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>trade with some other players at my lgs
>trade some of my cards for money because they don't have anything i want
>"anon, i've told you that you can't do this here. please leave and call us back in a week and we'll let you know if you can come back."
Why do people still support the "F"LGS?

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>know the rules
>break the rules
do you expect me to be sympathetic

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Your LGS just sucks.

This. But also your LGS sucks. Banning for a week? Nah senpai that's gay. Claim your homo and report it as hate crime

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>>trade some of my cards for money
"Selling" would be the word you are looking for

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Yes. And?

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>Go to McDonalds
>Start selling my own burgers in their lobby
>Wow, how could McDonalds have kicked me out?

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It's a trading card game, and cards have value. Trading for Value is Trading, regardless of your frivolous bitching.

You don't Trade Big Macs for Whoppers because Burgers aren't a trading based game, it's a consuming based product.

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>they told me I can't do this here
>they kicked me out for doing it wtf?

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>Go to trading card shop
>Can't trade cards wtf?

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Dude, they told you not to do it. Chances are there is some kind of legal shit.

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there's most likely a legal, liability, or liscensing reason they can't allow the selling of loose cards on the premises.

this. Hell it could even be some dumb mandate from Wizards

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In most countries, and you're in the US because you wouldn't be this dumb or indignant otherwise, the proprietor has the right to refuse service.

Can't blame him, I wouldn't want cheeto-dusted freaks arguing about their cash exchanges in my store either.

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It's pretty goddamn simple, you can barter but not sell. Shoulda traded for a bottle of soda, or a movie ticket, or a reach-around. Or just, y'know, gone outside and walked 20 meters down the street to do the one trade that involved money.

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just step outside for couple minutes to do your thing, then go back inside, that's how smokers do it, should work for you tool
well, unless we are talking London

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If the guy already warned you before its your own fault. If you don’t like the rules go somewhere else its that easy.

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Look at all this mindless lawfagging. Is everyone on /tg/ just one of those pathetic faggots who suck up to anyone with the least bit of authority, like even the dude running a gaming store?

What is even the point of such a rule? Its literally called a Trading Card Game. People are still coming into the store and will likely buy cards there if you just leave them alone. People walking outside, selling cards, and then going back inside accounts for the same loss of business. And who's calling the cops on people going about their business selling their property? Even if it is technically illegal for some fucking reason, how is this enforceable?

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>how is this enforceable?

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You have to read the whole thing. Not just the last third of the last sentence. The whole thing. I know its hard but you have to try.

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Fuck off to some lawless shithole if you want to LARP as an alpha male.

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It's the only part that matters - store owner decides how they run the store, you decide if you frequent it or you don't. That's how open market works. There's no other variable to consider.

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Except that we judge people on the merrit of their choices and action they take, you spineless faggot. What is the fucking point? Do all you homos show up to defend people shitting in their hands and eating just because they naturally have the option of doing so?

Again people can just walk out into the street right in front of the store and the owner cant do shit. Or just transfer money on their account from their phone right there in the store. Or meet up somewhere else to close the deal. Still accounting for the same loss of business. Its not enforceable.

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This. The store owner will make more money running an FLGS in contrast to an LGS. OP would probably spend the money in store to aquire the card he does want.

My LGS is dieing from failed business practices. I'm considering starting a not retarded Business model of an LGS. An FLGS if you will. But I probably will move to another town.

The point, poor Business practice makes for failed business. The loss of a comfortable environment is a handicap.

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Checked and based.

Letting this Card Trading happen in your FLGS will attract more customers. Being a cunt will cripple your LGS

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>I'm considering starting a not retarded Business model of an LGS. An FLGS if you will.
it can be a good hobby, but it's bad source of income, just keep that in mind

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Well of course it's a bad source of income when you ban people Trading Cards in a Card Trading game.

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>based LGS owner using his right to boot out scabby, smelly card players in case they inconvenience the superior wargamers with their childlike bickering

Nothing wrong here

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>Its not enforceable.
A "don't trade anywhere" rule might be, but that's not the rule here, that's just what you wish the rule was so you could show everyone how awful and stupid it is. Just like all the other rules you have to follow. They're all the very definition of stupidity and injustice. The "don't trade in the store" rule on the other hand is entirely enforceable, just ask OP.
Now you may claim that such a rule isn't going to matter because you can just go outside. There's certainly no shortage of people here making a very big deal out of how little a deal voiding such a rule would be. Which in itself shows us that it isn't. People are lazy, and like tos tick to the pack.

