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>selling old Yarrick with valhallans instead of steel legion
what are they doing

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Sup custodesbros

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They’re not Valhallans unless I can... SEND IN THE NEXT WAVE!

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got u covered senpai

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Yarrick is in Red Army now.
Wehraboos on suicide watch.

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I like the look of that. It looks tacky in a good way. Like some rando got totally blazed with a few buckets of paint next to him and started smearing it all over with his hands.

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PDFAnon please convert this: https://mega.nz/#!XtkWjSjD!-ExDmrsUOHMbtfAce8Iy3ddfe6ypP0xPr6LW_sgepiU

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Now that initiative and comparative weapon skill are gone, there's no real differentiation between top tier melee combatants other than how big their weapons are, and every Marine captain is as skilled a combatant as the best swordsman in the galaxy. How would you put that bit of granularity back into 8th ed's ruleset?

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Battle for Glazers Creek isn't in the MEGA nor is the WD of 2018 June. Anyone have the link?

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There wasn't much difference beforehand.

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If people want to play Marines so much why not just play HH? It's fun, better, and has what people want: Marines out the arse.

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Why didn't you put the regular mega in the OP?

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>Sunday Preview – Incubi, Banshees and Black Library Celebration
Shame they're not unfucking Jain Zar's rules.

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Can't wait for the sequel. Wraight made both characters so damn good. Best "couple" of 40k. The book was (as always with him) top notch.

But goddamn did the Artist fuck up. He clearly didn't read the book. His Valerian is ridiculously generic and ugly and he mentioned in the making of "oh yeah he's an up and coming custodes" or something like that when the dude is a fucking shield captain.

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I've read on Faith and Fury that a Word Bearers Chaos Lord can now have the <Demon> keyword. How can this benefit me? I'm finding an excuse to field Pic related as my Warlord

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>it’s fun
Objectively wrong
>has what people want
The last thing a marine player wants to take on is another marine player

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>crowe's sword doesn't have pen because it's blunt unless crowe sells his soul
>therefore he uses it like a crowbar to bonk people

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It's expensive.

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The markup on those guys is fucking retarded
>£25 for a box of ten monopose metal guardsmen
>£25 could get you a box of brood brothers, with plastic multipose guardsmen, a HWT. and a GSC upgrade sprue
>or just get a box of 10 plastic cadians and save a fiver
>£45 for heavy weapons squad
>£25 for plastic equivalent
And yet people will buy them at this retarded price because of "muh vintage minis limited time offer" even though they only went off the store a couple years ago. It's pretty clear that they put the metal regiments in MTO as they realized the only way they could sell them without updating the kits would be from exploiting FOMO. They really have no incentive to update guard regiments when they can still swindle suckers with this bullshit.

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Propably because to play 30k you need to buy overpriced FW stuff and work with resin.
Also zoomers are lazy faggots who can't convert, and in 30k you need to do a lot of conversions cuz no models, and 7th ed ruleset would be to hard for them to learn

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Marine players don't want to face other marines. They want to shoot up xenos.
Its a superiority complex.

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What's wrong with Jain Zar

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It means you can get buffed by things that buff demons

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>even though they only went off the store a couple years ago
Metal guard went off store less than year ago.

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Can't open this.
It's first epub I can't open.
Is this dolphin porn?

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you think their mark up is bad? Try going onto fucking EBay. Caked in shitty paint and missing pieces and scuffed/scratched.chipped to high heaven, and they still have the audacity to ask for 50 bucks a model.
GW swindled me with the Vostroyans, and they'll swindle me with the Valhallans. Fuck You.

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She's just a mediocre beatstick.

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go to ivan, you can get them in good resin for even cheaper than GW prices.

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because I can't use daemon engines in HH

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Why are you dumb fucks so incompetent? If you're going to make these threads do it properly. Add this to the op mezt time


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receives buffs from daemon heralds, greater possessed, and masters of possession

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Why no new white dwarfs in this?

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Yeah I know. But like what. I only have the new Christmas box as with chaos stuffz but I like the fw word bearers.

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Look around for mysterious forgery on yoyhammer. He has a tiny paypal problem atm but it'll give you time to find him and get in touch. Not sure if it's more or less expensive than GW but might be worth checking.

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pretty sure they went out 2018 did they not?

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Don't know, but the current codexs aren't in the megas posted in the op.

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I see. Danke Danke

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Anyone got an example of a take all comers marine army? Preferably one with lots of phobos stuff as they are the most aesthetically pleasing!

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>but like what
What mark of chaos you takin'?

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What the fuck are you talking about

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Because we have retards who keep posting our megas to facebook.

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Right? This wasn't painted by a skilled artist, it was a noise marine more cocaine than man.

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They get access to a warlord trait that gives them +1S/A/M and gives them the Possessed and Daemon keywords. This is important because there's a shitload of buffs that are specific to those, starting with Word Bearer's own Revered Hosts stratagem which gives a POSSESSED keyword unit +1D in melee, great for making murderous melee characters. Aside from that there's stuff like the Master of Possessions' spells, various auras (like the Greater Possessed's), and importantly the Chaos Daemons' Locus abilities.

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They are.
All codexes and psychic awakening books are in OP megas.

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The mega full of codexs that are usually posted in /40kg/, op didn't post it.

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I remember it was year ago, but my time perception is fucked, so you may be right, metal guard either disappeared in 2018 or 2019.

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Where every updated Marine character got buffs ranging from pretty good to insane, she got nerfs. She just doesn't really do anything. More generally, there was a massive missed opportunity to give Phoenix Lords some form of access to Exarch powers.

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Any Marine army is take all comers

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Are you retarded?

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None so I can spite scum like ADB and his anti-undivided ideas.
Thank you Anon, I'll get to reading into that and getting Zardu Layark from FW. I wish you the best in life.

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Where, or are you talking about the codexs from 2014? There's also a list full of other outdated books.

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None of those megas link to the one that is usually posted you dumb fuck.

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When the fuck are they going to reveal gazzy

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>I'm finding an excuse to field Pic related as my Warlord
do you really need an excuse beyond "it looks dope"

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Forth down is the Library you incompetent rube.

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There are 5 links in OP you faggot, check them before you start whining like little bitch.

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Anon, thats retarded, you're limiting yourself hard by doing that.
Taking the demon keyword gains you access to a huge variety of buffs coming from the daemon codex but I don't know if there are ANY of those buffs you can utilize if you go markless.

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What is the most based army in the game? I'm thinking about getting into 40k and I don't want the people at my lgs to think i'm a faggot.

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Give more "best in the galaxy" types negative to hit mods for CC. If generic astartes chapter champions get a -1 to hit in CC, they can give it to Eldar swordmasters.

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It's 50-50 between Space Wolves and T'au Empire.

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Orks as a horde army with 32mm's will probably have more base than anybody else.

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First model I've assembled this year.

[/spoiler]almost, head isn't attached for painting purposes[/spoiler]

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please kill yourselves

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The library only has old books in it.
I checked all of them dumbass and none of them are the mega that's usually posted.

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>Alpha Legion
Emphasis on subversive action, covert operations, and information warfare.
>Black Legion
Emphasis on high versatility and logistical flexibility, decapitation strikes, and combined arms doctrine.
>Death Guard
Emphasis on biochemical and viral warfare.
>Iron Warriors
Emphasis on siege warfare and technological asymmetry.
>Word Bearers
Emphasis on demoralization, wave tactics, and Warp manipulation.
>World Eaters
Emphasis on shock assault.
>Emperor's Children
Emphasis on... playing very loud music?

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>I don't want the people at my lgs to think i'm a faggot.
too late for that anon, just pick whatever faction you like most, there's no faction that is more truly based than that.

