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Welcome to /old/, where hirelings are paid, dungeons are jaquayed and combat's a fail state.

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Does alignment actually come into play in your games? How?

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How many classes are at your table? Fighting man, Cleric, Magic User, Thief? Barbarian, Bard, Paladin?

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Bourgeousie and Proletariat.

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>Does alignment actually come into play in your games? How?
God, no. Alignment is the least remembered thing about any character.

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Fighter, Specialist, Magic-User.

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My setting actually has two ongoing cosmological wars of Law vs Chaos and Good vs Evil. Your alignment is literally your allegiance to one or both forces with attendant privileges and responsibilities. Your personality doesn't necessarily enter into it at all.

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Characters that have an alignment are either zealously religious or have been embroiled in the conflict of higher powers and have had to dedicate their souls to patrons for power and protection.

Three basic classes, Warrior, Specialist, and Mage; one catch-all class, Adventurer; racial classes depending on what is appropriate to the setting, usually 3-5 tight concepts. I'm very open to custom classes and I've got plenty for players that want something more specific.

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How does that work, exactly? Do all beings have a position in the Goods vs Evil axis and in the Law vs Chaos axis?

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Law and Chaos are often used as terms synonymous with “civilization,” and “brutal anarchy,” but that doesn’t even track all that well in-setting because of the various implications and assumptions the terms come with.

Warrior, Scoundrel, Sorcerer. The classic trio, plus Zealot which is where clerics, paladins, and druids enter. All depends on your stats and what little sub-perks you choose from a small list as you level.

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How do you handle characters' personal grooming in the depths of the dungeon?

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hand-mirrors, razors, soap. That's about it.
Alternatively, just be an elf.

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I've never actually considered that.
In a medieval society, modern standards of cleanliness don't matter. I would perhaps give a penalty to reaction rolls with nobility or similar posh people. In the dungeon, I would give no penalties at all, because encountering another thing in the dungeon would mean you are both filthy. Perhaps a penalty when returning to the surface equal to -1 for every day you've gone without bathing, max -5?

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if you shave in a dungeon you're just looking to get ingrown hairs and infection from the gross ass shit you come across in the hot stinking underground

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Quite the opposite. The vast majority of creatures are neutral in both. Most people in Common-speaking cultures trend towards NG but only the very religious fully cross the line into full-bore "Senpai has noticed you" territory. You also see a smattering of individuals and groups that have gotten involved in only one of the wars.

LG, CG, LE, and CE are extremely rare outside of certain powerful spiritual entities and their direct followers, which among mortals generally implies some form of full-time professional service. However, given how those factions can rapidly "pivot" resources from one war to the other they disproportionately shape the "politics" of the wars.

Currently, things are on an upswing for Team Good because LG and CG can kinda hold their nose and get along well enough to keep outright conflict to a minimum whereas LE and CE hate each other so much they're willing to starve their common war on Good just to make sure the other side can't get a better foothold, a situation that LG is certainly paying close attention to, mostly to keep it going as long as possible.

Meanwhile, LE would love nothing more than to turn the full might of LG to fighting Chaos in all its forms, but has yet to find a wedge issue powerful enough to split Good down the middle.

It'll be an interesting day when they do, though.

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Two: Warrior and Mage (with some small customization options to add thief/paladin/monk etc flavour without needing full classes).

Short and sweet.

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Currently Fighter, Thief, Cleric, and Wizard although more are about to be added during the (hopeful) post-plague reboot. Base idea is that players will start with access only to racial classes and something to represent "base human" and have to recruit and eventually promote hench to access other classes.

I keep flipping back and forth on it. On one hand, I am going to teach this table how to do Troupe play if it kills me and this might work. On the other hand, I'm concerned it's going to just be a layer of gimmick when the reason for us getting into OSR to begin with is because we're sick of digging through unneeded layers and pointless complexity.

So I'm torn.

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Try to let the troupe play develop organically. Give characters reasons to take downtime whether it's training, injury recovery, religious cloister, or overseeing ventures outside of dungeoneering. Encourage henchmen and make it clear and simple how they can advance. Also try running two different scenarios that occur at the same time in different locales like the primary party has to find their way out of the dungeon after the route they came in collapses while the mercenary sergeant and his unit defend the encampment from raiders or an ogre or whatever. Enticing players into playing secondary characters usually means having them do something memorable, not just being second banana to their patron.

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Renaming Fighters to "Warriors" gives them a more heroic vibe and better encapsulates the concepts of the whole fighting class (good saves and survivability, best access to magic weapons, leading troops of men at name level and beyond) then just calling them a Fighter does.

Change my mind.

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I call them Fighting Men to ensure people don't think woman "fighters" are okay.

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Fighter and Magic-User are technical terms and are not meant to be used in-game. Do what you want though, it doesn't really matter.

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I just think that "warrior" is less clumsy than "fighter", and the only reason I'd ever use the latter is because of tradition.

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What are some reflavorings you've done of the race-classes? So I can steal some ideas for a campaign going for super weird fantasy rather than Tolkien shit.

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>Does alignment actually come into play in your games?
I've focused on a civilization/oppression vs. savagery/freedom thing before with law vs. chaos, with folks like rangers and druids basically incapable of navigating/tolerating civilization's rules. But most of the time, I'm more content to discard alignment entirely. Holy and unholy can still exist for monsters and shit, but I don't need to rigidly define the morality of normal people.

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I'm going to share this one because it's my favorite.


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I'd like to use single axis Law vs Chaos, but there has literally never been a time someone used it in a way it couldn't just be called Good (Or, maybe "not totally evil") vs Evil.

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It wasn't race classes, but at one point, I made more exotic, fairy tale-ish versions of the basic races, with elves being capable of turning invisible if they stood still (and you weren't already looking at them), walking on moonbeams and so forth (and unable to abide the touch of iron). I honestly can't remember that much about the other races right now, other than their weaknesses: gnomes were creatures of the earth and water burned them as if it were acid, dwarves turned to stone in daylight but could be turned back by being immersed in water under the light of the moon, and halflings... okay, I can't remember halflings.

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Words cannot begin to express how little I care.

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How plausible is a world where once you set a foot outside the city you get a rainstorm of ankhegs, wizards, goblins and apemen?

I've read the "implied D&D" setting, are there any blogs or pdf dealing with the ecology of worlds like that?


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Wrote up my interpretation of Anon's "Blades Shall Be Broken" optional rule to sacrifice your weapon for extra damage. Link in spoiler, for anyone interested.

No art yet. It's more difficult than I expected to find thematically appropriate public domain stuff; I did find some cool stuff - and I had the idea to trace it, effectively, in GIMP (as I have no visual art skills, myself) to make something feel just right - but on top of it, I made the mistake of telling my wife how excited I was to get my game going again and suddenly she needed about triple the amount of help she normally needs to manage the twins. But that's enough home-life complaining for now. Any tips on finding thematically appropriate art for your home games?

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I think cleric's should be allowed to use crossbows. Change my mind

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You could give even one single reasoning as to why.

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Wrote up my interpretation of Anon's "Blades Shall Be Broken" optional rule to sacrifice your weapon for extra damage. Link in spoiler, for anyone interested.

No art yet. It's more difficult than I expected to find thematically appropriate public domain stuff; I did find some cool stuff - and I had the idea to trace it, effectively, in GIMP (as I have no visual art skills, myself) to make something feel just right - but on top of it, I made the mistake of telling my wife how excited I was to get my game going again and suddenly she needed about triple the amount of help she normally needs to manage the twins. But that's enough home-life complaining for now. Any tips on finding thematically appropriate art for your home games?

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Wrote up my interpretation of Anon's "Blades Shall Be Broken" optional rule to sacrifice your weapon for extra damage. Link in spoiler, for anyone interested.

No art yet. It's more difficult than I expected to find thematically appropriate public domain stuff; I did find some cool stuff - and I had the idea to trace it, effectively, in GIMP (as I have no visual art skills, myself) to make something feel just right - but on top of it, I made the mistake of telling my wife how excited I was to get my game going again and suddenly she needed about triple the amount of help she normally needs to manage the twins. But that's enough home-life complaining for now. Any tips on finding thematically appropriate art for your home games?

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Also im thinking on the worlds pof Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy. Would it be strange that a whole gaming world has only 10 to 15 cities in total? I think that's the logical conclusion to it.

Smaller towns would give in to monsters, if they're not direcly run by one.

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For hunting evil: silver and blessed wooden bolts. Makes sense flavour wise imo. More than using a sling in a dungeon anyway.

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pope said crossbows are evil.
slings are used in the bibble.
check mate heathen

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My setting is pre-Christianity...It also does not have Christianity.

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I mean that gives them a good reason for clerics to be ALLOWED to use crossbows sure, but it doesn't necessarily mean they should be the ONLY one to use crossbows.

Like I'd be fine with it in a really deeply interconnected setting where all fighters come from a specific culture or class and all clerics come from a different specific class or culture; then it would make more sense. Like Fighters are all half barbarian dudes who fight with bows and swords and are trained to fight on horseback but clerics are specially trained monster hunters sent from the holy city and know how to maintain and oil up their weird mechanical weapons that the fighters don't really understand because they're more primitive. That would be a more sensible restriction.

