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Freeguild Nobility Edition

Last Thread

>February White Dwarf

>Official AoS website
>Downloads; Rules Errata and FAQs:
>AoS Novels, Battletome PDF and Audiobooks

>Thread Question:
What piece of art would you love to replicate but can't because you're rubbish at this hobby?

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I'm not.

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What is the cutest faction and why is it Nighthaunt?

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Been away for a couple of months, and I see that SD have their tome finally and there's a new campaign book now or something?

Can someone catch me up please?

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Doubt you're gonna see it in tournaments or whatever but it's a reasonably cheap battalion and it can make multi-charges nasty. Run a chariot and a unit of knights into something and you're likely to do 5-6 mortals before combat even starts.

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You spelled Maggotkin wrong

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>What piece of art would you love to replicate but can't because you're rubbish at this hobby?
Your art is Dave Gallagher IIRC. His Blood on the Reik book had some great high concept sketches of wizards and stuff, would be fun to see that style cut loose on the higher fantasy baseline of AoS.

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Nothing in particular but I'd love to have a robe on the plastic LoC.

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>Not many know this but in Hysh, its widely believed that if you catch a goblin and put whore make up on it, it will grow into a short beautiful girl: docile and kind

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stop leaving fur on your hobgoblins

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They actually turn into incase tarts.

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its the stepping stone of progress

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>GW canonizes Shikome from Tetsubo as all-female order grots
>they draw from a turn of the century London aesthetic

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>Resolved to get a IJ army because they are reasonably cheep
>Goblins have not only trolls, but native american spider riders
>I would have an excuse to do a warcry every game and wear a stupid headdress
If only...

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You've got 400 points of allies to play with.

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Who's this git?

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This greenskin divorce is killing me
I want mom and dad and brother troll to get back together

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Flicks goblin Trizi, my waifu
her getting raped is a breath of fresh air in the sea of Flicks /ss/ memes

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What do the girls at your store play?

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To this very day, no matter where I have been or what I play
I have not seen a girl play a miniature wargame
Just one playing malufaux but thats a skirmish game and her models weren't even painted

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I've only ever seen one woman play.
It's the lord of the rings game, and only scenarios.

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One plays Death, one plays Elves, and one plays Stormcast and Nighthaunt.

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One plays Sylvaneth and one Stormcast. The rest I can think of play 40k.
For some reason all the girls at the store are overweight and have neon hair highlights

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>For some reason all the girls at the store are overweight
>For some reason

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All of ours are overweight too. That said, one dresses pretty cute.

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only time I've seen a girl in a GW is one dude's gf and then only briefly

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None of the girls at my local store play AoS. The two that play 40k play Daemons of Slaanesh and Genestealer Cults, respectively. The one who plays Slaanesh is a cute girl in her early 20's, she does lots of custom work to make her HQ's and characters unique, pretty great hobbyist. The GSC one is a morbidly obese slob who puts most of the male regulars to shame in neckbeardy-ness. Also much more of a "colored primer and 2 basecoats" kinda hobbyist.

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You guys got fucked over yet again.

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>Slaanesh and GSC

You just know

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Among the 60 or so players in my city there's only one girl and she plays Daughters of Khaine. She also constantly complains how she hates the their lore but likes the models. She's fine but also a huge waac fag(?) but I guess DoK is limited.

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just for that you go in the closet for another hour

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Do you name your units?

>> No.71140503

Seraphon and Nighthaunt

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I name my heroes and some lieutenants.
It's good for my opponent to know the name of the Namarti thrall that took that last wound off Nagash. I usually name my models when they do something impressive, so they can earn the name.

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Double Mawkrusher, Stormcast, Disco Khorne.

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I name all of them coz i convert them all

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It's mandatory among my mates for garage games. Printed army lists too.

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Checks out.

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Nurglefags are a blight.

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Awesome hobbo. What parts?

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IJ and gitz can't ally for some inexplicable reason

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Anon it's not 2018 anymore

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Ardboyz are fucking hideous. I think I'm gonna try to convert 20 from Gouged Eye BB models. Is this way too optimistic and naive? Anyone have any experience with this kit?

>> No.71140678

I see what you did there.

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>the man with no taste

>> No.71140900

Wait can I no longer bring Chaos Warriors as battleline in a Tzeentch army?

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Is wrath of gork any good?
>for each ij unit with 5+ models within 16" roll 2 dice
>mw on 2+ to an enemy within 16"
8+ to cast but weirdnobs get 2+ with traits/artefacts. +1-2 with big waaagh.

So 7x5 Ardboys is 14 attempts so 10-13 mw.

Maybe I'm underestimating it's worth? Lots of investment but in big waaagh and a warboss all the units hit on 2+/2+rr1s to wound so it's not like big unit sizes help buffs. Like 13+2d3 mw from the weirdfist will just wipe 400+pts off the board, right?

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Of course you can. Why did you think you couldn't?

>> No.71140953

IJ can ally Gitz, just not the other way around.

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Are unforged still a thing ?

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In GA/Dispossessed, yeah. Barak Thryng too

>> No.71140968

Azyr lists it as invalid because they have to be added as allies.

>> No.71140976

You have to give them the mark of Tzeentch.

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Yeah even with annoyingly.

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That's fucked. They count on the Warscroll Builder.

>> No.71141019

>Bulbous 80's monkeys with square gauntlets
Classic! Beautiful!
>flocks entire base
Aly Morrison is a genius!

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I'll shoot the app devs an email then, see if they can fix it, I don't want to rock up to my game with a list that's "invalid" lmao. Thanks for clearing it up though, had me shook.

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Use Warscroll builder. Azyr sucks.

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Can't unsee Nurgle forcing Greta to eat the bugs.

>> No.71141212

>the man with no taste has a meltdown when called out
How unexpected

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True scale godbeasts when?

>> No.71141243

Dispossessed or Scourge Privateers?
Leaning towards Scourge Privateers because Anvilgard lets you get 3+ artefacts, a cool anti-high save spell and it's way easier to get a cohesive piratical dark elf army.
Dwarfs, though. Plus I already own 10 Hammerers so... It's something?

>> No.71141248

'ardboyz are mark beford designs you putz

>> No.71141258

That's actually a kind of fun idea.

