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First for Necrons cnonically have FTL

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second for necrons do not have FTL

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>Chased down by Imperial ships not using Warp engines


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10th for no mayor race is without FTL, but some are without warp speed

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Necrons have FTL, your hack writers at GW mean nothing.

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Not until they personally come here ant tell us necrons don't have FTL

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>Imperials have the near lightspeed drives to keep up with necrons
>still get stranded by warpstorms

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In your headcanon.

In canon, Imperial fleets chased down and destroyed Necron ships too slow to run from them.

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They did. Hammer and Anvil says Necron fleets are STL. Without the Dolmen Gates, Imotekh's plans grounded to a halt. He had to activate one to move his forces.

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Got the parts for my Sanctus in order. What are you working on, Anon?

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Or I could just save 30% by buying on ebay

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Necrons don't have non-warp FTL because the Tau ceased the means of non-warp FTL.

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My will to live
Nice job anyways

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>Necron ships losing to imperial ships
lmao the GW writers can't even keep their own power levels in mind. Another reason to ignore them.

Hammer and Anvil was shit that had sisters tanking tachyon arrows. It was sisterwank and not worth remembering.

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did emperor's children get anything new? I saw an announcement was the thread topic the other day but didnt hear anything else

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>Disregard all sources I don't like for arbitrary reasons
>Necrons re number 1

Uh huh....

>> No.71819413

Lmao. Imagine using BL as your source.

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the vouchers make sense for things like made to order and other gw website exclusives

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no, unless you count bill

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>It doesn't say it's FTL
>still spams it

Remember that codexes say that Necron ships are slow as shit for space travel.

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None of the lore in 40k matters because it changes with every other month. Necrons don't have FTL and but they go faster than light, so they have FTL.

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Not after they fucked over Necron players with PA. They can eat a bag of dicks.

>> No.71819429

how2get penitent engines into combat?

everyone is so scared of them that they catch every bullet in the first turns

do I need to absolutely take as many of them as possible?

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Welcome to 8th edition where everyones cool shit dies turn one.

>> No.71819434

Who gives a fuck about Necrons, they're the most bland army in existence

>oh hurr durr undead but in space!

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I can’t fucking decide whether I want to buy this or not.
>I’m very impulsive and have a “want it now” mentality
>it’s like $150
>I still haven’t come close to finishing my other box I started six months ago

>I love all the models
>something nice to do during quarantine
>May make me actually want to finish my dark Imperium set

Outside of my crisis here what do you guys do to motivate yourself to paint?

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Nah. For 10 years and ongoing the Necrons don't have FTL. In the context, of 40K they don't have FTL. That's why if you target the Necron Dolmen Gates you can collapse a dynasty.

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>cool shit spends its first two turns trading blows and wiping each other out
>rest of the game is just remaining infantry duking it

It's like 4th ed but with extra steps.

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>bland army in existence
How can anyone say this when every other army exists and they're all bland
>oh no they're orks in space
>oh no they're elves in space
>oh no they're Zerg in space

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Correct. They can't go faster than light. They still travel at speeds greater than 300,000 km/s based on when they leave and arrive.

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Trazyn is bland?

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>Says it lets them travel at interstellar speed without the warp

Not canon!! It says different in a BL book! Reeeeeeee

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Just what everyone needs, more power armour.

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>I can’t fucking decide whether I want to buy this or not.
It's a fucking good set. But only get it if you are going to use those units, anon. I bought the chaos half of it, and I couldn't be happier.

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Whats this about vouchers?

>> No.71819480

It says interstellar travel, not speed. Are you alright?

>> No.71819481

nah my dudes have special drives that let them go zoom

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Any experiences with C-n-F recasts? I used to do business with Z, but I gotta stay away from chinks from now on, but I have never dealt with slavs nor followed discussions about them because I already had Z.

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Not in 40K. They are below that.

>> No.71819495

Literally first link in the OP

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Correct. They can't go faster than light. They still travel at speeds greater than 300,000 km/s based on when they leave and arrive.

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I'm going to paint this entire company next week

>> No.71819505

I got the Dark Imperium set because I wanted to collect both loyalists and heretics, and this seems like a good way to start painting up some Emperor’s Children

>> No.71819506

Tomb kings were the best part of WFB and space kangs are the best part of 40k

>> No.71819507

>peeds greater than 300,000 km/s based

Not in 40K. Or else they would be above light.

>> No.71819516

Honestly that box looks cool. I wish greater possessed were good and that Master of Possession and Venomcralwers were sold normally. I'd buy the box but I have no intention of using Ultramarines.

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Correct. They can't go faster than light. They still travel at speeds greater than 300,000 km/s based on when they leave and arrive.

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These factions have their own spin to them that make them unique. They are not 1:1 copies of their fantasy counterparts. What spin do the Necrons have compared to the Tomb Kings?

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I haven't come to 40kg in days and this autist is still rambling about Necrons not being FTL? Every second post in this general is him crying about it. Do the mods do their jobs anymore?

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I disagree.

>> No.71819528

You know you can buy the Chaos half separately ?

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>best part of FWB
>we waz kangs

Excuse me I think you meant Beastmen.

>> No.71819538

metal instead of bone

>> No.71819541

>Necrons are the most bland
>Literally six variants of Mr. Mcbig Marine Man as codexes, not counting the Chaos versions

I do however concede that newcrons are not as thematically interesting as oldcrons.

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Tomb Kings didn't put Nagash into a pokeball after killing the frogmen. All the other races are 1:1 though.

>> No.71819544

Good for you. Let's move on then

>> No.71819552

you can also buy the whole thing and kitbash the loyalist half into chaos units

>> No.71819553

I accept your concession

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What concession? I wasn't disagreeing with you. You've been correct all along. Correct. Necrons can't go faster than light. They still travel at speeds greater than 300,000 km/s based on when they leave and arrive.

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They’re fine, but they’re neither cheap nor fast. The cast quality is good though, even for the new monopose models with lots of detail.

>> No.71819563

The Tomb Kings did manage to defeat Nagash (The fantasy C'tan) and the Tomb Kings put the power of their gods inside statues.

>> No.71819569

So I'm a bit confused can Knight pilots switch between Knights?

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sort of a lore question for you guys, but which how do the marks of power armor compare against one another?

is mk 4 better than mark 7? how does mark 5 compare to mk 6? etc

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and we endure your faggotry

>> No.71819580

You know.

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What book is a good starting point for someone who likes Black Legion?

>> No.71819601

God shut up no one cares. You're approaching the spamming rule for the board at this point. DAYS have gone by since I've been here and this thread is FILLED with you replying to yourself and repeating posts.

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Oh, I see now.
>>71819527 referred to Necron FTL. So you disagree that they can't go faster than light?

>> No.71819603

What's the difference for example between Settra and Imotekh?

>> No.71819607

I disagree that they can go over the number you provided. There is no evidence that they can.

>> No.71819615

That's another dude, you moron.

The Black Legion codex supplement and then the ADB novels.

Then Fall of Cadia and Vigilus,

>> No.71819617

I hate this half-assed mentality. If you want to convert do it because you have some creative project, not because you want to save 10 bucks.

>> No.71819626

The Black legion text is meant for >>71819599

>> No.71819629

Dig that old Blanche Art. Look up a border prince on youtube, he usually picks interesting 40k stories to read he probably has some good ones.

>> No.71819633

>There is no evidence that they can.
I'm sorry that measuring the distance and time of arrival and departure between two points is too complicated for you?

>> No.71819640

They're good casts, nut lile the other anon said, neither completely cheap nor very fast.

Pic related is all their work I believe.

The Leviathan was flawless apart from the claw that was obviously made from a different resin.

>> No.71819653

I make my friends make myself paint

>> No.71819656

Depends, what's your opinion on ADB?

>> No.71819659

Nah. I am just think you can't do 40K math better than the guys writing it.

>> No.71819663

You can also shutup then no one cares about that shit

>> No.71819668

I will shut up when you shut up. I am not the one spamming this shit.

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One of the things I find really interesting about 40k is how ancient all the factions are, even the Tau are only young relative to the other factions and have been unified for 5000 years.

>> No.71819701

>We sculpted a statue around sister Ophelia as a joke

>> No.71819708

Maybe if you live in a world where 10$ isn't much. I make less then 470$ per month. Saving 10$ is a lot for me. I haven't bought any of the marine HQs GW sales, build my own. Same with powerfists and thunder hammers for sgts and HQs. All recasts I did myself, no way am I going to buy a salamander box to give my ultramarines a thunder hammer.

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Cute boy.

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>my aunt seeing me naked for the first time and not knowing how to react to the fact that this beach is FKK.

