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We talk about monster girls and build a setting for them. We can all post pics and images and art of Monster Girl Encyclopedia monster girls and talk about them, but bear in mind this is not KCs MGE canon to the letter. Seriously lads, a lot of people have their ideas and they aren't all the same, we can all agree to disagree. (Just remember to have fun!)

Warhammer Fantasy roleplay homebrew link:
>Comments are enabled for a reason. Feel free to help out.

Dungeon World Monster Classes.

Genesys Monstergirl races:

Monster Girl Adventures:

Ideas from previous threads:

Wikis for popular monster girl settings:

Monster Musume (Everyday Life with Monster Girls):

Monster Girl Encyclopedia:

Monster Girl Quest:

Mermaids After The End:

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Would you wear a living armor if it used to be a hazmat suit?

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Story Idea:
> WWII has just ended
> our protagonist anon is an occupying america soldier
> cute Jap girl falls in love with him and vise versa
> Girl takes him to see her father
> father is angered and tries kill anon, but girl defends him, getting killed in the process
> depressed and slightly traumatized anon is called back to america
> DOTR happens and anon is sent back to Japan to keep things stable
> encounters Jap girl again, but she is now an Ochimusha

Idk where to go after that though.

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>Wearing armor is unsafe
There is only one solution to this problem

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Now, I get why the men have the 2xl mag pouches covering their crotches by why do the women when they could just as easily get away with a jelly bean pouch or a single mag size small pouch?

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Sometimes this setting does wonders about its own balance.
Say that one human PC has a really gay build. He can’t be hurt due to so many tecnicisms. One battle whit said build and poof! He alphs turns out it was a really gay way of fighting.

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The Lore of the Big and Little Waaagh need four more arcane marks. I've started expanding the Divine Lore of Handrich, Tor and Dazh but I still need to come up with two new spells for Handrich and one new spell for Tor. I'm currently writing a sample adventure. Use control F to search for [Placeholder] if you have ideas on what to fill into those blanks.

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>Wrote a character profile for the last member of the party that slayed the Demon Lord of the previous age.
Agrit Merrybelly is the only dwarf in the party that killed the previous demon lord and also the only member of that party who remained on speaking terms with the Royal couple after their ascension. He is a musician and chronicler by trade but as the groups adventures continued, he gained experience as a ranger and was fully capable of pulling his weight in battle with his crossbow. Even so, he was at his most useful outside of combat, where he helped the party navigate a variety of social situations thanks to his silver tongue. Agrit Merrybelly joined the group after they had made a somewhat decent name for themselves wishing to record their adventures. He never expected the final twist that one of their number was a Succubus who had come to love her companions and it was quite auspicious to be able to record the story that led to the transition of the world into a new age, even if several of the members didn’t have their own stories resolved yet. He would later act as an ambassador between Dwarfs and the new monsters with his own retinue/harem, one of the first succubus Dwarfs, a Hobgoblin, a Goblin and a Gremlin. Agrit himself died old and happily in his sleep.

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Story time!

>He'd been traveling on foot for quite a while, before he found it.
>The Monolith.
>To call it a mystery would be an understatement; the damn thing just appeared one day.
>Well, that's what the official story was. The eggheads at the Order kept going on about how 'it'd always been there, and we're just noticing it now'. As if that made any more sense.
>And yet, seeing the twin spires looming above the horizon, he could honestly see what they meant.
>As he made his way to the rendezvous point, he sorely regretted his decisions that led him here. Should've just faced imprisonment like a man, instead of going on a suicide mission like this.
>"Explore the Monolith," they'd said, "And bring back what tech you can salvage. Do that, and we'll officially pardon you."
>Another voice rudely interrupted his self reflection. "P-pardon me, are you Cecil? The Order said that they'd be sending me an assistant sometime soon..." Great. A Succubus. He turned around, mouth loaded with his usual sarcastic vitriol...
>And was taken aback at just how plain his companion was. Baggy shirt, pants, hair cut so short you could honestly mistake her for a male; "I thought Succubi were supposed to be alluring."
>To her credit, she only looked somewhat irritated. "W-well, yes, but my dad was one of the more conservative types." A half-breed, then. He could work with this.
>Sighing, he spoke up. "Well, enough 'getting acquainted'. We have a ruin to explore, and we aren't going to get any work done if we keep talking."
>She paused for a moment before speaking up. "M-my name's M-Macha, by the way."
>"Who cares? It's not like we're going to be making it out of here together. I'm supposed to be your meat shield while you pick this place clean, got it?"

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Would a third forehead eye provide much of a visual advantage?

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I can't imagine that it would be very stable...

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>The Monolith
>twin spires
This really won't end well.

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>It took them a bit longer to reach the 'entrance'; really, just a blown-out hole in the wall.
>"So, Macha, any idea on what's in here?"
>"Y-yeah, Automata. Lots of them..."
>Cecil scoffed. Automata weren't too difficult; hit them hard enough, you could shut them down for a good while. Provided you could actually HIT them, that is.
>"Well, it's settled. We're going in."
>Macha looked surprised. "So soon? You only just got here, and on foot no less! You need to sleep!"
>"Why, so you can suck me off for dinner? I wasn't exactly born yesterday, miss. I know all about succubi and their 'diets'."
>"... It's not like that."
>"Well, what IS it like? You haven't exactly told me anything, and the Order sure as hell didn't fill me in."
>"... You aren't my first assistant. The Automata tore her apart, limb from limb. These aren't the kind you're used to dealing with."
>That gave him pause. Automata being violent wasn't unheard of; they'd use force, lethal if need be, to keep their owners safe; but for them to go straight for the kill...? Something was wrong, here.
>"Oh, hello. You must be her new assistant." A new voice, as androgynous (and irritating) as could be.
>"Klein, this isn't the time for-" "Nonsense! I just wanted to see the new corpse before he got butchered."
>The source of the voice became apparent; a Werecat(?), bright orange, eyes shut in a permanent squint. The most standoffish feature, Cecil noticed, was that he couldn't quite tell whether this 'Klein' was a man or a woman. Sure, flat-chested Werecats were a thing, but... just what the hell was their deal?
>"Look, Cecil, I'm going to give you a quick rundown of this place, best as I can."
>"First off, head down the facility whenever you find an elevator. It's the only way you'll make any progress, trust me; the damn thing doesn't end if you head up."
>"Two, collect any and all scrap you come across. The cleaning bots will generally part with anything they have for it."
>"Three. Don't. Trust. Shrines

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Probably not unless there's some sort of magic perception involved.

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>a Hobgoblin, a Goblin and a Gremlin
This part lost me. Did he had 3 wives? If so rather tame for a bard on good terms whit the couple at the top of MGE.

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He was also married to one of the first monsterized Dwarves so it's four wives. I just added a bunch of loli monstergirls. Maybe I could add a Redcap?

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>"No, really, don't. I don't know what the hell that thing is doing here, but it can't be anything good."
>Cecil pauses, letting this new information sink in.
>"Well, that's nice of you to inform me about all of this," He says, rubbing the back of his head, "But what exactly do you mean?"
>As he finished speaking, he noticed that Klein- whoever they were- had vanished. "Great, a Cheshire. As if this couldn't get any more aggravating."
>Macha sighed. "Yeah, Klein is just... like that, really. They don't like telling people anything less than what they need to know."
>"You don't know if they're a girl or guy?"
>"I'm just as confused as you are."
>That drew a laugh. "Look, let's get inside, set up camp, and get oriented. If what you're saying is true, I'm gonna need to be prepared for this shit-show."
>"Glad you could finally see reason. Come on, it's not too far ahead from here."

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Then how he died if he had all that DL mana running through him?
Personally I like to think that once a male reaches critical mass and turns, life becomes a buffet. Once you get enough you just tank for the meal and leave.

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Not much. With the way binocular and and higher vision works and the way our brains determine parallax the returns are minimal to none on the horizontal field and only a minor upgrade on vertical field and because the distance between each eye is low any object would have to be arms length or closer for a noticeable gain in vertical parallax determination.
The only real gain I could see would be a better grasp on geometry to a small degree due to certain issues with horizontally placed human eyes yielding different types of occlusion than vertically oriented eyes and now you have both so you might have a very slight gain(or drop depending on how the brain translates it) to motion tracking in "busy" environments.
The main issue is that, believe it or not, most of our depth perception and things like occlusion and all the other weird shit that make up our vision isn't in our eye or in our binocular vision capabilities but in how our brain translates and digests that information(the moon on horizon effect, motion blur, and any other visual oddity and illusion). Adding an extra eye to the mix doesn't cut these down much(though you might not be fooled by things like "these circles are actually the same size" optical illusions anymore if they're close) because the issue is in the brain not the orientation or number of eyes. This is why when you lose an eye, after an adjustment period, the average loss of depth perception sits at 20% despite a 50% loss of eye and thus visual information.
You could feasibly fix all of this with 1 octopus eye and a better visual neural network over our current setup.

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Yes? What is it?

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While the energy circulation through monsters and men makes their lifespan match the longest, it doesn't grant immortality. Even the longest-lived succumb to ennui.

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Oh nothing, meant that as a bump.

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Any especial mention to Ennui in the books or how it works? It seems like the things the autor desperately tries to erase.
And since we are talking about your bard whit 4 wifes and that dies of old age. How big was his daughter count?

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Correct me if im wrong. But is that a persona character?

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>How big was his daughter count?
At least a dozen and very likely several dozen.

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Attention /mgw/!

You can make simple images of your Monstergirl waifu with this art website:


Go ahead and try it out and post your results/creations.

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I had one idea for a modern-esque one, reusing some elements for other ideas. With a "Day Of The Rape" but alot less... rape and alot more clashing of culture/attempting to rape.

>Starts with the DL figuring out that there is another world in a different dimension
>She is the Chief God now, the world is hers and peace and love reign supreme at the very laws of nature themselves
>With great power she can gaze into existence itself and ponder, and in doing so found another existence
>What does she hear upon her existence emerging within this new cosmos
>The roar of fire, the flurry of cold wind, the smell of pungent sulfur, smoke ascending from metal cylinders
>Humans! Encapsulated in the metal cylinders, riding a fire into the sky at great speeds even the magics struggle to compete with
>Below a small crowd of humans looked onward, they were curious and awed, happy.
>There was a familiarity in their hearts, a solidarity, these humans in their metal cylinders were their fellow people
>What a curious display, she would love to see more of this world and all its wonder-
>Death. Explosion. The fire coming to consume the metal cylinder, she felt the icy nails slice into her heart as the humans inside, seven of them, were heard from nevermore

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>Her gaze returns back to the humans below. Shock. Confusion. Sadness and shame.
>They called the metal box the 'Challenger', its engineering was flawed, and they would investigate what had happened
>They mourned, they criticized each other, and then they looked up and said, "As they pass from us to glory, we will never forget them."
>So the Demon Lord went over the Earth, and found great strife and triumph, anger and togetherness, a world cold like her own was before she would change it.
>And so a little time passed, and at the end of the year one faction of nations began to train. To practice a fake war to prepare for a real one.
>To her dread, she saw the other faction mistake this "Able Archer '83" as they called it for a real attack, they prepared weapons
>Big weapons, she felt their potential, she saw great cities fall to great heat and force, she'd never felt something like it aside from the gods
>Thousands of them
>They were ready to fire them
>The other side would retaliate with the same, the world would be consumed in fire
>She panicked, she had never felt so mortal before
>A man, a soldier, looks at some sort of mirror, it gives him false data
>She must appear, she must act, with her own power, she feeds it through the dimension
>Requiring great amounts of energy to transform it to this dimensions laws, it seeps to the mans mirror and shuts down its thunder
>The man becomes alarmed at the sudden darkness of his powerless mirror, a conviction reaches him
>He stands up and runs to a device, the DL believe Gremlins called it a 'phone', he turns a crank desperately and speaks into the phone in his language
>The information is passed to a place many miles away, a group of men with much power convene over a map, they are paranoid
>They order an attack with their bright sun-like weapons

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>No. No they can't. Had the she caused this herself?
>She couldn't let this happen, she cannot, how many men would die?
>She fought a war to end this, she'd not see it happen ever again.
>So be it if she had to come to this world too, even if it mean't sacrificing great amounts of power
>Expend all the energy she had built up for countless millennia, she flooded this new dimension and ordered its physics to her command if only for a second
>Its all she could hope to do
>The firey metal darts careened into the sky
>The other faction, with their mirrors, seemed to have spotted these missiles, they panicked and fired their own
>But a moment, but an instant, the darts would land
>Nothing would happen
>Their arrow-heads never unleashed their power, for the Demon Lord had changed the very laws of physics themselves

>It was an interesting couple of hours as the US Armed Forces and BCCCP both gazed incredulously at their monitors, impact had occurred, yet everything was intact
>Could it even be possible that all warheads had failed to detonate? On both sides?
>Clearly something must have happened, because reports of nuclear power plants across each of the countries have announced they all have had a complete shut down and loss of reaction
>An utterly flabbergasted Colonel raises his arms as he gazes at the Master Monitor under Cheyenne Mountain. "What the fuck just happened?"

