717

what are some youtube channels with comfy lore videos

>> No.71918722

they sell pots of neutral thinner and the thicker colours seem to require to be thinned

the JewgamesWorkshop strikes again

>> No.71918733

Shooting is generally better. Blood Angels make assault viable enough to use it as a more primary strategy, but they're more specialized in doing so.

>> No.71918737


I thought the point was to slather a good amount on so that it could pool into the recesses a bit. Did I misunderstand and you're just supposed to paint on a thin coat with a controlled amount on your brush?

>> No.71918740

Too late, fucker. The secret's out, and the jannies have been dispatched. Good luck removing all the doritos from your house before they get there, and even if they do, the smell will still guide them.

>> No.71918743

a couple of things, it depends what you're painting, some things are way easier to paint with contrasts than others
in general don't be afraid to experiment with thinning it out and don't feel the need to use it for literally every part of the model
I did these guys with contrasts for the orange and it came out ok, but it contrast in general worked way better on my daemons in terms of ease of use and final result

>> No.71918748

Why everyone saying that meltagun and its heavy version are bad now?
On the paper, it looks ok. Yes, you have to be close, but it could cause a lot of damage.

>> No.71918750

there are none

>> No.71918751

the fuck are you talking about?

>> No.71918753


So you're saying it needs lahmia medium?

>> No.71918754

I have seen some people say that some of the contrast paint colors are thicker than others with no clearly labeled distinction, although that was mostly some of the very dark colors. Not sure how much that changes the application versus end results, but it may be something to look into.

>> No.71918756

what is hot glue?

>> No.71918760

>i literally can't tell the difference between a tau and a chaos daemon
You clearly don't play 40k.

>> No.71918766

I made one put of the warp talons. Got the idea the jet packs looked like cool sonic engines/sub woofers and they all have warp fused speakers while matrix jumping high of space cocaine. I really have been putting off making the other 4.

>> No.71918767


>> No.71918777

that would be my suggestion on some of the heavier colours, and it what GW recommends.

regardless of what is going on you aren't supposed to drown them, just saying

for instance you'd prime bone white or whatever and when you paint the kneecaps are supposed to be thinner than the recesses

>> No.71918779


>> No.71918782

You paint a thicker coat than you would with normal paint, but you still need to control it and not apply it like a small child smearing oatmeal on a wall. Contrast paint makes painting easier, it's not magic autowin paint.

>> No.71918783

>tau vs daemon is the same as two different flavours of eldar, or two different imperium factions
were you dropped on your head?

>> No.71918789


Get some test minis if you have them, and play around on those for a start. If you don't, try using some plastic spoons and forks to test how different thicknesses and brushstrokes work with it.

The major things to keep in mind are:
1. This isn't a wash. Two thin coasts also doesn't apply here. They say one thick coat and they MEAN thick. I've had better results with overdoing it than underdoing it, and you'll find that multiple coats does weird shit to the opacity.

2. Flat surfaces are the Devil. This stuff works much better on textured surfaces. Marines and other flat panel surfaces cause it to pool and leave blotches everywhere.

>> No.71918790

It's a single shot gun that gets cucked by invuln saves. It can deal a lot of damage in a single shot, but generally needs to be very close to have that be remotely reliable.

When you compare it to plasma, which puts out two shots at similar ranges, has a similar chance to wound most targets, and can be overcharged to deal a more reliable 2 damage rather than 1d6, Melta is left with few things that set it apart. If the strength was higher, or it could reroll to wound or had a way to get higher damage, then it might be more appealing.

>> No.71918792

that is a lie. Archwarhammer lore videos are super comfy. My dad fell asleep listening to his video about the orc warboss that keeps being resurected by khorn.

>> No.71918801

dude you got fungus on your guys dude

>> No.71918803

jesus. Why do something like that? this is clearly too much glue.

>> No.71918805

That picture of Zap A Gap gave me super vivid flashbacks to the smell of it while working on Warmahordes models as a teenager.

>> No.71918808

just quit, being an asshole with a tripcode never works and taking it off to continue is even more softbrained

we get it, you're locked in and have nothing better to do, but today was not the day to try to come to the cool kids club, shit your pants and claim it was everyone else that farted while you ruin anon's mom's couch with your wet shithole discharge

>> No.71918811


see this is what I'm talking about that actually looks really nice. At least in my opinion. How difficult was it and how long did they take to paint? Other than thinning and practice can you share any other tips?