>> No.71819739

We in our current time are more ancient than the T'au.

>> No.71819744

Glue models to bases before or after painting?

For the life of me, I can't decide.

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>> No.71819753


Finally getting back to painting, these 8 are just missing their heads. I have more weapons and backpacks primed for a bone wash, and another set of basic girls and Seraphim/Zephyrim needing moldline removal.

Going to start testing bases so I can seal these girls and be not worry.

>> No.71819754

Do you live in Africa?

>> No.71819772

Consider pic related, where Thaszar the Necron pirate king awoke with his ship in 824.M41 on the Tomb world of Athonos, and then flew his ship at slower than light speeds to the Segmentum Pacificus, taking control of the Sarnekh dynasty there before it awoke and using it to establish the region surrounding. Given that a single sector is described as being 200 lightyears across and segmentums measure in the thousands, and that this map of the tomb worlds is current to 999.M41 according to the 8e necron codex, you can see that in in at most 175 years (likely less given that he arrived at the world and spent some time conquering the nearby region), the Necron lord and his ship traveled across a third of one segmentum and two thirds of another.

Maybe somebody should tell the mathematicians at GW?

>> No.71819778

Probably rusky or something nearby, 300$~ish is average salary around here.

>> No.71819779

There was some discussion in the archives about shipments sometimes not arriving with no excuses given. Anything like this happened to you guys?

>> No.71819788

how are you decorating the base

>> No.71819795

How do you know that he didn't use a Dolmen Gate or an activated Node facility?

>> No.71819797


I want to go simple. Probably just some of those GW texture paints with drybrush over top.

>> No.71819800

Finished up my Crimson Fist Chaplain recently.

>> No.71819801

Is there any 40k media depicting the Imperium using Red-colored plasma weaponry? Asking b/c I wanna know if my color scheme is lore-friendly. Pic not mines

>> No.71819804

man they really did make epherala stern look ugly.

>> No.71819808

Did these guys at the start of the week, but haven't had a chance to paint since. When I do get the time I'll be either doing
>/yourdudes/ space marines
>deathskull ork dragstas and scrapjets

>> No.71819818

Looks dope dude. I would suggest hitting the grip on the staff with a wash to hit the recesses and differentiate from the hand, but it looks great!

>> No.71819820

Everyone I know has had bad experiences with them. Random Russians on ebay have given me a better price, shipping time and consistent experience. As far as I can tell CnF keeps going because people keep recommending them despite their consistently poor track record instead of just looking at ebay for a few minutes.

>> No.71819822

Should have really painted the weapon handle a different color. As it is it just looks like a single piece of plastic with the hand.

>> No.71819831

50% true. my family did come from russia, but we live in germany since the early 90s. The face was the face my aunt made when she saw me first at , what I think you call, a naturist beach.

>> No.71819832

Glue him to the base and paint them together

>> No.71819840


Thanks anon.

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>Even in the 41st millennia you can't escape from trannies

>> No.71819855

Go to Ebay and type in "leviathan dreadnought" or "contemptor dreadnoght" and without fail you will find Russian recasters who's accounts are filled with all kinds of recast stuff.

>> No.71819856

oh look a salty chink.
CnF is great, much better then any recaster from china. Faster and you can actualy get a respons from them in russian or english, where with recasters from china you hit a wall of silence after you pay.

>> No.71819857

This was an exiled Necron lord, meaning he would lack the resources available to a typical dynasty, which is why he crossed the galaxy to steal one. He's also described as leaving the planet directly for the stars. An Eldar listening post was also positioned in orbit above the world, which given the size required for a Dolmen gate capable of transporting a capital ship, it's impossible that it would go both unnoticed and unmolested.

Do you have any evidence that he did use one of those methods, rather than flying there in his ship as is described?

>> No.71819867

Not as a continuous unified empire.
But also it depends how you look at it, if we assume tau naturally evolved there should be tau hunter gatherers on their home world if we were in the 40k timeline, not only that, their pre history would overlap our pre history.

By the way how are you currently enjoying your life during the height of the Eldar empire?

>> No.71819876

What caused you to loose the ability to buy from Z if you dont mind me asking?

>> No.71819879

Damn that was sick. Not often do I read where a chaos god actually gave enough of shit to have a greater daemon end a fight on it's behalf.
Any personal recommendations?
Well from that tweet I don't think I'd like him at all. Will probably try to make female space marines if left unchecked.

>> No.71819885

>> No.71819889

>CnF is great
They are not. I don't buy from China btw, CnF has a poor track record. If you type "cheap and fast track record recaster" into google the first and several other results are talking about how they are neither cheap nor fast. Sorry that chaps you vagina mate

>> No.71819891

>Convert more

>> No.71819894

>> No.71819903

>Any personal recommendations?
Not off the top of my head. That youtuber is the guy I usually get my stories from, he's decent taste in stories imo

>> No.71819904

Yooo wtf???

>> No.71819908

Nah. You gotta prove that he didn't use any of the primary methods of the Necrons since as stated in the codexes Necrons would be isolated without Dolmens.

Dolmens are scattered across space. Sometime they are in areas where there is no Necron presence.

Also Cawl novel revealed there are hundreds of Nodal facilities in the galaxy. Cawl activated one by himself and used it to transport a C'tan shard from Sotha to a far away part of the galaxy right in the middle of a Necron dynasty.

>> No.71819914

Which book is that from?

>> No.71819917

The final story in the Red Path series.

>> No.71819921

Anyone have a link to rules pdfs?

>> No.71819923


>> No.71819930

It's in the op you colossal retard

>> No.71819935

Ah so it's written by Chris Dows.

>> No.71819936

Nope. What I had was once a package arriving with a model missing. Sent an email and got a fast reply saying it had been noticed and another package with the model was on its way, free of charge.

My main gripe with CnF is that he takes ages to send the tracking info and it seems to only work within Russia. So by the time you get it, the package has often left Russia and then you're basically left with waiting without knowing where it is.

>> No.71819939

she cute

>> No.71819946


>> No.71819958

>No, you have to prove a negative
So that's a no on any evidence from you then? The book doesn't say 'he flew towards the nearest Dolmen gate' or 'he made for the closest Nodal facility'. He headed into the stars towards the tomb world of the dynasty. Then he crossed several thousand lightyears in under 200 years.

>> No.71819962

>I still haven’t come close to finishing my other box I started six months ago
This is an exceptionally good reason not to buy. The bigger your backlog is, the more intimidating it becomes to work on, and the more new things you buy to not have to work on it. Don't become one of those people with a thousand pounds worth of plastic sitting idly in a cupboard, see your projects through to the bitter end.

>> No.71819971

The proof is in the codex that it came from. Without the Dolmens, Necrons would be doomed to isolatio. So the only explanation that he found a Dolmen Gate or one of these Nodes.

>> No.71819975

Do...do you mean 'seized'?

>> No.71819983

Feeling a bit blue in your isolation eh?

>> No.71819984

I wanna fuck gscb

>> No.71819991

>The bigger your backlog is, the more intimidating it becomes to work on,
Why? Do you consider all your boxes a single project, rather than each it's own project like I do?

>> No.71819998

Necrons can just teleport anywhere they want though. That's literally their thing.

>> No.71820004

Political reasons. The concentration camps, organ harvesting, forced labor, lying about the corona, sending us faulty medical equipment I think they did that on purpose to kill our medical staff, being overall the enemy of west, the list goes on...

Z has been more or less solid with me for years, but I know the CCP gets a cut from the money I pay for the china-shit and I can't stomach the idea anymore

>> No.71820007


>> No.71820014

Are you a genestealer?

>> No.71820019


>> No.71820021

Nah. They can't. Imotekh got screwed when one Dolmen Gate wasn't functioning which stopped him from relocating the forces of a tomb to his core worlds.

Also the Gladius video game says that Necron phase out/teleport tech and Eternity Gates are powered by Old One technology.

>> No.71820049


>> No.71820050

Deus ex Machina and a third party that thinks tau are cron ancestors don't exactly inspire confidence. Taking the Watsonion perspective as fact when it's obvious that Doyl is unreliable is a really shitty justification for your anti-necron crusade.

>> No.71820061

Anyone knows when Angels of Death is gonna be released?

>> No.71820064

As an aside, I will add that following his takeover, his new fleet has started to conduct pirate raids in realspace and the webway, the former of which would be pretty embarrassing for Imperial ships that can apparently outrun them without warp.

That said, it seems the options are either that Necrons can arrive faster than they should be able to given their slower-than-light-drives, or that Necron FTL sources are so common that an exiled outcast can easily find and utilize one without even so much as a footnote being necessary to its usage.

