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First for JAR

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What custom craftworld traits are best for a wraith construct-focused army
Obviously the wraith-specific one but what else

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>Have a sudden intense urge to buy a box of Khorne Berserkers
But why?

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Out of interest, can you use Citadel "Air" paints as regular paint i.e. with a brush?

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Post what you think is the coolest name from 40k lore.

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Monkey paw time. Make your wishes.

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You developed taste

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Posting again. Been thinking about 2k Adeptus Mechanicus. The main idea in this list is being Ryza and using Destroyers to shit out plasma shots, and when they inevitably get charged rely on flamers to try and deter.

Then in the back the armor moves forward and supports. I took the Manipulus for the speed boost on the tread boys. The Infiltrators are there to pop out and try to bog down long range enemies before they start chewing through my guys.

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They're worth it for the helmets alone.

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You're better off kitbashing AoS Blood Warriors with the modern Chaos Marine kit.

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how do I paint good

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I wish GW would put Mk1 Rhinos, Predators and Land Raiders on MtO.

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Watch Duncan's videos, do what he does

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Angron, new berserkers, and chain axe upgrade sprue to go with terminators

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Yeah, you can defiantly use them as regular paints, they're just thinner than normal ones.
One of the better painters at my store says he actually prefers them over the regular versions because of the thinness.

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Paint bad and let anons here shit on it. Then paint less bad next time with that in mind

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darkmech get a full release with models and rules

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Masters of Concealment works well with how durable Wraith units already are. Expert Crafters can also be decent due to their smaller unit sizes.

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Suckflesh the daemonette.

I wish Renegades and Heretics wasn't just spiky guard with shitty morale and bad spells.

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They look like shit by modern standards, but there's some ineffable charisma to them.

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wishlisting for admech in engine war
>forge world traits get updated to be more in line with the later codex's
>new relics that don't suck balls
>new warlord traitsthat don't suck
>make secutarii <forge world>
>interesting strategems
>bring in character upgrades
>make an archeotech system in the vein of the ork or tau PA upgrade systems
>make canticles as good as they used to be
>make rustalkers not suck balls
>let kataphrons ride transports but take up two or three spaces
be sure to suggest additions to the wishlist

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Nuln Oil.

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They're sold out before you can get to it.

Angron is just an overpriced bloodthirster with all that entails, berzerkers have one (1) weird visual thing to them that makes them the butt of the new sisterposting trend for months.
The chain axe sprue is really delicate and bends super easy when you try to clip it off.

Wherever you stand on the body horror/practicality/anachronistic tech vibe of the newest admech models, they're on the other end of that spectrum. And they're tactically monobuild.

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Try to get a good base coat down on the model and then hit it with a wash, aiming to have a non-thick base coat and making sure the wash doesn't pool.
After you feel confident in getting the basics down look at adding more detail to the model, either drybrushing or edge highlighting.

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no more mono pose kits

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Ah great, just wanted to make sure it didn't come as a powder or something, I have literally zero knowledge of airbrushes and a colour I want only seems to be available in Air-type. Thanks for the info.

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>darkmech with da vinci spiral helicopters and trojan horse daemon engines

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Quickly pick a faction for me to play, don't think just do it!

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It comes with another price hike with an article specifically stating that multipose kits are harder to make, and GW's legal team gets all the bits sites shut down.

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Angron gets the model you want, but Kharn also gets a new one and he's better point wise, and sculpt wise.

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So annoyed they've delayed Engine War. I get why they've done it instead of doing a digital-only release but I'm annoyed none the less.

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Chaos, but only fielding the old sexy daemonette models.

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Tau. Because I hate you.

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>They're sold out before you can get to it.

How, if they're made to order? I'd have to miss the announcement and if they did get announced as MtO, it'd make all the grognards cream their jeans so hard even I should hear about it (if I missed the newsletter and announcements on WH Community and GW sites). Guess you could bump up the price, which is likely seeing that they could cram all the metal Razorback bits in with the Rhino and metal turret/sponson options with the Predator. I really just want more Mk1 Land Raiders, maybe one rhino to convert a Spartan.

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I imagine this is what Slaanesh see when they close their eyes

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Surf board tzeentch army

>> No.71913690

Convert More

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What a fag. Everyone knows that agrax is the superior product.

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Well, no reopening on the 14th. Ivan probably can't even ship and if he does it'll take months. This is fucking sad bros

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None, because I care about your mental health

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The technical skill to convert and paint my minis exactly as i imagine them and make my perfect army.

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That we can use 30k FW stuff in 40k.

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primaris ultramarines

>> No.71913739

Games workshop goes bankrupt and their IP is purchased by a small independent miniatures company that brings the game back to 3rd edition

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another scion kit

gimme snipers

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How dark skinned can you make your orkz? I have always liked darker green orkz over the GW bright green. Brighter red eyes alright? I want killerz yah know.

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You probably want to include at least a few snipers. I'm a bit curious as to what the Graia detachment is doing, I'm guessing that they're ranging in front of the army as a wall and to prevent deep strikes? Might be worth swapping the vanguard for rangers then. Considering that you aren't using any graia specific strats or equipment, you could go for mars on that detachment, getting shroudpsalm twice will have them lasting longer than the graia buff.

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For everyone to get something new for their army, excluding loyalist space marines.

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Based Necroomer

>> No.71913779

Suddenly, none of the ranges seem good enough to you. You realize your only option is to painstakingly convert an entire army, and after a squad of this realize it's going to burn you the fuck out. So you start playing Necromunda

That company bungles it, pisses off the fanbase, poisons the well so bad nobody else wants to touch the IP and goes out of business. We live in kickstarter and MTG hell for the next decade.

m o n o p o s e

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How'd you lay out a Hrud army list? Let's say two HQ choices, two elite choices, three troops, two fast attack and two heavy?

>> No.71913782

Everyone gets Primaris now

>> No.71913796

Chaos space marine sniper kits.

>> No.71913798

Do you side with bughrud or space rats?

>> No.71913811

Graia doctrine in the style of the space marine ones that makes rad carbines ap-1.

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What color are Ork bones (not teeth)?

>> No.71913818

New Black Templar upgrade sprue, as big as the current one so it can be used to make a Primaris Sword Brethren unit.

>> No.71913822

>m o n o p o s e
So the same as every guard sniper ever? Nice. Exactly as expected, thank you monkey's paw.

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Well shit i beat the monkeys paw. Victory is mine.

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bone colored

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>> No.71913839

logically they would be the same color as the teef

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They somehow fuck it up and mathematically it's actually better at dealing with hordes than killing characters. But it's inefficient at both compared to other options.

It's Just Not The Same. Subject to soullessposting

uh oh

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Ill never understand why the best flgs i can find in my state is in one of its most ghetto cities.

>> No.71913873

Quite hoping the custom Forge World traits will be good.

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>Hey Guys! The Magos is taking her robes off.
>Damm girl, you've got an electoo down there?

>> No.71913893

Allow the god dedicated legions to target their deities daemons with their keyword abilities(EG; Death guard can cast blades of putrefaction on plaguebringers,)

All greater demons get +1 toughness

Blood thirster moves 15" rather than 12"

Nurgle replaces the worthless 4+ save warlord trait with -1 damage taken from multi-damage weapons

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>It's Just Not The Same. Subject to soullessposting

Thats it?! Like I give a shit about anon's shit opinion! Thank you Monkey's paw.

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Great now I want an Admech revenge of the nerds movie.

>> No.71913921

I just want to know what the Varlian Device is

>> No.71913922

Expand the custodes line and rewrite their rules.

>> No.71913923

Shades of yellow

>> No.71913925

Never played before but I want to get started with Death guard with the Dark Imperium set. Is there anything I should know about Death guard before expanding the army?

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>> No.71913945

They kind of suck, rules-wise, right now, but they're supposed to be getting an update in an upcoming book called War of the Spider that might make them suck a bit less.

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>There's no way those are organic.
>Ever seen what a girl with mechadendrites can do? I'd give my other arm to get some of that
>Hey, Rho Tau 5! Remember when we still had dicks?

>> No.71913959

I prefer bughrud myself, but go ahead with whatever you want.

