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>> No.71823893

First for the Militarum Tempestus!

>> No.71823906

>want to make my own space marine chapter
>look at rules for terminators
>can't even swap out the sergeant's power sword
God I fucking hate nu-GW

>> No.71823916

Stormtroopers for life

>> No.71823917

Why did they change the vox on primaris marines, I miss the old vox

>> No.71823937

bUt THeyRe tALl nOW

>> No.71823943

To look new.

>> No.71823951

What kind of tech do you think the Imperium has that isn't covered in models or are written about? Is there an automobile industry unique to every world?
Do you think the Imperium has the same proliferation of firearm variety as we do, but it just all gets put under the same label as "autogun" or "stubber?"

>> No.71823957

I kinda want to use grey knight helmets for some primaris veterans to give them a crusader look, but the grey knight helmets have no detailing on the back because they’re meant to go under a psychic hood. How should I approach this?

>> No.71823962

Less than two weeks until Emperor's Children are revealed!

>> No.71823964

Yes! Actual stormtroopers only! Kasrkin faggots and Cadia lovers GTFO!

>> No.71823976

The vanguard has an old style vox, or at least similar

>> No.71823980

You mean the MK IV grill came back?

>> No.71823991

Any recasters making them yet?

>> No.71823992

>guardsman wearing as much steel as space marines
Thanks, I hate it.

>> No.71823995

Logically speaking, the armored and mechanical the forces of the Adeptus Mechanicus, particularly their navy, would be superior than any pound for pound counterpart in the Imperial Navy or Army yes?

An AM Battleship compared to it's Navy counterpart would be operating at peak capacity, be almost entirely repaired and ancient DAoT systems actually operational such as the autoloader, now run by servitors who can receive direct wireless orders as opposed to teeming masses of voidsmen who must be shouted at, the ships Machine Spirit and automated console as lively as ever and even perhaps being given permission to speak.

>> No.71824008

>Any Terminator can be equipped with 1 chainfist instead of 1 power fist.

I'm sure you can, if you can't, I'd allow it if you paid the points for it.

>> No.71824015

Most admech things are superior.

Skitarii are superior guard.
Thallax/Ursarax are superior marines.

>> No.71824026

Play chaos or space wolves.

>> No.71824028

>How the hell do you deal with this guy when he’s alpha legion?
T6 12W 2+ 5++ and either -4 to hit or -3 5+++

>> No.71824030

Faggot. That’s a stormtrooper.
>as much steel
Fucking tard. Steel!?
>as a space marine
Get your eyes checked, faggot!

>> No.71824034

Given that GW clearly wants people to build weird mixed loadouts from veteran squad kits, what kind of rules change could they do to make it a viable strategy that doesn't get astronomically BTFO by specialist squads?

Sisters with the Holy Trinity stratagem are a start, but it didn't seem to work

>> No.71824044

every mechanicus cruiser has a nova cannon, so yes. An Ark Mechanicus has lances up the ass as well as macrocannons so that's a probably too.
ground forces probably can't outmatch the Guard until attrition really takes hold, unless you consider Titan Legions part of the mechanicus and not the guard

>> No.71824049

Probably varies quite a bit world by world considering how extremely disparate the tech levels are. The autogun/stubber thing is spot on though, I remember the 4th Ed rulebook specifically talked about how they were general terms for literally any modern firearm. I'd be curious to know how large the largest private companies are in the Imperium. Can I buy a Space Chevy anywhere in Segmentum Solar for example?

>> No.71824062

So put old helmets on your primaris?

>> No.71824064

Get bent, schola boy

>> No.71824066

they don't need to change the rules because there is already a rule that lets you fire on different targets with models in the same squad

>> No.71824088

they have much better shields too.

>> No.71824109

Sculpt em with greenstuff

>> No.71824117

Will liquid green stuff stick to primer or do I need to sand down to bare plastic? Thought I had the seam filled all the way, but after priming I could still make it out. Wouldn't bother with it. Ut it's right on the models head and shoulder so it's super noticeable.

>> No.71824138

but they're slow and they don't have as much access to strike craft, and they have no torpedoes either. The Navy could probably take them on.

>> No.71824139

Says the retard

>> No.71824144

My SW suppressors rape him pretty hard. Everybody forgets about Keen Senses.

>> No.71824146

file to bare plastic.

>> No.71824147

Emperor's Children will be as likely as a marinelets release.

>> No.71824156

How does he aquire legion traits?

>> No.71824157

To a degree yes but they're absolutely not operating at "peak capacity" and brimming with Dark Age tech. The Mechanicum is in many ways just as backwards as the Imperium

>> No.71824171


Oldcron lords didn't have a personality as per the 3rd edition codex. Check it. It says because Necrons lack personality or individuality they can't gain combat experience.

>Whacky lords

The Mephiston series writer said that because most Necrons are mindless, when they write Ncecrons they must focus on the more insane and quirky Necrons.

He wrote his Necrons deliberately to be insane and funny.

>Spess Kings of tombs

3rd edition Necrons were a bit subtle about it.

5th ED Necrons are not. Lorewise and aesthetic wise they took it too far. It's as if the Craftworlders suddenly became a 1:1 copy of High Elves.

>> No.71824184

They FAQ'd legion traits to work on CHARACTERS because heavens forbid they let them be applied to everything.
At least it retroactively gave traits to the cavalry HQs from legends.

>> No.71824190

Holy fuck that's sad to look at.

>> No.71824197

How is edge highlighting supposed to be done? I see some models on GW website and it looks like every edge is high lighted but is that how it should be done? or maybe theres no right answer?

>> No.71824199

What would be better for a 9 biovore spearhead. Cheap hq or go full dumb with a hive tyrant.
For a GSC ally.

>> No.71824211

Well if they were cheating. A real warrior would engage the other in a contest of long range shoting. Making stuff like boarding or teleport strikes or torpedos either a non problem, or something very limited.

>> No.71824212

Feel like a fucking retard for asking but what's the difference between Tempestors and Scions? I got a squad of them for Kill Team and I just don't get it.

>> No.71824221

Why are you replying to something 4 hours ago in a previous thread?

>> No.71824222

>Emperor's Children will be as likely as a marinelets release.

So, pretty much confirmed?
You do know that Primaris are getting squatted (moved to their own separate codex) in less than 2 years?

>> No.71824228


Why are people still arguing about necron lore? New lore is better than old lore strictly because there is room to actually grow the lore. Its kind of hard to write lore for the old crons because they all were fucking mindless anyway!

>> No.71824243

Agreed. Back when I was a kid I can't remember a box that had Ultramarines on them. Now they're every box.

>> No.71824244

A tempestor is the sergeant of a squad of scions.
Not to be confused with the Tempestor Prime, which is the HQ variant.

>> No.71824257

No right answer, but understand what edge highlights imitate. On a very shiny surface, reflections will disporportionately hit the edges, because an "edge" is really just a very small cylindrical shape, meaning it contains a lot of angles that a given light source COULD reflect off.

>> No.71824259


>> No.71824263

Scion—A stormtrooper
Tempestor—A Scion promoted to a squad leadership role
Tempestor Prime—A Tempestor prompted to a platoon (or higher) leadership role
All Militarum Tempestus promotions are done based on battlefield experience and prowess alone.

