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Post tech-heresy.

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Hellhounds or Sentinels? If the latter, Armoured or Scout?

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Why do so many salamanders get shot by the Arbities instead of other chapters?

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8th edition is only trash because of competitive zoomers sucking the joy out of it so they can win tournaments and dab and whatever else their miserable kind does.

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Armored sentinels if you need cheap fast attack slots. If you got plenty points to spare, go hellhounds for killing infantry on objective.

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Why post a new thread so early?
What's the point? Worried that people who forget the catalog exists won't find the other one on page 3?

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They all sort of serve different roles
Relatively durable turrets
Board control

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plan was to have a Hellhound or two accompany infantry and veterans in a sort of support vehicle role(theyd hide behind it and shoot at enemies its immolating, while taking objectives) I have three Fast Attack slots I need to fill so maybe Ill just take some Armoured Sents and one Hellhound.

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What the fuck are the prices GW are putting on the new Incubis, I just don't understand at all.

Like I know our monopoly money is bad, but for fucks sake man, 65$ for what was originally 40$ in failcast? Fuckin' kill me.

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If your opponent replaced killed models with a casualty model with no base (basically replace dead guardsmen with a model of a guardsmen lying dead on the ground with no base) would you be annoyed or would you think it would interfere with the game somehow? I've been toying with the idea of 3D printing casualties just to add a little visual flair to games but I'm not sure if people would be ok with it.

Also wouldn't mind trying destroyed vehicles which count as cover too.

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>flamethrower on a vehicle specificly designed to be anti infantry

bruh the fucking wyvern exists for a reason

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You're a leaf?

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Long term plan should be to get 3 of both so you have options.

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found it, WD 298 (CAN/US)

now excuse me, I have to go make sure my basement water pipes aren't going to freeze overnight

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Custodes fight Primaris.

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Hellhounds are better anti-air then hydras (which is what I assume you meant) though

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>flamer auto hits
>flyers have negatives to hit

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>Wait 9 years for plastic aspect warriors
>They're 90 ausbux for a small unit of banshees

Fuck it im workin on my drukhari

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So do chaos cultists only get provided 5 different outfit options in lore?

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It's a standard uniform, you understand.

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They don't. An Arbites that kills an Astartes would be immediately executed, and the chapter in question would probably burn down a hive or two, just to iterate the point. The Imperium is a quasi-feudal society with Astartes firmly at the top.

I know this was bait, but I thought it was worth saying, since we would probably have some zoomer secondary start asking questions anyway.

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This. Zoomers ruined this fucking hobby with metachasing the likes I've never seen. Back in the day sure Eldar or tau were occasionally faggots but you had guys with beautiful armies. Now every kid has some minmaxed cheap looking paint job that was done deliberately poorly in order to do just enough

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Ah, I see
Makes perfect sense.
I wonder what tailoring services chaos uses to uniform their hordes of cultists.

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>paint a mini
>looks pretty alright
>take a picture to upload
>it suddenly looks like shit

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It was on page 9.

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>cultist have ranged and advantage of numbers.
>try to bum rush the bald armoured chick with a sword and a fucking giant with a gunlance

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Pretty sure there are quite a few chapters that would even offer a man that could kill a marine a job

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Blame the artist for being a fucking hack that slavishly followed the "do it like in the official miniatures dawg" line.

Or maybe they have to which is also sad.

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That is just nasty and the application of deep heat on that thing makes it all the worse.
I don't think even Asmodai would inflict that on someone.

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I don't like that the Blood Angels and Ultramarines have switched rivals.

Themes wise, the old rivalries made sense. The Blood Angels are defined by being the best and worst of mankind, Good Men using the evil in their hearts to preserve what they love, so them being primarily opposed by the Black Legion makes sense, since the Black Legion is the best of the worst, villains and tyrants unified by an ostensibly noble cause. Add to that the love between their legions and primarchs during the Heresy and Sanguinius's death at Horus's hands, and their rivalry is perfect.

The Ultramarines on the other hand used to have the Tyranids as a foil, which also seemed perfect. The Ultramarines can win any conventional war, barring none. They took what should have been an istvaan-tier massacre and turned it into a Pyrrhic victory at Calth. They're the perfect soldiers in a conventional battle, but when faced with an unconventional enemy, their reliance on the codex astartes almost ended their chapter, with the Tyranids and Necrons dealing them massive defeats.

Then GW came along and handed the nids to the BA, the Black Legion and Death Guard to the Ultramarines, because MARKETING LOL. fucking wankers

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well im trying to make a 2k army for IG vostroyans that can fit in one detachment because of autism reasons. And for some autistic reason I want two tank commanders now too(one for plasma spam, and one to issue two tank orders a turn. A Command tank, if you will). And now i cant fit psykers and a commissar babysitter in there either so I cant have any fucking anti-psychic.

same here. My buddy, who is as old as I am, is zoomer as fuck. I think the MtG has rotted his brain.

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Memes aside, how is Farsight and, by extension, FSE T'au in melee?

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>he thinks they have a choice
Lmao buddy being an Illustrator is like any other job. Don't know why the fuck people think it's some nebulous thing like
>ok just draw whatever and we'll pay you :^)

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As long as you're posting wulfen, ACCEPTING WULFEN WAS A MISTAKE

Wulfen were supposed to be Space Wolf death company, they shouldn't just be welcomed into the chapter like fellow battle brothers, with custom weapons and armor. A marine who succumbs to the curse should have to choose between a bolt to the brain, or death in battle. They should NEVER be brought back into the house, so to speak.

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You can take astropaths in the elite slot.

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Are you high? Since when is that a zoomer thing? People have been buying and ditching entire armies for tournaments since I started playing in 2004, and probably way before that too.

As long as a game with a physical component has a tournament scene, there's going to be whales.

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your brain on Khorne

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Melee is okay, the real thing for farsight is just getting into close range.
The new PA bonuses basically demand that Farsight players get within 12" for stupidly good buffs.

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Unfortunately. Doesn't help when your side job besides college only pays ya 230$ every 2 weeks and most it it (90%) goes to bills.

>GW: "Xeno players don't buy a ton of models, so we dont make them often, We have so much and they just sit around in our warehouses collecting dust."
>Finally makes the fucking new figures, hypes shit up and then overprices them even more than xeno and non elites and commanders and then nobody buys it.
>"fucking xeno players dont make us money compared to smurfs. Look at all of these Pheonix Rising boxes are stuck in our warehouses collecting dust--Let them keep their 25 year old models. Lets make another Primaris Lieutenant."

I honestly don't wanna see any new Harlequin models when their turn is coming for Psychic Awakening if this is the shit they're gonna pull with every new eldar release.

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The game I just had, I knocked my guys over and the other dude seemed fine with it. Makes it look scenic.

>> No.71236488

I really like it but it seems like a lot of effort

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>Also wouldn't mind trying destroyed vehicles which count as cover too.

Id like it, but a lot of spergs would flip out

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But Im running out of elites slots. I only got one left because I need my plasma veterans(powerful and lore friendly for vostroyans) and a command squad for my two commanders(with a flag to buff my gunline's morale to make them harder to get rid of. And also to make use of Badass Bare Chested Vostroyan I have), and Nork Deddog to cheese my commanders into immortality(Nork tanks all wounds, then gets healed by Medic. Rinse and repeat until god cries). And I have to have Platoon officers so I can give the Reroll 1s orders to my plasma vets.
Am I mad? Should I cool it?

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There are at least three 3rd party companies making aspect warriors now, have you looked into any of them? Artel has some badass looking aspect warriors.

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What brain?

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They are cultists. they probably aren't all fucking retar-
>slaaneshie fucks want to feel the sensation of pain
>nurgle fucks want to try to spread some blood borne pathogen in their blood
>zeech fucks are down to die because it was all part of the plan
Never mind. Chaos Cultists are probably all retarded

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I get what you're saying, though there are still Tyranids and GSCs around the Ultramar area, it's just with Guilliman back and HH being a thing, old rivalries and Primarchwank seems to be baked into 8th's lore.
Imagine if we got Fulgrim to bother Guilliman and expand on the Emperor's Children, or the return of Dorn and Perterabo. Or Leman Russ to shunt forward the beef with Magnus.

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Does anyone have a pdf of the Sabbat Worlds Crusade sourcebook from last year? I wanna take a look at the art inside of it.

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>got a collie
>tried to name him leman russ
>family calls him lemon rush
>decide to call him magnus instead
>family likes this name and we stick with it
>younger brother calls the dog eggy though

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Question: If I use the spell INCURSION to perform a Daemonic Ritual, can I then use the stratagem DAEMONIC PACT from the Daemon Codex, to summon off of 4 dice again?

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This is a good thing, Tau gunline armies (and static gunlines in general) are shit to play against.

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I'd say that from when I was playing from 2006 to now the quality of army paintjobs has actually declined. Washes and contrast paint only hide the lack of talent better.

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shit man, I dont even know how to pronounce Leman Russ. I sound french when trying to say his name.
Ley-Maan Ruh-sss.