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I don't restrict who can use crossbows. That said what you've said would be quite neat, wise bookish types who use mechanical bows. Great flavour imo.

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>For hunting evil: silver and blessed wooden bolts.
For real evil-hunting you want them to be repeating, too.

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>Does alignment actually come into play in your games?
nuskoolers forget that alignment has important mechanical effects in old d&d as opposed to being window dressing in nu-dnd

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Fighter, Rogue, Sage.

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I didn't know Tolkien wrote Elric

Plausibility is a false cow, all that matters is consistency

Cleric, Fighting-man, Magic-user

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I wholeheartedly agree! Lol.... :-)

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At the moment, it's Fighter, Cleric, MU, and Thief, but I'm tinkering with the idea of ditching Cleric altogether, as he doesn't really bring anything to the table (it's basically a heavily armored spellcaster with a very specific ability thrown in) and replacing him with some sort of scholar/artificer/gadgeteer - a guy who knows languages and people, medicine and chemistry, and can craft some very useful shit on the fly (this "useful shit" functions the same way spells do - as long as he has access to his "box of wondrous things", he can prepare grenades, lanterns, oils, magic powders, and whole lot of other stuff; if you've played Arcanum, you'll immediately get the idea what I'm talking about). Going that way, Clerics wouldn't be their own class, but something you become when you join a religious faction - something which, I believe, suits the Cleric much more than "you're chosen by your deity, but there's also paladins" approach. Upon joining said faction, your character would be grant a couple of special abilities, and bonuses to hit and damage with weapons considered holy by your church. Both work equally well, actually.

It requires a very minor change when it comes to stats: ditching wisdom and replacing it with a more broad spellcasting/willpower stat, and making intelligence its own thing, completely unrelated to spellcasting.
>inb4 that one autist mumbling something about compatibility, as if that would be any real problem

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>Does alignment actually come into play in your games? How?
It does, yes. My upcoming setting, focused on "afterlife adventures", with a whole bunch of hells, heavens, limbos, and everything in-between, focuses pretty heavily on the idea of "lawful hells" vs. "chaotic heavens", and such. Mechanically speaking, your character might receive a bunch of penalties when visiting a place that's directly opposed to its alignment, bonuses if the align, or nothing if you're neutral. The exact nature of these penalties/bonuses depend on heaven/hell in question, so I won't go into details.

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Monsters only act up when there's some big bad causing that nonsense in Dragon Quest. They're generally reasonably peaceful, and leave peasant-types alone. Otherwise, how would they supply food and materials to keep the cities running?

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"In the forgotten passageways and chambers under the decadent city-state, the criminal underworld congregate in their hidden halls."

What are some good secret entrances to a criminal undercity?

>> No.71705333

The torture chambers beneath the church/prison. One or more of the devices intended to kill targets is, in fact, a secret passage (if a secret switch is activated, otherwise it is fatal). It leads to a fortified room down below, part of a moderately well defended part of the undercity... as it must be, to prevent untoward intruders trying break in through this secret entrance. Perhaps it is defended by ghouls or other flesh eaters who are paid in portions of the victims to keep out any not wearing certain symbols or regalia.

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>>inb4 that one autist mumbling something about compatibility, as if that would be any real problem
It IS a real problem and if you don't care about it you should stop posting in this thread, you fucking FOE.

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A barrel in an inkeeper's wine cellar hides a ladder. It collects dust in the corner, the waiter's are tasked not to go near it for weird reasons.

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>Plausibility is a false cow
I was trying to figure out what a false cow would be... a goat maybe?

>> No.71705629

The mausoleum of some former crime lord has a secret passage inside it. Bonus points for their skeleton or spirit actually guarding the door to boot. I've always liked the idea of the old legends of a city's crime ring looking out for the lads even in death.

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Underrated post

>> No.71705855

>How plausible is a world where shit's fucked up society is collapsing?
Plausible enough.

>> No.71706087

Depends on how secret they are. Most criminals think they're smooth but they're basically thugs. So gaudy things like
>huge and elaborate grandfather clock is also a door at certain times evident from reading where the clock hands line up to 2/10


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>tfw operatic OSR game where your class is your voice type

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I use Fighting Men and Amazons

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I prefer Amplazons, personally, but am truly equal opportunity.

I like this. May steal it for a future date.

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Either thief or Magic user for me then

>> No.71706407

I don't get it 3head

>> No.71706451

Really all of them would be fusion classes.

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I used to think you whining that people wouldn't write down numbers for you in your favorite way was funny. Now I think it's hilarious.

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for what porpoise

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There is a blog or forum post that draws the implied setting to its conclusion. The work is made of several dredd style mega cities and are always on the brink of an army being teleported into the center at a moment's notice.

>> No.71706986

To increase the risk of extended dungeon dives through more equipment management

>> No.71707087

You're thinking of the 3e [somefag]world setting written by some fag on the GiantITP boards taking a bunch of stuff in the 3.X books to what he considered their logical conclusion. That's not really relevant to old D&D, and Anon's probably talking about PDF related when he says "implied D&D setting".

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a steakhouse in DUMBO
the gentleman attending the bathroom holds the key

>> No.71707109

Reminds me of Otto's spells from the post gygax greyhawk days.

>> No.71707122

It is not the best course of action.
Do you want your fighter to carry three spare swords around? What about the mage being a mule and carrying five leather helmets in his bag? What about ranged weapons? Do you need to carry spare bows around too?
If you are not going for full Raggi experience on your poor players, than do not do it. If you want to use durability system then, I do not know, make it like 10 points. On -3, -6 and -9 you will get that -1 to AC/damage/attack/whatever. Allow your players to maintain their equipment in the field once per day with right materials on hand.
Three points of durability is very low and in "no fun allowed" territory.

>> No.71707249

Otto's probably a rare countertenor. Leomund, Bigby, Otiluke and Zagyg are all tenors. Mordenkainen and Tenser probably baritone. Iggwilv would be a great part in a Greyhawk opera: probably contralto, but a difficult one with a lot of range so she can play innocent or break out the hate.

>> No.71707349

Your typical 3 person OSR party can look like this and I think that's beautiful.

>> No.71707405

Or this.

>> No.71707712

Amazons as a race-class sounds pretty dope desu. What would one do to differentiate it from Warrior other than saying “but you’re a girl and no girls allowed in the fighting man club neener neener.”

>> No.71707734

Restricted weapon list with proficiences, can call on the servants of Ares, has to kill X men in a fight to level up where X is level.

>> No.71707842

Oh, also can establish an island fortress or marauding band of horsewomen instead of the usual stuff at level 9. Has to convince a community of local women to all kill their husbands to start it though.

>> No.71708137

Correct, I incorrectly remembered it was 2e. I wonder how different the implied settings are between editions.

>> No.71708145

Very good read. Thank you.

>> No.71708380

favorite combat house rules?

>> No.71708446

Tippyverse! That was it. Only took me an embarrassing amount of time to recall, too.

My pleasure. I really like it myself.

>> No.71708481

Tippyverse is forever tainted for me by how much of an obnoxious cunt that guy was on various forums. Sorta like anything Charax-associated on the old Inquisitor forum.

>> No.71708494

Combat is a fail state. When initiative were to be rolled (it's not rolled in my OSR system that I am setting up a kickstarter for) I declare every player dead and make them roll new characters. The only classes I have are Witch, Magical Girl, Amazon and Human Lesbian.

Jokes aside, I like the escalation dice from 13th Age where you get a +1 to attack rolls (up to 6) for every survived round.

>> No.71708535

What's the difference between Witch and Magical Girl & Amazon and Human Lesbian?

13th Age was alright but complex enough mechanically that you ended up leaning into builds that worked around escalation dice, which isn't very OSR really.

I actually think it might be kind of fun to play a game where you roll individual initiative and whoever rolls last in a round is just dead. It'd encourage the PCs to bring along slow-witted hirelings.

>> No.71708577

I like damage types. I usually just take the AC for an armor and give up to -2 or +2 to hit depending on type.

>> No.71708769

So making some kinds of armor easy to hit with slashing damage for example?

>> No.71708883

The guy from ten foot polemics house rules for wrestling and other tricks. Especially the other tricks
>roll two attacks. If both hit you get what you want. If one hits you get it at some kind of cost. If neither hit you ironically suffer whatever you were trying to do.
Since I'm running a sword and sorcery game I like for players to have a simple all encompassing system for doing tricky shit.

>> No.71708967

Yeah, Cloth Armors have AC as leather but attackers with slashing get +1 and piercing +2. I also have scale armor as chainmail but attackers with blunt get +1 and slashing at -1. I even use a Chopping damage for axes, which uses the best option of slashing or blunt, while most swords can make a thrust attack at -1 to hit and deal piercing. It's just enough of a tactical choice of what weapon to use and what your party has to be ready for any enemies you may face and helps make a feeling that the party is a team, not a gang of individual heros.

>> No.71709365

Based spurdo poster. I totally agree, Figther, Expert, Sage.

>> No.71709385

I love that gremlin thing.

>> No.71709547

Oh yeah, he's a MAD cunt. His idea is shit too, not defending it. I'm just saying, that's what Anon was thinking of.