>> No.71141271

Neither. For your own sanity and wallet play an actually supported AoS army.
Individual CoS factions do not work on their own and they all are webstore exclusive. You'll be paying ridiculous amounts of money for an army that will only disappoint you.
Also dispossessed lost tons of units and personality with the squatting, the units that are left pretty much look like a clone army.
Is there anything else that interests you?

>> No.71141339


you can easily make an army entirely of !not empire factions (freeguild, ironweld, collegiate) and have it work very competitively

>> No.71141406

Sadly this guy is right. I almost fell for it too but i got smart before pulling the trigger.

CoS is not a horrible codex but almost all the units are webstore exclusive. Which means you are stuck paying full price on the webstore for old units that could use a facelift.

I went with DoT myself because the start collecting set holds a lot of value. The units still look terrible but at least its cheap.

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He doesn't want empire.

>> No.71141417

Yo /Aosg/, I need you opinion on something.

I got the Blightwar box set for cheap and are now looking to start a Stormcast army.

What should I get next? The Soul Wars box set, the Stormcast Vanguard start collecting box set or the Stormcast Thunderstrike Brotherhood box set?

>> No.71141433

Maybe the holiday battleforce that came out?

>> No.71141457

I actually like the beefy hairy hobbos.

>> No.71141482

£17 for 10 Corsairs isn't bad and I was going to pick up 3 or more SC boxes.

>> No.71141486

It's the aelves that are meta, hallowheart with Phoenix guard and those two chariot magic machines or anvilgard with 3 dragons and lots of chariots.

>> No.71141494

Get the Christmas set while it's still available.

>> No.71141498

get out

>> No.71141504

You are a god beast to your minis.

>> No.71141509

All those wholesome Nurgle models in your hands and you chose to start stormies?

>> No.71141529

No, Azyr is right. Warriors are no longer battleline, they are allies. Warscroll is not very accurate with allies and some units.

>> No.71141544

lmao you own hordes of them so you evangelise that dogshit. Hilarious.

>> No.71141556

DoK are still A tier or possibly even S-
People just no longer play them because there are more fun alternatives that are equally good or even better and no one ever liked DoK due to the shitty lore and very limited army building.

>> No.71141570


>Warriors are no longer battleline, they are allies

You are retarded. Warriors, Marauaders and a lot of units in Slaves to darkness can be given the tzeentch keyword when added to your army. Because of that, they arent allies, but part of your army, as the keyword you need in a Tzeentch army is just <Tzeentch>.

You use the warscroll from StD which dictates warriors are batteline, (some units, like chaos knights are only battleline in Slaves to darkness, warriors are battleline no matter what).

>> No.71141576

>implying that I remotely cared
You missed the point. Listening to any of you grogs is like taking detailed notes from connoisseurs of tepid urine.

>> No.71141678

>Anvilgard army
>Would rather have a non-sp general
What's the best generic or freeguild battleline? Guard with shields for an anvil?

>> No.71141685


>> No.71141694

Or darkshards.

>> No.71141720

The tome is missing tons of stuff, has little art, just one new piece of art, the model showcase is depressinf, sith the warcry stuff taking up so much space there's zero exanples of colourschemes for different tribes or warbands like every other tome has and the release was the worst blue balls ever to happen after so many years of waiting, seens like a joke nezt to te other 3 malign portents heralds releases. The campaign book was nice but it barely had any rules for StD, it was more focused on Be'lakor's legion and subfactions for the other gods.

>> No.71141722

Why can't anyone on this general seem to be able to play with non-GW miniatures? Do people just not have access to friends, garages and/or independent stores and tournaments? If not, why not? Is it an American thing? If so, why?

>> No.71141731

People play DoK fall into either braindead waacfag tier or disgusting filtht fucking degenerate tier.
You can tell which by the number of sneks in their army, as more of them indicates a bias towards the latter.

>> No.71141732

Any chance chaos marauders will get a new sculpt anytime soon?

>> No.71141747

Hello fellow anons. What recently have you built or painted?
Yesterday night I finished building my true-scale Chaos Warriors, and gave a quick paint (still early in the WIP).
The idea was to make them look like they are in the middle of the night.

>> No.71141752

>Why can't anyone on this general seem to be able to play with non-GW miniatures?
Because we support the hobby and want to be able to use our collection anywhere and not just inside a Polish grog rape dungeon.

>> No.71141769

They is their back, hit by the moonlight.

>> No.71141771

People want to be able to play at GW stores and tournaments.

>> No.71141794

How do I make StD fun?

>> No.71141798

Probably not dude.

But imagine the wealth of bits and usefulness from a full multipose box of 20. Fuck's sake...

>> No.71141805

99% of 3rd party looks like shit and they never blend in with GW minis

>> No.71141809

Buy more models.

>> No.71141812

>Is it an American thing?
I'd have thought it was more of a UK thing. The UK doesn't have as big a LGS scene as the US does, so for a lot of bongs the "LGS" is a GW/Warhammer store.

>> No.71141823

Speaking of which, would tournaments be against using chaos warriors models for chosen? Obviously painted to be diatinct.

>> No.71141830

Yes but they have non pc names like Faggotsmasher and Kike Deleter so I can't say them publicly.

>> No.71141834

There's some hope for warriors and knights. If we are lucky, we could get some new marauders too, but it's less likely.

>> No.71141841

Why do fags insist on 2000 pts?
I'd rather play 1000 or max 1500.

>> No.71141845

Because people want a fulfilling game, not their fault you're a broke-ass bitch that can't afford a full army.

>> No.71141848

2000 is just standard. Its what GW balances around. For a sesh of beer and dice I prefer to play 1250 usually though.

>> No.71141852

>full game
What if my full game is 10 000.
Now they are poorfags

>> No.71141856

Lumineth Article today. What can we expect?

>> No.71141858

Then good for you.

>> No.71141867

I will just buy 10 cats and fill it up

>> No.71141871


2k is more balanced, both in 40k and sigmar 2k allows you to take a solid army while also indulging in some interesting stuff. Its hard for me to invest in endless spells below 2k for example because at 1.5k points matter a lot more.

