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So how do Primarchs stack up in Marvel or DC?

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Insomnia is a bitch, so have a thread. What was your biggest priority with your first jump?

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Tell us about your jumper's fashion sense.

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Getting my feet under me and forming a solid foundation that will serve me well no matter what tack my future adventures pull.

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Is there a list of jumps that let you build a power from scratch?

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The first jump I take usually sets the tone for most of the rest of the chain, so my biggest priority is establishing what kind of theme I want the chain to have, IE magic, tech, demon lord, etc. Also usually acquire a waifu, unless not having one with me right from the beginning is important for some reason.

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Not well. Not well at all.

>> No.71635774

Getting some fireworks to celebrate the occasion

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>What was your biggest priority with your first jump?
Perfect memory. My memory is shit. So shit taht I can forget where I put something ten seconds ago, or if I locked my front door after I get in the car, or if I clocked in at work. So I damn well want that perfect memory. All else be damned. I can wait a decade or five to get a waifu, because if I don't get that memory perk then I might forget to look for a waifu.

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The Weakness of Beatrice the Level Cap Holy Swordswoman That Made Being the Strongest Even More Trouble – His Name? Boo Boo
>Maker of Magic- 800 CP
>The Sage began by learning how to Mix physical things. Then she moved onto magical things. Then she moved onto the soul itself. All of her great works paled in comparison to what she mastered and gave to the world when she first appeared to the public though. Manipulation of the Magic System itself. She turned a traditional system of magic into one like what you’d see in an MMO videogame, changing this magic over two whole worlds. Now that knowledge and ability is yours. You have the ability and knowledge to make widespread changes and alterations to magical systems with a few hours of focus and work. You could make a system based on ritual invocations and sacrifices take on the form of an RPG magic system or vice versa. You can combine systems you already have access to with new ones in however ways you like, add restrictions or even remove limitations and add new aspects, though improving the overall power would require comboing with a stronger magic system you already know. The changes you make are applied to the entirety of the subject Magic System but beings with more power than you are not required to use it, instead being able to rely on the old system if they wish. Those weaker than you are forced to follow all the new rules, unless they themselves can prevent it somehow.

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I'm tempted to hit up Reviewers as my second jump and just chill with the crew, but I don't know. I'm not very partial to prostitution and the jump is badly mad. No canon companion option.
Would Stunk be a good bro to take on a chain?

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Corvus, Magnus and Sanguinius can probably make a name for themselves in Marvel. Teleporting around the galaxy and shapeshifting into a darkness swarm are pretty good enough to compete with supers; even if they fall behind against heavy hitters like the Silver Surfer much weaker supers have at least fought those and walked away. Everyone else is probably around Kree Accuser level with less blastier wargear but more weird Warp physiology to compensate; even if they can't take Carol in a straight fight they can probably occupy her enough to bring her down with tech or strats or whatnot. More importantly, the Primarchs are shining beacons of charisma and morality in the grim darkness of Earth-61 compared to the Avengers.

They're just villains of the week in DC even before Bat-Cthulhu and Bat-T-Rex show up though

>"I said to Greg, I want a big monstrous one and I have a few options. One we were thinking of was maybe an evil monster truck Batmobile that eventually became sentient and then killed everybody and became Batman of his world, or, I was like, what about dinosaur if it was the robot dinosaur in the Batcave and Batman was about to die and he uploaded his consciousness into the mechanical dinosaur, and then that kind of gets out of control and becomes an evil Batman on its world. Those are the kind of things that we talk about"
>Scott Snyder

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>Would Stunk be a good bro to take on a chain?
I think the entire group's pervy-ness would get old really fast.

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PS238. You can build any power with it.

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In my last chain, it was surviving and looting a zombie-infested world. The contents of Fort Knox ended up in my warehouse.

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>Dark Night Rejects, a new reality show coming to you at 6pm central

>> No.71635945

Staying in the good graces of Jumper, who was already a Sociopath before she started Jumping, while also fighting off my own Inner Beast. I lost a LOT of blood in the process, but we managed to make it through alive.

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Fun and thrills

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I think many people forget this. They want to pervy waifu or a literal sex slave but forget that it would get old fast. Especially if that is their only personality trait. That is why people need to pick more complex characters.
How often did you hide in your warehouse to avoid the zombies?

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First this >>71635776 , of course. Then comes getting magic and some handhelds and then...something else

>> No.71635992

Food, building up physical strength/durability, having a place to sleep, survival skills.
It’s all over the place, but I have a fondness for long cloaks/robes/coats

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Apparently in Dark Nights: Death Metal, Wonder Woman will become the queen of Hell and go around the multiverse recruiting Batmen from other universes

>> No.71636028

Figuring out how to make the specific in-universe position I wanted work.

>> No.71636092

Okay, Batmen from other universes I get, but what's Wonder Woman gonna know about ruling in Hell?

>> No.71636114

>what's Wonder Woman gonna know about ruling in Hell?
Its nepotism, she don't have to know shit.

>> No.71636131

Don't even care. She looks cool as hell.

>> No.71636142

It is GENUINELY out of nowhere and inexplicable even by the standards of an event that sounds like it was written by the writers showing their children Axe Cop and telling them to write fanfiction of it wher Batman is the main character, the main villain and at least 12 different supporting characters

>> No.71636146

A lot of notebooks and writting material. I wanted to start a travel diary collection even if I wouldn't need it later. Also getting in contact with Ichigo and Nigo

>> No.71636157

Getting used to the sheer power and responsibility that comes with true divinity. Thankfully alternate-me stuck around in my head for quite a while to help coach me along. Absolute power may corrupt, but I found sudden power really clarifies what's important to a person.

I like to stick to whatever is normal for the world I enter and role I step into. But when I do show off I'm a huge fan of enchanted clothes. Koi that swim around on a coat painted to look like a pond. A shirt that looks like it's made out of tree leaves that change seasons depending on how much light they're exposed to. That kind of thing.

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Isn't Pluto her uncle? I assume she was just placed in the position as a convenience.

>> No.71636188

The whole Trinity is looking pretty good there.

>> No.71636189

>That is why people need to pick more complex characters.
That's one reason I like reading YJ's and Yoro's chains. They're jumpers that pick more complex companions.

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Ruling Hades I could understand, if the local power couple asked her to tag in while they did something Super Important (tm). But the honest-to-God Christian Hell?

>> No.71636195

Figuring out why my future self showed up in a bulky spacesuit and handed me a pocketwatch before saying: "You're in for it now, fucko."

>> No.71636201

I'm just getting into Overlord and checking out the anime. Am I the only one who's weirdly into pic related?

>> No.71636206

You know, now that you mentioned it Dark Nights Metal did have Dream coming in to bail out Superman and Batman at one point, so I guess Hades asking Lucifer to give his niece an internship isn't entirely out of the question.

>> No.71636229

Didn't they JUST finish the whole short-sleeve, edgy biker Superman thing like a couple of years ago?

>> No.71636243

As in "What if... Superman Was the Main Man"?

>> No.71636256

>How often did you hide in your warehouse to avoid the zombies?
Not too often. While the warehouse portal is active, he has the persistent thought that "the warehouse is open" just sort of niggling in the front of his mind, preventing him from sleeping.
Also it's creepy and dark in there.

>> No.71636263

Not by a long shot. If nothing else for those of us who were introduced to Overlord through the anime, she represents a time we thought there would be actually challenges to Ainz.

>b-b-but player character guy
>b-but Platinum Dragon Lord
The whole thing's wrapping up soon because the writer wants to go back to his day job, my expectations aren't high.

>> No.71636293

>Also it's creepy and dark in there.
No electricity option? You didn't take the force field option to keep the thieves and hordes of zombies out?
My jumper used that trick and portal to survive SCP-001 When Day Breaks. Five years of hiding int he warehouse and making portals to steal the infinite food items and SCP items he wanted. He even kept a small group of survivors. Before the jump ended we used some SCPs to hope over to a parallel universe that hadn't suffered from goo zombies. We were not welcomed with open arms.

>> No.71636294

The fact that he didn't drag her back as a pet is a shame - but Ainz' undead form is to blame. As a human he was enough of a horndog to totally go for it.

>> No.71636301

Ah, so it peaks pretty early on? That's a shame. I'm not much into anime but I've been enjoying it so far.

>> No.71636302

Weiss is the only girl worth salvaging from RWBY
Prove me wrong

>> No.71636328

Pyrrha and Neo exist. Oh and Bwby.

>> No.71636348

Fake and gay. Like 13.

>> No.71636349

Pretty much, yeah. Everything that follows is just long periods of every non-Nazarick character being either a victim in waiting or incompetant as well as irredeemable, followed by short periods of Nazarick characters massacring everyone else effortlessly.

>> No.71636354

All the more reason for Jumper to do so, I guess. I'm jumping Overlord as a Fallen Angel so I feel I need a pet psychopath

>> No.71636387

>Clementine manipulating jumper through his dick into giving her more freedoms in Nazarick
>the weakest one there but everyone annoyed with her can't turn her into a red stain on the carpet because it would make Jumper-sama unhappy

It's a bit coomer but there's potential for some serious hilarity.

>> No.71636391

I'm making a Kingdom Hearts OC for the second slot in the free companion option. Give me solid concepts for a FF-Disney esque girl who would sign up with a space pirate Jumper in a heartbeat. Bonus points if they have a motivation that has nothing to do with romance or being in a harem and sounds plausible in-universe. Do your best to pretend KH3 doesn't exist because I sure am for this jump.

