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Best Buckethead edition.
Previous Edition: >>71828629

Fantasy Flight Games’ X-Wing, Armada, and Legion

Star Wars Roleplaying Games (d6/d20/FFG)

Other FFG Star Wars tabletop (Imperial Assault, Destiny and the LCG)

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Latest FFG news:

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Vote for the best Bucket head:


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>No Clones
>No Mandos
>No EU
>No Disney
shit poll

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Only for the original bucket heads.
The other don't matter to this poll.

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Post qt TIE Pilots to prove your loyalty!

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>wanting mouse wars

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Good job, not even ten posts in and we've already gotten The RLM Image out of the way! Sweet moves, keep up the great work!

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You're an actual retard. Those bottom two apologies are fake.

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And how would you know?

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For all its faults, Mouse Wars had some good buckets. That aside from The Battle of Scariff and Mimban, and Mando are the only redeeming features. Kinda like the Fat TIE as well, and the Resurgence has grown on me.

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> mouse wars

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How would you blasterfy a SPAS-12?

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My friends and I are thinking of starting an Imperial assault campaign suing Tabletop Simulator. The problem is it only comes with the rules, and cards, not the mission or campaign books, or missions that come with the minis. Does anyone have a link to where I can find all those digitally?

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already been done

stop trying to create an identifying persona (id est: avatarfagging) on an anonymous internet anime image board
you're trying really hard to become the next "What is she, /swco/?"
stop it

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Add some casing/fins around the barrel and magazine tube a la the e-11/e-22. Replace the stock with a fixed stock, add some fancy scope to the top, change the pump a little to make it less recognizable.

Alternatively leave the stock folded up and turn it into a vision device

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My thoughts exactly.

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the ideal buckethead is a scout trooper helmet on the uniform of a tanktrooper/shoretrooper
the exposed jodhpurs and enhanced upper torso/shoulder silhouette lend the sort of militarist Hugo Boss air that one desires from space nazis

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legion is saved bros

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Personally, if I’m allowed to pick and choose elements from various armors, I’d take the scout helmet, and for the rest of the armor a combination of scout and phase II clone, with the built in features of clone shadow trooper armor, and an orange shoulder like sandtroopers have.

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>pauldrons on scouts
Hello, Based Department?

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search for Aven's Imperial Assault on the workshop, it has campaign books for all of the expansions except for Lothal

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Picked up Fallen Order for the quarantine and those motherfuckers are not to be underestimated.

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>not to be underestimated
They're fragile, like to stand near precipices, and bait parries like an Anor Londo Silver Knight. Once you get the timing down, they're pretty easy.

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Made a shitty mock up.

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>can’t beat a basic enemy in a EA souls rip-off

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>pauldrons on anything but sandtroopers

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>blaster shotgun that uses individual power cells that require a manual reload,like the holorifle from Fallout New Vegas

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that's actually an M60 GPMG mockup

kill yourself shitfaggot the magmatrooper is kino

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Thats how ive done it before, for a side x side double barrel on a backwater world. Why not?

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>doesn't even get a unique helmet.
It's a lazy design.

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You can get them with the fixed stock, which probably makes a bit more sense than the silly metal one most of them come with
>Though I will say- they're actually a really nice shotgun to shoot because they're about 10lb dry and it soaks up heaps of recoil! Apart from that the whole gas system is a right pain in the dick

I reckon a wood stock, add a super-ridiculous hunting rifle scope and maybe dangle some big array of heat sinks off the mag tube and it could be pretty starwarsy

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Its about as unique as TIE Pilots

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Pilot's got a unique helmet though and chest and a chest unit AND recolour.

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I dunno, Star Wars has a time honored tradition of ignoring folding stocks entirely, and trying to use Sterlings as 1/2 handed pistols

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That's not half bad

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Life is suffering, all we can hope for is that its painless and soon

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and magmatroopers have a unique respirator, a unique backpack into which the respirator plugs, and unique shinguards

>> No.71854195


Magmas are about as distinct as sandtroopers, he's got pauldron, respirator, backpack and shinguards.

Sandtrooper is big backpack, pauldron, ammo pouches.

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I particularly love how the E-11 is somehow a rifle and the DH-17 is somehow a pistol

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It's very out of date, and my friends don't want to touch it cause it is unrated.

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You see, the bureau of blasters, alcohol, and spice has a nice chart...

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Your loss, then. It's unrated because no one plays IA, and the only thing "out of date" is it doesn't have Lothal. It has every other expansion.

You can copy/paste the guide books into a different game if you really must.

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It does get worse the closer you get to the core worlds though

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Kinda reminds me of the E-22(?) from Solo/ Rogue One

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At least Corellia is a bastion of freedom.
Sweet, artificial, corn syrup and bourbon and "Corellian Cheese product" freedom

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I'd have to admit, I got the idea because I happened to look at Death Troopers with the greenish eyes, and always figured they'd end up functioning a lot as the Empire's politically motivated death squads, maybe most because of the name and that they actually glow in the dark, but the green eyes also reminded me of another crew send into clean up. Adrian and friends, so I suddenly started to dream up some Moff or other remnant with his own death squads, possibly operating a lot in hazardous environments, wearing Death Trooper helmets and chest armours, a bunch of other crap, and with white, grey and black cami patterns, using some form of splaster-12 and E-11s with underslungs.

>> No.71854461

I snipped the barrels from the E-22, the stock and powerpack from the E-11D, and the scope from the DLT-19X.

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Everyone gets nervous when the gasmasks show up

>> No.71854589

Meant to say Imperial Army chest armours. Fuck it, I'm too tired for this I'm going to bed.

>> No.71854694

Given that a batallion of stormies is relatively cheap (to a moff, compared to the cost to parallel park an ISD for maintenance), the idea of a moff having his own wetwork unit isn't uncommon at all in either the Imperial Remnant era or the Peak Empire era. It'd be real easy to explain that it's his personal guard/drawn from volunteer veteran units that are assigned to that sector, etc. You get extra pay, fancy armor, neato gear, even LESS oversight, and are only nominally required to holoskype command once in a while to say that yes, you shot 10 rebels that month, and remind the health and pension bureaus that you exist.

>> No.71854736

Said I didn't want to underestimate him. I've run into fights thinking "oh it's just a scout trooper" and been borked by them pretty bad due to overconfidence. And I'm not good at soulslikes anyway so I've got that going against me.

>> No.71854755

My GM is telling me I need to make a discipline check every time I want to use any force power that's not committing a force die, are they right or wrong cause this sounds crazy to me?

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>Empire's politically motivated death squads
"ISB funded Intervention Units"

Though I'd imagine there's also some random, somewhat irregular COMPNOR forces running around that just do it weeknights for kicks and roll up on alien neighbourhoods with some robes, set the lawn on fire and beat anyone to death that isn't them.

>> No.71854883

I thought COMPNOR was used for false flag ops a lot of the time, since they are just about the only people delusional enough to go "we must kill the loyal imperial citizens to spark outrage among the loyal imperial citizens that some of their friends and family were killed, and then shove that outrage onto the Rebels"

Also, i don't think they need the robes and hoods. They basically have a seal of approval by the Empire to burn a bendu in the front lawn of an alien

>> No.71854907

Some of them do require a discipline roll, however, the only real universal rule to Force Powers is that you are required to spend One Action in your structured time to get them going
Force Talents, its literally just commit a Force Dice to them, no roll needed

You might want to re-read the rules in the F&D book and present your case just to be really sure and make sure I'm not misremembering something.

>> No.71854960

Dunno about false flags, they're probably not that high on the totem pole of official secrets acts that you'd trust them with as most are essentially the morally outraged, crazy fucking civilians with something akin to 'party membership'

Some of the upper-mucks with official roles in the empire + COMPNOR background, they're probably more than likely to get a huddle of their nearest and dearest associates to go in and fuck some shit up as a distraction, but I can't really cite any example of it happening

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Worked for Zsinj and his Raptor troops

>> No.71855098

I think the Imperial Army hated COMPNOR's bully boys since they got all the best medical gear despite being shit tier goons.

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>best buckethead
Bitches, please.

>> No.71855198

As an analogue I always liked to compare them to Schutzstaffel vs Wehrmacht
They put up with each other in so much they're on the same side, but they fucking HATE each other to the point the Wehrmacht got the pick of the personnel and equipment, whereas the SS just rolled up with a bunch of foreign fighters and mad-cunts that couldn't join the regular army. This was further exasperated when they started deploying Waffen SS and you get the Wehrmacht going 'wut, they give these cunts tanks now?'

