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1st for /40kg/ chapters

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world eaters and emperor's children releases when?

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>This post was made by the Nurgle Gang

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I don't know about you but a bunch of people got into warhammer at a young age myself included

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Lmao, is this the same kid that was being used to push the "female representation" meme on FB a while back?

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Do they have just one little girl they pass around?

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Soon available on the noosphere.

>> No.71641815

No, we are bringing back Malice instead. Good trips though.

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Soon™ but EC are gonna release soonish.

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Yes, clearly there is only one kid with parents into Warhammer.

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When you CONVERT

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Well considering marines are the most popular and featured army. I'm not surprised pedos flock to this game.

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source: anons anus

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>Implying the Xeno scum wouldn't immediately be lased by the Guardsman.

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Yeah, 28 thousand Chaos Marines pulling up in their metal boxes.

Thunderhawks landed.

Tera is under seige, under lockdown.

Chaos Marines are gonna fuck loyalists butts.

Looking for the Emperor.

Gunna fuck the Emperor's butt.

Yeah wild buff.

Cool chaos Marines gonna fuck loyalists butts.

Yeah, big Horus leader of the pack.

Angron the Whopper and Fulgrim the Coomer.

Huge throbbing cocks hard as rocks.

Gonna fuck the wild young Aspirant butts.

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Convert More

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thanks b
because one of their characters got pulled from the store? makes sense
>buy like 80 pounds worth of boxes for 10 berzerkers that will still look worse than the final release because I can't into converting
I'll wait tbqh

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you just had to ruin it

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Bix nood my marine muhfugga muh bolter *shuffles power feet*

>> No.71641876

Just considering we got a plastic limited ed Noise Marine and Bile, also Slaanesh demons got recently focused in AoS. It's a fair prediction but I could be wrong.

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it rhymes with Whopper
give me something else then

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I thought slaanesh got removed from AOS

>> No.71641906

At least post the final.

>> No.71641910

they only rhyme in writing in actual pronunciation they sound different

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The average guardsman is not necessarily a very pious man, away from the eyes of the commissariat and ecclesiarchy.

>> No.71641920

That was before you know who got fired.

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Nice Day ala Dead cultists.

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What retard told you that?

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Maybe I'm a fag for wanting something besides standard white and black dice, but are there any dice you guys recommend?
Would prefer darker or red, or otherwise ability to customize.

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gropper: One whom fondles itself frequently, such to the extent of premature ejaculation.

gropper it is

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Toy soldiers is serious business

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are we really going to do the warhammer adventures arguement all over again

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Slaanesh was getting soft squatted before GW got a change at the top.

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The guy on the second right in must get mogged daily by the guy on the second left.

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>Angron the Bellicose, Fulgrim the Delicate
>Angron the pissed, Fulgrim the Missus
>Angron the Furious, Fulgrim the Fabulous
So many options work better than your "rhyme"

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Don't link past thread to drag over your shitpost. What's the matter, are you sad you didn't get enough (you)s?

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Yeah, 28 thousand Chaos Marines pulling up in their metal boxes.

Thunderhawks landed.

Terra is under seige, under lockdown.

Chaos Marines are gonna fuck loyalists butts.

Looking for the Emperor.

Gunna fuck the Emperor's butt.

Yeah wild buff.

Cool chaos Marines gonna fuck loyalists butts.

Yeah, big Horus leader of the pack.

Angron the Whopper and Fulgrim the gropper.

Huge throbbing cocks hard as rocks.

Gonna fuck the wild young Aspirant butts.

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Honestly I notice that 40k with children tends to be because the parent likes this game or just board games in general, and not something children naturally find themselves. Not that it ever stopped GW from marketing the game to children, one can easily find ads as early as 2e trying to sell it to children rather than adults and the color schemes are specifically chosen to appeal to children rather than adults.

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No it wasn't. There's nothing to back this up apart from fan speculation.

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There was a viral facebook post a while back about a little girl questioning the lack of "people that look like her" in the white dwarf magazine and it was clear as shit just her wojak looking dad virtue signaling

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Just how big are these tanks? They hold their whole crew, plus however much ammo for the 4000 round minute double barreled minigun firing basically RPG rounds, plus however much ammo for the sponsons and bow gun, plus 40 extra dudes chilling? Were they the size of grocery stores?

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>> No.71642047

The rest of the tank is underground

>> No.71642051

in 40k you can hide all your ammo and gear in the warp while you travel. same tech that makes it possible for 10 marines to fit in a rhino.

>> No.71642054

It's possible the kid did wonder that on some level, but the parent and media blew the question's scope out of proportion to gain some virtue signaling praises, the kid likely though: "oh neat i'll be in a magazine."

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>How big?

>> No.71642076

Supposedly unreasonably massive, but as usual with 40k, size changes based on writers and artist.

>> No.71642079

Make one and find out.
Technically it would be an official GW model.

>> No.71642085

GW can't into tanks and guns best to just ignore what they say

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I was in Grants discord a while back and he started posting pics of his cocks

>> No.71642090

Scalewise on the tabletop its over 10 men with some social distancing wide so like 40-60 feet

>> No.71642098

This is the typical Warhammer 40k player.
Say something nice about her!

>> No.71642103

Based oldhammer
>IP Attorneys hate him!
>Save thousands with this one WEIRD trick!

>> No.71642104

Do we have the DLC Slaanesh head for this dragon thing yet? I've waited for like 3 years now.

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Looks like a tranny

>> No.71642120

If her mom listens to the rumors, she won't be molested.

>> No.71642121

She'll grow up hating Necrons like any self-respecting 40k player.
What tune is this pasta supposed to go to?

>> No.71642123

I hope she learns a valuable lesson, like pushing over the mean space robots to assert human dominance.

>> No.71642133

Saga of the Beast PDF when?
Ya kikes...

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No. That was a """girl"""

If sophie is the one with the braids i am worried about
her though. There is clearly something wrong with her motor skills to be painting like that at her age

>> No.71642156

I loved the honest aspect of oldhammer. They knew their minis were supposed to be luxury items so they only worried about selling you 20-30 marines, a captain and then one metal rhino or something. That meant theyd offer cheap ways to get everything else done. Now the current management gets upset over you deciding that findom is a dumb fetish.

>> No.71642175

you never played

>> No.71642179

Reminder that tournament players infested this hobby and turned it into the shit it is today.

>> No.71642181

>a grunt not thinking with his dick

>> No.71642202

This is fucking wholesome.

>> No.71642207

This looks pretty cute and a fun idea actually. Kids are pretty creative with their color schemes and stuff

>> No.71642210

A lot of us got into warhammer young, but it was metal as fuck when we were young and that was the point.

>> No.71642216

It's fabricated buzz.

>> No.71642222

Still better - or perhaps more memorable - than my first OC chapter (I was 14 and into heavy metal. I think you can guess the colours and motifs from that...)

>> No.71642223

any idea where the flames on the base came from?

>> No.71642233

This is now the theme of my Emperors Children warband

>> No.71642236

They made it popular and fun?

>> No.71642242

This, Warhammer was something your parent would be worried about because of the gorey images. The "bounding family friendly experience" is a complete take over business strategy.

>> No.71642246

>no chapter symbol
Bummer, I would have loved to add one to my Deathwatch force.

>> No.71642259

Retard here, how is it technically an official GW model? Do they sell plasticard/materials for this?

>> No.71642262

Kill yourself shill

>> No.71642264

Maybe one of the bandai effects.

>> No.71642268

I got into it because my dad thought it was a cool way for us to spend time together so he got a starter set

>> No.71642270

oh yeah I got into because of how cool and grim it was compared to the likes of star wars when I was young

>> No.71642273

Yeah, my very catholic dad HATES Warhammer, and forbade me from buying models until I was fifteen. Mind you, I discovered Warhammer when I was maybe, five or six years old, and fell in love with the Black Templars.

red, gunmetal and black?

>> No.71642275

It's """technically""" an official GW model

>> No.71642278

I think it's 3rd party, since the plastic is clear and GW rarely does that for effect-pieces like that.

>> No.71642280

I did. Just because you want to larp a bit and gatekeep like an amateur zoomer doesn't change that.

>> No.71642281

You're a legend, anon!

>> No.71642290

Okay lads, time for another playthrough. I'm gonna be playing on hard, and I'll probably pick up a Kastelan or two to paint while I'm at it.

>> No.71642299

Some things were just cartoonish and goofy. It was never something that parents got worried over. The satanic panic completely skipped it even.

Stop propogating the meme that 40k was an uber metal setting. That was only part of it.

>> No.71642303

Basically anything printed, sold or endorsed by GW at ANY point in time counts as official.
Thats why very, very few GW allow 1st ed DnD groups to play in their stores, as long as the players all own the GW printing of the rulebooks.

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>> No.71642310 [DELETED] 

Because it looks vaugely like one, and is roughly the same size? If I took that into a store they'd prolly kick me out.

Now, if I took a bunch of sprues, melted them into thin sheets, and made it out of those...

>> No.71642311

Yeah, 40k has always been half metal album and half G.I. Joe or Transformers for all the lasers and goofy colors

>> No.71642314

Y'know I would actually rather have WAACfags use this rather than grey tide. At least this has color art to it.