>My LGS is dieing from failed business practices
Even before internet shopping came along to make brick and mortar stores of all kinds a largely endangered species game stores were a thing with an average life span of bugger all. They came, and they went. All said and done, any kind of LGS is usually not a good business idea, regardless of whether they do things just the way you'd want them to or not.

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OP wasn't trading though, he was selling his own merchandise in someone else's store.

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>People walking outside, selling cards, and then going back inside accounts for the same loss of business.

OP confirmed for lazy landwhale. Literally no different from some businesses not wanting you smoking inside. Maybe next time try not disrespecting people on their property.

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>Lawfags sucking LGS ownsers dick deciding to follow a rule means its enforceable
Sure buddy.

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Except smoking is a health hazard and smells disgusting for everyone who doesnt smoke. There's a good reason for banning it. So its actually in no way similar at all.

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>giving somebody a week long time out
I have never heard of this. Just go somewhere where they treat customers like normal people and not schoolkids. If it was some kind of legal infraction, then they ought to have informed their customers (that's the only reason I can think of)

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Oi, you got a loicense for that cigarette mate?”

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t. has only seen people smoke cigarettes or petrol station "cigars".

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>cardfags thinking they're people
Cry more.

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You're a fucking health hazard and you smell disgusting for everyone who isn't you.

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Why I never. I'll have you know I took a shower only minutes ago.

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>part of the charm of this game is looking through each others binders to find things to swap with each other
>that means its acceptable for me to run a cash buisness inside this other store

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I can't believe people are defending this bullshit.
Can't you dumb dumbs understand that this transaction is going to happen anyways?
There's no stopping it.

>b-b-but they did stop them. they kicked anon out of the store and that stopped him
Merely delaying the inevitable. Do you really think that guy is going to buy the card he wanted from the store when he can get it cheaper from anon on the streets later?

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So wait until you're out in the street together, not in someone's place of business.

This is really not difficult, you lazy and sanctimonious twat.

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You sound like the kind of guy who gets pissy when you tell your FLGS owner that you read a comic entirely online, and he gets offended. He can't stop you from doing it, but it's still lost revenue.

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>"Anon please don't do this thing."
>"I'm gonna do the thing."

Regardless of the merits of the rule in the first place how the fuck can you even pretend to be surprised by the ban? What kind of sperg just goes back in and does the exact thing the owner told them to stop doing right in front of them?

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>owner tells you not to smoke in his store
>wtf that’s so dumb I’m just gonna smoke it somewhere else anyways

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>Trading for Value is Trading, regardless of your frivolous bitching.
>no officer, I wasn't driving
>I'm a sovereign citizen TRAVELLING

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>deciding to follow a rule means its enforceable
>the owner calls the police
>tells them you're trespassing
>you're fat ass is arrested and walked out of there
>while you screech "don't tread on me!!!1!!"
truly /tg/ has no idea about how IRL works

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You do realize that the money he got from selling his cards could've been put into the store, yea?

But like, why would you ever spend money on a LGS that has shit rules and treats you like trash?
It's a shitty practice and there's no defending it beyond
Yea we get, but sometimes rules are just objectively bad.

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>You do realize that the money he got from selling his cards could've been put into the store, yea?

>You may only spend the money in the place it's been acquired
>Lucas, 86:12

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"Could have"
Bitch, you know that motherfucker wasn't gonna spend shit in the store, he was just waiting around where autists congregate so he could sell his Blue Eyes White whateverthefuck.

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>Yea we get, but sometimes rules are just objectively bad.
You don't get it. They're the rules, deal with it, move on, shut the fuck up.

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You've only proven that trespassing laws are enforceable. Not whatever bullshit law that might make illegal to sell your own cards at a LGS.

The rule itself is also not enforceable once it is own by the customers because there are so many easy ways to get around it and all the rule itself does is lose you customers for being a cunt. If I was OP, at this point, I would just wait out my week and buy all of my cards off of cardmarket from now on.

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>You've only proven that trespassing laws are enforceable

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We do know for a fact that he's not going to buy anything now, now that you've kicked him out. You choice a garuanteed no sale over the chance of sale, which is bad business.
Also again, the selling of his blue eyes white nerd dragon is invetible. You're not going to stop it.

