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Badass babes

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what could I use to make a jetpack-thing for a contemptor dreadnought

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Will Fabius Bile finally give us female space marines?

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A Contemptor jetpack

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boxnoughts are the only dreadnoughts. anything less would be uncivilized

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What are you lot working on?

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the BA one looks awful and like it would immediately faceplant if activated
ferrum infernus is too short to use as a daemon prince

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>No knees

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Working on a tyranid army, want to mainly focus on Gargoyles, Zoanthropes, and some other flying units. Any suggestions for what hive fleet to run them as?

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Either play around with the custom hive fleet rules or use cronos for psychic shenanigans

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can a melee tyranid army work at all? i love hormogaunts, genestealers, melee carnifex's and the red terror, but i hate the guns tyranids use, they look so dumb

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>That one bit you needed for your conversion finally came!


Papa Nurgle could not keep my Slaaneshi warhost from expanding afterall!

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I was looking over some of the custom traits, but it felt like I might miss out on some of the relics/stratagems. Kronos did seem appealing for the psychic potential, though I'm just not sure I'll get much use out of the shooting bonus. Still, that helps narrow it down.

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bruh save yo money

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What should I take to complete my imperium soup?
I am 614 points short.
I already have an IG brigade and a SoB battalion.
I was thinking of a knight valiant or maybe canis rex for the meme pilot but doesnt necessarily need to be knights im up to anything.

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Just finished the Regents Shadow

Another great Wraight book, Terra is a very good setting.

Some good Minotaur action and some confirmation of some of their weirder fluff. They also get owned a few times.

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Regular humans + custodes is kino

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a unit of grey knight paladins to be bf with the sisters, or an inquisitor and a bunch of kitbashed acolytes, because making acolytes is the most fun thing ive done in 40k in the last 5 years, i have about 12 right now, and still making them. god bless necromunda for all these pieces

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Post acolyte conversions!

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Bretty interesting suggestions.
Can I even fill 614 points with inquisition?

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Does 40k have delicious brown?

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How many short stories have you written about Necrons? Did you do a narrative campaign, or atleast plan out one for them? If you just want your lore, rules, models and everything handed to you then sure, give up, Necronposter.

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You can if you give him a blinged out Land Raider

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im in bed right now, but pic related isnt mine, but im copying it, except he has a bolt pistol and a breast plate armor from the scion kit. all of my acolytes have a backstory because of autism, and this one im currently doing is the son of a noble house who got started to dabble in chaos shit, and the noble son joined the inquisitor that purged his family to try to restore his blood lines honor. so he is going to have fancy paint job on his cape, and im trying to find some sort of rod/cane kind of like the scion general has to round out his theme of being a rich noble son

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there's a nice simple one in the Cadian Command Squad box

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>im in bed right now
Send nudes

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Preheresy thousand sons that I haven't touched beyond priming since two years ago

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ah so there is, now if i could only find a power sword rapier, then id be set. i wonder if dark elder or elder have a nice thin blade that i could put a few eages/purity seals/inquisitor symbols on to replace his chunky power sword

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>the BA one looks awful and like it would immediately faceplant if activated
All jetpacks have that problem. You are just gonna have to suck it up

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SC! Commisar would be good for that

>> No.71638148

Or get your hands on a cheap Severina to cut up for a thinner blade

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>power sword rapier
Would the power swords for the Gang Escher kits work?

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>reading horus heresy
>just finished flight of the eisenstein
>want to get some mark III boxes and paint them in pre heresy death guard colors
>want to fluff them as lost in the warp pre heresy, came out now during the big warp shit storm, found out history, and changed their name so no one will try to purge them for being associated with traitors
what should i name their chapter? i still want it to be death something. death hunters or some shit, to show they have a special grudge against the death guard, when they are really just trying to put down their rabid brothers

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Life Release

Opposite of Death Guard

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no, the BA one has the nozzles all on the bottom, that's not common among jump packs

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im already using that power saber on another acolyte, and im trying to keep each guy unique, well as much as i can
i really dig that breast plate and coat he has, i might see if i can snag him off ebay
havent bought a box of these ladies yet, but i looked up the sprue and that looks perfect

thanks for the help anons, i dont fiddle around on the internet too much, and i forget that it actually can be a helpful tool

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Honestly they probably had a dead line of like less than 24 hours to draw that art so I mean I get why its not the best.

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In what universe is release an antonym for guard? You want something like, Life Neglect or Life Abandon

>> No.71638191

Stop fooling yourself. Even 24 hours is more than enough time to finish a very good drawing.

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>Sir, do we guard the prisoner or release him?

>> No.71638193

Lack of time doesn't forgive that the artstyle is fundamentally terrible.

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Why not just leave him in his cell while we play blackjack and drink some beer?

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Just finished using my bad painting skills to make my first unit of aggressors, after having wolfed them up enough

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They might have done it intentionally. Noses and lips are pretty hard to draw well when doing a "cartoony" look, and since you prbably just see animeposters, you're not used to such sights anyway, reinforcing the effect.

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>edge highlighting
anon, you are already 90% better then most people i see with actual models. keep up the good work, dont get discouraged

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Sure, let me just sit so that the keys hanging on my belt are just barely within reach when I lean back in my chair!

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Looks good to me!

>> No.71638225

We have more than brown, we have blackend by fire.

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So close to done

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>Yellow nurglings
I love it

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Good shit dood. I finished mine last Christmas. I think he's one of the best sculpts GW has done, such a good model/

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Awoo with me sisters! Reject the heretics!

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shut the fuck up

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nicely wolfed

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You sound like you play unpainted space marines

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Models are shit

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That's why you use these or convert your own.

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Imagine being a daemon, possessing some woman, and then having to listen to that nagging 24/7

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U big gay nigga

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They are also big.
I'm planning to get them to make daemon princes out of them. Does anyone have experience filing down shoulder pads? Waste of effort or can it actually look fine?

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I don't have to imagine.
I'm experiencing that from you right now

>> No.71638368

I've work with 10, the iconography is pretty surface level so you shouldn't have trouble filling it off.
>They are also big
They are big, but there is no way you can convert it to a daemon prince, the sizing will be way to small.

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Second base layer of blue, wash, first layer of highlights done for all 8, and second layer of highlights done for the front 3. Really pleased how quickly I'm getting through these, even though the job isn't the neatest. Painting assembled is a new experience for me, and I don't know if I'll do it again if I don't have to.

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guys how do I make grey armour look as if it was actually painted. I did a white base, used valejo grey on it. And now from distance my dudes look as if they had just knee guards, helmets and shoulders painted.

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kill yourself

>> No.71638563

more highlights and shadows

>> No.71638588

Shade and edge highlights.

>> No.71638591

okey. I a noob as painting those, as in I tried painting for the first time in my life. What are highlights and shadows, and is it hard to make them. I don't have that many paints, so am probably not going to be able to do some of the stuff.

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Tau being created by a C'tan the escaped being sharded as a weapon against the Necrons would be interesting.

>> No.71638593

Why would you start white

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hey lads any word when the necron psychic sleepening is going to happen?

Hoping monoliths are finally going to be useable

>> No.71638609

They said Necrons aren't getting one because no one plays them

>> No.71638610

At this point, probably sometime after the heat death of the Universe.

>> No.71638611

thank you, but I don't have any of those paints.

I have a white and grey paint in cans. I have black and dark red from valejo in drip bottles, and a green paint from GW called caliban green.

Could I do anything with those, to make the grey look less unpainted?

>> No.71638618

What would be the ctan?

>> No.71638620

What do you use to edge highlight pink?

>> No.71638621

if you've got black and white then you can darken or brighten your base color on a makeshift palette

>> No.71638622

The rumor was they'd be in war of the spider with fabius so probably after engine war if that's true

>> No.71638624

18 Naked Primarchs in the shower on Holy Terra.

Big hard throbbing cocks wanting to be sucked.

18 Naked Primarchs wanting to be fucked.

Primarchs in the shower on Holy Terra on their knees wanting to suck Space Marine cocks.

