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Welcome to /osrgeneral/, where we talk about classic TSR-era D&D, and the modern games recreating and inspired by it.
Also lesbian culture and Jizz Wizards, apparently.

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Thread Question: Has anybody here actually run those 'dicks, tits and blood' LotFP modules? If so, how did it work out at your table?

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> jizz wizards
Jizzards, if you will.

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King Jizzard is my favorite band

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When creating hex maps, how many types of terrain do you use? How important are they in play?

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To generate, or to not randomly generate. Why do you do it? What are pros, and cons?

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A simple throwaway line at the beginning of the generator section of b/x spells it out that you should deliberately place some stuff and randomly generate other stuff. I think that's one of those few things that should be considered a commandment of the OSR

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I've been really thinking about that too, and then randomly generating everything else as per recommended by Gygax in OD&D. But I guess I keep thinking of unique treasures when really gold should suffice.

Tips for treasure placement? The principle treasures worth a couple thousand pieces I think is fair.

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>how many types of terrain do you use?
As many as you have colouring pencils.

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The past tense of shit is shat

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Read through Sun Tzu's Art of War, particularly the chapter on types of terrain. He outlines the different approaches on must take with them. Depending on your setting you need to hit the marks of stuff like: "this feels safe to travel through", all the way to "fuuuuck, we're just in and then right the fuck out of this godforsaken place as soon as we get $questObject!"

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Once he shat upon the deck / a fearful stench did rise / he then fell flat upon the pile / groaning in demise

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Anons, what were/are your favorite things about Spelljammer? what makes spelljammer spelljammer and what would ruin it?

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No unique treasures are great, just make sure you assign them a gold value. Depending on how tyrannical you are with encumbrance a 200 gp amulet and a 200 gp gold bowl are of different value to the players and that's fun to deal with. I think you're right on your instinct of having a lot, maybe even most of the gold in one or two big hoards.
This is again something that depends on how tyrannical you are with encumbrance how much it matters, and how much effort you want to put into it. The guy on ten foot polemic has a great system for dealing with weather, using weather effects and well thought out random encounters can add a ton to different terrains and if you want it to matter you should have at least 4. And it doesn't have to even be a big area to make that work, where I grew up for example even a moderately sized hex crawl could include mountains, hills, pine forest, deciduous forest, wetlands, plains, scrubland, and desert, with different localized weather patterns.

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For the bigger treasures, I'm going to do the unthinkable and roll on lairs, but have big boi monsters to compensate to make it a true threat

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That's okay. The dungeon treasure table alone is pretty fucking miserly if you don't roll gems. It's also notably cheap on magic items. Gary himself was well known to give out magic items far more than the table will ever give up.

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Well, the dungeon treasure table is just meant to fill in gaps once you place the big bois. So it really isn't that bad I think.

Or alternatively, I'll use the AD&D dungeon stocking to fill my rooms that's in the DMG. That's honestly very good and gives you an idea how gygax believed dungeons should be stocked.

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It has boats and it's not set in the Forgotten Realms. That's basically it. Good excuse to hype the movie Treasure Planet, though.

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was it any fun, back in the day?

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Honestly, depends on the group. It's hard for a DnD/Star Trek mashup with giant space hamsters to suck, exactly, but it had a tendency to run a bit high-contrast, with the silly bits sometimes getting a little too silly and the grimdark parts getting a little too grimdark.

If the group is of a mind to have a good time, they'll find one. It may take some work and you may find it in a different place than you expected to find it, but it's there. It just may be some digging and/or putting up with some rough edges to get there.

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whats a good single word for holy war other than crusade? crusade is linked to christianity is such a way that triggers my autism, same with jihad and middle eastern culture/language. I'm basically hoping theres a term for holy war that i've somehow missed.

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Entrada technically meant the expansion of the conquistadors, but it's probably rather stealable, especially if you phrase it as "The Entrada."

You could also steal a page from the The Troubles and pick something but elevate it to a proper noun through capitalization and inflection, like The Conflict, The Hostilities, The Struggle, The Contentions, or The Enmity.

Just try not to list a bunch of them in the same sentence or it's going to sound like the boss lineup for a new Metal Gear game.

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interesting. "The Durant Entrada" has a nice ring to it. my world mostly uses germanic names, any german anons have suggestions?

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yeah I saw that pokemon for the first time since playing those games when they came out about 2 weeks after the game started, at which point the name "Durant" had been very firmly established in everyone's minds. at least its pronounced "Dur-ONT" as opposed to "Dur-ant"

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The goofy space fsntat concept is the best part. The actual written stuff is pretty bad quality. I read through PDFs of it all last year to try to get stuff for my home game and there was almost nothing worth using except a few planets and races. I got more usable game material from DCC's 998th Conclave of Wizards.

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>Cavegirl actually made that post about dungeoncrawling lesbians
>Thanks go to regretAnon for getting the ball rolling on this.
This is the highest praise I'll ever receive in the OSR. I'll go and retire now.

You could take the literal meaning of Jihad and say "The Holy War".

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Hisoka Morrow?

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Man I'm so mad about HxH's hiatus. I was never that into the manga until the current arc but the current arc is unbelievably good.

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Hisoka will die of old age.

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I make up words all the time in my games, typically involving Turkish roots. The word "çıkarmak" means remove, extract, take, eject, out, or take out. I'll then butcher the spelling to look as whatever language I need for the setting and keep the phonetics the same, something like Kaimark for a loose germanic word.

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Why is lesbian representation in the OSR community so inflated, while gay representation is so minimized?

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Let's make a carousing table for lesbian land.
>The barmaid you abandoned last night is the daughter of the innkeeper. He's after you for breaking his daughter's heart.

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Homoeroticism & male friendship is inherent in OSR camraderie.
Also tranny lesbians & yurifags. Internet lefties don't care about gay guys because they're "better off" than everyone else or something.
I've never seen a gay guy play Monsterhearts.

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Just pull up a 'What the fuck am I reading' tag on dynasty reader at random and extrapolate from there IMO.

For example:
>your hookup has developed an obsession with eating your eyeballs

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Is that the Appendix A generator?

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>You accidentally slighted the cute lady who now holds a grudge against you. She will hunt you down and try to kill you.

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Indeed it is!

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>discordfags keep making the OP
>fetishshit and e-celeb wanking increases 1000%

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>'dicks, tits and blood' LotFP modules
You have to be more precise here. Which modules?

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So am I anon, so am I.
The Dark Continent & Gyro arc never ever...

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What's the deal with this shit? Does the guy have cancer or something?

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I had to check, TWICE, to be sure its the osr thread. You faggots keep getting worse and worse. Now manga talk and yurifags¿?

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What's a good tsr module that provides a good guideline with how dungeons should be?

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Is pic related any good?

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Correlation, not causation. Hopefully.

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Nobody stops you from producing content to counter this invasion.

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Fuck I meant B1.