>> No.71642315

tell me more about your metal rhino

>> No.71642317

Maybe anons in the buyfag threads will have a better eye for it.

>> No.71642318

did he have chapter symbol?

>> No.71642324

Also I've got a question. From 8th, there's been a giant scar from across space because pony-tail blew up Cadia, right? How does that effect the story? I see the Ad Mech can't call for help from Forge Worlds for help. Are people just spread thin now, or is there more horrible shit coming out of the warp now?

>> No.71642328

It's the star of David.

>> No.71642333

>red, gunmetal and black?
Give that man a cigar.
Flames and skulls aplenty too (well... Attempts were made, let's put it that way).

>> No.71642336

because it is made by gw

>> No.71642340

Mostly the former, but Chaos forces are also using it to their logistical advantage since they can move through it more freely

>> No.71642341

>1x Tech-Priest Dominus
>3x Cybernetica Datasmiths
>6x Kastelan Robots
What else do I need, lads? Some battlelines and some transport?

>> No.71642344

Read the main rulebook

>> No.71642346

You guys have been saying that for like 3 years now

>> No.71642356

Good on your dad to stop you from getting into a degenerate activity that mocks religion

>> No.71642374

I hate how retards are convinced that the setting is a story

>> No.71642376

You dont remember metal vehicles? Just because I got the name wrong doesn't mean they didn't happen. Please show your zoomerlike gatekeeping more by failing to gatekeep properly.

>> No.71642390

take Skittari Vanguard (whichever one of the infantry has the Rad saturation rule)+ a transport for them each to keep them alive until they get to an objective. You also want some more HQ choices (3-4 total)

>> No.71642395

The setting contains stories. How is it affecting those stories? i.e. Dante is now the "Warden of the Imperium Nihilus" because of thre scar, right?

>> No.71642398

Lots of early heavy metal was both heavy and cartoonish as fuck

>> No.71642399

Would Abbadon be better if he was a Japanese idol?

>> No.71642422

Quick, what's the strongest 500-point army list you can make with models that are 100% painted?

>> No.71642432


>> No.71642438

What do you mean? As in, models I own and are painted?

>> No.71642448

I don't even know what I have painted anymore. A bunch of basic veterans and some hqs or a bunch of neophytes and some hqs I guess

>> No.71642459

Probably a Crisis Commander and Ghostkeel with a blob of drones taken from all my normal infantry.

>> No.71642471

Nice "King-man skeleton of the Imperials in his chair"

>> No.71642476

those are characters within a setting not stories

>> No.71642477

Big fucking blob of Tyranids

>> No.71642478

next time get your facts straight if you're going to pretend to have played
>muh gatekeep
it's an open and anonymous board retard. if it were possible to gatekeep tourists like you, then you wouldn't be posting anymore

>> No.71642501

So there are imaginary people, in an imaginary world and in that world, imaginary things happen in the past, present and future for the entertainment of the player.

>> No.71642511


>> No.71642524

They don't release plastic penises

>> No.71642525

Ok, Ill just go back to my tracked eldar vehicles then kid. Stop being such a tryhard and doubling down when you didnt get that gotcha you wanted, you're not gatekeeping anyone but people away from you.

>> No.71642540

And if we take these characters and bring them from one point in time to another, with things happening in between these two points, you wouldn't call that a story?

>> No.71642544


>> No.71642549

Are you telling me that they've kept Slaanesh's plastic penises all for themselves?

>> No.71642558

If you see an MTG player, run away. If it's an MTG judge, run away even faster.

>> No.71642559

5x Breachers, 5x Strikes, Fireblade, Ethereal, 3x Crisis and a HRR Broadside. Should about fit, I think, depending on Crisis loadouts. Devilfish still isn't finished.

>> No.71642568

I would call that a change in the current state of the setting

>> No.71642570

I'm telling you this beastie could only have 4 heads only if one was much smaller

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>> No.71642619

Try to ignore the phone photo quality if you can
Need help on the horn ridge colors on ahriman.
I'm trying to paint it more preheresy colors obviously, but now I've hit a bit of a decision wall regarding the ribbed surfaces of the helmet horns.
Can't do bone as it blends with the robe.
Can't do red as it makes the head and center mass too big and red.
Don't want to do blue as it distracts from the spell effect colors.

How fucked am? Google search of preheresy color ahriman just gives me the prospero ahriman, which I already have and colored exactly like it.

Need ideas

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>> No.71642630

That's Justice from Afro Samurai, isn't it? Same body and fashion sense.

>> No.71642639

>B-b-believe us guys Ghaz is good!

>> No.71642646


>> No.71642655

1v1 Ghaz IS pretty fucking good, really it's just 40k is not a 1v1 unit game and that fucking monster keyword.

>> No.71642659


Of course.

>> No.71642662


>> No.71642664

Turns out a fuck ton of MTG judges turned out to be pedophiles.

>> No.71642670

black highlighted up to dark grey with a red or blue wash? Maybe a metallic black? It's the safest way I can think of.

>> No.71642671

patrol detachment with a las pred probably.

>> No.71642677

Unfortunately, I only have 120 cultists painted. Guess I could look for some painted characters to go with them.

>> No.71642693

>necron poster says hes leaving /40kg/
>not even 24 hours later faggots are dancing on his grave

>> No.71642694

Single Riptide and an assload of drones. Though I only have 5 shield drones, I prioriteised gun and marker variants in the earlier editions.

>> No.71642707

Magnus, use the remaining points for spawn summons when he kills stuff.

>> No.71642720

What color is the gold?
You could try purple or blue shade for a more muted gold (I think druchii violet or drakenhof nightshade)

>> No.71642725

post necron memes and images. don't let the flame of necron poster die out!

>> No.71642733

retributor gold.
yes, the photography is a bitch.

>> No.71642735

this is the only one i got :/

>> No.71642743

>necron poster says hes leaving /40kg/

>> No.71642746

it's funny that in order for ghaz to nearly kill magnus magnus had to tard out and use no powers besides smite

>> No.71642749

Thoughts on a single no-force-org Inqusitor as a dedicated CP farmer/morale buffer/character hunter?

An Inferno Pistol/Thunder Hammer/Digital Weapons Ordo Minoris inquisitor should fairly reliably kill a Space Marine captain in one round if he can Smite, shoot and charge, and then you can Seize For Interrogation and Ld debuff the entire enemy army.

Alternatively, Ordo Xenos, CP farm warlord trait, poisoned force sword. Slightly less choppy but can take on Monsters really well too in case you ever needed to cut down a Hive Tyrant solo.

Either way, 1CP and around 70 points, which seems like a pretty good deal.

>> No.71642755


>> No.71642762

check arhives, one of the 40kg threads yesterday the dude that posts the triforce necrons thing said that GW was cucking the skelly bois too hard so he had enough and fucked off, kinda sad really, though he did say he'd show up from time to time

>> No.71642766

just why, its rather pitiable to be honest

>> No.71642767

>imperial soup WAACfaggotry
Who cares?

>> No.71642768

Ghaz is one of the best units in the game for 1v1 melees. Point for point, he's easily the best. His problems are the fact that he has very little protecting him before he gets into CC, he's a named character with some army buffs so he'll be a gigantic fire magnet, he's unique so you can only take one of him with no contingency, and he's slower than he should be because he can't benefit from his own rules.

Still, if the meta ever becomes knights again, Ghazzy will be a very, very attractive option.

>> No.71642778

I've had a lot of success running a random Inquisitor with my Admech army. Just having a single Psyker able to throw out Smite and deny a vital enemy power each turn makes world of difference.

>> No.71642783

Oh it's fucking nothing

>> No.71642798

if knights ever come back around WAACfags are gonna start trying to hide ghaz in an attempt to push their armies without getting checked

>> No.71642799

GW *is* cucking Crons hard. Im working on a guard list until things get better.

>> No.71642805


>> No.71642812

it was one of the few positive posters here and its a shame they left, i guess in the grand scheme its nothing but isnt everything?

>> No.71642814

Turns out a huge portion of the mtg judges were convicted pedophiles.
wotc refused to take responsibility and pushed it onto the store owners

>> No.71642818

Is that you Necrons! poster?

>> No.71642824


>> No.71642827

>he can't benefit from his own rules.

I'm waiting for the FAQ to see if him losing the benefit of his own rules was intentional or dumbshits forgetting to update them to accommodate him

>> No.71642828

Ok bye

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>> No.71642836


Yeah, that was the plan. If the transport helis aren't really bad I was going to load up a load of Vanguard plasma killteams in them and do a big air assault on a flank somewhere, and I was going to use the Inquisitor as a drop commander since he can give them all Ld10, which means squads of five will never ever break and he'll be in close quickly.

If Ruststalkers or Infiltrators were slightly better or slightly less pricy I'd drop them instead, but I think plasma calivers too good.


No Skitarii Alpha characters anywhere else and besides, it's Inquisition, they're balanced around being seasoned into other armies. If I wanted to WAAC my air cav I'd be using Scions, not dropping 7ppm infantrymen out of 60-80pt transports.