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Hot hard buff Primarchs cocks throbbing hard.

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Like a breeding Grox wanting to rut.

Big hard throbbing cocks getting sucked real deep.

Marines even getting fucked in their sleep.

Holy Terra, it rocks!!

Space Marines love big throbbing cocks.

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depends on the pink but an off white usually, like palid whych flesh

>> No.71638629

What is a makeshift palette? Sorry for the questions, but I never painted, plus english is not something I got a firm grasp on.

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>> No.71638632

pink but lighter

>> No.71638633

Trying to get a decently light pink by airbrushing over white, so pallid wych flesh would probably do the trick. Thanks!

>> No.71638635

I happen to know one person im my township who stubbornly clings to them.

feels that way anon.


right anon, get a tea plate,
get a paper towel,
get a piece of baking paper and then moisten paper towel, put baking paper on top.

congrats youve got a wet pallet and can mix paints easily.

do you have black wash?
put black wash on grey.
run along the edges in your original grey colour.

maybe mix said grey with a little white on a wet pallet if it's not standing out enough.

you have the power anon.

>> No.71638638

Deceiver probably, only one we know of that plays long-game, subtle stuff like that.

>> No.71638647

The fuck you say about heretics you furry hypocrite bastard?

>> No.71638659

look up how to make a wet palette on youtube

I'm not sure I'd use it on an airbrush. I'd stick to edge highlighting with it. If you use it on an airbrush it will mute the color. Depending on the pink you may just want the most saturated color you have as the final highlight

>> No.71638665

It's going to be the last book. They gonna crunch the great rift back to where it came from.

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>> No.71638673

The SW are not the furries of the setting, though

>> No.71638682

>do you have black wash?

nope. I have white and grey in a can. black paint from valejo in a drip bottle(it feels a bit for the lack of better words rubbery) and a green paint from GW.

Is the pallet thing mandatory? I don't really have any paper towels at home(I have normal cloth ones) and I don't think my mom has any baking paper.

I will try puting the black on grey without it.

thank you. I don't have the stuff to build one though. will try manging without it.

>> No.71638694

>great rift closed
>Abbadabbadoo pushed back into the Eye
>Bobby G goes back to sleep and Yvraine snuggles up beside him
>Cadia is unexploded through some reverse Celestial Orrery bullshit

Post yfw Necrons singlehandedly restore the old status quo

>> No.71638698

Alright anon, not the guy you're responding to, but here's some basic tips that will help make painting a lot less painful:

1. Get washes. They are the lifeblood of any hobbyist and can do wonders for your painting with minimal effort.
2. Get a pallet. It will allow you to control the amount of paint you put on the model and allow you to control how thin or thick it is. Pallets are a necessity outside of niche scenarios or if you're a showoff.

>> No.71638706

>will try manging without it.
The wet palet is just to keep the paint from drying for a long time, you can just mix paint on any clean, non porus surface. Like a platic or plate

>> No.71638714

Does any have the Book excerpt from Thousand Sons where Ahriman psychically looks in to the mind of an actual wolf that the Space wolves bring along and realizes that it defiantly wasn't a wolf.

>> No.71638721

What is he gonna use scrap wood for the purpose of item storage?

>> No.71638722

>furry hypocrites
reminder that magnus gave himself bird wings and feet

>> No.71638725

Who the fuck knows, but something is better than nothing for him.

>> No.71638736

I mean, obviously they weren’t wolf even in the old lore, they were xenos from that planet, and I’m pretty sure remembering one codex saying that they were more similar to Terran rhinos, genetically speaking, than to actual wolves.
It’s one of the things the SW had to keep secret from the orthodox inquisitors, since “collaborating” with xenos, even bestial one, could be considered heretical

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would mixing the green and the black help me do the shadows? I don't really have any plastic stuff at home. Would something like a candle jar be okey substitute, it is aluminum though, not plastic.

well, the stores here are closed, so I won't be getting any paints till may. Is there a way to make washs yourself, or would it work I held the cans further away.

I will try the black on grey paint, to see how it works.

Thank everyone for the help.

>> No.71638773

>it is aluminum though
anything that doesn't suck up the paint is good enough.

>would mixing the green and the black help me do the shadows?
Are you painting dark green?

>> No.71638778

>Is there a way to make washes yourself?

Yes. Thin your paints down to nearly the consistency of water.

>> No.71638779

How the fuck chainfists work? When you try to punch the chainsword gets in the way, you can't really stab with it as it's blades are only on the bottom and the rest is sheathed, I guess you can only chop down?

Also, how the fuck merely adding a chainsword bayonet on the power fist make it suddenly anti-tank weapon?

>> No.71638784

>Is there a way to make washs yourself
look it up on youtube. I think you can make a pretty good wash consistency by mixing paint, water and a drop of dishwasher

>> No.71638788

Necrons, going to finish this guy and then get started on some Immortals

>> No.71638791

Magnus' physical form was never static even before he fell to Tzeentch. He did the same psychic glamour thing as the Emperor did, appearing to every individual as what they expect him to look like.

>> No.71638793

it would be retarded and anti-fluff, everything points towards the t'au not being created by anybody, but the ethereals being created to make the t'au fight chaos through autism

>> No.71638797

They're sheathed in power fields and meant for cutting through bulkheads, you use them by swinging downward. Yes, they're unwieldy, that's why they're -1 to hit

No idea why the fist is still attached tho

>> No.71638800

It uses the same power projection thing the fist uses, so you're basically hitting something with hundreds of tiny little power swords per second.

>> No.71638801

>Also, how the fuck merely adding a chainsword bayonet on the power fist make it suddenly anti-tank weapon?
Lore explanation: The forcefield of the powerfist also invues the chainsaw making it have better penetration.
Actual reason: GW writers think a saw can hack through metal just by hitting it. Like they do with claws and the like. The only reason chainsowrds don't have ap as well is game balance

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>> No.71638812

>Everyone expect Magnus to be a furry, but he totally isn’t, trust me

>> No.71638813

>> No.71638815

It's defiantly not rock solid evidence, but what i remember it's implies that the wolf used to be something much more sapient, as if had transformed from something else.

"There are no wolves on Fenris" quote is from the 2 books of thousand Sons and Prospero Burns as well.

>> No.71638819

I want to rape the Aryan

>> No.71638825

Yes. You were the furry all along.

>> No.71638828

I am trying to make the armour look grey. with black shoulder and knee pads, red helmet and bolter the green I bought because the store owner told me I need to have the base painted too. no idea why though as it already black.

I will try that. just tried puting normal black on grey. it does not look good. Probably going to have to respry those 5 dudes.

>> No.71638831

This template is getting a little overused, half the time I can't even tell which side the format's even meant to be making fun of

>> No.71638837

>No idea why the fist is still attached tho

Which is why old chainfists were better, because they were like the current CSM terminator chainfist where it's just an enlarged vambrace with a wrist mounted chainblade. Wish there were any for the current Indomitus, but haven't seen any 3rd party and any updates they do will be in the new, bigger scale. Not a fan of the underslung chainfists on the cataphractii. Funny enough, the Grave Warden cataphractii come with Tartaros style chain blades that slot onto the power fists.

>> No.71638838

Like this?

>> No.71638841


Started with basic marines to get the hang of Word Bearers colour scheme. Gonna start converting possessed with plague marine models soon

>> No.71638850

The beauty of it is that it strawmans both sides of an argument.

>> No.71638861

>No idea why the fist is still attached tho
The one thing I don’t understand is why the lighting claws are as bulky as a power fist while not having neither the strength bonus or speed malus the other has
I know that the explanation for the strength is the force field, but it’s really counterintuitive, design-wise

>> No.71638871

My understanding was that Fenrisians were spliced with wolf or wolf-like genes during colonisation in the Dark Age of Technology, either as part of the "experiment in reconstructed mythos" thing that was apparently the goal of colonizing Fenris or simply to help them survive.

This manifests itself so strongly sometimes that Fenrisians either devolve at some point in their lives or are born as 'Fenrisian Wolves' which are technically still mostly human despite their outwards appearance. These have since become a breeding population on Fenris as a species of highly intelligent man-wolf hybrids with a broadly wolf-like phenotype.