>> No.71918821

>this utter lack of self awareness

just admit it: you phrased your question badly, and the only way you can deflect from that is screeching about the fact that I was initially posting with a tripcode.

>> No.71918831


Thank you for the replies and help anons, I really appreciate it.

>> No.71918833

the person you responded to and started this "hurr durr you're an idiot because of your question shit" is not the person that posted the question


>> No.71918836

>listening to arch
why? he's boring just rambles about who knows what, literally white noise

>> No.71918838

That looks sick man, thanks

>> No.71918840

Considering you don't understand what hyperbole is and take everything completely literally you shouldn't be asking that.

>> No.71918847

taking everything literally is a symptom of autism

just saying

>> No.71918855

yes, I'm the one taking everything literally.


not the one going 'clearly dark eldar aren't eldar because they're -dark- eldar!'

>> No.71918858

Not really difficult, but it did take a while. Its easy to miss spots just due to the way constrast paint tends to pool and dry so take your time and be aware you might need to do some touch ups; at that point you'll either want a normal paint that matches the colour closely, or you'll have to be careful applying the next coat of contrast so it doesnt make the surrounding area darker.
It really depends what you're going to paint though, I did these daemons with 95% contrast paints as well and for them I could just slam it on and then go back and drybrush with a lighter colour and call it a day. Marines and similar things are harder, anything with flatter surfaces is. I don't think I'd want to paint a vehicle bigger than the contemptor there that way.

>> No.71918862

I don't know what you are talking about, he speaks normaly like everyone that was taught english at school. No better or worse then the avarge guy, and he talks about w40k stuff, and that is always interesting , even if it is about something like tau or necron.

his lets plays and RPG sessions with others are also very fun to listen to.

>> No.71918863

while I don't personally prefer it if you're new to the hobby you might enjoy onemindsyndicate

>> No.71918869

i've got something you can take literally *unzips dick and slaps it on the table*
get to work

>> No.71918871

He said it put his dad to sleep, not that it captivated him. It's like turning on AM talk radio and drifting off as your brain slowly smooths out

>> No.71918872

if you played in 3rd you'd have a distinct understanding they aren't the same, before the whole AELDARI ASURYANI DRUKHARI CRAFTWORLDS shit they were literally ELDAR and DARK ELDAR

clowns didn't even exist yet

>> No.71918876

so eldar aren't eldar because of the word 'dark' in their name.

>> No.71918883

>clowns didn't even exist yet
harlequins existed in the rogue trader era

>> No.71918884

baste on what?

>> No.71918891

listening to arch turns you into a fucking smooth brain retard

>> No.71918896

>but muh keywords
Just like sob aren't the same as admech.

>> No.71918897

Are Americans British because they speak the same language and the real ones all come from the Isles?

>> No.71918898

>I'm gonna out myself as a boomer, that'll justify me arguing with children on the internet

>> No.71918904

maybe he ment bastet?

>> No.71918907

do americans not speak english because it's not BRITISH english?

>> No.71918908

I'm speaking terms of a Codex

you have to be 18 to post here so I guess the joke is on you

>> No.71918912

>are there any british people that fought against other british people?
>yeah, the ones that became americans
>no, I only mean british people from britain, obviously

>> No.71918928

Not at all, knights are still pretty strong.
Also get a job you fuckin poor.

>> No.71918929

S8 fails to penetrate real armor (T8) a full 50% of the time.
And you only get one shot to attempt this.

The damage is irrelevant if you can't pen.
Meltas are horrible.

>> No.71918939

Orks are supposed to be the biggest and baddest but they're shit a total joke, what was GW thinking?

>> No.71918941

>thousands of years after the fall of the eldar
>hurr durr they're all the same

>> No.71918942

The cat goddess?
What's she on?

>> No.71918952


>> No.71918954

Necrons are supposed to be the biggest and baddest but they're shit a total joke, what was GW thinking?

>> No.71918957

>dark eldar are the ones who closest represent the eldar empire
oh sweetie, bringing up lore is the wrong move.

>> No.71918963

Bigger joke faction then the clowns.

>> No.71918965

Meltas are horrible.
there is literally nothing impressive about this.

you did not make me angry, you did not make me excited. You haven't challenged my worldviews, you fit into them.