>> No.71824266

MkIV was popular.

>> No.71824270

The 2nd edition strike force box set had ultramarines on the cover

>> No.71824273

Do you guys think I should bring a Morkanaut w/Shiny Bitz in a Freebootaz battalion or in an Evil Sunz battalion?

If I put them in the Freebootaz they're able to proc the +1 to hit on my 10 Flash Gitz, whereas if he's in the Evil Sunz I can put a weirdboy next to him and give him full rerolls with the new spell.

Not putting him in Bad Moonz, don't like em.

Also, post your Ork-y models. Ere's me Mega Naut

>> No.71824275

the masses of crons yes, the lords ot so much and there where the c´tan supposed gods or higher ups of the crons.

>> No.71824281

Needed to be said. It's not for his sake but for the sake of others.

It could have been done better.

And by the way, C'tan can't lead Newcron armies as per the rules. Why did you do that to mem you fuck? What am going do with my C'tan models now?

>> No.71824300

did you have to use google or something for that? my point is that they weren't everywhere. fuck off primaris kid

>> No.71824301

pretty hard to stay at range when your guns are the same range as the other guy's and they're on your flanks while your best range is on your prow.
Besides that Mechanicus would never outnumber the navy and strike craft are the thing that would even out the lack of nova cannons, not to mention access to battlecruisers and grand cruisers and more varied battleships

>> No.71824321

>Long range gun duel more honorable than unnecessarily costly boarding action
Found the Tau

>> No.71824329

>my point is that they weren't everywhere
In 2e there was no Codex: Space Marines, it was Codex: Ultramarines.

>> No.71824337

It's been the exactly same argument since 5th edition though, it's been almost ten years and I don't think I've seen anyone make a point that wasn't made in the first week. Can there be peace in our time? Or are we doomed to a viscous cycle of OLDCRONS BETTER , NEWCRONS BETTER until we're all dead.

>> No.71824341

>Tau navy
*laughs in broadsides*

>> No.71824343

talking about lascannons in an imaginary play-pretend toy game with people I never met was the most fun I had this week. Nice.

speaking of, why meltas are considered shit in 8th edition? From what I can see, even at their non-reroll range they're cheaper than lascannon with same dmg potential and more AP

>> No.71824351

Do they do anything besides hit on 3’s, I wouldn’t call 2 wounds dealt to a 12 wound model rape

>> No.71824352

a real warrior would use its own strengths and hammer them against the weakens of his enemy.

In short cut disatnce short if your enemys priority is a sluging it on range. The imps can easyly cut distance short and board mechnicus ships, they have the expirance and gear to dos so and shields wont protect them from that.

The imperial navy is build and supplied to fight in void better then any one else. The machnicus stands no chance against imp or SM. There ships are not build to do void battelk, support imperial forces yes, fight on there own no.

>> No.71824360

If that anon knew what he was talking about instead of saying BS, then nobody would had a problem.

>> No.71824374

Tell me about your conversation, Anon.

>> No.71824375

Imagine feeling the need to call someone a "primaris kid" and lie about being a grog on an anonymous anime imageboard

>> No.71824386

You're right how dare I call ceramite steel? It's technically totally different! How dare I call a scion a guardmen, they're technically totally different!
Now REEE some more.

>> No.71824406


Can't you still use ctans though?

>> No.71824422

All I hear is a faggot crying after getting called out for being a retard

>> No.71824423

I bought that box back with the money I made washing cars before you were a zygote.Don't get pissy with me because you're too much of a fetus to remember a time before fortnite.

>> No.71824429

>hit on 3
>wound on 3 because you're a light vehicle
>2 damage a pop x6 shots, for potentially a one shot kill
>-3AP in devestator doctrine so you're using the 5++ save
>keen senses also ignores negates to hit caused by your own movement with heavy weapons so you can position the suppressors however you want
>disables the baleflamer overwatch for safe charges from other units to finish the job if need be
Its pretty good.

>> No.71824438

OKAY REDACTED from a few threads back.

With Pariah we'll get Illuminor Szerah (who is working on some Pariah genes right now).

He will face Stern and Friendo, and heralds a huge Necron focus for 9th Ed. coming second half 2020.

So NOT the Silent King as I wrongly said, sorry.

>> No.71824439

You have to be 18 to post here

>> No.71824450

In a perfect world you would be right, but this is not a perfect world.

>> No.71824452

As slaved units, not HQs.

>> No.71824454

so its the new GW chaos trooper model or what is this crap? Did they make the gaunts ghosts chaos imperial army a thing?

>> No.71824462

What I hate most about imperium is their vast amount of parts that all seem to fit relatively well together. You can kitbash almost anything between chaos and imperium and it makes sense. This makes me resent imperium because other races don't really have the fucking opportunity to that. Look at tyranids, you can't just SLAP a different head on something and call it a tyranid still. But you can slap a fucking chaos head on a IG body and call it a cultist or some shit. FUCK!

>> No.71824467

Ohhh, goo goo gaga, retard! Shit in your diaper?

>> No.71824471

I miss them, bros.

>> No.71824477

Tend to be on quite fragile bodies, at least with a las you get to sit back and plink away at them and will probably get multiple shots off. Meltas have to run up the board and usually will not be allowed to get a second shot off if they fuck up the first.

>> No.71824479

Good job proving his point

>> No.71824482

pics or it didn't happen

>> No.71824499

Well i have to say i like the new blocky bolter design more and the the change from shoulder fired heavy bolters to carry in hand.

Sur ether eis some nostalgia but the design changes did not hurt SM they just made them even look better.

>> No.71824507

Ignore him and destroy all the toys he's surrounded by instead. He himself has pretty poor damage output.

>> No.71824509

Why are the Primaris so hayed?

>> No.71824510

Does anyone have a list of Citadel release dates? Someone asked me what the oldest thing I had was and I actually couldn't tell them. Any clue as to whether OG necromunda came out before the 2e space wolves codex?

>> No.71824513

Same reason they put random armour plates on the legs. To make them look different from normal SM so you buy your SM army all over again

>> No.71824518

No. It’s the new iteration of the Stormtrooper, with trademarksafe name.

>> No.71824523

Didn't Stern show up in the first Psychic Awakening book, and that the Ynnari needed her for something?

>> No.71824524

So how do I go about creating an Incubi/Kabalite Warriors army?
Don't really care for wythces, wracks, and hellions.

>> No.71824537

instead of giving stats +1 to marines. GW made entire new model line to an already extensive and over bloated model line.

>> No.71824540

>speaking of, why meltas are considered shit in 8th edition
Really, really bad range. To fully outperform as lascanon, you have to get within 6”, which is extremely risky and hard to accomplish. A lascanon can just start blasting much further away and for more consecutive turns at more targets that it actually wants to shoot at.

>> No.71824541

You think that's good for a laugh? Take a look at the original dreadnought or the space crusade chaos one.

>> No.71824543

My buddy got me into the mechanicus game, and I'm enjoying the aesthetics of them and the fact they steal everything not nailed down. If I get into the tabletop, would if be ok for me to use other armies weapons and other little things on my models? The game says using alien stuff is verbotten, but I still take anything not bolted down.

