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First for the Greater Goods!

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Whelp, both our transgirls at the LGS have been tested positive with corona.

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niggas really be out here named Roboute

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their bodies have to be burnt when they die.

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Oh, so I guess it saves them time, with the added benefit of not becoming part of the statistic .

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Torchstar is cute.

That is all.

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indeed, brother

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Continue beakie posting from last thread. If you have beakies report in.

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Give me color scheme ideas for a renegade space marine warband using heavy weapons, vehicles, and the Iron Warriors trait that doesn't have the primary color as metal, black, or dark brown/gray

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>it is I! Captain extendo-neck is here to save the day!

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For those greater goods!

Yes, very cute!

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What stats/data sheet would you guys recommend if I wanted to make a custom hammer & shield dreadnought captain/Captain Lysander dreadnought? Pic related

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I'm not against lewdig 40k at all but you should do it in the relevant aco thread. Or at least post something that leads to worthwhile discussion.

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Dark brown with black helmet and metal trim

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Is there any real information about the disowned Primarchs? Like what happened, what did they do, who did they get along with, how they looked or even their fighting style? I know the no answers for them is just to fill in the blanks, but surely the traitor Primarchs can openly speak about them. Unless Emps has word banning powers.

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Going to be starting a 500 point escalation campaign sometime soonish, how is this as a starting list? It'll be a pretty friendly set up but I wanted something different from my Orks and DE

>Salamanders Outrider Detachment
Captain on Bike (WT: Lord of Fire, Nocturnes Vengeance)
Bikes x 3 (2 Flamers, 1 Combi Flamer)
Bikes x 3 (2 Flamers, 1 Combi Flamer)
Attack Bike (Multi Melta)
Boltstorm Aggressors x 3
Primaris Chaplain
499 points

Mostly I'm not sure if Lord of Fire is worth it or it I just go with Forge Master and Salamanders Mantle to just have the captain outtank everything

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Red and orange, make them obsessed with explosions

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that image is too wholesome

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Red (blood and fire) + green (camo)

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Brother Craig, reporting for duty.

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It's better than the /pol autism outbreaks.

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I honestly prefer it over the awoofags

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>It's better than the /pol autism outbreaks.
Totally agree. I was saying go to aco more because I like talking about 40k smut on aco than because I want to sanitise this place.

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They're like pin ups in a locker room.

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>I want to sanitise this place
Well there's your mistake. This place will never be clean.

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u got teh whole squid laffin

interesting choice, though it leans a bit too hard into khorne. I'll consider what I could do to refine it
Oh now that's a surprising take. How would you go about painting camo on chaos marines in the first place, with all the ornate trim and such?

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Anyone here know why people are taking a collective shit in their pants and greatly misjudging both Ghaz and Ragnar's characters? I'm seeing people downplay Ragnar as just another SM Captain, and overblow Ghaz as if he was the beast Vulkan fought, and is somehow on a primarch level.

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To any Tyranid player out there, what would be the best way to round out a 1000 point list when you are at 700ish points.

A friend was looking to get into 40k, and I wanted to grab him a gift since he brought me a Sentinel kit to round out my guard army.

He currently has a lot of infantry, but what options do I have in terms of gifting him a new model / models for a center piece unit / anti-tank unit. From past experiences with new members of the game moving up from Kill Team to 40k, most where frustrated when they played a pure infantry list and couldn't deal with heavy armor. Would like to get him something to avoid that / for him to paint up and display in his cabinet.

Also was looking to grab a start collecting box for him, but wasn't sure if it was the best buy for him currently.

His current collection
x1 Brood Lord
x1 Hive Tyrant
x40 Hormagaunts
x6 Tyranid Warriors
x10 Gargoyles

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>Well there's your mistake. This place will never be clean
That's why I said I didn't want to do that, comprehension-kun.

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>he thinks red=khorne green=nurgle etc
Yes, for the Chaos gods follow certain strict laws regarding colours.

jesus how uncreative can you be my man

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I am more mad that GW still won't let Primaris ride in Drop Pods, when Blackmane's Great Company's shtick is their clever/aggressive employment of DPs. Fuck GW.

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Genestealers. He has a Brood Lord already, and they'll go together pretty damn well.

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Just use Galadius contemtpor shield rules and chainfist rules

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Ragnar's a piece of shit Mary Sue who got his promotion undeservedly fast-tracked. He's poorly written trash.

Ghaz keeps getting hyped as the orkish equivalent of a daemon prince, and I think a lot of people are drinking the green kool-aid.

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Ghaz is basically the 'king' of his faction, a faction that is supposed to be comprised of pretty tough dudes, and blessed by the greenskin gods themselves. He certainly comes across like he should be on the level of Robby or Abaddon.

Ragnar might be a strong fighter but he's far from a Primarch, not emboldened by any gods and is physically just a supercharged human. So I do think it's reaching for him to take down Ghaz.

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Maybe they don't fit trough the door?

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How do people run codex techmarines these days? Going to build a new one for this post conversion beamer world, not sure how people set them up.

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Of course he is trash. People forget he's a ADB character.

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>people don't immediately think of the colors of chaos gods as their first impression
okay buddy retard

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Not sure if baiting or retard

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It generally does though

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I mean, Ghaz kind of is the closest facsimile to a greenskin DP that they have. He's closer to a DP than he is a Chapter Master, for instance.

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Last time I went to /wst/ they were all bitching about twitter drama which isn't something I want to see from artists I enjoy

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The book that gives Ragnar most of his characterisation is written by ADB. It's a Abaddon situation, the character existed before, but was made worse by Aaron.

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Pic related for camo-ish green

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This. It's the stupidest play for forcing people to buy new transports. I hate it. Drop pods can hold dreads wtf

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That was pretty funny ngl, but I stayed out until it calmed down. I write a bunch for them but yeah, they can get a bit excitable.

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You know that there is a whole series of books by William King dedicated to him, which is one of the most successful series in the Black Library lineup, right?

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You know that there is a whole series of books by William King dedicated to him, which is one of the most successful series in the Black Library lineup, right?

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Mine with a chainsword, bolter and no harness to keep cheap just kept back repairing shit, maybe give him the boltgun relic so he can make use of his BS2+ from safety

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Obviously Cawl has implanted explosives in them so Primaris die when put in a drop pod.

>> No.71407341

How the fuck do I choose what to play? They are both great.

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His BS is 2+ - it's worth giving him a storm bolter if he's in a parking lot. If he's going to advance every turn to keep up with a moving castle, then there's no point.

>> No.71407356

Cheap as hell, basically bolter + chainsword with a cp to give him Master of the Forge and another to give him the warlord trait, Master the Machine for the +1 to hit for vehicles within 6"

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Those books were declared non-canon a few years ago by Black Library. So ADB's book is the only canon one.

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More like pinups on a offices walls, doors, roofs, floors, bookcases and 2/5 desktops.

And then being excused because they are wearing accountant costumes.

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You have a source, I suppose

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>nothing special, just a supercharged human

When did 40k became like this...This is some anime powerlevel shit.

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Can't go wrong with Hive Guard. They're still infantry models, easy to use, and are probably the most reliable and flexible ranged punch in the army.

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Sure, but I didn't care for it and haven't gone back. Also lewd shit gets posted here all the time.

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Exactly, nothing wrong with them. Now stop derailing the thread.

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Ah, thought you meant an actual camouflage pattern rather than using olive drab
If you're okay with either losing most of your games or being locked into 3 unit types, pick necrons. If you aren't, pick eldar

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Half the time this thread is pol shitposts about whatever the fuck it is today, 4chan just be like that. There's still some cool artists on wst even if JBR is a bit of a drama queen.

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>When did 40k start having supercharged humans?

>> No.71407407

ADB said it on a Reddit post that it's not considered "proper canon" anymore because it's not in line with his new book.

>> No.71407409


Unfortunately we are dealing with nerds, and nerds always want to order things into lists. We've been arguing about who would beat who in every fictional and non-fictional setting since we started writing them.

>> No.71407413

It's nothing new for there to be stuff way tougher than the superhuman warriors

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Newfag here how do you prime your dudes /40kg/? GW's spray stick is stupidly priced so I was thinking I'd just get a piece of wood from Lowe's but not sure what to use to keep them on there

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Ragnar is basically athleticism and rage embodied in a person. Dude's also consistently lucky to the point where it's an in-universe meme that Ragnar is a walking good luck charm. He fucked up Magnus when he was a neophyte. He fucked up a DAEMON PRIMARCH as a BLOOD CLAW. He's also got feats like him and four of his friends coming out on top of a fair fight with a Thousand Sons sorcerer lord, 30 genestealers etc. He's basically Cato Sicarius, except likable, and the in-universe reaction to his ridiculous feats is more incredulous and amused than awed.

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Well, I was indeed thinking of actual camo pattern, but I am at a loss for how to do it.

>> No.71407424

What the fuck do you think a Marine is Anon?

>> No.71407425

I use black acryclic gesso and just slap it on with a brush.

>> No.71407426

cool foreskin exhausts schlomo

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Yeah, fair enough! Lewd pics here don't bother me, I'm all about lewding 40k. I just like writing about and discussing it too, and 40kg goes mental about cooming whenever anyone mentions the subject.

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Are necrons in a bad spot now?

>> No.71407439

Blue tac the bases to the piece of wood. Costs like $10 total if you go crazy and buy like 3/4 things of blue tac.

>> No.71407442

So he's a deviantart oc?

>> No.71407443

I apply Vallejo black airbrush primer with a brush

>> No.71407450

Army Painter sprays, or more recently just paint in an airbrush.

>> No.71407453

Rustoleum 2x
I highly recommend that you do NOT do >>71407425 . From my experiences with gesso, it goes on thick (even when thinned), and rubs off easily. It's really not made for this sort of thing.

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His point I think is people are treating it like space marines are normal and boring and not incredible superhuman feats of bio engineering. Basedboys don't even think normal humans exist in 40k.
Ah, so we share the confusion

>> No.71407457

That's the OG backpack design, can't do anything about it.

>> No.71407459

They are extremely average and rely on Immortals and Destroyer spam

>> No.71407460

They've been in a bad spot the entirety of 8th.

>> No.71407464

>He fucked up Magnus when he was a neophyte. He fucked up a DAEMON PRIMARCH as a BLOOD CLAW
To be fair, the only thing he did here was taking the Spear of Russ and throwing it through a portal through which Magnus was checking the fight between his sorcerers and the SW
Not an actual battle where he bested a daemon primarch

>> No.71407465

You say Cato Sicarius, but your description sounds more like Kaldor Draigo.

>> No.71407472

What would Necrons need to be not-sucky?
Rules? Stats? Pojnts? Choices?

>> No.71407477

They're on the lower end of the power levels right now. If you're playing casual and/or small games its not so bad (in fact at smaller scales Resurrection Protocols start to get pretty good) but tend to rely on a few crutch units spammed otherwise.

>> No.71407488

Necrons rules are fine, the problem is the dominating factions get great rules and then some.

Power creep is not the answer to power creep.

>> No.71407500

Make the characters have more than 3 fucking attacks in combat for one.

>> No.71407501

Sure thing Magnus.

>> No.71407507

>Power creep is not the answer to power creep.
It is if you care more about selling models than making a good game.

>> No.71407511

Tbh it might be worth waiting on their PA book after Grey Knights got turned around so drastically Necrons might get lucky and see similar results

>> No.71407518

If that's the case I still stick with my retard statement. 40k has always been "2 minutes to midnight" specifically because Space Marines, though powerful, still aren't enough to turn back the tide of the sheer fuckery that's out to eat humanity's collective asshole. Had it been talking about how an ADB mary sue human character is "sugoi so powafurr desu" then sure w.e, but this is complaining that the longest living and baddest ass in the race of space fungus that gets bigger and stronger by taking ass and kicking names is stronger than "An upper-middle tier space marine".

