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Posting some pics I found from a Girls' Frontline and 40k crossover on pixiv. No idea why the Night Lords were used.

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In one of my first games of 5th edition, I blew the power fist off of a dreadnought and then it charged my solo broadside and they spent the rest of the game wrestling

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1st for fuck competitive 40k, its pathetic and anyone who plays competitive is a weak man

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Reroll auras need to be removed from the game

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Based and redpilled

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auras need to be removed from the game

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Let people have fun autist

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And that's it.

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Do you guys think 8th edition was made easier and less interesting in order to get new people in and then 9th edition will be absolutely based with cool fluffy rules and mechanics which are more complex?

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No, the designers are not capable of that kind of planning

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I'm sure people have fun watching their wife get fucked by other men. Im glad they're having fun, but it doesnt make them any less pathetic

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Your obsession is just as pathetic, just ignore it

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The first bit? Yes.

The second bit? No, I think that's fully the area of Forge World. With them having Horus Heresy and now the Old World warhammer game, it looks like mainline GW is sticking to profitable design rather than deep and rich design for its mainline games.

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Competitive 40k is subjectively horrible but telling other people how to play their games without you is objectively garbage.

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I'd like to think so, but the sad fact is that with all the investments GW has been getting, and the way their stock has been rising, they will ALWAYS follow the scent of profit not. They've always been greedy, but now their company is controlled by financial entities from outside the hobby. That's what you get for having the best profit margins in your country during a time of financial uncertainty.

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I like this

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The artist, Diver, has also did some pics of First Claw.

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Orks are a tough resilient race who have survived wounds that would put down any normal being and yet still charge into battle with ferocity and power
Literally dies to everything

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>Duncan's new channel is glorified Bob Ross with miniatures
>He doesn't even finish the model he's painting

I don't know why I had hope.

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That's what happends when nearly every other faction has that same fluff

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did regent's shadow get uploaded yet?

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Was wanting to pick up a few Kriegers and a Krieg Commissar.
I've already got a commissar, though, and iirc commissars are supposed to be from a different planet than their guardsmen, so could I put the two commissars with the opposite squad of guardsmen, and fluff it as the two have a rivalry trying to the get other guy's soldiers killed so there's no problem?

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Well the fluff is also that as soon as the warboss dies your army turns on itself, so do you want fluff or not?

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With my Conquest subscription, I'll receive some reivers in the future. I personally don't like their skull helmets, for I think they should have normally been reserved for chaplains.
So what are your suggestions for a replacement helmets? Something that somewhat matches their 'design'.

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Competitive 40k directly affects me. If the retard meta chasing competitive players continue to become a greater part of the hobby, GW will continue to cater to them by releasing FoTM and boring braindead rules

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You're right. The entire ork range should take one less damage from attacks.

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>the two have a rivalry trying to the get other guy's soldiers killed
Wouldn't both officers just get fragged immediately?

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7th edition says no

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Why did GW decide that the Night Lords should be wearing goody two shoes capeshit colors like the ultramarines?

Is that what drove ADB to characterize them as misunderstood good guys all along?

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What? You wanna see him finish?
$4.99 a month

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You're right, we'll throw them some buffs. And while we're at it, we'll give the same rules to Space Marines since they're just as tough, plus they have armor.

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Ig. Just thought of it randomly, didn't really think it through. Sorry.

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>goody two shoes capeshit colors
Because they're the most theatric legion and their entire way of war is built on performance?

>Is that what drove ADB to characterize them as misunderstood good guys all along?
He didn't. At all.

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>muh slippery slope
No, you being a stupid bitch directly affects me because you are here and I have to read your posts. People somewhere doing something you don't like does not affect you, autist. I bet you don't even play open play.

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Beakies work excellent

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>Duncan's new channel is Bob Ross with miniatures

Yes, and...?

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>He doesn't even finish the model he's painting


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are they trying to erase my girl?

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To answer your poorly constructed question, no, that's not why, because if it were, then the Harlequins would be wearing the same colors.

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Orkz should have a 5(4?)+ Totally not FNP that doesn't tank mortal wounds or weapons that double the target toughness and call it a day (the same for T'au shield drones)

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She is just as not-important as she has always been

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Commissars serving with Krieg regiments basically don't ever need to enforce morale, so they fulfill other parts of "political officer" job and act as a relay between the Kriegers and whatever other Imperial forces around.

They need to do this because Kriegers have awful social skills.

Go read Dead Men Walking.

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>Because they're the most theatric legion and their entire way of war is built on performance?
Umm, no it's not? Are you thinking about Harlequins?

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Harlequins aren't a legion

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Painting a full miniature is probably going to be paid content or dvd like other miniature painters, this are free painting aids for beginners/people that can't figure out how to paint better

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New Custodes codex when?

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What company bought out GW? I thought they were owned mainly by people who worked for them

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Just give Orkz more wounds across the board. That helps against small arms fire, but doesn't bog them down with needing to roll even more dice. It probably wouldn't even make them that much more tanky given how quickly they get chewed up as is

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Go to his new sisters video, look at the "finished" model at the end of the video. He literally didn't finish painting. If this is anything to go by, it means his videos are going to be lazy single-model videos made to a "battle ready" standard. This especially annoys me since Latham, who actually taught from the ground up to an expert level, just killed his channel.

I'm sorry, I thought a painting academy's videos were there to teach you about painting. These videos would only have any value to people who have never painted before.

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>Why did GW decide that the Night Lords should be wearing goody two shoes capeshit colors like the ultramarines?
They raped the Scourged with that harder

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You can literally already see this happening with 8th edition. Every single new rule and stratagem in the past year has just been "reroll X", "6s do X", "+/- 1 to X". The game is very very clearly moving in a competitive esports direction, and the increase in competitive players because of dumbing down of rules is directly responsible for this

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Best weapons for devastators? I'm running 3 squads of those guys, I was thinking of lascannons and missle launchers, maybe plasma?

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I want to see the following have guns turned into cute girls:

Warhammer 40k

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I'm at work, but what was not finished on the sob model?

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They're wearing night blue with blood red and drawn on lighting because they specifically want to look as scary as possible. This statement isn't up for contestation, it's their actual lore, and yes, it does answer your question.

Ah yes, the famous XXI Legiones Astartes, the eldar harlequins.

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Reivers should either receive power weapons or move to line because other way they're just not worth getting, regarding your question, is up to you mang, i would just use normal primaris helmets desu

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Thanks. I can see that looking good.

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How is reroll X and inherently competitive rule? Additionally, how is reroll X inherently competitive now compared to reroll X that was in the index? Or any other edition?

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They didnt get bought out they just went public, thus shareholders control them and will always choose to chase short term profit over a good game

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Devs are good compliment units to help balance your army. Lascannon and missile launcher are normally safe bets though

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Nobody bought them out, it's just that with their stock prices going up so high and them literally having the highest profit margins of any company in the entire UK during the brexit era, outside financial companies started buying up GW stock, and those kinds of companies push for constant growth, and when the company stops growing they liquidate it, aka chop it up and sell it for parts, then reinvest it whatever other company they can get.

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I am looking for tips on how to paint old blood stains on cloth. As if the cloth had been splattered by blood awhile ago

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Can any kind anons name some good brush manufacturers. So far i've only used army painter brushes i found at my LGS but those tend to end up frayed pretty quickly. I'd like something that lasts longer.

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We can dream

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I've only seen a few Girls' Frontline and 40k crossover pics, and they are normally cute. Not sure what Diver was thinking about with this https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/79592833
He's a chink so he probably caught the spic beer virus and wasn't thinking straight.
Man, that was a fun game.

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He just stopped after he was done painting for the video. Anything you didn't see him do isn't done. Half of the armor isn't edge highlighted, the left half of the tabard studs are still red, he didn't paint her eyes, etc. That would be fine if you were batch painting gaunts or boys or something where you'll have 100 of them on a field, but for pseudo-elite infantry like sisters? Lazy.

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It's not. It's when EVERY RULE OR STRATAGEM is like that it makes it competitive. The factions are all getting more homogenized and significantly losing the things that made them special compared to earlier editions.

I cant believe you're arguing about this with me, go play literally any other edition and compare it to 8th and the difference in complexity and homogeneity is staggering

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Mix agrax with blood for the blood god.

Blood dries brown.

>> No.71281039

Old editions provided more obscure buffs. Things like surviving sweeping advance or gaining cover momentarily. Now so many rules are just flat bonuses which you just mindlessly apply to your biggest or strongest unit.

>> No.71281045

Yeah but they aren't "theatrical" they are just trying to be spooky. Which they fail constantly at.

>> No.71281054

I use beakies or bare headed 3rd party heads myself.

Just house rule that shit, my club does it with a bunch of primaris stuff.

>> No.71281059

Take the Windsor newton series 7 pill!

>> No.71281062

Reddish-brown splatters. Because old blood stains turn brown. Make sure to highlight in red to make it not look like shit stains.

>> No.71281074

You haven't read their fluff have you? They'll spend days setting up scary situations and terrifying a population. In tactical situations they think of what would be the most frightning way to do things. Everything about their way of war (in the fluff at least) is designed just as much around terrifying their enemy as killing them. They're theatrical as fuck, just remember that theatrical doesn't mean literally putting on a play like Harlies do, it just means that they're trying to inspire an emotion and being showy when they don't need to.

>> No.71281085

>Reivers should [...] receive power weapons
Since the models are the 'push-fit' variant and I don't see myself venturing this early into kit-bashing, I think they'll stay as they are.

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Other space marines are described as terrifying without them even trying to be.

What does that make NL?

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Artis opus

>> No.71281097

Thinking about old warhammer and all we've lost

>Going to ground
>Universal special rules
>Armor facings
>Vehicles in general
>Templates in general
>Lucky shots on said vehicles

In return we've got a thriving fanbase resulting in many new models. Was it worth it?

>> No.71281115

>Everything about their way of war (in the fluff at least) is designed just as much around terrifying their enemy as killing them
hence my question

>> No.71281124

Wouldn't call it a thriving fanbase. At my LGS I had to start a campaign because 40k was literally dead, nothing but AoS shitheads playing every week.

>> No.71281126

>What does that make NL?


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Regent's Shadow has the Minotaurs on Terra after the opening of the Rift and Guilliman's departure on the Indomitus Crusade.


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Do you play open play anon?

