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Please don't tell me you're one of those faggots that allows "female warriors" into his games. Reminder, -4 is being generous. It should be negative -8, yes that's double negative. In fact, just give the women negative modifiers across the board as that's the only wat to accurately portray the weaker sex.

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Shush with your bait. Go back to >>/lgbt/

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I'm gonna save you some time.

>But shieldmaidens.
>Feminist fanfiction, never actually existed.
>Here's the grave of a woman buried with weapons.
>Just ceremonial.
>Here's the sagas in which they're mentioned.
>Sagas are not history.
>Alright, here's the reliable Byzantine chronicle in which greeks are attacked by viking men and women.
>Lol they all died, women can't fight.

The word "cheerleader" would probably be used.


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I like how you dismiss the Greek legends as "real" and act like "shield maidens" existed or that the tomb wasn't a slave because they burned the men. Plus, what about the political appointments or the Le Dames.

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LUL, GTFO of here with that bullshit faggot.

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Go be butthurt somewhere else you underage retard.

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My setting is more realistic then your "realistic" mess regardless and I got spirit warriors and shamans about of course only women can be warriors cause they are all on level of monsters in terms of durability.

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That sounds like too much work, just keep the same stats, see if I care

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>of course only women can be warriors

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You look at yourself upside down?

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It filters out fags and retards well so far I only had one problematic player and even they got better.

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>Here's a viking transported into the future to say how ghey women warriors are.

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Not only do I allow them, I encourage them for the memes.

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I imagine having an opposite policy would actually achieve those results.

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If he's starring at you upside down, it means you're ghey.

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But he is looking at you

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And you would be wrong. I in fact have been in game of opposite policy. The game collapsed because players and GM almost tore each otherw throats out. I left and GM begged for me to come back because I was only player who wasn't trying to fuck his shit up (mostly out of good manners) and even he went full retard when I told no.
These kind of people seek enemies everywhere can't coexist even in their own ranks.

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I don't trust gheys. Sury but dat meens u.

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Kinda correct. If such character types are rare in the setting you should handle it with roleplaying instead of math.

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I don't think you've ever qualified a game, but I may be wrong. Keeping women out of a table leaves behind most conflict.

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If you don't trust gays then you should not be trusting yourself

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It's funny because you associate gays with not liking gays. Probably because ur a ghey that takes it up the ass. But, no homo. Surry ghey boi.

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Anybody that seriously complains about female warriors would lose a fight to a average teenage girl. I would tell them not to breed, but we all know they are going to die alone anyway.

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what would realistically happen to brienne?

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Anon that was all men table, their best players were that guys of highest degree, keeping women out wouldn't help when everyone is a retard like OP. That is my experience from years of play, women in a party makes them relax and ease up and makes men more composed and less retarded.
All male groups are fun but mixed ones usually live longer.

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She'd get her ass kicked almost immediately.

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Not only do I, but the strongest warriors in my campaign world are black metal Amazons who castrate city men, mate with wolves, and abort babies in rituals to dark gods. They actively abhor civilization, and have won every attempt at trying to rout them with armies of men.

Deal with it pissbaby faggot.

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You know one of the saddest things about this that in most "realistic" fantasy settings the human men should be comparatively getting their shit kicked in by stronger men from other races like Lizard Men and Ogres.

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No, I associate gays with you and your talking about taking gay in the ass

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>Deal with it pissbaby faggot.
Seething oil driller.
>Anon that was all men table
What are you ghey? Why didn't you bring your girlfriend!?

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She would kick your ass

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I dunno, I didn't bring up ur massive gheyness ghey homo man.

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I got setting like that. Strongest men of most larger races beat the shit out of strongest men of humans and since a lot of larger races females are bigger sex they also kick the shit out of strongest men of humans.

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She'd kick her own ass when she tried to move around in steel plate. Her knees would buckle after a few miles. SAD!!!

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Anon I was mare guest in your game, I didn't need to bring my girlfriend, you got all your boyfriends to fill the slots.

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>and abort babies in rituals to dark gods.
Why are the gods dark? Why aren't they good?

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But you did, gay lord of the fag lands

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>since a lot of larger races females are bigger sex they also kick the shit out of strongest men of humans
Sorry, but they'd be too weak. Women, even of other races are automatically inferior to male humans. Shame, I know.

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Real armor was not as heavy as it is in video games or tabletop.

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t. retard who is automatically inferior everything

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Last person who said that in my game tried it. He was crushed by a cook lady dropping a pot on him. She thought it was a big ugly rat those humans talked about.

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I've never inferior everything before. Sounds like something women would fail at, too. They're like the epic fail guy of genders.

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WUT System? And, wut stats did u use?
>Real armor was not as heavy as it is in video games or tabletop.
That's when applied to men. Women would be crushed even by the gentle seventy pound load.

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That sounds like something that an inferior man would say.

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Your posting shows that you fail everything even now you are failing like a retard

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ADnD, lvl 1 fighter Vs a saurelian cook lady commoner. Randomly determined stats.

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Womenz can't handle muh bantz. So, they only seethee and reeee.

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Women who wear armor are not out of shape fatties like you

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>Randomly determined stats.
wut were dey faghet.

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What you are calling bantz is just you acting like moron

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I see you have admitted defeat. Good.

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Dusnt mater if dere fit er naut. Dhey so week dhey crumble anyway. Dat law of averages worken aghent dem.

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Gods even furries are less revolting then you. Actual fag furries too. They at least type like people.

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Denial and anger, SAD!!!

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>I've never inferior everything before
Well you're inferior at English. Not surprising.
>Epic fail guy
return to the place from whence you came ledditor

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Femanon here. All the uneducated ignorant troglodytes in this thread are the reason we women have to keep freezing our eggs in the hopes we’ll finally find a man who’s above our level to love and care for us.

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L O L U ghey niggah.

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Say that again but not in dumb faggot

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We'll be sure to dump them in the trash when you cease to exist and only normal women are left alive.

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Said the retard who keeps on saying retarded things

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Nobody cares that you're a woman, the retards here are just posting bait and you've taken it.

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Dat sum hi thunken u got goen on fer U.

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Your posting looks like you are rolling your dumb face across your keyboard

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Its simp ly tu surphistocated fer u!!!

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Or you post by shoving your keyboard up your butt

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Ur not privery to muh methods!

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Maybe you knock around your mouse with your hairy balls while your keyboard is in your pooper.

