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How attractive is too attractive to be a female in 40K /tg/?

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That depends. If we're going by official GW artwork, in the grimdark future there is not a single attractive woman left in the galaxy. If we're going by fan artwork then I'm gonna bury my face in those big blue tits.

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Couple of thoughts on this:

>The humans of 40k are all abhumans by the standards of 20th century Earthlings, because the DaoT engaged in a species-wide gengineering project that made humans able to survive on alien worlds, so everyone looks ugly by our standards of beauty.

>there are beautiful females in 40k, but they are either untouchable saints, malicious monsters that use rejuvenation tech to Lady Bathory themselves hot, and genuinely beautiful maidens that are inevitably doomed to become horrifically scarred just when it's most tragic.

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I think "too attractive" should be reserved for living saints and daemons trying to fuck-murder you. Everybody else is going to be too angry or scarred to be good looking, or dead

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what are the head tubes for?

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If a Space marine hands you flowers you are too attractive.

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Probably connects to her suit sensors? Sorta like the black carapace interface ports

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Reminds me of a BestFriends quote:
>There's no way a woman can be that hot, she's gotta be a man!

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> Join greater the good?

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Interface with her Imperial Knight probably.

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Wait, if it's hard, how do they move?

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Those are the kinda cheekbones that enjoy getting cockslapped

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The same thing they are for everyone else. To prevent you from turning your head and giving you a brain infection.Also you'll bump it on a door frame and die.

The cables are so grimdark cool and never ever make any sense ever. Knights and titans are COVERED in giant pointless cabling outside the armor.

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The Imperium has different beauty standards than we do, titties and ass are still good but a couple of tasteful scars and a big fucking brass optical augment are like a beauty mark and freckles.

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This is dumb.

Examples of canonically beautiful women in 40k include:
Nobles from Paradise or Pleasure Worlds
Sisters Famulous

In fact likely with intentional noble breeding and/or genetors they are probably more beautiful than anything earth could come up with.

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Does she hit her knee on that skull every time she takes a step. I want to be that skull.

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It's probably a floaty servo skull thing with a leash

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I want her to hit me

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You're ruining this for me

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Wouldn't SOB be packing some serious cyber enhancements? They take the same hits as a Space Marine but without the latter's superhuman endurance and healing.

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Depends how much the chaos gods bless them.

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They tend to do, but you would only notice things like artificial eyes or facial stuff. Robo-arms covered in armor look the same as normal arms covered in armor.

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The superhuman endurance and healing is probably a big part of why so many of them survive to have the cyber enhancements put on in the first place. If you rip the arm off a person they usually just die right there.

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if at no time of looking at the model a neo con isn't thinking "is this a man or a woman", then the model was made to be too attractive.

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wait. there are female knights? because the old lore said that the main difference between knight housholds and titant princepses are that, the second are sometimes female, while the knights are always all male

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I thinks it’s been changed, the recent Codex has female knights IIRC and in the DOW3 game the Knight pilot is also a female.

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Why are sidecuts so popular in character design now?

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Norse culture made a big comeback about 10 years ago and is still big. its infested every aspect of liberal society. Celebs saw the haircut, as did marketing agencies, and as such we suddenly saw a large increase in use. Its why we have guys with the undercuts, buns, and large beards running around now too.

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Where is this from?

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it doesnt say its hard. Its flexible, tough material. resilient, but not necessarially "hard" like a sheet of steel is. Its more like super-kevalar

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okey, thanks I didn't knew that. I guess it is for the better.

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Its a western cyberpunk thing (so you can plug in to wearable technology)

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its all so tiresome

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You need long ears and a fat ass

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Does it have recognizable tits and hips? Then it's too attractive. 40K is gay propaganda disguised as grimderp sci-fantasy to sugarcoat its message for the masses.

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>DaoT engaged in a species-wide gengineering project that made humans able to survive on alien worlds

The Emperor cleaned up the human genepool to reset it on it's original path.

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I'd hit that, as long as we could do it in the robot.

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>what are the Sororitas

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Men in drag.