>> No.71913966

Which of these is best within its respective army? Assuming optimal subfaction choice.
>Seraptek Constructs
>Ares Gunship
>Orion Assault Dropship
>Astreus Super-Heavy Tank

>> No.71913967

>Hrud Cladeleader - customizable HQ
>Hrud Chronomancer - psyker HQ

>Troops - Warclutch (basic infantry), Infiltrators (scouts), Tunnelers (melee infantry with mining gear)
>Elites - Entropic Stalker (infiltrator with poison touch), Hulk (heavily armored with special weapons)
>Fast Attack - Mindbenders (can pass through walls and inflict shooting penalties), Infestors (swarm of tiny flying insects)
>Heavy Support - Boretank (deep striking transport), Deathlaunchers (heavy weapon squad with poison/rad missiles)

I feel like they'd be fairly similar to Genestealers, but with more focus on weird xeno weaponry rather than repurposed imperial tech.

>> No.71913968

what's a good box set for starting a necron army? also what's the most based dynasty?

>> No.71913978

Not canon.

>> No.71913984

Make Galvannic Rifles decent and worth taking like they were in 7e.

>> No.71913987

Youre never buildng a list without plagueburst crawlers or a daemon prince

>> No.71913989

Necrons need a visual overhaul. I like the cloaks, but that's about it.

>> No.71913995

Thanks. Are there any 'must haves' to make them not completely pathetic?

>> No.71914003

Matt Ward AMA.

Go go ask him anything. I am really curious what will be his answers.


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>> No.71914011

Look at this and tell me why don't you like it.

>> No.71914013

will he answer questions regarding his obsession with the ultramarines?)

>> No.71914015

>Linking reddit directly.

Come on now.

>> No.71914018

>Bought a new bottle a few months before lockdown
>mfw that feeling of opening a new citadel paint bottle.

>> No.71914021

It looks like it's from Stars War II Attack of the Clones.

>> No.71914023

Go cry about it

>> No.71914030

>tfw Forge World & 'Eavy Metal used to be good at painting
What happened?

>> No.71914034

>Hello! I’m Matthew Ward, games developer-turned-author, cat servant and walking encyclopaedia of Babylon 5 quotes.

Oh Jesus

>> No.71914037

It wasn't in Dark Crusade and therefore I view it as an "outsider" design

>> No.71914039

Cry about what, you literally linking directly to reddit? Why are you even here? Don't tell me, you think reddit is where you talk about stuff and here is where you 'funpost' right? Fuck off.

>> No.71914043

I really don't like the featureless panel in front of the gunner, I always thought it could do with some runes or more tron lines.

>> No.71914047

This. Also, it looks like a kit bash, which it totally is.

>> No.71914050

S'pretty bad.

>> No.71914051

It's a doomsday ark with a large slab of resin that they're selling for $100

>> No.71914053

He said anything. Go at it. I used up my question. Can anyone ask him what he feels about his memetic status in the 40K community?

>> No.71914056

Just don't do anything to scare him away.

I want to see if he hints at any more internal GW drama. The way he phrases things seems like he tries to pass certain unpopular choices to unnamed higher ups at GW. Which would make sense, but also is squirrely.

>> No.71914060

As I've gotten older the sameness between armies has gotten more prominent. Everybody has foot troops that carry guns. I kinda wish there was more genetic/tech drift between races.

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>> No.71914075

Not him. Go cry about it.

>> No.71914079

>Everybody has foot troops that carry guns
Nigga are you for real

>> No.71914091

Make them ap-1 if the unit with them hasn't moved, going to ap-2 on 6s. Fits with the more static formation they want rangers to have, and stops anything with armour just ignoring them.

>> No.71914092

Thank you for crying about it.

>> No.71914096

Episode 3 actually.

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>> No.71914129

Why not just complete the circle? Who would compromise structural integrity that much just for a couple of cool points?

>> No.71914144

Yes, yes I am. You think alien races from across the galaxy/time/dimensions will ALL use fucking WW2 tactics to wage war?

>> No.71914162

>Dude just let me shit up your website while posting stuff from my website.

Tell me why I shouldn't go in there and 'funpost' like you do here?

>> No.71914167

All Necron vehicles are like that. It's part of the baking process.

>> No.71914168

Didn't they show up in the big battle scene in Episode 2?

>> No.71914183

>dude with a gun is a ww2 tactic

>> No.71914186

The face of autism everyone.

>> No.71914187

Do the Blood Angels and their successor chapters pretty much have a monopoly on winged jump packs?

>> No.71914191

>On 4chan
>Where MATT FUCKING WARD can see everything you post.
>"D-don't scare him away g-guys."

Seeing as people like you are why no one does questionthreads on 4chan anymore, you really fucked up.

>> No.71914193

No, stop, don't do that. That would be terrible, really...
Are you autistic?

>> No.71914196

Thank you for crying about it.

>> No.71914208

'Infantry with guns' isn't a WW2 tactic. I assumed you were complaining about how basically every faction consisted of humanoids, which would have much more of a leg to stand on as a complaint. The fact that Harlequins are running around with pistols doesn't make them the same as Imperial Guard soldiers.

Plus, it ignores things like the Tyranids or Daemons who have inhuman Troops that don't use guns.

>> No.71914215

It's time to stop. No one here has acted hysterically or disrespectfully except you.

>> No.71914224


>> No.71914225

Shitposting, /v/tier shitposting from literal Reddtiors on /tg/. Amazing. Your complete lack of awareness.

>No, don't mention how we're actively ruining what used to be one of the best places on the internet teehee, but don't scare away Matt Ward on our precious reddit post, scary 4channers!

Go and neck yourself.

You're actively shitposting in this thread and you expect anyone to buy that? What, gonna post this on r/4chan next? Fuck off.

>> No.71914233

I would love an inhuman looking faction that instead of guns and tanks has psychic mind bullets and psychic shields. No one say daemons please

>> No.71914235

This was a big turn off for me and I put off 40k for much longer than other similar nerds did. Like in a world of laserbeams and spaceships why would they bother with footsloggers and wheel based tanks.

Then I realized it was supposed to be a parody and shrugged my shoulders and bought some Tau...because if it's the future might as well have hover tanks and gundams making up most of your army.

>> No.71914239


>> No.71914253

I do like it actually

>> No.71914254

That's literally daemons and you just want to be a stupid contrarian.

>> No.71914265

>You're actively shitposting in this thread

Not even one of the anons you've been responding to.

>> No.71914266

I'm not sure they're shitposting as much as just straight up mocking you. Which they should, because it's funny.

>> No.71914271

Why don't krootox come in boxes of 3

>> No.71914278

A lot of their utility characters are a bit of a trap when it comes to their rules, the biologus and surgeon look cool on paper but getting the most of them is hard.
>except fire man
>fire man is god

Don't invest melee weapons into the regular plague marines, they're best use is shooting, terminators make the most our of melee weapons .

All the daemon engines are in an alright space right now and fill their own roles.
Plague burst crawlers
>a good tough units that run up the board and use spray units with their plague spewers
>don't expect to use the mortars too much

Bloat drone
>a good harasser that can make the most out of movement with the fly keyword
>Spewers are good for peppering infantry
>Mower is a good at melee and can be nuts if you buff it with psychic powers

Blight Hauler
>fast speedy boi that works best in squads of 3
>can be useful in protecting your infantry with their cover buffs
>good source for non-melee anti-tank

Other than all that you can never go wrong with Daemon Princes.
Don't worry about the getting the specific nurgle one though, it's interchangeable rules wise with the plastic kit.

>> No.71914280

So I'm basically new to the 40k tabletop, last I played was like 4th edition and I was like 12, I'm looking to get back into it. Is AdMech any fun to play and/or good? Just looking for something to dick around with in low stakes settings

>> No.71914282

>I want thing.
>No one say thing please.

>> No.71914285

Increased rate of model releases requires paintjobs be rushed.

>> No.71914286

Thank you for crying about it.

>> No.71914287

the miniatures company is a subsidiary of Disney

>> No.71914289

Dudes with guns walking across no man's land to capture land with little in the way of air support isn't sci-fi. It isn't even modern. And yes, my original post decries the lack of variability in the races forms, tech, and warfare.

>> No.71914291

>remember when we still had dicks.

I no longer remember my sides

>> No.71914294

Well yeah, but an army of them. Make them differing somehow. Psychic powers to melt things from afar and psychic shields to get them in melee to use their hard claws or something.

>> No.71914297

When you yell at the guy trying to pack your shopping, do you go find a crate to stand on first?

>> No.71914299

It's plastic army men anon. Get over it.

>all the guys for my wargame got fuckin guns dur hurr dur

>> No.71914303

Actually the tyranids that have guns is what puts me off of that faction.

I actually like the idea of bug/xenomorph type aliens but some of the aesthetic choices break it for me. If it was more like the starship troopers movie or something I'd be down.

>> No.71914315

Best sisters coming through

>> No.71914326

Pretty fun, comfortably mid to high tier. Can be played a surprising amount of different ways, don't believe that you always have to play them as a gun line.

