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First for Harlequins!

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Convert More

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Is there a chance that 30k AdMech stuff will get rules for 40k?

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Been thinking about 2k Adeptus Mechanicus. The main idea in this list is being Ryza and using Destroyers to shit out plasma shots, and when they inevitably get charged rely on flamers to try and deter.

Then in the back the armor moves forward and supports. I took the Manipulus for the speed boost on the tread boys. The Infiltrators are there to pop out and try to bog down long range enemies before they start chewing through my guys.

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They were supposed to in Fires over/of cyraxus, but odds are it’s never coming out so sadly no.
I’m buying a thanatar or three the moment they get 40k rules though.

>> No.71908433

Who knows, maybe now that GW's 40k rules team will be handling the rules for everything usable in 40k, including the FW stuff, they'll include rules for them in the FW indexes when (if) those ever come out.

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Mother fucker, I want some too.

>> No.71908439

Unrealistic biology.

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It's in the category of possible. It was going to happen through a FW splat book, but that book is never going to be made at this point. There might be a chance now that they've changed who writes the rules at FW and could be included in the updated indexes if or when they come out. Not really enough information to say one way or the other

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Could you guys help me/point me in the direction of where to come up with stuff for a T'au Sept?

I picked up an extra sprue or two and wanted to use the bits to make causalities for my actual army, fuck T'au and thought it would be better to fluff up my own group rather than use an official one. Or, would it be better to use a more well-known Sept?

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Don’t forget these boyos

>> No.71908537

I always do something that people say is not possible. My Tau force is on the western side of the galaxy

>> No.71908540

Fluff is a slur

>> No.71908545

There's the Sept creation tables on 1d4chan, but that's more for actual fluff. The codexes are better if you just want an idea for random color schemes, but the only ones people are going to easily identify are Tau, Viorla, and Farsight Enclaves anyway. Otherwise just pick out a nice color scheme that helps compliment/contrast the look of your dudes, since Tau are known to switch armor colors to match environments anyway.

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Are Orks good for a beginner? They seem cool as fuck in terms of lore and are probably one of the coolest portrayals of the race I have seen in fiction.

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why even consider taking these over lootas? even if you da jump them into the backfield the whole unit will still likely not survive the turn, better off da jumping a full mob of boyz or dropping in stormboyz over flashgitz and their points cost.

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I love Myrmidons but I'm worried they'll just end up being more expensive kataphrons with better BS. Depends on the rules they give their weapons.

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You're a slur.

>> No.71908567

How so?

>> No.71908578

then don't use it

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Orks are weird. In terms of gameplay and lore? Yes, they're a great introduction to the game. In terms of actually painting and assembling? They're one of the armies that most easily lead to heavy burnout if you bite off more than you can chew. As long as you go in knowing that it's going to take a while to build and paint everything because you're playing what is essentially a horde army (even IF you decide to go vehichle heavy, it'll still be a horde compared to Knights or Guard Tanks).

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They are forgiving in terms of kitbashing and painting. You can save some bucks from Ebay. But you need a large amount of infantry, which can be tedious. Also 8th edition is not in favor of melee factions.

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Are R&H playable yet?

>> No.71908626

Not really. Gotta wait for a new book.

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They got fair bit of all forms of elites, not just vehicles, that you can focus on. Meks, nobz, airwing, etc. If you're not playing tournaments you won't even find much issue doing whatever the fuck you want.

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I've been watching oculus imperia videos on youtube and he seems like a well informed guy, but there's too much imperium for my taste. Is there a good channel that talks about xenos? I've looked through one mind syndicate but all they do is read the wiki, same with arch or luetin

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>when you put a fresh sheet of paper into the wet palette

>> No.71908699

They're kind of tricky. Obviously you want to get into meele as quickly as possible in order to bash the enemies' skulls in, but you have to be smart about it (use cover, transports, screening units, etc).
I think they're a pretty decent choice for a beginner.

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Orks are a do it all faction

>> No.71908740

They've got more shots, AP, BS, melee stats and durability. In exchange they're shorter ranged (can be patched with a strat) and are forced to be Freebootaz. They're not quite as good on the whole but they're more consistent. Lootas are glass cannons that you dump every buff into so they delete something while taking casialties on grot shields, flash gitz are there if you want a more mid-ranged force that can last more turns and bee less swingy.

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I figure there ought to be at least one story out there of tech priests doing a home invasion on a haemonculus or a bonesinger. It's always necrons.

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You're a wet palette

>> No.71908768

Who're the orange and blue marines are the end of Astartes with the skeleton hand?
Any fluff or name to them?

>> No.71908773

Finished my Catachan flamer+shotty veterans, show me your latest projects anons

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This is the most homosexual thing I've ever seen

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Yeah, just getting into the game and building lists to see which units I get next to paint. Was planning on using 10 lootas with shok gun mek in the backfield (possibly with a morkanaut with KFF because they are cool) with a grot screen to take out fliers/soften up targets that my boyz are charging towards. Would da jump a mob of boyz to tarpit artillery in the backfield and use stormboyz for assaults and taking objectives (may switch for warbikes, not sure yet). Also thinking about a deffdread or unit of kanz since I love how they look. Going deathskulls if that makes a difference. I don't mind if I lose a lot, I just want to have an army that can at least not get tabled on turn 2 so I can play the game.

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I was considering making an 80s comment, hadn't thought about the gay angle.

>Hey there thweetums, those are thum really big pipeth you have there! And tho hot too! What is that a blowtorthtch? Making me hawt!

>> No.71908823

They're very...tanned and greased.

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Thank you anon, I'm trying my best to make em look thicc and oiled up

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Everybody say that, but than the only lists I see is 60-90 boyz, weirboyz, mek with kff, mek with sag, 6-9 mek gunz and a sprinkle of grots.

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If I do T'au Sept, would Averland/Some orange close enough for the color? I can blend them to be lighter or darker, it's just I have a lot of colors atm.

>> No.71908863

They need moustaches for that.

>> No.71908871

They're a "do it all" faction, not a "do it all WELL" faction.

>> No.71908872

Gaynigger from outer space.

>> No.71908878

Are you looking at lists from people trying to place at tournies/be competitive? That might be why.

>> No.71908895

The exact color literally exists as sold by GW as Tau Light Ochre. You could try to re-create it with mixing, but it probably won't be super easy. Maybe look up a tutorial?

>> No.71908898

Can anyone give my list a look over? Have I made any crucial mistakes?