>> No.71824546

You could kitbash any Ork bitz with other orkz and literally all non-ork bitz with Orkz if you weren't a hobbylet.

>> No.71824548

New thing bad, they have triggered grogs survival instinct so they reject them out of fear

>> No.71824555

Groovy, thank you.

>> No.71824561

What is so special about that new Primaris captain anyways? He looks standard as fuck

>> No.71824571

It’s pretty decent but it still only takes 4 damage on average with the FNP or 6 without, if you ever play against one make sure you don’t deepstrike within 18 inches of anything that can kill your suppressors or they’ll get ambushed.

>> No.71824573

looks shit, no honestly to much chaos and the kaserkin in my opinion looked eve better, the plate armor and such. Also that shity transport vehicle looks even more crap.

I get the name change new models are always welcome but of the design team fucks so much its just nasty.

When the IG looks more chaos affiliated then imperium something went horribly wrong.

>> No.71824585

You have been saying this for like 3 years now. Its time to let go

>> No.71824587

Lascannons can do their work from across the board though

And in general melta is just outclassed by overcharged plasma. At the same strength and almost same AP (and with the way AP works and the average save and presence of invulns on most units of note, that extra AP actually being felt can be surprisingly rare), it gets better range and more shots within a melta's range. More shots of a solid 2-damage is usually preferable to one shot with pipe dreams of rolling that 6 damage.

>> No.71824588

Screencap my post friend.

>> No.71824593

The best part about marines is the bast amount of costumization in both bitz and rules
Primaris exchange that for pure, destilled blandness and their existence pretty much means we won't be getting anyhing not in line with that shitty design choice for the whole army any more.

>> No.71824594

Proper old grog here. I like them, but that might be because I've already seen the change from Mk6 to Mk7 marines so the ones I started with are already long gone.

>> No.71824595

I wanna make some 3D print files for CSM weapons that aren't in the current kits, any suggestions for what I should prioritize?

>> No.71824614

>New thing bad,
This is why everyone hate the new CSM models

>> No.71824625

To sell them?
I'd tell you chain cannons and chain axes but there are already 3d models for those floating arround

>> No.71824626

Is there even a point in using non open-topped transports?

>> No.71824637

There isn't really any weapon option that ISN'T on any kit, just options that kits are really stingy with, like one per kit of something there's incentive to want a whole unit toting.

Most notable is the combi-plasma and chain-axe options for the termies

>> No.71824644

Everyone agrees the new CSM are dope as fucl dude.

>> No.71824645

I dunno if I'm so ambitious that I want to make something sales-worthy, just bits I can use to slap together some cool Chosen.

>> No.71824649


>> No.71824651

>Durr just screencap my tin-foil shit and if it happens to be vaguely correct I'll gloat, but if not it never gets brought up and i answer to no one!
Post proof or eat shit you cocksucker

>> No.71824659

The 12" range REALLY fucking sucks for meltas. That's their non-optimal range too, to actually get into range where your one shot won't fail catastrophically on the damage roll you need to essentially ruin your positioning on that unit, for a shot that wounds vehicles on a 4. If GW wants melta to not suck it needs to be at least S9 or higher so you actually have a higher chance of punching through armor to make it worth getting into range for.

>> No.71824660


Immolators are great especially with their stratagem. Fill em with Storm Bolter or Melta Dominions and they are amazing.

>> No.71824661

Reaper chaincanon

>> No.71824679

If they are cheap or very mobile they do have uses

I know. That's why 'new thing bad' is a retarded way to defend primaris

>> No.71824694

Chaincannons, autocannons and chainaxes. Those are usually the in demand weapons for CSM, at least for me.

>> No.71824695

Obviously melee units don't give a shit wether or not they can shoot out of their boxes on wheels.

Even for ranged units, a non-open-topped transport can just serve as something to keep them safe before they hop out even on the first turn to shoot. The question is always one of price and value, Rhinos used to be dirt cheap where now you really need to be sure taking them is worth it.

>> No.71824698

Not sure if mixing Immolator with Repressor or just talking about Immolator and thinking Dominions still grant them the scout move.

>> No.71824701

well of course you would face your opponent in honorable face to face combat. If your facing a group of teutonic knights you are not attacking them from the back or when they are asleep.

I am adeptus mechanicus explorator.

nah that is how animals fight or something like an orc. Real warriors destroy their enemies from affar in flash of nova canon fire and blast of lances.

>> No.71824709

>auspex tactics putting out multiple videos in a day

God bless you AT

>> No.71824710

I don't. I find them very lacking.

>> No.71824712

Are all non-Grot ork infantry on 32 mm bases now?

>> No.71824715

>Chaos affiliated
Are you saying all the filigree on AdMech stuff is chaos?
Kasrkin are shit and only look good next to cadians, because they’re only up-armored Cadians. Next to any other army line, especially other guard like catachans or vostroyans, they look like shit. Scions are made to differentiate while also keeping up with the age-old lore that stormtroopers and guardsmen don’t get along. Scions are more compatible with every other imperial army.
The vehicle criticism is fair, but I’d take a look at MRAPs as a whole (Tauroxs are models after MRAPs)—they’re all ugly and tall as fuck.

>> No.71824716

I asked how much anti-tank I need in 2k points game, anons were very helpful and I learned a lot. Pretty comfy, from what I understand 8 is enough for a CSM player, while the guard dude had at least 20. I run my list with 12 LC and 3 missile launchers, should be enough.

fun times

>> No.71824728

mork with SB can be a fucking monster especially if you da jump it to the backfield and let it go to town.

>> No.71824732

Whatever size bases they came with

>> No.71824740

Maybe if meltas did damage d6 roll two and pick highest at long range and 2d6 at short. There could be a reason to run the overcosted garbage.

>> No.71824756

Yes, except ones like meganobz on even bigger ones, regular Orks come packaged with 32mm

You're under no obligation to rebase older models though.

>> No.71824778

thank you all, just starting out and trying to understand what kind of an army I want to build
you people are cool

>> No.71824779

They should reroll damage AND the wound roll in melta range, THEN they'd make themselves far more attractive next to plasma

>> No.71824783

>Swarm army with 32mm bases
God GW is retarded sometimes

>> No.71824786

Its like some veteran faggots took the design to far. the new SM priamris are a desperate try to make marines placed in space
the ne IG a desperate attempt to put the army in to space.

dont like it, the models of pirmaris marines cool, true scale or what ever cool! Fucking upgrade everything to true scale!

>> No.71824795

Probably Evil Sunz of the two, the guns on the Morkanaut are likely to outperform the flash gits with the rerolls.
>Also, post your Ork-y models.
one of my dudes doing what he do

>> No.71824797

Ultimately your dudes are your dudes. It won't be very fluffy (tech heresy and all that) but if you can convert and paint things to look good most people won't really care

>> No.71824799

Except whatever obligation comes from a sense of aesthetics, feet sticking out over base edges and boyz tilting from how top-heavy they are.

>> No.71824805

Suppressors have 48" range and as mentioned, keen senses also cancels out negates that I cause on myself by moving with negates. I don't deepstrike them.
Plus obligatory space marine re-rolling everything.

>> No.71824808

In any case the current set up is just garbage.