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Don't take the extra command for the Tank Ace ability, it'll just encourage the opponent to take it out first turn without you using it.
Post list anon, I don't know how you're building 2k but ran out of Elite spaces.

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>65$ for what was originally 40$ in failcast?
I mean, I wouldn't pay money for failcast anything, and the metal incubi had their own issues (mostly with pinning spiky bits and stopping paint from getting chipped). As a one-off elite squad, I don't mind chunking out a bit more for proper plastics.

>> No.71236586

I pronounce it Li-Munn.

>> No.71236587

And I was pretty hyped to start a small Biel-tan kill team. I'm gonna think twice now.

>> No.71236588

Almost had this happen with a brand new bottle of Tamiya panel liner.

>> No.71236590

based. listbuilding is shit. hopefully 9th goes back to old foc. troop tax > hq tax. also limit detachments to 2

>> No.71236591

Of course but my only gaming network is through gw stores and i dont want to get spat on by a fat neckbeard store manager for not having the correct dudes.

>> No.71236593

I'm thinking of picking up his Archon model for my Kabal, I don't like the plastic one GW has.

>> No.71236595

The power won't affect the second ritual.

>> No.71236602

>old rivalries and Primarchwank seems to be baked into 8th's lore.
True, but if you want to set UM up against CSM, the most bitter rivalrly in the entire heresy is between the Word Bearers and the Ultramarines. Or like you said, they've got beef with the DG. Hell, G may or may not have killed Omegon, so the Alpha Legion hates them too. The Iron Warriors could hate them because of the whole mess around Dantioc, or Guilliman dressing down Pert in public, etc. Angron and the World Eaters have them for Nuceria, the Night Lords hate them for Sotha and the whole mess on Maccrage.

GW picked THE ONLY TWO csm legions that don't have personal beef with the Ultramarines, DG and BL.

I'd disagree, although that's with an asterisk. Yes, there are more people nowadays who have shittily painted armies, but at the same time there's also way less grey tide because of contrasts and painting tutorials, and if you follow the high end of the painting scene, it's leagues ahead of where it was back then. Basic hobbyists on instagram will put forward shit that would fit in a Golden Daemon lineup from 2002, and the best of the best are doing crazy awesome shit.

Yeah there's more half-baked painting, but there's less grey tide and more passionate painters IMO

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Just play 1k games if you want to limit detachments to two.
It actually uses Rule of Two at that level and generally pushes players to make more fluffy lists due to that.

>> No.71236616

Lee-MAN Russ.

>> No.71236617

I basically soaked my cat with a bucket of water when he tried to get near my hobby desk and turntable, haven't had an issue with him coming near it since.

>> No.71236619

Alright I will.

>Flesh Meets Steel

>The Sensorians, a newly formed warband of Slaanesh-worshipping Chaos Space Marines, treat with the Dark Mechanicum in an attempt to pioneer Daemon Engines equipped with suites of sonic weaponry. In doing so they learn of the sombre Skitarii of the forge world Agripinaa, ancestral enemies of the Eye of Terror’s machine-hereteks.

>Appalled by the notion that the Skitarii voluntarily exchange their flesh for cybernetic replacements, the Emperor’s Children stage a grand raid upon the planet under the cover of a Dark Mechanicum invasion. They capture several maniples of Skitarii, overloading their circuits with barrages of intense noise and deafening scrapcode, before bearing them back to the Eye of Terror. There they cut out the Skitarii’s bionics and replace them with fleshy equivalents taken from mutants, from corpses, even from fallen Chaos Spawn, until barely an ounce of metal is left. The Fleshlings of Sensoria, though driven mad by the process, prove a potent asset in the Long War.

>> No.71236628

>Easily Summon a Skull Altar 5 needed of maximum 18
>Then summon a maxed out unit of Bloodletters 12 out of 18
Summoning is still garbage, but sounds fun.

>> No.71236629 [SPOILER] 

Watch out for the true enemy.

>> No.71236630

Hey leafs, thundergames is having a sale for their anniversary, 20% off retail GW so its pretty good. Code is 7YRGW

>> No.71236634

They must really hate Iron Hands, then.

>> No.71236636

So, nerf horde armies?
Nah, I find CP to balance well in this edition.

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That's a fair point on the two Chaos Primarchs that didn't have a feud with Guilliman over stuff.
I'm not totally up to date with everything in Horus Heresy's lore, I know Magnus and Leman got their feud, does Mortarion or the Death Guard have a feud with a Loyalist Legion over something?
I know Mortarion and Draigo/GK is a sore spot, though was wondering which Legion/Primarch makes the more fitting rival for Mortarion.

>> No.71236665

Artel is making some nice as hell models not gonna lie. Im waiting on their Rangers and their Grotesques, but both of them are in in the concept stage. But the Female Archon they got with changable heads with male slaves is pretty hilarious tho.

>> No.71236682

Making a Guard infantry amry, is 180 troops too little?

>> No.71236684

Post it.

>> No.71236687

I use them at my GW. The trick is to add plenty of GW parts to the model and base so you can call it a kitbash "with some third party parts"

>> No.71236692

Only IG would really be affected.

>> No.71236705

Every damn time. Post anyway bruv

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>> No.71236710

>guard army that doesn't spam Russes and Tank Commanders
Yes that is too little, you need only troops, bring conscripts even.

>> No.71236712

I used a cattle prod. Same result with less cleanup.

>> No.71236717

>does Mortarion or the Death Guard have a feud with a Loyalist Legion over something?
Not particularly. The legion they antagonized the most was actually the Thousand Sons. During the Heresy they got in a tussle with the White Scars as per Horus' orders, but if anything Mortarion seems to have had fewer gripes with Khan than he had with most other primarchs, even after Khan told him to eat shit.

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>> No.71236723

Just do a parking lot like every other IG player.
Make every match boring and tedious as fuck with everything being T8

>> No.71236725

Turntable as in music, photography or pottery?

>> No.71236728

Not really.
Also, why nerf IG anyway? They have a competitive win rate of about 50% and generally are seen as a baseline for checking other factions' strength.

>> No.71236732

>does Mortarion or the Death Guard have a feud with a Loyalist Legion over something?
>I know Mortarion and Draigo/GK is a sore spot, though was wondering which Legion/Primarch makes the more fitting rival for Mortarion.
Unironically himself. He's the primarch who serves the god of despair. He primarily hates psykers and tyrants, and is now a psychic tyrant.

>> No.71236735

>All Rhino Chasis are T7
>All Russ Chasis are T8
Admech really favors guard over Marines huh?

>> No.71236748

He's a miserable bastard in general.

>> No.71236749


>> No.71236755

I don't want to run any tanks, I have one set of conscripts, I guess I can remove my command squad and get another set of conscripts.

>> No.71236760

One of the guys that writes rules is a massive IG fag.

>> No.71236761

>They have a win rate of about 50%
>Basline for checking other factions' strength
You answered your own question, if in a game where we have like 15+ uniuqe armies, they win 50% of the time (Which they don't but I digress) you have a problem.

>> No.71236762

Weren't those copyright striked? The new one are as good.

>> No.71236764

I have never run into a Guard player who fielded less than 6 squads on infantry.

>> No.71236765

And I thought my 140 Plague Monks was being cheeky.
Bloody hell... And yet I'm sure people do this.

>> No.71236768

Company Commander(Warlord, Grand Strategist and Armour of Graf Toschenko) Power Sword and Plasma pistol
Company Commander with Power Sword and Plasma Pistol
Tank Commander with Plasma Cannon and Plasma Sponsons, and Track Guards and a front Heavy Bolter
Tank Commander with Battle Cannon and Lascannon and Heavy Bolters and Track Guards Steel Commander Tank Ace ability and Kurov's Aquila

2x Infantry squads with a grenade launcher, chainsword and boltgun(meant to accompany the plasma vets)
2x Infantry squads with lascannon, boltgun, and chainsword
2x Infantry squads with heavy bolter, boltgun, and chainsword

Command squad with regimental banner, medic
Nork Deddog
2x Platoon commanders with power sword and boltgun
2x Enginseers
2x Veterans with 3 plasma guns and a boltgun and chainsword

2x Armoured sentinels with missile launcehr
2x Scout sentinels with missile launcehrs

4x Leman Russ with Battle Cannon, Lascannon, and Heavy Bolters and track guards

this all comes to about 2023 points thus far, because I also gave vox to the infantry and the veterans and command squad so I can have a constant web of communication in case any of the commanders get taken out of action or if a squad needs to go somewhere and is out of command range.
Idea is that the heavy weapon team infantry squads will sit with the commanders and their command squad taking pot shots at the enemy while slowly advancing, while the veterans and the grenade launcehr infantry advance and try to cause havoc. The leman russes are their to blow shit up. The sentinels I guess are to support thhe infantry and veterans that are moving around. Scouts are there to trump the opponent in the opening of the game I guess.

>> No.71236772

>6 squads of infantry
You mean exactly enough for two battalions?