>You don't get it. They're the rules, deal with it, move on, shut the fuck up.
Did people shut the fuck and deal with it when women and blacks not voting was a rule? No. So move out the way, bigot, you're on the wrong side of LGS history.

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>You choice a garuanteed no sale over the chance of sale
If that's your logic, he already made sure that this faggot wouldn't spend money there, by telling him "hey we can't let you sell cards inside the store, WOTC would be on our dick if we let that revenue slip"

You're defending a guy who, in hearing a rule, went right back and broke it again, in front of the same fucking guy.

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How exactly do you think any kind of rules about what kind of behaviour is accepted are enforceable? Do you also screech about restaurants with "No shoes, no shirt, no service" or "Please wait to be seated" signs.

>> No.71003673

>but sometimes rules are just objectively bad
Sure, but this isnt one of those rimes. Its completely reasonable for a buisness owner to not want other people coming into his building to run their own competing businesses marketing to his customers.

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id bet bottom dollar that OP wont be spending money at this LGS. what dumb cunt would create this unfriendly environment when the Friendly Environment is your top product? and trading is trading, your just being a dumb cunt and trying to promote bad business.

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> Trade with other players
> sell cards for money
> Steal store buisness
>REEEEEEEEEEEEE stupid rules why won't they let me do whatever i want, whenever i want this is unfair im being persecuted REEEEEE its not fair fuck you dad i wont go in the time out zone REEEEEE

You were selling goods inside his store the guy was perfectly right to kick you out, so stop throwing a temper tantrum like a spoiled little child and just deal with it.

Cause the facts are that complaining on /tg/ won't do shit, you're just mad somebody called you on your bullshit and you don't have the power or the balls to stand up for yourself so now you're throwing an autistic pity party on /tg/ so you can feel validated for acting like an entitled brat and getting your feelings hurt over getting called on it.

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I like how you people have to start crying about something completely fucking different to try to make it seem like you have a point. No dude, the fact that I have a problem with this one rule in this one establishment does not mean I have a problem with all rules in all establishments. Go fucking figure.

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>trading is trading
>trading goods for goods or services is called barter
>trading for monetary value is called "buying and selling"
Neck yourself, retard, the money being brought into play is the only reason OP is wrong.

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Then as a consumer you don't have to shop there, it's not difficult, stop being a child over it.

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Trespassing law would only come into it once the owner of the store tells OP to leave and he doesnt. It does in fact have fuck all to do with the owner being a cunt about people selling cards in his store.

>> No.71003773

>maintain a property to perform business there
>don't allow other people to freely perform the same business there
>being a cunt

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>hurr durr the owner can't enforce the "no selling" rule
implies that you want to ignore the rule and stay at the store, despite being told to fuck off and leave (with a ban)
so if it's not enforceable, this means you will try to stay/return before the ban ends
>what is trespassing?

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out of all the petty, stupid manchild posts on /tg/ this is without a doubt the pettiest stupidest manchildish post i have ever seen.

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I'm not OP. I dont even frequent an LGS. I just think you faggots sucking the cock of anyone with even the slightest bit of authority for the simple fact that they have authority are fucking pathetic.

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>"hey we can't let you sell cards inside the store, WOTC would be on our dick if we let that revenue slip"
I like how you try to make the LGS sound like a victem of the big bad WOTC. Can you even prove that anon's game store has WOTC riding their asses?
>You're defending a guy who, in hearing a rule, went right back and broke it again, in front of the same fucking guy.
And you're defending a shitty rule that makes the store uninviting and drives away customers. What's the point of hanging out at a LGS if you can't even trade cards?

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>t. ancap retard

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You can trade cards, you just can't sell them

>> No.71003831

Again there is no way for this store owner to enforce this rule. There's a million ways to get around it for the simple fact that its not against to law for people to sell their own property.

Its nothing but being a cunt.

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Selling is just trading for money

>> No.71003875

Yes but the point remains all the same. You can trade cards, but you can't sell them.

>> No.71003885

Again, OP just waits out his ban and comes back. Now takes the appropriate procedures to avoid future bans. Leave the store and come back in or close transaction through bank account on phone. Owner cant do shit. Except be a cunt.

>> No.71003890

>Again there is no way for this store owner to enforce this rule.
Then why is op throwing a bitchfit over it being enforced on him? Checkmate ancapfags.