>> No.71642837

>Still, if the meta ever becomes knights again, Ghazzy will be a very, very attractive option.
You'd still be having hard time arguing why take him over a Warboss. Though if you don't mind burning 3CP then you could have him teleported in enemy backline t2 and at same time Da Jump a Warboss buffed by another weirdboy to get extra redundancy.

>> No.71642845

I'm 100% sure it's intentional
Which means it's 110% confirmed to be a mistake

>> No.71642848

Nope but I got back into 40k a couple months before NECRONS! Poster came here and Ive been feeling drained these last 7 months. No models is fine if the rules are still okay, but this is ridiculous.

>> No.71642854


>> No.71642871

>He can't even reroll his wounds
Also kek at Morks roar doing fucking nothing because its trash
>2.6 Guardsmen a turn

>> No.71642875

Seeing that Shadowsun, the supreme commander of the fire caste can't command anyone outside of her own caste (ie. actually use her commanding abilities) I wouldn't hold my breath about Ghaz.

>> No.71642876

>positive poster
>posting the same inane shit every thread


>> No.71642881

Considering that rules is usually just copy+paste, as confirmed by devs, and that Ghaz had infantry before: I think it's fully on purpose to curb how strong he is. GW seems to often overnerf orks because they are scared of making them too strong, you can see this in so many of other unit rules. Stompa obviously being the most prominent example of it.

>> No.71642886

>Can't benefit from his own rules
What am I missing?

>> No.71642890

To any Daemons players out there, should I bring pink horrors in blobs, or a few brimstone/blue horrors and flamers? Pink horrors don't have good shooting vs marines which are very common, but are very good against geq's, and are 7 point 4++ bodies. Flamers are much better against marines, but are 20 points for a w2 4++ model, so are somewhat fragile for the cost. I'll have about 250 points for summoning regardless.

>> No.71642893

Literally everything in the world can be boiled down to "fabricated buzz." It's a meaningless expression.

>> No.71642898

He buffs infantry but isn't infantry iirc

>> No.71642900

>ABADDON, you cur! The Imperial Bunker© is a Fortification, not terrain! You are not permitted to stand upon it any more than you could climb atop a Landraider or a Rhino!

>> No.71642907


>> No.71642908

He has an infantry assault buff but he's a monster

>> No.71642913


>> No.71642915

The gun is fine as is. The ballistic skill of the user is not.

>> No.71642927

Oh, I mean I guess it makes sense.
He's a commander, and he's good at "krumpin," but that rule is about advancing and charging, so it could be explained away by saying 'e's too 'uge to get the benefit of charging.

>> No.71642940

It also provides an extra attack on the charge, unlike the version a regular warboss projects

>> No.71642941

How can Space Marine players recover

>> No.71642947

Yes hello how do I win as GSC

>> No.71642957


£35000 boys.

>> No.71642960

Not anymore

>> No.71642963

God have journos just completely run out of headline writing ability?
>XYZ and that's a good thing.
>We did X. The results are clear.

>> No.71642969

You don't
You're even sadder than Guardsmen.
Even if you win, you get devoured by the brings you were fighting for.

>> No.71642982

>>He can't even reroll his wounds
don't boss types get hit roll rerolls?

I don't play Orks but aren't wound rerolls reserved for lieutenant type models?

>> No.71642988


3rd ed kids definitely got into it because of the dark edgy gory stuff. Remember this was the same time stuff like Korn, Slipknot, Linkin Park etc was big.

If you were a 90s kid millennial who had just grown out of pokemon, Warhammer was there for you. These are my favourite type of 40k players.

>> No.71642994

At least he can do that for all Goff orks around him.

>> No.71642997

Here's my 500 points bro.

>> No.71642998

Guil and Abaddon are lieu?

>> No.71643004


>> No.71643009

This just screams 90s.
I love it.

>> No.71643010

As the person you are describing, not really. First model I bought was a crisis suit

>> No.71643013

This fucker is dreaming

Nobody would want to spend that much on a random assortment of mostly old shit, and no store would be able to resell it at a profit.

He's going to have that shit till he either liquidated it for a quarter what he paid for it, or his family does it after he dies

>> No.71643032

Fucking Facebook normies REEEEEEEEEEEEE!

>> No.71643049


>> No.71643056


>he thinks metal isn't also inherently self-pardoy

Brit culture is always full of self-satirising humour like that. 40k and metal are both British inventions.

In fact I'll go further and suggest that the defining line between good metal and bad metal is the same as good 40k fluff and bad 40k fluff. The good stuff is self-aware and doesn't take itself too seriously. The bad stuff plays it totally straight.

It's the difference between, let's say, something classic like Venom, and garbage like Machine Head.

>> No.71643057

What are the best units in the Necron codex?

>> No.71643065

>both have a cunt in profile picture
When are we going to solve the notcel problem?

>> No.71643073

I wish I could afford the patience required to fix her face and give her tattoos.

>> No.71643076

And people wonder why modern journalism is dead.

>> No.71643082


>> No.71643102

While clearly not perfect I think you captured her shit eating grin expression. Leave the face like that just add tattoos.

>> No.71643104

Thin your paints you literal child.

>> No.71643105

Tesla Immortals, Tomb Blades, Destroyers and Heavy Destroyers. DDA are iffy due to their random shots.

>> No.71643108

How did this Gift of Nurgle go from pic related to "+1 to smite"? That's some uninspired design right there.

>> No.71643119

I'm not saying 40k doesn't have metal influence, rather that that is not the singular influence. For example, look at Necromunda which has heavy elements of punk incorporated in it. I do not like the meme that is pushed by LARPers that 40k was a one note metal setting. Not only is it inaccurate, it ultimately sterilizes the setting and reduces it from multiple mixed genres and styles into just one that that poster likes. It is one thing to say "I like this part of 40k". To say "Only this is 40k" is a step beyond.

>> No.71643124

8th edition is all like that, at least we are getting the real thing in 2020.

>> No.71643125

Go away you nigger.

>> No.71643126

So, do we have a book yet with an Adeptus Indiana Jones exploring Necron temples and escaping death traps?

>> No.71643135

The nerf killed off our only good strategy, the rise in 12 inch anti deepstrike has prevented us from getting any other ones and our psychic awakening was pure trash. It is a trifecta of bullshit that prevents us from ever being playable

>> No.71643142

Psychic powers were changed.

>> No.71643150

Papa Nito?

>> No.71643155

sauce on the Cultist-Chan model?

>> No.71643167

Scarabs are pretty nice too with how they zoom across the field, too bad they share slots with some of the best units. Though honestly Necrons can afford a fast attack detachment, since they can't go CP heavy anyway.

>> No.71643171


>> No.71643178

Care to share how you made her?

>> No.71643180

nice bulge

>> No.71643192

Oh I didn't see that

>> No.71643208

Buy the shapeways model for 20 dollarydoos, accidentally cut off the thumb while trying to make a hole in her 3d-printed post-grabbing hand, grab a spare icon of vengeance from the old CSM kit

>> No.71643220

He really should get that at least. Though honestly making his buffs not Infantry-keyworded so he buffs like a Warboss + Wartrike + extras put together would be fluffy and might help him suck less.

>> No.71643229


>> No.71643232

Marinefags salty that their capeshit heroes get punked by NPCs will never not be funny.

>> No.71643233

So, if I wanna do a mechanized infantry guard, what should I put in Chimeras? Infantry or Veterans? What should they be armed with? Should I use the Vigilus Defiant specialist detachment?
My plan was to use it, and have my warlord sit in the Chimera the whole game spamming orders to two other Chimera-carried units(who have voxcasters), with maybe one or two other company commanders in other Chimeras issuing other orders to other chimera-bound units.
Also want to include conscripts some how so I can have an excuse to make those wasteland conscripts that one Steel Legion anon has(with the chaos cultists and tallarn and stuff).

>> No.71643241

He's not competitively viable, but he'll 1v1 almost literally anyone (Magnus and Brayarth might beat him?), which is fun at least.

>> No.71643265

Bosses get no rerolls. They get a morale prevention and an advance + charge aura. Which is fine by me, if Marine Captains were the only ones with the boring reroll 1s to hit aura and everyone else got more fluffy, faction-appropriate buffs it'd improve matters.

>> No.71643283

>Reading up a Daemons before I build them
>Warp Surge, Ephemeral Form, and a 4++ save used to be able to make a unit get a 2++
>Instead of just rewording Ephemeral Form to be "Improve the units save by 1 to a maximum of 3++" they made Warp Surge to a maximum of 4++
>Now only Tzeentch Daemons can use it to get a 3++
>But it also ruined pink horrors by making them not able to get a 3++
Why does GW fuck up Chaos Daemons so much? In 30k they have only 1 damn model.

>> No.71643298

The DG spell "Plague Wind" is pretty much the 8th ed version of that same effect. Muh fluffy rules, muh soulless, muh reroll 1s. That said, DG are among the first codices and so a lot of their stuff (especially relics and stratagems) is rather weak and generic, those sort of rules got stronger and fluffier as the edition went on. Hopefully PA has something good for them.

>> No.71643322

>one damn model
30k is classic hammer. We get the rules and convert something ourself

>> No.71643329

It's because Chaos daemons are a hodge podge army that doesn't work as an army.