>> No.71236776

>they win 50% of the time (Which they don't but I digress) you have a problem

>> No.71236777


Tumor wraithbone was a fun one-off "oh yea I suppose that is kind of a suitable interpretation" but ultimately a shit look that definitely doesn't deserve replication in models.

>> No.71236778

Some time in the last few weeks they got yeeted, yeah. Managed to save them though.

>> No.71236779

How many termagants is too many?

>> No.71236792

yeah i usually stick to 1k. i'm fortunate to have a few buddies who like to play fluffy, single or double detachments in smaller games that aren't spamming waacfags. limits the pool of opponents, but also gave us a reason to start working on a garage board so we don't have to associate with the local meta

>> No.71236798

That's interesting... I guess he was thrown in as Death Guard were getting their Nurgle models all in, though really as much as I like DG, it'd have made more sense to me to have Fulgrim and the EC be rivals to Guilliman at the Scourge Stars, for a mono-Chaos God Legion, that is.

>> No.71236801


if you play shooting tyranids you should just play marines. tyranids should be only hormagaunts, genestealers and big bugs with crushing claws and scything talons.

>> No.71236808

death guard vs thousand sons box set when

>> No.71236810

It caps the amount of troops they can run as well as HQ support, but putting platoons back in could solve that.

>> No.71236812

And everything else is Russ'
Yeah i know. The 6 squads are for CP while the tanks are the actual army

>> No.71236814

Well awg is currently dead but I am so pumped, just got a battlefleet gothic tau explorer class battleship. Need to reglue some stuff to even out the model, but it looks so cool, pics dont do it justice.

Ima get a buddy 3d print all the little escorts, see if I can scalp some hero class vessels, and he is gonna print out orks and we are going to have a good time.

I know this isnt technically 40k, but man BFG models are so..full of character.

>> No.71236816

>bring platoons back
>being able to have an entire army in one troop choice
imagine what the WAAcfags would do with that tho.

>> No.71236817

this is what happens when the treadhead is in charge

>> No.71236832

Nothing really different to what they do now. All the other restrictions would still apply.

>> No.71236836

based treadhead
tanks are love, tanks are life

>> No.71236839

Sounds cool, anon. I mainly play with close friends myself.

>> No.71236848

Which spacedad was the best actual DAD? Not general or warrior, who was the best father to his sons?

>> No.71236854

>inb4 some retard who didnt read the books says Vulkan

>> No.71236857

Jaghatai Khan

>> No.71236863

>Best: Magnus, Girlyman, Sanguinius
>Worst: Curze.

>> No.71236870

Toss up between Khan and Magnus (the latter having failed but tried his best)

>> No.71236871

>not perterabo

>> No.71236872

You only believe that until you actually get inside one, then your ears and ringing and your dick hurts and you keep bumping your fuckin head. Shit sucks.

>> No.71236876

not in PDF White Dwarf 298

>> No.71236881

Unironically Magnus

>> No.71236883

Did Ultras get buffed because only they have Cycle of War?

>> No.71236884

Okay, I've modified it. Now I'm running 2 full conscripts, 11 infantry troops, and 3 full tempestus scions for a total of 200 troops.

>> No.71236887

Ive been putting together sisters and I wanted to add some guard allies. I dont want to do basic caidians and wanted to create my own regiment. I was thinking to stick with the eclisarchy, they could be recruited from a shrine world and have close ties to the ministorum while still being a guard regiment. I wanted to do purple white and red as their scheme and speak more of the rich side of the church having a more wealthy reg due to under the table funding from the priesthood.

My question is what kind of kitbash should I do? I want to use cadians as a base and then just have fun with it and give them new heads and what not. Any ideas?

>> No.71236890

I miss being able to field an entire armoured fist company in 2 troops slots though. it was fun

>> No.71236892


>> No.71236896

>Having friends

>> No.71236900

Perty is pretty shitty, but Curze beats him by openly saying he hates his Legion. Perty just grumbles about how his Legion should have been the best.

>> No.71236902

Pre-fall Horus and Sanguinius. They were the only ones who actually treated their sons as sons rather than subordinate warriors. Vulkan and Corax both treated their men as family, sort of, but they were both also rather standoffish.

Sanguinius and Horus were both the type to console their sons in moments of doubt, to personally guide them. Sanguinius one of his son's handiwork by just seeing a single eye-lens that had been popped out of his helmet.

>> No.71236903

Morty remarks on it one of the novels. I think it was Plague War but I'm not sure if that was the one. Anyway, he talks to his underlings about how Rowboat is back and that it will be fun to raise hell again after so long. He acknowledges he never really had anything against Rowboat in particular and that he always thought of him as a little dull.

So Morty really didn't care much. He just wanted to get in on the action by fighting one of his brothers. Guilliman just happened to be the only one available.

>> No.71236905

please reply I feel like I dont have enough infantry(unless Im being memed to with the whole "guard needs loadsa infantry" thing)

>> No.71236911

Did we read the same books? Because he acts like a detached professor to everyone but Ahriman, and fucking murdered a bunch of his sons, PRE-CHAOS for no fucking reason.

>> No.71236915

curze only hated his legion because they were a bunch of criminal shitters that went against all of his teachings perterabo was an assmad faggot who killed 10% of his legion within minutes of gaining control of them for no particular reason

>> No.71236918


>> No.71236925

I would have suggested Vostroyans, ask anyone who built scions if they have spare Berets for your squad leaders. Give your models TONS of purity seals.

>> No.71236926

Titanicus, Aeronautica, Blackstone Fortress and, to a much lesser extent, Necromunda. I am continually disappointed when GW releases new specialists games with completely new models that AREN'T BFG.

>> No.71236930



>> No.71236936

He killed the ones with a little too much Tzeentch in their eye, not unlike Sanguinius and his Blood Angels who got a bit too much Khorne going upstairs.

>> No.71236937

All Magnus wanted was to save his sons from the Flesh Change.

>> No.71236944

do you have to be krieg to use them?

>> No.71236945

Poster-boys always are in the spotlight whatever the big new ennemy his:
> Damocles
> Battle for Maccrage
> Damnos
> Ultramar
> Vigilus

>> No.71236950

Try reading their Primarch novels.

>> No.71236951

I have read many books and historical reports on tank warfare throughout the 20th century and have watched Girls Und Panzer many times so I think me and my wife Yukari know a thing or two about tanks.

>> No.71236957

Just like artillery and infantry.
Everyone thinks its all fun and games until carry a mortar tub and ammunition 10km and the ringing in you ears keeps you up.

>> No.71236960

Do some Maccabian Janissaries, since they are also religious zealots. Reptilian Overlords have the heads.

>> No.71236971

I love vostroyans, but I wanted to go crazy with kitbashing and my friend already plays them. Do you know a good source for purity seals?

>> No.71236980

There are versions you can use for non-krieg regiments, but the mars pattern ones are for krieg only.

>> No.71236985

Very nice, looks like Scions arms? What aout the legs.

>> No.71236988

Yes only DKoK can use Russes

>> No.71236994

If you are okay with not using Cadian base, Scions.

For a really rich look, Mordian's are probably your best bet. You can use the Cadian legs and arms and get a dress uniform style torso and head.

>> No.71236996

I do like thier helmets, maybe I paint them in my colours and say its a reg from thier world

>> No.71236997

I just want the gun man do you think people will care if I model a standard battle tank that way?

>> No.71236998

perterabo was such an assmad loser that he killed his sister because she was dropping truth bombs on his autistic ass and he treated his sons little better

>> No.71237005

Victoria minis.

>> No.71237012

Not sure what to tell you boss, considering that's the physical mag. November 2004, for whatever that's worth.

The PDF in the mega is probably from the UK or AUS runs, which had slightly different articles in each issue.

>> No.71237013

No, there's basically no difference from a regular russ unless you're using a coaxial.

>> No.71237021

No, he killed the ones who happened to be in the general area when he Fucked Up Everything Forever, because he couldn't stand to let his shame be known.

Which only fucking happened because his stupid ass made a pact with Tzeentch. Maybe he should have listened to his dad and left the magic shit alone for two minutes. Magnus is a tragic character, but not a sympathetic one. His downfall was due to arrogance.

>> No.71237037

Only slightly, because if the want to rush back to Devastator they have to wait until turn 4 and lose out on the second turn of Tac doctrine, and if they want to extend Tac doctrine as long as possible they can only go back to it by turn 6.

It certainly gives them more options though.

>> No.71237039

Seems such a shit reason. As stated upthread, there were like seven different Primarchs that had an actual issue with the man and should have come forward.

>> No.71237040

I'm sorry anon, but I don't know what the hell you're doing.

>Company Commander(Warlord, Grand Strategist and Armour of Graf Toschenko) Power Sword and Plasma pistol
GS is fine as a trait, but the Armor is useless unless you're building him as a melee unit, which is clearly not what you're doing, and shouldn't be doing anyway.

