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do scions get both their base trait and the regiment trait or do they have to choose also what's a cheap way to get scions

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They get both

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scytals, tusks, and spore cysts
6 s7 attacks on the charge with a -1 to hit from shooting for 100 points is the best you're gonna get

also always take OOE, he has <10 wounds so he can be hidden and is an absolute blender when he gets into combat

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For now they get both, and can also choose their doctrine seperately from their regiment.

In a few months when GW gets around to writing an FAQ it will be fixed.

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Melee wants duel scything, tusks and spore cysts, along with a mace tail.

Or two sets of devourers, enhanced senses and spore cysts for ranged.

If you take the prey-sight trait and/or old one eye, then you can use crushing claws but I would avoid them unless you know you're coming up against a knight. You can also sub out a set of devourers on a few of the shooty carnifex's for a heavy venom cannon if you have to deal with very large targets.

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Egyptian themed bros

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Hell yeah!

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Just play RAI, if you play RAW you're just being a dick.

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when the fuck are 1k sons gonna get some actual units. Literally only have 3 unique units atm that arent shared with age of shitmar

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I wouldn't mind Storm Troopers becoming a mono-faction bonus on top of the doctrines. But we'll see.

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I want to play a very elite, low model-count army. Currently considering either Grey Knights or Custodes, anyone out there care to sway me one way or the other?

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I don't know but I desperately want a buff. Please give us something

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I'm building a Vostroyan list, and I was wondering if the HK Missiles for Armored Sentinels are worth it? I get higher range because regiment, and also new stratagem is +2 to hit for AS on first turn. That said, i'm on the edge of 2k and would need to rearrange my list if I include them.

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Me too anon.

Shit kind of sucks.

SM get their 2.0 and TS 2.0 gets nerfed right out of the gate. It's sad.

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Who else here based and conversion pilled?

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Too late bro, you just got your PA update.
Wait until 9th ed.
Suffering DG player here

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What got nerfed?

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Grey knights.
Why? They've got wristed mounted bolters, short ranged personal teleporters and some of the best looking models in the game.

Plus they have a better range of models to choose from, outside of forge world.

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It's blatantly obvious you have to pick one doctrine, and only one doctrine. Especially since Predatory Strike is just Storm Troopers+

Anyone trying to convince you otherwise is full of shit.

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Go Grey Knights. Better range, better models, and awesome rules

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You can only take relics from the cult that your warlord is a part of.

The Pythic Brazier got adjusted to be worse.

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>Live in the golden palace
>Have the best wargear in the Imperium
>Have cool gun spears
>Clad in GOLD
Grey Memes
>Live in the warp
>Hand selected by the Emperor
>Kill daemons and xenos alike
Grey Memes
>Shitty grey color
>Only kills daemons
>Inquisition's attack dogs
>Believes that the Emperor is a god
>Kill the SoB for no reason

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>also what's a cheap way to get scions
Probably the start collecting? You'd need to sell off the vehicle or something.

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At least Magnus is probably the coolest looking primarch with those wings

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I play DG and TS

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Well, kinda makes sense though, the cults are mini-factions and faction locking traits/artifacts is nothing new.

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If a Jeanstealer took Roboute's pants right off of him while he was facing off against Magnus, would the brothers continue to attack each other or would they turn and fire upon the brazen xenos robber in its hasty escape?

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>You'd need to sell off the vehicle or something.
Why would you sell the taurox?

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yeah its suffering. i play against SM and tau mostly

makes me want to just start a fucking SM army t b h

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I guess it just feels strangely restrictive for a codex that already feels slapped together.

It seems like only a few of the cults are worth using as well.

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>Exalted Sorcerers
>scarab ocult
Off by 2, but I get you. They could get the sorcerer dread from 30k. Shit would be awesome.

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I'm still impressed by the effort Gee Dubs put into battle reports during the 3rd War for Armageddon

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When can I get them?

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More like belongs in the trash

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Just wish we had some vehicles and some more viable HQs to be honest, thats 1k sons specific, though DG suffers from the HQ problem as well. You're basically left with Ahriman and DPs most of the time, maybe like a chaos lord or something.

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Thoughts on Chimeras?

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Not that guy, but suffering the Long War is something I've been used to for quite some time. It kinda comes with the faction.

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Suck ass.

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Who are the next Eldar aspect and Lord you hope is up to get the plastic treatment? Swooping hawks top my personal wishlist.

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Dark Reapers.

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Are these your models? I've seen them posted before and they turned out well, but were you dying to use them in the OP so you posted well before the last one ended? Fucker.

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Has anyone here played in the ITC format?

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Being amphibious doesn't come up enough anymore

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cool models, can be argued to be worthwhile or worthless. People say you can just order your guardsmen to run fast instead of a chimera, but a chimera is good to cart them around if you want to reserve that order for something else(like a shooting order), and acts as good cover and a support platform(the Multilaser is mediocre, but itll shred infantry).

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Psychic Awakening should've just given us Thousand Sons versions of some more of the generic CSM stuff. Give us Dark Apostles, Warpsmiths, some form of the Lord Executioner, the Venomcrawler. Instead of a new list of spells or retarded cult spells, give each HQ and unit it's own bespoke spell. Aspiring Sorcerers get a return the dead to life spell, Warpsmiths get an aura to hit bonus spell, Dark Apostles get a summoning spell, etc.

The Cults were a shitty idea with a shitty implementation. The last thing we needed was even more restrictions, and absolutely nobody gave a fuck about the new cults up until this point.

>faction locking traits/artifacts is nothing new.
Nobody else gets locked out of subfaction relics based on the Warlord's subfaction.

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Yeah, feels like a different game. I don't care for it but I can see how some people might.

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>also what's a cheap way to get scions
Cheapest I've found was 12$ per squad on KGM

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Motherfucker do not start with me. They're not my models, I just appreciate them because I'm a degenrate.

Last thread was on page 8 with 500 posts, that's over by any measure.

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Dire Avengers. Troops are the lifeblood of a faction, and it's criminal how dated all the Aeldari options are. Give them a CC loadout option too.

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At least death Guard have even more unique units:

Plague Marines
Blightlord Terminators
Bodyguard Terminators who I can't remember
Lords of Contagion
Blight Hauler
Blight Drone
Plagueburst Crawler

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>The Cults were a shitty idea with a shitty implementation.
I think they're flavorful if nothing else.

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Yeah I was hoping for some TS twists on the more common CSM HQs and maybe vehicles. I like the cults as an idea, but they're super lackluster by themselves. Its almost like a pity addition.

I'm expecting the same thing for DG too to be honest. Some halfassed attempt that doesn't really do anything.

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A little. That every mission can just be ignored in favor of shooting your opponent to death is a major problem that exacerbates GW's already shitty balance.

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Did... Did they photoshop on the rim of the base?

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Why do white British men always feel obligated to paint half their figures as sub Saharan africans?

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Not really. Seriously, these cults didn't even exist until 8E, and nobody cared about them beforehand. They had no lore, no paint schemes, no nothing. Even now, no paint schemes or lore. The rules don't even do a good job of mechanically differentiating them.

The faction is fundamentally flawed, with the core units fucked on a datasheet level. Sub-faction rules that didn't give passive bonuses were never going to help anything.

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Not sure why you'd want them, considering they're worse versions of the basic custode/SoS though

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My thing with DG is that they've got all these cool fucking units, but they're fucking trash.

PMs are garbo, Deathshroud and Mortarion are super shit because the only way you get any use out of morty is if you throw him at the enemies units T1, but then the deathshroud cant keep up, then morty dies after that so theres almost 500 points wasted + the deathshround because you didn't deepstrike them cause you wanted them to stay with morty, OR you keep morty going slow AF and he still gets shot off the table turn one.

Typhus is only good for Poxwalker memes, but thats super garbo since they move 4 inches per turn and still are pretty useless, because by the time you get your poxwalker blob in charge range its turn 4 and your opponent has shot everything else you have off the table and those S4/T4 poxwalkers with improvised weapons aren't gonna do a whole lot (it might be S5/T5 with the +1 i forget the base) Same thing with LoC.

PBCs and bloat drones are solid, as are blightlords, but those alone can't really carry the rest of the army t b h.

My biggest issue with DG right now is that they're tanky most of the time, but that doesn't matter because they don't really do anything except take hits.

Don't even get me started on the elite slots that have beautiful fucking models like the Blightbringer, but are literally useless.

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>They had no lore
They sorta did if you take the view of them as a continuation of the 30k stuff.

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I decided to combine this image so people don't have to keep posting both.

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I’ve payed every mission at least twice. It rewards two things; killing units and holing objectives. But you get so much for killing that you can ignore objectives for 1-2 rounds if need be. And the boards usually have terrible terrain, when I play at home I use fairly barebones terrain when I do an ITC mission, to mimic an actual tournament and/or plan for playing on a terrible board.

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But they aren't. Bringing back the old Prosperine cults (but made more evil) would've been great, especially if they found some way to include Ahriman and Magnus into it. These new cults have zero connection to the past.

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Mommy hydra

Nice work anon

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can i use terminator armor for my GK strike squad without it costing more, or do i need to use a terminator squad, because i thought terminator armor was just standard issue for GK's not some extra shit

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>Swooping hawks top my personal wishlist.
Depends, would this come with Baharroth defending his title as the fastest thing in the galaxy and one-upping Fulgrim in speed?