>> No.71908907

Thats a tourney list, melee armies are getting loved tenderly in 8e so doing a ghetto tau firing line list is how they counter it. Its also boring as fuck to play.

>> No.71908911

the 80s thing or the gay thing?

>> No.71908914

>69th Caliban Big Boys ready to deploy and penetrate deep into the enemy rear, mmmm...

>> No.71908926

And every marine list has 3 squads of five intercessors. What’s your point?

>> No.71908935

Have you tried not looking up top placing tournament lists?
That said, even tourny only, some of the decently placed lists had stuff like "all buggies" and "nothing BUT meganobz" alongside other memeshit.

>> No.71908939

69th Caliban Nightrider Big Boys

>> No.71908942

What do you mean 'or'?

>> No.71908953

Pick whatever models you like. The rules of the game 1) arent very good 2) completely shift every few years and 3) most of the time spent playing with your toys will be building and painting them

>> No.71908956

I'd like to help Anon, but I don't know shit about Admech.

>> No.71908960

I'm surprised you picked that guy and not the dude I gave a legit lazy eye and bad teeth

>> No.71908969

I know the "all buggies" list was one of you meme posters.

>> No.71908970

As a guy who has spent the last 3 days painting 20 warriors and 9 crisis battlesuits, I'd say go for something that's not ocre. Or at least not the one GW sells. I ended up needing about 3-4 coats to get a solid ocre with XV-88.
I still have shadowsun to paint and I don't know if I should strip the paint and go for another scheme or not because it's a pain in the ass. Again, in my opinion, I don't know if weather affects this colors in particular but I wouldn't do it again

>> No.71908983

Seems fine to me.

>> No.71908987

That's a pretty competitive list. Remember that Deffskullz work best in small units, and that Kustom Jobs apply to an entire vehicle unit even if they split. What this means is that if you take a unit of vehicles (like Deff Dreads or Scrapjets), give them a Kustom Job then split them at deployment they're getting the maximum benefit from both of those. Something like a unit of 2x gun + 2x klaw Deff Dreads with the +1 BS job can be legitimately good as deffskullz.

>> No.71908994

Sorry anon, I'm relatively new at all this and don't know much about/play T'au. Didn't know they sold it, but atm it's gonna be a bit hard to buy it. I'll check out a tutorial like you said. If it's not too much trouble/to ask, what color is their blood?

>> No.71909008

The lazy eye is too hard to see in the photo, I was afraid of posting that one and having it just be a trick of the light. The otherguy is right up front and clearly not just in shadow.

>> No.71909013

>tfw no dark mechanicus to go with my chaos knight army.
Guess I have to settle for chaos space marines for my screen.

>> No.71909033

Thanks for the advice, T'au Anon.
You're awfully nice for a blueberry.

>> No.71909036

I think Tau blood is canonically red, however it used to be canonically blue just like how Ork blood used to be canonically green. Both were changed because they show up like shit on blue/green skinned models. I don't think anyone would question you if you went with either.

>> No.71909043

Speaking of, Engine War fucking when?

>> No.71909049

Use this in the future, its is very helpful in trying to match colors across the army or across periods of time between painting.


I personally prefer vellejo paints over citadel as I find them much easier to thin consistently but everyone has their brand they like.

>> No.71909055

Canon has gone both ways on red or blue, there's not a hard and fast rule. Whichever contrasts best with their armor I'd say, I find that blue (especially lighter tones) goes great with T'au Sept ochre.

>> No.71909059

fucking never

>> No.71909071

I want dark mechanicus, i mean, real flesh and machine horror made manifest, but i dont trust gw to not fuck it up.

>> No.71909095

Just play your chaos knights as regular knights and convert admech as dark mechanicus.
Then take some primaris and call them alpha legion.

>> No.71909119

Aye, no problem man, having painted tons of necrons, Tau is a big change. I could've painted like 800 points of decent looking necrons in the time it took a couple of crappy looking tau.

>> No.71909123

I wish the Imperium had even MORE medium sized walkers!

>> No.71909125

So instead of max mobs of boyz, like 19 with a boss nob (unless they are getting da jumped)? And grots don't need to be all one unit to be used for grot shields, so just a few 10 grot units instead of a large 30?

>> No.71909147

Wish they made Armiger with missile options. I need my Battletech fix.

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>> No.71909156

That's fair, either way, I'm glad everyone here seemed to have a good time with my beef veterans

>> No.71909161

Max mobs of boyz work best as Evil Sunz because they can easily nail charges after Da Jump. 3x10 Grots is fine, unless you're expecting them to draw a shitload of firepower in one phase. But honestly you should just get painting and playing first, worry about competitive optimization later. Metas come and go, models are forever.

>> No.71909224

Of course anon, the goofiness of old models is more than half the charm. Leaning into it is just even better. Good on you for doing so.

>> No.71909239

Armigers are the ideal size for a superheavy in a standard 40k game anyway

>> No.71909242

Can I interest you in some Broadsides?

>> No.71909261

Thats the plan for now, working on a sc! box of orks. Have half the boyz done and primed the other half this morning so I'll start painting them tonight. Taking my time with it and not going to buy another box until I'm done with these guys. Next box will probably be a box of lootas or stormboyz for a change of pace, then another box of boyz afterwards. I wouldn't mind buying multiple sc! boxes but I don't really see the need for a second deffdread, a second painboy, or any of the nobz really.

>> No.71909280

^this, fucking put spikes on everything, change toasters for HP printers and you have the darkest of tech support there could ever be.

>> No.71909284

They're not Imperium and they're small.

>> No.71909292

>change toasters for HP printers

>> No.71909314

Funny you mention necrons....

>> No.71909323

>not ea tech support
Not dark enough.

>> No.71909340

he wants to play dark mechanics not iron warriors

>> No.71909355


>> No.71909367

Is eldrad a baddie?

>> No.71909392

Did... did somebody say... NECRONS?!

>> No.71909393

He's an elf. Of course he is.

>> No.71909395


>> No.71909397

Huh, has everyone in that box gotten an updated sculpt?

>> No.71909417

Should be called Cawl's Unmoving castle

>> No.71909429

I would do a beeoboop army in a heartbeat. Imagine the sales spike by just spending some time on a pdf?

>> No.71909430


necrons are cool though

>> No.71909431

to the gross Imperium when he and Bobby G aren't having conversations and working together?


he's killed entire planets and shit

>> No.71909437

>Got a new, plastic Abbadon
>Plastic Drazhar
>Plastic Eldrad
>Plastic Kharn
>Plastic Fabius
Looks like Pariah's gunna be bringing us my boy Assholetep.