>> No.71636415

Nah, she's pretty hot, if also batshit crazy. Then again, most girls in Overlord are, so that's not really saying much. Ended up capturing her during my time there, since I had taken Ainz' place as the person gathering intel on the New World as an adventurer due to being able to pass as a human. From there, she got made into a new pet.

>> No.71636443

>Born after the Age of Exploration has drawn to a close and raised on a diet of novels romanticizing the life of freedom and adventure that pirates supposedly lived.
>She has dreamed of the day she would sail the high seas and see things in the world no man had seen before and live a life of adventure.
>What she never dreamed was she might see entirely new worlds and live dozens of lives of adventure.
I realized about halfway through that I was just describing Elizabeth Swan, but oh well. I still think it works.

>> No.71636456

Basically classic Rikku/Yuffie, but with less double crossing in the case of the latter?
As in, upbeat verging on spitfire personality who has dreams of grander things or some motivation beyond basic needs, but makes ends meet with potentially useful adventuring shenanigans.
Offer them a shot at seeing worlds beyond their own, which is easy mode if they start as a Traverse Town native so the idea isn't so foreign to them.

>> No.71636470

Did anyone call dibs on a Motorcity jump? It seems like perfect jump material to me, is there interest for it?

>> No.71636475

Daily reminder that in the gacha plot she became a loving, kind nun.

>> No.71636481

I mean if nothing else, it kind of fits the genre given Albedo is trying to kill off the other player characters behind Ainz's back and he has no goddamn idea because his only frame of reference with Albedo is her trying to bone his bone

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>> No.71636491

In your defense, Elizabeth Swann has a lot in common with a lot of Disney princess protagonist characters

>> No.71636500

isn't pirates of the carribean disney anyway?

>> No.71636512

Yes. It's actually already in Kingdom Hearts.

>> No.71636513

Basically slapped a slave collar on her and gave her a race change potion so she could be the cat girl So-Bin draws her as.

>> No.71636532

We don't entirely know why since the gacha hasn't been properly translated yet. My guess is that in the gacha's canon Clementine survives her encounter with Ainz on a whim and it mind-broke her into ironically becoming a half decent person since he realized what it felt like on the other side of getting brutally fucked up.

>> No.71636542

How about a steampunk scientist Disney Princess? Disney's due to cash in on the current push to get young girls interested in the STEM fields, it's inevitable that something like that would happen. Plucky young woman, grad student/lab assistant at a steampunk university, goes off on her own adventures to prove that her theories are right. Gets a taste for adventure and discovery in the process, wanders the world seeing amazing things and learning more about them, Kingdom Hearts plots intersects with hers during this post-movie content. Encounters with the Heartless show her that there's so much more out there to discover beyond her world, and she joins up with you because you have a ship and are willing to convert a berth into laboratory space.

>> No.71636552

>makes her fit the guild and also makes Clem into her peak fucking form
You are a genius.

>> No.71636625

I like all of these, and that third one works out great for my need for a crafting companion. Thanks all.

>> No.71636632

Holy fucking cringe, dude.

>> No.71636639

>Nah, she's pretty hot, if also batshit crazy. Then again, most girls in Overlord are, so that's not really saying much
You'd be surprised what actually having to work and being fit can do to make someone attractive. Having a little extra might be attractive in some places, but there is a vast difference in plump and and obese. The reason you find most of them hot is the fact that they are thin and fit. Add on a hundred and fifty pounds and most would lose that physical attraction. Just goes to show that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

>> No.71636640

Extremely comfortable cape with fluffies on it. Sometimes boots. Usually not much else.
What's the point of beauty perks if you aren't indecent?

>> No.71636645

Cope, dieselpunklets

>> No.71636647

>That pic
They did Anko dirty...and not in a good way.

>> No.71636650

Hear, hear.

>> No.71636659

>thin and fit girls are attractive
>if they were fat unhealthy slobs they would be objectively less desirable
>but beauty is totally in the eye of the beholder
Fuck off with that shit.

>> No.71636668

imagine wanting more cholesterol

>> No.71636670

Nazarick gets purged full stop.

>> No.71636673

It saddens me that such a looker turned out like that.
On a related note, remember that twi'leks have eating problems as their home world doesn't have much food. They can and will eat everything they can if you take one off planet. Just make sure to have your girls on a strict diet or exercise program to prevent unwanted weight gain.

>> No.71636677

Nazarick gets recruited. Replace Ainz, have best minions and especially best boy Demiurge.

>> No.71636678


>> No.71636680

Cheetah stop being a murderous yandere bitch. Diana isn't into it.

>> No.71636681

I want more cholesterol.

>> No.71636682

>Call me a relic call me what'cha will
>Say I'm old fashioned say I'm over the hill
>Today's music ain't got the same soul
>I like that old time rock and roll

>> No.71636685

Makes me wonder...can hutts get F I T?

>> No.71636688

I'm leaning towards jaguar, but I'm also wondering if I should make her into a werejaguar version for more power where only her limbs get morphed.

>> No.71636689

Dude, she's a child. She's not supposed to be sexy and thin, and as she is is considered perfectly healthy for a child. Stop trying to give children anorexia and stop fucking kids you goddamned pedophile.

>> No.71636691


>> No.71636695

Based. They're monsters and they shall be dealt with as such.
A few of them don't deserve that fate, but given their undying loyalty to Ainz, it's probably inevitable.

>> No.71636697

Yes, they can. Meet Grakkus.

>> No.71636700

with what though

>> No.71636701

Well, there was a Hutt Dark Jedi who managed to give Leia a decent fight in Legends, so it is possible.

>> No.71636705

Dude, she's a blob. She's not supposed to be obese and corpulent, and she is is considered perfectly spherical for a blob. Stop trying to give blobs excuses and stop sexualing blobs you blobdamned blobophile

>> No.71636707

Remember if you want to order delivery or take-out while stuck at home because of Quarantine pick somewhere that offers it's employees sick leave.

>> No.71636709

Canonically yes

>> No.71636710

That is really cute.

>> No.71636714

Was Leia drunk during that fight or...?

>> No.71636719

The Kanna argument trend is honestly one of the more bizzare things to come out of /jc/.

>> No.71636723

The DCeased sequel is way better than the original because it dabbles with comedy

>> No.71636733

Still not as unusual as Gohan or coffee and tea being different tiers of omnipotence, or how all of the hatred for Supernatural across the whole internet has concentrated into one poster

>> No.71636734

And yet the twi'leks find fat to be super attractive as it is a sign of food and money. Because who else could buy so much food on an almost barren planet? But due to how they view slavery, a jumper that showed up with one of those unlimited food supply items would be a king and have his pick of any women he wanted. There is also a good chance that if jumper filled up all the store houses with food before leaving that the city would gift him a slave or several as a sign of thanks, and hoping they would convince him to return soon with more food.

>> No.71636735

Why is Deathstroke a woman

>> No.71636746

it's slades' daughter, probably

>> No.71636749

That's his daughter
Who can also see the future for reasons I forgot

...the more I learn about Twi'leks the more I think they were written to be the OG victim girl race by some horny writer

>> No.71636753

His daughter went prematurely grey and also lost the same eye he did?

>> No.71636755

>...the more I learn about Twi'leks the more I think they were written to be the OG victim girl race by some horny writer
They quite literally were made to be that way.

>> No.71636766

To be fair, he was centuries old, so he had plenty of experience. He was also fuck off strong, to the point that trying to block one of his blows nearly broke Leia's wrists. She beat him in the end because she was more agile than the much larger Hutt.

>> No.71636770

I think werejaguar would fit a lot of the aesthetics that Nazarick females have, lots of gap moe. They're usually in hot human female forms but their true forms are usually overwhelmingly monstrous. It's not like you lose the cute factor, her monster form is usually out of sight.

>> No.71636772

As >>71636755 says. One history of the universe ways that they were literally mad to be a slave race and delight in servitude. The women even get a thrill out of being a pampered pet.

>> No.71636781

Nazarick always gets purged by my jumpers.

>> No.71636784

I'm pretty sure she was a Teen Titans villain. So, yeah it's no wonder she's not a great character.

>> No.71636791

A thermonuclear warhead that makes the Tsar Bomba look like a wet firecracker.

>> No.71636796

Also, looking it up again, apparently he wasn't at his full power when she fought him, because one of his servants had been feeding off of him and his energy. He was still able to cause Force storms, though.

>> No.71636799

iirc he'd spent so much time training, what would've been fat on the body of your average Hutt was all muscle for him, turning him into an absolute powerhouse.

>> No.71636801

Based in stone

>> No.71636805

Twi'leks have super Stockholm syndrome and will easily fall for an owner that treats them decently.

>> No.71636810

It's just another one of Timmy's baits. Timmy is exceptionally skilled at acting genuinely autistic and insane, then flanderizing it further and further to a point where what hes saying is absolute batshit, but you still cant help but believe that this person really is genuinely retarded and broken.
Then he pushes it more, and adds the ones that got the most responses to a list of shitposts for every occasion, then checks every post made against his list of shitposts to see which one he needs to plug in.
At least, that's what I hope is the case. Otherwise I may lose some more hope in humanity.