Then you have the same background genetics mixed with the Canis Helix, where a Space Marine aspirant can devolve during implantation and becomes the much larger, more powerful species known as a Thunderwolf, which is essentially to regular Fenrisian Wolves what Space Marines are to regular humans.

>> No.71638875

are people still arguing over that?

>> No.71638877

It's literally the chad vs virgin template again. There wasn't meant to be "good side" and "bad side" but such concept proved to be too hard for most of the people to understand. And now it's just thing I like vs thing you like shit.

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>> No.71638882

>Then you have the same background genetics mixed with the Canis Helix, where a Space Marine aspirant can devolve during implantation and becomes the much larger, more powerful species known as a Thunderwolf, which is essentially to regular Fenrisian Wolves what Space Marines are to regular humans.
Wasn’t Russ raised and accompanied in battle by two thunderwolves, long before the Emperor reaches Fenris?

>> No.71638884

This. People forget the original Chad was an exaggerated opposite mindlessly staring into everyone's eyes or spraying puss everywhere

>> No.71638902

This is how I space wolf.

>> No.71638910

>There wasn't meant to be "good side" and "bad side"
This. Fucking staggering how many people missed this joke entirely.

>> No.71638922

dope, always good to see more word bearers

>> No.71638929

No idea, I assumed they were just regular Fenrisian Wolves. I can't keep up with all the fluff though so I could be totally wrong in everything, that is just how it is laid out in my head to make a degree of sense to me personally.

>> No.71638940

You store owner told you to paint the base green? he must have not seen a painted miniature in 20 years or so...
Leave the green be, it doesn't fit that color scheme. If anything it'd probably be good for the eyes and lenses.

>> No.71638942

No one knows though. The Tau themselves, four normal castes included, could have been made with the Ethereal caste being later made to cover up an error. My favourite theory is the Silent King was responsible for their creation, but a C'tan would be cool too.

>> No.71638958

Anons, I'm bored and want to start painting and collecting 40K again.
I've been away for a bit but what would you say is the most aesthetic faction currently?
I used to play IG and see they're still the same Cadians as when I was in school.

>> No.71638961

the virgin "both sides are a caricature"

>> No.71638962

I mean, it doesn’t really make much sense for the marine to turn into TW. If they fall to the beast they have inside they turn into a Wulfen

>> No.71638973

That is absolutely not the pic I was going to post. This is what I posting.

>> No.71638975

The Harlequins

>> No.71638977

>What's the most aesthetic faction right now?

Your favorite faction, anon. They always have been the most aesthetic.

>> No.71638979

well I never painted anything before, and he has a few painted armies. I don't think, I am going to paint the eye lenses on the helmets, they are very small and I doubt I can get paint there without splatering the whole face, and red mixed with green looks strange.

>> No.71638987

>t. virgin

>> No.71638991

Night Lords if you can make the lightning look good
Word Bearers because red and silver always looks good
Ork Freebooters
You could probably do some neat stuff with Tyranids

>> No.71638994

While you're generally correct anon, my favourite faction is Imperial Guard, and those sculpts are old enough to buy whiskey.

>> No.71638997

We know that the ethereals are at the very least aware that supernatural shit exists even if they don't know the details
We know that the discipline they impose upon themselves and others makes the t'au somewhat resistant to corruption
We know that the C'tan being victimized by the necrons is very recent fluff compared to most t'au fluff
The only times the C'tan have been seen rebelling against the necrons, they didn't go into hiding or try to come up with schemes, they just blow shit up

Your theory is anti-fluff, and there's nothing cool about making the retarded newcrons and the retarded nu-c'tan responsible for more shit

>> No.71639011


>> No.71639019

I like that he kept the mistery and that the Title of the boon takes all its meaning at the very last sentence of the whole book.

Also, Valerian and Aleya confirmed the cutest couple of 40k.

>> No.71639020

The chad memeologists
Virgin spammers

>> No.71639028

With a broken arm and utterly whipped by the powers of a dark beast?

>> No.71639030

That’s wrong, though

>> No.71639035

Red and green look bad when they you cover similar amount of area becasue they are complementary. If you use one of them significantly less to accentuate detail it looks good. That's why green is GW's go to for lenses on red armour.

As for the difficulty, you want to paint the details from inside out. The most difficult parts to reach are what you want to paint first. Painting the eye without messing up the armour is hard but painting the eye first and then the faceplate is not that complicated.
Also don't be afraid of painting small thing because you end up putting paint where you shouldn't. 90% of painting detail is going back and fixing the mistakes you've made on the parts that are already painted

>> No.71639052

Yeah things could have happened like that, if the fluff hadn't been written yet and if you were in charge of writing it.

But the castes didn't exist before the ethereals. What existed was four naturally-evolving subspecies at war, their evolution being dictated by their environment and the lifestyle it resulted in.

>> No.71639054

By accomplishing nothing, having someone else do it for you, and reaping all the glory for yourself.

>> No.71639058

Don't use pink on an airbrush, or pallid wych flesh?

>> No.71639067

I thought Thunder Wolves were specifically failed aspirants i.e. they devolved during the enhancement process. Wulfen would be what you get if that degeneration is triggered after their apotheosis into Astartes.

>> No.71639073

Filthy traitor. But to be honest it could make for a good novel if an author decided to expand on that.

Annandale made some good Slaanesh stuff in his Castellan Crowe serie. Amont with making Crowe a compelling character that is not a Mary Sue.

>> No.71639087

post 40k virgin/chad memes

>> No.71639094

>Your theory is anti-fluff
Ironic, considering the things you mentioned are a combination of retcon and "that's how things really were even if it appeared otherwise". If GW wanted to pull something like that, they'd do it and they'd bend whatever they wanted to do so. So I can't really agree with it being "anti-fluff".

>Nothing cool
Says you. You're welcome to your opinion.

>Retarded newcrons
Also welcome to your opinion, but I feel the quality of the necrons went up, significantly, after their rework.

>> No.71639101

Why aren't there any chapters based on Japanese warriors?

>> No.71639104


>> No.71639116

Considering how the Air Caste had wings back then, I'd disagree. Predecessors to the caste system they might have been, but they were certainly distinct enough to be recognizable as the four elements we know.

>> No.71639121

palid whych. Using desaturated color to highlight with an airbrush usually gives a very muted color instead of a highligh for the color you want

>> No.71639127

Oh yeah, I edge highlight traditionally, with a brush - the basecoat's gonna be pink and done via airbrush to ensure it's smooth and even ,and maybe fade the white a little bit on extremities. I'd never try to edge highlight with an airbrush.

>> No.71639140

That’s not how it works
The very first part of the process to becoming a SW is getting the Canis Helix, which is necessary for all the other geneseed to stick. The aspirants thus start developing bestial emotions, as a sort of internal beast they have to fight against to keep control, while the priests control their progresses and add the following parts. Some die at this point from cutting their throats with the claws they develop or from smashing their heads against the walls continuously in a raptus
Once this is completed they are thrown basically naked in the Fenrisian tundra with the task of coming back alive. It’s at this point that some fall to the internal beast and turn into a Wulfen, which is described as a tall and muscular humanoid creature covered in fur. Ragnar has to kill one of his friends during his initiation at this point, when the friend fell to the beast

>> No.71639146


>> No.71639147

>He doesn't edge highlight with an airbrush
Neither do I, but imagine having steady enough hands to pull that shit off, holy damn.

>> No.71639148

There's no irony at all in this situation. GW puts out anything they want, some of it is contradictory bullshit, but it's the fluff regardless.
What you put out contradicts both the old and the new fluff, so it's anti-fluff no matter how you cut it.
So you have to agree with it being anti-fluff. If you can't, then it's because of a mental handicap on your side.
>Says you. You're welcome to your opinion.
Of course I am, it's correct. You aren't welcome to your shit taste, however.
>but I feel the quality of the necrons went up, significantly, after their rework.
Yeah, but that's because your feelings are in complete contradiction with reality, as we've established. If someone stabbed you in the scrotum you'd feel a light tickling at worst. If someone told you that 1+1=2 you'd feel that he makes no sense.
So with that in mind, never trust what you feel.