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>> No.71909450

Caliban really rocks.

>> No.71909456

That's awesome anon

>> No.71909485

I’m real curious what rules their guns would get since GW and FW can’tseem to agree how volkite works and FW can’t decide how C-beams work (my favorite imperial weapon by the by) so their guns might be amazing or completely worthless

>> No.71909488

In your deep dive into esoteric knowledge that few still hold, were you able to come across any examples of somebody Playing necrons and running Sword and Board lychguard and doing well? Because if I can make an army out of basically only them... whoo boy guess who's on the Cron train?

>> No.71909494


>> No.71909511

What is it that makes Necrons so loveable?

>> No.71909523

I feel a bit bad about jumping ship to AoS, now.

>> No.71909525

how do I paint my miniatures in the forge world style because it looks better than the GW style by miles

>> No.71909527

This is the ideal xenos body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

>> No.71909535

I used to have a unit of shotty vets. Modeled em with the necromunda autoguns since they could have autoguns, shotties, or lasguns. Plus I gave em all extra kit and a dope Chimera...

>> No.71909544

That's my mom

>> No.71909553


>> No.71909561

Nothing says you can't enjoy different branches of the same hobby anon.

>> No.71909565

Google "How to paint X like Forgeworld". Forgeworld literally has several paints that used to be under their brand before GW remade them under citadel, they literally just use different colors. This is all fairly easy to find. What are you trying to paint, I could maybe help point you in the right direction?

Also, thanks for the new fetish.

>> No.71909568

doc grotsnik hasn't, but I doubt he'll get one ever

>> No.71909572

autism from the last thread, ignore

>> No.71909576


>> No.71909579


Oils, weathering powders, scratches and duller schemes.
Not so much highlighting or bright colours.

>> No.71909583

Nigger is also a slur.

>> No.71909590

>forge world style looks better by miles

Yeah, that painted MkVI is top tier master class.

>> No.71909592

I like it.

>> No.71909594

Necrons are the ultimate comfy.

Nobody blames you

>> No.71909601

How come they are all wetbacks?

>> No.71909608

I'm looking to paint admech

>> No.71909624

nothing, except your s necrophil.

>> No.71909625

>Reading the Valdor book
Wow, they managed to suck all the mystery and flavour out of the Thunder Warriors. Fucking amazing.

>They're sub-divided into Legions now, not Regiments
>IVth Legion
>Siege specialists
>"Iron Lords"
>"What can we do now we're detailing this previously unexplored section of the 40k backstory?"
>"Ah, just make them carbon copies of the Astartes legions and call it a day, originality is HARD"

>> No.71909633

This crisp ass yellow does not lie.

>> No.71909634

I like your models

>> No.71909638

>that gun metal
Wow I was not prepared.

>> No.71909652

did you fuck her

>> No.71909657

Paint a normal admech model GW style and gloss coat it, than airbrush AK interactive streaking grime on the model and do a reverse wash with mineral spirits.

bingo bango you are 95% of the way there and then break out the weathering pigments and dull coat it

>> No.71909665

With GW writing all of the rules now, volkite at least should be fairly predictable.

>> No.71909683

Yes. But don't feel like you need to immediately go full green tide with 100+ boyz or gretchin. You'll probably get there eventually. But have fun with the different elements of the Ork army. Even if they aren't all top tier, Saga of the Beast did a really nice job buffing some of the weaker stuff so that you can make almost anything work somehow.

>> No.71909696

You're the reason this started, don't feel bad. Your sacrifice brought upon a dozen more Necrons players. When I finally actually buy Necrons, I'll be thinking of you when I paint and play them.

No, but I did play against a dude who posts here. He had some pimpcrons. They attacked my Guard for booze and drugs and then fizzled away after murdering most of them. It was fun.

>> No.71909698

on a 6 cause an extra hit

these hits cannot cause additional hits

>> No.71909704

sounds great anon, shotties/autoguns are definitely underappreciated on veterans and chimeras are sadly also coming a bit out of fashion in 8th edition.
If you have a picture of em be sure to post it

>> No.71909713

Anon space marines are not people they are tools and weapons explicitly so for the thunder warriors

The human genome is just another blueprint and super humans are just another model they can be improved and why throw out the baby with the bath water? When you can just throw the baby out the window into a radioactive desert and replace it with a stronger but more autistic baby?

>> No.71909715

This is some peak Michael Jackson music video antagonist dancers

>> No.71909718

They just want someone warm to hold a night.

>> No.71909721

oh shit forgot to say that they are based on stygies or metallica haven't decided on which

>> No.71909726

would tottaly fuck your mom. How long is the line?

>> No.71909736

Unfortunately the FW ad mech are painted a variety of colors so that makes it difficult to help. I do know that their red (for like, traditional mars ad mech) is Gal Vorbak red rather than the GW ones, gives a darker less cartoony vibe to the model as it's a little less "poppy" if you know what I mean. Little less bright, little less vibrant, but still very noticeably red.

>> No.71909754

Anon, of all things to bitch about... you bitch about proto-SMs being proto-SMs?

>> No.71909763

Whom do I have to blow to get an open-topped Tau transport?

>> No.71909774

Look up tutorials on Youtube for painting and weathering historical tanks and minis. FW style is basically just using those techniques on the 30k/40k sci-fi stuff.

>> No.71909786

They are probably one of the "goodest" factions out there

>> No.71909797

If we go by GW's usual standard 6s to wound will cause a mortal in addition to regular damage. Even the Styrix got changed to this after GW updated the FW knights.

>> No.71909803

Especially with the new stratagems, thinking about a tellported morkanaut with the I think shiny gubbins stratagem to shoot a second time once you've cleared away the chaff and can focus on the harder hitting targets that were being protected, cause some damage and split focus fire.

>> No.71909813

This was in the heyday of third, sadly no pics. I used to feed that unit to all kinds a shit as a speedbump, or they'd catch an objective and shoot everyone off it for a couple turns. They killed some SW termies one day to everyone's surprise. Circumstance ended with me only having a fraction of the army left. I've been rebuilding slowly.