>> No.71914328

The bugs in starship troopers had guns. Just don't run termies.

>> No.71914334

I want to try painting other armies a bit but I am afraid of abadoning my necrons. I really like how admech servitor shit looks. Not so much the skitarri. I like heavily mechanically modded humans. I like necrons too though but necrons seem really limited from a creative standpoint I guess. What is the admech servitor unit actually called? I am probably going to buy some I guess. I also considered buying chaos space marines to paint iron warriors but painting an already existing chapter seems strange to me. Kind of takes away from the /your dudes/ aspect?

>> No.71914335

Because if you want to have good taste then you’ll need yo work for it

>> No.71914338

Eh. I came back to 40k from 5th. Didn't really enjoy it and feel like I've wasted time on a lower quality product.

If you just want to dick around pick something you like the look of

>> No.71914339

bro when the fuck are we getting a mechacerberus kit

>> No.71914342

Deamons. Humanoids that use melee and ranged weapons. Outside of tzeentch being the exception.

>> No.71914345

>So what if a hyena had a flamethrower for a tongue?
This is some peak Warhammer.

>> No.71914357

Aside from the fact that 40k is more Space-fantasy than Sci-fi anyway, walking across no-mans land to capture land doesn't even describe most missions you see on the tabletop. A lot of them are focused on murdering as many enemies as possible, capturing relics, or fighting aboard sections of massive spaceships or in the tight corridors of a city.

The fact that you think that because Dark Eldar Kabalite troops have guns that it makes them indistinguishable from Imperial Guard in any way is laughable

>> No.71914360

>painting an already existing chapter seems strange to me. Kind of takes away from the /your dudes/ aspect?
No, it's quite easy to do with CSM in particular. There are many warbands that wear legion colors but operate differently and independently.

>> No.71914363

Spent a bit of extra time practicing highlights on the face.

>> No.71914364

Kataphron battle servitors. Can be built as kataphron destroyers who are anti marine weapon platforms, or kataphron breachers who do well against light vehicles and can sort of do melee.

>> No.71914368

Boots on the ground will always be relevant. Doesn't matter how far in the future you go there will always be a need for boots on the ground.

>> No.71914372

They don't have to be humanoids

>> No.71914374


>> No.71914381

>I kinda wish there was more
That entire post
Is that all it takes to get you shills up in arms?

>> No.71914385

You can easily make a full Tyranid army with a lot of variety in choices without needing to put any ranged biomorphs on anything. But the fact that you personally dislike Tyranids having access to guns isn't a good reason for GW to invent an entirely new faction that's almost the same as Tyranids, but without ranged weapons

>> No.71914393

Nice job, looks good. Clear distinction between lights and darks

>> No.71914395

I didn't post the link. I just don't want preK grade autistic screeching about a product a dude worked on a decade ago shit up what was decent discourse.

Pretty sure the AMA is long over anyway.

>> No.71914417

I love the look of them, mostly just wondering if they're gonna be fun to be honest
What kinda playstyle do they go for as a general?

>> No.71914418

Fuck you nigger. It's been motherfuckers with guns since the first lead men were cast up.

>> No.71914419

I can hardly post a single thought here without getting insulted.

>> No.71914423

The fact that in order to overgeneralize the fact that the discussion has gone over the fact, is laughable.

>> No.71914424

Eldar corsairs

>> No.71914439

Mordian Iron Guard

>> No.71914443


>> No.71914448

Yes, but tell that to GW. Also, them's tzeentch demon cubes.

>> No.71914455

Awesome. Where the wings from?

>> No.71914457

Sure you aren't.

>Hurr durr we told him mild insult when he called us out.

Real funny. A gas.

This too, It'll get you a lot of upvotes when you post the screencap.

I don't live in a country where people pack shopping, but hey, thanks for insinuating I'm small, or that I'm yelling at you. Mentally picturing people who tell you things you don't like as inferior to yourself in behaviour and phsycial status is one way to try and mitigate emotional harm, but you're clearly overdosing on it. Shitposting on /tg/ for screencaps to post on your favourite reddit page however is not the best way to deal with that.

Then why post it here where people are very strongly opinionated on the matter? Why not summarise the text yourself and post it here?

>> No.71914459

>a squad of Kabalites ride in on their flying boat, firing crystalized poison at enemies while they raid settlements for slaves before leaving
>this is every faction being dudes walking across no-mans land to capture land

>> No.71914468

Not that guy, but maybe if they gave that guy what he asked for psychic troops?

>> No.71914469

Nothing stopping you from making khornkubes.

>> No.71914471

our standards grew, lets face it eavy metal was the only game in town back in the day there wasnt really anything to compare them to other than that one artfag at the lgs and they havnt really improved much since then

>> No.71914479

Oh and let me guess.

You're going to post next "teehee you cry"

No, just infinitely bored of you people coming here, fucking /tg/ up and then going back to the sites you actually care about to talk about things seriously.

>> No.71914484

Sounds good anon.

>> No.71914487

Tradition is the death of progress.

>> No.71914494

>tyranids having guns is what puts me off
>if it was more like starship troopers i'd be down

>> No.71914497

I run massed skitarii infantry using forge world Graia, supported by tanks with cheap repairmen extending their life. It's not that common to see, but I've found it's fun to drop down 60 or 70 infantry that you can just throw away. By the time they've got a bit of a handle on the troops, the tanks have usually killed everything that can stop them.

>> No.71914508

Thank you, it feels good to see some progress from my first guy to this guy #8. But looking at it now the extra attention to the face shows how little attention I payed to the arms and clothes, will probably add some highlights to those as well to make it less jarring. I don't want to take forever on boyz since I'll need so many more, but I do want to practice.

>> No.71914510

Teehee you cry

>> No.71914513

Buddy I've been here since '08, and in that time passed through all the dumbass phases this site mixed with adolescence can produce, including 'other site bad'. In time you'll hopefully realize it's a huge waste of effort and people suck on every site. Personally, I don't like to talk on reddit, but it makes for fine browsing.

Go cry about it.

>> No.71914516


>> No.71914519

>a squad of Humaniolds ride in on their APC, firing guns at enemies while they capture resources before leaving.
Yep, feels way different

>> No.71914521

that's a bit different from the termagants having SMGs made out of flesh

>> No.71914527

Wraithknights are the most aesthetically pleasing, but they kinda suck for the point cost

>> No.71914532

You don't really need troops to have an army nowadays, and Tyranids get plenty of non-humanoid psychic units to work with. The only advantage of troops over non-troops is being able to capture objectives better, but if he doesn't like the concept of all armies using units to capture things that won't do anything for him.

>> No.71914533


>> No.71914537

>entities interact

>> No.71914539


>> No.71914541

As cool as khornkubes sound...

>> No.71914544


Damn they don't have legs!?

>> No.71914548

so don't fucking field them. Christ, what kind of entitlement makes a person deny an entire model range just because they don't like a couple optional units?

>> No.71914549

pretty good, should have drilled the barrel, now paint 150 more

>> No.71914550

Okay. Now give the sci-fi version that's distinct from such WW2 tactics

>> No.71914551

I dont like the admech fanbase
>le fuck toasters xdddddd
>le speak in binary! So wacky amirite??!
>posting the same coomer images

>> No.71914558

all of their basic guns are plasma so they'd be like Genestealer Tempestus

>> No.71914560

>that guy who thought that his epic verbose rewriting of Big Iron was so funny that he had to post it every thread

>> No.71914562


How does this make Xenos fans feel?

>> No.71914572


>if it was like starship troopers i'd be down.

READ THE BOOK FAGGOT. The arachnid empire had guns you inbred imbecile. Do you know why? Because why the fuck would any halfway intelligent species that had interstellar travel limit themselves to fucking melee?

>> No.71914576


>> No.71914578

Right, and what you want is
>a group of sentient lifeforms ride in on their transport, firing at enemies
But as long as it's nonhumanoids with mindbullets that changes everything?

>> No.71914579

>coomer images

Why is it that admech gets so much more lewd images than the rest of the imperium barring sisters?

>> No.71914580

You forgot the "The fact that..."

>> No.71914582

I don't like you anon.
>obvious shit taste
>trying to promote arguments when we've already got the one hard-core retard
>might be gay

>> No.71914585

I misplaced all of my drill bits when I moved, was pretty cheesed.

>> No.71914592

"...so many books still name the Beatles as 'the greatest or most significant or most influential' rock band ever only tells you how far rock music still is from becoming a serious art."

>> No.71914598

I want an anime character on the tabletop. What's my best option besides a titan, because I actually want people to play against me? A knight? Some warlord with a buffing retinue?