>The Demon Lord had done it, utilized all her energy to bind their dimensions together, only to save them
>Her husband would lecture her on this, but the deed was done
>She knew they would try to follow up with other means of war, she'd need to figure out something
>She realized that this dimensions properties worked different than her own
>Magic, and the Energies, are much weaker in this world, and because of these physical elements restricted, Mamono would be weaker as well

>> No.71125811

>Perhaps slightly below the average strength of a man, thus her lifespan and vulnerability average there as well.
>But a Mamono's heart would remain lustful and virile with the conviction of love, in the end this is what mattered even if it meant her kin had to resort to more time-consuming efforts like 'dating' to show a man her love
>She'd introduce her kin to this land, to save it from itself, they might fight her, but she'd ensure that diplomatically this wouldn't happen
>After all, she took their 'Nuke' energy away, and though the magics are weaker, this humanity seems to not have discovered it at all
>A very attractive selling point to get them to keep peace

So yea, gist of it is:
Everyone was about to nuke each other to a glass pane circa 1983 when the DL utilized all her energy she built up shagging her husbando to rip open space-time and fuse their dimensions, and modify nuclear physics itself to magically not cause the specific instant of nuclear detonation. I've made it where our universe is 'harder' on life than in the MGE universe, hence as to how magic seems to not exist as it does in MGE, people dont seem to come back from the dead, no super-powered stuff, etc.

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This means that Mamono get the nerf pretty bigly, to where their abilities are just about around human level, give or take(Some species will naturally be stronger than others, but an Ogre is now the strength of like a professional weightlifter so strong but not inhumanly so. Canines can sniff things well but not amazingly well, Harpies or dragons cant really fly but maybe glide a little, etc.) Magic is amazingly uncool when its not in a huge reactor for it, and in order to corrupt a women basically requires a full on transfusion of her blood to Mamono blood and dousing her skin/ingesting copious amounts of female sexual secretions.

Will there be Hellhounds that get manhandled to quarantine cells after they've tried raping a FEMA worker or Policeman? Confused as to why everything feels like she's underwater but heavier and why she isn't as strong as before? Yep.
Will there be heroes and holy persons? Probably.
Are the Sabbath in this universe? Afraid so, but the FBI is onto them.
Is there rape? Yes, lots. But its not something so cut and dry and Mamono run a the risk of shit going wrong when this happens, the man overpowering her being one of them. They do have the benefit though of this world not being medieval peasantry throwing pitchforks at them though, so other means of breaking the ice(seduction, talking, drugs, more drugs, gunpoint) can work.

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File: 2.03 MB, 3970x3056, The Boys 065 (2012) (HD) (digital-Empire) 020.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Modern Aerial Combat with monstergirls. Just imagine.

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Or how about Mamono Mana literally just takes over as the metaphysical rules, logic and magic are now the norm of our world with the demon Lord and Monstergirls reigning supreme.

Wouldn't we regular ass humans and our regular ass world practically be the perfect and or ideal blank slates for the happy and Utopian and funzies metaphysics of the MGE world to be copypasted to?

Why wouldn't people like you think it's fun and funny?

>> No.71126982

Different anon here, but let me explain it to you as bluntly as possible.
Writing like this closes too many doors for possible developments. There's nowhere you can go with this kind of setting. All you're doing is writing MGE into the real world and somehow making it even less cohesive than the original.

>> No.71127082

Does this mean the monsters can be killed in hate crimes now?

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I prefer the opposite approach to this actually. The absolute abundance of DL mana alongside the years of exposure to it. (In a world where monster girls are able to give birth to males) would cause every single men to be a class c mutant from x men. The average Joe is extinct.

>> No.71127529

>Why wouldn't people like you think it's fun and funny?
Because not everyone thinks that an utter steamroll that results in what you specifically seem to be a utopia is interesting?

>> No.71127570

The initial problem stands. Now that everyone's special, then special is the new norm. Status quo remains, it just wears a different coat and shoes.

'If everyone's special, nobody is'

>> No.71127682

As opposed to a steamroll into a dystopia?

>> No.71127742

>implying utopia isn't dystopian by default

>> No.71127875


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The idea of Dystopia itself stems from an ideal world. Perfect by any measure. This idea is flawed.
Perfection is subjective. It differs from person to person, thus there's no discernible way to describe it in a way that everyone can agree on.

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The way I see it is that monsters are as powerful as ever, but they have no mana regeneration because there's not enough mana in the environment so they have to import mana cages from their home dimension in order to stay at full power. Their win condition is to have enough human/monster couples on Earth that it tips over into positive gain and they start passively corrupting the environment like they did back home.

>> No.71128669

Just butting in, but I've always thought that Utopia was flawed more because it would inevitably lead to stagnation. Without conflict of any kind, there's no need for growth, or innovation, because it's already been taken care of. To me, that just kind of goes against the whole idea of 'humanity fuck yeah!' because what makes humans as a whole special (may include corvids in the future, i dunno) is that we constantly push onwards, bettering ourselves as a whole. We're flawed, obviously, but perfection is fucking boring.

And you know what? It's okay to be flawed. That's the reason Adam isn't some Renaissance-man, or the pinnacle of morality. Humanity is based off of him, with all the kinks and shortcomings that come with it. Hell, the 'Perfected' that he's trying to create aren't going to solve ALL problems that humanity (and the mamono) face. For all intents and purposes, humanity (and the mamono) are the Lilim, bearing a fragment of Lilith's essence from the day they're born. Adam's essence is completely absent from humanity, in spite of his hand in their creation, and he has to change that in order to ensure a better future for all.

But I'm getting off topic. To go off of what Anon is saying, Utopia itself is utterly boring. There isn't any hope for the future, because a Utopia has become stagnant and unchanging. By that logic, a Dystopia is better because the future isn't set in stone, because there CAN be hope in the first place. Conflict, of any kind, breeds growth, and that's a good thing. And since a Utopia lacks conflict, it's inherently stagnant, unchanging.

>> No.71128696

You could also go the general direction myself and Fiendfag were going, and explain that humanity has that special 'something' that the Mamono as a whole lack.

>> No.71128710

So a man tortured daily but has the key to escape dangled in front of him daily is better off then a man that has everything he ever wanted in life?

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>> No.71128796

He has hope and conflict while the other guy doesn't.

>> No.71128975

That's implied in the basic premise of a monstergirl setting. The reason I don't like making them weaker than humans is that they're already dependent on humans.

>> No.71129044

Just make it so that while monstergirls generally have access to all sorts of weird bullshit, humanity is the only species that's been actively making progress on a technological standpoint. I'm keeping the Dwarves as the go-to techies, though they don't really make anything strictly 'new', just streamlining anything they can get their hands on. After all, the mundane species are more likely to find ways around that mundanity than to simply wallow in it.

>> No.71129974

The way I see it, a story needs there to be conflict, a goal for the major characters that is important but not easy to reach. If everything is perfect, there's nothing interesting to read about. The guy was born, grew up, fell in love, started a family. Was the guy abused or bullied when he was young, or did he have an experience that made him seriously question his prior beliefs? Nope, he had no reason to change because everything was perfect, and there are no jerks in this universe so he didn't have to overcome adversity. Was there some difficulties in earning the woman's attention? Nope, she fell in love instantly. Was there something keeping the two apart, like families who hate each other, or is there a belief or quirk that the other has strong feeling about and is preventing the relationship from progressing? No, they are perfect for each other, and everyone is fine with their love. Does his children have a rebellious phase, or maybe they are having problems that could help them overcome? No, they are happy and have a perfect relationship.

Living a perfect life may be good, but reading about one is boring as hell. A good story needs to make you ask at least one of two questions. Will that character get what they want? And more importantly, how will they try to get want they want? If everything is perfect, the answer to the former is an obvious yes, and the answer to the latter is as simple as pushing a button, which can be told in 10 pages max. It's fine to have the main character have some issues that can be solved easily, but I don't read the book for the tantalizing pages of a man going to the grocery store across the street and buying his favorite chocolate bar with absolutely no issues in doing so.

>> No.71130015

I've always thought it a bit different. Humans are TOO normal, too mundane. It's a fantasy, in my mind Mamano mana would be incompatible in this world.

>> No.71130149

blame the Technocracy

>> No.71130382

In the setting I was sorta having it where Harpies and other flyers cannot achieve power flight due to our physics. They can glide though... Que Harpies and wyverns insisting that they must be damn near close to naked to be able to carry out a glide landing.

Different strokes for different blokes. Personally I've never found the whole 'Demon Lord and her Monsters reigns supreme' to be all that appealing of an idea. Something is cut at the knees when this is done because it automatically concludes whatever possibilities of Mamono-Human interactions happen. In the setting I take *some* of their innate powers away because what's neat about MGs isn't their powers, its their adherence to loving [you].
I don't want to utterly dismiss everything the RL world has, this world is challenging for us, and is filled with struggle and excitement and hope and despair. Why shouldn't it be the same for Mamono?
And there's something special about the idea that Mamono will have equally deal with these problems, but they press on anyway, why? Because [you] are there, and it matters not whether she has her powers or otherwise. It means nothing to her if it means she can't love [you].

Snazzy to the core idea of Monster Girls, they aren't conclusion to everything, they 'make the struggle worth it'. For both sides.

Technically yes, but they'd probably not be too worried on that over dodging stray bullets from humans hating each other. They are still super-models and human males, often, tend to really empathize with that.

>> No.71130498

Don't forget me, Prometheusanon. Prometheans are supposed to be powered within their own 'energy' after Prometheus' 'gift' was to remove the limiter and essentially add a catalyst to a predetermined 'template' of the infinite power that unfettered humans have.

>> No.71130532

Personally I think the nerfs go too far if they end up taking away the only thing a species was good at.

>> No.71130698

I try to not think of their 'things that they are good at' as specific intervals that define them, a Lizardman's life does not solely revolving roaming the landing challenging warriors to duels, its just part of their rituals. It carries the implication of them having martial warrior cultures and have a great adherence to the concept of honorifics. In my little idea, things are not utterly taken away though. They have their traits, they're just not absurdly overpowered and come to flanderize and utterly define what and who they are.
Its always kinda been a weakness with MGE's profiles in my opinion, if you take away one thing about their character and it completely renders them a blank sheet, the character's traits are too specific.