>> No.71636812

So you save the world by rendering it uninhabitable? How does that make you a good guy?

>> No.71636816

IIRC she literally cut it out herself to cosplay as her dad.

>> No.71636825

Who said anything about being the good guy? I just really don't like Nazarick.

>> No.71636827


>> No.71636836

Yet you do more damage than them, curious.

>> No.71636838

>>71636766 (me)
To add to that. The lack of food on the home world and the all most exclusive predatory animal base of the ecosystem that families would happily sell their children into slavery. Most view any sort of life to be better than the home world. So being a Victim Girl would be normal to them.

>> No.71636842

That's super gay even by comic book standards
>Demon Giantess -> Bullied Dragongirl -> Literal Furry
How the mighty have fallen

>> No.71636844

Tech Jumpers, how do you keep up with Magic Jumpers?

>> No.71636854

promethean man

>> No.71636877

Anon, don't bother.
People who are driven by hateboners are impervious to logic and introspection. To them as long as *thing I hate* is destroyed, everything is justified to them, even if they do it by doing the exact same thing or worse that was the reason why they hated the *thing* to begin with.
Psychos are more autistic than actual autists

>> No.71636883

Antimagic tech. And nanobots. Lots and lots of nanobots.

>> No.71636888

The techjumpers can just go full technobabble to keep up. Now Psionic jumpers, they're the ones at the real disadvantage.

>> No.71636891

Again, I never said I was the good guy. I just really don't like them. I also dropped the same kind of bomb on the Jedi temple and the senate in Star Wars and the British wizard government's headquarters in Harry Potter. I would drop a few on Marvel earth as well, if I wasn't 100% sure it would bite me in the ass because of the way narrative causality works in that fucking universe.

>> No.71636894

Robots good at capturing superheroines?

>> No.71636902

Psionic Jumpers just become full scale reality warpers the fundamental forces and building blocks of the universe with their mind.

>> No.71636904

Really, really, REALLY big guns.

>> No.71636906

One hitachi personal massager.

>> No.71636920

Day 208: My comically large mousetrap baited with fresh fried tofu has failed to net me a single fox wife. Still uncertain why not. Tofu continues to vanish by the end of the day, cause unknown.

>> No.71636924

>treating them different in anyway
>not studyingn and optimizing each until the line between science and magic is absolutely blurred
Miss me with that luddite shit

>> No.71636928

Big fluffy cat it is then.

>> No.71636929

Uncapper perks, fuck loads of training and science, and mixing it in with other bullshit so it can rape metaphysics. Psionics is pretty versatile innately, and combining it with other disciplines for maximum synergy is the best way to use it.

>> No.71636934

Your comically oversized mousetrap is too small. Make it bigger.

>> No.71636940

Where are you hunting for them?

>> No.71636964

>narrative causality

>> No.71636965

Hopefully the tranny bitch gets the message and leaves

>> No.71636967

>At least, that's what I hope is the case. Otherwise I may lose some more hope in humanity.
I save my hope in humanity for the people who put their lives on the line for others like doctors, not for people on jumpchain. At least they're doing something for the species.

>> No.71636970

It's already large enough to catch three men at once I cannae go larger.

Just leaving them around the Forest of Magic, there's a lot of foxes in there.

>> No.71636977

>Tofu continues to vanish by the end of the day, cause unknown.
Do you or any neighbors happen to have any maids?

>> No.71636989

There's your problem! Foxes are carnivores. You need to bait it with thick, juicy meat.

>> No.71636995

>Just leaving them around the Forest of Magic, there's a lot of foxes in there.
AKTUALLY maybe species of foxes prefer edge habitat for hunting grounds, and several gave adapted to human activity and will traverse suburban areas for food and resources there. Though again that depends on the species.
I suggest determining which species of fox are in your area, and plan your traps accordingly

>> No.71636998

Try to stick a human in the trap as bait. Youkai eat people. If you want the best fox you are doing it in the wrong place though.

>> No.71636999

>Now Psionic jumpers, they're the ones at the real disadvantage.

>> No.71637002

just get a foxhound

>> No.71637017

Just use FOXDIE

>> No.71637038

Yes, lots. Too many suspects to list.

The locals keep telling me fried tofu is the best way to lure one in.

I don't think that would help in getting the wife.

>> No.71637049

Have you considered that they might be lying to you?

>> No.71637062

foxhound will find the fox and chase it down for you

>> No.71637067

Pay a Tanuki to help you track them down, they hate foxes.

>> No.71637079

Rookie mistake. Mousetraps are useless for capturing anything but the dullest of prey. Even if you do capture a fox wife that way, they're gonna be one of the dumb, useless ones-probably with only one tail.

What you need is a comically large box with a one-way opening, with the words "FREE FRIED TOFU" written on it. That'll get them.

>> No.71637096

You're right that they wouldn't prefer tofu, but foxes in general are omnivores. While meat is always their first choice, they can and will eat things like fruit and fungi if it's more readily available. They sill also eat lots of grasshoppers as well.
Coyotes are the same, when they aren't eating rabbits or rodents, they will eat lots of grasshoppers, beetles, prickly pear tunas (yes, that's what the fruit of a prickly pear is called), hackberry, algerita fruit, and bumelia.
Wolves will also eat some fruits, but they're much more suited and disposed for eating lots of meat since they can hunt larger game and also catch fish and hunt smaller game efficiently as well, so they're usually not hurting for options. Conversely in South America that have a species of canid called the Maned Wolf (pic related), which eats almost entirely grasshoppers and fruits, and they're the reason one of the local fruits is called the "wolf apple"
The canine proclivity for opportunistic omnivority is what has helped canids spread so prolifically across the world, and generally possess diverse ranges, while in contrast wild felines (such as Mountain Lions or Bobcats, if we're sticking to NA) tend to be exclusively carnivorous, hence why they're more spread apart and have to hunt in wider and more particular ranges, and aren't as ubiquitous as canids.

Sorry, but if everyone has a maid, then chances are that means all the fox girls in the area are taken up and you should go for greener pastures.

>> No.71637107

No no no, he needs an ACME Grand Piano dangling above a plate of fried tofu on the ground.

>> No.71637110

Spider-man tier
High enough to be a real problem for most but still far below the heaviest hitters
However I would say that all of them together are 100% an Avengers level threat

>> No.71637112

Goddammit Jim, we want to CATCH a fox wife, not KILL one!

>> No.71637117

Necromancy solves all problems

>> No.71637126

I dunno, anon. These sorts of traps eem to work well enough on dragon-hearted dark mage imoutos.

>> No.71637127

Necromancy doesn't solve Life Insurance fraud!

>> No.71637130

Well that explains the pictures of wolves scarfing down watermelons.

>> No.71637134

Magnus seems like he'd be a rather large threat on his own.

>> No.71637144

Necromancy has numerous methods of solving that problem; like compelling the undead to reveal their fraud, destroying the undead in question, and calling on the dead to answer questions regarding said fraud.

>> No.71637147

See, there's your problem; you're trying to catch fox wives the same way you'd catch imoutos. While these sorts of basic traps are just fine-in fact preferable-for imoutos, fox wives are *much* more clever than that. Waifu hunting 101, anon; you need the right grade of traps for the right waifu.

>> No.71637157

No, no. I'm saying that if you kill someone, claim their life insurance, then raise them back up, Necromancy's not gonna help you deal with the Life Insurance Fraud you committed.

Though Necromancy is actually very good for criminal investigations, mind you, so be careful with that.

>> No.71637194

Anon, this is true for most mammals to some degree or another. Even hypercarnivores like cats only have meat make up around 70% of their diet. And even herbivores like horses and cattle will eat meat if it falls into their lap. Hell, deer will go out of their way to find baby birds and eat them.

>> No.71637209

>Necromancy's not gonna help you deal with the Life Insurance Fraud you committed.
Sure it will, just kill whoever tries to accuse you of fraud.

>> No.71637210

Damn nature, you scary.

>> No.71637218

But that's not fraud. Now I'd you had undeath insurance...

>> No.71637223

How good are your waifus at giving blowjobs?

>> No.71637224

That's not Necromancy, that's just murder.

>> No.71637232

My dog used to get I to the garden and eat our zucchini, squash, and pu pins before he passed away.
He reeeeeealy love pumpkin.

>> No.71637233

That was just a rough estimate, and Spidey himself is nothing to sneeze at considering he regularly punks out the Sinister Six by himself, dunks on the X-men occasionally and is up for hanging with the FF without being dead weight

The more psychically potent would probably fall higher on the spectrum of power but all the Primarchs would be significant threats to anyone who isn't a god, a hulk, kryptonian or in some way cosmically powered. All of them together multiplies their ability to fuck shit up and access to the resources and troops they would normally have brings them to actual threat on a galactic scale and most empires would take notice

>> No.71637244

Who's the physically strongest Primarch? Could he throw down with Thanos in a fistfight?

>> No.71637245

...Unless it's the DC universe where people happily and regularly tank million decibel blasts like it's nothing. They'd just sort of disintegrate there.

>> No.71637246

Still, it's fun to talk about, especially after all the time spent helping collect and analyze coyote scars for other grad students and their research.
Seriously, they really love their bumelia and hackberry. And prickly pear, but everything loves to eat prickly pear, and sadly its available has been going down thanks to the damned hogs.
Fuck hogs

>> No.71637254

Vulkan and he could somehow lift the Imperial Palace's walls on his own, so maybe? Those things aint tiny.
A more average feat would be Angron, he's relatively weak for a Primarch and nearly died just lifting a normal Titan.