>> No.71137426

Post gaems

>> No.71137428

Terminator squads are troops, which represents terminator clad strike squads.

Paladins are the elite slot terminators

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Fulgrim would need some rules first for the comparison to be made.

>> No.71137448

still bugs me

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Everything is in various stages of being painted from bare plastic to fully painted and based, forgive me /40kg/.

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Got any more pics of the big guy?

>> No.71137465

He can job in fluff just fine without rules.

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I think what gets me the most is that DG are being heavily shilled as The Bad Guys fighting the Blueberries in the Plague Wars but they just don't match up at all. We're supposed to think of them as this massive threat to Ultramar but they've next to nothing going for them.

I was on the verge of starting to collect them because of their cool lore and models but I'd have to wait for PA and I'm not holding my breath.

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Behemoth should be a milf! Don't get me wrong I hate everything about that, from the weebishness to the pointless coomer bullshit, but behemoth should be the oldest looking one.

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Anyone? I rarely see Hunter Killer Missiles mentioned, but I feel like they'd be pretty good in this case.

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>nippon intensifies

>> No.71137503

I'll add to this, the HQ slot outside of a daemon prince is basically useless, generic lords and sorcerers dont get disgustingly resilient for some reason, and the unique DG characters have pretty weak meme rules that dont come into play much. I think they suffer hard from early codex release and GW doesnt seem to realize this or care enough to fix it.

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>+2 to hit for AS on first turn.
That actually seems to make them kinda worth it. How many points are they for you guys again?

>> No.71137522

Which is just as well, since they lost that alongside Mobile Command Vehicle

>> No.71137534

Each missile is 6 pts each.

>> No.71137549


HKs have never really been good, with the exception of BT TCs.
Keep your sentinels cheap, take them as scouts with Rocket lauchers/Autocannons.

>> No.71137550

it really is the mightiest weapon because that 5lbs of pewter and pinning will demolish any other model struck with the dreadnaught

>> No.71137554

Yes but it was one of the things it had up on the rhino. I remember rhinos being better alone but chimera's working well in groups because they could cover eachothers lower side armor value.

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Is it just a krak missile profile? Because 6 points for a single 3+ krak missile isn't worth it.

>> No.71137560

Plagecasters are alright, especially if we get more powers in PA.

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Heavy 1 S8 AP -2 D1d6 ain't bad for 6 points, but I'm not sure it would be worth shifting around points to add them to an extant list unless you're struggling to fit other AT in your list (and if you're struggling to fit other AT in your list, why not take the points you would spend on H-Ks and put that toward better AT?).

>> No.71137593

The mightiest weapon because the fingers and spikes will stab you and give you blood poisoning. Stepped on one of those things once. Changed me forever.

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I run a plaguecaster as basically a cheap buffbot, and it usually kind of works. But I feel like I bring it just to throw something in a slot.

Wish Typhus was better, fucking love his model. But again, poxwalker meme.

LoC with a group of termies deepstriking is ok I've found depending on the army you're against, but only once they move up a good bit of ways, a lot of times my termies have just been shot off the table right after I deepstrike with them and its just kind of like... well there goes 400 points.

>> No.71137612

Frag & Kark.

>> No.71137625

48" Heavy 1 S8 AP -2 D1d6 One Shot Only, BS depends on the platform (either 3+ or 4+ base).
Again, pretty good for 6 points if you don't have anything better to do with the points or want a little extra AT punch, but not worth reworking a list to do it.

>> No.71137640

6 points for a single 3+ krak missile isn't pretty good.

>> No.71137644

What about Plasma cannons? They cost the same as autos.

I guess that's fair, yeah. Won't add them then.

I don't necessarily need AT, I just want to make the AS viable as a unit to take. I feel it's a waste of potential just to fill out FA slots.

>> No.71137645

It'd be a 2+ missile in this case.

>> No.71137665

Redpill me on your faction. Why do you play it, why should I play it?

>> No.71137666

You need a way to mitigate overcharge for plasma to be worth it. The strat will do it first turn, but you want them around longer than that.

>> No.71137668

Love seeing these orks

>> No.71137682

It'd be a 3+. Heavy 1. 4+ base, -1 for moving and shooting a heavy weapon, +2.

>> No.71137684

I mean, Typhus in combat will RUIN most other characters, between psychic powers, manraper, and riduculous durability. If Nurgle loves us we'll get a PA strat to make charges easier.

>> No.71137691

Why would you be moving them unless you had to?

>> No.71137698


>What about Plasma cannons?
If you play cadian, sure. Otherwise you can't reliably supercharge it.

>> No.71137707

Anyone have a faq source on how to resolve an instance where you have the option to reroll a die and reroll dice roll?

Say for instance I need an 8 to make a charge and roll a 5 and a 2. I opt to use the tactical reroll strat to reroll the 2 and end up getting a 2 again. Can I then use the ability to reroll the entire roll to reroll just the 5 in a hope for a 6, since you can only reroll a die once?

>> No.71137731

Because sentinels are mobile fire platforms, and if you don't need to move them you may as well have just taken a HWT.

>> No.71137736

Thousand Sons. I started them back in 4E because I loved the idea of a handful of space wizards commanding legions of thralls and automata.

I wouldn't actually start them now. As a stand-alone faction they're garbage, and even as a soup component only a small fraction is useful. They're extremely susceptible to list tailoring (a single Culuxus Assassin will shit all over you), and nothing makes casual players saltier than psykers.

>> No.71137755

Can't reroll a dice more than once. Can't choose to only reroll part of a whole if the rule tells you reroll the whole. If you have something that lets you reroll the charge in its entirety but try to use a command reroll instead, that's all you can do.

>> No.71137759

Do it after the first turn so you benefit fully from the hit bonus.

>> No.71137786

Does Huron actually have a pretty bad track record? He seems to enter with overwhelming numbers in almost every engagement, and they raise hell where they go, but then more often than not he gets kicked out shortly after the enemy gets solid footing and he's defeated with no appreciable gains to show for it.

He doesn't even seem to have the excuse of a grand strategy in the Long War like Abaddon has. No roundabout fetch quests to gather relics or side missions to whip the old legions together into an effective coalition.

>> No.71137800

Is there a faq about this, my play group is split over this and if I can just point to a ruling itd be great.

>> No.71137801

>I just want to make the AS viable as a unit to take
H-Ks aren't really going to do that, though.

>> No.71137810 [DELETED] 

Emperor's Children! We got guys with musical instruments for guns that shake buildings apart and rupture organs! We got crazy colours that will amaze and repulse, perfection in all aspects, worship the God(dess) of sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll, and perfection!

Also only two, technically 3, unique models which are from 2nd or 3rd edition, an almost useless faction trait, and that's about it. Oh and I guess we have a 3rd/4th model but it's a FW one.

>> No.71137812

Space Marines.

Cause it's better to die a slave of man than live a Xeno/Daemon lapdog.

>> No.71137820

I don't know too much about the Red Corsairs specifically but chaos generally ends up jobbing to the Imperium even in some of their own books. Huron does have one of the last Blackstone Fortresses I think though.

>> No.71137824

Russfags can't counter these facts.
>Then the Lion struck, hauling his blade around crossways, only to drive it up at the last minute. Russ' counter-strike came in too high, and Krakenmaw was wrenched, spitting, from his grasp. He reached out to pull it back, but the Lion had already sent it clattering away, and it tumbled, end over end, forcing the paladins to leap clear.
>Perhaps the Lion thought that this might have been an end to it, for he never followed up with the strike that would surely have driven deep into Russ' exposed chest, but the Wolf King had other ideas. Snarling with rage, Russ barged headlong into his brother, turning his entire body into a weapon, smashing the Lion back.
>Perhaps the Lion thought that this might have been an end to it
>he never followed up with the strike that would surely have driven deep into Russ' exposed chest

>I(Angron) pulled his chainsword from his fists, and broke it in my hands. We fell into the mud, brawling. We’d both known that fight would end up on the ground. I had him, Lorgar. My boot on his throat, at the very end. I stood above him at last, and Russ…’

>…and Russ had to crawl away, fanged teeth clenched, breathing spit as much as breath. Strings of it tumbled from his cracked lips with each rasping exhalation

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>You'd need to sell off the vehicle or something.

>> No.71137835

No, tell your playgroup to stop being fucking retards. Morons refusing to actually read the rules is one of the biggest problems with this game.

>> No.71137838

Emperor's Children! We got guys with musical instruments for guns that shake buildings apart and rupture organs! We got crazy colours that will amaze and repulse, perfection in all aspects, worship the God(dess) of sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll, and perfection!

Also only two, technically 3, unique models which are from 2nd or 3rd edition, an almost useless faction trait, and that's about it. Oh and I guess we have a 3rd/4th model but it's a FW one. Also GW has basically forgotten about the EC, but with them getting mentioned recently and the old Noise Marine model getting a revamp as a one off guy, maybe there is hope yet for us degenerates.

>> No.71137860

In my experience sentinels spend most of their life moving, and die young. Investing in the long game for when a sentinel gets to settle down on a nice quiet firing position is a waste.

>> No.71137866

As a percentage of their total military engagements I wouldn't be surprised if space marines work more alongside xenos than does the Imperial Guard, Sisters of Battle, Adeptus Custodes, Adeptus Mechanicus, Officio Assassinorum, Imperial Navy, and probably a few more branches of the Imperial military apparatus.