>> No.71130769

It's not a cultural thing, their bodies are physically adapted for flight. Taking that away is like taking away a mermaid's ability to swim.

>> No.71130771

While that is similar to what I'm going for, in this case it has more to do with the fact that 'essence' is something entirely different from, say, spiritual energy. The major difference is that the presence (or absence) of a given being's essence can drastically alter ones very being; if you recall from the timeline I posted a few threads ago, Echidna fractured her own essence in order to create the various monster species; Hemera and Erebus did the same thing in order to create Heaven and Hell, respectively, and Eros was an entirely different being altogether before it split itself into Adam and Lilith.

Lilith's essence is responsible for the development of the soul. She's entirely capable of abusing that to near-munchkin levels of minmaxing, with the biggest use of it being the creation of the Mamono.

However, in spite of Adam being responsible for creating the bodies of the first humans, his essence wasn't involved in the slightest, creating a massive imbalance; it should be noted that the few entities that DO have his essence permeating their being are the sole reason that Reliquaries are a thing, as their remains hold an absolutely obscene level of power in one way or another that it lingers long after they've died.

And that creates its own problem, as without the 'balance' provided by the small portion of Lilith's essence, the body of the Perfected will quickly find itself deteriorating as it struggles to hold itself together in spite of the sheer amount of power running throughout itself.

>> No.71130798

So what? They'll still get killed and ostracized by humans which is all that matters.

>> No.71130860

To go with your second point, that's kinda why a lot of the regular posters are here in the first place. It really isn't that appealing when the only options for humanity, and by extension the mamono themselves, are extinction by way of bred out of existence. Mamono in canon only give birth to females, after all, and that's never going to end well.

Honestly, though, if cross-world travel is possible it wouldn't be that outlandish to consider that some humans would head outwards instead of staying here. We have an innate sense of wanderlust, and the prospect of exploring a new world entirely will never get old.

>> No.71131030

Most likely not. There will naturally be people who would hate them and want them killed, but the vast majority of the population would gradually accept them.

>> No.71131057

I did mention how flight-oriented Mamono can still pull off gliding, which is a pretty big advantage. Its not as if they are utterly powerless without their ability to fly. There is a plethora of things you can do with a flying-type Mamono mediating her want of flight in a land where its harder to do so.

What makes you say that?

Agreed, on both parts. There could be this sort of dimensional rift between the realms that occasionally RL sends people over for surveying, etc.

>> No.71131150

Think of the scale of such an event from a global perspective. The scientific impact would be tremendous.

>> No.71131345

Neat, so is the Perfected's tie in to needing Lilith's essence make them requiring a Mamono mate eventually?

In Prometheus the idea of the 'Promethean' is sort of a misnomer, as technically Prometheus didn't make them 'entirely' in his image. Some parts of it belong to him(Hence the fiery embers with interaction to Demonic Energy), some parts of it belong to Kratos(hence the size and strength), some parts of it belong to Phobos and Deimos(Holy Terror), among others. It can also be as to why Prometheans are essentially pulling a God-Emperor Leto goal and diversifying the concept of 'humanity' into many different avenues, like Mamono are.

In a sense I like to imagine that Lilith had foreseen this, and it was also as to why the Great Hero up and sided with her right away. Especially if we bridge the lore of Fiends, Perfected, and Prometheus, it would imply the Great Hero asked 'what of my race?' to which Lilith pulled out the godly form of a giant dossier from a cabinet and plopped it down, saying 'Humanity will assert its ambitions, they will never be conquered'. To which the Great Hero accepted, it would make for a better reason than, 'Damn she hot'.

>> No.71131879

Lots of people would hate them.

>> No.71132095

Yup. And it works both ways, too. Think of Adam as a more distinctly humble God-Emperor of Mankind, and instead of seeking to erase Chaos outright, he's looking to find a way to coexist with it. He's honestly quite happy that mamono and humans alike have found peace; it wouldn't be too far off to say he considers the mamono his nieces by extension.

And you have it the other way around; humans and mamono alike need ADAM's essence to prevent that imbalance, and the Perfected are only called that because they hold a true balance of both Adam and Lilith's essence.

>> No.71132230

>missing the point this hard
nice bait

>> No.71133400

Would a change that big to nuclear physics even be possible without doing something to screw up thermodynamics and/or how stars work and/or how lifeforms work?

>> No.71133992

>Hope for the future.
>Conflict that induces change.
Which makes it a good thing.

>> No.71134194

While that isn't quite the example I had imagined, you've got the general idea of it.
The idea of a Utopia is only attractive on the surface; but when you start to think about it, Utopia means:

>There's no shortage of food; but someone's gotta harvest it, right?
>No class differences, that you can see
>No need to work, it's already been taken care of. But by who?
>No need to innovate; it's already been done for you.

Utopia is only good for the people who live there. Not quite so much for the people who have to work to keep the civilization moving. At the very least, a Dystopian society induces change, it drives people to push forward and improve their lot in life.

>> No.71134649

Who's to say in a Utopia the working class wouldn't be well cared for?

>> No.71134738

Why would the upper class have need to worry? They're kept sedated, every need pandered to. They wouldn't bother with the well-being of the lower classes, though there isn't any malice in their neglect, just ignorance.

>> No.71135109

That's a society where the power comes from the top down, like our world. In a society where you grow stronger easily and plenty of ways to make labor easier through magic or technology, (Also a reason to innovate) it would be harder.

>> No.71135165

It'd be harder, certainly, but there's still the fact that it'd be an omnipresent risk. Sure, robotics could help with that, once you find a way to program them to build and repair themselves to acceptable levels; but here? Utopia is a damn lie, preached by people who don't understand or just don't care about the cost of such a thing.

Maybe it'll happen, one day. I don't have high hopes for it, but maybe it'll happen.

>> No.71135224

Dystopia is just a cope for people leaving in a verminous world that doesn't have a meaning. So they pretend all the suffering in the world has a point.

>> No.71135283

1984 never made me think the suffering in the world had a point.

>> No.71135298

Possibly, I'll admit I use the usage of 'magics' excuse in order to justify the weapons failing to detonate, so it can be said that the DL has more or less harnessed control of fission/fusion reactions specifically of isotopes like uranium-235/238 and plutonium-239, and other weaponized isotopes, instead of bringing all nuclear reactions into non-existence. She could also try to harness control over it as a bargaining chip to stop humans from blasting each other and offer magics(which in this world copy and pasting it over has greatly diminished its capability, essentially requiring a powerplant to get 'magic' to a worthwhile production) which she kinda keeps as a selling point to embrace her groove, at least she says she can sell it.

>> No.71135305

It usually doesn't. That's what hurts the most, you know? We try to give suffering a meaning, that it has to all be building up to some grand karmic payoff, and we're left lying in the dirt when it turns out that that's not how the world works.

But conflict is different, at least from where I see it. It pushes people to grow, to become 'better', if that makes any sense. It's like The World Ends With You, and it's sorta moral; if we shut ourselves out from the world, where nobody can hurt us, then we aren't going to get better. We're just going to get worse and worse until the day comes when we've put a bullet in our brains because we just can't do it anymore.

We grow as people because we clash with other worldviews, not because we shut out the world.

>> No.71135510

Dude just give it up, I'm pretty sure this is the same retard that's been screaming how monsters winning is just the best choice bar none and that monsters don't actually rape people. He seems to think that world building has to go the way he specifically wants it to despite never actually contributing any goddamn world building shit himself. At this point I'm half certain if he tried it would only be a spiteful blurb about how everything else is wrong and how his choice is best.

>> No.71135637

Even still, it's a good way for me to get some practice writing actual ethics instead of just vague notions of morality that get dashed to pieces in the next paragraph.

>> No.71135663

Only if you're lucky enough or somehow shielded from the consequences to learn something from it. Most of the time bad shit happens and you're not going to learn anything from it because you just got fucked over becuase you were unlucky. Get cancer? The only thing you're going to develop are tumors as you fade away and die. Someone else fucks you over because they just don't like you? Well you either stop being you or just deal with it. Humans have always been slaves to higher powers and no simpering like an abused puppy will make it better.

>> No.71136452
File: 422 KB, 800x450, cheers.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i love this shit so much man

>> No.71136610

Thanks! I know this isn't really supposed to be the place for INTENSE PHILOSOPHICAL DEBATE, but hell, it's worldbuilding for some people, right? And if it helps other people feel better about things, then that's a definite plus for me!

>> No.71137023

>Humans have always been slaves to higher powers and no simpering like an abused puppy will make it better.
Rebelling against this isn't simpering. History is full of accounts of people kicking and screaming at their captives until they either outright won their freedom or gained a Pyrrhic victory by being granted death over enslavement. Adapt and overcome to reach your spot at the top or make yourself too much work to keep around, else wise you'll be lost to the annals of time. Such is the nature of things.

>> No.71137123
File: 113 KB, 294x600, Dhampir.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What is the best Dhampir?

>> No.71137144

Well, what do you mean by that? Best way to incorporate them into a given setting, or the best way to portray them as a character?

>> No.71137154

So why is the idea that humanity can ally itself with another species to grow stronger seemingly bad?

>> No.71137173

As a character.

>> No.71137223

Not all humans would want to, pushback is inevitable. For the humans that joined the alliance with them, there can still be some issues between the two, like how many mamono seem to not be interested in waiting for consent from their new partner for life.

>> No.71137238

Doesn't entirely enjoy all of the perks that come with the mixed-heritage, altogether meek, bit of a shut-in in spite of being pretty well-known and accepted in the village, Vampire Mom being the single parent and trying to get her kid to live a little, and ultimately figuring out how she's going to live her life through her own merits, and not through some wacky vision-quest.

And a complete, utter nerd when you finally get her to open up.

>> No.71137262

Because the anon they're replying to seems to think that 4chan is meant to be used by edgy, brooding teens that think pseudo-nihilism is cool, and that since they don't see any point in looking on the bright side of things that that's the only way to actually experience the world.

>> No.71137294

Th least they could do is stay out of the way.

Well it's true, from a gnostic point of view.

>> No.71137345
File: 31 KB, 848x480, 13c277ad-0a04-43ef-983e-d4d07f25930b_screenshot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What happens if we found Neanderthals alive today?

>> No.71137382

It's one thing if the alliance is mutually agreed upon by most parties and those uninterested are left to their own devices provided they don't start shit, but the DE and by extension mamono want everyone under the same banner differing views be damned. It's not a true alliance, it's a dictatorship built on dick sucking.

>> No.71137405

I don't need a good view of the world. I need a fucking conflict for the story/game to continue.

it doesn’t matter your boomer reconstructionism or edgylord subversion.
there must be conflict. everyone has sex and likes, what the fuck is this story?

>> No.71137419

Just like real life.

>> No.71137436

Yeah but now the dick sucking is literal

>> No.71137440

So better.

>> No.71137807

The dick suckings are entirely involuntary for a part of the populace.

>> No.71137966

Well, let's see.

Fiendanon has nature deciding to play dirty for once and create a type of human that actively drains Demonic Energy in order to ensure the continued survival of the human race,

Prometheusanon has, well, Prometheus deciding to even the playing field by recruiting people for a fantastic super-soldier program,

And I have the abstract concept of misery trying to obtain as much power as it can in order to usurp the resident creator god, Chaos, and everyone else is trying to prevent that through their own methods.

This is a worldbuilding thread; this is what comes first, before the story. And there doesn't have to be conflict for it to be an interesting story, either.

>> No.71137993

We'd finish the job. Monster fighting takes a backseat to the one true race war. The DL can blow me if she thinks she's getting in the way of that.

>> No.71138068

Homo sapiens sapiens putting the remnants of a dead race to rest? I'm in.

As long as they're properly buried, that is.