>> No.71909818

Not enough servitors.
You want to dedicate at least 500 points to assault drills full of melee servitors in order to obtain the confusion advantage on turn two when you launch the shortbuses into the enemy

>> No.71909856


>> No.71909884

Link the book nigga

>> No.71909896

Those fat stumpy fingers look disgusting

>> No.71909922

wishlisting for admech in engine war
>forge world traits get updated to be more in line with the later codex's
>new relics that don't suck balls
>new warlord traitsthat don't suck
>make secutarii <forge world>
>interesting strategems
>bring in character upgrades
>make an archeotech system in the vein of the ork or tau PA upgrade systems
>make canticles as good as they used to be

>> No.71909925

Don't care they look like they can mash a mean dick to o town in under 2 mins.

>> No.71909929


>> No.71909945

>wake up
>"C'Tan fuck, we take a nap and THIS shit happens!"

>> No.71909952

Pick 2 out of that list and that's what you're getting from PA.

>> No.71909958

>that tyranids leg

>> No.71909960

The fact that GW thinks that the forge world traits are good enough to warrant FAQ'ing them to only apply if your entire army is <Forge World> is reason enough to believe nothing good will come from Engine War.

>> No.71909974

>forge world traits get updated to be more in line with the later codex's
>make canticles as good as they used to be

No, you'll have to wait for your 2.0 dex

>new relics that don't suck balls
>new warlord traits that don't suck
>interesting strategems
>bring in character upgrades
>make an archeotech system in the vein of the ork or tau PA upgrade systems


>make secutarii <forge world>

More likely to be in the new FW indexes

>> No.71909980

When Whinnie the Flu is over
>Expect another fires of cyraxus situation

>> No.71909981

I only really expect custom FW traits, strats, and something along the line of tank aces or prototype systems.

>> No.71909983

Crons only elf-proofed their tombworlds, they didn't retard proof them. So that's why their open to ork or ad mech invasion.

>> No.71909999

This is how I Necron, by the way.

>> No.71910020

Imagine if necrons were interesting

>> No.71910027

I almost forgot
>make rustalkers not suck balls

>> No.71910042

We might get the +1 to wound strat they have in killteam.

>> No.71910047

Are there any undead robot girls heads that will fit necrons? Does nechronica even have models somehow?

>> No.71910062

>That picture and you're looking at the fingers.

WTF is wrong with you?

>> No.71910072

What genres of music tend to end up in your painting mix Anons? I like to listen to concept albums while painting since I'll be there for a while and can listen through the whole album. I also tend to like funk like the Detroit Spinners and Earth, Wind, and Fire. Other bands that sneak in are king harvest, ELO, Yes, King Crimson, Ghost, etc.

>> No.71910088

and they'll be 2 points more expensive than some other option for the damage they cause making them inviable

>> No.71910094

I mean hes posting on /tg/ soooooo....

>> No.71910097

I've been listening to the Gorillaz over and over lately

>> No.71910107

Is this a jojo reference?

>> No.71910109

Check out Run the Jewels, Czarface, and Aesop Rock

>> No.71910113

If they could hole breachers I would.

>> No.71910125

I take Sentinels with Missile Launchers and HK missiles alongside Armigers and its very Mechwarrior feeling

>> No.71910136

My brain always checks hands, shoulders and throat first to look for signs of tranny.
This isn't a tranny but I noticed her swollen fingers.

>> No.71910139

Not sure, I've never watched it and only know a bit about it from my gf.

>> No.71910148


Emancipator just released a new album. Go check him out if you don't know him, it's pretty chill and calm to have something on in the background while you paint

>> No.71910152

>make it so breachers and destroyers can ride in transports but take up two or three spaces

>> No.71910156

It's a dynamic pose.

>> No.71910163

2 points are rather minor in the grand scheme of things, assuming that the output is the same..

>> No.71910168

I'm curious what daemons are getting out of engine war.

>> No.71910173

Another great band, just I've found out the hard way that I can't have too many songs that slap on my playlist. Unconsciously using paint brushes as drumsticks didn't end well with paint being slung on my minis.

>> No.71910177

how do I paint a blue tint on white like these doors

>> No.71910187

Based, also MF Doom, Less is Orchestra, and Blade of the Ronin

>> No.71910212

I just listen to politics so i can be angry while i paint my night lords.

>> No.71910224

take blue and add more white to it. while you go up.

>> No.71910236

Own an airbrush

>> No.71910242

You add a white tint to blue

>> No.71910248

is there anyway to make ogryns look not retarded, the masks almost work except for their stupid ears

>> No.71910250

Why would politics get you angry?

Things have been pretty great for the past few years.

>> No.71910260

google wet blending tutorial.

>> No.71910274

watch youtube videos on glazing

git gud

>> No.71910295

You're aware that ogryns ARE retarded right?

>> No.71910300

You need to use an airbrush. I'm sure there's a way to do so with a regular brush, but I bet it's difficult and easy to mess up.

>> No.71910301

>watching youtube tutorials
>find out I've been doing a backwards version of wet blending for years
>try it the other way
>results immediately better

>> No.71910321

Why do you think ears are retarded?

>> No.71910323

>‘My beloved lord,’ said Eidolon, ‘grows–’
>‘Many more supple breasts every day?’ asked Aximand. Kibre snorted loudly.

>> No.71910326

They aren't retarded, that implies that they can be "normal".

Its more apt to say they are as smart as a human retard.

>> No.71910332

He can do this with inks and washes, it's just faster and easier to just do it with a brush.

>> No.71910334

Tye only good politicians are dead politicians. They systematically attempt to remove our rights. Also bump stock bans was a bad thing.

>> No.71910337

how precise are airbrushes cause I want to use this on my infantry along with my tanks

>> No.71910342

Have you ever seen a retard without ears?

>> No.71910345

Well, you got me there anon.

>> No.71910363

How old were you when you started collecting models?

>> No.71910365

Depends entirely on 2 things. 1, you and how you use the airbrush (more air = more pressure = wider spray = less control, less air = less pressure etc) and 2, the size of the needle for the airbrush. As long as you get one recommended for modeling and don't lay into the airtank like a maniac you can do some pretty precise shit.

>> No.71910366

A good one is very precise depending on the needle.

my HP-CS can switch out between a few sizes that i change depending on what im painting.

>> No.71910381


>> No.71910387


>> No.71910399

thanks for the advice anons

>> No.71910420


>> No.71910421

>MF Doom
I'll check them shits out.

>> No.71910423

Thats a man.

>> No.71910428

When I started collecting my own models? 13. I was 6 when I was introduced to the game via a friend though, and we played using his dad's armies, but we were deemed too young to actually paint and assemble our own minis.

>> No.71910433

Like 7

>> No.71910444

Bad looking "Wargame Exclusive" heads/titty torsos. You'd probably be better off just getting some normal bald female heads and painting them metallic.