>> No.71137876

They've got a very unique "personality" that is really condusive to just having a good time.
Orkses is never defeated in battle. If we win we win, if we die we die fighting so it don't count. If we runs for it we don't die neither, cos we can come back for annuver go, see!

See that Imperial Knight? A bunch of lads are gonna charge it and it's gonna be a great time. See that Grey Knight Paladin on one wound? This gretchin is gonna bring him down and it's gonna be great.

>> No.71137878

You've been btfo like six times now lol keep posting

>> No.71137897

With the half damage strat on armored sentinels it's a much more viable strategy. Otherwise yes, you'd just run barebones regular sentinels.

>> No.71137913

Eh, there have probably been a ton of random Guard or PDF units that got some random unnoticed assistance from Eldar to ensure that whatever Chaos/Ork/Necron/Tyranid force they were fighting was slowed down enough for the full might of the Imperium to show up and wreck face.

>> No.71137938

>Everyone hates you
>underdog faction
>only friends are literal retard chickens, coomer humans, and bugs

>> No.71137943

Didn't realize that strat was a thing. Haven't seen the new rules yet.

>> No.71137947

Nice seething furry fucker.

>> No.71137970

how how pathetic do you newfags have to be to never look at the filename or do you unironcally think it's funny to say "this. literally this. is this like um literally like your literal pic"?

>> No.71137984

I have felt the call of Asuryan and want to join in the ranks of the Aeldari. To my Eldar bros, how do I go about making a starter army?

>> No.71137986

I play Mechanicus actually but keep trying lol

>> No.71137997

Buy 3 boxes of harlequin troupes and a lot of bikes.

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>> No.71138003

What do you think of the color scheme?

>> No.71138012

Immortal rulers of a (un)dead empire waking up to run those GODDAMN KIDS OFF YOUR LAWN!

I play necrons because I love the look and I really liked their old lore as these unknowable ancients that could be under your feet at this very moment who are just waiting to awaken and reclaim their lost empire. I miss the C'tan as these godlike beings that could only really interact with this world because some desperate fuckups made a deal with them.

You should not play necrons unless they get some sort of major buff in PA as it is suffering if you are dealing with WAAC fags. They are really fun to play otherwise and can be hard to deal with because of things like quantum shielding that can make certain armies cry.

>> No.71138015

Do you hate heretics?
Do you hate filthy daemon scum?
Grey knight aesthetic's are 10/10 for me and thats all it took for me, and there lore is fucking autisticly over the top and i love it
also huge paladin fag

>> No.71138018

You pretty much got it all right.
With zero way to reroll charges/improve charges other than command rerolls, deepstriking with termies and typhus is a meme. Fail your charge? Wasted your points right there, they're just gonna get shot off.
Plague Marines are way too expensive. Who cares if they have T5 and 5+ FNP, they're just gonna die to volume of fire. I'd rather bring 20 more poxes for chaff.
HQ slot... you're not gonna bring anything other than a DP or a generic chaos lord for cheap rerolls. Why isn't there a dedicated DG Chaos Lord? The Plaguecaster was overcosted but now it's ok after the point drop.
Elites... the surgeon is useless. Reroll FNP of 1. Yay. Putrifier... ok for grenade memes? But you're gonna run Plague Marines so you're already losing from the start. The Blightspawn is pretty good but it's a flamer so you get that dreaded D6 for number of attacks. The Tallyman would be good if DG had any melee units worth bringing (they don't).
The point is that you have to jump through multiple hoops to make things kind of work, but for Space Marines they can just sit still and shoot twice (mmm Bolter Discipline) with their 30" rapid -1AP bolt rifles (-2AP in Tactical Doctrine because fuck you) when you have to slowly walk up the board.

>> No.71138021

>Because sentinels are mobile fire platforms, and if you don't need to move them you may as well have just taken a HWT.
You take them because they're high toughness, good save HWTs. The movement is irrelevant because most sentinel weapons have good range anyway.

>> No.71138035

Starter 500 point chaos list.
It's a red corsairs list! Wow!
Warpsmith (combimelta, mealstrom relic)
Master of executions (other relic, undecided)
10 cultists with heavy stubber
10 cultists with heavy stubber
10 cultists with heavy stubber
5 CSM with combibolter and reaper chaincannon
5 CSM with plasmagun and combiplasma
5 CSM with plasmagun and combiplasma.

How stupid/fun would this be to play against? I'm not super serious, but I just enjoy cultists

>> No.71138055

>Master of executions (other relic, undecided)
replace this with an exalted champion with the murder sword

>> No.71138061

I like it

>> No.71138074

because space bugs are cool
you shouldnt play my faction, they suck massive cock and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future

>> No.71138079

Running him as a primaris apothecary proxy, any suggestions on how to make him more visually interesting?

>> No.71138089

No cheesy shit, I would enjoy it.

>> No.71138090

A different paintjob

>> No.71138098

>Death Guard
Because they look cool.
Don't play them, their rules are terrible atm. And they have very little reliable AT so enjoy more suffering.

>> No.71138099

What do you guys think of my custom disks of tzeentch?

>> No.71138115

People must know the truth about Russ. SW have worst primarch, worst lore, worst miniatures, worst community that can't be tolerated.

>> No.71138119

Get rid of the gay spirit stones and start a real eldar army

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>> No.71138124


Explain yourself.

>> No.71138130

I'd either have t dump the combimelta to a combiplas on the warpsmith, which means no mealstrom, or drop a plasmagun/combiplasma somewhere in one of the csm squads... Or all three heavy stubbers. Master of executions was picked because he's a cheap ho. thoughts? Like I said, I want to know if this list would be fun to play against. I'm far from WAAC, and I'm more in it for the pretty plastic people and good times.

>> No.71138135

ngl, you're infinitely more annoying than any of the SW players I've known (even the furry ones).

>> No.71138139

Don't you have some work you should be doing, Adachi?

>> No.71138142

You don't like warpsmiths? I see a reasonably cheap piece that puts out a buttload of shooting, and is fun AF to convert.

>> No.71138147

>quantum shielding
>The Knight Valiant's big dick Thundercoil Harpoon can never damage a unit with quantum because it deals 10 damage flat
Makes me lol

>> No.71138153

Its funny when you say it that way.

It really sounds like the tau are the anime club of the 40k highschool world. Just a bunch of losers who've banded together. Through dick, unity.

>> No.71138157


>> No.71138166

I don't like taking warpsmiths without vehicles to repair with them. It doesn't feel right.

>> No.71138171

Post models.


>> No.71138179

Fucking hell some of the chaos models have a fuck ton of small details. Im spending half the time touching up

>> No.71138191


>> No.71138194

I'm kinda doing a slow grow army. I have a shit ton of old marines and chaos marines that I'm cutting up and converting with a mix of new pieces. As a consequence, the warpsmith is an early addition as a budget hero, one'm excited to make. by the end he'll have some tanks to fix or demonborgs to pet or whatever he does

>> No.71138205

You should try using stencils made of a heat resistant material then burning the patterns on with a torch. Wilk give you a nice even burn without the "pen lines" from the wood burner.

>> No.71138220

Cheers mates.
TSons sorcerer Mick Fanning had punch a lot of space sharks to make those boards.
>Now to figure out of to make clear tube waves

>> No.71138221

Maybe a bit more color
Honestly I think it's fine the way it is. Good job anon, I really like it!

>> No.71138232

okay so it seems people don't much like Chimeras. What's the consensus on tauroxes?

>> No.71138239

They have like 3 guns (4 technically if he takes the RC relic like anon is doing) and 2 melee weapons at 60 points. They're criminally underrated.

>> No.71138244

I actually didn't make them myself.
Had a boy's trip to Bali and got a guy to make a a bunch for around $0.30 each

>> No.71138246

Primes are great for scions, the other variant is meh

>> No.71138250

I personally don't like bright colors on kriegers, but red is a symbol for blood and slaughter so you do you. also nicely painted, just fix that poor trim

>> No.71138279

Keep Master of Executions, give him a mark of khorne so you can potentially use the stratagem to make him fight twice.

>> No.71138294

Looks like Smough from Dark Souls

>> No.71138305

So I'm building my first 10 Slugga Boyz and I'm wondering: Big Choppa, Power Klaw or Killsaw for the Nob?

>> No.71138314

Lamenters: For those we cherish, we die in glory.
Ours is to suffer, to never know true victory, to always teeter on the edge of oblivion; for there is no greater cause than ours. To give everything we are so we may light the fires of hope in those without it, to fight the battles that cannot be won so others may win the war.

Such it was for our gene-father Sanguinius, who walked knowingly and willingly into a terrible death, to condemn his own sons to a great burden that must be carried eternally, for this moment of sacrifice is what allowed the God-Emperor the ability to slay the traitor Warmaster, and save humanity from his heretical clutches.
What's that model?
Thank you.
That's sorta what I'm going for, I wanted them to have the same coat color as my Butcher's coat when I worked as one. I think I may redo the model with Word Bearers Red since Khorne Red doesn't seem dark enough for me and you confirm my concern.

