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Landfall edition

Previously: >>71676398

>Official Site: Contains deck building rules and the current ban list.

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen color identity.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their deck strategy and card choices.

>Official search site.

>Unofficial, but has GOAT search interface and syntax

>Thread Question
How much ramp is too much ramp? Is there a specific number you shoot for when building a deck?

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First for FUCK green

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Enough rocks to survive an Armageddon and I'm good

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I have an Ulrich deck. The only pieces of "ramp" it contains are Regal Behemoth, Sol ring and either the appropriate talisman or signet, can't remember which.
I wanted to double down on the terribleness of werewolves, but I still can't not include at least some ramp. I probably will add in anime sword, but that's gonna be it.

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There is never too much ramp.

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I dont really play green so its usually just 7-8 rocks depending on the deck and this dude right here if he counts gets some love in 3 of my decks

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Ulrich was such a disappointment. Werewolves really need access to Rule of Law effects.

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I built Etali on the back of my Neheb deck, gonna be ordering more extra combats and LD.
Any other recs?

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What did the mailman bring you today? Just got the last of the goodies from MB1 that I didn't pull or didn't have the buylist tendies to order before. Surprised it got here in just two days, and I ordered hours before CK shut down.

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Depends on the commander and when I want them out. Yuriko runs no ramp at all. Anje runs only sol ring I think as it can net me mana when I try and go off. A lot of my 4cmc commanders have around 10 sources to try and get them out turn 3. Karn probably runs the most as I'm looking for about 12 mana to win.

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I run about 15 different ramp cards in my avacyn deck and that number has never really let me down. It's split amongst rocks and the few white land to field effects there are, along with smothering tithe and pearl medallion. All of it except smothering tithe costs 2 or less mana tho.

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Wait, forgot I added terrain generator recently, that should be 16.

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Arbitrary question. If solely in the context of "does this card help my commander hit the board":
REB (I do have a Pyroblast), or Mana Tithe?

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REB doesn't get blown out if they leave one mana open.

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Waiting on my cards for Xenagos and Yahenni. Glad i ordered a little bit before they took off the option for direct, but now i want to order another set of cards and have to wait :(

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Ok, follow up. same stipulation:
REB (i still have Pyroblast), or Autumn's Veil (i also have Veil of Summer)?

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I disagree. I think that Ulrich is pretty cool and good, even. Problem is that the only good werewolves are Ulrich and Huntmaster. Each of the others are good pretty much only on the ass side, so you'd need a lot of shit to enable those. Of course there's Immerwolf, but that's a trap card. Both of the good werewolves I mentioned want to transform continuously from front to back and back to front and also that's the reason I originally cut Immerwolf from my deck, since it mostly hosed my own strategies since it shut down Ulrich and rest of the pack I run aren't good or many enough to justify one shit card in the deck.
I think that Ulrich is a powerhouse, but he's definitely NOT a werewolf tribal commander if you actually want a functional deck. He's especially fun with jank like Loxodon Warhammer or Scythe of the Wretched. I maybe should cut most of the wolves I run.

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>I think that Ulrich is a powerhouse, but he's definitely NOT a werewolf tribal commander
Which is disappointing

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Still REB

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Turns out that Tabletop Simulator is by far the best way to play EDH online. Cockatrice and untapped are just horribly clunky in comparison to it.

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The whole reason anyone wanted a legendary werewolf was to play werewolf tribal, and Ulrich failed completely at facilitating that. He may be a fine card on his own, but falls completely short of what we expected of him.

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Deckbuilding in TTS seems like a pain unless there's some script to import lists with.

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Well you're in luck buddy
Just build the deck and click export to tabletop sim

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>replying to Scythe of the Wretched, not the Ulrich discussion

Okay, hear me out.
>Ashling the Pilgrim
>When her ability resolves, it damages herself
>Scythe says "a creature", not "another creature"
>Attach Scythe before
>Choose to deal with the trigger for Ashling damaging herself and dying first, assuming there was a board of other creatures to worry about anyway
>Ashling comes back, Scythe attached


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God, I can't wait for Ikoria.

I want the timmiest of timmy cards in the set, but actually decently playable unlike Ur-Dragon.

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Rate my 5?
Sram - Pacifism.dek
Dr. Orpheus - Wizard Tribal
Kokosoko - Kill my Commander for Lethal
Zada - Autism Storm
Reki - legends.dek

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Meh. I've seen worse.

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I am a pretentious fuck with a history of success in the format. You get 8/10. Everything is reasonable but your Zada alter prevented you from getting top marks.

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Zada is cool
Mirin that Kokusho because i want one but can't get one

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>unlike Ur-Dragon
>posts Karrthus
Dude if we're comparing one to the other, Ur-Dragon takes the cake

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>Modern Masters Kokusho
What a cuck

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Why no ramp in Yuriko?

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Most of them are moderately based except Sram, who is the most boring tryhard way to play monowhite.

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>In order to be cool playing monowhite you have to be bad
Pleb filtered. Sram and Teshar are the patricians choice.

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Not him but it depends on how you want to run Yuriko. Extra turn tribal control yuriko should have mana rocks but aggro yuriko can play the entire match on 3 mana

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Slows you down, you're an aggro/tempo deck. Turns you spend ramping are turns you're not doming people. Turn one play a one drop unblockable, turn two Yuriko. You draw enough cards that you should always be able to make your land drops. Deck only needs a little mana to be able to run, yuriko costs 2 mana 95% of the time.

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I assume
>Only needs a 1drop to get rolling
>all the cards with hefty mana costs are just Yuriko fodder to damage the table
Pithing Needle/Sorcerous Spyglass goes in every deck if you have a Yuriko player at your pod, or just mulligan for good kill spells or an Aether Flash.

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I mean if you enjoy boring nushit commanders with literally no lore, sure.

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>tryhard way to play monowhite.
Mono-W Golos

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Shut the fuck up golostard.

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>Golos isn't tryhard
t. Golos defence force

you misunderstand the post.

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Akroma is a fine choice from a lore commander, but word salad voltron commanders are the antithesis of fun. I'm not going to insult you too much, it's tough being a vorthos, but if you can't be flavourful you can at least be mechanically enjoyable to use. No one likes durdling and crying about icy manipulator/maze of ith.

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Sorry, it's the only way to reliably draw my pacifism effects.

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Eh, alright, It sounds like some fun jank, you are forgiven my friend, very based deck.

>> No.71684761

yeah aggro Yuriko.

Most of the hefty costs are actually castable. A lot of them are split cards which get used to open a path or protect Yuriko. You also have to discard so much with her that it's also easy to cast delve cards which are also good hits for her.

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If I have to make a lot of cuts, and have a Sunforger package, is Wild Ricochet adequate on its own for the "if I need to deal with a spell with target(s), and sure copying it is cool too" roles?
Bolt Bend seems well received for the "disrupt a targeted spell" role, but I really have to pare this down.