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How do you breathe and walk at the same time?

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Nice job, anon! Though it'd be even better if it was literally any model than a Primaris Marine.

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>The library only has old books in it.
>Sororitas Codex
>Psychic Awakening Greater Good
>only old books in it.
You are either special case retard or troll.

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>more cocaine than man

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What are the reasons, anon?

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The love and respect of the Emperor.

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Some people don't want to play a mono faction game that takes place in a setting completely fucking ruined by idiots and hack writing.

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I'm talking about this one retard, it's the one thst usually gets posted but isn't in the op. And you're too stupid to even point out where the codexs are in the megas that have been posted.

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>Emperor's Children
>Emphasis on... playing very loud music?
More like having fun in life. But seriously they are about taking initiative(always attack first, even if you kill noise marine he can shoot or attack before he is removed), taking the initiative from enemy and fast attack.

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>mandatory unit of 5-10 [special weapon]
>1 in a box
I fucking hate GW

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>I wish Skaven existed in 40k
They do. It's literally the Imperium

>> No.71133656

No one ever complains about them cause no one plays them.

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Seconding this. It does not open.

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>Sister of Battle box doesn't come with a Multi-melta
>Retributor box contains 2 of each heavy weapon option
>New GW models are built retardedly so you can't really convert or kitbash with ease like you could with earlier plastics
>Hospitaler is a monopose single model costing 30$

GW gets no sympathy from me.

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That's not the mega that's normally posted you shit, and if you're too inbred to click a folder labelled "8th" then I don't know how I could possibly help you.

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The full rule book is broken.

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Which kit?

>> No.71133710

I always imagined Valerian as being unusually young looking and handsome, but with old eyes. The audiobook voice actor they got for valerian's parts has this even, sonorous voice that makes him sound wise, but not aged.

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scions atm but I've experienced this countless times

>> No.71133732

Acolytes is my guess.

>> No.71133737

It's the one that's always been posted but you're too retarded to know that.

>> No.71133742

I'd play it if we had a group around these parts desu, mass DG infantry marching up the board and dying in droves to overrun my opponents with our tenacity is kino

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I'm just about to pick up a start collecting kit. Any advice?

>> No.71133754

>Emphasis on... playing very loud music?
Crowd control and asymmetric warfare. Besides just attacking big they also use a lot of unconventional equipment like sonic cannons, combat drugs, body modifications, etc.

Also you forgot Thousand Sons.

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noise marines are a red herring

>> No.71133762

Okay since everyone here seems confused, I'l clarify something: the biggest of the rulebook megas went down a while back. Because of this, you either have to use The Black Library (the audio mega we don't post here has all the rulebooks now too), or go to /aosg/ and use the codexes that are in there.

>> No.71133764

If it had always been posted it would be in the OP.

In any case we don't need it, because the books are already there.

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nope sorry I'm a newbie guard player

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>the basic troop choice is a red herring

>> No.71133778

stop shilling

>> No.71133790

There's a long list of kits that fit that bill.

>> No.71133792

Yeah, don't. Unless you have an unusually friendly meta, or you like losing, because scions can't win games.

>> No.71133799

Mold lines. Lots of them. Be careful. They’re in places you won’t expect.

>> No.71133806

>Chuckles in genestealer cult
>Lives in destitute poverty due to the pricing

>> No.71133819

>when EC books poke fun at the fact that every EC thinks he's a duelist, but only a few are actually any good at it

Yeah their thing is drugs and sonic weaponry.

>> No.71133820

they are the opposite of basic since they're expensive, specialized, and have exclusive weaponry and abilities

>> No.71133825

Was looking at them to add to my custodes termies.

>> No.71133831

Please tell me the Emperor's Children legion trait.

>> No.71133839

Guessing they did the usual mold line on the plasma gun coils?

>> No.71133847

Why hasn't the Tau tried to fit a battlesuit into a larger mobile fortress?

>> No.71133857

It's not posted in the OP because retards like you exist. It only takes one fuckwit to mess up the op and then some other retard just copy/past that when making a new thread instead of fixing it.

>> No.71133867

Because battlesuit pilots aren't magical children with some magical gene or blood type letting them control the suits, they're just ordinary tau.

So when they make a large mobile fortress, like supremacy armor, they can just put normal tau in it to drive it without using a battlesuit fit into its frame.

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>legion trait is about melee
>most of their stratagems are related to charging or fighting, including one literally called "Cruel Duellists"

>> No.71133884

people who are so worried about not being cool or based or whatever are by their nature not cool or based.
The most based and redpilled thing to do is be yourself.

>> No.71133892

Swarmlord gets a 3++ in cc. Drazhar gets extra damage on 6's and +1 to wound and attacks twice on the charge. Belial gets a -1 to hit. I know those off the top of my head.

There are bonus's for characters that are extra good in cc.

>> No.71133894

The Lamenters

>> No.71133902

>implying there are any old-type Tau left
Spoken like someone whose soul is weighted down by gravity

>> No.71133904

Can you at least cryptically tell us how to find the audio mega?

>> No.71133918

>Old type Tau


>> No.71133922

Loyalty is its own reward.

>> No.71133932

I play them, or at least I will when I finish painting them - too ashamed to have unpainted models on the table

>> No.71133935

It's a worse version of what's already there

>> No.71133937

The optimal XV8 Crisis build is a unit of 5 or 6 with 3 Cyclic Ion Blasters per model. Wanna know how many come in the box?

>> No.71133939

Don't net list and you'll be fine.

>> No.71133958

Their best unique build goes hard on sonic weapons, though.

>> No.71133973

your argument for what a legion specializes in in-lore is a meta list?

>> No.71133983

Ferrus should have come out as the Primarch of LotD a long time ago!

>> No.71133985

>>or just get a box of 10 plastic cadians and save a fiver

thats the whole point not wanting to get the shitty Cadian plastics FOR FUCK'S SAKE

>> No.71133988

Or you use the 4th mega in the list because the curator put it back up.

>> No.71134007

Play what you like, dawg!

>> No.71134013

do scions have "storm troopers"+1 tactic, or you have to choose between the 2? big thank in advance!

>> No.71134016

Their primarch is Guy Fieri.

>> No.71134055

>Swarmlord gets a 3++ in cc.
I always liked that bit of crunch, it's even called Blade Parry. I know a lot of nidfags hate the Swarmlord for having a personality and being a jobber, but at the least I always liked the image of a giant monster with psychic powers that's also a brilliant commander and a skilled swordsman.
>Drazhar gets extra damage on 6's and +1 to wound and attacks twice on the charge. Belial gets a -1 to hit. I know those off the top of my head.
>There are bonus's for characters that are extra good in cc.
I think the idea here is that a duel between two high-tier fighters in 8th rules is gonna consist of them hammering each others' armor and forcefields, mainly. Most combat beatsticks have near-perfect accuracy. You can only do so much with the current ruleset, but it does feel like a Marine should have a harder time hitting Jain Zar or Lucius than hitting Chuck the Guardsman.

>> No.71134056

But what's the other reason?

>> No.71134065

Who knows, the whole expansion is badly written and doesn't work properly with the old stuff.

>> No.71134069

Storm troopers is one of their 7 doctrines. You pick it or one of the named regiments.

Never pick storm troopers.

>> No.71134071

>, and then
replace all instances of the <TEMPESTUS
REGIMENT> keyword on that unit’s
datasheet with the name of your chosen
Tempestus Regiment

>> No.71134081

Hey, you brought up stratagems. Their signature unit is a mainly shooting-oriented one. The rest of their abilities are mostly made to build asskicking duellists.

>> No.71134092

>who knows
It literally says replace the tempestus keyword with the new one.