>> No.71824822

>destroyed a $40 kit I bought for ork conversion
>because I cut it a bit too much fucking up where 4 pieces meet and glue

>> No.71824844

Does anyone even USE chaincannons?
I won't lie, people seemed hype at first but the points cost and havoc changes (locked to 5 man, no ablative wounds) sorta made them kind of unattractive

>> No.71824847

If you don't believe them just ignore them.

>> No.71824849

That'd be good too. Really they need to do SOMETHING, because the only melta I've ever taken is the relic combi on my Red Corsairs, and that's only because it's S9 and attached to a rapid fire 3 AP-1 D2 bolter.

>> No.71824867

No problem newfriend

>> No.71824868

fun thing is she wasn't even that much of a meme in Poland, everyone that heard about it went like
>uh yeah, obviously durr

I love my country.

>> No.71824870

Orks are supposed to be physically on par with Marines, their models have just really fallen behind and now Boyz look like pathetic misshapen midgets next to Primarines

>> No.71824880

What would keep a voids-man so loyal they would fight for an Imperial noble or Rogue Trader who literally is sipping wine and not even actually drawing out their fancy golden bolt pistol while the ship is being invaded right in front of them?

>> No.71824887

>what are troops
Why would I bother losing 34 points in one wound while I can take 10 marineniggers with 2 CC

>> No.71824891

Oh add to that beside Imperial Guard, almost everything has some form of Feel no Pain or Invulnerable save to fuck over your single shot weapon.

>> No.71824894

lurk more newfag before say cool or any praise.

>> No.71824897

I think it depends on the matchup. I know the marine meta made them less attractive since autocannons are better and safer for killing primaris, but I imagine once corona-chan decides to settle down and we see more games in a post-marine-nerf world they might make a comeback against horde armies like Orks or Nids.

>> No.71824900

Are you having a seizure?
Cadians ruined scale for everybody. Now GW is fixing it by actually making marines and other power armor taller.
Scions are at the true-scale level just about like with the new BSF humans.

>> No.71824913


>> No.71824914

You can give them to regular CSM units and Chosen you know

>> No.71824918

I'm not so sure. Considering is still a 12" range single shot weapon.
Random invulnerable save can dick it over.

>> No.71824919


>> No.71824928

>taking CSM
So we're strictly talking about casual play
I mean anything works in casuals. I've swarmed an opponent with 12 max units of necron scarabs before and won.

>> No.71824945

>these bad units can take this expensive weapon
I guard I'll give my guardsmen squads a lascannon.

>> No.71824950

I have been out of the 40k sceen since 5th ed.

Downsizing my collection but want to keep a small 500 - 1000 point space marine force.

What would be a decent "all comers" learning army of space marines built with the intent to make them inperial fists if i get back into the game?

>> No.71824968

So if Warriors are garbage, and the Annihilation Barge isn't good because 'it doesn't have any preferred target', what's the point of the SC! ? Would I be better off buying six boxes of immortals and go from there?

>> No.71824970

A lascannon with 10 wounds is a bad thing now?

>> No.71824971

The Emperor failed to live up to his potential considering how powerful an entity he is, mostly due to his own hubris. Change my mind.

>> No.71824992

>taking havocs in """competetive"""
a unit that can shoot once before being blown to shit isn't good, you condescending shit

>> No.71824997

I play with mixed units all the time and it mostly works and is fun.
As long as the unit has one key roll and then just sprinkle in a bunch of fun / flavour.

>> No.71824999

>Real warriors
No dummy, real warriors identify the enemy's weakness and strike at it with all their strength.
wrong universe

>> No.71825011

Rotor Canons seem badass, I wonder why only the Navy have them and not the Guard. Is it because they can adjust the ships gravity so its not so heavy, or because its easier to have large ammo supplies on a ship than on campaign?

How would it compare to say, a Hotshot Lasgun?

>> No.71825016

I find warriors ok to park on objectives, try to hide them behind cover and overwatch what comes close then hope reanimation protocol rolls well to replenish your unit and keep the objective contested.

>> No.71825020

Well I would say that he was against the combined powers of the Dark Gods, but it turns out he was primarily undermined by an angry emotional ex, so, I can't.

>> No.71825033

Chaos Marines got pretty cheap with CA2019. Ten of them with two chaincannons could put out some decent dakka for the price.

>> No.71825040

They wanted to convince you that they're not squatting the squatting marines soon

>> No.71825042

A guardsmen squad with a lass is way cheaper and with more wounds than marine or SoB squad with equivalent weapon.

>> No.71825051

As of recent black Library lore, I can blame women for it, so now I do.

>> No.71825054

>Is it because they can adjust the ships gravity so its not so heavy
lol, the Imperium standardizes gravity. Even on moons they install grav gens so that it's the same exact velocity as Terra's.

>> No.71825061

>what's the point of the SC! ?
to sell models

>> No.71825069

Strictly speaking from the lore, he kind of had no choice. He wanted to speed up humanity's evolution but the galactic threats were there in the background. Maybe if he waited another ten thousand years he could have had better odds, better technology, better whatever but who knows if there would be enough of humanity left to try and unite at that point.

>> No.71825071

and hits on 4's, once
stop being cringe

>> No.71825073

It's his fault for not listening to her opinions and thoughts about how to raise their kids.

>> No.71825076

I don’t know the stats for 40k or Killteam for the rotor cannon. Would you tell me?

>> No.71825081

Fair enough.
Let me rephrase that, "what's the point of the SC! (from a gameplay point of view)?

>> No.71825084

Is the part 5 of Astartes available somewhere else to download from other than YouTube for higher quality? Asking because of YouTube compression.

>> No.71825090

women have no rights there are property.

>> No.71825091

Shapeways has some "not grey knight" helms.

>> No.71825097

GW puts together start collecting boxes for aesthetics, not game power

This is because game balance changes, but models can potentially be forever, and most people buy armies for aesthetics, especially when starting out.

>> No.71825100

Their standard of gravity seems to be a bit off then (which would perfectly fit the Imperium imo), otherwise why are Voidborn canonically described as growing up tall and lanky and feeling too heavy on planetside?

>> No.71825107

But you can afford more BS4+ lascannons than BS3+ ones

>> No.71825125

What's the point of a box of anything' from a gameplay perspective'? I don't know how to answer your question

>> No.71825126

They do it to sound smart by knowing about the long-term effects of gravity. It doesn't actually effect them at all.

>> No.71825134

How do melee oriented armies do in 40k? It seems like a lot of armies are based on shooting so if your melee army has to run up doesn't they mean they might get gunned the fuck down?

>> No.71825137

>55 points and 10 wounds
>80 points and 5 wounds
>both have 1 hit
Hardly the point. Since Guardsmen with any gear is a rather bad option, but still better than a marine with extra gear.

>> No.71825139

Except for t'au, only really meh unit is the ethereal. If someone wanted to start playing t'au I'd honestly suggest 2 SC! boxes then breachers, 6 crisis suits fit well in 1k point list.

>> No.71825140

Need color advice.
I want to go with black as the primary color my Admech army, with white trim, but I can't think of a good secondary color.
Would Red be too 'dracula'-eque? I want to invoke a priestly feel, not vampires.