>> No.71407523

Light blue with white trim & silver aquila/helmet

>> No.71407531

Eh, he has a bit of that to be sure, but his books kinda make it work. He's basically in on the joke with the audience, and from his own perspective most of his "heroic" moments come from him getting angry, going into a berserker rage, and when he comes up for air he's a hero. Like in one of his first big distinguishing moments, he's running through a chaos ship when he looks down across a causeway and sees a group of wolves about to get cut off and overwhelmed by a chaos mob. He's so unbelievably fuck-ass mad at this point that he starts screaming at the mover the vox, telling them to get their retarded ass out of there before they die, and later he finds out that this squad had been his wolf lord's. Said wolf lord is all like


And afterwards, Ragnar is sitting there sweating internally trying to figure out how calling his boss a retard on the public radio had ended well for him.

No, it's even kind of an in-book joke that Magnus is essentially walking through a door grandstanding and Ragnar pitches a spear into his face. It's like someone doing their big entrance on the Tonight Show or something, and someone whips a brick at them as they're walking out.

>> No.71407541

Actually I’m a SW player though not that great of a painter, I was just stating things as they are in the book

>> No.71407548

>And afterwards, Ragnar is sitting there sweating internally trying to figure out how calling his boss a retard on the public radio had ended well for him.

One of my favorite moments in those books is when Grimnar punches baby ragnar in the fucking head for speaking out of turn, then everyone including both of them laugh at it.

>> No.71407551

>No, it's even kind of an in-book joke that Magnus is essentially walking through a door grandstanding and Ragnar pitches a spear into his face.
Sometimes I legitimately wonder if GW watches that fucking TTS shit and is like "Yeah you know what that sounds good, Magnus is just this now." This is literally something straight out of that "comedy" death march.

>> No.71407560

Carry on brother! Your painting is fine, and you will improve over time.

>> No.71407570

If i may suggest some thing from /m/ and the gunpla boys,
Get some alligator clips from a hardware/electeonics store( normally sold attached to wires for bridging electrical) get bamboo sticks. Attach alligator clips to bamboo sticks using electrical tape or heat wrap. Use clips to grab base lips. This allows you to do spray each individually or stick the bamboo into a strip of cardboard and spray a bunch from there.

>> No.71407574

Yeah, but my question was more theoretical - what would the PA book need to do?

>> No.71407576

Speaking of Torchstar and how cute she is, does the Enclaves still believe in the Greater Good or something similar just without the ethereals?

>> No.71407582

The Ragnar books predate TTS by a decade. The first SW books have a wonderful sense of humor. It's later revealed to be JUST AS PLANNED by Magnus, since he wanted the spear the whole time, but couldn't just take it since it's an anathema weapon, so he needed someone to throw it through the portal.

In-universe the SW actually mock him about it.

>I-I m-meant that to happen!
>Sure you did loser, GO READ A BOOK.

>> No.71407592

t-they're renegades, anon. Chaos.

>> No.71407596

Magnus was trying to get that to happen. He wanted Russ's spear, but couldn't really take it himself, so he essentially has his minions herd the SW to the spear, then stands there in the portal going GRR, ARRG! until someone throws the spear at him.

>> No.71407614

I don't know if the wolves or Fagnus are the retards in this situation. I'm leaning towards both.

>> No.71407618

So basically, to sum up this conversation, 40k hasn't become anime shit.

It's been anime shit all along.

>> No.71407629

Well it's basically Power Metal: The Setting, so yeah? D-did anyone think it was serious?

>> No.71407635

No one dressed like that is any brother of mine.

>> No.71407636


>> No.71407638

Get a flat stick and either some blu-tac or double sided tape. Easy.

>> No.71407653

Anons, what's my best option for chaos bikers models? The ones gw are selling are old as fuck and look tiny and generally bad. Any 3rd party stuff you know that does it well? Any conversions you know of that work?

>> No.71407656

In the books it's portrayed as the typical tzeentchian method of making a plan out of whatever happened. Magnus was genuinely trying to invade the galaxy again (this was back when Daemon Primarchs entering the material universe was a big deal), and his sons were genuinely opposing the Space Wolves, so the idea that Magnus wanted to get an anathema weapon that can permakill daemons thrown into his head is kinda laughable, but when it does happen, he makes the best of it by using it in a ritual that almost drives the entire SW chapter feral by targeting the canis helix in their geneseed.

>> No.71407657

Well I didn't because I'm capable of rational though, but it tickles me whenever anyone else does so I had to say it.

>> No.71407660

From what I've gathered, early 40k was grimdark to the point of satire, and then people missed the satire and started taking it seriously.

>> No.71407666

Also power leveling (as in even distribution) *is* the answer to power creep. The goal isnt to make crons the best, just on par.

>> No.71407673

Just glue spikes to a normal space marine biker, do a headswap. Maybe add an icon of the God marking it.

>> No.71407684


I think 40k needs more black comedy in the style of the death of Stalin.

>> No.71407693

Its basically the same kit with alternate bits. So they're both shit.

>> No.71407698

Wait, is that spear of russ the same spear in Wolfsbane?

>> No.71407702

This >>71407693

I'm currently looking at the HH scimitar jetbikes but they look too big, or the outrider bikes but they look too inherently clean

>> No.71407727

Just wait until primaris get their bikes and convert those.

>> No.71407728

Do Skitarii ever actually kill anything with their special weapons? Wondering whether it's worth going for plasma Vanguard in transports or Arquebus Ranger teams as potential damage units or just stick to the 39pt bubblewrap squads with the almost-free arcs and leave the damage to the vehicles and Kataphrons.

>> No.71407734

A paper plate, a cheap outdoor table and a 4 dollar can of Rustoleum.just spint the plate or walk around the mini going over all angles

>> No.71407746

Are there any posts or articles comparing the 6 SoB Orders and their abilities? Starting them soon and I'd appreciate an overview to help me pick an Order.

>> No.71407747


For the love of God, if you recommend Rust-Oleum 2x PLEASE specify that you mean their Primer only cans, NOT paint+primer ones. Some retail locations do not carry the Primer only cans, so if some poor sap goes looking for Rust-Oleum 2x primer on your recommendation they are very likely to go home with something that will turn their models into blobby messes.

>> No.71407753

Transarqs are the best snipers in the fucking game anon.

>> No.71407760

What is your favorite sculpt?

>> No.71407772

It was originally created in the Space Wolf series of Ragnar and than added to the HH

>> No.71407788

Ask me on a different day and I might answer differently though

>> No.71407792

huh, one-eyed Punished Russ w/ gungnir when

>> No.71407797

I'm new to 40k minitures. Need some advice if you lot don't mind. I've an interest in Orkz and the Alpha legion faction.

>What's your opinion on Black,white and grey priming?
>I'm looking at "Know no Fear". It looks pre-primed. Is that a problem?
>How easy is it to convert SM to CSM?
>If anyone has converted the Dark Imperium set to a huge money saving CSM faction how did you do it? Do you have pictures?
>Are Orkz fun? What is it like to play/face a horde army?
>Can bog standard dollar store toy soldier tanks be primed,painted and used for orkz? I collected a 4 inch long,2 inch high and wide tank to paint.

Generally I'd like the best way to get more for less price. Are the first strike to Dark Imperium box sets with Death guard a better way of buying into the chaos faction than the start collecting box set? I've been eyeing up Orkz and would love some useful tips on painting and converting for them, I'm kind of holding off on that cause of the space wolves Vs Orkz set. As that could be a nice way of getting Chaos and Orkz.

>> No.71407798

There are only two usable orders. The third one is only useful for the WT
There if you can’t figure that out with that information. You will fail

>> No.71407806


OK, three or four of them for my 20-30 Rangers it is. Looked like the Primaris Eliminator guys would be more obviously scary since they can move and shoot but I guess S4 isn't quite as scary as it looks despite the Dd3.

Also dear god the Arquebi look cool.

>> No.71407807

That’s the best option should they choose to bring Russ back, in my opinion

>> No.71407813

Everyone wants Odin Russ for 40k, although we all know we're going to get Furry Russ, because GW fucking sucks at Space Wolves

>> No.71407815

Please, anon, tell me! I need my space nuns to be as strong as they can!

>> No.71407817

I use plasma on my Vanguard units if I have the points and generally have two-three Ranger squads of 5 with 2 Transarq's per to protect my deployment zone from deep strike and generally just be a massive nuisance by sitting in cover (-1 hit from Stygies too) and plinking wounds off characters.

But I run very infantry heavy so I'm relying on the skittle plasma for a portion of my firepower. If you've got that firepower elsewhere, running them barebones is perfectly viable.

>> No.71407819

Alpha Legion Warpsmith says otherwise

>> No.71407820

To a significant extent, SM and CSM share choices, so if you don't mind dropping the full-retard spikes, renegades who look like loyalists are by and large easy to convert. Of course, there are still plenty of choices where you need something else entirely, like with cultists.

>> No.71407826

>gw fucking sucks at space wolves
>furry Russ sells over one million units

>> No.71407836

I use disposable latex gloves for cleaning. Just hold and spray

>> No.71407844

I want to play custodes as my first army, I'm a bit worried as I have read they are pretty trash. I mostly just want to play narrative and becausse I love the way they look, so are they okay for that? I don't care if I lose but its not fun to always lose.

>> No.71407868

They have ONE fast model (outside of ForgeWorld shit) so you're going to be REAL limited

>> No.71407885

Anything is fine in narrative if you have good people to play with. If you're playing a waacfag who minimizes power/maximises upgrades you'll have a bad time, but most people will try to balance their armies power pre-game to create an exciting battle.

>> No.71407899


Unless your minis are going to be painted black or near black almost uniformly, I don't recommend priming black. Even if they have something like a brighter highlight like a red cape or something against black armor, I'd still say prime gray. It's far easier to build up an even coat of black over gray than it is to build up bright colors over black.

The Know No Fear models are not pre-printed, they are colored plastic. You would still want to prime them before painting.

Orks are fun, though that hadn't been the case for a couple editions before. Facing a true horde army can be a bore and not that much more fun to play against, but Orks don't have to play horde so hard this edition to be at least casually viable (and even a fair amount of competitive builds forego it).

And yes, you can get creative with your Ork tanks, most people are used to it and accept it from Ork players - but do the community a favor and go the distance to make it look like it belongs in your army. Plasticard sheets or styrene sheets are cheap (a pack of 4 sheets is only a few bucks and will last you several projects), and easy to cut up and turn into Orky glyphs, extra armor plating or repairs, and any other gubbins you think they'd slap on there (along with some choice leftover bits from your Ork boxes). Add some Ork crew on the hatch and you should pass muster as a Battlewagon, Gunwagon, maybe even one of the buggies depending on the scale of the tank you used. I also highly recommend getting styrene rod in a few sizes too - chopping that up gives you easy rivets to stick onto your additions.

>> No.71407909

Newfag here, trying to figure out how list building works. Downloaded battlescribe and when I put nemesis falchions on my grey knights it says they cost 1 point total, but the book says they cost 1 point each. Shouldn't I have to pay 2 points total, one for each?

>> No.71407916

It's just bad storytelling to have Ragnar win or tie against Ghaz and then become a Primarch.

>have mid-ranking unit of one faction
>have strong leader of opposing faction
>3 potential outcomes:
>midranker wins and gets upgrade, upgrade looks questionable since he won without it
>alien faction looks weak by comparison
>midranker ties, makes upgrade look necessary, but leaves no question that he'd win the rematch
>alien faction looks weak due to such an even matchup
>midranker loses, makes upgrade even more necessary, but leaves it ambiguous if it would let him win a rematch
>alien faction looks strong, new upgrade is justified, everyone comes out with something gained

>> No.71407929

1 Nemesis Falchion is 1 point and 2 are 0 points, iirc. Battlescribe often fucks up.

>> No.71407938

Wait now I'm even more confused. 1 is 1 and 2 are 0? Where is this? I may just be (and probably am) super dense but I can't find anything stating that.