As a rule. I do like my empire units in RPG's being somewhat intolerant and loathing of one another

>> No.71855311

Will COMPNOR have Legion rules that inexplicably make them super-powerful, give them all the best gear and become the only kind Empire players use?

>> No.71855392

I highly doubt we'll see COMPNOR any time soon, maybe as attachments to the regular empire guys so they can enforce the high human order policy :)
>aka: putting aliens in a ditch and gunning them down

>> No.71855434

Especially since in canon there isn't an official high human order policy.

>> No.71855437

I think he's baiting about Flames of War where they hype up the Waffen SS as super-elite soldiers with crazy ahistorical gear combinations and people never play any other form of German army.

>> No.71855474

Isn't there or is it just Core Worlders being cunts?

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Has a Sith Lord ever created a fake virus to control the population through fear all while taking their rights away?

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no, but there have been multiple real viruses created by Sith

>> No.71855538

There isn't one. One of the nucanon Thrawn books explained it as there being no official doctrinal racism, but that the "good ol' boys" at the top tend to be by and large racists, and to advance in your career you have to toe the line with them.

So officially, there's nothing in canon about the Empire having any cultural biases, but unofficially? Remember how the Clone Wars, the Confederacy was majority led by Outer Rim nonhumans? That plays into things. So it basically goes Core Worlds humans > Core Worlds nonhumans > all other humans > all other nonhumans.

Thrawn is naturally exempt from this, of course, which makes the other officers angry.

>> No.71855583

Official-smishal, jobs for the boys!

Yeah and its up there with the folding stocks not being used as some historical fuckery we just have to deal with. Didn't ever play FOW, about the closest is Bolt Action lately, which isn't a bad game.

>> No.71855619

Why would a Sith Lord do that when he could just pour the very real contents of his alchemy closet into the nearest water supply?

>> No.71855646

Or subcontract guys like Dr. Vindee to make Super Ebola

>> No.71855656

Officially? No, members of the Imperial Military are not supposed to be racist towards aliens, as they are also citizens of the Empire.
Unofficially, as long as you don't get caught openly saying that it's for racist reasons, you are pretty much encouraged to fuck up aliens and show them their proper place.
So when some ffffucking pantoran with an eye condition shows up out of nowhere and is already given the rank of Lieutenant, you bet some other students at the Officer's Academy on Coruscant itself will try to show this uppity outer rim alien and his pet logistics officer how things are meant to go in the Empire.

>> No.71855703

If the populace is dead then there is no one to rule or steal taxes from.

>> No.71855751

They won't be dead, just left in perpetual agony from all the mutagens and the occasional Space Irukandji. The slaves will still be able to tend the fields and sign the papers with their horrible, chitin-encrusted claw-hands if they learn to stop whining.

>> No.71855791

Because he may need it for some do-gooder Jedi (or wannabe Jedi) that’s come to give him a stern talking to. If anybody deserves to be on the receiving end of whatever horrible ailments he’s come up with, that’s the type!

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For me, it's Aqualish.

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For me, SFS and SFS accessories

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>Bounty Hunter = Bad guys
>Smugglers = Good guys

>> No.71856310

authority bad, lawbreakers good

>> No.71856314

Because Smugglers evoke an image of the wily scoundrel bypassing the stuffy laws of oppressive bureaucrats while Bounty Hunters kill people for money.

>> No.71856320

Smugglers bring you shit that you want but the government doesn't want you to have.
Bounty hunters arrest or kill people for breaking rules, or just for pay.

>> No.71856325

>ripping off shadow troopers
I wouldn’t consider them great but the island ones were good

>> No.71856351

They have little to nothing to do with shadowtroopers

>> No.71856359

Welcome to our world.
> Peaceful, economically stable Space America = Bad Guys
> Space Terrorists/Vietcong = Good guys

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>Dude they're black, it's basically the same thing!

>> No.71856375

>Americans measure the happiness of a state by how much money they make

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File: 677 KB, 624x1311, 1255A32B-3BCA-4C13-AE7D-0A10AD035945.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>elite stormtroopers that wear all black
It’s clear someone at Disney saw the shadow troopers and decided to get rid of them

>> No.71856414

> ripping off shadow troopers
They are literally ripoffs of Novatroopers just with cybernetics.

>> No.71856525

Except that's wrong. Both groups work for the highest bidder, just with different approaches. It's more like
>Bounty hunter = Lawful Greedy
>Smuggler = Chaotic Greedy
Hunters answer to the regulatory Bounty Hunter's Guild, which follows the orders of the highest bidder and tends to favor allying with governments regardless of how "good" or "bad" the government is. Smugglers, by definition, are the opposite side of the coin and law, just with no government-approved regulatory body to rein them in.

>> No.71856565

I wouldn't expect a third worlder like you to understand.

>> No.71856575

The galactic empire isnt very American, and irl bail bonds work is heavily regulated compared to Star Wars "throw a pic on the wall with a price under the name, dead or alive".

In the Galactic Empire, in both canons the GE has ridiculously high taxes, regs, and tariffs on basically everything. Naturally, that breeds a black market. You have the bootlegger types who smuggle stuff that used to be legal, you have moonshiner types who make stuff thats legal (but avoids the 90% tax on it), you have the Hondo gunrunners/armor runners who sell personal protection that may well be illegal now on Imperial core worlds (and regulated elsewhere; the WEG books mention that sporting blasters are even heavily regulated), you got the guys moving around "banned" holos like films that may run counter to the regime/gopro footage of those Deathtroopers mowing down a crowd of civies/the time an AT-ST decided to end a protest with cluster grenades/a private holo were a moff decides to Final Solution some natives/wookiee slavery fontage, and of course drug runners.

Theres a very wide net to smugglers. Similarly not all bounty hunters = IG-88 the terminator extraordinaire, whose mere existance is pretty bad. But even the IMPERIAL officer has a negative opinion of them. There are probably plenty who pick up escaped murderers, and there are those who certainly blur the line to "private assassin for hire".

And then theres also multiple guilds, which makes the Bounty Bois even blurier. And they work for hutts alot, since the hutts like to outsource. And you better believe hutt justice is a lot more mob tier

>> No.71856592

Why are you comparing yourself to Ecuador when you should be comparing yourself to Germany?

>> No.71856637

George Lucas himself stated that the Empire was modeled after America at the height of it's greatness aka the Nixonian era.

>> No.71856678

> counter regime footage
There would be no demand for that considering the Empire rarely commits warcrimes or executes innocents. We never see this happen in the actual films, only in new Disney books and comics do we see this nonsense.

>> No.71856706
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What fucking movies are you watching?

>> No.71856712

>We never see this happen in the actual films


>> No.71856714

That was his initial concept going in, but the final product is quite obviously very different. Lucas' Nixonian dystopia featured heavy corporate control, while the corporations in the actual Empire remain under the government's boot. There's also all the obvious references to the Royal Navy, Kaiserreich , Nazi Germany, Roman Empire, and Imperial Japan. The release version of the Empire is a mish-mash of multiple authoritarian states.

>> No.71856717


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File: 3.60 MB, 3400x2200, 1577600267771.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You know, I was a Impfag before people like you made my skin crawl. I still love best girl, tho.

>> No.71856750

The Death Star destroying Alderaan is the equivalent to America dropping the atomic bombs. A justified response to a terrorist breeding ground.

>> No.71856761
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Ready those bingo sheets, boys.

>> No.71856765

I think people who try to emphasize with the Empire are rascals and are intentionally trying to look for nuance or postmodern ambiguity where there is none. You can have Imperial officers who are sympathetic - Troopers and bureaucrats too - but the Empire as an entity? No no, that's wrong. It's like saying the Alliance is dirty because Saw Gerrera is a radical rebel cell. No, Saw Gerrera is just an asshole, but the Alliance to Restore the Republic is good.

>> No.71856776

I get that, but it still doesnt seem much that way. What with the complete dissolution of a senate and brit accents. And if thats true
>Nixonian America
>peaceful and economically stable
Vietnam and oil embargo and the resulting shakeup certainly disagree

It may have been his goal, but boy did he fail to make anyone go
>oh boy, its those Americans

>only new Disney
And literally all the old EU
And ANH in which a core planet gets yeeted
>but they supported rebels!
And what of the average person who may have had nothing to do with it? What of the visitors who had nothing to do with it? What about a trial? What about the fact that Tarkin made the decision without any visible coordination with the Emperor, the sovereign of the state?

We see an arbitrary decision by a military junta to blow up a planet and any number of people who may have been imperial loyalists.
To take film purity FURTHER, if we conclude the entire bulk of the Rebellion is at Endor, at least their core, and a similar core was at Yavin, then we have clear precedent that the Empire is willing to kill a whole planet in a black mail bid to destroy what is probably 250,000 people.