>> No.71918969

have you ever heard a welsh, scot speak or someone who uses cockney m8?

well, D Eldar don't think that CWE are eldar. Same way big dick Obwaldians don't consider Amish as Swiss people.
And if D Eldar don't think that CWE are eldar, then they have to be , at minimum, something else.

>> No.71918975

On 1ksons helmets.
you know like some 1ksons trolling SW memes?

>> No.71918976

are you implying that welsh english, scottish english, and cockney english are not all english, then?

>> No.71918981

the welsh have their own language

>> No.71918983

ok coomer

>> No.71918986

that's not what I asked.

>> No.71918987

>thousands of years after the fall of the eldar
>the fall of the eldar
>the eldar
So now it's okay to refer to the entirety of the eldar race as simply eldar, but before when you said eldar it specifically only meant craftworld eldar and not dark eldar, even though all of those are eldar by the use of eldar that you just used.

>> No.71918992

see >>71918981
next thing you'll say is that the Irish are English

>> No.71918996

They literally are

>> No.71919005

irish speaking english are still speaking english, even if ireland is not entirely part of BRITAIN.

You're a fucking retard FAILING UTTERLY at being pedantic.

>> No.71919012

Of course they aren't. Same way ethiopians or Sefardis claiming to be real jews. And the biggest mistake the Kneset ever made was allowing "russian" jews to settle in Israel.

>> No.71919017

>changing the subject this fucking hard
holy shit, anon.

>> No.71919020

You could have told us that you were retarded to begin with.

>> No.71919023

Because it is like saying that amish are swiss. And there was not milenia between them moving from Switzerland and arriving in north america.

>> No.71919029

this just in: Texans, new englanders, and bostonians are not all americans because they speak with different accents and have different cultures. Cajuns? Clearly not american.

>> No.71919034


>> No.71919040

They are black sludge plague marines. Oozing toxic sludge with every step, shot, and swing they slowly take.

>> No.71919041

Hey, you're the one who just used the word eldar to refer to all eldar, not me. If that only refers to specifically the eldar empire pre-fall, because afterwards all of the factions are too distinct, then the answer to your question is simple. There are no eldar fighting against the ynnari, because the eldar empire fell thousands of years ago, and thus there are no eldar for them to fight.

>> No.71919044

there is no such thing as an american in the first place.

>> No.71919045

this is true

>> No.71919047

But they all have the human keyword, so they're all completely identical.

>> No.71919061

yes, and all human are african <_< Plus am not the anon that started it.

Eldar and Dark Eldar are a separate thing. They are like horses and donkeys. One are assholes,the other are faggots. And just because they can breed and have hoofs doesn't make them the same thing.

>> No.71919063

more like, "They all have the human keyword, so they're all human."


>> No.71919065

100% this.
tried to rock a melta command squad as scions, plasma outperformed it every single game I've done.

>> No.71919079

Bostonians are New Englanders ya fuckin retahd

>> No.71919085

how do you guys feel about bricky

>> No.71919087

anon is right, certain weapons blow from edition to edition and meltas are one of them this time around

stop ironically shitposting, its still shitposting

>> No.71919088

No anon. Mexicans, arabs, whites, blacks and asians are all exactly the same.

>> No.71919094

>yes, and all human are african
Fuck off with your retarded propaganda

>> No.71919097

Meltas should be S8 + 1d6, and for damage, should be d6 + (total rolled melta strength - target toughness)

>> No.71919101

no, anon, because they have a different accent, clearly they're different.

exactly. regardless of culture, two members of the same species are of the same species.

Dark eldar are still fucking eldar, even if they're not craftworld eldar.

>> No.71919107

How good are wardogs for chaos knights?
Was trying to decide between shooty ones and melee ones.

>> No.71919108

>this shitstorm of autism cuz one eldarfag got into a fit over semantics.

>> No.71919111

dude, you are the one who claims that two races the split from each other hundrads of milions of years ago, are totaly the same thing.

>> No.71919113

Say that in Gloucester and you'll get fucking glassed.

>> No.71919121

I like semen tits

>> No.71919122


>> No.71919125

Obviously they're a separate thing. The Eldar ruled an empire thousands of years ago, wheras the Dark Eldar are an offshoot of that, in a similar way to Craftworld Eldar. Although in the animal analogy, Eldar would probably be a very ancient Equus species that is now extinct.

I'm still not sure of the point behind asking if Ynnari fought Eldar though, given the massive time gap between the existence of the two.