Not quite, many obscure buffs exist still and continue to be added but nobody takes them. That's the difference. For example, Dark Eldar have a unique rule that encourages them to take a lot of patrols to represent a bunch of small raiding parties coming together. Nobody chooses to build their lists like that because the sad truth of it is that you fucking faggots won't sacrifice viability for fluff, but you lay the blame at the feet of the visible minority of tourney who at least admit they are more interested in viability than fluff. You act like the LVO judges are breaking into your house and forcing you to take looted wagons and baneblades out of your list because they aren't optimized for matched play. It's obnoxious

>> No.71281141

How about a -1 to wound to all orkz? Not gretchins, no vehicles, no squigs just plain orkz

>> No.71281142

no that's actually dark eldar, and this is not a joke, they are blatantly based on cybergoth fashion

>> No.71281156

USRs aren't gone, they're just in the datasheets now

>> No.71281159


They think it's scary. They're wrong, but they do.

>> No.71281166

Do you follow a doctrine of brush maintenance?

>> No.71281168

My local GW is always busy now, and a magic store I used to frequent has now started selling GW products because demand was so high

>> No.71281173

Definitely not thriving. More like driven away everyone who isnt competitive minded and suckers in new people who either become competitive or they become jaded, bored and stop playing

The only league that is still active in my city is a competitive one. Over the course of 8th edition theres been at least 5 other more casual ones, but only the competitive one stuck around and grew.

>> No.71281174

So just altering the raw wound rolls? That does seem like an interesting way to do it. It's basically like increasing toughness, except it would retain that benefit even against very high strength weapons

>> No.71281177

It is quite annoying how some factions have copy-pasted rules from completely unrelated other factions. For example, one of the F&F Word Bearers warlord traits is 100% identical to the Prophets of Flesh warlord trait in the Dark Eldar codex. Like, come on.

>> No.71281206

>I thought a painting academy's videos were there to teach you about painting. These videos would only have any value to people who have never painted before.

I'm so confused right now.

>> No.71281208

Armor facings, AV, and the vehicle damage table sucked.
Templates only belong in napoleonic/fantasy games where units are formed into ranks. Trying to do templates while allowing 2" cohesion was a shitshow that made the movement phase take forever. Fuck templates in particular.
Lucky shots were frustrating and unfun.

>> No.71281211

40k is for sure more sucessful now than it was 20 years ago.

your singular store doesnt matter.

>> No.71281222

Where can I download it?

>> No.71281223

>inb4 "nobody actually was autistic enough to do 2" spacing"

>> No.71281231

I've only played matched and narrative

>> No.71281238

Facings and templates are better off gone.
Some of the rules situations that a game could end up in were just hideous.
Like random rules interactions that never got fixed. I remember we once ended up in a situation with a rending melta shot against a rhino.
That argument resulted in alot of people being told off by the store owner.

>> No.71281240

Imagine getting special rules on top of your special rules because you play the poster boy faction of the game

>> No.71281241

plasma cannons are good if you're camping a captain with them. I've been able to get good results with them. If you're a madlad who is planning on doing some danger close shooting with them, grav-cannons can be very effective against other power armour armies, but suffer because of points and attack range. Lascannons are solid, and the best thing for tanks, naturally, so if your list is lacking a bit of anti armour, take a squad of them. Remember though, make sure to take at least a couple ablative wound on the squads. sure, a MSU of devastators is easy on the points, but anything that attacks them is immediately going to be killing heavy weapons, whereas a full 10 man squad still has 6 wounds they'd need to chew through before dropping useful bodies. missile launchers are ok, but only if you have plenty of cp to use for the mw strat, but really a scout squad would be better suited humping a launcher for that

>> No.71281243

Kek. Nightlords are so lame

>> No.71281251

On Black Library. It came out recently.

>> No.71281253

He's a mid-level painted complaining that Duncan is teaching for beginners.

>> No.71281257

facings are instantly fixed by giving everything a base.

>> No.71281260

Templates and spacing really were a shitshow, especially since if somebody wasn't 'autistic enough to do 2" spacing, they quickly learned after getting their squads wiped out by riptide pieplate spam. Having it be a randomized number of 'shots' is far more fair and means people spend way less time ensuring their models aren't clumped together.

>> No.71281261

Everyone who's gotten a PA has gotten that so far

>> No.71281272

Is Ynarri gonna get a PA?

>> No.71281276

Rolls need to be removed from the game

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i find it better to buy china bulk and just replace them often

>> No.71281280

>be GSC player in 7th grog group
>just downgraded all my new stuff to fit 7th so i can still play with it
>having more fun than i was in 8th by a mile
it isnt hard and most people welcome a change of pace weather it be going to an old edition or playing the GW Approved(TM) 7th edition that is Horus Heresy

>> No.71281290

We need to remove the game

>> No.71281294

>GSC crying in the distance

>> No.71281296

Game needs to start on T2, tired of T1 advantage

>> No.71281298

I know somebody that actually was that autistic.

He regularly took around an hour or more to do his movement phase. Just one movement phase.

>> No.71281304

People who play 40k competitively should just fuck off.

>> No.71281318

People who play 40k competitively have names and addresses.

>> No.71281334

Probably not, but who knows. All "factions" are supposed to have one but Ynarri may be one of the not-real factions that will be passed over like Inquisition

GSC did get some things, I haven't played them since greater good but I know they got some new things at least.

>> No.71281335


>> No.71281338

>people are spending too much time autistically spacing their models 2" apart to minimize template damage, what do we do?
>how about we remove templates, but simultaneously add in another arbitrarily rule that limits deepstrike to 9" away from any model so people will still spend too much time autistically spacing their models apart for board coverage?
>perfect, this is why we pay you
we trade one beast for another

>> No.71281351

Eh, I'll buy it if I like it and once it's out on paperback.

>> No.71281354

It's just funny that whenever spacing is brought as a negative, then nobody actually does it and it's a meme. If you complain getting blown the fuck out, then it's because you didn't space your models like a retard. There is no winning.

Also, I once saw two turbo-autists spend 8 hours playing a normal 2000pts. match where every other move was questioned and had to be looked up and presented from a book.

>> No.71281364

8the edition removed any depth or interesting elements from previous editions and replaced it with auras, infantry, and bigger, boxier infantry (vehicles or just monstrous creatures). Everything is bland and lacks any sort of identity. They then sell a puddle of what are basically the same rules back to you with stratagems.

It's really fucking boring to the point where I've stopped playing the main games and just play Necromunda, Blood Bowl, LotR (unironically), AI, and do some Inq28 stuff. Tried out Titanicus too and that was pretty fun.

>> No.71281366

Don't forget to let units consolidate 3" into more combat, making everyone space their units apart 4"

>> No.71281371

a completely worthless custom cult table, 10 useless, 3 situational, and 1 good stratagem, and mostly garbage psychic powers that do nothing to dissuade people from the already established 4AE/BC meta barely constitute "new things"
they could have been left out of that book entirely and nothing would have changed for the army whatsoever

>> No.71281374

>These videos would only have any value to people who have never painted before.

>literally the first video

Are you retarded?

>> No.71281380

>muh slippery slope
Are you really saying that with whats going on in the world today. Its not a fallacy yiyouu dense mother fucker.

>> No.71281388

and the 3" pile in toward the closest model, forcing even more autistic spacing between units on the front line

>> No.71281398

It is a fallacy. I don't care about whatever politics you are thirsty to try and discuss, but slippery slope is a basic logic fallacy

>> No.71281405

Yes because you ignore every instance of it not being true
This is called confirmation bias

>> No.71281410

I don't like the Eavy Metal style because it's cartoony as shit but I did enjoy Latham's channel. Daz is a pretty cool guy who long ago answered my questions on Warseer and that struck me really well. Him talking about how information like this should be free seemed like he was (rightfully) shitting on Duncan a bit was great. I never really liked Duncan. I guess I just didn't fall for the meme bullshit.

>> No.71281417

>muh slippery slope fallacy fallacy
the game is literally balanced around the competitive scene with stuff thats more fun and thematic getting caught in the fistfucking crossfire every FAQ
its not a slippery slope if were already at the bottom

>> No.71281418

I liked the stratagems, I'm not a WAACfag and I don't follow the meta so I'm more flexible with the things I'm willing to try

>> No.71281426

The first video should be teaching some fundamental skill, not a half-assed demonstration of a dozen different techniques, none of which he should assume the person watching has down. If you're teaching someone a skill you start with the basics and work up. If you just thrust them into a task with no preparation, they develop bad habits they have to train out later. This is why Latham's method of videos working on one specific thing are far more useful than Duncan's new style.

>> No.71281428

There should be punishment for people who say "That's a fallacy" to a non-fallacy to prove a fallacy.

>> No.71281442

Movement during the assault and close combat phase in 8th edition has spawned an entire brand of autism. Good thing CC is becoming less viable

>> No.71281443

Do you think the game has more options for fluffy armies since the indexes or less?
>GW balances the game
My god the horror, how dare they.

>> No.71281444

you lack critical thinking skills
>WAAC becomes more popular
>WAACfags end up spending the most money
>GW decides to pander to the group spending the most money

a strawman is not an argument

>> No.71281457

Yes but i paint a lot so even then they don't last very long.
Might just do what >>71281059 recommended and get some non-synthetic ones.

>> No.71281458

>implying this is the bottom
We haven't even seen the tip of the iceberg when it comes to abusing Tau drones.

>> No.71281481

Good thing I didn't make a strawman.

>> No.71281485

How do we fix close combat? Everyone just falls back.

>> No.71281498
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Finished my female Word Bearer lord (lady?), thoughts?

InB4: Gronad INCELs rage that "ITS NOT FLUFFY". It is, my fluff is Cawl made female space marines ( because why exclude half of humanity) and this one fell to chaos

>> No.71281504

>shitty frfsrf for neos when you come out of DS
>shitty crouchling relic
>shitty onslaught
>literally living battering ram
>shitty lieutenant buff for bikes
>okay buff for ridgerunner stubbers
>good buff for ridgerunner HMLs
>okay for shitty sanctus build
there you go, thats the update

>> No.71281505

Exactly this. I didnt play 40k for like 4 months. Recently played a game the other day and was dreadfully reminded how boring it is.

I think the IGYG format really holds the game back and makes it incredibly dull when you just have to watch someone move models and roll dice for 30 minutes

>> No.71281506

remove falling back for non-flying units

>> No.71281508

your fluff doesnt matter.

>> No.71281509

>you lack critical thinking skills
No, it's more like I don't automatically accept a scenario you are describing without some kind of supporting evidence. For example, tourney players are factually a minority of tje overall community, and while they do spend more money than an individual player, I doubt that they collectively spend more money than all non-tourney players and would like to see any amount of supporting effort if someone wanted to make that point.