Of course, the latter option just makes this entire argument semantics, as the Eldar would also not have FTL based upon the metric of needing portals, ultimately rendering a lack of FTL utterly meaningless in many regards.

>> No.71820074

>puts hours of work into a high quality paintjob
>can't spare to spend 5 minutes to glue pieces together or fill up an fuck-obvious, highly visible gap
Why do people do this?

>> No.71820079

Are you Doogie McPhearson, anon?

>> No.71820084

its more funny tahn the tts version

>> No.71820088

that is a she ? god damn it. Why can it be a handsome young men?

>> No.71820093

What legacy of kain game is this from?

>> No.71820103

Nah, found on reddit

>> No.71820108

Are you referring to the model in the pic?
Cause if so i'm not seeing the mistake

>> No.71820118

Unsightly gap? Where?

>> No.71820124

FFG Rogue Trader says that Aeldari ships can use Warp travel. They just prefer not to.

As for Imperials being outdone by a slower opponent, thew T'au which are confoirmed numerous times to be way slower than the Imperials have managed to conduct a highly successful hit and run campiegn on the Imperium during the Third Sphere expansion.

>Deus ex Machina

basic lore. The codex restate again and again that without Dolmen Gates the Necrons are more than fucked. And the source is supported by the novel that explains that Eternity Gates are just lesser versions of Dolmen Gates.

And the Necrons in the game find the T'au bodies to be similar to Necrontyr structurally and biologically. This matches eariler lore from FFG about the Necrons finding the question of the T'au heritage very engaging.

>> No.71820125

How exactly did necrons get fucked over with their PA and why does it matter that an irrelevant faction got screwed?

>> No.71820139

In the same place it's in on literally every vehicle posted on leddit

>> No.71820140

They simply haven't been properly announced yet. Ignore the whining of panicked crybabies, the Necrons will be fine.

>> No.71820142

Aye, she's a bit rough around the edges, but only fags on here think she's a dude/tranny.

>> No.71820150

Even zoomed in, I have no idea what you're talking about anon.

>> No.71820163

GW showed the harlequin named pariah and teased the actual pariahs. Everybody hated it because the elf is fuck ugly and can't even be taken in a harlequin army.

>> No.71820170

>whining of panicked crybabies
I assumed this was the case, /40kg/ as normal.

>> No.71820183

Dude I am a fag, and I wish it was a dude. why can't w40k no loner have flamboyant gay people like in the past? now it is either ugly ass transgenders or litteral demons from hell, that somehow end up being ugly too, even if in the past GW knew how to make them look nice.

This is the Nth time GW is doing this to me. I thought the IG commisar was a young man too .
now that cows are in GW games we get less representation then pakistani and hindus.

>> No.71820187

Boo-hoo ya fahken pansies.

>> No.71820188

So why can't it be taken with harlequins?

>> No.71820193

I think he means the gap between the green hull and metal.

>> No.71820203

Nah you ain't no fag – you're just gay, fags are fags.

>> No.71820206

Its a common phenomena in a lot of people so its usually good advice to give.
>rather than each it's own project like I do?
Its not that but if you haven't finished Dark Imperium in six months and are worried that you already have an "I want it now" mentality you can easily end up with a closet full of boxes you never touched.

>> No.71820214

Looks like it's designed that way though lol.

>> No.71820219

They're part of a two-character unit, not separate units, and the Stern is the primary character of that unit, so you're stuck taking them together in Imperium armies.

>> No.71820223

It's some random person from daemonifuge, stern's boytoy apparently, and he comes as part of a unit with Stern.

>> No.71820225

The fanboyism on the fb community page is starting to get to me. It's just sycophants and newbies to the hobby who think miniatures = GW. Swear to shit, the community annoys me far more than GW do, at least the WHTV shills are paid to do it, that's their job.

>> No.71820234

I know you're baiting, but I'll still call you a retard.

>> No.71820245 [SPOILER] 

open this image to see some hot fucking big titty daemonette

>> No.71820248

Can some lorefriend explain what the harlequin is walking on?

>> No.71820264

That's even better.

>> No.71820271

Is the big titty daemonette possessing the smol titty commissar?

>> No.71820273

>40k newfag getting upset with 40k newfags
I bet you talk about how much you miss squats.

>> No.71820277

Harlequin sparkles that allow them to walk on air, coming from their flipbelt like the reject DC characters they.

>> No.71820281

Nah I didn't know how the official shite looks, that gap could still be there on purpose.

>> No.71820282

getting so turned on right now

>> No.71820292

Just some anime technicolor squares that they use to visually represent harlies' phantasmal warp fuckery.
Some of their other models also have them.

>> No.71820296

Real tanks have armour gaps.

>> No.71820297

unf so fuckin hot

>> No.71820298

I would rather go with models for Epherala that are closer to how she looks in the comics.

>> No.71820299

Who the fuck designed this model and who was the asshole that allowed them to do it? There's been a lot of shitty models coming out lately but this one is really pushing to see how bad they can get.

>> No.71820305

yeah soviet tanks or when the industry is falling apart, because of bombings.

>> No.71820307

Too bad this is your new mini-emperor and the face of the last PA book. Also Harlequins and Deathwatch aren't in that, because it's gonna be another Sanctuary 101 fight that people definitely asked for.

>> No.71820311

Because the factories in 40k are doing much much better? retard.

>> No.71820317

Dude no one knows, why GW does stuff like that to their models.

With dudes it is at least acceptable, because a space marine can always be mutated(chaos) or scared and deformed(loyalists). why they make female models look ugly no one knows.

The eldar is nice. no helmet(which in itself is rare for eldar) and it is an "old" eldar of the Elrond type. I like it. Even if the holo suit details really didn't have to be on the model.

>> No.71820318

Yeah, but that's clearly a gap between model parts.
If you look at the sculpt the actual armour plates are positioned differently, if there were gaps they'd more likely be where those horizontal seams are.

>> No.71820326

yes, they do exact that. If you build something the wrong way, you get turned in to food or servitor. building a non STC anything is considered heresy.

>> No.71820345

>The eldar is nice
Not for harlequin players. He looks blatantly designed to fit in with a sisters army and not clowns.

>> No.71820346

Too bad, he's not gonna be playable in an Eldar battleforged army :^)

>> No.71820354

Nah man, I miss your mum, she was my favourite.

>> No.71820363

It that so bad when resin elves have more appealing models?

>> No.71820369

Who's worse, bone or chef?

>> No.71820372

I'm pretty sure they have a dedicated hack to make models for Black Library characters now.
I was under impression they're only doing it because it was some suits' clever idea to push book sales and they wanted him to fuck off.
Strange to see it on the cover of a PA book.

Pic unrelated, the last decent BL-related model they put out, and the last one to come out in resin.

>> No.71820382

Everyone is worse than Beard. The answer is always Bone why do you keep asking

>> No.71820384

no, fuck them. GW needs to go under, awful garbage company. And apologies in advance to you "men" who will no longer get that a steady supply of primaris cringe(the entire idea of primaris)

>> No.71820388

Forgot anglos got an early summer break too

>> No.71820400

>GW goes under right before they were going to release a big necron update
As a necron player I wouldn't even be mad, I'd just enjoy the schadenfreude

>> No.71820410

I forgot the industrial powerhouse the forces of Chaos were, or how well built and sturdy Death Guard equipment was.

>> No.71820421

It's Sunday...

>> No.71820422

well I was talking about the looks. But I could be biased. I am a sucker for Elrond. rules wise it could end up like ghaz.

>> No.71820439

Unironically, being progressive is the reason, I bet. Why does every SoB have to look either like a 60 year old tranny or ron perlman in drag? Why are repentia wearing clothes now? Because politically correct beauty standards.

GW can't or perhaps refuses to strike a good balance. You can have a scarred, bloodied, muscular, grizzled looking veteran of a woman and still have her good-looking.

It's just how the world is and GW are too public and big to do otherwise. If it wasn't so, they'd be churning out cheesecake after cheesecake, they follow what sells. If you want cheesecake now, look into other creators who don't have much to answer to.

>> No.71820442

no warp fuckery, just a hologram, idiot

>> No.71820449

the demon forgeworlds in the eye of terror are bigger and more advanced then anything the imperials can build. And this punishments for not following what you are told to do are WAY worse then what imperials can do.

>> No.71820450

Colony education luh-mayo.

>> No.71820466

I don't have against the trany stuff. Ain't may thing. But what I don't get is why my normal gay stuff has to be suddenly replaced by dudes running around in dresses. Why can't an offcer have a lepoard cloak, or a merchant be taken straight out of the Sun Kings court durning the XXX year war? Why does it have to be Samuel Jackson wearing a wig as canoness? I get it avengers are popular and Samuel has a living meme status, but sometimes you can have enough of the good.