Each gods are too specialized and are feast or famine depending on scenario and edition, yet putting the best units together makes the entire army incoherent as they don't benefit each other at all.

Chaos is a complete mess.

>> No.71643330

When I started painting I bought models in the order of making a few different 500 point armies and went from there. Probably around 2k in orks now. I can put together 3 500 point lists I think, all would have a weirdboy and at least one unit of boys. The rest depends on what else I want to take, a deffdread, warbikes, lootas, etc.

>> No.71643331

Though there's jack shit provided to do so

>> No.71643374

You have to be 18 to post here

>> No.71643418

can't have fun in 40kg, didn't you know?

>> No.71643420

Show me what models there are with spines that would make effective projectiles. Show me what models have posture to represent throwing up flaming ichor.

>> No.71643433

Ignore this poster, he is a retarded grog. Probably has Asperger's as well

>> No.71643449


I don't think anyone is saying metal was the only influence for 40k, that would be dumb. But the parallels are many and obvious.

If we really want to get down to it I could write you an essay about the socio-economic cultural atmosphere of late 80s Thatcher Britain 40K grew out of, and the ways it's grown and changed since then. But I think anyone who's already familiar with the alternative sub-cultres of the 80s and the emerging genres of cyberpunk will see the themes.

>> No.71643458

well if you wanna look at it that way sure, but for anyone that isnt a nihilist then it was fun to see him

>> No.71643465

>mfw when my Beta Blood Rose Canoness could one shot Girlyman

>> No.71643469

kind of embarrassing that it took you a full hour to come up with such a lame rebuttal

>> No.71643513

Are you aware that you're on an anonymous website and there are literally hundreds of posters on /tg/? I'm not the person you were originally talking to you dumb aspie

>> No.71643516

Hopefully we’ll know more in a week or two. Seems EC might be their next army they drop.

>> No.71643528

Not him, but get an outstretched, upward hand, et a necron spine, sharpen it
Extend it, maybe.
Or get a toothpick or something, greenstuff some vertebrae.
Bam, Spine projectile

>> No.71643534

you sound pretty assblasted for someone who is supposedly a random poster

>> No.71643566

>LJ isnt ESB and thats a good thing
lol okay
>Aldens Solo isnt Fords Solo. and thats a good thing
>LJ killed my childhood and thats why its great
>LJ isnt the Star Wars movie your looking for and thats a good thing
>LJ broke the franchise
>LJ has no respect for nostalgia

wouldnt be surprised if some dumbfuck onions drinker came out and said that LJ fucked his wife and that it was a "good thing", seriously what the fuck happened to journalism. and what happened to Star Wars man :/

>> No.71643573

you sound like an idiot.
Not the same guy you are talking to either by the way.

>> No.71643577

>our only good strategy
The -d6 deepstrike or the 3" deepstrike?

>> No.71643579

Talking to retards gets me worked up it's true

>> No.71643587

even as a SM fag that shit is pretty laughable

>> No.71643604


>> No.71643605

A bunch of people who wanted lots of money off stupid people realized ruining nerd hobbies and turning them mainstream brought in more shekels. Also journalism is the dumpster bin for college kids who didn't actually enjoy any academics in college.

>> No.71643606

how many goddamn word conversions are on this damn board?

>> No.71643622

6 or 7

>> No.71643625

Vets are more valuable to put in Chimeras, though special weapon teams can also work if you want something cheaper. Melta or Plasma are the most worthwhile in either case to take out heavier targets. Flamers are only worth it on special weapon teams due to their lower BS, but even then you shouldn't be struggling to put out lower strength shots in volume

Conscripts could work as backfield cover campers or as screens for your tanks.

>> No.71643635

get fucked newfag

>> No.71643647

not a whole lot desu

>> No.71643660

desu baka senpai

>> No.71643661

how tf would i know that s o y l e n t would be a converted word? it feels so random
is there like a list or something? theres nothing on the sticky about it

>> No.71643678

My favourite part about 40k when I was a kid was the absence of nigger characters on TT and art. I always imagined that the Emperor exterminated all the niggers in the galaxy like the useless abhumans that they are. The human supremacy and xenophobia of the imperium also really sucked me in and without it I doubt I would have ever become so obsessed with the Warhammer universe.

>> No.71643680

because newfags and /pol/acks post that shit constantly

>> No.71643685

Its a 3-4 year old filter by now. At least it feels like its been that long

>> No.71643696

Reminder to give Rogue Trader a try. The rulebook and other stuff you'll need rules-wise is in the MEGA. It's a lot of fun and better than 8th. No tourneyfags are allowed to play.

Pic related is a tourneyfag getting executed.

>> No.71643702

poor quality bait try again

>> No.71643711

40K would be much better if the base rules featured this addition:

>Warhammer 40,000 is a wargame using miniatures to represent combatants. In order to field miniatures on the battlefield, they must be painted with at leat two colours and a base. This represents a mustering process through which an army grows its strength, and unpainted models are not yet fully trained for battle.

>Models which are unfinished, or painted with obvious shortcuts intended to circumvent this rule, represent hastily press-ganged and poorly trained forces, and the general must spend 5 CP in order to rally them onto the field of battle.


>> No.71643723

40k would be much better if you were dead

>> No.71643731


>> No.71643732

Do you allow people to ally in fluff games Imperium and Chaos, such as Mechanicus or Guard and Demons or CSM?

>> No.71643742

Seems dumb. Just don't play with unpainted armies if it bothers you. You don't need to create an arbitrary meta rule in the corebook that people would just ignore anyways.

>> No.71643746

>and what happened to Star Wars man :/

A corporation jumped the gun on the project and entered into a trilogy project for one of the most popular IP's of all time with no endgame or main story arc, hired three different direction/production teams to do each movie, and did not learn the correct lessons (strengths AND weaknesses) from the Prequels trilogy when trying to make their own IP, and tried the same tropes again (Phasma/Boba Fett, etc.) without understanding why that worked the first time.

As a result, it created three separate movies that looked good and had decent acting performances, but with no real story arc, wildly different characters and motivations, and nonsensical decision making and lack of internal logic and cohesion, and it didn't work with adult fans very well.

Say what you want about the prequels (and there are a LOT of valid criticisms), but at least they had a coherent story narrative, tried new and different story ideas, and a decided endgame, and the movies were made that way. You could rewrite the atrocious dialogue, maybe add a few scenes here and there, and the movies would dramatically improve in quality while still being more-or-less the same movie. You cannot do that with the Sequels.

Also, FUCK Rian Johnson, Phantom Menace was better than the garbage he put out, and that's saying something.

>> No.71643750

Assuming people converted them to look the part of Hereteks or traitor guard then I wouldn't really have a problem with it.

>> No.71643752

>5 cp in a cp factory meta
just make their ballistic/weapon skill 5/6+ with no way to modify it

>> No.71643758


>> No.71643759


>> No.71643774

if theres a good fluff reason for it im fine with whatever

>> No.71643775

*jumps on your franchise*
Eh nothing personal, kid..

>> No.71643788

Models get 2 games free pass. After that no unpainted old models on the table.

>> No.71643789

i dont hate the idea, but it kinda shafts people who either arent that great at painting or dont care for it and just put a wash on their model so it isnt grey, and painting itself is subjective so if you were enough of a faggot you could say anything was "painted with shortcuts" i would be dumb to say that everything in tabletop 40k is objective and hard numbers, but this just seems like a bit much

idk thats just my take on it

>> No.71643796

has anyone tried to bring this bird nigga to a 2k points game?

>> No.71643803

>Say what you want about the prequels (and there are a LOT of valid criticisms), but at least they had a coherent story narrative, tried new and different story ideas, and a decided endgame, and the movies were made that way. You could rewrite the atrocious dialogue, maybe add a few scenes here and there, and the movies would dramatically improve in quality while still being more-or-less the same movie. You cannot do that with the Sequels.
It's really embarrassing that such a low bar is being set at this point

>> No.71643813

My mom got me into Tolkien and all that then we walked past a giant Space Marine in a shopping centre one day and I was hooked. She kept up my hobby and encouraged me to take part in it because I liked it and had fun no matter how weird or dark it was. She even played SoB to do stuff with me.

>> No.71643823

Why was Boba Fett get so popular again? I still dont get it.

>> No.71643838

god forbid you have to paint in a hobby with an emphasis on painting

>> No.71643839

>Unpainted minis represent irregulars. To show this on the field all unpainted minis get -1 to shooting, -1 to hits in melee, -1 to wounding, -1 to saves and roll 2D6 for leadership, discarding the lowest die

>> No.71643852

based mum

>> No.71643853

"Cool and mysterious mercenary" trope anon, it's something we humans intrinsically find cool.

>> No.71643859

>aren't that great at painting
you can literally drybrush a color scheme to act as a "fake" wash and you're 80% done, fill in the details of your choice and you've got TT quality models in no time

See this vid for the drybrush technique:


>> No.71643867

cool armor

thats all it takes to be popular if you are in star wars

>> No.71643878

Herohammer is fucking stupid.

>> No.71643879

Good character design.

