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>Know it's a trap
>Do it anyway
Name a dumber person.

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I'll say this about walking into a trap, it brings your enemies right to you.

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This guy

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What the fuck? Bittenfeld was one of the only Admirals in Reinhard's camp with integrity aside from dead redhead and Mittermeyer.

The Black Lancers were supposed to be the shock fleet that laughs at traps.

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>FPA commander lays out a bait trap
>Expects Imperial forces to avoid the trap, thus leading them into the real trap
>Chad Bittenfeld completely turns the tables on this plan by charging in
>FPA lines now in chaos
Sorry OP, you are the dumb

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Oskar had integrity.

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I do this a lot. For two reasons. Either WE NEED TO JERKING OFF!! LETS MOVE DAMIT! I get Triggered when nothing happens at all, I'll gladly take a bullet. Let's move this damn slog.... OR I want to make a point to Meta VS character. If I myself am aware but my character is unaware, I'll make I a point to engage the trap. As long as it would be or was my intention. I disapprove of Meta gaming and either we need to role play this or make a point that we don't Meta.

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Reuenthal was so based. He destroying the last embers of democratic regime in the rebel territories was the cherry on top

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>>Know it's a trap
>>Do it anyway

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Good job!

*gives cookie* =3 uwu

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I don't count acorns in a circle of rope to be traps anon and neither should you.

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That is literally every single war movie, anime, vidya game, comic book, ect. every written. At SOME point there is ALWAYS that scene where there is a tough situation and someone asks the protagonist "You know this is a trap right?" and then he "heroically" goes and does whatever anyways.

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He killed Fischer and caused the collapse of Yang's defense. The dumber person is you!

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> Bittenfeld was one of the only Admirals in Reinhard's camp with integrity aside from dead redhead and Mittermeyer.
You missed one

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Bittenfeld is great though.

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Even Oberstein had integrity; he was willing to die as a result of his scheming for the benefit of the Empire.
Really, all of Reinhard's admirals were admirable.

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>Name a dumber person.
All people who answer Church's call and donate money to it in times of viral-related widespread quarantine, with no cure, no antidote available and biolaboratories being heavily understaffed and short of money.

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just take plenty of vitamin c

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>not springing the trap

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At least burn some incense bro

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The truly strong don't need to worry about traps.
This post was clearly made by a weakling.
Go take your proper place, since clearly YOU'RE the trap here.

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Don't have money to buy it. Donated all to local church, because JESUS SAVES!

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>Donated all to local church
If you're going to go that far, you may as well join a monastery

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I couldn't. Were I to abandon my job, I couldn't produce money for the Church to donate. It needs me. The world needs me, because that's how you save world!

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Oberstrein was Realpolitik borne into a human body.

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Traps can be defeated with sufficient force, with advantage of equipment, better training or morale, or simply committing where the opponent thinks you will falter and turn back.

Traps sometimes should be triggered, if avoiding them will waylay you further or become a flanking force to strike from the side.

Surprise is one major problem that you have with a trap. If you are aware a trap is there, you can have a plan already in place to respond promptly, compared to if you don't know about a trap and can't get orders to your troops to charge or not while they get shot up.

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For example if you know the enemy have archers hidden on ridges to ambush your column of troops, you tell them when they see the enemy arrows coming in, raise shields and have your artillery, which held back and zeroed in on the ridges, blast the enemy to pieces.

Compare this with having your artillery to go forwards unloaded with your infantry and get shot to pieces while everyone panics and routs.

Knowledge and planning can be a huge benefit in overturning a trap.

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As I recall reading somewhere, perfect knowledge of the location and disposition of enemy forces is worth something akin to a 3x force multiplier.

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absolutely OBSESSED fedora

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My players.

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It's also important to recognize the morale threat a reversal has.

If you set up an ambush and your enemy not only fails to bog down in the threat zone, but promptly pushes right into your save, advantaged ground and takes it from you, a route is all but assured: You are not in a position to hold the enemy on your formation.

The obvious, of course, is that a blitz like this risks flagging and ending up in the ambush zone anyways, now tired and depleted by their earlier push.

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Bittenfeld and the black lancers killed Ulanhu, who admittedly was trying to cover the escape of his fleet's survivors. Then he went on to kill Appleton and most of the 8th fleet.

He defeated Bewcock and shattered the Alliance fleet at Rantemario.
Fischer and Merkatz were both killed fighting him.

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>"democracy is the illusion of freedom, tied under the governments secret plan to fool you into thinking your choosing the best or should i say better option. Truth be told imperfection is found throughout all the human race, with no ultimate solution. Humans are just men and women living day to day lives with an idea of how life should be, and how life actually is(as defined by the "present" encompassing world). In fact it is the dreamer who unlocks the potential for an upright and just society while it is men and women of God who see the bigger picture in the scheme of an "architectural" design."

Goddman. How can the democuck even compete?

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You do realise that not every church is your random American dissenter cult, right?

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>Name a dumber person.
Anyone who goes to the traditional games board to discuss anime

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>Democracy not really free
>So give all power to Big Man

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"The best argument against Democracy is letting the average voter interpret simple politics on 4chan and reading the results."

- Fat Cigar Man

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>Big Man may go mad! Don't give power to Big man.

>Give power to rich man!

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>Rich Man bad! Eat Rich Man!
>wait where money go?

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Why system can I use to run a LotGH campaign?

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>It's also important to recognize the morale threat a reversal has.
Oh, definitely, definitely.

An ambush tends not to be using overwhelming force itself, but a tactic used to improve the striking powe of a smaller force using surprise. If there is no surprise, the smaller force can often be overwhelmed if the orders to attack regardless are given in advance.

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ffg star wars.
rogue trader

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Alliance Admirals that aren't Yang and Friends.

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