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B2 is shit compared to B1

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The ecology (or lack there of) of the caves is bad. It lacks verisimilitude. It's better if you modify it, as it stands and if played as written, it reeks of kick door fight orc. B1 shows you how a proper dungeon is laid out, and shows you how to stock it with some appropriate ecology to it's monsters.

Side Note: Anyone else thinks the valley looks like a cock?

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(AYRT) I haven't read it, only the original Leiber stuff. I have heard that it supposedly taps into the more meta stuff Leiber wrote about in the later stories, which imo is rather shitty and uninteresting

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>Group you don't like (Gregbros) shitposts: "NOOOOOO STOP YOU'RE KILLING THE THREAD THIS IS WHY WE DON'T HAVE OC"
>Group you do like (discordfags) shitposts: "Nobody stops you from producing content to counter this invasion."
Really gets the noggin joggin

Probably something written by Gygax

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I mean in this thread we have one poster who's very vocal, so that might skew perceptions.

>I've never seen a gay guy play Monsterhearts.
I mean I've seen it plenty, so who knows.

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Holy War is probably fine.
The Cause. The Reclamation. Etc.

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>e-celeb wanking increases 1000%
I did the maths. We have 55 posts currently, of those exactly 1 mentions an eceleb*. That's 1.8% of posts.
For eceleb posting to have increased by 1000%, you assume that in previous threads only 0.18% of posts mention an eceleb.

In conclusion, you're full of shit.

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Imagine being mad about seeing anime content on 4channel.org.

>> No.71723564

>The Cause
Makes me think that the Nuestra Familia would actually make a pretty cool foundation for running a criminal organisation in a game with their weird philosophical side that they use to justify their bullshit.

>> No.71723567

The OP post is poop

>> No.71723602

My main issue with B2 right here, and it gives you an idea what treasure to have in a dungeon. However, B2 does do a good job of illustrating factions, how monsters adapt, and developing a home base.

>> No.71723605

Also given the amount of fetishshit in the previous thread, assuming the cum wizards are classifiable as such, this thread would have reached bump limit and beyond to hit the 1000% mark.

>> No.71723627

Who are you quoting?

>> No.71723706

I think the ecology is honestly pretty good if you take the premise at face value. Sure, it's weird they're all crammed into the same narrow valley, but...

>> No.71723785

That's my main problem. They're so crammed together it makes you wonder why they haven't annihilated one another.

>> No.71723801

You're supposed to roll wilderness lair and treasure when you make dungeons?
Fucking hell, that's why there's so little treasure in my dungeons. I've just been rolling a bunch of random rooms then filling with the encounters table

>> No.71723812

Currently working on part 2.

Classes are shaping up to be:
>Amazon (Hard & Subtle) - does violence well. Your Fighter equivalent.
>Corpse Doll (Hard & Soft) - surgery and necromancy. I can't stop writing mad surgeon classes.
>Banshee (Hard & Queer) - Supernatural prowess, uncontrolled power. Think 'Carrie'. Keys into the 'cast sleep and win the encounter' side of the MU.
>Runaway Nun (Soft & Subtle) - Support and sneaky stuff. A thief/cleric hybrid.
>Witch (Soft & Queer) - Basically your MU, with set spells. Specialises in shapeshifting, illusions, and similar fuckery. Spells as problem-solving tools.
>Wounded Daughter (Subtle & Queer) - Supernaturally resilient and good at wriggling out of stuff. Thief/halfling with a paranormal edge.

I want to keep the main XP driver being the XP-for-theft move, so will try to be conservative with giving classes moves that motivate behaviour with XP.
Likewise, I want to be pushing the focus onto resource-management, although - unlike trad OSR - the resources being managed are Hurt and Bonds rather than physical stuff. The game's about the psychological impact of the adventuring lifestyle as much as anything. Pulling a lot of inspiration from Darkest Dungeon for that.

>> No.71723821

>That's my main problem.
That's what I assumed, yes. What I mean is, if you accept that premise (which exists for game-enabling purposes, remmeber what Gygax says in several places about striking a balance between verisimilitude and playability of what is after all a game) I think the ecology is pretty good.

(To me, this setup is basically exactly like "magic-users can't wear armor". It's there for play, and it works fine as long as you don't claw at it and try to interrogate the details.)

>> No.71723864

My assumption is that - while they dislike each other - the various factions consider each other to be still better than Lawful armies. Being situated next to other Chaotic groups is an advantage in that it makes each individual group harder for the forces of Law to pick off.

>> No.71723885

I prefer painting the maps myself.

>> No.71723893

I'm really happy the Corpse Doll is part of them.

>> No.71723925

yes actually, not cancer but a very serious illness, i think his joints are degenerating.

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>> No.71723966

I don't remember the exact details, but... yes. The guy is seriously ill.

>> No.71723996

>Runaway Nun
>not Nunaway

>> No.71724001

You're not SUPPOSED to, in fact gygax makes this clear. I think though if you have some big boss with his underlings in the dungeon they call home, I see nothing wrong with rolling on the lair table. I mean, it makes sense, right? Their lair is in a dungeon

>> No.71724007

Oh jeez, that kind of shit. Well, godspeed the man, then. I would only wish that on my enemies.

>> No.71724019

No, you're explicitly supposed to place a goodly amount of treasure and monsters by hand and fill out the rest of the dungeon with random rolls. If you're not willing to place things by hand, the wilderness treasure table can randomly provide a more reasonable amount of treasure.

>> No.71724022

Looks like a dick

>> No.71724025

Skerp this. https://coinsandscrolls.blogspot.com/2017/11/osr-starting-group-escaped-nuns.html

>> No.71724040

>You're supposed to roll wilderness lair and treasure when you make dungeons?
No you're not, and I'm not sure how you got that from Anon's post. By "the big bois" I think he meant the large treasure hoards which you're meant to place by hand, before stocking the rest randomly to save time.

It's been a long time since I used the Appendix A tables, and maybe those use lair treasures as a substitute, I just forgot, and that's what you're referring to? In general though, you're not meant to roll for lair treasure when monsters appear in the dungeon.

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> The relatives of a person who died far away from home could not afford vehicles to have the deceased person's body transported home for burial, so they would hire a Taoist priest to conduct a ritual to reanimate the dead person and teach him/her to "hop" their way home.

>> No.71724085

I like to imagine Gary was strapped for time writing B2 so he just flopped his cock on some graph paper, traced it, and drew a dungeon around it.

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>> No.71724184

>Really gets the noggin joggin
this exact criticism can be levied against you and everyone else on this thread. It's absolutely void substance, total ephemera that you still find the need to post

>> No.71724268

>complains about void substance, total ephemera by posting void substance, total ephemera
A bit esoteric, no?

>> No.71724283

Darling, the only places you're hoping into when I'm done with you is my bed.
I really like Corpse-doll-type characters. Their angst is more exciting than the usual drivel.

What's the best Necromancer-class? I'm personally fond of the BFRPG one the community made but it requires a few adjustments.