>> No.71134101

how much longer will 40k be grim dark?

>> No.71134125

Yeah that's how it works, but who knows what GW actually intended, seeing as the doctrines aren't locked to their respective keyword.

>> No.71134129

If meta lists dictated lore, space marine legions would be primarily scouts.

>> No.71134130

>new regiment rules for tempestus tell you to choose one option
>old storm troopers is listed as one of those options
Stop being stupid.

>> No.71134135

Putting 3 of each weapon per battlesuit into a kit would be truly excessive given that battlesuits have 7 different weapon options.

>> No.71134141

its grim dumb right now, I'm wondering when it'll be grim dark again.

>> No.71134152

> seeing as the doctrines aren't locked to their respective keyword.

>> No.71134156

It always was and always will be.

We're in 41k now

>> No.71134164

I like Swarmy, I think he's cool. I use him in every list, pretty much. Hive Commander is so useful, especially with my Genestealers.

>> No.71134171

The other codexes say that you have to take the chapter tactic or whatever equiv of the respective chapter, but scions don't.

>> No.71134173

They never should have let suits take duplicates of weapon systems. Fire Knife was Battlesuit kino.

>> No.71134177 [DELETED] 

fucking go back you fucking niggers

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>> No.71134189

What an original post anon, great work!

>> No.71134191

The old twin-linked system worked fairly well, and even allowing 2 on a single suit as a paired system I think would work okay.

But the idea of a battlesuit being able to power a jet pack and 4 meltas is a bit much

>> No.71134208


>> No.71134216

You could argue that if GW hadn't mandated that you need the storm troopers doctrine in order to be a militarum detachment.

>> No.71134218

I...actually have no idea how your brain is processing this information.
Describe to me how you would give a scion squad one of the new regiments.
Show your work, because I have no idea how you think the way you do.

>> No.71134226

Got the GSC sc box. Should I build the hybrids as acolytes or metamorphs and with what shit?

>> No.71134230

My suits used to be one twin flamer team, one twin fusion blaster team, and one missile pod/plasma rifle team. All with Shield generators cause I'm cool like that.

>> No.71134235

You pick whatever regiment keyword you want them to be, then pick whatever doctrine you want them to have.

>> No.71134254

Acolytes with hand flamers, a rock saw and a banner. Don't bother with the second mining weapon as you'll make a second rock saw when you pump them up to 10 man

>> No.71134264

doesnt look very grim dark right now

>> No.71134272

Watch more Gundam

>> No.71134274

Yeah that's cause we're in 41k now. Warhammer 41k is bright and winning and chibi.

>> No.71134280

You would take the <55th Kappic Eagles> regiment keyword
Then apply the <43rd Iotan Dragons> regiment trait.
THATS what you're telling me here.

>> No.71134288

Yes, as they didn't restrict them to being taken by the proper regiment.

>> No.71134295

Absolutely not

>> No.71134296

Bit behind the meta there. There were more individual Intercessors at LVO than any other model, including Guardsmen and Cultists.

>> No.71134303

The fuck are you talking about, only ever hitting on 3+/4+/5+ is less granularity.

>> No.71134304

sounds good
>rock saw
thank god those things are kino

>> No.71134307

Swarmlord in every list. Especially after the point drop. If you don't you're a dumb nigger.

>> No.71134310

Are you actually factually retarded?

>> No.71134313

Sure, but the other guns have 3 or 4 of them per box as opposed to zero for CIBs.

>> No.71134317

>>You will get out of our store, you fascist white man! White men OUT of our hobby!

>> No.71134330


>> No.71134332

Well I mean, they don't fit every list broski. I just like the model, even if he gets his ass blown off the table sometimes.

PS - that album is so good, glad you posted it I haven't listened to it in ages I am putting it on now.

>> No.71134345

He's... not wrong.

>> No.71134348

Oldtypes and Newtypes

>> No.71134351

yeah god forbid gw use the same half sprue mold to print another 2c of plastic

>> No.71134354

It is slightly funnt that the giant melee beatstick's main use is shepherding Genestealers around. Fluffy, though. Shame they ruled it so he couldn't take Murderous Size, would've been fun to murder Knights and Centurions.

>> No.71134358

They're deadly pieces of kit. The drill and cutter are more gimmicky, you'll wanna read up on them before you commit to either. But the saw is a good reliable weapon to killing damn near anything.

>> No.71134360

He makes really good painting videos, but I don't understand the appeal of the faces he poses with.

>> No.71134365

He's...not right either
This is high level rules faggotry here.

>> No.71134370

Is he a big SJW then?

>> No.71134383

Yeah, an excess of options does mean that the best combinations eclipse the rest. There's literally thousands of possible Crisis loadouts (and that's on each model), but only a handful that'll ever actually be used unless you're a hardcore WYSIWYGfag.

>> No.71134389

Excessive? How so?
Do you believe it's an expensive process, or a long one? Because it's neither.

>> No.71134397


I was ready to call anon a double nigger as well, but he might have a point. Nothing says you gain the doctrine of the reginment you pick, you select a regiment, then select a doctrine.

GW strikes again.

>> No.71134419

Who is this soft looking man

>> No.71134420

For two weeks after PA came out, Swarmy and OOE took advantage of this. I used that one both of them, and absolutely wrecked Knights and any form of armour. We knew better but all found it hilarious.

>> No.71134428

Then hide him behind ruins on deployment. Or lower his swords so he only reaches the first floor of the ruins. Even if he can be shot off the table first turn you need to slingshot and fuck with gunlines first turn. If you don't then go play another army or make an entire shooyt nid army? Or some GSC fag shit.

And no it isn't that great of an album. Rap is fucking shit. Even during it's golden era. Kill yourself.

>> No.71134429

>its a "hehehehe they're didn't say I couldn't!" episode

>> No.71134447

Thing is the battle suit kit has 0 ion blasters. There's only one in the commander kit.

>> No.71134449

Excessive compared to the current precedent of GW models.

Devestators and havocs only come with 2 of each heavy weapon, when they can use up to 4. Carnifex's get one set of each gun despite being able to use 2, Terminators get 1 or 2 despite being able to use 1 each. Every basic troop only gets 1 special weapon despite typically being able to use 2 or more.

I'm not saying they shouldn't, I'm saying they won't.

>> No.71134451

Hi, my name is Scott the Miniac!

>> No.71134454

>Hey, you brought up stratagems.
The stratagems based off of their fucking lore, you utter idiot moron imbecile

>> No.71134458

With adjustments, to be sure. Hell, maybe even the same comparative system that wounding uses. So a WS5 model would hit a WS2 pleb on 2s and a WS10 gigachad on 6s. Then again, trying to add BS in the mix is super cumbersome, ans 8th ed was all about removing unnecessary bloat (from the core rules anyway, the expansion and book bloat is fatter than the average guardfag).

>> No.71134468

That's just carry over from when the kits were made, when only 1 could be taken per army and it could only go on a commander.

>> No.71134469

I do, you nigger. Act like he's immune to damage teh whole game, lmao. Ever heard of Sieze the Initiative, or T1 'pods?

Kill yourself faggot, posts album cover like a poser. KEKBOI

>> No.71134478

Anon, it's not nice to swear.

>> No.71134480

My point from the beginning was that the whole thing is a mess, not that I'd actually do it.

>> No.71134489

Are armigers a good addition to a Sisters army?
I'm torn on adding either Helverins or Warglaives
>But why anon?
Cause they're cool and I like them

>> No.71134491

>I-I was only pretending to be retarded
Really? You're going with that anon?

>> No.71134507

Every other book says the trait you gain is dependent on the keyword you chose. In this case GW decided to word it differently and so fucked it up, because they're GW and of course they did.