>> No.71639152

is this cannon ?

>> No.71639156

Maybe with a small enough needle I could edge highlight vehicles, but even then, I think it would be better-looking to do it as a fade, so on something more organic like an eldar tank. Wouldn't do it on, say, a Repulsor, or any boxy tank like a russ.

>> No.71639163


>> No.71639167

As a result of their natural evolution as presented in the fluff.

What's weird about the air caste isn't that they could fly, it's that they lost their wings and became pilots. That's specifically a result of the ethereals meddling with evolution after having decreed that guys who can fly should be the ones who get to pilot stuff when flying machines were created.

>> No.71639169

How much effort can you save by using an airbrush?

>> No.71639172


It's some type of cannon but i dont think its canon

>> No.71639192

A lot

>> No.71639196

>mongol with a katana

>> No.71639204

he's terran

>> No.71639242

i love these memes.

>> No.71639250

are the death corps of kreig still an arm and a leg to buy? I always wanted to make a mixed imp guard army consisting of those guys and the russian looking imp guard.

all because of this dumb clip, and learning you could make mixed faction impguard.


>> No.71639294

Being an IG army they are inherently expensive due to the high model count, being FW doesn't help that either. If you want to play them I'd just say fuck it and buy from Ivan or Chang. It saves you a lot.

>> No.71639314

Stick to a kill team.
They're 2-3 times as expensive, per model, as cadians.

>> No.71639321


Once again SisterAnon, your minis look really nice ! Keep it up !

Could you kindly give us a list of the units you painted so far, and maybe your backlog ?

>> No.71639365

We have delicious green.

>> No.71639377

Oh no no no

>> No.71639391

Orks fit better into children's books than the Dark Eldar would, at least. You can pass them off as big green retards ajd ignore the cannibalism/slavery much more easily than you can ignore elf murder-orgies

>> No.71639397

If there was anything truly bad in these books, considering the PDFs are right there in the Mega, we would have memed the shit out of it already.

>> No.71639410

So this is like the 4th one of theses? Do they actually sell well enough to get sequels?

>> No.71639413

I wonder how many people actually bothered reading it.

>> No.71639428

But orks like to kill stuff slow, they aren't much different from eldar in that. They love to torture stuff, only thing is that they don't get the idea of pain or anguish, while eldar feed of it.

>> No.71639435

Given how angry people were about them, surprisingly few. Probably has to do with how the worst screechers only read social media

>Do they actually sell well enough to get sequels
Evidently, seeing as this is the third sequel.

>> No.71639473

> Both Calas and Mortarion were outsiders, different from their Barbarun brothers in arms in measures of physical form and origins, but while Mortarion’s towering stature and lean aspect had come to be accepted as part of who he was, Typhon’s whipcord nature had never truly been acknowledged by his peers.

what does 'whipcord' mean here?

>> No.71639476


Why would orks kill anything slow? Doubt they give a crap about anything like that.

>> No.71639479

You mean the Tau?

>> No.71639494

pls snip off that hanging nurgling, makes the model worse overall i'd say

>> No.71639499

The final touches are going onto my 3D Printed Warlord. Printing the Volcano Cannon as we speak. Final detail parts to be resin printed tomorrow.

>> No.71639511

What Legio are you going to paint him as?

>> No.71639513


>> No.71639516

Sideview featuring the sunfury plasma annihilator.

>> No.71639521

> Mechanicus -60% discount
Is it worth it?

>> No.71639531

not sure if it's just the picture, but it looks somewhat... grainy, especially on the edges. Also, why is the head different color?

>> No.71639532

My own orange and grey Legio. I call them Legio Sternax. Here's a pic of the 2 Warhounds which will flank this glorious motherfucker.

>> No.71639540

It's a 40k kids book. I'm not a kid, nor do I have any of my own, so I'm not the target audience. Therefore getting mad at it for being "wrong" or portraying the lore as something kid-friendly would just be silly.

It's probably kinda violent but in the PG-13 way so you won't read about an Ork tearing a Guardsman apart from limb to limb but you might read about one thumping a guardsman up the head, I'd imagine. I'm not sure where the limit lies for kids fiction these days.

The Daring Do books were good though

>> No.71639543

read some of the older stories. To them it is funny. they like to look at non orks gutted with their intestines set on fire, trying to crawl away with broken or remove limbs. They are like children blowing up hornets nests, setting fire to anti hills, blowing up frogs with a straw. They do it for the LoLz.

>> No.71639548

Stop being lazy

>> No.71639554

Do you like logic puzzles disguised as XCOM? Then yes.

Music is top-notch
Atmosphere is great
The characters are awesome
The overall plot is interesting

...But the gameplay is solved within the first hour or two of playing the game, and after that it is simply a grind to get to the next mission, sadly enough.

>> No.71639567

Oh she's a grainy lass alright. The head is resin printed for higher detail. This thing is absolutely gigantic, the pics don't do it justice. It is printed in fairly low resolution. You're looking at several MONTHS of printing there, well into the hundreds of hours, possibly >1000 hours.

Doggo for scale.

>> No.71639571

It's really easy to censor the least kid-friendly parts of warhammer for a kids book. Just gloss over the details. What does a boltgun do to the human body? Well you could say that the explosive charge penetrates into the body and explodes, releasing a shower of gore and viscera, making the person burst


It's a gun that makes you dead.

>> No.71639574

You need some custom transfers my dude.

>> No.71639589

Yeah I'd love to make some. I am considering ordering the default Titan transfer sheet from FW.

>> No.71639599

>Can we hurry with the security check? I came to pick up anon, he has a really important meeting with the Aun'vre.

>> No.71639601

what or how the fuck cord or fabric is related to Typhon

>> No.71639607

How long did that take and what printer do you use?

Is it a hard process or do you just take some file found on internet, plonk it on your computer and start printing?

>> No.71639624


>> No.71639627

>You're looking at several MONTHS of printing there, well into the hundreds of hours, possibly >1000 hours.

Fookin how? Would you use a lot more resin or would the printer simply go veeeery slowly?

>> No.71639643

Ender 3 for the big parts, Anycubic photon for the small detail parts. It's not really a hard process but learning about your printer and getting it to work right is complex. Troubleshooting is challenging at first. That said I've found the Resin-printing photon to be almost flawless so far, zero issues.

I would wager there is getting close to 1000 hours of printing in that picture.

>> No.71639649

Who do you think has the comfiest/most desirable life in the 40k universe?
A decadent imperial noble on a pleasure world.
A genestealer cultist on Terra, literally ingrained to be happy in their cause.
A nob of Ghazkull's crew, knowing you're part of the greatest WAAAGH and will smash all that comes yer way.
A tau citizen in the capital of the Tau empire.
A lucky Slaaneshi cultist in a Slaannesh world in the Eye of Terror that's actually more fun to be in that it's not?
Or something else?

>> No.71639650

Hot diddly damn.

So you just let it run in the garage for days on end?

>> No.71639660

Printing takes a long time. Remember this is built of extruded plastic in laters. Armour plates are 5-10 hours each, big body parts 15+ hours. And there is a lot of parts. It has been huge.

Here's a pic of the forge world when I only had a few feet.

Basically yes, but it's in my study. Resin printer lives in the garage because the fumes are toxic as fuck.

>> No.71639662

Being a Space Marine and purging xenos and heretics is the most desirable thing, although not the most comfortable one.

>> No.71639673

Just out of curiosity, how much power does that 3d printer consume ?

>> No.71639678

Dumbass, whipcord is strong / tough. Replace whipcord with those words.

>> No.71639683

I totally want to fight 10,000 points of titans one day. Tanks and arty just going ham while Infantry tries its best to make a nuisance of itself.

>> No.71639685

Idk I haven't noticed any change in my electricity bill. Maybe a lot? Idk.

I own a pretty big house and my wife and kids are home all day using power so a 3D printer is a drop in the ocean.