>> No.71709583

>What's the difference between Witch and Magical Girl & Amazon and Human Lesbian?
I will start from Square One.
There's 1d6 roles you need to roll or decide on during character generation. It will be important for many things you can do.
All of them are based on classic lesbian culture.
The roles are:
>Sharp but affectionate (Tsundere but I'll try not to include weeb-words in the final product)

Suppose you have a Sexy Witch.
Witch is like the Magic User but succubus-like. For a spell to work she needs to seduce the creature she's casting at.
Same with the Cute Magical Girl but she's the Cleric so the player has to act cute and make everyone awwwww
The Amazon is the rough, butch lesbian ex we would rather forget as we grew tired of her (wait she's a he now) gender-confusion. Their rage needs to be fueled by their role somehow but it could get tricky if you get a Shy one (Romantic on the other hand would be easy. "Don't hurt my girlfriends RAAAAAAAA".)

The Human Lesbian is the Thief. She's been in the closet for so long she got good at hiding and being stealthy.
I'm still working out how to involve the role with the Amazon & the Human Lesbian better.
Except I'm not going to because I made this up in a minute.

>> No.71709681

>Combat is a fail state.
>When initiative were to be rolled (it's not rolled in my OSR system that I am setting up a kickstarter for)
Very based
>I declare every player dead and make them roll new characters.
Most based thing anyone has said on this thread in years
>he only classes I have are Witch, Magical Girl, Amazon and Human Lesbian.
New king of OSR, everyone pack up and go home, there's nothing more that needs to be said.

>> No.71709700

>Not running a all Bourgeois table
Get out of here with that poor bullshit

>> No.71709780

I don't play with Untouchables.

>> No.71709852

I know it's heresy but I kind of like the ideas of the GLOG. "Templates" for the first couple of levels to gain new abilities. And the magic dice magic system seems like a lot of fun compared to Vancian spell slots.

>> No.71709880

>Any tips on finding thematically appropriate art for your home games?
First tip is to establish a vision of what you're trying to get at, and the second tip is that once you have that vision, let it be completely warped and altered by other inspirational material you come across. There's no secret trove of images or whatever that are all perfect for you, but every time you come across an image that strikes a chord with you save it immediately so that you don't lose it. Try and find artists and illustrators to follow, and learn what their references and inspirations are.

>> No.71709923

Tell me more about this magic dice system

>> No.71709947

Whats the opinion on Mutant Future?

>> No.71710045

If it wasn't for their weird HD system I'd love it.

>> No.71710059

You spend dice from a pool to cast spells. More dice means more power, but a higher chance of it blowing up in your face. Mages tend to be powerful but short-lived.

>> No.71710135

Copy/pasted from the GLOG pdf

>To cast a spell, select a number of Magic Dice (MD, d6's) you wish to invest, roll them, and add the numbers together. As a Wizard, you get +1 MD per Wizard template. Most spells depend on the number of [dice] invested and the [sum] they show. Doubles generate Mishaps; triples generate Dooms.
>Dice that roll 1-3 return to your casting pool and can be used again that day. Dice that roll 4-6 are removed from your casting pool for the day.

Example spell, Sleep:
R: 50' T: [sum] HD of creatures D: 10 min / permanent.
Target falls into a magical slumber, and can't be awoken by anything less vigorous than a slap. Save negates. Non-alert, unaware targets do not get a Save.
>If [sum] is at least 4 times the creature's HD, the duration becomes permanent (until slapped) and the creature no longer needs to eat or drink while sleeping.
>If you also invested 3 [dice] or more into this spell, the duration becomes permanent, and you can set the only condition that will cause the
creature to awake (the sunrise before the apocalypse, true love’s kiss, etc.)

>> No.71710160

2/10=1/5=atheif its an old yegg thing

>> No.71710241

Fighter can, on a miss, decide to roll damage as a hit but also takes automatic damage from the target.

>> No.71710260

Killer, Expert, Scholar, Psion.

>> No.71710295

For those of you who actually read what fantasy literature do you draw inspiration for your campaign from besides the obvious appendix N?

>> No.71710482

I think I will stick to Vancian Magic. I don't like this.

I get more out of mythology & sagas than fantasy literature or the Appendix N. King Arthur is my dude.

>> No.71710579

Based. Foeniggers and homebrewers are just sad, sad people.

>> No.71710603

Pic Related, Ray Bradbury, Terry Pratchett, Earth Sea, Berserk, Various Folklore and Myth books (I'm fond of Irish and Norse the most.), Herodotus and Raymond E. Feist.

>> No.71710604

Explain this further. Not the guy you were talking about but I don't get it at all. Is it some sort of cant?

>> No.71710720

I'm willing to go on record and say the template system is absolutely my favorite thing to ever come out of the OSR and I don't care if anybody thinks that makes me FOE as fuck because I don't base my enjoyment of a game on what angry internet people think.

>> No.71710731

How would you handle characters changing role? Like what about a vampish young lesbian that becomes jaded as they gain experience? Sexy > Broken/Angsty?

Also, going by your examples, I'm assuming everything in the setting including monsters is also lesbian? How does being closeted work in that sense?

>> No.71710796

Just curious why it's your favorite thing? I'm interested in it because of the quick power curve. PCs don't have to spend 10 levels getting their abilities/spells

>> No.71710824

Much obliged.

>> No.71710856


Malazan Book of the Fallen.

Also pic related. It's not fiction but it is pretty interesting and packed with useful information. Religion and the Decline of Magic by Keith Thomas

>> No.71711039

Great book, pro post.

>> No.71711094

GLOG is based and I wish Arnold would actually compile it and publish it as an actual system. I know Skerples made a GLOGlike with their own spin on it but I haven't had a chance to read it. GLOG looks like it perfectly threads the needle between having 3e-style featlike options available to players without forcing character builds or requiring system mastery to play well. I haven't actually played a GLOG game so this is all just going off how it reads but I really feel like it's something special

>> No.71711172

I want to get better at improvising sessions. I made a few random tables to roll on to get a session going. Let me know if I'm doing it correctly.

>Journey to a location in the forest, 2 days travel.
>Random Encounter rolls 3x per day (morning, afternoon, night/camp). 1-2 on a d6 (a roll of 3 is a sign/sound of an RE, 4-6 is nothing).

>Rolled the following for the Afternoon RE check:
>A family cabin, neighbors have moved in seeking shelter because bandits took over their farm/house.
>NPC motive: return to Lair w/ treasure (improvised idea: family has gold buried in the farm, offers to split it with PCs if they kick the bandits out)
>NPC Reaction check = 11, very friendly towards PCs.

Now PCs have the choice to continue on their original journey, or make a side quest to go kick out the bandits from the farmstead.

>> No.71711208

>When initiative were to be rolled (it's not rolled in my OSR system that I am setting up a kickstarter for) I declare every player dead and make them roll new characters. The only classes I have are Witch, Magical Girl, Amazon and Human Lesbian.
well now I have to steal this

>> No.71711210

Whats a good place online to play pic related? I've checked Roll20 (FOE I know) and I don't know how to work Tapletop Sim.

>> No.71711218

You've got no idea: https://diyanddragons.blogspot.com/2019/03/who-is-glogosphere.html

>> No.71711320

I would say in person but corona

>> No.71711337 [SPOILER] 

The starting role is never lost. You simply gain more ways to handle your abilities than before. Example: The Cleric who gained Broken due to being unable to save her loved one is now Cute/Broken.

In order to heal someone she can thus either act kawaii or traumatized.
So it's
>uguuu plz heal nicely lil wound kissu
>It's my fault if you die, I am so useless....I could not save her.
It requires creative players.

About your 2nd question, yes, everything is a lesbian but there are men. They are as much of an empty husk as walking-dicks in Touhou-harem doujinshi. Even though they are the minority, there is a patriarchy which enforces strict laws on marriage and monogamy.
Lesbians are the majority and the game plays during the time of the lesbian uprising.
I know lesbians love being the rebellion so this should cater to them. I expect to sell 5000 physical copies and receive bestseller status on drivethru in a day.

The human lesbian is someone who has only recently chosen to accept the lesbian lifestyle and are inexperienced.
All women are lesbians, even the married ones. Goal is to get kisses by other girls (and more).
>Kiss on the cheek = 100 xp.
>Kiss on the lips = 250 xp.
>French = 400.
>Intimacy = 750
>Orgasm = 1000
All actions have to be roleplayed with the DungeonMistress or other players. This is a game that only works inperson. Also no trannies, those are inuniverse spies sent to sew discord in the lesbian rebellion.

Same xp numbers as the original classes. I can go into detail on how I justify that but I won't because this is total bullshit why am I writing this?

>> No.71711353

Why do think I asked Anon? If this virus business wasn't happening i'd be playing SWN with my regular group at my FLGS.

>> No.71711443

Sounds bretty good anon. Remember that the key to improvising sessions is to have a number of solids to work with (settlements, dungeons, key locations, etc) and that the liquids (stuff rolled on random tables, transitions between elements in the gameplay loop) offer players agency to decide how they get from solid a to solid b.