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I don't allow anything at my table, this include other players. They are obviously retard unable to grasp the subtility of my handcrafted setting and system and the deep historical inspiration I use, while expecting unrealistic and immature shit like "fun" at the table, and would inevitably bring their normie lefty agenda in the game. It's the only way to make a accurate portray of OP life.

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No u

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The height of intellectual discourse. -4 should be applied to more than just strength ho ho ho ho!

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If we are talking about retards like you.

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>a bachelor is not a good man unless he wins more" argument
Why is so hard for women to admit that they only want men who are superior to them, which in turn means they actually enjoy being inferior.
It's natural.

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I am not sure if The Wall Street Journal is really good source for this topic

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My experienceoppossite as yours .
Every single group that alloweed a female broke after a while.
The guys will do everything for her and it will turn shit when she gets what she wants.

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Again not a problem for me, I don't really give favours to anyone as a GM unless you prepared before game and brought something good as an idea, but that is stuff you got to earned and sex means little there.

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I only play as superior orc women, who are biologically much stronger than human men.
Have fun getting raped, pink skin.

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Maybe if running a percentile system, but even there it's probably excessive.

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I dont care.
If they want to get equal stats they Just have to prove it that its possíble.
Show a women that deadlifts as much as the strongest man (str), is equal to the best chess player(int), as a Record equal to a man in a marathon( con), is a better olympic acrobat(dex) and i Will allow it.
The only stats that they should get a bonus is char( because everyone likes a hot bitch) and wis ( they are Always able to find a way to moch men).
After the SJW starts to foam I laughs, say that its fantasy anyway and let it roll the dice.
The next time they complain about some plot or rule I Point to the character sheet and states about fantasy and women

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>Reminder, -4 is being generous. It should be negative -8
physical stats lower, but they could get more spells and housekeeping skills.

But if they are ugly, fat etc they get nothing.

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Sorry. I wrote it on my phone.
In resume what I want to say is that if a player wants to use a female character with good stats I dont have nothing against it.
But if he starts complaining about realism and shit like that I will point to his character and ask him to justify his stats.
Women in real life are mediocre. But thats not what we like in them and not the issue in a RPG.

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Who'd win?

A team of international level professional women, extensively trained, the pride of their nation


Some school bois


>> No.71260261

>Show a women that deadlifts as much as the strongest man (str), is equal to the best chess player(int), as a Record equal to a man in a marathon( con), is a better olympic acrobat(dex) and i Will allow it.
So, you don't allow women to have superior stats, then?

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Who would win a single fat /pol/lard or a single cow?

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While I allow female warriors, I always give them anime aesthetics instead. I feel the idea of a woman being equal in strength to a man is inherently ridiculous. However (with that said) it doesn't rule out a woman doing flippy ninja kicks or being so infused with magic that she can do stunts like that.

Like, if you have a Paladiness going into battle in a fluffy low-cut ballgown and an armored bustier, you can be pretty sure she isn't as physically strong as a dude. The magic does all the work for her. It's the only way you can do stuff like that without women being (logically speaking) roided-up hulks.

Look at Red Sonja, for example. There's no way in hell she can be expected to beat a man in arm-wrestling or whatever. But she's wearing a chainmail bikini, we can sufficiently suspend disbelief to go "This is a setting where a chainmail bikini is viable armor. I'll roll with it."

>> No.71260391

Have you ever had too look after cows?

>> No.71260418

Please don't tell me you're one of those realismfags who gets triggered by things that require a suspension of disbelief.

>> No.71260429

>Ten hours straight seething over (playful) anti women posts and frog cartoons
You're more bat shit insane than Hillary Clinton's fan base was!

>> No.71260442

Isn't it all about context? If it's a setting where everything is all gritty and real, where everyone is supposed to fight sensibly and wear helmets, you wouldn't expect a woman to be on the battlefield.

In contrast, if you're in a setting where there's a lot of magic and the laws of physics are a guideline at best, women warriors are perfectly fine. If you've seen, say, Exalted, I'm not going to complain that women don't wear full plate mail.

>> No.71260455

you missed one
>it's a fucking fantasy world
>b-b-b-b-b-b-b-buh buh what about muh realism

>> No.71260458

>In contrast, if you're in a setting where there's a lot of magic and the laws of physics are a guideline at best, women warriors are perfectly fine.
Unless they're still worthless and the magic just means a higher cap for male fighters to strive for.

>> No.71260472

Well, sure. I'm perfectly fine with that too.

>> No.71260509

In my world, women are just as capable as men because an ancient god decreed so. Wow, that was hard, wasn't it?

>> No.71260561

I have in fact, and I have looked after /pol/tards too, they can't run very fast and cows got a lot more mass on their end.

>> No.71260572

Don't bother, the fags here don't play games, not that they don't want to, it's just as I said before, they are incapable of coexisting with anyone even their own ilk.

>> No.71260582

LUL, the butthurt never ends.

>> No.71260598

You aren't one to talk fag, you are the one who got gays on their mind and in their behind all day.

>> No.71260599

>HBO Brienne
Gwendoline Christie is only like, 6'3, 158~ lbs, and sort of fit but also 40 years old. So.. Probably get beaten in a fight
>Book Brienne
She's canonically as tall and broad as Robert Baratheon; The 6'6 guy who put a warhammer through platemail. Jaime explicitly states she's physically stronger than he is, and the only character that's ever overpowered her was retard strength Biter. Most women will lose to male fighters in realistic settings, but Brienne is a bad example of that because she's the genetic mutant exception that proves the rule.

>> No.71260630

In my setting all that matters is whether or not you've been divinely empowered. Male, female, small lizardman kobold: None of that matters if you've been juicing with god powers.

>> No.71260641

I think Game of Thrones fucked up a lot more shit than just making a single butch chick able to fight on par with men. The Giants from the Northern Wastes should have been the equal to 30 or 40 fully armored knights on their horses, and they got killed by punk ass Nights Watchmen on foot.

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You must be over 18 to use this site.
Also -4 Str was a meme to mock shit like FATAL and Myfarog.

>> No.71260668

Personally I don't like anime, spirit strength bullshit. Anything that turns weight and mass into the equivalent of paper mache is shit. It's one of the reasons I stopped reading the Dresden Files. Too many instances of "Ecto Plasm" giving tiny ass, worthless monsters super strength, or just tiny no strength fucks like Dresden's female cop friend physical abilities she wouldn't have rubbed my ass the wrong way.