And thats on top of arbitrary executions by people like Vader

>> No.71856816

> Saw Gerrera
A failed attempt by Disney to make the Rebel Alliance look bad and add 'morally gray' ambiguity to a setting that has always been about good vs evil.

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>Same bullshit Alderaan argument keeps happening thread after thread after thread
>Still biting when an anon tries to pull the boilerplate argument starter
What is wrong with you people? When will you learn?

>> No.71856863

Nobody wants to talk about their FFG campaigns or how to augment their existing oes.

>> No.71856864

> samefagging this hard
At least you're admitting that this is all just bait.

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What does an Imperial MRE look like? I know it's probably just a tube of nutrient paste and a couple multivitamins, but is there any nuance to their ingredients? You'd think the nutrient past of a Scarif lad would be different from the ones that got stuck on Mustafar.

>> No.71856885

We need Steveanon to write this up.

>> No.71856944

I would enjoy it.

>> No.71856958

Lay off the witch-hunting, anti-vatnik. If I was the same guy, I'd still be Alderaanposting, bitching about "muh rebfags," and airing a perfidious Anglo asspain that has persisted since 1783.

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File: 52 KB, 1560x781, tarkin 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Let’s dispense with the childish notion that Alderaan was, as rebel spy and intergalactic insurrectionist Princess Leia has argued, a purely civilian target. There is literally no reason to believe her claim that “Alderaan is peaceful, we have no weapons.” She had previously lied about not only the diplomatic nature of the mission she was on when she was captured but also about the location of the stolen Death Star plans. It’s also worth noting that she would go on to lie about the location of a military target for the Death Star to target moments before Alderaan was destroyed.

We have further reason to disbelieve Princess Liar when we consider that her adopted father, Bail Organa, was one of the original members of the rebellion, conferring with Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda in an effort to undermine the democratically elected Chancellor Palpatine shortly after his ascension. Alderaan was less likely a peaceful planet than a financial and intellectual hub of the rebellion, whose leaders, as we’ve seen, are totally untrustworthy negotiating partners — a hive of scum and villainy no less wretched than Mos Eisley, but on a planetary scale.

So, Alderaan was a legitimate military target. Was the level of force used against it justified? It’s a tricky question, but it seems the least bad of all the alternatives. Consider another option the Empire could have taken: invading Alderaan, removing its leaders and installing a pro-Empire regime. However, putting boots on the ground in this manner would likely have destabilized not only the planet but also the entire region, creating a breeding ground for religious terrorists and draining blood and treasure for decades.

This was probably just the sort of catastrophe that Grand Moff Tarkin was trying to avoid when he devised his Death Star-centered defensive strategy. The Tarkin Doctrine, discussed here, is one based on deterrence and the threat of force rather than the use of force.

>> No.71856982

And for good reason, those guys suck

>> No.71856999

>height of it's greatness
good one

>> No.71857006

I thought i already did?

Old EU has it basically be nutrient paste and multivitamins. However, an MRE isnt quite what they feed an army every day. Whether you are Italian, Russian, Chinese, American, or Egyptian, you arent eating prepacked food unless its somewhat required. Generally its cheaper to make spaghetti fresh than make 20 year stable spaghetti-blob-with-meat-and-garlic-cracker food pouch, and morale is hell of a lot better for doing so. So i imagine that there are times where you eat nutrient paste because, hey, who knows whats in the local food. But then you have times where you get normal food, and some of it is even good!

Then you got stuff like Rey's easybake powder which would utterly transform it

>> No.71857032
File: 519 KB, 1242x1012, 1574963194634.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71857033

Explain how.

>> No.71857037

> posting the fake one
The bottom reply has been proven fake.

>> No.71857048

>take armor
>make it black
>they make 2 obscure appearances


>black, unique armor and helmets
>new weapons
>creepy voices
>give them cool lore
>feature them as primary enemies in a major story

>> No.71857057
File: 95 KB, 400x400, 1554620211811.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Imperial starships probably have entire vats of nutrient paste which are given to crew as a sort of flavored gruel through nozzles, not unlike Onions-paste in Shadowrun
>This suggests saboteurs targeting an ISD's food supply probably have a solid go of it to poison the entire ship

>I thought i already did?
He only did the three tiers of CIS Rations, I thought.

>> No.71857059

So if the empire loves nationalizing shit, would civilian speeders be basically British Leyland but in space?

>> No.71857065


>> No.71857070

>primary enemies in a major story
Which was?

>> No.71857090

Ive done
>clone ration at least once
I swear i did another somewhere, but idk.

>> No.71857115

More like halfway between them and soviet auto manufacturers

>> No.71857125

you know how to use google, right?

>> No.71857126

A couple of current canon books have showed that at least ship-board officers are kept fed through essentially nutrient-rich shakes, so as to minimize downtime for eating and maximize storage efficiency.

>> No.71857130

Got links to an archive?

>> No.71857145
File: 13 KB, 164x276, 1442507782905.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>This suggests saboteurs targeting an ISD's food supply probably have a solid go of it to poison the entire ship

>Saboteurs target the nutrient paste vats on an ISD-2
>mfw they only hit the vats used by officers
>mfw with the entire officer crew incapacitated, the Stormtroopers and technicians have to fly the ship back to Imperial space
It's like Airplane in Space.

>> No.71857187

I do, but I’m not sure what to search for to get the answer you’re wanting me to find, so either tell me something that will help me figure that out or just tell me what you’re talking about straightforward.

>> No.71857192

if you can't figure out where Death Troopers were featured you're either stupid or being deliberately obtuse

>> No.71857210

Bronze Ration

Gold Ration

>> No.71857213

Uh not really but i got the raw text on a word doc somewhere, cuz i'd type i out and then just paste it in real fast

>> No.71857227

>if you can't figure out where Death Troopers were featured
I can’t think of anything where they were primary enemies.

>> No.71857282
File: 183 KB, 1143x1500, mousketeer 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not all of us have shilled out to Disney and consoomed their products. Next time post sources before you spew shit out of your ass.

>> No.71857306

please refer to

>> No.71857340

nice try

>> No.71857376

>jobbers who don’t do any fucking compared to operatives who can turn invisible and have appeared way more times than death troopers screen time all around

>> No.71857411


>All the careerist, back-biting, political officers die.
>NCOs take over.
>ISD goes to nearest trading port to pick up a dozen tons each of chewing spice and pornography.
>The ISD's efficiency increases by 200%.
>Begins a devastating campaign hunting rebel alliance ships.
>When they get back to base, entire crew has medals pinned on their chests, before being executed as mutineers.

>> No.71857479

Isn't this a retcon?

>> No.71857517

No he's just too dumb to notice. They dont teach sex ed in the temple

>> No.71857520
File: 335 KB, 1455x1476, hmm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>and have appeared way more times than death troopers

>> No.71857710

A SSGT typed this post

>> No.71857762

You either die a hero, or live long enough to be a commissioned officer

>> No.71857804

rent free: spam edition!

>> No.71857831

>Because Smugglers evoke an image of the wily scoundrel bypassing the stuffy laws of oppressive bureaucrats while Bounty Hunters kill people for money.
So explain to me how drug dealers aren't the same thing:

Jabba's spice operation is literally the same thing.

>> No.71857845

>comparing yourself to Germany
>one of the few places in the 21st century you can get thrown in jail for thoughtcrime.
compnor approves!

>> No.71857868

>executes innocents
Literally every non vombatant on Alderaan
"You prefer another target, a *MILITARY* target? Then name the system!"
-Grand Moff Tarkin

Tarkin literally confirms that Alderaan is not a military target, and therefore confirms it is by definition, a war crime. Also, if it is not a military target, also by definition, it is a civilian one.



Oh, and before you go "rebel fan" this is from someone who actually thinks the rebels on mouse wars actually look more like the empire because of their tactics.

>> No.71857869

The smugglers evoke imagery of Prohibition-era bootleggers and them Duke boys, even if a lot of the time they do traffic drugs.

Meanwhile, in the bounty hunter scene, one of them is pointedly told not to disintegrate the targets. Hard to not see the bounty hunters as bad guys if this is a well-enough known tactic for one the group the Empire chose to recruit for this mission.

>> No.71857947

Smuggling isn't even portrayed all that romantically in the OT, either. Han's smuggling (or failure to smuggle, given his debt-ridden status) gets him in deep shit and his character development begins with him abandoning the criminal life to help the Rebellion. It's plain as day that smuggling is bad juju and the crowd it attracts is even worse juju.