>> No.71711449

OK so the big archetypes in lesbian culture, in my experience, roughly boil down to:
>Plaid shirt, motorbike, probably grows her own potatoes, just likes cuddles. The Amazon. Fighter-type specialising in defensive tactics (parrying, intercepting attacks, etc).
>makeup on point, tight bun, business casual, kinda scary, dommes & tops. The Witch. MU type with a spell list focusing on shapeshifting, alchemy, divination, necromancy.
>EXTRA FEMME, everything is floofy and cute, subs & bottoms. The Magical Girl. Cleric-like, without turn undead or plate armour, but getting illusions, mind-control and attack-spells.
>rainbow haircuts, piercings in odd places, left-wing activism, weird kinks. The Human Lesbian. Basically a thief/specialist with skills that tend towards crime, social manipulation, and fun things you do with your tongue.
>Also the massive dyke who runs a queer bookshop, has knuckle tatoos, and keeps a baseball bat behind the counter, quietly bankrolling about 40% of the local gay scene because she's got her shit together financially. Basically a Dwarf; an Amazon, but tankier and with bonuses for Beer and Treasure.
>Also that one girl everybody assumed was straight because she doesn't make a *thing* of it, but who turns out to have been married for years. She's your halfling equivallent: basically an Amazon, but better at escaping notice.
>Also the bisexual chick, who is essentially an elf, because elves are basically multiclassing and so are bisexuals. Also, as everybody knows, bi people are immune to sleep and aging.
I'm pretty much an Amazon

>> No.71711460

I know there's not a lot of 5e lads here, but do any of you ever used the 5e Random Dungeon Generator as opposed to the one in AD&D?

>> No.71711464

Thank you for your inspirational work.

>> No.71711467

>inuniverse spies sent to sew discord in the lesbian rebellion
Please don't make me do Actual Queer Discourse at the thread. Please.

>> No.71711469

Cavegirl is that you

>> No.71711501

Honestly? Discord with a dice bot.
The game doesn't really use a combat grid, so all you need is voice chat, a text-log for character sheets, and a way to roll dice.
If you're struggling for players, get into one of the various OSR discords and say you're gonna do a game, and I garuntee you'll find players.

>> No.71711516

I mean obviously yes.

>> No.71711537

Legendary mount: Subaru forester

>> No.71711556

Any good discords you can recommend?

>> No.71711583

Honestly? The Chris McDowell one and Tenkar's Tavern are big because they're good.

>> No.71711589

I don't know about Ray Bradbury or Raymond, for the rest this anon knows.
Being Frank, we don't seem to get good new authors, I still didn't find one with the imagination and style of CAS (the better writer in my opinion of the pulp trinity of Lovercraft and Howard, the other two a lot more famous) or the evocative and plain fun of Jack Vance.
Abercombie is the one I enjoyed the most, but his worldbuilding is pretty lacking, while Sanderson, even if he makes cool stuff, writes some funky characters, specially when they talk with other characters. Others than tg recomends, like Malazan or the black company I found a drag to read the first, and boring the second (the desert part was the best, the rest was basically clichea without any interesting part, and the only good cminor characters died early, croakers is unsufrable).

>> No.71711592

>elves are basically multiclassing and so are bisexuals
It's true but you shouldn't say it.

>> No.71711603

When you hit level 9, you get a house in the countryside with your wife, one u-haul and 3d6 cats.

>> No.71711604

That's some good character ideas right here.

No offense but I'm 100% joking like hell. If you take me seriously you need to consider where you are.

>> No.71711618

There's no quality control whatsoever in fantasy. Every reply to that "Should I read WoT?" thread should have told OP to run screaming away from it.

>> No.71711630

I figured. If I'd taken it seriously, I'd have actually posted said Discourse, rather than a shitposty reference to it.

>> No.71711631

Holy shit I have to get LEVEL 9 to get married? I should be able to rush into a propertyless marriage at like, level 4, max.

>> No.71711683

ily <3

>> No.71711687

I posted there man.
About the quality control, I really can't talk because I love eddings.../spoiler]

>> No.71711694

Well obviously they would have a secret passage to the city dungeons.

>> No.71711696

I mostly say Ray Brad as he's a huge influence on me. Martian Chronicles is filled with weird alien occurrences and unique set pieces that are great for sci-fi games. And Something Wicked This Way comes is amazing no matter how you swing it.

Raymond E. Feist straight up just wrote about his homebrew D&D world and Teukamel mish mash and it's very well written imo.

>> No.71711707

nah, up until level 8 you're in a messy polycule with a bunch of other disaster-lesbians (AKA an Adventuring Party), with the odd play-partner/fuckbudy on the side (hirelings and henchmen). You need to have levelled up quite a lot to have your shit together enough that you can settle down and open a Bed & Breakfast in Vermont (AKA domain-level play).
Obviously, nothing stops you investing in shared flats, u-hauls and cats before then - you gotta spend that treasure on something - but at around level 9 it just sorta kicks in automatically.

>> No.71711712 [SPOILER] 

By posting it you would have made this very meta as this discord arises in and out of game. Spooky.
Maybe I'll actually write this hack as a sort of april fools.

All plot hooks are a variation of
>hot babe needs rescue. Dare you kiss the princess?
Magical items are mementos of past lovers.

>> No.71711732

what level is Ellen

>> No.71711748

Ellen is a founding figure of the lesbian rebellion but right now she only sits back and watches as the younger generations pick up the fight.

>> No.71711767

I found some books about Tekumel, and man there is some high levels autism there, I love the Wargame parts, he did some Ian Heath like books sperging about the panoply, colors and little fluff blurbs with some charming drawings.
I'm now intrigued about Feist, can you recomend the best book for a start.

>> No.71711768

>Magical items are mementos of past lovers.
This is actually a great idea in the right game, which is probably some *World thing.

No judgement. I really just mean it's quite difficult to have a discussion about what fantasy/sf is good and why.

>> No.71711775


>> No.71711780


High enough to be friends with the evil warlord

>> No.71711783

Ellen sold out. She's one of the wealthy media/political elite, and has chosen to side with the establishment over queer solidarity. That is to say, she's a lich.

>> No.71711793

Feel like you're missing a druid archetype who just continually accumulates cats (or optionally, weirder pets like snakes and spiders) as they level up.

>> No.71711813

Oh she's definitely evil I just wondered what you'd put her as. Lich makes a lot of sense given how she seems to have an intense hatred of the process of life.

>> No.71711819

Honestly a Monsterhearts/OSR frankenstein would be some excellent shit.
Go down a dungeon with your girls, get fucked up by monsters. Come back to town, get fucked up by grownups and het culture.
Squabble, form trauma-bonds, fall in love.

I would play that in a fucking heart-beat.

>> No.71711835

Honestly? The first one Magician. Starts of pretty Vanilla but good in the first half and then goes amazing and alien in the second as you explore Tsurani Culture and see how it came to be.

>> No.71711838

you make a good point. Although, really, we *all* do that.

>> No.71711863

Imagine caveskerples

>> No.71711881

I feel like it would have to be some form of urban fantasy but I also don't want to suggest making gayer persona

>> No.71711891

I just found out about Ellen being a cunt, shit I'm behind on lesbian opinions, what's going on? Am I getting old?

I ship it.

I think you need to get crazier: The weird lesbian that never grew out of her horse phase and had a pet turtle named Reginald? And collected bugs? And allowed bugs to crawl over her? She's actually the most experienced because she was never interested in boys.

If you end up writing notes for this pls credit me as regretAnon because I feel sorry this thread ended like this.

>> No.71711919

Honestly /osrg/ shitposting a semi-passable lesbian hack is better quality than what's usual in the thread.

>> No.71712008

If you roll 18, do you get percentile cats?

>> No.71712020

Bradbury is wonderful material for setting scenes, conveying menace, and hitting hidden emotions.

>> No.71712024 [SPOILER] 

Wew this thread degenerated

>> No.71712065

I think your example here is quite fair. I use a similar system, whereby when an item is damaged (through a critical hit by an attacker or a critical miss by the pc) it is reduced in the same way. Typically players WILL have a back-up item (mostly weapons) on them, and a damaged item costs 10% (per minus) of it's normal cost to repair it. I would note that magic items (weapons & armor) never are damaged in this way unless it is struck by (or struck against) a creature that requires magic weapons to hit. YMMV, but I think your on the right track. It does add MUCH more challenge on the players but happens far too few times (in general) to be a game breaker (IMHO). :-)

>> No.71712066

Nah, you get 18 cats and roll a d% for houseplants.

>> No.71712082

>Am I getting old?
honestly if you don't care about celebrity shit its easy to miss this stuff.

>If you end up writing notes for this pls credit me as regretAnon because I feel sorry this thread ended like this.
It's probably not gonna get a full print release but I might blogpost it.

>> No.71712086

>This is actually a great idea in the right game, which is probably some *World thing.
I think it could work here too if you keep the number of romantic encounters high. Every visit in town (with carousing and all that comes with it) should have a romantic encounter, if not more, included.

>oh proud woman, please take this to remember me by. I bought this for my husband but I no longer need him!
>it's a magic Sledgehammer titled "Ballbuster"
>Double damage on male enemies
>but only once

>> No.71712094

desu this is the most productive the thread's been in months and I love it.
(I am pretty sure I'm not the only dyke in the thread, own up anons).

I have my suspicions.

>> No.71712124

Does anyone have a good table of draconic mutations?

>> No.71712137

This is why nobody likes your demographic

>> No.71712143

Unfortunately.... You are most correct.... :-(

>> No.71712161

I don't but any guidelines on what you're looking for?