>> No.71141874

We know it's about the dawnriders. At best we could see a mention to the heavy cavalry DRAGON CAVALRY like we got of the sentinels in the last one.

>> No.71141875

>You can tell which by the number of sneks in their army, as more of them indicates a bias towards the latter.
People like the best new models in the range? That's just crazy!

>> No.71141879

Are the belly shields to much? I feel like they give him some much needed width.

>> No.71141881

Nothing. We already know it's about cavalry.

>> No.71141891

I wouldn't know but 4mb definitely is too much to bother opening it.

>> No.71141898

>not having unlimited bandwidth
Shiggy diggy

>> No.71141901

>support the hobby
Jesus, there are myriad ways to hand GW your cash mate.
I see. I don't know a single person who has ever wanted to nor played a game at a GW store or GW tournament, for the same reason we don't play at the house of a friend with obnoxious children who's constantly trying to push their MLM.

>> No.71141911

Yeah, I guess I just assumed American coz of wide open spaces and local market strangeholds.

>> No.71141915

Sneks aren't as good as thots.
More sneks usually means the person is a monstergirl-loving coomlord.
The more thots the more dice they love lugging around in buckets menacingly.

>> No.71141916

Imagine not liking snake ladies. What a fucking tastelet.

>> No.71141918

>Jesus, there are myriad ways to hand GW your cash mate
No there aren't, that's entirely how it is measured.

>> No.71141928

Oh hey it's you, really like your stormcast the scheme is rad.

>> No.71141941

Why pay more for data I don't need just so I can waste it on people who can't export their shitty photos to normal sizes?

>> No.71141948

I love the look on my opponent's faces when I pile in only 5-6 models and still deal like 20 damage.

>> No.71141992

Are Sylvaneth actually good/playable? Some of their units seem to have incredible damage spikes.

>> No.71141996

>game books
>story books
>other games
>the majority of the models in your army that aren't decades-old crapola, being the context within which this conversation has taken place

>> No.71142008

>the one who plays Slaanesh is a cute girl in her early 20's, she does lots of custom work to make her HQ's and characters unique, pretty great hobbyist.

>Double Mawkrusher

>> No.71142014

All of which are cash.

>> No.71142016

Do any of the Ogre models come with Ogre-sized skulls?

>> No.71142031

What are everyone thoughts on Marauder sculpts? Most seem to think they're terrible but a good paintjob can save them in my opinion.

>> No.71142055

eh, they look like a child's imagined bastardisation of some ancient greek myth shit to me man

>> No.71142084

They are just old and small and that's the problem.

>> No.71142116

Please accept my apologies. I now realise and understand that you are... differently-abled.

>> No.71142133

>but a good paintjob can save them
They still look like WoW characters.

>> No.71142162

>look like WoW character
>WoW is a derivative of Warcraft
>Warcraft was itself a derivative of Warhammer Fantasy

I don't see what's wrong with that.

>> No.71142189

They're shit.

>> No.71142224

Me neither but some anons throw tism fits over a sylvanas statue so who knows

>> No.71142229

what is this art style that looks 3D but so fucking flat at the same time?

>> No.71142232

Reminder that if you dislike any model you better start learning how to convert fag.

>> No.71142243

>sylvanas statue
Anon my son, you have job now so decide how to spend earnings
Will you get into a fulfilling artistic strategic social hobby
Or get a lump of useless plastic?

>> No.71142257

I think I'll do both and run the Sylvanas statue as a female elf gargant.

>> No.71142270

>anon no, that's not the right model please put it away

>> No.71142273

>good focused paintjob on minis you have to bring 80+ of
I'll just use some beautiful Frostgrave barbarians which are cheaper and better while GW sluts fork over to "support" their small mom&pop company that is only worth £2.5 billions.

>> No.71142290

>can't actually use them
>he wastes his money on shit farty
>doesn't know that by not buying marauders GW will never fix them
Back to /awg/ with you modelslut.

>> No.71142292

>playing with spergs who can't into a hobby based on customization
Go into literally any other general on this board. Insisting all minis be from a single maker is autism or even worse, fanboyism.

>> No.71142294

Frostgrave dudes are still going to be pretty tiny compared to AoS models.

>> No.71142305

>He doesnt support the game and the company that make it

For this cancer fantasy died.

>> No.71142307

None at my store, but as far as the Warhammer girls I've met in real life:
An ex girlfriend of mine used to play Lizardmen and her sister played Slaanesh. This was before AOS and they had both basically quit before I met her.
Then I've got a friend/LARP acquaintance who sometimes posts her Kharadron on FB.

>> No.71142311

That's actually etiquette and no store owner is gonna let you pull that bullshit dude.

>> No.71142322

>no you can't use this other kind of plastic model!
at least it proves I'm not a poorfag :)

>> No.71142343

For a moment I thought that was the Greek Olympus and was getting mad, then I remembered about Mars.

Also when will the Ancalagon meme finally die?

>> No.71142354

>relying on store owners
Don't you have friends? Oh wait, you're a superserious autist playing muh ITC am I right?
I support my hobby, GW is doing just fine with me buying a box from a third party once in a while and codex when I really like them. Fantasy died because GW was retarded for 10 straight years, not because of the fans.
Same height as a marauder, only less muscular.

>> No.71142357

Someone should edit in the earth

>> No.71142358

Yeah, you can't.

>> No.71142370

>I support my hobby by not buying models
Galaxy brain right here.
>being the equivalent of the guy that tries to pass off a coke bottle for a gargant

>> No.71142387

>Fantasy don't died because we didn't buy models is GW who went retarded!

Really makes your brain cells work

>> No.71142391

I am not the sylvanas guy as I really don't like WoW.
But if a guy in my circle wants to use a creature caster tittydemon as a KoS or their huge as fuck Bloodthirster I'm totally happy with it.
I also buy start collecting and single boxes from time to time, and paints because their store is literally 500m from my house. Just buy minis from third party websites for the 20/25% off sale, you're retarded if you pay full price when you can save on that.

>> No.71142400

Fantasy died because 7th, 8th and finally End Times shat the bed really hard with powercreep and rule bloat. Also Kirby GW literally didn't do market research, and also didn't have internet presence. Roundtree GW does. Fantasy would have been as successful as AoS if they put in the same effort.