>> No.71820470

I'm sure that's no excuse to slack off in muhammad land now.

>> No.71820481

>1 oblit short of a full unit
>no other way to get new oblits than to get the start collecting

>> No.71820490

God hands out obvious drugs cheats that go cry in a toilet to avoid testing?

>> No.71820499

>Gunline armies punished for lack of objective control
>LoW armies punished for lack of objective control
>Marines getting doctrine nerfs and more push into the elite playstyle they were supposed to have from the get go

you no longer have an excuse to be shit in 8e

>> No.71820500

Man that punch gave me the meanest boner

>> No.71820501

Finished these 3 Blight Haulers.
Painting Ahriman now. What a massive pain in the ass, so many tiny metallic parts and trim.

>> No.71820503

Just say it's from a different FW or something.

>> No.71820507

What is this Dragon Ball Z shit I see before my very eyes?

>> No.71820509

Magnificent, isn't it?

>> No.71820512

>Veteran doesn't know what "based" means.
Ok boomer.

>> No.71820520

>My will to live
Make sure you remove the mould lines.

>> No.71820524

She's transforming into the mighty oozaru.

>> No.71820530

I've had these guys and girls waiting to be painted for a week now. I spent a few days assembling MDF terrain, and since assembling Is something I enjoy (making those Mortifiers look like they're walking while laying down fire was fun) more than painting, I just haven't gotten to paint them past priming yet.

>> No.71820541

The chaos half is the Start Collecting, no?

>> No.71820559

I get you, 100%. I think it's cause you can't really show in miniature form that kind of stuff. I mean you could write a story in a codex in a tasteful way like "He kissed Eric goodbye before going out to shoot some fuckin xenos" but no, it has to be overt due to the climate nowadays. You'll get complaints of "It's not gay enough" because people are turning themselves into daemonette lookalikes.

>> No.71820561

without the the leaders. same with the marine stuff. They give you the reaver Lt(that no one alive wants) and you have to buy the librarian(good) and the cpt(useful sometimes) separate(and if you do you start to hate your life)

>> No.71820563 [DELETED] 

Yes, they split Shadowspear into 2 new Start Collectings.

>> No.71820572

>Abbadon? He is so stupid. He could not find his butt with both hands

>> No.71820575

Loads. Plasma color is dictated by aesthetics, not lore really.
FFG RPG books regularly had green plasma and there's some HH novel art with pink/purple radiator grills on guns.

>> No.71820593

Eldrad is the only Eldar born with a pair of testacles

>> No.71820597

The Space Mariens half loses the Captain and the Librarian but from what I see the Chaos SC! has all the models.

>> No.71820605

you know it has to be kiss or sex stuff. But something cool like in the old adveture books, when an indian princess tries to tempt a british officer(only to get close an stab him) and he goes "those tricks don't work on me etc" , at the same time he has an "adopted" indian boy who cleans his stuff, brings him food and is super loyal. no sex or sexuality in sight, but when your a 16 year old boy or a 30 year old dude, AND gay you kind of a see a bit more.

>You'll get complaints of "It's not gay enough" because people are turning themselves into daemonette lookalikes.

I stoped being active in "the community". When you see someone who devoted his whole life to the gay cause, kicked out because he is "too white, not gay enough and he wrote a bit of a racist joke in 1968", you start thinking that maybe there is no gay community.

>> No.71820627

that is nice then. makes the chaos sce much better then the marine one.

>> No.71820629


>> No.71820635

*Excitedly runs into thread,*
Lads, lads! Ephrael Stern is back! She has a model and everything!

>> No.71820637

Looks good! The good thing about penitent engines is that it's easy to make them look well painted, i didn't wanted to paint mine as well so i only used leadbelcher, the darker leadbelcher and painted the guy and the wood and for some reason it looks really good. big is gud

>> No.71820638

How would you make the Aggressors look less "clumsy"?
It seems like they can not even raise their hands.

>> No.71820640

Yeah, sadly that's why I never got involved in it to begin with. It's just become a heinous fucking beast. There's no camaraderie, how do you feel comfortable when your own can turn on you like that on such arbitrary reasons? Humans crave belonging and identity, and that shit's like walking on sharp glass and eggshells 24/7. Fuck that shit, I actively keep only 1 gay friend and that's cause he wouldn't cast so much as a blip on the best gaydars.

>> No.71820646


>> No.71820666

*raises paw*
Are woo for real?

>> No.71820668

If only it was a "good looking" model...

>> No.71820679


>> No.71820680

Literally who gives a shit about yet another man-faced "female" mary sue character?

>> No.71820693

They remind me of the old set of terminator.

>> No.71820697

yeah, I have nothing against sceen life. But the whole gay men are just like you and me, respect us, is harder to explain to your family, when your cousin sees one dude fist another durning a parade. And suddenly the sweter ,glasses and bowtie wearing you has to explain why "not all gay men are..."

And it really hurts to art too. Back in the 90s, there were different people doing for GW. Some was realistic, some was Blanche stuff, some was Baksinski inspired. now we get the option of digital (aka we trace actual models) and Blanche. And Blanche isn't that good, if someone knows other fantasy art.

>> No.71820704

I'm perplexed at his conclusion, honestly. Yes he's important to the story in Daemonifuge, but nobody really remembered him or was excited for him. Stern was fondly remembered, him not so much. Nobody wanted him as a model, let alone one you're forced to take if you want Stern.

>> No.71820707

just needs a head swamp. There are actualy good heads for here among the SoB models.

she wasn't man faced in the comics.

>> No.71820709

>that necron/ork player that gets only 1 new mini every year out of pitty and because GW don't want to squat 4 players

>> No.71820711

It is not even the worst.

>> No.71820719

Go fuck yourself

>> No.71820724

if you go far enough in to the past you may even find a termintor with the old old old cyclon that looks even more like the agressors.

well the other option was to give her the DE lord that trolled the arena with her beating all the master wychs. and GW hates DE, so that can't happen.

>> No.71820740

>she wasn't man faced in the comics.
I might be tripping but yes she did, everyone in daemonifuge was fugly as af, i sometimes i thought some of the humans were part of chaos due to how ugly they were drawn.

>> No.71820784

I firmly believe gay pride parades are the worst thing to the LGBT community since for-fucking-ever. It is the antithesis to "We're normal people who just like same sex genitalia, please treat us like normal human beings and give us basic human rights" that, y'know, the community has been fighting for since its inception.

But no, let's show that horseshit. You build bridges for a lifetime and nobody calls you a bridge builder, but you fuck just one goat...

>> No.71820787

today i will paint two more

>> No.71820790

Different anon, but yes, most people in Daemonifuge looked pretty fugly because of the artstyle. But that wasn't bad, IMO, it fit the grimdark atmosphere.

It wasn't consistent, though. Stern actually looks quite attractive in some panels. When she's fighting in the Dark Eldar arena, for example.

>> No.71820797

I know that being gay, should disqualify me from judging, but you ain't going to tell me that she or the wychs here look A bad and B like a men.

>> No.71820817

they werent a bad thing in the 70s or 80s. The stuff right now is an abomination of what they were to be about.

>> No.71820821

This is going to be the designated cherry picked picture to shitpost isn't it.

>> No.71820826

Do machine spirits actually exist? I'm asking because if they did, wouldn't chaos not be able to have any vehicles and/or equipment? If they do, are they neutral as long as they are pleased with incense and lube or does chaos have to cram a daemon in the machine to replace it? Also i'd assume that for knights both the machine spirit of the knight and the noble inside would have to be willing to go to chaos.

>> No.71820830

I am not gay, and am admiring Ephrael's hard abs. Very nice!

>> No.71820834

what am I suppose to do post the whole thing?

specialy as the anon has not posted any example of her looking ugly or like a man.

>> No.71820854

>Do machine spirits actually exist?
No, we don't live in the warhammer 40k universe.

>> No.71820860

>2 Mortifiers with Heavy Bolters - 112 points
>5 Retributors with 4 Heavy bolters and cherubs - 100 points

Which would you take?

>> No.71820869

Tell that to my Alexa

>> No.71820871

So you think.

>> No.71820874

I did it. I finished something during the quarentine. I can't belive it myself.

>> No.71820876

Yes we do. This is the Age of Terra.

>> No.71820879

both, the anwser is always both.