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>literally no lore
Sram was the focal point of at least one story on Kaladesh, and so has more lore than most of the commanders from Legends.

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Anon I don't judge you in any way for saying this but I just want to express how much I fucking hate that reprint of Defense of the Heart.
Alot of the other modern cards look okay, but Defense looks so over-saturated I'd accuse you of using a fake if I ever saw it it's so poorly redone.
Apologies for the rant, those are some dope goodies.

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>only 2 decks I really want to play are my Daretti CEDH deck and my lordwindgrace landfall deck
I really want more decks, but I usually just buy half the components and get bored of the idea.
Right now I'm thinking of Alela stax, chulane landfall, savra sac, or Damia goodstuff.
Do any of you have a deck you enjoy extremely well to recommend me?

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Callaphe tempo/voltron. It's fun.

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>having a bad week
>buy 7 boxes to open one every day of the week to feel a bit better
>4 MB, 1 UM, 2 MH

I haven't cracked packs in years, gonna really enjoy it.

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File: 127 KB, 223x311, Image - 2020-03-03T160837.402.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tymna//sidar I put it together as a joke since I had a lot of hatebearers but it became very fun, every creature basically can draw when it swings so it's a lot of man's dorks, hatebearers and instant speed pumps like mirror entity to win

>> No.71685004

That's a lot of money on cardboard, my guy

>> No.71685024

Eh I've had it in a few decks and leaving up the four mana if it's in hand is rather hard but as part of sunforger its really nice, and something's you may forget that target like a couple draw spells that technically target a player

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>less than half a paycheck
>a lot

Stop being poor.

>> No.71685048

I'm not poor. I'm just married.

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So now that corona-chan has locked me in my basement i'm starting to brew cockatrice decks. I'm going to brew a zurgo helmsmasher voltron/boardwipe tribal and wanted to ask what weird ways to win can you guys suggest for unlimited budget EDH?

>> No.71685066

>Anon spending all this money on cardboard
>Im scared shitless about this virus nonsense and am terrified to spend any money on non-essentials
I envy you anon. I wish you the best on your cracks. Crack a fucking Mana Crypt for the both of us, friend.

>> No.71685075

I dont know i just slam like 7 ramp cards minimum and i start going from them. Tbh i dont know how to build in this shitty format so w/e

>> No.71685083

Already going to*

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I usually buy collections but also need some additional trade fodder because as of right now I'm in a spot of having too much on the high end for my local meta. Yeah, it's fun for someone to ooh and ahh over old foils, Forces, ABUR shit but I need some stuff to trade and can get some fun things besides.

>> No.71685094

It's almost like it's a retarded stance to take and there's no legit argument for shunning newer cards solely for being newer cards.

>> No.71685095

>have two paychecks
>still think that half a paycheck is a lot
That's not helping your case.

>> No.71685103

Well, the C18 and C19 expansion symbols are ugly as sin. So there's that.

>> No.71685108

I feel your pain to an extent my friend. My local meta's trade scene is pretty shit for a guy like me who has really particular tastes in weird oddities and passions like Lorwyn block foils or "that weird card from Kamigawa block that nobody's ever heard of."

>> No.71685111


I just laid out a grand buying decks from folks looking to cash out, so I lucked out. Around 10 decks valued ~300 each, not a bad haul. ]

6 months rent/expenses in savings, around 3 months of dry goods? I'm fine for now and just buying up stuff.

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>> No.71685130


Yeah, I get it. My hard on is for APAC lands. And I almost never find them in trade binders even amongst people playing as long as I have much less.

>> No.71685141

Some people have approached me about cashing out, and I assume it's cause of the virus and the whole "cash is king" ideal that people want money over cardboard right now. I just don't have the heart to pull the trigger because, while I'm safe and well-stocked myself, there's alot that can still go down with this shit that no one can really expect. Cardboard don't help you too much if someone's suddenly hospitalized

>> No.71685151

Dropping hundreds of dollars on cardboard during a worldwide pandemic is just an odd choice, and not one I could make with another person relying on me to not be a retard. But good for you, anon. I hope you enjoy your boxes. I'll have to stick to ordering singles for now.

>> No.71685171


I'll be honest: I buy up collections now because I sold out in a bad spot. At this time it's best to hold unless you believe you'll be able to pay double the current price by the time you're back in.

You should be fine.

>> No.71685189

The only interesting thing I ever found in a trade binder was a guy at my LGS had a foil Steelshaper's Gift. Not only did I love it for my Voltron deck, but the card has very strange foiling if you ever see one. It's shit like that I wish I saw more of; Time Spiral foils, Kamigawa, Lorwyn, Alara. So sick and tired of "Hi my trade folder is just rares and mythics from the past 3 standard sets."

>> No.71685212

No no, more that THEY, want to cash out to ME. "Hey anon wanna buy my binder" kinda stuff. And honestly some of the stuff is tempting, I won't lie, but I'd rather just sit and be happy with what I have then take the risk of buying a collection.
Hell are Card Kingdom/CFB even allowing people to sell to them right now? I think they stopped shipping orders, dunno if they have people in house to buy and sort shit.

>> No.71685237


I'd pick up collections if you have the spare coin.

>> No.71685282

Hey, I agree with you. A lot of mystery booster printings look substandard, and they smell TERRIBLE. At least their texture isn't as godawful as your average proxy's, and they'll probably still pass counterfeit tests.

>> No.71685298

CK is still taking buylist orders, but they've gotten slammed recently on top of coronavirus necessitating fewer staffers and a quarantine period of inbound packages. I think CFB is about to shut down or already has.

>> No.71685303

I tried using Gahiji for that exact reason
Still couldn't get it to work well enough.

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File: 438 KB, 827x1169, 1585457157981.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If I wanna run spirit caretaker as my commander and want to go shadowborn demon memes how many should I theoretically get? 20? 30?

>> No.71685356

Assuming you mean Shirei? 30

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File: 140 KB, 672x1066, 1585457451823.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.71685413

Yeah that guy. On second thought I might not build him just yet. I don't wanna spend 90+ dollars on getting 30 of them.

>> No.71685436

I run him with 1 power ETB effects and sac outlets. He's a great budget commander. Sling-Gang Lieutenant amd Syr Konrad are disgustingly good in big games.

>> No.71685446

Now imagine if he was 3 mana instead of 5 and we could play an interesting deck instead of it getting instant removed

>> No.71685473

Thing is that I already have a black deck that I am taking apart because its not fun to play and I want to use most of the cards I already have to make a new deck. https://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/blacked-good-stuff/ and every time I look at a new black commander I get shoved back into the "black good stuff" lane

>> No.71685541


You also get any creatures ashling kills, and you get to decide where the scythe ends up.