>> No.71138083

If she weren't married, her answer would probably be to blow you. Guess you'll have to settle for one of her daughters, or a member of her army.

>> No.71138356

So, anyone interested in some lore on the Huli Jing?

>> No.71138642


>> No.71138720
File: 384 KB, 513x569, 1581745071762.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can't risk them getting back up again, after all. It's a mercy really.

Nah. I need no succ or succubus.

I'll take it.

>> No.71138741

>I need no succ or succubus
They aren't really asking for your permission.

>> No.71139013

Xi Lao spat dirt out of her mouth as she dug; the cold soil trapping itself underneath her claws, her fur; she knew this was where her sister's burrow was, damnit, so why couldn't she-
Aha. There it was. A small thread, somehow woven through the ground; as she hooked a claw underneath it, snapping it in two, she had to brace herself to keep from falling as the dirt beneath her suddenly vanished, revealing a well-hidden hole into the ground. It wasn't very far from the village; and besides, it was dawn when she left. She'd be home before twilight passed, easy!
At least, she hoped she would. You heard stories about people who'd wander out in the woods, during the twilight hours; they only really ever found bodies, too. And, well, she didn't want to end up as the focus of one of these stories, now, did she?
Shaking her head, as if to dislodge those thoughts from her mind, she crawled into the burrow, careful not to set off any still-active traps. Her sister was a paranoid sort, even for the Huli Jing; if memory served, this was her fourth burrow, after she accidentally detonated her own tripwires and collapsed the entire tunnel system.
A wire here, a binding-cord there, explosive glyphs etched into the few stony portions of the system; yeah, this was her sister's work, alright.
She'd decided to come here, after her sister had married to a foreigner from Lescatie; she didn't really have much to remember her by, beforehand, and if she knew anything about her sister, it was that she'd probably left something behind.
Okay, a lot of things. But Xi wasn't expecting much; a few clothes, a string of beads, an Umbracite lantern; something she could take to remember her by.
After what felt like a few hours of maneuvering around high-yield explosive wires and concussive mines, she'd found it. 'Messy as always. Just like her...'

>> No.71139257

Xi could've probably re-purposed the now-derelict burrow, if she wanted to. And had the time (and patience) to disarm her sister's 'security measures'. Seriously, any self-respecting Huli Jing would only use two or three high-yield explosives, tops, to secure their burrow. But this many, for one person? Either she was freakishly paranoid, or...
She was hiding something, and she didn't want anyone to find it. That HAD to be the answer. A few minutes of ransacking later, and she found her answer. A small, lacquered-wood box, a waxen seal on the seam to keep it from opening.
It didn't make sense; her sister was, obviously, an eccentric at best, but why so much security for something so... small?
As she started to make her way back to the surface, a thought struck her. 'Maybe it's not the box itself that she was worried about?' It kept gnawing at her as she clambered upwards, the cool dirt providing some relief as she worked her way out...
Into the red skies of the twilight.
The corpse-lilies were already blooming, the sickly sweet miasma clouding her nose. 'Just have to make it back to the village,' she thought, her movements growing sluggish as Yomi began to intrude on the world, 'And then I'll be safe. Not too far now...'
She stumbled, collapsing onto her knees as a dreadful, horrible feeling of tiredness began to overtake her; she could hear the screeching of the Gasha-dokuro already...
And then the wax seal broke; the box tumbling to the ground, opening to reveal a simple bamboo comb.
She wasn't entirely sure what happened after that. She remembered getting to her feet, gripping the comb in her paws, and running back to the village as quickly as her diminutive frame could carry her... and yet, it seemed as if Yomi itself made way for her, the drowsiness fleeing as quickly as it had come.

>> No.71139832
File: 139 KB, 600x960, 86403648_2311532285811031_88425456704946176_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But that only works if everyone has the same power. In that scenario everyone would have a different one. Syndrome Plan only works because everyone can buy the same things.
The problem about you analogy is that most people would take a dictator that can get the job done over a fairly elected leader that can and most like will, screw things up.especially qhen the average civilian is well feed, clothed and under a roof. And the DL can and will provide all of those.
That’s the current situation in Russia.

>> No.71139992

Honestly I don't see how the story idea I put earlier got into a debate on the narrative value of conflict. It's a pretty optimistic look already and most of the mechanics are there to even things out to prevent suffering. Nukes have been Thanos snapped out, the DL saved and now has almost all the cards with a world not knowing where their nuclear power went and her offering nations a how-to magic. Things are on the up and up.
And honestly I really would come to doubt the introduction of an alien species that happens to appear as super-models, that are DTF, and that make fanatically loyal mates explicitly 2 u would incur any mass response of destruction, unless they were just swarming the streets attacking people. To which then, I mean, if your best way to try and communicate with another entity is to attack them, you're kinda asking for it.

>> No.71140076

Sameanon, point being... just because there is potential conflict ahead for both humans who almost brought each other to the brink of destruction and Mamono that must deal with their newfound vulnerabilities, doesn't equal to everything's horrible and terrible. Conflict begets a story to tell, it doesn't always translate to 'and then the humans decided to become 40k'

>> No.71140219

Exactly. And yet some edgy Muppet decided that the best option is to go the "Kill 'em All" route because he thinks that's what conflict is on principal.

>> No.71140432

Nothing but them dying out now that they've been exposed much like every other lost tribe we find in modern era.

>> No.71140440

Involuntary is irrelevant seeing as they'd actively desire it at that point and withholding it from them would be a mild war crime as that's inducing famine on an entire population.

>> No.71140482

>leaving the bodies intact so they can ortiz's curse us all
>not burning those fuckers or shunting them into space so they can be somebody else's problem sometime in the far flung future as would be responsible and proper

>> No.71140942

Maybe I'll combine this idea with an older one I had, Iron and Aether, and do an offshoot of it for modernity. Call it... 'Iridium and Aerolith'. Harps on the same clash of Human Iron progress vs MG Aether tradition but crank it to present day, now it is not the Industrial Revolution but the Digital Revolution. Aether are undergoing a cultural divide like the Hippy Era on steroids, with a Aether youth that seeks to embrace more modern materialistic appeals(particularly as it gets them closer to Iron boys) and a traditionalist sect ingrained with the hardline principles of their ancestral impulses to return to loving men and not requiring him to go off to work. While efforts have been made to stemmy this and prevent husbands from 'divorcing through work', to their perspective these modern era Aether seem to care more about social media than properly learning how to get themselves a man. The 'new generation' of Aether see themselves as adapting with the times, and that the old-fuddy duddies just don't get it.

This turn from tradition fuels support for an extremist Aether cult finding privacy in the rural sticks of nations, consorting and organizing to reassert the Holy will and restore the 'Ancient Love', since considered epiphany that has been sullied by their Iron Lovers tragically corrupted by machine and robot.

"Be careful when out in the Small Towns, fellow Iron, Aether eyes gawk to city-folk like yourself. Some of them might start believing in folktales about 'Poor Iron enslaved by work', that they need an Aether maiden to 'save' you, some of them won't take no for an answer."

>> No.71140946

Most people in a revolution don't know or care about the ideology and just want to improve their material conditions. A revolutionary will have a hard time finding recruits when the government's top priority is making sure that everyone has a hot wife and lots of children.

>> No.71141126

This isn't to say that the Creatures of Iron(Humans) have been just sitting around though. As much as Aether have come to embrace materialism for the sake of connecting with Iron, Iron has also gone to fanatic reaches into tradition to connect with Aether as well. Many Iron have embraced the 'return to homesteading' lifestyle to provide a happy existence for his wife(or wives) and children. Often would many an Iron have plans out for them to acquire education and skills within the workforce before abandoning the urban world and moving to the rural areas to hunt for Aether maidens to begin a family 'the right way'. But as such, Iron is credited to its culture of modernity, progress, and industry. Modernism arose in the bustling cities that never slept, where mainly Iron denizens hustled to work in mighty industries and cut-throat business hierarchies, to make it big. It rejected the teleological notions of 'higher purpose' in the favor of cause-and-effect, it rejected religious beliefs in favor of hard skepticism. In the Iron world of concrete, you go big or go home. The Aether utterly loathed these metropoles on a biological level, it was a cold loveless land that cared more for the end than the means to get there. It was like a prison for Aether, but to Iron it was Noo Yawk.

And even then, a more radical chapter of Iron society formed, the Futurists. It glorified the new technology of the automobile, the computer, the aircraft and the beauty of its speed, power, and movement. Exalting violence and conflict, it called for the sweeping repudiation of traditional values and the destruction of cultural institutions such as museums and libraries.Practically it stood against everything the Aether stood for. Rumors began to spin of so called 'Road Warriors' Motorcycle Gangs that races the motorways like brigands, supposedly they had begun preying on the Aether Cult, to 'Purify them in battle'.

>> No.71141958
File: 401 KB, 701x1200, 322_automaton_L.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Access denied
Pic related wants to enter your temple, what does mechanicus do?

>> No.71142149
File: 7 KB, 246x205, admech.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

that better be one of Brother Arden's weird servitors or I'm slagging the abominable intelligence where it stands

>> No.71142506

>wife dies
>make her skull into a servitor
>but give her casing that rocking body and cute face and heavy bolter and flamer and power fists she never had in life but you always wish she did
>also a really nice ass because why not
>fumbled a bit on the mindwipe though...

>> No.71142691

that's what you get for not removing those useless glands

>> No.71142695

Not everyone thinks with their dicks.

>> No.71142874

Anon...if nukes disappeared mutual destruction assurance policies would fly out the window and a LOT of the twitchier countries would react...poorly.
Unless the magic countries receive were equivalent in power to those nukes theres no knife at everyone's throat to keep us acting civil like we have been for the past 50 years and that opens up pandoras fly to all the nasty occurrences that will happen now that theres this giant power vacuum to fill and the war stage is now wide the fuck open with no real consequences to stop people from doing stupid shit.
Add to the mix this new entity that just shows up demanding complete turn over of power and that everyone converts to their society and beliefs with no being an unacceptable answer slowly but surely stealing citizens and thus resources away from every country everywhere and you've got yourself one fuck huge shit storm brewing that will only end in a new world war plus all the fun war crime-tier shit that magic opens up. I'm not even talking in the field explosions everywhere magical war crimes either but unit 731 style war crimes.
We react insanely poorly to highly forceful entities that won't surrender, convert to our ways, ally up in the process, and give us our resources but will absolutely convert our people to their alien ways and take our resources, and take our power. Hell, look at the middle east all over something as basic as oil in a country with mildly differing social functions.

>> No.71142948

Again, lots of people would hate them. You can't reasonably expect that everyone will like them.

>> No.71143223

If she can't get past the captcha like everyone else, she can say outside.

>> No.71143604
File: 692 KB, 3133x3248, 941.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If X Com teach us anything is that if the other sentient species that we have contact is even remotely sexy looking. We will try to bang it. Even if they are on a genocidal campaign to exterminate us. Once the balance of power tips to our side we will keep as many alive as possible.

>> No.71144434

Makes sense; I'm kinda planning on the world of the living to undergo a massive technological renaissance as a result of the Perfected coming to fruition; not to the point of 'space travel in 50 years', but going from medieval tech to, say, industrial revolution.

Among other things, anyone wanna guess what that Bamboo comb actually is? I'll give you a shout out if you get it right!

>> No.71145041

>hound's on your trail, your trying to get home without being raped today
>notice she's creeping up like a wolf stalking prey
>clearly trying to follow all the way home, try walking faster and she keeps up pace
>you start to make a run for it
>the thought that you're trying to run away, turning it into a game of catch, triggers canine instincts and causes a grin wider than the oceans to spread on her face, flames visibly shooting out of her body so hot that nearly then blue
>hear a monstrous screech coupled with a loud, resonating howl and the black silhouette of hers becomes a blur and shoots to you at breakneck speed
Remember, do NOT run. This makes them even more aggressive. And you know they don't care for your friends family or life plans, you're theirs the second their eyes meet yours. Get ready.