>Tank Commander with Plasma Cannon and Plasma Sponsons, and Track Guards and a front Heavy Bolter
Why Track Guards? Vostroyans benefit from range boost. You firstly shouldn't be running your tanks around, and certainly not with Plasma Sponsons with the -1 to hit.

>Tank Commander with Battle Cannon and Lascannon and Heavy Bolters and Track Guards Steel Commander Tank Ace ability and Kurov's Aquila
Why a Battle Cannon if you can order yourself to reroll ones anyway? Plasma Cannon is a straight upgrade.
And again, you shouldn't be taking the extra order set since you'll probably be unable to use it effectively unless you're running a near pure tank list.

>2x Infantry squads with a grenade launcher, chainsword and boltgun(meant to accompany the plasma vets)
Grenade launcher is a waste of points and doesn't benefit from the Vostroyan range bonus, which would should be exploiting the shit out of.

>2x Infantry squads with lascannon, boltgun, and chainsword
If you're attaching lascannons to infantry, do it to your Veterans, as a 4+ to hit on a Heavy 1 is pretty questionable.

>2x Infantry squads with heavy bolter, boltgun, and chainsword
Autocannons do what heavy bolters do, but better. And most times you'll be facing non-hordes anyway.

Also, why are you adding boltguns to all your sergeants?

>2x Platoon commanders with power sword
Why are you giving Platoon commanders power swords? For your Company commanders I can see it'd be nice as a last measure, but it really makes no sense here, you should be using them almost purely for the orders.

>2x Veterans
See what I said before, these are the guys you want to attach a HWT too

>> No.71237043

they don't sell them anymore but you can print them for free now

>> No.71237053


>2x Scout sentinels
Armoured is strictly better since you don’t have to worry about deepstrike anymore on Turn 1.

>4x Leman Russ with Battle Cannon, Lascannon, and Heavy Bolters and track guards
Again, why are you taking track guards? And why are you taking Battle Cannons?

>I also gave vox to the infantry
A waste of points

I really don’t know what kind of build you’re going for anon, but you’re not using the Vostroyan’s range bonus in any meaningful way.

If you want a more mobile unit, use Tallarn.

>> No.71237057

>why are you adding boltguns to all your sergeants?
not him, aren't they free?

>> No.71237061

Fuckin saved, thanks man.

>> No.71237066

full Bretonnian guards

>> No.71237076

They're 1 point.

>> No.71237077

It's 1 point, not a lot, but x8 adds up to 8 pts total.

>> No.71237081

I believe originally the Thousand Sons had mutations due to their psychic capability, some of these being quite debilitating, so Magnus sought a cure for them.
The chats with Tzeentch came as a result of his quest for a cure, I was led to believe, though I can stand to be corrected.

>> No.71237098

These are great, though not sure on the orange weapon frames.

>> No.71237105

should have brought back lorgar

>> No.71237110

You're hung up on linear time. The mutations that Magnus was seeking to cure were retroactively caused by his bargain with Tzeentch to save his sons.

>> No.71237115


>> No.71237118

want cadians with rolled up sleeves damnit. and before you say anything - catachan arms do not work well

>> No.71237122

now your thinking with portals

>> No.71237124

November or October ? (PDF white dwarf 298 is October, November is the 299).
Whatever neither the November or October issues seem to have the Dreadnought scenario inside, it was probably in the free booklet.

>> No.71237125

use catachan arms

>> No.71237128

Your strength is nothing to the Dark Side of the Force!

>> No.71237131

If only guard were the most heavily 3rd party supported options. But alas, no one is making 28mm army man bits these days..

Oh wait we have a pastebin with like 30 of them in the OP.

>> No.71237137


>> No.71237140

Holy shit those are some good eyes

>> No.71237141



>> No.71237145

no u

>> No.71237146

enjoy reading senpai lorgy's book every night before bed, pops. it's a bestseller

>> No.71237149

What is it with GW painters and giving their female models such masculine faces?
The sisters heads are a huge example, they're totally fine when you don't paint them as you would a man's.

>> No.71237152

heavily supported for heads and accessories which I'm already getting. fitting arms won't come short of buying squads of models which is even less economical than the route I'm already taking by bashing guardsmen

>> No.71237153

> free big busted Macha

>> No.71237163


>> No.71237171

You could buy one squad then just cast more. I've done that with a bunch of stuff off shapeways.

>> No.71237175

Given the way detachments work, I'm not entirely sure they'd do much of anything with Platoons.

>> No.71237183

it looks fucking sweet?

>> No.71237186

Me too anon, like they had 1 different system from their usual fare that was unique and cool as fuck, is in high demand to this very day, and they dont do fucking shit to update it. No, we get
57 flavors of skirmish game.

But you know what? Since they ain't making profit off it, theres lots of 3d printable stls and they arent hammering them for infringing on IP. and no one cares if your stuff is 3d printed, since any meta would just be fans who want to play.

>> No.71237193

>November or October ?
bruh, did you even read my post. I literally said it was November 2004, WD 298 (US/CAN).

The UK and NA (and AUS) magazines had different articles, which is why I specified location.

>> No.71237201

I am tempted to give casting a go. I was already considering it because of GWs horrendous practice of supplying 1 special weapon per box

>> No.71237204

imagine being the in-universe gurm to lorgar's tolkien, and your baby smurfs are going full hbo on interpretation

>> No.71237220

Is there a scan of the Misters of Battle Codex?

>> No.71237231


>> No.71237235

In the megas.

>> No.71237245

>Misters of Battle

>> No.71237246


It looks dumb, like I said you have a moment of "oh that's neat" because you know that wraithbone is described as being grown rather than molded or carved, but it just doesn't fit Eldar after considering it a moment more.

>> No.71237267

That's literally what you used to do with a wrecked vehicle that didn't explode.

>> No.71237273

the zoomers would riot, then they would scheme. They'd deploy all of their tanks in a conga line so they could make a wall of cover for themselves. Preferably with cheap and shitty tanks.

>> No.71237277

the real mvp, right here

>> No.71237282

Fuck, spilled like half of my Earthshade last night when it turns out I didn't seal it all the way.

>> No.71237284

Being a WAACfag is not unique to zoomers, what are you on about?

>> No.71237297

not him but its definitely more common in youth though in my experience. maybe its just young competitiveness maybe its esports

>> No.71237298


>> No.71237315

Among youth, yes, but not among that specific generation. No matter what era you're playing in, if your store has a WAACfag, odds are he's under the age of 30.

>> No.71237316

Someone please post the picture from a tournament from 3rd or 4the edition where the guy deployed a conga line of Kroot and won on a technicality.

>> No.71237322

Just doing my job.

>> No.71237325

What autism is this?

>> No.71237329

right but zoomer is just the term for current youth. all these generational terms are vague and so frequently misused that they have no real definition

>> No.71237330

I'd say young competitiveness.

When I was younger I was crazy about competing in paintball, MTG, and shit like Halo 2. As I got older I chilled out.

>> No.71237331

>since you don’t have to worry about deepstrike anymore on Turn 1
*chuckles in marine*

>> No.71237334

Necronfag delivers?

>> No.71237335

Zoomer specifically means the modern younger generation. What I'm saying is that they are no more or less likely to be massive WAACfags than we were at their age.

>> No.71237338

What's worse than a marinelet?
A marinelet on a 25mm base

>> No.71237350

>What's worse than a marinelet?
A fucking faggot WAACFAG meme-tier zoomer trash piece of shit who jumps into a hobby he doesn't understand and drags it down with his stupid autistic need for being a special snowflake and ignores the heart and soul of the game hes trying to enter you fucking cuck ass primarine GW cock-sucking bitch


>> No.71237351

Zoomer here. Following this previous line of questioning.

Is my generation know for being full of WAACfags or something? Cause this has never been an issue at my LFGS, and personally I've always been a /yourdudes/ type of guy who prefers models and more fluffier options. Like missing when you rolled in the old editions to see which of your BAs were death company.

>> No.71237353

Zoomers might actually be more WAACfag because of their prevalent use of the internet, they play competitive shit and have it burnt into their mind to google strats for competitive games, and are raised on shit like League, CSGO, Fortnite (regardless of your opinion on these games, they are tryhard sweaty ass games with competitive modes). This breeds zoomers to apply these same cheese strats they do in those games to 40k, hence, WAACfagging is bred into them.

>> No.71237357

whole lot of butthurt zoomers in this thread

>> No.71237360

Shut the fuck up and go listen to 6ix9ine and drink Mountain Dew and suck Disney's Marvel's Cock while snorting a vape, you stupid fucking zoomer.

>> No.71237362

Actually based

>> No.71237363

Not really, just some salty retards want to push all the hobby's problems off onto the young, see


t. 37 years old, been playing since 2000.

>> No.71237368

He out RAW'd his opponent.

>> No.71237372



>> No.71237376

>tfw i havent played at a local game store in years, my and my 3 grog boomer friends all play in my garage 2 weekends a month
our kids are between 2-8 i doint even know if they could be considered zoomers yet, but its maximum comfy to have a place with no smelly neckbeards, couches to relax on and a nice stocked fridge. why dont you guys just organize play sessions with your friends instead of going to game stores where you seem to have to put up with all kinds of bs?