>> No.71138323

I slugged my nob into your mum's killclunge last night mate

>> No.71138324


>> No.71138327

How viable is it to make a full on chaos cultist army? You know, those cults that just immediately springed out of hiding with hundreds of thousands of fucks who were lying and waiting in secrecy in the underbellies of a hive/imperium world. Probably have just one squad of Chaos Marines, and Daemons.

I really want to make this work somehow. I don't know if I have to go Imperium of Man and add cultists in the mix, along with some Imperial tanks.

>> No.71138334

DKOK look much better in earthy colors, dark colors, or the historical 1914-1918 french look

>> No.71138348

So you're the guy she still owes $20 bucks to. Also get yourself checked.

>> No.71138384

I don't want to take a warpsmith just because he's strong. That line of thinking leads to WAACfagging.
I want a warpsmith so he can repair tanks/daemon engines. That's his job.

>> No.71138385


>> No.71138392


>> No.71138401

I like putting a big choppa personally, but I'd pick the klaw out of those two.

>> No.71138404

Its funny but you have to remember the flamethrower and autocannons will fuck shit up like you wouldnt believe

>> No.71138406

It used to be a alright and viable to have 120 cultist in blobs of 40, with Abby giving them fearless, but they've been needed repeatedly.
They don't get legion traits anymore so that was a hit, and their max squad size is now only 30 so stacking buffs on them are less efficient.
But if you want to do it the general Strat is have slaanesh cultist, put prescience and Vets of the long war, and since they are slaanesh they can shoot twice.

The only other way of running them is have a block of iron warrior obliteraters behind them and have them do the shoot while you use the meat sheild Strat that IW's have.

>> No.71138408

Oh shocker, he doesn't play.

>> No.71138417

>I don't want to take a warpsmith just because he's strong. That line of thinking leads to WAACfagging.
I take a daemon prince because it is strong. I don't think that makes me a WAACfag.

>> No.71138444

Eldar custom craftworld that is mainly wraith host. It allows me to have a tough, low model count army that has very specific scalpel units that dish out fucktonnes of damage if and only if used correctly. It also gives me a very strong psychic phase amd plenty of denial.

You should play it because it isn't space marines.

>> No.71138457

Is Tau an inherently WAACfag army?

>> No.71138464

Anon i don't think you understand.
>Trying to win is against the rules

>> No.71138465

I think you misunderstood. The prince's job is to kill things. He's strong, but that's the point. The warpsmith is a fuckin repairman. He shouldn't be taken in an army that can't recieve his repair just because he's strong.

>> No.71138467

I mentioned a big choppa, which is cheap and pushes him to S7.

>> No.71138468

Tell the other idiots to read page 178

Some rules allow you to re-roll a dice roll, which
means you get to roll some or all of the dice
again. You can never re-roll a dice more than
once, and re-rolls happen before modifiers (if any) are applied.

>> No.71138471

its ugly and I just want scions

>> No.71138490

No, just easier to waac than most.

>> No.71138498

I just looked at the picture, dickhead. Thought I'd compliment the models.

>> No.71138499

Not really. There's only been one really good list for the past couple months, and that's easy to water down. They new Farsight enclave made some units more viable, but to be WAAC with tau you have to go out of your way to do that.

>> No.71138502

I put the warpsmith into the list because he's got a lot of shooting, and it's a model I wanted to make/convert. My whole army is built around a bunch of dumb fucking lore in my head anyway. I mean, if I was trying to be a super badass and win those sweet 500 points tourneys wouldn't i do something better than cultists and basic CSM for an army?

>> No.71138504

Nah. Warpsmiths often lead their own warbands. They're not just stuck being bolt-tighteners like techmarines. They've got those nasty weaponized tentacles for a reason.

>> No.71138509

How do you guys say WAAC?

Wak? Wok? Woke?

>> No.71138512


>> No.71138514

I don't.

>> No.71138521

The absolute state of CAACfags

>> No.71138522

The fuck, you forget the best model you ever had.

>> No.71138530

So what do the Techpriests think about this?

>> No.71138538


>> No.71138539


>> No.71138540

*It's the sound that's made when I smack the newbies models off the table

>> No.71138544


This is correct

>> No.71138561

>The only other way of running them is have a block of iron warrior obliteraters behind them and have them do the shoot while you use the meat sheild Strat that IW's have.
That actually sounds pretty bad ass and exactly what a Chaos cult's function would be in the grand scheme of things. SOBs that are just lamb to the slaughter who pile drive into the line of fire and are meant to take massive losses while the heavy duty troops stand back and whittle away.

>> No.71138569

Beautifully painted. The barrel mold line and exhaust join lines are like looking at a hot girl picking her nose, though. Extra top notch painting, just a shame the model wasn't fully cleaned up.

>> No.71138571

The fact that I don't want to show my miniatures doesn't mean that I'm not playing the game. And how my minis connected to what I post earlier? Russ and SW are shit whether I have miniatures or not.

>> No.71138579

The lack of Mobile Command Vehicle and firing points makes modern IG transports a little underwhelming compared to yesteryear. They can be decent fire support for their payloads (except Centaurs and Trojans, but you're likely taking Centaurs to haul arty and Trojans for the re-rolls), but depending on the payload you might be better off spamming "Move! Move! Move!" and buying dedicated fire support vehicles on the side.

>> No.71138581

Either way, I just don't like doing it. If anon wants to put him in, that's fine. It just triggers my autism.

>> No.71138597

If it makes you feel better, the lore behind my little 500 point cult fest with the warpy is a vanguard looking for vehicles and parts to salvage so they can start building sweet demon engines.

>> No.71138599

>I t-totally have the m-models guys, h-honest!

>> No.71138601

Doomrider doesn't exist. He was killed by one of the White Scar Khans. His head sits as a still-living trophy in some room.

>> No.71138613

I think Crisis suits actually do cause some sort of competitiveness in tau players. They're just so easy to magnetize and swap weapons to optimal loadouts that it makes tau players tend to build competitive list more so than folks who don't have as easily swappable weapon options. And this has carried through to the tau player culture.

>> No.71138618

I've got two squads of intercessors with bolt rifles, one of the sergeants has a thunder hammer. I'm getting another squad, what should I give them?

>> No.71138623

>SW haven't posted a single CANONIC excerpt of lore which states otherwise

>> No.71138624

How can something so good looking have such terrible lore?

>> No.71138627

Win at all costs is pretty easy to say.

>> No.71138628

No, you're gonna take your warpsmith and like it.

>> No.71138635

Its really good and you can put wheels on it.

>> No.71138637

That's a pretty nice bit of lore. Do your guys have names?

>> No.71138644


>> No.71138665

That's pretty based desu.
Wish GW would go back to being a bit more fast and loose with the lore.

>> No.71138666

The more work you're willing to put into it, the better it can look.

>> No.71138675

Anyone have that one Spacewolf greentext? The one with the drilled bumholes?

>> No.71138684

Not yet. My intent is to have solid chunks of lore on everything. I'm waffling on a demon prince (using abbadon as the base) or a termie lord as the warband leader once i rev up to full size. Long story short, the 500 points is the vanguard, with the whole army theme being broken bits of a chapter slapped shitless by inquisitors. They rebuild red corsairs style: The lord follows trouble, pulls up his cruiser and says "Get in the bus, I got food and shelter" and lo and behold, an army.

I've been converting my cultists to look less like a bunch of dregs scraped off someones butthole and more like a ragtag militia. I like the idea that they are fellow soldiers, not just meat puppets. Honestly, i should hav eused loyalist rules as the IG, SoB and astartes are rules wise closer to what i wanted... but i just love converting chaos models.

>> No.71138687

The lore is fine though, and even if it was bad it would be kind of a non-issue going forward, considering that primaris are only different for as long as oldmarines are around. In ten years we'll be back to just having marines.

>> No.71138688

I would say it really depends on how "elite" you want the army to be. I have a 1500 pt custodes plus an assassin list that is only 20 models. I am pretty sure you will have more guys on the table with gray knights. Also custodes have not gotten their psychic awakening rules yet so that could be nuts

>> No.71138702

There was no greentext. I do have this fucker saved though.

>> No.71138704

Oh would you just go to sleep? It's past your bedtime kiddo.

>> No.71138713

I think they definitely incentivize it. They're one of the strongest shooting armies in a game dominated by the shooting phase. Sure they have their share of downsides but they also have a lot of ways around them (the entire board gets to fire overwatch, most units worth charging can fly to fall back and still shoot, drones tanking hits, etc) and their playstyle really incentivizes castling which is just not fun to play against. I've never had fun playing against Tau before, even when I win it's just a boring experience.

>> No.71138734

In a universe of meme armies, meme charecters, and meme races fighting for meme ideals and meme causes.. It is only natural that memes themselves would become a sentient race. The Tau ARE the essence of meme made flesh.

>> No.71138739

Bumhole text anon here: I only asked for it so I can harrass a Space Wolf player with it.I don't know what the fuck else is going on.

>> No.71138740

>he doesn't use a blob of possessed buffed by daemons to destroy literally anything they touch
it's honestly retarded how strong they can get if you just keep them alive.

>> No.71138749

Stop using that when you mean figurative you damn zoomer.