>> No.71637267

Vulkan and Magnus, due to psychic shenanigans and being able to roid out.

To be fair to poor Aggy, the Nails are a serious handicap.

>> No.71637276

Murder is just necromancy without the raise dead part.

>> No.71637282

Gotta say I'm liking Magnus's Mesoamerican priest-look he's got going on here

>> No.71637305

Oh, you're not wrong. I was just making the point that even though they will eat whatever, you generally want to go with the animal's preferred food when baiting them. Which, when baiting for predators (even omnivorous scavengers like foxes and coyotes), means your best bet is generally some form of pungent meat or other animal products. I generally use offal from other kills or the scraps from cleaning fish to bait coyotes and occasionally get pics of foxes grabbing some of the bait piles on my cameras even though foxes are pretty rare here.
>Fuck hogs

>> No.71637314

Oh, also my original post was like 50% just a bad penis joke

>> No.71637331

hogs did nothing wrong

>> No.71637340

>somebody asked if you could recruit Jane Prentiss form the Magnus Archives in an earlier thread
First off: Why? She's literally more fucking revolting than the average Worm That Walks. And secondly, I'm not certain she could be saved unless you got her to willfully cease being an avatar for the Corruption anyhow. Even then, I'd argue that she was too far gone.

>> No.71637365

Well they destroy vast swaths of both crops and wilderness. So if you like food and/or nature, you should be anti oinker.

>> No.71637384

I hate everything made by some apes who shoved my sisters and bros up my ass and sewed my head up my ass to seal them in, so I love hogs. Also my brother is a big hog.

>> No.71637389

how many hogs are in your backyard? 50?

>> No.71637393

None right now but I keep a gun by my bed in case 30-50 burst into my yard while my kids are playing.

>> No.71637399

Yeah, with DC I'd take them through a few animated iterations to accumulate power before taking them to the mainline universe

>> No.71637400

But they also destroy nature and you made nature.
Unless you're the fucking shadow lizard. In which case, don't act like your brother being a boar means anything to you.

>> No.71637406

In Generator Rex, the Meta-Nanites are too much cheese, Jump-Chan says you cannot wield them, but you can get nerfed versions of their powers as major mutations for a whole lotta points.

>> No.71637415

Zero, they would be eaten by the pack of eight Utahraptors. Thanks, ARK Survival Evolved!

>> No.71637420

This is a job for Fury's Maxim. All this ruling does is show the jump's age, because boy howdy did the escalation train take off since it was made.

So if I manage to get the Meta-Nanites then it's not out-of-line to just say that I can use them as I wish, and apply fiat-backing to them at the first opportunity.

>> No.71637424

>million decibel blasts
Wait what. That would be like an entire galaxy worth of energy. Is this actually something that happened?

>> No.71637432

Several times and all it did was incapacitate people. DC authors are not good at math, no.

>> No.71637438

Incidentally, while the jump document prevents you from using the Meta-Nanites, it does not lock you out from using the Dominion Code itself. The Meta-Nanites are just a pre-built interface for it. There's litterally nothing stopping an enterprising jumper who feels like adhering to the letter of the law from violating the spirit of it in ways that would get you censored.

>> No.71637439

Disregard Meta-Nanites, acquire full power Omnitrix.

Then do the reverse in Ben 10.

>> No.71637445

This makes me angrier than it should.

>> No.71637446

Hey, I've been making a build for Elfen Lied, and I'd been thinking...is the DNA Voice even actually a thing? Because I've been trying to remember the anime-I only ever watched that years ago, and only got a basic idea of the manga-and it's been occurring to me that all the deaths caused by Diclonii seemed to have been caused by some combination of the following three factors: continual and constant abuse, lashing out with their Vectors during moments of extreme emotions and thus likely not even being aware or capable of controlling their strength at the time, or sweet bloody revenge.

Also, I think it was stated in-series somewhere that Diclonii were the next stage of human evolution...

Now, for a half-serious meme-y joke that just came to mind. Is the entire plot of Elfen Lied basically treating all of humanity as boomers, Diclonii as millennials, and all the abuse and eventual extermination of Diclonii a projection of boomers taking back the world from the next generation?

>> No.71637454

Witness it. This is something Cyborg could just unleash from a handheld canon, mind you. It doesn't even crack concrete, it just temporarily stuns the enemies.

>> No.71637460

A mere two thousand something decibels would be enough to collapse the entire universe, due to how logarithmic scaling works. A million decibels is more power than we can actually comprehend.

>> No.71637462

How many Sentient/Companion Items are there throughout /jc/?

>> No.71637469

DC is a goddamned hyperdimensional xianxia in disguise.

>> No.71637470

>incurs $1.5 million a year in damages and control
>fucks up the environment, makes it shitty for both humans and animals
>fucks up oil lines because they like to wallow in the shit, fucking oil and gas economy and fucking the environment even harder
>will actively attack humans and get I to towns to raid
>have take to attacking rattlesnakes when they rattle, causing an a genetic shift where many rattlesnakes species in areas no longer rattle when threatened, increasing the number of human fatalities from rattlesnakes bites
>tend to also be a vector for all sorts of diseases
>rooting behaviors cause massive defoliation and erosion, causing more dust storms and algal blooms, which fucka with both nature and people
>tend to be filled to bursting with parasites, so the meat is often not that worth it
>can get fucking massive, with 9ft long shows not being uncommon, meaning they eat and read up even more shit.
Seriously, fuck hogs. They're like the Orcs of real life, except they aren't sapient so there's no moral quandary at all about killing their babies.
Remember, as an exotic invasive there are no bag limits or seasons on feral hogs, so please feel free to kill as many as you see and please.

Luckily, where I live in the panhandle is too dry and too high elevation for them, so that fully 0. Still, you joke, but 50 is actuall a conservative estimate for most properties over 100acres

>> No.71637474

Going Kamigawa right after Campione seems like a pretty good place to farm authorities.
What other jumps should I postpone until after Campione, with plentiful gods and a good enough to reason to kill them by the scores?

>> No.71637492

>Remember, as an exotic invasive there are no bag limits or seasons on feral hogs, so please feel free to kill as many as you see and please.
My rural uncle likes to hunt them for meat, has basically a chilled meat locker for them. He's also basically a hillbilly the rest of my family doesn't like visiting for completely unrelated reasons.

>> No.71637497

Most Xianxia can't compare to a million decibels worth of power being regularly put out. We're well past multiverse busting at this point. We left that behind at like 5000 decibels.

>> No.71637501

Exalted, the number of gods that have abandoned their proper duties to do stupid shit is too damn high.

>> No.71637503

Or we could admit that comic books are kayfabe.

>> No.71637507

Go back to bed, HOA.

>> No.71637509

Fix your jumps Beast.

>> No.71637510

Not to mention that it's literally your job as an Exalted to kick the shit out of them for doing do

>> No.71637519

Now kiss

>> No.71637521

What do you expect? When the old archmages created mu and autocthonia to battle beyond time and space they didnt expect to break reality and cause it to become a kung fu genre.

>> No.71637565

>archmages created mu and autocthonia to battle beyond time and space

Not a thing since current exalted and WoD, though 1e did have some crazy as fuck magic. Current WoD and exalted are not the same functional universe.

>> No.71637566

Exalted isn't a backstory to WoD anymore.

>> No.71637579

Kingdom Come Deliverance jump when?

>> No.71637582

People like you make me litter on purpose. Fuck nature.

>> No.71637597

You don't need to support shitposting to believe in Kayfabe. In fact, I would even say that if you don't believe in Kayfabe, you're a shitposter.

>> No.71637609

>accusing others of shiposters to deflect accusations of shitposting

>> No.71637625

Yes, you are a shitposter. It's transparent, you aren't smart enough to gaslight a thread of people into thinking everyone but you is a shitposter instead of just you.

>> No.71637626

Does this sound like a fun Overlord NPC?
>spends most of her time in cat form
>pretends to be an ordinary cat familiar
>when someone gets close to wizard player she turns HUGE and demonstrates what a barbarian with long claws can do
>can be bribed with salmon

>> No.71637635

I know but I like to make believe it is because it gives me reason to keep my hero bbs magic system which is heavily based on Mage from WoD and I think wizard battles escalating until they accidentally the ebon dragon and unconquered sun into existing is funny.

>> No.71637654

...why can't you keep your entirely OC magic system WITHOUT pretending Exalted and WoD are the same setting?

>> No.71637660

>t. HOA
Stop projecting.

>> No.71637661

So unikitty?

>> No.71637665

I don't think Unikitty can be bribed with salmon

>> No.71637669

Not sure what that's from but yes? I just think it's funny that a small fluffy animal that hangs around the wizard is more dangerous in combat than the wizard is.

>> No.71637670

I can. I just think its funnier this way. Plus old mage used the same names for a lot of stuff before the two settings were completely split. Stupid noncanon stuff now.

>> No.71637672

>can't be bothered to waifu anyone as a Primarch because all humans are too low IQ and you're too busy with your duties and conquest

Now this is the real sacrifice.

>> No.71637681

>that pic
My sides.