>> No.71857953

not to mention, like 10 seconds after that
>"Dantooine is far too remote to make an effective demonstration"
Tarkin was gonna use the Death to blow up Alderaan, regardless of whatever Leia said. He just needed an excuse

>> No.71857979

>The Death Star destroying Alderaan is the equivalent to America dropping the atomic bombs


Wrong. You need to brush up on your history.

Unlike Aldreaan, the japaense were warned well in advance of the bombing and given ample time to surrender.

Guess what America dropped before the bombs: leaflets warning they were going to be bombed if they did not surrender by the appointed deadline. They didn't so bomb #1 fell. Another deadline, more warnings, and they second deadline was ignored. so second bomb was dropped. Finally, they dropped the divine emperor will magically save us all from the American devils BS and surrendered.

Some important facts:

The US was at war with japan, and they were valid military targets, that produced war materials for the imperial japenses war machine.

Additionally, as much as everyone cries about "muh eveil bombs" no one, including the japaense have yet to acknowledge the evils of Nanking, and have made all manner of excuses, denials, etc for it.

Going back to the death star and Alderaan, the empire literally blew up a member state planet, not a hostile foreign one it was at war with. No official declaration of hostilities were made, and from all canon sources (mouse and real canon) only Bail, Leia, and a select number of the royal household actually knew and were involved with the rebel activities. So, the empire actually blew up a planet full of people who knew nothing of the rebel activity and was contrary to Alderaan's pacifist stance.

>> No.71857996

Point is, smuggling is seen as a "victimless crime" since the worst the common smuggler will move is Spice, which is a range of fantasy drugs whose deleterious effects on addicts are never actually portrayed in the movies or more popular bits of EU. Modern Western culture doesn't see the drug trade as a Bad Thing unless it's used to fund crime bosses - which it of course is doing in Star Wars, but people poignantly overlook that.

>> No.71858036

>Prohibition-era bootleggers
>a lot of the time they do traffic drugs.
Still people who profit off the death of others, the same criteria given for why bounty hunters are evil.

Sure, the bootleggers are romanticized, but they also engaged in the same violence as the bounty hunters. Just in a slightly different way.

>> No.71858049

It's important to mention that, days before the destruction of Alderaan, the Senate was formally dissolved and replaced by a tyrannical military junta. This would be like if Trump ordered a nuclear strike of Los Angeles days after dismantling Congress explicitly because, "I don't want people opposing my rule."

>> No.71858064

>victimless crime
Except for the violence on the end, the comptetiors, and anyone caught in the crossfire.

I mean, white collar crime is "victimless" by that standard...but Madoff still got how many years for that?

Not defending him, just pointing out the flawed thinking that goes into this nonsense.

>> No.71858071

>one of them is pointedly told not to disintegrate the targets.
>well-enough known tactic for one the group the Empire chose to recruit for this mission.
Not really. Even if your target is wanted dead, you usually need bodies to actually get paid. Boba Fett accidentally disintegrated a trio of rebels and got told off by Vader, and now it’s something he almost always gets told when they meet up “No disintegrations!” like he needs to be constantly reminded.

>> No.71858130

People are dumb as hell and fail to make connections after 2-3 degrees of separation. Bounty Hunters shoot people, which is Bad. Smugglers sell drugs, which is Good - the fact those drugs either,
#1 Go to addicts
#2 Go to crime bosses who profit off of #1
Never connects. People don't blame the Smugglers for the sins they smuggle, they blame the people buying those sins or ordering them to sell to sinners.

>> No.71858281

specifically this. Alderaan was still an Imperial member state. When we nuked japan, the collateral damage was massive - but all the civilian casualties were still our enemy's citizens.

Tarkin didn't even offer the chance to surrender. He didn't even attempt a peaceful resolution. Peace wasn't the goal.

>> No.71858426

>The US was at war with japan, and they were valid military targets, that produced war materials for the imperial japenses war machine.

It is extremely germane to remember Tarkin's quote
Tarkin explicitly acknowledges that Alderaan is not a valid military target, but blows it up anyway to send a message, the same way Hitler had the White Rose students publicly guillotined for the crime of distributing anti-Nazi pamphlets.

>> No.71858430

That’s completely wrong because they appear in tons of the video games

>> No.71858447

2 shitty video games

>> No.71858465

>battlefront 1&2
>force unleashed all versions
>LEGO Star Wars
Fucking check your sources

>> No.71858497

I've seen the TIE tank before but what in the unholy hell is that walker

>> No.71858591

Then go update it yourself son
>battlefront 1&2
only appeared in 1
>force unleashed
nope, those were a different kind
novel, singular
one comic book, one newspaper comic strip

even if you count all if it, it's still fewer appearances that death troopers

>> No.71858648

Wrong. Propagate your mouse wars bullshit on reddit where you belong.

>> No.71858669
File: 159 KB, 1000x800, D0721C2D-FFB1-4CCC-B3EE-1A5FED22232A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>appears in Star Wars game
>nuh uh doesn’t count

>> No.71858727

> It is unknown if they are an alternate version of the known Shadow Troopers or an early design of them.
>Behind the scenes
>These troopers visually differ from both the Shadowtroopers created by Desann more than a decade later in 12 ABY, as well as the Clone Shadow Troopers and Shadow stormtroopers as evidenced by the blue-lit panels beneath their durasteel-colored armor. Given the troopers appearance in The Force Unleashed and their portrayal by Hasbro, the troopers armor can be surmised as not being black-colored like shadow stormtrooper armor.

again, even if we count the source as valid, that's still 6 canonical appearances vs. like, 20 for the DTs

>> No.71858730

Also he's looking at a hologram head on, she's not in profile, it's easy to miss.

>> No.71858739

The only crimes the rebellion commits throughout the movies are vandalism and resisting arrest.

Fuck the police.

>> No.71858762

The absolute state of EU mongoloids. Thank god it was purged.

>> No.71858774

Han Solo and Boba Fett. That is why. Everyone who answered before me is dumb.

>> No.71858775
File: 564 KB, 750x956, A1F37044-A7DB-49A1-96A7-A1D230F31C30.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71858780

nah, don't let one guy represent the whole group. he doesn't deserve that much credit.

I prefer the EU myself, but facts are facts.

>> No.71858782
File: 17 KB, 655x202, which flavour of shadow trooper you want fam.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>picking one particular variant out of several to pigeonhole an argument

peak autism

>> No.71858792

Enjoying the porg bullshit?

>> No.71858819

That’s just a trick. I know you went into the script of 4chan and changed the code. Fuck off samefag.

>> No.71858824

you posted this variety >>71856376
i've been talking about that variety
if you're changing the argument to be about multiple varieties, that's called backpedaling

>> No.71858839

No I didn’t you fucking dumbass.

>> No.71858859

>say shadow trooper
>oh you not talking about this specific one
A distinction without a difference

>> No.71858886

Rebelfags really ruined any hope of Disney's Star Wars being salvageable
>Resistance is a clusterfuck
>Disney Rebels are simultaneously terrorist enablers and survive due to asspull after asspull
>Empire storylines are underemphasized or flanderized as well

>> No.71858893

nah, you just can't follow a linear conversation
>picture of a specific shadowtrooper
>And for good reason, those guys suck
>those guys
who did you think we were talking about?

>> No.71858920

Ironically, if you add up the appearances of EVERY version of shadow trooper...

... they still have less total appearances than death troopers.

>> No.71858933

Also also consider the choice of targets - Alderaan was "a peaceful planet," in no way (officially) related to the Rebel Alliance. Nagasaki and Hiroshima were both targets chosen because of strong associations with Japan's military might and their leaps and bounds since modernizing, a viable target and a great propaganda tool. Alderaan isn't even one of those, it's like...Matsue. What is Matsue? I don't know, I found it on a google search as one of the relatively major cities that shows up on a generic political map. That's how unfitting Alderaan was as a target.

>> No.71858934
File: 1.82 MB, 3220x3848, 1577147150270.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thoughts on the Xyston-class Star Destroyer?

>> No.71858941
File: 122 KB, 340x237, 1564205964998.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tell me about your campaigns, and your homebrew trooper variants that have appeared.

>> No.71858948

Because Disneywars are hacks.
Anarchists and terrorists = Good guys
An empire that fights for order and stability == irredeemably bad

The lack of nuance in the ST was one of the most damning parts. The movies ruined both the New Republic and the Empire in some one off book after the fact

>> No.71858966

The wook editors are known to be incompetent. Post from a valid source if you want to defend your argument or shut the fuck up.

>> No.71858971

>nah, you just can't follow a linear conversation
Are you really this stupidly dense about a damn photo that you become autistic about 1 version of said trooper?