>> No.71145740

Some would desire it, not all. Mentally altering someone with magic does not make for true desire.

>> No.71146342

Irrelevant if it's true or artificial they'll desire it regardless of their previous inclinations.

>> No.71146434

The 'DL' in that case is not demanding complete and utter shift of power, nor demanding that things be converted to her society, at least at the drop of a hat. You must understand that though she is behind the warheads failing to go Sunshine, she keeps that well and truly to herself, probably from even her own daughters. The DL is not going to try and just start flooding this world with MGs everywhere as that would just lead to to an utter shitstorm and alot of dead Mamono. She's introducing her kind to the world in a peaceful manner, hold the cards of 'lets negotiate peace and I'll show you my magicthe gathering collection'. Not 'I took your nukes away, cooperate with me or die'.
While the advent of nuclear weapons is now off the table leaving conventional arms, the situation in the 80's at the time precludes more of the scenario than nuclear weapons alone. MAD was never a policy that deterred nuclear conflict in a vacuum, the fact that we continued limited wars during the cold war and more than once almost brought ourselves to a nuclear exchange is evidence of this. The DL could react quick enough to restart this deterrent via magic, at least in theory, as both sides begin wondering what sort of capacity the other has in terms of magic production, technologies, etc.

Its not necessarily about reacting poorly, destroying those entities is logical. It certainly does run the risk of things going hot, but thats part of the story. The DL must try to bring her kind to this world, but she can't conquer it ala MGE as she would lose. She must take the peaceful approach..

>> No.71146477

It's officially canon: The Demon Lord is just a huge nerd behind closed doors. Maybe if you ask nicely, she'll let you see her limited-print Black Lotus.

>> No.71146676

The year is 1993, the room is full of engineers, doctors, scientists, and generals, all gazing at this Lilith presenting for the testing site... cards... from the game?

A couple of the engineers and scientists recognized it, "Is... is that Magic the Gathering?"

The Mother Lord cast her arms outward, cards in hands, "The power was among you this entire time."

The Generals, long since in their middle ages, were left utterly dumbfounded to 'that game his grandson plays', the engineers and scientists and doctors peered to each other, utterly aghast. "Somebody find the Wizards of the Coasd Board of Directors, and bring them here. Now."


Black vehicles, like a horde, swarm the WotC Headquarters, armed men storm the facility and grabbing the surprised Upper Management. "Your games are matter of national defense, you must come with me."

>> No.71147122
File: 79 KB, 900x900, moonman.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

People like you should be dragged out onto the street and shot.

>> No.71147411

You can't stop what's coming, anon. I'll have my undead army of zombies and 1 ghost from a single woman and she'll want it to regardless of previous opinions on such matters and you can't stop that.

>> No.71147463

Not everyone, but the people sent to fight them would mostly consist of virile yet single men aged 18-25.

>> No.71147578
File: 16 KB, 472x529, Groovy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>undead army of zombies
We'll see about that motherfucker.

>> No.71147623

Ash is the only man GROOVY enough to be declared off-limits by the DL.

>> No.71147959
File: 11 KB, 193x261, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Considering that sexy females are all but gone from modern MGE and that Yugioh had this girl give several kids their first fussy feeling trough the world.
I really doubt that she would prefer MGE. On the bright side Magician Girls deck will receive more support that Blackwings or Galaxy now.

>> No.71147989


>> No.71148005

Shit! True I messed up that one.

>> No.71148048

No, she'd have a Black Lotus precisely BECAUSE it's rare. She doesn't play, she just collects the rare cards like a true nerd would.

Doesn't stop her from making burn decks, or from abusing pre-errata cards like Emperor Dragon, though.

>> No.71148152

trade her rare MTG cards for magical secrets of incomprehensible wisdom and power

>> No.71148305 [SPOILER] 
File: 523 KB, 3119x3494, 1582578921906.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.71148308

>magical secrets of incomprehensible wisdom and power
That's easy, anon.
Any distance you take no matter how short is reducible to infinity meaning you spend infinite time traveling there to but the fact you make the distance in a finite time means you were traveling at infinite speed.
If you don't tuck your shirt into your pants you're tucking your pants into your shirt.

There, that's 3 freebies no trading needed the universe is chock full of these fuckers that you trip over them every day and never notice or think anything of them.
The real nuggets are things like genuine common sense or how to always plug your USB in correctly every single time no fumbling.

>> No.71148388 [SPOILER] 
File: 1.48 MB, 2392x2635, 1582579249529.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

get out of here stalker

>> No.71148422

I can't tell if you're pulling our legs or not, and that frustrates me.

>> No.71148436
File: 123 KB, 640x854, harpie-girl-sin-censura-1st-yugioh-D_NQ_NP_958178-MLM31981511715_082019-F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>DL decides to take control over a card game to make boys be more familiar whit monstergirls and keep her dorky side under control.
>Things like this become the norm
>Now Censored copies of the DMG cost even more.

So what monstergirl Kaiba should be Albino dragongirl or albino Danuki?

>> No.71148450

Good playable races for a Mentally handicapped( handicap for assistant living in Canada)RPG?

>> No.71148627

I'm not. Enjoy the vague feeling of unease for the day.

>> No.71148988

Dragon, definitely.

>> No.71149386

That'd actually be a fun idea for the modern setting, the DL uses more subtle means to get Mamono accepted. So she has her daughters set up a secret society to run multiple corporations, spreading their ideals of love through entertainment, sex, and underground rings. Could use this for the Iron and Aether setting. Fits in with the secret Cult wars.

>> No.71150065
File: 32 KB, 720x490, EQqQ16LXsAAl17J.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>A cultural war against the DL and her monstergirls.
Unless they fail at the beginning spectacularly it would be an utter carnage. They could use actress that would be regarded by human standards as heroine material as the girl that bring the coffee considering how mundane that is for them. And even if they don’t use any sort of magic or mind reading to get into positions of power, the mare fact that you can have them around without being afraid of being metoo would give them almost free access to nearly all jobs.
Imagine if project melody became real?

>> No.71151925
File: 213 KB, 1920x1188, 1574496627881.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We have talked a bit about magic but what of magic that requires sacrifice. Not just with reagents but the actual spilling of blood to make use of the life it embodies?

Have a throttle witch.

>> No.71151960

Sacrifice? Tell a holstaur you want to take her to dinner and then let her BE the dinner.
Lamia? Get yourself an automatically enchanted pair of boots
Find a goddamn Demon and give her an offer she CAN'T refuse.

>> No.71152026

Can't force your mind alteration if you get your ass beat when you try anon. Mamono dropped into the modern world would be gunned down for perceived aggression long before they could make their intentions clear. Hell some groups would probably make sport of it. Meanwhile in each respective world anons here are crafting they'd have to contend with all sorts of obstacles absent in KC's vanilla setting.

>> No.71152347

Eh. DE radiation solves all that. The second they arrive it's a demon realm on the spot due to numbers and concentration and once that shit has a foothold it's only a matter of time. We don't even have to tech to feasibly glass the area for containment that won't just cause nuclear exchange.
Base vanilla it's just a flat game over but even in the settings people are making an incursion event wouldn't go over well for anyone and we're at a precarious place as a race where such things might just be all we need to tip right over the edge.
It would be our Cosmic Wall event more or less.

>> No.71152883

Not really, keep in mind that the DE would be trying to have her forces invade a world that hasn't had the chief god impeding technological progress. Even her more durable forces stand to be maimed and killed if they start in any developed country. Hell, chances are it'd just be a big bottle neck to be choked with mamono corpses if they try any funny shit rather than trying to do things diplomatically (which is itself an uphill battle since the DE coming in and presuming to have the authority to fuck with people's nukes is going to piss A LOT of people off.). I don't see most monsters shrugging off have a leg blown off by an anti-vehicle mine or being shot by a trench gun.

>> No.71153467

You all are underestimating the power of Mamono Mana and the MGE Monstergirl's power of love.

>> No.71153671

Its not necessarily a culture war against them as it is the DL resorting to spreading her culture in subtle manners to the modern world. In setting, magic and mind reading is already right out since this world is a cranked up difficulty for them in the setting. Incorporation would be pretty straightforward for Mamono all things considered though, since they'd still be social eye-candy. Women would just need to adjust accordingly to compete since most elements of the supernatural are reigned in for Mamono.

>but even in the settings people are making an incursion event wouldn't go over well for anyone and we're at a precarious place as a race where such things might just be all we need to tip right over the edge.
Assuming that the DL remains tactful, she can bring about a coexistence in which humans would be open to. Because of the prior reasons and since its a literal matter of 'life is out there and it happens to be friendly which would help. What I don't seem to understand on your point is you seem to be implying some sort of catastrophe following this attempt to diplomacy.

>> No.71154349

>humans meet new entire race of beings
>powerful, wielding magic, some straight out of legend, expansionist, and converting
>new convertees clearly not the same people the men are almost entirely a new species and the females are
>oh, and they can just turn our fucking nukes off and did as an obvious alpha strike
>motives are entirely sex-based and result in conversion
>constant rhetoric on why their way is best absolutely no room for other views
>did we mention the hit to your work force and the coming obsolescence of many sectors costing trillions and crashing the economy
Yeah, that'll go over well with basically any country with even a modicum of power military or political.

>> No.71154456

So, quick question for all of you. I'm going to do a few posts about the 'No-Fly Zone' realms, and I wanna know which one y'all want to hear about first. It's either Yomi, Sheol, or the Silver City; I'll post the other two later on down the line.

>> No.71154476

Sounds like a good deal unless you're one of those Washington cronies.

>> No.71154529

Tell us about the Silver City!

Not the kind of sacrifice I had in mind.

>> No.71154530

Speaking of the whole Project melody ordeal. I can’t help to feel like this is a peak of what would be if MG where real and traveled to our world and our time.

>> No.71155094

You're underestimating the power of anti artillery weaponry. This isn't the land of sword and shield, this is the land that split the atom. Keep in mind that in this scenario said atom splitting weaponry drained the DE of a lot of her power. Also keep in mind that the vast majority of the laws we have against war crimes could very well go out the window since these aren't people. Mustard gas, trench guns, traps configured to maim and drain resources rather than kill, it's all on the table.

>> No.71155214


>My dear reader, I have come to the conclusion that it would be better, for your sake more than mine, that I inform you of the various 'Hidden' Realms throughout the world. While you may have heard of such places like, say, Wonderland, these hidden realms are as such for reasons best left explained, rather than experienced.
>For my first such lesson, I shall share what I know about the Silver City.
>To start, it is at once Heaven's greatest pride; and, curiously, greatest shame. You will never, in your mortal life, come across such a wondrous sight; the gleaming towers, faint hints of sunlight reflecting off the parapets; the Seraphim, terrible and awe-inspiring as they are wont to be, guarding the city; the Ophanim, keeping watch with countless unblinking eyes, their fire burning away all secrets.
>But they don't guard the city from intruders. No one, regardless of their status, would dare to intrude on such a place. No, the Silver City is a prison. A very special one, at that.
>There are very few places that are meant for the sole purpose of impinging on the freedom of their inhabitants; after all, a prison is a means of rehabilitation as well as confinement.
>But what, you may ask, would the Silver City hold within its depths? What could be so terrible, so abhorrent, that the gods themselves refuse to send them to the Hells?
>I will tell you. It is there, dear reader, that they keep the remains of Hemera. Just as the bone and lifeblood of Chronos gave rise to magic, Hemera's flesh and bone gave rise to the Heavens.
>And yet, if that was the only reason for the Silver City to exist, there would be far more people there than the Seraphim and Ophanim; to tell the truth, dear reader, I am... unsure, as to what else may lie in those halls. And I am not quite sure if I wish to know the answer to that question.