Also, ignore the metallic colors, this app is ass with metals, and I'm not set on them anyway.

>> No.71825141

gameplay wise necrons is all fucked

the SC! will have a total of 6 models you'll use out of the 18 or so on offer, unless you have a really soft area

anni barges suck, catacomb command barges don't do much, deathmarks suck, warriors suck, immortals with tesla are ok, you take them for CP.

>> No.71825149

That's traditionally been the problem with them, yeah.
Step 1 of any melee army is to figure out how you're gonna get them to within a reliable charge range before they're shot off the table.

>> No.71825156

Admech was good in older edition and good today.
Some SC got lucky.
For example GSC one is just odd. Maybe if it was a Primus instead of an icon.

>> No.71825174

The priestly feel would use gold or silver. Just about any color you can think of will go with black and white though. They are completely neutral.

>> No.71825179

Rotor Cannon
Range 24, Type [Heavy 4], S4, AP -1, DAM 2

Hotshot Volley Gun
Range 60, Rate of Fire 8, DAM 1D10+6 E, Pen 10, Clip 80, Reload 2 Full, Special: Recoilless+Overheat,

>> No.71825182

If you want to do red then don't use "red", use a different shade. A vibrant scarlet, a more subdued maroon, a light salmon may look good, perhaps even a rich mahogany.

>> No.71825189

For the most part they don't. Unless you can either clear up the entire board and charge in one turn, deny overwatch or deep strike and charge reliably melee is ass.

>> No.71825193

What app is this?

>> No.71825200

Pure melee armies are as bad and static as pure gunlines.
>hurr me run at you durr
You either make it to melee and win against your mixed/ranged opponent, or you get shot to shit and lose.

It's the exact fucking same as T''''au, yet you people bitch to no end about T""""""au
>t. versatilechad

>> No.71825209

I think part of it has to do with the limitations on gang-moulding for the small character sprues. They always come out in multiples of 8 or as part of a box set, which tells me that they are on the same plate. If they get excessive stock of one of them because it's unpopular, it makes sense to stick it in a bigger box that moves off shelves more efficiently than a blister pack.

>> No.71825211

Melee is a powerful way to control the board, shift objectives and disrupt shooting. Melee armies are bad ideas and melee army players deserve to be laughed at when they demand a 48” moving gorillion attacks at Str16 unshootable deathstar because they can’t play.

>> No.71825215

>clubbing things in close combat
>in the far future
>with guns galore

Look for ways to get into combat. rolling 3d6, deepstrike, fast movement etc.

>> No.71825219

Impcat, like $3.50 to get.
Not really worth it unless you have some extra money left on your play/apple account.

>> No.71825220

Less armor piercing but more damage than a volley gun. Probably too heavy and not as practical

>> No.71825224

Anon wasn't talking about the timing of the Great Crusade, he was talking about Big E being such a retard that, among other fuckups, he lied to his sons and told them demons were just funny-looking aliens

>> No.71825240

Not every place can afford or uses gravity generators. It is lot easier to leave it as it is if humans can persist in it. Then there would have to be a very good reason as why to install such an important tech there.

Also on many ships gravity is not consistent there could be entire sections where there the grav-plates gave up and there is no way or reason to repair them. After all it's just a place where crewsmen go, and command would never touch on foot. Plus gravity is a luxury on a ship compared to the warp-drive, geller-field, atmospherics, or the weapons system.

>> No.71825244

gimpshop and a picture of citadel paints to paint drop from.

>> No.71825253

Just noticed The Malestrom warp storm is at the center of the galaxy

>> No.71825254

Chaos is memetic and propagates memetically. Telling them and his troops isn’t the best idea unless necessary.

>> No.71825271

With orks you have to use strategery (spelled correctly). Using mobs of boyz to move up the field, warbikes to flank and secure objectives, long range shokk guns and lootas to soften up targets to help reduce the rolls coming in against your boyz, and using da jump to deepstrike either more boyz (use them to tie up and tar pit artillery and tanks so they can't shoot/fall back the next turn), a warboss, or a gork/morkanaut into the opponents backfield. I use all of these at the same time to hopefully split my opponents fire so they don't focus fire on any one unit. Except maybe my jumped morkanaut, he is a great target with his KFF and guns.

>> No.71825278

>How would it compare to say, a Hotshot Lasgun?
Considering HH rules it'sd be a Heavy 4-6 S3 AP- 30" gun. Not great desu

>> No.71825310

Does this thing have SoB and GSC models?
Like is it worth the $4~ burger dollars if I want to test colour schemes?

>> No.71825317

I was mostly making a joke about how sci-fi settings use standard gravity 99% of the time for story convenience.

It's possible that, with how many grav gens are built into ships in 40k, they are common enough to just throw everywhere.

>> No.71825338


>> No.71825355

No. It has no official GW models. You'd have to find and install files for that yourself

>> No.71825366

Yeah, gravity is just standardized because it's very important to how action goes in your stories. I for one have no fucking idea how the hell ballistics work in space, and I doubt the writers do either. Not to mention that the epic melee fight is very reliant on having a footing and not a floating.

>> No.71825369

>Telling your psychic demigod generals about the single biggest threat to the existence of humanity isn't necessary
I didn't know the Emperor posted on this board

>> No.71825371

Are the files at least easy to find and install?

>> No.71825380

In the Luna Wolves trilogy, Horus seems to have a reasonable grasp on what Chaos is. He had to explain what daemons were to his men when they encountered one.

>> No.71825382

I think there's a reddit for them

>> No.71825387

There's a >Reddit folder with like 30ish models, I know they have at least one GSC.
Can easily find it with google.

>> No.71825396

Purple anon, its regal as fuck.

>> No.71825412

>Ballistics in space
Thing go straight

>> No.71825437

that is now how gravity, sun wind etc work.

>> No.71825443

eh, it might orbit if you're close to a planet. It will eventually orbit if you're farther away from one.

>> No.71825451

Anon wasn't talking about anything, he challenged a debate with the "change my mind" meme phase.
iirc he explained deamons like they were animals from another dimension, just obeying their nature of killing bloodthirstily. Not as malevolent intelligence actively trying to corrupt.
Which is probably perfectly in line with how chaos cultists managed to convince him that Chaos is fine, Emperor is tyrant.

>> No.71825469

And what about the shooter? Are they propelled backwards? Is sustained fire impossible?

>> No.71825473

Do you think the Imperium simulates the wind and sun on-board their ships for a familiar bullet trajectory?

>> No.71825480


>> No.71825482


>> No.71825486

They presumably have self-correcting thrusts so the ship doesn't start spinning.

>> No.71825511

Aren't all the guns in BFG centerline? I don't think they would have to correct it.

>> No.71825514

He literally called Samus a xenos and told his men not to worry about it

>> No.71825521

yes. it is called warp fuckery.

>> No.71825537

>Big E was born in Anatolia
Why are Turk genes so superior?

>> No.71825557

Yes, with exactly the same force as the projectile was propelled forwards unless they have some kind of stabilizing force

>> No.71825563

So can you use the mindflayer catbeast in 40k? I couldn't find the rules in battlescribe and I wouldn't know which pdf to look in.