>> No.71859008

see >>71858920

nah, thats not how it works. if there are additional, uncited, official appearances, it's your job to prove where they are.

but I suspect you won't, because once your argument is resorting to arguing about the argument itself... you don't have much of an argument.

>> No.71859021

> Homebrew Troopers
The Shadow Trooper since according to Disney influencers in this thread they never existed and are merely a figment of my imagination.

>> No.71859029

Doesn’t change the fact Disney just copied and slapped a different helmet on them

>> No.71859080

they existed, they just existed in fewer appearances than death troopers. don't be a fucking baby.

a new helmet, new weapons, cyborg augs and a new backstory is still a lot more creative than shadowtroopers. they're... just black. with MAYBE a cloaking device, depending on the variety.

>> No.71859106

>less total appearances
Are you really pushing for the quantity of something being an indicator of how good it is? Using that logic, aphra is better than death troopers.


>> No.71859110

>is still a lot more creative than shadowtroopers
By copying exactly what shadow trooper/shadowtroopers do

>> No.71859122

You are stupid and wrong. Shadow Troopers are proper Intelligence special operations troopers. Death Troopers are glorified body guards.

>> No.71859135

you initially argued, >>71857376
>jobbers who don’t do any fucking compared to operatives who can turn invisible and have appeared way more times than death troopers screen time all around
are you now going back on that argument?

>> No.71859145

so now you're arguing that they're NOT the same thing? that they serve different roles? make up your mind, senpai.

>> No.71859147
File: 187 KB, 360x450, 4E80D0A3-E110-428D-813E-B2A6E3B447E5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why do mousketeers fear him, /swg/?

>> No.71859168

Most of the thread is arguing against you. Most of is prefer the beloved EU classic over your uninspired mouse wars copypaste. We may have a few different opinions or arguments, but we are united in laughing at your stupidity.

>> No.71859177

Here's a pair of variations on "local moff/admiral has own unique commando unit in modified stormtrooper gear" I've used recently. I think I have the full details in a txt somewhere, plus another few I've created but never used, but for now here are the summaries
"1st Independent Naval Assault Infantry Battalion"
>Admiral out in buttfuck nowhere, outer rim, is not high enough priority to get stormtroopers, but did accidentally get five thousand suits shipped to him, and additionally found a cache of stage II clone helmets long forgotten in a local depot
>his "Naval Assault Infantry" are actually just the most experienced or talented gunfighters he could find among his marine detachments and the locals
>they're noticeably less fanatical but more tactically flexible than regular stormies
>they're really kickass at boarding actions but don't see much ground action because the moff wants to have his shiny COMPFORCE goons do all the groundside stuff
>suits are painted navy blue and black, and some have clone helmets instead

"Special Communications Detachment 1338B"
>pretty standard dual-hat moff/general's private death squad
>scout trooper helmets on standard armor
>criss-crossed utility belts mexican bandoleer style cause he thinks that shit's cool
>no standard weapon, he just gives each of them money to buy what they want
>this has exactly the results you would expect


>> No.71859179
File: 284 KB, 1638x2048, 00ddc85a1387a8a6d813ddd6353d1a39.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71859189

Hate to burst your bubble, but


I'm a different anon. Just seeing you spam "more appearances" as if that mattered seemed pretty nonsensical. So, now you have to contend with aphra being cooler than death troopers, using your logic.

>> No.71859190

In movies and shows they are completely useless. I haven’t changed my argument but their description is the same

>> No.71859201

>most of the thread
just because you're spamming posts on your phone doesn't mean you account for most of the thread.

I'm just calling out your bullshit, factually incorrect argument that they have way more appearances. you can't present a single fact to back up your side, so now you're getting defensive and taking it personally. not my fault.

>> No.71859202
File: 482 KB, 723x999, DC3F3938-CEA2-4BA6-8603-8A38E2FC9C12.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A true Chad

>> No.71859214

You do realize multiple people are arguing with you not just a phoneposter right?

>> No.71859218
File: 118 KB, 864x836, B144E10D-68DE-4B43-B146-76FE89F85DF3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71859236
File: 88 KB, 1024x575, 9391F6E5-F5A4-44FF-8888-8EBB5C313823.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71859238

nah, more appearances has nothing to do with how cool something is. I'm not making that argument.

I'm simply arguing that death troopers have appeared more than shadowtroopers. you can like whichever trooper variant you want, I really couldn't care less. but you (or the "other anon") claimed ST's appeared "way more times" than DT's and that's factually untrue.

if I'm wrong, prove me wrong.

>> No.71859253

see, now those guys look halfway decent. red makes a good accent color.

>> No.71859261
File: 120 KB, 1600x900, 0719EEB2-C92B-4D93-BF72-091DF96584A7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Started from the bottom now we here.

>> No.71859274
File: 2.89 MB, 2110x1784, 851DEE73-9A3B-4722-B6F1-6662F784E3BF.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Red and black are good complements

>> No.71859320

Only a Sith deals in red and black!

>> No.71859370
File: 61 KB, 1024x576, BAF72BB4-8547-484F-A8C3-C16594BE80E4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Add some white then

>> No.71859450

Did ffg even do a death trooper set?

>> No.71859467

Are you trying to convince people that the old Shadow Troopers weren't also the textbook definition of uninspired palette-swapping laziness? The old EU had many cool and distinct trooper designs, and most of the Shadow Trooper variants were not among them.

>> No.71859485

>most of the Shadow Trooper variants were not among them.
Not the guy you replied to, but are you just talking about the stormtrooper kind, or are you including the clones too?

>> No.71859499

the clone ones were pretty baller

>> No.71859508


Yeah, they're pretty baller

>> No.71859515


>> No.71859519

I'm also disparaging the clone shadow troopers. They may have a nice paint job, but "nice paint job" is still just a more polite way of calling something a palette swap.

>> No.71859567

Most trooper varients are palette swaps with an occasional slight difference in the physical design though, not just the shadows.

>> No.71859761
File: 279 KB, 927x1200, DEl7pm_UIAAkOj6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>somewhat irregular COMPNOR forces running around that just do it weeknights
Fuck midnight, when it's half past nine, now it COMPNOR Death Squad time.

>> No.71859775
File: 69 KB, 475x330, davin (2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>right has clearly female proportions, is wielding an A295 and a lightsaber
uh, sir... think i found the spy.

>> No.71859926

>black, unique armor and helmets
>creepy voices
They sound like dudes that bought 5$ toy walkietalkies and their armour should have been the tanker armour.
>feature them as primary enemies in a major story
A side movie that no-one wanted.

>> No.71859939

That’s one of the many shadow trooper variants, you just haven’t heard of them because they’re uber secret. Carry on trooper.

>> No.71859949
File: 56 KB, 1068x601, gigachad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why yes, I do enjoy both Shadow and Death Troopers. How did you know?

>> No.71859968

> enjoying mouse wars product
> how could you tell
Because when I fucked your mom last night you sat in the corner jerking off.

>> No.71860023

Why do Death Troopers make you so mad anyway?

>> No.71860035

Darksider pirate game is going...well, it's going. Escaped a squad of X-Wings, fled to Nar Shadda, upon arrival the twi'lek's player says "I know, my character will get naked and pretend to be a slave, that'll help us blend in!" Nobody said anything to the contrary, but as we're playing online due to the outbreak we could all fap and she couldn't see. We start looking around for opportunities to get a different ship, and ended up saying we were looking to hire a pilot, then mugged the guy that showed up and stole his ride. GM was kind and gave us a YT-2400, then the GM was a dick and revealed there were three containers of spice in the holds and we have no idea who it belongs to.

>> No.71860049
File: 86 KB, 593x489, 1034174.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looks like they can face off in the field then.

>> No.71860079
File: 208 KB, 1500x1500, 32B62026-8C04-4A07-9F37-A77B599DA894.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Darksider Game
>Twi’lek Strips naked to hide as a slave
>Stealing a ship
>not checking the cargo hold
Jesus Christ that’s a few levels of retard
Anybody else like this and only this from the FO Stormtroopers

>> No.71860138
File: 104 KB, 980x551, 24642-original.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I would have had 3 containers full of hives of weaponised space bees and stung the silly cunt to death
Space bees are also a great default treasure to find on spaceships and they provide lots of sweet honey, your players will thank you for it

>> No.71860174
File: 69 KB, 980x490, 1513286646937.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The ST lore is a convoluted clusterfuck of retcons and asspulls
>People think Disney's ripoff of the Old Republic era will be any better


>> No.71860225

>plays twi'lek
>gets naked and pretends to be a slave
I mean, on one hand it is one of t he more basic tropes and a pretty normal fantasy.
But you're still bullshitting.