>> No.71820890

I was going to flip through daemonifuge for appropriately ugly images of stern, but I loathe that comic so you'll have to settle for this one

>> No.71820896

>Do machine spirits actually exist?
Up to interpretation. The short answer is either "yes" or "no". While the longer answer for "yes" is "Yes, they exist" and for "no" is "No, they don't exist, and they're just actual operating procedures and maintenance veiled with superstition and religious dogma. So when you don't clean the lens on your lasgun properly and it fails to fire or has reduced power, it's because the Machine Spirit of the gun is angry, not because you fucked up the maintenance.

I made this claim some weeks ago and someone brought up "but sacred machine oil works better than crude oil!" to which the answer is that yes, though the process for refining "sacred machine oil" from crude oil makes it work better for the purpose, rather than the "holiness" of it.

>> No.71820897

good job anon

>> No.71820903

fookin noice moi dood

>> No.71820907

But my Heavy Support is gonna be
>3 Mortifiers
>3 Penitent Engines
>An Exorcist

>> No.71820912

if that is an ugly man face, then I am an ultra chad.

>> No.71820921

Can something like this be 3D printed to 32mm scale yet? I'm tired of trying to convert Primaris shit into proper (and better proportioned) space marines.

>> No.71820922

Awoo! Are you alright sisters? Does the howl of the All-Father fall to you? Raise your head to the moon and awoo!

>> No.71820927

maybe you are anon, but you'll not be able to use this newfound self-confidence until the pandemic panic dies down

>> No.71820929

Ah ok, so I guess chaos just takes care of their equipment so that it works / the machine spirit is happy

>> No.71820938

You could replicate it in blender or something.

>> No.71820939

Cute cunnyssar.

>> No.71820948

what chapter is this

>> No.71820965

Great models, shame about their rules

>> No.71820967

I wear sweters friend, all year round. I know am not a chad.

And I actualy enjoy the pandemic, no more students clogging up the library. no older proffesors getting priority over you at research tabels. I have been doing more work, then I did in decades. Or to be more precise since I did my slave work as part of a master seminar.

>> No.71820970


>> No.71820974

I'm thinking of taking bits of sprue (painted gray) to look like broken concrete or building bits to add to some of the bases, then base with black battleground from Army Painter. Would that work?

>Actually wanted to try goblin green bases with green flock but that doesn't fit the army theme of being city/night fighters

>> No.71820978

Literally page 1

>> No.71820983

Daemonic possession of devices is definitely a thing, though, but I guess a daemonic Bolter wants to kill foes, so the possessed weapon and the marine share a goal and the possessed weapon has little reason to NOT work as intended, or even better.

>> No.71820993

>> No.71821014

It looks like they wanted to make a budgey Vampire Knight Requiem. Did people actually care about the story other than it was an edgy 40k comic?

>> No.71821022

My homebrewed chapter, Corvus Umbra.
Thank you Anons, I'm in shock and still don't understand what I've archived

>> No.71821026

>and better proportioned
He doesn't have any hips.

>> No.71821047

What's worse, having hank hill ass or having the geneseed deformity that lead to extreme bowleggedness.

>> No.71821049

Oh just fuck off.

>> No.71821050

Does someone have the book excerpt of the titan machine spirit saving it's princep from daemons?

>> No.71821062

Let me guess, you are one of those people that hate Slain and Spawn back in the 90s?

>> No.71821068

bretty good considering, besides i always trust ivan to a better job than lee, plus they are one of the few places that sell brass templates still

>> No.71821098

Not being primaris tbqh.
Did you not notice? Are you fucking blind anon LMAO.

>> No.71821115

Except they're demonstrably not. Imperial tech has always been miles ahead of traitor gear, that was the point. They have to scavenge, jury rig, and bastardize just to get by. Been like that as long as I can remember, hell remember the explanation for chaos terminators not having assault cannons because they literally can't build them?

>> No.71821123

>Friend paints 10-20 models a week
>They look okay, about 3 colours (blue, wash nuln, gold trim = done, no other colours so to speak)
>I can easily spend a month doing 2 or 3 models, but they are above tabletop, won a couple of local painting comps

Whats preferable? I get really down that most of my models are still grey but I cant bring myself to do tabletop standards, I already spent a lot of money on models so I want them to look the best but my friend gets annoyed I dont paint as fast as him.

pic related is one of my GSC

>> No.71821142

Paint to tabletop. Then between games, make them shine.

>> No.71821147

The DoW games had pink plasma for Chaos and blue for Imps too

>> No.71821149

yeah and china tech us behind the glorious US master brains. Where are your fleets of drons helping police and face recognition tech searching out sick people in seconds.

dark mechanicus have upgraded golden age tech, when loyalist work in virused up scraps.

>> No.71821151

Do you want good-looking models that win competitions, or do you just want to field an army that you can play Warhammer 40,000 with that looks nice on the table?

Neither is preferable, it's just two different ways of enjoying the hobby. I don't really care for buying expensive models and painting them up nice, I prefer kitbashing or converting, writing lore and playing the game over painting.

So you should do what (You) enjoy the most, and from the looks of it (and that model), you're a painter first and foremost.

>> No.71821199

Redpill me on Grotesques vs Talos in the current meta (non ITC/ETC, predominantly Marine), I take it Prophets of Flesh are mandatory still, what about Urien Rakarth?
Do I take both talos and grots? A spearhead of taloi? 1 big blob of grots? Help

>> No.71821210

This, you dont need to stop once they're tabletop just go back to them. I am for tabletop then work on my models after games when I'm hyped to improve the standard

>> No.71821221


Codexes say the inertialess drive can cross the galaxy in an instant and turn on a dime. You’re just getting confused by the 5th edition push by some autist in the lore dept to decanonise all non warp based ftl.

>> No.71821230

In some cases it's very primitive AI iirc, like how some vehicle (Land Raiders most prominently) can and do literally drive themselves and fire their weapons on their own at targets of their own choosing

>> No.71821237

>You’re just getting confused by the 5th edition push by some autist in the lore dept to decanonise all non warp based ftl.

At the same time Tyranids lost their ability to use Warp Travel and gained some weird kind of FTL capability.

GW is just inconsistent as fuck.

>> No.71821240

This is very much a matter of personal taste.

Personally I like my minis to look better than just "basic tabletop". But I get that some people just want to game.

Even so I do put more effort into some minis than others.

I smashed out my Malifaux warband in a weekend but have spent close to a month each on my nid monsters. The former is still mostly for the game and the later nid a passion project of building and painting (that will see occasional table time).

That said he shouldn't be getting annoyed at you taking longer, thats unfair.
beyond people having different personal standards people work at different speeds as well.

>> No.71821243


>Greater daemon tells them to shut up, grownups are talking
>Abaddon actually shuts up

Not a slave to the gods though.

>> No.71821248

Is Seraphim Sepia a good shade for bone colored armor?

>> No.71821256


You know someone’s a total cuck when they reference older lore in the same breath that they use both “aeldari” and “T’au” when talking about the race rather than the sept.

>> No.71821257

>GW is just inconsistent as fuck

They're overtly the "choose your own canon" approach. They don't standardise the lore to a single consistent thing, the intention is each gamer will just pick out the bits they like for their games and discard the bits they dont.

>> No.71821273

I big blob of of 6 grotesques with a haemonculus run with them is a massive area denial unit that'll shred anything that strays too close.
Talos in squads of 2-3 work well very well. especially if you run multiple squads of them.
They're both really good units when they have the 4++ and are a massive head ache when if go up against them.

You might have to try and find a balance, but you definitely can't go wrong with running both of the units.

>> No.71821281

Yes, agrax is also good

>> No.71821283

Since the local GW is closed due to nurgle I've been even more tempted to let out the 3d demon.

Anyone know what machine Titan printer anon used?

>> No.71821284

I suppose, there's people printing 6mm minis but it would take 5-6 hours to do 12 with that detail at 0.01 in the 250$ machines ....

>> No.71821294

How strong was Ephrael Stern portraited in her comic book?

>> No.71821298


That used to be more the case.

Now we have a sixty book series detailing what everyone had for lunch during the heresy that inexplicably replaced the primarchs with giant angsty ogryns, and then as if that wasn’t stupid enough, had one of those ogryn freaks show up in the present day and declare himself the new emperor in all but name.

>> No.71821311


From the sounds of things she got turned into a psyker by a slaaneshi artifact, resurrected herself twice, and spent a few years raving in a metal hospital until an inquisitor personally cleared her to return to duty

>> No.71821324

scale 1:285

>> No.71821327

What? What are you even on about? Not sure why you're screeching about China and US

Darkmech have some cool zany tech but it's not at all common, meanwhile the Imps are fielding entire armies of brand-new troops, vehicles, weapons, and ships. Again, it's always been like this.