I really should install solar panels....

>> No.71639696

Yes, melee only nids can be difficult to get into combat, but are good once they are in.

>> No.71639705

I listened to the first book on audible back when amazon weren't being jewish about returns, it's nothing horrific and the kids could actually be quite savage. They gloss over a lot of the fighting and focus on the kids basically just survivng the turmoil that the big battles cause in their wake, which is probably the best aspect they can focus on in a series like it. I remember one bit where they're on a ship that's attacked and they have to get to an escape pod, and they basically (with the help of a jokaero) throw out a veteran ogryn and leave him to die on the ship.

>> No.71639713

Titans are overpriced as fuck, look at their stats on battlescribe. A warhound is 2000 points and outputs like 20 shots, nowhere near what an army worth 2k points does.

>> No.71639719

Loyal 32 for my Knights

>> No.71639724

>finally back to the thread

Yeah it was nothing super concrete but there was defiantly implications that it was unnatural.
But that could be just up to author bias.

>> No.71639730

if only the Primarch the model represents wouldn't be so shitty a character.

>> No.71639732

I am definitely stoked to get all 3 big lads out to do some stomping, but
Is correct. Titans suck balls, big time. They are not good at all in 40k since the great price doubling of "a few years ago". We've never recovered. I am dearly hoping the update to titan rules coming soon will make them fun to play.

>> No.71639741

The noble, assuming its planet doesn't get randomly fucked by nids/orks/chaos/whatever
most desirable is subjective

>> No.71639750

is that an actual DD mod?

>> No.71639752

For the sake of game health, titans can never be truly good. It just doesn't work to have the most expensive game piece also be the best. They need to fill the niche of "Stupidly impractical vanity object for collectors"

>> No.71639761

Well, if you use that much energy, then solar panels might be worth it, depending on your location they can help you save a lot of money. You could also claim that you harnessed the power of the sun to print your stuff, which sounds pretty cool

>> No.71639766

This is why i kit bashed my own, i basically moved the chainsaw part on top the fist and tried to make it look retractable, kind of like wolverines claws. It was one of my first and looked horrible. But its an idea for someone who isnt retarded. I dont have any pics on me.

>> No.71639767

Orrr you just say that titans are not allowed in tournaments?

>> No.71639769

so you become an outsider and unaccepted for being strong and tough?

>> No.71639776

Necrons. Only for Kill Team though.

>> No.71639778

Yeah I've got the money laying around as well. Unfortunately I may have to move soon, depending on what's going on. But if I settle here I will be getting panels immediately.

>> No.71639790

play ironman on hard difficult from the start or you will end stomprolling over the endgame
as said the OST is god tier, one of my favourite since Jeremy Soule

>> No.71639793

I mean Sauron was one of the if not the best fucking model in the LotR miniature game at one point but he was really balanced because the missions required you to do more than just murderfuck everything in front of you. Also you still usually had to take some puny orcs to fill out the list which was kinda problem because the orc forces weren't that good in small numbers especially with the LotR's routing rules. I think some madlads went with Sauron+2 trolls. And then there was the Kingslayer mission where you had to take down the enemy leader. Man was that a tough nail to bite.
Anyway my point is: terrain and missions can and should make or break any game, not the list you are bringing in.

>> No.71639800

Noble or maybe a rogue trader/trader crew. Before getting fucked over by some random green mother fucker or some crazy ass cultist.

>> No.71639823


>> No.71639825

Was Sauron the most expensive (in money) model at the time?
I'm thinking money cost, points cost IS a balancing factor after all.

>> No.71639844

hey 3D print anon, what wire are you using? PLA?
and after the printwork how you manage to remove the layers, sanding or arcane rituals like acetone vapours?

>> No.71639850

No, that was probably the mumakil for money-per-model-count-wise. Prior to the plastic kits I think the wood elves or easterling were the most expensive army because they were full metal models sold in blister packs and had cheapish point costs.

>> No.71639856

That's my fetish.

>Be me
>Veteran Guardsman
>Survived two campaigns
>Killed more Orks than I can count
>See a bunch of kids mucking about
>Go to get them to safety
>They're being followed by a bunch of Orks
>They run away while I hold the xenos off
>Die in combat
>Kids survive to get someone else killed later
>I fucking hate kids

>> No.71639864

Acetone doesn't work on PLA, just ABS. But ABS produces toxic fumes and big smell when printing.

I'm using PLA. I'm just gonna sand it and use filler primer. The thing is so big I just don't give a fuck about the layers. My headcannon is that it's part of the Adeptus Mechanicus Manufacturing process for huge disposable armour panels.

>> No.71639886

It's saying his stalwart, tough, strong, unyielding, unfriendly, unapproachable mature made him an outsider. You know that one guy who keeps to himself and doesn't speak but you're not quite sure it you should approach or not? That's him.

>> No.71639903

The red muzzle even looks like they're wearing a menpo, that's neat

>> No.71639910

Turco-Mongol Sabre.

>> No.71639916

>Typhon, on the other hand, was visibly a half-breed, and despite Mortarion’s best efforts, his comrade still suffered from that prejudice.
>But for Typhon, his blood would forever be his burden.
>different from their Barbarun brothers in arms in measures of physical form and origins

I thought it's more of his half-xenos origin than his body

>> No.71639923

Typhon was half xenos? Wasn't he simply a Terran?

>> No.71639932

>lean aspect
>Hekkin chonker armour
I still wish they'd given him a more modified suit to reflect his build.

>> No.71639933

Scratch that, Lexicanum says he's an offspring of an Overlord of Barbarus. Interesting.

>> No.71639935

>That's my fetish.
Me too. It is suffering.

>tfw 198cm

>> No.71639943

>Mongols: The Chapter
plz go look at a map.

>> No.71639945

Her work is always good. Especially the minis, since gw dropped certain regiments, she has picked them up and started making them.

>> No.71639954

That's a sexy sword...

>> No.71639977

arr rook same

>> No.71639979

Get a sense of humor.

>> No.71639986

>Who do you think has the comfiest/most desirable life in the 40k universe?

Craftworlds are literal utopian paradises, and even the most obsessively puritan ones are depicted as being a far cry from the cold, joyless monasteries a lot of people assume they are. The most liberal ones even have brothels. Assuming you don't mind the occasional bout of military service, life an Eldar civilian aboard a Craftworld can't be beaten.

>> No.71639993

Mortarion being a bitter cunt who fucks up and makes bad decisions is what makes him the only truly enjoyable primarch.

No one else is allowed to be an honest bastard, they've all got some kind of retarded justification to pull out of their asses.

>> No.71639994

No, just part of a collection of gifs done in that style

>> No.71640001

fuck you that lil nurgling looks cool.

>> No.71640009

I don't think gw really gives a fuck they'll mix whatever cultures they want to make shit cooler in their eyes

>> No.71640010 [SPOILER] 

What makes Harlequins distinguishable from other Eldar? Is it just the facemasks or moreso the paintjob? I'm figuring what are the cheapest options for conversions and kitbashing them. For the basic troupe members, I'm already settled on using Elfheim Eagles mixed with the typical troupe box, and am not consiering the jetbikes and voidweavers. Mostly the jetbikes, as the cost of getting another "tank" jetbike (Venom or Vyper) as a base would be about as expensive already as just buying the voidweaver kit.

Would reaver jetbikes with Hellions riding on the back work?

I prefer going even more extreme than that though.

>> No.71640017

A lieutenant

>> No.71640021

>Every time I replay Mechanicus I wanna crank the OST up to 11 and start a new Admech army.
>See the vehicles & immediately turn flacid
God damn, I guess I could soup 'em with Cadians but then I just come across like a WAACfag

>> No.71640029

Look up at the 30k admech line

>> No.71640032

Patrician choice. Post scarcity society built around the idea of personal fulfillment. There's no risk of ennui like a paradise world noble bored after his 39th cask of rare vintage amasec. Their entire social structure is designed to push you along a constant journey of learning and self discovery, all with the infrastructure to allow you to do so without fear of poverty.