>> No.71712166

This is the first time I see Klown sad. I have never been so devastated.

What do you mean with draconic? I can throw you one or two if I get an idea of what you want.

>> No.71712182

I'll try to cheer up... :-)

>> No.71712205

Actually I do, give me a wee bit of time and I will upload it. :-)

>> No.71712220

"combat house rules" are a bit of a misnomer because players can attempt to do anything in combat from called shots to disarms to flying leaps. You just don't have "rules" for them.

>> No.71712234

Just a list of possible effects of bathing in dragon's blood, getting badly polymorphed, picking up a dragontooth sword, finding out great grandad's still alive and weighs as much as a castle, etc.

>> No.71712302

Like some other anon said it strikes a great balance as far as player options being fun and varied but light and simple, and with the emphasis on allowing unique things rather than any kind of straight bonus players don't sit there trying to power game it or whatever. I know a lot of OSR types think having anything more than the most barebones stats on a character sheet takes away the whole point of thinking instead of playing through your character sheet but I haven't seen it pan out that way.

>> No.71712328

Okay... Here is my Unique Dragon Abilities table. I tend to limit the number of abilities by age category (or Hit Dice), but you can give a dragon one of these just to make them "unusual". I will note that some of these abilities are pretty deadly, and a fair DM would increase the dragon's xp value (e.g. adding for an additional special ability) for each unusual ability they add. As with everything I suggest, YMMV. Hope this helps some of you, at least with some ideas. You also could riffle through old issues of Dragon, as there were SEVERAL great articles on "improving" dragons back in the day. :-)

>> No.71712350

Forgot the damn table.... "Gods I'm getting old"! :-)

>> No.71712375

Surely you can have the henchwife at whatever level, and even buy the house; it's just that you don't attract free cats until level 9. That's how the original rules work, after all.

>> No.71712383

This is a very useful table, thank you! Not quite what I was looking for, but it's a start.

>> No.71712388

You get the pussy but not the pussy, you get me?

>> No.71712404

If you start as a Lesbian you can get the u-haul at level 2.

>> No.71712432

I'll be honest, I really soured on Pratchett when I learned he tried to worm out of Ankh-Morpork obviously, OBVIOUSLY being Lankhmar during his entire life.

And Feist stole Barker's setting wholesale and although I believe he admitted it, never paid any restitution or withdrew the books from publication, so...

While I'm kvetching anyway, what did Ellen do? I thought she was just a nice, flat old lady.

>> No.71712441

Siegfried learns the language of birds after he drinks dragon's blood. A lot of the mythological effects (or ritual effects if you want to count the plant too) are positive; I'm taking it you're looking for a more balanced table?

>> No.71712465

I'm just looking for a table.

>> No.71712508 [SPOILER] 

Oh, here you go then anon.

>> No.71712527

these are quite nice, but are they hard to remember in play?

>> No.71712539


>> No.71712552


>> No.71712566

God he was such a wholesome human being

>> No.71712578

Not to belabor this past its natural endpoint but 'The Mermaid's Flannel' is definitely also a location in the lesbian OSR hack.

>> No.71712583

It's three damage types vs three armor types and all pretty intuitive.

>> No.71712588

>Feist stole Barker's setting wholesale
That he did. Although it's quite different in places.

>> No.71712597

He got a bit no it's the children who are wrong at times but for the most part yeah. Certainly if we're talking author flaws you could do a sight worse even than >>71712432 look at MZB.

>> No.71712611

Uh yeah, let's not even touch Marion Zimmer Bradley.

>> No.71712615

It seems to have been scrubbed from the net, but the video of him watching and chortling at this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e1IxOS4VzKM was so wholesome.

>> No.71712621

Going into AD&D territory, what are you guys' thoughts on:
- % chance of learning a spell, depending on your character's INT/WIS?
- maximum spell level available to spellcasters, again based on their INT/WIS?

>> No.71712670

>Although it's quite different in places.
It's still the most blatant act of plagiarism I've ever seen outside of a college. It's staggering that he's been allowed to profit from it all this time, if there were any justice he would have been forced to withdraw the book entirely when he was found out.

>> No.71712675

It's OSR, as the rules were presented in Supplement I Grayhawk

>> No.71712700

Wasn't he about 100 years old at that time?

>> No.71712740

I think "a gleam of half-remembered lechery" is a Saki quote.

>> No.71712927

Red Pill me. Who is this guy?

>> No.71712956

A woman, formerly well respected fantasy author who turned out to be a lesbian pedophile

>> No.71712968


>> No.71713005

Based on what?

>> No.71713046

The Elfin Ship and sequels by James P Blaylock - for goblins especially
The Face in the Frost, John Bellairs - cheating since it is in Appendix N, but it's not one of the usual suspects
Elizabeth Boyer - too many to list, but check it out
A Distant Mirror: the Calamitous Fourteenth Century, Barbara Tuchman - History is surprisingly D&D. Makes sense of Bandits, 30-300 Encountered among many other things.
Grimm's Fairy Tales - self explanatory. Older the printing the better, before they got cleaned up.
The Uses of Enchantment - it's about fairy tales, not literal magick
Biblical apocrypha, especially the Book of Enoch

>> No.71713170

Yes I do and it's pretty good. I've had success with it, but can't say it's especially stellar

>> No.71713195

I lol'd

>> No.71713223

Most of the time, it's based on willful ignorance and falsified data.

>> No.71713232

>homo turns out to be pedo
it's more likely than you think

>> No.71713241

this desu

>> No.71713276

Age of consent is cringe

>> No.71713303

So, uh, what's with lesbians and u-hauls?

>> No.71713316

Postulate 1: For every complicated measure, everything is either more likely than you'd think or less likely than you'd think. Not dice rolls but statistics.
Postulate 2: For any given statistic, the chance of it being higher or lower than you'd think is 50/50.

>> No.71713334

It's the traditional second date activity.

>> No.71713345

lol wut?

>> No.71713350

I see you like to take it slow.

>> No.71713375

People have certain biases towards over estimating or underestimating things depending on the subject, postulate 2 doesn't hold water

>> No.71713385

Degenerates gyg

>> No.71713418

Post something useful

>> No.71713451

You need to hang out with a more diverse crowd. I'll make more THAC0 jokes next time.

>> No.71713490

Read Jirel of Joiry. Super fun, super violent, probably didn't get its due because the author is a wom*n. There's a ton of great ideas in the story

>> No.71713532

Begone demon

>> No.71713583

A friend of mine is gonna be running it sometime this week or next week. Honestly sounds pretty cool and fun, I'm looking forward to it.

>> No.71713591

Do you prefer it to the AD&D one?

>> No.71713596

No such as thing as lesbians or gays I have never met any of them who didn't come from a fucked up background

>> No.71713608

No one in this thread should reproduce anyway. At least they are making content.

>> No.71713797

I still really like Jirel Meets Magic and I read the Jirel stuff as a kid, but I've got to say on a reread they didn't really hold out. The weird vampire people who eat ghosts are a great thing to steal for an OSR game but most of the stories don't quite get there.

>> No.71713798

It can make for a fun game with a long enough spell list, and down time for spell research. I'd be down for it especially in a wizard's guild game, all mages but not all the same spells.
Like a lot of things old school, it's possible to fuck it up. I played in an AD&D game back in the day, pre-OSR, where our mages ended up never getting more spells as they leveled. The DM said we'd have to research them or return to our masters - only he was.sending the party on mission-type quests without downtime. Which is ridiculous in hindsight, but I was a teenager in one of my first games, I didn't know to just walk away.
Bad DMs are one reason we got nu-D&D in the first place. I've seen that discussed a little but not a lot, and it bears keeping in mind.

>> No.71713803

Haven't used the AD&D one, sorry chief

>> No.71713818

Damn really? I read it ages ago and was really into it. Sorry to hear it doesn't hold up.

>> No.71713836

At level 2 they acquire a wife, at level 3 they lose them, at level 4 they acquire another, at level 5 they leave them, they spend levels 6-8 bitter hate sobbing giving them a +2 to str but -4 to int and wis, at level 9 they acquire the closest thing to inner peace by being "self-partnered" with their 3d6 cats.

>> No.71713842

Do the Fafhrd and Grey Mouser stories get better after their introductory one?

>> No.71713852

What do you guys think of the likelihood of Hasbro officially licensing an OSR game? I doubt they'll make one themselves but I feel like it's only a matter of time before an "official" retroclone comes out. Then again, the OSR has been around for over a decade and nothing like that has happened yet so idk

>> No.71713882

Well YMMV but yeah I got a huge CL Moore anthology a while back and digging into the stories I was like Ah, these really aren't as good as I remember. There are still great concepts and like I say I still rate JMM pretty high even if I've gone down on the series as a whole.

>> No.71713887

What would anyone (other than hasbro) gain by this?

>> No.71713888

Yes but then they get steeply worse. But the middle stories are really, truly gold and you would be doing yourself a disservice to not read them. Once you get to Rhime Isle, that's when the quality declines. Many people consider those stories a sort of victory lap, but Leiber way too old and decrepit and pervy to write well

>> No.71713904


>> No.71713916

Well they get the whole corporate structure of WotC to back them up in terms of marketing, and normies would be more likely to purchase something that comes from a company they recognize instead of some rando on the internet

>> No.71713932


Alright, then I'll press on.