>> No.71003907

it's not about sucking the cock of anybody with authority its about op acting like an overdramatic manbaby.

mcdonalds wouldn't let you sell your own burgers in the corner.

Bookstores wont let you sell your own shit in the corner.

Why should it be any different in this case ?

This guy has set up a business, rents a store staffs it, works in it and relies upon the income generated in it, the level of entitlement that op shows by waltzing in selling cards and then having the nerve to cry about being thrown out is astonishing.

op is in the wrong and only children or man children would think otherwise. Because at the end of the day rather than just deal with it, or fess up and say sorry my bad didn't realize this wasn't appropriate, like any other adult would do. Op was so incensed about getting told off that he has to create a thread on /tg/ to cry about how utterly powerless he is.

Selling cards in a store was a dick move and shows a total lack of social awareness.
Crying about it afterwards shows a total lack of maturity.

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An ancap wouldn't question the right of the property owner to set his own rules.

>> No.71003936

Have you tried not playing MTG?

>> No.71003953

>still sell cards outside of the store
>doen't spend money earned on LGS
>cut into LGS profits by selling cards
>LGS goes out of business
Lol, you mad LGS owner?

>> No.71003956

Unless they’re gay or black

>> No.71003958

Ya its a dumb rule
I should be able to sell as many cards as I want on their property. I should also be allowed to start texting people secretly and selling cards the owners sell at a fraction of the price.
They should just accept it

>> No.71003980

Or another hypothetical scenario:

On release day Anon shows up and buys all the new boxs at market price and then hangs out in the store to flip them at a huge markup to everyone else.

>> No.71004018

owners should't sell their cars at such crap prices. if the LGS is so marked up it cant compete with standard sale price the nit wont sell shit for shit.

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I mean bookstores get in writers to do signings. Doesnt directly make the bookstore money but it gets people into the store and those people might buy a book. This is a trading card game. It naturally follows that if someone doesnt have cards the other person wants to trade, money is exchanged instead. Its a very natural part of the culture around this product and you cant pretend its not. Banning it doesnt mean it wont happen and will only serve to drive customers away from your store and not want to give you business.

But keep sucking that big cock. I'm sure those LGS goodboy points will pay off one ay.

>> No.71004022

What does the F in FLGS stand for? I know LGS is Local Game Shop.

>> No.71004026

what? is the LGS going to flip then and sell them at a huge markup?

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>Trading for Value is Trading
No officer, I did not steal this item. I traded it for its value and I just happen to value it at $0.

>> No.71004037

Alright let me explain this in retard-proof terms:

>YoU cAn TrAdE cArDs FoR cArDs, BuT nOt FoR mOnEy

>> No.71004040

what does F usually stand for?

>> No.71004046

Those are two separate things and the fact you can conflate the two is an obvious sign of retardation, but you do you bro, keep getting mad at your dad for making you follow the rules.

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>> No.71004056

>Trading for Value is Trading
yes. literal yes. your strawman dosnt even apply. am i not allowed to give gifts in the LGS?

>> No.71004058

I've legitimately never been in a store that allowed swapping anything for cash, models or cards or whatever. You either trade stuff or you go to the parking lot to do your business.

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>This guy has set up a business, rents a store staffs it, works in it and relies upon the income generated in it,
You do realize that all the stuff sold at your LGS can be bought cheaper online, right? The only reedeming quality that a LGS offers is a place for nerds to gather and hang out. If you make it a shitty place to hang at then nobody is going to come and you'll go out of business.

>> No.71004070


If you can't understand this point there's a high probability you're an autistic child who shouldn't be allowed out in public anyway

>> No.71004071

friendly, but OP LGS isnt friendly so its just lgs not flgs

>> No.71004075

The problem is that you could be purchasing cards off that person that the shop is selling as singles and thus directly undercutting the business you're inside. The business is not obligated to put up with that.

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>> No.71004099

So can I trade them for (random item) and then trade the (random item) back for money?

Ultimately it doesn't matter. Those cards are going to be sold right outside your store for cash and there's nothing you can do about it.
Get ready to go bankrupt, you nerd.

>> No.71004103

i could spend the money i traded on the LGS, but fuck those faggots. my group will hangout at tims place not some unwelcoming shit shop

>> No.71004120

Fuck you, I'm making a burger trading game now!

>> No.71004124

This guy gets it. Wargamers also clean up after themselves and leave the store like they found it, whereas card gamers leave their trash on tables and the floor, spill drinks and clog toilets.