>> No.71407942


>> No.71407947

he will win anyway because marines are shit mary sues.
>alien faction looks weak
Like that matters to GW, they have their zoomer paypiggies buying space men

>> No.71407948

Even if necrons are bad right now, one day they will rise and dominate the galaxy once more. They're eternal, you know.

>> No.71407956

It's obviously going to be the exact following scenario, because it ALWAYS is with Ghaz.

>They fight
>Ghaz wins the one on one, but with enough leeway to argue it was close
>But Ghaz was too focused on the one on one and loses the overall fight
>Orks pushed back, marines win on technicality but Ghaz wins mano a fungi.
>"I'll krump ya next time, Ragnar!" Intenzifies.

>> No.71407957

So if we go by your last one, what would be the reasoning for Ghaz to become stronger?

>> No.71407965

you're making a huge mistake equating Ghaz to Abaddon or Primarch levels. Ghaz's original rival use to be a 300 year old human Commissar.

>> No.71407971

>Necrons wake up, galaxy is in ruins
>"Fuck it, wake me up when the shitstorm ends, I'm going back to sleep.
>Necron players get new rules. They're shit.
>"Fuck it, wake me up when the shitstorm ends. I'm going back to sleep."

>> No.71407974

no, 1 each so total 2pts

>> No.71407987

Guys, I remember there used to be a Mega for 40k audiobook.
Where can I find them now?

>> No.71407990

That's fairly disengenuous. Yarick is a 300 year old human commisar who ripped an ork Warboss' arm off his body with his bare hand, stuck it on his bloody stump, and beat the ork to death with his own fist. He's a bit stronger than your normal imperial officer.

>> No.71407993

CA2019 just lists 'Nemesis Falchion' as 1 point, and the Melee Weapons list in the Codex lists the option as 'Two Nemesis Falchions', so a Grey Knight taking that option should be paying 2 points for his swords total.

Don't trust in battlescribe, it's been known plenty to be flat-out wrong. Make your first list in a word processor or something and check the values yourself.

>> No.71408004

Has your LGS been closed down due to corona?

>> No.71408006

would it be a rape if Saga of the Beast mention Yarrick 'sacrificed himself to save Ragnar' or something like that?

>> No.71408009

>have mid-ranking unit of one faction
Ragnar isn't mid-ranking though, he's the melee exert of a melee chapter, he's like the Emperor's champion, but not disposable.

>> No.71408010

Yeah, but I'm saying even in the context of trying to make the Ragmar Primaris upgrade look appealing, it makes more sense to have him lose when he's not Primaris, and then get the upgrade so it seems like he might tie or win with it.

It'd be like having the power rangers face off against a villain who's turned themselves into a giant, fight them to a draw, and then afterwards they learn they can summon a megazord. That's just going to make the villain look like a joke and the megazord seem less important if the rangers are that powerful without it

>> No.71408012

Ruststalkers are only 11ppm now, worth bringing along just as relatively cheap melee infantry or is it still 20-man Fulgurite blobs or bust?

>> No.71408025

Idk if it's closed but I can't reach it (italy)

>> No.71408026

Agree completely on the spikes. Not a huge fan of them.

>Unless your minis are going to be painted black or near black almost uniformly, I don't recommend priming black. Even if they have something like a brighter highlight like a red cape or something against black armor, I'd still say prime gray. It's far easier to build up an even coat of black over gray than it is to build up bright colors over black.
Very good point. So if I want some color in my csm prime in grey is a good choice.

>The Know No Fear models are not pre-printed, they are colored plastic. You would still want to prime them before painting.
any reason why they are colored plastic and not the grey kind>

>Orks are fun, though that hadn't been the case for a couple editions before. Facing a true horde army can be a bore and not that much more fun to play against, but Orks don't have to play horde so hard this edition to be at least casually viable (and even a fair amount of competitive builds forego it).
ah. I see. And do they have to be green? Would I be better off priming in grey to give them a different skin tone? Lets say white.

>I also highly recommend getting styrene rod in a few sizes too - chopping that up gives you easy rivets to stick onto your additions.

thanks for this I'll screen cap that useful info

>> No.71408031

What’s with this idea that Ragnar is “mid-ranked”?
He’s easily in the top five as far as SW characters go, and outside the in-universe perspective he’s in the top three

Not to say that this makes him more important than Ghazghkull, it’s just that he’s not Sergeant Chronus or shit like that

>> No.71408032

Rival in that they were opposing commanders, I don't think they ever actually fought in person

>> No.71408037

Orks get stronger by fighting by default. Ghaz doesn't need some excuse to get stronger. He's the leader of a massive faction, he should already be strong. This would be a good opportunity for them to demonstrate that strength against an opponent they can have survive and return anyway

>> No.71408045

I mean, they should have explain why he’s there instead of defending Armageddon from daemons

>> No.71408046

So I should prime my Necrons grey? Why did the guy on WarhammerTV prime his black?

>> No.71408063

an evil' eye 300 years old humie

>> No.71408068

The fact that you even attempted edge highlights makes you better than 90% of the scum here

>> No.71408069

You prime Necrons black if you're planning on drybrushing the metallics on rather than metallics and wash.

>> No.71408076

Reminder to spread Nurgle's gifts when they get to you, do not be greedy and keep it to yourself

>> No.71408082

>top 5 in one chapter
That puts 4 people above him within his own chapter, and it should be many more if you take other chapters and factions into account. Having him do as well as he did implies that basically any chapter master could have done just as well if not better, making Ghaz seem like a non-threat to any space marines and thus the imperium as a whole

>> No.71408086

> influenced by TTS
Jesus you fucking zoomers. No, no one is fucking influenced by that shit. Jesus how new are you

>> No.71408090

Thin your paints more and see if you can find a finer detail brush
Your inexperience is showing more than your lack of skill

>> No.71408095

Its all fun and games until your favorite sculptor dies from Corona

>> No.71408097

>Having him do as well as he did
Please don't tell me it got leaked and he stomped my thicc boi. We've been kicked around enough, let alone getting shitslapped right when Ghaz gets a fucking redemptor sized re-release.

>> No.71408108

> a wolf is literally mounting the head of the spear
This is why I hate Space Yiffs

>> No.71408112

Marines and Primarchs are way below the power scale.
A regular guardsmen is way above any of those two

>> No.71408118

How does Dark Eldars store their vehicles ?

>> No.71408121

Or just know how to spray? There is nothing wrong with Paint and Primer if you dont blast away at your shit for 5 seconds straight from 6 inches away like a retard

>> No.71408123

It's about thematics. Imagine if Guilliman got his shit kicked in by someone like Huron Blackheart in 1v1 combat. People would be screeching.

>> No.71408124

I see. The guy barely used a dry brush... Once I get my start collecting box, I'll experiment with 2 of the 12 warriors it comes with to see which method is better.

>> No.71408136

a garage

>> No.71408139

How the fuck is Ghaz still in charge of the Orks when he gets his head chopped off and has to run away constantly? Is the entire faction that fucking shit that they let such a shitty Warboss control their actions?

Just because he can green fart teleport around the galaxy?

>> No.71408144

I was just talking about importance within the faction, not his actual martial prowess, though
As said before in this thread, he’s the best melee fighter in his chapter

>> No.71408151

I work next to a plague bearer, chief was already returned to father's cooking pot. I will soon be blessed. If you knew how fervently i pray.

>> No.71408157

So how was the Sisters codex? Good or cancer?

>> No.71408169

Boring and flavorless like every other modern codex

>> No.71408175

The necron codex was filled to the brim with flavour.

>> No.71408177

That was actually made by the Emperor himself

>> No.71408184

And look where it got them

>> No.71408185

The only bad thing about the line are the face sculpts and the pricing. The rules themselves are pretty fucking boring but the army itself is nice, if that makes sense.

>> No.71408186

>Your inexperience is showing more than your lack of skill
This, 100%. You just need to practise and experiment a bit.

>> No.71408191

>How the fuck is the Ork who survived getting his fucking head chopped off considered by the other orks to be the biggest and baddest ork in a society where you social standing is literally based on how thicc you are and the sound your massive ass cheeks make when they clap
Gee anon I have no idea.

>> No.71408195

>tfw tried making a world eaters johnny by attempting to do gold high lights
Now I know why that one WE johnny in the compilation picture only did the red

>> No.71408197

Paint + Primer is literally just a mix of primer with regular spraypaint and the only reason why people don't use regular spraypaint is a lack of good bonding for paint

>> No.71408214


Greater Good FAQ out
-bunch of tau nerfs
-scions only get storm trooper or one of the new things, not both

>> No.71408227

It would have been awesome if Ghaz head took over Ragnar's (neck broken) body

>> No.71408229

win-con for ghaz is 'staying alive'
win-con for space wolves is 'killing ghaz'

any other outcome for space wolves is win for the orks

>> No.71408236

Getting his head re-attached is not all that amazing for Orks and hes only that big because no other Ork has pushed his shit in and become bigger. It does not seem all that hard to push his shit in.

>> No.71408246

has anyone encountered a Tau player with a communist paint scheme?

>> No.71408251

Look for recasters on aliexpress. Just type something like custodes and hit search, some should come up. They're going to be debatable quality but if you watch a vid or two about working with resin you'll be able to repair them well enough. Combine that with battlescribe for easy list building and you'll have double the options you have in the custodes codex, and most of them will be fast units.

>> No.71408254

Orkses is never defeated in battle. If we win we win, if we die we die fighting so it don't count. If we runs for it we don't die neither, cos we can come back for annuver go, see!

>> No.71408256

I use gesso all the time for all of my miniatures and it works fine. It's foolproof. I don't have any 40k stuff but I literally swear by it. It dries incredibly thin even when gobbed on thick, it's about as tough as any other primer I've used and once painted on holds paint well even on unvarnished metal minis. Pic related the last mini I painted.

>> No.71408258

Y’vahra's btfo

>> No.71408260

i mean probably just like Jabba store his skiff.

>> No.71408270

Anyone can help me? the Mega was very handy. It's sad that it's gone

>> No.71408276

They're fine but they get absolutely cucked by anything with a reasonable toughness, wounds, and/or invulnerable save which keeps them from being actually competitive. Great for funsies games though, and not an expensive faction. One of my favorites.

>> No.71408280


Green is proppa but I'm not going to be a gatekeeper and say you can't do a different skin tone. Yea gray would be fine for white, if that's what you wanted to do.

Re: the colored plastic, no there's no particular reason they did it this way. GW'd tell you it's so you can quickly assemble them and play a game while still being able to easily tell who is who, but the plastic they used in those models is very different from what's in their normal boxel sets, frankly I find it to be worse quality, so I think GW was just hunting for cheap alternatives to keep the cost down on the big boxes like the 8E starter set (know no fear is just a repackaging of a few of the models from that) and those happened to offer a variety of colors for the plastic too.

>> No.71408285

Any guesses for what factions will be in War of the Spider? Death Guard and Harlequins, maybe?

>> No.71408289

He isnt "in charge" of "the Orks"
He's the guy who yells the loudest and hits the hardest in the WAAAGH he's browbeaten to follow him.

>> No.71408303

At their ports obviously.

>> No.71408305

>He's the guy who yells the loudest and hits the hardest in the WAAAGH he's browbeaten to follow him.
Yes, in charge of the orks

>> No.71408318

Thats like saying Cawl is in charge of humans

>> No.71408323

>yells the loudest
>hits the hardest
Yeah, that is how you get to be in charge of the Orks.

>> No.71408345

He will either be babysitting a Venerable Dreadnought or jumping out of a Rhino with some Tac Marines and either a Captain or character. I will probably model a full servo harness (I am sure that somebody would allow you to tell them that certain weapons on your scratch build are not being used, not replaced or anything, just inactive) but unsure about the melee weapon and pistol/combi. Will probably look into a Chain Sword and either Storm Bolter or Combi of some sort.

>> No.71408353

> (know no fear is just a repackaging of a few of the models from that) and those happened to offer a variety of colors for the plastic too.
Know no fear are the sames casts but worse plastic? that's handy to know.