>> No.71910445

They don’t make me angry, just depressed.

>> No.71910458


>> No.71910498

But I want broken doll kinda heads

>> No.71910502

>there's whole BRS Necron set

>> No.71910515

15. Made the transition direct from LEGO to 40k

>> No.71910516

thanks anons

>> No.71910523


>> No.71910559

What is this from

>> No.71910561


>> No.71910568

22. I like the setting since I was like 10, but the models didn't exist in the country I used to live.

>> No.71910574

just ordered a lord discordant and a maulerfiend from a recaster for 3000 rubles,feels fucking good bro's

>> No.71910595

I'd be hesitant to order plastic models from recasters.

Resin is generally fine because thats how they are casted but casting plastic in resin has some issues.

>> No.71910606


>> No.71910608 [DELETED] 

Some Math professor at Berkeley wrote it a while back.

>> No.71910639

Essay by some math professor at Berkeley. Industrial Revolution and the Human Race or something like that. Nobody really famous.

>> No.71910652

Just finished Longstrike. Now I just need to paint his tank.

>> No.71910684

>Math professor at Berkeley
>professor at Berkeley

>> No.71910704

You may not like them now but they did start the free speech movement. Guess they have the right to kill it.

>> No.71910706

I fucking love chinacast bro! Where ever it comes from. Got me all my cool knights from Chinacast.

Cerastus Atropos
Cerastus Castigator
Knight Moirax x2

>> No.71910708


>> No.71910718

oh dont be silly, my army of night lords is 95% recast and i never had any imperfections that could not easily be fixed

>> No.71910732

Sure did. I've seen retards with all sorts of disfigurement.

>> No.71910739

Don't forget the totally necessary name generator.

>> No.71910749

Picked up the Ork 8th Edition Codex, read it like 3 times. I wana switch to orkz and make a big ol army.

Going with Bad Moons as a startup clan, I love me some fancy looking orkz. Maybe get some other clans into my waagh at a later point, but was going to start with 10 boyz either this weekend or next

>> No.71910765

>tfw Occupy literally neutered the left
Trannies are a psyop that worked too well

>> No.71910773



>> No.71910787

I'd take that over any of the shitty lore in them, and most of the rules too.

>> No.71910788

Clearly if they were disfigured the retardation was a result of whatever traumatic event took their ears. You'll never find a human born without ears but with retardation. Checkmate, ear enthusiasts.

>> No.71910798

I have 4 recast armies and i've come to the conclusion that plastic kits suffer from being recasted in resin.

>> No.71910800

Yeah her elbows are hella pointy too, disgusting

>> No.71910808

People who are hesitant to order chinacast clearly haven't dealt with Forgeworld QC. Granted their customer assistance is legendary but I've never had an order where I had to get some shit replaced.

At least with chinacast you know where you stand going in. I've only gotten exceptional casts from one seller, pretty good from another, and only had problems with one... but it was on par with FW mould slip and air bubble frequency.

>> No.71910814


>> No.71910824


>> No.71910830

>I've never had an order where I had to get some shit replaced.

Fuck me anons sorry.

>> No.71910843

I'd say you're fairly likely to get either relics but not WTs (for some reason PA has avoided them like the plague) as well as cool and useful stratagems and an upgrade system like Tau, Nids and Guard got. Updated Canticles are less likely but possible, updated FW traits and FW keyword on Secutarii are highly unlikely.

>> No.71910847

That's not how it works, retard.

>> No.71910849

>haven't dealt with Forgeworld QC

we're talking about recasted plastic kits.

>> No.71910867

what's the time limit on swapping your miniature for another one
asking because I have a box of havocs that I want to switch out for a ravager

>> No.71910877

>free speech
That was always a subversive scam

>> No.71910908

Did you open the havocs?

>> No.71910912

19, I think? That couple of years all kind of blurred together

>> No.71910914

They need the most help. Mono daemons might actually be the least viable solo faction. It's a long shot, but a unique god-specific mechanic like they have in AoS might be on the table -- unlikely, but GK give at least a little precedent.

>> No.71910933

It's cliche, but I mostly listen to metal (especially cheesy power metal) when painting 40k. I have a fairly broad taste in music but that seems fitting, you know? That or listen to podcasts.

>> No.71910940


You might benefit from learning how to do a proper dry brush or possibly more practice edge highlighting with the side of your brush.

>> No.71910952

They released a bunch for marines in faith and fury and the tank aces guard shit is just WL traits for non-character models.

>> No.71910956

About 12 with WFB Lizardmen, but then I took a 13-year break till I got into 40k.

>> No.71910964

they are unopened to my knowledge

>> No.71910981

How much is that in non-Monopoly money?

Based and Tedpilled

>> No.71910983

Should be fine as long as it hasn't been too long of time since you bought them.

>> No.71910989

I wish more of the Horus Heresy novels had focused on the Schism of Mars. One book wasn't enough.

Are there any other Mechanicum-focused novels I've missed? There's so many HH works now..

>> No.71911011

Looks like he should be in front of a DJ's table

Unironically the best thing out of PA

>> No.71911013

the only consistent inconvenience i had was washing every miniture everything else was fine,i can post more models if you want

>> No.71911033

they were bought in december

>> No.71911042

I didn't dry brush it, tau armor is not good to dry brush. I know how to to an edge highlight with the side of the brush but its not too practical on a small model> could have done better on the butt plate, but he's going to be in a tank so It wasn't a huge priority.

>> No.71911064

You most likely will be able to, its really up to the manager.

Just blame the kung flu.

>> No.71911072

>peak performance

>> No.71911091

Name, address, and favorite flower?

>> No.71911107

40k rules when?

>> No.71911133

>> No.71911143

Running an all primaris Ultras list, are executioners must take?
Or am I better off with two units of Hellblasters in Impulsors?

>> No.71911148

Tell that to these boys.

>> No.71911159

>> No.71911165


>> No.71911168

Good for you anon. Have fun

>> No.71911169

>tau armor is not good to dry brush

Everything can be dry brushed if your good enough with the technique.

If not you can go back and clean up spots you overbrushed

>> No.71911178

Your model is fine. Actually pretty good. You will get better tho. Lastly, you can ignore folks who's advice is basically "be better".

>> No.71911186

Now I recognize this dame. She runs a highly reviewed “girlfriend experience” service through her website

>> No.71911195

hey /tg/

how would you fix 8th edition?

>> No.71911200

Aggressors aren’t anti tank

>> No.71911206

>Your model is fine.