>> No.71914599

The worst part is that there is a faction that almost entirely relies on melee and psychic powers, and as a bonus can be modeled in any way a player wants and still be accurate. But Daemons don't count, apparently.

>> No.71914604

Only if you can't come up with a reason for "That's just how its been done" isn't the most retarded reason to continue doing something.

>> No.71914610


>> No.71914613

Commander Farsight

>> No.71914623

Because it combines the two great desires of mankind, women, and engines.

>> No.71914626

I think it’s a melta.

Anti-tank drugged out hyena-dogs

>> No.71914628


>> No.71914632

Why are the C'tan Gods always naked or scantly clad? What's the idea behind it?

>> No.71914639

Clothes are for mortals.

>> No.71914640


>> No.71914643

is there any warband leaders that still refer to themselves as chapter masters? or is that a loyalist only term.

>> No.71914645

Would you wear clothes if you had a bod like that?

>> No.71914648

youre a fucking god, who is going to tell you to wear pants?

>> No.71914651

I don't always wear pants in my mortal form, why the fuck would a star god?

>> No.71914652

Their bodies are based on images of the Necrontyr pantheon, so similar to the depiction of Greek gods and heroes.

>> No.71914659

>Immortal shapeshifters that can look like whatever the fuck they want.
If I could walk around bulletproof while naked with an 8 pack I'd never do anything else.

>> No.71914660


>> No.71914678

So what's going to be the point of these fuckin' things when Dragoons aren't too expensive (point wise)?

>> No.71914680

Chance some of the legions that held together more might still have the rank.

>> No.71914699

GW fucks up the weapon profiles, and makes each unit ludicrously expensive for what they do. Regular Skitarii are better than tech-thralls in every way including point efficiency. Thallax are expensive and die to a stiff breeze compared to HH. Kastelax robots are double the price of Castelans, and somehow less effective. Domitar are useless because lol melee monsterous creature. Thanatar are 1/2 the price of a knight. They completely forgot to include the less popular robots until the book was already half done, so all the rules are rushed.

Ordo Reductor artillery is included, but they completely bungled Phosphex.

>> No.71914706

Autocannons on ballistari are a waste, and these are supposed to be light skirmishers that pull anti infantry duty.

>> No.71914709

Dragoons are anti-vehicles. These boys will be anti-horde and will have the added utility of being quick moving melee-debuffers

>> No.71914721

No gimp suit lad.

>> No.71914725

Why did people hate the C'tan again?

>> No.71914727

Really depends on the stats but I feel like it has to be around 100 pts for 3 if they just have the guns and outflank.

>> No.71914729

so you can spout le wacky rootin' tootin' cowboy maymays

>> No.71914730

The horse is obviously just two people in a gimp suit.

>> No.71914741

This guy gets it.

>> No.71914743

Will slaanesh ever be cool again?

>> No.71914759

I understand it's a wargame, thus every faction needs to contribute to that. But I kinda wish there was more variance in genetics/tech/warfare. Pic related

>> No.71914766


>> No.71914769

I don't like the >coomer

>dude tits ew marcus aurelian wouldn't like this, no I haven't actually read anything he wrote, i'mma stoic
>why is 4chan lewd fuckning degenerates
>posting the same tired complaints and fake science promoted by weird American dissenter sects.

>> No.71914778

>just noticed I forgot to paint my base rims black
Why is it always after I post a picture that I notice my mistakes?

>> No.71914789


>> No.71914790

They have to justify why they can't get sex. I'm le stoic it's my choice to be a virgin etc.

>> No.71914794

I think posting tits in the general is a bit distasteful, but I've also learned bitching about it just derails threads.

>> No.71914797

Shame has a minimum range.

>> No.71914799

so your solution to faction sameness in a ground based wargame is spaceship based combat

>> No.71914808

After the SJW craze we can have boobs back.

>> No.71914809

>These guys advocate spam posting T'au tits in every thread without fail

Jerk off before posting. There is a time and place for such things and it's not here.

>> No.71914814

The bodies and heads still hold up, but the arms have to go. I used spare BP/CCW arms from the previous CSM box when building my Berzerker squad. I'm particularly proud of one model I got posed to look like he was charging forward with no modification to the parts.

>> No.71914815

>drive genestealer cult injuns away from settlements

Why do I like this now

>> No.71914821

I don't even need tiddy daemons. I just want them to stop being intentionally super ugly.

>> No.71914824

Good point. Tits are soft and comfortable, and that's not what WARHAMMER 40,000 is about.

>> No.71914827

Lol don't even do that but at least they aren't pretending to be le superior

>> No.71914828

Basically canon if Forge Worlds are anything like Necromunda.

>> No.71914830

The new daemonette character isn't ugly

>> No.71914834

How about you jerk me off yourself if it mean so much to you.

>> No.71914845

Limited thinking, anon. Minion mancers were even a thing in Warhammer Fantasy (undead)

>> No.71914848

Who's the cutie?

>> No.71914850

Except when tits feature prominently in artwork and models and more but hey ho eroticism bad. Makes the peepee hard and the brain confused and we can't have that, oh no.

>> No.71914865

summoning exists in 40k already

>> No.71914868

>cirque du soleil in 38,000 years

>> No.71914873

Anon this is a game for 12 year olds now we can't be showing them tits

>> No.71914874

Did the e-version of the Ork vs Yiffs book release? Or are they holding that until the paper versions can ship?

>> No.71914884

Released weeks ago and was put in the mega.

>> No.71914907

Imhotep and his girlfriend at the end of The Mummy 2.

>> No.71914913

As a cooler, is there any third party bits I can get to do this on the tabletop?

>> No.71914914

For me it's more that it doesn't make the pee pee hard, and I'm left with an embarrassingly tiddylicious model that doesn't do what it's setting out to do. Even if I was into it, if I want to jack off I'll just go and jack off. It's a bit odd to go eyefucking an army man when you're playing a game with your mates.

>> No.71914923

>we can't have sexy things in eyesight of kids in puberty
Do you want to raise a generation of sex-less, depressed creeps? This is how you do it.

>> No.71914932

>Ward is a hack
Nothing new here.

>> No.71914935

Frankly I agree. The current rules are very limiting (intentionally) and do not promote variety. It's hard to have word interesting factions when the game is so streamlined and focused on only a few things.

>> No.71914938

Ah yeah the classic 'J-jerk off' as if the entirety of sexuality is just an on/off switch and not part and parcel of the core DNA of Warhammer 40k as well as of /tg/ and the material which inspired, It's nothing but I NEED TO FAP NOW and I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING AND AM A TOTALLY ASEXUAL CREATURE. And God forbid that your mother would see something questionable. She might have to take you in for confession on Sunday to get the bad thoughts out.

This right here is exactly what I mean. /tg/ and these main threads especially have degraded. They've become more sanitised and whiny than normal wargaming forums. And for what? A few funny or erotic images? ON 4CHAN OF ALL PLACES BAH GAWD WE NEED TA CAST SATAN OUTTA OUR MINDS AND USE DA ANTI-MASTURBATION MITTENS OOOOH LAWD THEY POSTING THE CURVATURE OF THE TEMPTRESSES BOSOM.

Why are you even here? You clearly don't like 40k. You clearly don't like /tg/. And you clearly don't like 4chan. So why?

>> No.71914939

Weird but fun combo: Alpha Legion Daemon Prince with their relic boltgun ammo - turns the warp bolter into a poisoned doom siren.

>> No.71914940

They're a CP battery and are used to be troop choices that allow me to use the Graia Psyker deny stratagem. You need the psyker to be within 24" of a Graia infantry for it to work. Also Graia's FnP is decent for that.

>You probably want to include at least a few snipers.
Yeah I can see what you mean with that, unfortunately it seems like half the time I fight armies who have Chaplain Dreadnoughts so my attempts at sniping do nothing.

>> No.71914945


>> No.71914947

I couldn't find in the megas, guess I'll see if it got put in the wrong folder.

>> No.71914948


Do you like warpsmiths 40kg?

>> No.71914949

GW can't into attractive female models they said.

>> No.71914955

I mean, that's basically what's happening nowadays.

>> No.71914957


>> No.71914958

have you considered that you can be non-licentious without being religious

>> No.71914960

Wait, do you actually like 4chan? You poor deluded fool.

>> No.71914969



>> No.71914976

Sometimes I like to take the WL trait that lets him snipe characters too

>> No.71914977

You're mentally unwell if youu think the first impulse on seeing a model in an over-the-top sci-fi dark gothic wargame with a pinch of eroticism in it will make you instantly go mad and start wanking off.