>> No.71281516

Require a leadership test to fall back. Friendly units within 6" must also test leadership or be treated as falling back as well.

This means any of the 6" buff aura characters and anyone packed around said characters will now need to be concerned with their army routing because they tried to get cute with melee.

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>> No.71281519

let CC units chase them down

>> No.71281521

I don't think that people really give as much of a shit for chaos stuff, especially since there's a canon instance of a female wearing chaos space marine armor

>> No.71281522
File: 7 KB, 727x688, woah.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71281529

he needs to hit the gym, those pecs lookin' kinda weird

>> No.71281530

It's all dependent on what the ratio between free and paid content is. If it's more like with many Patreon channels, where the stuff is free, but subscribers get a little extra and access to forums, etc. or what.

>> No.71281534

Define CC units.

>> No.71281541

your fluff is almost as shit as your conversion

>> No.71281551

Her pauldrons are too big for her, you'd be better off cutting down any imperial symbols from the pads the kit comes with and adding chaos bits for flavor.

>> No.71281557

I don't believe this is actually your model. Also isn't that a TS pauldron?

>> No.71281558

the unit that was in CC

>> No.71281570

The huge pauldrons, backpack and greaves look silly. Probably should have used regular power armor with a slight chest increase, but I can't imagine female gene-seed making boobs bigger so they'd likely end up looking like male space marines. Maybe with feminine heads

>> No.71281571

Depends on chapter and how you're using them, but in general, plasma cannons are just worse plasma guns (which themselves are slightly worse combiplasmas), and missile launchers are worse lascannons. Lascannons and gravcannons are generally your best bet, depending on stuff like what chapter you are. Grav-cannons are particularly interesting because usually if you're close enough to use them, you're close enough for the sergeant to earn his keep, too.

>> No.71281573

Seems fine. Your fluff is needlessly roundabout though, since you could literally just have her be a female cultist in power armor and it makes no difference. Female power armor exists, and boons from Chaos gods can make a mortal equal or even better than an average Chaos marine

>> No.71281581
File: 111 KB, 1984x1120, 88068548_10157882972011992_8745380960364658688_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just finished the last model in my backlog. That's 1100 points of blood ravens painted now.

>> No.71281585

I like to play quick aggressive melee units backed up by long range fire. Which SC chapter do I play, either loyalist or chaos are okay?

>> No.71281601

Those are some big pauldrons

>> No.71281606

>LotR (unironically)
it's a fun ruleset. not entirely free of gw's power creep, but they can't go full retard on the setting either despite their best efforts

>> No.71281607

What you've described is textbook Raven Guard. 3rd edition let them bring extra Devastators and Assault Marines.

>> No.71281612

>you cant prove you're right
>this automatically means I'm right

>> No.71281619

Didn't Jonah favor a staff? I know you can make him take whatever but I recall him with a staff by default

>> No.71281623

>Dead Men Walking.
Some retard at my LGS read that book and complained non-stop that they ran away/retreated from Necrons in that book and that it's not lore friendly and that they all should have just suicidally died en masse and it drives me insane. I fucking hate stupid dumb fuck retards who haven't even bothered to read the Vraks campaign books spouting this shit THEYRE NOT ZOMBIES OR ROBOTS THEY ARE LITERALLY NORMAL ALBEIT INTROVERTED AND DOUR HUMAN BEINGS WHO ARE JUST MORE DEDICATED TO THEIR JOB (being a guardsmen) THAN NORMAL REEEEEEEEEEE THEY LITERALLY RUN IN HORROR FROM BERZERKERS IN THE VRAKS BOOKS READ THEIR FUCKING CAMPAIGN BOOKS INSTEAD OF JUST REPEATING STUPID SHIT RETARDS GET OFF THEIR SUMMARY ON THE WIKI

>> No.71281625

>Yes because you ignore every instance of it not being true
that right there is a strawman
You lack the ability to recognize basic patterns. Tournament players are the minority in every game, that doesn't change how they can shape a community to cater to them.
If GW find out how much kids love esports, it's all over.

>> No.71281630

Yeah but primaris librarians can't take a staff for some retarded reason.

>> No.71281632

Any reason to ever take automated sentries instead of heavy weapon teams with Guardsmen? I like the models for them but not sure if they're worth it.

>> No.71281633

Overwatch against units that fall back
+1 to armour save to unit that was previously in combat that a unit fell back from until end of opponents next shoot phase

>> No.71281636

Not what I said but ok sure thing anon

>> No.71281647

>You lack the ability to recognize basic patterns.
that right there is a strawman

>> No.71281649

>why exclude half of humanity

Why include it?

>> No.71281658

You have the models and want to use them.

Just like half the models I have...

>> No.71281661

na that's clearly an insult

>> No.71281668

Either this >>71281516 or something like 'melee overwatch' where one unit gets to make all their swings, but only hits on 6s.

>> No.71281680

so it's ad hominem

>> No.71281704

Pretty sure GW makes far more from hobbyists than it does from players.

>> No.71281715

Yes and it's blatantly an ad hominem. No one actually thinks he lacks a basic skill that is needed to function in life let alone type words.
context is important anon

>> No.71281723

I just like playing Isengard. Reminds me of 2002-2003.

>> No.71281726

That's the assumption GW worked on for years and which lead to WHFB failing financially.

>> No.71281732

i honestly dont get what was so wrong with the old version of
>you got fucked and are locked in melee? tough tits, either win or die

>oh but muh eldar jetbikes, white scars bikes, and genestealer rushes
thats clearly an issue with the units rules interactions, not with the combat itself and can be changed to suit the new system better

>> No.71281735

>If GW find out how much kids love esports, it's all over
Except no.

First of all, GW has split the game into the three game modes (matched/open/narrative). So since the beginning of the edition they've already acknowledged that not everyone plays the game for the same reasons. For whatever reason despite that the community has insisted on accepting Matched as default but that's an aside. They already new people play tournaments.
Second, this isn't the first edition people have been doing tournaments and tournaments aren't being done in some kind of different way than before. What is different is that GW is actively making an effort to update and balance rules as they go, as opposed to previous editions.
Third, speaking to rules, variety has gone up overall since the index days. Yes some specific options are gone but it is a net gain.

Unless you actively play with WAACfags there is no reason to be obsessed with your boogeyman. What they do in their own communities is their own problem.

>> No.71281737

With the amount of rulebooks being churned out, and the tendency to buy the latest OP stuff before moving on again, I think players are way more profitable than hobbyists.

>> No.71281738

Rad, they're one of my favourite loyalists and I always ran AdMech with Stygies

>> No.71281747

>t. Kirby
most people that buy the models play the game, its a known fact and any other statement is just plain wrong

>> No.71281751

you've never actually talked with a store owner, have you?

the people who follow the meta hit up the second-hand market, which GW doesn't make a penny off of.

>> No.71281753

Yeah but you could have just modeled him with it.

>> No.71281754

Because it isn't on their sprue. Customisation is bad for children that play 8th. Stop being a fool and wanting options. Here are three. This is your wargear now. Isn't that much easier? No more wargear page(s) to worry about.

>> No.71281759
File: 17 KB, 400x277, oIsvFctr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71281782
File: 138 KB, 768x1024, 1582780108933m.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's a unit you have and use that is either not the best, or is downright garbage, but to like to use anyways?

>> No.71281789

nigger, a good 2/3 of the people on this board don't even play the game.

I'm going to be picking up some exalted sorcerers for my TSons in the next few months. As I play I'm also hoping to pick up some 'gifted' bits from the armies I face.

I'm intending to give him probably a staff from the exalted sorc kit, but put it on the model rather than equipping him with it.

I get that, but why not put a staff and a sword on the sprue?

>> No.71281800

Redemptor dread and terminators

>> No.71281805

I think the issue is that it offers very little counterplay and makes things swing too much in one direction. Having melee be a total lockdown just meant that GW couldn't give melee armies many fast units that could get into melee easily without just giving them a way to shut down any shooting unit.

Far better to make melee units better at getting a charge off and actually doing something in exchange for letting the remnants of the unit scamper away, instead of having it be impossible to get into melee unless you use a cheese strat

>> No.71281807
File: 3.17 MB, 5312x2988, 20190226_190101.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>GSC Locus
>Drukhari hellions
>guard veterans+chimeras(I play armageddon)
>tyranid melee carnifexes I play an entire melee carnifex list

>> No.71281811

Your idea is bad and you should feel bad.
0/10. Fuck femarines.

>> No.71281822

I think you got that the wrong way around. The most competitive players are the source of the second-hand market, because they have no use for what isn't meta. Also a lot of the newly released stuff that is broken isn't readily available second hand until some time has passed.
Most stuff gets bought up by poorfags and hobbyists looking for a good deal.

>> No.71281825

based https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Afw8e-abVa8

>> No.71281829
File: 137 KB, 565x622, __chaos_daemonette_and_slaanesh_warhammer_40k__838c9bde2e202eec3026e5d778610181.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>nigger, a good 2/3 of the people on this board don't even play the game.
I just like building the models and reading the fluff
please no bully

>> No.71281833

Chaos spawn

>> No.71281838
File: 83 KB, 1000x1000, 2AE80994-4C8A-4F5E-A955-1F10DCFE1655.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

When is GW releasing the rest of the sisters of battle line? It feels like it’s been 6 months.

>> No.71281844

>linking to a comment about isengard
>"That video better be 'they're taking the hobbits to isengard!"
>It's not

>> No.71281845

You double your recruitment pool?

>> No.71281847
File: 631 KB, 1920x1376, stanton-feng-regent-s-shadow.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Buy it dude, Chris Wraight is one of BL's better authors and worth supporting.

>> No.71281854

It's been 3 since the army box and I believe 2 since the first wave of multiparts

>> No.71281855

The entire Ork army

>> No.71281856

okay I have a question, why build female space marines? what benifit does a female marine provide that a male version can't?

>> No.71281861

Dark Angels are traditionally shooty with Deathwing and ravenwing for cc.

>> No.71281864

nah, anon, you're fine. You're just perfectly exemplifying my point.

>> No.71281868

Well we saw Fierros what, 9 months before we got him?

>> No.71281869

Serious question. How do you even do narrative stuff with pick-up games? Everyone wants to play matched play at the store. If you're not battle forged you're retarded. If you're not playing points you're retarded. If you're not a WAACfag you're not going to have a fun time. If you don't use a netlist same. All it is is fucking netlists and competition. AAAAAAAAAAAA I never used to have to deal with this. We'd just play. Then the club broke up.