>> No.71237382

It's Snitch9ine now. Get with last year's memes.

>> No.71237387

WELL this thread is rapidly going to shit.

>> No.71237388

mmm yes I love eating tide pods and stretching my butthole with my official Baby Yoda merchandise so generously sold to me from my benevolent Disney Overlord oh yes my god Bernie Sanders I love being a zoomer!

>> No.71237393

it's the attitude of cunts not a generational thing, anyone can be a waacfag. all of the younger people at my lgs who are aged 20-30 are flufffags or don't even play 40k and prefer something like dropzone because it's more balanced

>> No.71237394

Congratulations, you're actually retarded.

>> No.71237399

Speaking as a zoomer, 69 is a snitch, a bitch, and a goddam pedo, and no one likes him anymore. NO ONE. Even his own groupies bailed on him.

>> No.71237402

no not really I'm just speculating from my personal experience

>> No.71237403

who the fuck stepped on your lawn old man

>> No.71237406

I've been playing since the 1990s. WAACfags have always been a thing. I remember as a kid, my very first game at a GW store was against some really snotty WAACfag kid who made really deep WYSIWYG nitpicks on mydudes and was a pain.

I dunno, at my FLGS I see younger people playing and don't see any overt WAACfagging. I think it's just by area, and more likely if you are in a GW store or tourney, neither of which I have care to approach in like a decade.

>> No.71237410

I think I'm going to buy some Tau

>> No.71237411

Actually cringe

>> No.71237412

is this just a bong and burger thing? all of the guys at every store i have ever been too, be it gw or a lgs can been super chill

>> No.71237416

I have become very unhappy with the direction of this thread. Fires of Cyraxus has been delayed for an extra four weeks in punishment.
Know your shame for being bad.

>> No.71237418

already found a few recasters not going to name them here for obvious reasons but how do you tell if a recaster is trustworthy and won't just run away with your money

>> No.71237419

Trash, rap isn't music.
>Mountain Dew
Coke's better.
is a bunch of cucks ran by the Jews the CEO hated.
See above.
Only niggers smoke or vape.

Once again a weeb's opinion is worthless in all avenues of life. You're a third rate normie with fourth-rate bait.

>> No.71237420

this is, of course, all the fault of the zoomers

>> No.71237423

Looks like you're having trouble coping.

>> No.71237429

I'm not having trouble cringing

>> No.71237431

I kind of want tank crews to be able to potentially bail out too.

>> No.71237432

what the fuck just happened?

>> No.71237434

>tfw 38 years old and have been playing since 1999
whew, just barely missed getting called out on that one

>> No.71237436

>Takes the +4 assault weapon range and +2 jet pack movement sept tenets.
At LeAst I’M nOt StaTIc gUnLiNE!

>> No.71237437

vehicles should unironically have bases, with faces etched onto them, so that unit facing can make sense.

>> No.71237441

fuck you and your 32mm bases. me and my codex standard battle company will still be taking to the field until the day marinelets are completely squatted

>> No.71237446

>people start complaining about zoomers
>other people disagree

>> No.71237447

Gen wars

>> No.71237448


>> No.71237452

ive never actually played at a store, ive only heard horror stories here, which im sure are 99% bs, but i have a group of friends who play, so i lucked out and never had the need to have to find games at my game store

>> No.71237454

You keep typing that but we can see you seething at the keyboard, flinging overused memes over and over like a monkey and his shit.

>> No.71237461

If they are that young they will never be zoomers, they are post zoomers

>> No.71237463

i think he was being sarcastic

>> No.71237467

yall niggas fighting over boomersf vs doomers, and i just want inquisitors back

>> No.71237475


Let us forget the generation conflict and enjoy that which unites us all: tiny plastic dudes.

>> No.71237476

>If they are that young they will never be zoomers, they are post zoomers

>> No.71237477

>he steps up the cringe

>> No.71237480


>> No.71237482

such a cool gimmick

even if in practice it was abused by faggots to make scoring victory points/claiming table quarters more obnoxious

>> No.71237484

>not fielding the glorious ancient servants of the emperor even after GW squats them
>not just making homebrew rules when GW stops making them

>> No.71237485

what company space wolf uses that color?

>> No.71237487

>*sobbing* He looks better in person, it's just a shit camera.

>> No.71237488


>> No.71237491

Nah, Poomas

>> No.71237492


>> No.71237496


>> No.71237499

apply paint nigger

>> No.71237500

You must be new.

>> No.71237501

How do you guys feel about wysiwyg and how do you feel about people that don’t follow it?

>> No.71237502

rusty boy

>> No.71237505

I really should just paint my primaris as space wolves

>> No.71237508

The kind whose owne- Er, whose Jarl dislikes the robin's egg blue?

>> No.71237510

but you dont snort a vape? do you know how a vape works?

>> No.71237511

Stale. Are you capable of anything original? Or is this the most attention you can get on a Saturday night?

>> No.71237515


>> No.71237519

that'd be fun. do something like if the vehicle doesn't explode, on a 4+ the crew can deploy. have them be something like whatever the basic statline of whatever army they're from, with like a sidearm. not like they can do much, but it'd still be fun, and for narrative battles it'd be fluffy as fuck.
>APC parked on an objective
>squad piles out to claim it
>transport gets fragged
>driver has to hop out, hides behind wreckage and takes pot shots at enemy with squad while another transport hustles over to retrieve them

>> No.71237523

Post models if you got'em.

>> No.71237524

sadly not

>> No.71237525

Yep. Something about an old lady telling you you’re shits all retarded that makes the spergs go homicidal.

>> No.71237527

I'm capable of cringing, and I am right now

>> No.71237528

but is he a trusty boy?

>> No.71237531



>> No.71237533

You say that with such pride. You're truly pathetic.

>> No.71237535

I'm truly cringing

>> No.71237536

>actually buying GW product instead of shitposting
oh no no no

>> No.71237537

Toomers, cancerous little buggers

>> No.71237541

Good 'ol Rusty Boi

>> No.71237542

i would, but I unfortunately only play in my local gw thanks to the lack of lgs around me. so as soon as 9th or whatever edition squats marinelets comes around, it's either never play with them again or raise the black flag and start using the chaos marine codex

>> No.71237544


>> No.71237555

>> No.71237557

Here it is you little bitch. Yeah you dirty slut you like this dontcha? You’re a little cumslut is what you are. Daddy putting 40” Kroot right up that sweet White Scars hole.

>> No.71237558

>I don't feel so good

>> No.71237568

I haven't given GW a dime since 2007, you have no excuses.

>> No.71237569

How against the lore would it be for a chapter to have relic gifts from other chapters (power armor components, weapons, et.c) after battles they fought together in? Would this equipment be generic or have the stylings of the gift giving chapter? If blood ravens are the most likely to do this, which chapter is the least likely to have such a thing? Would the recipients re-paint this equipment or leave it in it's original scheme as a reverence thing?

>> No.71237571

Why would a loyalist marine be just casually stepping on the body of a dead loyalist marine like that?

>> No.71237577

reminder that bases in 40k are not defined and there are multiple sizes in boxes of the same unit type

>> No.71237578


>> No.71237584

It's a traitor in mk.v.

>> No.71237586

>If blood ravens are the most likely to do this, which chapter is the least likely to have such a thing?
DAs and GKs, not that that stopped the Blood Ravens

>> No.71237598

Currently working on this big guy.
I 100% regret not subassemplying him.
Not even fucking done the base coat on the front half

>> No.71237604

i can afford luxury hobbies without bitching about the price tag though

>> No.71237605

make a facebook group and meet up for garagehammer

>> No.71237607


>> No.71237613

Classic marines belong on 25mm. GW's rebasing bullshit is out of control. We had decades of 25mm and 40mm for damn near any infantry unit. I'm sick of all these intermediate sizes and size changes.

>> No.71237614

>regret not subassemplying him.
Word. I'm lucky I learned that lesson early with my first Heldrake.

>> No.71237615

i know taste is 100% subjective, but i have never ever known or even seen one of these models owned by anyone, so i have to ask. what about this makes you like it? im not trying to insult your taste or anything, im just genuinely curious what you like about it

>> No.71237620

How far suboptimal will you go to choose a more aesthetically pleasing or thematic model? Building TSons/Tzeentch Daemons and having a tough time choosing between Maulerfiends and Defilers. Defilers seem objectively better, as they get a battle cannon shot, autocannon shots, better melee, more wounds, and faster movement for 14 points more. On the other hand, I like the Maulerfiend's look more, but it seems like a large handicap to run compared to a Defiler.

>> No.71237623

With a Primaris helmet?

>> No.71237625

Why are Eliminators getting used in tourneyfag netlists? They don’t look very strong.

>> No.71237626

Yeah I'm not talking to (you) anymore, you don't have models.