>Jacking off

Don't even pretend you're British.

>> No.71914978


>> No.71914993

They're Neat, wish the models were a bit more distinct from techmarines. Sometimes it's fun to have angry evil mechanics with melta guns running around with their vehicles

>> No.71914994

Don't sodding use that term. It's a nonsensical term that arose due to a retarded, undead meme in the first place and agressive off-site attempts to spam a new meme, cumbrain, because sexuality is now evil to both the left AND right wing of society now.

>> No.71914996

>So what's going to be the point of these fuckin' things
Their point is to expose numech fans as the tasteless faggots they are.

>> No.71914999

Obiwan Sherlock Clousseau

>> No.71915003


>> No.71915004

This but unironically.
If tits make you mad you shouldn't play a metal setting like 40k.

>> No.71915006

I only like sexuality when it's tasteful honestly
cleavage model: good
bare tits model: bad

>> No.71915008

That model isn't hoe she looks like. THIS is how she looks.

>> No.71915011

It's not nonsensical, you're just new

>> No.71915030

Someone needs a nap

>> No.71915042

A pinch of eroticism, whatever. In deldar it's part of the ingame culture and doesn't override the other visual language brought by the faction. But once you start bringing in kingdom death proxies or wargame exclusive minis, it's an uncomfortable experience for the other guy. GW generally does a good job of keeping things tasteful in their ranges.

I'm more annoyed with tiddy tau posters than any models in the game really.

>> No.71915046

What army do you hate the most and why is it tau?

>> No.71915047

That image isn't sexual

>> No.71915049


>After the sjw craze

>> No.71915054

Whats a good starting point for testing the waters to make minis?

I dont play thr tabletop, because of my schedule its likely I never will, but I dig the miniatures. Is there a place I could pick up a half-sized squad (LSM for simplicity) of minis to do a trial run to see if assembling/painting is even something I want to pursue? Theres just a clusterfuck of information on minis for 40k out there and the only friend I have tried talkimg me into buying Warmachine instead...

>> No.71915067

Looks the same to me. Lelith has been around long enough that looking like a MILF accurate.
Pic is a younger (but still centuries old) deldar.

>> No.71915071


>> No.71915082

Can I say any gun line army? It's dreadfully boring to play.

>> No.71915094

BTW you think basic CSM can now provide utility with a heavy weapon?

>> No.71915099

Have a look at the ETB minis on the gw site and see if anything there takes your fancy

>> No.71915101

I hate a lot of tau players who just go with the triptide meme. I hate the lost potential of tau as an alien confederation before robot spam became the order of the line.

I love that you can ignore both of those and run lots of aliens and non robots in a mobile way though.
t. tau player

>> No.71915112

>Those moldlines

>> No.71915124

>pinup pose leg
>not sexual
Are you gay?

May as well say Kate Beckinsale in a leather jumpsuit wasn't sexy as hell.

>> No.71915141

Tau is best when it avoid gunlines and giant robots and focuses on variety and mobility

>> No.71915146

I'm supposed to be aroused by a fully-clothed woman lifting up her leg a bit?

>> No.71915147

Better than assault armies at least

>> No.71915153

>A woman in armor putting a leg off is sexual
Do you find exposed ankles borderline pornographic Muhammad?

>> No.71915157

that's the official model painted by GW retard

>> No.71915166

>gunlines arent fun
>melee isnt fun

What is fun, then?

>> No.71915174

Combined arms

>> No.71915176


>> No.71915177

Is there any way for summoning to not be inferior to just putting your demons on the board and saving yourself the waste of a movement phase and chance of failure?

>> No.71915190

>Do you want to raise a generation of sex-less, depressed creeps?
You're describing most people in my age group (25-35)

>> No.71915196

Maybe if you find Mewtwo attractive

>> No.71915200

Denying there isn't a certain amount of sexuality in the image is willful blindness. Blanche will tell you himself he intended that painting to have an erotic element to it.

That said, there is a difference between a work having some sexuality to it and being an outright coomer image.

>> No.71915202

Sure. We can bring 2 heavy weapons in a ten man squad so one or two of those ain't bad to help fill a battalion. I'll run that next to my havocs in a devastation formation or w/e it's called. Alpha legion to make the havocs untargetable and the negatives to hit to help the squads survive.

>> No.71915220

You should have to choose what you're attempting to summon before you roll, thus giving the chance to fail the summon instead of "oh well I guess it's just a unit of bloodletters and not the thirster I wanted"

>> No.71915221

I don't think you realize how much of a self-own this is.

>> No.71915223

Give them an ablative wound or improved nvuln save the turn you summon them since theyre fresh from the warp

>> No.71915224

What kit does the middle head come from?

>> No.71915239

Apparently the psychic and morale phases?

>> No.71915241

Balanced armies are a lot more fun to play as and against. Unfortunately the game does not encourage that anymore with how formations and cp works

>> No.71915265

>Blanche will tell you himself he intended that painting to have an erotic element to it.
If I drew a picture of a rotting, maggot-covered donkey corpse and told you that it's intended to have an erotic element to it, does that make it sexual?

>> No.71915268

Then you are gay.

>> No.71915270

Catachan sentinel pilot

>> No.71915271

I like to go all out with armies in several ways, so it matters what the art design space is.

It also wasn't a massive insult. I just don't collect them, despite being interested in potential for Xenos armies.

>> No.71915277

Why did the basic whyches not follow this dress scheme.

>> No.71915283

Well I already got monkey pawed asking for the admech flyer

>> No.71915290

That would be pretty neat actually. Say they only get the bonus to invulnerable from shooting (it'd be a bit broken if they charged you right away and got the bonus)

>> No.71915300

Banshees. Thicc liquid crystal padding > fat sacks of humans.

>> No.71915303


>> No.71915309

have you never looked at any R.Crumbs art?

>> No.71915311

Anon a monkey paw has a bad twist to it

>> No.71915319

Does anyone have Goodwin's Elder artwork collection?

>> No.71915337

Used to, but the pages got stuck together

>> No.71915339

It's on sadpanda

>> No.71915341

You are the problem with society.

>> No.71915370

Yeah, I was not referring to book aesthetics.

Thought it would be clear because we don't have actual visual art from that book. I brought it up as an example because the movie does biological weapons(like the artillery) well, instead of growing guns.

I don't have a problem with xenos using guns - I have a decent old kroot army. I just don't like the aesthetic of growing flesh guns - the Hive Tyrant has it as well and is a centerpiece model imo. I think it all works well for it's fanbase, it just isn't an aesthetic I want to collect.

It's okay to have opinions and express them yo

>> No.71915387

I am a man of tempered tastes. A carefully trimmed bonsai of moderation.

>> No.71915392

Fuck off weeb

>> No.71915396

Farsight and Shadowsun. Really any Tau.

>> No.71915403

I hate that they didn't do enough with the anime astetic. Fine its an anime army, OWN that. Have samurai robots, friggin kroot ninja, Giant glamorous robots that run on the Will of the Warrior! Instead we get another gun line.

>> No.71915421

What's the best 350+ point piece of armor right now?

>> No.71915423

Get his illustrated book of Genesis. Jerk off to biblical incest.

>> No.71915428

Because the players smell worse than both IG and DG players put together

>> No.71915435

Eldar wraiths got the good mecha design

>> No.71915439

Not until you accept by superior aesthetic vision.

>> No.71915445

>capable of sexual moderation
come now, sir

>> No.71915458

>going down on an anorexic chick

>> No.71915460

You're not my Mistress you don't tell me when to come

>> No.71915464

I mean I think it'd be interesting to see a warhound scout titan in a 2k point game.

>> No.71915465

I like how understated it is. The basic fire warrior unit has just enough of a 17th century japan influence to give them a striking look with their space matchlocks, yet is distinct enough with their own look to make them appear as a unique culture and not just 'samurais but blue'.

>> No.71915469

175 storm shields. 175 3+ invul saves is tough as hell

>> No.71915479

>Going down on a chick

>> No.71915480

Unfortunately, robots look better when they're not from Japan.

>> No.71915493

Tau are not even slightly anime. Asian aesthetics don’t mean anime you child.

>> No.71915502

A lot of coolness is lost if they don't have stuff to fight. It's why marines are bland, it's become marines vs marines vs marines.

>> No.71915519

what is farsight

>> No.71915523

Samurais but blue would have been miles better than the muck we have now.

>> No.71915527

I know some people really like the damn thing like yourself but I hate it. Hate the horses to but the carbine levers look nice

>> No.71915533

Best Mech coming through

>> No.71915540

35 shield drones

>> No.71915541

It's funny because the right was made by Brits, and the left made by Japs

>> No.71915549

Denial is more than just a river in Egypt.