>> No.71281873

Don't respond to coomers

>> No.71281879

Usually the answer is that it allows people to make more marines, but marines have ways been restricted more by administration than a pool of viable recruits

>> No.71281881
File: 535 KB, 580x580, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71281885

It's not about providing something the other can't, it's about doubling your limited recruitment pool.

>> No.71281886
File: 59 KB, 846x960, 88183230_10158362778988939_3490458361692946432_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dont really care, just wanted a female space marine

How so? Female SM are the most requested thing on facebook pages. You're going to see a lot more of them desu.


I wanted them big, I want to keep the SM proportions as much as possible with it still being noticible feminine.

Double the amount of Space Marines

>> No.71281887


>> No.71281894

Black Library is trash. Only Watson knows 40k.

>> No.71281904

Lootas are still good. If you’re lucky.

>> No.71281907

So I'm new to Space Marines, wouldn't they lose doctrines/chapter rules for being souped?

>> No.71281922
File: 71 KB, 872x960, 88138275_10158362778933939_8923011427518644224_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why not? Its my army and I want female marines. They look cool and its fucking 2020, think how many people would join the hobby if they could make their army look like them? I see this all the time. Go on Facebook and you'll see hordes of people asking for female marines. Pretty inevitable if you ask me.

>> No.71281926
File: 1.06 MB, 1280x720, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>put thousand sons bits on a SoB
>call them word bearers CSM
>"But facebook"

>> No.71281931

>Hey man, you want to try a narrative scenario?
>Uh... I usually just play matched.
>You ever tried any of the narratives? A lot of them are pretty fun man.
>(most likely) No.
>Well I like [narrative you like], because [reasons you like it], but if that doesn't sound good, we can try another one. What do you think?

I get a yes like 75% of the time, and with people who do say yes, they want to do another narrative 95% of the time, and then you can start adding in open play elements, keeping track of characters and squad experience, and when people see it, they want in too. And that's the story of how I accidentally stated my shop's first store-wide campaign, a war between Genestealer Cults and Necrons, mostly fought by space marines.

>> No.71281936

You lose Doctrine and Super Doctrine but not chapter tactic so long as they are battle forged.

>> No.71281945

They would lose their doctrines.

>> No.71281949

I usually talk to my opponent and ask if they'd like to try some narrative stuff out

>> No.71281963

Reminder that this is bait and you don't need to seriously respond

Uhm it's a SoS sweetie

>> No.71281964


>> No.71281966

We have sisters of battle, dude.

>> No.71281967
File: 914 KB, 805x1164, 1548708120858.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71281968

Looks pretty cool my mad, although the paint job is a little basic. I think a couple small details like edge highlighting up the iron color on the armor up to runefang steel (or equiv) along with picking out the "arms" on the backpack in a color other than red would help. Also what's the deal with the helmet? Nothing wrong with it I guess, jsut can't tell what you were going for.

>> No.71281976

Aesthetically, I don't like how large the backpack and pauldrons are compared to the rest of the model. Narratively, I don't like the idea of female space marines. Not because of any ideas of "men only", but because I dislike retcons. A retcon designed to force diversity into a faction that narratively cant have women in it is even worse. Retcons are objectively horrible.

>> No.71281979

Cool doctrines are lame anyways. Out of curiosity, aren't ravenguard more shooting oriented since they get benefits for being far away?

>> No.71281983

fair, but it amounts to the same goddamn thing.

also forgot
>lazily painted, basecoat+wash, and a couple contrast paints

>> No.71281997

damn, that's a great mini

>> No.71281998

I just don't get the inexplicable use of thousand sons parts for a word bearer

>> No.71282009
File: 24 KB, 480x311, 1583150855393.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What a trash tier opinion, anon. I genuinely feel sorry for you.

>> No.71282011

Their stratagems are more focused toward ambushing and deep strike so folks tend to bring mid or short range shooting weapons since you can strike them anywhere.

>> No.71282025

Does narrative use stratagems and that? How does battle forged work?

>> No.71282035

Booo. Watson didn't even write 40k, read his other books, he was just writing the same old shit he always did with a mild 40k overtone.

>> No.71282040

I'm currently building a Telemon and I know I'm going to play this fucker no matter what.

>> No.71282041
File: 23 KB, 640x423, bttcynz_d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're wrong. Now you're degenitaled for being wrong.

>> No.71282054

Huh. Wouldn't it make sense to run monofaction then since they have things that are good for both?

>> No.71282064

My Thunderbolt air detachment and/or Guard Superheavy fliers.

>> No.71282067

It works the exact same way matched works, with the occasional exception based on the scenario.

>> No.71282080

Tzeentch mark, if I had to guess

>> No.71282091
File: 549 KB, 491x537, 1580833334034.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It baffles me how readily people in this general bite low-effort bait. Is there something about 40k that prevents people from thinking and breathing at the same time?

>> No.71282093

They arent Space Marines, dont have access to the same stuff Space Marines do, and aren't the protagonists of the setting. Why should women be excluded from that?

Thanks man, I wanted a more feminine and narrow helmet

Not really a retcon. Space Marines were seen as the Emperor perfection, yet Cawl improved on it. If you have a problem, you dont actually care about the fluff. Fuck Bile has female Space Marines, in the Iron Warriors novel a women kills and wears the armour of a beserker iron warrior and becomes a daemon in the armour.

>> No.71282097

Has less restrictions, some strats work differently. Narrative missions and warzones have unique strats. Deepstrike limitations, datasheet limits, psychic limits all arent there.

>> No.71282102

What a whiny bitch.

>> No.71282126

Quality bait, ugly model

>> No.71282129

I just want this model desu... I don't even play.

>> No.71282130

Most times I’ve seen Ravengaurd they were using it it to ambush units like Cents (prenerf) into position to hit you turn one. Or they mix with white scars to one-two punch. Never really seen them go long range shooting but that may be because people were riding the broken combos with them.

>> No.71282173

Awesome. When’s Darren gonna upload his sculpts for free?

>> No.71282190

It's because there isn't any actually interesting game or lore to talk about. Anybody can figure out that you need to stack special rules on your best unit to win. The nulore is more brain dead than even the worst fanfic. What is there to discuss? Nothing but bait.

>> No.71282193

I like to chat, and bait tends to be the best way to get some chat going.

I only avoid it when it's unrelated to 40k

>> No.71282236
File: 54 KB, 453x230, 1B6F6C11-2D91-4469-A3FC-D02CE0241BF4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What’s the most convoluted nonsense lore in the 40k setting?

>> No.71282243


>> No.71282248

Ugh you're not even doing it right. You could've said it was Cyrene, or just some lady in power armour like that one who's with Bile.

>> No.71282251
File: 125 KB, 800x3000, 1582773768772.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tau survival.

>> No.71282254

What's the use of IG veteran squads?

>> No.71282264

>slaanesh was birthed by the eldar after millenia of hedonism of excess
>this happened about 12,000 years prior to the 41st millenium
>but chaos is fucky
>once something chaos exists, it always existed
>so slaanesh has always existed, and thus was tempting the eldar into their fall
>and slaanesh daemons had a role in the war between the old ones and necrontyr
>before being birthed and tearing open the anus in the universe

>> No.71282269

I love the one that turns Autoguns into Shotguns... something that neophyte already have

>> No.71282285

I hope you get curb stomped by every faction.

>> No.71282286


I actually quite like what Wraight did with Primaris Marines in "The Regent's Shadow". Now I normally hate Primaris fluff but he approached them from an interesting perspective.

Instead of Primaris Marines being introduced with a big showy reveal, Valerian almost accidentally bumps into one during a heretic-cleansing operation. He looks across a devastated room and sees a Marine with odd-looking armour that doesn't conform to any pattern he knows, then he reflects in the text, "that was the first time I saw a Primaris Marine". The Primaris is presented as something intriguing, and the text is suggestive of future potential of adventures yet untold.

Also, Valerian literally blows one of their heads off later on in the book when he fights the Minotaurs and grins that maybe they ain't all that.

>> No.71282296

Yeah, this has always been fucking stupid to me

>> No.71282302

You bitched and moaned and Marines got a nerf. No more shit talk.

>> No.71282303
File: 2.34 MB, 498x268, laputa.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are there any nice Necrons that just want to hang out on comfy garden worlds in peace?

>> No.71282323

The Imperium isn't short of recruits

Lack of aspirants isn't the bottleneck on space marine production

Demonstrably false

>> No.71282344

The paldrons, powerpack and the boots look ridiculously oversized with those arms and torso, check third party bits makers for a torso and just use regular chaos marine arms
You did do a pretty good job attaching the lower legs but I still think they look silly

>> No.71282359


>> No.71282360
File: 122 KB, 720x960, Shadowtits.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Added some tits to my Shadowsun. Fuck it, looks cool.

>> No.71282366

>T'au view space marine augments as crude and primitive
>Current T'au are hopped up on super-organs and are still shit at anything but shooting

>> No.71282384


>> No.71282385

>2 tits
>not 4
>no udder

>> No.71282388

Looks nice

>> No.71282399

I see you went with c cups, a man of taste.

>> No.71282405

Stay mad hater.

>> No.71282406


>> No.71282428

Theyre cool

>> No.71282435
File: 127 KB, 650x822, BLPROCESSED-Severed-Cover.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


"Severed" by Nate Crowley has something like that. A senile Necron Lord doesn't realise he's a robot and still acts as though he's mucking about with his school chums making mischief among the reeds and rivers of not!Egypt.

>> No.71282452


I mean, how many things that actually threaten their extinction have they come up against so far?

Galaxy big.

>> No.71282461

Tyranids kind of.

>> No.71282494

Use them if you want to anon.

>> No.71282505

Female marines would be a massive change to the continuity and would go against the original canon design limitations. That being said, female marines would look just like regular ones. You would only be able to tell if you saw one naked below the belt. Go look at a body builder without any implants and scale it up a few notches.

Retcons are tools of a poor writer. Cawl, Retcrons, primaris, advancing the setting 100 years with a hand-wave... its all just novice work that leaves plot holes everywhere.

>> No.71282506

Neighboring Tyranids, a half-hearted Imperium crusade, some smallish Ork WAAAGGGHHH!s. And the Death Guard legion which just kind of disappeared.

>> No.71282507


To my understanding they’ve never taken the full force of a major hive fleet, and both full scale imperial invasions stalled out when resources were needed somewhere more important (with the tau arguably doing too well during the interim, but that’s an issue of bad writing in the specifics, not the broader idea of holding out until humans find something better to do).

>> No.71282521


Did they try to negotiate with the hive mind?