>> No.71637683

Unikitty loves fish

>> No.71637721


>> No.71637732

Making it not a trap jump 'cause boy howdy do people die like fucking flies there.

>> No.71637752

Getting the interdimensional harem I always deeply craved.

>> No.71637776

How dangerous really is a piece of Sapient Pearwood Luggage? How would such a piece of Luggage fair in the DCU? How about in Fate? What about Exalted?

>> No.71637790

Like, I like Chewbaka and all that, but that scene would have been a lot more powerful if he actually died there.

>> No.71637836

About as dangerous as the Tasmanian Devil, and roughly on par with Cohan the Barbarian

If a bag of rice qualifies as an EX NP, it totally should

N/A Artifact, easily. A complete terror to everything that can't use essence and fae. However, because it's actually shown to choke on and eventually spit out the Octavo (the creator of the Discworld's spellbook, not to be confused with the actual supreme deities of the setting) I assume anything that can go spirit form and experienced Exalts (like Cohan) have a chance to fight their way out.

It fits in perfectly among the other DC humans, gets adopted by the Dial H kids as a mascot, and uses the H-Dial to turn into Superluggage. This is your fault, you monster. You brought this unceasing hunger into the world where everyone and their dog turns into a god-punching champion with slightly more effort than sticking a fork into an electric socket.

>> No.71637861

Sounds like a fun idea anon.

Anyone feel like going into what they did in Overlord? I'm divided over whether I'd like to be the 42nd Supreme Being or if I'd like to have my own guild; on the one hand I think going up against Nazarick in some sort of weird semi-Cold War would be really fun because I'm a sucker for grand strategy and intrigue, as would building up my own guild base and NPCs from scratch. But then just playing things out as part of Nazarick from the get-go would be really fun as well.

I dunno, just looking for ideas here. What race and class did you play? What hijinx did you get up to? You saved or at least resurrected the Swords of Darkness, right? Who is best girl?

>> No.71637871

To springboard off this post, I'm trying to come up with a good Primarch backstory to help decide what kind of build and theme to go with. Not deciding on anything immediately, just coming up with a good story and then naturally building something that would logically happen. Some of my ideas are

1. Primarch that had their pod slam into what is basically an Abyss-Class Battleship, abandoned with it's crew and basically floating in space with its crew's descendants living the best they can. Primarch fixes that shit up and basically bumps into the old man himself.
2. Cyberpunk Primarch that inspired the oppressed citizens of his system to rise up against their system of glorified slavery.
3. Primarch lands on Vostroya. Its fucking Super Space Cossack.

Any stand out?

>> No.71637895

depends on the theme, but usually I'm looking for a solid foundation to build off of for the rest of the chain. Also whether or not a jumper picks up companions largely depends on the first jump, if jumper doesn't get them at that point they're probably going to end up a loner. Admittedly this is also due a lot to me not liking the extra book keeping to keep track of them, so if I'm investing in a companion immediately in the first jump that's a commitment on my part to actually write all that stuff and keep track of everything involving them. That's all meta though, in all likelihood all my jumpers probably pick up companions pretty quickly, if not in the first jump (possibly a lot of them), if we were talking about how they'd actually do things. I recently beat Code Vein for example and if I had a theoretical jumper that started there I couldn't imagine not offering to take along pretty much the entire crew, since there's really no reason for them to stay, and also taking Io as a companion would probably be the only way for her to get a good end given how the story shakes out. So that's like 10 or more companions right out the gate. Also I should make it plain that I assume that I house rule that people can be invited along as companions for free if they agree to it without coercion.

>> No.71637930

Elizabeth from Bioshock, but in kingdom hearts. Bam, done.

>> No.71637953

I'll never say no to Super Space Cossacks. It could edge in on the Khan's territory niche-wise, but that's not necessarily bad--you've got a ready made compliment and foil.

Cyberpunk Primarch has the most potential to be unique, if only because cyberpunk is so different from 40k's typical aesthetic but isn't too distant in terms of "feel", at least if you squint a bit

Space Primarch might be cool, if only because 40k fleshes out ground combat so much but battles between fleets have got to be even more important, realistically. The Emperor would obviously want a Primarch-Admiral to run his fleets.

>> No.71637954

Thanks anon! I'm feeling like building her up as some sort of damage focused warrior/rogue and saying her whole build including equipment is optimised for a massive surprise attack which does ridiculous damage as part of a surprise attack, but she's a massive glass cannon designed to give a hell of a sucker-punch and not much beyond that; she'll need to rely on (catlike) mobility to not die in prolonged combat.
>Anyone feel like going into what they did in Overlord?
I went in as the 42nd Supreme Being because I think it's a fun idea to just be Ainz' friend and keep the NPCs from doing anything heinous, despite being evil to the core, and trying to trick them into believing it's actually part of my massive evil plan all along even while we end up making the world a better place. Just sounds amusing to me.
I went Demon Wizard, fluffed it as a custom archdevil race with lots of hellfire, basically Ulbert but instead of being an edgelord my dude was just goth.
>You saved or at least resurrected the Swords of Darkness, right?
Clem and Zurrernorn had an unfortunate accident where the entire organisation came down with a bad case of teleportation sickness. That is to say, everyone mysteriously teleported into the sun one day. Occasional outbreaks of teleportation sickness struck the New World from time to time. Seems being an irredeemably evil bastard can make you catch it. What a pity.
>Who is best girl?
Evileye is a good girl who did nuffin wrong but if it's actually waifu material I'd have to say Brita. Tanned skin + short red hair + strong ranger lady ticks my fetish boxes.

>> No.71637969

If you go by the Ple-Ple-Pleadies shorts she somehow comes back to life (this is never explained) then gets routinely traumatized by the Pleadies who keep running into her at a bar (she keeps getting so drunk she forgets this keeps happening until the end) and them trying to get info from her and just failing miserably at acting normal, which inevtiably ends up with Clementine getting owned. Eventually she sees Nabe show up (in conjunction with Shizu) and then decides to bounce the fuck out because she remembers Nabe being with the dude that killed her. Out on the road she is nearly crushed to death when Ainz, in his guise as Momon, causally picks up a boulder blocking a bunch of merchants from using a road and then tosses it like a few hundred feet without effort. Seeing this and realizing just how stupidly outclassed she'd been the whole time, on top of the recent stress from dealing with the Pledadies, mind broke her into basically a more innocent state because she just couldn't handle it all anymore. Ainz then meets her on the side of the road, alongside Nabe, and though he thinks she's familiar he doesn't recognize her because her face is "too angelic and at ease, and he'd definitely remember it", because the last time he'd seen her she'd been making crazy Clementine faces.

Whether or not that's the explanation for the gacha game is another matter entirely, but that's how it went down in the Ple-Ple-Pleadies episodes.

>> No.71637999

Another fucking "Kairi" clone. Genderbent Sora/Ventus/Roxas

>> No.71638000

Hey, any word on how that Sonic X jump is going?

>> No.71638001

True for the first - part of my desire to do it is just from thinking the Vostroyans are just cool as fuck. A sabre wielding drunkard of a Primarch is a good image but too far from me to write well. Cyberpunk is primarily an aesthetic one but it's certainly unique even if people get annoyed with the LED Marines. The latter is probably my best bet since it's conductive to jumper shenanigans (being able to easily relocate literally ALL of your resources is a huge plus) and I can run with the angle of "idealistic primarch being tempered by the reality they finally encounter". It may also be a decent excuse to be buddies with Mars and get that E.Y.E aesthetic going

Thanks for the input, bro.

>> No.71638030

>Give me solid concepts for a FF-Disney esque girl who would sign up with a space pirate Jumper in a heartbeat
There's that slighly crazy boomer that has a deviantart fanfic that it's plot isn't totally ripped from KH and who's husbando is that fat guy from Treasure Planet

>> No.71638046

I'd rate them a lot higher than that, if only for their extreme skill paired with their complete willingness to kill and show absolutely zero hesitation in everything they do. It also depends on if you're going with high end showings or low end showings (not unlike with comics), because Astartes from Brothers of the Snake are balls out fucking insane in capability, and Primarchs by default should be leaving dudes like them in the dust. That's the high end, on the low end you have entire squads of marines jobbing to people that shouldn't have even the slightest chance against one of them, because fuck consistency.

>> No.71638068

Just thinking of different ways you could incorporate Cyberpunk tropes
>Marines are recruited from the most brutal gangs and hardened corporate mercenaries from their home system
>Marines in the Legion are especially proud of their augmentations and genetic enhancement; they sometimes raise eyebrows in the Imperium as they boast of being post-human
>The Legion is wealthy and well-supplied not just on account of ties to the Mechanicus but also through ties to MegaCorps based in their home system
>Marines in the Legion are especially fond of the use of exotic combat drugs and stimulants in combat
>Marines that go traitor devote themselves to Slaanesh or Tzeentch and make use of Warp-tainted neon blasters that display the hideous colors of the Immaterium

>> No.71638073

almost all jumps that feature greek gods that aren't the DCEU, since aside from Ares they were actually pretty decent there.

>> No.71638079

>using impossible chaos colors in LED lights like they're a trashy zoomer PC
You're a fucking genius, thank you. I almost want to incorporate 80's leather jackets in a way that doesn't look like shit, but maybe just a classier Fabius Bile getup would work.

>> No.71638092

If I used power granting to give someone the Gamer at level 1, would they require as much experience to level up as my jumper does at their current level, or would the exp requirements reset in that case?