>> No.71260679

>Also -4 Str was a meme to mock shit like FATAL and Myfarog.
Creating revisionist history in regards to old board memes is pure fucking cancer. Take your -4 charisma and shove it faggot.

>> No.71260712

>Revisionist history
Dude it literally came from FATAL along with roll for anal circumference.
You'd know this if you weren't a board immigrant that came to 4chan in 2016.

>> No.71260714

Butthurt about what?
I'm fully aware women are physically weaker than men. I just think it's a needless limitation in fantasy world with magic and dragons and goblins and all that shit, especially when it can be VERY easily handwaved away so that players can play whatever character they want without being gimped by needless realism.

>> No.71260722

>Dude it literally came from FATAL
No, it didn't you fucking retard. It was from Gyax's system he made post TSR. Goddamn you fucking newfags are the biggest niggers in the world.

>> No.71260740

>I'm fully aware women are physically weaker than men.
Really? Because you certainly have a hard time accepting it. As does two to three other spammers on here. I've seen everything from historical myth peddled as fact to seething that lasts for hours and derails thread after thread when it's brought up.

>> No.71260769

I also accept that dragons, goblins and magic don't exist, yet they do in my game.
guess I'm just in denial about all those dragons not existing, huh?

>> No.71260799

Its fantasy. But if someone complains about realism in a game I will use this sort of arguments to shut them up.
Frankly, I only used this argu
ment once but Im still called a
misognist by some ´´friends´´

>> No.71260819

No, it actually showed up in 1st Edition before that. Gygax was based.

>> No.71260833

No, you're obviously not the person I was referring to. The person I'm referring to would be posting links to unsourced wikipedia articles claiming there were female knights, samurai, and vikings that saw actual combat alongside men.

>> No.71260864

then don't respond to my posts purporting that I'm butthurt about real women not being as physically capable as men when I at no point even implied that.

>> No.71260873

Strong women in RPGs don't bother me. What bothers me is when they don't even look toned, and yet they're powerful physical fighters. Even the cutest anime warrior girls should have abs.

>> No.71260907

Anon, are you a nogame realismfag?
If so, fuck off, we're full.

>> No.71260928

That's nice, but I don't care what you do or don't like. It's magic. How fit you are doesn't matter, just how strong your magic is.

>> No.71260953

They're also literally retarded manchildren, and the human body does not function when scaled that tall. There are way more problems than just "they weren't strong enough"
>Butch chick
She's described as so ugly and built like a brick house that she may as well be a man. Book!Brienne is basically a genetic hermaphrodite with how much testosterone she must have.

>> No.71260955

Boudica was a useless thot. I dunno why as of the last years they dug up and started idolizing her like she wasn't an utter failure. She was the time equivalent of an e-girl rallying horndogs to fight for her and then getting insta-btfo'd.

>> No.71260972

Why not just fuck men at this point if this is your kink? Muscle girls are so fucking gay

Chubby girls however are fucking high test breeding pillows

>> No.71260996

>Muscle girls are basically men
>Fat chicks
Hard pass.

>> No.71261044

>Actually having female characters
The PCs should never see women in public. A woman showing her face to anyone but her husband or her father is disgraceful.

>> No.71261051

>human body does not function when scaled that tall
They don't have human bodies. They have giant's bodies.

>> No.71261052

Nobody cares except for nogame "realism"fags who can somehow ignore good full plate and arming swords being around at the same time, dragons, goblins, and magic, but what's basically amazons for martials and Nimue for casters is a step too fucking far for their literal retardation.

>> No.71261064


>> No.71261082

Why are you even on this board Hajji?

>> No.71261086

Fag low test beta

>> No.71261087

>ignore good full plate and arming swords being around at the same time
The mythical monsters are additive so it doesn't matter how "realistic" they are. Women being warriors is revisionist, and completely changes the society in question and the nature of sexual dimorphism. It's not a small deal.

>> No.71261113

Anon, it's in the realm of shit like dragons and gobbos.
I mean fuck I even used a goddamn myth to point out how retarded your nogame ass is.

>> No.71261115

Fuck off you bacha bazi little boy fucker.

>> No.71261121

I'm literally bi as fuck. I like huge, strong men, I like huge strong women. I like small, slender men and women as well if they look cute enough and aren't short haired faggot-looking twinks.

Imagine caring about whether you seem gay or not. Muscle girls will always be superior to chubby women. I can't even get it up around chubby women, I've tried twice. Chubby men are more attractive, because then they at least have the bear/ogre look going for them. Even then, though, some muscles are still necessary, or else they just look like shit.

>> No.71261141

saudi arabia has closed mecca down for the hajj this year in response to coronavirus

>> No.71261154

You know damn well what I meant, anon. A human-shaped body at the height we have for giants wouldn't be able to pump blood up from the legs.

>> No.71261155

>I mean fuck I even used a goddamn myth to point out how retarded your nogame ass is.
No, that's a weak assumption and an even weaker insult.
>Anon, it's in the realm of shit like dragons and gobbos.
Again, that's additive. You can add it to anything and it will supplement it without grossly changing the existent reality as a reader, player, movie watcher can easily identify with. When you change the existent than everything goes crazy. More often diminishing the work than enhancing it.

>> No.71261167

Explains what Hajji there didn't blow himself up for the good of all of us.

>> No.71261172 [DELETED] 

>allowing females into your games
>Allowing fags to play female characters in your games
how dare you insinuate I am so nonwhtie and unbased, my dead Kekistani.

>> No.71261185

>A human-shaped body
Humanoid, but we don't know what their internals are like! For all we know their blood is self circulating like sperm/white blood cells and their heart is a sixteen chambered affair that also gets help from their diaphragm! Who knows! Because they're a fantastical element added to more realistic surrounding. Their the mystery to along with the relatable.

>> No.71261195

>A literal thing that can cause literal famines at will.
>Something that would actually change to make hired mercenaries more common and not for wars.
Yeah you're a nogame retard, >>>/r9k/

>> No.71261200

A funny thing with Boudicia versus the Romans. This was her speech:

> "'But now,' she said, 'it is not as a woman descended from noble ancestry, but as one of the people that I am avenging lost freedom, my scourged body, the outraged chastity of my daughters. Roman lust has gone so far that not our very persons, nor even age or virginity, are left unpolluted. But heaven is on the side of a righteous vengeance; a legion which dared to fight has perished; the rest are hiding themselves in their camp, or are thinking anxiously of flight. They will not sustain even the din and the shout of so many thousands, much less our charge and our blows. If you weigh well the strength of the armies, and the causes of the war, you will see that in this battle you must conquer or die. This is a woman's resolve; as for men, they may live and be slaves."