>> No.71282555


>Etherial pheromones work on tyranids
>A hexillion bugs spread the greater good across the galaxy

>> No.71282562


>blood crimson and the color of a moonlit sky is "goody two shoes capeshit" colors

>> No.71282564

And yet the entire thread is arguing over rules and WAAC/CAAC

>> No.71282565

This, Tau definately punch well above their weight but they're not insane - plenty of other alien empires have been stuck in the Imperiums teeth for millenia. Hrud models fucking when

>> No.71282577
File: 182 KB, 975x1390, skeleton-sleeping-A4AKN8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Comfy. I don't want all robots to be eternally buttmad. You can still have a good time as an immortal metal skeleton.

>> No.71282584

even if they have tackled a full hive fleet, the fleets are just vanguard 'tendrils' from the actual organism so could be very small fleets of almost no consequence.

>> No.71282585


Thing is, other than pissing a subset of the community off, female marines would be a much smaller retcon/bullshit insertion than a lot of modern fluff elements.

Really when you take out fertility and add in a laundry list of superhuman gene modification organs... The difference between genders becomes purely aesthetic.

>> No.71282586

Alright lads, I've been gone for about a year now. What have I missed?

>> No.71282587

Crunchwise, what's the difference between autoguns and lasguns? Am I missing something? They have the same stats, am I reading outdated information?

>> No.71282603

>Hrud models fucking when
When GW pulls their heads out of their asses and turn them back into spacerats.

>> No.71282604

Serious question. Would you be ok with female marines if they had always existed in the fluff?

>> No.71282605

Aren't Lasguns s3?

>> No.71282608

I'm still miffed about the DG cock-tease. If you removed half the things they did just in the codex and picked one from the other half, its an extinction-level event for the T'''''''''au. GW just cant do it because of how many people play the faction. It would have been more healthy for the game to speed bump over the T''''''''''''''au than it was to tear the galaxy in half and have Abbadabbadoo keep failing repeatedly.

>> No.71282610

>space marines are bipedal tanks worth 1000 regular soldiers
>dies to lasguns

>> No.71282611


The short lived period where Iron Hands marines completely dominated the meta to 7th Ed eldar levels of hyper-brokenness.

>> No.71282612

>take plastic sister
>add chaos and slaaneshi thingies
>sculpt or add a tentacle for tongue

>> No.71282631 [SPOILER] 
File: 185 KB, 1080x1236, 1583273492433.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Post Dark Angels.

>> No.71282635

Misters of Battle.

>> No.71282637

Yeah, and aren't autoguns too? Or did I read that wrong

>> No.71282640

Sure, I just hope they never get placed in boxes with male marines.

>> No.71282641

Oh you

>> No.71282644


None, you can basically use them interchangeably.

>> No.71282649


Well, the only real reason Death Guard are such an issue are their plagues. As far as face to face threats go, individual crisis suits are more dangerous than individual plague marines and a hunter cadre ought to significantly outnumber a warband.

>> No.71282656


No difference.


They are exactly the same.

>> No.71282658
File: 1.91 MB, 4096x3072, IMG_20200303_161215451.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71282667

Though I wish he could have fun while still realizing he was a robot. Only being happy when insane is pretty sad.

>> No.71282671

Necron logic makes no sense to me

>Be Necrontyr
>Die at the ripe old age of 30
>Be jealous of Eldar
>Strike deal with a god to become immortal
>Fight Eldar
>Get bitch slapped by Eldar
>Go to sleep with the idea to reawaken in the future because apparently the immortal undying Eldar would die out?
>Reawaken with less forces than you began with

Like, what exactly did they hope to achieve by going to sleep?

>> No.71282675


I think lingering will is technically... a nobody without a body???

Cum Guardian is terra’s heartless regardless.

>> No.71282685

The Death Guard are at legion strength, and far outpace the durability of a standard marine. There's no doubt in my mind that the DG would absolutely body the entirety of the Tau.

>> No.71282688

If only she was white and had a body like that

>> No.71282695

They were depressed and needed an excuse for nap time

>> No.71282696

It's a relic from the old fluff. As it is now it is retarded.

>> No.71282707


Oh wow you missed a lot of details there.

The eldar were merely a created slave race of the old ones, just like the Orks.

And the Necrons won, they made the old ones extinct. They went to sleep because of the Enslaver Plague.

>> No.71282708

>gender becomes purely aesthetic
all the more reason not to make girl marines, since the marine aesthetic boils down to a monastic brotherhood (and there are already two power-armored sisterhoods in the setting)

>> No.71282718

They fought off a splinter but literally everyone has done that. Plus Tyranids suck and haven't actually wiped out a whole race

Taus survival is fine. Xenos races can be hard to truly exterminate, especially on the fringe of Imperial controlled space. Hrud are still kicking. The only dofference between the various super dangerous xenos that are lingering around and the Tau is the Tau actually have a model line, otherwise they aren't unique

>> No.71282723
File: 31 KB, 340x481, Initiation_BT.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Did Dorn see the Emperor's light before the end?

>> No.71282729


Yeah, but who said anything about the entire legion invading at once?

Plus, even a legion is only what, ten thousand marines? That’s not exactly a big force.

>> No.71282736

I just want my bodybuilded waifus, okay

>> No.71282739

There would not be any aesthetic difference between male and female space marines unless you modeled one naked. Its chemistry. There would be no feminine physical traits left, just slabs of muscle, a chiseled jaw line, and lots of facial hair. Perhaps an occasional joke from the apothecary about a marine suffering from an "axe wound".

>> No.71282741

I know who she is and she's trans.

>> No.71282748

you sound like a faggot

>> No.71282760

How do you guys save money on 40k? Do apps like honey work for this hobby? Do you find vouchers/sales yourself? If so how? Thanks for helping me save shekels I'll need later.

>> No.71282770 [SPOILER] 
File: 29 KB, 640x480, 1583274011518.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


At the end of the book it's strongly implied that it's a case of pic related, so that could well be true.

>> No.71282773

It's a cool gal, disregard fags

>> No.71282783

Ebay and recasters. Only time I buy direct is when I play at a store

>> No.71282786

A legion is much larger than 10,000. Which is still more than enough to risk destroying the T'au Empire, especially when factoring in additional chaos forces. The fleet is also shown to the Tau in the short story and he describes it as the largest fleet he's ever seen, basically blanketing the horizon.

>> No.71282793

I missed a reply, but a legion is around 50k to 100k marines. The main issue is that the Death Guard diseases and toxins are not only mundane in nature. In the short story, just mentioning the name of Nurgle (who they are unfamiliar with) caused lights to flicker. The T'''''''''au would be completely unprepared to face that sort of a threat.

>> No.71282795

A legion was around 100-200K with the ultramarines having 200K.

>> No.71282805

Trick question, I don't.

Warhammer is expensive if you go into it all at once. If you limit yourself to a box a month it's 20-40 here or there.

>> No.71282821

Ramshackle cavalcade of traitor guardsmen, survivors from a system wide independence movement, a bunch of chaos cults, and other disparate rogues sharing an ancient space station built on a moon in a 'literally who' system

Started off with just the separatists but other groups would stumble onto it without the numbers to take it from each other. After a thousand years of a ten way Mexican standoff they've moved to living in mutual cooperation and existence, and work together when raiding, oirating, trading, and merccing in the sector

It's essentially a way to run multiple visually distinct regiments and forgeworlds and chapters - and chapters if I ever feel like Marines - without being an imperial fag or that jackass that has a separate regiment doctrine for each of his cadian looking detachments

Pretty cool my dude, I like it. The chapter master but not really part is a good touch

>> No.71282858

Cool, anything else?

>> No.71282878 [SPOILER] 
File: 1.24 MB, 720x720, 1583274485699.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71282879

Whats the chaos equivalent of salamanders? marines who are unusually nice towards people below them

>> No.71282894

it turns them into *shitty* shotguns since theyre still s3

>> No.71282898
File: 216 KB, 866x1390, 2ADWAMH.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Based. The other Necron lords don't know what they are missing.

>> No.71282913

>thinking this shitty board is indicative of the entire fan base

>> No.71282917

Any nurgle sect that isn't Death Guard.

>> No.71282918


I agree that the diseases are the main problem, I was just trying to point out the power armour alone probably isn’t an extinction threat against Tau given that yeah, they’re a small faction, but they A: Can deploy suits that outclass power armour in higher numbers than marines can field their troops and B: Tau prefer hyper mobile hit and run tactics that don’t try to hold ground, which is probably the most infuriating counter to marines.

I’d happily agree that the marines have the skill edge, but that’s not really enough when you’re outnumbered and technologically outclassed at the same time. Even basic pulse rifles are deadlier than a bolter.

>> No.71282931


Thousand sons probably counted for this in the brief window between their fall and becoming rubrics.

>> No.71282934

>Only being happy when insane is pretty sad.
Welcome to the real world

>> No.71282936

its just so conceptually bad i dont even know how to start to make it good

>> No.71282949
File: 341 KB, 820x770, 1aaa111.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Blood Gorgons.

Their Serf/Slaves actually fought to free them from a bunch of Nurgle Marines.

>> No.71282965

>worm cape
you literally couldnt make this worse if you tried

>> No.71282973

Even now Thousand Sons tend to treat their subjects better than other CSM forces, even if it tends towards being more out of efficiency rather than consideration. Though I like to imagine a lot of the sorcerers have a kind of reluctant care for those who serve them. A kind of "It's not like I care about you"

>> No.71282974

Alpha Legion use civilian cells and rebels/cultists a lot, they're still meatshields but at least they aren't being mass slaughtered.
Word Bearers might try keeping a population of loyal worshippers on hand, though I don't know any good examples off the top of my head.
Iron Warriors use a lot of slaves, mercenaries, renegade regiments etc, but usually they're very much the first wave of fodder rather than integrated units.

>> No.71282978

Create a stat line for the Silent King

>> No.71282996

>cawl improved on them
adding 3 already existing organs and using a Frankenstein armor combining 3 of the older generations is hardly improving
>Fabius has femarines
stop this delusion, he mentioned the idea of them in passing in one page of a forgettable book and thats it

>> No.71283002

I think some of the spire guard is treated with very regard, dunno if they're equals but I think I remember some 1K Sons talking to them pretty cordially. Granted Spireguard aren't bog standard retards.

>> No.71283014

i just like to stir the pot with low effort reeing to shit up the general more

>> No.71283016

The short story for Psychic Awakening with the sorcerer and his Tzaangor buddy was also pretty fun.