>> No.71643889

in extended universe he was a pretty good character, he wasnt a saint but i'd put him in the same shoes as han, i mean there both bounty hunters so it checks out. also jetpack rocket launcher combo will never not be cool
>Also, FUCK Rian Johnson, Phantom Menace was better than the garbage he put out, and that's saying something.
yep. not to mention you got fuckin disengenuous zoomers getting all high and mighty about "oh the boomers cant make up their mind about what they want, they complain too much" shit is so aggravating

>> No.71643915


I think most people would be able to agree what constitutes a shortcut though.

If there was a rule like that I imagine them putting in some example pictures. One is a Space Marine painted by like some kid, it's not great but the different parts are all painted in with intention, it might be rushed out of impatience but it's still understandable what the kid wanted.

Then the other one would be a Space Marine some WAACfag used an air-brush to spray one side white and the other side blue so it technically fits the rule, but anyone with a brain can call them out for spending maybe fifteen minutes to paint their entire army.

I agree with it in spirit but there's a lot of shit in 40k people just let slide anyway. Like who the fuck is autistic enough not to let someone play a different sub-faction than the colour scheme they have, for example? Nobody I've ever met at least, but I did see a 20-odd page thread about it on B&C.

>> No.71643922

if games workshop were to make the custom special character rules from chapter approved standard how would you balance it?

>> No.71643926

Yeah, Anything the guy I don't like does is a shortcut. Fuck that guy.

>> No.71643944


>> No.71643958


It's OK WAACAnon, nobody at GW reads and implements ideas for /tg/ threads anyway. You're safe.

>> No.71643964

This part is particular important when dry brushing. Just becasue the technique is called "dry brush" it doesn't mean you can't keep your brush a little humid if you get a better texture like that.

>> No.71643968

I just want Saga of the Beast and Engine War to be over with so we can finally get around to War of the Spider and the new Fabius model.

>> No.71643969

Since I know you guys hate reddit, I decided to post the "Siege of Terra : Saturnine" spoilers in the Pastebin.

Can you guys read them?


>> No.71643970

i get it not being fun to fight an unpainted army because a WAACfag assembled it last night from a net list and probably half of the army is proxied, but let people take things at their own speed, forcing people to do something before they can play seems a bit dickish to me i dunno
i got fucking massive fingers, details are gonna be a bitch for me to do whenever i get my first army
again WAACfags will grasp at anything to get an edge, so if you really want this rule get ready for good ole' neckbeard johnson to scan over all of your models and if he sees one scuffed detail or mold line that isnt worked on, hes gonna freak tf out

>> No.71643973

Just give the traits point costs which are easily FAQ'd as necessary

>> No.71643978

I wouldn't. Balance is not the point of those rules

>> No.71643984

>I agree with it in spirit but there's a lot of shit in 40k people just let slide anyway. Like who the fuck is autistic enough not to let someone play a different sub-faction than the colour scheme they have, for example? Nobody I've ever met at least, but I did see a 20-odd page thread about it on B&C.
You are right that generally people will play just about anyone out of courtesy, but that doesn't mean people enjoy playing "counts-as" models even if its just a color scheme. Like a person might smile and be nice the whole game, but they also could make a note of disliking you and think you're just playing for the rules in examples such as yours.

>> No.71643990

The problem with trying to balanced special characters is that points differences don't cut it. Either there is one loadout that is immensely superior to the rest or the base model's rules are good enough to take bare-bones. If the thunderhammer was 80 points, BAngle players would still bring a smash-captain or no captain at all, because that is the effective build and no points change will fix it.

The options themselves have to be as balanced with each other at a similar points value before they actually matter.

>> No.71644010

40k would be so much better if it wasn't dumbed down trash with rerolls and auras that insult a player's intelligence with how simple it is.

>> No.71644012

I would just let players pick a non-HQ model using any datasheet in their army as a template, give it 1 extra WS/BS, 2 extra attacks, and 3 extra wounds. They can give it equipment as normal, but past that it's a single character model. Points-wise I think it would need to be a flat minimum extra points, or some sort of multiplier of the base points of the model.

That pretty much allows people to make any sort of custom HQ they want. Would also need to be limited to one of these per army so that people don't find the most optimal combo and then spam 3 of it

>> No.71644041

Whats the limit on "count-as"? I got a deathguard kill team and for pox walkers I was just going to use kroot or pathfinders since I don't have any. Its only three of them.

>> No.71644056

>he plays anything other than narrative

>> No.71644057

Yeah wetbrushing is the more accurate term, it's so clutch

>> No.71644072

Cool beans.

>> No.71644075

Entirely up to the person you're playing with. Generally as long as you use something of similar size and express the fact that you're trying to get the models for it, most people shouldn't have a big issue. Some might raise a stink about it though

>> No.71644078

>i got fucking massive fingers, details are gonna be a bitch for me to do whenever i get my first army
then don't overthink it bro, literally a simple dab of any given color will suffice, no one is asking for golden demon tier paintjobs

>> No.71644083

this seems juvenile and petty, and that's coming from someone who refuses to play against unpainted armies.

>> No.71644092

40k would be better if we moved away from gambling dice and used dice that didn't hilariously fuck you over.

>> No.71644098

If he had a brain, hed' sell it one bit at a time over months of auctions, and probably rake in 5x as much as people splash out to win their own personal must-haves

>> No.71644099

You don't paint with your fingers retard

>> No.71644111

not him but are you that canadian anon from a few weeks ago that challenged me to a match

>> No.71644117

>40k would be so much better if it wasn't dumbed down trash with rerolls and auras that insult a player's intelligence with how simple it is.
yeah, but the players can't handle it. They scream WAAC and autists if the rules try to be even remotely good.

>> No.71644130

Now that's where you're wrong, gruggo.

>> No.71644133

"Shortcuts" that get a similar effect for a lot less work are different than taking actual shortcuts that reduce layering on your model. Airbrushing can look great or awful and cheap depending on how you use it for example.

>> No.71644149

instead of 4x big shoota he should have had 4x autocannon

or battle cannon like gorgutz

>> No.71644151

Rogue Trader is played in my circle and no one claims WAAC or autism.

>> No.71644153

What are the best bro tier moments you've seen? This happened about 8 or 9 months ago.

>Go to GLS, guy in his 40's is having a match against a kid that looked to be 11 or 12
>Manager says the kid set up a game and brought his shit in
>His first game, he didn't have enough points for even a 500 army
>He brought tau, had a darkstrider, 10 fire warriors, and 3 XV8's so maybe 300~ points
>Guy he was playing against was a total bro
>Had the kid download battlescribe and showed him how to use it
>Let the kid borrow some of his eldar as stand-ins for a 500 point game
>Spent the game walking the kid through it, helping him learn how to navigate battlescribe to find his rules
>Essentially taught the kid how to play over the course of an hour
>Gave the kid tips on what else to buy for his army to help him improve
>On the way out gives the kid a new ethereal mini in box
>Tells the kid not to worry about the price and to enjoy painting it, saying a psyker will help his army a lot

It was cool to see, the guy was always pleasant but he did WAAC on occasion, glad he took the time to help a new player get more familiar with the hobby.

>> No.71644154

If I use an airbrush, then get complemented on my work by anti-airbrush fags. Do I bother telling them?

>> No.71644172

Anti-airbrush fags are just (you) farmers anyway, they don't actually care.

>> No.71644176

I am not.

>> No.71644177

I will do whatever it takes to get models on the table faster. The only reason I'm not dipping a basecoated model and calling it a day is because nobody sells the dip I want in my area

>> No.71644181

>those people who try to do light sources with an airbrush
It never looks good.

>> No.71644193

oh, shame that

>> No.71644195


Was this kid you anon? be honest.

>> No.71644208


Was thinking about getting an airbrush since I have a lot of vehicles to paint and suddenly a lot of time to do it in, and it looks a lot smoother. Other than "no obvious attempts at bad OSL" what are the things that work best with airbrush?

>> No.71644217

Tell them. Worst case they (You) you

>> No.71644222

Yellow and whites work best since its incredibally fast and easy to get smooth looking coats. Other then that just treat it like a very fast base coat applicator

>> No.71644224

gradients and good OSL

>> No.71644230

I used to use an ordo xenos cp farm in my IF siegebreaker cohort list, it honestly doesn't farm that much cp but it's pretty funny to sometimes high roll mental interrogation on melee assassins like coldstars

>> No.71644233

Its fantastic as a base for beginners but looks better when you wet blend on top.

>> No.71644237

Remember when xenos got codex supplements?

>> No.71644244

has there ever been a case of good looking OSL

>> No.71644252

Basecoating. 90% reduction in painting time for big models.

>> No.71644253

It's hard to fuck up with an airbrush, just keep in clean and don't have it rest in one spot when painting. Always keep the spray moving and never start spraying directly aiming at the model, passing sprays only.

>> No.71644258

If there were, would they bother tell you it was airbrushed?

>> No.71644262

>be at /wfg/ and be Chaos Warrior fan
>get told that Chaos Warriors = Space Marines and don't belong in fantasy
So are you guys better company than them?

>> No.71644277

let's be real, the ethereal invocations serve essentially the same function as support hq psyker powers, you just don't have to roll for em.

>> No.71644281

how do you guys paint your minis? do you work on one at a time until it is completed or do you do the same step on a bunch of minis before moving on to the next step (like base coat all of your minis, then layer all, then shade all)?