>> No.71685581

I mean, we have tens of thousands of dollars in savings, and we're still bringing in an average of ~$2,000 a week.

>> No.71685705

Shouldn’t you rich fucks be busy enough doing baby seal blood mixed shots and human trafficking?

>> No.71685944



Oh boy.

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Advice for a Bant weenies deck with Derevi at the helm? I want to go for lots of draw-card on combat damage type effects (coastal piracy, bident etc) and abusing things like Nature's Will, Equilibrium, Guardian Project etc to flood the board with weenies and just smash fast asap

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>make one of the best reprint sets made
>quality of the cards are lower than counterfeit
It can't be that fucking hard, I shouldn't have to long for a time when the cards were actually a high quality.

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File: 214 KB, 286x399, SpaceGodzilla-from-Bio-Quartz.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If the leaks are to be believed there's going to be three promotional Godzilla cards from Ikoria. Space Godzilla is the only one of the three using a legendary creature.
(Real creature name Brokkos, Apex of Eternity)
Legendary Creature – Elemental Beast Nightmare (Mythic Rare)
Mutate 2 (U/B)GG
You may cast Brokkos, Apex of Eternity, from your graveyard using its mutate ability.
Who's building Space Godzilla?

>> No.71686289

Cracking packs is like the most fun part of the game for me. Nothing beats getting lucky and pulling something spicy for your pet deck

>> No.71686417


>> No.71686432

So with these leaks, does anyone have any speculation on what mutate does?
I reckon you can cast creatures for their mutate cost and put them "on top" of a creature you already control, it would be considered as that one creature, but would keep the abilities of all the creatures "under it".

>> No.71686468

Kinda like an updated champion? I can buy it. Keeping all abilities and stats of both creatures might make up for the risk of getting two for oned.

>> No.71686479

WotC pls go

>> No.71686505

Yeah, and since one of the cards references the number of mutations on it, we can infer you can stack as many of them as you want, which could get pretty whacky.

>> No.71686549


>> No.71686555

So I'm polishing Oloro Death and Taxes. I ended up cutting Sphere of Safety in favor of more general creature hate, and it got me thinking: Do I actually need Leyline of Anticipation and Vedalken Orrery or am I just better off using the two extra slots for more stax effects? Most I can really think of is throwing out an instant boardwipe, but I could potentially just play Rout for what that's worth.

>> No.71686701

Post pulls. Especially UM

Don’t be a faggette

>> No.71686716

Honestly, I think people are over complicating it. I genuinely believe it's as simple as it gets a "key word" counter or you pick from a list of like, 12 bullshit things (like +1/+1 counters, or poisonous 2, or flying) and you put one of those on the creature

>> No.71686806

>Honestly, I think people are over complicating it
Remember when Adventures were leaked/revealed? It is pretty unintuitive so i wouldnt put it past modern WotC on making something dumb

>> No.71686824

thank you for the extremely helpful advice

>> No.71686837

>Sultai legend
>a fucking 6/6 with trample
why the flying fuck isn't this mono-green? At best it is BG.
holy sweet heck recent MTG design is a garbagefire. This shit better be fake.

>> No.71686859

>Besta Elemental
Sultai is the best color combination

>> No.71686886

I'm going to say B because it can be played from graveyard and U is probably for whatever the hell mutate does.

>> No.71686892

If it's green then it should be burned, any other form of ramp is ok and you should have as much as you want.

>> No.71686927

>Sultai is the best color combination
I can respect them printing a shitstain legendary to avoid creeping most oversaturated color combo even further.

Lord knows we're all fucking sick of Tasigurs, Yaroks and Muldrothas fucking everywhere.

>> No.71687003

You have no idea what you’re talking about

>> No.71687009
File: 35 KB, 600x600, costanza belittles.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71687014

What I wouldn't give for a cool Simic or Temur legendary like an apprentice wizard that dropped out of the Tolarian Academy to become a warrior that wasn't about counter manipulation or just some value engine. As it is, any U/G combo is painfully boring to me

>> No.71687156

What commander should I use if I want to use as few lands as possible?

>> No.71687170

>a u/g commander that wasn't about counter manipulation or just some value engine.
your options are Arixmethes and Vannifar

>> No.71687185

Different parts of the US have different average incomes and different costs of living. I remember when some retard writing for the new york times did an infograph that assumed the average american made 100k and how some new tax was going to impact them. 100k is a shitton for some flyover states, the Midwest, etc. If you live in NY or Cali though it appears to be average though.

>> No.71687189

he's just a mono-green fat boi with blue stapled onto it. Not that exciting.

boring value engine/linear combo piece. Possibly one of the most boring commanders in the entire format ngl.

>> No.71687196

Anowan. It's traditional.

>> No.71687243
File: 146 KB, 672x936, c19-18-k-rrik-son-of-yawgmoth.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

k'rrik the p'rrik

>> No.71687350

Give me a new deck to build. I desire jank fun but haven't found a commander I wanna brew in a while.

>> No.71687360


>> No.71687374

and as your temur options it's pretty much Surrak and yasova temur and sonic are just full colors

>> No.71687391

Surrak draw-go control is a lot of fun desu.

>> No.71687840

Is there any way to make a viable cycling edh deck?

>> No.71687860

If Svetlin Velinov created that artwork I’ll eat my hat. They’re fakes, every one, because the style of every single one looks like that. And they’re all credited to different artists who don’t work in that style.

>> No.71687877

are you drunk? That is exactly in Svetlin's style ballpark...

>> No.71687920

Svetlin puts WAY more colour into his big beasties, they generally take up substantially more of the frame, and again, I’ll repeat, the style of that one and the other two leaks are IDENTICAL. And yet credited to three different artists with differing styles.

>> No.71687955

Even the golem token from Titan Forge looks better than this thing, and that was printed a decade ago.

>> No.71688002

Just slap Archfiend of ifnir in there and you're good to go.

>> No.71688008

The way you name your decks and write tells me everything I need to know about you

>> No.71688055

Kruphix, but instead of big ramp, play as counterspell control. it's nice because holding up mana doesn't cost you tempo.

buyback works wonders.

>> No.71688079

That may be so, but unfortunately the existing werewolves really aren't that great anyway. We'll eventually get another werewolf legend, possibly a lord. WotC will probably fuck it up and make it monocoloured.

>> No.71688160

don't forget to set the image resolution to high in the settings

>> No.71688179

>zada alter covers up the rules text

>> No.71688386
File: 3.12 MB, 1344x936, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

More than anything, Werewolves need some way to cheat the transformation requirements. A Legendary that forcibly transforms any Werewolf as soon as it ETBs would probably be ideal. Alternatively, and slightly less strong, would be something that allows you to have Werewolves enter transformed to begin with. Maybe give it an activated ability that allows it to prevent transformations that turn and you're really cooking.