>> No.71138752


>> No.71138766

Been mulling over making a Mega-armoured Warboss (looking at giving him a Power Klaw and Kombi-Rokkit) and been working on a little backstory for him:
>after having a hive city spire collapsed on him he saw a vision of the fist of Gork (or maybe Mork) punch him so hard he came back to life (some grots may claim it was a nearby Nob hitting him for "lazing about" after getting hit with a brick after a spire a hab block over exploded, but never in earshot of the Boss) leading him to believe he's destined for something "greater", which has lead him to fight his way to the top spot on the bosspole, but with no real plan on what to do.
>This lack of clear direction, and his muttering to himself and habit of throwing bomb squigs around in a scrap has caused a fair bit of discontent, but despite his peculiarities he has lead the warband to a fair number of good fights so they put up with his visions of (delusions) of grandeur.

>> No.71138767

Quite ironically, dude who originally made that butthole thing here, it's made up but you're using it for its intended purpose, carry on.

>> No.71138771

Just confess that Russ is fucking loser and you can't states otherwise.

>> No.71138774

For a galaxy spanning civilization, why is the Imperium so lame? I mean seriously, they're still burning hydrocarbons for energy on most of their worlds (hence why most Imperial planets are polluted to the point of being nearly inhospitable). Even with the technological malaise, they should still be able to easily engineer/build shit like Dyson swarms and solar forges.

>> No.71138775

Is this the McFarlane figure?

>> No.71138777

>still no canon proof of 'SW superiority'

>> No.71138782

How good are The Eight?

>> No.71138786

For what reason? Also I play blood angels.

>> No.71138789

Hell the guy who does the TTS VA for Russ (and is a long time Space Wolves player) has called him a loser.

To be fair all the Primarchs are losers.

>> No.71138793

Has anyone seen a variation of that list that isn't alpha legion stacking the -1 to hits?

>> No.71138795

Space wolves are most hated faction. Fuck off.

>> No.71138810

They are used as the opposite side of the spectrum when describing good.

>> No.71138811

40k is a post apocalyptic setting of a post apocalyptic setting spanning a galaxy.

>> No.71138815

I don't give a shit about Russ either way, but you've been shitting up these threads for like a week now. Do you genuinely have mental health issues or do you just lack the perspective to realize how horrifyingly tragic it is to waste time of your life to consistently go on an internet image board to shit on a fictional character?

>> No.71138816

Russ a loser and is the main reason for why my favorite legion turned to chaos

>> No.71138817

>Space Wolves
>not Tau or Ultramarines
g8 b8 m8,i r8 it 8/8

>> No.71138819

Imperium is mostly a Type 0 civilization mostly with a few planets that reach Type 1. The only Type II-III civilization in 40k are Necrons. Orks can get up to Type III too if they get a big enough psuedo-krork leading them.

>> No.71138820

uh, yes, the one where they get up to like strength 7 and do 5 damage each hit

>> No.71138825

>Space wolves are most hated faction
Gsc, orks and tau are all worse then space wolves.

>> No.71138827

Possessed Bomb is a meme list, and ain't nobody even bothering to try a DG version.

>> No.71138828

No. Fulgrim, Perturabo, Lorgar, Angron, Khan are not losers.

>> No.71138833

If you want canon proof there's the fact that Russ literally chose not to kill Angron.

>> No.71138837

Nah, the reason is your Primarch is a bitch who can't stop using sorcery when explicitly told not too.

And apparently just can't call his dad via Astropath like a normal person.

>> No.71138841

It's not a bait.
How so?

>> No.71138846

>it's one person

>> No.71138850

Is that stacking the WB +1 DMG Strat with the nurgle daemon loci, with something extra?

>> No.71138852

So THAT explains the autism!

Sorry bucko, there was a strawpoll a few days back on that question, and SW weren't even in the top 5.

>> No.71138854

Not by a long shot, at least the first two.

>> No.71138856

Ah, that was a good laugh. I needed that. Thanks.

>> No.71138860

You are the first person here to not shit-talk Fulgrim.

>> No.71138866

It's one actual retard and one troll having fun. Either way I wish it would stop.

>> No.71138868

thanks boss
sadly they'll be on the shelf for a bit as we start up a new campaign, but hopefully that means I'll just have some more battle reps and pictures of my Word Bearers or Dark Eldar in action

>> No.71138870

I always wondered why people hated tau and gunline armies, however after playing against a imperial guard army I now understand. Its just not really fun playing against someone who basically does nothing but shoot

>> No.71138871

How much do you spend on 40k models (not paints or hobby stuff) per month? Use USD so we can compare.

I'm down to about $60 per month.

>> No.71138874

Ain't nobody hating on Orks.

GSC will be hated as soon as they get good rules. Their entire premise is massively unfun to play against, but they're weak enough that people don't notice.

>> No.71138880

>Perturabo, Lorgar,
>not losers
What the actual fuck? Is this bait?

>> No.71138894

>not shit talk Fulgrim
Fulgrim probably has a nice ass. Does that do it for you?

>> No.71138897

Oh yeah. He was just biding his time while he crawled, through the mud, away from Angron spiting broken teeth and blood

>> No.71138898

I haven't bought anything 40k-related since December. Been too busy with work fucking my schedule around and making me train new hires that they end up firing anyway.

>> No.71138903

Maybe the Council of Nikea shouldn't have effected a very useful legion of space wizards. The Thousand Sons could've been left alone and the Imperium would still have a regulated psyker legion of space marines

>> No.71138908

Because the Imperium is not about uplifting humanity, it is about punishing and tormenting it. The ideal universe imagined by most of Imperial leadership (that is not Guilliman) is humankind on a factory line, emotionally and intellectually dead, never even capable of putting into thought the misery of its existence since it has never known happiness, toiling away from birth to early death in a virtual hell for the special and elect few.

>> No.71138912

Have you never played against people that use these armies? Gsc and ork players are severely retarded, especially those that browse /tg/.

>> No.71138915


>> No.71138920

Depends on the month

Sometimes just like a paint pot or two
Other months I buy an entire army
I always make a profit when I sell things though so I'm probably about broken even

>> No.71138921

$0 I haven't given GW a dime since 2014

>> No.71138929

Maybe the Primarch should have stopped dabbling in things he was warned against the VERY FIRST TIME HE MET THE EMPEROR.

You know, like someone who isn't a massive fuck up.

>> No.71138932

It's not the armies specifically, it's the types of people that play them.

>> No.71138935

And then he decided not to have angron blasted to cinders. I got no bone in this fight, but you can't deny that the only reason angron kept breathing was because Leman wasn't feeling vindictive. It's the same thing that happened with The Lion, Magnus, and Horus: leman realized there shouldn't have been a fight in the first place. The only thing different between the 4 is when it happened.

>> No.71138938

Perturabo broke the defences of Terra! He beat Dorn, ascend to demonhood and now chilling on his demonworld.
Lorgar is mastermind behind Horus Heresy. He planned the whole thing. He broke Emperor's dream and ruined Imperium.

>> No.71138939

Does that just mean you've bought 40k stuff from ebay and other resellers?

>> No.71138942

>> No.71138944

So can Chaos Space Marines get -3 to hit on one of their units via:
Alpha Legion Trait
Apostle Prayer
Miasma of Pestilence from a Nurgle Sorc
Seems like it'd be fun to do on a terminator blob or something.

>> No.71138951

>is the main reason for why my favorite legion turned to chaos
You uh. You haven't read the Thousand Sons books have you?

>> No.71138955

alright that does look better but it still looks like its been squashed

>> No.71138956

They're retarded, they don't know any better. Planet is full of these stupid fucks, and they're becoming adults. Exterminatus please.

>> No.71138961

Lorgar wasn't the mastermind. He was Erebus' puppet.

>> No.71138966

I guess?

>> No.71138969

In a vacuum, everything is amazing.

>> No.71138976

And the only reason Russ is alive is because Angron let him.
>Angron is stomped on by a titan and survives
>but dude! Those standard Astarte's weapons would totally have killed him!

>> No.71138987

look into the possessed bomb army, stacking -1s to hit is how they work.

>> No.71138988

Nah, most zoomers are based, their retards are just far more visible than ours were because of social media and the like.

>> No.71138997

Its possible, also if it's on your warlord you can bump it to -4 with the warlord trait. The only problem that it faces is that space marine chapter masters having the ability to reroll any hitroll has reduced the effectiveness of negatives to hit.

>> No.71139000

>because Angron let him.
Citation needed.

>> No.71139002

But doesn't moving forward to charge negate the Alpha Legion trait? Or are they fast enough for that to not matter?

>> No.71139007 [DELETED] 

How can you support the Imperium when it doesn't care about the rights of transpeople, women and other minorities?
I know it's fictional but still..

>> No.71139015

I think this is the wrong fictional universe for you

>> No.71139020

Doesn't this mechanic cap out at 6+ to hit?

>> No.71139022

Just curious, why do autistic people always get triggered by this word usage in this context?

>> No.71139025

Here's your (You) now fuck off.

>> No.71139030

Play Dark Eldar instead. Most of those models are already plastic. Covens and Kabals are the way to go. Wych Cults, though cool, are kinda not great

>> No.71139038

1.) I don't, I kill them all. Fucking pigs at the feet of their corpse emperor.
2.) That shit doesn't exist in the grim dark, gtfo my game.

>> No.71139040

Didn't Vulkan get taken down on istvaan by NL dog piling him, and dorn actually died by getting cornered by a bajillion marines?

>> No.71139041

Genestealer cults are the faction for you, they will always support trans rights.