>> No.71408361

There's a Necron nicknamed the Spider IIRC and harlequins are more about fighting Necrons and Slaanesh than anything as they only often go for ancient enemies

>> No.71408363

T'au nerfs don't seem especially bad. I think the Y'Vahra suffers the most by losing the Modulated Weaponry Stratagem. Does anyone else have an opinion?

>> No.71408377

What are the highlight nerfs?

>> No.71408378

Well, I'd still say 'top 5 member's of a type of organization that usually only has 2 important named characters still isn't very high up. It's rather tangent to the point I was making though.

>> No.71408394

>-scions only get storm trooper or one of the new things, not both


>> No.71408402

The Spider in this case is Fabius.

>> No.71408409

404 Soul not found

>> No.71408420

Sauce on op image?

>> No.71408423

Yeah, dis how Gork 'n' Mork wanted it!

>> No.71408430

Based Ork poster

>> No.71408432

Holy shit those are dedicated Ork players

>> No.71408438


>> No.71408440

'ave sum Boyz of Battle!

>> No.71408442

Modulated Weaponry only works on Riptides, Ghostkeels, and vehicles. Veteran Cadre no longer buffs drones. A unit can only have one Prototype System, max. Seismic Fibrilator Node excludes consolidation and Pile ins.

>> No.71408444

Overcharging 1s shouldn't be able to get rerolls, change my mind

>> No.71408447

The Spider is Fabius Bile, who is also known as the Spider and they just revealed parts of his model

>> No.71408449

Dice shouldn't be able to get rerolls.

>> No.71408454

New weirdboy model is looking good.

>> No.71408456

Come on dude.

>> No.71408457

>you can't duplicate or triplicate prototype systems
>modulated weaponry only works on riptides, ghostkeels and vehicles
>drones can't be veterans
>Seismic Fibrillator Node no longer has a 73% chance to deal a mortal wound to every model within 6" and trying to fight
>hybridized weaponry doesn't extend the multiple ranges of each profile of the breacher gun, just the max range
>up-gunned doesn't apply to non-standard burst rifles

>> No.71408459

These are what the next releases are going to be in order, we're going to get official confirmation at Adepticon.
>Unnamed Book (Working Title "The Deathmarch")
>Deathguard, Crons, and Deathwatch
>Talons of the Emperor book (Name subject to change) Sisters, Talons (replacing custoes, next custodes book will just be Talons) and Harlies, sets up the next big conflict which is...
>The War of the Spider
>Every faction represented, most with very little (A relic or wlt, tops, most just get fluff) the Emperors Children beseige Terra, ushering in Fulgrim (we will get a tease of his model at the end of Adepticon). The book will function as "Index: Emperors Children". A lot will be carried over from Faith and Fury but expanded to be equivalent to DG and T Sons. Will NOT have Fulgrim, he will come with his rules when he is released and shortly after the start of 9th a true EC dex with his rules will be released. New Noise Marines on their way, new "Primaris" equivalent coming, created by Fabius. Not all the new units will have datasheets in War of the Spider, they're using this to justify the codex coming out a few months after the PA book. Will be much larder than previous PA books, lots of fluff. Closer to Vigilus than not, lots of narrative and campaign rules. Full fledged global campaign like at the start of 8th.

>> No.71408462

> Ork-worshipping/cosplaying humie
might be a fun concept

>> No.71408471

Unless you're Orks and playing Bad Moons :^)

>> No.71408474

Pretty neat, plays unlike any other army. Closest comparison is probably DE

>> No.71408476

First is just slapping the faggots that tried to force the wording.
Happens every ed with Tau "not-relics"

>> No.71408477

>tfw no plastic weirdboy

>> No.71408491

>terra besieged

Terra getting way too much shit in 8th, they're just itching to destroy it at this point

>> No.71408493

>up-gunned doesn't apply to non-standard bursts
Fucking hell I already knew this but its such a shame you can't stack all these burst cannon buffs

>> No.71408494


>> No.71408495

>Day 35: The grots have accepted me as one of theirs. The Ork Runtherd suspects nothing

>> No.71408502

Don't worry anon, recent rumor engine pic is clearly Ork related. I wouldn't be surprised if we get a plastic KFF Big Mek and Weirdboy by the end of the year.

>> No.71408507


>> No.71408513

Orks can have as many stupid and broken rules as they like because Ork players are the only gang who actually play for fun and won't abuse the shit out of them.

I'm not an Ork player, but I hate the players of my own faction and orkbros are wild.

>> No.71408514

Thats just the expansion for GorkaMorka, called DiggaNob. Bunch of humies stuck on an Ork planet start impersonating Ork culture.

>> No.71408515

Hey it's the second FAQ that GW has released that I will be ignoring

>> No.71408516

>new primaris equivalent
Please no, I just started collecting chaos marines and I don't want to suffer like loyalists do

>> No.71408517

Mega armoured Warboss please.

>> No.71408528

It's so that they can justify having every single Imperial faction represented with campaign rules and narrative stuff, and make Fulgrims return a huge deal. They'll get their ass handed to them but make it look like there was a chance of losing so they can set up Primaris Wave 2.

>> No.71408529

>GW knowing anything about ballistics

>> No.71408531

Yes, I just want my plastic Weirdboy! Plz! Do it!

>> No.71408536

Fulgrim Daemon Primarch model when?

>> No.71408548

Source? Because it really feels too good to be true

>> No.71408550

That makes no fucking sense logically

>> No.71408551

when GW have turned every finecast character into normal plastic

>> No.71408554

>>-scions only get storm trooper or one of the new things, not both
Where's the fag that kept saying you could take both

>> No.71408555

>shadowsun’s points revealed to be 127
Still not using her, as for some inexplicable reason she is locked to only buffing Tau sept units
>you can only have one prototype system per unit
An expected change, but it hurts crisis suits the most, which is a shame since a lot of people wanted them to be usable, and they definitely were after this book came out. They’ll still be good in FSE, but they will have to lose either durability or natural rerolls of 1s to hit and wound.
>prototype weapons must all be unique
Expecting this one too. People were just putting more of the stabilization thrusters on their commanders. At this point, kinda wish they made those systems replace warlord traits as I can now see myself taking at max 2 instead of 3 now.
>Cyclic Ion Blasters now back to codex wording
Fucking why. I have to slow roll all of those blasters again. Fuck you, GW.
>Farsight Enclave wording clarifications
They way this is now worded seems to make it so that Kroot and Vespid now break the trait for the rest of the detachment. Not cash money at all.
>You gain more prototype systems with the relic stratagem
Expected, nice to see it clarified.
>Veteran Cadre doesn’t affect drones
I will say, fuck you if you interpreted this stratagem as also affecting drones. Now that’s finally cleared up.
>Seismic Fibrillator Node gets worse
Overall expected changes for Tau, and some unexpected ones. Net nerf in total that targets mainly Crisis Suits and Commanders.

>> No.71408559

>they're just itching to destroy it at this point
Age of Guilliman soon.

>> No.71408560

>the start of 9th
Aaaand just like that we know it's bullshit!

>> No.71408566

>No Custodes vs Deathguard
First we were robbed in Greater Good, and now this.

When's is 9th, did they say?

>> No.71408567

I'm sorry anon, it's coming. If it makes you feel better they're an elites unit more like Chosen than Primaris but they are, for all intents and purposes, the same thing.

>> No.71408570

this sounds so retarded I believe it completely

>> No.71408575

The CSM kits are too new to seriously risking being removed like the SM ones do
It’s most likely just a new version of the powered up warriors Bile can bring along if he’s on the field if that post is actually true, obviously

>> No.71408577

>plastic warpsmith

>> No.71408580

Oh yeah, I forgot:
>Y’Vahra gets absolutely shafted
Hope you chinacasted, niggers

>> No.71408583

>what’s it like to face a horde army
Dark lances pop vehicles, disintegrators delete heavy infantry and splitter rifle drive-bys in Raiders kill infantry. When they’re sufficiently whittled down, knives and whips do the rest.

>> No.71408586

>Primaris Noise Marines

>> No.71408590

Nor was it particularly broken. The close profile becomes 10" which makes the pulse blaster more usable, but not enough to make breachers better than a pulse rifle gunline. It kind of makes up for not being able to buff them with a fireblade. I will be ignoring the councils decision on this one

>> No.71408595

Any potential "chaos primaris" are just gonna be a squad of fucked up mutants. We won't be getting Chaos Intercessors and Chaos Hellblasters.

>> No.71408598

> Fulgrim defeats Guiliman and Valoris, right in front of the Throne Room
> Legion of the Damned teleports behind him
> leading them is a giant with hands of iron and head of flame
> EC vs. LotD starter set
> Daemon Primarch Fulgrim and Damned Primarch Ferrus released along with it

>> No.71408610

Seismic fibrillator deserved it, had 7 instances to try to deal a mortal wounnd per fucking model

>> No.71408614

>-scions only get storm trooper or one of the new things, not both
lmaooooo the fucking imbeciles who argued this for hours must be steamed

>> No.71408617

>Terra under siege
>Custodes pushed to the brink
>Suddenly Thunder Warriors
>Arik Taranis personally beats Fulgrim to death

>> No.71408627

Buddy of mine works in Nottingham. The books are already printed but when he got the info they were still working on them. Release order kay have switched with the Alaya/Velyrian release but he was pretty adamant about the order.
Just because you're too retarded to understand tbe colloquialization of "9th edition" for the 40k equivalent of AoS 2.0 doesn't mean this info is wrong, just that you're a retard. Screencap this if you want, you'll know I'm right come adepticon.
After the War of the Spider campaign. It's going to be the exact same thing as AoS 2.0, including "Endless Spell" equivalents and free faction terrain. The working name for it is "Endless Psykana" but they're not sure if that's too similar or not. Don't expect too many changes to the core rules.

>> No.71408628

Yarrick is OP because orks think he is

>> No.71408632

As long as they're an overly specific option rather than a sweeping across the board change that can make a full army, then whatever

>> No.71408634

>yfw in some obscure vault in the golden throne complex they've cryo-statis'd thousands of thunder warriors

>> No.71408661

I was expecting the rest of the GSC things? Like the relic section

>> No.71408662

Why not 'warp phenomena' or something less retarded than endless psykana?

>> No.71408663

>free faction terrain
no god please no
I don't want to paint terrain
Hopefully the CSM one is just the Noctilith Crown, which I can safely ignore since it does literally nothing for my dudes

>> No.71408669

>screencap me bro
Why would I screencap something that will be forgotten in 6 hours?

>> No.71408671


>GSC completely ignored

>> No.71408672


>> No.71408674

I’d assume the first time you pulled that with consolidation and piling in you’d just get called a waacfag and wouldn’t do it a second time.

>> No.71408676 [DELETED] 

We know where are surviving Thunder Warriors living on Terra who have upgraded themselves with looted glands from dead Astartes.

>> No.71408681


No, the same plastic.

>> No.71408694

We know there are surviving Thunder Warriors living on Terra who have upgraded themselves with looted glands from dead Astartes.

>> No.71408703

Was if confirmed they actually succeeded? I've only read of one thunder warriof trying to do it and there was nothing that said he actually pulled it off.

>> No.71408710

Who here doesn't have a shop keeper and gets all their shit from games workshop's site

>> No.71408714


>> No.71408715


One of the few cases where I'd vouch for buying the AoS equivalent in the Weirdnob. Just a great model and Weirdboys don't usually have anything that marks them out as specifically sci-fi models, so it fits right in.

>> No.71408718

>"Endless Psykana"

cringy enough for GW to do it

>> No.71408719

>yfw in some obscure vault in the golden throne complex they've cryo-statis'd thousands of thunder warriors
Don't need those goobers.