>> No.71142403

>But if a guy in my circle wants to use a creature caster tittydemon as a KoS or their huge as fuck Bloodthirster I'm totally happy with it
And no one else is as cucked as you.
If you don't use the models you're proxying, so wheter you use a pog or a 380 dollar statue it doesn't make a difference.

>> No.71142412

So in short it died because it sold less than paint, got it.

>> No.71142418

Good to know I don't play with you faggots.
>nooooooo you can't use that plastic toy instead of the officially licensed one!
I am now 200% sure this general is 80% GW blackshirts goons.

>> No.71142426

>allowing creativity in the hobby is being cucked
4chan really did a number on your brain kid. Come back when you get a personality.

>> No.71142433

Look guys, the rat boi came in today.

>> No.71142440


Absolutely mind controlled by GW. GW is doing better game wise but price wise they have gone off the complete deep end. My mate actually popped them an email 2 years ago, asking them why suddenly one of their kits was £2 more expensive and the reply he got was "we increase our prices all the time".

Its like the people who lambasted the dudes clone sculpting more reaper chaincannons because they were the best option in the havoc box but you only got one, and could only kitbash an extra one from the other options and you needed double that per squad.

>> No.71142443

>allowing people to use random shit and not support the hobby is cucked

>> No.71142445

Again, price of entry for a 2k whfb army was retarded, and rules too complex for the average zoom zoom that only wants to download a netlist and table other people.
AoS has simple enough rules and price of entry is very cheap, also all the most popular factions are from whfb, which goes to show people did in fact like the minis they just didn't like the game.

>> No.71142458

He looks so happy.

>> No.71142460

Stay salty, your game died because you didn't support it and now you look on as shocked and appalled to see AoS actually be supported by its fans.

>> No.71142487

Holy shit. You might actually be retarded lol. I bet you're the same retard from 3 threads ago screeching about proxies.

>> No.71142495

Why all this faggot grogs and third party scum can't accept the only thing they do is damage the hobby? You can admit you do that kind of shit like buying more expensive models from other companies but don't expect people say to you:" Good job, boyo!" You already ruined a hobby with that shit fuckers.

>> No.71142508

I play it every weekend with fans rules retard. Stop believing the world is only official shops or official tournaments. I use third party minis and AoS minis all the time.

Hell, you will see with TOW how new GW makes whfb even more successful.

>> No.71142510

>lol what a retard he actually expected me to use the actual models and not those rocks I picked up from the garden

>> No.71142512

maybe gw should release models that the consumers want at a price point they will buy at rather than 40 stormcast models

>> No.71142518


I actually got into 40k only in 5th, but I was pretty young so never really properly played it, just read my mates codexes and painted some shitty black templars.

Ive only properly gotten into both 40k and Sigmar in 8th and 2.0 respectively and from the get go even in my GW people were using kitbashes and some proxies.

>> No.71142523

>9h age
Very sad

>> No.71142526

He even admits to being a Fantasyfag! This is so funny, the concept of supporting your hobby really is alien to you isn't it?

>> No.71142527

>Forgeworld product
only among retards who think resin is acceptable and delude themselves FW has good quality.

>> No.71142531

They already do. It's that same box you mock.
People buy the shit out of it.

>> No.71142534


GW still gets:

>Some model sales
>Most 3rd party users kitbash, so models to kitbash
>Codex/Battletome sales
>Paint sales
>More people still playing the games

GW gets a net win no matter who plays or what with. They dont suddenly "lose" money because one dude would rather use a 3rd party mini for his sorceror lord.

>> No.71142537

You outplayed yourself fantacuck.

>> No.71142539

You're not a real person. I can't believe people are still responding to this after so many threads.

>> No.71142545

Armies project and 9th age, actually.
Also play AoS when my mates with Kharadron and Idoneth want.
See, this is the beauty of having an open mind, you can play whatever you want how you want, and if there are nice minis from other companies you want to paint you can without a zoom zoom going apeshit.

>> No.71142546

Those are a pithy compared to model sales you cockmongrel.

>> No.71142556

How can you possibly fall for this bait?

>> No.71142558

>9th age
Yeah, this guy is a bitter salty grog. Leave him alone people, he needs his nappie.

>> No.71142560

>You are not real!

We are reaching levels of autism that shouldn't be possible...

>> No.71142561

>buy the new primaris leftynaunts or else you're not #supporting_the_hobby, goy

>> No.71142569

The funny thing is, the 30k community uses recasts like mad due to forgeworld's prices, but they do at least understand that they need to buy some stuff from forgeworld from time to time so the GW beancounters see that the game's worth continuing to support. But then there's folks like the guy you're replying to who don't seem to get this. I guess it'll come down to how common that view is in the TOW community when it comes out.

>> No.71142570

Okay boomer.

>> No.71142576

What a bizarre person you are. If I can't bring myself to buy a shitty-looking model/unit from GW but find something that works from elsewhere, I haven't done shit to them. Your argument is "no, you must always purchase the drek". Hilarious.

>> No.71142578


yes but apparently if people get any 3rd party models they may as well not play GW games because they are "damaging the hobby". My point, you dumb fuck, is that GW are still getting profit from everyone who plays and the % of people who use 3rd party enough for it to actually matter (outside of people who perhaps buy a cheesecake or cool looking proxy for their generals) is fucking TINY.

If you want to cry about people who genuinely ruin your army, go attack people who play recasted armies, and even then, if they have a single actual GW model, they've still contributed more than nothing to the hobby.

>> No.71142585

You're the salty one dude. You're literally screeching about people playing a tabletop wargame at home with house rules. It's not like I'm asking GW to play at an official tournament with 3rd party minis.

>> No.71142588

I don't give a shit honestly, I just collect plastic men

>> No.71142595


There are tons of people like him, who are stuck in this mindset that GW is this little vulnerable company that will collapse if you get a cooler sculpt for your assassin. Genuinely deluded.

>> No.71142601

You play "grrr I will make my own fantasy with blackjack and hookers" you lost all rights to accuse anyone of being salty.

>> No.71142602

The part where I said I buy start collecting and single boxes just flew over your head? I buy GW AND 3rd parties, due to my main armies being Chaos, Skeletons and Bretonnia the choice of 3rd party is pretty wide.