>> No.71713991

This is just the Bluebeard class except you don't have to kill your wives.

>> No.71713994

The current edition is their cash cow right now. There's more money to be made in repackaging old stuff than there is in making an OSR game to compete with D&D.
There's more likelihood of them releasing a softcover version of the basic rules of 5e for $10 a pop, then claiming "There's only four races and four classes just like the old versions of D&D you used to play!"

>> No.71714012

Sounds pretty fuckin' FOE to me, and I am torn between running my next campaign in GLOG or Troika.

>> No.71714026

Do you actually in your head know everything that's on the Appendix N? I don't. I couldn't name you specific titles off it for shit.

>> No.71714145

Might be too cynical to even be considered "false enthusiasm"

also you should go with GLOG

>> No.71714146

Naw, that's just my gritty realism hack. This is /osrg/ after all.

>> No.71714178

There are the popular installments like Tolkien, Howard, Moorcock, Leiber, Lovecraft, Vance, Anderson, etc. But then there's also a bunch of other stuff on there that almost no one talks about or reads because a) it's usually garbo or b) too obscure/culturally irrelevant

>> No.71714193


>> No.71714221

I guess one way to update it is just to look at shit released from then to now and think of what Gary would have liked. Which, one hand, probably gets you Gene Wolf. Other hand, probably Terry Goodkind too.

>> No.71714242

How many anons here randomly generate your dungeons? I-I'm not alone, right? It's okay, r-right?

>> No.71714262

You are ZOZ~

>> No.71714268

You must be new here. Randomly generation is not only common practice in these parts, but it is indeed the only good and virtuous way of crafting dungeons. Rejoice, newfriend, for you already walk the righteous path

>> No.71714284

explain pls

>> No.71714314

ZOZ is the elemental opposite of FOE (False OSR Enthusiast).
ZOZ is the pinnacle of True OSR understanding.

>> No.71714323

I read somewhere that Africa historically often had a checkerboard settlement pattern - empty or dense, but nothing in between. They needed the population density to drive off elephants, which would otherwise eat their crops. So the American frontier, Little House on the Prairie-type settlement pattern wouldn't work for th, and by analogy wouldn't work in a land of monsters.
So that's the first thing that comes to mind, is huddled masses. If a settlement grows enough to expand they'll do that in a pulse, colonists moving all together to a new location, and throwing up walls first thing.
Everything is walled of course, cities, towns, villages and hamlets all have at least a log palisade. Inns are fortified. Monasteries and temples are fortified. Bucolic thatched flimsy houses that illustrators like to draw don't exist.
Just like knights and nobles in our world got their start not only as the conquerors and taxers but also the defenders against raiders and other conquerors, the warriors and nobility would be defenders against monsters. No posh effete nobles who rule by birthright but characters with classes and levels. If they don't go on the same quests or dungeon delves as the PCs it's either because they've got other problems or they're happy with the levels they have and are content to guard their town.
You could also do something with superstition. Witch marks, magic charms, bundles of herbs in every window, offerings to the spirits of the wood before every trip into it. Some amount of it works, but there's so much cruft built up around it that knowing and doing it all is a full time job for someone working the land. It's of less use to a wandering monster slayer, though sometimes a sage can pick out what's truly functional.
And don't go out at night! This is already implied by the old encounter tables. Dangerous things are most common at night, but whether by choice or binding they don't often break down your door.

>> No.71714326

lol bbl

>> No.71714360

This sounds entirely accurate to me.

>> No.71714390

Really? Huh. Kinda took me by surprise.

>> No.71714395

>go with GLOG
It's probably what I am going to do. We'll see how UVG fares with them now that our (5e...) GM is in holding pattern until the plague abates.

>> No.71714436

Gygax actually responded to a question about what he would've added to Appendix N on the ENWorld forums shortly before he died. IIRC he said he didn't like almost any fantasy that had come out since, he only named Discworld and the Black Company books as additions, I think.

Wolfe specifically is way, WAY too cerebral for Gary to have liked. Not trying to belittle the man, it's just an obvious fact. Wolfe is a physics PhD's idea of a novelist.

>> No.71714538

>Wolfe is a physics PhD's idea of a novelist.
I mean I top out at HS education and I love Wolfe my dude. Devil in the Woods is basically the novelization of a Zzarchov Kowolski module. Even if you aren't into the book-as-puzzle thing the setpieces and mood are usually pretty adaptable to an OSR game - tho I'm not disputing you being right about Gygax not being into them. The Black Company always seemed like total crap to me so I'm not on the same page as EGG in the first place.

>> No.71714577

I'm not saying you literally need a physics PhD to like or enjoy him, just that he's hyper-cerebral. I was using a bit of that ol' hyperbole.

I also regard the Black Company as shit but I don't like to bring it up in this general.

>> No.71714711

>If you end up writing notes for this pls credit me as regretAnon
Here you go:

>> No.71714746


>> No.71714804

The fusion of cavegirl and skerples is finally complete.

>> No.71714826

holy shit someone else who doesn't like Black company

>> No.71714831

If no other world hack has swapped weird for queer that's definitely long overdue.

>> No.71714853

There's 3 of us!

>> No.71714873


Mostly fine, but 3 hits is too low for most gaming and there's no reason to have it as 4 bullet points. I suggest something like "Critical misses by weapons and critical hits on armor reduce their attack or ac bonus by 1 and destroy them if they reach a bonus of 0. Until then, they can be repaired for <PRICING> at <LOCATION>"

>> No.71714983

It's a beautiful thing to see casual shitposts on this phoenician gardening thread materialize as actual content on an Ennie-award-winning game designer's blog

>> No.71715062

there is a non-zero chance it'll end up in print, you know.

>> No.71715066

EH thats 4.
Why the heck people here recomend it?

>> No.71715077

Are you prepared to be sued by the /osrg/ community?

>> No.71715099

bitch please, if I was worried about being sued I wouldn't go posting Zak Memes on twitter.

>> No.71715102

Getting to demand Cavegirls, she lose her house and she get to sleep again in the cold like the good old days? hmmm

>> No.71715182


Off the top of my head, I'd do bonuses to non-blacksmithed weapons, a bonus to operating when distant from allies, and penalties to formations/retinue/fighting close to allies.

That should give them a game feel of being self-sufficient but bad at teamwork and disorganized and give them some distance from the standard "Fighting Man" archetype.

>> No.71715209

Why are you making amazons bad at teamwork?

>> No.71715237


Because the Fighting Man is traditionally good at teamwork and I wanted to create some distance besides possession of a vagina.

>> No.71715266

I'm calling Anon's Law here: any TTRPG made to represent a marginalized group can be hacked to represent any other marginalized group. I await the inevitable white supremacist edit.

>> No.71715295

honestly have no idea. I liked the second book tho

>> No.71715760

>Why the heck people here recomend it?
A lot of people do like it, and its gritty tone and troupe focus obviously have a lot in common with OSR gameplay.

>> No.71715769

>not naming your stats Slap, Legs, Uhm..., and Tits
I expected nothing and am still disappointed.

>> No.71715776

>Because the Fighting Man is traditionally good at teamwork
Are they? Like, mechanically?

>> No.71715782


>> No.71715808 [DELETED] 

Sometimes it's just so intoxicating to be a straight man. Realizing that your soul possesses some grand alchemy that stands alone to transmute discomfort and pain directly to increased personal strength and resilience, and that its a quality that others lack, fear, and demonize is such a grand and enchanting thing.

>> No.71715822

Side note, side discussion: why is there no PbtA-OSR hybrid that's actually done right, as opposed to a complete shitshow of Dungeon World?

>> No.71715901

Elf, dwarf, cleric & halfling

>> No.71715922

Be the change you want to see, anon. I expect to see Powered by the Appendix N on drivethru within the year.

>> No.71715966

You raise an interesting point but it's a non sequitur and not related to OSR unless tangentially to the Fighting-MAN .

So... what the fuck, dude?

>> No.71715999

Truly, it's heady knowledge to understand that through a mere fluke of genetics millions of people define themselves specifically in opposition to you. Even in his degraded state and through mere existence rather than direct action the straight man remains a nearly mythical figure of awesome and terrible power. He takes the role of Goliath in the psyche, draped in prestige and infamy, and like that Samaritan giant of old only the direct will of God Almighty can undo him.

>> No.71716120

arguable, no. Giving the amazon teamwork-bonuses rather than relying on raw strength might work quite well.

>> No.71716154

Imagine having so little going for you that 'I am the default human' is the best thing you can find to be proud of.

>> No.71716183

So this situation came up in a game earlier this week and I was curious what /old/ would have to say:

In one round, a pc uses their action to toss an open flask of oil at a group of monsters and another pc uses their action to shoot a flaming arrow at the flask in an attempt to set the oil on fire as it douses the monsters. How would you adjudicate this? Would it be a difficult to-hit roll against the flask, or would it be simple since all the arrow has to do is ignite some oil and let the rest happen on its own? How many monsters would you say get hit by the oil as it flies through the air, and would all of them be set on fire if the arrow connects with the flask or just some of them?