Don't lie to him.

Longstrike looks like a melted popsicle

>> No.71911224

No ++ and +++ saves.

>> No.71911225

Add all the rules from Cities of Death.

>> No.71911226

Two power fists.

>> No.71911233

Add in LoS blocking terrain to make it required. Other than that I'm okay with it.

>> No.71911243

+2" flamer range
-1 S for plasma
Melee overwatch
CP can onle be used by the faction that generated it

>> No.71911259

Biggest thing would just be changing terrain rules to get rid of TLOS. If you're in an area of terrain, you can shoot and be shot. If there's an area of terrain between you and your target, you can't shoot eachother.

That makes line of sight a lot less ambiguous, a lot less affected by conversions, and should help speed up the game because a model will either be in the open, in terrain, or out of sight, with no fiddling movement required.

>> No.71911260

>get rid of TLoS
>bring back Templates
>no more fucking re-rolls
>unfuck initiative and S/T chart
>squat the Imperium

>> No.71911274

Forgeworld produced some books on how to paint in that style. I am pretty sure that they are in the megas

>> No.71911275

Based 4/5th ed player

>> No.71911277

Based and redpilled post

>> No.71911288

thankfully my local manager is a pretty cool guy
thanks for the info anon

>> No.71911295

I do keep coming back to models once to do get better. But I also think camera always brings out the flaws in a miniature.

its certainly a lot better than I was doing when I first started.

But I struggle with dry brushing on clean flat surfaces, I don't like the dusty look.

>> No.71911300


>> No.71911306

Templates are shit.

>> No.71911310

So if someone is a self proclaimed "fluff bunny" what are they saying about themselves

>> No.71911313

Unironically based

>> No.71911314

I don't think they've ever been in 40kg's megas but I know /wip/ has them.

>> No.71911315


>> No.71911319



>> No.71911320

Fix allies and make them like broodbrothers in GSC (One detachment, half the cp generated, no relics of Traits)

6s always hit

Cover affects to hit rolls

Redo imperium plasma to only using the safe profile but increase it to D2 and make them explode on 1s like in previous editions

>> No.71911329

We love you necron guy

>> No.71911337


>> No.71911344

Yes give me a way to hide Magnus. He's impossible to hide with his wings

>> No.71911360

Embrace the Necrodermis, brother

>> No.71911366

so basically back to 3rd ed rules

>> No.71911369

should I give my dominus a phosphor serpenta or a macrostubber and if I take the serpenta should I put on the phosphoenix relic?

>> No.71911374

No TLoS.
Bring back size categories.

>> No.71911380

If it was an official store, they have to at least exchange it for something.

>> No.71911390

40 dollars

>> No.71911393

>back to 3rd ed

The good ol' days

>> No.71911404

when vehicles didn't have HP and it was horrible

>> No.71911408

Does a certain pay level include sex?
Because then I would pay for it

>> No.71911417

More or less. I think it would just be easier to have something more uniform that doesn't force people to make solid walls for all their ruins in order to prevent a tank from firing through 3 consecutive windows to snipe something across the map

>> No.71911423

I skipped the entirety of 6th and 7th.

So i'm okay with vehicles not having hull points.

>> No.71911429

Now vehicles have wounds and are still horrible. The real solution is to squat vehicles and go back to infantry only. Fuck tau and guardfags.

>> No.71911431

At the table, I would say nothing about the model. That makes it fine in my opinion. But of course, if you'd actually say "your Longstrike looks like a melted popsicle" then go ahead. I myself am not that much better a painter. Tho the rarity of such things leads me to believe people like you say little when not behind a keyboard.

>> No.71911442

I would be nice for terrain pieces like woods and shit. A bit more board variety than just massive buildings actually being viable.

>> No.71911449

CP can only be spent on formation that created the CP.
3 from being BF are spent on anyone.
Battalion gets 5, the small "three plus HQ" get 3. No Brigade.

>> No.71911467

Boring. Go play kill team

>> No.71911468

>leads me to believe people like you say little when not behind a keyboard

Nah i have a habit of running my mouth and don't really shy from a fight, verbal of physical.

>> No.71911476

Killteam is unironically better than 40k right now for a reason.

>> No.71911477

I’d give it to ya if I still remembered it, but I stumbled onto the website a few years ago. You’ll need to reverse image search or something.

Good luck

>> No.71911488

TLOS removed (all employees responsible flogged
Stratagems removed
CP removed
1st turn Deepstriking back in
Buildings use Vehicle Embarkation rules (speeds model movement, and thus speeds game).

>> No.71911493

what would be a good model to replace the dunerider with since it looks like ass and is fucking expensive (in cash) for what it does I was thinking of using a chimera

>> No.71911495

>a dreadnought is the ideal size for a superheavy in a standard 40k game anyway
do you have brain damage

>> No.71911507

Officially, no. That would be illegal.

Going off the reviews and comments, yes. That seemed to be the normal end result

>> No.71911514

depends on the country.

>> No.71911516

Just use the dune rider, everyone will know you're just being a cheapskate if you use chimeras.

>> No.71911536

Yeah, that's the other big advantage. It would let people use sparse trees to represent denser forests that allow movement, but without needing to position each leaf in such a way to hide models behind it.

I think the only way I'd expand on such a system is to allow for rubble as a category of terrain that specifically doesn't block line of sight in order to cover things like tank traps or craters that only really help if you're in them, and maybe a rule that makes it so titanic units need two pieces of terrain in the way for them to both hide and be hidden from.

>> No.71911540

I heard that the girfriend shit is a scam and the website isn't even made by the girl in question

>> No.71911555

Use the drill. It’s more expensive, but looks better and is way more useful on the table

>> No.71911558

Nothing against killteam but, I like monsters and tanks

>> No.71911564

I hope you guys have a really big backlog

>> No.71911570

That wouldn’t surprise me. Crying shame though if true

>> No.71911574

fuck that the dunerider looks like ass

>> No.71911582

I do. Too bad I have almost no paint left

>> No.71911586

So fix it yourself.

>> No.71911587

I do. I've been working on it.

>> No.71911602

apparently the lady in question has a twitter and when she was asked about the girlfriend experience stuff she said she didn't have anything to do with that

>> No.71911606

What is it????

>> No.71911616

It used to be no shooting through 6" or more inches of terrain.

>> No.71911623

How are we meant to find recasters these days? I remember jumping through a bunch of hoops on google a few years ago to find the relevant email and catalogue, but it seems like the old methods don't work anymore. There's the one outfit at the top of google, but I'm pretty hesitant to try someone with such blatant advertising for obvious reasons. Are there special Aliexpress search terms? Is it all word of mouth?