>> No.71860231

There's no way they'd be able to fit 7 grown men into a 2 door midsize coupe.

>> No.71860261

Never played with a female before I take it.

>> No.71860270

I'm more concerned with how two policemen with revolvers gunned down that many guys with automatics, a thompson and a shotgun without getting shot. It's fucking Lucky Luke and The Man With No Name tier gunslinging.

>> No.71860272

Nigger shadow troopers were before the mouse

>> No.71860279

Hey Risitas!
How is your group of CIS enablers doing?

>> No.71860307

Would have been better with some details on the white parts, looks like he is carrying tactical soap bars or unfinished iphone cases, but the idea is good.

>> No.71860349

Soule did a good job on Vader and I’m willing to give his book a shot. Unlike the Sequels everyone sat down together and seem to have some semblance of a plan

>> No.71860389

Guy's a troll, don't bother. He's likely to respond with something like
(ahem let me get into character)
>liking ANYTHING mouse
Why are you such a fucking degenerate shitstain????

>> No.71860418
File: 35 KB, 1137x640, saber-f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Had first online session over the weekend with my group, actually went well once everyone remembered all the dice functions. Not-Seibah is having a terrible, rotten, no good day trying to get up to speed on the thousand or so years it's been since she was last conscious and basically the only thing keeping her sane at the moment is good food, but yeah, been good so far. Group might make this a more regular thing, helped us keep away the cabin fever for a while.

DM doesn't often use homebrew troopers often though. Can't say much on that front.

>> No.71860440

I remember when people were trying to rationalize Disney's nuking of the EU as a good idea and that the Story Group totally had a plan. Though, I hope Soule's future contributions lives up to your expectations. The antagonistic faction seems very strange
Not a troll but ok. Feel free to attack people if it gives you a sense of control

>> No.71860472

When you post the same five pictures over and over with the same fucking comments, it tends to stand out.

>> No.71860495

I've literally never posted that picture before, I found it online and thought it was a funny still

>> No.71860512

Online where, nigga? You going to play dumb?

>> No.71860571

Wish my group would play online. Won't even bother with Discord.

>> No.71860677

I have. Like I said, a pretty normal fantasy.

>> No.71861294

As in, factory standard.

If one says she never had it, I would find a way of bringing dog around her to find out if she was an infiltration unit sent from the future to try and kill someone.

>> No.71861938

>nuking of the EU
It was a good idea. That they had nothing better to replace it with was the retarded part.

Taking inspiration from it and using some of its story beats to drum up hype is the best way to make use of the EU. The few with some amount of brain cells at Lucas/Disney did just that. Everyone else seemed determined to turn 'fucking up' into an artform.

>> No.71862112
File: 1.54 MB, 1070x1800, latest[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71862224

That they had nothing better to replace it with was the retarded part.
Which is insane, why nuke a brand if you don't have an airtight plan to replace it with something better?

>> No.71862248
File: 86 KB, 1024x738, The RLM Image redux.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm gonna save the mousetrapfag some time and post this, followed by predictive dialog:
> >unironically liking mouse wars
> >everything mouse wars bad
> >disney shills, corporate lackeys, consoomers, etc.

>> No.71862325

nobody ever said champagne socialists were paragons of intellect

>> No.71862650

>It was a good idea.
Now, they don't even rationalize it.

>That they had nothing better to replace it with was the retarded part.
If they were going to dump it, only to steal from it for their clumsy hamfistied attempts to ape the eu...there's no reason to replace a superior product with an inferior one.

>Taking inspiration from it and using some of its story beats to drum up hype is the best way to make use of the EU.
If anyone else "took inspiration" to that degree, they'd be hit with a copyright infringement lawsuit. Aside from Mandalorian, there's hardly one original idea they've come up with.

>> No.71862697

Buy the whole fucking thing, pay off whoever needs paying off and mine it for ideas and hype. Pretending that recreating the EU on the big screen would've been viable, when it barely took off in print, is some delusional nonsense. The changes that would've needed to be made would have been MCU-tier, and at that point it's its own beast. Might as well chuck it so no one expects a super faithful adaptation and simply use it for inspiration. Which is what I fucking said is the better plan.

>> No.71862790

If they had been quicker about it before everyone got old and died, they could have just done Dark Empire. They ended up aping the silliest part of it anyway.

>> No.71863171

>Pretending that recreating the EU on the big screen would've been viable
Now this, is strawmanning!

>when it barely took off in print, is some delusional nonsense
Yep, "barely took off". They only printed those books, comics, and assorted media for thirty odd years because they enjoyed wasting time, money, and the time of everyone involved in creating them. No one actually bought them!

>Which is what I fucking said is the better plan.
Which is why they are getting raked over the coals, and pretty much are abandoning the movie side of things for TV for the foreseeable future

>> No.71863301

>why nuke a brand if you don't have an airtight plan to replace it with something better
Disney's people almost certainly assumed they had an airtight plan and a more profitable replacement. But business plans go awry all the time, whether it be due to Disney's own incompetence or the simple unpredictability of the market.

>> No.71863423

>Pretending that recreating the EU on the big screen would've been viable, when it barely took off in print, is some delusional nonsense.

As if the ST is any better

People would have thrown money at a Thrawn series, or seeing the rise of the NR/Fel Empire

>> No.71863434

>The changes that would've needed to be made would have been MCU-tier
Still would've made better movies than the Sequels.

>> No.71863455

The TIE Hollander: the weapon to surpass Metal Gear!

>> No.71863490

Well there you go. Shadow Troops are naval intelligence. The death troops are ISB's murder squad. Completely different roles, background, gear, and concept

>> No.71863530

Are y'all fucking illeterate or just generally retarded? I fucking said making movies *inspired* by the EU is the better path. You can't have an intact EU for that else a buncha nonsense starts cropping up.

What the fuck are you fucks even arguing at this fucking point. The ST is garbage and movies recreating the EU would've been garbage. Movies with a plan and taking inspiration from what came before without feeling tied down to it and by it would've been the best thing to have.

>> No.71863539

Heres my sonic oc do not steal

>> No.71863795

You can keep the original EU going as a separate continuity though. Trek has like 40+ continuities, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that.

>> No.71863848

Which lucky for us, they still do prent the EU under the Legends banner, and will likely continue to do so for at least the next several years

>> No.71864089

>Are y'all fucking illeterate or just generally retarded?
That's a generally productive way to have a conversation. Pretty much how mouse converses with people.

>I fucking said making movies *inspired* by the EU is the better path.
Clearly not, as evidenced by the current state of their movie track: as in on hold for the foreseeable future in favor of TV.

>You can't have an intact EU for that else a buncha nonsense starts cropping up.
Looks like "buncha nonsense cropped up" even when they nuked it." So...that solved nothing.

>Movies with a plan and taking inspiration from what came before without feeling tied down to it and by it would've been the best thing to have.
Clearly not, as they are clearly ripoffs, everyone sees them as such, and oh yeah...they aren't making them for the foreseeable future. If it really were "the best thing" they would still be doing it, instead of abandoning their plan of "mouse wars movies every year until the end of time!"

>What the fuck are you fucks even arguing at this fucking point.
A question I might ask of you: you are contradicting yourself, and this idea that the eu "needed" to be nuked is utter nonsense. The reason they gave for it was so they could tell "original stories." The only problem is, they aren't doing it. So, they plagiarized their own IP, while pretending they aren't plagiarizing it and think no one will notice.

If they had at least tried adapting Dark Empire, they would have been forgiven for making the effort (or whatever the work they chose). Instead, they did a shoddy job, like a paper mill plagiarizing someone's established work...and expect people to "ooo" and "ah" over it like it's the greatest thing ever.

>> No.71864162

Nuking it and making something better with it was a good plan. Nuking it and squandering the whole thing with barely half-assed nonsense was what we got instead.

Nuking it was fine(if there'd been a good plan for the aftermath). What they instead decided to do was stand there with their dicks in their hands and zero coherent outline, let alone a good plan. This was so retarded I still can't believe it's true.

>> No.71864165

Is someone else hoping this whole High Republic fiasco finally kills Star Wars, no matter how drawn out and miserable it is? It’s really the best possible outcome at this point, given how horrible things have been thus far. Hell, the franchise has been the entertainment equivalent of beating a dead horse since 1983, so the mercy of euthanasia has been long overdue at this point.

>> No.71864184

I'm just starting out what I hope will be series of adventures in and around Hutt Space. I have not idea what's going to happen because I have 8 players of varying dedication and memery to deal with.