>> No.71283018

That's because muh always existed didn't exist before ADB

>> No.71283020


Combine the best stats of an overlord and a triarch praetorian, add an extra point of S, T and a few wounds to represent his body being the magnificent pinnacle of biotransference, upgrade his buff aura, give him some bullshit weapon.

>> No.71283023

I disagree on some of this about the Tau, but instead of just devolving into arguing, I'll say some other stuff's got to be factored in.

Like the fact that normally the Death Guard shrugs off even tanks to continue their advance. And for something like an SM legion it's less going to the enemy from point to point, it's more like they go through you. Not to mention the allies of the CSMs is much higher quality I.E daemons and by all means endless.

>> No.71283037

Fabious did actually make 1 Femarine. But even Slaanesh was disturbed by 'it' and basically everyone told Bile to make it btfo.

>> No.71283045

I will remind you all that even pre-fall the Thousand Sons treated mortals like garbage, if the HH series is to be believed? Burning people alive to listen for prophecy in their screams? Overriding people's free will to make sleeper agents as a matter of course? Abducting scholars from enemies and their own imperial allies to learn what they know? These are not the actions of nice guys.

>> No.71283046
File: 54 KB, 230x192, 1500701598092.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's sad to see you got so many replies with this trash bait. Didn't even use an original pic baka

>> No.71283053

>Whats the chaos equivalent of salamanders?
The Pyre and the Dragon Warr-
Thousand Sons, judging by the fluff about how they treat tzaangors well.

>> No.71283080
File: 48 KB, 452x509, Children_of_Purgatos_Renegade.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>caring about people


>> No.71283084


To be fair, why would I have read heresy novels in that kind of detail? I was just going by their completely unwilling descent into chaos by virtue of Tzeentch conning their dumbass cyclops dad.

>> No.71283086

>reading horus heresy
>thousand sons were the true furries all along

>> No.71283088

>But even Slaanesh was disturbed by 'it' and basically everyone told Bile to make it btfo.
Very OOC

>> No.71283091

Ans Vulkan liked burning little kids. Nobody has an absolutely clean track record.

>Also it wasn't actively burning somebody, but rather removing the psychic dampeners in hopes of hearing a prophecy. Which resulted in the warp burning out the person in question.

>> No.71283096
File: 694 KB, 505x571, A, Token.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy shit, the Short Story is called Beyond the Startide Nexus, just fucking excerpt it at this fucking point.

>‘I have to make this short. Despite the traumatic events our brothers and sisters of the Fourth Sphere fleets have suffered through, as soon as we reunited we began the Expansion of the Fifth Sphere in earnest. Soon we established new colonies on worlds we wrested from the grip of Be’gel, Gue’la and Y’he. However, each time we met the Gue’la in combat, the survivors of the Fourth Sphere committed atrocities far beyond every necessity of war. It was… problematic. Unfortunately, further interrogations into the cause of these troubling actions had to wait. We have recently come under attack by a new foe. Our enemy seems to be of Gue’la nature, but nothing like we have encountered before.’ The face of the famous T’au Commander looked haunted for a moment. ‘They call themselves the Death Guard, and we have learned that they do so rightfully.’

>The hologram now showed a group of warriors, clad in heavy armour and advancing through thick fog. They looked not unlike the Gue’ron’sha – the Space Marines – but they seemed bloated and repulsive. As O’yeldi’nar and Ui’vas’ka watched, they opened fire with their primitive bolters, gunning down a group of Gue’vesa. Every booming shot they fired somehow sounded… wet. Inexorably, the warriors advanced, crunching stones and corpses underneath their mutated feet.

>‘The Imperium might shun the teachings of the Greater Good, and they might be primitive and barbaric,’ Shadowsun continued, ‘but these Humans are not part of the Imperium. They are worse. In the congenital greed for power that plagues all their kind, they formed a terrible alliance.’

>> No.71283098

Make him weak and decrepit, but with a metric shitton of activatable commands, auras, resurrects, not!Psychic Powers, etc. He doesn't even need to be in the firing line, his mere presence turns the game into a desperate assassination run before the enemy is overrun in resurrection roulette.

>> No.71283105

Armor, equipment, and experience weren't even in my equations. I am speaking purely from the position of the warp fuckery they bring with them by default. It is mostly the fault of the tabletop crunch that you believe the guerrilla tactics, advanced technology, and suits could allow the T''''''''''au to survive an encounter with the DG. For argument's sake, lets use the hit and run tactic you brought up. Just being in range to "hit" the DG with a ranged weapon puts them in contact with contagions the T'''''''au have not been exposed to before. The Dark Imperium handled this pretty well. Even a prepared populace has a lot of difficulty dealing with the fallout when they *win* against the DG.

Imagine the corona virus in China... Now imagine it fully airborne and turns you into contagious zombies that shit nurglings. That would be getting off easy. Read some of the little historical entries in the DG codex for more dangerous possibilities.

>> No.71283107

>Vulkan liked burning little kids

>> No.71283113

Fire fetishist.

>> No.71283117
File: 173 KB, 1052x1047, 40k, Daemon, Nurgle, Great Unclean One.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The hologram switched to show a revolting mound of putrid flesh with a grinning face and splintered horns. Immediately, the quality of the picture dropped noticeably. The creature swung a rusty blade and cut a Crisis Battlesuit in half. Another Shas’ui attacked with his burst cannons. The blubbering skin of the monstrous figure caved in, only to reveal a horde of smaller beasts, cackling and spilling forth to bury the T’au underneath their mass. The Shas’ui screamed, but his voice did not come from the speakers. It seemed to be resounding everywhere on the Glimmerstar’s bridge at once. The lights flickered and the hologram abruptly vanished.

>The scream seemed to linger for a moment.

>O’yeldi’nar and Ui’vas’ka looked at each other and said nothing. A similar thing had happened the first time they had watched the message, but the screams of the dying were somehow different this time. It almost seemed as if they were… closer. Neither of them understood, and neither of them dared to try.

>Moments later, the hologram came back to life as if nothing had happened. It now showed a starkly reddish nebula between flickering stars.

>When O’yeldi’nar looked up, he could see a similar, off-putting nebula outside the ion shielded and reinforced cupola of the Glimmerstar’s bridge. Similar, yet far away from where the message had been recorded. It was the Startide Nexus – Commander Silverwing and his fleet were part of the heavily armed T’au garrison on this side of it, the Zone of Silence. The message had come from the other side. With all of the information he had about the Nexus, O’yeldi’nar wondered how the messenger drone had even survived the dangerous crossing.

>The hologram now showed a T’au fleet coming into view. By the look of it, the ships had been through several engagements, showing scorch marks and improvised repairs.

>> No.71283122


Meh, going by his appearance in some blood angels stuff he towers over other necron lords and has a non-skeletal appearance because his body was the absolute finest craftsmanship of the necrontyr.

>> No.71283123

At least biotransference wont make anything worse.

>> No.71283129
File: 99 KB, 514x640, 1581622460642.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do you bros think that there's ever gonna be single model releases for most of the traitor legions in 40k, similar to the Death Guard and Thousand Sons? Especially Emperor's Children, they seem to be ignored for the most part.

>> No.71283130

A 'burning' desire to exact revenge because some Eldar attack on evacuating people or something

>> No.71283139

might be reference to the time he actively hunted down and exterminated Eldar children for the purposes of human pride.

>> No.71283142
File: 121 KB, 800x1245, 40k, Space Marine, Chaos, Death Guard.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>‘These Gue’la cannot be reasoned or bargained with.’ Shadowsun’s voice returned. ‘Even less so than the rest of their kin. In the same way the Gue’la of the Imperium adhere to their Emperor, these monstrous aliens have turned to the savage worship of a being they call Nurg’hel. It seems they fell victim to a host of maladies whilst simultaneously developing a strange resistance against them, becoming dangerous vectors which must be stopped at all costs.’

>‘Nurg’hel,’ whispered Ui’vas’ka. Again the bridge light of the Glimmerstar flickered ominously. O’yeldi’nar tried to ignore it.

>‘In the past three vek’tar, our troops have met this dangerous foe in numerous engagements,’ Shadowsun continued in the hologram. ‘The warriors of the Death Guard have attacked us on multiple front lines. They are extremely resilient. We are outnumbered. We are outgunned.’

>O’yeldi’nar shook his head in silence as he watched the message. Impossible. This seemed like a desperate acknowledgement of a superior foe. I hope this message arrives in time for you to be warned… these were the words Shadowsun had begun with.

>A warning.

>‘Thus,’ Commander Shadowsun spoke on, ‘I have come to a decision. We cannot stop the Death Guard this side of the Startide Nexus. After dozens of battles, our fleets are too damaged. Our strength has depleted to a point that we cannot halt this incursion any longer, if we still want to secure the expansion of the Nem’yar Atoll. We are now forced to choose, and we choose the latter. We are trusting in you, our comrades beyond the Nexus, to counteract the Death Guard threat.’

>> No.71283149


No no, like I’ve said elsewhere in the reply chains the diseases are absolutely the main problem. Frankly, if you break it down logically the mortal forces of the other three gods are nowhere near the threat level of having to deal with the side effects of a nurgle invasion.

>> No.71283152


>> No.71283156

On the one hand, I would love to see more unique chaos marine minis, but on the other hand, it would possible be released like the SM hero series in Japan like they have done for DG so I would just be blue balled until the eventual US release or pay scalper prices.

>> No.71283158

slaanesh is never going to be a major blip on GW's radar because it isn't child friendly, and appeals to a fraction of adult customers to boot, so it just isn't a good investment of time. As for the other legions, GW probably want them as mortarch books in a fairly long release cycle up to some kind of terra supplement.

>> No.71283179
File: 572 KB, 1920x1374, 1582778680727.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

When DG were removed from the The Greater Good, we lost something that could've been great.

Didn't the Plague Fleet stop short of entering the Startide Nexus and into the heart of the T'au Empire without explanation?

>> No.71283180

Quick question:
I want to build a small Exorcists-force.

How should I play them, rules-wise?

As regular, baseline marines or use the Grey Knights-rules but with different looks?

>> No.71283190
File: 582 KB, 1200x1800, Goblin slayer anyone know when the 5th volume of goblin_d2bbd3_6539029.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pretty reasonable.

>> No.71283200

Xenos kids. Vulkan was kind of an atrocious dick to them.

The thing about him is he's a monster and he knows it. He likes burning people, fighting, and just generally destroying stuff. He knows those aren't necessarily the qualities of a good person. That's why he's so rigid about abiding the Promethean tenets. He doesn't fully trust himself to be a good guy when it comes down to arbitrary decision-making, so he puts his faith to that code of ethics instead.