>> No.71644285

No, we're worse. Sorry anon.
Better take those Grog Warriors of yours and introduce them to the bottom of your trashcan.

>> No.71644287

every general is full of assholes, anon. Just like what you like, reply to the nice people and don't let the bullshit get to you.

>> No.71644304

>just keep in clean

This is the biggest thing I can stress enough for people using an airbrush for the first time, you need to get into the habit of cleaning it out each time before putting it away. Airbrushes are one of those things that aren't too difficult to clean on a regular basis but if you let it get disgusting then they are a pain in the ass.

>> No.71644306

who'ever said that was a retard since chaos warriors are older than space marines

>> No.71644311

I paint one at a time until a particular step takes too long to dry and I find another model to work on.

>> No.71644317

Usually one at a time

>> No.71644326


Thanks for the advice, haven't heard the "don't start while aiming at model" thing before but it makes perfect sense in retrospect.


Smooth basecoats was the main goal, so that works just fine. Mostly I just need to do lots of greens on my Skitarii robes, Dunecrawlers and soon helicopters and cream on my Frateris Militia, since I can start with priming the first two Leadbelcher and washing and then it's just details.

>> No.71644330

Batch paint for troops, single model paint for monsters / vehicles / hq

>> No.71644331

Depends on what im doing. Basic infantry? Assembly line that shit. They need to look alright and consistent. Vehicles or Hq I'll do one at a time because they'll be being looked at more.

>> No.71644338

Depends on the unit.
If it's a squad or group, then each mini in stages, like all of the undercoats, weapons, trims, etc.
If it's a larger model, then usually a per-model basis.

>> No.71644347

Boys I'm having a mind blank on a word. If I through a bunch of shit units at a really good unit to keep it bogged down, what's the term for that?... "I'll just bog your character down with...."

>> No.71644353

Generally I try to broad detail -> smaller details. Like with Skitarii I just put base coats for red, but do copper and gold highlights for metal before I base any of the small details.

>> No.71644354


>> No.71644359


>> No.71644361

>hey, feel like playing a narrative game?
>'nah, I only do tourney standard matched play'

>> No.71644364

tarpit or chaff

>> No.71644365

Give it to me straight /tg/, how bad are the new sisters? Saw this image and now I want to start s small force of red DSL chaos sisters

>> No.71644373


>> No.71644374

threadly reminder that complaints regarding greytide, waac/caac, wysiwyg, rules, etc. can be addressed by simply playing with like-minded friends on a garage board
free yourself from what you dislike and establish your own norms instead of suffering those of gw, timmy, or some lgs meta
unshackle the invisible chains that bind you
bonus: not even a global pandemic can affect your ability to play

>> No.71644381

>"don't start while aiming at model"
its habit at this point so i forgot about it, glad another anon didn't. starting spraying at the model has a tendency to make spiderweb effects in the wet paint from the initial burst of air pressure. however, i have gotten interesting effects on weathering terrain using the technique. a quick spritz of nuln oil on terrain at a higher air pressure will spiderweb the wash a bit, and once dry will look like a dried oil stain.

>> No.71644383

>Hey, feel like playing a tourney prep game
>'Nah, I only do unique narrative play'

>> No.71644385

I work on them one at a time. I'd be much lazier and haphazard if I was looking at trying to do 30 red cloaks in a row or such.

>> No.71644395

Nah I'm talking more about the name for a throw away unit.

Chaff! That's its thanks mate.

>> No.71644396

They suck

>> No.71644399

How bad is grey tide? I've been looking at building them but if they're just op I probably won't.

>> No.71644407

>drag queens in 40k
stunning and brave

>> No.71644411

and how many people do you find who do that. remember, a significant amount of posters here reee over someone taking more than three detachments, or the suggestion of three units of the same unit. narrative is a dying breed and you know it

>> No.71644414

I WOULD bet people like >>71643692 are Total War secondaries but when I checked vg out, they're nothing like them.

>> No.71644420

All my friends don't care for the game and the only dude I found that also plays is a cunt

>> No.71644422

Oh boy been years since I've seen ds2 artwork.

>> No.71644425

there's a lot more tourney people than casual narrative blokes at my store, so that's not exactly egregious for a pick-up game.

>> No.71644429

I suddenly feel like doing DS3's step on Fire Keeper ending but dressed as desert sorcress. Why did that set make it in? Not Heide set or Royal Swordsman but that one?

>> No.71644433

Enough that I've played more cities of death games or games with custom character rules than I have with ITC rules

>> No.71644436

>All my friends don't care for the game and the only dude I found that also plays is a cunt
Same, I only know two guys that play and they are both WAACfags with deldar and UM armies.

>> No.71644450

>hey want to do a narrative game that is fun as hell and different each time?
>no I'm a faggot and hate fun now let me roll my hundreds of dice and then reroll them because my CP farm commander stack has that aura if I'm within 6" of my commander who is exactly like my other two since that's the tourney limit and also here's my netlist by the way if you don't like playing competitive you're a losing loser and should get good
>okay fag eat my shit I'm going to play necromunda

>> No.71644451

What might a novel about Horticulous Slimux be like?

>> No.71644466

No one really gives a fuck about the tourney GW fellating posters here.

>> No.71644468

Can they at least be sort of salvaged like the pic I posted? If I combine the heads I could salvage with the already good heads thats probably a sizable amount of sister heads without having to go third party yet.

>> No.71644471


>> No.71644478

and it's not 40k nor is it a good game

>> No.71644493

>"Hey dude, I put together a 100 PL list. do you mind I pit it against your 2000 point list? the points should be close."
>"Yeah, I don't mind at all, what's the narrative?"
>"Oh, who cares. btw, I'm giving all my dudes every upgrade, even though they're not modeled. It is all free with PLs anyway."

>> No.71644505

how does one set up garagehammer?

>> No.71644507

>game is literally called Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader
>Warhammer 40,000
>Its lore is even similar barring some retcon'd things.

>> No.71644512

neither do i. I hate competitive. But when literally every person in every lgs and gw i've ever been in does matched play only, and people here reee over rule of three, you shouldn't try to act smug over made up scenarios

>> No.71644513

I usually either focus on one or go between 2-3 if they're small enough. Rarely do I batch paint unless it's a horde unit that I know nobody will look at too closely

>> No.71644519

Are they at least painted? My friend just dipped his CSM into some contrast and called it a day. Only saw one regular dude in the scheme but apperantly he has some dino bots painted the same way

>> No.71644525

Are Fabius and Lucius not on Terra or what's up with that? Supposedly Fabius had planned out large-scale experiments to perform in the turmoil, but I don't think he's been mentioned so far in the Siege of Terra series.

>> No.71644546

the problem is that matched play is presented as the standard way of playing the game or at least people treat it that way

>> No.71644547

So. I want to make a joint Skitarii SoB army, any ideas on which subfactions would be most (but still not at all) plausible to ally with each other lore-wise?

>> No.71644549

ya but its stupid nigger nerd cuck shit written by soiboi brits and drawn by faggots and no one should play it. 8th edition is the only edition that matters boomer cunt go catch corona

>> No.71644557

Rock CDs, Beer, Candy, Unmarked white van, 6ft table with a nice soft felt on it, sound-proof barriers, camera.

>> No.71644559

>hey dude, I'm put together an argument, do you mind if i make up a hypothetical situation to support it? the point should be valid
>yeah i don't mind at all, what are the merits?
>oh, who cares. btw, i'm making my opponent's side look as bad as humanly possible, even though no sane person would act that way. It is all free with made up strawmen anyways

>> No.71644574

Put away those clippers and green stuff and Convert Less.

>> No.71644584

you have to be 18 to post here underage

>> No.71644587

Is there anywhere decent to buy just Imagifier heads? That too makes me tempted to build some SoB

>> No.71644589

t. powergaming WAACfag who thinks the hobby aspect is a waste of time

>> No.71644598


>> No.71644602

Definitely not Stygies

>> No.71644607


That was basically the plan, yeah. Don't strictly need the Ordo Xenos Wtrait since I can pay 1CP for Kurov's Aquila anyway, but I can go for Mental Interrogation or Terrify as my psyker power depending on whether there's any Overwatch I could do with turning off. Got some big guns that could use buffing but sadly the Inquisition powers are largely support stuff rather than flat buffs or mind bullets.

>> No.71644610

Eat shit, retard.

>> No.71644612

I've tried setting up PL games before, Hell it was mandatory in the first campaign, LITERALLY everyone did this. No amount of bargaining would let them see the light of WYSIWYG.

>> No.71644613

stop shitting up the thread samefag

>> No.71644615

People saying "narrative" in normal conversation really tick my 'tism

>> No.71644628

You really need to find some people that are not gigantic faggots

>> No.71644637

>best boy is also best girl

>> No.71644639

This post reads like it was written by a buzzword bot from reddit

>> No.71644645

What? I just want Imagifier heads

>> No.71644660

Does pick related mean I could field two AdMech battalions and a vanguard detachment containing just three Eversors and this would all be legal and battleforged?

Sorry this is definately a dumb question but I've ended up overthinking this. I just want an excuse to convert/field cyber-assassins.