Selective transformation manipulation is way better for werewolves, since some of them really want to flip repeatedly.

>> No.71688470
File: 147 KB, 672x936, Never again.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How would you like to see white have removal that isn't just good spell but they get good thing too?

>> No.71688547
File: 1.51 MB, 672x936, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You can just force it to play by certain rules.

>> No.71688711

Extremely underrated card, I play it because metalcraft is stupid easy to get in EDH

>> No.71688855

I like to point out that the creature does still get tapped before it's exiled. There was one guy that used to be part of our playgroup that got weirdly super pissed about it the first time I used it on one of his creatures. I told him it tapped his creature and exiled it and for some reason it set him off.

>> No.71688942

Mono-w golos is unironically a difficult deck to pilot.
There isnt much you can do outside of MLD.

>> No.71688982

I know right?

>> No.71689078

Literally make immerwolf a commander and add a transform clause on ETB.
Maybe a dig or fight mechanic whenever a human transforms into a werewolf.

>> No.71689222
File: 1.02 MB, 1480x1917, IMG_20200329_164804__01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

not him but im reppin' superior dragon

>> No.71689273

>new to MtG
>local group only really plays EDH
>trying to find an easy deck to build
>trying to stick to budget
>want to avoid just buying a precon

Who should I build as my intro to EDH?

>> No.71689308

>superior dragon
>not in English
get new friends and find a new group

>> No.71689322

Buy a precon and upgrade it

>> No.71689418
File: 186 KB, 672x936, emry_lurker_of_the_loch__s315__cn43_lnen.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Emry is pretty budget friendly and relatively strong.

>> No.71689473
File: 1.42 MB, 672x936, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nah, forcing them to stay in werewolf form is not 100% beneficial all the time. You'd be happy to see some of them go back and forth on repeat.

>> No.71689493

Bruna self-mill voltron. Underrated strong and cheap. Most people build her wrong she is not an enchantress deck, you don't actually want to cast auras. Just traumatize yourself and smash face.

>> No.71689575

Someone should really just put something by the resources about basic/intro decks.
Anways anon, Xenagos, Ghalta, Goreclaw, are all great ways to ease into the game, and can all be built on a decent budget

>> No.71689587

>moon runes
I'm laughing at you

>> No.71689659

I like alters but that Zada is painful, would've looked much better without the hedrons.
Cool take on a Sram deck rather than the standard.
You literally don't understand how colors work.
Japanese inspired plane, get japanese card? Don't know what your problem is, makes sense to me.

>> No.71689700

>You may cast Brokkos, Apex of Eternity, from your graveyard using its mutate ability.
So Mutate is an alternate casting cost
I think it will be something close to Emerge, you sacrifice another creature (or permanent?) and pay the mutate cost
I don't think the mana cost will be substracted though
Maybe the sacrificed creature has to share a color?

>> No.71689703


Goreclaw especially, cuz "Make big shit cheaper to cast, then turn them all sideways" is literally always fun, and shit like Rampaging Baloths and Paleoloth can be had for literal pennies.

>> No.71689788

>Japanese inspired plane, get japanese card?
Seattle-based company, get 'MURICAN card

>> No.71689792


Strong HOW? What are the wincons other than tutoring a combo?

>> No.71689805

Recast big artifact creatures over and over

>> No.71689833

Exactly. Idk i thought it was a good idea
Xenagos, Ghalta, Neheb
>lastest precons
Etc for different archetypes
Prolly make it easier for newbies to have a commander to look into rather than "who ez to start with?"

>> No.71689845

Bruna is "strong" in durdlefuck, do-nothing groups, but it takes an eternity to stick her in competent groups.

Definitely cheap to build though if you can resist the flavor-win that is Eldrazi Conscription.

>> No.71689846

Fuck, i meant Goreclaw instead of Neheb

>> No.71689860

im building old trostani

any tips for making it not suck in the early game?

>> No.71689863

/tg/ is bad at Magic. We need less blind people being led by the one-eyed, not self-aggrandizing faggots giving bad advice.

People should be encouraged to play the cards they want to play, not told what they should waste their time "starting" with.

>> No.71689870

>Loses to graveyard hate

>> No.71689893


Literally all a new player should really consider is budget. Every EDH player ends up with multiple decks anyway, it's not a big deal to just decide "I feel like making something else instead".

>> No.71689896

>Champions of Kamigawa print
>meme foreign language print
Checks out. That’s how you do a vanity card.

>> No.71689920

I can win in many different ways, but not without combos.
Mirrodin Besieged
Aetherflux/Blasting Station
Mill(Alter of the Brood, Grinding Station)
Commander damage (Umbral Mantle, Steel Overseer)
Creature damage (Steel Overseer, Dark Depths)

Most of the wincon cards got reprinted in mystery booster and are cheap to get now.

>Loses to counterspell

>> No.71689933

Yes they should play the cards they want to play, but it helps if someone gives ideas for a commander or something to start a skeleton of the deck. No one said anything here is law, but when people come here knowing nothing about the game or only having a basic understanding, it helps more to hear "maybe check these commanders/cards out if you wanna play that" than "just look at every card you own and play jank because my spurit format says so"
It's not a waste of time to help someone who doesn't even know what they're looking for

>> No.71689935
File: 243 KB, 672x936, 451740C9-5815-4AD0-9513-D2DBC96E2545.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> Hahahahahahahaha How The Fuck Is Grave Hate Real Hahahaha Nigga Just Run Protection Like Nigga Shuffle It Into Your Library Haha

>> No.71689981

this card doesn't cantrip, doesn't do anything if you are not being grave hated and doesn't even help against stuff like RIP

you're better off running a counterspell in its place or some shit

>> No.71690015
File: 227 KB, 672x936, wwk-132-bojuka-bog.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Counter this, I'll wait

>> No.71690022


>> No.71690027

>saves you from bojuka bog
>is an artifact for affinity, Vedalken Archmage triggers, and co.

>> No.71690048

If you have a graveyard deck, grave hate is a certainty.

>> No.71690050
File: 21 KB, 200x285, 56344_200w.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71690097
File: 238 KB, 672x936, D06B299C-67CA-4B94-BB5D-CDD652E81550.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This one is more of a wasted card slot. So much of the annoying grave hate isn’t targeted, it’s “each player” or “all graveyards”. But yeah, to be fair it would save you from Bog. But depending on your colors you have cheaper options than a 4 cmc artifact.

>> No.71690120
File: 303 KB, 938x1341, ocmd-215-numot-the-devastator.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71690135
File: 134 KB, 223x311, hapatra.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you can make it for like 100 bucks pretty easily

>> No.71690167

I wouldn't say that's a better option. It's way easier to remove and requires you to be in white.
I was mostly responding since Emry is what spawned this conversation.