>> No.71155222

I'm sure some DE bombs smuggled into cities can fix that.

>> No.71155240

This off-shoot setting in particular won't follow the Vanilla MGE's mess of inconsistencies. Mamono that come over get the hard nerf upon entering our 'Earth 33' if you will, as our laws and physics differ from MGE Earth, and as such Mamono must be imparted with limitations on their capabilities. Sort of as a life-support mechanism as DE/SE doesn't exist in our setting and preventing them from disintegrating from exposure to our space-time. Mamono are about as strong as humans, about the same mentally, and sensory capability. Aside from obvious differences(tail, ears, etc.) that require different motor functions, and some traits given and taken(A wolf-girl may be able to smell and hear things better but is utterly d e a d in the heat, Ogres tend to have physiques of heavy weight lifters but aren't superhuman, etc.

Magic is utterly diminished, but the DL has 'created' magic through imparting it to bomb isotope's critical mass to not commence a chain reaction. Right now magic can pretty much only do "big" things if there is enough productive output of mana, which doesn't really exist in our 'Earth 33'. It still exists, but anything that isn't really subtle like getting a candle to light? It must be created, conventionally, through a literal enrichment process via reactors. Magic has, in a sense, become nuclear energy.

Their avenue that they still have is their socio-behaviors and natural complexions though, to which make them very attractive mates. But not gonna immediately turn things to shit.

I suppose the next point would be 'Where did they appear from first?' in our 'Earth 33'. Should it be on a continent? Africa? Antarctica? All over the place? Should it be like that MG 2020 from way back and start off like an Atlantis, appearing in the middle of the Atlantic.
What do you anons think?

>> No.71155293

Having them appear world-wide would probably be better for story purposes; I'd also have it that, as mana (and magic) become more and more prevalent, the more our own mythologies start getting pulled back into the fray; Coyote being an absolute ASS to the Demon Lord (Remember, he *was* the brother of the creator god once), the Old Fae coming back, much to the grief of everyone, Shoggoths getting MGE!Shoggoths confused with themselves, Australia briefly becoming outright uninhabitable as it shifts back into the Dreamtime; that kinda stuff. Magic does weird shit, yo.

>> No.71155382

You have to smuggle them first anon. You're deluded if you think mamono wouldn't be jampacked into camps and kept at a distance if they aren't forced to go back. You're even more deluded if you think humanity wouldn't respond to even one bomb going off by going full tilt into genocide.

>> No.71155471

Why wouldn't they genocide them from the start?

>> No.71155554

Probably. It'd definitely be an option on the table when word gets around that one of them decided to take all of our nukes. Seriously just imagine the indignant hatred from America for having its freedoms to bomb shit infringed upon, let alone the violent murder and harvest parts boner from Asia.

>> No.71155559

Those washington cronies are the ones who determine whether you get to go to war and die whether you like it or not.
You might not be a warhawk but those who control your future are.
Anon, you're forgetting this is an argument over a setting where the DL can just thanos snap nukes. What power does your artillery and aerial bombardments have when they don't exist anymore?

>> No.71155564

That's exactly why it's a good deal.

>> No.71155588
File: 60 KB, 1277x798, Southern Reach.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Quite possible, Australia becomes ground zero for dimensional-fuckery, Australians... kinda notice something is different with the environment.

Maybe the location of Nuclear Powerplants could be key to where portals open? Mamono begin appearing around NPPs post-mass shutdown anomaly. Thus Operation Lighthouse begins to to put a lid on this situation and find these Mamono who have a tendency to try and breed you.

Later on with more and more magic happening, spooky shit starts occurring.

>> No.71155625

In this scenario it took the most powerful monster to do it and drained a vast majority of her power to do so. You're trying to pretend that they're all that strong.

>> No.71155705

Urban legends suddenly become true, a whole lot of trouble arises as some particularly nasty figures make their return (Tamamo-no-mei, the Fae, the old yokai, Wendigos/Skinwalkers, the like) and start doing their thing; on the other hand, you'd have a lot more immigration and emigration once safe cross-world travel becomes publicly available, and that's not to mention the sheer number of untapped resources to be harvested.

India would get wiped off the face of the map by a VERY pissed of Shiva after he sees what they've done to the land, Apophis would be pretty confused by the serpent mamono bearing his name before deciding to just roll with it, Nyarlathotep would be laughing his ass off at the sheer insanity of the situation before calling off his vendetta against humanity after declaring that "Now they're even", and for all intents and purposes the world's fucked, but in the good way where things are slowly getting better.

>> No.71155992

Not to worry, as long as they don't keep producing magic at an astronomical rate things will be fine... DL's gotta race against the clock as everyone goes "Wow! This magic stuff is great its almost too good to be true!"

Also since you are here Tzitzimitlfag I wanted to bounce an idea I have for the Prometheus setting, in which incorporates more of a tie in to the days of Yore. Since its implied in MGE the limit was placed on Mankind so they can never attain the power of the gods, what if it was a limit placed so it can never happen 'again'? In which, Mankind was like the Titans, and weren't created by the gods nor is it really known what 'did' create them. There was a war, but the 'Titans' lost, and from the remains of the Titans were they sealed away to a new form. To play on the Orphism, because of the Titan's viciousness in hunting down, dismembering, and eating Bacchus(yes that one), the old Chief God's child, in irony the Gods had created Monsters to hunt and dismember the the Titans in their mortal and sealed forms: Men.

This would mean Prometheans are technically supposed to be called 'Titans', their forms unleashed once more. But Prometheus is a little shit(but a good heart) with alot of these things so he calls them Prometheans just as a badge of honor. Prometheans have an odd guilty conscience to Bacchus, an ancestral guilt for the 'original sin' of their race. Often you can find Prometheans traveling to Bacchus shrines, and often they don't know why they do, they simply feel drawn and the tinge of remorse touches them.

It is sorta also why someone like Prometheus doesn't harbor that much resentment to the gods, he knows what he did to the OG Chief God's first-born. He couldn't put blame.

>> No.71156076

I have two answers, one for your setting, and one for the 'Unified TG' setting.

First, yours. I would, personally, go for something akin to 'At this point, the Titans are all but dead, and Humanity has risen in its stead'. The Prometheans are his attempt at desperately trying to bring back the Titans in a more civilized era, where they can, y'know, actually get along with the gods. However, realistically, it could be that the slaughter of Bacchus was just the final straw; the Titans were conceited, narcissistic assholes already, and that they would go so far as to butcher the Chief God's child pushed CG over the edge; Prometheus was allowed to remain as he was as a sort of twisted 'monument' to the Titans, and their many, many crimes.

As for the unified setting, Prometheus (and his wife, Hesione) are the very first humans; the first to be carved from the Valley of Eden and given life. Ironically, Prometheus is decidedly lacking in foresight, along with having little-to-no memory of who made him, or his wife; the Prometheans are his attempt at trying to even the playing field, ESPECIALLY considering that the 'Great Enemy' is an entire species of The Thing (John Carpenter, of course). He's trying his best to keep everyone relatively unharmed, and, quite frankly, it's only a short-term solution. It'll work for a while, until the Legion start eating the Promethean Army from the inside, figuratively speaking. Adam appreciates the help, though he's playing the long game and taking the Genestealer route; honestly, it'd be easier if they combined their methods, openly creating the Perfected as part of the war effort. It'd sure as hell weigh a lot less on Adam's conscience, that's for sure.

>> No.71156095

Not when you can emigrate to another dimension. At some point they'd have to build a wall to keep people in.

>> No.71156222

I sorta like the idea of maintaining a connection between mankind and some sort of higher ancestor, humanity being in a 'sealed' state of existence. Perhaps I can incorporate aspects of Prometheus 'being' one of the last of these predecessor humans and is going about to MakeHumanityGreatAgain™. The DL and co. could probably try to assert their purpose for corruption, claiming that humanity is too dangerous to let loose, hence her Incubus option. Prometheus' main goal is to prove 'My people have done great evils but they can also do great good', type of thing.

For the unified, I can dig Prometheus and Hesione as very early humans. We can include Prometheus having the foresight to see Adam and his machinations in creating them, perhaps in his foresight he created Prometheans as a solution to halt Lilith's domination of the world, as a hold-off for Adam to create the perfected. Perhaps both of them even convened over this and planned it accordingly. Adam needed to concentrate on creating the perfected and couldn't waste anything, with the plan being upon getting the ball rolling to be able to imbue Promethean Humans with the features needed to wade off the Legion. And then we can incorporate the Fiends as 'Nature itself' waxing to the great cosmic changes taking place with Lilith and great forces on the move.

By the way, what do the Perfected look like?

>> No.71156499

They don't actually look any different; the mamono effected would probably look a bit more monstrous as a result of Lilith's influence being balanced out, but the real crux of the whole process is that it'll remove humanity and the mamono from the 'fixed path' of fate; to die at Aclys' machinations, to serve as fuel for her hopeless desire to usurp Chaos itself.

Later on down the line, expect more and more prospective mages being born across all species, culminating in the entirety of sentient life mastering the art of 'carving reality' as they see fit. Demon, Human, Celestial and Mamono alike are included, mind you.

>> No.71156549

Interesting, what more monstrous looks would mamono acquire?

Do the Perfected look the same as they did as pre-perfected humans? We have titanic Prometheans, the hunting Fiends, and the perfected adept at carving reality. We just made Destiny... I like it.

>> No.71157504
File: 1.00 MB, 1238x874, 77492363_p0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh /tg/ and /mgw/... Why art thou hate or not like Mamono Mana, when thou liketh and glorify other similar "chaos" and "corruption" energy like Khaos and the metaphysics of DnD Alignments?

>> No.71157731

Cause Mamono Mana in MGE is an 'I win' button. The way its described in the book is not useful as a plot device/mechanic/etc. because its starts with you becoming a mamono/incubus, theres virtually no way to fight against it aside from delaying the inevitable, and when you are fighting against it basically ranges from 'untenable to fight against to instant-corruption'. There's no nuance, no argument against it, and nothing that can be done once you get it.

DnD Alignments can change, depending on what GM is up to, they can wax and wane depending on the character, the campaign, etc. Chaos can be purified relatively simply, see the Emperor's Mercy.



>> No.71157874

>theres virtually no way to fight against it aside from delaying the inevitable, and when you are fighting against it basically ranges from 'untenable to fight against to instant-corruption'. There's no nuance, no argument against it, and nothing that can be done once you get it.

Yet the same thing can also be said and applied to the Marker Signals and Necromorph Infestations in Deadspace. The Reaper Indoctrination in Mass Effect, The Force; both Light and Dark Sides, and the way Black and White Morality id done jn Star Wars. And of course; 40k Corruption and Khaos Energy.

How come the following I mentioned get a free pass and are apparently okay and approved in terms of "unbeatable metaphysics." Yet MGE Mamono Mana is Absolutely Haram, why? Because it features cute anime girls kicking ass and because le Japanese quirkiness is bad?

>> No.71157906

Because none of them, anon, none of which you stated, are unbeatable.

This thread makes ideas on beating it, and now were here.