>> No.71864216

If the prequels couldn't kill Star Wars, and even TROS being the lowest-performing sequel made a billion dollars at the box office, then no, a set of books and comics that most people won't read won't kill Star Wars.

>> No.71864339

Deep down, I just want to make a long campaign just based around the party trying to making a living in the world, trading cargo from point to point, etc, rather than an overarching Plot. I'm not sure which version of the RPGs would be good for that, but I do like the obligation system from EotE so maybe I'd just use that instead of the Saga edition rules.

>> No.71864361

Nah. I was around before the PT, through the PT, and I'm still here around for the ST and maybe the SST. There's tons of good stuff to sort through. There's still tons of books, and there are still people passionate about it. Fan, official, whoever. Plenty of good and bad star wars books have existed and will exist. Same with comics. There may be a run of High Republic comics that are actually pretty good, and some that are pretty awful. I don't know. Heck there may just be one frame of a comic that looks particularly cool, or an idea mentioned offhandidly that makes me go "huh, that's neat". And then guess what? It goes into the bin of "ideas to steal for my TTRPG". Which is really the only thing that truly matters in the end to me. So I'll have shadow troopers, and deathtroopers, and hammerheads, and nu hammer heads, and both old Interdictors and nu ISD interdictors, TIE Hunters, quasars of old, Dark Troopers, shoretroopers, Director Krennic's bitchin cape, the sick black inquisitor garb (though probably not the heliquisitor mod), the electric rope thing Cara was tied to a dude with in Mando, bounty pucks, and those new Imperial spy protocol murder droids from Rebels. I'll throw in Abominor and Tammuz-an and Kybo Ren. Why? Cuz that stuff is cool as shit. 0 fucks given.

>> No.71864392

Based and funpilled.

>> No.71864413

FFG posted updated release estimates

pretty much everything is delayed to September

>> No.71864417

In my humble opinion, D6 is more suited because it takes longer for the PCs to reach "end game" status. By the end of about 6 months of regular play (weekly sessions), in FFG players start to be near untouchable without you resorting to "SEND ME EVERYONE!!" type tactics. D6 paces out a bit better in that regard. Though this can also be remedied by
>coming up with less favorable situations so they get setbacks out the ass to counter their inevitable talent tree train
>forcing them to rely on skills they aren't that invested in

But that can apply to others too. But to each his own, go have fun with it and I hope your players and you have a great time.

>> No.71864436

Stop making sense right the fuck now, anon! This is not a place for rational behavior that lead to fun.

>> No.71864439

>Nuking it and squandering the whole thing with barely half-assed nonsense was what we got instead.
But this *was* the plan. We, the fan base screwed it up by not mindlessly consuming it and telling them how awesome they were for creating it.

That's what people seem to be missing here. There was no "better" version of the eu ever waiting in the wings. What we have now is it. Mandalorian, and anything along those lines have to be fought for, because they are outliers. If the production quality drops in S2 and people accept it, then the bar is now set for "ok" and they will produce "ok" mouse wars."

If it really falls, and people don't react, then we'll be back to square one.

>> No.71864574

My campaign is set in the PT between 1-2, just a few short, precious years before the galaxy is going to be set on fire with trillions of droids and clones and insurgents are popping each other left and right. The players have gotten into a fair amount of economic intrigue among the corrupt people of the galaxy where they get paid to clean up various messes, whether it is:
>finding a trade federation ex-engineering employee who "died", got "Brain in a Jar"d, and escaped, so the players saved him from post-death servitude to the Trade Fed
>helping some planetary insurgency blow up a Czerka not!oil rig because their operation turned their planet into the foulest smog filled atmosphere in the sector, to the point you could see a clear line in the mountains of "acid smog" vs "still breathing"
>Helping a Khoomite clone who hired the party to get sieze his "Bad" clone who was spending the family fortune, only for it to turn out the "Bad" clone is actually the good clone trying to settle the Bad clone debts, and the bad clone wanted the good clone removed from the picture, leading to the inevitable "which one is the REAL good clone?" moment
>Finding an old republic asteroid base that suffered a sith attack, finding a sith artifact there, as well as 2 cryogenically frozen humanoids
>Working with Hondo to try to scam the Lok Revenants, culminating in Hondo being in servitude to Nym and a daring attack on a Trade Fed cruiser
>Helping the not!Italian Mob fight off a rival cartel
>Being hired by a homicide cop to solve the murder of a jedi, purely because he wants to solve it before the jedi do so he can have a nice resume boost for promotion, culminating in the party hunting a Predator/yuatja in the lower levels of coruscant
>A run in with Dr. Evaazan who was putting bombs in drug body-packers that had a habit of going off
>a party member nearly dying because he refused to pay 5 credits to use a gang-run turbolift on a space station and got shot point blank

>> No.71865125

What’s a Khoomite?

>> No.71865262

Probably meant Khommite, like Dorsk 81 from the Jedi Academy books.

>> No.71865304

The Khommite Khoomite sounds like a neat name for an alien karate competition.

>> No.71865307

Yeah, Khommite >>71865262 what he said.

>> No.71865466

>The Khommite kumite
>put 10 freshly cloned Khommites into an arena
>only 1 can survive to take the name Radik-87

>> No.71865546

Based. You're an actual fan, not an accelerationist crossboarders.

>> No.71865601

Anyone know of good 3D-printed custom minis for Legion? I already know of Mel, Skullforge, and Buckethead but was wondering if you guys knew of any more that I should check out.

>> No.71865653

Found the shill

>> No.71866282
File: 56 KB, 1024x512, 68e2e7670576289fdd6a42a8b252c45d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What was their fucking problem?

>> No.71866403


>> No.71866462

>want money
>old guy with magic powers tells you a way to get money
>listen to him
>Jedi get involved
>now there are two of them
>things go very wrong
>get a grudge against the queen
>dark wizard gives you more commands
>trust him
>suddenly war
>no turning back
>Sith happens

>> No.71866654

Unironically true, rebniggers don't reply because they have no arguments left.

>> No.71866781
File: 284 KB, 1280x890, 1580668265629.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71866811

Some pretty strange coincidences. /tv/trannies showing up seem to coincide with the arrival of revisionist Impfags.

>> No.71866865
File: 309 KB, 1920x1080, angelos-karderinis-exterior-nebulon-with-colinator.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Tell me about your campaigns, and your homebrew trooper variants that have appeared.
Not a trooper per se but at the end of the second act of Beyond the Rim I upgraded the Deep Dark from a small imperial patrol ship to a cruiser inspired by EC Henry's take on the Star Destroyer original concept model. I imagined it as a more self-sustaining recon-in-force ship that would operate solo or in concert with a few frigates in the outer rim, sniffing out smuggling operations with sophisticated comms and scanning equipment.

Incursor-class Cruiser
Manufacturer: Kuat Drive Yards
Model: Incursor-Class
Silhouette: 7
Speed: 3
Handling: -2
Armor: 7
HTT: 90
STT: 33
Defense: 2 Front, 1 Back, 2 Sides
Sensor Range: Long
Crew: 1000
Encumbrance: 5,000
Passengers: 1,000 Troops
Value: 95,000,000 (R)
Rarity: 7
Hard Points: 2
Hyperdrive Class: Primary 1, Backup 8
Navicomputer: Yes

Twin Light Turbolasers (Port (and fore and aft), Starboard (and fore and aft))
Twin Medium Turbolasers (Port (and fore and aft), Starboard (and fore and aft))
Heavy Turbolaser (Port, Starboard, and Nose mounted)
Tractor Beam (Port, Starboard)

It was only Speed 3 for purposes of the chase scene at the end of the act, it provided a creeping wall of turbolaser barrages that the PC's had to outrun while fighting ties.

>> No.71866971

Imagine that you have a ship that transports 5 million tons of goods. Doesn't matter what they are, 5 million tons. Now imagine you have 1,000 such ships, the majority of which haul stuff from the Outer Rim to the mid rim, colonies, and Core (aka "The Republic")

Now, for every kilo you transport, let's say you pay 1 credit in tariffs, fees, and taxes. Thus, just the upfront cost to move shit into the Republic with a full load is some 5,000,000. That's okay, because you may be able to charge people 3-5 creds per kilo, maybe a bit less for bulk movement of goods. Not a big deal right, you're still making a decent profit. However, the margins may actually be relatively thin considering
>repair costs
>fuel costs
>private droid army to fend off piracy
>the actual facilities to process the shipments

And NOW the Republic doesn't want to charge you 1 credit, it wants you to fork over 1.2 credits per kilo. That just raised the price to move a Luc from a 5 million in tariffs to 6 million. Now over a fleet of 1,000 ships, if all of them move at least once to the Republic, that's 5m per it would be 5 bn credits to move the fleet. But now, with a 20% increase it jumps to 6 billion credits, which would cover 200 entire shipments under the old tax rules. That's a 20% increase, and the only way you'll be able to afford that is to shove it off... on the customer. But wait! Your whole thing is that you are a bulk cargo mover. Your selling point is "we charge less than literally everyone else if you want to haul raw ore or ingots". If you start charging more for shipping and handling, you'll turn customers away.