>> No.71724295

What if dungeons were like gambling attractions? Pay a fee to get in, try not to die while fetching the loot. Most fools that venture in die of course, but those who succeed must get away (as the owners of the dungeons, like casino owners, likely aren't too happy with someone winning too much).

>> No.71724332

This was posted by anon the other day. Might answer your question, or at least did so for me.

>> No.71724340

Promising idea.
>After finding a certain amount of treasure the Dungeon-Owners get nervous and send in rival parties and mercenaries.
>PCs have to take them into account when trying to escape.

>> No.71724483

OD&D's implied setting is high fantasy as fuck.

>> No.71725655

Through Ultan's Door has a similar hook.

>> No.71725887

Good threads get maps.
Be good, thread - be good!

>> No.71725902

Did you make this in a Microsoft Office program? It looks good!

>> No.71725911

no u

>> No.71725997

Necromancers are sort of tough to get right because in order to play one thematically you'd either be super overpowered or completely verisimilitude-breaking. I homebrewed one once for B/X that was essentially an MU with a cleric's spell progression. I converted the undead turning table into a necromancy one that involved creating a number of HD of undead balanced by the time it took to enact the ritual. Higher level abilities were more focused on communing with undead spirits but no player ever got that far. It was basically a class that made their own hirelings, which was pretty cool

>> No.71726022

What was the name of that pinball machine dungeon?

>> No.71726055

This will be the lair of the rat king and his unhappy minions. The room in the middle is the throne room. The big room below is the dining hall. I feel like I need to get a little more variety here.

More diagonally? Or a room in that one diagonal line?

>> No.71726675

I made it in GIMP. Filters -> Render -> Pattern -> Grid and you're good to use the paint bucket to block out rooms - from then on, it's all fluff and detail.

Looks crisp! The part where the hallway peters out to the west of the throne room is a ceiling collapse, I assume?

Re: additional spice: it looks like you could intelliglbly fit a room between the north-east exit hall and the hall of secret doors - maybe have a rat man nursery/birthing hall.

You could totally fit a room on the diagonal bit, too - but I kind of like it the way it is. It sticks out (in a good way) to me. Maybe put a room in that space, but have the entrance connect to the north/south hallway to the west?

Happy gaming!

>> No.71726948

I'd avoid B2 Keep on the Borderlands and T1 Village of Hommlet as they are too Gygaxian for my taste, despite their renown. B4 and N1 are both excellent choices. The Lost City is better if fleshed out by the DM. Against the Cult of the Reptile God regrettably has an NPC included to help the party tackle a very strong enemy for their level.

>> No.71726973

I've run this, and it works great.
I also like 'dungeon as reality TV for bored litches that tune in to watch via crystal ball'.

>> No.71726986

at least the yurifags are producing content.

>> No.71727025

I like the idea of a megadungeon that's like a cross between an over built Vegas casino and Legends of the Hidden Temple, all secretly bankrolled as a money grabbing scheme by the Goddess of Luck.

>> No.71727058

Thank you for the feedback.
Yeah the ceiling is collapsed by a small pack of rebellious rats. This way the king can't go into the dining hall because he's too fat.
The diagonal part was meant to be a crawlway for normal rats and smallish humans but too big for the king (players can crawl through and I hope this to be a bit of a disorientation.) One the other side wait soldiers of the rebellion/king faction.
The dots are bars.You can see beyond but not go through. Maybe those will serve as reference.

The nursery is a nice suggestion. I will put it in the big room to the east.

I made extra adjustments here that might make the dungeon attractive as a resource for later on. Since they are connected to the sewers/underground thing, they have access to various people's basements. That's all the rooms right here with stairs.
I know it's a weird layout but it would allow the players to sneak into shops and rob them at night. One of them I plan to lead into the local guard station.
I like stealthy things though I might have gone overboard with these here. I'll see what I can come up with and remove as needed.

>> No.71727468

>Gaming group doesn't want to play OSR because it's "too archaic"
>They want to play some post-apocalyptic setting that doesn't really have any good rules for it though.
>Mash together rules for it that are just ItO with some Traditional rules tacked on
>Players love it and praise the rules despite it being as lethal and remarkably similiar
5e-heads are truly an enigma

>> No.71727510

I hope you're having fun.
How crazy do you go with mutations? Is it gamma world kind or fallout "die or get fucked up"-radiation?

>> No.71727553

AC: 18 (as plate and shield)
Hit Dice: 4+2
Movement: 30'
Attacks: 1 madibles
Damage: 1 - 8
Save: Fighter 5
No Appearing: 1, or 2 – 18
Morale: 9
Treasure Type: Special
EXP Value: 75

These armored monstrous ants attack by biting with their steely mandibles. When two or more are fighting as a group, they fight with tactics and coordination uncommon for insectoid monsters. Durants cannot be poisoned, however fire damage dealt to it deals an additional point of damage per die.
The body of a durant, if harvested for materials over the span of a turn, yields 30-300 GP worth of usable metallic adamant.

>> No.71727571

>2 – 18

>> No.71727580

They also write excellent history books.

>> No.71727635

i meant 2 - 16. Oops

>> No.71727656

NAYRT, but it's clearly 1d17+1.

>> No.71727662

No bother dude. BTW, what's a madible?

>> No.71727669

If you don't have d17 use 4d5 - 2

>> No.71727787

Ok, I said a while ago I planned to implement "exceptional attributes" for fighter, scoundrel (not!thief), cleric, and wizard (STR, DEX, WIS, and INT, respectively). There are 5 "tiers" of %attributes: 18/01-50, 18/51-75, 18/76-90, 18/91-99, and 18/00.
Anyway, STR is a no-brainer. WIS and INT function virtually the same way, with varying number of additional spells. I'm completely torn, however, when it comes to exceptional DEX. Tell me which one of these sounds at least somewhat reasonable or if you have a better idea of handling it.
Idea 1: Scoundrels gain something called "finesse", which basically allows them to use their DEX instead of STR to hit with one-handed melee weapons. Going that route, exceptional DEX grants you +hit (but not +dmg) and +AC;
Idea 2: as above, but the weapons are limited to stuff like daggers, rapiers, short and long swords, or, in general, "roguey" weapons;
Idea 3: DEX modifies the amount of damage dealt to surprised or incapacitated enemies, up to x4 at 18 DEX. With exceptional DEX, one could go up to x7-x8, coupled with +hit bonuses.
Idea 4: some combination of all of those?

>> No.71727826

Instead of funky dice we are throwing darts blindly at the wall.

>> No.71727827

They all sound bad. Don't use any of them and stop using exceptional strength.

>> No.71727995 [DELETED] 

Kill yourself, FOEnigger

>> No.71728101

Has anyone got around doing the castle/wizard tower stuff?

>> No.71728103

What did you add to ItO?

>> No.71728114

While >>71727787 is a garbage human with garbage ideas, please keep /b/ehavior out of these threads.

A Mad Mandible, of course.