>> No.71237627

It's beeg

>> No.71237629

looks like the fat moon girl robot from Futurama

>> No.71237636

Aesthetic 100% of the time. Units change on the tabletop at the whim of errata writers, new codexes, or new editions. Aesthetics are forever.

>> No.71237637

IH and RG doctrine made/make them bossmode character killers.

>> No.71237639

Mk.IV, sorry. It's maximus pattern armor, not mk.X

>> No.71237645

The one under the boot.

>> No.71237648

Ah, the Crushinator. I like your taste.

>> No.71237654

perterabo in a nutshell

>> No.71237659

>salamanders get buffs to flamer and meltas in tactical doctrine
>both weapon types are trash
>neither can be wielded by Primaris (lol) except for flamer aggressors, which are trash

I have a pile of Marines I've won/acquired, I was originally thinking Salamanders but now I'm rethinking it. What chapter should I make them?

-2x Dark Imperium boxes
-1x Shadowspear box
-30x Mk3 Marines
-1x Stormraven
-1x Stormtalon
-1x Predator

I realize it's a random collection, but I've gotten most of this shit for free.

>> No.71237661

Able to target characters, insane armor saves with +2 while in cover, able to indirectly hit shit. They are like Thunderfire Cannons except they can throw some wounds into characters and are fairly cheap.

>> No.71237667

im old, i dont know what that means, so i googled it. apparently it is some sex website. now im just more confused

>> No.71237669

What's something special I should dgive to my last-guy-standing? Purple heart? Iron cross? A skull? Or is being the only guy left alive at the end of the game not an achievement to be noteworthy about?

>> No.71237671

that's the one

>> No.71237672

Continue posting models.

>> No.71237680

fuck, now i want a mechanicum army full of futurama robots. id even make that one with the knife do his ha-HA noise when he gets in CC

>> No.71237682

>im just genuinely curious what you like about it
I don't really in all honesty. The half mech with track legs has never been something i was interested in. I just ened up getting the kit for cheap because it was sitting at a LGS for a few years and taking up space.
Don't get me wrong though. I'm gonna use it and i don't hate it just not a big fan of it.

>> No.71237692


>> No.71237693

How long does it ususally take you to paint?
Per night i can paint 1-1 and 1/2 marines, i go pretty slowly, im not that good at painting (none the less better then some of the peanutbutter monstrosites posted here) so i go very slowly

>> No.71237694

it's only noteworthy if he managed something crazy, like kicking a crisis suit to death with his chicken legs or something. if he survived by dint of being ignored and just chilling, then he isn't anything special

>> No.71237698

I thought about running off an army of Benders as a Necron proxy, but I lost interest.

>> No.71237707

Ah, never mind then.

>> No.71237711

For my necrons I give them a golden skull, for my Marines I'll give them a master-crafted weapon, a relic, something along those lines. Although I don't do it for HQs or Elites unless it's a truly, truly heroic effort, like a game I had a couple months back where my lone wulfen killed a Lord of Skulls on his own, with an axe, no hammer. He got a plundered Chaos power axe for that one.

>> No.71237713

I dunno actually. I do a lot of stuff in irregular assembly line batches, so I'll go a whole week without finishing anything and then have a few days with multiple minis pumped out.

>> No.71237716

Its actually just the same 5 guys, the win every battle they're pictured in which is why they make it to the next one.

>> No.71237736

I'm looking for alternate hive tyrant models, anyone have any good ideas? I'll post some cool nid alternates I've found so far.

>> No.71237749

alternate old one eye

>> No.71237753

treadheads are cool

>> No.71237757

Alternate genestealer cult HQ.

>> No.71237768

Very hard to want to, but I should. My first army was Custodes so I'm just doomed to be play trash this edition.

>> No.71237772

How worth grabbing is the nid sc box? Besides the trygon there isn't much in it im interested in. I'd rather have hormagaunts than genestealers and i don't see the worth of a broodlord when i can have a tyrant instead.

>> No.71237773

Is it that Magnus has a 4++ normally and can buff his save to 3++ with a spell?

>> No.71237775


>> No.71237780

Riddle me this humans!
What is The Warhammer of Warhammer 40,000?

>> No.71237786

I don't think they do an alternate Hive Tyrant. But I quite like some of Hydracast's stuff.

>> No.71237787

The hammer is my penis

>> No.71237796

'kerrigene stealer'

Also on ebay.

>> No.71237797

Forgebreaker. Perty's too bitter to realize it.

>> No.71237809


>> No.71237819

I think you could pretty easily convert this thing into a decent Hive Tyrant, if it's as big as it looks.


>> No.71237834

Here's your tyrant mate

>> No.71237842


>> No.71237850


>> No.71237853

I'm using his hive guard right now actually. And he confirmed he's working a hive tyrant.

I'm gonna get one eventually to use as a prime, but I want something thats pretty impressive for a hive tyrant.

>> No.71237858

Building a IG/SM Dreadnought army and the idea of bolters for my sarges and commanders feels pretty fluffy for the backstory i was going for.

wondering what folk thought of Guard bolters mechanically. They seem like a direct upgrade for the sergeant for just one point, and even at BS4 it's still contributing an extra shot for the squad outside pistol range.

>> No.71237861

Here's a pyrovore/exo/biovore alternate.

Just blue board my shit up senpai.

>> No.71237863


>> No.71237873

I can barely call them misters anymore.

>> No.71237882

This is not the first, nor will it be the last time that plastic tiddies got posted.

>> No.71237897

Dude does such awesome work with marines, and yet shits the bed with women. I don't even mind having some ugly sisters, that's to be expected, but ALL of them being at best plain-faced, and at worst lookin like that dude from the Goonies?

>> No.71237906

I hate the fact that you describe me so completely.

>> No.71237928

The Horus Heresy series was a mistake.

>> No.71237947

I disagree, but it's a 51/49% kinda thing. I think we've gotten slightly more good than bad out of it. Some of the BL books are good, most of the FW models are good.

>> No.71237958

What are some good assassin proxies? The GW ones are ugly and expensive. I already got a counts-as Vindicare using a lady sniper from Reaper.

>> No.71237973

Artel has some badass assassin equivs. Wargameexclusive has some too, but they're mostly titty models IIRC

>> No.71237982

Shitposting aside i'd almost agree, there's been plenty of really nice models come out of FW. That said, i've tried the books and been totally turned off them, and FWs overwhelming focus on HH stuff has corresponded with some of my favorite 40k models they did getting canned.

>> No.71237985

I fucken love tiddies

>> No.71237995

>> No.71238002

honestly, the vindicare ain't bad even if it is a titty model

>> No.71238003

GW could've stretch it out longer and have made it a much better series if every event was told from various unreliable author perspectives, ranging from Primarch to mere irrelevant observers and regular soldiers, all by random authors in their employ. This way nerds can argue what really happened for years, people like ADB can write all their silly female empowerment they want, and /40kg/ could just choose to accept or dismiss any story they want without it just being distaste for the new.

>> No.71238026

>FWs overwhelming focus on HH stuff
I've said it before, I'll say it again; Bligh killed Forge World long before he kicked the bucket.

If you want a titty vindicare there's better places to go.

>> No.71238030

Trygon is pretty mediocre on its own. Good with devourer gants. Genestealers are one of the best units in the Nid codex, why aren't you using them?

>> No.71238036

Oh, did the series finally end? I was still in high school when the heresy was just getting started.

did the lone guardsman facing off against Horus get retconned

>> No.71238047

God, who the fuck would field that in any game ever.

>> No.71238049

Genestealers are a good option, but if you don't want to use them you might be able to talk some other Nid player into swapping you gaunts or other things for them.

>> No.71238052


>> No.71238053

That's still contested as to was it guardsman? Custode? Someone else? No one knows for sure

>> No.71238064

Not me I'd just hot glue it in my room

>> No.71238067

One of the dudes at my LGS femstodes who are naked from their groin to their hair, so there are definitely people out there.

>> No.71238069

May I ask why you don't care for jean stealers?

>> No.71238077

Very cool. Even though I already have the sniper, I still want this for the aesthetics.

No, no. That's pure big tiddy with no restraint or creativity.

>> No.71238081

Post ASSASSins.

>> No.71238087

Check out reptilian overlords, they have packs of arms, legs, etc.

>> No.71238088

That's nice.

I'm always a fan of unreliable history in fiction.

>> No.71238090

>Female custodes
What's the point when there are male naked custodes?

>> No.71238097


>> No.71238102

Is this the dominos pizza chapter?

>> No.71238103


>> No.71238104

I have so many questions, and I'm not sure I want them answered.

>> No.71238117

read that one psychic awakening short story on warhammer community
For once, I thought they would paint a non-imperium army in a positive light, but nope.
Ngl, I never heard of tau "purifying"?? Like, I dont get it...? Unless there is something I missed.

>> No.71238119

That's shit

>> No.71238124


>> No.71238138

Not as shit as the chemically processed plant and animal matter passing through your lower digestive tract you disgusting bag of meat.