>> No.71283204

T'au weapon test incoming?

>> No.71283206

>slaanesh is never going to be a major blip on GW's radar because it isn't child friendly

It's funny how people keep saying shit here even after it becomes demonstrably untrue.

>> No.71283219
File: 380 KB, 2500x1600, 40k, Space Marine, Chaos, Death Guard2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Aboard the Glimmerstar, O’yeldi’nar and Ui’vas’ka looked at each other, then up at the void outside their warship. It was empty, apart from their own fleet and the heavily armed space stations of the T’au Empire, guarding this side of the Startide Nexus.

>‘When was this message recorded?’ O’yeldi’nar asked.

>Ui’vas’ka indicated to the time stamp. ‘There is no way of mistaking it, Commander.’

>O’yeldi’nar shook his head. ‘This cannot be right. If it was correct then the enemy fleet would have arrived by now.’

>‘Maybe Shadowsun defeated the Gue’la after all?’ Ui’vas’ka suggested.

>‘There is simply no way that they could have stopped a fleet of that size. Stalled, yes. Defeated? Not even Shadowsun could do it.’ O’yeldi’nar looked warily up at the stars, as if anticipating the appearance of a virulent fleet at any given second. ‘Consider the sheer extent of the Startide Nexus. She simply hasn’t enough ships to stop every enemy vessel from entering.’

>‘We have recently detected growing distortions in the Nexus, Commander. Maybe the enemy fleet was destroyed on its way here,’ Ui’vas’ka offered, ‘in the same way as the Fourth Sphere Expansion fleet. Or maybe the alliance of the Gue’la and their associates has ended and this… this Nur’ghel has attacked them.’

>‘Too uncertain,’ the Commander said, curtly. ‘What if there was some kind of temporal distortion? What if the enemy fleet knows a way out of the Nexus that we don’t?’

>Ui’vas’ka couldn’t answer his questions and stayed silent.

>‘We have to account for Shadowsun’s warning. We have to be prepared. Fleets do not simply vanish,’ O’yeldi’nar said.

>Together, they stared out into the void, which remained unsettlingly empty.

>> No.71283222

You mean more stuff like the Warsmith? There used to be an EC chaos lord model like that. I have it.

>> No.71283224

That's exactly the cock-tease I've been talking about. They don't come through the nexus, a new Shadowsun comes out, and no DG in the book where it would have been logical to include them. We just don't know what happened in the narrative or what happened to the publication.

>> No.71283225

World Eaters is most likely, just because he is more popular and it'd be easy to have a release of Berserker scuplts and a few melee daemon engines to supplement it.

Emperor's Children less so, since Slaanesh tends to get overlooked. If they did a release, it would probably just focus on sonic weaponry entirely and be on the smaller side

>> No.71283226

Baseline marines. Exorcists have none of the wargear GK have, they're just a regular chapter in that regard.

>> No.71283243

It'd be the easiest, I suppose.

Granted, they are a GK-successor chapter (is that still canon?) but they seem to do things differently.

>> No.71283263

>Like, what exactly did they hope to achieve by going to sleep?
All their mortal enemies to fuck off and die.

>> No.71283264

I don't think a small slaanesh release for AoS, in line with all the 2.0 releases or underwhelming even, proves your point.

>> No.71283272

They're still successor, but by all means, besides their 'unusual' recruitment they're a regular chapter.

>> No.71283278


>> No.71283279

When was that ever Canon lmao

>> No.71283281

>Fabious did actually make 1 Femarine
No he didn't.

>> No.71283289

If you mix old lore and new stuff that might be just fake news because Eldar wanna make Crons look bad, then it does make zero sense yes.

>> No.71283298

I just dont really get what makes Mortarian more approachable than Angron as a demon primarch.

>> No.71283307

>M6" Bs2+ Ws2+ S6 T6 W9 A4 Ld10 Sv2+/4++

>giga warscythe
2x strength ap-6 D:3+d3 reroll successful invulns
>giga staff of light
18" assault 3 s7 ap-2 D:3
>reroll hits and wounds for all <dynasty> units within 6"
>add 1 to strength and attack for friendly <praetorian> units within 12"
>must be warlord

>> No.71283312

Yeah. Even if they are still GK successors, they don't operate the same way, since they don't load up on psykers or special wargear. They just happen to be a normal chapter that's a bit better at fighting chaos and daemons. I know in a previous edition they just had their own chapter tactics for the basic marine book, rather than being an alteration to Grey Knights.

>> No.71283318

Heavily implied repeatedly.

>> No.71283328

Headhunted/Heroes of the Space Marines
one of the members of the Kill-Team in the story is an Excorcist and it comes to light, it was a 2009 release.

>> No.71283338

I think it's mentioned in a novel or story?

It's the unusual recruitment that makes them interesting.
I'll take your advice and play them as regular marines.
I should look into ways to make them a bit better adapted to fight chaos/daemons, just for flavour.

>> No.71283343

Use the build-a-chapter stuff in the new marine book, but add some bits from GK kits for your Exorcists to more heavily imply their lineage and because the GK spears look great on marines

>> No.71283350


Either way, I find their fluff hella cool.

>> No.71283364

I just want to play Flayed Ones and Monoliths.

>> No.71283367

Sorry, I was thinking of his daughter Melusine.

>> No.71283375

>Do you bros think that there's ever gonna be single model releases for most of the traitor legions in 40k

Yeah but it's always been 4 or fewer non-Space Marines 40K releases per year and we know some of those will go to Sisters of Battle and Orks. It's hard to see where they will fit in the current release schedule. Over the course of decades I am sure they will get around to it but GW basically develops these products years ahead of time and only puts them into production as their schedule dictates. If they made plastic Noise Marines tomorrow we might not see them for 4 years.

>> No.71283377

Whelp. Every terminator fanboy is going to be spamming GK now that their top tier monobuild has 20 of the fuckers.

>> No.71283381

Good thinking!

>> No.71283383

In terms of chapter tactics, Preferred enemy (Heretic Astartes) and Warded would probably suit them well. The first is more for fluff since it just helps in melee, and the latter is good against psykers and some chaos lists.

>> No.71283406

Post list or gtfo

>> No.71283410

BA vanguard veterans with all melta pistols.

>> No.71283426
File: 128 KB, 720x1080, 9F85F12E-5A54-4E9C-B4A3-2458743CF636.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is it known when and why most traitor legions changed their colours?
I know that the Luna Wolves/Sons of Horus and the Word Bearers changed their colours before the heresy, with the former changing it again when they became the Black Legion, and I think the blue of the Thousand Sons isn’t meant to be the colour of the whole legion, just of Ahriman and the guys that were “expelled” with him, but what about the others?
Why and when did the Emperor’s Children go from purple and gold to black and purple/pink, for example!

>> No.71283427

>small slaanesh release for AoS

Bitch who do you think is going to fall for that? Just apologise and move on.

>> No.71283431

Done and done.

I dread freehanding those horned-skull markings but, hey. Practice makes perfect, right?

>> No.71283436

>no living metal

>> No.71283440

The other two cult legions will get books and models once they decide to refresh the ranges. Don't hold your breath for the rest aside from Black Legion though. Instead they just seem to be aligning them with the various specialist squads (Posessed, Raptors, Oblits, Chosen/Cultists) as their de facto reps.

>> No.71283443

Different guy, but I'm curious. How many chaos players do you folks encounter and do they bring actual astartes lists or just cultists and the other popular models?

>> No.71283450

You could look for printing your own decals

>> No.71283451

I love starting a new army based entirely on short-lived tournament trends.

>> No.71283455

>Why and when did the Emperor’s Children go from purple and gold to black and purple/pink, for example!
I read an excerpt from a book where the first instance of the pink armor was a chemical reaction from some sort of acid spill

>> No.71283462

Yeah, but I feel maybe I should try to move out of my comfort zone and try something more difficult.

>> No.71283467

>the first instance of the pink armor was a chemical reaction from some sort of acid spill
Emperor's children wash their whites with their reds, you heard it here first!

>> No.71283471

>Black Legion
Because they're edgy losers with daddy issues

>World Eaters
To appease Khorne

>Emperors Children
Because they're degenerates

>Thousand Sons
To appease Tzeentch

>> No.71283473

The standard space marine transfer sheet does have some basic skull markings, so you could use those as a base and then freehand the curved horns. Still might be tricky, but might be easier

>> No.71283483

Should be a phylactery shouldn't it?

>> No.71283484

My backlog:

10 Assault Marines
1 Smash Captain
1 Flytenant
5 Company Veterans
6 Terminators
3 Aggressors
1 techmarine
4 Servitors
1 Dreadnought
1 Razorback


>> No.71283491

Why does that Imperial Fist have an Anvilus-pattern backpack?

>> No.71283492

>heirophant bio-titan
yeah its tall and all but why is it so skinny?

>> No.71283502

If its unbuilt/unpainted you could probably flip it for a better army.

>> No.71283508

Thousand Sons magically changed blue right after the rubric. Then Ahriman magically changed his warband blue after taking it over. Magnus's warband never changed from red. All three of these are canon.

>> No.71283509
File: 167 KB, 1280x889, zhandrek_plz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pffff, beginner
>Looking at thousands of points of Orks I got for cheap second hand, still untouched

>> No.71283521
File: 236 KB, 360x450, best boi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Why and when did the Emperor’s Children go from purple and gold to black and purple/pink, for example!
Think it was mentioned in the Fabius Bile books that purple is still the official EC armor colour (Eidolon and Fabius for example wear one) but rarely is the case since fucking everyone in the legion goes overboard with body- and armor modifications in the name of excess.

>> No.71283535

I know that feel
I need to stop buying chaos lots.

>> No.71283540

>Is it known when and why most traitor legions changed their colours?

World Eaters changed to red to honour Khorne. In some fluff their white armour became encrusted with blood and turned red, but that's dumb as fuck so ignore it.

Death Guard went off.

Emperor's Children lost their minds and started to favour strong colours and contrasts. Black and pink is a common one but there isn't really much standardization among the Emperor's Children anymore.

>> No.71283543
File: 743 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_piaeo2cGzN1xd7b77o1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Because they're degenerates
not all of slaanesh worshipers are sex fiends... we get tunnel vision in our desires.
take the glorious noise marines for example.
all the other marines hate us but we rock too loud to give a fuck

>> No.71283550

Just dip them in green contrast.