In contrast, this is the Roman commander's speech:

> "Ignore the racket made by these savages. There are more women than men in their ranks. They are not soldiers—they're not even properly equipped. We've beaten them before and when they see our weapons and feel our spirit, they'll crack. Stick together. Throw the javelins, then push forward: knock them down with your shields and finish them off with your swords. Forget about plunder. Just win and you'll have everything."

Boudica is said to have died via sickness or poison, but it's quite possible that she died gagging on Roman cock in the post-battle rape.

>> No.71261202

You also can't have something as big as the dragons that fly, an 800 foot tall wall of ice that lasts all year, ice that works better than metal as weapons and armour, a nation the size of Brazil that's not technologically changed in 8,000 years, asbestos skinned humans or plagues that turn skin to stone. Giants is not the least realistic part of the books.

>> No.71261216

>Sperm whales
Unrionically only works in the water, and the whole debate ties into why I said there's way more problems with giants than "merely" being unable to defeat a bunch of armored knights.
Yeah. I agree with you. So them losing to a bunch of armored knights is just 'whatever' on the scale of nonsense.

>> No.71261239

What do you want females to be good for, then? Healsluttery? Cooking? Shopping? So adventurous. They are set dressing at best.

>> No.71261265

Not that anon, but yes to the first and no to the other two.

>> No.71261270

Anything really, because I'm not a nogame /r9polv/ faggot.

>> No.71261282

Not everything needs to be combat focused. Women should be what women are. Managers, bureaucrats, farmers, workers, POV characters, etc. For example if I was running a campaign of Pendragon and somebody wanted to play a Lady I'd let them, and then give her men at arms to command. She'd get ranged attack, multi turns, and could make the servants multi task.

>> No.71261284

If I'm going to indulge in fantasy there's no reason to accept feminist propaganda fantasy over good fantasy.

>> No.71261297

>Sperm whales
No sperm. As in sperms are cells that are self propelling. They have little tails they can use to swim through the body.

>> No.71261302

All things that were historically handled by men. Nice try.

>> No.71261310

aren't the giants in ASoIaF designed to be "realistic"? Maybe the tv show fucked it up but the giants in the books were only 4 or 5 feet taller than normal humans, but significantly stockier in order to have enough muscle to counteract the square-cube law

>> No.71261335

That's not how it works. A lady in Pendragon is a non-combat character. They even have a different sheet.

>> No.71261343

>Good fantasy
Jirel of Joiry was pretty based desu sempai.

>> No.71261356

But, that's what I'd give the character. Her own private little guard.

>> No.71261358

Is she really a feminist character? I mean, she nearly got raped a lot. Her first story had her striking an unspeakable bargain to kill the guy who wanted to fuck her, and after the curse kills him she realizes she was in love with him.

>> No.71261377

I think the square cube law requires a much bigger animal before it starts to matter. Remember we have real world examples of giant humanoids. They're called gorillas.

>> No.71261386

Hey according to the nogames that are realismfags, it's feminist because she's not barefoot and pregnant.

>> No.71261406

Don't forget that he physically overpowered her, and the curse was delivered by kissing him.

>> No.71261416

Hello trollo.
I hope you faggots don't have magic, divine interaction with multiple God's, "races" that are actually different races, dragons and creatures with very definable "alignments.
Does your pee pee get hard when she makes you lick your toilet?

Good but you also forgot historical records from China and Japan

>> No.71261459

But but Anon how will nogames shit up the board until they've driven off hasgames?

>> No.71261524

>historical records
There's that old bad habit of mixing up myth and legends with historical realities.
>divine interaction with multiple God's, "races" that are actually different races, dragons and creatures with very definable "alignments.
False equivalency. That's additive rather than revisionist.

>> No.71261527

FATAL doesn't use that system and the -4 meme predates fucking 4chan, let alone Myfarog. You clueless fucking commies make me sick.

>> No.71261535

Living in farm country I know of at least two people (both quite strong) who were killed by cows. Both were fired.
I also know someone who was generally weaker who was not killed when his tractor rolled and pinned him.

>> No.71261543

>> No.71261568

>It's additive
Like Zone of Truth, legit magic, and gods who are closer to how they are in myth wouldn't change society even more than a woman warrior.
You gotta go back, frequent /gfg/ and actually play games.l, or off yourself.

>> No.71261582

Pools closed.

>> No.71261587

>Living in farm country I know of at least two people (both quite strong) who were killed by cows. Both were fired.
It's a shame they lost both their jobs and their lives.

>> No.71261603

>Like Zone of Truth, legit magic, and gods who are closer to how they are in myth wouldn't change society even more than a woman warrior.
It absolutely would. You're talking about the building blocks of human existence. Where new humans come from!

>> No.71261617

Yeah, you're a nogame board migrant, fuck off, we're full.

>> No.71261621

Imagine, all that guy wanted to do was look good for a photo shoot, and people had to go and curse his image from now until doomsday. It's especially galling because he isn't that bad looking.

>> No.71261641

>Yeah, you're a nogame board migrant, fuck off, we're full.
Ah, the fallback when your obviously shown how wrong you are. Yes, changing the fundamental nature of human beings is far more radical than additive or external influences.

>> No.71261653

Blame the fedorafags and the incels they became, like all the muh realism nogame fags in this thread.

>> No.71261698

Anon, you gotta go back. We're basically playing legends and myths, not Medieval peasant simulator, you'd know this if you played games, but alas like every single other realismfag your a board migrant who needs to go back.

>> No.71261712

>We're basically playing legends and myths
Yes, where women were still women.

>> No.71261732

>Here's the grave of a woman buried with weapons.
>Just ceremonial
Sometiumes you can't justify the "just ceremonial" meme.

>> No.71261765

I mean hippolyta and the amazons, the chicks who trained Cu Culhain and Finn MacCumhail, Fa Mulan, mytho-historical ones like Boudicca and Olga of Kiev.
Once again, myths, not reality is the goddamn has, now play games or go back.

>> No.71261794

Magic is revisionist: at no point in history have the laws of physics allowed the laws of conservation of mass and energy to be cheated. If you have a society where energy can be pulled into the world with no clear limit, it should look nothing like any historical society, "realistically".