>> No.71238140

Where do you get the rules for the Officio Assasinorum?

>> No.71238141

Little Cesar's legion is what I was thinking.

>> No.71238154

>War Marching Slogan: "Pizza Pizza"

>> No.71238165


>Chapter Master Ripperoni

>> No.71238177

I know that feel bro. Pic related

>> No.71238181

It almost seems like they made them as unappealing as possible on purpose. There is a difference between being scarred bodybuilder women and ogres waddling onto the battlefield.
I would have liked to know what the sales figures are.

>> No.71238183

>BEST of the slice to you, battle brother
>And the rest of the pie to you

>> No.71238184

testing some sister schemes, this one looks a bit bright, might go with black armor and lavender robes instead

>> No.71238195

Lmao dude I wish I could be as clueless as you as to the amount of sex obsessed cumbrain coomers that infest this hobby.

>> No.71238198

If you were cool about it and stylized their symbol a bit, maybe name them theSons of Caesar, you could probably pass the joke right over a lot of peoples heads.

>> No.71238199

lol, you accidentally put an extra arm on that commissar.

>> No.71238216

>If you want a titty vindicare there's better places to go.
I mean yeah if you just want bangin' tits, but the WGA vindicare has a cool helmet and tacticool gear too

>> No.71238221

Not him but I think they're pretty goofy looking and prefer the Gaunts way way more. It's such a shame, I'd play Nids if it wasn't for the fact that you can't really do Gaunts, Warriors, Fex and Tyrant only lists.

>> No.71238230

>Their Fortress monastery known only as "The Hut" is located on the world of Sbarro IV

>> No.71238232

Remember. Paint your Knights in chapter colors. This is a threat.

>> No.71238235

Wait, you mean your commissar doesn't have 3 arms? When a guy from my unit asked about it, the commissar shot him and told the rest of the unit all graduates of the schola progenium have 3 arms and were not to be questioned...

>> No.71238247

I like them but i would just rather have a swam of smaller bugs as troops. with a squad or two of stealer maybe later on down the line, but in terms of my early 1000 point foundation i just want biting little shits

>> No.71238249

Fuck you. I do what i want.

>> No.71238257


>> No.71238265

Way ahead of you chief. That freeblade Armiger knows he's the chapter's bitch.

>> No.71238269

Right there with you.
Sad too as last few I posted looked fine.

>> No.71238274

I'll be starting up a pretty slow paced escalation campaign in a month or so and was considering marines as a change of pace from my orks and DE. We'd be at 500 points for a couple of weeks, hows this look?

Ultramarines Successor (Bolter Fusillades/Long Range Marksmen) Vanguard Detachment

Chaplain (WT: Adept of the Codex)
Primaris Apothecary
Aggressors x 5
Sternguard x 5
Razorback (Twin Lascannon)

The Razorback would trade with enemy armor and ferry the Sternguard around if they needed it, the rest of the army should be pretty good at killing infantry. Everything should be pretty mobile after turn 1 as well as Tac Doctrine lets me put out a lot of shots while still moving around.

>> No.71238280


>> No.71238282

>By the light of the Great Ovens of Sbarro IV, Papa Johnus spreads the holy garlic oil over the faces of the new initiates

>> No.71238313

So that's who one of the missing Primarchs was...

>> No.71238326

We posting models?

>> No.71238331

"The day of reckoning will come." said Primarch Papa Johnus mysteriously before he disappeared.

>> No.71238337

The colors clash too much in my opinion.

>> No.71238352

Holy shit, it's that autist's OC donut steel steampunk primarch with the titty models. Thank you so much.

I tried to convince my friends it was real after showing them his monster energy models, but couldn't find it.

>> No.71238356

That isn't yours and we all know it.

>> No.71238357

I thought it was because Malcador didn't like him using the N-word.

>> No.71238366

I was also thinking this, but I wanted to incorporate the lavender somehow

>> No.71238371

I am pretty jelly of his painting skill. Wish I had the talent to make these kind of "out there" builds. I mean ok ok can you imagine? Being the guy who shows up to a local game store and slaps the table ass with these bad boys?

>> No.71238376

Of course it's not mine, that dude is even too much sperg for 4chan

>> No.71238386

I feel like there are too many bright colors clashing against eachother
white, hot pink and black with dark grey accents should work as a color scheme, but the light clove color you got goin on for the armor I think is a bit too much.
Make the armor full white, with black and hot pink secondary colors.
but at the same time, im very tired, so take whatever I say with a grain of salt

>> No.71238388

I can imagine laughing at him.

>> No.71238391

>in battle the holy garlic oil glistening on his face grants him a 4++, his slicer of reckoning is a S9 AP -3 chainsword with the icon of sin hanging from its pummel. It is a grim reminder of the profane statements he made towards the Salmanders chapter.

>> No.71238392

I think you should go all out if you want lavender and make something more colorful. Or maybe just have white and lavender.

>> No.71238408

its so weird
his models and concepts are so shit and weird, but his modeling and painting abillity is unnaturally good. Its like seeing a highly detailed, well constructed, foundationally solid, sonic oc rp system. Ya know?

>> No.71238471

How come cultists have to be on-model too? Wouldn't there be literally no copy-writable aesthetic for rag-wearing-hooligans with guns?

>> No.71238475

I'd be impressed and think he's a retard at the same time.

>> No.71238478

Who is this guy?

>> No.71238480

It might be the effects of actual autism

>> No.71238486

The painters really like showing off the folds in the skin and really hate drawing eyebrows. don't ask me why.

>> No.71238492

Is this how to paint in subassembly?

>> No.71238506

I remember someone posting a Facebook screenshot where he claimed GW was abandoning their original spice and a "Sexyhammer Revolution" was on the way to turn back the tide.

>> No.71238517

Yes and no, That's generally how you would do it, but i wouldn't waste the time for such a simple model.

>> No.71238528

How should I paint the commissar

>> No.71238542


>> No.71238545

It's turbo charged weaponized autism. This was his response to people shaming that model

>> No.71238556

Is there any legit way I can subtly incorporate that without getting kicked out of a store or getting dirt looks?

>> No.71238561

Paint them yellow and say it's harry potter

>> No.71238565

Not if you're European.

>> No.71238577

point out that the original stormboy models had them

>> No.71238582

say you are true to the lore

>> No.71238583

Just be subtle about it.

>> No.71238639

Burgerland, does that count?
Okay, follow up question, where would I fit the sig runes in?

>> No.71238648

Progress on my word bearers
4 done, 2 in progress, a dozen more to go.
I dont really want to paint the spider demons, they looks dumb, i might just sell them.
Also not planning on decals, the word bearer decal really doesnt look good with the colors im using

>> No.71238653

>that thick primer on the sword

>> No.71238675

Anon if you think that's bad, I'd like to introduce you to the guardsmen who had the dishonor of being the first models I tried primer on.

The only way I could make them salvegable was Agrax their faces until it was just a black void, and say "oh they're 'faceless' grunts"

>> No.71238690

My buddy melted a leman russ by holding the can too close to the model.

So atleast you didn't do that. Unless your name is Brandon.

>> No.71238697

The Eye send their finest to the Imperium.

>> No.71238703

I wouldn't put sig runes on your models, its abit too on the nose. I'd use a different rune, like Ger.

>> No.71238723

Last I checked, no. The middle was the first guy I ever primed, and oh gosh it pains me to look at him, especially since I think it's such a cool conversion.
I was thinking about that. But then there's always the chance someone at a LGS is a history buff that's gonna call me out. If you didn't guess by now, I'm a very nervous person. I'm not doxxing myself by having my workstation out, or posting models, am I?

>> No.71238735


>> No.71238737

Are Chaos actually the good guys in 40k?

>> No.71238739

The other 27 look significantly better, i swear

>> No.71238741


>> No.71238743

Your defiantly holding the can too close to the models.

Look up proper priming techniques

This isn't the problem, its the poor priming.

>> No.71238746

they're not ultramarines, so no

>> No.71238747

Seriously, what happened to Duncan?
Why did they fire him?

>> No.71238751

Holy fuck that grain, and you might be doxxing yourself. It's why I have to because about what I post when posting my models due to some LGS people irl going to this same thread as me. None of them as actively no-life posting here atleast.

>> No.71238755

Oh anon...
...you didn't hear?

>> No.71238759

just paint him full black with some white

>> No.71238760

What did he do?

>> No.71238761

He got blackmailed by Peach for giving a local girl his two thin coats, or atleast that's what the case files state.

>> No.71238763

Is this thing a slushee dispenser?

>> No.71238768


>> No.71238771

Why do you think Peachy is now the face of the painting tutorials? He knew there was an easy or a hard way, and he had taken the better way.

>> No.71238772

No fucking way

>> No.71238773

this man
this man is something else

>> No.71238779

I want to tell you yes.

>> No.71238788

Well, just singular lightning bolts, but it was very clearly an allusion. The original wartrakk model was literally just a kettenkrad, too.

