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First for Word Bearers

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First for old models look like shit

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Where is your false-emperor now ?

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What's up niggers

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*drops it*

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Chilling on the Golden Throne. Exactly where he's been for the past ten thousand years.

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>Disrespecting one of the few positive posters in these cursed threads

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I want some heavy support for my Tempestus Scions. This and the Thunderer seem like the best choice. This has got a neat gun but the thunderer doesn't suffer penalty to moving and shooting, although I'm playing Tallarn tanks so neither will this. Which should I use?
I know leman russes are cheaper, but scions are so cheap now I actually want to field what's more expensive so I don't need so many new models

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Probably best to stick to russes while we wait for the FW rules update

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Where specifically is the rule that says you can fight with models adjacent to a model within melee range?

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is this what you're after?
just download the battle primer and go to the assault phase section.

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forgot about that. Will Fires of Cyraxus come before or after?

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that guy apparently left because necrons were getting cucked by GW (what else is new). i feel bad for the guy, cant help but feel bad

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We still know nothing about the FW update, so it very well may include rules for 30k stuff.

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>Fires of Cyraxus
We've been over this, that is deader than necron support from GW.

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why ragnar 120 piont when gazcol 285 point?

>> No.71634814

would the thousand sons and necrons get along (as well as two factions in 40k can) since they share simaliar motifs?

>> No.71634841

that's why it's funny

>> No.71634848

Gotta pay the size AND the sin of being an ork tax.
See Stompa for reference.

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Rare My Axeholes

+++ New Roster (Warhammer 40,000 8th Edition) [87 PL, -3CP, 1,498pts] +++

++ Supreme Command Detachment +1CP (Chaos - Chaos Space Marines) [25 PL, 366pts] ++

+ Configuration +

Legion: World Eaters

+ HQ +

Dark Apostle [5 PL, 72pts]: Illusory Supplication, Mark of Khorne, Wrathful Entreaty

Dark Apostle [5 PL, 72pts]: Illusory Supplication, Mark of Khorne, Wrathful Entreaty

Dark Apostle [5 PL, 72pts]: Illusory Supplication, Mark of Khorne, Wrathful Entreaty

Exalted Champion [5 PL, 75pts]: Chainsword, Mark of Khorne, Power axe

Exalted Champion [5 PL, 75pts]: Chainsword, Mark of Khorne, Power axe

++ Battalion Detachment +5CP (Chaos - Chaos Space Marines) [62 PL, -3CP, 1,132pts] ++

+ Configuration +

Legion: World Eaters

+ Stratagems +

Gifts of Chaos (1 Relic) [-1CP]

+ HQ +

Chaos Lord in Terminator Armour [6 PL, -2CP, 101pts]: Combi-bolter, Helm of Furore, Mark of Khorne, Power maul, Red Butchers

Exalted Champion [5 PL, 71pts]: Chainaxe, Chainsword, Mark of Khorne

+ Troops +

Khorne Berzerkers [17 PL, 320pts]
Berzerker Champion: Chainaxe, Chainsword
19x Chainsword and Chainaxe: 19x Chainaxe

Khorne Berzerkers [17 PL, 320pts]
Berzerker Champion: Chainaxe, Chainsword
19x Chainsword and Chainaxe: 19x Chainaxe

Khorne Berzerkers [17 PL, 320pts]
Berzerker Champion: Chainaxe, Chainsword
19x Chainsword and Chainaxe: 19x Chainaxe

Created with BattleScribe (https://battlescribe.net)

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can't have a non-marine character worth using, now
that wouldn't do at all, people might start collecting non-marine armies
imagine the horror

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>Fires of Cyraxus

>> No.71634886

Ghaz is significantly better than Ragnar

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how about Basilisk's? Do what the brits did in WWII, Creepping barrage

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More like people say
>Models within 1" are in range to hit their targets, obviously
>Models outside of that that are adjacent to the models within 1" are also in range to hit the unit they're fighting
>Models with two models between them and the enemy are out of range to fight
I can't find any sections about what "melee range" really is in this game, but I've just accepted whatever everyone else uses.

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You're unironically going to have morale issues.
Also you're aware that each prayer can only be attempted once per turn right? You've take 2 dark apostles who literally cannot do anything.

>> No.71634916

holy fuck bro

-your dark apostles cannot spam the same prayers, and get acolytes for +1 it's worth it
-your berserkers are power armored T4 chaff if they're not in vehicles

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Significantly stronger, yes. Better? Hell to the no.

>> No.71634924

That's under 3. Choose targets.

>> No.71634930

also forgot morale lmao

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Not him nor play Chaos, but can't his Dark Apos at least be built around bashing enemy heads in? Three is still pretty excessive though.

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>MONSTER keyword
A death sentence.

>> No.71634946

Guilliman does fine with it

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Decent so i don't have to charge and can just walk boys into combat

>> No.71634964

Baneblades need a 5/6++ OR 5/6+++ OR halve incoming damage.

>> No.71634965

Guilliman has actual synergy with his moving castle, rather than being forced to engage on opponents' terms.

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>> No.71634973

Guilliman is a buffbot with character protection.
Ghaz is a beatstick monster with zero reliable ways to reach melee.

>> No.71634978

justify it fluffwise

>> No.71634979

No, as you can't use your regular move to get within 1".

>> No.71634980

> your faction
> why you play them
> advice for a new player picking this army
> a fun gimmick/strategy that you like to use

>> No.71634985

You can't end your movement with 1" of an enemy, so you will always have to charge to get into combat first.

>> No.71634992

Yup, not only that; but models have to move away if they are too close (active player has to move his units).

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What a faggy cron-bro, ive been playing crons since 2012

>> No.71635009

Jesus. Read the rules front to back. There's only like ten pages. That probably even leaves you time to read the FAQ.

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>love skeletons and robots
>don’t try to play competitive just buy what you want and wait for an update
>suicide bomb scarabs

>> No.71635040

You're not forced to move units.

>> No.71635041

Guilliman carries the hopes of his friends on his back
Ghaz carries the blood of his enemies on his fists

>> No.71635046

Jesus I have no idea how I missed that, I was sure I read through it all too. Thanks for helping another retard out lol.

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>I wanna be a lich
>Get all the meta stuff like DDAs and destroyers, the army is in such a bad spot that you need that shit to even play casual
>I like running lots of ctan because I love using the deciever just to fuck around
I'm the kind of person that will tell people how bad crons are as I'm tabling their dudes though.

>> No.71635068

Of course, a DA with wrathful entreaty and pretty much any of the relic maces can get him to like strength 9 or 10, and being WE he gets an extra attack on top of hateful assault

>> No.71635069

Now that you've received your help, it's bullying time.

>> No.71635072

>implying yiff marines are worth collecting

>> No.71635073

>Coven with Harlequins
>Extreme durability meets extreme glass-dagger to the heart
>I hope you like converting
>10-mandrake bomb to clear screens followed immediately by 2 fusion troupes charging in from 30 inches away

>> No.71635077

What would happen? Would the pieces inside shatter or pop off the sprue?

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>> No.71635087

God i wish that was me

>> No.71635088

after gsc and sisters i wouldn't discount the possibility. space dwarves are easier than creating something new, and they'd probably sell on meme factor alone

>> No.71635095

Could've sworn you were. I'll read over the rules, but thought units are not allowed to be within 1-inch unless in combat and have to be moved from each other if out of combat.

>> No.71635097

You might get some damage, but probably nothing.

>> No.71635099

3/10 not enough stone

>> No.71635102

>Proper sci-fi vibe, cool units, good rules on top
>Movement is your most important phase. Being in range and keeping your units organized to overlap overwatches and intertwine is very important, but don't fall into the trap of castling too hard as your opponent will be able to force you to make bad choices.
>40" move Coldstars with Fusion Blasters, fly across the map and assassinate someone in a non-gay-sniper-in-a-window way. Or blow up two artillery pieces and charge a third to really get your points' worth.

>> No.71635105

>massively blessed and thrice purified fortress on wheels with armaments that have more holy ointments dashed against them than the bones of medieval martyrs, that also serves as a force multiplier and possesses a machine-spirit
This goes for Land Raiders too

>> No.71635110

someone on the ground would find and throw it in the trash where it belongs

>> No.71635111

Ey now, looks like Olga. Olga is big and proud woman.

>> No.71635119

Nothing worth mentioning. Orks and yiff marines probably look just as good all fucked up and broken.

>> No.71635124

Nah, if you start the move phase within 1", you can either remain stationary or fall back.

>> No.71635125

Thanks for the assist anon.