>> No.71640036

Their outfits and play style make them stand out really. Especially the masks.

>> No.71640044

Why would I upset myself like that? I already did that when the D-Day vehicles were announced.

>> No.71640068

That backpack bit is way off-center and you have spillover all around the model. Also what's up with the belt buckle?

>> No.71640074

>>See the vehicles & immediately turn flacid

The hovercraft are pretty lame, but the Dunecrawler, gimp walkers and upcoming flyer are all kino. And you always have Knights.

>> No.71640081

Pert being an autist?

>> No.71640087

A Warband of Emperor's Children femboys who are on a quest to get dicked down by Guilliman?

>> No.71640098

>Convert your own vehicles from IG vehicles
>Run your Admech under IG rules
>Run footslogging Admech
Why would you need to soup to play what you want?

>> No.71640099

The tank is ugly but the transport is pure Ad Mech joy. The little skittles inside it firing out and its butt flap clanging down. The only down side is that released without a fucking hover stand, they could have just thrown in the Repulsor stand and had the actual hovercraft hovering but no it has to just sit on the ground.

>> No.71640103

Maybe you could kitbash a dunerider with a krios?

>> No.71640107


>> No.71640116

god what is even the point of those being two different models

>> No.71640122

I like the dunecrawler, chicken walkers and the D-Day boat thing, but I agree the plane looks odd. It just looks way too heavy for the little wings to carry.

The Dunecrawler looks amazing in groups

>> No.71640128

Big brain
Smol brain

>> No.71640133

it doesn't have the FLY keyword tho

>> No.71640145

What does 1k of Ad Mech even look like?

>2 priests
>20 rangers
>2 spider tanks?
>3 chickens?
something like that?

>> No.71640158 [SPOILER] 

>Guard Chimera
>Skorpius Dunecrawler

I honestly wish they don't update IG or Orks model lines because the prices would just double.

>> No.71640168

probably double that. admech pts cost is like guard besides basic troops

>> No.71640172

don't forget the goofy robots

>> No.71640185

They're just a blend of east asia.
Their writing is more like moonrunes rather than uyghur too.

>> No.71640192


>> No.71640195


>> No.71640197

Can't wait for a boyz box with segmented shoulder joints that give you a grand total of two possible ways to hold a choppa

>> No.71640201

At least they seem to have understood that horde infantry needs to be quick to assemble, if the Mortek Guard are anything to go by.

>> No.71640210

I put too much glue on the belt buckle

>> No.71640214

>Want to play robots who aren’t dumb space robots that lost to elves? Want to play a killer gunline that isn’t anime fish? Are you into body horror that isn’t torture porn or supernatural? Are you into SCIENCE? Then Adeptus Mechanicus is the faction for you.
wtf tau, necron & dark pointy elves!
people can't go around saying shit like this...

>> No.71640216


>> No.71640218

Have they said anything about the Adepticon reveals stream that was meant to be happening on Saturday? Is it still going to go ahead now the Community guys are all stuck at home, are they just going to set the webpage to live and leave it at that?

>> No.71640221

This finely detailed plastic kit comes with five sluggas, five choppas and five shootas, allowing you to build ten Ork boyz. You can also arm one Ork boy with either a big shoota or rokkit launcha. The components also allow for one Ork to be built as a Boss Nob, armed with either a kombi-skorcha or Big Choppa.

>> No.71640225

How much of GW is made in China?

>> No.71640229

>Are you into SCIENCE?
Well that's just flat out fake news.

>> No.71640230

You're jinxing it.

>> No.71640231

Honestly might not even be a stream, maybe just a list of things with small articles and some pictures.

>> No.71640233

>Mortek Guard
>Oh look it's new skeletons, cool
>See the sprue with the fucked-up torso-and-one-leg shit
...Fuck this.

>> No.71640234

>Are you into body horror that isn’t torture porn
Absolutely not.

>> No.71640239

Only terrain and some books, I think.

>> No.71640240

Printed books and terrain boxes. All the actual minis are still made in England.

>> No.71640241

I hate those skeletons so much. I get real primaris vibes from the whole set. If they wanted to use bones, there were probably a few more interesting things they could've done with them.

>> No.71640245

I'm trying to. If I said what I actually wanted, then what I posted above is what we're going to get. Now, we'll still get that, but atleast I'll get to say "told you so".

>> No.71640250

None as far as i know, all is in UK and an American factory opening up soon. They had some stores in china that had a good 2 months as far as sales go, but after that the stores went almost dead and recasters spiked. They still do not want to admit the chinese locations were a bust.

>> No.71640252


>> No.71640257

Don’t be discouraged. It’s fucking painted, and it ain’t half bad.

>> No.71640259


>> No.71640263

They're still doing Twitch stuff, so it should go forward as planned

>> No.71640373

Cringe fedora steampunk shit

>> No.71640375

God Xenos lore is so fucking lame and dry. Fucking kill yourselves.

>> No.71640399

t. daddy issues

>> No.71640404

Of course they are. Just because the Thousand Sons have bird motifs doesn't mean that there AREN'T Space Wolves players that drill assholes for their thinderwolves.

>> No.71640405

>Admech are steampunk
Wrong game.

>> No.71640413

Thanks, Anon.

>> No.71640416

>3 identical datasmiths

>> No.71640443


I literally fucking shuddered.

>> No.71640447

Horsey Heresy was the worst thing to happen to 40k. Its the most fucking dull parts of the universe slapped together endlessly.

>> No.71640467

Their writing looks like Mongolian script, at least on the HH stuff.

>> No.71640478

>they cut out the Skitarii's bionics
I dunno how much "skitarii" you'd actually have left after that and how much your new abominations would actually be the original cyborgs.

It is a sort of Trigger's broom issue.

>> No.71640488

Cancelled due to corona

>> No.71640495

Bought that and it arrived the day before the lockdown. Three boxes of Skitarii to build first but I'm looking forward to making the robots. Should have them ready to punch things to death where GW stores open up again.

>> No.71640506

Anyone who doesn't like AdMech can get utterly fucked. Best faction.

>> No.71640509

You really need to get laid

>> No.71640547

Anybody know where to buy vallejo style empty bottles in bundle?

>> No.71640549

How do I make Freebootas and Flash Gitz work now that PA has buffed the shooting ability of Orks by quite a substantial amount?

>> No.71640557

Just look for dropper bottles mate.

>> No.71640564

just buy vallejo paint instead

>> No.71640568

You can start by giving a big unit of kans +1BS and make them actually kill something at range to activate the buff. Naughts also look good for that

>> No.71640569


>> No.71640571

If you like them, run them. Simple as.

>> No.71640577

I'm more curious about those Citadel labels

>> No.71640583

2CP for 12" is costly so I'd say keep your gits in one big blob, maybe ten in one of the buffed battlewagons, though then you can't benefit from the kultur. Otherwise just plonk them in terrain and try to pop a kill on something nearby as usual

>> No.71640590

Yeah because all the various Xenos trying to subdue the Imperium, or even carve out a little niche for them for 10,000 years and constantly failing is way more interesting

>> No.71640594

Don't we all.

>> No.71640604

they're just ones from the paint pots, they're pretty easy to peel off and stick to a dropper bottle

>> No.71640642

can't use strats on embarked unit anon

>> No.71640736

I have the exact same set up ha, stands and all. So worth it

>> No.71640759

Should have gotten in on them DropTops

>> No.71640781

Eldar live too long. All the more chances for you or your soul to be swallowed by Slaanesh.

At least humans just die.

>> No.71640782

All the factions are vying for supremacy None of the factions can succeed, as it make the setting implode.

Want to turn everything to biomass
Want to kill all life
Want to fight forever
Want to rule the galaxy
Want to rule the galaxy
Want to rule the galaxy
Want to rule the galaxy

So yeah, it's not exactly deep for any faction.

>> No.71640804

where can I get the stands?