>> No.71261806

>the pride of their nation
The rotating team is the pride of your nation?

>> No.71261821

In a culture that ritually murdered women so they could be with their dead husbands, and where the women didn't fight in any of their VAST literature. Yeah, you can ignore circumstantial placement of a woman's bones in a tomb next to weapons.

>> No.71261823

Yes, like Atalanta, Hippolyta, Hua Mulan, and the like.

>> No.71261833

Note the lack of "fighting." Or, the fact that it was a mortal woman.

>> No.71261848

>Magic is revisionist
No, it's additive. Because the control of this power is always limited or bound by the laws of nature. Something we still haven't fully grasped in the modern era.

>> No.71261860

Did you even read any of that? Are you one of those guys who thinks he knows more than experts because he has "an opinion"

>> No.71261897

No fucking shit you retard, they were said to have fought everybody to a standstill. Hua Mulan fought, and Scathach, as well as Bodhma were heavily implied to have actual skill in their legends.
Let's face it, you're a retard, just like ever nogames board migrant.

>> No.71261904

>more than experts
LUL, no one gives a shit about you linking the retards that made the incorrect assumption in the first place.
>Dr. Jesch, who is clearly not modern-feminist attempting to rewrite history, said the researchers who conducted the tests on the Birka Viking warrior were so “determined to show that women were Viking warriors ” that they overlooked loads of valid and possible explanations for why a woman’s body might have been found in the 10th century tomb.

>> No.71261917

>No fucking shit you retard
So, you agree the woman you just cited in the myth doesn't actually fight but in fact performs an administrative function like I said they did earlier? Hm, really makes you think don't it!

>> No.71261928

Anon he's a -4 Str realismfag nogame retard, of course he didn't.
Next he'll just repeat additive because he knows he doesn't belong here.

>> No.71261951

Yes, but apparently you didn't.
>While the woman does not have any known injuries preserved in her bones, as other warriors who went to battle do, she was buried in an area that "reinforces a warrior interpretation — being situated outside the gate of the Birka hill fort and adjacent to two other burials containing numerous weapons," the researchers wrote in the study.
What the fuck kind of "warrior" doesn't have any injuries indicative of such a lifestyle?

>> No.71261952

Fought so hard that it took a literal demigod to stop their fighting.
So retard gonna deflect or admit you're a nogame retard who doesn't belong here?

>> No.71261971

Deflection when your BTFO. Is this your common tactic?

>> No.71261972

A good one.
Or maybe they actually had healing magic.

>> No.71261979

Hey, if people are having fun, what’s the problem?

>> No.71261981

I'm reading your source, it doesn't dissprove anything, what it says it's that they have to be extra-carefull abouit not confusing actual warrior women with other types of burial. So far the research still stands, and unless you study and work on this subject you do not know more than people that have study this body for over 4 years of work.

>> No.71261988

>Fought so hard that it took a literal demigod to stop their fighting.
Who did she fight?

>> No.71262004

You tell me, the researchers seem to be so far on the conclusion that she was a warrior, and it has yet to be dissproven.

>> No.71262016

>A good one.
You're retarded. The injuries are chronic from marching, fighting, and sailing. Even if you were flawless you'd still show joint and bone damage.
>I'm reading your source, it doesn't dissprove anything
You mean other than the researcher was biased and willfully ignored more likely possibilities for who and what that woman was?

>> No.71262017

They are having fun wrong.

>> No.71262044

>You tell me, the researchers seem to be so far on the conclusion that she was a warrior, and it has yet to be dissproven.
Again, read your own source retard
>The functional weapons buried with the woman are also suggestive of warriorhood, but the researchers acknowledged that it's impossible to know if these items were actually her possessions
They have no means of verifying what the woman was. They're assuming, and another researcher didn't agree with her conclusions as I referenced in mine.

>> No.71262069

>Literal lyshit that would have stopped both the Justinian and Black Plagues.
>Shit that literally would have changed sieges on both sides (create food and water and similar from mages, along with cure disease from priests for those in the wall, shit that can literally call down an orbital strike)
Kek, muh additive proves you're a board migrant, fuck off, we're full.

>> No.71262073

>"And this is why Dr. Judith Jesch thinks scientists have to be careful with interpretations, and not let modern values get in the way."
The original source from this claims is a 2017 interview with the NYTimes, and 2019 advances in the research has still taken the side that she was, indeed, a warrior. There's nothing that indicates otherwise so far, but they're still looking.

>> No.71262101

One was the training partner of the hero (grandson of a "god") the other every person who came around before him and he had to be tricksy to beat her.
Still Hua Mulan.

>> No.71262122

>The original source from this claims is a 2017 interview with the NYTimes, and 2019 advances in the research has still taken the side that she was, indeed, a warrior. There's nothing that indicates otherwise so far, but they're still looking.
Except all the shit in the article that say exactly the opposite of that.
>Jesch commended the researchers for explaining how they identified the bones and for delving into the the identities of "woman" and "warrior" in the study. However, the authors "often make too much of rather slim evidence" — for instance, saying that the game pieces represent the individual's "command" status is speculation and not a slam dunk, Jesch said. And she would have liked to have seen more discussion about the "various 'Eastern' aspects of burial and the interesting ways in which this might complicate the authors' description of it as 'Viking,'" Jesch said.
>That said, "there are many other possibilities across a wide gender spectrum, some perhaps unknown to us but familiar to the people of the time. We do not discount any of them," the researchers wrote. For instance, this person may have taken on a man's social role but retained her female identity.
>Since the 2017 study came out, both academics and the public have suggested that this was a transgender person
>The functional weapons buried with the woman are also suggestive of warriorhood, but the researchers acknowledged that it's impossible to know if these items were actually her possessions or reflected her activities. For instance, perhaps these artifacts did not belong to her in life. Or maybe these objects conferred a proxy identity she never had while alive, the researchers said. Alternatively, she may have lived symbolically as a warrior
Wow, it's fucking shit. Also, the viking slay queen was trangendered, too. Because of course she was.

>> No.71262129

>The Roman general’s biggest concern was that his men would stop fighting mid battle to loot the field.

>> No.71262138

So, your conflating a magical creature with the behavioral and social roles of mortal women. WhatYeah, that's not the brightest comparison to be making.

>> No.71262165

The hero was the demigod you fucking mong.
Now fuck off back to /v/, /pol/, or /r9k/ or get a fucking game.