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>Death Guard
>They look cool
>DG aren't killy so you're gonna win by objectives most of the time
>Biologus Putrifier MW nade chucking. Doesn't work all the time, but funny when it does.

>> No.71635150

It’s more fun winning with monoliths and warriors

>> No.71635159

>AdMech a cool
>Sub assemblies for everything
>Combat Servitors CAN be used for shooting

>> No.71635177

>steampunkish vibe is cool, and I love cyborgs in general
>buy leadbelcher primer
>Cawl, an Engiseer, and as many gun Kastellans as I can field

>> No.71635178

>the most direct way of getting supportive fire in a meaningful way with markerlights
>resist the urge to gunline blob with long-range guns. mobile tau is fun tau
>Pulse Accelerator Drone with a Cadre Fireblade. Makes a pathfinder team pack a lot of punch at short ranges while staying very mobile

>> No.71635179

Trying to kitbash something good out of these Blood Angel tactical marines. If I’ve already got 20-ish Death Company and 7 converted Sanguinary Guard waiting on winged jump packs, are dual lightning claw vanguard vets or jumppack lieutenants worth it? I’ve already used all my storm shields on captains.

>> No.71635181

>dat missile walker

>> No.71635189

religious aesthetics are top tier, they are also known to be the most brutal and violent part of humankind.
Don't.Expensive and hard to paint.
seraphims, inferno pistol, advance and shooty stratagem.

>> No.71635191

If you only play against new players or people who commit to a single bit for every game sure.

>> No.71635227

Iron Warriors CSM
I like freaky weird fucked up cyborg stuff and I'm an autistic hyper-rational pragmatic type
You can't go wrong with the Start Collecting box
Fleshmetal Exoskeleton, Iron Within, and Miasma of Pestilence on a DP with a MoP to heal and buff him

>> No.71635243

Post bad paint.
Your first ones counts too.

>> No.71635250

You could tack that onto Steel Behemoth.

>> No.71635255

Space Dwarfs
Make a time machine
Use time machine to make trillions off stock market and buy GW to make Squats.

>> No.71635256

This makes me wish a few of the traitor legions had access to certain loyalist vehicles, like letting Word Bearers get some of the SoB's cathedral tanks, Iron Warriors getting some guard artillery, or Alpha Legion getting the Goliath or Ridgerunner for their cultist uprisings. Could be a way to give some unique options to them, since they usually get overshadowed by the big four

>> No.71635262

>That fucked up mastodon
I weep

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>> No.71635300

Because marine players are better at the game and as such should receive stronger units.

>> No.71635327

Where i ride, i ride in style

>> No.71635338

>fires one missiles which makes it fly backwards doing a spinning backflip

>> No.71635341

My first one was a sigmarine, a friend and me visited a GW shop in Aberdeen when we were there for a vacation. I have no idea what the black goop on his hammer is. It looks crooked because it snapped in two while I was transporting the poor guy.

>> No.71635343

haha what if she peed while being hanged haha

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Unlimited modeling and kitbashing potential, plus fun to write fluff for MyGuys.
Advice: synching and overlapping unit buffs are important, so your HQs tend to be clustered together around chunks of your army. Have redundancies, duplicate units and backup plans for when they are targeted.
Fun gimmick: I’m a sucker for huge daemon engines, so I usually run my single Lord Discordant surrounded my Maulerfiends, Forgefiends, and Greater Posessed to buff everyone and move up the board. Not the most competitive option, but I have fun with it.

>> No.71635369

Visited a shop and got the AoS starter kit because we figured the minis could double as D&D minis*
I started 40k a few years later, I'm a proper newfag, sorry boomers.

>> No.71635370

That's fucking magnificent

>> No.71635373

Mankind has been breeding for strength for thousands of years, of course everyone in the future is a mong.

>> No.71635378

>BL Chaos Space Marines
>because a friend wanted the marine half of Shadowspear
>pick a different faction
>chainlord brrting through fuckers like it's no ones business.

>> No.71635391

Very heavy layers of paint, no depth or detail at all, but because they were some of my first models and won me many games with Termicide drops, I don’t want to repaint them as an acknowledgement of how much I’ve improved as a painter and how fun they are to play with.

>> No.71635400

No issue at all, always happy to see someone new enjoying the hobby!

>> No.71635415

>BL Chaos Space Marines
Boys Love Chaos Space Marines

>> No.71635424

Dark Angels

>> No.71635430

I've been playing for 8 months and am now starting my 3rd army, help

>> No.71635434

I don't know if this counts but today was my first attempt at Blanchitsu. Picture is probably worthless. Only took 4 hours so I'm probably going to continue trying to refine

>> No.71635441

>first cry for help
you're officially one of us now

>> No.71635444

Buy Primaris

>> No.71635446

>actually have a bunch of shirtless muscle marines
Haha... you got me...

>> No.71635457

candle looks garbage, yeah
I like the rest of it though

>> No.71635463

>Intentionally making your minis look like shit

>> No.71635467

newfags are fine so long as they humble themselves as you have
you've bent the knee and kissed the ring. arise a fa/tg/uy
but if you don't play orks then you're a faggot

>> No.71635470

Imagine getting your finger stuck on that chainsword

>> No.71635478

here is my first mini from back when i was just getting into gunpla and warhammer.
i didnt thin the paints at all and gave it a heavy ass undercoat

>> No.71635481

hello, soul department?

>> No.71635494

Has a stone interior

>> No.71635499

It's that or not painting at all

>> No.71635500

Man, Titan colors really do go with everything.

>> No.71635501

Did someone say Dark Angels?

>> No.71635518

what's your faction's theme?

>> No.71635523

Wow, this is incredible!

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>> No.71635538


>> No.71635552

looks just like disney princess castle!

>> No.71635555

>Where i ride, i ride in style

Man, got some Pierre, a French fighter pilot vibes from that.

>> No.71635556

>haven't played since 4th ed when I got board and sold all my shit, moved on with my life
>youtube has been promoting videos about new sisters
>oh shit the one thing that could make me come back and they've finally done it
>$98 for 10 models

Fuck Australian pricing and fuck GW. Back in my day you didn't even pay that much for the metal sisters which they were barely selling any of.

>> No.71635563

>Chaos Primaris with Custodian bits
Absolutely Heretical

>> No.71635565


>> No.71635573



>> No.71635577

Yeah sadly i only planned on doing my broadsides like that.
Regular guys were going to be in EFSF normal suits
Leader guys were going to be in titans normal suits
Crisis were gm2s
Riptide was psycho gundam
Drones were asshmar
Stormsurge was going to be paycho mk2
Stealth suits would have been hambari.
Like i had all this shit planned out

>> No.71635578

I'd watch that
The entire thing is a chaos temple on two baneblades
What'd you expect? It's also Tech-Heresy, and I'm sure it pisses off everyone but Orks.

>> No.71635584

third party sites will knock at least 20% off to take some of the sting out. or find a recaster

>> No.71635596

Exodite Eldar?

>> No.71635609

So who is that supposed to be?

>> No.71635612

that wasn't criticism, it's beautiful, just heretical.
I love the apostle at the top

>> No.71635618

Lil doot doot?

>> No.71635637

He is my first and I dearly love him.

>> No.71635640

the terminator

>> No.71635643

Or do you mean the big guy with lightning claws praising the sun up on the top?

>> No.71635648

check ebay boomer

>> No.71635654

Just a bigger version of the refractor fields every IG HQ unit has. They're all over the place defending things far less valuable than a Baneblade. 6++. Not the best field around but it does the job, just like IG.

>> No.71635658

That's what she said

>> No.71635667

I love those early plague marine designs, you have good taste sir.

>> No.71635673

Okay, is this better? You might say anti-armor but since zerkers are re rolling to wound on 5+ its not too bad.