>> No.71919126

I've been inside for 22 consecutive days. Insisting that deldar aren't eldar is my cry for help.

>> No.71919127

it should be STR 9 and D6 with a minimum of 2

>> No.71919130


>> No.71919135

we understand you suck nucannon dick, it does nothing to change the fact Craftworlders were once known as Codex: Eldar and the Commorraghites were Codex: Dark Eldar long before keywords or anyone ever invented the word Aeldari and stuck it on all their datasheets, which also were not a thing

>> No.71919136

lmao just go out you mong

>> No.71919140

...and therefore, the original answer, that 'eldar are in conflict with the ynnari', is accurately answered by posting Drazhar.

>> No.71919141

I would go for rerolling damage always and rerolling to-wound and rolling twice for damage while in melta range.

>> No.71919146

Mass is a land of filthy savages anyway, its new England's unwashed asshole, but it's still New England.

>> No.71919147

I like mine better.
>can wound lots of shit on a 2+
>doesn't care about how many wounds you have, can deal 14 damage to a T4 model

>> No.71919155

>dark eldar aren't eldar because of the word 'dark' before their name, because 3e says so

>> No.71919158

maybe he doesn't have going outside loicense

>> No.71919159

What the hell are you talking about. Dark eldar are the ancient eldar. CWE are like the amish of the eldar sociaty. While exodites are eldar that went full blown native, and harlis are eldar that smoked on the cult/secret sociaty pipe too much, but that just makes them wierd and not "not eldar".

Again saying that CWE are eldar, is like saying that Amish are totaly Swiss.

>> No.71919167

just admit you're a trolling asshole and be done with it

>> No.71919169

My point is that if you're going to say 'the fall of the eldar' to refer to all eldar, then you can understand that when someone asks 'do eldar fight X', people might assume that the person is also referring to all eldar.

>> No.71919176

You've got it all wrong.

>> No.71919177

Yes anon, there's literally no difference between eldar and deldar. The keyword says they're the same.

>> No.71919184

Who said it is not?

no the CWE aren't eldar because calling them eldar, is like calling amish swiss. Or americans british, Irish etc.

>> No.71919185

the point is it was a tripfaggot from /v/and we expect nothing but shit^2 from them, and over the last hour that's all we've gotten even after the trip was removed

>> No.71919188

Yeah, that's fucking stupid, what is the downside to it? or do you just want to rework a weapon to be OP for your little mary sues?

>> No.71919194

Exactly. None of them are eldar, thus there's no way for Ynnari to fight eldar.

>> No.71919197

you first, mister 'my definition of eldar only includes one faction of eldar because 3e says so. I don't care that harlequins are eldar, or that dark eldar are eldar, because their fucking books don't say 'codex: eldar' on the cover'

I never said that. I said they're both eldar because they are both racially eldar.

>who said it is not?
did you just jump in the argument now? The entire thing is happening because some retard is saying that was wrong because HURR ONLY CRAFTWORLDERS ARE ELDAR BECAUSE MUH 3E

>> No.71919207

yes, clearly it was my fault, and not the retard who went full REEE at the suggestion that dark eldar are still fucking eldar

>> No.71919209

my point was that there's more than one way to view things depending on being a newfaggot or an oldfaggot, not just one

I've already won

>> No.71919213

This thread needs more Man

>> No.71919218

you realize there's perhaps more than one person on each side of this conversation?

I'm on one of those sides and everything posted isn't me, part of why you keep getting trolled is insisting 1 person is doing all of the counter-posting

>> No.71919219

Here's a Man.

Now stop posting degeneracy, swine.

>> No.71919220

shit like this is why I just go pew pew pew at home fuck actually trying to play a game

>> No.71919221

I never said that. CWE are not the same as DE, because CWE aren't eldar in the first place.

Dark Eldar do the same things they did before the fall, they use the same tech and indulge in the same past time activities as pre fall eldar. Only difference(and it isn't even true for all pre fall eldar), is that dark eldar all have a straw up their butt on whish S-boy is sucking hard.

>> No.71919227

is that the model that made a bunch of people lose their minds?

>> No.71919228

Thank You for being a model citizen.

>> No.71919229


>> No.71919230


The actual fuck?

>> No.71919236

thank you for separating yourself from this game.

>> No.71919240

I just bump tables 'accidentally'

>> No.71919243

okay fine dude you got mold on your guys dude

>> No.71919245

Welcome to 8th edition are you new?