>> No.71142616

>get shit farty
>can't use it in games
>money wasted
>"ugh so deluded"

>> No.71142624

So i have some bits of gellerpox leftover from a kitbash and was tempted to imitate something like this for my maggotkins emerald lifeswarm but is it a totally unique base size they dont sell anymore?

>> No.71142629

That's enough bullying the grog for tonight.

>> No.71142645


>can't use it in games

Thats where youre wrong mate, ive used my 3rd party catachan commisar in every 40k game ive played since I purchased him, no one even notices. Ive also played a few games using my "lord of metamorphosis" mini alongside my legit Kairos Fateweaver and people gush over it every time.

Ive done this in a GW store too, because I still buy stuff, if they kick me out they lose far more money than if they just let me use my one 3rd party model.

>> No.71142648

This kind of people is the trash that later gets angry because GW squatted their models or game. Just because they believe they cant buy from GW competitors without any impact to GW itself. But hey keep supporting? The hobby grogs with thr good looking resin stuff you buy

>> No.71142655


>> No.71142657

Guy with sylvanas statue here. I'm so confused, I never even considered using it for gaming.

>> No.71142659

How stupid are you to keep responding to such blatant bait?

>> No.71142667

>someone loves the Hobby?
>no! Impossible!

>> No.71142670

4chan is actually mostly 16 years old kids.They will make up rumors and have other people believe it, just like teenagers.

>> No.71142674

It's funny how no one remembers the price hike from a few months ago
We all complain for a few weeks and go right back to buying more GW products

>> No.71142683

>no one even notices.
most blackshirts can't even tell the difference between an old model and a third party model; as long as they're cool looking on the table and you aren't a sperg that needs to tell everyone GW is a false messiah they won't say a thing beyond the usual appreciations for someone actually painting their army over the most basic of standards.

>> No.71142684

The hobby is not GW zoom-zoom, it's miniatures and playing with friends.

>> No.71142706

The hobby is AoS, not pissing away cash on randos.

>> No.71142707

But resin is acceptable and FW have good quality.
Expensive plastic production Isn't justifiable for a lot of kits and resin holds more 3d detail than plastic while being cheap to produce for niche models.
You're not a hobbylet are you?
If you want to complain about FW do it for the right reasons like their pricing, bad communication and disdain for non-UK buyers

>> No.71142715

no, the hobby is throwing money at your favourite thing that makes you excited then tell everyone you did so on the social and wait for the next thing to throw money at and repeat you boomer

>> No.71142751

>how dare you not support this company with a monopoly on the industry!
>how dare you buy other more appealing product!
>how dare you support capitalism!
commies please leave

>> No.71142754

Basic FW-gobbler insult. No thanks I will not buy this piece of crap.

>> No.71142755

>why yes if my virgin bros offered me models for free I'd decline because I have a moral obligation to support the hobby, sometimes I don't even pick up the models, I only preorder them

>> No.71142811

a good paintjob can "save" everything, but they're objectively bad sculpts

>> No.71142822

What a fun argument you guys are having. Doesn't make any of you look insane at all.

>> No.71142858

What a fucking dumpsterfire.
Makes me miss redheadwaifufag

>> No.71142877 [SPOILER] 

Let’s start hobbyposting or you’ll get the whip

>> No.71142884

What’re you currently working on Rotbark?

>> No.71142891

Bought the Nurgle underworlds box, so I am assembling them, but I’ll finish painting my Bile Troggoths before I start painting them

>> No.71142911

I’m probably going to turn Fecula into one of /my dudes/ while still using her warscroll

>> No.71142962


>> No.71143019

I would never want a big army of DoK cause they're so samey, but building a small 500-1000pt list for them is something I've had on the back burner for a long time, only using the much cooler looking masked units

>> No.71143053

>tfw have 4k of DoK
Best army.

>> No.71143076

Is the cutie of sigmar chick based on this cute singer?

>> No.71143137

Play Slaanesh StD.

>> No.71143148

Who else is excited to be almost certainly let down again by today's Lumineth Lowdown?

>> No.71143187

By expectations are pretty low so, unlike Dewey, I don't think I'll feel too let down if/when there's almost no interesting info. I would have preferred less regular but more meaty articles about the lumineth, but this is what GW have decided upon so whatever.

>> No.71143195

I still wonder when are they gonna show the rest of fucking models.

>> No.71143209

>only using the much cooler looking masked units
the only correct option
the bow unit looks like trash

>> No.71143226

I wouldn't call one article every 2 weeks regular.

>> No.71143236

Excelsis is really going to fall isn’t it.

>> No.71143243

>I wouldn't call a thing that happens at regular intervals regular

>> No.71143258

True. But a big article every month or two with actual new models shown would feel better than this drop feed of "here's the spearmen you've already seen, now here's the cavalry you've already seen".

>> No.71143260

Newfag here how much would it cost to build a 2000 point army?
Though I'm only doing it for the collection at the moment I might dip to playing if time allows me.
Pic unrelated

>> No.71143265

Their scalework is pretty shitty though

>> No.71143279

Wait, I'll amend that. It's not "shitty", as in particularly poor in quality or bad to look at. It's just not very good compared to what you'd expect from a company that prizes themselves in making top-quality minis and from their pricetag.

>> No.71143283

>Newfag here
>2000 point army

be sensible and start with a cool 500-750 point army and then expand with maybe a box a month that you have to fully paint before you can get a new one.

>> No.71143310

What army/faction are you leaning towards?

>> No.71143312

Do any of you have any really thematic armies? I always feel like I should give it a go and make something for narrative play where all the units fit together with some sort of background story and the heroes are /mydudes/. I've always just played skirmish games with nameless heroes.

>> No.71143315

Of course I'm not gonna jump into 2000 points out of the gate, I'll just paint a collecting box first. But I'm wondering all in all how much would a decent 2000 point army cost, anons in the thread have brought up the issue that balance is based on 2000 points

>> No.71143325

Get ogors if you want a bunch of tough stocky guys smashing things with blunt weapons and cannons.