>> No.71690184

i recommend doing what anon here >>71689893 said and build something you think looks interesting but is still cheap. that said i recommend staying away from stuff like bruna or any other cheesy shit like that since you'll likely either get hated out or you kill 1 player and THEN you get hated out. for your first deck, you're probably best off playing something that can play both defensively and offensively with some control over the board. for example, uril, the mistwalker is cheap, fun and powerful and can be built to be aggressive and defensive. i managed to build him for around 80 dollars recently, uril himself is the most expensive card.

you could run disallow to counter stuff like that, but honestly you shouldn't be that worried about grave hate in EDH. you are going to get grave hated eventually whether you like it or not, so you're better off playing smart (don't overextend, don't load up your grave until you're ready to use it, have a plan B) than loading up on weird counter-cards that screw up your consistency. disallow or even normal counterspells specifically are pretty good as a grave hate counters since you can use them for other stuff too.

>> No.71690228

Only cards like Rest in Peace will bother Emry.
She doesn't rely big yard unless you want to win with mirrodin besieged.

>> No.71690398

I want to make a good nongreen, nonblue deck but I can't see how without pigeonholing into arbitrary build-around generals.
I liked playing monoblack control but I expanded it into an Abzan deck for better ramp, removal and recursion and it's more flexible, fun and much stronger.

Green is the best proactive color. Blue is the best reactive color. With neither I'm at a loss. Maybe a red or colorless artifact deck but I've never really been into the brown Goldberg machine decks.

>> No.71690577
File: 49 KB, 922x781, 173812731717.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

these are not suggestions

how fucking numb in the brain do you need to be to think a legit new player will be helped by you posting a single picture of a commander

this general to this day remains one of the dumbest shitholes I've ever perused

>> No.71690588

Literally dozens upon dozens of articles are already available by typing "[card I want to play] EDH commander" into any searchbar. There is no need for you to force this into a shitposting thread on a Thai prayer bead stringing forum because you don't have anything better to do during quarantine.

>> No.71690615

fuck new players honestly they deserve to suffer

>> No.71690624

If you don't like other colors, don't play other colors. You clearly enjoy playing UGx. There is literally no point to forcing yourself to play decks you don't want to play.

This is a game. You're supposed to enjoy it. Do the thing you like.

>> No.71690720

Imagine believing this shit.
If I want a certain card for a deck I would rather buy said card than cracking ANY pack.
There's nothing funny about spending money on draft garbage. Mystery boosters feel like an exception there is actually lots of goodies in there

>> No.71690728

>no need to force this into a shitposting
I'm sorry, did anybody discuss anything not related to the damn format? Not to my recollection. Some dude asked for help getting into a format in a new game, i listed some commanders i felt would be easy to pick up for a new player then suggested the resource op thing include basic commanders for basic strats. Asking for help isn't shitposting, nor is anything i said. Go fuck yourself to avacyn porn or kithkin tribal, you insufferable dickhole.

>> No.71690770

Not any of those anons, but the new player asked "WHO should I build" so suggesting commanders is literally what he was asking for. edhrec is posted in the OP so as long as that anon isn't retarded I'm sure he can figure out where to go from a single commander suggestion.

>> No.71690844

What colors were you interested in playing? As much as I don't like them, sultai are generally good colors for beginners to play because most sultai decks can be made good for cheap, and then later making some sort of non sultai deck with maybe even red or white in it when you have some more experience.

>> No.71690868

It's hard to pick ANYTHING for you when you dont give much info. Have you played other tcgs? New but have you learn how to play? What budget is "budget"? Know what archetypes or colors might interest you? Do you know what powerlevel do your friends play? Which commanders you see there?
Srsly, if you want sugestions, make some damn effort.
Just watch commander's quarters or other channel on jewtube and see what interests you, there's no shortage of content for new players there. No anon should know what best interests you, spend some time, no1 should handle you answers, just the tools

>> No.71690915

Not UGx specifically, just a deck that has either green or blue. Rarely both.

>> No.71690945

This guy is right
You’re an addict. Yes, a few times you get something neat, or have an experience where you get interested in using a card solely because you cracked it. But chase cards are a scam and the amount of money spent on packs will quickly outpace what you’d pay if you just bought the single.
I also know the feeling “oh it’ll be so great if I opened a chase card only off one $4 pack” but then it turns into two packs, then three packs, etc.

>> No.71690949
File: 330 KB, 479x471, 1393359819625.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do I stop terrorizing every game I play regardless of my deck?

>> No.71690971


I'm mostly interest in using either mono-black or a multi-colour including black.

I'm new but I know mechanically how to play thanks to Arena.

As for archetypes, I quite like the look of something like reanimator or zombie tokens.

From what I've heard, our local meta is pretty casual.

>> No.71690972

pillowfort marduchesa with janky Final Fortune combos. playable or nah?

>> No.71690994

kind of a hard question to answer without more information. how are you terrorizing every game?

>> No.71691012

Oooh zombie tokens? Well grixis or esper are good for those. I've got a varina deck myself and it's really fun, but generally more combo oriented, but you could easily make it as a fun zombie swarm deck especially using the embalm creatures. Meanwhile grixis gives you a ton of really really fun zombie tribal legends like sedris. Of course if you want less colors, you can't go wrong with gisa and geralf, they're an excellent zombie tribal commander and really fun to play. And if you really want to play just monoblack, ghoulcaller gisa is really dang good.

>> No.71691027

Play more rampant growths

>> No.71691080
File: 286 KB, 672x936, ghg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71691105

Nothing about Sedris is zombie tribal. He just is a zombie.

>> No.71691111
File: 104 KB, 223x311, thryx__the_sudden_storm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I never thought I'd want to play mono u but here I am. How's this guy for a big blue monster deck?

>> No.71691149


Sedris isn't very good for zombie tribal, but he's fantastic for reanimator, especially if you load up on creatures with ETB effects.

>> No.71691152

Well the reason I suggest sedris for zombie tribal is because he's a good commander who's synergistic with graveyard decks, which zombies frequently are. He also let's you reuse some of the good and fun zombies with etb triggers.

>> No.71691176

Yeah he's probably better for reanimator stuff, but I think he could be fun for a grixis zombie themed deck, even if it's mainly reanimator focused.

>> No.71691181
File: 34 KB, 769x733, 2+2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>ask who should i build
>get answers

kill yourself

>> No.71691194


flash is nice, but a 1 mana discount is just kind of okay. i prefer Thada Adel for monoblue big stuff because you just get to take everyone's Sol Rings and mana rocks earlygame to pump out your big fish super quick.

>> No.71691199

I think about using him as my kraken commander

>> No.71691201


I'm the new player, that guy is not me.