>> No.71911627

probably a scam but
>admitting to illicit activities on twitter

>> No.71911658

I don't think a "GF experience" is illegal

>> No.71911659

Not very different from a regular measuring tape. I mean people are still autistic about "totally not in range"

>> No.71911664

Oh yeah, let me just go down to my FLGS and put tape over all the windows on their terrain pieces

>> No.71911702

They ate one too many Ogryn.

>> No.71911708

>supporting anti consumer practices
On side note, why the fuck does the mechanicus not have access to all Imperium vehicles?

>> No.71911729

The same reason Chaos doesn't even though half of them are just welding a gun in a new place

>> No.71911766

So this is what I've built in the last two days. I bought the standard Sisters box and the Seraphim box, and from that I've made five Zephyrim, five Seraphim, two Imagifiers, and a Canoness with chainsword and Inferno Pistol. Loving how intercompatible these models are, and how I can give everyone helmets.

What's everyone else's quarantine projects?

>> No.71911776

Why the fuck do you want units that can't even maneuver around the play area? Parking lots are the worst fucking worst way to play.

>> No.71911777

living in the capital of recasts certainly helps,as soon as if got into warhammer guys from my local club told me about were should i buy from and wich to avoid

>> No.71911785

Chaos are cucks.
Admech literally makes this stuff.

>> No.71911794

That’s what you’re paying for.

>> No.71911799

Gotten through a lot in the past week or so. Finished up a Chaos Knight, a squad of Havocs, a few terminators, and now I'm starting on a Lord and some berserkers.

>> No.71911825

I have at least 5 necromunda kits waiting to be converted into Acolytes, Neophytes and Inquisitorial Storm Troopers

>> No.71911846

Very nice dude. I haven’t touched any 40k since this started, but I do have a small primaris army to paint.

Do you think those bodies would fit with the noise marine’s weapon kit?

>> No.71911878


>paying to fuck a bald chick

and I thought *this* hobby was a waste of money

>> No.71911906

If you mean Sisters bodies, not a chance. Shoulder spots are too small and torsos are too narrow. If you mean Primaris, probably.

>> No.71911913

Curse you.

>> No.71911939

It's every Ork players desire to play loads of boyz and some characters.

They're cheap enough to include in any list, it's not like 60 boyz breaks the point bank. You generally need troop options as filler either way.

>> No.71911943

Just modify a chimera

>> No.71911955

gonna need a citation on that one

>> No.71911977

I was talking about the SoB models. Lame. Would have been cool.

I am painting my primaris the old EC scheme, wouldn’t be too out of place on them.

>> No.71911978

Their primary quality is quantity, so it's sometimes hard to see the forest for the trees for them.

>> No.71911989

Are Adeptus Custodes any good? Thinking about getting into 40k

>> No.71912000

That's the cookie cutter top tier list from before Saga of the Beast.

>> No.71912001


>> No.71912008

I was gonna say that the Masters of the Chapter and Tank Aces are more piggybacking into the design space provided by WTs in order to give unique abilities to single units, but then I remembered that FaF had like seven
tables for CSM so I'm taking that L.

What's that, Darkmech?

>> No.71912016

They're relatively cheap to build an army out of, have several good models, and are about to get a buff and access to Sisters of Silence models when War of the Spider comes out

>> No.71912023

Not at the moment. At least not on their own. They're still waiting for their campaign supplement book though.

>> No.71912032

Improve the terrain rules, maaaaybe implement per-turn CP generation. The other biggest issue, the exceedingly high lethality, can't really be fixed with anything but a full reset or giving everyone a 4++

>> No.71912046

If more furries looked like this they wouldn't get made fun of.

>> No.71912048

>> No.71912056

I'd find a way to make the actual movement and engagements more strategic, right now the strategy relies on list building and then alpha striking the fuck out of your opponent

>> No.71912083

Per-turn CP generation sounds cool. Tie it to objectives and I'd buy it for a dollar.

>> No.71912101

You'd have to redo all the stratagems to make it work.

>> No.71912114

i agree, shit like daemon princes and primarchs have no business being on the tabletop.

>> No.71912139

I think you could in theory. Specially with shoulders covering a lot of the mess

>> No.71912148

1. Daemon princes are smaller than armigers
2. Daemon princes are not superheavies

>> No.71912154

The only ones that would really need a change are the pre-game upgrade ones IMO, and you could just do it half/half. Get a bit of pregame CP (somewhere like 3-5 depending on detachments) and thw rest is per turn.

>> No.71912176

at risk of sounding like a faggot id like to say your dudes have real soul

>> No.71912181

On that note. Why the fuck are Hive Tyrants and Swarmlord so expensive compared to a Demon Prince?

>> No.71912187

It does cut down the amount of stratagems you can use as well, so you'd end up with 90% of them being useless.

>> No.71912192


Nope, those are myrmidon secutors from forgeworld’s Horus heresy series. They are loyalist (In so much as any mechanicum models are) and belong to a sub cult which is wholly dedicated to weapons technology.

>> No.71912202

Radical idea: CP is tied to your HQ choices and each HQ has a set number of CP that it grants (commander-type HQs would grant more than a support psyker, for example)

>> No.71912231


>> No.71912259

this is comfy

>> No.71912265

More plastic

>> No.71912267

I like this, but I think it should depend on the army. Like for Orks it makes more sense for CP to be based on how big of a mob they've got, while for Tyranids it would work to have every Synapse unit contributing a little.

>> No.71912282

I don't think it would end up much different to what we already have.

>> No.71912283

yeah yeah, good idea

>> No.71912284

more like BEAK performance

>> No.71912296

pregame CP upgrades should be paid with by points

>> No.71912306

It would mean less chaff spam for the sake of making battalions and would promote more specialized armies

>> No.71912331

I don't think removing the need for troops is that good.

>> No.71912352

I would like to make an army without chaos cultists or chaos space marines since they're both shitty uninteresting units

>> No.71912384

I think it depends on upgrade. Stuff like 'ardboyz costing 2cp is ridiculous, overpriced, and makes no sense. The 1cp Warboss upgrade for the Gork 'n Mork blessing on other hand makes sense.

You could do it based on mobs, but that places it in different kind of awkward spot where you punishing speed freakz, elite blood axes, etc for not just spamming 120+ boyz. CP wise: most armies are fine, it's just Necrons and few other select factions that could use a CP bonus for fielding their HQs, in similar way to how IG gives bonus for units like Creed.