>> No.71728241

I question the usefulness of exceptional attributes because it imposes additional rules and complexity for very limited benefit. However, if you are dead set on using it, I would suggest that you use idea 1 with one 1-handed weapon of the player's choice (dagger, short sword, nunchuck, etc.) as if the character possesses exceptional skill with that one weapon. It also presents the player with a potentially interesting choice.

>> No.71728390

Why do you think it is necessary to put someone down like that?

>> No.71728453

>AC: 18 (as plate and shield)

>> No.71728503

To ensure thread quality.


>> No.71728640

Descending AC is sub-optimal game design, and the only reason to use it is nostalgia or the meaningless grabbing of clout.

>> No.71728668

>I would only wish that on my enemies.
That's... that's not the usual turn of phrase, but okay. At least we know.

>> No.71728683

You forgot for gatekeeping.

>> No.71728731

Because he’s a sad little man with nothing in life but self-proclaimed thread policing to occupy his lonely, pathetic, no-game existence. Thought that would be obvious from the post content.

>> No.71728732

Theoretically, sure. But as a kind of gatekeeping it incentives children to scream FOEGYG in place of fruitful discussion. Not worth it at all.

>> No.71728774

>In general though, you're not meant to roll for lair treasure when monsters appear in the dungeon.
I do anyway, if I get enough of one monster. Like if I keep rolling goblins and get enough I'll give them lair treasure. Not RAW though I admit.

>> No.71728874

I question the use of exceptional attributes because I never saw it do anything in the wild except encourage and reward cheating at rolls. But at least it tells me which players and GMs to avoid, so carry on.

>> No.71729067

What are some good uses for cats in old-school games?

>> No.71729252

Killing commoners, of course, but that's too easy.
Cat bomb. Bag of cats, swing them around to get them riled up, and throw them into a room of orcs/goblins/whatever. Mechanically, should be expected to thin them out.
Enlarge - claw/claw/bite routine becomes even more deadly at a larger size.
Dwarfs in my game canonically eat every part of every animal they can lay their hands on, and tan their hides or fur. Often it's rats and mules, but somewhere there's a wealthy dwarf with a cat-fur coat.
Custom spell - see/hear through the eyes of any common cat within range. Like clairvoyance + clairaudience, but requires a cat at the desired location. Grants no control of the cat whatsoever. 2nd level?

>> No.71729267

Points of contact. Everyone loves a snarky streetwise cat.

>> No.71729282

They make good merchants.

>> No.71729408

yo is that a real cat

>> No.71729501

Source claims it is. I'm still 50/50 on the question.

>> No.71729529

Sweet Shalquoir is exactly the kind of NPC I would put in a dungeon.

>> No.71729530

>one of the players attacks everything they see, getting the other party members killed.
Fucking hell.

>> No.71729538

Pls post source of giant cat.

>> No.71729657


Kill the player in real life so he can have a taste of his own medicine.

>> No.71729664

Many B/X and BECMI spell descriptions have listed durations (and in some cases also ranges) that seem absurdly long compared to their equivalents in AD&D and later editions. Has it ever been an issue for anyone?

>> No.71729741

So someone wanted to participate by asking a question. How does shutting them down and insulting them 'ensures thread quality'?

>> No.71729785 [SPOILER] 

I like both and the setting has both, so it's a win win for me.

I mainly just added all the adventuring rules taken out of it for simplicity, like movement, travelling, turns, etc. Roll 2d6 for stats instead of 3d6. And I've also turned DEX into 'Finesse/Wit' based on some interesting ItO hack that did that. Combines CHA and DEX essentially. And then stole a bunch of 'Advancements' from Classes and shit since they wanted a free-form class system: 1 Advancement per level or you can raise your ability scores.

I wouldn't run a D&D game with these rules but it seems to be working so far, and I get to use an 'adjacent' system.

>> No.71729836


>> No.71729874

It keeps those reinventing-the-wheel cunts and AD&D 2e enthusiasts away. And that's a good thing.

>> No.71729926

Because faggots like >>71721965 are too busy whining to make content

>> No.71729946

OK here's part 2, with the various classes, along with their key questions, stats, moves & sex moves.

This is currently still a first draft.
I'll probably tidy this up and publish it, desu. I like what I've come up with.

>> No.71729965

I am an idiot, that's the first half.
Here's the actual post. https://cavegirlgames.blogspot.co.nz/2020/03/dungeon-bitches-part-2.html

>> No.71729977

>I'll probably tidy this up and publish it, desu. I like what I've come up with.

>> No.71730082

Anon are you aware of cavegirl's views on piracy?

>> No.71730101

Is cavegirl aware of the /osrg/ discord IP protection special paramilitary police squad?

>> No.71730113

bitch please me and skerples infiltrated that years ago.

>> No.71730214

are you allowed to share the secrets of lesbian sex moves to the uninitiated like this? will you not get haunted by the ghost of Benedetta Carlini or something?

>> No.71730322

When someone says FOEGYG I always have a mental image of Gygax shouting FOE, GET YE GONE! from the grave while Ernie is like "well hold on there whippersnapper, remember that time we did X because Timmy thought it would be cool? tsk tsk Gary the Hypocrite, also give me back my rightful monies you swindler you"

>> No.71730333

Gygax's houserules were honestly FOEGYG as fuck.

>> No.71730859

>discord trannies pushing ip laws for anonymous people
Why am I unsurprised that particular group is both too cowardly to even adopt a pseudonym to publish under and conceited enough to get litigious over elf games

>> No.71730963

Of course. He was part of the old school establishment, not the revolution, and like any good revolution we both exterminate those who came before and crush with terror those who deviate going forward.

>> No.71730980

I feel silly for asking this. I recently got into OSE as a game system, and decided to try out an old-school module. I bought Keep on the Borderlands, and was amazed at how difficult it was to comprehend.
>Unreadable dungeon map
>Stat blocks so abbreviated. you can barely understand what they're saying
>Ranting and raving introduction that only tangentially reflects the module itself.

I'm not criticizing the design of the adventure itself, just the presentation.

Are they all like this, or is it a Gygax thing? Much as I love him, his writing style is erratic and often times simply not good.

Any work arounds for this? Or am I just destined to run contemporary OSR modules?

>> No.71731089

I see. I'm actually new to OSR (and this forum) so why do you want to keep those people away?

>> No.71731118

Also, what is FOE?

>> No.71731166

>new to OSR (and this forum)
You are replying to our neighborhood troll. The best bet is to ignore and move on, as usually his meds will kick in by the next thread.

>> No.71731238

You are engaging, in good faith, one of the regressive, ignorant, and largely unhelpful members of this general. You're not going to get a helpful or even completely honest answer. Let's just say the OSR is very fractious and far too many its adherents see their path as the only true interpretation of these games.
Lurk moar and you will see what I mean.

>> No.71731254

Can Microlites be OSR?

>> No.71731277

False OSR Enthusiast/Enthusiasm

>> No.71731310


Because brainless tribalism.

Are you new to OSRG or are you new to "generals" in general?

>> No.71731374

Neat. I added movement and turns too. Also reaction rolls and have been using Wonder & Wickedness instead of Arcana. ItO is so stripped down its insetting to see what people put back in.