>> No.71716187

This topic has taken an interesting turn into OSR game as lesbian adventure, and in such a game The Man lurks just behind the scenes implicitly. If the orc is frat boys and catcallers, Sauron is The Man. One who WILL see women in the kitchen mothering children. The Man can't truly be faced, only evaded or battled by proxy, for even a gaze from Him is enough to turn all but the mightiest to His will.

>> No.71716205

>increased personal strength and resilience
The thread went on a weird lesbian tangent and now anon here is beating his chest shouting "me am man! give attention! me most special! everybody just jealous!"
This is, not to put too fine a point on it, not a display of emotional resilience and stoicism.
But then we all already knew that straight white guys are pandered to by society, and therefore emotionally fragile as soon as that pandering is interrupted. It's not their fault, really, since they've been so coddled.

>> No.71716224

>orcs are just straight men
I mean, it's true but you're not meant to say it out loud.

>> No.71716239

pay him no mind, responding to trolls only goads them on

>> No.71716246

Be careful, lest your dwarven OSR cravings result in you digging too deep and ending up with Bellum Magica.

>> No.71716249

Screw race-as-class, we need gender-as-class


>> No.71716251

>How I'd Handle This:
Work out roughly where the oil lands. Monsters get to make a save to avoid being doused.
Then the archer makes a to-hit-roll (with a significant bonus), and if it hits every monster that failed its save is on fire.

>> No.71716264

Sometimes I have trauma-flashbacks to watching straight people playing Black Furies in werewolf. Good lord.

>> No.71716279

Why, but that's not !Fun! at all!

>> No.71716282

I like this, it's very elegant

>> No.71716298

I would be willing to bet Man Alchemy anon has never actually known a gay person.
Pretty sure he doesn't know all that many women, either. The whole thing is a bit semen-retention-ey.

>> No.71716299


It's serviceable, maybe even the low edge of good. Problem is that in between the pretty good stuff is a lot of very bad stuff that make it not worth dragging around.

>> No.71716323

2d4 fire cone attack, similar in effect to burning hands. Monsters receive save vs breath/dex/reflex for half damage, will not be ignited either way. The difficulty is having the archer hit AC 0/20 with a -4 size penalty to hit and deal 5 or more damage to shatter the flask. I'd have to double check that damage against object hp to make sure I'm not way off. If the shot is missed or flask not broken the attack is ineffective.

This is all rule of cool. The lantern oil wouldn't ignite from brief exposure to flame and definitely not go aerosol in any remotely realistic milieu.

>> No.71716350

Semi-related but here's sexuality as class

straight: fighter equivalent (bc it's the """"standard"""")
gay: magic user equivalent (for obvious reasons)
bi: cleric equivalent (martial+magic, bi characters make the best support class)
ace: thief (under the radar, easy to forget about)
pan: elf equivalent (like bi but more versatile)

>> No.71716351

Look at this sad homosexual, frustrated that it will never measure up to the Grand Alchemy that burns in the soul of a straight man's heart. Truly, it is a display of rank jealousy when confronted with its superiors.
Truly, no spirit is as reviled as that of the Straight Man, and none knows such depths of malice and ill-will as the Straight Man. And yet, in a society stacked against him, he soldiers nobly on.

>> No.71716368

in this analogy, is race still race?

>> No.71716399

I would bet against that in a blink. He's clearly a shitposter. 100%, you just got trolled. I don't think he was even *trying* to troll you, just make a goofy joke, but you managed to get tweaked on that so he went with it.

>> No.71716427

>This is all rule of cool. The lantern oil wouldn't ignite from brief exposure to flame and definitely not go aerosol in any remotely realistic milieu.
My old dm used to be very generous about lantern oil (he treated it essentially as napalm) and when one of the other players got on him about it he joked that in his setting lantern oil came from highly combustable salamander glands that only behaved similarly to irl oil when exposed to metal (like a lantern). We got a good laugh out of it and our characters even found the salamander farm located in a dormant volcano that supposedly was the primary source of oil in that area of the setting. Very neat stuff

>> No.71716444

humans only, anon, let's not be FOE here.

>> No.71716446

I guarantee all the "lesbians" in this thread look like pic related. Face it, there isn't a single (((woman))) in the OSR who isn't a non-passing troon or a literal whore.

>> No.71716457

What innocence. How grand and intoxicating. I've known and remain quite friendly with many a gay, and had more than my fair share of sex. Reveling in and embracing ones personal power is attractive and ennobles rather than degrades one. Indeed many have found their need to 'trauma bond' diminished in my glowing presence. Both power and pain can heal as surely as they can destroy.

>> No.71716488

We unfortunately live in a world where its very hard to tell the difference between genuinely dreadful people, and people pretending to be dreadful, ironically. Regrettably, the genuinely dreadful people are basically beyond parody. This applies to basically all demographics, political factions and communities at this point. Poe's Law has become universally applicable.

>> No.71716500

Rolled 4 (1d6)

what am I working on tonight?
1. map the second floor of tiny doodle dungeon
2. start mapping the second floor of big dungeon
3. a wilderness encounter table for the Province of Yost
4. cool magic items
5. read B1 and make it weaboo
6. go to sleep instead

>as magic-user but grows in power as long as he hasn't orgasmed
>3 days without cumming gets him to level 2, 1 week to level 3, 2 weeks to level 4, and so on exponentially until he has to go an entire year without ejaculating to get to name level. If he ejaculates even once he's level drained back to the start
>class features include Turn Coomer as cleric of similar level, at-will glowing eyes let him see in the dark at level 4.
>At name level establishes a temple to Nofap, Lawful God of Transcendence and begins attracting followers

>> No.71716502

you love to see it

>> No.71716540

LBB is literally unironically FOE if you're not playing chainmail get out of here

anyway the only reason Gygax added elves and hobbits and shit was so that the kiddies would be able to play as legolas. Most trve gamers understand this and simply disregard demihumans and childish nonesense

>> No.71716563

>5. read B1 and make it weaboo
screw the role, do this one

>> No.71716565

>Aaaand there's the (((pol brackets)))
Isn't it odd how lesbian shitposting results in interesting ideas being thrown around and an actual workable RPG being written based on it, but straight guy shitposting results in (((pol))) turning up to yell about trannies?
I wonder what the difference is?

>> No.71716579


I recommend avoiding Discord entirely. They're all shitshows.

>> No.71716582

Yeah, old hobo script/cant. Read Jack Black's You Can't Win. Its a good read for how to have thieves in games. He was one of the last rail hobo thieves of note.

>> No.71716585

Oh shit I know that posting-style!
You're the True AD&D™ poster, aren't you!

>> No.71716595

#elitegamer #biggerarms

>> No.71716599

That's as rational an explanation as any for our purposes. I've adopted a harder line with flammables. You can start fires and such with lamp oil but it's harder to weaponize. Grenades of naptha and pine sap are expensive and delicate, not something you buy on a whim.

>> No.71716616

>turn coomer
OP as fuck. Though I'm greatly tickled by the idea of a mighty wizard who can supernaturally rebuke virtually all humanoids pursued by a band of warrior women who plan to chain him down and suck his dick off for glory.

>> No.71716625

>I wonder what the difference is?
There is no answer to this question that won't trigger a garbage-fire.

>> No.71716646

No nigga I run a shitbrew GLOGalike sword and sorcery game

>> No.71716664

Rolled 1 + 1 (1d4 + 1)

ok, but now you have to post this many magic items in the thread

>> No.71716669

>warrior women
I mean, sure. Or you could just make them incredibly horny arcane gay guys who know the true power of cum.
Think about it. Guzzle an equal amount of other guys' semen and you make up for your own emissions. Guzzle MORE THAN YOUR FAIR SHARE of spooge and you grow mighty in power at a far faster rate than the retentionist.
It's like vampires, but somehow even gayer.

>> No.71716694

What the fuck anon.

>> No.71716710

>its very hard to tell the difference
It's in the diction.It's subtle, but if you know what to look for the insincere ones are mostly obvious. It takes real skill to sound genuine about this kind of arrogance, or about being assblasted by something, when you aren't.

>> No.71716719


don't make me FOE GYG you anon

>> No.71716721

Not all humanoids, just rabid coomers, i.e., lusty goblins, swarthy sailors, horny werewolves and rapey ogres
it also doesn't obliterate them, just their horniness, which usually leaves them dazed and confused for at least a few turns

>> No.71716724

Good book rec Anon, noted it, thanks!

>> No.71716742

>until he has to go an entire year without ejaculating to get to name level
Don't you have to go without for 30 years to become a wizard?

>> No.71716749

Can confirm. I got bukakke'd yesterday, and now I have 7 HD and can shoot fireballs.

>> No.71716775

The left hand path to power. The Wicked Ways of Wang Wrangling are forbidden, practiced only in secret, though it lurks in nearly every city. Many of its practitioners fine themselves ruined by supernatural disease or wasted by the great excess of power that flows through them, but those who survive long find themselves with immense power to sway the minds of the masses.

>> No.71716780

OSR's opinion on pic related and the other gold box games?

>> No.71716798

Can I be a Chad Who Bangs Sluts if I scoop my cum back up after I'm done and poke it back into my dick?
Is this how you get Jizz Liches?

>> No.71716803

Isn't this a Katharine Kerr novel?