>> No.71691203


>> No.71691219

>this card doesn't cantrip
Going back to this, you’re at a loss for cards that do this at Instant speed. Cranial Archive is an option, but I’m weighing “costs 2 mana to activate” against “oh, but it draws me a card”.

And I guess there’s Learn From the Past, which just goes back to “you may as well run Disallow”

>> No.71691224

There's a YouTuber series called "Commander's Quarters" and he builds fun and fairley powerful for the cost commander decks. Go watch a couples of his videos until you find a deck you like. Alternatively, Slimfoot the Stowaway. I built a fairly budget list with him that honestly needs a few upgrades but it took down a tuned Muldrotha deck and an atraxa deck at the same time.

>> No.71691228

then leave and spare us your own retardation niggerbrain

>> No.71691243
File: 215 KB, 672x936, 02DBF341-E2B4-4216-BDE8-7AB25A545C4A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71691253

why do graveyard decks even run the "shuffle your 'yard into your library" shit anyway? you still lose your entire graveyard either way, it's just a big fucking waste of time that gives you card disadvantage for free while diluting the rest of your deck.

>> No.71691254


>> No.71691262

Never recommend Bitch from CQ to anyone ever again.

>> No.71691278

Who hurt you?

>> No.71691285

Bitch from CQ.

>> No.71691290

It might be a surprise to you, but usually it's better to have the shit in graveyards shuffles back in library than letting them get exiled.

>> No.71691298

Sometimes self mill is piss easy, and you’re not in Stifle colors.

>> No.71691306

If you're going mono-color I suggest Liliana, heretical healer. You can play discard, zombies, self sac creatures are good here like blood pet, carrion feeder, viscera seer.

If you want more colors, then Sidisi, Brood Tyrant might be for you.
Here's an example of what a deck with her runs:
You can take out the razaketh for a harvester of souls, put Aid from the Cowl, liliana's mastery, add cryptbreaker, phyrexian delver, add genesis, take reanimate out if its too expensive...
Simply search edhrec: https://edhrec.com/commanders/sidisi-brood-tyrant
You can go the self-mill for zombies route and be done with it or also add a lot of zombie matter cards if that's your thing. I prefer to self mill an them play as finishers: living death, spider spawning, wonder. Deck allstars are: 1x underrealm Lich, nyx weaver and fauna shaman which that deck lacks. Also bear in mind you rather have a eternal witness in this deck than a regrowth since the first is a creature. Prioritize sakura-tribe elder >> rampant growth whenever you can.
Both Liliana and Sidisi can focus heavily on zombies, or you can just build around them and have just some light zombie synergies, your call.

>> No.71691352

invite your opponents to swap decks then keep terrorizing them with their own deck

>> No.71691358

>Bitch from CQ
Someone gets it. He threw a tantrum of a video the last time a card got banned.
>token acknowledgment that the banlist is a suggestion
>but takes bans personally anyway, “how dare Sheldon tell me what isn’t acceptable play”
>even though following a social contract and agreeing with your play group on any no-go cards, kinda is dictating what is and is not acceptable to play.

>> No.71691374

why? if you're a graveyard deck those cards are just as useless to you in your library as they are in exile. you're wasting a card to do nothing.

>> No.71691390
File: 768 KB, 845x472, rip editing skills.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

forgot pic

>> No.71691422

like i said to the other guy, to a graveyard deck, cards in your library are just as useless to you as cards in exile.

the one edge case is if you're some kind of "oops all tutors" deck with no redundancy, but that's just sloppy deckbuilding and you'd probably still be better off replacing that garbage Elixir of Immortality with something actually useful.

>> No.71691429

Okay poor

>> No.71691436

You act like self mill is hard.
If something you need gets exiled, it’s more permanent.

>> No.71691457

you're still wasting a card slot to do absolutely nothing. who cares if someone exiles your big threat? just self-mill into another one.

>> No.71691485

when the card is in your library you can re-draw it or put it back into the graveyard with self-mill
when it's exiled it's out of the game and there's almost no ways to get it back

>> No.71691492

Dredge. Self mill.

>> No.71691498

hey fuck you, bumping my Affinity and Storm counts is a pretty big deal

>> No.71691509

You'll stop having bombs at some point, anon. Elixir of Immortality for graveyard decks is essentially Eerie Interlude for creature reliant decks.

>> No.71691531

I mean, bitchyness aside, Sheldon is a fucking moron when deciding what should and shouldn't be banned

>> No.71691538

>swap decks with combonigger
>mess up all the decks combos and play like shit
>watch them seethe

>> No.71691548

you guys are getting too hung up on specific cards.

if i'm playing Mimeoplasm or whatever and someone exiles my Consecrated Sphinx before i can reanimate it, i'm not gonna waste cards trying to get it back into my library, i'm just gonna keep going into a Jin-Gitaxias.

>You'll stop having bombs at some point
if the graveyard hate is so strong that you literally run out of bombs, you're not going to win anyway. a single Feldon's Cane activation isn't going to help you.

>> No.71691570

>Elixir of Immortality
Dog, if you need an emergency “don’t exile my GY button”, free activation beats “2 mana, but ~you can use it again~”

>> No.71691576
File: 268 KB, 672x936, atq-56-millstone.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's a fun mill deck? I dont really want to play Oona and I was thinking Wrexial but 6cmc seems a bit steep

>> No.71691578

yeah but for that 2 mana you also get 5 life

>> No.71691583

>Eerie Interlude
imagine if Eerie Interlude said "shuffle each creature you control into your library"

would you still play it?

>> No.71691597
File: 451 KB, 1280x940, johannes-voss-414683-thalia-guardian-of-thraben-web.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thalia is cute!

>> No.71691615

I like three mana thassa more. Unblockable fatties and constant scrying.

I never considered Thada for it, that sounds cool.

>> No.71691618

>that nose

>> No.71691619

Not as cute as Emy-chan

>> No.71691620

>Creatures you control are indestructable until end of turn.
>If a creature you control would be exiled, shuffle it into your library instead.
Would you play it?

>> No.71691634

What part of "/tg/ is bad at Magic" do you not get? There is no good advice or novel thought here, and, no, you aren't the brilliant leader to change that. Nothing you're proposing is any more helpful than Google. Fuck you and the horse you rode in on.

>> No.71691636

Man, that's got an inverse ratio of cuteness to image resolution. The less clearly you're able to see the details, the better she looks.

>> No.71691638

I won’t get into that, but god, Mitch was a whiny cunt, I realized following any edh YouTuber was dumb.
I remember even looking at a Prof video at the time, it was just as bad but from the other end of the spectrum.
>the dumb quirky bullshit we play is how everyone plays commander
>yes, it must be

>> No.71691667

>What's a fun mill deck?
There isn’t one mill is the original unfun magic

>> No.71691679

I forgot my Feldon’s Cane.
Having to hold up any mana makes it less useful in an emergency, and you’re not going to need it twice.