>> No.71825579

Go spray your army RIGHT NOW. There's no excuse to not have it basecoated.

>> No.71825589

Almost everything has guns facing both side arcs as well. Many ships have massive broadside batteries

>> No.71825593

he was "born" in anatolia in times of bull worshipers. Urturks back then were chilling around kirgistan, and turks ottoman or seljuk were not even a thing for another 13milenia.

>> No.71825608

Rotor cannon is just a minigun heavy stubber.

>> No.71825618

Corona pandemia makes it illegal for people who don't do specific jobs to be outside. And I am neither a soldier/policmen/doctor/heating&electricity worker/politician.

>> No.71825654

Is there any particular reason why the chaos space marines haven't united? Seems full retard for them not to considering imperium out numbers them? ALso, isn't making more chaos space marines more difficult for chaos marines because they need gene seed?

>> No.71825661

Yeah, if it wasn't for the laws of this land, I'd be out partying and spending time with my friends all day...

>> No.71825675

They simultaneously have and havent, time is non-existent in the warp

>> No.71825682

How many times can we abuse the voucher programme? Or is it one per customer?

>> No.71825695

If you're in the UK, you can go out for food or exercise just fine. You're "exercising" out onto the balcony to spraypaint models.

>> No.71825696

Even while following social distancing?

>> No.71825699

Whats the solution for writefags /tg/?

>> No.71825714

>dissing the Naismith dread'

>> No.71825716


>> No.71825720

yep easters soon. which here means before it young men leave homes and grill in forests to hide from home work, drinking moonshine and hearing stories from older men, who are unable to dodge the house work 100%. They even made it illegal to enter forest, and not just state owned. only border guard, military can do it.even police can't enter. and if you get sick you have to bring the sick to the road, so the doctors can pick him up, which sucks for people in villages inside forests or who live in colonies.

>> No.71825726

Seems you can do as many as you feel like.

Uniting a bunch of resentful fucks who hate the world and everything in it isn't easy.

Just try to get this board to agree on anything, you'll see what a mess it would be to unite the CSM.

>> No.71825730

Ignoring them.

>> No.71825731

Give them the rope

>> No.71825737

Ignore that which sucks, read that which is good.

>> No.71825740


>> No.71825742

Leave them be

>> No.71825751

Dubs decide my starting roster in my next escalation league

>> No.71825756

That was just his damage control because he wants to keep all knowledge of what actually happened in the ave under wraps

>> No.71825771

I live on the other side of europe. social distancing means children and students don't get to go to school, and have to watch cartoons on state TV.
biggest LoL is that all people who had to do masters defence in march get treated as if they failed. So they won't be able to get work, will have to wait a whole year to get a full degree.

>> No.71825782

5 boxnaughts, leading up to 18 boxnaughts eventually.

>> No.71825800

Am I being retarded? Where in the BA codex in the mega does it say that blood angels get combat doctirines?

>> No.71825814

Writefags are not a problem unless they are published by GW

>> No.71825815

So they won't hold online testing at all? If it needs to be proctored why not have people come to a location where people can be separated but monitored?

>> No.71825826

5 full mobs of boyz

>> No.71825827

It doesn't. They get combat doctrines in Blood of Baal, or alternatively in the space marine update pdf you can find on the GW site.

>> No.71825831


>> No.71825835

How do you guys organize your bits box?

Got something like pic related recently, and I was thinking I'd sort them by what final miniature they belong to (e.g. one for Cadians, space marines, Bolt Action US Army, etc). But if you guys have better ideas I'm down to hear them

>> No.71825836

Mono kroot.

>> No.71825839

It doesn't. The doctrines come in the PA expansion

>> No.71825847

I leave them on the sprue

>> No.71825849

Separate ziplock bags for each army, does the job

>> No.71825854

Blood of Baal. BA Codex came out in like 2017/18, Doctrines in 2019

>> No.71825857

I really like the Primaris half masks desu

>> No.71825862

I throw them all into a box. Most of them are left on the sprues and kept in a bigger box. Someday I'd like to get various grates to sort them by size.

>> No.71825872


>> No.71825881

I just have a couple large tackle boxes with what is what sharpied on the outside.
They're great for having lots of organizers for little parts and pieces and modular enough to let me fit the bigger bits.

>> No.71825886

Not according to anything we see in the books. Horus describes what we know to be daemons as simply aliens from the Warp, he clearly does not fully understand Chaos as the supernatural corrupting force it is and he certainly isn't aware of the existence of the Big Four.

>> No.71825891

I have something like that, I organize them by faction and piece. Like for example, DG weapons and SM weapons are seperate but contain all manner of weapons from their factions. Same with accessories, heads, bodies, etc.

>> No.71825897

IG, all infantry

>> No.71825909

not everyone here has stable enough internet, specialy in rural areas. I didn't have internet at all even as far as 4 years ago, and even now if I would try to play a game or use a skype it will just lag to death.

>> No.71825911


>> No.71825912

The only reason you faggots think GW can’t sculpt women is because you think every woman looks like a bimbo.

>> No.71825913


Airdrop Scion list

>> No.71825932


The sculpt is good, they only know how to paint man face.

>> No.71825933

What's the thing on the left? New book or art card?

>> No.71825948

Show me one woman, Just one, who looks exactly like that.

>> No.71825959

Dynamic hair always looks shit on minis.

>> No.71825961

Combat Docs

>Models in this unit gain a bonus depending on which combat doctrine is active for your army(seebelow).If you have a Battle-forged army,units only benefit from this bonus if every unit from your army has this ability(excluding SERVITOR and UNALIGNED units).

So I could min/max my army by taking two detatchments; one BA for melee and one RG for early rapid fire or IF for bolter spam?

>> No.71825964

ah and all students were sent home. So they would have to travel from where they are now to their university. Maybe those that went to police or military highschools could somehow dodge the checks, but everyone else would not be. And it is up to 6 years of traveling without papers. And if you are sick, or get sick, it gets uped to "anti state action" which is anything between 8 and 25 years, and in extrem cases you can get life long(I would assume that would happen if someone on your bus/train died from your covid).

>> No.71825968

CW Eldar, must include at least 1 of every type of aspect warrior

>> No.71825972

Herlequins with no solitaire

>> No.71825977

My most sincere condolences Anon, that is absolute bullshit. I needed to do continuing education for one of my licenses to renew it but the schools I use are all closed down. The state told me not to worry about it, put a note on my license that I can still use it due to extenuating circumstances, I'll just need to complete the continuing education requirement and submit it within 6 weeks of the school reopening.

>> No.71825981

Minigrip bags, usually by subject matter (say, one bag containing terminator parts with smaller bags inside the larger bag for smaller bits like heads, etc.), and bags stored in boxes related army project.

Bits not related to a project are usually either still on sprues or clipped by source (all spare Chaos marauder bits in one bag) or relativity (IG tank bits, etc.)

>> No.71825989

Sounds fine to me

>> No.71825996

Thousand Sons. (Without cultists or Tzaangors)

>> No.71826000

20 axe-wielding plague marines.

>> No.71826003

here you go. an olympic DDR sports woman. multi gold medalist, breaker of worl records.often set up by herself.