>> No.71004125

Itt: sovereign citizens getting feisty

>> No.71004128

>The only reedeming quality that a LGS offers is a place for nerds to gather and hang out. If you make it a shitty place to hang at then nobody is going to come and you'll go out of business.
It's pretty safe to say that the store is probably far less shitty to hang out in with OP's apparent turbospergetry removed. Assuming the story isn't entirely made up because OP is a nogames faggot, he absolutely is the sort of person that is horrible to have to be around because his parents were too busy daydrinking as a coping mechanism to teach their failure of a child how to behave in public.

>> No.71004130

Its not that different because allowing a community (that includes selling cards wether you like it or not) while not directly making you money, will bring people into you business where they might buy something. Especially if you're a cool guy and people like you. That gets you loyalty and now people might be willing to spend more money at your store just because its you!

>> No.71004142

Selling your own singles inside a store breaks the NAP.

>> No.71004159

>i could spend the money i traded on the LGS
The only people who say this kind of thing are the people who never had any intention of doing it in the first place.

>> No.71004165

It's okay, I'll just sell them outside your store. Oh look I just sold a dark magician that they bought from ME and not you. There goes your rent for the month.

>> No.71004167

yeah in the same way everything can be bought cheaper online, but that dosent mean you have to accept a neckbeard coming into your store and selling products under the table. The shop was obviously fine with them hanging out and trading they just dont want a customer coming in and setting up a direct competitive market in the store, there is no store in the civilized world that would let people get away with this. If op wanted to sell his cards he could have sold them online or went out the store and round the corner, which would still have been a bitch move but at least it would have been the smarter move.

The shop sounds pretty reasonable all customers have to do is avoid being a disrespectful autist and they're all good, but apparently managing to have some level of decorum or manners is too much for your average neckbeard.

Op is part of the reason so many of these shops suck, throwing a tantrum for being asked not to be a dick is just such a childish thing to do.

>> No.71004194

>If op wanted to sell his cards he could have sold them online or went out the store and round the corner, which would still have been a bitch move but at least it would have been the smarter move.
How exactly is that a bitch move? He's not breaking any rules when he does that.

>> No.71004195

>'anon, let's TRADE outside'
>sell him the card outside
>dab on jannies

>> No.71004206

>selling yugioh cards
What a fag

>> No.71004222

No. Read what I wrote, LGS sells them at a market price then a private seller flips them at a huge markup to whoever is coming to the store.

That is called scalping, and scalping is generally considered bad. One of the ways you can keep scalpers out of a community is to put in place a simple no.cash transaction between people rule. Your normal community doesn't usually have any problem with this because they weren't out to make money and will trade models or cards or whatever. The people who are actively challenged by such a rule are people who are actively trying to make money on the community.

>> No.71004270

Holy shit, I clearly set the bar too high when I wrote 'retard proof'.

Let's try it again.

>yOu CaN tRaDe CaRdS aNd ShInY tOyS fOr OtHeR cArDs Or ShInY tOyS bUt NoT fOr MoNeY

And I know thinking ahead might be a big leap for you, but once you've traded cArD fOr ShInY tOy, you can't trade sHinY tOy FoR mOnEy either, because you go back to the previous rule and can only trade it for OtHeR cArDs Or ShInY tOyS again.

If you're having trouble with these difficult concepts, I'm sure your caregiver or special friend-teacher will be willing to help you with them.

>> No.71004278

and the store is obviously still allowing that, people can come in they can play, they can trade, they can hangout they just can't sell cards in the store.

I have no issue with cards being resold at all, and that can happen in the community online, or buy singles at the store, or buy and sell cards between themselves on their own property or out on the street, however you can't expect a business to put up with being undercut in their own store, it's just not how businesses are run.

Throwing op out because he's a disrespectful autist, will lose them precisely 0 custom, people are not coming into to the store to see op, people aren't coming in expecting to hit up the card black market in the corner off the store and 99.9% of customers are not going to be selling or buying cards between players during play.

>> No.71004293

i think the disconnect is the ammount
if you get kicked out of a LGS for giving a dude a dollar for some rare you need for a combo is one thing

but if you're dropping 200 dollars on a card the shop is also selling I could see that being a problem. especially because money trading hands in game shops quickly turns into gambling and that actually brings down serious heat if the LGS isn't careful.

but yeah there are better ways to do this shit.