>> No.71139043

Because they're cool. So you have to start in devastor, might as well have some AP-3 D2 bolters for a turn.

Stick them on a backfield objective, preferably in cover.

>> No.71139046


>> No.71139050

Iron within?

>> No.71139056

Russ couldn't blast Angron to cinders. Retarded dog came to Angron without order from the Emperor. Russ had not right to judge or punish Angron. Russ shit his pants when they start fighting, because he just wanted to muscle before Angron but Gladiator wipe the floor with emperor's lapdog.

>> No.71139068

I don't know the details, other than they're used to contest the mid board to prevent other units from moving up by being nearly unkillable and too much of a melee threat to ignore.

>> No.71139070

>Russ couldn't blast Angron to cinders
Haven't read the books I see.

>> No.71139078

Because now there's no word that just means literal now that literal means both literal and figurative.

>> No.71139081

>My blade broke, but it didn’t matter. I pulled his chainsword from his fists, and broke it in my hands. We fell into the mud, brawling. We’d both known that fight would end up on the ground. I had him, Lorgar. My boot on his throat, at the very end. I stood above him at last, and Russ…’
…and Russ had to crawl away, fanged teeth clenched, breathing spit as much as breath. Strings of it tumbled from his cracked lips with each rasping exhalation.


>but that's Angron's account!
Funny that the proud, bellicose Space Wolves are awfully quiet about how it actually went down lmao

>> No.71139087

We don't, it just makes the speaker/poster look retarded. It's nice in life when others can others can help you look less stupid.

>> No.71139089


>> No.71139092

Having your boys gun someone down isn't the same as winning the fight.

>> No.71139094

Wyches themselves and succubi are amazing though. Close combat machines you cannot disengage from and have a 3+invuln with the right trait. 3 squads of 5 of these can lock up an entire enemy troop slot if you can get them there early enough. Which you will becuase they'll be riding in venoms, which themselves are amazing.

>> No.71139095

Russ had no orders to kill Angron. He came to Ghenna, get his ass beaten and run away howling.

>> No.71139103

Thing is that most normal people use it outside of its dictionary definition, on a regular basis, without batting an eye, but online there's always one person going "UH AKCHUALLY THATS INCORRECT WAY TO USE IT YOU CRETINS"

>> No.71139105

Green is the best color. Secretive assholes with plasma guns will never not be cool. The Lion punched that faggot Russ for mocking him. Robes over power armor is A E S T H E T I C as fuck

>> No.71139106

Bolters cannot blast you to cinders. Maybe a Melta, plasma, or lascannon

>> No.71139107

Russ was the best primarch. SW are the best marines by far.
Only zoomers subscribe to the "furry" meme.

>> No.71139110

Because being wrong is inherently a bad thing, and arguably the only objectively bad thing

>> No.71139112

F. flamers
U. and
N. nothing else

>> No.71139113

Where do i sign up

>> No.71139114

So I was thinking too much about the lore and the bit where it's revealed that the Emperor made a pact with Chaos that involved the Primarchs somehow (the Primarchs being the thing Chaos wanted as shown in the HH Word Bearer novels where the Word Bearers were sent back in time to break the wards on the Primarch's tubes which allowed Chaos to scatter them, or possibly attempt to seize them only for them to be scattered instead when the Emperor showed up and possibly got into a psychic slap fight with Chaos).

So in Master of Mankind we see the Emperor as a child, born to a normal family whose uncle killed his father and the Emperor kills him in revenge. This shows that biologically the Big E was born a normal human, at least genetically. What sets him apart is his massively powerful soul which seems to sustain him until he rises to become the Emperor proper.

So after the Thunder Warriors don't pan out the Emperor decides to create a new template to base his new legions on, one closer to his power so that they can hold truer to his vision. To do this they create massively powerful bodies (something the Emperor may not have actually had as shown as him being choked out on Ullanor, which means his might may have been entirely psychically enhanced), but to give those bodies life they'd need incredibly powerful souls (shown by Fulgrim's primarch cloning project where Ferrus was brought back complete multiple times, but Horus was a failure that could be cut down effortlessly by Abbadon).

Now the Emperor couldn't just recreate the events of his own birth. He'd need thousands of willing volunteers to sacrifice themselves in a very specific ritual (that'd need to be repeated twenty times), and likely a long time for those new souls to gestate into a usable form.


>> No.71139121

Okay so they both chose not to kill each other. An unusually rational choice for the two retards of the litter. Your point is?

>> No.71139122

A lot of people doing something doesn't make it right, especially cretinous normalfags

>> No.71139126

So he went to bargin with Chaos for the means to create those souls likely using warp energies and possibly splinters of his own soul as seeds (as shown in Dark Imperium where Guilliman feels the tug of the warp everytime he uses a teleportarium, as well as why every Primarch holds a splinter of the Emperor's personality respectively).

At least, that's what my lore mongering has come up with.

>> No.71139127

I want to make a semi-competitive Death Guard army.
What's the way to go with it? I'm not looking for maximum WAAC, but i'd like to at least have a reasonable chance of winning without just stomping my opponent.
At my local store we generally play at the 1500 point level.

At the moment i'm leaning towards this...

Malignant Plaguecaster - 95pts
Bolt Pistol, Corrupted Staff, Blight/Krak Grenades

20 Plague Marines - 320pts
Bolters, Plague Knives, Blight/Krak Grenades
2x Blight Launchers - 20pts

20 Plague Marines - 320pts
Bolters, Plague Knives, Blight/Krak Grenades
2x Blight Launchers - 20pts

10 Plague Marines - 160pts
2x Plague Knives, Blight/Krak Grenades
2x Flails of Corruption - 20pts

10 Plague Marines - 160pts
2x Plague Knives, Blight/Krak Grenades
2x Flails of Corruption - 20pts

Noxious Blightbringer - 55pts
Plasma Pistol, Cursed Plague Bell, Blight/Krak Grenades

Plague Surgeon - 60pts
Bolt Pistol, Balesword, Blight/Krak Grenades

Tallyman - 55pts
Plasma Pistol, Blight/Krak Grenades

Chaos Rhino - 67pts
Combi-flamer & Havoc Launcher - 14pts

Chaos Rhino - 67pts
Combi-flamer & Havoc Launcher - 14pts

It tallies up to 1467 points.
Currently i'm tossing up between the following for the remaining points.
- Extra wargear for the melee squads.
- Dropping the blight launchers and getting an extra rhino for the characters.
- Dropping the rhinos completely and getting and extra 10 man melee squad OR an extra plague caster and wargear for the other squads.

>> No.71139135

How would she fare in 40k?

>> No.71139137

>I want to make a semi-competitive Death Guard army.
You're EXTREMELY far off from that.

>> No.71139138

Flamers und Nothing (else)

>> No.71139140

Just buy some warhammer miniatures and then proceed to suffer like the rest of us
>whine about the game
>whine about miniatures
>whine about painting
Also theres no japtoon traps.

>> No.71139142

How do I make my games not take fucking forever

My game today was 1500 pts and took 6 hours

>> No.71139144

Yeah and he also didn't try to kill angron. You can tell because Angron lived. What's your point?

>> No.71139146

Best at get beaten by everyone else? Seriously, SW and Russ ddidn't win a sigle fight without help. So much for Emperor's executioners.

>> No.71139155

The same that it's always been. Angron btfo Russ after Russ tried to swing his dick around and intimidate Angron

>> No.71139157

What were the armies?

>> No.71139160

>Stick them on a backfield objective, preferably in cover.
I have infiltrstors for that and they have the added benefit of preventing my opponant from deepstriking nearby. Although the added ap is useful they're still looking for multi wound targets.

>> No.71139161

Pretty sure the space wolves have more than just bolters and axes. I'm not an expert, just kinda get that feeling.

>> No.71139165

She's lazy and inconspicuous, she'd just live out her natural life in relative comfort on some uneventful planet with nothing of note happening to even get her going.

>> No.71139172

>So in Master of Mankind
No, stop. Even ADB himself has admitted that a lot of what's in that book shouldn't be taken as literal.

>> No.71139176

you don't

>> No.71139178

The trait is a bonus, a huge part of it is being able to use the AL start to put them somewhere mid-board right at the start and exert a lot of control with a buffed up melee deathstar. The trait helps them survive when not in melee, but they can get into melee pretty easily with their move stat and warptime.

>> No.71139179

As you learn the rules it'll come faster, but holy fuck six hours? You're doing something wrong. Even with throwing bantz with my friends our games take 3 tops.

>> No.71139193

Literally memorize the statlines and rules for everything so that you can just hold your opponent's hand through their turns. Nothing slows a game down like a retard unlocking their phone, re-opening battlescribe, scrolling through their roster, and then squinting at the tiny text.

>> No.71139194

>The axe in his hand lowered, and he looked out at the ranks of Wolves facing him with their bolters raised.
No mention of plasma, lazcannons, melts, or launchers there. Just a ring of bolters

>> No.71139196

Can you elaborate?

>> No.71139197

>gather 10 million humans
>put them in cryostasis
>put all the frozen meat on several dozen ships
>shoot them into an orbit that circles a part of the galaxy
>round trip will be 100,000 years
>wait until everyone kills themselves
>make humanity great again

I see nothing wrong with this plan

>> No.71139201

You don't, game is naturally long and that's fine. Part of the appeal even. How enjoyable it is depends solely on the company you keep.
I know it can be hard sometimes if you're married with kids, but if you're a zoomie zoom zoom with plenty free time then just overcome your ADHD.