>> No.71826011

Whats so bad about worshiping Slaanesh? Seems like drug-addled rape fantasies are way better than the reality of the Imperium for most citizens.

>> No.71826022


>> No.71826025

Fluff wise you could play Xenarites from Stygies VIII, they mess with Xeno tech.

>> No.71826026

Doesn't look anything like the model. Thanks lair.

>> No.71826030

They should bring back Konrad as a women

>> No.71826031

Tallarn desert raiders

>> No.71826045

Same reason watching anime non-stop, stuffing yourself with junkfood, and drinking into a blur is also a bad idea.

>> No.71826069


>> No.71826073

Can't deny trips, get to work anon.>>71825751

>> No.71826075

You could, but you lose the individual super doctrines of each chapter

>> No.71826086

the fantastic golden 4 that were dominating sports at their peak

>> No.71826097

>What a thrill.jpg

>> No.71826103

I dont think I follow
What heaven?

>> No.71826134

Has anyone attempted to paint the old colors on the Primaris? I feel like it would be kind of cool, you could even make the excuse that they were old Legion guys with old colors

>> No.71826138

Is Geedubs still shipping stuff or are they 100% shut down?

>> No.71826148


They should be S16 at half range. The whole point of melta in previous editions was not just the better chance of heavier damage (AP1) but a higher likelihood of penetrating hits.

If we're meant to assume that vehicle armor values are translating into Toughness + Save, with most vehicles that previously had at least one AV14 facing being T8, then a Melta which could only get a glancing hit on an AV14 facing outside half range in previous editions is suitably S8, but should have a greater chance at a successful wound than a Lascannon at half range (which had a 33% chance of penetrating AV14 vs. a half-range Melta being 58%).

>> No.71826154

They are about 90% shut down. You can still buy their vouchers.

>> No.71826159

Missed the vouchers, that just an online gift card?

>> No.71826162

My Friendly local hobby store is still shipping. Too bad I'm only comfortable buying at the retail store instead of online purchase.

>> No.71826179

You get an extra $5 for every $50 you buy but otherwise yeah same idea

>> No.71826184


>> No.71826186

yeah but you get a 10% bonus. it’s like buying bonds lol

>> No.71826190

Gift card with bonus.
Buy $100, get $10 free, so 10% more.

Still makes zero sense to do it though, you can get sealed GW kits on ebay for discount of 15% minimum anyway.

>> No.71826193

Yup. Buys 50$ worth of gift cards and receive 5$ free. buy 100$ and receive 10$.

>> No.71826206

Reroll wounds would make meltas have a better chance at wounding high toughness than lascannons, and would be a nice simple effect that would fit neatly with the damage reroll they already have.

>> No.71826221

Neat thanks!

>> No.71826222

A flamer should be AP-1. They used to ignore cover, and since they don't ignore cover now, they should be AP-1 as that's functionally the same under modern rules. Considering their range and randomness of a D6 roll compared to a template, I'd think that'd be pretty fair to make Flamers viable.

>> No.71826228

finished 2 more my fellow sister painters

>> No.71826234

You paint them one at a time instead of batches?

>> No.71826236

Thank you, most of my Ork infantry is from before they repackaged bases and I'm trying to get a count on how many I need to rebase. I'm not looking forward to it because of the 50 some models I'll have to do it too, but I don't like having different models in a unit with different sized bases

>> No.71826245

flamers should hit every model in the target unit once instead. fuck hordes, in short.

>> No.71826251

Yeah, I think I've got enough Space Marine bits to justify separating body bits and weapon bits. Good thinking there.

>> No.71826252

Or just say 'ignore cover' in its rules, like loads of other weapons do

>> No.71826253

He seems to go for quality over quantity.

>> No.71826254

Flamers need a 10" range by default and a pts drop and they'll be fine. They're already doing well now because of how many armies have options for getting them into range

>> No.71826257

I can see using them for the pre-orders of new models, or the limited time minis.

>> No.71826264

yeah when i paint batches i lose interest very fast. it dont feel like painting... it feels like uhm assembly-line work

>> No.71826269

...Why not just buy smaller bases then?

That'd just make them stupidly overpowered.

>> No.71826284

>t. Hordefag

>> No.71826311

What exactly happens to souls who worship chaos undivided? I'm talking about after they die, when their soul enters the warp.

>> No.71826315

remember when flamers and meltas were flamers and meltas and not shitty abstract dice rolls? why did GW think 40k needed to be like age of shitmar

>> No.71826326

Theres wanting flamers to be better and then there's wanting to change rules in ways that would make a variety of unit completely unusable. I like playing against hordes because removing lots of models at a time is fun, and something like that would basically make sure I'd never get to do that again because I'd never see hordes again.

>> No.71826333

eaten like literally every other soul?

>> No.71826346

When were meltas not subject to dice rolls

>> No.71826358

If you have to ask, the answer's always 'raped by daemons'

>> No.71826366

>Gets told GW still has more than half the original adepticon reveals left
>Believes it
Anon, you have to let go.

>> No.71826367

He's probably retarded and wants to bring up facing too

>> No.71826370

That's why every chaos worshipper wants to be a daemon prince so they are immortal and a daemon so they can survive the warp.

>> No.71826403


No omnipotent being would care what I do with my dick.

>> No.71826413

Just lower the strength of flamers to compensate? It doesn't matter since GW doesn't read our posts anyway. Nothing meaningful will come from our bickering.

>> No.71826428

He gave you that dick, don’t misuse it. It’s like if you give a tool to your kid, you would be angry if they broke it

>> No.71826431

>I know what an omnipotent being would think
you are a fool

>> No.71826437

What armies are allowed for mix and match scenarios? Tempestus Scions usually fight alongside imperial guard, but they are technically part of the administatum, and usually called in by inquisitors. Can they be fielded alongside an inquisition army (Sisters of Battle, Deathwatch, Grey knights). I also know assassins can be played alongside any imperial army because assassins are too expensive and rare.
I also like to point out black legion is a combination of nearly all chaos space marine legions so is it possible to field any chaos unit in Black Legion or there are exceptions?

>> No.71826439

There's no real issue with Flamers.

It's Melta that is flat out garbage in 8th.

>> No.71826442

Every omnipotent being cares what I do with my dick, you need to work out more.

>> No.71826446

You just have to take imperium units in different detatchments

>> No.71826461

Flamers range is too short, melta needs s9 at least

>> No.71826466

Can you provide more details?

>> No.71826473

Facing was good newfag, having to position models was good and not bad.
they were but they actually felt different because you had to get close and were the only ap 1 weapons available to imperials.

>> No.71826510

Facing only works if the faces are marked on the base, otherwise it's impossible on anything that isn't box shaped.

>> No.71826519

Damn Primaris Marines are actually cool after watching this


>> No.71826521

>Facings was good
As a very broad concept maybe. In execution it was clunky trash and by the end of its life most people just glanced vehicles to death anyways.

>> No.71826531

Half range meltas, auto-wound.

>> No.71826534

Shoot him. Hes shockingly weak. I've killed him with 1 squad of suppressors before

>> No.71826540

Will they still be cool if they get corrupted by chaos?

>> No.71826541

You can throw scions into any guard unit but only use their trait from the codex if you do so. But you can use say, any guard in a space marines army as long as they form a proper detathment in the rulebook.