>> No.71638118

I would assume if they are level one they would gain xp as if they were level one

>> No.71638128

Happy to help, my dude
If you feel like staying loyalist you could still fluff such weapons as being psyker- or warp-based, just not as dangerously so. The Imperium uses warp-based weapons in its navy if I remember right, and enforcement of anti-psyker stuff has always been inconsistent even under the Emperor. Any number of ways you could hash it out.

And you definitely want to go for the leather jackets. 40k was built on rule of cool and aesthetics above all, worry about making sense later.

>> No.71638155

Also very true - I never planned on pucking up strong psychic powers but seeing as I plan on being strong on Volkite weapons I can make something work. I'm spending too much on an Abyss-Class battleship anyways which I may fluff as being stuck in the Warp with merely the gellar field working, unknowingly having blotted out the sun of the planet making all light on it man-made. People literally live their lives under the light of corporations until a ship from the outside finally comes. The appeal of having a cool ass cyberpunk planet that I can shape to some degree is too fun too.

Will probably go to sleep, stay cool bro.

>> No.71638173

Have a good night, my dude. Keep us updated on what you come up with!

>> No.71638174

>Clementine will never lock her toned legs around your head as you eat that pussy

>> No.71638216 [DELETED] 

Cunnilingus is for beta males.

>> No.71638223

Don't project your sexual dysfunctions.

>> No.71638231 [DELETED] 

Being a submissive beta is what eating pussy is all about. Which is why no woman will ever respect a man who does it. You force your dick down her throat and make her like it.

>> No.71638241


>> No.71638243

>is the DNA Voice even actually a thing?
Maybe. I tried to find this out a while ago when I imported the virus into Resident Evil, and no one seemed certain weather the DNA voice was real or just a something Lucy unconsciously invented to help her cope with her trauma.

>> No.71638257

The Gamer is independent even when everyone is leeching off of Jihan so they'd just level up like a normal level 1 should

>> No.71638264

Simping is kingship. Kings simp and know that simping is a good thing to do.

>> No.71638366 [DELETED] 

Yall too obsessed with cucks desu.

>> No.71638498

Nah, I also found myself to be quite into her.

>> No.71638517 [DELETED] 

Simps aren't cucks ok. Simps will destroy women at the first clue that cuckoldry is involved.

>> No.71638533

Jumpkids sure are an odd bunch

>> No.71638568

Remember to raise your kids right, or else they'll get crazy ideas in there head. Ideas like "humans are friends, not food."

>> No.71638571

That sounds a little like what I did, perhaps my build can help you with mechanics of it?

>> No.71638578

Okay, I'll be the first to admit I went full Isekai power fantasy on the first Jump I went on. I know for a fact I shouldn't be trusted with Psychic powers that can mind control, because exactly what happened in that first Jump would happen. Hypnotic suggestions were used and I got laid a lot, which when I finally got a better willpower than my normie mode I looked back on with endless regret. Ugh... Pic Related was me once I had my head on straight again.

>> No.71638590

So what niche hasn't been filled yet by the other Primarchs and would benefit the Imperium?

>> No.71638646

sane and emotionally mature

>> No.71638655

In awe at the kind of big dick energy it takes to read "rape monthly" casually in front of your own daughter.

>> No.71638658


>> No.71638670

Hellhound is their name, rape is their game.

>> No.71638676

I will never bring myself to get what I want from jumps.

>> No.71638678

What are you talking about? Of course that's normal. You know what'd be weird and disgusting though? Reading a romantic and non-lewd novel that doesn't even go beyond kissing. That would be truly disgusting.

>> No.71638688


>> No.71638702

Fun fact its actually harder to kiss a 2hu into submission in Tohok then mating press them into submission.

>> No.71638708

Do you think he gets the meme?

>> No.71638710

Ok I'm going to need more info than that.

>> No.71638735

>"Jumper, why do you have so many slaves."
>"Listen, I once did a thing, that thing has haunted me since doing the thing."
>"Oh, what's that Jumper, being a Slaver?"
>"No, when I went to Star Wars I went there for the Star Destoryer I was getting out of it, and I did a milk run for Ryloth. Just a simple back and forth from an agriculturally powerful world to a nigh barren world. Tell me do you recognize the planets name?"
>"No, not really."
>"I didn't either, so when I noticed all the Twi'lek all over the shop I was surprised. Turns out that's their homeworld, Ryloth, and it is a miserable world where nothing of value save for a people grew. I saw the squalor they were in and decided..."
>"Jumper, what does this have to do..."
>"Don't interrupt, we'll get there. Anyway, I gave them food and they offered slaves to me, women mostly, which seriously threw me off because I was acting like a fat imperial bastard of the Emperor's Navy at the time. Anyway, I came back with a Ithorian herdship that could grow food for them they basically found their savior. I had no idea what was going on in their heads at the time, so over the next decade as more and more Twi'lek appeared in Imperial uniforms I didn't even notice and then suddenly I had an entire ISD full of Twi'leks who will do anything for me, because they're planet is THAT shit. I don't have slaves, anon, I have people who want to be treated as pets, and as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else I just let it go. Because breaking them out of an entire evolutionary and societal copping method isn't possible without making them an entirely new race of people. I'm a Jumper, they'll grow out of it eventually."

>> No.71638766

Real talk, the fact that the Twi'lek were apparently like this LONG before Palpatine's empire and literally nobody else gave the things enough to eat says volumes about how shitty the Star Wars galaxy is.

>> No.71638787

What does one do when Jumper daughter has a crush on a normal?

>> No.71638799


>> No.71638810

>Real talk, the fact that the Twi'lek were apparently like this LONG before Palpatine's empire and literally nobody else gave the things enough to eat says volumes about how shitty the Star Wars galaxy is.
Well Ryloth is a non-core frontier world, so by Rebublic standards they'd be far enough out of the way that they'd be under the Trade Federation's umbrella, ane we know what those fucking piles of bantha dung were willing to do for a solid profit. So, yes you are right, the Star Wars galaxy is a strange one.

>> No.71638814

Uplift him so he can be a suitable suitor to her

>> No.71638822

I never thought about it before, but yeah. An entire galaxy to explore and colonize combined with all the basic tech needed to make vertical farms and there is still a planet of people on the verge of starvation.

>> No.71638823

Biologist and/or biomancer. Was probably meant to be Mortarions thing before he got a stick stick up his ass.

>> No.71638827

Cool, thanks.

>> No.71638836

Full background check on every single atom of their fucking being because something incredibly fucky is going if that has even a slight possibility of happening.

>> No.71638889

There's a bunch of wars and shit in Legends, isn't there? Now that they keep namedropping people like Bane in the kosher new material like the cartoon, there still being a long history of Force user wars throughout the galaxy in current canon goes a long way to explaining why social development is so bipolar across the inhabited systems.

The Ones are still canon, aren't they? Apparently Ahsoka is going to be in The Mandelorian S2 somehow. That means we're like, one namedrop away from Abeloth being canon in some capacity.

>> No.71638901

If they can't grow anything how come there are so many of them? Do they eat each other?

>> No.71638905

Chris is best Geah.

On completely unrelated news, discuss, post builds, tell us who you waifu'd/BTFO, etc, etc.

>> No.71638912

Any really strong “tech you make self repairs” style perks? Preferably from sci-fi settings.

>> No.71638916

Let her. In time he will grow old and pass, while she will learn a valuable lesson in loss.

>> No.71638951

NuWars would shatter into pieces if Abeloth was a thing. All the Jedi and All the Sith sounds like any easy in for the Space Cthulhu who throws around black holes and shit. Rey would still win, because she's a horrible Mary Sue, but the NuWars would have any believeability broken by the fight.

>> No.71638955

This >>71638823. There are many fanfics that have primarchs with really good biomancy. Good enough to create new races.

>> No.71638968

Bold of you to assume Rey wouldn't turn out to be All of the Aboleth too somehow

>> No.71638982

Medabots' has what you're looking for. M-Alloy is the shit because it isn't acutally an Alloy so much as it's taking metal, any metal since it's used on gold/copper/iron/steel/aluminium, and making it self-repair via nanomachines. Shit's awesome.

>> No.71638986

>Bold of you to assume Rey wouldn't turn out to be All of the Aboleth too somehow
You see, you say that I can't tell if you're kidding or just being real about the Mary Sue that Rey is.

>> No.71638999

And yet we can't visit any fanfics in the Primarchs jump. I would really love to trade in my legion and planets for a chance to play out one of the Primarch in Westeros stories.

>> No.71639000

>You see, you say that I can't tell if you're kidding or just being real about the Mary Sue that Rey is.
Sadly, Canon Sues are protected in Protectors of the Plot Continuum or I'd make a living killing her in inventive ways for a decade. Hmm, wonder if I could sneak the new Sequel Trilogy as badfic fanfiction...

>> No.71639015

Then jump Primarchs jump and then Game of thrones ?

>> No.71639017

I’ve read Codex Verdantum, got any other biologist primarch stories?

>> No.71639018

You should not need an option specifically written in to do what you want anon.

>> No.71639024

Let's be honest, they made up that rule after they realised if they didn't they'd have to fight shit like >>71637454 every fucking day in DC

>> No.71639041

Acquiring Fluffy Tail.
After that, getting some kind of regen perk.
Hoodie and shorts combo.