>> No.71644666

>there's still no story about the first loyal Krieg regiments being sent out into the galaxy
>still no story about the first Commissars attached to a potentially recidivist force only to find out how fuck nuts crazy they actually are
C'mon Dumb Black Library

>> No.71644667

If it's so good, why didn't it get resurrected?

>> No.71644676

>acquire like-minded players by either getting friends into the hobby or recruiting wild unicorns
>make a board. might seem daunting at first, but it's easier than it seems, especially if made as a group
>establish house rules if you want, according to group preferences

>> No.71644682

You could just use the Assassinorium strategem to summon one with an Imperium boss.

>> No.71644694


>> No.71644700

I *could* but then I'd only have one Eversor, which isn't enough Eversor in my opinion.

I was hoping there was a way to take three without utterly gimping my army.

>> No.71644719

I'd say Argent Shroud for the sisters, and Agripinaa or Graia for the Ad Mech. Argent Shroud are about actions over words. Agripinaa defend against chaos regularly, and Graia are zealous fanatics. Agripinaa might also work for Martyred Lady with how much they enjoy meatgrinders

>> No.71644727

Imagine being a fag AND being unable to correctly identify best girl.

I'm pretty sure you qualify for a disabled parking badge.

>> No.71644729

I think you can still take a vanguard with no HQ, yeah.

>> No.71644730

A real assassin is unnoticed and enters the battlefield while your opponent isn't looking to snipe his HQ and other important characters. Don't let matched play stop you, drop your dudes in while the guy is pre-occupied with a smoke break or needs to take a piss.

>> No.71644733

Any time GW does something new with something old it's 99% fucked up. I'm glad they're not ruining Priestley's work any further.

>> No.71644738

deldar is primed grey and he painted the armor one color leaving everything else, UM is primed blue with the power swords and bolters painted silver and some additional base coats but no real highlights.

>> No.71644741

>posting the son, not the mother
>cannot cook
Nice try

>> No.71644746

I HATE how she opens chips.

>> No.71644752

Hell yeah, fellow Misato fan

>> No.71644757

Smaller subsets of rules for Monster and Vehicle characters, give them an associated cost (not points, just with regards to each other) so "halves damage" and "+1 Ld bubble" aren't valued equally. And make some of them mutually exclusive. Hell, maybe even make several different tables with max one pick from each so you can't gigastack. Some more restrictive wording so you can't get extreme cheese like sniping Tau Commanders would be good too.

>> No.71644769

seems like it's salvageable

>> No.71644778

anyone have the mek with kff dataslate and points?

>> No.71644780

>best girl


>> No.71644781

her teenage clone caused the apocalypse and she fucking died on her husband and son. Worst girl.

>> No.71644792

How else are you supposed to get the last few chips/crumbs at the bottom of the bag, especially when theyre stuck in the lil corners? Idiot.

>> No.71644800

>she created a monument to humanity which will last forever
>pussy so good that Gendo thinks of her when he fucks Ritsuko and her mom

>> No.71644806

If that pic is anything to go by, just dump em all over the floor.

>> No.71644810

How many years. How many fucking years have you fucks argued about which girl is best in Eva my god please stop its not even 40k related.

>> No.71644813

According to his novels, Fabius is certain on Terra but he is left too early after getting disillusioned with the traitor side. This put him on Fulgrim's shitlist.

He hasn't yet appeared in the Siege series. Maybe a short story will cover his angle.

>> No.71644814

This. We all know the harem end is the proper end.

>> No.71644819

Poorfag’s dragging shit up again.

>> No.71644824


>> No.71644826

>flick corners to loosen up any remnants
>fold bag in half long ways to make a crude funnel out of the bag
>pour the last crumbs into your hand or mouth

>> No.71644834

Turning adam and eve into giant mecha to fight angels from outerspace and portray your daddy issues is more 40k than 40k will ever be.

>> No.71644837

But now we have a second model.

>> No.71644845

People will be arguing until the heat death of the universe.

>> No.71644855

Just use most of this.

>> No.71644857

>The Primarchs have a mother now.

But why?

>> No.71644861

Three things are guaranteed in life: Death, Taxes, and arguing who is best girl in NGE

>> No.71644866

The Horus Heresy was a mistake.

>> No.71644868

I'm sorry the notion of two people agreeing to play a game with the intent to win is so offensive to you, anon.

>> No.71644869

For over thirty years now.

>> No.71644882

>cultist heavy stubber on 40mm

>> No.71644891

>who is also a perpetual
>and possibly as strong as TEH EMPRAH
>disappeared after the primarchs born, no one knows where

>> No.71644894

Yeah, some of the lost primarchs have parents.

>> No.71644901

There is very little downside to matched play outside of curtailing extreme meme lists like fifty Killa Kanz or some shit. If you want to play with friends and dislike some of the limitations of matched play and trust each other not to abuse the removal thereof, just houserule it.

>> No.71644902

Trying to think of ways to distinguish my Coomer Veterans from regular Sisters. Thinking Celestians and Zephyrim squads having Brass armor but retaining the purple shoulders and helmets and pink robes.

>> No.71644903

NGE wasn't even that good.

>> No.71644911

more like HAD, amiright?

>> No.71644913

>>and possibly as strong as TEH EMPRAH

Strong but nothing compared to the Emperor.

>>disappeared after the primarchs born, no one knows where

She disappeared after taking the Primarchs and scattering them into the Warp to save them.

Then she fled and hid in her birthplace which I think is North Africa.

>> No.71644921

what the fuck, source?

>> No.71644923

>Strong but nothing compared to the Emperor.
For now ;)

>> No.71644925


>> No.71644929


>> No.71644934

The veterans could have their middrift showing.

>> No.71644935


>> No.71644941

For as long as there are men (using the word loosely) to argue about it.

>> No.71644950

They could but I don't want to put in that much effort sculpting belly buttons and abs.

>> No.71644951

See >>71643969

Stop what?

Not now or ever. She is retired.

>> No.71644972

She's retired until she isn't anymore.

>> No.71644980

>Not now or ever. She is retired.
Until GW needs a Strong Female that don't need no man =^)

>> No.71644981

You forgot the biggest spoiler of all That the "nothing is canon" line got published in an actual BL afterword.

>> No.71644987

maybe just keep the same scheme but distinguish superiors/celestians with freehand patterns on the robes

>> No.71644991

It was more impactful when it first came out, watching it now, it has influenced the industry so much it doesn't feel so fresh anymore.

People, including the creator, who believe it is some timeless, epic psychological/philosophical work are deluded about its intrinsic worth too.

>> No.71645010

That's not what Abnett said. It's just basically said that everyone has his version of 40K and it's okay. There is enough grey areas and holes for anyone to fluff the lore the way they want. He didn't say that nothing is canon or evrerything is canon.

>> No.71645011

Hot-glue the vets

>> No.71645014

Are nicassars pancake bears or floating pod squids?

>> No.71645015

Like a lace pattern around the hem, nothing too fancy but enough to stand out.

>> No.71645026

Yes. Can’t you see him.

>> No.71645029

I will forever head-cannon them as Liir.

>> No.71645039

I always took GW fluff as just the unreliable narrator.

>> No.71645043

>Sanguinius confronts a formation of titans (One Warlord and its three warhound escorts). He begins by stabbing one of the warhounds in the head and causing it some serious damage. The warlord reacts to protect its escort by targeting the Angelic Primarch with its weapons. The Primarch outraced the apocalyptic weapons of the watlords and soared up. He dragged his spear through the flank of the titan creating a ugly gash to its side and then he stabbed the titan in the back of its head. He pushed the spear deep into the base of the warlord's skull and held firm as the titan started booming snorting and choking noises from its warhorns as it began to shake and convulse. The titan fell apart and crumbled to the earth. Sanguinius flew down and stood at the side of his titanic kill and gazed at the three warhounds as they bathed him in their target seeking systems. The Primarch yelled "Try if you like. Shall we continue?". In unison, the warhound titans turned back and fled. Later some in the recounting of this event insisted that no way can a Primarch stand before the weapons of three god machines. The warhounds must have detected the approach of titan killing machines that were two minutes away. However, those who witnessed the event firsthand know for a fact that the titans fled the wrath of the Angel.
We anime now.

>> No.71645045

The fluff goes between both. The last time they appeared in a Phil Kelly book they were said to bear-like.

>> No.71645046

>The Primarchs have a mother now.
>she's black


>> No.71645053

Yeah I saw him, that's a lot of converting for advantage. I could have passed a 32mm base, but the same size of terminator for a cultist? What the fuck were you trying to do?

>> No.71645056

He said the point is to customize your canon. How many ways do they have to word it before you spergs get it? GW contradicts itself but it never retcons itself.

>> No.71645061

I think she has more reddish brown. Arabic/Middle Eastern like. She wears Arabic-like dress and a niqab

>> No.71645062

You realise at some point, your ancestors were also black right?

>> No.71645067

>she's a black arab muslim who wears a niqab


>> No.71645074

But what about what Laurie Goulding said?

>> No.71645075

Anon, only smaller bases are modeling for advantage. The worst thing bigger bases do is allow you to screen better. Who on earth would want to do that?