Anyone who trys to play it like that is a faggot, and it will get FAQed, but anon is write.

>> No.71134508

>And no it isn't that great of an album. Rap is fucking shit. Even during it's golden era. Kill yourself.
lol faggot that album is good, you probably listen to new age radio garbage

>> No.71134511

He's a faggot. He tries to act like some metal head but you can tell he doesn't even own a legal firearm. Probably washes his hands with soap.

>> No.71134512

You want to argue that GW has never made a mistake in their rules?

>> No.71134513

WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA so you can have stormtroopers doctrine and one from the book?

>> No.71134524

>prime mini
>drop it like two inches
>busts into 4 pieces
mother fucker shit fucking cunt piss shit cunt cunt cunt

>> No.71134526


>> No.71134536

Helverins are a lot better than warglaives in my experience. Their autocannons are pretty good

>> No.71134540

Compared to Ebay its not bad, plus the good thing about these metal minis is that all the features are soft enough for recasting with bluestuff.

>> No.71134541

I can't remember the last time I washed my hands.

>> No.71134544 [SPOILER] 

Yes, no, maybe, I don't know? Can you repeat the question

>> No.71134545

What? No. Keep up idiot.

>> No.71134557

It means you can take whatever kwyword you want (gaining access to whichever stratagems/etc are attached that keyword), then pick which regiment bonus you get.

>> No.71134571

Take a moment to pray to duncan for blessing you with sub-assemblies

>> No.71134575

Now I have to perfectly scrape off and reglue it exactly so that no grey is showing

>> No.71134584

Oh, do you know him personally or something or just making an assumption?

He's a good painter, and seems like a solid dude. I don't know what to say about the washing of hands comment, I would wager you don't even wash your hands to begin with.

>> No.71134588

Nice try Chris, but your book is just another piece of a garbage in the landfill that is BL. Fuck off.

>> No.71134590

Makes sense, they just seem like a much safer choice

>> No.71134617

Just bought a lot of AM from a friend recently, havent been in the hobby since 7th edition. Would anyone be kind enough to form a concise list with what I have? Looking for something scion centric. Thank you

all the infantry I'll ever need, 30-40 scions, tons of characters, 2 basilisks, a few hellhounds, like 8 or 9 lemun ruses, 9 heavy weapons teams, like 10 taurox and a few chimeras

>> No.71134646



>> No.71134656

I find his videos to be helpful and he seems to have a good personality. Not too many on Youtube I seem to watch anymore though.

>> No.71134660

>> No.71134664

then what is removing the militarum tempestus keyword or keeping it from gaining the doctrine. because according to that text it states that <TEMPESTUS REGIMENT> is added to the list of keywords.

>> No.71134669

I could use some help naming this guy. I either refer to him as Big Red or Clifford in games.

>> No.71134672

Just a note in relation to scion doctrines again

If GW says Scions swap out storm troopers for a tempestus regiment bonus, it means that no scion army could ever use the tempestus drop force, as it requires storm troopers to use

>> No.71134676

I did, no one gave a shit

So I'll post tits instead

>> No.71134678

>> No.71134689

Common decency mainly, but technically nothing.

>> No.71134692

You want a serious in universe name or a comedy name?

>> No.71134700


Necromunda is releasing a kit with 4 rocksaws and two chonks that can be abberants/abominants.

I already own 10 rock saws ;_;

>> No.71134704

Finished the rippers at last,

Next on the backlog is 24 termagaunts and 8 warriors which I want to try basing on clears.

Anyone tried clear basing in bulk? I play on gaming Mats anyway.

What’s everyone working on?

>> No.71134705

>Every greenstuff online looks amazing and professional
>My greenstuff always looks like a chaffed remains of a roadkill

>> No.71134706

It would be cool if they did something for EC like the Hedonite factions in AoS. Godseekers, Invaders, and Pretenders. Slaanesh is missing in AoS. Godseekers want to find Slaanesh and win its favor, Invaders just want to party hard, and Pretenders cluster around charismatic champions who style themselves as the new Slaanesh.

You could easily do something like that for EC. Just switch out Slaanesh there for Fulgrim. Children who want to find Fulgrim, Children who don't care where Fulgrim went and just party away, and Children who try to fill the vacancy Fulgrim left.

>> No.71134707

pls dont

>> No.71134708

It has added issues of what exactly counts as militarum tempestus detachment.

>> No.71134710


>> No.71134711

I dont know what that is

>> No.71134717

Potbelly terminator

>> No.71134718

What chapter?

>> No.71134731

Aren't the Celestial Lions 100% black?

>> No.71134733

Online greenstuff is a combination of recasts, silicon tools and years of practice

>> No.71134734

Most of the awesome greenstuff work you see online is either by professonal sculptors, like the one you replied to, or they're by dudes who have been in the hobby for twenty years+. Keep faith anon, practice makes perfect.

>> No.71134736

Poor boi needs Farsight novel pdf

>> No.71134743

What glue should i be using to bond greenstuff to plastic? I tried regular gw plastic glue and it took fucking hours to bond properly.

>> No.71134744

At the moment both keywords exist on the data sheet until it gets an errata. Which is why from my understanding you have both doctrines active.

>> No.71134748


>> No.71134749

Scions, using the new Scions rules currently get the benefit of the storm troopers doctrine in the IG codex, AND a scion regiment bonus from PA4

>> No.71134750


Assembling Intercessors.

>> No.71134753

I'm really not sure.

>> No.71134759

It's either a pot belly or a hunchback I guess.

>> No.71134775

But she's cute

>> No.71134781

It's a specialist detachment, it requires a detachment that has the storm troopers doctrine.

>> No.71134790

>soul versus soulless

>> No.71134799

>Bought 10 acolyte hybrids/metamorphs

You poor bastard

>> No.71134807

Post models.

They both look awesome to me.

>> No.71134814

9th edition this year bros

>> No.71134817

Doesn't have a name yet. I can't freehand for shit, so I need to figure out if I can make a decent chapter icon out of the ultramarine transfer sheet that comes in the box (thanks for nothing GW).

Once I figure that out I'll come up with a name.

>> No.71134821

During an exterminatus event, who will if any get clearance to evacuate the planet by teleporter or shuttle?

Obviously it depends upon the reason, for example preventing an Ork Horde from gaining a far too valuable resource for their war effort vs Chaos Cultist insurrection leading to a planteary warp rift.

Supposing the situation is dire such as with Chaos. Who if any is lucky enough to get a pass out?
Inquisitors? High ranking IG officers? Planetary nobles or the system governor?

>> No.71134829

Yeah, left has soul.



>> No.71134831

Why? Marines have something similar too

>> No.71134832

>he fell for the hazard stripe meme

>> No.71134836

Might not be that bad, acolytes and hybrids have good conversion material and in general having extra bits for model work is never a minus. A good example is abhuman forces for IG, like the goatheads.

>> No.71134843

Oh okay. Who is their founding chapter? Ultras?

>> No.71134849


>> No.71134858

If you don't think Incursors are the definition of soul, you don't know shit about Warhammer

>> No.71134862

They're racing stripes.

>> No.71134876

If a planet is bad enough to warrant exterminatus due to chaos, they're only likely to airlift out the inquisitors and other personnel (Likely grey knights) who responded to the issue in the first place. This is due to the planets population being likely to cause more chaos issues later.

For Orks, they're likely to airlift or destroy any tech they can't let the orks get their hands on.

For Tyranids, just as many lives as possible.

>> No.71134886

ATM we can have stormtroopers with the regular doctrine and +6 inches. Basically what I have always wanted. I will not miss out on this opportunity

>> No.71134892

I meant the outlay of paying for 10 of those kits.