>> No.71915551

The Tau have always been more vaguely imperial China rather than Anime. Farsight is the only real source of that outside of the fact that they have mechs at all.

If there's a flaw with Tau, it's that their rules don't mesh well with the fluff of how they're supposed to fight, constantly falling back and using mobility rather than holding ground.

>> No.71915561

oh wait, is that from mech warrior.

>> No.71915562

>Armored with carboard and fueled with nitroglycerin
If the IG were to fight in the Votoms universe who would take more causlties?

>> No.71915565


>> No.71915567

Were you trying to imply that Japanese tanks look like the the Fellblade?

Because you're wrong.

>> No.71915573

What the fuck are giant fighting robots you fucking mong?

>> No.71915581

fucking western fool using propellant driven slugs.

>> No.71915582

A single character from a subfaction? You might as well complain that the Imperial Guard doesn't entirely consist of Rambo references because there's a Catachan character.

>> No.71915588

...not even slightly anime?

>> No.71915589

>A bobcat dominatrix in long black leggings, high heels and a corset isn't erotic.

Nigger you blind.

>> No.71915596

He did nothing wrong

>> No.71915597

It is kinda hard to work out how they'd do that when most games have the armies starting as far away as they can get from one another.

>> No.71915598

I love to eat my girl out. I enjoy making her feel good. It's my fetish I guess. I even eat her ass before anal.
Board games.

>> No.71915601

Something that a lot of factions have. The most anime of which belong to the faction with Shuriken weaponry

>> No.71915602

that's the joke you retard

>> No.71915617

No but it is from CBT

>> No.71915621

You think I was being ironic? I was being sincere. And looking at the mouthbreathers who responded to my post utterly correct.

>> No.71915622

Nah, I'm self aware. I'm a forever-alone sexless nerd (I mean, seriously, I'm in a 40k thread on 4chan)

>> No.71915634

Cock and ball torture

>> No.71915637

don't forget his anime mecha squad and his faction revolving around mechs

>> No.71915641

Fro mWikipedi aTh eFre eEncyclopedi a

>> No.71915644

I mean, people are always surprised at how many of us are married or otherwise cohabitate when it comes up.

Reply here if you got a wife or some shit.

>> No.71915650


>> No.71915656

Kharn would say otherwise

>> No.71915661

I have a waifu does that count?
[soiler]its gscb[/spoiler]

>> No.71915663

Doesn't Farsight lead the 7 super tau, or somesuch?

>> No.71915665

I think the group overwatch rule is what gives incentive to gunline blobs. If Tau's assault defense was in the form of letting another nearby unit fall back when they fired overwatch, there would be a lot less advantage to putting all your squads in one bubble.

It doesn't help that the Infantry buffing HQs like Ethereals and Fireblades work particularly well for gunlines either.

>> No.71915679

Hey guys I got a quick theory that I want to test.

Could the sisters players explain to me the differences and a brief summery of each order please?

>Just look it up lol

Won't work because It needs to be the parts that stick out to the fans and their view. What is the differences in each order to you?

>> No.71915681

I don't hate T'au per say. I just hate GW's design of them. It's much better to take massive blobs of drones that 1 or 2 per battle suit. You should always take 3 riptides and as many commanders as possible. Strike teams are just better than breacher teams. There's barely any flex choices. A lot of the shit would be easy to avoid to, like making the +4" to assault weapons hit all brackets of breachers, making drones only able to protect what they are accompanying, and slight buffs to uncommon battle suits and slight nerfs to riptides and commanders. Plus make the mobility options as good as the rewards for sitting still so people aren't as incentivized to sit dead still with T'au. Suddenly with 4-5 simple changes they're an actual army.

>> No.71915683

I refuse to believe that, and i will accuse anyone of lying that argues otherwise.

>> No.71915689


>> No.71915690

Agreed, but being forced to take 3 squads of firewarriors is kind of a hamper

>> No.71915697

is she from a scat hentai?

>> No.71915708

I wish, I'd do anything to get her to shit on my chest

>> No.71915712

>do genestealers poop?
>and more pressing questions from /40kg/

>> No.71915721

Fuck, your rule suggestion is so interesting it makes me angry.

Tau overwatch shittery is also why i don't fucks with tau sept. Kill team taught me that it's real easy to force FTGG on some bullshit before bringing the big hitters in,

Kroot are cheap, plentiful and can be annoying to remove since PA. And breachers are just sexy now.

>> No.71915725

That's only 15 infantry. Infantry which can easily be equipped with carbines or shotguns rather than long range rifles.

>> No.71915742

what is the best forge world and why is it metalica

>> No.71915747


>> No.71915761

Ryza because they aren't retarded and they don't have an identical scheme like half of the other forgeworlds

>> No.71915762


>> No.71915782

Would fit thematically for the Night Lords and Raven Guard. Weren't there some Black Citadel Raven Guard jump packs with wings?

>> No.71915793

noooo you can't just post the first mecha story that happens to be written by a white guy
what about the japanerinos
what about the hecking goldenboyarinos

>> No.71915807

You don't want to be a chud playing 40k still right?

>> No.71915820

crisis suits remind me more of shockwave from transformers than any japanese mecha

>> No.71915828

Sheeeit anon I have two ex wives and almost had a third

>> No.71915852

Galvanic rifles were barely worth taking in 7th. Radium carbines were so much better it wasn't even funny.

>> No.71915864

>the forge world that needed the guard to bail them out from a chaos invasion

>> No.71915867

Color scheme

>> No.71915881

Breachers are trash without a devilfish

>> No.71915882

My wife and I both play. This summer we're gonna clear out the back room in our house and turn it into a hobby room with a 40k table and display cabinets for our minis, provided Corona-Chan finally lets up. It's gonna be great.

>> No.71915902

imagine being married and calling the Chinese virus "corona-chan"

>> No.71915908

I play AoS, but browse here because I like you all. Every last one of you.

>> No.71915912

How did you meet?

>> No.71915924

>implying I speak this way IRL
It's called hiding your power level, anon.

>> No.71915926

lore or rule wise ?

>> No.71915940

We met in college. She almost hit me with her car and offered to take me to Taco Bell to apologize. It just kinda went from there.

>> No.71915944

>speaking honestly online but altering your wordchoice in person
What a strange person you are. Shouldn't it be the other way around?

>> No.71915948

>Our Martyred Lady
The only one that actually matters because it has all the characters.
>Ebon Chalice
The one for /our_girls/ which nobody actually plays.
>Blood Rose
>Sacred Rose
I don't even know. I don't think anyone does.
>Valorous Heart
The one with repentias that nobody plays.
>Argent Shroud
The quiet ones who always wear helmets that nobody plays.

>> No.71915956

How difficult would it be to use green stuff to modify an Overlord's staff of light to look like the one in Dawn of War?

>> No.71915963

I'm engaged to a latina gangster because she thinks I'm neat or something. Nobody else in the world likes me.

>> No.71915965

With something small and rigid like that you're better off using plastic card.

>> No.71915969

Fiancee here, she plays a decent amount of tabletop stuff but not 40k. She does like watching me paint and giving me feedback though.

>> No.71915990

>using GS to make small, flat, edged shapes
don't do that

>> No.71915995

> implying

>> No.71916006

You fool !

>> No.71916009

I see. Perhaps I'll make it a full custom project, then. The staff itself could be made out of green stuff and the blades could be plastic cards.

>> No.71916010

Source? I thought it'd be delayed, but I haven't seen proof of that anywhere.

>> No.71916021

You can't win. They see a Blanche piece and they've brainwashed themselves into thinking there's nothing erotic about it.

>> No.71916061

>representation for women minorites
>steampunk dwarves
Hard pass. A lot of the other shit is subjective as well. Plus:
>fantasy vs sci-fi
They're radically different settings with different appeals.

>> No.71916072

Why has there never been a traitor custodes?

>> No.71916077

>it's blanche so it's sexual
uhhh schizo department? He's saying this is a giant phallic space ship that represents the crude power of the Imperium of Man.

>> No.71916080

What a weak "man" you are. Leave online theatrics to adolescents.

>> No.71916085


Seriously that's it? What about their heroic deeds or named characters? Order culture? anything fluff related that's not a given.

lore wise. Anything when you look at that order you think of.
That's a little better, but it's still pretty small.

Ok new question: What would you guys think to kicking out a majority of the Sob's from terra to different planets for "lore reason X" and once there they develop radically different cultures and artistic inspiration?