+++ New Roster (Warhammer 40,000 8th Edition) [85 PL, -3CP, 1,497pts] +++

++ Supreme Command Detachment +1CP (Chaos - Chaos Space Marines) [15 PL, 225pts] ++

+ Configuration +

Legion: World Eaters

+ HQ +

Exalted Champion [5 PL, 75pts]: Chainsword, Mark of Khorne, Power axe

Exalted Champion [5 PL, 75pts]: Chainsword, Mark of Khorne, Power axe

Exalted Champion [5 PL, 75pts]: Chainsword, Mark of Khorne, Power axe

++ Battalion Detachment +5CP (Chaos - Chaos Space Marines) [70 PL, -3CP, 1,272pts] ++

+ Configuration +

Legion: World Eaters

+ Stratagems +

Gifts of Chaos (1 Relic) [-1CP]

+ HQ +

Chaos Lord in Terminator Armour [6 PL, -2CP, 108pts]: Chainfist, Combi-bolter, Mark of Khorne, Red Butchers

Dark Apostle [5 PL, 72pts]: Banner of Rage, Mark of Khorne, Soultearer Portent, Wrathful Entreaty

Kharn the Betrayer [8 PL, 120pts]

+ Troops +

Khorne Berzerkers [17 PL, 324pts]
Berzerker Champion: Chainsword, Power axe
19x Chainsword and Chainaxe: 19x Chainaxe

Khorne Berzerkers [17 PL, 324pts]
Berzerker Champion: Chainsword, Power axe
19x Chainsword and Chainaxe: 19x Chainaxe

Khorne Berzerkers [17 PL, 324pts]
Berzerker Champion: Chainsword, Power axe
19x Chainsword and Chainaxe: 19x Chainaxe

Created with BattleScribe (https://battlescribe.net)

>> No.71635684


>> No.71635686

Anyone got any models like the stuff here?

>> No.71635735

>Or do you mean the big guy with lightning claws praising the sun up on the top?

>> No.71635740

is that a dominions meme?

>> No.71635764

I wish I understood that reference
Here's a hobbit

>> No.71635766

ive thought about doing the deodorant landspeeder, but im too lazy to work on projects i have now nevermind starting something new

best would be a full stick so you can hand it to people at tournaments

>> No.71635781

From Dragon's Dogma, character is Elysion, the leader of the cult of Salvation.


>> No.71635784

Well I actually have one of those style deodorants so I was wanting to do that one, when it's fully used
I don't think there'll be tournaments for a while so I doubt it'd last until then even if I made it with deodorant inside

>> No.71635792

The real question is do you want to collect an army that monotonous?

>> No.71635795

where did the roofing come from?

>> No.71635798

I really hope that brunette get fucked hard after that

>> No.71635809

I bet you you could buy them used at a good price. Everybody is looking to unload their old chaos models.

>> No.71635814

You'd have to ask the original creator

>> No.71635823

>Farsight Enclaves
>tau but they’re way more aggressive and fun
>your commanders are your biggest asset. if they’re all still alive, you basically autowin
>fusion blades though seemingly underwhelming can make for a nasty surprise when you heroically intervene into a vehicle or character that thought they could pick on your drones.

>> No.71635851

>Tempestus Scions
>kasrkin models
>don't buy kasrkin models

>> No.71635872


>> No.71635908

Head look like a SoB but body is far too feminine, si i dunno.

>> No.71635910


>> No.71635918

What books focus on Titans and Knights?

Since we're all forced be at home I feel like trying to write fanfiction and need some inspiration. Besides its not like it would be any worse than what the BL is putting out.

>> No.71635919

18 Naked Primarchs in the shower on Holy Terra.

Big hard throbbing cocks wanting to be sucked.

18 Naked Primarchs wanting to be fucked.

Primarchs in the shower on Holy Terra on their knees wanting to suck Space Marine cocks.

Holy Terra really rocks!!

Hot hard buff Primarchs cocks throbbing hard.

18 Wild Space Marines out in the yard.

Big bulging cocks ever so hard.

Orgy in the showers on Holy Terra, big hard throbbing cocks ramming Primarchs butts.

Like a breeding Grox wanting to rut.

Big hard throbbing cocks getting sucked real deep.

Marines even getting fucked in their sleep.

Holy Terra, it rocks!!

Space Marines love big throbbing cocks.

>> No.71635922


>> No.71635926

What is the appeal?

>> No.71635930

Fuck off, retard.

>> No.71635941

>Orks trying to buy condoms!
Also, great fucking choice mate.

>> No.71635943

>spamming is okay if it's something I like

>> No.71635953

Would the Imperium discourage condoms?

>> No.71635957

Sexy red colour scheme while getting to keep psykers, and being the most chaos of all chaos if you happen to like chaos.

>> No.71635965

>Lucius-pattern Warlord
Beyond based

>> No.71635966

>being the most chaos of all chaos if you happen to like chaos
What about Black Legion?

>> No.71635971

Now and probably forever.

>> No.71635976

Depending on the world. Overall, the imperium needs more fuel for war, so yes.

>> No.71635981

I was pretty proud of my first paint at the time.. Looking back not so much.

>> No.71635988

How long till Stringstorm releases Holy Terra Is Under Siege?

>> No.71635993

>The only "good guys" in 40k fight me you faggots
>Eldar are THE MOST maneuverable army in the game at the price of being. Always be on the move and always have a plan for both when things don't go your way and when they do. NEVER HOPE.
>Shining spear /jetbike flank. Im a sucker for big hereoic moments when the calvary swoops in and wreck shit up. Saving the day and all.

>> No.71636011

>IG/Ordo Xenos
>I love tanks and heavy firepower. I like fantasy racism and Inquisitors bring personality to it.
>Imperial soup with a theme is fun. Take what you like from any force and IG is there to fill in the gaps.
>Command squads make for fun little specialized squads to mess around with.

>> No.71636012

You said you left. Go away, faggot!

>> No.71636014


>> No.71636015

God damn I just nostalgia'd so hard, I'd have sworn I was a teenager playing it all summer again.

>> No.71636022


>> No.71636049

>So I can visualize Private Carl, prospective soon-to-be-father with a newlywed and dog at home get his insides ripped out and splattered across the ground. Don't worry boys, you'll all be home by Christmas!
>Pick something else. Otherwise, I'm in roughly the same boat as you. Take advantage of orders. Learn the Orders. Master the Orders. BECOME THE ORDERS. People say to bring at least 50 guardsmen, and they're not wrong. They're both a tool to be amplified with orders, and also a living screen for your important shit. Also, you can soup them with someone else.
>Haven't gotten to use it much yet, but Valhallan's "Fire on my command!" on paper is pretty useful, especially when souping with someone who can help add to it.

>> No.71636058

Design a weapon for 40k

>Weapon Name and type
>model(s) that can take it
>special rules
>any interesting lore for it

>> No.71636066

How do we handle the crippling pedophilia problem in the 40k community?

>> No.71636070

Don't stop. Please.

>> No.71636074


>> No.71636077

Kill yourself.

>> No.71636078

Cripple the pedophiles

>> No.71636080


>> No.71636089

>I love the aesthetic, and purestrain genestealers are one of my favourite units
>expect to lose a lot. Take advantage of their speed and ability to come out of anywhere. Don't feel frustrated when you lose a unit or two
>I love using the clamavus on the board rather than deep striking it, advancing him behind a giant blob of stealers, then positioning him for a turn 2 20 acolyte blob with saws

>> No.71636093

>No primaris
Wow you guys really are gay huh

>> No.71636115

Funny how good the battle axe is. It carried me through some of the earlier levels. I could have used it even in the endgame but went for others.

>> No.71636123


Cmon guys at least give a clue what your faction is.

>> No.71636127

>Volkite Lance
>Dominus, Rangers, Balistarii
>36", 2 S6 AP-1 D3
>To-Wound of 6+ = Mortal Wound, Can target Characters. Rolls of 1 must be resolved on shooter.
>Recently banged up by a rogue Tech-priest jealous of Cawl who wanted to be famous for something too. Spent decades sending every Servitor he managed to cobble together out looking for Volkites, so he could rip em apart and Frankenstein up a new gun.

>> No.71636160

> 1 Canonness
> 20 Battle Sisters
> 10 Seraphim
> 5 Zepharim
> Repentia Superior
> 5 Repentia
> 3 Arco-Flagellants
> 1 Penitent Engine
> 1 Hospitalier
> 1 Imagifier
> 3 Crusaders

What else do I need for my Sisters of Battle army? All of this together is only like 800 points. Outside of tanks and shit, I know I need those.

>> No.71636169

here you go

>> No.71636186

Madness is one of those bands that everyone loves the songs but can never remember the name of the band to go with them.

>> No.71636216

HAHAHAH really FUCKING FUNNY dude primaris are fucking traaaaaash oh my fucking god dude so fucking funnnyyy its not like they are literally carrying the company so they can make other factions

>> No.71636257

I'm glad we can all agree that the necrons did nothing wrong and are in fact the good guys of 40k.

>> No.71636280

Wow, thanks!
>Space Marines
Go play with daddy GW, posterboy

>> No.71636282

They woke up from a nap and found illegal aliens on their got damn propeteh!

>> No.71636285

Yeah 28 Chaos Marines pulling up in black Razorback trucks.

Thunderhawk landed.