>> No.71134895

>For Tyranids, just as many lives as possible.
unless there was also a problem with Genestealer cults

>> No.71134896

>Children who try to fill the vacancy Fulgrim left.
Basically Eidolon. Maybe Lucius if you squint. He doesn't seem super devoted in any case.

>> No.71134902

>he doesn't have hazard stripes on his minis
get the fuck out of my thread

>> No.71134908

Storm Troopers+Theotoid Eagles is also hilarious

Rolling all 6s gets you 4x the shots of a gun, so 8 shot plasma, 16 shot volley guns etc

>> No.71134919

That was my plan.

Originally the name I gave them was the Exalted Brotherhood of the Argent Blade, which was a joke name a 10th company lieutenant chose when the job was accidentally delegated to him. In reality the chapter is extremely down to earth.

>> No.71134921

That's true. Then it's along the lines of chaos, personnel who arrived to respond to the event.

>> No.71134935

Please anon-sama, I didn't want to put industrial warning markings on my Tyranids, don't make me go!

>> No.71134950

Eidolon doesn't have the balls to break with Fulgrim.

>> No.71134954

You could've put them on the bases


>> No.71134955

>hive fleet ate an Iron Warriros fortress world and now they have hazzard stripes.

That would be incredibly based.

>> No.71134966

>Not wanting the angry Wasp scheme for your bugs.

>> No.71134971


>> No.71134998

Are the new Chaos Space Marines the same size as the new Primaris or are they still manlets like the tac Marines?

Truscale berzerkers when?

>> No.71135030

Larger than manlets, smaller than primaris.

>> No.71135031

Can confirm, fourth Mega in the list is The Library and has the new stuff, only thing I've done is pull out the WD and put them in their own mega which is the fifth mega link

>> No.71135035


The council has spoken and I am slain.

Though I actually just ordered this roller to make textured bases for my newly acquired start collecting GSC, anybody got experience with texture rollers?

>> No.71135039

>Salamander Stratagem: Relentless Determination
>Use this strategem at the end of your movement phase. Select one Salamanders unit from your army that did not advance that phase. Until the start of your next movement phase, that unit is treated as having remained stationary during its movement phase for all rules purposes (such as firing heavy weapons).

Is there anything stopping the unit from falling back and shooting/charging with this? Almost certainly not RAI for 1 CP but it does specify "for all rules purposes" and you have to move to be able to fall back.

>> No.71135044


Can someone who is deep in the rules debunk this shit I dont want false hope.

>> No.71135045

Is the vanguard primaris starter kit worth it? I feel like I never see supressors, eliminators or infiltrators, just intercessors and scouts usually

>> No.71135066

Been holding off converting Berzerkers, because I know they will come out with a new kit after I do.

They're smaller than Primaris, but bigger than Tactical Marines.

>> No.71135070

Hmm, I find practicality and down-to-earth- thinking more of a Raven Guard thing, but the joke name wouldn't really fit with how they're portrayed. Still, good luck with /YourDudes/.

>> No.71135073

You declare falling back, as when you fall back you cant advance (unless you have a rule that says you can), its different from a standard move

>> No.71135089

>as revenge they take one of the Dreadnoughts and use it as a shell for the hive tyrant

>> No.71135097

Think so? GW literally advertises AoS models to use for converting your zerkers.

>> No.71135114

>Excuse me. That model is normally four inches high but the base you have it mounted on makes it five inches, allowing you to have line of sight of my models that you wouldn't otherwise have. I believe you have modelled for advantage.

How do you respond?

>> No.71135122

Finished assembling Leviathan Dread. Pretty fun for a resin kit. Only issue was the Storm cannon I got was riddled with holes, gaps and miscasts.

These look pretty neat. Tempted to get myself another aggressor kit to try something similar as a Assault Terminator proxy.

>> No.71135126

>when you fall back you cant advance
Whoops, we've been accidentally cheating. Thanks for posting this.

I just mean it'll be my luck, lol. I've been putting this off for a long time and that was my plan, using Blood Warrior bits on my new CSM models. I think it'll turn out nice, but good to see GW suggested the same thing.

>> No.71135127

>That's the issue and not my buffbot HQ on an 80mm base instead of the normal 50mm?

>> No.71135129

Jormangandr will never not be awesome

>> No.71135133

Welp, today is the day I quit playing 40k. I did very well in a tournament today but it made me realize just how much I hate playing. I'm just going to stick to listening to the audiobooks, collecting, and painting because I actually enjoy that shit.

>> No.71135139

But the stratagem doesn't specify a "move" action, it just says the unit counts as remained stationary in the movement phase. That should still cover falling back?

>> No.71135154

>hive fleet catches autism, goes rogue, and builds a neet fortress

>> No.71135157

>Oh don't worry i've been second-guessing your measurements and doing my own measurements from the center of the base this whole game.

>> No.71135186

Don't fucking touch my models or I'll shove your fist up my ass

>> No.71135187

Ask the weirdo why he is butting into my game and why he is touching my models to stick an inch tall brick under them.

>> No.71135188

It’s both until an errata.

>> No.71135204

oh boi
yo can you retards double check your work?

>> No.71135205

Anyone got names for this guy?

>> No.71135206

Alright here's your models back bro

>> No.71135209

lick his face to establish dominance

>> No.71135216

You treat the unit as if it had remained stationary, so if you used it after falling back you would count as being in combat and couldn't shoot anyway. Also your opponent could still attack you.

>> No.71135235


>> No.71135238

they will almost always leave a bit of overhang on the far side of where you are rolling from, also, keep it wet, or the greenstuff will stick to it like an absolute motherfucker.

>> No.71135242


>> No.71135278

beep beep!

>> No.71135313

Maybe play in a non shitty environment and you'll enjoy the game

>> No.71135317

>Game today
>Charge my opponents troops and surround them to lock them into combat.
>Goes to my opponents turn.
>"I'm just going to move your units so my guy can get out."
>"You can't do that."
>"Well then, I don't want to play anymore if you are going to be like that."

>> No.71135319

I really really like this, coconut, and hydra schemes.

>> No.71135338


>> No.71135340

going to start a chaos soup army, dubs decides the color scheme of the chaos marines. Traitor guard will be the New Terran Rangers, of course.

>> No.71135351

I like the idea, but not sure about the execution

>> No.71135359

I wouldn't want to play against a cheating waacfag like you either Anon

>> No.71135361

>it's another episode of an exocrine shooting down 5 custodes biker in one shooting phase
Every time I play I can more understand why people play iron hands.

>> No.71135366

Acolytes are the bread n butter of the army. Make the neophtyes acolytes too.

>> No.71135369

I have, and I still don't enjoy it. I just hate standing there for around an 1-2hrs to roll dice, look up rolls, move minis, and have the outcome be all random at times.
I just want to chill, paint cool minis, and listen to audiobooks as I commute to work.

>> No.71135384

what part of what anon is considered cheating?

>> No.71135388

Dark Green/Brown and rusty grey-metallic

>> No.71135391

Because you suck at the game?

>> No.71135398

How is that cheating?
By using the games mechanics?

>> No.71135414

Sounds like you just need to find some friends with to crack open a bear with and shoot the shit while playing 40k. 40k is great when it's just casual games.

>> No.71135420

Nice, our armies will be matching anon <3
Maybe we can start a subfaction

>> No.71135421

>155 point unit gets 11 3 damage wounds in a turn
Ah, sorry for my mistake.

>> No.71135422

Surrounding armies to destroy them is a tactic that is more than three thousand years old. Nobody's called it cheating until today.