>> No.71731529

Okay, thanks for the info.

I have lurked this forum for a few days and am new to old school play in general. Played a little but I'm hoping to run a game with some friends once it's safe to meet up again.

>> No.71731653


Gay guys tend to stay low profile. The amount of physically violent homophobia out there is not evenly distributed.

>> No.71731706


B1 for Dungeons, X1 for Crawls.

>> No.71731745

To expand, FOEGYG is a warbling bellow cried by people who themselves are not really into the OSR but really like the idea of an elitist community within the tabletop games community. At it's fullest it means False OSR Enthusiast, Get Ye Gone, and was originally was a way to clown on people who played 4E+ or thought 3.shit was the pinnacle of good D&D. But it changed into the debased and weak chant it is now.

I am inclined to say No. Microlites abstract far too much of the administration and exploration gameplay to really count.
You can play OSR style games with them, but I've run a point crawl OSR style game using SWSE so that's not a good enough argument.

>> No.71731766

Plz respond.

>> No.71731770

This is 100% accurate. The OSR group in my somehow both rural yet also a college town has four gay guys in it, and none of us knew any of the others were gay for months. Yet the two lesbians were "you can smell the gay on them a mile away" levels of obvious.

>> No.71731782

Anon, if you don't know at least one person whose joints you'd love to see slowly melt, you haven't really lived.

>> No.71731799


Exactly, I think it makes for a very good Balance of Power scenario: each group would love to wipe out all the others and have the whole valley to themselves but they don't want to invest the resources, wade into the bloodshed, or risk the war going against them to do it by outright violence. Give it a big nudge, though, and all hell will potentially break loose.

The players rebuilding the keep is the big nudge.

>> No.71731832

The stat blocks assume you've already read the monster rules, and only really ever give you those stats that differ from whats found in the monsters chapter.
The Keep also isn't really a module like you're used to. It's a thoroughly explained starter down and a local dungeon. That's it. It's babby's first sandbox and as such needs to be as dense as it is. Keep your OSE monsters page open when reading the module and you should be fine.
You may also want to look up some videos from veteran DMs who have YT channels who've run it. IIRC Sirkowski's memories video is pretty helpful.

>> No.71731843

I've seen it happen to my father, including disks crumbing in his spinal column. I would never wish it upon anyone who has a soul.

>> No.71731857

It's cool you are here looking around. Don't be put off by any needless hostility or baseless criticism. There's a plethora of great information and experience here. There's also a fuck ton of noisy shit-flinging.

>> No.71732071

>queer eye for the old-school guy
This sounds delightful.

>> No.71732369

>I would never wish it upon anyone who has a soul.
Sad! You need to get out there and have some serious experiences of life that could make you really hate a guy.

Also, my condolences on your dad. That's fucked up.

>> No.71732383

Anon actually arrived at a very unlucky time, this is the worst the general's been for months.

>> No.71732558

I think you mean best
/osrg/ is almost always high quality though compared to other threads so no need to complain.

>> No.71732595

If it takes a few gay threads to get the odd fresh blood, then heeellllooo! sailor!

>> No.71732613

I dunno. It's a spectrum. Even amongst the hostility and useless chatter there will often be a few anons maintaining an informative conversation. How to distribute treasure amongst your dungeon is probably still going. That's good advice for newer DMs.

>> No.71732704

Are you telling me cavegirl turning a shitpost into an actual game is unproductive?
And the jizzards were great, don't be a silly goose.

>> No.71732736

Go to bed John.

>> No.71732750

Honestly - as a lesbian - I think the homophobia gay guys deal with is 100% worse. On the other hand, they don't have to deal with as much* stupid sexist shit, so it balances out.
*Sexism fucks with guys too, just in mostly less obvious and dangerous ways.

>> No.71732853

there's a thing on /fit/ where any time you bitch or complain about someone else chances are people are going to respond telling you to "post body," just to make sure you're not some skinnyfat keyboard warrior but someone with actual ground to make those criticisms. We need to do something similar here, where anyone that wants to bitch about others needs to post some OC to actually contribute to the thread instead of just whining like a baby.

Here's a magic item:
>retachable hand
A detached hand that, upon closer inspection, seems to be made entirely out of a moist rubbery material that's not quite human flesh. If the hand is pressed up against any part of a living human or demihuman body for an entire round, the hand merges with the body and functions exactly as a normal hand would. To remove the hand, it can either be slowly peeled away over the course of a minute or it could be torn off instantly, dealing 2 damage to the person it was bonded to. If the hand is attached to a body for more than 24 hours, it dries up and falls off on its own.

>> No.71732861

made me lol

>> No.71732895

>/osrg/ is almost always high quality though compared to other threads
It used to be, but e.g. /awg/ is much more chill nowadays, no shitposts at all.

You have a point there.

*This*, you oaf. This thread. The last thread was fine (and funny), this one's cancer.

>> No.71732963

It's because simps fetishize your sexuality

>> No.71732991

>as a lesbian

>> No.71733058

At what level do player characters, let's say fighters for example, become superhuman in skill?
I heard somewhere that a Navy SEAL is roughly equivalent to a 4th level fighter.

If I wanted a game where characters hit their "peak" and from then on would need other avenues of gaining power (finding magic items and acquiring followers for example), what level would be that "peak"?

>> No.71733077

Who is that?

>> No.71733087

>If I wanted a game where characters hit their "peak" and from then on would need other avenues of gaining power (finding magic items and acquiring followers for example), what level would be that "peak"?
Name level is pretty much devised to be this BTB, that's why all the numerical advancement drops into a fucking pit.

>> No.71733244

Aragorn would be about a 4th Level Fighting-Man by OD&D rules in the Fellowship.

Consider that an 8th Level Fighting-Man is literally called a Superhero and can kill 8 normal men per round, go toe-to-toe with 15' tall giants and fire-breathing dragons and you're getting beyond anything humanly capable in the real world.

>> No.71733249

A guy you can find on google.

>> No.71733270

A google search for his name and D&D, Keep on the Borderlands yields NOTHING....if I ask it's because I couldn't find anything!

>> No.71733280

LotR is a very low-level game.
Also note that besides sword-fighting a Balrog to a stalemate double loss Gandalf, the most powerful character on the good guys side, does nothing outside of the possibility of a 7th-level magic-user..

>> No.71733286

>It used to be, but e.g. /awg/ is much more chill nowadays, no shitposts at all.
tasteful shitposting is fine. A little bit of shitposting keeps things fresh and funny

>> No.71733308

are you a transsexual by chance

>> No.71733346

gandalf is incredibly tame by 7th level d&d wizard standards. he really has more in common with a cleric imo (wields weapons, his magic is more tertiary and support based?)