>> No.71645085

I want a proper Tau Auxillaries/Xenos Merc army. Keep it weeb I don't give a fuck.
Give me giant toads with plasma kanobo clubs and tarellian dog samurai.

>> No.71645095

Anon, it's not nice to call them monkeys...

>> No.71645096

The Emperor is a Turk. What's the problem if his partner was an Arab?

>> No.71645097

Any Perpetual old enough would inevitably be black.

>> No.71645103

Doesn't work at GW anymore. And he was contradicted by people before him, and he's been contradicted after. At this point I'm pretty sure his departure was less than voluntarily.

>> No.71645104

You really think a creative decision like this can be taken without any of the current contexts/subtexts?

>> No.71645105

Stormlord can only carry enough ammunition for 30s of sustained fire

>> No.71645113

>wears a niqab

>> No.71645114

A strong female who needs a man who needs her and they mutually help each other.

>> No.71645122

>She wears Arabic-like dress and a niqab

Literally fake news. The out of Africa theory get disproven at least once a year, it's pretty much a joke by this point.

>> No.71645123

Calm down, Ahmed.

>> No.71645131

Yes, in fact I'm doing it right now. Take things at face value unless they're specifically stated otherwise, it'll lower your blood pressure and you'll live longer.

>> No.71645133

The Emperor has specific tastes.

>> No.71645137

Why is showing her shapes and why hasn't anyone still thrown acid in her face?

>> No.71645145

This is best.

>> No.71645152


>> No.71645153

the video games can appeal to kids but the actual TTG doesn't really catch on until teen years, trying to get a young child into even the simplified 8th edition is like pulling teeth- while teens on the other hand can get the wow factor appreciation of sculpts and the edginess of the setting

>> No.71645160

Based GW reinforcing the traditional nuclear family

>> No.71645161

Acid shops are all shut due to coronavirus.

>> No.71645168

It’s not like it’s an aura. It’s given him zero advantage.

>> No.71645172

fuck responded to wrong posters

>> No.71645174

I'm not sure if I've ever seen them depicted as squids outside of fan-stuff, while the flying polar bear angle has at least some backing.

Not like it matters what they look like, since if they get any representation on the tabletop it'll be in the form of an aircraft, since they're supposed to be spacefaring pilots. Not that I expect them to get representation, since they're also psykers and that'd be a huge change for Tau to have

>> No.71645175

Laurie Goulding reigned over the most controversial era of BL both in the HH and without. I'm willing to take Dan Abnett's word over one of a billion 2010 newcomers to pop culture who screech online that people don't like what they're shitting out and drop "I'm in charge, deal with it" card at a moment's notice.

>> No.71645179

>stop noticing things or else it'll make you uncomfortable
I know you're being ironic but still

>> No.71645192


>> No.71645194

>Abaddon vows to violently murder the Lord of Iron

Could Abaddon seriously take on Perturabo?

>> No.71645199

funnily enough dan abnett left BL when goulding was around and didn't come back until he left

>> No.71645203

>Take things at face value unless they're specifically stated otherwise,
The specific statement otherwise is that these fucking clowns are putting their pronouns in their twitter bios.

>> No.71645209


>> No.71645210

What's a goodat least not terrible loadout for the Deff Dread and Nobz that come in the Orks Start Collecting box?

>> No.71645213

I'm not sure she's wearing this for reasons of modesty or religion. Chances are she's just trying to keep a low profile.

As for her ethnicity, she apparently knew Emps back in the days of the "First Cities" so I guess she's closest to being very ancient Mesopotamian or something.

>> No.71645215


>> No.71645216

>abaddon is going to kill the daemon primarchs who were suppose to be undivided, taking care of that issue for ADB and the rest of his demented monkeys that follow him

It makes a certain kind of sense tbqh

>> No.71645219

So was Tadano-kun the Emperor all along?

>> No.71645224

I could see having some sort of psyker denial "drone" ball for them. Gives something for non farsight players to interact with psykers and you can avoid having to show what they look like

>> No.71645226

Well for as far as killing primarchs go, Abaddon's got the most experience.

>> No.71645234

Ciaphas Cain too.

>> No.71645235

As first captain he sure can't, but as the Warmaster anointed by the Dark Gods, maybe.

>> No.71645236

Only Thorpe and he's the one who calls Titan Legio enginseers 'xee, xer, xim' in his books because they're more machine than (wo)man.

>> No.71645246

I am not even a poltard, I am a degenerate accelerationist lolicon faggot and I know that African Anthropogenic theory is outdated as fuck.

>> No.71645272

>Average Primarch 9 ft tall
>Average Nob 7-10 ft tall
>Average warboss is taller than a nob, described as giant
>Ghaz described as monstrously huge, one of the biggest warbosses in a long time
>Model smaller than a primarch

>> No.71645273

depending on your kulture you can go with 4 kustom mega blastas, but i prefer to run with 3 dread klaws and KMB.

>> No.71645275

Except it's not. Only racist dipshits who don't want to admit their ancestors were black keep trying to push different theories but can never back them up with concrete evidence. The closest they can get is multiple migrations.
Out of Africa.
Which is still from Africa.

>> No.71645277

Reading one of the leaked pages, she says that the area she is currently in is near her birth place. Where did John find her?

>> No.71645296

New thread!

>> No.71645302

Chaos Daemons are an after-thought army that has been a carry over from WFB since the beginning and Chaos is currently in a build all-or-nothing place.

>> No.71645308

>I am not even a poltard
No, just a regular common or garden tard


>> No.71645314

right now the most popular theory points to botswana. doesn't mean it's correct though. i like the ancient aliens theory because it's more exciting

>> No.71645320

>Participating in the best idol contest
>Lost it 12 times but managed to bed several ugly bastards to get good rep despite losing time and time again
>13 times drop stage light into the rival farm gurl always beated her
>Finally wins
>Leads hostile take over of rival company
>Holds most of the market
>Company finally takes a better hold of the audience never a better time for abby chan
>Completely ignored by her idol company who begin to support literally everyone else in the company
>Farm gurl is not deatn
>Former idol even prettier than farm girl comes back even hotter from retirement
>Two of your idols from the same time try to stop her but fail miserably
>Former idol revives her company and give a major make over to everyone without dropping a sweat
>Your momentum is lost and you're again against the ropes
Being abby chan is suffering and i love it

>> No.71645335

You realise this is a meme joke edit that in no way represents the models accurately? Look at the thickness of the bases, all of them should be the same thickness if the sizes where accurate.

>> No.71645338

Stay away from me, i may be born pedo(hebe), but i like older women better fortunately. But i am terrified of kids, not because im scared ill touch them, which i wont. I believe its morally wrong etc etc. But im terrified people will misunderstand the situation if i am within 20m radius of a kid. People dont seem to understand that being born pedo dont make you wanna rape everyone. Nor do i care to explain it, i'm just gonna stay away thank you very much

And no i don't find this kid attractive, she's way to young. Paradox coming from me, but thats why i dont trust people to understand either

>> No.71645339

Maybe. If I recall, they were depicted as primarily being telepathic, which they use to maneuver their ships and possibly fling meteorites at foes. They could go for something simple by just giving them a special rule to deny and having their psychic powers just be statted up as normal weapons in the form of rocks that they fling, in order to keep it simple.

>> No.71645349

You don't turn more black as you age anon, that's not how it works

>> No.71645350

Cute and canon.

>> No.71645365

>this entire post

>> No.71645417

What the heck did I just read?

>> No.71645436

Using PA? 2x KMB
Not using PA? All klawz.
The correct answer however is magnets

>> No.71645460


>> No.71645470

>this entire post
>my shit life

Sometimes i wish i were a guardsman, just ship me out to battle where i could kill a xeno or two. At least achieving something for humanity before i get torn to shreds

>> No.71645998

Are sisters worth taking without Sacred Rites? 5+ to shoot on death seems like a huge buff.

>> No.71646004

GW sucks his cock and nobody hives a shit about Perty. Him and Lorgar jobbing to prop Abaddon up and support his "Chaos Ascendant" wankery would be extremely par for the course.

>> No.71646063

Would a bright yellow for the Arc rifles work? I used blue for the plasma, and it feels weird having them be the same color.

Also, fellow tech-priests, how do you equip your Vanguards?

>> No.71646112

Yellow sounds like a good idea.
Usually 4 rad (with a maul in the other hand for the alpha) and a plasma. It's a shame they only give you one of each special weapon per sprue, or else I'd take two.

>> No.71646457

why he in the freezer

>> No.71646530

Skitarii last longer if you keep them in refrigeration between battles.

>> No.71646722


>> No.71647058

Why are we posting Evangelion? What is going on here?

>> No.71647146

>It's really embarrassing that such a low bar is being set at this point

I mean, yeah, but it shows that there is at least a CORE of good ideas, and that the problem is the execution.

Think of it like a theater play. You can rework and set up the design of the play in a variety of different ways, using different cast and crew. You can use and chop different songs in the play for different interpretations, even going as far as to completely rewrite dialogue for different actors - but the core story and ideas of the play remain the same.

The Prequels are a good play that is performed by an overall bad team with hit-or-miss direction and production.

The sequels are a bad play that is performed with good actors, and each act of the play is written and directed by a different person with their own ideas.

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