>> No.71262187

>The hero was the demigod you fucking mong.
So, now we're talking about magical creatures which I said were additive rather than revisionist. What happened to all those warrior women from myth you were going to tell me about again?

>> No.71262202


>> No.71262212

i went to school with a girl who was like 5 10, but and thick necked, she could whip all out asses at arm wrestling up until about 10th grade and even then still put up a really respectable effort and the biggest dudes had to exert themselves a little. We learned later that her dad molested her constantly and she killed herself shortly after high school. Once we found her blog where she wrote about fucking her girlfriend in the playground at the mall because the girlfriend was a security guard

>> No.71262278

>We learned later that her dad molested her constantly and she killed herself shortly after high school. Once we found her blog where she wrote about fucking her girlfriend in the playground at the mall because the girlfriend was a security guard

>> No.71262340

Let me ask you this:
- Can you link one women with a similar strenght feat than the strongest man?
- Can you explain why women are unable to compete with men in anything related to mental capability? Why they have womens division in chess for example?
We live in a era where atleths have acess to the most mind blowing medical and drugs to enhance their performance. The strongest women alive, using drugs that would be magic to a peasant in the middle ages, is equal to a normal man with 2 years of training.
So what is your base to think that people making fun of women are wrong?

>> No.71262341

>The Roman general’s biggest concern was that his men would stop fighting mid battle to loot the field.
>Boudica is said to have died via sickness or poison, but it's quite possible that she died gagging on Roman cock in the post-battle rape.

>> No.71262377

>Once we found her blog where she wrote about fucking her girlfriend in the playground at the mall because the girlfriend was a security guard.
I believe this because female security guards are notorious whores.

>> No.71262386

Sounds good to me
*makes a tranny character so i can play a female character anyway*

>> No.71262405

I find it consistently hilarious that Holdo was depicted as a middle-aged woman, terrified of hitting the wall, who couldn’t be bothered to discuss things with subordinates, and died her hair purple. That’s some grade A satire right there.

>> No.71262423

LOL. Any full grown man, of any fitness level, could beat the absolute fuck out of a teenage girl with basically no problems.

>> No.71262435

Raped and killed in her first mass battle.

>> No.71262451

In real life; women are weak, niggers can’t manage to organize anything, and abortion is murder.

Deal with it.

>> No.71262491

>Book Brienne
One more thing about Book Brienne: She relies on male opponents underestimating her and fucking up because of it or wanting to end the fight super easily and quickly because as a woman she couldn't possibly put up a fight.

>> No.71262500

Please don't hit teenage girls.

>> No.71262503

How would you stop me?

>> No.71262541

we have this thread every day

>> No.71262548

Perhaps I don't need to. Perhaps the girl will.

>> No.71262609

asking you politely, yet firmly, not to.

>> No.71262639


>> No.71262656

The average sword fight is two seconds long.

>> No.71262657

If people understood it's about context, this thread, created for the express purpose of shitting on people who like certain fantasy elements, wouldn't exist.

>> No.71262658

All right. I agree.

>> No.71262686

I’d draw you getting your ass kicked in a comic.

>> No.71262699

She only managed to kill an 11 old girl.

>> No.71262703

Ineffective feminism. But I repeat myself.

>> No.71262742

>abortion is murder
It's a necessary evil to keep nigger numbers under control.

>> No.71262751

Ineffective. Reintroduce sterilization for economic reasons and be done with it. Fewer babies killed.

>> No.71262765

TWF only Israel can get away with pulling something like that.

>> No.71262790

Actually it’s not. Their pops been holding pretty steadily at 12-13% this while the beaners eclipse them. Soon as the Democrats realize they have a bigger minority demographic that hates the other, smaller one Jamal and Tyrone are screwed.

>> No.71262807

>meanwhile in the Motherland

>> No.71262817

>I know you are but what am I?
You have to be eighteen to post here.

>> No.71262829

I still find it baffling that in worlds filled with impossible physics, arcane magics, active divine and unholy intervention, mystical races of all shapes and sizes, giant immortal fire lizards, and men being able to summon enough power to obliterate cities with gigantic blasts of energy by themselves, there are actual people who still find it unbelievable that female characters don't start with a str negative. Of course that doesn't apply to the mouth breathers here, they just want (you)s.

>> No.71262836

That looks like a missing person poster.

>> No.71262869

Modern fantasy operates on the premise that if something isn't supernatural/fantastic than it should have the same properties as in IRL.

>> No.71262919

If it goes on like that by the 2050 murica will be all about rape trees and face peeling.

>> No.71262920

>It should be negative -8
Then it would be +8? Learn to math.

>> No.71262926

>tfw the real encounter was a dude taking a picture of his slutty gf and dobson is in the background SEETHING

>> No.71262949

But why? Why have that arbitrary limitation on your fantasy setting? Isn't the whole concept behind fantasy is an escape or subversion of reality?

>> No.71262969

Because post modernism.

>> No.71263099

False equivalency. See earlier discussion in thread. But, in a nutshell fantastical elements don't mean the same applies to mundane elements.

>> No.71263111

>Why have that arbitrary limitation on your fantasy setting?
Because it's the baseline needed to give meaning to the extraordinary elements. Without it you're talking about a cartoon.

>> No.71263136

Thats what actually happened.

>> No.71263152

Quads speak truth

>> No.71263198

>we’ll finally find a man who’s above our level
I know this is bait, but here's a reminder that the men who are "above your level" are all fucking teenagers and have no interest in your dusty vagina or ballbusting personality.

>> No.71263220

Tallest Silver was a qt patootie.

>> No.71263227

>Implying you're actually gonna do anything about it but seethe
inb4 made up story

>> No.71263275

>slutty gf
Oh come on, just because the costume's showing some skin...

>> No.71263473

Yes, because the costume's is just a fucking leotard with a boob window. She's a slut.

>> No.71264060

Because he grew up on Survivor, and doesn't know anything else.

>> No.71264094

So we're fine with humans in these settings using magic (something they can't do in real life). But not okay with men and women being the same in terms of statline? It's just a completely arbitrary fact of mundane reality that has no excuse to stick around in the world of make believe unless your some edgy fedora tipping fuck.


Mate are you for real? Men and women being equal in statline is where you draw the "cartoon" line? Not the magic, elves, dwarves, and fucking dragons?