>> No.71238804

Yep, also
>Orks are a melee army

>> No.71238810

>Another book about how the Iron Hands are very sad pandas

Do we get a Death Guard book at any point? I feel like I missed a lot too since Loken was suddenly alive during Vengeful Spirit and I didn't skip any of the main books.

>> No.71238814

He could've just made a simple statement in few sentences or less, hell could've just written "fuck off." Why write all these text walls, it's not going to win anyone over.

>> No.71238822

autism, its always autism.

>> No.71238825

And official codex paintjob

>> No.71238827

Which book is this, 2e? There's so many old ork books (rt especially) that I often forget which is which.

>> No.71238828

Is it best to fap before or after painting?

>> No.71238837

Yep it's the 2ed book

>> No.71238839

It makes for an entertaining read, also you have no idea how much responses like this make the intended target rage. It's both infantilizing and dramatic.

>> No.71238848

>It's time to duel loyalists

>> No.71238854

oops, meant for

>> No.71238884

Lore question off the Make A Sisters Order. I ended up with a group that's actually got good relations with the Martians, complete down to using rare imperial weaponry. Just how likely is it for Sororitas to hang out with the AdMech anyway?

>> No.71238940

Slightly unlikely, simply due to the fact that while the Omnissiah and Empreror are officially the same by Imperial Creed, it's mostly a compromise that neither side really likes.

Still, it's possible that the group of sisters and tech priests involved buy into the duality much more than average, and thus don't have the usual tension associated with doctrinal disputes.

>> No.71238946

It's a big galaxy, but I've only read one sisters novel so I dunno lol.

>> No.71238948

About as likely as a conjoined mosque/church in america

>> No.71238971


>> No.71238973

Well....I suppose I could make that their quirk. I ended up with 'distrusted and keeps from prying eyes' along with a Canoness Superior that got taken out by the Assassinorum on the fields of battle. Maybe they really do buy into the duality; the Order believing the Omnissiah is just one aspect of the Emperor. "He is the Omnissiah just as he has been many other faces in the past, all to unite mankind" sound believable?

Great now I need a snowy outpost with AdMechs mixed with Sororitas. Snowball fights between both sides.

>> No.71238981

The general rule is to prime your models, but is there ever anything you don't prime? Like, you have a vehicle with multiple optional weapons, and you prime those, but you forgot one. Would you go back and prime that one or just say 'aw, fuck it' ?

>> No.71239006

Yeah. Perhaps their Canoness's attempts to be more vocal and direct about their stranger views resulted in her assassination, leading to them becoming somewhat more secretive, leading to them interacting more with the tech priests than other outsiders.

>> No.71239010

Just go back and prime the one piece.

You won't regret the lost time but you might regret not priming it.

>> No.71239018

I don't prime anymore. I just spray white.

>> No.71239025

That IS priming in the wargaming sense.

>> No.71239040

I like that. And it's still arguably a good point said Canoness was making, since the AdMech DID agree to join the Empire and the Emperor gave them great favor with their freedoms. A chain of logic that some high lord disagreed with, clearly.

So what kinds of "Rare Weapons" and what amounts would be believable, anyway?

>> No.71239052

Are there any books including both? I kinda want to read about the non-marine humans in the setting more.

>> No.71239059

There's three good ones for the Sisters, including one for the rededication of Sanctuary 101 that includes some AdMechs around, but they're assholes and wake up a bunch of Necrons. Sisters save the day.

>> No.71239111

didn't they make him a perpetual? i don't read bl

>> No.71239135

Anyone here ever play Aeronautica? Is it good? I love 40k flyers but I don't get to play my Thunderbolts/Mauraders very often in normal40k

>> No.71239140

QQ faggot please play another edition.

>> No.71239149

Well, aside from the obvious relic weapons available to Sisters such as some of the fancy pistols they have access to, it becomes a more subjective question. Obviously Boltguns, Meltas, and Flamers are all things the Ad Mech makes, manufactures, and supplies in good quality and quantity. However, what complicates things is the fact that traditionally sisters are less prone to using non-bolt/flame/melta weapons. However, these girls are clearly less traditional.

To focus on rules over lore for a moment, I think Plasma might be a good route to take with them. Combi-plasma and Plasma pistols are available to many characters, and are usually rarer in terms of the greater imperium. However, there could also be the possibility of something like Armiger Warglaives or other Imperial Knights that the Ad Mech might be able to provide them with, which could offer some heavier support than they'd normally have access to.

As for how much is believable, it depends on what the Ad Mech's forgeworld has access to. Generally though, anything on par with the average space marine armory would be believable. Alternatively, simply taking Ad Mech allies is a more straightforward option

>> No.71239175

We say LEE-min.

>> No.71239188

Thanks for the thoughts. Plasma sounds like fun, and implies it burns things even more pure than regular flamers and meltas. I suppose maximizing heavy weapons troops makes sense.

And maybe adding in some skitters and a techpriest.

Shock and Awe tactics, so I'm seeing a lot of ambushes and "suddenly every heavy weapon at once opens up" - I'll fiddle with it.

What IS a typical proper point value for an army these days?

>> No.71239234

Depends on your local scene. I see more people playing at 2000 these days when trying to go for a full size game, though you shouldn't have trouble finding smaller ones at 500 or 1000.

>> No.71239245

"good relation" probably not but they have to work together some time.

>> No.71239248

after. earn it

>> No.71239290

489 pts patrol detachment

hq-missionary with shotgun and chainsword-38pts


5 battle sister squad with stormbolter- 47pts
5 battle sister squad with stormbolter- 47pts
5 battle sister squad with stormbolter- 47pts

elites-87 pts
1 repentia superior-35pts

heavy support-159pts
5 retributors with 3 heavy flamers and 1 heavy bolter-102pts
2 penitant engines-56pts

yes or no? I kitted the retirbutors out with flamers because I like the way they look and they are fun!

>> No.71239298

Is it just me, or does it look like someone scaled up her mid-drift in photoshop?

>> No.71239332

needs more anti tank/monster. relying on melee alone for that is a big gamble, and prone to hard counter by several factions

>> No.71239413

maybe take an exorcist? what is the sisters anti tank?

>> No.71239417

Why tf would you just put S4 weapons ?
What do you do vs literally anything that isn't T3-T4 ?

>> No.71239425

what kind of asshole takes a tank to a 500 point game

>> No.71239435

Everybody, theres a reason why most start collecting boxes come with one.

>> No.71239439

A single tank isn't that big of a deal at 500 points.

>> No.71239449

thats the logic that leads to someone taking a knight at 500 points

>> No.71239467

That's a pretty massive leap in logic.

>> No.71239468

Most people do, retard.
Most monsters and tanks are 70 to 130 points.
You're fucking SoB and dont have Anti armor. It's 100% your fault there.

>> No.71239469

A carnifex is like 90 points. A trygon is like 130.

You can't even deal with a 112 points night spinner.
Trash list.

>> No.71239471

yeah, or switch the rets to multi meltas, or both
most 500 pts lists are gonna have at least 1 high toughness model

>> No.71239478

It's fun for a but but the game suffers right now from a crippling lack of factions/options. Game launched last fall with Orks vs Imperial Navy. They still haven't added a third faction. That being said they're releasing a new starter set of Imperial Navy (with new craft options) vs Tau Air Caste. Rumor I heard was they'd release at least 5 factions and possibly more depending on sales but their release strategy has been baffling. I play Imperials and consensus in my group is that Orks suck (at least in straight up dog fights without other objectives). Other problem is that certain options are just bad. There's almost zero reason to take regular Thunderbolts over thunderbolt Furies. Furies are a great upgrade for a mere 2 points more than the base tbolt with far better upside. The marauder destroyer is 4 points more than a regular marauder and far more capable of engaging enemy aircraft while still being a serviceable bomber.

>> No.71239481

>Ask if my list is good
>List was badly made by pretty much all existing standard
>Get told it's not so great by 6 people that actually played the game
>Move goal post to MUH KNIGHTS

Why are people like this ?

>> No.71239497

First time?

>> No.71239498

jokes on you I was just pretending to be retarded

>> No.71239511


>> No.71239523

You can easily change this into a battalion. Repenta are shit without the CP or support characters to buff them.

>> No.71239529

Criticize this list too while you're at it

>> No.71239556


>> No.71239562

ahh I like repentia, but ok what would you recommend?

>> No.71239575

>play game today
>have to make eight 2+ saves on a six wound character with no AP
>roll 5 ones

Post your worst rolls

>> No.71239578

So great concept with fantastic models, but really bad execution and not worth actually playing?
What would be a good dog-fighter game to sub the rules from, I wonder.

>> No.71239588

7th edition dogfight phase

>> No.71239591

why does this child have such large breasts

>> No.71239597


>> No.71239600

Had a deff dread fail a 5 inch charge by rerolling a 3 into a 2.

>> No.71239601

Literally anybody. If you aren't taking at least one vehicle to any game you're retarded.

>> No.71239610

Every army should be at 50% and the ability to win down to who is better.

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