>> No.71716828

Counterpoint: Pic Related

>> No.71716844


>> No.71716854

>Jizz Liches
That is an excellent name for a Deathfunk Porno-grind band

>> No.71716874


>> No.71716882

Absolutely not, but there are tantric sexual secrets that allow you to replenish your spent lifeforce by pillaging the dark and moist essence of the woman, making you some form of life draining monstrous master of life and death.

>> No.71716906


>> No.71716914

I hereby appoint this thread

>> No.71716927

of course, she's also stealing *your* man-alchemy if you do this while fucking, so it breaks even.
Really, it's a battle to see who gets to go down on who.

>> No.71716941

Liches achieve their cursed status by tying a knot in their dick. Immortality and arcane power, but at what foul price?

>> No.71716952

I genuinely cannot believe I get to post this in /osrg/ again after all these years.

>> No.71716957

>Free Gyg
Cracks me up every time

>> No.71716968

Anon if any monster has knots in their dicks its not liches.

>> No.71716974

Taoist sex manuals literally teach the reader how to retain semen on orgasm for this exact reason.

>> No.71717002

Standard book effect is 1d8 damage for 2 rounds to 1 target. That might turn into 1d8 damage for 1 turn to a couple of monsters, or 1d4 to a group.
What I'd actually have done first though is ask the players what they wanted to accomplish on a success. That lets me set odds and call for an appropriate roll, and give them what they're really after on a success. If they're just throwing dice first and asking for a special effect after they see the numbers they risk getting the book effect, though I try not to be a dick about it if there's something obvious.
I would also have many monsters make a morale check while I was at it, and that can be more valuable than hp damage.
Two grades of oil. Lamp oil is cheap, common and doesn't burn like gasoline. Greek fire/military oil is expensive and flammable. You can use the latter in a lamp, but probably shouldn't drop it.
Totally adding Nofap as a minor lawful deity. Just need to figure out how to disguise his name without totally obscuring it. Nofa? Noffath? I dunno, needs work.

>> No.71717014

Pretty sure that's been the joke the whole time anon.

>> No.71717016

Isn't there also an australian tribe who practice uretha-piercing so you have one hole to piss out of and one for cum? Because having them both come out of the SAME hole would just be messy?
despite all my efforts, I cannot find porn of those people playing each other's dicks like flutes

>> No.71717035

>Adamantine arrow
This arrow is made completely from cast adamant—even the fletchings are made from tiny adamant strands. The arrow is weighted perfectly and functions exactly as a normal arrow, except will not break or yield. Not only does it never dull or snap, but it can also support a load of virtually infinite weight. I imagine it as sort of a low-level immovable rod equivalent

>Fool's crown
A cheap iron crown, looks like something a kid would draw. When worn, it allows the wearer to summon three goblins under the wearer's control once per day. The goblins will obey just about any order ("sure thing, boss!") but are very, very stupid. They disappear in 1d4 turns, or when they die. Every time the wearer uses the crown, there is a 5% chance that a nilbog would be summoned instead of normal goblins. The nilbog will do everything in its power to harass and terrorize the wearer. The nilbog's stats are as a goblin but it can turn invisible at will and is only damaged by magic weapons and healing spells (or other healing effects). Also reaction rolls made directed at goblins receive a +2 bonus.

>> No.71717038

Probably the aboriginal outback flute-porn industry is not as large as you think.

>> No.71717041


>> No.71717045

How crude to try and lap it up with your tongue. At the truest heights of semen retention a man can suck it all right back up through his penis and the woman's essence with it. A semen wizard will only ever get one shot at doing this right, of course, as if he fails he's wasted years and years of practice and training, but one who masters this art shall live forever in a state beyond mere mortal concepts of sexuality and life and death.

>> No.71717052

This whole subthread was a joke about taoism the entire time? Well color me pink and call me a slowpoke!

>> No.71717080

Can a semen-wizard use this technique on other men? When two semen-wizards meet, if they feel compelled to duel, is this how it goes down? Tip-to-tip, each urethra furiously sucking with all the might of the semen-wizard who controls it?

>> No.71717096

>At the truest heights of semen retention a man can suck it all right back up through his penis and the woman's essence with it.
tfw dick essence vampire

>> No.71717109

It's like when two kamehamehas collide. A destructive bubble of power forms that bursts into a massive explosion

>> No.71717128

Mastery of semen retention is a life affirming art and using it to leach the lifeforce of others is perverse and wicked, regardless of gender. But I suppose nothing is unthinkable to those who want power at any cost.

>> No.71717138


>> No.71717147

Humorous and good advice. M&W hit it out of the park again.

>> No.71717167

So OK. Bare with me on this.
The dark lord has consumed more cum than even HIS mightily swolen balls can hold. To contain the accumulated semen-power taken from those he has conquered and enslaved, he causes there to rise up a volcano of jizz, its caldera a bubbling lake of semen, at the edge of which he makes his lair.
And, in the fires of this jism-volcano, he forges the cock-rings of power, by which he means to further extend his sticky grasp over the land. And into the greatest of these cock-rings he imbues the largest portion of his semeny will, a weapon so terrible and potent that no man can hope to contain its power. The only way the dark lord can be defeated is if his cock-ring of power is unmade in the very place it was forged:
The fires of Mount Coom.

>> No.71717177


It's not touch her, it's who her husband touched.

>> No.71717211

is this what it feels like to be venger?

>> No.71717224

And the orcs are all wearing gimp suits, the elves are all interior decorators, and the Hobbits are all twinky thirteen year old boys greatly in angst about their new feelings. This gay shit writes itself

>> No.71717232

The contract is sealed. To begin with, The Magic Mouths placed by Zerrigar the Unknown will laugh like ojou-samas.
Remember: this is your fault.

>> No.71717238


>> No.71717248


"A Place to Fuck Each Other" is a documentary.

>> No.71717255

Wasn't that a floor in Castle Geeyhawk?

>> No.71717265

you joke, but it is a 100% accurate depiction of lesbian culture.

>> No.71717290

No the elves are clearly all ennui afflicted southern dandies.
I would not be shocked to find a thinly veiled gay bar in Greyhawk for the simple fact that it has everything.

>> No.71717292

castle gayhawk

>> No.71717311

New Thread New Thread

>> No.71717329

Not always. My favorite gf ever broke up with me cause apparently we were fucking too much and then moved to Portland and became a lesbian where she took it out on that hapless breed by fucking and chucking dozens of them.

>> No.71717339


They already sell the originals as PDFs, at least.

>> No.71717362


That's already more awareness of the necessity of putting out an actual, playable game than the current team has.

>> No.71717380

How old was Gary Gygax when he wrote AD&D 1e? Considering Appendix N is huge he must have a read ALOT.

>> No.71717381

living the dream
real talk this happens a lot when somebody's closeted and is desperately trying to convince themselves that they're strait. Honestly, the fact that she figured if she could make it work with *any* guy it'd be you says pretty good things about you.

>> No.71717395

Attract the most henchmen/retainers, give morale bonuses and shit, getting an army to lead is their forte at high level. I’m not sure that good leadership translates to being a good team player necessarily. And THAT might be a better distinction to make.

>> No.71717406

As the thread descends to page 9, I wanna thank all of you anons for making this the best /osrg/ has been in months.
Seriously, even discounting the jizz thing, this thread has been great.

>> No.71717449

Freebooters on the Frontier is actually pretty good.

>> No.71717488

Good catch, Sluggo

>> No.71717511


Good luck convincing a judge that anonymous posts on 4Chan constitute enforceable claim.

>> No.71717512

>I guarantee all the "lesbians" in this thread look like pic related

>> No.71717520

I appreciate your reassuring words. The whole episode was of course what taught me the power of


>> No.71717526


It's just a subset of "any game about a group of people pursuing a goal can be turned into a game about a different group of people pursuing a different goal."

>> No.71717589


The base system is too rooted into story effects and lacks support for real resource management.

>> No.71717609


I'm so fucking sick on missing out on actual representation because lazy fucking writers keep using my identities as "default setting" instead of developing an actual POV.

>> No.71717678


Let me make it simple: if someone is willing to pretend to be a shit person in a situation where they could be mistaken for an authentically shit person, they're an authentically shit person. You don't have to taste it to see what flavor.

>> No.71717685

yeah it must really suck seeing your face everywhere

>> No.71717690


One side plays games and wants to play more and the other side doesn't play games and wants to sabotage the ones that are getting played.

>> No.71717762

I'd argue it's because:
>lesbians - being a small minority with common experiences wrt things like coming out of the closet etc, as well as being historically discriminated against - have an actual sub-culture with inside jokes and stereotypes and so on, giving you something interesting to work with.
>straight men are just kind of expected, and are all over the place, meaning you don't get that very tight-knit culture. Most of the guys putting any stock in being 'straight men' as a significant identity are the ones with a chip on their shoulder about culture-wars bullshit - mostly feeling their position at the top of society is threatened by the social gains made by other groups. So shitposters from this demographic are more likely to be angry about culture-wars stuff, and since that's the bulk of their shitposting nothing productive comes out of it.

>> No.71717833


...I'm aware.

>> No.71717872


Yep. You'll know exactly what it feels like when the wheel turns and you start seeing characters everywhere that look like you but are mouthpieces for things you hate. And bear no illusion, that's where this goes next.

>> No.71717889

I am well aware of this phenomenon.

>> No.71717899

You seem to have missed the joke.

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