>> No.71733351

>At what level do player characters, let's say fighters for example, become superhuman in skill?
Entirely up to the GM.
And I'm not being flippant, it varies from 1st level just for showing up (very rare) to 2nd or 3rd (still rare) to 4th (I speculate for no other reason except having Hero for a level title, still uncommon) to never (surprisingly common).
It is good for a GM to step back and ask himself if he really means to keep running PCs as crapsack tombrobbers all the way to name level, and 4th is as good a time as any to do that, but there's nothing magic about the number.

>> No.71733393

It may surprise you to learn that I'm friends with some gay guys, and they complain about this stuff a lot.

>> No.71733473

I was asking because you said you were a lesbian. my post had nothing to do with gay men

>> No.71733509

That guy is talking about Seth Skorkowsky on YouTube. That's why you couldn't find anything.

>> No.71733579

Said the dumbass who faps to gay porn
No one wanted to see a pic of your mom

>> No.71733618

I don't follow.

>> No.71733632

well the thread is trash again, good work guys.

>> No.71733729

>I bought Keep on the Borderlands
I've heard that the reprints are a lot shittier in terms of layout and composition than the originals, that might not help if you've got one of those.

Also might help to investigate B1, it has blank area for you to fill in for rooms, encounters, etc. and explains them a bit. Its more work but I think more rewarding as an intro to gming module from the older stuff.

keep on the boarderlands a shit, lost city a best

>> No.71733776

Level 4 I'd say is exceptional. An amazing fighter who is barely superhuman. Level 8 I'd say, is when they become truly superhuman if we're using OD&D as a reference.

>> No.71733810

>keep on the boarderlands a shit, lost city a best

Borderlands has it's merits, but it's too crowded. I think B1, and Lost City are better as modules.

>> No.71733941


The unhinged and contradictory rants are a Gygax thing, but eventually you just learn to skip them without even looking.

The rest of it is more of a choice than a problem. Almost all of the old-school stuff was as terse as they could possibly get it, and it shows. Once you get used to it, though, it goes from being harder to read to much, much easier to the point it's changed how I keep my own notes.

Even if it doesn't quite click on that level, I still suggest learning to read it both as a history thing and to give some perspective on a different method that could be used to convey information.

>> No.71733962

most lesbians in osr and 4chan in general are mtf transsexuals

>> No.71734142

MtF lesbians are the worst, most toxic fucking category of people in the world.

>> No.71734265

I'm in favor of this in theory, but am concerned in practice
it would lead only to half-assed and effectively useless rules chaff, like random tables that just say "1-6 1d8 wiggly nibblers, 7-12 1d2 nobbly gagglers" followed by half a thread of shitposting about how you didn't even give the nobbly gagglers stats and oh look at you, if you're so much better than nobblyAnon why don't you post your own encounter table?

Nobbly Gaggler: HD 4; AC 6; Attack bite 1d8. These awful fuckers are filled with ink: when they're killed, they explode. Mappers within 10" of the beast must save vs. breath or the DM gets to rip up their map, since the creature's ink has made it illegible.

>> No.71734325

I wasn't expecting you to just come out and say it....

>> No.71734604


They absolutely could be, in fact I find it easier to get to OSR from building sparse than from building cluttered, but they usually aren't.

Knave is probably the poster child for suppressed page count and while it can have some sustainability issues, it demonstrates what's possible when you can have one system managing multiple game functions.

>> No.71734676

Here, I got some FOE-ass GYGery for you

Bort McChortleson, The Laughing Bandit
AC 6(13) leather + shield, HD 3, hp 17, #AT 1, D 1d8, SA +1 melee attack and damage, sick burn, SD FLEE!, MV 12, SV F3, ML 9 (5),

Sick burn: During combat, when an opponent rolls a 1 on any d20 roll, Bort can instantly force a save vs. spells on the roller. Failure results in a -1 penalty to AC and attacks for the remainder of combat while the burned one second guesses themselves. Bort cannot use this power if he is incapable of speech. This is usable only once per combat because truely sick burns are not rehearsed or re-usable.
FLEE!: Before initiative is rolled Bort can make a saving throw vs. Death to disengage and run away before the round begins. Bort gains a +4 bonus to the saving throw if he has successfully used Sick Burn. Bort cannot use this ability if he has failed a morale check.
There is a 4-in-6 chance Bort is encountered with 1d4+2 0-level men-at-arms. Accompanied by these flunkies his morale is 9, alone it is 5.
(Flunkies - AC 7 (12) leather, HD 1d6+1, #AT 1, D 1d6, MV 12, SV F0, ML 7)

>> No.71735059

4th is when I’d start letting my players get away with occasional low-power “anime,” antics. The way I phrased it once when a player asked how powerful he was in-game, “at 4th you’re a named fighter in an old Icelandic saga with heroic tones.”

>> No.71735103


Generally, I like to first decide what I think represents the actual usable level range of the game system, as in just because something might claim 1-20 doesn't mean the actual system isn't better off sticking to 3-9.

Once I have that range, I divide into two and start getting the players directly involved in world-level events from that point on.

So if the effective levels are, as in the earlier example, 3-9 then level 5 would be about the cap for how high you could go and still be considered a normal but skilled person. From 6-9 you have reached the point where your skills will make you a player in world if not cosmological affairs whether you like it or not.

It's arbitrary, but it works, so I'll take it.

>> No.71735294


Depends on how you're playing it.

>> No.71735348

I’m not sure why you responded to so many unconnected posts.

But I mean, not really. You can play it in an /osr/ style, but IIRC the game you’re describing isn’t compatible with TSR D&D. Unless I’m remembering wrong, in which case feel free to correct me.

>> No.71735372

He's doing the april fools day thing. He's trying to make people respond to him so they get sick.

>> No.71735434

Oh balls. What’s the fucking gimmick this goddamned year?

>> No.71735509

Corona themed.
Seems if you reply to "Infected" people, you have a chance to become infected. Infected are identified by their fucked up names and the fact their posts turn green.
Mentions of quarantine and some anons even have biohazards by their name.
Also the name fields are fucked, seriously, enter any name, it doesn't work.

>> No.71735651

And is just not giving (you)s and letting other assume who I am talking to through context clues supposed to be the equivalent of social distancing?

>> No.71735674

Correct. Give the coofers no (you)s and you shall remain pure.

>> No.71735782

Could also respond like this, but yes.

>> No.71736067

Replying to everyone in a thread does not infect anyone. You need to be replied to to infect anon.

>> No.71736180

I fucking hate Nurglites.

Anyways, what’s your favorite not-quite-OSR game, /osrg/? What do people usually lump in with OSR that isn’t actually TSR compatible, but you love it anyway?

>> No.71736422

Would Tunnels & Trolls derivatives count? If so, Mercenaries Spies & Private Eyes. Game's fun and fairly robust. It runs everything from Sherlock Holmes to 1930s pulp adventure all the way to being the underlying system that the original Wasteland was programmed for.

Plus, having done the scenario that they playtested with (Tunnels & Thompsons), I can also say that doing a dungeon crawl as a bunch of isekai'd 1930s Chicago mobsters is pretty radical.

>> No.71736533

Beyond the wall captures the feel of what I want in a game the best.