>> No.71821328

It's still the case.
A lot of us just disregard the HH series just as we disregarded CS goto.

>> No.71821333

Dont forget her just psyker blasting a culexus assassin

>> No.71821366


>> No.71821378

What is the best Warboss platform at the moment? Normal, on bike, on trike, etc?

>> No.71821400


I was trying to disregard it too.

Then they had the galaxy cut in half (???? I know sci fi writers struggle with scale but come on) and install a power armoured ogryn as the new emperor. (His model doesn’t even have coherent proportions what the fuck are they going for)

>> No.71821401

Bikes are always decent, but just running a normal foot boss to throw out buffs to boyz mobs works just fine. Alternatively bring a big mek with the cleverest boss. Depends on your army

>> No.71821415

They all have pros and cons
>infantry can be da jump, but is generally slow otherwise.
>Bike gets the faster base movement and +1 W/T, but can't move up ruins and without da jump they don't have cross map power.
>Wartrike can be boosted to T8 through Vigilus relics and Warlord traits, but can't take the super power claw relic

>> No.71821420


Megaboss is always the only answer, because fluff.

>> No.71821440

Speaking as someone who plays against orks quite a bit, I'm usually more worried about the guy on foot boosting Boyz than any kind of amped up champion type.

>> No.71821443

This but good work otherwise

>> No.71821445

Ender 3 for the big parts and Anycubic Photon or Elegoo Marsh for the details I can't remember

>> No.71821451


They never could find the right balance between directly contributing characters and buffbots.

>> No.71821452

Necron bros.....
It was supposed to be our reveal....
I wanna start necrons before the book drops, whats a good lost for 1k/1.5k points?

>> No.71821453

only if you assume that 8th ed fluff is non fan fiction.

>> No.71821466

>owning the libs


>> No.71821472

What are the core differences in oldcron and newcron? Is C'Tan pokemon newcron?

>> No.71821476

>whats a good lost for 1k/1.5k points?
Just take what you like. The best thing about Necrons is that no one expects you to win. So, just have fun with them.

>> No.71821477

Pretty sure it's been established since 3rd.

>> No.71821482

Is it ADB cringe time?

>> No.71821507

In 3ed, the chaos chads were building golden age tech and supplementing it with chaos energy sources, where imperialist use corrupted STC, because the chads litteraly shat in the the STC library on mars, just to troll the loyalists.

that is why chaos has loyal iron men, builds ship from the golden age for abadon to use and invents and builds new stuff upgrading on the golden age stuff.

>> No.71821521

It was well-established long before 8th that Chaos tech was mostly scrounged and repaired, or gained from loyalists turning traitor in modern times. Again, all the way back in 3rd multiple units and weapons were explicitly stated to be comparatively new and thus available only to loyalists because Chaos doesn't have the tech to make em

>> No.71821530


That is the core difference, the C’tan changes.

They also established middle class Necrons such as immortals have partial memories but very flat emotional depth, and removed pariahs.

>Wacky lords!

Lords always had personalities and a tendency for some to be a little buggy, they just didn’t get much screen time whilst C’tan were in charge.

>I don’t like these specific wacky lords!

Ok. Every faction has some shit characters. Deal.

>Space tomb kings!

Always a thing. If anything “newcrons” follow on more directly from 2nd edition Necrons than 3rd edition Necrons did.

>> No.71821531

I think he's under the impression here that it's meant to look a bit like tank treads, whereas in >>71820234 it's clear it's an armour piece over the treads, hence the gap on the first but not the second

>> No.71821538

LOL of course he loves a character from a series that destroyed the very base of star trek world. I wouldn't be suprised if he Luved the Last Jedi too, and though that the latest termintor and charlies angels were great movies,and with his Nb 1 comedy being the fembusters.

>> No.71821545

Provide examples, until then your headcanon is discarded. The fact that Chaos is still using shitty grand cruisers is not a mark in their favor, since literally every BFG book points out that modern Imperial Navy battleships absolutely shit on them and modern cruisers do the same job the old GCs did more efficiently.

>> No.71821550

Oldcrons: soulless machines under the control of the C'tan, full nightmare creatures from an ancient era, unknowable things that existed when the human race four legs.

Newcrons: Personalities, rebelled against the C'tan and enslaved them, tend to gravitate towards being a second eldar when they are used.

The entire mess could easily be cleaned up by having half the crons under the control of the big four C'tan, with the others sharded. But that would require Ward tier big balls to make another army wide change.

>> No.71821557


Post the thing where he, a prominent writer in the heresy novel series, complains about blade runner potentially being ruined by a dozen prequels.

>> No.71821565

If I had to choose one I’d take the bike but really I like a foot boss to buff boyz and bodyguard characters and a bike boss as a missile to kill scary stuff. Use Zhadsnark if you want them both to have better claws.

>> No.71821566

no. the only thing established was that the imperial propaganda says it is like that. And imperial propagan says an IG can grab an orc by hand, throw him to the ground and stab the orc in the neck.

>> No.71821576

I remember when chaos couldn't field vindicators, before they changed it so it was a pre-heresy design.

>> No.71821592


To be fair, nightbringer didn’t have a personality and it makes no sense for a literal living star to take to the battlefield and be no more dangerous than any other greater daemon equivalent.

It could be fixed with one simple lore tweak: The deceiver as a trickster god doesn’t give one solitary fuck about being sharded and if anything finds being in many places at once convenient for his manipulations.

>> No.71821595

>About to start painting in earnest for my first army (genestealer cult)
>Just realized I lack some of the paints I need and I can’t get them in a timely manner thanks to the spread of the WuhanPox from Father Nurgle.
>However I do have Nurgle friendly colors and a pot of Nurgle’s Rot from when I practiced with the starter kit.

I like the idea of using Death Guard Green for the cloth parts and the flag. Anybody know if
>Chaos cult converted to Genestealer Cult
Clashes with lore at all? I’m thinking of making that the theme of the army and trying to kitbash it with a few spare nurgle parts. No idea if a general painting rookie like me can pull it off but go big or go home right? Or is that a retarded idea?

>> No.71821603

And didn't Raptors use to have real wings beacuse they didn't have jumpacks STC?

>> No.71821615

Some of the earliest bits of fluff about chaos marines notes that they tend to wear armour cobbled together from several marks of power armour because they don't have the industrial capacity to produce more in anything like the numbers they need. This is stuff from the space crusade days.

>> No.71821626


Tourneyfags aside, shouldn’t chaos have full access to any toys generic marines have through renegades and such?

>> No.71821636

Yeah, as much as people bitched about the whole sharding thing, it did at least explain why the cosmic star gods could go down to a devastator squad.

>> No.71821650


Legion chaos and renegade chaos should be separate army lists.

Renegades should have more access to newer imperial toys and wargear, but limited daemon shit and 0-1 cult troops per x amounts of points.

Legion should have more limited wargear, but unlimited cult troops and daemon shit.

>> No.71821663

That's the justification for them having it now. That, and they retconned some things to be used in the great crusade era that originally weren't designed for millennia afterwards.

>> No.71821678

>Imperial propaganda
What? No like written in the liter rules, the blurbs that described what weapons and vehicles were. You're just making shit up now to suit your nonsense chaoswank

>> No.71821682

That takes me back, I'd actually forgotten about that one. Do you remember when daemon armour was the absolute best shit that a Chaos Lord could wear?

>> No.71821686

Aaron, it's time to come out of the closet.

>> No.71821694

>Betrayal at Calves

>> No.71821696


>> No.71821699

Others beat me to it but yeah, a good portion of it is now available to Chaos Marines for that exact reason. That and them retconning certain things like vindicators and whirlwinds to actually be pre-HH designs.

>> No.71821709

Cheers I'm looking at running;
Battalion BH
Archon drazhar
3×5 kabbies
9 incubi
4 venom 2 raider

Battalion POF
2 haemy
20 wreck
5 grot
2×2 talos

Spearhead BH
3 ravager

I think itll be a nice blend but didnt know if squeezing in Urien was mandatory cheers

>> No.71821719


They still don’t have whirlwinds.

Possibly due to the difficulty in making a cute little missile box look sinister and edgy.

>> No.71821724

Can't remember if the difference between old combibolter and new stormbolter existed before 3rd. Nowadays they have the same rules.

>> No.71821728

I don't know if I have a preference, but I don't care at all about C'Tan or their lore. I just like metal nottombkings. Who are incredibly ancient and violent but within reason. And the "personality" stuff doesn't bother me too much, as it's really anything lower than a lord has varying levels of memory and limited consciousness, but, still obey their lord without a choice, so newcron IIRC keep a lot of the "soulless" aspect. And again, I'm not a big fan of the HQ having large personality, as you see in BFGA 2. But I guess you need something with the higher-ups to have reason for automaton or work, as the lower ones (warriors immortals etc etc) all work for their lord(s). Outside of anything C'Tan related and the lords having a personality, I don't see much wrong with newcron.