>> No.71408724

I can only go off of what I've read from the wiki.
>Deep in the heart of the Petitioner's City Taranis experimented with his ill-gotten samples within his secret laboratory. Using gene-samplers he managed to extract the necessary information encoded within the Gland's stored zygotes of Astartes organs and the impossibly complex amino acid chains were decoded. Taranis unraveled the complexities of this biological miracle, and managed to replicate the process of its creation and clone a new set of Progenoid Glands from the original sample. It is assumed that Taranis had the new organs implanted within his and his lieutenant's body. Their whereabouts after the Horus Heresy remain unknown.

>> No.71408729

People believe this garbage?

>> No.71408734

You fucks begging for nerfs too? Jesus

>> No.71408738

Use a third party site instead and save 20%+ off of the website price.

>> No.71408741

This is the comopany that brought you "Iron Hands" primarch of the Iron Hands, who had Irom Hands. Are you really surprsed?
Yes it's literally the terrain already released. Not every faction will be getting it, but all that already have one will (ork workshop, knight repair facility, sisters sanctum etc)
Because you're as autistic as everyone else here and revel in tearing down what you find personally distasteful.

>> No.71408742

10,000 years ago. and that's pretty long time ago.

>> No.71408745

Yeah, Taranis was able to create some geneseed taken from World Eaters.

>> No.71408757

>goes on the internet to tell lies
>tries to take the moral high ground

>> No.71408759

>Can love bloom?

>> No.71408770

I read that book and it isn't confirmed if he was able to actually do an upgrade the biological degredation, he was just hopeful it would work. Also his buddy that was the only other surviving thunder warrior also died in that book.

>> No.71408773

The rest of the rules really. I’m sure the book is missing rules.
It’s not like GW haven’t release books with missing rules and add them later

>> No.71408774


>> No.71408775

Why else would that codpiece have to be bolted in place?

>> No.71408777

>This is the comopany that brought you "Iron Hands" primarch of the Iron Hands, who had Irom Hands. Are you really surprsed?
And Rogal Dorn is Cornish for Regal/Royal Fist.

>> No.71408779

I don't kmow why you think I'm excluding myself when I say the phrase "everyone else here" but feel free to keep being autistic about the inevitable 40k 2.0. I can't wait to see your cope-posting. "I-it doesn't c-c-count! It's not CALLED 9th edition! It's not the saaaaame!"

>> No.71408780

Meh it looks un-inspired, espicially that awful one with two hip bones.

>> No.71408800

I looked at amazon and ebay and its about the same price, if not more if a jew is selling it

>> No.71408803

Yeah we don't get any confirmation. But he was pretty relieved that he was able to finally make some that weren't screwed up.

>> No.71408805

I did

>> No.71408813

>why didn't they release more rules for us in the FAQ!!!111 HOW COULD THEY FORGET ABOUT US WE SOLD MORE MODELS THAN SPACE MARINES!1

>> No.71408820

>Buddy of mine works in Nottingham
Yeah and my dad works at Nintendo

>> No.71408833

No anon, that was it for you

>> No.71408834

>That puts 4 people above him within his own chapter
Up to 4 people.
You're still correct, though; it's not like he's Trajann or Guilliman or whatever.

>> No.71408842

What would deldar terrain look like, dudes?

>> No.71408844

I'm assuming he wants to run it as a Imperial Fist

>> No.71408852

Ebay has every model I need for a good price or if I want it new I get zero interest financing on purchases off Amazon on top of having rewards point usable for free minis so I usually just do that

>> No.71408855

He does? Maybe he knows my uncle?

>> No.71408856

Other than posting a literal photo of an employee badge there is literally no possible "source" that can't be discredited by this. When what I've posted is confirmed get ready to eat some crow.

>> No.71408857

Melee Leviathan

>> No.71408862

>What would deldar terrain look like, dudes?
Organic with razor spikes?

>> No.71408865

>Grotesque: FUCK. FUCK. FUCK.

>> No.71408868


>> No.71408871


>> No.71408889

List of Ork shooting that can do more than 2 damage and number of shots
>Blitz Missiles 1 - D3
>Bubblechukka D6 - D6
>Da Rippa 3 - 2 / 3
>Deffgun D3 - D2
>Heavy Squig Launcha 2/2D3 - 2/D3
>Kannon 1 - D6
>Killa Jet 2 - D6
>Kill Kannon D6 - 2
>Kombi Rokkit 1 - 3
>Kopta Rokkits 2 - 3
>Kustom Mega-Blasta 1 - D6
>Kustom Mega-Kannon D6 - D6
>Kustom Mega Slugga 1 - D6
>Kustom Mega-Zappa 3D3 - D6
>Kustom Shokk Rifle 2 - D6
>Rivet Kannon 6 - 2
>Rokkit Kannon 2D3 - 3
>Rokkit Launcha 1 - 3
>Shokk Attack Gun D6 - D6
>Smasha Gun D3 - D6
>Snazzgun 3 - D6
>Squig Launcha 1 / D3 - 2 /D3
>Supa Rokkit D6 - D6
>Tankbusta Bombs D3 - D6
>Tellyport Mega-Blasta 3 - D3
>Traktor Kannon 1 - D6
>Wazbom Megakannon D3 - D6
>Wing missiles 1 - 3
>ZZapgun 1 - 3

10 weapons with 1 shot
4 Weapons with 2 shots
3 Weapons with 3 shots
1 Weapon with 6 shots
5 Weapons with D3 shots
1 Weapon with 2D3
1 Weapon with 3D3
5 Weapons with D6

Discrepancy due to dual profiles on some weapons listed above:
4 Weapons have AP-1
14 Weapons have AP-2
12 Weapons have AP-3
3 Weapons have AP-4
1 Weapon has AP-5
1 Weapon has AP-D6

14 of these weapons are on Ork vehicles + Super Heavy
6 of these weapons are on Ork infantry
5 of these weapons are on Ork HQs
5 of these weapons are on Ork Mek Guns

>> No.71408890

Why do people still meme this shit, it was awful.

>> No.71408894

Webway gates, or spiky dildo towers if GW is feeling risque

>> No.71408900

And I care because...?

>> No.71408901

If I put Abaddon and Lucius in the same detachment, do they lose their legion keywords (Black Legion and Emperor's Children) for the purposes of stratagems? Or do they only lose out on Legion Traits

>> No.71408903

You're awful, Anon.

>> No.71408909

Well back before the GSC codex came out when the leaker was posting leaks he actually provided screenshots which he claimed were from upcoming releases (although could have been edited). You can't even be assed to do that or provide any other corroborating evidence, and you aren't exactly the first person to come through raving about this or that massive change. I don't see any reason to accept anything you are saying at face value

>> No.71408912

Portable dark-light generator, works like how old "shadowfield" rules were fluffed. Units within 16" count as having cover, have -1 to be hit if already in cover.

>> No.71408916

I can imagine several characters pulling that out of their ass.
>Cawl kept an army of Thunder Warrior popsicles on hand for study.
>Valoris and his predecessors have secretly safeguarded a commune of Thunder Warriors inside the Imperial Palace that were given amnesty by the Emperor at the end of the Unification Wars.
>Thunder Warriors came out of hiding on Terra to aid in the defense against Horus' siege and as thanks were given a lunar base to live on under the scrutiny of only the Inquisition/Macragge/Custodes.
>The Dark Angels didn't wipe out every Thunder Warrior during the Unification Wars, some were captured and put in stasis, and were later transferred to the 1st Legion's headquarters on Caliban. In spatially distorted chambers in the Rock the Watchers keep watch over thousands of dormant Thunder Warriors.
>Trazyn encapsulated a great battle from the Unification Wars and has had thousands of Thunder Warriors on display in Solemnace ever since.

>> No.71408917


>> No.71408918

I usually go for EBay, unless it's only like a 5 dollar difference, in which case I buy from my local shop. I never go from GW direct unless I'm after something impossible to find elsewhere

>> No.71408923


No, just hoping that they would sneak some errata into some of the rules additions to make them a bit better.

>> No.71408945

Oh you absolutely shouldn't accept it at face value, but unlike that retard who lost his job I'm not risking shit for internet brownie points. Accept if or don't, you'll know in 2 weeks. I'm just trying to set expectations. A lot of people are getting hype about necron releases expecting "The Spider" to be the new character model, and they're going to be super disappointed when it turns out that Necrons are shoved to the sidelines yet again.

>> No.71408958

This would actually be pretty cool.

>> No.71408961


>> No.71408965

That’s a lot of confidence for something that might be not true, if only you could provide decent proof...

>> No.71408976

Love can bloom was some terrible written tg romance/fapfic about a vindicare and a farseer. Bad writing, bad characters, didn't really go anywhere.

It's not like there's any well written wh40k fapfics and BL has conditioned people to accept terrible writing, but still. It's embarrassing.

>> No.71408980

Yes yes I'm sure your secretly in the know, now fuck off.

>> No.71408985

Do you know which models are going to be released for the upcoming books, like the mechanicum vs daemons one?

>> No.71408991 [SPOILER] 

Fine, here's a picture of my employee badge. See you in 2 weeks.

>> No.71408994

>unlike that retard who lost his job

>> No.71408997

That's why I never heard of it. Thanks for context. Have a meme

>> No.71408998

Meant as in character model, obviously, since we have already seen the various AdMech ones

>> No.71409029

>plastic Weirdboy

Orruk shaman with 40k ork bits tacked on. Or not, its still pretty much an ork psyker either way.

>> No.71409053

>It’s very much a story of Magnus figuring out, once and for all, whose side he is on. It’s his last chance to turn back and embrace the Emperor again.


Magnus vs the Emperor. Can the Emperor redeem Magnus?

>> No.71409062

You were better off not knowing, I'm sorry.

>> No.71409066


>> No.71409071

How can he get that fragment when it was bound to a marine and they went to Titan?

>> No.71409079

Is there a huge difference between necron Lords and Overlords? Or is it just a gameplay thing?

>> No.71409084

>furry of Magnus
Did he kidnap some space wolves?

>> No.71409090

I had not doubted the existance of badly-written fapfic. I'm not planning on reading any of it

>> No.71409094

>t’s his last chance to turn back and embrace the Emperor again.
Why do they always write shit like this when you now the answer right away

>> No.71409101

>Can the Emperor redeem Magnus?
Going by how things went along in 40k, I’d say there is the TINIEST possibility that no, Magnus fucked up so much that now he is completely unredeemable
However that shard in the palace, if he’s not able to get it back during the HH, could be an interesting plot elements for future stories, at least

>> No.71409105

Lords are lower level nobility.

>> No.71409113

Rule Nr. 1 of Prequels is that people care about the "Why?", not the "What?"

This description doesn't make me curious. I know the why already

>> No.71409114

The TS were the true furries all along. Why do you think they bring around those anthropomorphic birds in battle? To be able to fuck them once the fight is over

>> No.71409117

>open ended conclusion just in case GW want to fuck with the lore even more
>Cawl will make an appearance
>"My Lord Emperor. Those shards of which he spoke? I possess one."
>"Belisarius, walk with me to my laboratory. Tell me everything."

>> No.71409145

>I had not doubted the existance of badly-written fapfic. I'm not planning on reading any of it
You're better off that way. There are literally thousands of warhammer fapfics and maybe two of them are good enough to be worth reading.

>> No.71409150

Goddamn that pistol makes me hard

>> No.71409156

Are there any Space Marine WTs/Relic that grant increased Toughness aside from Salamanders Forge Master?

>> No.71409162

Isn’t that the truth for all fapfics?

>> No.71409166

He doesn't know that.

>> No.71409183

In 3rd edition, cadians couldn't reroll ones on plasma. On the other side, plasma was always overcharging. Can't remember if you could use armor save.

>> No.71409190

Aegis Ferrum from iron hands and Endurant Protector for techmarines

>> No.71409200

The shard is Janus. And it's now on Titan. And Titan got removed out of space and time.

>> No.71409202

>Most tragic
>Not Angron

Shit book

>> No.71409207

Because otherwise it'd be forgotten?
Come on, you're answering your own question.

>> No.71409209

Kek. I want to make a joke about him turing red with anger......

>> No.71409222

Good fapfics are hard to find in general, there are very few competent writers producing that sort of thing.