Holy Tera is under seige, under lockdown.

Chaos Marines are gonna fuck loyalists butts.

Looking for the Emperor.

Gunna fuck the Emperor's butt.

Yeah wild buff.

Cool chaos Marines gonna fuck loyalists butts.

Yeah big Horus, Leader of the pack.

Angron the Whopper and Fulgrim the Coomer.

Huge hard cocks hard as rocks.

Gonna fuck the wild young Aspirant butts.

>> No.71636286

i don't know sisters well, but
>a missionary (for battalion) and rhino for the repentia, with 3 more repentia to fill it
>ranged stuff for high toughness. exorcist, multimelta retributors (maybe both)
beyond that, pick an order and take stuff that fits it. you've got a lot of melee so maybe bloody rose

>> No.71636289

They didn't genocide all the malign meme-frogs before it was too late and they had ruined the universe.

>> No.71636298

Sorry chaosfags, can't get through that loyalist plot armor.

>> No.71636310

Good work

>> No.71636329

Plenty of other anons think there may be valid reasons to give it a bit of a boost.

>> No.71636332

>Sit Warrior blob on one objective with an HQ and Lychguard with HQ on another objective
>Leave for few minutes smoke break saying that opponent can just skip my turns
>Win the game on objectives.
ok this never happened, but don't sleep on them please. you're still alive unlike necrons

>> No.71636338


Ragnar is the single best character in the game right now by orders of magnitude.

>> No.71636339

+Wraiths are really cool, very versatile, interesting playstyle
-Mediocre conversions, lots of meh styling, psychic is meh
>Grey Knights
+Coolest psychic powers, cool aesthetics, lots of combat tricks
- Little unit variety, some units look wonky
>Tzeentch & Khorne Daemons
+Lots of nice 3rd party models, and my favorite model, and favorite character
-Lack of any decent shooting, very fragile for points cost and abilities
What do I build?

>> No.71636353

Isn't his only issue being somewhat fragile? Or do SWs have enough protection to keep him from getting snuffed out before he 1000-time cuts something?

>> No.71636359

>Singularity Wave Generator
>substitute for the main gun of Annihilation Barges
>120" range, heavy 1d6+3, S5, AP-3, D 1
>does not need line of sight; damage increases to d3 against units with a 3+ save; units of 10+models take 1d6 extra shots
>a necron weapon that projects a pair of high frequency energy beams. Where the rays cross, an intense gravity fluctuation forms, distorting space at a singular point to the detriment of those around it

>> No.71636361


>> No.71636372

>Spread lies about pedophilia problem in 40k community
>Overprotective parents start shielding their children from hobby in fear of them being molested.
>kiddy demographic shrinks to near irrelevancy.
>GW is forced to go back to targeting 30 year old man-children to maintain business survival.
>Game goes back to being 7th edition in nature with 9th edition minus the flaws that slowed 7th down.
> Lore starts to reflect the old grimdarkness of yore. Primaris are made a overconfident laughing stock out of by being beaten by manlets regularly.
> Yvvraine is revealed to be a slaaneshi whore.
>.Guilliman's imperium secundus debacle comes to light and he is stripped of his position for his treachery during the HH.
>Lorgar comes out of isolation to beat the ever living shit out of abbadon to everyone's surprise and shock and rises as the new warmaster.
>Eldrad cheats death and becomes a crystal wizard.
>Ghaz beats the ever living shit out of ragnar and won't stop yelling "where's Yarrick?"
>Trazyn shoots cawl and steals all his heretical tech and he isn't even stopped by the skitarri.
>Tyranid hivemind being an autistic manchild is retconned.
>Inquisition starts noticing the Wulfen and orders Logan Grimnar to stop being a fucking furry and ban all wolf paraphernalia. SW are forced to go back to being vikings in space.
>Basically nulore is taken out back and shot.

>40k is fixed

Ok so... yeah what are we going to do about these pedos guys. My guess is that you should warn all the kid's moms as they have the right to know....about this sort of thing...

>> No.71636390

you have more word bearers art, brother?

>> No.71636408

sure do billy

>> No.71636409

You know none of this will happen, right?

>> No.71636417

Just get krumpin
Dropping nobz with klaws via chinork
Bomb squigs

>> No.71636423


>> No.71636424

Get rhinos for your zerkers. Seriously. And pick some av.

>> No.71636428


>> No.71636432


>> No.71636437 [SPOILER] 

Who is going to strip Guilliman of his rank? The High Lords that happen to work for him? The Emperor that doesn't speak to anybody other than Guilliman and like 4 Custodes?

Are you Australian?

>> No.71636438

Let the man dream

>> No.71636448

>Ghaz beats the ever living shit out of ragnar and won't stop yelling "where's Yarrick?"

>> No.71636452

sisters is basically played like a horde army, so you just need more sisters squads with special weapons

>> No.71636454

Love the color scheme, are they fun game viable to run? I just started a 500 point ork army but it will be nice to get an idea for the next project.

>> No.71636462

it's big brain time

>> No.71636468

Frater Mathieu

>> No.71636473

>>Ghaz beats the ever living shit out of ragnar and won't stop yelling "where's Yarrick?"

I mean I get that everyone is butthurt that it's not Ghaz vs. Yarrick, but you do know that Ghaz's first appearance was a batrep where he fought against Ragnar and the Space Wolves, right? This was long before the second battle for Armageddon.

I don't like space furfags, but I think it's cool that GW is sort of recreating their original battle with the new box set.

>> No.71636497

>3 huge blobs of zerkers that are going to eat shit almost immediately
Anon you are going to get tabled by a casual list at this rate
10 man squads max. Do 2x battalions for more points and have all the guys in the supreme command detachment in charge of 3 10 man squads of zerks.
Also rhinos or FW drop pods are a must. Zerkers are too slow and eat shit real quick. Trust me.

>> No.71636504

> Emperor's Children
> Marines dedicated to the God(dess) of sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll. Using sonic weapons, drugs and BDSM to overcome any foe.
> Fuck the meta, we play for fun! Take whatever you want, you have almost the entire csm codex to use, so just go crazy.
> 10 man Noise Marine squad super bomb/10 Terminator death ball.

>> No.71636505


> Iron Hands
> I liked them in 7th edition
> Buy lots of Assault Cannon Razorbacks, convert lots of mechanical parts on your dudes
> Stay in the Devastator Doctrine all game and bring an air wing of Stormtalons

>> No.71636507

I'm new to 40k and have an Astra Militarum codex
The infantry squad wargear options says
>The sergeant may replace their laspistol with an item from the ranged weapons list
Where can I find this list?
Later in the codex it has a couple lists but they include stuff like "artillery barrage" and so on, which seems like I'm looking at the wrong list

>> No.71636509

Thinking more about my Order while I paint. I'm considering paint schemes for my Celestian Squads and Zypherim seeing as they are suppose to be the elite of the elite for a Sister Order. So far the idea is on full Brass Armor but retaining the pink robes and purple shoulders.

>> No.71636517

count on that being squatted.

>> No.71636520

It's towards the start of the unit section, just before the HQs

>> No.71636524

Should be at the front before they start showing you units.
There should be a bunch of lists there in big coloured box about as big as the page

>> No.71636528

How do we make the Emperor's Glorious Golden Companions better and more popular?

>> No.71636534

Poor IHanon, living in a post-nerfed Doctrines world.

>> No.71636536

You're right let's rewrite that.
>Word of Guilliman's imperium secundus debacle reaches the high lords of terra. Rather than fire thier boss directly. Robutte Guilliman is assassinated by a callidus assassin who disguises herself as Yvraine. Stabbing him in the back of the head after a long lovemaking session. The imperium is crushed bythe loss of the leader, but the high lords take full power back while sweeping the whole thing under the rug like the crooked politicians they are.

>> No.71636546

post more

>> No.71636548

Wait for their Psywake overhaul, where they'll get proper integration with the Sisters of Silence and some choice buffs.

>> No.71636553

I mainly picked them because of their colour scheme and lore, but they do have a lot of synergies when you add a detachment of daemons in to the mix. Their rules they got in faith and fury were a good buff to them. The units you'll most often seen run in the mix are usually any astartes daemon unit, like possed, warp talons and obliterators, and you can make one hell of a beat stick dark apostle.

>> No.71636560

there's a section on regimental orders
After all the unit data cards it has a section called Armoury of the Imperium which has like deathstrike missiles and the barrage and so on

Can I only replace it with stuff that says Pistol 1 like the laspistol has?