>> No.71639050

Not really. Their entire Metanarrative is that they return fiction back to its core, even if the original fiction is pretty shit. Like they won't fuck with anything in Warhammer 40k's grimderp world beyond exorcising Sues because that'd be perpetuating the change from original fiction, which I have yet to see the results of but are basically hinted at being a Bad Thing.

>> No.71639066

>Let's be honest, they made up that rule after they realised if they didn't they'd have to fight shit like >>71637454 every fucking day in DC
Actually it's because a Canon Sue just regens as Canon rights itself, so killing them is completely useless. I think some Assassins do it from time to time though, just to kill the Sue.

>> No.71639071

Going to be something of an odd question, but any perks out there that let you feel excruciating levels of pain constantly, whenever you wish?

>> No.71639084

Reading SB.

>> No.71639085

>Going to be something of an odd question, but any perks out there that let you feel excruciating levels of pain constantly, whenever you wish?
You right, that's an odd one. Uh, Battle Destruction School Dangerous should be able to cover that in its custom power creator.

>> No.71639128

Would you say being a Psyker is closer to a mage or a psionic? Just wondering which set of perks would benefit me.

>> No.71639136

Probably some form of self biokinesis.

>> No.71639137

I pity you if boredom leaves you in excruciating pain constantly.

>> No.71639151

>Good enough to create new races.
Do you think that's something a Primarch could actually do? Because it does sound tempting to go for.

>> No.71639161

Can't give you a build but I will probably end up companioning Chris and Eve unless someone sells me on the others.

>> No.71639166

Probably. They’d have to be completely subservient to humans to be accepted though. And that’s just Great Crusade era.

>> No.71639195


>> No.71639212

Like the dudes sci-fi stuff, but damn does he chronically drop fics like 2-3 chapters in, if that.

>> No.71639218

I remember reading that. It was pretty nice and what made me like Biomancy and Technomancy so much.

>> No.71639246

Oh that guy, wish he would update his lewd commander fic more.

>> No.71639248

Yes, and not even with great difficulty.
Though if you want to make species better than humans, probably more so.

>> No.71639300

I think that taking Arch-Sorcerer and Master Crafting(Biology) perks would make creating new race possible.

>> No.71639337

Do we have a Prequel Star Wars Jump?

>> No.71639340

I agree. I also think that a fusion bomb would probably kill an ant

>> No.71639448

The Clone Wars jump has a toggle to start at Episode 1.

>> No.71639475

Do you think getting Arch-Sorcerer, Master Crafting(Biology), and Master Crafting(Warptech) allow for the creation of a genetic alteration to humanity to allow anyone to draw in, purify, and harness Warp energy without any danger of corruption-basically, can I turn humanity into a Psychic Species?

>> No.71639525

Do we have a The Cat in the Hat jump? Because goddamn watching the aMike Mysers movie drunk is a.

Special experience

>> No.71639546

So, I did a bit of writefagging about my Jumper. Just standard fare save I'm not really sugar coating the pitch from my Benefactor. Hope you guys like some Jumpchain worldbuilding, not sure if I'll continue this Jumper, but it feels like my muse is loving it.

Oh I wish.

>> No.71639549

I still don't know how he didn't.

>> No.71639570

>Just noticed the turret mount
Ugh, as if the series couldn't have been worse. Why are they not shooting at her again?

>> No.71639572

>be jumper
>pick body mod
>decide to be 6'6" to flex on heightlets
>go to Japanese jump
>recurring headaches

>> No.71639576

>Chronicles of Narnia
The heart of a child perk, so that i always stay "me" no matter what happens throughout my chain.
My plan from the start is always to return home and i don't want to be completely unrecognizable and alienated from my loved ones

>> No.71639582

Two questions about Elfen Lied, if anyone's willing to answer. First of all...and this isn't necessarily related, but is important for my writing: how common are Buddhist temples in Japan? Would one feasibly be in the city of Kakamura?

Second question...if I have both "Destroyer of Worlds" and "Seed of Chaos", can I customize the "DNA Voice" (assuming it exists) that Diclonii I create possess?

>> No.71639610

>Oh I wish.

>The Prequel Trilogy [+0cp]: Instead of remaining here for the duration of the Clone Wars you'll now have to go
through the entire series of events witnessed in the prequels. You arrive at your starting location on the 1st day of
the invasion of Naboo and leave on the date that Luke & Leia Skywalker are supposed to be born.

>> No.71639625

Which would be better than the fact his Benefactor is sending him to a Auralnauts and Podracer Fusion Jump instead. I was just about to comment about that when you posted bruh.

>> No.71639638

>1st day of the invasion of Naboo
Wish it let us start earlier. Not a lot of time for me to convince Anakin I'm better than the stuffy Jedi.

>> No.71639675

So aside from FFTA, where else can I quickly regenerate my mana/ki?

>> No.71639706

The original Fate jump Dragon Heart let you refill to full within 24 hours.

>> No.71639789

Terraria has a star system that makes your regen go by percentages I think. It's been a while and I can't find the Jump on my phone.

>> No.71639875

I was gonna be jumping The Matrix fairly soon, so I've been thinking about how I wanted to play that jump...And then I found this.


Tell me what crazy cool shit you got up to in The Matrix!

>> No.71639879

Iirc terraria has a perk that lets your mana regenerate fully every 2 hours?

>> No.71639891

Omotea is great.

I did the only sensible thing. I got my VR helmet, and uploaded a bunch of MMO's onto the matrix and made everyone wizards and warriors, after purging the agents and replacing them with nicer ones.

>> No.71639898

hate that art

>> No.71639911

You could be a 5'5" manlet in pre-industrial japan and still tower over those people.

>> No.71640008

Jumpers are wonderful people, although strange.

>> No.71640067

But that would cause cascading logic failures which lead to matrix instability which is dangerous to humans because it breaks their minds.

>> No.71640187

show up in medieval japan in full plate armour with a bastard sword and see if those 5 foot 50kg manlets can cut you in half with their 1000x folded nippon-steel sword

>> No.71640242

Ah, but magic.

>> No.71640268

Okay but what if
>Conquer the Machines
>Free everybody from the Matrix
>Turn Earth into utopia again
>Like, super-utopia with nanomachines and shit
>And also make our own Matrix which acts as both VR and AR simultaneously

>> No.71640309

New matrix movie is in the works now with the original cast. It turns out that the matrix they escaped was just one layer of the matrix and shitty world is a second matrix level.

>> No.71640318



>> No.71640321

I hope you are joking, but part of me suspects you aren't...

>> No.71640334

Reminder that The Matrix should've ended with the first movie.

>> No.71640339


>> No.71640360

>insert world-weary sigh

>> No.71640368

In Fallen London a very smug, fat old cat who has somehow pissed off the immortal egyptian princess who liasons with the Court of Cats enough that he was stripped of his dream-lion form for fighting mirror-snakes with has basically demanded my player character go around London collecting references for him from other cats to give to the King of Cats (who may or may not be the dream of all cats for a worthy king after being cats, they couldn't find one at first) in a bid to regain his dream-lion form. The old cat has offered no compensation or even reason to help him, simply the expectation that he should be helped. One of the other cats gave me a testimony about how the old cat abandoned him in the horrible eldritch swamps of Fallen London while appointed as his mentor. I am now in a position to collect that testimony for the old cat without mentioning how shit it is.

Yes. Yes, I suppose we are wonderful, although strange people.

Man, I actually liked the Speed Racer movie as the ridiculous live-action cartoon it was.

But damn if that isn't the most unnecessary continuation to a well ended story ever.

>> No.71640391

Of course they cant, no european sword could do it either so why the hell would japanese swords be any different?

Just watch out for their spears and clubs, they were a lot more common on the open battlefields and would pose a lot more trouble than the swords, which you likely won't encounter much of anyway.

And make sure you don't come in during the late medieval age, cause that might put you in around the sengoku period which would mean contending with early firearms.

>> No.71640409

as long as the final twist is there's ANOTHER layer of the matrix and in truth the machines are the captive ones, trapped in a multilayerd simulation of their own freedom and enslavement of humanity. i'm fine with that

>> No.71640420

>machines and humans actually made peace a long time ago
>ever since then they've just been running what-if simulations of what would happen if they were all stupid and kept fighting and fighting

>> No.71640421

...Seems they're wanting to write a prequel to the Matrix, not another sequel?

>> No.71640425

Knights had to conoete with guns already too which is where the idea of proofing came from, they shoot your armor and the small dent from the lead shows it could stop a bullet. At least up till bullets outpaced armor.

>> No.71640437

And then the Matrix became Futurama

>> No.71640438

The prequel was cancelled due to the kung flu.

>> No.71640450

False alarm people; it's a prequel rather than a sequel.

>> No.71640466

Hey Talonsanon, do you mind sharing the SoS Feral Grace perk if you’ve got it done? Have been interested in that one since you posted the wip.

>> No.71640479

Almost. The real twist is
all the humans are actually programs themselves. All of this was just a weird wargame simulation. At the end after some last revelation time freezes, the camera zooms out showing the scene we just witnessed on a computer screen and some teenage boy just switches off the power and calling his mom for tendies

>> No.71640489

where should you get a companion like her?

>> No.71640507

>get a companion like her?
Youtube jumpo

>> No.71640517

That's not too bad. Although I do worry about which Grail War I should start in. Thanks.