>> No.71912386

>put tape over all the windows on their terrain pieces
The omnissiah wept. How fucking retarded are you anon? You agree with your opponent that TLoS is fucking bullshit and you can't shoot through terrain in X circumstance.

Figure it the fuck out or go play shit ass Warmahorde with their paper fucking terrain.

>> No.71912404

If you remove Princes then you'd best be removing every Tyranid HQ

>> No.71912421

Wouldn't it be better to make those units better than removing the only reason to take them?

>> No.71912454

Yes but it's too hard
No one has been able to find a solution to making tactical/chaos space marines not be garbage

>> No.71912469

I just think it is dumb that you have to use command points for something that is already covered by points

>> No.71912495

thank you anon, I'm glad everyone's enjoying them

>> No.71912510


>> No.71912536

convert less

>> No.71912544

I'm still not enthused by the idea of making the game even less dependent on mixed forces. Like sure I'd love to not have to field necron troops but I don't think the game is made better if all I do is spam tomb blades instead.

>> No.71912555

Nice work anon

>> No.71912582

Oil or enamel products, chipping, (pigments optionally)

>> No.71912623

something like ~a hundred space marines that still need to be built and painted, along with about a dozen vehicles. not that they'll ever get done though, seeing as how i don't have the storage space for anything at the moment

>> No.71912646

Finished these boys. I have 11 more I can build. But I might do 1 more 2x5 and a regular guardian squad... or maybe 6 more and do 2x7 sags and a 5man guardian. I don't know.

>> No.71912680

>all of those unfilled gaps
poor show

>> No.71912682

they look particularly stylish, especially if you put Brettonian helmets on them and paint them up like they're all independent heroes instead of a collection of uniform banana boys. But unless you're also souping in a couple battalions of guard and taking nothing but dawn eagle jetbikes, they're pretty trash

>> No.71912710

They are comfortably casually good. Won't win tourneys but aren't pushover either.

>> No.71912716

Blending or airbrush if you have money

>> No.71912725

looks pretty neat anon, good job, nice to see some non fully golden custards for a change

>> No.71912731

based space niggers

>> No.71912738

It’s just a clump of words.

>> No.71912814


>> No.71912845

>ask someone if they want to play a game
>they say sure
>they sigh when they see my custodes

>> No.71912846

The same thing when people describe themselves as a 'cute newbie' or say 'I'm such a baby' or w.e

People can be self deprecating.

Not OP, but fluff was definitely originally intended to be dismissive of lore. People overly obsessed with lore were also weird back in the day, because it was far less to it. It was often just a couple of paragraphs here and therefor an intro for a product or model. Being a big fan of it was kind of like being a fan of the backs of cereal boxes...they got criticized typically when they complained that x or y model should have beat q or z model because the fluff said they were the best or w/e, even though the stats were right in front of their face.

>> No.71912902

Did you play cheese with bike spam?

>> No.71912923

I dont have a single bike unit

Even my captains are footslogging

>> No.71912955

Fairly sure most people don't look at fluff bunny, nor fluff, in depreciative lens. I doubt any normal, functional, person would even look at the term fluff with any form of negativity.

>> No.71912967

Oh, ok. Usually when someone plays custodes at the store, its the exact same list over and over. And by exact list, i mean bikes.

>> No.71913013

play on urban and heavy with structures and dangerous terrain then to diminish the benefits of bikes?

>> No.71913021

Not him, but it's a bit of a double edged sword IMO.

The Praetors with their spears are fuckin' kino looking and good, so I can see how it'd be hard not to want to use them.

>> No.71913060

I mean, now no one cares. It started as a dismissive term though. Both of the fans and of the writers. IE, fluff piece.

>> No.71913078

>He paints AFTER fully assembling, including heads and arms
You seriously don't do this, do you anon?

>> No.71913148

Why wouldn't I? I'm not a spastic retard.

>> No.71913160

The army comp rules are there specifically to encourage troops to be present.

Earlier editions had vehicle spam where the troops were nearly always embarked unless they were a special weapons crew(and then they likely still started embarked). You rarely took basic troops without a troop carrier unless you were a horde army. Or idk, if you were facing a bunch of Tau railguns that were about to pop your troop carriers and then hide all their stuff behind fish of fury.

>> No.71913173

Yeah. Sub assemblies is a waste of time

>> No.71913183

The list is 1750, pts

2 grav carriers, a telemon and a couple squads squads of pythrite custodes and wardens. With the usual bannerman to help survive the first turn

>> No.71913195

>Brettonian helmets
People need to stop this meme.
They are ancient, of horrible qulity, and almost never match with the aesthetic of the rest of the model.

>> No.71913207

Your models still look like shit. Get gud. No amout of tricks will improve your shite.

>> No.71913219


>> No.71913226

My mom said that my models look good and not bad!

>> No.71913257

Seriously though, why do you keep reposting this shit?
Did you pay too much for the commission and feel the need to get some use out of it before you kill yourself?

>> No.71913265

Fuck that I'd take a couple troops and spam dreadnoughts and devestators

>> No.71913278

does this man feel no shame

>> No.71913284

ok but some factions have troops that are simply awful

>> No.71913312

I was thinking of Chef from TTT. Who usually whines are good deal

>> No.71913320

Weren't rerolls brought in to replace buffs that could inadvertently stack? Same thing with ward saves no longer being a separate save from armor but replacing?

A lot of the changes like that went leagues to making the game less swingy in balance. Before the OP stuff would be nigh invulnerable or be able to stack a lot of attack buffs so they were 2-3x the effectiveness of a similar unit in a different faction that *should* have been able to perform similarly.

>> No.71913356


>> No.71913363

Migrate, citizen:


>> No.71913436

Rerolls are fine in concept, but the result is a lot more dice rolling and a lot more boring special rules that just achieve what every other special rule achieves. It also wouldn't require a lot to avoid stacking without rerolls. Having abilities that fully replace a unit's Ballistic Skill or Weapon skill would be one such method.

>> No.71913462

i think they look great. some of them at least, the more ornate and fancy ones

>> No.71913543

anybody have a link to the Kill Team 2019 Annual?

>> No.71913892

Which of these is best within its respective army?
>Seraptek Constructs
>Ares Gunship
>Orion Assault Dropship
>Astreus Super-Heavy Tank

>> No.71914097

This was one of my favorite aspects of warmachine: even the big units were small.
Then they introduced battle engines and colossals.

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