>> No.71640822

Needs the "please be patient with me" hat

>> No.71640834

Reposting with a better picture

First attempt at learning Blanchitsu on a converted arco flagellent. It ultimately took 4 hours which is a huge improvement over that standard method of painting. I like the skin tone but the black pants seem a little flat. I still hate basing so on my next attempt I think I'm going to leave the base plain black and see how it looks. I'm also going yo try a blue wash on thr skin instead of purple.

>> No.71640844

>average height eldar women vs. average height male imperial guardsmen
oh yes.

>> No.71640865

1 Datasmith and two sets of bits for Mechanicus conversions, you mean

>> No.71640869

most factions have an obvious ambition and then a slightly more ambiguous one.

born survivors trying to survive something worse from another galaxy, possibly trying to find a weapon/solution to a galaxy ending problem.
want to change the past but can't
bioweapons created by Old Ones, often act as levellers and speedbumps
want to be free of chaos
marines want end of the Emperor and complete collapse of Imperium and its ideals, then nothing. Chaos Gods want every mortals soul.
want to evolve to a higher level but human nature shackles them to chaos
want to propagate the greater good message, which is possibly a psyop by tyranids/chaos.

>> No.71640875

Is it possible to customize a marine after assembly. Lets say i screw up and want to change a weapon on them. Cant i just break of the arm/weapon and replace it with the one i want? And if yes, is there a specific glue which makes it easier to break of stuff without destroying that part?

>> No.71640896

>Voidborn height compared to planetborn height.

>> No.71640915

How do I paint this Blanche style, lads?

>> No.71640919

Voidborn wouldn't be that buff tho, right? Seems more like an extroadinarily pretty ogryn

>> No.71640930

Yes with super glue, or magnetizing, but for the sake of painting you are better off just having multiple models

>> No.71640937


>> No.71640941

Those Eldar look too kind.

>> No.71640955

Don't take away my dreams.

Maybe she lived her formative years on a low-gravity environment, and quickly puts on muscle in normal gravity after struggling with it at first, leaving her to rely on a shorter guardsman she now has affectionate feelings towards

>> No.71640962

Also amazon. They are make up stands

>> No.71641012

I always thought that keyword quirk was funny, as you have one guy leading a force of women who are literal agony for him to be around at all times

>> No.71641026

What Chapter Tactics are appropriate for representing Marines Malevolent?

I was thinking Ultramarines giving a fall-back bonus reflects their honourless ways but otherwise I am stumped.

>> No.71641044

New Ork player here. I just ordered the SC! box and a box of AoS savage orruks for my plan to make feral/feudal orks.
What are some things I should know going forward? Just get a ton of boys?
Any key or underrated units I should look out for, or underutilized rules?

>> No.71641064

The more green on the field the better.

>> No.71641069

hows the dog?

>> No.71641081

gimme a reason not to put phantasm grenade launchers on EVERYTHING

>> No.71641086

They're also described as very pragmatic and hard to kill due to their history of bad relations. But the fall back seems accurate.

>> No.71641091


Do not mix unit types. Orks have an extremely diverse roster which means that your opponent has ideal targets for all of their guns.
Pick a skew and stick to it; full horde or full mech.
Love the tellyporter and Weirdboyz.

>> No.71641106

Harley quinn and power girl.

>> No.71641125

>Old society had issues with orgies and prostitiution among other related sins to the point a cg was formed around it
>Restrict life to one with learning and skill, but not not excess and lust.

I want a source right fucking now.

>> No.71641140

Sex with an eldar who's been following the Path of the Hooker for hundreds of years would be absolutely incredible though

>> No.71641144

If you want to lose field boys. Most people say boys are good but they're just quoting itc tournament entries and I guarantee you won't be playing games like that, so avoid the shit and get some good units.

>> No.71641153

Which is why you wouldn't want it to happen.

>> No.71641170

I love these models like you wouldn't believe.

>> No.71641176

If you use up all your launchers, you won't be able to model a Grotesque out of nothing but a bunch of launchers and a face.

>> No.71641192

You must be a lot of fun at parties.

>> No.71641195

how good are plague marines at the moment?

>> No.71641253

>born survivors trying to survive something worse from another galaxy, possibly trying to find a weapon/solution to a galaxy ending problem.
Where can I check up on more of that?

>> No.71641275

Thanks for the replies.
Cool, because I don't really enjoy the idea of painting 100+ boys.
What all counts as mech for orks?

>> No.71641285

They're just okay-ish. Toughness 5 and 5+++ lets them survive a lot of stuff. Blight Launchers are really good to put on them, either 2x Blight Launchers to scoot across the map with them or 3x Plasmas and just sit back and be annoying. The melee weapons are good but they rarely survive getting that far. Keep them at range and sit on objectives.

>> No.71641294

Primaris Plaque Marines when?

>> No.71641304

My parties don't involve creating a new god, I already have on in my pants.

>> No.71641316

>Cadia is unexploded through some reverse Celestial Orrery bullshit
I don't think you're far off with this. Necrons are the most adept at fucking with time. To contain chaos those pylons need to be replaced or fixed. It'd be convenient for the most important structures fielded by the most technologically advanced race to defeat the most adept warp users to have existed to have a failsafe of some sort.

>> No.71641325

>> No.71641330

killa kanz and deff dreads.
Here are some of my feral boyz

>> No.71641339

Eldar Society isn't about total repression. Aspect Warriors exist because they accept that war is a thing and there needs to be a controlled outlet for it. It makes perfect sense that they'd acknowledge the reality of lust and construct a safe, reasonable set of outlets for their citizens.

>> No.71641348

Killa Kans and Dreads are one way to go, buggy spam is another. I recently ran a mostly dread/kan army in a campaign with a few buggies sprinkled in amongst other stuff and it was pretty fun, though if I were to do it again I'd probably go full buggy spam with some bikes on top

>> No.71641350

Gorkanaut + Morkanaut.
Killa Kans
Deff Dreads to a lesser extent

>> No.71641360

For all its flaws, Path of Eldar made it pretty clear that Aspect Warriors are very much seen as very strange bloodthirsty motherfuckers that most people stay well clear of.

Eldar society IS rather rigorist.

>> No.71641392

Just purchased Ironclad Dreadnought, Assault Squad and Razorback kits. Who else panic buying retard here? Furthermore, who else Primaris-free retard?

>> No.71641442

I did buy an unnecessary SC Necron box
I don't even play Necrons but who knows, maybe I will one day

>> No.71641474

Societies NEED warriors
No society NEEDS hookers they are LUXURIES. No matter what any incel will tell you.

>> No.71641499

Stop fooling yourself.

>> No.71641503

>who else Primaris-free retard?
I'm primaris free retard and I'm taking it to an autistic level

>> No.71641517

Its not too bad, we were supposed to be starting up a second escalation campaign with a couple more new players before Coronachan came to town; I was going to run my Word Bearers for it, but who knows, by the time this blows over I might have painted up the space skeletons and can run them instead if I want.

>> No.71641528

We're talking about a race that fucked a chaos god into existence. They're the greatest degenerates outside of the Tau Water-Caste. Are you sure they don't NEED brothels?

>> No.71641542

Is every world eater a khorne berzerker or are there tactical world eaters?

>> No.71641543

the craftworlders are supposed to be the amish recluses who left the empire because it was so degenerate I seriously doubt that they wouldn't be extremely paranoid about the giant warp entity out to devour their souls

>> No.71641553

Just like Emperor's Children, there's normal CSM around that makes up the bulk of the Legions. They just have more Berserkers/Noise Marines compared to other Legions.

>> No.71641557

>No society NEEDS hookers
Yes, I'm sure it being called the oldest profession can safely be ignored in terms of assessing its necessity.

>> No.71641558

She would need to have sex for hundreds of years. She would be the ultimate roastie. Hundreds upon hundreds in her body count. Go to the DE if you want that level of nasty.

>> No.71641564

whats the best of the new ork cars now?

still the scrapjet? it seems pretty decent with the attack twice stratagem.

>> No.71641568

*until they get a codex and a plastic model range

>> No.71641579

it's not because it's necessary dipshit it's because that's what useless women would do to get by in an era where you needed to be useful to survive

>> No.71641580

What's the best Kultur for Dread Mob? I want either Evil Sunz or Bad Moons.