>> No.71636564


>> No.71636571

>Based coomposter
If the brass is the same as the details on the normal sisters then it should look good. I'm just concerned that might be overdoing it. How about a half and half? Make half the armour (gauntlets and greaves) full brass and leave the rest purple.

>> No.71636573

Other my dude.
Like >>71636520 said before they start showing the the HQs with all the pictures and stuff it's a page before that. You'll find it.
I wish i had the book because I'd just give you a page number

>> No.71636576

It should be just before the Regimental Orders section, in a black box near the bottom of the page.

To answer your question, the ranged weapon options are Bolt pistols, Plasma Pistols, and Boltguns

>> No.71636584

>guilliman wants eaiser logistics on his indominus crusade
>picks heavy stubbers
>not having cawl make primaris grade lasguns.


>> No.71636585

sisters are basically played like a harem army.

>> No.71636587


The people I play with are pretty selective with which GW FAQs we choose to use, doctrine nerfing is one we just ignore.

>> No.71636592

How the fuck do you settle for a hambeast and still manage to get cucked?

>> No.71636593

ooh, thankyou
it's on page 85

>> No.71636594

>he is revived through shenanigans several years later
>makes a call for those to follow him in avenging the assassination plot and to take back control of terra from the corrupt council
>loyalties would be split, perhaps even chapters split in decision of who to back in the impending civil war
>the necrons see this as an opportunity to try to locate and awaken as many tombworlds as possible while the imperium and space marine chapters have their attention divided
>forces of chaos see their opportunities rising as well
>orks just wondering why they weren't invited to the fucking party and decide to go and ask why personally

>> No.71636601

The issue is Sisters don't have gauntlets, they have gloves and I paint those black. And yeah, the armour would be painted with the same metallic scheme as the armour trim on my normal Sisters.

>> No.71636602


gimme a qrd, please

Also, betas will put up with a lot when it comes to getting a woman in general, let alone a woman who shares one or more of the beta's hobbies.

>> No.71636603

Same reason Ad Mech units seem to have so many heavy stubbers, even though hotshot volleyguns would be quite effective in the same roll without needing any logistical demands. Or just plain old multilasers if they want something more rugged

>> No.71636607

I wish that my TEQs had weapons as crazy as Wraiths do

>> No.71636613

Does anyone else think that the

>> No.71636614

Follow-up, can a sergeant take a boltgun and a chainsword for example?

>> No.71636618

Now make him green and put all the other guys in space wolf power armor. Holy fuck dude that's awesome where is that from?

>> No.71636623

Anyone have some art of imperial knights?

>> No.71636624

literally who

>> No.71636629

I would go for Daemons. You could always supplement them with a few Chaos marine units for fire support, but it sounds like they've got quite a few of your favorites

>> No.71636637

It's too fucking easy in this hobby anon.
>Be a Geek male
>Settle for whatever you get because you know the chances of you doing better are fucking low so you better appreciate what you got.
>Be a Geek girl
>Have your pick of the litter of smelly, neckbeards because who gives a fuck if you don't wear makeup, are fat, or smell like shit, these guys will take what they can get.
>Immedatly cheat on the guy you pick when something better comes along.

Keep in mind, geek guys do the same shit when they have the opportunity rarely comes along.

>> No.71636642

He could. Generally, if a listed option says a model can take something, they can do it freely. If it says they replace something, they can't swap out the same thing for different options.

>> No.71636644

See i can't help you there I'm a chaos fag.
Read what the unit can swap around in the wargear options box.
It'll be something like "any number of guardsmen may swap their lasguns for autoguns."
You just gotta look for what it says when arming your sergeants.

>> No.71636646

I like your idea anon, but can we do it ....without...bringing papa smurf back?

>> No.71636648


>> No.71636649

It says "The sergeant may replace their laspistol with an item from the ranged weapons list"
and also "The sergeant may take a chainsword or a power sword"
So I can take a 2handed bolter and a chainsword?
That's ballin

>> No.71636652

>meanwhile in the afterlife, Browning gets another laugh

>> No.71636661

Fuckin right you can bud.
Sergeants ain't pussies.

>> No.71636662

Fellow bearer of the word here. obliterators are not daemons, but they do get buffed by masters of possession

>> No.71636666

sure, was more just thinking of a way to shift the balance of power in the setting without super fucking the lore. its well established chapters having beef with each other and having different ideas of what serving the emperor and serving the imperium mean. could be something interesting for once.

>> No.71636679

N O !

>> No.71636684

All the primarchs should come back to active duty. Excluding ferrus, Alpharius, fucking HORUS!, Sanguinous, and emobatman.

Omegon can be rumored to be alive.

>> No.71636721

Including Daemon Primarchs?

>> No.71636722

I know they weren't daemons the last editions, because they were only infected by the obliterator virus, but it was added to their data sheet.

>> No.71636724

Omegon is going to come back with split personality disorder and think he's alpharius

>> No.71636730

R'ing comic strip of an ork sniper getting a stelfy kill

>> No.71636731

I think I remember them having it in 6th or 7th as an excuse to give them a 5++, back when that was something you just got for being a daemon

>> No.71636739


It's just Horus Heresy 2: Electric Boogaloo, anon

Honestly it sorta felt like that was what GW was working toward with a bunch of chapters not being happy about being "replaced" with Primaris Marines, but instead of following that lead GW instead jumped into the Psychic Awakening.

The problem is, GW says that the Psychic Awakening is going to be an even in the lore that is so huge it rivals the heresy... but it takes place in the 'past' (the 200 years in between the beginning of the Indomitus Crusade, which was the start of 8th Edition, and the Plague Wars on Macragge, which is where we are currently in the lore), so we already know that nothing major happens and the entire thing is a big nothingburger.

The biggest lore event we've had so far is that Ghazghkull is back and a handful of Space Marine characters are Primaris/$40 now.

Personally I'd be ok with another galaxy wide civil war, especially since there is a nice convenient split right down the middle of the galaxy right now. Maybe the planets in the Dark Imperium decide to go it on their own, and we see the return of the Imperium Secundus.

>> No.71636740


>> No.71636744


>> No.71636745


>> No.71636750

Astra Militarum Battalion

Company Commander (30pts)
>Chainsword, Shotgun
Tank Commander (174pts)
>Battle Cannon, Heavy and Storm Bolters. Grand Strategist, Up-Armoured.

2x Infantry Squads (59pts)
> Lasguns, Boltgun, Vox, Grenade Launcher, Autocannon
1x Infantry Squad (52pts)
>Lasguns, Boltgun, Vox, Flamer, Autocannon

Veterans (35pts)
>Lasguns, Autocannon

Armoured Sentinel (40pts)

Basilisk (108pts)
>Full Payload
Hydra (93pts)

>Heavy and Storm Bolters, Multi-Laser, Lasgun Array

Adeptus Mechanicus Outrider

Tech-priest Enginseer (30pts)

3x Ironstrider Ballistarii (240pts)
>Twin Cognis Lascannon

1,000pts Total

Flamer Infantry ride in the Chimera to make it a giant death bus, someone else guards the Tank Commander, and the rest is fairly self explanatory.
How TAC is it?

>> No.71636754

This is your new Primarch

>> No.71636759

Yes. 9th edition should be Age of The Primarchs. Loyalists versus Traitors.

>> No.71636763

haha le funny 2007 joke

>> No.71636771


The Iron Hands have Ferrus Manus' skull and might have one of his hands, he could easily come back. It's not like he hasn't been cloned thousands of times already. The only thing that throws a wrench in the works is that he's part of the Legion of the Damned now if you believe that bit in Master of Mankind.

Sanguinius could come back, his entire chapter has his "psychic memory" or whatever, he could be reborn (and they've even hinted at it), but it would really undercut his sacrifice.

emobatman is probably still alive, and has probably been geurilla warring in and around the eye of terror for 10,000 years. Unless he fell to chaos and turned into a giant bird monster or something.

>> No.71636775

This. She is too strong and sexy to be one.

>> No.71636778

>Warhammer without xenos
I have an erection

>> No.71636787

The OTHER Emobatman, not Corax.

>> No.71636789

Ok quad satan lets make a deal here.

>Guilliman assassination occurs successfully.
>BUT the high lords fail to cover it up all the way. Word leaks out to several space marine chapters and rumors start to breed. This starts a civil war and this new "insurgency of Guilliman".

>> No.71636790


>> No.71636792

tbf, i didn't say you were pedos, i said you were a money laundering organization for child pornographers.

>> No.71636793

Yeah maybe, it was either that or they were wearing terminator armour which gave almost the same rules.

>> No.71636794

No Primaris there though

>> No.71636806

>This is the future the marinefags want.