>> No.71143327

Wouldn't call them trash but people who don't like the masks and use bare heads on their sisters are definitely tasteletz

>> No.71143331

Initially FEC or BoC, I'm a sucker for that beastial/savage aesthetic but the greenskins look good too. Of course this is coming from someone who is in it for collection first

>> No.71143336


Thematic armies seem cool until you play a game and go "wow that unit was shit/ really underperformed / lost me the game because I could have taken a different unit".

One of my friends does "thematic only" lists, but his Ironjawz list loses 90% of the time since he only takes 1 megaboss and his Cities of Sigmar are dispossessed only and... I shouldnt have to say more.

Then he wonders why he hates playing those armies.

>> No.71143364

Consifering there probably won't be that long before the release, I don't think that would have been feasible. But an article of the size they are doing every week would have been far better.
Don't be oedantoc. The point is that twoo weeks is too much wait between each article.

>> No.71143365

So apparently chaos dwarfs and Hashut himself are directly referenced in the Tome Celestial for Fyreslayers.

I never knew this but it's pretty cool and adds even more hints about a supposed return of Chorfs in plastic

>> No.71143367

>I'm a sucker for that beastial/savage aesthetic
If you’re up with converting and using greenstuff then you can make almost any army into a savage one and saying they are from Ghur (the realm of beasts)

>> No.71143379

At best cheap factions can give you an average of 6pts/$usd so a little less than $400 for a 2k army with the right faction(though a lot of armies can double this price). To best that you'd need to either buy second hand, buy 3rd party, or strap into some home manufacturing scheme and even then it's no guarantee with any of those routes.

>> No.71143384

already posted today.
Can't do anything else cause it's too cold and wet to prime.

>> No.71143391

£200 or less if you go third party and select one of the none ripoff starters like nurgle or fec.

>> No.71143419

Will look up the Greenskins in time, Ironjaws seem to be neat tho.
I'm in no hurry of course, I might accumulate it in time but for now I'll paint/collect what catches my eye. Still very good to know the ball park of what I should expect a 2000, point army should cost

>> No.71143421

He could've just been smart and built his list after doing research, and then modelled/converted it to a theme

I'm basically doing that with my CoS freeguild army

>> No.71143443

Last night I finished my Thralls and Reavers. Going to take a few days off before getting started on a Tidecaster.

>> No.71143449

Maybe look into anything else. Ironjawz are kind of the jobber faction with like 3 kits.

>> No.71143470

Damn, they look cool tho gotta give them that at the very least.

>> No.71143545

Says the WoWfag.

>> No.71143612

Orruk warclans get a nice placement each tourney.

>> No.71143633

Screw him anon, IJ are kino and definitely worth your time
You can also add bonesplitters if variety is a big deal for you

>> No.71143656

If you are just starting you aren't getting into tournaments. You are going to be just painting what will feel like a lot of the same dude on repeat and especially for a small beginners army. Ironjawz and Fyreslayers are just a really dull way to start.

>> No.71143666

Jailbreak for our skaven brethren soon Rotbark-thing! Those slaves are OURS to abuse!

>> No.71143670


>> No.71143680


> In our next instalment, we’ll be revealing even more about the Lumineth, so we’ll see you again in a couple of weeks.

At least the horses look neat.

>> No.71143681


It's up.

>> No.71143684

>Keeping your toads behind bars

>> No.71143717

I still don't get how they could give them armour so bad looking after making Idoneth's.

>> No.71143719

>This is further emphasised by the majestic phoenix design on the Dawnriders’ fluttering banner


>> No.71143720

>In our next instalment, we’ll be revealing even more about the Lumineth, so we’ll see you again in a couple of weeks.

I might as well start a whole new army before these guys come out

>> No.71143722

Do horses really run like that?

>> No.71143724


>> No.71143727

Hey at least we know these are just medium cavalry, so the flames of hope for dragon heavy cavalry are still lit.

>> No.71143729

I would recommend Maggotkin of Nurgle. They have two start collecting, one for their mortals the Rotbringers and one for their demons and with 2 you get either
>2 Lord of Blights
>10 putrid Blightkings
>4 Pusgoyl Blightlords
>2 Plaguebringers of nurgle
>20 Plaguebearers
>6 Nurglings
>6 Plaguedrones
Both 1000 pts dead on and 2 of each on a third party site can be as cheap as £70-85. You can even get two of each and start a game with the Rotbringers but overtime you generate 'corruption points' which you can spend to summon in the demons for free.
They aren't the most competitive army, though far from the bottom, but they have a large roster of models, are forgiving for beginner painters -especially with contrast paints- they are easy to learn and play and if you really like them they have fun stuff like taking STD chaos warriors in for example.

They look isn't for everyone but its cheap way to start with a serviceable army that just got some fun stuff in everchosen and might even be getting a new book by the end of the year to make them even better.

pic related i farted out in an evening with contrast paints so its definitely low barrier to entry.

>> No.71143736

they actually kind of do honestly, horses are goofy.

>> No.71143749

Have you ever actually looked at what a fucked up hard right evolutionary turn the design of a horse is? they look like a transmutation experiment gone wrong.

>> No.71143752


>> No.71143763

Yes look up still frames of horses mid-run

>> No.71143782

When did phoenixes become quadrupeds?

>> No.71143795

What's that dupposed to be.

>> No.71143812

Who wants to bet this is a bigger reason gw moved to mythic beast cavalry than just "they wanna copyright my kino reee!"

>> No.71143813

yes, they do, but only for a splitsecond.

which is why its dumb to represent them in that precise moment

>> No.71143816

Very based, gonna screen cap this for future reference. Tho I am holding off Nurgle for a while wouldn't want to bring plagued and aids ridden looking minis infront of the gf. I still need to ease her to warhammer

>> No.71143818

>Teclis worked to bring back the great high elf cavalry tradition of DRAGON PRINCES
>Fantastic martial riders who rode DRAGONS in times of yore, but had to make do with horses when the DRAGONS died out/went to sleep
>Now Teclis is a god in a new time of magic, filled with DRAGONS and other magical creatures
>So he gives them horses again

>> No.71143823

But they never did. Stormcasts are not representative of the rest of the game.

>> No.71143825

Top left appears to be the little rock from the rumour engine

>> No.71143828

The split second where the hoof touches the ground though read the designer commentary in the article

>> No.71143837

But these are silver helms. They daid they are medium cavalry, not hravy cavalry like the old dragon princes.