Warhammer is much worse than average though, because duh, look at the playerbase.

>> No.71409225

>Not Angron
Poor Angron.....

>> No.71409227

Overlords are Kings
Lords are Princes

>> No.71409235

Awful? How am I awful?

>> No.71409252

my wh group don't meet up since early february, it fucking sucks but at least we are all painting some backlog

>> No.71409259

Cos you hated on a shitty piece of erotic fiction, apparently.

>> No.71409260

Neat. That gives me a great idea for some army fluff.

>> No.71409289

Here's a quick rundown, a lot of it is stuff you've already seen though.
>Saga of the Beast
Ghaz and Ragnar in a battle box similar to Blood of the Phoenix. You've already seen the contents of the box, nothing else new.
>Engine War
90% of this book is Ad Mech, Knights of both flavors and Daemons only get minor rules additions. There will be a release for the models we already saw (ornithopters, cav, wing skitarii) with the addition of the Hephaestons (elite skitarii) nd a Hephaeston HQ choice so you can do mono-skitarii armies. No models for Knights/Daemons.
New Necron Character, the Silent King. Basically a larger beefed up Necron Lord, has a bodyguard unit called "The Pariahs" that look like a reference to the old Pariah models. They are not a reference fluffwise though, just visually. No other models with this release, but DW will get more of the Primaris options they currently don't have access to.
New SoS HQ option for the Talons book, no other models. This and Death March are meant as filler releases since the Engine War release is going to be so much larger than previous releases.
>War of the Spider
Fabulous Bill and his attendants (2 of them, we've seen one) alongside a unit of "Enhanced" CSM. No other model releases here, trying not to pull away from the "hype" of the campaign. Big EC release post 9th edition release, including Fulgrim and new Noise Marines.

>> No.71409307

God I hope the Silent King doesn't look stupid. The named necron characters have had great models so far, there's no way GW can fuck this up.

>> No.71409314


>> No.71409317

I have no need for either.

>> No.71409326

>there's no way GW can fuck this up.
You're underestimating their ability on this matter, anon

>> No.71409339

From how he was described to me he sounded cool, but having not seen it myself it could be fucking trash tier. He was described as looking similar to Katakros. He's got more defined features and looks less skeletal than other necrons, more like an animated sarcophagus. Mite b cool, could be horrible.

>> No.71409352

>Daemons only get minor rules additions
fuck you

>> No.71409355

You're missing out.

>> No.71409377

Well anon at least I can make you happy by confirming you guys do get 4 brand new name generators, one for each God!

>> No.71409382

Not everyone revels in "cringe"

>> No.71409390

like the arts of the boxs, but i'm quite sure most of time they don't fight in Commorragh or don't really instal bases during their raids

>> No.71409395


What's the CHAD army of 40k?

>> No.71409397

I already have Index Chaotica, I don’t need new name generation tables.
I need rules to make my mono-Slaanesh army able to reach cc without being obliterated

>> No.71409400

forget pic

>> No.71409405

I’m so annoyed with GG. GSC rules are an insult. There is a fucking Errata an already free and published Errata

>> No.71409421

I would try to argue that I said "good" fanfiction, and that therefore implied not cringy.

But if your reading comprehension is so dire you didn't pick that up, I doubt you'd get much out of good writing.

>> No.71409460

>CRINGE Xenos or REDDIT Robots or GAY Chaos

>> No.71409467

That's just how it is man, the whole point of PA is to package multiple army releases together to take 1/3 of 3 actual releases and make as mamy sales on it as 3 whole releases.

>> No.71409472

Imperiumfags btfo.

>> No.71409474

Which of these sounds less retarded for /mydudes/ Tyranids?
>hive fleet living parasitically on a void whale for easy travel, specializing in void warfare. Bioforms adapted to fly through space and nebula clouds, hive tyrant converted with toxicrene bits to look like a giant squid
>hive fleet based around energy harvesting. Rather than stripping a planet and moving on, they genesteal down to a cellular level, with the end result being a deathworld brimming with life but completely under their sway, which they then use as a staging point to infiltrate more worlds or assist other hive fleets

>> No.71409475

>le 78% face

>> No.71409485

>No Executioners

>> No.71409492

the only good choice

>> No.71409494

>Missing Imperial Guard

>> No.71409497

Both sound cool
Why not combine them?

>> No.71409509

>No option for the true CHADS, the humble guardsmen

>> No.71409516

cheers anon

>> No.71409528

Obviously the giant squid is the correct choice.

>> No.71409541

Yeah. It's the same problem with Dark So far and superheavies. They usually just raid less defended planets, and very few people can hope to attack Commoragh directly, so there isn't much they need in the way of siege equipment, offense or defense.

I could see the idea of them firing harpoon from space that function as a sort of fortification that way, but even that's more akin to a drop pod filled with guns rather than a proper building or bunker.

Maybe give them some sort of fast-growing spiky crystal that forms a wall along the battlefield like a game of snake?

>> No.71409584

>thewarstore is closed
>neal died in february
rip my dude, you always helped me get my minis at a discount. now i need a new online store, whats a good US online retailer that does the discount so i dont have to get as raped by gw?

>> No.71409590

>Maybe give them some sort of fast-growing spiky crystal that forms a wall along the battlefield like a game of snake?
That would be awesome.

But also, dawn of war has each variety of Eldar being able to zip buildings through the webway. They should be able to set up a mobile base if they really wanted to.

>> No.71409595

>mekboy gets tired of the warboss' shit

>> No.71409610

Mainly because one is almost entirely space based, and the other is almost entirely planet based. I could have them working together given the lack of competition between them, but then I suppose it's a question of which to start with

That's what worries me about the second one, since it'd be less interesting on the table if I just have Malan/Zoan/Venom-thropes camouflaged as plants with genestealer hybrids ambushing between them

>> No.71409615

Are units summoned by the daemonic ritual free?

>> No.71409618


Top one sounds awesome, second one sounds kinda pointless. Space whale.

>> No.71409635

Miniature market has seasonal sales that are sometimes really good, join their mailing list

>> No.71409637


>> No.71409638

Sup bros.
I already more or less finished my DG army, so now I'm gonna start another one.
Planning to go with DEldar. Gonna start with this box:
What else should I get to smooth it out and have a decent 1k list?

>> No.71409642

No, you need to set aside points for it.
That's why summoning is nigh useless.

>> No.71409652

So you've got Greater Daemons like Doombreed that out class the respective Daemon Primarch, is this the same case with the other Gods Greater Daemons as well or is it just Angron that jobs in at second place for Khorne?

>> No.71409654

Salamanders should have more votes in all honesty. The most bro tier of all chapters

>> No.71409668

>it was awful
That's why they meme it you donut

>> No.71409675

Does anyone have either the dimensions of a Cyclops Demolition Vehicle or a good size comparison pic of one?

Got three of pic related + some terrain for £20 thanks to Warhammer Conquest and wanted to cut the chains off the skull, paint it glowing dangerously and run them as Admech cyclops like the Titanfall 2 Ticks, but I'd like to know if they're the right size.

>> No.71409680

Don't have a pic but I decorated mine with dark soil with blue florescent alien plant life. If anyone is going to travel to a weird alien world it's these guys

>> No.71409687

2 Raiders for starters. More jetbikes too. 9 jetbikes 2 raiders full of kitted out Kabalites and an Archon on the Venom should be a good starter.

>> No.71409696

Chad doesn't imply Bro, two separate things my dude.

>> No.71409701

I usually slum around on ebay. I put in another order with cheap n fast this morning and hopefully they don't screw me again. Why the fuck are vespids $80 on the secondary markey? I only want them for conversion

>> No.71409708

>how not to solve a problem
That entire incident had some many times it could have ended in a good way for everyone. That is impressive how dumb it ended

>> No.71409714

The daemons go on a case by case situation, mostly because their strength can increase ridiculously depending on how many gifts it receives from its god
They are not created equal, since the greater daemons are stronger to begin with, but even the most lowly lesser daemon could potentially become ridiculously strong by accomplishing more and more tasks that please its master

>> No.71409717

Well, I suppose that's a good indication of which i should go for first either way. Thanks all!

>> No.71409720

I would say they're both. They even butt heads with other chapters over their treatment of civilians. Chad is also standing up for your beliefs when no one else will.

>> No.71409723

While its not a bad box it suffers a bit in that the way Dark Eldar are set up you won't be able to use a lot of the individual units (the Reavers or Talos specifically) without losing their Cult/Coven rules until you get more models to make a detachment with.
Did you have any particular plan in mind as to whether you're going to expand into Cults or Covens or are you sticking with pure Kabal?

>> No.71409725

Any book recommendations?

>> No.71409726

I've seen enough genuine appreciation for that trash, and I have a low enough level of respect for the tastes of 40k players, to think otherwise.

>> No.71409736

anyone has good STL file for a servoskull? not 28mm just a big skull to put on my desk

>> No.71409743

>cheap and fast
just looked them up, i assume its a recaster? how were you screwed, i assume it wasnt that bad since you ordered from them again? was it a quality issue or shorted models?

>> No.71409745

their defenses should be mobile, like a floating crystal projecting some kind of holofield where needed.

>> No.71409753

Inviting me to this thread. Saying my memes. You just wanted to shit on me.

>> No.71409757

I once heard some people talking about it in a store. I just made a disgusted/cringe face. Shame can be effective.

>> No.71409764

I have heard more negative reviews of cheap n fast than any other recaster please don't recommend them

>> No.71409768

why the fuck would anyone order from cheap and fast when wartablegames exists or TPC

>> No.71409782

I tried placing an order from wartable games and they never sent me a bill and didn't respond to my email any idea what that's about?

>> No.71409795

did you do it when they got hit with the C&C a few months back?

>> No.71409815

I've ordered from them like 6 or 7 times in total. The last two orders I made just disappeared and never made it to me. I emailed them and asked for updates or something but they never gave me any real resolution.

I'm hoping it was a one off incident (both orders were made at the same time) so I'm giving them another shot because they have some more difficult to acquire stuff that I'm after.

Quality has been pretty good. Pic related came from them. Only issue I've had is that I ordered some Karskrins from them before and they all had huge mold slips in them that made them unusable.

It is a recaster

>> No.71409824

>Shame can be effective.
That pretty much the reason Im shitting on it in this thread. Its just so bad. So was love and krieg. Fuck me but warhammer fans cant write for shit.

>> No.71409833

Thanks for the suggestions.

Probably gonna stick with Kabal first before I consider branching out. What do you recommend?

>> No.71409843

Actual Warhammer fans wouldn't write that kind of shit

>> No.71409866

how is TPC? wartablegames dosent have any grey knight paladins, im cautious about ordering from russia when i have never seen their quality of recasts, but at 16 bucks for a box of gk terminators i might get one just to see how they are

>> No.71409873

Any idea if Death Guard are getting anything decent?

>> No.71409880

Zip buildings through webway, Protoss style?

>> No.71409892

how do i summon a daemon

>> No.71409897

I've had a generally good experience with them, we'll see how this next order goes

>> No.71409909

step 1, stay in your transport

>> No.71409910

TPC is actually a reseller for VP and heresy forge, the latter of which recently put their catalogue behind a like $15 paywall which is a bit bullshit
Honestly they're fine but their prices aren't nearly as good as you think because they double front you with a paypal fee and do their payments through etsy which also taxes you again.

>> No.71409912

>death guard
>getting anything decent after what TS got
lmao, as a DGfag I have accepted we ain't getting shit

>> No.71409914

Sacrifice a goat

>> No.71409918

Remember Str D weapons?

>> No.71409925

No it was in the last month. It's weird because i used to be able to order from them no problem before the c&d

>> No.71409937

Shut the fuck up. TS got a massive upgrade you fucking idiot.

>> No.71409939

>I'm hoping it was a one off incident

Its not. I've heard more issues with them than any other recaster

>> No.71409940

>TS got a massive upgrade you fucking idiot.