>> No.71135426

Question how I (a non-faggot) ended up in some WAACfag hellscape where anyone could even conceive of asking something so gay

>> No.71135430

Anyone have those pics of that guy who accidentally injures himself throughout the hobbying process until he eventually passes out in a pool of blood? I think i saw it on dakka dakka.
This reminded me of it for some reason.

>> No.71135433

That's animal abuse.

>> No.71135436

>losing to monster nids
Thats actually impressive.

>> No.71135443

Haven't finished baseing all of my Sisters but here are some that are finished painting wise.

>> No.71135454

I'm running a thunderbolt air detachment every game and no one can stop me, I don't care how shit it is

>> No.71135465

>3 damage
Is that what the tyranid player told you?

>> No.71135473

I don't play against third party models/rules so I can stop you that way

>> No.71135475

Oh fuck, that works! I actually have all the paints I need then, good shot anon <3

>> No.71135488

I've maybe 35 guardsmen/scions and a Russ/Sentinel
Should I buy more infantry or vehicles?

>> No.71135493

Exocrines shit on everything in Custodes, and unless I can manage to sneak a squad up the field without being visible for a turn, I just get yeet'd. Not sure what to do against them other than just spam grav tanks.

>> No.71135505

2 dmg plus a strat for 3

>> No.71135512

Yeah. Said they buff damage by 1, forget what with.

>> No.71135531


>> No.71135532

He might be talking about how we can use pathogenic slime any time we want in the shooting phase.

>> No.71135534

>Royal purple and gold
>Camo patterning

>> No.71135540



>> No.71135561

Damage 3 plasma hose... yeah that'll do it lol

>> No.71135569

Just utilize the LoS blocking terrain on the board
You DO play with LoS blocking terrain right?

>> No.71135572

Biggest things often come in small packages.

>> No.71135588

Why is the eldest fleet a little girl?

>> No.71135592


>> No.71135609

She's over a 1000 years old, show some respect.

>> No.71135610

There were like 2 that would block view on a jetbike, 1 in each deployment.

>> No.71135613

Everyone talks about how great the thousand sons sup com is, but what else goes in lists with them?

>> No.71135621

Is the 1000 year old totally legal to bang little girl the worst japanesism?

>> No.71135624

Sounds like an empty board then.

>> No.71135630

back when I made up my color scheme and some background fluff I made up something about some weird gas in the athmosphere that gave everything a purple hue, so that this would actually make sense on the planet my guard are stationed at. In reality I just kinda liked how it looks and ran with it since then.

>> No.71135633 [SPOILER] 

>thousand sons sup com is

>> No.71135638


>> No.71135641

>sup com

>> No.71135643

>what is tiamet

>> No.71135658

Y'know what, fair enough.

>> No.71135670

It's certainly peak degeneracy

>> No.71135675

My bad there were 3. Most could block infantry.

>> No.71135684

Post cursed characters.
Hard mode: characters that actually have a cursed mechanic baked into their rules.

>> No.71135685

Why do all these converted terminators look so much better than most GW models, just in shape?

I'm starting to think terminators inherently look like ass without the tabbards and capes and shit. Like, pic related is fine.

>> No.71135689

Mantis shrimp is also great

>> No.71135700

Wait, all those Eldar models weren't available? That's fucking stupid, that shit released months ago.

>> No.71135707

>Hive Fleet Tiamet is a Tyranid Hive Fleet signs of which were encountered in M35 and is theorized to be a Tyranid implant-probe sent into the Galaxy ahead of the larger Hive Fleets. It is also unique, in that it has claimed the worlds of the Tiamet System without entirely stripping them of biomass and continues to guard its conquered territory with single-minded ferocity
>Produces and nurturers GSCs to send out into other systems
>Has actual striving populations of non-Nid, but still brainwashed, humans
Huh, neato. Sounds like there's no downside being part of Tiamet's hivemind.

>> No.71135720

>board only supports infantry heavy lists
So you play on a board the takes a hot steaming shit on anything not infantry? Then you play not infantry?

>> No.71135723

they were only available in that box set.

>> No.71135727

This one freaks me out. Something about the colors disgusts me and just makes me shudder while hair stands up.

>> No.71135730

Yeah, it was an ebay resellers wet dream.

>> No.71135738

Until the other ball drops and we find put what horrendous bullshit they're planning.

>> No.71135749

She doesn't have rules but I think her life may be more shit than even Yriel's.

>> No.71135750

Yeah, but who cares. You and your children's children would already be dead from old age by that point. Let the zoomies deal with it.

>> No.71135751

We're still waiting on Ziaphoria's tower to do it's thing... whatever that thing is.

>> No.71135752

new player here what should I aim for to build/paint before I start looking for games? I've got about 500 pts now aiming for 1000 in a couple months (not all painted in that time though)

>> No.71135755

I guess but nids weren't playing hordes. Like 30 termagaunts.

>> No.71135759

I have a relic that basically represents /mududes/ curse moving to a new person. Otherwise, pic related

>> No.71135760

Supreme Command.
Ahriman and 2 TSons Daemon Princes.

>> No.71135765

It's 4chan. Why do you expect these people to have taste. Download the free pdfs and enjoy the leaks.

>> No.71135777

I dunno, I forget the abundance of autists here sometimes. I do like his 40k Youtube channel though, it's good shit.

>> No.71135782

Depends on the club, 500 points is enough to start hunting for games so you can learn. My FLGS tends towards 1000 point games, but the weekly club I go to sometimes favours 2000 points.

You should check with where you plan on playing.

>> No.71135783

>Sounds like there's no downside being part of Tiamet's hivemind.
Except, you know, the brainwashing and genetic degradation?

>> No.71135805

What is the best Tank Ace ability to give to a Tank Commander?

>> No.71135813

Check vk

>> No.71135827

Start walking back threads. Its been posted in the past few days.

>> No.71135829

It's not like you, or I, use that free will for anything useful nor positively gaining.

>> No.71135831

+1 order

>> No.71135832

Strongly depends on regiment and loadout.

>> No.71135835

How popular is 40K in Japan, anyway?

>> No.71135849

More popular than you'd think, mostly IG armies from what I've seen.

Good communities, WAAC mentality doesn't exist from the several clubs I went to, and people I camed with.

>> No.71135855

Speak for yourself, I find my life quite satisfying, and switching to a bug-centric life doesn't sound appealing.

>> No.71135856

alright thanks man. 1000 is a hell of a lot of guardsmen and tanks to do, let alone 2k

>> No.71135870

What >>71135849 said, although I'd add that there's a RIDICULOUS focus on the hobby aspect, like train-autist level. Also Death Guard are almost as popular as Guard these days.

>> No.71135871

enjoy your nurgle's blessing when it arrives on the figures from china

>> No.71135872

It's decently popular, but still very new. Keep in mind that Japan is more compact with people, so it's easier to find people playing (as with any board, card, or even local play game) making it feel like it's bigger than it actually is. SMs and DG are popular after all the campaigns promoting them, but it's mostly IG otherwise because big military otaku presence.

>> No.71135873

>More popular than you'd think, mostly IG armies from what I've seen.
Which raises the inevitable question; how popular are T'au over there?

>> No.71135891

Aw come on anon, you wouldn't even notice any discomfort in switching to bug life. Trust me: it's the bees knees. Don't let this chance fly away from you.

>> No.71135893

The +1 Orders so you can maximize the effectiveness of other Lemans on the battlefireld
Also, Steadfast Leviathan for any baneblade-class tanks is good so you dont have to waste points on HQ tax so it can have a regimental doctrine.

>> No.71135899

Can someone start a new thread? I came up with another juicy shitpost and I don't want to waste it on a thread that will be abandoned in 10 posts

>> No.71135902


I hate crybabies.

>> No.71135912

Get fucked cultist, bug's don't have painting or Jiu Jitsu.