>> No.71143839

The one on the left is a rumor engine image.

>> No.71143861

What happened to Tyrion?

>> No.71143862

Who do I believe here?

>> No.71143879

what's your point?

>> No.71143884

He's blind.

>> No.71143888

became a blind god of light that sees through teclis's eyes, he stopped teclis's hand when he wanted to exterminate all the idoneth and he is supposedly still a sword autist

that's all we know

>> No.71143890

Then go with Ogres AKA Better Orcs.

>> No.71143894

I predict LRL to hit preorder on the 4th of April

>> No.71143901

Technically all of them. They can do well at tournaments but they are also one note and bland so you will be painting a LOT of the same model on repeat which is tedium.

>> No.71143902

Sounds like Eltharion.

>> No.71143908

This bit an StD vs Lumineth battlebox to be announced at GAMA in two weeks.

>> No.71143917

Because if the horse wasn't touching the ground it would be kind of awkward to glue to a base

>> No.71143923

They or fireslayers are the most "factory production line" army in terms of hobby stuff. Theres not really much room for conversions either.

>> No.71143932

The armor really does them no favors and then there's those ridiculous helmets

>> No.71143934

A daring synthesis
Well I wouldn't want a samey army to start off. I am first in this for collection before anything else.

>> No.71143940

Eltharion is a hollow suit of armour now.

>> No.71143941

eltharion the blind was retconned though
he remained eltharion the grim until his death in the end times
he's now a formless hollow armour

>> No.71143957

what is your point?

there are countless other poses that don't look ridiculous and can have multiple points of base contact

the designers chose that one awkward splitsecond for no good reason

same with any other model - in any animation cycle there's parts that'd look awkward if frozen in time. those shouldn't be the basis of a model

>> No.71143977

Is gonna say he has no body because Arkhans spell was strong enough to affect his soul and turn any body he inhabits into dust shortly after.

>> No.71143983

Theres also Flesh Eater Courts. An insane vampire that basically thinks he is a brettonian king travels to towns and cities left in total ruin after a typical warhammer battle and treats the starving, homeless survivors like his people and gives some of them his blood to make a vampire royal family as the rest become supernaturally strong troglodytes. To onlookers they are a ravenous tide of cannibal strigoi but to themselves after catching the contagious "grand delusion" they are a noble, just people who only wish to protect their friends and neighbours with knightly steadfastness and honour.

Two start collectings get you
>2 Ghoul Kings
>2 Kits that can be a Terrorghiest or Zombie Dragon you can put the Ghoul King on for a third and fourth option
>20 Ghouls
>6 large ghouls you can make brutish horrors or bat winged flayers

Super simple to paint, multiple very different ways to play and really neat lore. Their army book has a story snippet where a slaaneshi cultist is running at a ghoul king to kill them but by the time the cultists reaches the ghoul he is fully infected and drops to his knees weeping at the thought of harming such a just and noble lords form.

Plus female players seem to love them. Probably the "Lady Gorelather and Lord Blood spittle" romanticised grimdark.

>> No.71143999


>> No.71144006

I'm bored and want a new army

>> No.71144007

>getting hit with an undead heebie-jeebie that dissolves your dick for all eternity
RIP my man

>> No.71144035

Have you taken the Gut pill yet friend? I have no regrets

>> No.71144039

tell me what army you have and I'll tell you what army to get

>> No.71144055

This is where I'm leaning actually.
I have a little story too about the sun worshipping ones believing they are flying knights and acolytes on a great journey/crusade to uplift and save the masses but are actually just eating/turning them into mordants

>> No.71144064

Sylvaneth, got them for this guy and ghost trees

>> No.71144072

>OG Genghis Khan Ogre
>Want to get into Ogres
>After 15 years that model finally went out of print last month.

>> No.71144074

Whoever thought the one article every two weeks thing was a good idea needs to be castrated.

>> No.71144089

That kind of is one of the preestablished courts you can pick from Aqshy the realm of fire. Blisterskin i think, i haven't read the army book in a while.

>> No.71144109

It was almost nothing new. Just a couple of new angles of the minis and some absolutely minor lore. They’ll either do something with Eltharion or Teclis next article. Shits dumb, at least I get a generous amount of time to finish my Deepkin.

>> No.71144118

those are nu-horses

>> No.71144119

Not only did they choose it, they posed half the models like it.

>> No.71144139

Exactly, Blisterskins. It's a working idea I will add more fluff to it to give my army more meat on their bones in terms of lore

>> No.71144145

wait for Lumineth then

>> No.71144147

William King you say...

>> No.71144154

>An insane vampire that basically thinks he is a brettonian king
When will this meme end?

>> No.71144162

It wouldn't be so bad if these articles actually included anything substantial

>> No.71144165

True. Like even some art from the book would be fine.

>> No.71144224

Thats not the meme, the meme is that they ARE Brets reborn but Ushorans Delusion is that he is one. Thats why he goes after kingdoms that use the fluer-du-lys.

>> No.71144233

>he doesn't make up a name and backstory for his generic characters

>> No.71144276

I have a Blightlord kitbashes with some gellerpox flies coming out of his sores called "Thraxximus the living Hive" and i have like a 4 page backstory for him that nobody will ever see lest i die of embarassment.

>> No.71144292

Post your OG donut steel Typhus expy's background anon.

>> No.71144343

Very long story short he was a Random Blacksmith from Ghyran whos sister was taken in a huge rotbringer raid for their summoning pits and when he finally found them his sister wasnt a usual sacrifice but turned into a 'maggot queen' that existed just to birth plague grubs and the like. Never to be human again but also not able to die. So he kind of breaks and vows to stay by her side forever and nurgles like "i respect that, you're a good guy, welcome to the club" and makes him a Blight King that acts as an incubator for his sisters grubs that turn into plagueflies like this fucked up way to try and generate things like plague drones faster.

So in narrative games i always use plaguedrones rather than pusgoyles and i see him less as a jolly murderer and more a "welcome to the family son" guy that tries to take prisoners more often than not.