>> No.71264185

Theres something called verossimitude.
Its a little different than realism.
While I dont care about fantasy and people trying to make women relevant its not like I cant understand why this ticks peoples off.

>> No.71264243

>So we're fine with humans in these settings using magic (something they can't do in real life). But not okay with men and women being the same in terms of statline?

>> No.71264295

> Chubby girls
Nah, fatties are gross and disgusting. Not to mention they're usually lazy and self-loathing pieces of shit.

>> No.71264353

I get that, and I don't care if someone creates those stat penalties, especially in setting heavily based in reality like mutants and masterminds / call of Cthulhu. It becomes kinda silly, at least to try and enforce such a penalty in a setting that is often advertised as letting people be whatever or whoever they want, and just comes off as arbitrary at best, and just plain edgy as worst.

>> No.71264385

Yeah. That I can agree.
But some people think that fighters having fun things to do are bad.
Imagine a women being good at something?
Thats normally what those people think.

>> No.71264494

>Why fuck one of the six girls who actually puts effort into improving herself when you could fuck Sloth incarnate?

>> No.71264574

more like missing culprit

>> No.71264635

Suck tranny dick elsewhere you massive faggots. If you don't like chubby girls then you're actually a faggot and I mean this unironically.

>> No.71264707


>> No.71264761

Yeah, yeah, and you don't even have a girlfriend because you're a massive fucking fag.

>> No.71264807

>Its fantasy.

>> No.71264912

>double negative
>numerate, mathematically competent people know that this makes it positive
>OP gives women in his games massive bonuses whilst ranting about how terrible they are

Closeted femdom fetishist detected.

>> No.71264929


This but unironically. Look at how many women join the military and immedjately get pregnant, then imagine how it would be without supervision.

>> No.71264966


You don't run games.

>> No.71265023

>Look at how many women join the military and immedjately get pregnant
This should unironically be solved by locking them up for 9 months, then having them shot for desertion and forcing them to pay for the rent and the bullet. No taxpayer should suffer because she's a whore who can't do her duty.

>> No.71265070

There is a 0% chance that Boudica's actual speech was recorded and only a slightly better chance that Suetoniu's speech was at all accurate.

>> No.71265074

Feminists will be shot first.

>> No.71265113

>"Ignore the racket made by these savages. There are more women than men in their ranks. They are not soldiers—they're not even properly equipped. We've beaten them before and when they see our weapons and feel our spirit, they'll crack. Stick together. Throw the javelins, then push forward: knock them down with your shields and finish them off with your swords. Forget about plunder. Just win and you'll have everything."
This unironically sounds like an oldschool Rome: Total War speech. I actually read it in the Roman general's voice.

>> No.71265262

I'm having trouble finding the statistics on that, do you have a source handy?

>> No.71265906

>I'm having trouble finding the statistics on that
health.mil. In 2016 13.1% of active duty females in the US Millitary were pregnant.

>> No.71266004

Or you could be called a dumb faggot

>> No.71266023

Things you don't expect happen now and then.

>> No.71266043

It's a game of pretend not a history lesson.

>> No.71266050

What you are called spammers is just /tg/ seeing you as a retard without any games

>> No.71266080

It would help if you looked at those links rather than pooping your pants

>> No.71266114

>derp durr

>> No.71266147

Or you could find something else to do because tabletop is not for you

>> No.71266154

No. Because there won’t be any to shoot when the women calculate their Cuck Horde is losing at which point they’ll rub up against Chad as he drops a load in them and a round in an orbiter’s skull.

>> No.71266165

D&D never used -4. AD&D had that a str cap.

>> No.71266210

Time to invest in one now before you begin harem-management

>> No.71266216

Pretty much any teenage girl could kick your ass

>> No.71266228

You are also a faggot

>> No.71266241

Then leave kid

>> No.71266265

OP knew anything he would not made this dumb thread

>> No.71266294

A pregnant woman would still be better fighter than your retarded ass

>> No.71266300

So, this thread is getting spammed numerous times on the board. What's with that?

>> No.71266301

pretty sure even a small child could kill someone with a sword if they stab you with it or even run it across your skin slightly rough. a sharp piece of metal doesn't require that much force to cut. your setting is hardly realistic if strength even matters all that much in a fight with weapons.

>> No.71266318

Yeah, what's with that, what's with these threads being spammed constantly?

>> No.71266328

Yeah, why does this kind of spam keep appearing? It's not like it has anything to do with /tg/.

>> No.71266344

Yeah, what's with all the spam of this thread?

>> No.71266355

Yeah, I don't get it, why is this thread posted so frequently with no alterations?

>> No.71266371

Yeah, what kind of person would repeatedly post non-/tg/ related threads like this?

>> No.71266389

Yeah, why would someone post the same thing over and over like this?

>> No.71266419

Yeah, I don't understand, what is the motivation for just posting the same thing over and over?

>> No.71266433

Yeah, I am unsure why someone would so something like this.

>> No.71266441

Yeah, you would think someone would rather post something new than something old, wouldn't they?

>> No.71266454

Yeah, the repetition must get tiring, right?

>> No.71266569

Gayanon here. You go (extinct) girlfriend.

>> No.71266620

Oh hey, I fucked her. Nice girl. Bit of a slut. Surprisingly good at sucking dick for a pretty girl.

>> No.71266736


>> No.71266811

Are you just retarded men?
Even assuming that anon is a fat neckbeard he still would be WAY above the average strenght of a female.
Are you so dumb that you think that equality is real in the real world? Or are you still playing pretend?

>> No.71266841

its just jews boasting about how their plan to fuck the western world has worked, I wouldn't read too much into it.

>> No.71266863

how progressive of you to give women +8 to STR anon, it's good to see you've finally come around.

>> No.71266938

Nope but you are if you think a fat dumbass who can barely go up stairs can fight a anyone.

>> No.71267063

In the books she is a monster - anyone who says they'd go toe to toe with her and win is a lying faggot.

There ARE women who are the literal opposite of what women usually are. They are, though, extreme outliers.

Tldr in general women would get btfo by men every time, but there ARE exceptions to this.

>> No.71267099

Look at this small graphic sample with strengh levels between sex. Its very informative.
Testosterone is one hell of a drug.
Not only that but weight is literrally strenght. That´s why most fatasses think they are strongh in the gym because they can outlift a thinner man.
So yeah. Most likely the fat man can kick the ass of mostly women. Specially if she dont work out.