>> No.71636818

That's what the hours heresy was about. Ded gane though

>> No.71636824

Same difference.

>> No.71636830

You still get that

>> No.71636834

To the guy who asked last thread these guys were made with Wargame Atlantic's Raumjaeger bodies, Cadian arms and a mix of Scion/Raumjaeger heads

>> No.71636840


>> No.71636841

That's the point.

>> No.71636853


> Wanting to play a game where your basic 5 man Marine squad is $60
> Where all of your models are made out of resin

Sounds like fun!

>> No.71636862

I get an erection whenever someone makes a shit baitpost.I try not to respond but I just can't hold my (you)'s in I-I-Im..*huff* *huff*... g-gonna


>> No.71636873

>custodian exiles
>equipped with storm bolter and a power sword

>> No.71636879

I like Mantis Warriors too, that's what my marine army is, just gotta get the yellow on

>> No.71636884

Anyone else hate the new clear flying stands for jump infantry

>> No.71636897

Stop modelling for advantage you waacfag

>> No.71636907

kind of all over the place with that list.
>admech + guard
>bare minimum troop choice
>1 of everything

Use Battlescribe, its at the top of the post. (its called a pastebin)

>> No.71636911

They're melee models. Making them taller is strictly worse because it makes them harder to hide behind LOS blockers.

>> No.71636916

>melee infantry twice their normal height and far easier to shoot at
Are you afraid of them seeing over a chest high wall to shoot a bolt pistol at your manlets?

>> No.71636926

Yes but I hate these as well

>> No.71636927

Well its obvious a front for SOME sort of money laundering organization, how else do explain those prices?

>> No.71636950

Anyone have any idea how I could modify a flash git to look more like these dudes? I always like the loaded up commando look more than the pirate look.
Maybe a big box of ammo on their back? What would be a good bit to look for? Devastator backpacks are probably too small.

>> No.71636956

Buy kommandos

>> No.71636973

Kommandos + Devastator bits (they come with some loose heavy bolter ammo packs

>> No.71636982

What base size does Ghazgull come with? I need to know for an ongoing wager

>> No.71636987

50mm like every new HQ

>> No.71636988

Maybe, but I still want the huge fuckoff guns from the normal flash gitz kit.

>> No.71637008

Why is listbuilding such a pain in the ass? Even if you just want to have fun with models, it's hardly fun to get rolled over all the time, but then to counter that you start getting sucked into WAAC, 'everything has to be hyperoptimized!' shit, and it ruins the spirit of the hobby

>> No.71637011

>> No.71637012

Remedied by buying from Ivan or Chang, which coincidentally also is cheaper.

>> No.71637022

list building is fun.
I enjoy this aspect of the hobby and hated it when they tried to remove it.

>> No.71637024

6 and 7 look retardedish

the rest look gr8 to me

>> No.71637030

Really, nigga? If he's on a fiddy, what are all the other miniatures in the box? Looks closer to 80mm.

>> No.71637031

The only way to avoid WAAC arms races is to either stick to casual play and mean it, or start trying to get people to do more narrative missions instead where the point values of each side aren't equal but the objectives aren't either

>> No.71637032

List building itself is fun, yeah
But then actually trying to play that list is a different story altogether, it seems like
Then again I guess it's just shitty lists that get made.

>> No.71637034

Is it really? I thought maybe 60mm but 50mm is a bit hard to believe

>> No.71637048

You treat it like its not a game, or like the objective of a game is not to win.

If you just want a modeling kit then stop interfering with the game and let competitive players do their their thing.

Some people enjoy Competition.

>> No.71637060

list building is hard when all the point costs for everything is through the roof. Its also hard when all the point costs are totally random numbers.

>> No.71637065

I got banned from my LGS cause I said all the sister heads look like Trannys.

>> No.71637071


>> No.71637072

>Some people enjoy Competition.
And that's fine if some people enjoy that. I was offering advice to someone who doesn't seem to.

If you enjoy competition, then it also doesn't do you any good to constantly play games against someone whose list outright can't beat yours due to being unoptimized, so why do you care if he tries to find matches where the objective of winning is possible for his list?

>> No.71637076

It's a sign that political correctness has gone too far.

>> No.71637077

list building painfully reminds me how unoptimal SM/CSM squads are

>> No.71637081


>> No.71637083

and there is no reason to take troops anymore, they suck balls. You can just cobber together a vanguard, supreme hq, spearhead, or outrider detachment and not worry about the command points because you have objectively superior units.

And vehicles are pretty terrible outside of melee now. No one wants to roll a d6 for wounds and cross their fingers when they could just have more dakka instead.

>> No.71637090

if you don't enjoy competition, don't play games where the objective is to compete.

>> No.71637101

If you want different levels of competition you should create a jr. league and not pit unequal forces against one another.

>> No.71637103

very cool

>> No.71637109

But troops look cooler than vehicles!

>> No.71637120

>objective is to compete

That's also an option, but you seem to drastically misunderstand what my suggestion was

>> No.71637131


>and there is no reason to take troops anymore, they suck balls.
Spotted the necron player

>> No.71637140

>early plague marine designs
That's cute.

>> No.71637152

Where does it say that about tyranids?

>> No.71637156

Hey m8, I play in the most competitive state in Australia and even I can value a good narrative or casual game.

>> No.71637158

that directly precedes the new ones
it's quite late actually

>> No.71637160

>5 of the exact same ugly, static-posed model
I don't miss the old days

>> No.71637170 [DELETED] 

1st set of dubs decide the Arc Rifle color
2nd decide Plasma
3rd decide Volkite

Or all three, idgaf

>> No.71637173

We need to know your cloak color for contrast first.

Also, yellow

>> No.71637174

Blue, Orange, Purple.

>> No.71637180

Green for all 3

>> No.71637181


The new flying stands are cancer. There seem to be multiple batches and some of them are made from a material that doesn't bond to superglue worth a shit, so if you're trying to glue a heavier model (like a Marine Inceptor or some of the AOS stuff) you're completely fucked.

>> No.71637182


>> No.71637186


>> No.71637195

++ Battalion Detachment +5CP (Imperium - Astra Militarum) [28 PL, 4CP, 500pts] ++

+ Configuration +

Battle-forged CP [3CP]

Detachment CP [5CP]

Regimental Doctrine: Astra Millitarum, Lord's Approval, Slum Fighters

+ Stratagems +

Imperial Commander's Armoury [-1CP]: 1 additional Heirloom of Conquest

Specialist Detachment [-1CP]: Emperor's Conclave Infantry Company

+ No Force Org Slot +

Inquisitor Coteaz [4 PL, -1CP, 90pts]: 4) Mental Interrogation, Malleus - Power Through Knowledge, Stratagem: Inquisitorial Mandate

+ HQ +

Aradia Madellan [2 PL, 40pts]

Company Commander [2 PL, 31pts]: Bolt pistol, Chainsword, Relic: The Laurels of Command, Warlord, WT: Old Grudges

+ Troops +

Infantry Squad [3 PL, 51pts] x2
. 8x Guardsman: 8x Lasgun
. Guardsman W/ Special Weapon: Plasma gun
. Sergeant: Laspistol, Power sword

Infantry Squad [3 PL, 47pts] x2
. 8x Guardsman: 8x Lasgun
. Guardsman W/ Special Weapon: Plasma gun
. Sergeant: Chainsword, Laspistol

+ Elites +

Astropath [1 PL, 15pts]: Laspistol, Psychic Maelstrom

Astropath [1 PL, 15pts]: Laspistol, Psychic Maelstrom

Astropath [1 PL, 15pts]: Laspistol, Psychic Maelstrom

Ministorum Priest [2 PL, -1CP, 35pts]: Autogun, Chainsword, Field Commander, Relic (Emperor's Conclave): Litanies of The Holy Synod, WT (Emperor's Conclave): Fiery Denouncer

Wyrdvane Psykers [3 PL, 63pts]: Psychic Maelstrom
. 9x Wyrdvane Psyker: 9x Laspistol, 9x Wyrdvane Stave

++ Total: [28 PL, 4CP, 500pts] ++

How bad is this for 500pts??

>> No.71637198




>> No.71637207

did they change how inquisitors work? can you get regiment rules with them in your army now?

>> No.71637216

Pretty much why I gave up on using them.