>> No.71409949

I don't know the exact rules in the supplements themselves, only a general overview of what the release includes vis a vis the information my source actually has access to (I.E. Engine war focuses primarily on Ad Mech, with some small rules sections for the others). The only thing I can tell you is that DG is the main threat in that book, so they probably will get at least equal if not more focus. The narrative in the book is about the unusual "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" situation that springs up when the DG start bombarding an existing warzone between the Crons and DW. Usually per the previous books that also equates to the better rules, see Greater Good, but for all I know it could be garbage. The rules team aren't known for their consistency. I'd be cautiously optimistic, but ready for disappointment.

>> No.71409959

And I've actually ordered from them and had a bunch of product arrive just fine. It was just that one set of orders, so I'm inclined to disagree in the face of anecdotal evidence.

>> No.71409966

It's the author of False Gods, Fulgrim, Angel Exterminatus, Vengeful Spirit, Crimson King, etc. The man loves his surprise twists and shocking revelations. There will be more to the story than just Magnus showing up at the palace to look for something that's not there.

>> No.71409967

>Actual Warhammer fans wouldn't write that kind of
Yeah and real scotsmen don't exist? Come on dude the average warhammer "fan" is a virgin coomer neckbeard, whether you like it or not.

>> No.71409999

I can't wait to read more pseudo-intellectual speech from Primarchs! I love the HH. The primarchs speak how I expect a smart person to talk, so it makes me feel smart!

>> No.71410008


>> No.71410020

Everyone I know who has ordered from them had been burned at least once, even you admitted you have too. Their prices aren't even the best. I really don't like seeing people recommend them because it just validates their business practice, there's much better like wartablegames

>> No.71410028

>Enemy of my enemy is my friend
>Death Watch vs Necrons vs Death Guard

I can' see any of these three allying with any of the other two for any reason. What do Necrons have to fear from Death Guard anyway? Are they even vulnerable to illness?

>> No.71410033

>Angel Exterminatus

>> No.71410044

quads of based

>> No.71410046

Not that guy, but are there any good Necron recasters?

>> No.71410056

>What do Necrons have to fear from Death Guard anyway? Are they even vulnerable to illness?
Nurgle has created several ailments that affect necrons.

>> No.71410064

Lord of fire is worth it if you actually have the flamers to benefit from it. On bikes they are pretty good tho ideally you'd want to hid them til turn 2 and don't rush in on T1 like a madman.

T7 warlord is nice but almost no one brings snipers anyways

Alternatively, spend 1CP on giving him both traits. Not like you are gonna have the CP to spare on stratagem conbos with an outrider detachment to begin with

>> No.71410077

Huh. Go figure. Still not holding my breath, though.

>> No.71410080

I've had more positive orders than not with them, and since it is coming to me from East Europe any number of things could have happened that were out of their control. Tracking says they got the order out and to Russian post. Hell, it could be sitting in a box at my local post office and my post carrier could just be stupid and not know they have it. It remains that someone asked and I said my experience with them. I'm giving them another cjance because they have models I'm trying to get that none of the other sites that have been mentioned seem to have. I don't care if anyone else uses them or not. If the order I made today gets to me I'm going to keep using them, but that will be a problem for next month

>> No.71410093

It's not a literal alliance. The DW and Crons are locked in a Stalemate, the DG show up to destroy the world they are on. The DG have been on the "March" across the galaxy hunting down blackstone pylons and destroying them and the planets they're on for some "secret reason" that ends up being the plan leading up to the invasion of Terra and the return of Fulgrim in WotS. The Necrons and the DW turn to face the massive DG invasion, temporarily putting aside their current confrontation to survive. They're definitely not "friends" but narratively only their combined efforts push back the DG, they then go back to fighting.

>> No.71410101

Unironically the perfect post.

>> No.71410111

Thousand Sons got a good update though, what are you talking about?

>> No.71410116

Although I agree with the sentiment, in fairness, how are Primarchs supposed to talk? Leman Russ is already the retarded brother of the bunch

>> No.71410127

To elaborate on this further, this is why the Silent King shows up. His goal is to re-unite the Necron dynasties to protect the pylons as they are the only thing keeping real space in tact. He shows up and basically commandeers the necron army there and leads the counter attack against the DG.

>> No.71410128

Do Eldar have dedicated "fuck X type of enemy" forces like the Deathwatch or the Grey Knights?

>> No.71410138

Eldar are literally "fuck this specific sub-genre of unit" the army with several units dedicated exclusively to being good at killing X or Y very specific thing.

>> No.71410150

I guess they're getting the riptide keyword in the new forge world books coming out.

>> No.71410151

Does someone have this book, please?

>> No.71410166

None of the primarchs come across as intelligent, eloquent, or even halfway competent. They talk like autistic manchildren. The writing in the HH books is an absolute dumpster fire, and none of the characters are portrayed in a way that makes coherent sense with how they are described.

>> No.71410173

Well, Harlequins are "fuck Chaos, Slaanesh in particular" with one Masque that's instead dedicated to killing Necrons. Then there's the craftworlds' varying degrees of xenophobia.

>> No.71410179


>> No.71410181

Have either actual English experts write their dialogue, or just have them talk normally. Their speech is some weird mix between basic contemporary conversational English mixed with random Shakespearian/middle English speech styles.

>> No.71410183

Why do I feel like you were crying while you typed that wall of text about how you don't care?

>> No.71410184

Okay but do they have something like the Ordo Malleus that deals specifically with daemonic threats or a witch hunters that police thought crime and aberrant mutations?

>> No.71410186

Remoranids could be really cool.

>> No.71410194

I dunno, because you're weirdly obsessed with my answer to a question someone asked?

>> No.71410201

Alaitoc and the Imperium
Iyanden and Tyranids
Saim-Hann and Orks
Ulthwe and Chaos
Biel-Tan and everyone

>> No.71410213


>> No.71410234

>types wall of text
>y...you're obsessed!


>> No.71410240

>all the closest galaxies to us are literally dwarf galaxies
>nids are unironically a paper tiger

>> No.71410244

>Alaitoc and the Imperium
They're more the "fuck Necrons" craftworld. That's been their thing for some years now.

>> No.71410245

God it reads like the writer has thesaurus.com on standby lmao

>> No.71410251

Fuck, that's so bad oh my god.

>> No.71410258

>Wall of text

>> No.71410260

Not really, no.

>> No.71410270

There's literally no word in that excerpt that could be said to have come from a thesaurus.

>> No.71410276


>> No.71410285

Used to use tamiya and mr sprays outside, now I just airbrush tamiya and alclad. I like Alclad because don't have to mix or anything, but it's a pain to clean up compared to tamiya.

>> No.71410287

No. They don't have that kind of thing.

>> No.71410288

There's literally no word in that excerpt that could be said to have come from a thesaurus.

Got the wrong link the last post.

>> No.71410297

I just don't like seeing friends get burned by bad recasters. It's frankly dumb we have to do that to get reasonable prices. Hope your order comes through fren.

>> No.71410313

That's most of GW literature. It can be grating at times, and generally breaks the pacing.

>> No.71410314

>His weight was so great the blocks shifted under his grasp and the glass he had not yet broken cracked

>> No.71410316

What's wrong with "I have become Curze"?

>> No.71410319

>harsh criticism or censure
And "contempt" wouldn't have worked better here why exactly...?

>> No.71410326

Hopefully, no one else seems to have the rest of the Legion of the Damned finecast except GW, and I'll be fucked before I order finecast from GW direct.

>> No.71410330

friendly reminder, the only good 40k books are the eisenhorn omnibus and flight of the eisenstein. ive read every 40k book up to january of this year

>> No.71410340

So is a chaos lord with a combi bolter and a bolt pistol a good plan?
Or should i take a chainsword?

>> No.71410345

>Hmm, what's a cool synonym for 'contempt'? I need to sound smart.
>*tap tap tap*
>Vituperation... nah. Vilification? Maybe... Ooh, opprobrium sounds smart!

>> No.71410346

>No mention of Ciaphas Cain

>> No.71410347

Technically the term and usage predates the bad fanfics, this one not limited to on /tg/ alone.

>> No.71410355

Eisenhorn sucks and your list doesn't have Titanicus or Fifteen Hours 0/10

>> No.71410356

...... that's a word?

>> No.71410377

you are confusing good with entertaining. there are a lot of entertaining 40k books, there are very few good 40k books

>> No.71410381

There are many words that never get used, anon. Mostly because using them makes you sound like a fag.

>> No.71410396

Depends on what you wanna do with him.

>> No.71410410

Most GW literature is fine as pulp fiction and each HH book coul've used 3+ more writers for each books to give alternative, conflicting and contradictory, books contesting the events.

>> No.71410416

This happened shortly after Curze had bombed his own homeworld to hell because of voices in his head. Nobody wants to be that guy.

>> No.71410419

No I'm not, your opinion is just shit

>> No.71410431

Yes but what's wrong with "I have become Curze" from a literary standpoint?

>> No.71410436

Not only that, he changed the word while keeping the shitty sentence structure of "set himself to proving himself". It would be infinitely better as follows.

>Falsely interpretting his brothers' lack of praise for hatred, he had visciously set himself to prove worthy of their contempt.

I think BL just doesn't have editors. This is the exact kind of shit they're supposed to pick up in a first pass.
>t Editor

>> No.71410440

Imo 40k is generally better in short stories/vignettes.

>> No.71410447

Can't you take a combibolter and chainsword?

>> No.71410462

I just want him to fill hq slots for cheap.
Maybe babysit havocs or something but i don't think chaos lords can take regular bolters and a bolt pistol and chainsword lord sounds useless

>> No.71410469

I think it was Orwell who said: "Never use a fancy word when a simpler one will do".

>> No.71410477

Reminds me of. Wish I was at home so I could do an edit

>> No.71410502


>> No.71410504

Plays SM
>Doesn't field Tacs
Plays Guard
>Doesn't field Guardsmen
Plays Necrons
>Doesn't field Warriors
Plays Orks
>Doesn't field Boys
Plays Eldar
>Doesn't field Dire Avengers
Plays Nids
>Doesn't field gants and gaunts
Plays Chaos
>Doesn't field CSM
Plays Deldar
>Doesn't field Kabalites
Plays Tau
>Doesn't suck dick

>> No.71410506

Wish you posted the full thing, it's hilarious and there's probably alot of newfags who never read it before.

>> No.71410521

It's a google search away

>> No.71410526

*stabs you in the dick*

>> No.71410530

>Not running full grot army
Droog, it's a Grot Revolution!

>> No.71410536

Do people really not field their legions of mindless living metal automatons? That's the coolest part of having a necron army! Why the hell wouldn't they do that? You could have your Overlord handling the big fellas while his best bro Lord handles the warriors.

>> No.71410540

Lords come with a chainsword so yes you can do a combi-bolter and chainsword

>> No.71410553

Immortals are better and people don't play this game for fluff anymore since tournaments gained traction

>> No.71410565

Yeah, but...
Tournaments are gay.

>> No.71410568

The End Is Near

>> No.71410571

Big McLargeHuge is a well-known dA troll, newfriend.

>> No.71410589

I don't have exact size stuff on me, but I have both models. The Cyclops is slightly less long than the skull+legs are tall. Your main problem would be that the skull is way taller, the Cyclops has a lower profile than guardsmen by like a head.

>> No.71410609

It's all involved that makes me lose hope for humanity.

>> No.71410646

I'm guessing anon already posted it once in a different context and highlighted that phrase for the purpose of the original discussion.

>> No.71410647

So chaos are getting primaris?

>> No.71410649

If I soup two detachments, both giving X CP, do I add the amount of CP together and use all of it however I want, or is the CP locked to the detachment that it came from?

>> No.71410656

Nigger they're 14 year olds or some shit, if we judged the entirety of humanity based on the cringey shit we got up to when we were that age we'd have committed ritual suicide as a species centuries ago.