Yeah, it mentions percentages in the notes, but they are a bit confusing to me.

>Mana Battery
>So now, your magical energy recharges at about five times that rate, recharging a full 100 mana in about two and a half minutes.
Aside from the HUD this seems to be the only thing that mentions mana regen and it doesn't seem to talk about being full in two hours.

>> No.71640630

Is there any reason to be Xehanort's apprentice in Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep? He's the only master who's going to approve of a darkness-using keybearer but he's also probably going to try to bodyjack me.

>> No.71640644


It puts you in easy reach of assassinating him?

>> No.71640656

>You can't prove it won't happen

>> No.71640691

bumping my question.

>> No.71640722

Is it really that overkill?

>> No.71640729

You don't have to deal with the shame of having Eraqus or Yen Sid as a master.

>> No.71640744

Bodyjack him first!

>> No.71640748

How do you treat you animal waifus /jc/?

>> No.71640848

>teaching safety by using a PGO shotgun
This is not the way Doomguy

>> No.71640968

Farmer hillbilly primarch, Agriculture the shit out of everything.

>> No.71640990

>Not sure what that's from but yes
The Lego Movie, give it a watch if you have time, fun stuff. The Lego Batman Movie was also good. No idea how the Lego Movie 2 turned out but you should avoid Lego Ninjago like the plague, that one was utter garbage

>> No.71641022

Just make sure to loudly and constantly mention your tiny pee-pee.

Nobody want to bodyjack someone with a tiny penis.

>> No.71641039

With love as any other waifu. That doesnt look like a waifu though, that looks like a future wall mounting.

>> No.71641058

Social justice warrior

>> No.71641066

Didn't stop him from jacking Terra.

>> No.71641127

When I jump to Rome, the capital city of the civilized world, should I go in as a "Ruler" and part of a royal bloodline, or as a skillful magic user to become Nero's court mage? Either way we marry.

>> No.71641148

Don't pretend you've ever had sex.

>> No.71641163

Go as a skillful magic user, Umu knows how to lead but not how to magic.

>> No.71641220

Don't worry it's just a case of one of them being really tsundere and the other being stupid

>> No.71641225

>Not conquering Rome and taking Nero as your concubine

>> No.71641241

Give her as a concubine to big sister Boudica

>> No.71641263

How well would doomguy fit in/how well would he do in the 40k universe?

>> No.71641269

No? There was like several thousand years of (corrupt, bloated, and bureaucratic) peace. That's why the Republic didn't even have a standing army of any kind.

>> No.71641277

The republic even tried to forbid their member states from having militaries and actively hindered the defense of naboo.

>> No.71641298

What is most likely to make Washu interested in jumper?

>> No.71641301

He'd fly straight into the Eye of Terror and wreck everyone's day in the Warp. He is literally anger incarnate.

>> No.71641312

Just head straight to him and buy him and his mom from that blue flying thing. Then Anakin is yours to teach.

>> No.71641313

>He is literally anger incarnate.
Khorne just got a new champion.

>> No.71641322

Isnt he just a space marine juiced up on precursor super soldier serum?

>> No.71641323

Casa Super Nova.

>> No.71641328

More like he does Khorne's job better than Khorne himself.

>> No.71641342

His armor is also an unholy artifact that makes him stronger and more powerful the more demons he kills. As long as he is coated in the flesh and blood of the unholy he feels no pain, no wounds shall slow or harm him, and the only enduring truth is of his unending madness in a quest to rip and tear until it is done.

>> No.71641349

Oh oh boy power level arguments!1!

>> No.71641352


>> No.71641355

Khorne cant even lift his fat out of shape ass out of his bone throne.

>> No.71641366

Those things should not be combined. I am not a furry.
Just prove that jumper is from another universe or powerful and can do something that no one else can. The fastest way would be to show off some Light Hawk Wings, but if you want her and her sisters interested in you then power copy Tenchi's Light Hawk Wings. Even they can't do that. It would instantly end the experiment and have them willing to talk to you.

>> No.71641369

Im not seeing any power level arguments bro. Maybe you should calm down. People like discussing things.

Real talk though he would make for a really fucking good khornate, the problem is he would never even notice a change.

>> No.71641372

I fully expect Disney's EU to eventually reveal that Rey is the human incarnation of The Daughter or something.

>> No.71641379

>that blue flying thing
It's a space jew.

>> No.71641383

Her whole reason for wanting tenchi was because he was the superior being they were looking for, so if you prove yourself superior first and show you're also a good guy she and her sister my fall for you. Also anon Tenchi is a good guy, you don't gotta steal his girl from him man

>> No.71641391

>Light Hawk Wings
Jumper doesnt have power copying but they can replicate that through technology if you give them a few days.

>> No.71641395

Teach anakin real magic and not bullshit cleric powers.

>> No.71641411

Kinda hard to answer, honestly. Probably Psionics if you don't start also delving into Sorcery.

>> No.71641439

Did the IRC die, or is this another sign that my ISP is a piece of crap?

>> No.71641450

>Lego Movie 2
It, uh. It doesn't stand on it's own, that's how I'd put it. Without spoiling anything there's a major red herring which may come across as kind of a silly anticlimax, and the final rescue is basically a thing that happened at the end of the first one but with more people involved. And damn does it feel like they're trying to make Chris Pratt a household name.

It's still a nice movie! All the things I just said are also played for both laughs and feels. It's just-not quite at the same calibre of narrative cohesion and snappy timing that Lego Batman and the first movie were, imo.

I'm with >>71641312 on this, considering the Jedi never bothered to follow up on what the space jew did to his mom getting both Skywalkers off that sandy shithole of a planet would make you solid in his book.

Also yeah >>71641395, don't even bother with the Force when it belongs to the Palpatine bloodline

Huh. Just tested it and I can't seem to get on either.

>> No.71641502

>considering the Jedi never bothered to follow up on what the space jew did to his mom getting both Skywalkers off that sandy shithole of a planet would make you solid in his book.
Jedi don't care about the parents. They even have legal president to kill them and just take the kids if they want. The jedi are horrible people. But setting up the Skywalker mom with a good job, plenty of food, and safety will make you a hero in the boy's eyes. And derail the entire plot in an interesting way.

>> No.71641546

>They even have legal president to kill them and just take the kids if they want.
They've never done that, I can understand you not liking the jedi but don't make things up

>> No.71641569

They really have, they also kidnap children regularly to keep up their numbers. They are a religious order that foebids marriage or relationships they would die out in a generation without a constant influx of new padawans.

>> No.71641594

>They really have,
Show me the source please and as for kidnapping you are sort of correct since there was an incident where some Jedi found a child after a disaster and after a few months the mother found out and they didn't return her. But mostly Jedi don't have to kidnap children as most people saw becoming a jedi as something of an honor

>> No.71641616

What kind of magic do you suggest?

>> No.71641625

Jedi dont kill people they use mind tricks to get what they want. Its much more morally acceptable to erase a persons memory that they ever have a kid when you take them instead of killing the parent.

>> No.71641640

Sounds more like a cult of nut jobs if you ask me.
>But mostly Jedi don't have to kidnap children as most people saw becoming a jedi as something of an honor
Only in the Republic. Outside of the Republic they did what they had to do to get kids.

>> No.71641646

Depends on what kind of magic you want, I like mtg magic, mage from wod magic, and mushoku tensei magic.

>> No.71641654

Actually, the farther back you go in history, the taller Asians get.

>> No.71641659

>Only in the Republic. Outside of the Republic they did what they had to do to get kids.
Then they're not Jedi anon or at least not the standard Jedi and are more like sith

>> No.71641674

It happens in the mmo

>> No.71641675

I mean, that was kind of obvious. How the hell else was Neo supposed to have gained superpowers in the "real world" ?

>> No.71641686

I realize that Elspeth and Serra are both mono-white planeswalkers, but if they were to join one of ravnica's guilds, which one would they go for?

>> No.71641694


>> No.71641704

But he bodyjacked Aqua and clits are just tiny penises

>> No.71641717

Who is the character, what is the context?

>> No.71641726

Jedi travel and get children where they find them. While they mostly grab those in the Republic territories, those on missions outside of it do stumble on kids from time to time and alert the council, who normally send someone to retrieve the new kid. It's not common for them to screen kids that far away from home, but they do find them from time to time.

>> No.71641745

Yes, but that's not kidnapping anon.Finding recruits and initiates is different from murdering and kidnapping like the other anon claimed

>> No.71641753

Also reminder that when they finally did fight back, they literally used massive armies of brainwashed slaves and basically no one in the Republic had a problem with this. Not even the """pacifist""" monks who were acting as their goddamn generals/slavedrivers.
The CIS were literally, unironically the good guys, even if their leadership was cartoonishly evil. Most of the member states were normal systems with completely and entirely legitimate grievances against the Republic.

>> No.71641782

>Jedi dont kill people they use mind tricks to get what they want.
I can name several sith that the jedi have killed. And all those normal people on both Death Stars. Don't forget all those people on other spaceships that jedi have blown up.

>> No.71641801

Yeah, not working for me either

>> No.71641841

Both of them?

>> No.71641853

Just a side quest. The jedi in tor are kinda fucked up, there is even a quest where saving a person from being a mindbroken slave to an ant colony till she works to death gives you darkside points because change is evil I guess? Never was sure why.

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