Yeah, September WD. Your army can include a single Inquisitor without breaking Detachment abilities or army-purity abilities like Doctrines and Sacred Rites

>> No.71637222

yes you can

>> No.71637225

That's a lot of Psykers
I think I'll take notes, anon


>> No.71637227

damn, i havent kept up, thats pretty nice. i was mad what they did to my inquisitors when 8th launched

>> No.71637229


This is why list building in AOS is superior. You don't pay for wargear, and all of your point costs are flat numbers so you don't have weird 1488 point lists where you have to try and figure out if there's anything you can add to fill in the extra.

If a unit has a weapon option that would drastically change its point cost, it just gets a separate datasheet.

>> No.71637237

Only issue: You can't have more than one Inquisitor in a detachment, ever. So no supreme command detachment of three Inquisitors : (

>> No.71637243


> Her stomach fat is literally spilling over onto the table

>> No.71637261

>1488 point lists

>> No.71637265

>won't be receiving trumpbux
well, time to strike off that chaos knight and brass scorpion from my lists...

>> No.71637269

lame, but i can live with it, i have eisenhorn, ravenor and eisenhorns crew as acolytes, but i suppose i can just run ravenor as an acolyte if it means my gudrunite rifles can use regiment abilities though

>> No.71637273

>was gonna use it for miniatures

You didn't need it anyway.

>> No.71637278

what's weird with 1488 lists big guy?

>> No.71637284

neon pink

>> No.71637287

isnt it still in the house being talked about?

>> No.71637289

Its not enough to make a real difference for people who really NEED money

for 90% its going to be surplus fun money

>> No.71637294

Hey I like Necron poster.
Here is an update on Necrons defending a tomb from Adeptus fanart I've been chugging away at. The perspective and attempts to get things looking more lore accurate has been trickier than I thought. I might pull one of the tech priests into a far closer actiony pose.

>> No.71637295

Do you also still believe in fairy tales?

>> No.71637299

Neither do my parents (both still working) but they're still gonna get theirs

>> No.71637306

rainbow on all three GET

>> No.71637335


If the dems get their way it'll all go for minorities and illegals anyway.

When there are people out there who are about to lose their homes and can't eat because their job shut down it's nice knowing that Nancy Pelosi would rather argue with airlines over their carbon footprint rather than help people feed their families.

>> No.71637347

>implying either party would give it to the working class

>> No.71637351


>> No.71637361


>> No.71637371

He's saying you're gay for discussing politics here, anon

>> No.71637376

No but I believe in life after love

>> No.71637378


You know how I know you're gay?

You play Tau

>> No.71637380

i mean we are on /tgpol/ after all

>> No.71637394

it's not like it came out of nowhere
Digression happens all of the time on 4chan, do you freak out every single time it happens?

>> No.71637395

resin is a fucking nightmare remind me not to buy another one (this is also my first vehicle)

>> No.71637404

fuck off, m8. I'm here to talk about space magic army men, not politics.

>> No.71637410

it was sarcasm anon, simmer donna

>> No.71637411

Every board is /pol/

>> No.71637416

it's one of my favorite parts of the hobby desu

>> No.71637425

Actually I don't, and if anything, I fucking hate playing against them. Every match I do, I sit for 10m waiting for the guy to stop randomly engaging in conversation long enough to set up the board, and then finally get to spend the rest of the time getting everything blown up while I can hardly scratch a single model. He seems nice enough, so I can't really fault him, and it's not like I have the most optimized list either, but for some reason every time I've had a go at killing the Avatar Seacattle, I've had quite a salt enducing experience. It's not ever losing I hate, and I've lost every match I've ever played. Hell, I enjoyed losing against some necrons. That shit was fun as fuck.

>> No.71637426

I'm here to talk about how I can't buy the kits I was planning on buying

>> No.71637431


> First vehicle

You've got taste, I'll give you that. At least you ordered from a recaster and didn't pay Forge World prices though.

WarhammerTV on Youtube has a pretty decent video on working with resin models that's worth a watch.

>> No.71637434

Paint your backlog

>> No.71637435

No, just thought I'd make a joke out of the situation

>> No.71637436

Any suggestions for a good hive fleet to use? I want to mostly field Gargoyles, Shrikes, and Zoanthropes if it helps.

>> No.71637448

All of my backlog requires more kits for conversion and kitbashing

>> No.71637467

thanks mate I'll check that out. I've never used green stuff before but I am gonna try do some gap filling with putty once it's all done. fast running out of super glue though and stores here are preparing to close/already have

>> No.71637478

Yeah, especially with that new strategem with wyrdvanes and primaris psycher, was the reason I put this together. Psychic maelstrom is really good mortal wound machine especially since it can target ANY unit within 18".
Not sure if it's actually going to put in work though.

>> No.71637481

Purple, orange, red

>> No.71637517

>want a Greater Brass Scorpion to go with my Chaos Knight and Lord of Skulls.
>know if i ever use it, it will get targeted first because of it's 4+ to explode on death and can't warp time it because of Runes of the Blood God
But it looks so cool

>> No.71637524

I don't know, I've heard people trash talk it.
But in the last fight I had against some Harlequins, my sole Astropath managed to put down about four of the fuckers in one go.

What new stratagem are you in reference to?

>> No.71637533

No it doesn't

>> No.71637537

your cheeto gibs are still coming, so expect to get that plastic fix. it's just being held up because politics
finna get me a couple oop dudes from ebay i've been putting off

>> No.71637544


Usually we'd have hit dubs by now.
Maybe God is trying to tell me to quit being such a lazy faggot, getting other people to do the work for me. I'm just scared I won't like the color I pick and I'll have to strip the whole thing.

>> No.71637547

nah since I'm a dependent
yes it does, almost every model in my army is converted or kitbashed

>> No.71637552

Checked. You have to pick the color yourself anon

>> No.71637554

is their any sprue that has claymores on it? i want an acolyte to have a riot shield covered in them

>> No.71637559

based g*d

>> No.71637572

a riot shield covered in swords?

>> No.71637578

>people bitch about guard being op throughout 8th because the codex allegedly has no useless datasheets
>no one complains about admech despite this actually being the case
I can't think of any besides ruststalkers and maybe ballistarii

>> No.71637580

that's actually hilarious, I'll cap it

>> No.71637586

ah shit sorry anon

>> No.71637595

What are some good alternative GW models for Death Cult Assassins?

The actual models are $18 for two resin monopose ones.

>> No.71637600

>t and still manage to get cucked?
Wait what is the story here? I've seen a few of their videos but not familiar with the lore.

>> No.71637605

The reason people bitch about guard is all their god damn shit is stupid cheap and they all play fucking parking lots.

>> No.71637616

Daughters of khaine

>> No.71637623

As opposed to admech parking lots with legs?

>> No.71637624

The list can potentially cast 10 psychic powers!!

>> No.71637630

I use the Corvus Cabal models from Warcry

>> No.71637640


Ding ding ding

Having to fight against a shitload of artillery that is hiding behind buildings so it can't be shot at, but can still shoot you, and it's at the ass end of the table so it'll take you three or four turns to even get to it (assuming it's not being screened by a million 3 point models) is not fucking fun.

Neither is having to play against dirt cheap Leman Russ tank spam.

>> No.71637642

Welp, time to start converting more psykers, I guess

>> No.71637643

>waaaa people shouldn't play armies the way their codex is designed

>> No.71637651


Holy shit I didn't even think of that... and they're getting a $30 Underworld warband soon.

>> No.71637652

In all fairness ive never actually played an admech player but ive played several guard players and it's the most boring match up after Tau gunlines

>> No.71637674

AdMech player here, our stronger lists are all parking lots with bumrushing dragoons. It's not actually that fun to play.
>Which is why my lists never touch plasma or kastelans
I hope the heckin good doggos are good

>> No.71637675

>waaaa what do you mean i shouldn't use only T8 models! It's how the army was designed!
Might as well play fucking knights. at least then your turns would be decently quick.

>> No.71637679

anit personal explosive. i just like how it says which way to point it at the enemy

>> No.71637682

I think they mean the explosives. Though a shield covered in swords is cool too.

>> No.71637685

They're all essentially the same except now they're all skorpius spam as opposed to knights or robots previously

>> No.71637687

>parking lots
should...should i be charging you to get in combat with my tanks? have i been playing wrong?

>> No.71637688

You have, the strongest Guard lists are melee tanks

>> No.71637689

I'm a newbie making guard and going up against my friend's tau soon, but I think it will be fun since neither of us make pure gunline lists. he's stoked about getting more close combat/breacher options and I'm going to be running as Tallarn

>> No.71637691

>tfw no leman russ with power fist options

>> No.71637693

Baneblades are S9 for a reason

>> No.71637697

Most fun I've had playing against Admech was running my Sisters into a list that was heavy on Kataphrons and Kastelans. Repentia eat them apart.