>> No.71410667

No only EC

>> No.71410668

Yeah Chaos blows the fuck out of loyalist again like the true chads they are
>Win Warhammer Fantasy
>Win Warhammer 40k

>> No.71410671

You can only use CP for the units in the detachment that generated it.

>> No.71410678

They do, but a loose version of it based on camaraderie sprinkled with the Code of Fire, rather than blind subservience.

>> No.71410679

I feel like a fool for fielding guardsmen, kabalites and dire avenger but waac fags can't stop me

>> No.71410684

>fielding kabalites as wytch cult

>> No.71410687


>> No.71410708

Yes but not as widely as Imperium gets it. They're going to be a handful of elite/heavy support etc units, not troops. They're replacing "Chosen" essentially.

>> No.71410717

Aw, damn. Thanks Anon.

>> No.71410725

Does anyone here play Slaaneshi marines and can tell me which is the best loadout for the Noise Marines?
>Should they all take the Noise Blasters?
>Are the Doom Siren and Blastmaster worth their points?
>Should I bother with cc weapons or not sonic weapons for the champion?
>Can they work in CC?

>> No.71410727


OK, might be able to take the legs off the bottom of the skull and reattach them about halfway up to flatten it out somewhat, even if the bottom is a bit scuffed up then nobody would see it.

About the same volume then, or slightly larger which is a downside to me since they'll be more easily shot.

What base should I put them on, like a 60mm?

>> No.71410732

she smol

how can she fight be'gel if she's so smol?

>> No.71410736

The generated CP is used for your whole army.

>> No.71410737

Cos she's punchy. Lotta heat in this berry. Very spicy.

>> No.71410748

>have an all terminator CC oriented GK army
>my opponent i got matched with today plays imperial knights
dude has no idea what hes in for

>> No.71410751

No, he isn’t
This is more specifically a victory for Fabius Bile, the renegade that doesn’t worship the Chaos gods and wants to create a new path for humanity
Only Abaddon can do that!!!

>> No.71410758

What do you do when the imperial guard player starts bubble wrapping his tanks in guardsmen to prevent charges?

>> No.71410759

This happened over a decade ago I think

>> No.71410765

How are they against them? I never played with or against GK, what do they have to fuck with IK?

>> No.71410776

Revenge of the Nerds, is it?

>> No.71410784

Snipe the tanks since those retards make every tank a commander

>> No.71410792

nothing, im going to get stomped. that wont stop me from charging his big robots as soon as i can though

>> No.71410802

I run a squad, and they're very worthwhile. Blastmasters are very effective shooting, and the standard noise weapons add to that. The squad as a whole is also very mobile. Generall, if you want CC, you'll find cheaper or better options elsewhere. They can do it, but I wouldn't focus them on it. The Doom Siren is a little more mediocre in my experience due to its short range on a shooting squad, though I still took one for fluff. Still comes in handy sometimes when somebody tries to rush them

>> No.71410813

Can't you smite spam through his invuls on t2?

>> No.71410814

Shoot and kill the guardsmen first.
Or just play objectives, you didn't choose the long deployment vs gunline guard like a chump, right?
You also did put a decent amount of terrain to block LoS so the game isn't just a turkey shoot, right?

>> No.71410816

With the exception of Tacs and arguably CSM, all of those are fairly meta for their respective factions currently. Though I have to admit I've been slacking in my dicksucking.

>> No.71410822

I don't run anywhere near enough anti armor in my nids list to shoot 10+ tanks. I have to touch them in melee to shut down their shooting usually.

>> No.71410830

>smite spam
>when all my boys have giant force glaives
im playing knights, not knerds

>> No.71410832

Sonic blasters are basicly better bolters for CSM
Blastmasters fuck shit up
Doom siren is ok but is more for preventing the unit getting charged
Champion can take a sonic blaster and a bolter if i remember correctly
Had 4 noisy bois with sonic blasters beat a Chaplain that charged them to death.
Overall i like them

>> No.71410834

Clearly they don't want to move their fire warrior boxes. I hope they'll add a fireblade for breachers someday. Maybe something that will add dmg instead of shots.

>> No.71410835

The fun thug about noise marines imo is all those setups can work. They're very versatile. I run alpha legion, take 20 and give themall sonic blasters. Use that strategum where you can't target them like they're characters, cacophony and veterans and they will wipe anything you point them at.

>> No.71410844

>10 tanks
Just play the objective game, he aint gonna move.

>> No.71410847

Don't listen to >>71410671, he's talking out of his ass. CP is agnostic, you can use it on anyone. For a long time the meta was to bring a minimum detachment of Guard (Loyal 32) with CP-generating abilities as a battery for other Imperium armies.

>> No.71410851

If you have a squad standing on a Skyshield Landing Pad, do they gain the benefit of cover regardless of whether they're entirely visible or not as well as the 5++ from the fort, or does it not grant area terrain unless you're hiding behind the barricades around it in Shielded Mode?

>> No.71410856

Their chapter icon is a friggin BOOK anon. GK are the ultimate militarized group of Nerds.

>> No.71410868

a squad of 10 noise marines with 8 sonic blasters, 2 blastmasters + excruciating frequencies + VOTLW + endless cacophony is literally insane

Plus when they die they get to fire one last time, they're really good. Haven't even mentioned dark apostle buffs, sorc buffs, etc...

>> No.71410870

Infantry standing on terrain always get a cover save

>> No.71410888


>> No.71410901

iirc the skyshield is not an actual terrain feature untill it's been destroyed

>> No.71410913

Oh, well alright then.
[spoilers] I've got a battalion of IG and was gonna add some admech. To be honest, I don't find many of the admech strats to be worth using CP on, and I was hoping I could use their CP for my guardsmen instead. If I couldn't, I'd need to see how I could add more without going too high points-wise. I suppose this is why I don't see a lot of soup armies discussed, huh? Especially for newer players. [/spoiler]

>> No.71410917

I put my Cyclops on a cavalry base, but there doesn't seem to be a proscribed size so just whatever fits.

>> No.71410928

Thanks. Almost finished painting a squad so I wanted to know if the weapons I had given them were the right one

So they can work even not in MSU? That’s certainly nice

>> No.71410934

FUCK why do I keep mistyping that

>> No.71410961

A blob of 20 can work, but be prepared to spend 2cp from running

>> No.71410974

The music of the apocalypse rule or w/e it's called makes them ridiculously useful. Getting punched to death in melee by a smash captain? Every guy can huck a grenade at him before being removed.

>> No.71410983

Any idea if Grey Knights or Custodes will get Primaris?

>> No.71411005

Custodes are already above Primaris

>> No.71411019

They already have a 2+ base save and 4+ invuln, what would primarising give them?

>> No.71411028

Why the fuck would custodes want primaris

>> No.71411032

Apart from the Battle Canon, what's a good 'all around' gun for a Russ?

>> No.71411037

I wish shotguns were better represented in general, or at least cornerstone for one faction

>> No.71411040

>or Custodes will get Primaris?
Completely different processes.

>> No.71411047


The Skyshield seems generally poorly defined. You can move on it as if it was terrain, but it doesn't say whether it grants cover like terrain or whether when it is destroyed you remove the entire model or it just becomes area terrain/LOSblock. Can't find anything in the FAQs.

>> No.71411053

If you're playing objectives and hes mono knights you're going to curb stomp him

>> No.71411054

How does that work on practice?

>> No.71411064

custodes are already superior to primaris, its the gk that need an upgrade, but after seeing how the space wolves were treated (a wolf tooth here or wolf tail there) im afraid my knights wouldnt get the properly rune etched armor or cool knightly helmets, they would just be primaris with an inquisitor icon here and there

>> No.71411089

the cult begins

>> No.71411116

Use masking tape. Place it on upside down and the tape the ends to hold it in place. I've primed thousands of minis this way.

>> No.71411118

>babysitting objectives when theres fighting to be done
i wont stand for it

>> No.71411154

>seeing how the space wolves were treated (a wolf tooth here or wolf tail there
To be fair any SW player using just the kit can barely be classified as a proper one
The Grey Hunters kit gives just so many bits that can be used that any player worth his salt can convert a properly wolfy army

>> No.71411190

+1 wound and +1 attack

>> No.71411216

i dont mean the bits and bobs you can get to spruce up your guys, i mean just their basic armor, the standard grey wolf marines have runes and stuff on the armor, primaris space wolves just have armor that you couldnt even tell its a spacewolf if it was just the suit of armor on its own

>> No.71411224

microbes and fungi can oxidize some metals, so add warp fuckery and space fiction and presto!

>> No.71411257

You better or you'll catch the new strain

>> No.71411325

>And "contempt" wouldn't have worked better here why exactly...?
"Contempt" would be a better choice given the relation between Pert and his brothers IMO, though it doesn't carry the same connotation as "opprobrium".

>> No.71411366

censure or reproach would have been better than opprobrium, given the syntax of the sentence.

>> No.71411401

Basically anything would have worked better than opprobrium since this isn't a masters course in literature, it's genre fiction for a space man minatures game and you should always, ALWAYS, write for your audience. Not for the made up professors you want to prove wrong about how they said you'd never be a "real" writer.

>> No.71411402

It's not really a disease then.

>> No.71411413

I currently put together something like this:

Battalion 1

3 x Company Commander
3 x Infantry Squad
>Heavy Support
3 x HWT with mortars

Battalion 2

3 x Tank Commander (battle cannon + hull heavy bolter)
3 x Infantry Squad

That gives me 981 pts out of 1000. I try to put together a Guard on a budget. With something like that I would mostly need Leman Russ tanks and infantry squads. Getting enough mortars and officers would be the biggest hurdle. Could I get some feedback?

>> No.71411453

Reminds me of McNeil desperately trying to suck up to Dawkins for writing the Last Church, as if making the Emperor 'Baby's First Athiest Logic" is something to be proud of.

>> No.71411463

Sadly it is one of his better pieces of work...

>> No.71411476

I thought Pert in Angel Exterminatus was good.

>> No.71411483


Im out of the loop, who is the horse skull guy? A necromunda mini?

>> No.71411486

>Not for the made up professors you want to prove wrong about how they said you'd never be a "real" writer.
Writing the Primarchs so shittily and as having daddy issues makes complete sense now

>> No.71411491

I agree with you there.

>> No.71411495



>> No.71411506

>Falsely interpreting his brothers' lack of praise for hatred of him, he had viciously set himself to proving himself worthy of their opprobrium.
Let me write this sentence in a way that isn't retarded:
>Mistakenly viewing his brothers' indifference as contempt, Perturabo decided he would instead earn their hatred. 'Better to be hated than ignored,' he whispered.

>> No.71411516


>> No.71411540

Tad basic, but damn it does convey the message better. Personally I like how the one anon just slightly adjusted to improve the flow of the sentence.

>> No.71411542

>I think BL just doesn't have editors.
Worse, their editors are all women.

>> No.71411556

I only hope this is right b/c I play Sisters, Stodes, and Quinns and having a book that I can use all of sounds dope

>> No.71411574

>Tad basic
That's the idea. Fuck purple prose.

>> No.71411578


>> No.71411638

And what the hell is the connotation?
I've never seen that word in my life. I'm well-read and have a huge vocabulary, so I imagine the average scifi nerd reading this shit is just as clueless as I am.

>> No.71411668

The day GW says you can make primaris custodes is the day they have not only given up on their own lore but decided to actively destroy it

>> No.71411696

I'd put Carrion Throne up there just for the gothic terraporn. The sequel isn't as good though.

>> No.71411697

I think the rules stated that it becomes a terrain feature when it's destroyed.
The rule that says you can stand on it doesn't mean it's a terrain piece, it's there becasue fortifications are treated as normal models on 8th and you can't put anything on top of them like you did on 7th with battlements

>> No.71411917

TS are much bigger nerds, because they don't even have buddies, they have puppets and chickens for friends.

>> No.71412332

I think it's sick anon

>> No.71412472

>the chapter symbol is freehanded
>the rim highlight on the helm is really smooth
keep practicing anon, one day you will be great. Maybe look into a video tutorial how to paint white

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