>> No.71919260

wanna know how I know you're a spic?

>> No.71919270

Fucking disgusting

>> No.71919272

They're Mayans. Nothing ever changes.

>> No.71919275

Wobbky model syndrome has been around a lot longer than 8th, m8.
Hell at least now only fly vehicles can move up floors of buildings.

>> No.71919285

four (you)

>> No.71919293

??? Infantry can do it too, only thing that cant are monsters, with the exeptions of knights that were errated to be able to fight stuff on second or third floor.

ah and bikers, bikers got nerfed too, because everyone was using them in 7th, and you know GW wouldn't want people to use models they bought for prior edition.

>> No.71919305

My favorite memory of 8th was went it released and suddenly there's thousands of new entries for "Space Marine Biker" on ebay.

>> No.71919319

The 40k general has been particularly shit the past couple of days.

Cabin fever is really getting to 40k anon.

>> No.71919333

how? just I dunno paint your guys?

>> No.71919336

It's always been shit, it's a magnet for autists and shitposters.

>> No.71919337


those are very nice boys, very shiny

>> No.71919339

So, bit of a weird one lads. My friend and I were shooting the shit joking about a 40k rap artist and I stole some beat and wrote the first part of a diss track about the 13th crusade from a chaos perspective. It's pretty cringe but I think it turned out quite good. Do you fancy me linking it or should it remain in the abyss where it belongs?

>> No.71919341

I can't . I'm waiting for Trumpbucks so I can blow a load on FW vouchers.

>> No.71919342


>> No.71919343

I'm planning my first army (grey knights) and need some advice. At 2,000 points which army should I make:

Option 1: triple battalion strike squad spam with a small deathball of 3 paladins, apothecary, paladin ancient, and hq. Also, a dreadnaught.

Option 2: same as option 1, except replace 3 strike squads and a paladin ancient with a land raider reedemer and an extra paladin. The idea here is to load the land raider with the deathball then gate of infinity the it into the enemy. Additionally, nearly all other units will have the option to deep strike, just a couple HQ, a dreadnaught and 2 strike squads would be required to be deployed on the board.

>> No.71919350

Do you think metallic green looks good on Salamanders?
Also has vulkan been primarized yet?

>> No.71919351

I wish you'd blow a load on me daddy

>> No.71919354

Get the Land Raider for variety.
If you find yourself getting shot off the board, go get the strike squads and run them instead.

>> No.71919365

Sorry, I'm not much into findom.

>> No.71919381

I was talking only about vehicles and and moving up/in ruins.
Also there's no errata for knights to fight against units in buildings, that's a stratagem rule that had to put in the codex because GW for once had the foresight that a pure knights army would be countered by just hiding in buildings, and even then it's super niche.

I have to have this screen shot on hand so when ever people that don't know how to read their rules.

>> No.71919389

I don't want your money

>> No.71919397

One thing I'd suggest is build for 1000 points first, then actually go play some games. You might find that you don't enjoy the game or GK in particular that much and then you haven't sunk too much into an army you don't like

>> No.71919412

Oh, same as FML? I know that one so hmmm.

>> No.71919421

New thread

>> No.71919423

Yeah, but it's *particularly* shit. It being shit, but less shittier than it is now, is a part of the charm.

There's a threshold the thread can have and be fun to watch as autists argue about crap. The quality of argument though has devolved in to constantly bringing up fem marines, people arguing the semantics of eldar vs. dark eldar, and anons actually falling for political bait.

Normally that low level of argument only lasts a few posts, but the last couple of days they've been pretty persistent. I'd rather the typical shit posting about how 'x faction is lame' or 'how do I get melee firewarriors to work?'

>> No.71919435

Metallic green definitely has a different feel too it, but there are some good examples on the net of people working with emerald green look.

>Also has vulkan been primarized yet?
No, thankfully. If Vulkan He'stan was primaris'd he'd lose his only useful tactic, hopping in a drop pod full of 9 sternguard with combimeltas and killing what ever they land next to.

>> No.71919484

Should have been Captain Harlork.

>> No.71919498

>they even call the sport's team 'leafs'
Is Canada even real?

>> No.71919518

There's nothing else in Canada to be proud of.

>> No.71919624

who are the yeehaw cowboys of 40k?

>> No.71919659


>> No.71920661


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