For example one would be really strong yet primitive and based on amazons another would be based off of Russian night witches all being based off of known female warriors of various types? Notable characters would be added later also based on that culture.

>> No.71916098

I love how you just call things anime as your argument.
>”guys robots are anime!”

Those guys are blatantly Super Sentai.
>”Come ooooon! Japanese means animeeee”

>> No.71916108

The Emperor made the Custards because he was lonely and wanted to have a book club.

Turns out, studying classical philosophy will lead you to reject the Ruinous Powers in all their forms.

>> No.71916110

>giant phallic object penetrates into enemy territory

>> No.71916121

>For example one would be really strong yet primitive and based on amazons another would be based off of Russian night witches all being based off of known female warriors of various types? Notable characters would be added later also based on that culture.

Bro there's plenty of threads for smut worldbuilding and you'll have much more useful responses there.

>> No.71916127

overacted silly asian shit is the same as other overacted silly asian shit

>> No.71916134

I dont know why youre giving him so much shit. Recognizing that your behaviour isnt socially acceptable and atlering it in public is what everyone who isnt the blandest of normies does.

>> No.71916149

Is that different than the Sentinel kit they sell now? Because it's not there.

>> No.71916150

super sentai is anime as shit

>> No.71916154

post tits

>> No.71916166

>That's a little better, but it's still pretty small.
So is my dick, but it's functional.
The SoB has incredibly little personality. I just love the crazed fanatic vibe but don't like chaos. Also DoW Soulstorm got to me.
>to different planets for "lore reason X" and once there they develop radically different cultures and artistic inspiration
So guard regiments? It's something I guess.

>> No.71916169

Having socially unacceptable behavior is the mark of a weak person. But if doing so alleviates yours stress, then go ahead, some of us do not have such faults.

>> No.71916172

They're the same autists with no impulse control screaming about coomers and accusing anyone who glances at a titty into needing to jerk off then and there.

>> No.71916180


>> No.71916189

You post on 4chan and try to proselytise o

>> No.71916205

I don't post on 4chan

>> No.71916207

I don't think you'd be impressed by my tits anon

>> No.71916209

>1 (ONE!) weapon option on 2 (TWO!) units in one of the most diverse factions in the game is stopping you from collecting the entire faction
this is some high level autism, jesus christ

>> No.71916221

Mono-eyed robots are my fetish

>> No.71916225

The main issue with different sisters orders is that they're all based off of a former living saint, which are each cool in their own right, but are all dead now so the origins behind it tend to be less well known. I don't think shifting their homeworlds would be the best move, as that just means another degree of separation between the order's origins and their current state.

Trying to take inspiration from existing warrior cultures also just makes them more akin to knock-off space marines and removes the fact that they're simply a militaristic arm of a centralized religious institution. At the very least rather than warriors you should be taking inspiration from religious sects. Ideally, this would be accompanied by new living saints to help emphasize the thematic distinction through their faith-based powers, but currently making an OC living saint is very special snowflake due to Celestine being the only current example

>> No.71916231


>> No.71916232

You are posting on 4chan right now.

>> No.71916239

I went to screencap the URL and just realized we're not on 4chan. What the fuck is this? When the fuck did this happen?

>> No.71916240

the sisters were a stagnant army for nearly 20 years, youre lucky theres color schemes

>> No.71916241

No I'm not?

>> No.71916244

I didn't say anything about porn. Though we are talking about sisters and coomers will always be a thing. It's unavoidable.
I simply have a theory that the reason that space marines are so loved by GW writers is because they are so easy to write about and the reason for that is the real world inspiration they each take cues from. Once you get sisters to be something other than "nuns with guns" people will flock to them.
The fact that none of the responses gave me anything critical other than color schemes is a terrible sign. No wonder people are still whining about female space marines.

>> No.71916245

Projection. Accept that some have their shit together and still enjoy this hobby/website.

>> No.71916250

when is there going to be a jump pack cannoness I want to create a detatchment of sisters based on the heavenly host

>> No.71916251

You fool, you absolute buffoon. This is 4 CHANNEL

>> No.71916259

>Lilith Hesperax with a new plastic model

>> No.71916260

You post like a fag and your shits all retarded, thats a pretty big fault

>> No.71916267

When I was a young blind boy, I thought they looked like something out of robotech.

>> No.71916270

I didn't say they should.

Never once did I imply that.

>> No.71916271

Dangerously based

>> No.71916274

Did I ever say his entire body of work was erotic? No. That's not being clever, you haven't proven a point, you're shitposting because you think that's what this site let alone this board is for. We used to call shitposting something else but I've forgotten the term. However the key thing is that it's not good, it's full, it's destroyed /tg/ and it's clear you've no intention but to just drag everything down to your insepid level just so you can giggle like a schoolboy who thinks he's being funny. Laughing at nonexistent wit. Fuck off please.

>> No.71916284

>she's wearing a burka

>> No.71916297

I would accept. I'd rather have Khreadrukah back.

>> No.71916300

quintessentially british

>> No.71916313

So does he. So do I. One adjusts ones behaviour depending on the company one is in and where you are. If you act like you do on 4chan in real life, I strongly doubt you have anything together but some unread books and a reputation for being a pseudo-intellectual prick.

>> No.71916317

If you had stopped at retarded, you could at least feigned disinterest. Instead, like a child, you dance around your macaroni project of an insult. Thus, easily disregarded.

>> No.71916330

what a newfag

>> No.71916331

I like macaroni

>> No.71916337

>Engine War Delayed
>and with Engine War delayed

No seriously, prove it though.
I know GW said their stores would be closed and nothing physical would be coming out until May, but they didn't say anything about delaying digital releases.
What do these people know that I don't?

>> No.71916342

he never had a model, did he even have rules?

>> No.71916346

Hey buddy, the /lit/ board is two blocks down.

>> No.71916359

its a refernce to a movie quote

>> No.71916366


>> No.71916369

Lizardmangs in 40k WHEN

>> No.71916371

Fuck you leatherman!

>> No.71916376

Boomers only understand movie quotes when they're from Clint Eastwood flicks.

>> No.71916383

Abhumans, chaos beasts, some minor xenos, convert more.

>> No.71916385

Based Sodomite

>> No.71916387

pretty sure he did really early on until gw went no model no rules

>> No.71916389

fuck you

>> No.71916393

It's LeatherHEAD


>> No.71916397

more like he's a 15 year old baiting for (you)'s and wouldnt recognize a movie quote from before his time

>> No.71916398

>Ok new question: What would you guys think to kicking out a majority of the Sob's from terra to different planets for "lore reason X" and once there they develop radically different cultures and artistic inspiration?
>For example one would be really strong yet primitive and based on amazons another would be based off of Russian night witches all being based off of known female warriors of various types? Notable characters would be added later also based on that culture.
They are supposed to be all raised on Schola, it suggests that they all share a comon "standard-imperial-culutre".
But in the same time GW seem to be ok with BL writting the opposite.

>> No.71916401

kroot are lizards i think

>> No.71916410

Sure, the first part. The second is him thinking he is clever. A throwaway quote let's him seem aloof and doesn't care. But then turns around and becomes the guy that ruins a joke by not shutting up.

>> No.71916411

kino movie 2bh

>> No.71916414

It's actually leathermead. The actor meant to say leatherhead, which has interesting old boomer connotation that you likely will never hear these days, but accidentally begins saying man but then corrects himself midsentance. Check it out by listening carefully if you don't believe me, it certainly was a shock for me.

They kinda exist, they just want to be left the fuck alone and too small for even a small battle scale.

>> No.71916415

Sure, Not

>> No.71916430

I always heard it like that as well, plus it makes more sense

>> No.71916438

a couple decades ago in RT/2e

>> No.71916442

Aren't they some kind of bird?

>> No.71916450

Convince me to play sisters

>> No.71916456

Lizard-birds. GW can't decide whether they have a hard beak or fleshy beak

>> No.71916462

Why does anybody paint T'au white? They look infinitely better as anything else. Also post cool T'au paint schemes.

>> No.71916463

if you need to be convinced, maybe you shouldnt play them

>> No.71916471

The Imagifier

>> No.71916473

Heres an old picture of purple tau. The yellow scheme was a pain in the ass when I did it for my older tau

>> No.71916474

Have you ever painted white? It's a total chore.

>> No.71916483

No. Welcome to the 8th.

>> No.71916490

>the DSLifier
Get it right anon

>> No.71916494

Buy third-party. Bonus points if you hate your LGS.