>> No.71826553

If you can see everything, do you really want to see a bunch of dudes jerk it?

>> No.71826562

They would be lame, like everything else chaos has ever touched.

>> No.71826564

So I bought the virutal voucher because I was planning to get the new PA anyway, but where is the extra $10?

>> No.71826576

>he can’t even read the GW promotion material

>> No.71826586

Basically you can treat any soup list like one cohesive army as long as you follow the detachment rules, such as two troops & an HQ

>> No.71826604

Melts are so bad it hurts. At least my fire dragons can get backed up by doom

>> No.71826626

What are you talking about?
It doesn't specify you need to wait.

>> No.71826648

I want more combi weapons for my sergeants but I don't feel like buying them up on ebay. Anybody have success carving up a regular boltgun to make it a combi weapon? I have half a mind to use a regular plasma gun and call it a combi plasma as they cost the same/I'd be using the plasma profile mostly anyway.

Also in hindsight this is probably more appropriately a question for a WIP thread but here we are.

>> No.71826659

a better fix imo would be to have them hit on overwatch regardless of distance, as not only would it make them better but also make more logical sense, as the idea that charging into a wall of flame won't hurt you just because you were outside of its maximum range when you started running is retarded. Maybe have it hit the maximum amount if they're charging within its range at the start.

>> No.71826663

Meltas should be: at half range, improve S, AP, and D by 1.

>> No.71826664

I just buy 10 packs on shapeways.

>> No.71826680

I glue the bolter to the weapon

>> No.71826681

For many reasons they are rubbish.

1. Rate of fire. There is no practical use for that much ammunition expenditure to hit a running man sized target. Rotary guns are on aircraft because you need to put a wall of lead in an area when you have a second to do it.

2. Ammunition expenditure. Linked to above. You want to keep that thing shooting you need thousands of rounds. These have to be carried on yours or your mates backs. A gun that's empty in the first 20 seconds of a battle is useless.

3. Weight. That thing is massive and it's ammunition would be same. For no practical battlefield purpose your making yourself slow and exhausted.

4. Chainsaw grips. Way to popular in sci fi. There's a reason nobody does this in real life. You can't aim a gun holding it at your hip. It's the future maybe there is an eye thing so that's fine. But then how do you plan on using this thing in cover or prone. You cant lie behind a berm and get it down range and you have to expose your entire upper torso to fire it over a wall.

>> No.71826711

>Adeptus Supersayians

>> No.71826713

The plasma coil on combi weapons is in a smaller scale than a plasmagun.

>> No.71826729

LMAO why are flamers even a thing in 40k? like, just wear a fire-retardant suit nigga.

>> No.71826766

Blessed Promethium melts everything. Also good at cleaning up shit like dead bodies. Really though it reduces things to piles of ash, like everything in 40k its not a normal flamer.

>> No.71826771

If you want to know what gatling guns the imperial guard can use, there's the leman russ punisher, and the chimera transport main gun.
Speaking of which, do you have to go to forge world to get a punisher cannon?

>> No.71826788

yes it’s fw only.

>> No.71826789

Yeah just like everyone in Vietnam did, because that was totally doable and practical

>> No.71826808

Sprue for reference.

>> No.71826813

So just wear water, LMAO

>> No.71826860

>Day #128 of waiting for AdMech rules since the models were previewed at Warhammer Open Day 2019

>> No.71826877

The Chimera has a single barrled multi laser. Just shoots Fast.

>> No.71826929

All elves are interchangeable

>> No.71826934

>single barrled multi lase
that definitely sounds like an oxymoron.

>> No.71826945

I still like that fist sergeant

>> No.71826985

From looking at the model, my money is on four separate lasers that lead to a single aperture.

>> No.71827042

>1. Rate of fire. There is no practical use for that much ammunition expenditure to hit a running man sized target. Rotary guns are on aircraft because you need to put a wall of lead in an area when you have a second to do it.

witch is bullshit, chain guns are inferior to revolver cannons in every aspect.

A chain gun needs to rev up before it gets its maximum RPM while a revolver cannon is at its max rpm at all times.

Rotary cannons make sense in anti infantry duty but in situations where you have split seconds and snap shots count they are shit.

>> No.71827080

Take a storm bolter, a legion plasma pistols (MkIII or IV kit) and a spare bolter. Cut the whole muzzle from the storm bolter, cut the muzzle from the bolter and the muzzle from the plasma pistol. Mount bolter and plasma muzzle side by side on the storm bolter.

>> No.71827087

Always remember:

>Space Marines eat brains to absorb memories

>> No.71827091


>> No.71827128

technically in modern fluff they get memories from any flesh

>> No.71827132

I'm making conversation, not bickering. My post on "Flamers should be AP-1" already has plenty of other good solutions proposed, and I'm glad I made the post since it led to actual conversation over shitposting.

>> No.71827146

oh forgot it gets even worse because the spinnig is creating torq and problems on its own witch makes Galtlings even more shit and useless on airplanes or space ships.

>> No.71827156

sounds like bickering to me. Don't @ me.

>> No.71827168

>Reading Space Marine Codex
>Read Chapter Tactics
>Notice that there is no specific wording which implies the super doctirines that specific chapters get and subsequently loose will be lost if you take a detachment from another codex.

>Implying the IF/CF additional hits on a 6 can be kept and you can take a further detatchment of a slashy space marine army, or another army all together.

Is this codex trickery what guilliman wanted all along?

>> No.71827204

>only works if the faces are marked on the base
Then mark the facings on the base?

This. Though I guess technically the assaulting squad is laying down suppressive fire (or has another unit doing so) since it's 40k is an abstraction of a real-time situation, but there is little logical sense to it.

>> No.71827247


>> No.71827264

I agree with buffing flamers when I think about them in a vacuum but gunline armies are already superior to melee. Buffing them will just lead to GW giving more armies access to ignore overwatch abilities.

>> No.71827268


>> No.71827297

>Page 1

>> No.71827300

I think having flamers automatically hit in overwatch is good, but they also should get a reroll or some sort of bonus to their number of shots if a unit has 10 or more models in it to help emphasize their anti-horde role. Maybe just have it add 3 in order to make it consistent against large squads.

Meltas just need to reroll to wound

>> No.71827311

Based greyjay.

>> No.71827565

>pose makes literally zero sense (is she lifting herself up or coming back down?)
>instead of having purity seals look good, we're going to make them fly upright on her chest
>oh and also since this isn't AoS, her face will be hideously pig-like and her hair will look like it's part of a retarded western anime
the fact that there is nothing at a glance that tells me that this is indeed a woman is just a cherry on top of the shitcake

>> No.71827771

I actually fucking love this.

>> No.71827851

>...Why not just buy smaller bases then?

Because unlike 40K, AOS has an official list as to what bases each model should be placed on and I don't want to be on the wrong side of this issue when they eventually get around to doing the same in 40K and suddenly none of my army can be used in tourneys cause they're on 25mm bases

>> No.71828650

>dolphins fuck anything that moves
>insects that paralyze other bugs and put their babies inside them to eat them from the inside out
>planet wide extinction events seemingly at random

But touching my dick that's just too far

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