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Their power armour has recognizable tits and hips. By your criteria they cannot exist in 40k, even if they are crossdressers.

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wrong, the emperor was among the men of gold that created the men of stone, which are 40k humans

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more or less this: grimdarkness dictates that beauty must either be scarred, past, a lie or doomed to tragedy

I'm a fan of the second, makes for the best banter
after all warhammer works best when the grimdark is offset by grimderp

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It could be your skull

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Because it allows you to show off cybernetics on the head rather well, it turns up in cyberpunk a lot.

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They're game exclusives. Here's a DoW3 Knight.

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This sounds about right, although it's probably the case that for the average imperial citizen looking pious is more important than looking good and it's an active effort, as opposed to a passive one.

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Basically Games Workshop's vision is that everyone is really ugly.

Note that when you see art like >>71856590 it's made for a third party product like Dark Heresy in that case. FFG does not fully embrace the deformity that is Imperium of Man.

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Your google-fu is weak

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40k women should be rough as fuck, like they are 18 but look 47. Like a meth head.
Don't regular citizens work like 18 hour shifts or something and get little nutrition?

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I've been milling about the idea of writing some fanfic lore centered around the outreach center of a priest working in the underhive as a way to build some of my planet's setting. I want to make the priest a genuinely good guy still in line with 40k. I'm thinking of how he handles mutants, since in the wider lore, treatment of mutants is somewhat inconsistent in how harsh people come down on them. Since this guy works in the slums of a planet especially prone to have mutation I'm thinking his basic outlook is that he will still treat and minister to mutants. He sees them as the result of corruption, and the worse the mutation the more corrupted and evil their parents were. If a mutant doesn't reproduce though they still have some kind of potential for salvation. He convinces them to self sterilize (some kind of drink concoction so he can have a version of catholic communion), perhaps have them take a physical mark like a brand or tattoo to show they are saved, and have them commit to penance by fighting suicidally in the Emperor's name or something like that. But this would all be framed as the underhive community genuinely seeing him as a good dude, with gangers avoiding causing damage to his clinic during their streetfights.

Are there other canon examples of mutants being treated with anything aside from being ignored or purged on sight?

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Depends on the world.
Depends on the class.
Depends on the race.
Depends on their history

It's almost as if humans are pretty varied.

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I'm so sick of this hairstyle

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Hey, some of those planets are hot after an application of flamethrower spam, eh?

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Just gotta be an inquisitor under cover.

Reference: Amberley Vail

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That face looks fucking geriatric.

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Lazy, unartistic aping of whatever stupid bitches are doing at the time IRL. I'm honestly surprised WH40K managed to skip the "ugly thick-rimmed glasses" phase.

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Every woman in the Imperium, without exception, is baptised with neat vitriol, gets their face ground into broken glass every day, and as soon as their adult teeth come in is obliged to wear them back down to bloody gums by chewing gravel. The rest of their body is just randomly blasted with massive ultraviolet dosages to make it think, papery and prematurely aged, while random malleting ensures she is appropriately crippled and twisted. Anything else is insufficiently grimdark for the grognards to tolerate.

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>>Are there other canon examples of mutants being treated with anything aside from being ignored or purged on sight?

There are plenty. Eisenhorn has a few examples, with "twists" going about in public.

Mutants will always be underprivileged in the Imperium - at the end of the day their outward mutation is an expression of inner inadequacy so that leaves a hump to get over even in the most liberal Imperial society - but they can certainly survive in lots of places.

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All that sounds pretty reasonable and consistent with the setting to me. Mutants are unworthy, but as they lack the perfection of the human form they have to work harder to redeem themselves in other ways.

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There are many novels with characters described as beautiful, though that's always from the point of view of other 40k humans.

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Any woman that doesn't vaguely resemble a tranny is too pretty.

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>Basically Games Workshop's vision is that everyone is really ugly.
It's just that Games Workshop is British.

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This is a good point.

Britain is where women are described as handsome more often than should be tolerable(which is basically never).

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Cool wit dat once she’s got tits to match.

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It probably is. Tau age faster than humans, they only live about 30-40 years.

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