>> No.71641586

>We're talking about a race that fucked a chaos god into existence. They're the greatest degenerates outside of the Tau Water-Caste. Are you sure they don't NEED brothels?

IDK do they NEED to make the thing out to devour their souls even stronger?

No they don't......fucking coomers

>> No.71641612


>> No.71641618

That's what deldar are for anon, they are the true inheritors of Eldar culture

>> No.71641623

Was thinking of starting a csm army with pic related so I'm gonna paint them as world eaters, thanks.

>> No.71641628

Still the Scrapjet I think, though the Dragsta was already real good as Death Skulls and got a further boost now it can potentially blip about every turn without fail
Death Skulls, but I'd probably go Evil Sunz of those two you like. Bad Moons might be better if you're running one or two Nauts as centrepieces though.

>> No.71641634

>Prostitution is the world's oldest proffession
>Farmers and other food suppliers....

>> No.71641642

Just out of curiosity, why would you choose an existing chapter or legion over /yourdudes/?

>> No.71641645

>I seriously doubt that they wouldn't be extremely paranoid about the giant warp entity out to devour their souls
So they'd need to manage their degenerate Eldar urges very closely and in a controlled manner. Might even have an entire organized aspect dedicated to managing it without it devolving into the natural Eldar degeneracy.

But lets say they suppress it. Absolute suppression would also be an extreme, feeding right back into Slaanesh. Which really fits the Eldar as they can't help themselves, they always end up at Slaanesh.

>> No.71641660

you think farming was before hookers?

you dense or something?

>> No.71641691

Anyone have the latest Custodes book, Regent's Shadow? Can't find it in the megas

>> No.71641693

>thinking that something like prostitution existed before Gatherers
Go away coomer

>> No.71641699

could you stop shitting up the thread with your masturbation fantasies

>> No.71641701


>> No.71641705

not gatherers. farmers. you said farmers.


>> No.71641713

>Absolute suppression would also be an extreme
Ah yes, the old "all combat is Khorne worship" fallacy. I suppose having your cells regenerate and change as you grow makes Tzeentch stronger too?

>> No.71641715

>plans never survive first contact with the enemy
>and it's not because of the enemy.

>> No.71641722

Not that dude but what other reason do you need besides liking world eaters?

>> No.71641725


>> No.71641731

Nice! That's the idea I was going for, but also with shootas maybe.
Thanks, good thing I got the SC! so I'll have a dread. I'm more a fan of elite armies/playstyle anyway.

>> No.71641734

I don't know anon, i guess i got a bit tired of it since i've always been a /yourdudes/ guy. This time i feel like i'm just gonna stick to making a kitbashed lord and calling him my dude.

>> No.71641735

I guess it's just that when you're painting World Eaters and playing World Eaters, you're not making something of your own, you're following instructions.

>> No.71641736

>not acting extreme is an extreme
I wish amerimutts would stop posting

>> No.71641738

You are claiming it's the oldest profession, therefore you are claiming it predates gatherers.

>> No.71641748

Because I don't feel like writing an enyclopedia of homebrew

>> No.71641749

No I just thought people would prioritize needing food more than needing poon. Y'know like normal people.

>> No.71641752


When the fuck did this become kiddyshit? I miss the old days when things were alpha and metal as fuck and nobody involved was under the age of 25. I hate modern GW.

>> No.71641764

New quarantine thread

>> No.71641771

This is my mini. There are many like it, but this one is mine. You could give 10 people a mini to paint as World Eater and you'd get 10 pretty different outcomes, I assure you.

>> No.71641774

I guess you have more leeway with chaos Legions since they're pretty huge organizations, unlike with, say, Ultramarines which are supposedly a 1000 dudes and that's it.

>Implying I'm an american

But you're still willing to spend days painting models?

>> No.71641779

40k has always been a game for actual children and man children. You have a skewed remembering because you only want to remember what you liked and have forgotten what you didn't

>> No.71641781

shut the fuck up, idiot

>> No.71641794

I got into Warhammer when I was 12 over a decade ago, and intend to get my own kids into Warhammer if it's still a thing when I get them.

>> No.71641795

>But you're still willing to spend days painting models?
Not if I can avoid it. I usually try and get projects done much faster than that. I do spend days or weeks working on conversions though because that's what I enjoy the most

>> No.71641797


One internet that the drawing was done by a black under 8 year old.

>> No.71641806

Nowhere, because it isn't canon. The idea that the Tyranids are running from something comes from one throwaway line of in-universe speculation from the 4th edition codex and has never been mentioned anywhere else. For some reason there's an odiously persistent element of the fanbase which treats it as gospel even close to a decade on.

>> No.71641814

That includes gatherers, hunters, fisherman, trappers, If you are selling food, you are a food supplier.

>> No.71641829

It's not masturbation fantasies, we're discussing Eldar society. You can't just ignore that part of it exists.

It's not a fallacy if it's true. If you dedicate your entire life to combat you're pulling into Khorne territory, the question is how far you go.
Being conservative about sex doesn't put you into Slaanesh territory. Dedicating your entire culture around said conservatism puts you right in it. There's a reason Eldar souls are all immediately claimed by Slaanesh when they die.

>> No.71641830

I'm pretty sure it got repeated in 5th or 6th edition. But totally in agreement in that there are players who seem to accept it as far more authoritative as it was ever presented.

>> No.71641852

it comes from the fact that a dude working on the 4th ed codex, miss understood the running away part from prior lore. Tyranids send out whole races of explorators and spies, some even sentinent. One such tyranid sub race when being faced by the human imperium , spilled the beans on how they are running from their parent race, and how they do not want to be absorbed by it, and how they want to help the imperials fight tyranids, to which the imperials anwser was wiping the sub race out.

>> No.71641870

that axe looks hopeful with a pure soul

>> No.71641871

>the craftworlders are supposed to be the amish recluses who left the empire because it was so degenerate

Wrong. That's the Exodites. The Craftworlders are those Eldar who realised something really bad was about to happen and bailed at the last moment. They didn't have a moral objection to what was happening in the old Empire until they realised it was about to bite them in the ass in a big way.

Every novel that has explored Craftworld society has depicted it as comfortable and utopian. Their lives are restrictive and ascetic by their own standards, which winds up being broadly similar to what would be considered paradise for a human. Considering you only have to look at Commoragh to get an idea of what the baseline is for Eldar society (and even that is toned down due to the violent meritocracy Vect imposed, forcing Commorites to focus on fighting for survival over indulging their most hedonistic urges) this really shouldn't be too surprising.

>> No.71641896

What about Lucius?
Dude's a master SWORDSMAN who strives for perfection in COMBAT.
Why isn't he Khornate isntead of Slaaneshi?

>> No.71641900

don't know what looks worse, the coloring or the painting

>> No.71641923

The killing isn't important to him while he has a raging boner for his own ego.

>> No.71641944

because a master SWORDSMAN who strives for perfection in COMBAT is not a carnage obsessed retard

>> No.71641968

Ah yes, genocide of aliens, mutants and political dissidents is entirely appropriate for children.

>> No.71641990

They gotta learn about WW2 at some point.

>> No.71642017


>> No.71642070

You have capitalized “master” and “perfection”. Then you would see why he’s a Slaanesh follower.

>> No.71642073

I got into 40k at 14 because the early 2000s art all looked like metal albumwork. Kids like gore and edgy shit too even more than adults dumbass.

>> No.71642080

*Should have

>> No.71642182

>Necrons literally have time travel and a device which can alter the very fabric of realspace.

>> No.71642193


>> No.71642292

What are some good casters that do alternate Sisters of Battle helmets?

>> No.71642617


>> No.71642675

>I miss the old days when things were alpha and metal as fuck and nobody involved was under the age of 25.
played pic related when i was 6-7 years old.

>> No.71642711

Fuck off, retard. You probably weren't even born until the late 00s, you zoomer fuck. Stores were much better back then and the hobby was fuelled by high test. Not this faggot onions shit nowadays.

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