>> No.71736592

I have a soft spot for Tunnels & Trolls. It was very good friend to me when I was a friendless tween because we moved a couple times. I still gave a Buffalo Castle folio.
There's very little chance I will ever run or play T&T again.

>> No.71736741 [SPOILER] 

I'm the guy who did the first shitpost with the lesbians and I give all rights of the idea to cave. Mostly bc she didn't actually steal anything. I didn't invent lesbians.

Please include spidergirls. They're my thing.

Also this Corona-mechanic we have going today is a psyop to reduce (you)-baiting.

I'd say yes but I haven't seen it. The way Knave does it is not right. Knave is way too slimmed down and only works if you have previous experience.
Playing in an ongoing Knave campaign, I often think I'd rather OSE with a lot of handwaving and collaborative homebrewking than Knave in its freeform style.

What are some other microlite RPGs besides Knave & Maze Rats?

>> No.71737046

Knave to me represents a pretty good blank slate that you use to build upon. Vanilla Knave isn't fun, but Knave-based games can be pretty sweet.

>> No.71737070

Yes, they can be. Most of Randall's M20 OSS series is built around OSR priciples. It doesn't get much traction around here because it cuts attributes and is built on a d20 chassis. His advice about old school gaming is succint and applicable beyond system.

>What are some other microlite RPGs besides Knave & Maze Rats?

If you're not familiar with Microlite20 you should be


>> No.71737264

What's this got to do with OSR? Get out.

>> No.71737284

Back pain, general laziness, too prideful and busy enjoying idols and Mario Maker 2!

>> No.71737304

Back pain and laziness.
>I would only wish that on my enemies.
Kek & Based.

>> No.71737325

>The guy is seriously ill.
Well he does has a fetish for traps and trannies after all.

>> No.71737473

None of this shit has to do with the OSR. Hit the road.

>> No.71737505

I've not gone deepy into them but from a glance it looks like many reintroduce things that were cut out by Knave like classes.
What's a hack you like?

Post content.

>> No.71737555

I've already done mine this thread. You want another? Maybe tomorrow, after work.

>> No.71737653

>calling FOEs FOEs is trolling now
You fuckers are on the same level as shitbrewers when it comes to ruining this thread. Why won't you make your own general where you can masturbate to your wacky or totally mature settings and shitbrew ideas? You know what, do it, I wanna see it fail, maybe you'll fuck off yo reddit or /5e/ after that.

>> No.71737660

Side note, I forgot to mention: welcome, newfriend!

It stands for Farts On Everything. Or maybe Fat Odorous Elder... Or was it Fellatio Over Easy?

>> No.71737666

The thread was better when we talked about danger lesbians and jizzy wizzy.

>> No.71737799

>Using the word "shitbrew"
I think RPG.net or Dragonsfoot is more your speed, son.

>> No.71737860

Functionally, yeah. He's more akin to a cleric that is allowed to use magic swords. However, Pyrotechnics isn't a cleric spell and that is basically the only spell he ever uses more than once.

>> No.71737884

Boot Hill. We need more wild west RPGs that are good and don't hinge on a playing card in place of dice gommick.

>> No.71737891

Christ, you're a broken fucking record. Has it occured to you that maybe this is OUR thread and you're the interloper. I know I've been telling you to fuck off for a good, long time, as have many others. Yet here we all are, having productive conversation, and you're peddling the same tired, old predictable wankist memery. It's pathetic.

And I know I'm not supposed to feed the troll and all that but I do so enjoy telling this dipshit off. So, forgive me my vice. I'll keep it in check.

>> No.71737902

Thematically, he's more of a cleric too. What with the "sent by the Valar" bit - but he uses a sword and does not use armor; so really he may should be a Maiar race as class.

>> No.71737959

Hot take: if you like Dunsany in the Appendix N you should have no inherent objection to *World games. Dunsany protagonists are usually haunted/driven by strange circumstances, sometimes from before the story even starts, and the general sequence of events in those stories is much more likely to play out in a *World format than an old-school one.

>> No.71738006

>Maiar race as class
That makes the most sense. Would it be Istari though, since Maiar suggests a larger order? Or is that a nitpick? I'm not well versed in Tolkien's cosmology.

>> No.71738102

OSR LotR-inspired game where everyone is a different kind of Maiar race-as-class and none of you can actually do anything because your Valar keep calling you up to come sing for them or get them some coffee and shit and Morgoth just looks increasingly tempting all the time.

>> No.71738166

I like his stuff but that doesn't mean I want to play it. I like Lovecraft too but I'm not fond of CoC either.
Anon, please say April Fool's now.

>> No.71738192

Istari makes more sense, actually: as they were Maiar who came to Middle Earth.

Assuming you are not a troll, as one of the reply posts, I will engage just once.

I believe in thread gatekeepers. I believe in keeping the general on topic. What I don't believe in is calling people out to kill themselves, which is what the anon I referred to as needing his meds did. There is a difference between redirecting a misguided newschooler back to /5eg/ and spouting /pol/ memes with the word "Jew" clumsily replaced with the acronym "FOE".

Also, shitbrews are awesome. Tonal fidelity 4 lyfe.

>> No.71738220

No, it wasn't an April Fool's. I don't think CoC is very good at gamifying Lovecraft stories though, would actually argue your typical Lovecraft story is pretty shit if you try to replicate it in game form.

>> No.71738224

Songs & Servitude never made it off the drawing board since project management favored Papers & Paychecks as the hopeful to take rpgs away from dusty old medievalism and into the modern era.

>> No.71738325

Can never get over that elf and man met for the first time in Tolkien when an elf randomly walked into a camp of sleeping humans and starting singing, waking them all up.

>> No.71738366

going to mentally assume anyone with infected posts ITT has been sissy slut roleplaying on /v/

>> No.71738485 [DELETED] 


>> No.71738492 [DELETED] 

Hmm, wait, did it not take effect, or does it take a little while to start-begin?

>> No.71738493

Guys, stay safe. Don't reply to infected people.

>> No.71738787 [DELETED] 

This shit prank will only bring in more tourists and spammers.

>> No.71738792 [DELETED] 

I don't want to be infected !

>> No.71738801 [DELETED] 

Its fine Im pure bro

>> No.71738979

I just use my own where I sort of kludge together bits and pieces that I like. I don't play it often because it's kind of annoying to do each time I want to play a new game, but I generally use it when I want to OSR something I don't have anything else for and can't be bothered converting a more substantial system.

>> No.71739139

Der Glaubensfeldzug or der große Feldzug

>> No.71739262

I use Classic Unisystem as my actual game "engine" but I run in a very OSR way. I like complex, logistical play but I don't care for the D&D core rules.

>> No.71739573 [DELETED] 

Just don't reply to infected posts and you'll be fine.