And now the Republic threatens that. Now a magic wizard man promises a way to undo that extra tax/tariff/whatnot

So then the blockade starts to make some sense. The Trade Fed may have spent several billion to invade Naboo... but it'd be spending billions more potentially a year, in perpetuity if it didn't roll the dice!

>> No.71867033

Because I'm pretty sure you're the same guy, I'm going to start calling you Lucreanon. Please post more of this nonsense, it's definitely my brand of autism.

>> No.71867150

I am, yes. Idk why, i just like the doughnuts and bulk freighters

>> No.71867306

*i made a math error, i meant 1 credit per metric ton, not 1 per kilogram

>> No.71867497

Wasn't the old EU explanation that the Trade Federation wanted to frak the hell out of some rare mineral deposit under Theed and was essentially throwing a fit because Naboo wouldn't let them?

>> No.71867499

Was Naboo a core world and the TF wanted to prove a point by embargoing it? Or was the blockade just part of Sidious' conditions for lifting the new tariffs?
What do you think replaced Lucs after the CW?

>> No.71867523

Naboo is in the Mid Rim and the Feddies were interested in mining Naboo's plasma reserves.

>> No.71867538

yeah. naboo had some sort of naturally occurring cold plasma or something like how some places just have giant underground wells of crude oil and shit like that. rare, expensive, and super useful

>> No.71867666

Typical hippy crap, standing in the way of industry and progress just because 'our houses are there'.

>> No.71867717

Naboo was already mining its own plasma, Satan. Much of the lightsaber duel took place in the Theed plasma refinery complex. The Trade Fed just wanted to be the ones controlling the supply.

>> No.71867731

Does any anon here use alternative rulesets for Legion?

>> No.71868224

It's pre-Clone Wars, so no troopers.
I fully expect the GM to step on the gas when it comes to wonderwaffen when we cross the threshold into the CW proper, though.

>> No.71868315

Naboo, frankly, is a midrim backwater. If the TF decided to blockade, say, Corellia, the whole galaxy would have been watching it. Naboo is the equivalent of a flyover state as far as the galaxy is concerned. HOWEVER in the mid rim, it was a major supplier of their donutsteel super oil. However, the Naboo people sold the plasma at a flat price to the TF. The TF then would sell it at market prices. Imagine, if you will, Kuwait selling its oil for $20 per barrel (perhaps a fair price at the time) to a 3rd party, we'll call them Energon. Energon then sells that oil for the world market price (say, $80 per barrel). Energon clearly is getting the lion's share of the deal, even taking out that $20. That was the situation the Naboo found themselves in. This is made worse from the fact that the King who negotiated the deal made a backroom deal with the TF (aka, sold out). Amidala wanted to negotiate this deal to be, to put it mildly, more equitable.

Well Satan, the issue wasn't so much "Reee no drilling" so much as "we aren't going to go along with the current status quo". This, among other things (taxation of the previously tax-free Free Trade Zones), prompted the Trade Fed to stage the blockade as a "Republic taxes and fuel REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" stance, since their old King was gone and Naboo wasn't willing to play ball anymore

>> No.71868483
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I learned some lore shit today, but what's up with the Satan thing?

>> No.71868610

check the last three digits of the post they replied to

>> No.71868710

The number of the post ends in 666. Enjoy your stay, you're here forever

>> No.71868798
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Oh fuck the thread is almost over.

>> No.71868845
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Todays comic was brought to you by David Attenborough.

>> No.71868851

>The release version of the Empire is a mish-mash of multiple authoritarian states.

>> No.71868868
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Vader some time before his call to Palpatine.

>> No.71868889
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>> No.71868911
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Meanwhile on the most remote outpost in the universe.

>> No.71868968
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Hah! Doing our jobs...

>> No.71868980

I had this comic as a kid, fun read.

>> No.71868990
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>> No.71869009
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Same here.
I think the same comic had the life cycle of a sarlacc in it as well.
Can't remember though.

>> No.71869042
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>> No.71869060
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>> No.71869084
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Here you see a lone Darth Vader male, curiously exploring its surroundings.
Little does he know, he is about to be beset by a pack of the fiercest predators in the savanna.
The space hyenas!

>> No.71869085

I agree with everything but the Death Troopers. Something about them I just don't like.

>> No.71869110
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>> No.71869127
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>> No.71869149
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>> No.71869179
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>> No.71869209

>Remove Folding Stock and Front Sight
>Replace stock with an AK stock or a an AR Buffer Tube with the back of the original Folding Stock and various bits on it.
>Remove/Modify pump to appear more like a fore grip area, ideally leaving as much of the grating side visible as possible.
>Add one or more optics to the top, using a permanent method
>Remove end cap of the ammunition tube to create a double barreled over/under blaster rifle.
>Drill out Ammo Tube to create an Over/Under Blaster

>> No.71869210
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>> No.71869233
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>> No.71869254
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>> No.71869281
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>> No.71869301
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>> No.71869325
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Oh the irony.

>> No.71869334
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>> No.71869347
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>> No.71869370
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Last page.
Till next time!

>> No.71869572

>Replaced the Lucs

Canonically nothing really. They stayed in use because a 3 kilometer donut works fine. That said, there were plenty of bulk transports out there. The Action series in particular was popular for "started at the bottom now we're here" type traders. Not as big, but much larger than a light freighter like the Falcon. You could have a successful, but galactically small shipping operation just with one of them, or even a few.

>> No.71869655

You also had those pyramid-shaped ones with cargo pods attached everywhere, and the gallofree pod-ships. Those were also popular

>> No.71869789

With a little effort, each of the Super Special Black Armor Guys can fit under their own niche, with only mild redundancy, even if we combine both canons.

>Imperial Army Special Missions
Special Forces of the Imperial Army
>Imperial Navy Commando/SpecNav
I headcanon these to be the same thing, but they're both special forces of the Navy
>Imperial Commando Special Unit
Republic Commandos re-organized into a subdivison of the 501st (if they continued expanding, they'd likely remain as commando units augmenting larger, standard stormtrooper divisions)
>Storm Commandos
Dedicated Special Forces of the Stormtrooper Corps
>Shadowtroopers aka Blackhole troopers
Intelligence Special Forces, Blackhole's personal kill squad (incidentally the other Intelligence Directors don't seem to utilize them)
Less "special forces", more "elite honor guard"
>Darktroopers, Terror troopers
Experimental supersoldiers, cyborgs, and droids - never deployed en masse

>Purge troopers
Inquisitorius's Special Forces with a particular focus on melee combat
Intelligence special forces, cyborg/bio-aug supersoldiers, assigned primarily to supporting projects or VIPs under the Tarkin Initiative
>Inferno Squad
On the surface these guys seem like they'd fit most readily under SpecNav, but Garrick Versio is an ISB Admiral (not Navy). They could be ISB special forces, a multi-branch task force, or simply a SpecNav unit that Versio requested be assigned to his command. They could also be one of many similar units, or they could be a singular, unique entity.

Even the units that overlap in function generally belong to different branches, with some being one-offs or a particular individual's personal unit. Which generally tracks with the narrative of everyone in the Empire leadership constantly grasping to one-up the competition and gain favor with the throne. (It's also worth noting a few of the Legends units like Stormcommandos exist in both canons)

>> No.71869795
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There's also that one Baleen-class they had Han and Chewie running around in during TFA, the design's a bit weird, but I feel like it can sort of work if you somehow mix it with the concept of the Wayfarer and its modular cargo containers, but instead of only having space for one(or two with that one edit you see in these threads sometimes) of the modules, its as many modules you can fit within the grid.

>> No.71869986


The generic version of Inferno in Legion is just labeled "Imperial Special Forces", so I would surmise Inferno is just one unit under some sort SOCOM style unified command. They were specifically formed and run by Versio, but there are probably units of similar quality and role scattered throughout an imperial special forces command.

>> No.71870026

If the GWoT has taught us anything its that everyone wants their own special forces all day, all the time when budget isnt a concern. Its real easy for a Moff to have his own men in black (space) pajamas just for prestige

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