>> No.71135920

>thinking humans have freewill in the first place.

>> No.71135926

Japan in general is super into model-making, same with other asian countries like Singapore and Malaysia. It's honestly embarrassing how good their (asia in general) competitive modeling stuff is compared to other countries (like US, Canada, and EU counties).

>> No.71135928

>page 6

>> No.71135932

Makes me wish I could move there instead of this waac infested US hellhole

>> No.71135934

Just wait

>> No.71135935

so what's the bottom line on sisters of battle? tier A? tier b?

i've only seen one person playing them at a tourney. considering how much noise the community was making about their release i figured there would be more.

also at last game shop flea market some guy was trying to sell 100 sisters for $400 usd. i was like NOPE (old metal).

pic unrelated. test battle of my Grey Knights vs Eldar. (opponent measuring for some eldar spell casting and checking to see if i can counter it.

>> No.71135940

>other lemans
But the only lemans that get used are tank commanders and they all get to command themselves.
+1 tank order is vaguely useless unless you're choosing to have a leman that hits on 4's.

>> No.71135941

Depends on loadout. If you're taking a Vostroyan with the Hammer of Sunderance, you'll probably want -1D since it's likely to draw a lot of fire. If you're packing a Punisher Gatling Cannon, the -1AP adds a ton of value.

>> No.71135944

Hey atleast I can get fucked.
fucking smooth skins

>> No.71135954

>I was like NOPE (old metal)
You probably could have flipped those for profit you moron.

>> No.71135956

Ah, the mythical CAACfag.

>> No.71135964

They are better than before, mostly upgraded in their resilience and better at their niches, but they are still an ok army that relies on niche strategies. Like a B+ or A- I'd say.

>> No.71135966

>WAACfag only uses plasma tank commanders
typical. It's much more economic and lore-friendly to field fuck tonnes of lemans. I run one tank commander and four lemans in a 2000 list.

>> No.71135977

So you choose to be a CAACfag

>> No.71135982

>You probably could have flipped those for profit you moron.
not in the shape they were in. no vehicles either or characters. just rank and file bolter bitches and a few assorted heavy weapons.

kinda figured. i was wondering if they were going to have some massive fuckery in their new rules.

>> No.71135995

>Not pouring 20 pounds of pewter infantry onto the table
Do you even guardfag

>> No.71136001

So is it even possible to make a Dark Mechanicum army?

>> No.71136006

I've had really good results with my Sisters so far. Valorous Heart stuff is almost impossible to shift when built right, and Bloody Rose is among the toughest in the game.

Not presently.

>> No.71136008

You play EVIL admech with ALPHA LEGION primaris marines and HERETIC imperial guard.

>> No.71136018

yes, it is the only way to play. Have fun throwing out hundreds of dollars of models because "tHeYrE nOt CoMpEtItIvE aNyMoRe" or "tHeYrE iNeFfIcIeNt", you hobby killing DOUBLE nigger

>> No.71136022

Not yet, but GW is putting out new books with 40k rules for Forge World stuff sometime soon, and I'm kinda hoping that they include Darkmech rules in that with the 30k stuff

>> No.71136051

I'll make a new one soon so I can make sure that idiot's garbage mega doesn't make it into the OP again.

>> No.71136085

You take cultists as troops with as many disco lords, warpsmiths, and damon engines as you can.

>> No.71136110

I have to trade my sidearm for a rod that lets me make an additional order. And it cost 5 points to do so. I also don’t have a natural invulnerable save.

>> No.71136143

What color should I paint GK nemesis weapons

>> No.71136145

you're lizard brain is working then since bright colours are natures hazard stripes.

>> No.71136149

Is tank commander with demolisher cannon now more viable due to custom regiment traits and max shots stratagem?
(As well as d6 shots now)

>> No.71136163

Yeah but that's still only 40 points and they only exist to issue oders.

>> No.71136185

That’s also a part of the curse.

>> No.71136187

Blue with lightning

>> No.71136191

I'd say Blightlord Termies but plasma isn't optimal for them so

>> No.71136197

Excuse me?

>> No.71136199

My lizard brain seems to be pretty dominant right now too.

>> No.71136210

I'm having a hard time picking an army faction to start with.

Which army do you play? Why do you play them? Would you reccommend them to a newcomer?

>> No.71136216

[laughs in sisters of battle]
four meltas, four flamers, and four storm bolters per box sure is nice

>> No.71136229

Just pick the one with the lore you love the most fag

>> No.71136254

I had hard time too, but ended up going with Orks. Them and IG were always the factions I had most interest in.

>> No.71136256

I assume he means they're a costly loss if they blow themselves up?

>> No.71136262

This but definitely do your research so you can learn how to play them effectively or if you want to switch. But when in doubt just go with something from the Imperium

>> No.71136263

Go to rule34, search for warhammer 40k, and choose which ever gives you the hardest boner.

>> No.71136265

I started IG a week ago
The infantry is fun to paint, and and I get to imagine they're all people with families and friends that are getting annihilated in the most painful, horrible ways

I actually haven't played them yet, so I cant help you there, but I've heard they're not very beginner friendly. That said, you can get a shit ton of models and conversions on eBay for cheap, and you have virtually all the freedom in the world for how they look, so from a casual perspective, it's a win-win

>> No.71136281

I'll answer this for each of my armies

>Space Marines(Crimson Fists)
I chose Crimson Fists because of their cool lore and because my brother had an Ork force. I don't play them much right now because playing Marines is pretty boring presently, but I would recommend Marines to a newbie as they're easy to play and easy to paint.

>Genestealer Cults
I love the lore and models of GSC. I wouldn't recommend them to a newbie because they're a huge startup investment in cash and are hard to play with

>Battle Sisters
I like Battle Sisters' models and jumped on them soon as the plastic came out. They're very pleasant to paint and fun to play, and I'd recommend them to start off, but only if you aren't horny.

>> No.71136286

I recommend you get started in a game that costs less and isn't dogshit

>> No.71136300


I love the look of their vehicles and infantry.

>> No.71136310

>Which army do you play? Why do you play them? Would you recommend them to a newcomer?
I have two armies. The first is Dark Eldar, who I've been playing on and off since their revamp in 5e. I chose them primarily because of the enormous freedom of fluff they have, allowing me to write detailed backstories for them, and my "kabal" ended up being basically an evil soul-insurance company, and it's totally lore friendly. Would I recommend them to a new player? Not really. Their models do look fantastic, but they're often tricky to work with, and gameplay wise they're pretty niche. Can be powerful, but rather unforgiving since their durability is basically nonexistent.

My other army is /mydudes/ space marines, an Ultima Founding chapter that I started with 8e. I chose them because I'd always tossed around the idea of starting an imperial army, and the new primaris models looked great. I'd be more likely to recommend them to a new player, since their models and rules are far more forgiving.

>> No.71136325

Go home space commie

>> No.71136330

And yet you mostly play battlesuits. Shame on you.

>> No.71136331


>> No.71136338

> costs less
Tabeltop Simulator

>> No.71136343

Unironically this.

>> No.71136351

>Which army do you play?
Dark Eldar
>Why do you play them?
My dick is enormous.
>Would you reccommend them to a newcomer?

>> No.71136353

I blow myself up very often even with rerolls (the only way to 100% negate this is with casting Prescience), and if one blows up, that's 50 fucking points already gone. Super costly.

>> No.71136360

>>tabletop simulator
fuck off

>> No.71136364

Loved the way they looked, especially the vehicles. And the lores pretty cool too.
>Thousand Sons
See above, plus psykers. Love me some psykers. Also the only other CSM Legion with a primarch model atm.

>> No.71136366

Uh no

>> No.71136387


The Crimson Djinn!