>> No.71739582 [DELETED] 

Dr. Bile, those catgirl pills you gave me are making me feel funny. just this morning i ran around the house trying to catch a fly. and i have to stand at a door after i open it and decide whether to walk through it or not, and half the time i don't

>> No.71739585 [DELETED] 


>> No.71739586

Talking about that shit is what made this shitposting, >>71736741 thanks moron for making this thread hell for the next weeks at least.

>> No.71740077

>tasteful shitposting is fine
No, it's just shit.

>> No.71740389

lesbians don't exist

>> No.71740408

You don't exist

>> No.71740444

you mean posting in coomer threads

>> No.71740473

This is a dumb take, PbtA is just a plain bad system and I don't want to play anything in it, especially not something I love like Dunsany-style stories. My inherent objection is that the rules are shit.

But also, this isn't the PbtA general so I don't know why you're posting this here.

>> No.71740559

Ready yourself, acolytes, I will require your aid.

>> No.71741192

>check image
>check artist
Wow I feel like I've found a rare delicacy here.

>> No.71741202

Also this dress to make a human look like a spiderperson is very cute.

>> No.71741279

I don’t care that you are gay. This is a thread about OSR elf games. Stop with your ridiculous attention seeking pro-victimhood behavior.

>> No.71741354

What’s going on I here!? I’m Mike Mearls and you old Grognard, shitlord gate keepers should stop playing D&D! Oh yeah and never mention I hired and defended Zak!

>> No.71741523

...why though...?

>> No.71741525

Explain why it's shit please.

>> No.71741584

We build walls and gates around that which we value. That which we believe to be important in our life and hence worthy of defending. The gaming tourist cares not for these things. The sanctity of traditions means nothing to him. Indeed, he is an uncouth barbarian just passing through the gaming hobby. He will discard these games without an afterthought. Those of us who have spent more years than nought playing these games have a deep intellectual and emotional investment in their preservation. A gatekeeper? A gatekeeper is the greatest compliment you can pay me.

>> No.71741605

Too much power in players' hands

>> No.71741684

Gatekeeping is only bad when it keeps out the wrong people. When it keeps out assholes and grifters, it's great.
Unfortunately, in this thread the gatekeepers are desperately trying to keep out "People Who Make New Stuff" which is, like, the opposite of helpful.

>> No.71741707

Pointing out that a problem exists, and that it sucks, isn't being 'pro victimhood' you fucking moron. It's kind of a required step if you're ever going to fix anything.

>> No.71741739

danger lesbians and jizz wizards was the best this thread has been in months, in that it was mostly interesting or funny, and the retards screaming FOEGYG or regurtitating pol shit mostly weren't there.

>> No.71741753

The New Stuff is 99% lazy shit made by demoniac G+ refugees. If grogs had their job and gatekept instead of being the big tent party then Zak Sexualabuse wouldn't have become the OSR posterboy.

>> No.71741774

I assume this is a reference to something, but this little ditty always bothers me. The syllable counts and stresses on either side of the rhyme don't line up.

>> No.71741787

I mean the reason to gatekeep out Zak is that he's an asshole, not because he wrote weird things.

>New Stuff is 99% lazy shit made by demoniac G+ refugees
is so far from my experience that I don't really know how to respond other than to say that this isn't the case and I don't know why you think it would be.

>> No.71741850

Good bye gaming tourist I hardly knew ye . When you perceive everything, action or inaction as a slight how can I take you seriously? No one in gaming is advocating mistreating brown people or gays or anyone else. So these insults and discrimination have to be conjured up. I’ll say it again I don’t care if you are gay. So keep the fucking thread about elf games and stop being a cry baby victim.

>> No.71741874

People who make new stuff are invariably tourists that just showed up to the hobby. They have no appreciation for the depth or scope of existing material because they have been playing OSR games for just a few years. I have no use for the RPG module “as art” crowd. I have no use for terrible art as drawn by scrap princess and other arthaus types.

>> No.71741885

Just because a bad person got in doesn’t mean you knee jerk harder, dude. You get rid of that person and one who shows signs of defending them and move on.

>> No.71741939 [DELETED] 

doubt anon is going to be retarded enough to just go and put CHIM as an option on the CYOA.

>> No.71741944 [DELETED] 

That sounds fun as fuck desu

>> No.71741968 [DELETED] 

>this has been the gayest april fools ever
Remember the April Fools gag that resulted in site-wide communal ERP?

>> No.71741972 [DELETED] 

that was the straightest april fools, what do you mean

>> No.71741973

Roll a physical saving through to resist disease

>> No.71742525

This isn't a thread about PbtA games and I'm entitled to my opinion of them without needing to defend it in any case.

>> No.71742590

Here's some content. Roll a d2o for toilet.

>> No.71742591

What the fuck are you talking about?

>> No.71742829

I realize we're on the downslope to autosage, but seriously, don't encourage it.

>> No.71742898

At least it'd be something to read, instead of the nine millionth gatekeeper argument.

>> No.71742912

Into the Odd is the best of the microlite osr experiment. Knave is only cool because it lead to Mauseriter.

>> No.71743116

It does seem like there's a lot of new-to-osr folks during the quarantine and a lot more shitposting as a reaction. Lots of grogs get fucked up by new things or change.

But also, if you are new, its probably a good idea to read at least one of the osr primers and lurk a bit. Better to read several of them so you get an idea of the range of osr. Also running at least 1 dungeon with just straight up Basic rules as written before you go and start fucking with things. Not to say house rules and innovation is a problem, more to say that having a foundation understanding of material before you start fucking with things makes for a better result.

>> No.71743146

This should be posted at the top of every thread for the foreseeable future

>> No.71743215


>> No.71743242

Rolled 11 (1d20)

quality content

>> No.71743700

It's april fools so I thought I'd write something funny but then I realized I'm laughing alone at literally toilet humour.

>> No.71743940

New thread.
Please take it easy.

>> No.71743969

Interestingly, I somehow managed to miss the fact that Dunsany was even in the Appendix N reading recommendations. Everybody should read The Book of Wonder. There are some really good stories in there. The King of Elfland's Daughter, on the other hand, has some good ideas behind it, but ultimately doesn't know what to do with itself, as if Dunsany wasn't entirely sure how to write a novel (I can't say for sure, since it's the only one I've read by him, and some of it could just have been a product of its time, but I by the end of the book, I was definitely feeling underwhelmed). I quit reading The Gods of Pegana early on because it just didn't seem to be the kind of thing I was looking for. The Last Book of Wonder / Tales of Wonder contained some good stories (I quite enjoyed the longer one about the ship they sailed across land, whatever that was called), but also had a fair number whose premises weren't particularly interesting to me.

>> No.71746413

>"If I bury my head in the sand and concentrate real hard on ignoring it, no problems exist. Things that don't affect me aren't real. La la la I'm not listening."

>> No.71746589

Assuming you're under 33, I am pretty sure I've been playing RPGs longer than you, and I'm firmly in the "new stuff and arty stuff" crowd.
Assuming you're an elder-grog, then there's not much I can do about your head-start. I've been in the hobby for two decades, but go off about how I'm a tourist who's got no appreciation for the game I guess.

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