>> No.71691682

Bruna self-mill

>> No.71691685
File: 429 KB, 1280x940, johannes-voss-414684-thalia-guardian-of-thraben-edit2-web.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no bullying Thali-chan please, she's very self-conscious about her nose

>> No.71691695

but that's not what graveyard reshufflers do at all. they offer no real protection against graveyard hate. Feldon's Cane sets you back just as far as the Bojuka Bog you cracked it in response to would've.

if someone exiles your threats, just MILL MORE THREATS. it's not that fucking hard.

>> No.71691708

Quarantine sucks. My group finished our cute girl deck builds and now we can't play them.

>> No.71691725

How do you want to win? If your plan is to completely mill people out, you do Phenax. If you want to mill and then take people's stuff in grave, go Lazav/Wrexial or Mimeoplasm. Lazav/Wrexial can be built the same way with 5 changeable cards (giving stuff Islandwalk for Wrexial, some straight up discard for Lazav), Mimeoplasm is great if you need an emergency button to one-shot someone with your own stuff like Nether Traitor+Lord of Extinction, on top of stealing your opponents stuff.

>> No.71691726

It’s a normal human nose you animenigger. The shot is low angle.

>> No.71691728

How many demon cocks did she suck to get a nosejob at innistrad? Or is it all blue illusion trickery?

>> No.71691745

Angry, at you

>> No.71691760

>I don’t understand perspective

>> No.71691775
File: 122 KB, 675x1200, 1566751398760.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Today the spoilers start?

>> No.71691791

>that huge knot in the middle of the bridge of her nose is normal
Have some standards, anon

>> No.71691794

What the fuck is wrong with you that you somehow think today is April 2nd? We’ve been complaining about when spoilers start for a full goddamn week now.

>> No.71691798

When the fuck have we ever had spoilers start on a weekend, you fucking ignoramus?

>> No.71691815

Just take the knot, anon

>> No.71691817

Does this look like the 2nd of April to you? You massive penis.

>> No.71691818

Maybe tomorrow, but i think the whole set is delayed

>> No.71691819
File: 33 KB, 480x480, 1566484612944.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i have been playing on pc all week and and i haven't spend too much time here

>> No.71691821

Yes, I rather imagine Thalia sucks demon cocks for nosejobs. I also believe she might had gotten a broken nose once by also fucking demons. Ya know, demons can be rough sometimes.

>> No.71691822

>angry expressions
>implying the brow won’t furrow

>> No.71691834

Jesus fuck, pay attention. Spoilers start on Thursday.

>> No.71691850

She’s just trying to beat Avacyn’s high score on demon cocks sucked
Shame she never will

>> No.71691915

>t. coomer

>> No.71691931

You know, sometimes, saying that someone sucks cocks is a sign of disdain, rather than an implication that you want them to suck yours.

>> No.71691942

You still admit that sex is the first thing that comes to mind when you see any female character. Sounds like a coomer thing to me.

>> No.71691944

>t. coomer
Muh DeCK

>> No.71691951

Spoilers have never started on weekends, don't blame video games for your retardation.

>> No.71691952

>spice 8 rack gets preview cards
They grow up so fast.

>> No.71691992

Nah, I just entered the conversation and people were already talking about sucking cocks.

>> No.71692043

The Rules Committee's major problem is they are trying to police how ONLY ONE section of the community and telling everyone else to get the fuck out of their format basically. The RC as a group collectively think low-interaction 3 hour battlecruiser games are what the format should be balanced around. They think that the majority of people play like this too

Im especially very salty about this because there are a few choice cards they should have taken action against years ago, and others that should have been unbanned years ago but aren't because of this retarded mentality

>> No.71692048

That's irrelevant, you clearly still like imagining women getting BBC, cuck.

>> No.71692071

Big Belzenlok Cock?

>> No.71692076

it's funny because i haven't had a single game go past turn 6 in our chill, casual meta in like 3 years.

the format is immensely faster than it used to be. is sheldor and company not playing with any newer cards?

>> No.71692119

Under any paradigm, though, Paradox Engine needed to go.

>> No.71692123

Games ending in single digit turns doesn't sound that casual, anon. Both at home and at my lgs that usually means someone is either pubstomping or got a nut draw.

>> No.71692129

No, they just intentionally dont play efficient cards, efficient interaction or combos and act like they are morally virtuous for doing so because who would ever want to play against good decks amirite

Fuck off comboniggers and staxniggers might as well be Sheldon's motto

>> No.71692143

I disagree that Paradox Engine was problematic. People were just retarded about its use, heavily so. You play it and win on the spot

>> No.71692161

dunno why, but i love Thalia, fucking pissed.
but she is not worth the whole box.

>> No.71692201

Its really common in higher powered metas for games to usually end up at the 5-7 turn range, sometimes turn 10 if everyone hits ALL the interaction in draws and nobody can do anything

>> No.71692216

Did you all already get miniskirts and cock cages for when you'd be playing?

>> No.71692274

That was kinda my point, anon. Games ending on single digit turns is a competitive thing.

>> No.71692286

Don't be fucking stupid, at least one of us would have to be the dom.

>> No.71692329

>TTS costs money to buy
>cockatrice and untap.in are both completely free programs
what did he mean by this?

>> No.71692342

>You play it and win on the spot
That's not really an argument in favor of leaving it unbanned, friendo.

>> No.71692346

We call that josou seme.

>> No.71692348

i mean turn 6 is the logical extreme of any battlecruiser meta. turns 1-5 are for ramp, turn 6, sometimes 7 people go off in whatever way their deck goes off. a 7/10 deck probably has at least 12 mana by turn 6 unless someone is waving their MLD dick around, but our meta doesn't have one of those.

>> No.71692352

Could be a domme.

>> No.71692367

It kind of is. The RC has said they're not really looking to ban wincons, they're more interested in banning things that turn games into a massive slog. Winning means ending the game and getting to move onto the next one, but a stax lock is just prolonged suffering.

>> No.71692399

from what i remember their reasoning is "it lets any deck go off with any number of cards they're all already playing" and they generally don't like universal colorless staples not named Sol Ring.

>> No.71692404

I know Voss can draw cute girls but it seems like every art he does for a card has to have something just slightly off about the face. Is wotc forcing him to make them less attractive?

>> No.71692409

Sometimes I forget that casual and competitive are super subjective. I shouldn't judge your meta by mine, and you really shouldn't assume your meta applies anywhere else. Forget I said anything.

>> No.71692456

Incredibly subjective. Some people think that even just putting a Mana Crypt in a deck automatically makes it competitive. Others consider it a baseline staple for relaxed play.