>> No.71144384

Getting the FEC hankering again. I got a start collecting and Carrion Empire and thinking of the following from that
>Abhorrent Archregent
>Ghoul King on Terrorghiest
>40 Ghouls
>3 Flayers
>3 Horrors
>3 Horrors
>Chalice of Ushoran
As a Hollowmourne list for 1500 points. I doubt its optimal but its based on what models i have now. Is that viable at all? i also have a ghast and haunter courtier and the grymwatch.

>> No.71144419

>be you
shut up fag

>> No.71144423

Things that really happened. But you forgot when the whole store cheered and the girl behind the counter greased your leg with her gushing puss'

>> No.71144431


for my bretonnia-themed legions of nagash this is 'morgana le flay'

>> No.71144433

Based tabletop tough guy

>> No.71144449

Dude I think your greensuff needs some wok, is she sitting side-saddle? What is going on?

>> No.71144468

Set an example and post yours

>> No.71144476


yeah she's sitting sidesaddle - it's an old sidesaddle bretonnian damsel with her skirt extended with a piece off the coven throne but the transition needs cleaning up

>> No.71144489


>> No.71144517

The concept is neat, but yeah you're right on the transition needing a bit of a clean-up. I think it'll look really cool when it's done.

>> No.71144546

this is my OC his name is nagash godkiller he went to the same highschool as sigmar but hes cooler and hes smart but lazy like me and he doesnt do homework

>> No.71144550


its in the "these are two pieces that weren't remotely the same shape or size that needed to be introduced to each other so this is how i did it" phase

the base is also a bunch of random beads and bits of plastic right now and the horns are covered in mold lines

itll get there but its got a lot going on

>> No.71144580

Very cool, anon. Tell me more.

>> No.71144623

I compliement you on your fucked-up imagination anon.

>> No.71144637

Soul Reaver army WHEN


>> No.71144675

Hopefully not too soon so I don't have to drop my current project

>> No.71144725

Kazalek Endyr, Lord of the Manor, is my Knight of Shrouds on ethereal steed; in life, he was the eldest Prince of his realm, and was once a paragon of justice. Born at the onset of the Soul wars, he was a gifted duelist and battlefield marshal; many campaigns were won through his bold and daring maneuvers, and despite him hiding a terrible rage that only was glimpsed during the thickest fighting, he belied a gentle and chivalrous demeanour.

That changed, however, when his brother was chosen to succeed his slain father as king, due to his mastery over war. For every narrow victory snatched from defeat by Kazalek, it was only by his brothers strategic planning and statecraft that such wars were won, and despite Kazalek's multiple attempts to lead a campaign, he lacked the finesse. Frustrated from being denied a title he had sought for so long, he moved his attentions to the seemingly endless war with Chaos, and now the undead.

However, his hatred and bitterness only grew as the war turned against him. His brother, having believed that Kazalek was too rash, called for him to retreat. His pride wounded, Kazalek returned, and accused his brother of being corrupted. Whether it was true or not, those Knights loyal to Kazalek quickly executed the ruling court. But what started as a trial spiraled into a slaughter of the capital city. Here, Kazalek held a vicious, decadent court, until approached by a strange man, bedecked in a burial shroud. Congratulating him for his crowning, the man revealed himself to be an agent of Nagash, offering patronage from the god. And as Chaos circled the capital, Kazalek agreed. The man herded the Knights and nobles into a phantsamal manor, where they fought the agents of Chaos who sought to corrupt it, and in the manor's great ball room, as Kazalek and what loyal followers remained, were inducted into the ranks of the Nighthaunt

>> No.71144730

That's Khayon, isn't it? With his waifu pet-daemon and waifu undead-scourge...

>> No.71144733

What does he need a steed for in a manor

>> No.71144753

Awesome conversion work

>> No.71144810


>> No.71144855

Is the idea for the Flayers to be summoned?
Otherwise drop them and add a couple of Ghasts.

>> No.71144881

Why not? Kazalek likes to keep up the facade that he's this gentleman and tactical mastermind of sorts; but in reality, he's this brutal, field marshal of sorts. So of course he'll ride through the manor on his steed, so as to better hunt down those who intrude; it's not like he's gonna knock anything over.

>> No.71144948

>Keeping myself alive for another two weeks
>Is another shitty article
>Come back in two weeks and "maybe" we finally reveal something interesting


>> No.71144962

>Belcourt of Newport
Aristocrats get up to all sorts of stuff

>> No.71144986

It's retarded. I don't remember the Ossiarch reveals being this slow.

>> No.71145014


thanks i think the concept and silhouette is great i just need to get the details worked out

>> No.71145016

it was quite a bit of time between the stormvault story and the reveals I guess.

>> No.71145018

what's the betting they're stalling cause they're hoping their chinese slaves return to work soon

>> No.71145020

I’m assuming it’s so they can release them just in time for the new fiscal year/quarter can begin with strong results.

>> No.71145022

Actually sounds like something that could be in.

>> No.71145047

the tao of the cuckold elf.

>> No.71145088

Based greed at work.
>could release pdf and people would pay for easiness of using them in Azyr etc.
>could outsource a fucking book to any other printer company in Europe
>could do the same everywhere else

But no, we would lose 0.5% of the profits and mr. Shekelberg from the actionists would be mad at us.

>> No.71145108

My autism even reaches to a battallion since our club had a competition to make our own
>Maggokin battalion: The Family
>Lord of Blights
>2 units of Plague Drones
>2 units of Blight Kings
>1 Maggoth Lord (proxy stand in for the sister called The Maiden of Putrescent conception)
>re-roll hit rolls of 1
>in your hero phase select a unit and roll d3 and restore that many wounds

The real fun part? when the narrative campaigns started a few months later and two other people were running 'the family' instead of me.

>> No.71145131

More likely this it's just wallet fatigue season. Holidays+valentines take their toll and the wallstreet suits just see all consumers as the same and don't see the demographics that don't burn all their money on festive obligations so they just slow everything down this time of year.

>> No.71145141

>all about the Chinese
>/pol/ack still has to think up some way to bring le happy merchant into it

>> No.71145232

everything globalist is always the happy merchants' fault

>> No.71145274

New thread bitches

>> No.71146651

>knock his general off the table for wasting my time
not acceptable at all, you are "that guy"

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