>> No.71139202

What do you mean? If you talking about a 6 always hits that's only for sigmar, it's a big reason why Orks gotta the more dakka rule.

>> No.71139203

I was only referring to the vision of his past we see very early in the story.

>> No.71139205

There is no a single proof that Russ holding back during his fight with Angron. Russ trying his best and still lose.

>> No.71139206

>possessed start at S5, and hit with 1d3 AP-2 D1 attacks as a unit
>stack Putrescent Vitality for +1S/T
>stack Blades of Putrefaction for +1 to Wound
>stack Veterans of the Long War for +1 to Wound
>stack Locus of Nurgle for +1 S
>stack Locus of Virulence for +1 Damage on 6+ to wound (now a 4+ on the die, 3+ with Virulent Blessing)
>stack Virulent Blessing for +1 to Wound plus double damage on a 7+ (now a 4+ on the dice)
>since Locus is passive and VB is an active power the first takes priority
>possessed now have a +3 to wound, capable of wounding knights on 2s, do 2 damage on 3+ to wound, and 4 damage on 4+ to wound, at AP-2
It's a lot to put into one unit but it's not really that CP intensive or very difficult to cast for most psyker heavy DG armies and mostly just relies on good aura positioning
protecting them is easy enough, just stack -1s to hit from spells or use cloud of flies to make them untargetable and wrap them in plaguebearers (which you will have with poxbringers anyway) and stack them with a -2 to hit. Even then they're not that easy to kill since they have a 3+/5++ at T5 with 2 wounds each.

It's a fucking meme tier strat but they will fuck up pretty much anything they happen to get within stabbing range
I personally use a unit of 14 possessed which is around 238pts, really not a bad point investment all things considering
buff them even further with rerolls and make sure they all get into base contact and there arent many units that can survive this
the core of this strategy is only 825~ points for a plaguecaster, daemon prince, plaguebearers, and a poxbringer, but you can trim it down by using a chaos lord instead of a daemon

>> No.71139213

I tend to buy in bursts, might spend $300AUD one month and then nothing for a few months. I drift in and out of the hobby in general though.

>> No.71139216

Man, it's hard to fathom how BL managed to fuck up the HH so badly. Those first few novels were pretty good.

>> No.71139218

>> No.71139228

Well then autos. Fuck, you asked and I gave an answer.

>> No.71139229

>There's no single proof
Outside of the author stating Russ held back, Angron asking why Russ is holding back, and Russ having to hold back because he's not trying to kill Angron.

>> No.71139230

>Nothing slows a game down like a retard unlocking their phone, re-opening battlescribe, scrolling through their roster, and then squinting at the tiny text.
The worst is when they're playing marines, which have an identical statline on almost all of their infantry.

>> No.71139241

Literally too much work for the reward.

>> No.71139242

Especially Primaris who only have different statlines for Gravis Armour and characters.

>> No.71139243

My gay donut steel OC chapter, the Space Bears

>> No.71139251

Citation needed.

>> No.71139252

>one single chaos tainted human gets in
plan ruined

>> No.71139256

Objectively false

>> No.71139259

>Not the Ursa Majors

>> No.71139262

Cool. Are they a White Scars successor like the Astral Bears?

>> No.71139264

In cities of death/urban conquest 6s always hit.
You should play using urban conquest.

>> No.71139265

i like it

>> No.71139269

it's an easy way to get your money out of a bunch of different buffs. That being said I mostly agree, and it is pretty much a meme strat, but the look on a knight players face when you multicharge two knights and you chad possessed literally tentacle rape one to death and the other into a low bracket, it's pretty satisfying

>> No.71139271

Until you hit their armor, at which point everything suddenly has half a dozen different weapons, all with slightly different profiles but the same intent.

>> No.71139276

So regular bolt rifles then, thanks for the help anon.

>> No.71139280

literally just space sharks my guy

>> No.71139290

nyet, is it medved not akula drakula.

>> No.71139301

They're a Raven Guard successor

Their homeworld is a massive pine forest, a less extreme Pacific-northwest catachan where giant mutant bears roam the woods and the hardy plants and trees aren't held back even by the toxic hive cities

>> No.71139306

Looking good

>> No.71139309

I dig it.

>> No.71139314

I started with carchardons but diverged near the end of the paintjob. I'm still working on giving them their own identity.
Mostly I wanted space wolves but less nordic and gay, and carchardons but less edgy and insane

>> No.71139316

I've got an old guardsmen squad I'm trying to re-paint and re-arm so I can add them to my main force. Problem is it's a bitch trying to get this paint off -- should I keep trying to strip everything and paint them to match, or fluff a reason they look a little different?

>> No.71139334

What are Custodes best infantry choices? Planning to pick some up but a lot of them seem to be pitfalls. At a glance, Venatari and Sagittarum seem good, but I've been told they're mediocre. Allarus are said to be good, but seem overcosted for 20 points for 1 wound and slightly better shooting than Wardens.

>> No.71139336

they are from a last minute regiment merge after the rest of their regiment was wiped out fighting the (enter preferred antagonist here)

>> No.71139339

as a SW player; gigabased

>> No.71139374

Russ could beat the shit out from Angron and then talk to him when gladiator crawl in the mud. But Russ can't beat Angron. Angron is too powerful for Russ. Hell, Angron disarm Russ with his bare hands.

>> No.71139379

Wardens and Sagittarum

>> No.71139401

Once again Space Wolf fags have been put in their place, as is tradition

>> No.71139413


>> No.71139441


>> No.71139442

GW claimed that the SOS is an HQ unit at least

>> No.71139445

Who wins on the tabletop, Russ or Angron?

>> No.71139457

Probably Russ.

>> No.71139460


>> No.71139464

Neat! I love some good homebrew and bear men who live in the woods is good enough for me!

>> No.71139473

>actually playing the tabletop

>> No.71139474

Every time I play 40k I think about switching to AOS. The AOS bros at my shop always seem to have more fun, have shorter games, have more diverse armies and are in general better looking.

I swear on my life im not even trolling. Is it worth switching?

>> No.71139476

Which means we'd finally have a legal (albiet likely Legends only) HQ choice to run Vanguard detachments of SoS.

As cool as that is, they really just need to put the Talons the Emperor back under one book.

>> No.71139494

Go with just different colours. Lore as:
A honor squad
Vetran squad with diff equipment from diff warzone
I have a squad painted in dark colours opposite my usual as a 'night fighting' squad

>> No.71139495

You can do both, it doesn't have to be a permanent decision

>> No.71139496

In 30k Russ basically owns everybody.
No idea in 40k we don't have rules.

>> No.71139501

Anyone have a leaked Datasheet for Valerian and Aleya?

>> No.71139503


Better game system as it has far less to deal with. But also less interesting because it has less going on. I didnt help sorry.

>> No.71139508

I have daemons so I can kind of switch freely between the two. Just focus on doing what is the most fun for you. Most AoS groups tend to be smaller than the 40k groups so you will get a lot of repeat matches. If you want to just try it out, stormcast are pretty easy to pick up and incredibly easy to buy cheaply

>> No.71139538

Be more of a faggot

Assuming Angron would have a profile similar to Magnus/Mortarion, and Russ would be similar to Guilliman, Angron would be stronger 1v1.

>> No.71139559

I'm doing both. I'm hoping by the time I get my 2k of Orks painted they'll either fix the fish elves or have something that grabs my attention that I'll want to play instead.

>> No.71139571

Had a look at the 30k rules? cope levels at maximum

>> No.71139576

How many weeks before gw close the loopholes and we see a flood of iron hands on ebay?

>> No.71139585

>I want to make a semi-competitive Death Guard army.
>Bring maximum CAAC

>> No.71139587

Why not just do Orks in sigmar for now? If any cunt gets pissy about babies first sigmar game having shoota Orks then you shouldn't play em anyway

>> No.71139591

>tfw the only viable Death Guard models, the FW Dreads, are going to get nerfed because loyalists
Fuck space marines

>> No.71139596

Spring FAQ maybe?

>> No.71139600

God the ass pain will be unheard of from waacfags who bought up to chase meta

>> No.71139606

I've considered it, but I think it's the lack of some kind of big center peice for the Bonesplitterz that keeps me from going all in on them and the Ironjawz aren't quite my cup of tea.

Then again I'm probably just too used to short ranged shooty horde builds that don't like being punched.

>> No.71139607

>melee variants of these dreads will get shat on cause retards running doubke guns ruined it for the rest of us

I wanna cry bros

>> No.71139613

Probably April with the first 2020 Big FAQ at the earliest. Maybe before that if they put out the revised FW book.

>> No.71139614

>fix the fish elves
fish elves are fine gameplay wise and I wouldnt expect a model revamp any time soon

maybe you'll like nu high elves though

>> No.71139617

Good. I'll use their rusty tears to brew my coffee.

>> No.71139631

Loyalist and Chaos Leviathans are separate datasheets. It's not a given. Do DG even have any DREADNOUGHT only stratagems they use on Leviathans?

>> No.71139636

The Namarti are broken in a bad way and are useless meaning the only functional build is all Eels and I fucking hate that build.

32mm bases without reach and a low number of base attacks on a unit clearly intended to be played as a horde whose only direct support model has a 6" wholly within bubble is not exactly setting the world on fire.