>> No.71004315

Why do you support this store? I'd have told them to get fucked with a rusty bayonet and told everyone to go to literally any other shop. Do you live in a shithole nothing town or something?

They should be begging you to show up and pay for their events, not playing this faggoty "call me in a week and maybe I'll let you back" bullshit. Remember OP: You're the one with the money. You're the one with the power. If they don't have customers they don't have a business, and throwing a paying customer out because $5 exchanged hands without the store's involvement is really poor business sense. Unless they're the only shop for a hundred miles, they're gonna be a starbucks in 4 months tops.

>> No.71004319

Wow, you should've been nicer to me. Now I'm going to have to take you down. Time to sell Exodia. That's right, I'm selling all five pieces of Exodia outside your store.


>> No.71004336

You're an incredible retard who doesn't know the first thing about business, customer experiences, or planning.

>> No.71004349

It's a bitch move because op moves like a bitch, scuttling out of the store and into dark alleys to sell carboard like it's crack is inherently a bitch move. it's also a bitch move because instead of enjoying a game or trading like everybody else Op has gone through all this effort to make a couple bucks at most indicating op is broke or obsessed with his shekels to the point of being one of (((Them)))

>> No.71004375

> Imagine Getting this feisty because the mean old man won't let you spend your good boy points in his store.

Follow the rules kids or get thrown out.

>> No.71004393

the chad move is to run a better FLGS to beat out the shit lgs. steal all his buisness and sell at online value

>> No.71004421

You're delusional. Or you dont play these games. Selling and buying cards between players when either party doesnt have anything to trade is obviously part of this product and community. Not allowing this will cost LGSs more than just OPs business.

>> No.71004427

Bro OP was interested in the game, they just didn't have the stuff he wanted. That's why he was going to take a money trade, so he could use the money to buy the cards he wanted. Like he literally says he only traded SOME cards for cash, not all of them.

>> No.71004456

There is no evidence OP is buying anything from the store, and in fact is turning other people away from being customers as well by having them spend their money on his products.

>> No.71004474

So op turns up at the store with no money and has to try and hustle other players, so he can finish his cardboard collection.

Still a (((Bitch))) move

>> No.71004502

I doubt that. All the game stores I've been to have that policy or something similar, two have been around over a decade. The LGSs I've seen fail didn't seem to fail because they didn't allow people to sell things in there store. Outside of that, a similar model happens at things like concerts or conventions where scalpers will stay outside trying to flip badges pr merch at huge markups to people on the street. Inside vendors are typically registered with whatever entity is organizing the event, at least with the conventions I've been too.

Even if you look at OPs case and everything said to defend it: the sticking point has been about money specifically. Not "I'm not allowed to trade", but that "I'm not allowed to trade for money". The focus is clearly on making money in the community, as there are many alternatives to just cash in that situation. For example, OP could have had the other player buy a booster pack and then traded the booster pack for the single, which is a common thing I've seen done. Instead the sticking point is the mo ey specifically, despite all the talk of wanting a friendly community or good store. OP just wanted his shekels

>> No.71004503

>So op turns up at the store with no money
do you have a single fact to back that up?

>> No.71004524

wrong. we have fact proof that OP is creating a community of people who spend time/money at the LGS.

>> No.71004605

OP isn't creating anything other than bitch threads on /tg/. Hustling good cards from underages doesn't help the store in any form.

>> No.71004653

That's a lot of implication and fallacy

>> No.71004695

Spending money at the LGS doesn't help the store if it's not spent on their products.

>> No.71004707

>actively taking business from the store
do you also go into gamespot and try to sell games to people in the store?

>> No.71004709

You made this thread before frogposter.

>> No.71004712

>no replies despite him desperately defending himself in other reply chains
yeah, I think you nailed this one on the head

>> No.71004731

Why are you such a faggot? You were specifically told not to sell cards in their store. You knew the rules, and broke them anyway. Let me guess, you've never met your father and you were Mommy's special boy, weren't you?

>> No.71004773

The only thing my LGS frowns up is selling sealed product inside the store, and even then I am not quite sure they enforce it cause I have never seen anyone trying to sell a box inside the store.

>> No.71004777

Hi, LGS owner here, please don't come unless it's to buy something or for a dedicated event. If you want to sell your own property, the internet has already being invented, find your own costumers there, we really don't need extra people taking the space of actual costumers.
Alternative, create your own store and sell your own stuff there.