Have a dodgy recolour by me as token for my rambling.

>> No.71821733

Ah I thought they could take "relic" ones or whatever they're called since they can bring so many other HH toys but I may be mixing them up

>> No.71821737

Promise me you'll never post opinions on twitter if you become a known creator anon.

>> No.71821741

If I remember correctly, chaos got vindicators around the time when the first apocalypse edition came out, which is what, over a decade away now? Weird to think how much the game's changed since then.

>> No.71821756

I started playing in 4th and it was definitely a thing then, not sure about before. Iirc storm bolters were basically assault combis vice rapid fire

>> No.71821758

I only use twitter for porn, as God intended.

>> No.71821759

All of that? Impressive.

>> No.71821765


Ah, maybe? I’m not exactly going to remember every marine vehicle forge world shits out.

>> No.71821776

I’m having to fill out a lot of captchas today and why the fuck do you yanks call a zebra crossing a “crosswalk”

>> No.71821778

They're alright after the repeated point drops. Best anti-tank for DG imo, if you refuse to use FW dreads like me.

>> No.71821779

That looks like a nice blend of hard units with some nice casual elements for a fun game. If you can shave some points Urien Rakarth is definitely a great addition to run with the grotesques and talos.

>> No.71821792

Iron warriors could take Vindicators and Basilisks in the 3.5 Codex

>> No.71821795

As much as the retcon annoys me, the vindicator laser destroyer is actually pretty sweet. Always wondered why they didn't have weapon options. It helps that the chassis is based on the classic 90s one, hits more nostalgia buttons than I want to admit.

>> No.71821802

I tried Drazhar the other day on TTS. He's pretty crazy in melee.

>> No.71821806

It all goes back to the central park zoo break out and its terrible consequences.

>> No.71821844

back in 2e they had access to imperial only stuff like razorbacks but at a 25% points mark up

>> No.71821851

We don't. Why do you use the same term for zebra crossings and crosswalks, despite them being two separate things?

>> No.71821852

I like their modern redo of the old-school Predator too. I like the boxy turret of the modern Pred too but the rounded turret has a lot of appeal

>> No.71821863


Well, we don’t have the thing captcha called “crosswalks” so I used the nearest equivalent.

>> No.71821879

She is ugly.

>> No.71821881

I've never heard the term "zebra crossing" until just now. Exclusively heard crosswalk everywhere I've been in the states

>> No.71821896

If it's black and white and you walk on it, it's a zebra crossing. Typical of the yanks to drop silent Us because "they're unnecesaary" then start overly-complicating some other simple aspect of life.

>> No.71821899

It doesn't say interstellar speed. That doesn't even make sense, it's like saying something travels at kilometre speeds.

>> No.71821901


>> No.71821915

almost all depictions of her are of an ugly woman.

>> No.71821923

I think the big thing about chaos tech is that they do have, and can build, absolutely gangbuster tech, but because they're mostly warring warbands and city/planet states they don't have the supply lines and logistics to widely outfit it and supply it in wide numbers.
>tech will wildly depend on what warband your looking at

>> No.71821924

Zebra crossings only really occur in Africa.

>> No.71821932

first dude, any tips for painting? this green will be the primary colour on vehicles but I'm still figuring out what to do on the men

>> No.71821938


>The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Africa

>> No.71821945

I have a real love/hate relationship with forge world and their heresy stuff. I hate all the weapons and designs that they keep inventing and how they have to come up with a reason they aren't used in modern times, I hate that the new dread designs invalidate the old boxnaughts and I hate that they can't balance their rules for shit. But I really, truly adore the 90s tank designs coming round again and some of their OC stuff actually fits in with the lore and looks like it fits alongside the classics. When they get it right, they really get it right. It's just such a shame they fuck up so much.

>> No.71821954

Makes sense, the brits invented africa, like we did everything else

>> No.71821982

Sell me on playing 8e Custards.
Why should I play 'em?

>> No.71821986

This was always the Iron Warriors' thing. That they were the ones closest to a legion and had maintained a lot of the equipment that the others had lost.

>> No.71822004

According to international agreement on standardizing terminology it's called a pedestrian crossing and/or a crosswalk you archaic faggot

>> No.71822012

An entire squad of marines can shoot at one of yours and you won't lose a single model.

>> No.71822022

Yeah my friends go pretty hard, I'll see if I can squeeze in Urien then cheers
Yeah I'm hoping he can slice his way through some tougher characters, shame i cant spare him a Warlord Trait for reroll wounds

>> No.71822034

Most instances of really crazy tech I can recall are one-off doomsday weapons and such (Planet Killer comes to mind), so I think it'd be fair to say that Chaos is capable of higher-tech feats on an individual basis, while the Imperium has a more consistently high tech level and manufacturing capacity.

>> No.71822038

Surely not, that does sound good

>> No.71822045

depending on your meta and what missions you play you might not lose.

>> No.71822048

I feel like melee is strong, but you have to actually get to the enemy before they gun you down. What are some fun armies that deal with this issue, and how do they close the gap so they can beat the fuck oughta Space Marines with their fists?

>> No.71822058


>Why should I play them?

Sagitarum troops bitches.

>> No.71822095

It was at the height of Warhammer Monthly, that entire anthology, every issue, was nothing but edgy Warhammer comics. That was the whole point of it.

>> No.71822100

Can't even take a gentle ribbing about his country because of the creepy nationalism American children are indoctrinated into during school. Don't worry anon, your """freedoms""" are safe.

>> No.71822104

Every single custodian is a better terminator. Army wide 2+ armour, army wide T5. Bolters do nothing and you can basically pretend anything of that strength doesn't exist unless it's fielded in numbers beyond what marines can manage.

>> No.71822121

Custard players, how are these two on the table?

>> No.71822136


And again, one of your troops options is effectively tougher terminators who all bring a heavy bolter that improves at close fire range, backing that up with the equivalent combat proficiency of two marine vets with power axes.

>> No.71822137

>Why does an anthology comic series featuring strips about Warhammer 40k and Fantasy using a lot of British and Euro talent feel like Metal Heurlant?

I wonder...

>> No.71822155

Genestealer spam just runs up the board and can charge turn one.

Harlequins can do that too, but then from one table edge to the other table edge.

Rhino rush with Khorne Bersekers can work too, but the more easy route is going Alpha Legion and using a stratagem.

Furthermore there are certain armies and units that can do stuff with deep strike and denying overwatch, but it's quite a hassle to go find them again Hurray for GW making 8th edition rules 'less convoluted' than 7th

>> No.71822156

A night Lord's hoat raptorial with some warptalons has been a great supplement to both my m8 and it's chaos lists, we both of us having pretty different base armies. The ability to get a pretty consistent deep strike charge, with no overwatch, is a great help when you're getting the rest of you army across the board. A good opponent can try and screen it but having the utility is a great boon when playing against marines with chapter masters.

>> No.71822157

they sound pretty fucked. why do i never see 'em? what's a list for them like? bikes?

>> No.71822158

You shouldn't. Bananas never belonged in 40k and should be abandoned and retconned by GW asap

>> No.71822159


Unimpressive. Essentially a shield captain with base equipment and his sidekick.

>> No.71822178

>custard players

>> No.71822179

Sum up the lore of each faction in one sentence

>> No.71822187

>Anyone who insults me is automatically a brainwashed burger
Whatever helps ya cope buckaroo

>> No.71822202

This sounds like something a burger would say. Post flag

>> No.71822212

Because these anons aren't mentioning that you'll be fielding so few dudes that you'll be drowned in armor saves eventually. They end up so outnumbered that you have no board control and lose on objectives because your scoring units are tarpitted or killed by sheer volume of fire

>> No.71822214


>Why do I never see them?

Because some morons take codex only custodes even though the units in the codex are:

-Vanilla custodes
-Vanilla custodes with an extra attack
-Vanilla custodes with an extra wound and attack, plus a pea shooter
-Vanilla custodes but fast

By the god emperor codex custodes is boring without the supplement.

>> No.71822230

Fungus monsters made fer fightan' an' winnin',

>> No.71822243

The downside is that you will literally have 20 models in a 1.5k list. Having that few bodies means they really suck at taking objectives and general board control. It's a large part of why you don't see them at tournaments. They'll win pretty much any fight with anything that isn't Kharn at full pelt, but people can just run away and camp what actually wins you the game.