>> No.71139639

I paint my marine custom color so when the meta shift I just change my variant of SM accordingly. And I got more than enough marine to play any chapter at all, except gimmicky like Salamander of course.

>> No.71139649

Fuck man please.

The one IH player in my group was always so salty they got ignored for a decade and sold right before the codex was announced. Now id prefer if he hadnt and was dreading the FAQ

>> No.71139650

Good, fuck DG.

>> No.71139651

Nope, I assume the Fire Frenzy stratagem doesn't work on them since it specifies Helbrute and not Helbrute keyword.
They're used because powerful guns at BS2+ and the DG trait lets them move and fire heavy weapons without penalty.

>> No.71139658

Yeah, we have no idea in 40k.
We know a few things.

Russ has lost most of his weapons and maybe his armor.
Angron is active and has become bigger then a bloodthirstier.

That said he was always a better fighter then Guilliman.
Guilliman was always very mid tier when it came to combat in 30k.
He was more of a buffer.
So I am assuming that if russ would come back and still be a better fighter.

Russ with the spear that he hates using would be a fucking beast.
Assuming he hasn't been turbo fucked by chaos.

>> No.71139660

I almost started Iron Hands back in 5th because I liked how they look and they have neat lore bit where their Terminators are so much machine that they border on being AIs and honestly this supplement makes me glad I never fucking touched them.

>> No.71139666

Nope, the helbrute double-shoot strat was already errata'd away years ago

>> No.71139684

Yeah. So tho only thing that would matter is a points hike and I don't think that's a given even if the loyalist version gets one.

>> No.71139701

SW have his armour as a relic at least.
He needs 3 arms for his sword, axe and fucking OP spear. Or juggle them.


>> No.71139715

retard. scions are best played mechanized.

>> No.71139724

Fair. Although over the years ive noticed that most IH fags love being miserable cunts irl and relish in the hardwired autism of their little army men.

So good thing you didnt.

>> No.71139731

I want new Admech models NOW!!!!

>> No.71139752

I'm autistic enough to enjoy Imperial Fists and Krieg unironically, but I guess I'm not autistic enough to be an Iron Hands player.

>> No.71139755

Knowing russ he would just use the sword and the axe.
He really hates that fucking spear.

He has tried to get rid of that fucking spear so many times only for somebody too bring the fucking thing back too him.

But yeah. I would love an old man russ model. With one eye and a big ass white beard.

>> No.71139756

>want to run scions with chimeras but they break doctrine and they're terrible

>want to run scions with rhinos but fucking cant

>> No.71139762

I'll let you into the club

>> No.71139777

Russ didn't try to lauch that spear into sun or drop it into lava or acid. So Russ didn't try hard enough.

>> No.71139780

Because the spear creeps him the fuck out.

>> No.71139789

Those don't look like 40k.

>> No.71139795

Old man Russ would be massive kino. I adore the very slow and admitedly patchy maturing they did in his arch. He came to approcate the power of the Spear at the least. Russ, like Angron, was broken by the end of the Heresy. By the time he fought Horus he regrets so much and just wanted all of his brothers back ;_;

(even magnus RIP)

>> No.71139799

>want to get rid of a transport with decent BS, strats, benefits from regiment, and has lots of dakka
>also forgot valks

>> No.71139812

Why do you spam this in every thread whenever you find someone who paints a black person? You did this with those shitty archon "conversions" as well. Do you have an actual mental problem?

>> No.71139819

I think it's safe to say Angron was better in combat than Magnus or Mortarion, and that was before he got fucked up on Khorne flakes. Daemon Angron is a rape machine fueled by rage, Russ wouldn't stand a chance.

>> No.71139852

>want to get rid of a transport with decent BS, strats, benefits from regiment, and has lots of dakka
See "and they're terrible", its not about crunch
>also forgot valks
I have valks, but I am literally required to have something not in a valk or I lose automatically

>> No.71139859

Depends on if he's learned about his animal themed superpowers or not.

>> No.71139864

The idea of old man russ talking down to girlyman is also kinda fun too me.

Look gilly you need to grow up. When I was young like you i Yadda yadda yaddd.........

Just old man russ getting drunk and telling the inquisition to get the fuck off his lawn.
Well it was a gift from dad... so he can't just destroy it.
That would be rude... but sometimes he would just leave it places... or throw it at people in battle and never go after it.
Some bastard would always bring it back.
Trying to be helpful bringing back his spear for good boy points.
And space wolves do love to fetch.
Ohh yeah def.
Unless the do the whole wearwolf russ thing.
Wulfen russ would also be a cool model.

>> No.71139865

Cause we've never seen mindless rage and brute strength outwitted by superior technique and control

>> No.71139884

Not on the tabletop, no.

Which is the context of this discussion.

>> No.71139886

He just lusts after black cock and wants to be shamed for it as a kink.

>> No.71139906

Can anyone source the pieces used for the commander in the cupla? Looks like a chest piece from an empire greatsword with a third party head.

>> No.71139915

>Literally any time a tau, a gaurdsman, anything up to and beyond a fucking dread kills something far above its own league with good rolls

Yeah okay opinion discarded. 30k rules Russ beats Angron.

>> No.71139917

>Space wolf BUT
>Bear instead of Wolf
>Agrooo with me sister

>> No.71139922

Why not just post the picture here instead?

>> No.71139926

is four leman russes and two tank commanders too much firepower for 2,000 points? I want to crush my friends under a platoon of tanks. There's also two hellhounds.

>> No.71139929

Thanks. I'll try to keep my autism in check.

>> No.71139935

>See "and they're terrible", its not about crunch
I'm referring to tauroxes numbnuts

>> No.71139939

alright, here. What you think?

>> No.71139942

what primarchs are available in the game

>> No.71139949

How little GW cares about xenos summarized in a single picture.

>> No.71139954

arms look like regular cadians, same with the binoculars. Head might be sculpted, troso probably some empire kit

>> No.71139957

bruh, do you know how to play? you don't have to have your troops on the ground, you just have to have half your power level on the field.

>> No.71139961

Reread that post, I'm saying I know chimeras are far worse than taurox

>> No.71139962

thanks black-betty-famalamjam. Planning on getting an empire kit anyways to start Mordheim.

>> No.71139968

>bruh, do you know how to play?
If you have no non-flyers on the table you automatically lose the game

You don't actually play this do you

>> No.71139971

Depends on the style of play you're going for, and the regiment you have.
I only have one tank commander and 2 Russes in my 2k list, but I also have 3 Basiliks.

>> No.71139980

the ugliest imperial vehicle?

>> No.71139982

tauroxes bro, I don't know why this is hard to figure out

>> No.71139985

Then buy and write xeno books retard

>> No.71139988

convert pussy

>> No.71139991

Are there even any full length Necron, Ork and Tyranid books to buy that aren't a decade old?

>> No.71139996

>Implying it's not the opposite
The more your faction has stuff written about it, the shittier it gets, with cringe writing and non-stop inconsistencies.

>> No.71139999 [DELETED] 

I wanna like painting vehicles but I've never done it before, so unlike infantry it fucking sucks atm

Anything I can do to make myself like it?

>> No.71140000

Jesus Christ, anon asked who would win on the table top between Angron and Russ. If they'd asked the same question about a dreadnought and a guardsman, no one was going to say "the guardsman, with good rolls."

>30k rules

Fuck off back to hhg.

>> No.71140003

Im running four kitted out infantry squads(two with lascannons, two with heavy bolters, all of them with a boltgun and chainsword) with two plasma veteran squads. idea is to sit and shoot while slowly advancing with the help of the hellhounds, while the tanks obliterate anything scary.
The tanks themselves are going to be separated into two task forces: one is a plasma commander who is ordering himself for constant re-rolls and is accompanied by two lemans with a battle cannon and a lascannon and heavy bolters, whereas the other commander has the Steel Commander ability and will act as a order dispenser for other leman russes(all three will be demolishers).
The regiment is vostroyan.

>> No.71140010


>> No.71140022

New thread

>> No.71140023

i don't read lol

>> No.71140026

It's pug ugly.

>> No.71140031

Play Imperial Knights

>> No.71140039

Only in missions using the sudden death rule.

>> No.71140098

>only in all matched play missions
ok so you dont play 40k, thanks for the reply chain

>> No.71140115

>t. player who constantly loses at a faction they just picked up cuz they refuse to understand their meta, then bitches that they suck on 40kg

t. won a game as scions this monring

>> No.71140128

Apart from CA ones.

>> No.71140130

Name your Dreadnaught the Kodiak

>> No.71140294

>Bringing Plague Marines, the worst infantry choice
>Bringing the Plague Surgeon (he's useless)
>No Daemon Prince
>No Bloat Drones
>No Haulers
>Bringing Chaos Rhinos instead
It's not competitive at all. I'd be surprised if you didn't get tabled T1.
It would be fun to play against though.

>> No.71140449

Skitarii. They have the coolest weapons and tank in the game. Are you telling me you don't want an ERADICATION RAY on your spider tank?

>> No.71140481


>> No.71141039

>Especially since Predatory Strike is just Storm Troopers+
Yes and no. Storm Troopers is affected by bonuses to hit, Predatory Strike is unmodified 6s.

Main way I can think of right now is Aradia Madellan's psyker power.

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