>> No.71158188

Generic Man With Gun can kill force users. Just get an auto firing anything or use slug throwers of literally any kind but shotguns work best. Dark side fucking around? Shotgun blast that bitch. Light side user getting uppity? Shotgun blast that bitch. Grey jedi getting philosophical? Shotgun. Literal avatar of The Force? Shotgun.
Also flamethrowers, explosives, traumatic occurrences like vehicular manslaughter or car crashes, poison gas, high gravity, electricity, disease, a knife, a particularly hard punch, etc.
Indoctrination in both of the given universes is not perfect either and can be resisted with enough willpower it's just that in ME it occured in an already will drained individual, a species bred to be indoctrinated, and PTSD sufferers and in dead space the entirety of the human race is doomers which is why they all caved so damned fast and why they were all in the cult anyway while isaac was an abnormality and carver was angery family man long enough to withstand its effect.
Corruption and khaos also fit the indoctrination bill there are flat out resistant to immune individuals and willpower and not caving mentally can stave it off ranging from long enough to forever.
DE can not be resisted in any way, can occur instantaneously, is like heavy metal poisoning so it's only a matter of time even from low background exposure, and actively propagates itself all while remaking realities rules to make all this easier.

There is a BIG difference between DE and all the other bullshit.

>> No.71158770

When it comes to fighting MG whit modern tech I would say that regular guns will not have much effect unless you bring something that was meant to kill tanks.
However especially against the beast races all the stuff that overloads the scenes should do wonders. Like tear gas and flashbangs.
About fighting the hypnosis and the like. I would say a panic devise that activates on certain stimulus levels that removes or pierces one teeth should be good enough.

>> No.71158895

Beast races would actually be simple in the effect of simply bringing out the shock and awe, triggers their fight or flight and gets them to panic.

>> No.71158909

>regular guns will not have much effect
We're talking about modern military hardware. You bet your ass someone would be able to field small calibre arms with D.U. tipped bullets.

>> No.71159026

this, i bet a measly firecracker could send a beast race running across town

>> No.71159241

The problem whit most guns is that you need visual on the target. And if you can see them it means that they can also see you.
And not only she can see you but also she probably could smell your life essence farther than you can shoot her.
See the problem whit regular small fire arms now?

>> No.71159627

yeah, a bear can smell you a mile away. does that stop the hunter from hunting it? just like a fortune teller can forsee the future but can't do anything about it.
>small arms
then use BIG arms

>> No.71159643

Technically, you could solve the problem of being seen by simply being too far to be seen or too far for an MG to react. After all, some species might be fast, but they aren't faster than a bullet.
Or a shell, if need be.
Larger species would arguably be easy to deal with since their size makes them a bigger target. Their heat signatures would large enough to make it easy to lock on and identify.

>> No.71159655

Prometheus Time,

so an idea way back was the advent of industrial strengths for Prometheus to counter-balance Mamono industries(medical, textile, agriculture, documenting, animal husbandry?, etc.)

So for Promethean industries they are talented in, what do you guys think would be some ideas? I'd assume it'd probably have something to do with fire. Heavy industries? Masonry? Something to do with Astrology? ...candlemaking?

>> No.71159717

supersize everything. the average Promethean can crush the average candle with a small fright in the middle of the night. you need big candles for big dudes.

>> No.71159720

Mining, creation of large structures, most things that need to be strong and sturdy.

>> No.71159883
File: 29 KB, 479x339, Breitspurbahn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Adept Architects and Civil Engineers, Miners, and requires harder resources to build its structures. I like it. In the process of requiring strong materials for giant and strong structures it makes them ideal engineers to hire if you need something YUUUGE built.

Since trains are sorta mentioned as a thing in MGE world, I now have the idea of Prometheans having to put down huge gauge tracks to get trains in that can fit Prometheans. Based and Breitspurbahn pilled.

>> No.71161005

For the modern, I'm calling it Earth 33 setting, I should put a relationship between the power level of Mamono taking a cross-dimensional nerf upon hitting ours. We can use the same system as MGE's in which humans are in their 'sealed' variety both in MGE-verse and in Earth 33, while Mamono unsealed in MGE-verse have become 'sealed' in Earth 33.

>Reggae beat kicks in
>"Huh! Bad Girls!"
>Footage of officer chasing a naked Mamono through the street
>Traffic Stop, officer shines light at the driver seat of a Manticore, her eyes darting. "You okay? You were driving a little erratic back-" The Manticore reaches a paw out and stabs the officers hand. "Agh! Fucker!" Officer retaliates with a heavy *womp* of his baton onto the Manticore's temple before dragging her out of the car.
>Multiple officers hugging a yeti, they're taking a really, really slow time.
>"Ma'am please go back into your house." Camera pans from officer to a group of wolves flashing their tits. "Yes, yes, they're very nice now please go back inside."
>Handcuffed Oni shouts "I can break these cuffs!" The policeman replies, "You can't break those cuffs." The Oni shouts and nearly passes out from trying to exert her weakened power.
>Bicorn sits in back of squad car with a grizzled looking cop and a Jinko cop, the Bicorn pipes up, "So uh, how long have you guys been police partners... wanna make it something closer?"
>Officer puts 101 pairs of hand cuffs on a weeping Oomukade, "I-I didn't mean to bite him I swear."
>Police run down alley at a girl, "Stop police!" The Alleyway is empty. "Aw shit, Dispatch were gonna need a paranormal unit."

>> No.71161140

>Tzitzimitl accused of smuggling jewelry/harvested organs
>A Huli Jing is arrested after her 'security system' collapses the apartment stairwell
>A Gasha-dokuro is banned from all nearby buffets after desperately trying to sate their eternal hunger
>Shoggoths refuse to serve as 'maids-for-hire', with the justification that it'd be quite like cheating
>Seraphim fight clubs are a common sight after hours
>Primordials have decided to make the most of their newfound freedom by working in counter-terrorist efforts
>Serpents of Hell have decided to migrate to Earth as a result of its far more suitable climate (and food- seriously, don't eat anything from Gehenna. You will regret it)

>> No.71162353

Australia is still sorta the hot zone in terms of dimensional rifts, we could go full on STALKER and have there be Blowouts where more waves of MGs cross the threshold and then are forced to adapt to their sealed forms ala 'everything is heavy'. Ecology teams are on stand by to go and retrieve these Mamono.

>> No.71162387

The bear can also see you through walls, run several times faster than you, occasionally fly and has higher intelligence and faster reaction time than the best human record ever. Anot to mention magic
And you want to bring a 9 mm gun to hunt that?
I think that for this treat in particular you need as much range as possible and as much firepower as well.
Again I agree guns would work but not the things ones that civilians can own.

>> No.71162519

That honestly sounds like a cool story idea, not gonna lie.

> Ophanim are recruited almost immediately for their use in the judicial system
> Old Ones show up, and stay out of human tech with the justification that the last time they tried to interfere it created the Monolith, and 'everyone' knows how that ended
> Prometheans, while substantially weaker than they were originally, are still well-received by society due to their down-to-earth nature
> The Perfected (or, what few there are at the time) often find themselves called in to deal with Australia and its associated fallout
> Fiends are monitored quite heavily as word of the Sons of Ahriman spreads like wildfire
> Adam is overjoyed to see a world where humanity evolved without his involvement; less so that they can't seem to stop fighting about petty crap
> India has a new capitol city as a result of Shiva getting ROYALLY pissed and wiping New Delhi off the face of the earth after seeing what they've done to the supposedly 'holy' river
> Antarctica becomes a trading hub of sorts for the more 'alien' species to do business with humanity and mamono alike; Mi-Go brain surgery is surprisingly effective at dealing with mental illness
> Multiple cave systems are declared off-limits due to hungry (and occasionally horny) Grues

>> No.71162915
File: 584 KB, 988x964, picture1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>And you want to bring a 9 mm gun to hunt that?
well when you put it like that there's only one solution kek
Nobody hunts with a 9mm, anon.

>> No.71163163
File: 50 KB, 720x579, DGBiXR4XgAAMZQY.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not carrying a Triple Regret in your main hand and a Taurus Raging Judge with magnum loaded slugs in your offhand at all times with a .950 JDJ M1 Garand slung across your back for when things get sketchy

>> No.71163241
File: 141 KB, 680x986, clever girl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bears don't have human-level intelligence.

>> No.71163279
File: 97 KB, 324x600, Grizzly_0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>implying a grizzly does

>> No.71163328

She's smarter than the average bear.

>> No.71163406

so is a dolphin, but you don't see then trying to rape any-

>> No.71163545
File: 714 KB, 4000x2670, Free Ceres.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71163735

Hunt yourself a Grizzly with a Grizzly holding a Grizzly.

>> No.71163749
File: 180 KB, 600x600, Grizzly Mk. V.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shite, forgot to add an image.

>> No.71164866

Wouldn't all this be actually solved by "depends on the setting" and "homerules says they can be beaten"?
I mean, desu I haven't read WH anon's rules, but if he's using a Fantasy rulebook, corruption is basically rebranded Chaos?

>> No.71164906

Isn't that the point of these threads?

>> No.71164931

To your first point, yup. It all depends on what the person making the setting in the first place decides to do with things.

>> No.71165011

Let me guess.

MGE Mamono start pouring in spreading influence through out the rest of out world. But Switzerland will still be neutral about the whole ordeal, to which Switzerland's whole stance and opinion on Mamono is a big "No."

>> No.71165063

Yes, but since no one's written actual rules, anons claiming monster/demon mana is unbeatable can pretty much be refuted because there are no rules stating this.

>> No.71165087

Mamono wouldn't even have to invade. They could just set up an embassy and offer free citizenship to any man who wants to immigrate.

>> No.71165187

Switzerland is secretly the establishment of the Order in Earth 33 and has been using Swiss Bank Accounts to run their secret society across the world since the Knights Templar were arrested by Phillip IV.

>> No.71165233

Just gonna put my own two cents in here; any chance you'd be willing to put up a tripcode, Prometheusanon?

>> No.71166301

Not him but plenty of anons have written rules and made proper full settings complete with games. Sadly, we've moved on from those times.

>> No.71166331

>to which Switzerland's whole stance and opinion on Mamono is a big "No."
Not like that's been an effective strategy so far. It just means they sit there doing nothing while the thing they don't want occurs while pretending they can't see it.

>> No.71166780

Okay, so here's a question for y'all to get things cooking. What, exactly, would be considered a universal primal fear? Something shared across ALL species, not just humanity or mamono.

For example, in the Unified setting, the mere presence of one of the Protogenoi is enough to cause the local wildlife to abandon the area for a while, and causes a distinct feeling of unease for any 'higher' life; on top of that, the Grue have adapted specifically to exploit the basic 'fear of the dark' for the purposes of hunting prey.

>> No.71167113

Things like final death or The Void(tm) work for universal fears, I find.

>> No.71167241

>moved on from those times
And we'll get back there again. As we did before. No need to act as if we're never productive.

>> No.71167532

death, no one is ready to face the end. a wild animal will never know it can or will die until it does.

>> No.71167559
File: 78 KB, 1200x675, Destiny.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maybe sometime, I haven't found too much of a use for one.

Self-Preservation maybe? Since the grasp of the existential inherently implies anxiety, the fear of ceasing to exist might be a universal one to roll with.

Also to follow through with the humorous remark yesterday, the Holy Trinity? Pic related. What would we call the three factions organizing together?

>> No.71168182

I dunno, anon. These are the darkest times so far and I've been here from the beginning. It's all the same rhetoric over and over with /jp/-tier posting in between. Most of the old guard from the last wave seemed to have left to..

>> No.71168399

Tbqh, it always has been this sort of trend. The endless cycle over debating the validity of Mamono and X has been taking place since the inception of this threat it it probably will keep doing so until this thread stops or KC stops producing MGE. Occasionally some anons will come in with a game, or an story idea, etc. and work on that here since it sure won't fly on the other thread. What were some of the Old Guard people you refer to?

>> No.71168595

I don't know names but either everyone's wildly changed posting styles or a lot of people who talked proper numbers, lore, and details are just gone since just before the holidays.