>> No.71822244


>Implying a non-burger would have a flag in their house

I mean ok, if I was an SNP dipshit I’d have one, but I enjoy not having rabies.

>> No.71822268

Go and steal some black people. It's all your western 3rd world has ever excelled at.
>thousand sons

>> No.71822271


>> No.71822281

>the ends justify the means

>> No.71822286

Redeemer was great though. Didn't take it too seriously, but still presented itself with a straight face, the best kind of edge.

>> No.71822300

My ex-army uncle got pissed off with all his neighbours becoming Londoners, so he got a 20 foot flagpole installed in his back garden to fly St. Georges cross from to scare them off. But yeah, excepting emergencies like that, I do think you're a bit weird if you've got a flag up outside of the world cup.

>> No.71822313

as a man-goat-bird herder i can confirm

>> No.71822315

Post sporran.

>> No.71822317

Haha same

>> No.71822322


...Why would a Londoner be scared of the English flag?

>> No.71822330

They're not English.

>> No.71822335



Why would I be posting to 4chan at a wedding?

I could post porridge if you want.

>> No.71822336

>Hate Flesh, Love Metal, Simple As

>> No.71822349

Africans were the one to kidnap and sell black slaves and were mostly other blacks/muslims. Whites were the cunts that bought those slaves.
Human histoy is like Wh40k, everyone is a cunt.

>> No.71822351

Years of being told that they should be ashamed of it.

>> No.71822371

Can't argue with that logic.
Have you ever seen a rhino crossing? I'd have been run over if he didn't use his horn!

>> No.71822374

If I lived in a country that ever had a piece of the African slave trade I'd be insulted I guess

>> No.71822378

murder drugs and rock and roll

>> No.71822383

Post Heroin.

>> No.71822385

>tfw browsing /an/ in hopes of finding inspiration for 'nid scheme

>> No.71822391

Let's see that porridge you saucy little tart.
I bet you attended an "All Lives Matter" protest.
I didn't know they allowed dads on 4chan.

>> No.71822401


>> No.71822410

Look at the citadel base paints. pick a color yo think looks nice. That's your carapce color. Pick a complementary color that looks nice with your carapce color. That's the color for the rest of the body. Pick a contrasting color that looks nice with the carapace color. That's the color for markings on the carapace.

Eyes are black, claws are white.

They're, your done

>> No.71822421

please leave ADB

>> No.71822424

Oh my God.

>> No.71822437

When things go well you feel invincible. You wreck marines the way marines wreck guardsmen.

>> No.71822452


>> No.71822455

How viable are 1ksons without Magnus? I want to run plenty of Rubrics, probably at least one squad of Scarab Occult termies too

>> No.71822458


Yes our entire culture is a 1996 movie well done.



>> No.71822468

As someone who lives on the North East coast I would like to congratulate you on the complete lack of humour.

Well done.

>> No.71822470

I am personally not too big of a fan of official nid scheme patterns. The only hive fleets with good ones IMO are gorgon, hydra and nephilim king. I kinda want to be both subdued with an earthy palette and something with vibrant markings.
Another interesting topic is cool colour fleshy bits.

>> No.71822486 [DELETED] 

god I want a second season

>> No.71822487

Just go with godzilla then. Grey-ish tones, with big blue glowing spines.

>> No.71822502


You keep your weed between your porridge and your tea?

>> No.71822512

How do I donate to your onlyfans?

>> No.71822532


He did say he was a Scot anon, keep up.

>> No.71822551

Then do as I said, go find a nice earth tone carapace color. A base paint that looks nice to you, like Jokaero Orange or Morghast Bone or whatever. Just look at the base paints until you find your jam. That's your carapce color. It sets the tone for the rest of the model and makes finding the next colors easier

Then find a complementary color that looks nice next to that . Like, if you went with Steel Legion Drab, maybe Ionrach skin or Straken Green. Whatever color combination looks nice to you. That;s the color for the rest of the body. Congratulations you're 90% done

Now go back to your carapace color and find a good strong contrasting color. If your carapace color was Zandri Dust, maybe Sybarite Green or Pink Horror. That's the color you do the markings in. And with that your almost done

Don't over think the rest. Black eyes, white claws. Simple and easy

There you go, a Tyrnaid color scheme just for you, based on sound color theory

>> No.71822570

That sounds pretty cool actually.
Can kaiju approach work with nids? Can you build them with using predominantly big things? How does one optimize monster nid list?

>> No.71822605


It’s not weed you piece of shit stoners.

>> No.71822611

Would it be an awkward moment if some Sisters were fighting a desperate battle and both Celestine and Stern appeared to save them? Would one of them have to leave?

>> No.71822636


Stern isn’t a living saint, she’s just a Xenos loving witch who happens to be currently doing more damage to chaos than to anything important.

>> No.71822672

The 40k universe is incredibly tiny now and every single named character ever shows up in every single battle, so they'll just have to get used it.

>> No.71822738

Nidzilla was a thing, not sure if it's still good. Basically just spam carnifexes, hive tyrants with wings and maybe a neurothrope.

>> No.71822745

I used termi arms, powerfist and stormbolter. I think it looks pretty decent and the termi arms have cables similar to their legs so it matches well.

>> No.71822764

Is OoE or malathropes worth throwing in? Are dakkafexes shooty enough to fill the ranged niche.

>> No.71822771

Making the 3d objects takes more effort than converting normal primaris with a head swap
I say this as someone who is making proper scale printable manlets out of spite for primaris

>> No.71822773

If I wanted to run nothing but killa kans and deff dreds, how bad would that be?

>> No.71822783

Uh, did I use too much wash?

>> No.71822788


>> No.71822799

Not sure if it's possible under matched play rules or the 'rule' of three

>> No.71822807

G'day mate.

>> No.71822861

Well a single spearhead detachment can take 36 kans or 18 dreads.

>> No.71823001

And needs HQs that will break the restriction of 'only kans and dreds'

>> No.71823098

Sounds cool

>> No.71823103

Are you allowed to sell these things?

>> No.71823108

They changed Oblits to be a unit of 1-3 models.

>> No.71823125

>best anti-tank
*Best anti-light vehicle
You wound most important tanks on 4's.

>> No.71823146

Custard players don't play foot troops anon.

>> No.71823187

No, but why are you patining them upside-down?

>> No.71823220

You are not even allowed to post them online if they resemble anything made by gw

>> No.71823244

I can't tell if I hate or love this artsyle. Just kidding I hate it, its like the artist can draw good but chooses not to.

>> No.71823246

What colors go with red to compliment it? I am thinking of painting a necron with a red body but is it a good idea?

>> No.71823265

Teal/cyan. Be yourself.

>> No.71823270

You could recess wash it with thinned orange for a hot effect

>> No.71823345

nah yeah but they'll be allroight cunt strewth cheerio and g'day to you

no, but washes look like shit if they pool on flat surfaces, mate

>> No.71823354

gold, silver, black, bone,

>> No.71823360

Fine, a single big mek who's modeled as a grot standing on a kan.

>> No.71823366

Go full Based Kings, trust me that scheme is glorious as all fuck

>> No.71823415

What’s the difference between a layer paint and base? Can a base become a layer by adding a bit more water?

>> No.71823445

>not converting a kan to field as a big mek in mega armour

>> No.71823536

yes. Base paints have a higher concentration of pigment so the cover a bit better

>> No.71823587

here you go bro, maybe this will inspire you

>> No.71823710

Very nice bro is that yours?

>> No.71823725

Yeah it helps with my tism

>> No.71823776

Oh that's cool anon.
How does it work, do you catch em yourself?

>> No.71823798

What's the top-left one? Reminds me of copper + rusted copper. Very good colour combination.

>> No.71823840

no idea friend. it is a collection I inherited from my father.

generaly it is not legal to get any of the protected ones. But they are sold on big "fan fests". think american gun shows, but people sell stuff like stamps, coins, nazi memorabilia, pigeons etc.

my in that it was bought and collected by my dad.

>> No.71823848

Would primaris be more widely accepted if their lore wasn't considered dog shit? I honestly don't think GW is trying to phase out regular marines though.

>> No.71823888

new one folks


>> No.71823983


>> No.71824013

If their lore was better then "Cawl opened up his freezer and pulled out his Hungry Man: Primaris marine and popped it into the microwave for several centuries" then yes

>> No.71824017

I like the #4 edgelord

>> No.71824164


>> No.71824191

I disagree, I ended up being motivated to sccratchbuild a Greater Unclean One becuase I didn't want to spend any money.

>> No.71825506

Looks prettygud, but those red robes need a highlighting.

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