>> No.71004796
File: 25 KB, 250x250, 1560447648010.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

op is a stupid shit for not following the rules, the same way a frog triggers you

>> No.71004801

sure thing op

>> No.71004806

Using the phrase "trade for money" seems like blatant trolling but I really can't tell if the people trying to justify it in this thread are genuine.

>> No.71004833

it's obviously shitposting

>> No.71004837

Damn dude, just sell them outside the door or walk to the local restaurant then sell them. They can't say shit if it's not on their property. I'm not gonna go to a church and start preaching the words of other religions but if it's across the street they don't have a leg to stand on. Think first dude.

>> No.71004844

>be me
>sell packs of cards
>entire point is the packs are random so customers have to buy multiples to get what they're after

>some fat asshole rocks u
>starts selling specific cards
>totally undercutting my business in my store
>but at least he might buy some more cards maybe

>> No.71004859 [DELETED] 
File: 238 KB, 578x491, OP's beverage of choice.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>people who spend time/money at the LGS
Tell me how I know that you've worked at any kind of business. Shit, even a gender studies major could tell you why you're wrong, at least they've got job experience from Starbucks.

>> No.71004880

>or walk
You've clearly not met OP

>> No.71004883
File: 238 KB, 578x491, OP's beverage of choice.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>people who spend time/money at the LGS
Tell me how I know that you've never worked at any kind of business. Shit, even a gender studies major could tell you why you're wrong, at least they've got job experience from Starbucks.

>> No.71004886

So all you're doing here is turning people away from your business and start their own? You even openly declare that you dont care about the people who come to your store or the community they form while there. They're just your paypiggies and otherwise they can fuck off. Which they do.

The honesty is pretty refreshing atleast.

>> No.71004893

The store can kick you out for any reason the owner wants. Welcome to America.

>> No.71004922

Do you think stores are charity? Comunnity centers? Your personal amusement park?
People have a limited amount of money they're willing to spend, and you need to pay rent, employes, merchandising, etc. If you have a store, you NEED people to spend money on the store, otherwise, you won't have a store for long.

>> No.71004968

>They don't let me sell my own goods at their store, they aren't friendly
God you are a faggot. At this point I think they should have just banned you for being a faggot.

>> No.71004994
File: 2.00 MB, 330x204, Chaos Engine gets infiltrated.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

People who have spent their entire lives in their parents' basements or attics don't understand the concept of rent or living expenses.

Of course, it IS nice when a FLGS offers space for people to play and trade and run tournaments, but that's a luxury, not a right. The FLGS near me had to close their play area because people just weren't spending enough to cover the costs.

>> No.71004998

>muh community

Can't have a community if you can't pay the bills, dude.

>> No.71005008

Dude what do you got that the internet and a kitchen table wont offer for cheaper? You have a place for people to get together and form a community. That is literally the only value you bring to this game. If that aspect doesnt interest you, you're in the wrong fucking business.

>> No.71005028

This might be true, but it could just as easily be the card shop unreasonably expecting a cut by being the only ones in the card meetup place who can exchange cards for liquidity. Why would I take one interpretation over the other in lieu of actual information?

>> No.71005062

We are having a lot of success with, wait for it, D&D5e. A lot of casuals are curious and willing to come and buy store credits to get our DM service, they later use the entry quota money to get dices, miniatures, or snacks. God Bless D&D and their casuals.
On the card side, best costumers are older dudes. They come from work, want to buy their sleeves, booster packs, etc, play a little and go because they have work tomorrow.
Worst costumers are teens, they want someone to chat with about their hobbies but don't have much money so they just... stand there.... in the middle of the way. specially YuGiOh players, they really hate spending money, I don't know why

>> No.71005067

>Dude what do you got that the internet and a kitchen table wont offer for cheaper?
Wider access to inventory than a kitchen table and immediate access to goods unlike the internet. However the real question is how do you expect the place to stay open when it has no profit?
>Apparently no reason to buy its goods
>Paying a monthly fee to game there is sacrilegious

>> No.71005094

>unreasonably expecting a cut by being the only ones in the card meetup place
It's THEIR store. It's not like they're sending out goon squads to stop you from hawking cards around the corner, they'd just like it if you wouldn't try to run a rival business in their own house.

>> No.71005098

>Compares a not trading card game to trading card game
I have traded pokimon in a GameStop.

>> No.71005114


>> No.71005149

Literal wrong.