>> No.71168927

Why are you even bothering with the stupid idea of a unified setting?

>> No.71168950

Theres still quite a bit of lore-building going on, just on off-shoots to MGE as, really, for alot of people there isn't too much more to say on that. Last year, particularly late last year we had a couple anons who were doing some number-crunching on stuff. Honestly it was somewhat of a rarity among /mgw/ overall, people have prolly moved on, it happens.

>> No.71168983

You got a better one? If it weren't for them the thread would be dead.

>> No.71169381
File: 1.38 MB, 1300x866, Notepad Writes MGA with the Crew.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Writer of Monster Girl Adventures here, I'm still around, just don't have anything to post. I will be working on fixing and repairing parts and pieces of Monster Girl Adventures in the coming weeks, but I'm working through some other projects right now.

When I inevitably do get to it, i'll post more updates. There were a few people playing at one point, but that was quite a few threads ago.

I think the holidays and the mundanity of the topics just kept people away. You skip one thread, then the conversation spills over into the next, then it's three threads of something completely different and people just don't want to dedicate going archive hunting to figure out where everything is as of right now.

>> No.71169450

Well, why not? It's interesting to me, and apparently Prometheusanon thinks the same way, so it's probably not as stupid as you think. There's a lot of great ideas being passed around, so why not gather them together?

>> No.71169948

I think it's a neat idea.

>> No.71170262

I don't have any problem with it persay, but it does get a bit confusing. It's starting to become unclear whether we're only talking about one of the settings, or all of them?

>> No.71170826
File: 2.37 MB, 680x383, 287.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>DL and her goons take control of media.
>Now internet vision of Peach is the normal Princess Peach
>Internets interpretation of the Super Crown is canon
>Now developers have to ask artist to tone up their female character designs. The guy who makes Xenoblades is one of the few that not noticed the change.
>Don’t even get me started on Pokémon.
>No male MC is allowed to reach the ending of the game single in fact most of them don’t last till half of it
>California was deemed beyond salvation and sunk to the ocean whit all of its inhabitants still on it, Poseidon did not liked that one.
>Inti closes doors their love for tragic love stories and killing pretty girls where their undoing.
>Date sims send a ping to all the girls in the area that coincide to the girl that is winning on the first save.
Did I miss anything?

>> No.71170951

Texas sunk too.

>> No.71171020

>Japan, as well as what remains of India, are forced to militarize as, in the case of Japan, Yomi begins to intrude into the world; India, however, is beset upon by their own pantheon as a result of their fall from grace
>Israel just vanishes off the face of the earth; a note in Aramaic more or less telling them "If you can't be arsed to share, nobody gets it."
>Mexico overthrows the Spaniards in the government, ends up becoming an okay place to live as a result of the Land of the Dead merging with the land of the living; much parties were had
>The Ganges is purified over the course of several years by a team of water nymphs
>South America kinda becomes Australia-lite

>> No.71171182

The real question is what happens once they've got everyone's internet history and start sorting everyone by fetish.

>> No.71171212

>human women

>> No.71171240
File: 45 KB, 474x644, Snek.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Then it'll pretty much turn into one big ol' government-mandated matchmaking service.

Also, fun little exercise: Make an encyclopedia entry for this little gal!

>> No.71171248

>not organizing a /k/ meetup
>not summoning a Demon and gangbanging her back to the abyss
>not throwing her into a forest and hunting her for sport afterwards
Never gonna make it.

>> No.71171271

Great job, now 70% are alps

>> No.71171272

so, what the FBI already does?

>> No.71171296

Anon, it is the FCC that does that or rather allows it.

>> No.71171305

The sorting would be more specific than "illegal" and "not illegal" in this case.
Reminds me to wonder what happens to the autogynephiles. Is that "enough" or not?

>> No.71171318

only the bottoms

>> No.71171322


>70% of /k/

>> No.71171380
File: 881 KB, 1541x5406, a63cc8_5601801.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

jesus christ, all it would take is one incubus

>> No.71171382

That's inconvenient. I know a few people saddled with that from childhood influences who are still only attracted to women. Hate to see them get hard-sorted like that over such a small thing.

>> No.71171383

>crunching numbers
I know, one of them was me.

>> No.71171386

Of course not, just the definition of Illegal and legal would be different.
I would kill to see the Luchador variant of the Harpy

>> No.71171399

>a Demon and not a Whitehorn and some Alps

>> No.71172827

What's its name?
Unless this is the generic white serpent?

>> No.71174992
File: 344 KB, 1000x845, 1577464251374.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71175608

how has his soul not been sand blasted away yet?

>> No.71175734
File: 218 KB, 1964x1104, 86173164_2308096916154568_7666490737592107008_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I remember those! They should be a pdf whit a link in the header. I literally stole those tweak them a lil bit and made a really cohesive campaign using those.
MGE would make a good amount of cash if their released a playable roleplaying book.

>> No.71176966

I don't think she has a name; I've just been holding onto that pic for a while.

>> No.71177708

>California was deemed beyond salvation and sunk to the ocean whit all of its inhabitants still on it,
That is hurtful but probably for the best.

>> No.71177776

Its okay anon, it'll be like the extermination of Sodom. We'll send in guys to go find the 'Lots' of California to bring them Home before it happens

Just don't uh, don't sacrifice your daughter, thats outta style

>> No.71177807

>Detroit burned overnight
>Chicago was overrun by Danuki in a week
>Louisiana got slightly less horrible
>Arizona becomes a big vacation spot for reptilian mamono
>Canada is evacuated following the discovery of the Wendigos
>Italy quickly overtakes Paris as THE romantic getaway after Eros decides to 'spruce up the place'
>Jerusalem is left behind following the 'vanishing' of Israel; debates are had over the best way to monitor the place.
>Poseidon raises North California from the sea, claiming "They did nothing wrong in the first place"
>South America gets weird

>> No.71177864

>Detroit burned overnight

And nothing changed about the city of detroit.

It looks even better actually.

>> No.71177887

>Lizardman portals through to the city of Detroit
>Sees bombed out looking buildings, tired fires, squander
>"Clearly a great battle must have been fought here."

>> No.71179588

>>Inti closes doors their love for tragic love stories and killing pretty girls where their undoing.

What is Inti supposed to be? Is that some story writing or publishing company?

>> No.71179836

So assuming that on a good day the military are able to stop the mamono from invading earth, how would supply chains hold together if 25% of the male workforce decide they'd rather go live in magic waifu land?

>> No.71179964

For a variety of reasons 1/4th of the workforce fucking off would cripple any logistics and supply chain. They're already overworked as it is making it that much harder would break them.

>> No.71180081
File: 12 KB, 1168x635, writing is hard.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That anon who got a nick 'Philosophy Anon' and then proceeded to use it only twice in the last fifteen months since I started posting here reporting for duty.
I still have plenty of ideas to sift through, balance everything out and most importantly, put a wall of fluff behind everything.
Oh and writing it all down is also a thing that I keep on forgetting.

>> No.71180151

You're in the exact opposite position I am; I have a LOT of fluff, but no way to translate that into actual mechanics.

You know, something that I've been doing these past few threads since I started posting was letting people pick a prompt that I then expand on in a story; it's a good way for me to flesh out ideas while still, y'know, building the setting as I go along. If you think it'll work for you, why not give it a try?

>> No.71180225
File: 133 KB, 500x522, 555-come-on-now-1687205.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>what is propaganda
Probably the same reason why 25% of the male workforce hasn't converted into Islam. Literally plaster "RAPIST" and "PEDOPHILE" with a Lilim attached on every poster. It'd be too easy.

>> No.71180297

Islam would have a lot more converts if they gave you the 72 virgins while you were still alive.

>> No.71180312

The counterpoint is that monsters love men and will help them.

>> No.71180334
File: 165 KB, 1125x1393, IMG_20200115_100636.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks for the suggestion, I might try that.
As for the story, I pretty much have a concrete idea of what I want, but getting some feedback could clear up a few nooks and crannies.

>> No.71180417

never understood this, why only 72? and why virgins? It's like fucking a fish, maybe a sexy mamano fish. even if you only had a virgin once a year you'd only have 72 years.
what if we don't need or want their help? what if a human woman wants to exist AS A HUMAN?

>> No.71180432

Then find a woman capable of love.

>> No.71180466
File: 42 KB, 674x674, joe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what would mamano mafia movies be like?

>> No.71180491

Hey, catch enough oysters and you'll find a pearl eventually.

>> No.71180530

Or visit the free pearl stand.

>> No.71180547

I'm not saying every man or even most men would go, but a lot of men would give up the daily grind to marry an immortal supermodel and become a citizen of the most generous welfare state in the universe.

>> No.71180550

It's 72 houris, which are some sort of ambiguous celestial being, not necessarily a sky harem. Many people don't even acknowledge it as a part of scripture. And if it makes it "better" you're supposed to get a fuckload of servants along with those. It does make me wince a bit whenever someone brings up the "72 virgins" as a serious critique of Islam when there's so many other real things you can shit on them for, and it's not like the beliefs of Christians or ESPECIALLY Mormons are any less ridiculous than the "virgin" strawman.

>> No.71180779
File: 85 KB, 1024x538, 1576103026505.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Realistically though, they're not going to waste time educating the cannon fodder on the finer points of scripture.

>> No.71180958

>mamono avoid Florida like the plague
>even wonderland residents stay the fuck away from the Floridians

>> No.71181027

just cum in an oyster

>> No.71181043

>ask my wife for a turkey sandwich
>she brings me a turkey girl and her sister
Every time.

>> No.71181623
File: 62 KB, 941x718, ericandrepoint.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71181677


>> No.71181846

>it's real
Goddamnit KC, you really are the man

>> No.71182100
File: 1.72 MB, 1216x1810, 1566423176268.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Inticreates, a videogame company they have a kink for making really cute girls and killing them in the brutal ways.
And one huge boner for tragic love stories. Play some of their games if you are able they are really good.

>> No.71183184

>interview with a shaken up jabberwock as she explains how some crazy bastard covered in cooking oil and high on meth wrassled her into submission and didn't even fuck her
>march hare and mad hatter screaming in confusion as they try to piece together what some strung out hobo is spouting as he slaps the food and decorations off the tea table
>jubjub bird eggs never get a chance to go slime because they keep getting eaten by swamp people
Jesus Christ how horrifying

>> No.71183259

Its why the US keeps the people of the State of Florida around.
Their mere existence is a weapon.

>> No.71183306
File: 92 KB, 970x587, south-african-ostrich-omelette.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>jubjub bird eggs
just imagine

>> No.71183325

See, THAT makes more sense. I never knew that! Do you study religion?

>> No.71183470

It's fine to eat unfertilized eggs.

>> No.71183688

it's be one hell of a scotch egg. what if it turns into a humpty halfway in the factory? food regulations in the states are terrible anon.

>> No.71183734

adding on i suppose if the factory was run by mamano it would be perfectly fine, just a few hiccups a week

>> No.71183768

Eat your wife's eggs so you know if they're fertilized or not.

>> No.71183882

Maybe you shouldn't have married a Bicorn if you didn't want girls to be brought to you.

>> No.71184364

I thought it was because we didn't know how to remove to fuckers since they swim to well to make sinking the state viable.

>> No.71184927

It isn't his fault. He was asked if he wanted to buy corn and thought it would be a good snack.

>> No.71185280

>Bicorn? Sounds delicious, i'll have two!

>> No.71186203

So for the Prometheus setting I was thinking of creating little factbook of it's own. Its "author"being a Mamono that went turncoat against tyr DL to go join the Titanic Order.

What would be a good Mamono who's into 'cultural/biological studies' enough to put out a book like that?

>> No.71186318


>> No.71186812

Haku's probably.

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