>> No.71136393

> skyrays

I see you're a man of culture as well Shas'Obama.

>> No.71136395

Sure, but if you fail your charge then the entire unit is basically wasted. At least with plasma and 18" rapidfire you can accomplish something. You also have a strat to revive them if you really need to.

>> No.71136401

>Which army do you play?
Thousand Sons
>Why do you play them?
Spehce wizords, they also look cool
>Would you reccommend them to a newcomer?

>> No.71136407

>I like robots and suffering, pic related
>If you like easy painting, hate GW, and thrive in hard mode difficulties necrons might be for you

>> No.71136410

>that lone railhead

Greater Good must have been like second christmas for you anon.

>> No.71136416


>> No.71136438

As a newcomer, just pick whichever army you like the aesthetics and lore of most. Then start small just in case you end up not enjoying the hobby or faction you picked.

>> No.71136442

Duplicity with rubrics for board control I guess.

Also birds and cultists. You want lots of birds.

>> No.71136449

Why the fuck are the officio Assassinorum minis so expensive

>> No.71136470

We pay command points to kill our characters and turn them into chaos spawn.

>> No.71136471

because you buy them straight from GW, dumbass

>> No.71136494

You can usually get the older metal ones off ebay for a third of the price.

>> No.71136541

I get mine for 11.50 plus about 6$ shipping.

>> No.71136550

Because people will generally only buy one or two of each, so GW needs to make more money on each purchase to cover costs.

>> No.71136559

Ah, truly a thing of beauty. I myself only have 3 hammerheads and 1 sky ray... though I do have 6 devilfish for my infantry to fly around in

>> No.71136565

Mech(a) spam and lots of fun conversiond

>> No.71136578

Doesnt sound very dusty to me

>> No.71136581

Devilfish are such good transports. Not many vehicles have the equivalent firepower of the squad they carry.

>> No.71136587

Orks. All other races are reddit-tier races.

>> No.71136603

That's true. Last game I failed my charge (again). Would have probably done a bit more if I had plasma instead of combibolters.
Big reason why I don't take the termies any more. Would have much more mileage taking 2 Bloat Drones instead with the points.

>> No.71136615

god hes got a punchable face
he looks like the kid in middle school that got beat up all the time because he constantly reminded the teacher of the homework

>> No.71136627

HQs are retardedly priced, thats why I buy recasts of them. Regular vehicle plastics I'm fine with though, I don't want to work with that much resin.

>> No.71136635

>not the most reddit army after imperiumfags

>> No.71136638

Grey knights because I'm a paladin fag that wants to PURGE

>> No.71136643

Okay and what about the part about it being dogshit

>> No.71136652

I looked up lore, looked at models, and fell in love. I love edgy shit so Dark Eldar was for me

>> No.71136657


*emotionless hissing and clicking*

>> No.71136659

id have given him the original helmet myself
it just doesnt feel right without it

>> No.71136662

They're onky retarded if you assume GW transmutes plastic into models woth weeaboo majick. The models still need to be designed and molds maid, but they'll sell far fewer units compared to a squad.

GW prices are fucked in general though.

>> No.71136667

yeah especially since I bought that one used and the railgun is glued to the turret.

>> No.71136680


>> No.71136725

the mantis shrimp scheme looks really cool but only if you are a great painter, it looks like shit if you dont know what youre doing

>> No.71136730

Pooping out a couple late game drones is very handy for objective grabbing as well

>> No.71136731

He's my biggest sin, but also my newest model.

They actually are underrated, they have good firepower. good survivability and their huge foot print makes them great at screening your forces. Also with drones they get affected by the cadre fireblades volley fire, and the drones being able to pop out and either take an objective, or if the transport is destroyed, pop out and provide a small screen and ablative wounds is nice too. And the best part. 2 seeker missiles.

>> No.71136738


>> No.71136746

Give it to me straight. Can nidzilla be a good list? Northing smaller than a warrior

>> No.71136756

>warrior has a massive throbbing cock
wew, GW really knew their audience in the old days, didnt they

>> No.71136763

nah you just need to be a richfag with an airbrush it looks like.

>> No.71136764

It will be fun but don't count on winning

>> No.71136768

Good? Sure. The carnifex is a powerhouse while warriors can withstand some damage now with the -1 damage strat. All of this is compounded by the army-wide regeneration trait.

It's not our best army, but it is at least viable. Bring plenty of carni's and zoans

>> No.71136769

They are retarded considering all that.
Considering you could get 3 Rhinos for £9 in today’s money is around £23
Even if you remove two from the kit due to muh details and dynamic models.
The product is still past the £23 mark

>> No.71136785



>> No.71136801

shittily airbrushed miniatures still look like shit, even moreso than shittily painted normal minis

>> No.71136811

What kitouts for the 'fexes? Thanks

>> No.71136825

warriors got SOME new toys in BoB, so you could make something work with a couple big blobs of them using the new stratagem
aside from that, exocrines, hive tyrants, and carnifexes will be your powerhouses, every other monster is a trap and should be avoided

>> No.71136826

Was quite a trend in the 90s

>> No.71136862

Looking like a comfy mid-tier 2, below tier 0 IH and tier 1 RG/IF (possibly also optimized Tau/CWE/Orks)

>> No.71136892

Abso fucking lutely. Demolisher cannon was already climbing in popularity (d6 shots at S10 and Dd6 is pretty nuts, only held back by the short range). Add in either the extra range or the max shots (ideally on a Vostroyan TC) and you got some big dick tank shenanigans. That's 12 Demolisher shots hitting on 2s with the right combo.

>> No.71136993


Best personality, lots of flexibility and opportunity for creative modeling. They're a pretty good army for newcomers, not high demand from the modeling perspective, just be relaxed when it comes to your games and you'll have a good time.

They were my first army, way back, that I regretfully sold. Got back into them later. They're probably my favorite faction for grimdark flavor, really good model line. I don't know if I would recommend them for beginners, modeling wise they're simple enough but they've never been an easy army to play.

>Genestealer Cults
70% of my Tyranid army is Genestealers, they're my favorite bioform, so this was a no brainer. I'd never recommend them to beginners though, they demand a lot from a modeling and gaming perspective both.

>Adeptus Mechanicus
Aside from Vostroyan Guard, which was unfortunately a train I missed, this is probably the only Imperial faction you'd catch me playing. Love the models, love the faction fluff, nice to play a decently shooting-focused army for once. I'd say medium level of recommendation for a beginner, chiefly from the complexity of the models themselves.

>> No.71137061

I, like many thought it would be popular but I barely saw 3 T'au armies. DG and Guard mostly. A good amount of Marines, and some SoB. It was mostly hobby focused which was refreshing, and people were laid back and really enjoyed the game aspect, not WAACfags or even really competitive. They wanted everyone to have a good time, which is how it should be and how I play it back home.

>> No.71137075

They're selling Yarrik for 25 quid but recently I got him in metal plus my favourite metal commissar for 9 quid. What a bunch of fucking jews.

>> No.71137082

It's gonna be Sanguinius

>> No.71137092

>"Well then, I don't want to play anymore if you are going to be like that."
I agree, I don't want to play against someone who doesn't play by the rules.

>> No.71137125

>Page 7 nigger.

>> No.71137193

Pretty sure C or W AACfags both try to play by the rules. That's just a guy being a fag in general

>> No.71137441

Not playing by the rules if they can get away with it is a pretty defining trait of both.

>> No.71137959

Rules bending is for waacfags, caacfags are just your 'unga bunga beer and pretzels' dudes

>> No.71138671


>> No.71138682

>space bugs and tiny army men
>I like big bugs and I like big tanks
>absolutely, yes

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