>> No.71916503


New thread

>> No.71916515

Are the ETB minis not inferior to the "normal" ones? I would honestly prefer the authentic builsing experience, ive seen a ton of videos of people building marines from the sprue, id just like to test it on a group of 3-5 instead of a $50-70 full squad starter box to decide Its not my thing.

>> No.71916532

they seem to want the sisters sororities to be like marine chapters, but the marine chapters have a lot of wiriting behind them to allowed whats basically just different palette swaps have personality. sisters on the other hand were neglected for years, so they have little to no personality and the different sororities are just window dressing. if you treated them more like the guards, youd get maybe more personality, but youd also get the guards problems with a lot of ranges being oop.

>> No.71916546

>radically different

Space-wizards who summon space-demons to fight space-knights with space-swords in space-castles while space-dragons fly overhead & space-skeletons fight space-elves for their ancient space-empires now full of space-orks & space-goblins all talking like space-cockneys.

>> No.71916583

Spamming? No, that would be in poor taste.

It just needs a light touch.

>> No.71916587

last year sometime maybe further back

iunno anon i just use the url i get

>> No.71916632

maybe look for the space marine heroes model lines, the models are sold 1 per box, but theyre blind buys, i havnt bought any myself, but they dont look like the easy to build type from the videos ive seen

>> No.71916667

>sisters heads are fine bro

>> No.71916775

I actually don't even underperform when I run a bunch of random stuff in Tau as some commanders are there. I don't think running fewer than three commanders ever makes sense, and bringing a single riptide seems fine...going that way gives a strong enough firebase that as long as you put bodies of any type on the table things work out.

Adding 60 kroot, a devilfish with a breacher and rail rifle pathfinder teams, a farsight crisis bomb...even having some hounds and krootox as distraction pieces work. Ghostkeel and stealth suits with the mirror stratagem is fun and messes with the opponent battle line, that ends up being more effective than it should be.

Idk, I just don't think competitive lists are tuned enough for weird grab-bags of units to make them actually not be viable. At least in Tau, there are definitely some bad offenders in other army lists, especially before the last CA.

>> No.71916825

After flames of the phoenix I kind of want to do an eldar waifu force with Lelith, Yvraine and Jain zarr. I also want to so Saim Hann eldar.

>> No.71916846

Dawn of War 4 is happening, right? God wouldn't allow the studio that made dawn of war 1 go to waste, would he?

>> No.71916851

Can you blame them? Space marines are all at their very core warrior monks, but if that was it they wouldn't get anywhere near the audience they do today I guarantee it. Heck the reason space wolves are so popular is because they are so unorthodox.

Now the "nuns with guns" theme isn't bad, it's just overused. Having an entire faction revolve around that is like an entire faction revolving around "we are elves" or "we are space skeletons" those are legitimate themes who have a legitimate audience, but that one audience is tiny in comparison to the coalition of audiences space marines are.
>The main issue with different sisters orders is that they're all based off of a former living saint but are all dead now so the origins behind it tend to be less well known.
Did not know that, so like a primarch then. Ok. it would help greatly if the saints were known to have different personalities and style to show significance. Maybe a micro series on Dominica and her companions.

>Trying to take inspiration from existing warrior cultures also just makes them more akin to knock-off space marines and removes the fact that they're simply a militaristic arm of a centralized religious institution.

Good point, but how many people are drawn in from the "female religious fanatic" trope compared to space vikings+space templars+space romans
etc. Just playing devils advocate here.

>At the very least rather than warriors you should be taking inspiration from religious sects.

Ok that's a interesting idea. You could have a catholic order that's all about rites and tradition, while you could have a southern baptist order that focuses more on faith and works. How would you implement that into the ways they wage war though?

>> No.71916917

Tau with camo is nice, I did a green/dark green tiger stripe with cream accent/sept colour.

>> No.71916925

you have the jewish order that uses stealth and attacks the other armies credit ratings

>> No.71916939

and this as a one off digital camo pathfinder devilfish.

>> No.71916968

looks cool but i can see why it would be a one off, that must have been a massive pain in the ass to paint

>> No.71916982

>Buy repentas
>learn the secrets of that one anon who greenstuff's thick thighs on his Sob's
> Remove worthless paper repentias always wear
>order third party heads and faces.
> Now have army of sexy amazons.

There I convinced you. Now go do it.

>> No.71917040

Hello mechtau anon. Can I see your piranhas?

>> No.71917047

Yeah I started it back when pathfinders had a special devilfish that had specific rules so it was sort of the stealth devilfish, but i never really finished it until this year because I was too daunted with highlighting it. I also never used it since I have 9 tanks so I had others to use. But now its found a way back into the army and its nice having a different coloured transport, makes it easier to tell whats in each transport. And I still theme it by putting pathfinders in it.

>> No.71917063

>Good point, but how many people are drawn in from the "female religious fanatic" trope
Joan of Arc is pretty noteworthy, but even outside of that people also like Templars and Crusaders quite a lot. That said, I think what helps is the aspect of living saints, as outside of warrior cultures the way people usually think of religion for fantasy games is in domains. Having a saint who can shoot fire from her eyes or a saint that can heal with a touch wouldn't be anything groundbreaking, but it would be a quick shortcut in the same way that space vikings would be.

As far as distinguishing based on religious sects, I could see quite a few ways to accomplish that even through something as simple as general unit choice or flavor. For example, a Catholic order might make more use of Sisters Repentia and treat it as a punishment in addition to the voluntary aspect, but would also more carefully tally the weight of sins and have a path off of it. Conversely, the baptist-inspired order would likely keep it more voluntary, and instead focus on Crusader teams and other non-sisters troops that they would invite to join them along their missions, and generally having a more casual attitude towards who they accept into their ranks.

Essentially, you would want to go into more detail for each order as to what they see the role of each squad as in terms of their order rather than a simply tactical view. Similar to how Space Wolves put their scouts into assault squads first and save devastators for veterans, converse to how most other chapters do, you could have some Orders who perhaps see all as sinful and require a period of Repentia service before new members get their power armor. Or other strange variations based on the Order's ideals and preferences.

And all of that is without even touching upon real world culture to a large degree. It's simply a matter of fleshing out what potential already exists

>> No.71917084

Seems like literally everything is sold out for now anyway

>> No.71917104

Sure, only one is fully painted. and none of the drones are in a finished state. Though that should be remedied soon thanks to this pandemic.

>> No.71917336


>> No.71917341

It wouldn't be a 40kg without coomers and grogs arguing about SoB

>> No.71917367

Hell yeah, thanks anon.

>> No.71917388

Sick, man. I love the look of the Tau's not-ghosts.

>> No.71917486

I also have all my vehicles magnetized to carry seeker missiles, and personally i think they look really cool sticking out of the front of a piranha. Makes it look really intimidating.

they are blue stuff molded seekers and they're not the best looking, but they're really just counters anyways.

>> No.71917517

I thought about doing that but worried I'd lose em in time. Still working on my first piranha, it's turning out kind of wipeoutish.

>> No.71917543

fill gaps thin paint, don't spray with your cans so far away it leaves a powdery finish

>> No.71917566

>Good point, but how many people are drawn in from the "female religious fanatic" trope compared to space vikings+space templars+space romans
>etc. Just playing devils advocate here.

I like them because of the religious fanatic aspect, basically the "nuns with guns".

To me SoB is peak 40k. The galaxy is so fucked that even the nuns of the Imperial Cult take up arms. Imagine if the crusades lasted thousands of years and got to the point that even the monks and nuns were handed swords and told to go kill some heretics.

>> No.71917575

I actually really like that way of building a piranha, its a simple but really cool look. Makes it look really fast.

Yellow is a tough colour to work with and could really use highlights so just consider that when you're later on in your painting. It took me a while to get good at doing highlights but it comes with time and practice. and even then mine are really thick.

>> No.71917604

I'm really working hard to make myself paint everything base before I engage on the high that is panel line pinning

>> No.71917907

Decent stuff for necrons

>> No.71918066

My wife has no interest in gaming but is more than supportive of my hobbies

>> No.71918191

Say, I'm shooting these fucks, and I leave 3 of them left, one with 1 wound. I fire some more D2 plasma into it, hitting and wounding once. Does it carry over?

>> No.71918235


>> No.71918261


i personally chose sisters becasue I loved the fanatical religous aspect myself. Though I did do /mygirls/ lore based on syncretic oriental religions.

>> No.71918655

wow, she's perfect

>> No.71918669

New faction plastic IG troops

>> No.71918685

The new faction is Ultramarines chapter serfs replacing Guard as an army

>> No.71918710

>Ultramarine serfs, each taller, stronger and better proportioned than any IG soldier

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