>> No.71692495

I mean, the RC doesn't give a shit if stuff lets you win on the spot. If they did, forbidden tutors, doomsday, atherflux reservoir, dramatic reversal and flash would all be gone

>> No.71692525

the way I see it, Sol Ring is why EDH decks are 99 card decks. Mana Crypt and Mox Diamond are why budgetless EDH decks are 97 card decks

>> No.71692548

considering how the bust size of Lili, Nissa and Chandra has gone down with each passing year, yes

>> No.71692556

I mean, they kinda do. Biorhythm and Coalition Victory are still banned.

>> No.71692558

i'd call "casual" anything like 7 and under. 1-4 is trash draft commons with varying degrees of synergy, 5 is precons, 6-7 is tuned battlecruiser, and 8-10 is varying degrees of cEDH.

my group plays around a 7. people tend to run battlecruiser with combo finishers, generic value commanders, and a lot of green mana.

dork dork turn 4 Mana Reflection is a pretty common thing to see at our table.

>> No.71692581

and neither with any logical justification desu

>> No.71692601

Yeah, and that's your meta and your opinions, which don't necessarily apply elsewhere. At our tables if you're going off and winning turn 6-7 regularly, we're going to suggest that you go play at the cEDH table, where they will happily welcome you.

>> No.71692611

His videos really went down the shitter, which is too bad.

>> No.71692625

>there are fewer gradations of “tuned battlecruiser” than there are “varying degrees of cEDH”
I can’t agree with this.

>> No.71692627

Stop making me like sheldork

>> No.71692632

>new prof video is literally him just bitching about card prices again

can this dude just fuck off already? we get it, card prices are high and wizards is never going to fix it. fuck off

>> No.71692644

You can just not watch his videos, you realize.

>> No.71692665

i personally think that r/g is better for extra combats, as you can get the savage ventmaw and aggravated assault combo. also, you get access to things like mage slayer and siege behemoth to easily dome players.
here's my xenachad list
it also has most of the reasonably costed extra combat spells available.

>> No.71692678

i play monowhite and i'd call it a 7 on this scale. if i brought that deck to an actual cEDH table i wouldn't even stand a chance.

>> No.71692683

Hey anons I know it's tough, but try to be civil. Perhaps next thread we can post the coolest card we own?

>> No.71692696

eh, that's more because 8 is sort of a gray area. it's the point where shit starts getting TOO tuned. while it's technically still not really cEDH territory, we lump it in because it's just a little higher power than we like playing with.

>> No.71692702

What kind of nonsense is this? Even shitty decks can have magical christmasland lines,and a fuckload of strong decks take a while to set up; using turn counter to determine power is like determining how fast your car is by the biggest number on the speedometer.

>> No.71692703

What thread have you been on? This thread has been extremely civil by our standards.

>> No.71692706

>post the coolest card we own
I can’t imagine why you think that wouldn’t immediately devolve into shit-flinging.

>> No.71692722

That's a really stupid analogy. Turn counter is much more akin to acceleration, not top speed.

>> No.71692725

*posts literally any Avacyn*
Would immediately devolve the thread into shitflinging

>> No.71692741

Not him, but still, what else are women worth keeping around for these days? Bankrupting you?

>> No.71692747

The point is it's a metric that isn't indicative of consistency or average performance. Lots of very fast decks aren't very good.

>> No.71692764

Then don't post it?

Nah I have faith in anons.

>> No.71692773

So you agree it was a stupid analogy. Got it.

>> No.71692785

>I have faith in anons
And that's where you went wrong. We will disappoint even the lowest of expectations.

>> No.71692821

Nono, the point of the post is how easy it is to trigger this thread. Even something as innocuous as "oh I like Avacyn, I think she's neat" makes everyone lose their shit.

>> No.71692843

Nice try learning disability-kun. It's accurate because a lot of fast cars take forever to hit top speed and can't turn for shit, just like a lot of fast decks require a fuckload of mulligans and can't handle removal for shit.

>> No.71692852

while i agree that speed is part of a good metric for determining power level, the original statement that a turn 6 deck is cEDH is insane. cEDH decks regularly win through removal and counterspells on turn 3 or 4.

Yarok can take over a game turn 5 for an easy win on turn 6, but if you sat it down at a real competitive table you'd get fucking annihilated.

>> No.71692859

What’s with sol ring’s special status anyways?

>> No.71692864

It doesn't trigger the thread, one guy just gets mad about it and one really lonely guy uses it to define himself.

I have faith in you anon, just like I have faith in everyone in this thread.

>> No.71692871

Define cool. Ya mean foils? I dont have a lot of them that arent precons or ftv

>> No.71692881

wotc put it in precons and they don't want to ban the precons.

>> No.71692895

Coolest is up to you, as long as you define it you can post almost anything. It can be a misprint, it can be a fancy basic land, it can be literally anything.

>> No.71692905

And that’s useless to talk about with literally anyone else besides your specific group of “we”

>> No.71692956

shut the fuck up, i will do what i fucking want and you cant stop me

>> No.71692965

You overestimate us, anon. Avacynfag will post her no matter ehat kind of case it is. Then some of us will post cards that will cause butthurt or ironic shitposting, like babies crying solely to mention of Armageddon. There's no civil discussion here most of the time, but now it's especially bad since majority of anons can't go and spout their favorite memes at their LGS, so they must rely on /edhg/ as their social outlet.

>> No.71692968

the jump from 7 to 8 is pretty significant though

a 7 is going to make a big board, draw a bunch of cards, and pass the turn

an 8 is going to make a big board, draw a bunch of cards, then cast Craterhoof

you're probably right though. revised list:

draft chaff

precons and upgraded precons


tier 1 and tier 2 cEDH

>> No.71693012

This thread is old and run-down. Shiny new thread here:

>> No.71693041

define "cool"

>> No.71693061

There's plenty of space in between battlecruiser and cEDH, anon. You are making a jump here from extreme casual to cEDH, skipping pubstomps, "muh 75%" and about average power level decks and gimmick decks.

>> No.71693151

Yea you're right, Xenagos is better, but i like Etali more PLUS it's sharing the cards with Neheb, so i don't wanna have to switch out pieces for 2 decks for Etali. Thanks tho!

>> No.71693270

There's no way he won't.

>> No.71693529

I don't play Mox Diamond regardless of budget, fast mana isn't worth the risk of missing a land drop for the grindy decks I build.

>> No.71693537

even so, i do have most of the extra combat pieces in there, and they're all mono red. also, if you aren't already, you want to run cards like impact resonance and chandra's ignition.

>> No.71696332

Precons and decks that are built around a theme like lore or artists.
Upgraded precons, tribals and other casual decks
Battle cruisers and tuned decks
75%, combo decks without fast mana or good tutors

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