>> No.71283555

The Kakophoni kept on screaming, letting their heads rock back and gulping in more of the toxic rain. Eidolon drank deepest and shrieked loudest, his roar flensing flesh from bone. The poison boiled and churned within him, refined by the horrific chemistry of his altered state, and he felt his muscles begin to swell to even greater dimensions, pulsing like venom-sacs filled to bursting.
Once all before them had been destroyed, the Kakophoni began to move again, stalking up through the steaming cadavers, their lusts driven to mania, their appetites ramped up to insatiable levels.
Phodion marched with his lord commander, crunching over the remains of Archorian and barely noticing, his weeping eyes glistening with ecstasy.
‘I can taste it!’ he cried. ‘I can feel it!’
Eidolon grabbed him with both hands, dragging his face close to his own. No icons of the old Emperor’s Children remained on their armour– only nightmarish slurs. The old purple had reacted violently, turning a virulent pink and glowing into the night’s inferno. Armour seals had fused closed, vox-grilles melted into liquid flesh. Everything had dissolved into the flux of delicious agony.
‘This is what we do now,’ Eidolon rasped, feeling his vocal cords burning. ‘This is what we are now. You wanted slaves? You have them. We will burn them, skin them, render them down and re-fill these vats. Horvia is the beginning. We will create poisons that the gods themselves will gag on.’
And then Phodion was laughing again, screaming again, his lungs alive with the full agony of sensation. ‘You are the master of the Legion, lord!’ he gibbered. ‘There is none but you!’

>> No.71283559
File: 2.66 MB, 1032x1542, Tacticals1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I still champion the manlets.

>> No.71283560

I'm only sure of the Black Legion and World Eaters. Abaddon wanted to distance the legion from Horus (who he viewed as a failure). The World Eaters... well, it is heavily implied that they don't paint their armor anymore. A little joke from Lorgar in "Butcher's Nails" put it rather perfectly.

>> No.71283563

The biggest question here is why the fuck Space Wolves decided to paint their shit baby-butt blue the moment daddy isn't looking.

>> No.71283566

My local scene has a few. Cultists I usually only see in small squads for detachment purposes, with the rest of the list being more elite marine units with a mix of vehicles/daemon engine.

>> No.71283574

>49 Ork boys
>20 Grots
>10 Nobs
>3 Trukks
>1 Battlewagon
>1 Dakkajet
>1 Deff Dread
>15 Lootas
>15 Burnas
>15 Warbikes
>10 Stormboys
>1 Warboss conversion
>3 MAN Conversions
>5 Deff Koptas
>2 Killa Kans

Get on my level

>> No.71283579
File: 20 KB, 400x303, sKelly_is_ready.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I had a plan for an easy mass-production paint job

Then GW discontinued the Rhinox Hide spray paint....

>> No.71283595

I'll apologise when Emperor's Children get a bunch of releases before another unloved faction, let's say deathwatch for argument's sake.

>> No.71283607

Shit, you're right
You probably won't be able to flip the marinelets effectively unless you're selling low.

>> No.71283612
File: 1.27 MB, 2880x2160, 20200303_162612.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How the fuck do you get these look decent? I've tried putting white over blue, blue over white, and various amounts of dry brushing and water, and I cannot get them to blend even. Plus I can't get the white to stay on the raised part.

>> No.71283618

Just go to your local hardware store and find an equivalent.

>> No.71283621

Probably best to keep them and wait until GW changes their mind about marinelets and brings them back/makes them good again

I mean even Warhammer Fantasy is coming back

>> No.71283631
File: 32 KB, 309x246, Warhammer_69c487_6166497.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thin yer paints

>> No.71283634

>even Warhammer Fantasy is coming back
That's news to me although I've literally been living under a rock the last year.

>> No.71283638

How? When? Where?

>> No.71283648

Hey, don't worry
Your marinelets will always have rules in legends

>> No.71283656
File: 2.55 MB, 1032x1548, Command.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I'm never flipping this army.
I am however, considering flipping what little orks I have.
1 Warboss
1 shokk attack gun
5 nobz
40 orks
3 killa kans
1 deff dred
3 deffkoptas
10 lootas
aaaand I think that's it.

>> No.71283663

Dual Paladin Bomb. Went 6-0 but got 2nd to now nerfed to oblivion IH list on tiebreakers I believe. This was even pre-Marine nerf which makes them stronger in relative strength.
Huge Paladin squads were already getting a lot of attention which leads me to believe this build has legs.

>> No.71283665

That’s pretty cool
Which book is it from? Is it worth the read?

That makes sense. Thanks

Preach it

>> No.71283668

You need to really thin your paint down to a glaze consistency, and then thin it again.

>> No.71283670

Like I said, I've try with and without thinning. This is with slight thinning, and it's thin to the point where surface tension breaks and it flows everywhere. Without thinning, it looks super scratchy

>> No.71283688

>Which book is it from? Is it worth the read?
Dunno, found it in a thread.

>> No.71283692

I think you underestimate how much some people like terminators and how desperately thirsty they are for a list that makes lots terminators of any sort good.

>> No.71283697

Look here

>> No.71283700
File: 636 KB, 2118x616, C8F10FA6-0BFB-4737-BB01-20B515850882.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They announced it some time ago, though they immediately said that it was just an announcement, and it could take two-three years for the actual release

>> No.71283702

Is this one of those "name my band" images?
I'll give you one
"The Soon to be Lost"

>> No.71283720

Ah, the old "three years out" remark. Sneaky people working here.

>> No.71283722
File: 2.54 MB, 1032x1540, Lieutenants.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Name this one.

>> No.71283732
File: 94 KB, 960x720, 42241515.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

40 cultists
20 noise marines
5 havocs
10 raptors
bunch of HQs including a winged daemon prince
2 sonic/leviathan dreads
a chaos knight

40 necron warriors
10 immortals
5 deathmarks
10 flayed ones
3 wraiths
tomb stalker
3 destroyers
bunch of overlords and crypteks
Whatever the death god larper is called
a Seraptek heavy destroyer

On the bright side i managed to paint 5 chaos termies last week

>> No.71283735

two and a half men

>> No.71283749

I don't even play marines and I felt that one

>> No.71283759


>> No.71283769

>4 attacks
how embarrassing

>> No.71283774

Ok, found it
It’s the audiobook “The Soul, Severed”, apparently

>> No.71283784

My Large Adult Sons

>> No.71283787
File: 45 KB, 573x409, laughs_in_bolter.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71283788
File: 1.10 MB, 512x384, 1395256741033.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71283800

>1 CP
>Emergency Reanimation
>During the shooting phase, but after to wound rolls have been made, you may spend 1 CP to activate Emergency Reanimation on a unit with the Reanimation Protocols rule; immediately perform a Reanimation Protocol for the unit. This CP cannot be regained by other means and this stratagem can be used up to twice per turn.

Yay or nay?

>> No.71283803

*My Wife's Large Adult Sons

>> No.71283812
File: 2.27 MB, 1032x1544, Champion.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And finally a quickfire, this solo act.


>> No.71283815
File: 44 KB, 400x269, allies-table-7th.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any anons wanna hmu with some china recast info? Looking to buy some big things but dont wanna pay the price.

PS definetly not GW anon looking for dirt
PSS or am i?

>> No.71283818

What stops me from firing another volley, effectively wasting your cp?

>> No.71283831
File: 28 KB, 640x401, suspectius.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71283841

"Help me, help me, even my SWORD is taller then me"

>> No.71283846

>necrons and CSM
>allies of convenience
bro what

>> No.71283864

Nothing, its to stop the unit from potentially being wiped out.

If it forces you to use yet another unit to shoot it thats one less unit shooting somewhere else.

>> No.71283871

Just use ebay, you get buyer protection there even if it's more expensive.

>> No.71283872

Actually not uncommon, Zweihanders are taller than men.

>> No.71283875

Bob Dylan II

Because he's old and irrelevant as well

>> No.71283877

Reaching for the top shelf

>> No.71283882

Cause they're evil :^)

>> No.71283896

Yeah but you're still bleeding out command points at merely a chance to revive them.
You could blow 1 CP and have zero necrons get back up.

>> No.71283905
File: 174 KB, 325x551, 1535322118182.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71283907

If you're a manlet maybe. Only the ceremonial ones were 8 tf, the ones actually used in combat were between 4 and 6 ft.

>> No.71283912

The same could be said for most defensive stratagems.

>> No.71283913


>1 shokk attack gun

Plastic or metal/finecast?

>5 nobz

Same question as above.

>> No.71283939
File: 4 KB, 129x111, Bleak_Brotherhood_shoulderguard[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>yfw it's actually a screaming insect face and not a goat skull

>> No.71283946

No different to prepared positions or other defense strats

>> No.71283948

I know. They should have been battle brothers.

>> No.71283955

Apocalypse Company has an insect fact. Bleak Brotherhood has a goat skull.

>> No.71283962

Retcrons, man. I prefer the ancient unknowable undead terminators rather than tomb kings in space.

>> No.71283963

Check your eyesight dude.

>> No.71283968

Most of those are used BEFORE the unit is already mostly dead.

>> No.71283976

Finecast shokk.
Plastic nobz.

>> No.71283983

Warhammer 40,000 Frontline

Phobos Onee-san

>> No.71283985

Those are totally antennae and not horns

>> No.71284006


>Around 15 Ork Boyz
>8 Nobz
>7 Warbikers (5 of these will likely be used for conversion fodder rather than properly built)
>1 scratchbuilt Skrapjet
>1 MA Big Mek with KFF conversion
>4 Ork barricades
>8 Genestealers
>3 Boingrot Bounders
>10 Squigs and their 2 herders
>1 Loonboss on Giant Cave Squig
>1 Human BB team + Ogre
>7 BB Elf Union players

Most of this stuff is built and primed, honestly the best my backlog has looked since I restarted miniature hobby stuff 12 years ago.

>> No.71284009

the masses have, on average, no inner monologue, hence why you get so much suicide monkey krieg memes

>> No.71284013

But in this situation the proposed rule is

>Oh I have 7 models in the uni
>Opponent has just rolled 8 wounds
>I'd like to keep them alive incase i wiff
>Roll reanimations
>Targetted again
>Roll more reanimations

Gives a bit of staying power at least.

>> No.71284028


New Thread

>> No.71284038

Insects don't have mouths that are able to open that way.

>> No.71284052

but daemon ones do

>> No.71284247

That doesn't really matter if your argument against it is just that it can fail. A better one would be that it only really works if the unit is mostly dead which limits its usefulness.

>> No.71284545
File: 265 KB, 1280x1023, warhammer_world7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Chinanon doesn't exsist. No one has recast models, they dont exsist.

>> No.71284896

I dont find fat people attractive and you shouldn't either

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