>> No.71637713

you make me weep anon. but if the house passes this bill on friday im getting me a stormlord to load up with my conscripts

>> No.71637715

Probably been asked a million times before, but what would Bolters caliber be the way they are portrayed in every art? Certainly not .75 like they say otherwise they wouldn't be bigger than a musket or a shotgun.

>> No.71637719

I do wish that Tank shock was still a thing.

Also people who complain about parking lots need to step up and just start setting up better tables. You set up a table with a ton of LoS blocking terrain and those tanks have to move a hell of a lot more.

>> No.71637733

yeah, i dont get the complaining about using tactics in a wargame. its a piece of artillery, stop being made i place it far away out of site, instead of right on the front line where you can assault it turn 1.

>> No.71637739

The boltgun's design is so it's clearly visible from across the table so you can tell what the model is equipped with, not to accurately represent a weapon.

>> No.71637740

>yeah bro various tanks, infantry, fast attack and artillery mix is no fun at all
>you should really invest in primaris marines, smash captains and dreadnoughts, its a LOT more fun

>> No.71637745

they're tanks, not emplacements

>> No.71637747

I’ve wrecked whole sale ass with Baneblades and the “Crush Them!” stratagem. Absolutely awesome.

>> No.71637749

The point is it is immensely oversized for a 19-20mm gun. What would be a more realistic caliber? 55m?

>> No.71637751

ok, why should i move my artillery if they are in a good position? literally every army has some sort of deepstrike ability, use it

>> No.71637755

Tanks are fine. Russes are the backbone of the guard armies.
Just bring something fucking else not a dozen+ tanks. Bring infantry capture fucking objectives. Don't choose all the open field tables so you can sit on the other side of the table drool spouting shitty imperium and guard memes and expect the other person to want to play again.
It's tedious and annoying.
Nobody wants to do city scapes anymore. I love fighting in the city. Controlling streets and moving units from building to building is the best. Everyone just likes the big fields with few pieces of terrain.

>> No.71637759

please don't start arguing about gw gun/tank design we all know it's completely retarded and inconsistent

>> No.71637762

Things sure have accelerated quickly if plastic Witch Elves aren't considered absolutely retardedly expensive anymore.

>> No.71637764

i cant deepstrike my anti-vehicle units

>> No.71637766

ooh, so when you say parking lot, you mean an all tank army, i thought you meant my 2 guys sitting on the back line. i only have 3 tanks in my army, the rest are troops and valks. yeah i can see how a bunch of earthshakers and russ's in the back would be annoying

>> No.71637772

>implying guard armies don't all have a minimum of 60 infantrymen as baseline

>> No.71637774

You can’t win unless you cap objectives anyway though. Once you wipe a Guard player’s screens, he’s fucked.

>> No.71637778

can tanks shoot while in combat?

>> No.71637786

$6 a modern model is better than $9 for finecast

>> No.71637788

No. Only the Baneblade can, but it has certain restrictions on what it can shoot.

>> No.71637789

The Baneblade can

>> No.71637795

The point is it's a game piece and that's all.

>> No.71637800

i knew the baneblade was most excellent. when you think about it, it dosent need an invul or 4++

>> No.71637801

Scions kitted with Plasma/Melta

Skitarii with Arc or Plasma, Kataphrons either way, Lucius teleport

Pretty sure Marines can deepstrike some units too, Assault Squads and Terminators

Or am I missing something

>> No.71637802


>> No.71637804

Ive got no problem with people bringing tanks just 90% of the lists ive played were all tanks.
Tank commanders leading russ squadrons.
They didn't win but it wasn't fun. It's a fucking grind.
Might be just a LGS problem

>> No.71637805

>Nobody wants to do city scapes anymore. I love fighting in the city. Controlling streets and moving units from building to building is the best. Everyone just likes the big fields with few pieces of terrain.
Cities, forests, cliffs in the center fucking something. If guard blasts you off the table turn 1 that is YOUR fault.

>> No.71637813

It needs something, it takes an ass load of points to support one.

>> No.71637817

All tank armies are gay, I barely even use tanks myself. Mostly use infantry and artillery.

>> No.71637818

What did I expect coming to this tranny site full of faggots with no imagination

>> No.71637825

The way it’s portrayed makes it hard to really nail it down I feel like.

>> No.71637826

I play a CSM daemon engine list

>> No.71637829

are you really getting this mad over a fictional weapon on a non scale model looking fictional?

>> No.71637839


I love cityscapes.

I love dense as fuck tables. My idea table is old school necromunda dense but on an entire 6x4.

>> No.71637847

Again might be a LGS problem.
I try to stick shit like rocks in the middle but apparently it's unacceptable and all structures should be around the outside.
Bring sorcerers with jump packs and warptime daemon engines or see if you can get a Heldrake in there

>> No.71637849

2k Knights vs IG, who wins?

>> No.71637853

I bought an entire city off eBay for about 200 total. Best deal ever. There are sone great artists out there for cheap, for less than 1,500 a FLGS could probably outfit 5-7 tables with a full board of awesome buildings/roads.

>> No.71637854

what song best fits the genestealer cults?

>> No.71637858

this was the new hottness when i started 40k, and ill be damned if i ever turn down a game with a board thats a city in ruins, most fun shit there is, taking my tanks down rubble filled streets, advancing my storm troopers through fire gutted buildings, conscripts huddling in craters. fuck i miss that

and if you call storm troopers tempestus scions you can fuck right off

>> No.71637864

Depends on what IG guy has. I’ve played a semi fluffy list pre Knight nerf and killed 3 of them before I got nuked.

>> No.71637867

sounds like you're playing with faggots

>> No.71637868

how many points is comfortable on a 4'x4'?

>> No.71637869

>they are goofy as shit but total bros, all the mixed lore is retarded i love it
>yeah primaris hype but dont forget our dreads, character and fw. Also invest in heroes
>i always use lone wolf strat to its fullest, bjorn plus contemptors and levi deathstar, and massed wolfguard jet and terminator cc equipped and stacking attack+ buffs by useing Arjac+1, Wulfen/Stone+1, WL trait+1, Dual claws+1, now charge+1 and the PA. Cata termies with claws but out a retarded amount of fun

>> No.71637882


>> No.71637893

I plan on doing a cityscape map when i move back home. I plan on grabbing the sector imperialis board pieces of GW and building a table for it.

>> No.71637901

40k is best at city fighting. 8E cities of death is pretty good

>> No.71637909

Played a few games with the rules and really liked it.

>> No.71637910

The only trouble I've ever had with city boards is spacing things properly so that tanks have enough room to move down the streets without just leaving massive sightlines with no cover

>> No.71637925

fair enough

>> No.71637936


>> No.71637940

The issue is the missions for it suck. Best result is from using the Cities of Death rules for Eternal War missions or the Open War cards

>> No.71637942


>> No.71637946

Instead of painting my backlog, I decided to make some terrain. Assuming I can convince the dudes at my lgs to do a little homebrew, I was thinking about giving rules to these barrels I made.

>If an attack is made against a model/unit within 1" of the barrel, an unmodified to hit roll of 6 causes the barrel to explode. 1 S4 AP-1 D2 to every unit within 2".

What say you?

>> No.71637958

I use "Sent to Destroy" by Combichrist as the mood music for mine. But GSC should always be industrial music.

Cities of Death has a rule for "hazardous cover" which is basically, if you roll a natural 6 on a save when you benefit from that piece of cover, roll a d6, and on a 1 you take a mortal wound. It's used for plasma conduits and such, but you could just as easily use it for fuel barrels.

>> No.71637970


>> No.71637971

Hey these are pretty nice, anon. This is the first time I've seen scion heads and not been disinterested.

>> No.71637973

Huh. I'll have to check it out. Thanks anon.

>> No.71638064

Do tzaangor enlightened/shamans work?

>> No.71638090

>Moved to the new thread

They work in a similar way that they get bonuses from Codex daemons buffs, like changeling aura, but they've put a nail in the coffin in getting any use out of their strats.
Also anything with a Disc has the daemon keyword.

>> No.71638297

You're a colossal fagit

>> No.71638313

>"Well, this extra grand isn't going to cover all my expenses, so I might as well spend it frivolously."

And then people wonder why they're poor...

>> No.71638402

AdMech player here.
The thought of deep strike units haunts my dreams... maybe start there?

>> No.71638464

bemoth lets you reroll charges but doesn't help zoanthropes at all unless the PA changes that.

>> No.71638644

faggot retard we have plastic troops

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