>> No.71267190

A moron who like you can barely move is not going to do well in a fight with anyone, even if he can grip his cock really good.

>> No.71267206

You have all these arguments, but I counter them with 'It makes my pp hard' and you have no way of stopping me from including them in my games on that fact alone.

>> No.71267214

Why is nu tg shit. Will we ever return to HARMONY like /v/ did

>> No.71267245

Because manly females are actually less gay than feminine females, they lack all the gay shit that usual women have like make up and being weak. Also they have a pussy.

absolutely disguisting

>> No.71267346

You should at least try to find the source before stating shit like that anon.
It makes you seen like a women. Acting on emotions instead of logic.
--Grip strength is a decent proxy for upper and lower limb strength, and is also correlated with other indices of strength. Based on other studies, there is a smaller sex difference in lower body strength. Here is the conclusion of one recent study (Bohannon et al. 2012):

The findings of this study suggest that for healthy adults isometric measures of grip and knee extension strength reflect a common underlying construct, that is, limb muscle strength. Nevertheless, differences in activities requiring grip and knee extension strength and the findings of our analysis preclude a blanket advocacy for using either alone to describe the limb muscle strength of tested individuals.
Instead of assuming that I´m a fat bastard without any basis, just assume that I hate women and people that think they are even somewhat equal to men. got it?

>> No.71267401

thats perfectly reasonable anon.
Women purpose is for sex.

>> No.71267492

Really? A source is needed to show that some out of shape retard is most likely going to fail at something you need to be at least somewhat in shape to do well at?
We are not talking about men in somewhat or better shape here. We are talking about bottom of the barrel lard asses like you.

>> No.71267506

It looks like your purpose is looking like dumb faggot in 4chan

>> No.71267684

>Design enemies the party can't possibly beat and rub their faces in them

Shit DMing regardless of politics.

>> No.71267732

Interesting how all of the right-wing posts in this thread bring up statistics and biology and all of the left wing posts are "nuh uh in my setting I totally BTFO the misogynists with this stronk womyn character".

>> No.71267746

This is where the white knights in this thread come from.

>> No.71267765

I presented a pretty little graphic from the US National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey showing that almost in every single case a man is stronger than a women.
You still dont want to believe the facts and think that a normal women can win against men.
Testosterone is one hell of a drug man. Women will never be able to compete against men because of that.
Insulting someone is not disproving the facts.

>> No.71267784


>> No.71267814

Before talking about facts maybe read the replies?

>> No.71267820


Realism isn't verisimilitude.

>> No.71267837

>Infographic and sources vs. trust me bro
I gotta give it to the fatass on this one, he's making a better point

>> No.71267846

One reply is someone denying the facts with some stupid shit.
The other is stating shit about the person and not the facts.
facts dont care about your feelings girl.

>> No.71267866

If you are retard.

>> No.71267879

Ironic you are talking about feelings when you are buttblasted at the idea that a woman sometime beat a man in a fight.

>> No.71267885

You talk shit, but if you ever did run a game you wouldn't have the balls to try and introduce this rule, let alone defend it from the group.

>> No.71268001

I can see some women with training beating a man that doesnt train. That´s logical.
What I cant accept is some person saying that a woman without training (a teenager even) can beat a man. This only shows that this person is blinded by media and as never seen how weak a women is.
I go to the gym and the thots in there can with effort lift a plate and half in a bench. Theres barely no man that will stall in that weight if training for a similar amount of time.

>> No.71268018


>> No.71268183

>I go to the gym
Sure you do. /tg/ has seen many oh look how tough I am post but we know that those who say they are so great at fighting and kick so much ass are most likely never been in a fight. Any trainer worth a damn tells you that only fight as a last resort.

>> No.71268268

Never said that I could fight.
Learn to read.
I said that a man can overpower a women because he is stronger. Untrained versus untrained.
Again are you a women? This is the only explanation to be so retarded.

>> No.71268335

Just to make you understand.
In women, normal testosterone levels range from 15 to 70 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dL) of blood. for a man low testosterone, or low T, is diagnosed when levels fall below 300 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dL).
A man with clinical levels of low testosterone is still more than 10 times higher than a women.
Thats why they will never be able to equal a man.

>> No.71268361

You are acting like one of those look how tough I am faggots.
You learn to read faggot pants, we are talking about untrained lard ass like you versus untrained woman who is somewhat in shape.
The only retard here is you.

>> No.71268387

Yet you would still lose the fight just like you lose to stairs

>> No.71268688

Man, you really are dense.
The study that I linked proves that man are stronger than women at any given age,
A basic trip to the gym will show that a TRAINED women (without juice) can barely lift weights that a untrained male will lift with easy. Some with a week or two of training.
Basic fucking knowledge will show that people with large mass can lift more weight.
And you still want to talk without any proof that you are right? Just because it hurts your feelings?
At least provide a modicum of proof that you have a basis for your argument.

>> No.71268975

>Man, you really are dense.
Ironic thing for you to say seeing that you can't see that we can see that you are a retard who never been to the gym. Dumbasses acting tough are dime a dozen on the net.
>Just because it hurts your feelings?
Funny coming from a dumb faggot yelling look how tough I am in a dying thread that only exist because some dumb faggot is buttblasted about women.

>> No.71269046 [DELETED] 

So you dont have any proofs and just insults?
OK. Its good that you are finally able to admit that a women will never be equal to a man.
Have fun and sleep well. I know that I will.

>> No.71269110

It looks like you have no brains and nice of you let everyone know you are butthurt that someone pointed out that you would lose a fight with a girl.
It looks like you need one of these

>> No.71269505

>women were cheating by rotating in
So they were completely fresh against the boys who could actually get tired during a whole match? Wow. That's hardly fair.

>> No.71269577 [DELETED] 

>> No.71269611

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>> No.71269646


>> No.71269665


>> No.71269678


>> No.71269693


>> No.71269708


>> No.71269728


>> No.71269744


>> No.71269789


>> No.71269794

That's not many.

>> No.71270037

Also kill yourself retard

>> No.71270054

Why so mad?

>> No.71270079

Calm down little girl, daddy will protect you.

>> No.71270097

Why are you so stupid?
No u

>> No.71270133

>being this butthurt

>> No.71270154

Good job finding yourself

>> No.71270275

Good post, aimed at the wrong guy tho anon

fixed it for you

>> No.71270349


>> No.71270367

Fine, here is one for you. Now you and OP gets called a faggot.

>> No.71270384

No u

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