>> No.71005176

I understand the motivation, I just don't agree with it from a business perspective more than anything. The fact this is even an issue shows why LGS's are precarious business models in the first place.

>> No.71005245

I've been playing various TTRPGs over the last 10 years. Including 5e. I have never and will never drop a dime on anything but dice. Which seems the best thing to do because stores are too crowded and loud to play in and owners like you dont seem to like dealing with customers anyway. Just hand over my money and get the fuck out, right?

Your shit sucks, bro.

>> No.71005285

Pretty rude. There isn't a business in the world that doesn't prefer easy customers with generous wallets.

>> No.71005328
File: 1004 KB, 602x624, 1573000118574.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"anon, i've told you that you can't do this here
This is honestly the biggest red flag out of the whole deal. If this was a one time offense and OP got kicked out then it'd be a different story, but he was warned and did it anyway.

He doesn't hate the store because they stopped him from trading money for cards. If that was the case, he would have left after the first incident. No, he's angry that he got caught and is embarrassed because he got put in the time out corner. It's why he made a thread, so that he could save face with the validation of strangers.

>> No.71005348

I think regardless of how people feel about the policy, we can all agree OP is definitely a fag.

>> No.71005351

>I don't know why
You know why.

>> No.71005381

Is everyone in the states cucked like this in a daily basis???

>> No.71005425

>in the states
nobody got shot, it's not a clapistan story.

>> No.71005501

>"Why do stores cater to people who spend money instead of me?"

>> No.71005620

Yeah they dont have to deal with me and I get to play in a comfortable home AND keep my money. Everybody wins!

>> No.71005662

They probably kicked you out because you're a smelly degenerate who never buys anything and were just waiting for an excuse.

>> No.71005692

A thing you're missing is that some of the high margin stuff the LGS has is singles. Hell, even those boxes of forgettable commons and uncommons are pretty high margin despite a low price point.

The fat asshole isn't just stopping people from buying the randomized packs, he's trying to undercut you on singles inside of your own store.

>> No.71005747

Moral, responsible human beings don't feel respecting the property of others is 'cucked'.

>> No.71005776

Well, yeah. Practically speaking, LGS's are just public spaces to play and organize games. Selling games and accessories is just their version of Patreon. It's not really a secret that most game shops stay afloat because of goodwill from their regulars who like the space, since you can get the products cheaper and more conveniently elsewhere. That said, some guy who only plays D&D at home isn't going to get anything from an LGS and an LGS isn't going to get anything from them, so yeah fuck off, you wouldn't buy any significant amount of merchandise even if your shop wore 'I *heart* fag anon' shirts every day, you acting smug about how you're above their business model means nothing to anyone but your own twisted self-assurance.

>> No.71005944

>owner prioritizes pleasing the people who actually spend money and keep his business going
Also, if you only go into LGS to buy dice, I bet you barely ever got to know the owners.

>> No.71005982

The only thing I feel like I'm above is owners running said business model shittely, a step away from resentment towards their customer. That and paypiggies sucking the cock of the authority figure who doesnt even like or respect them as a person.

Seems nice and equel footing where both me and shitty LGS owners are telling eachother to fuck off.

>> No.71005983
File: 116 KB, 676x673, (You).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>stores are too crowded and loud to play in
do your feet hurt?

>> No.71005996

at this point I'm just proud of you for being able to type at all, anon.

>> No.71006019

The ban should be permanent DESU. At least with your attitude.

>> No.71006037

His store, his rules.
If you don’t like it go somewhere else.

>> No.71006039

>What is even the point of such a rule?
Because you're supposed to be buying cards from the store, not some random guy who doesn't pay them rent.

>> No.71006075

Having to shout over 30 people playing MtG right next to you does not for an optimal roleplaying experience make. It just dont.

>> No.71006105

>the owner being a reasonable person

>> No.71006130

>His FLGS doesn't sell cards individually
>He doesn't go to his FLGS
>He doesn't have a FLGS

>> No.71006134

>a step away from resentment towards their customer
Someone selling their own singles in your store is the opposite of a customer.

>> No.71006161

>or respect them as a person
respect is earned, fuckboy

>> No.71006181

more than that. when anon sells a common to some 12 year old kid for his whole weeks allowance, the 'copter-mom is going to come to the store for retribution. if some anon is selling chinese fakes, same deal. shit that happens is going to come back on the store.

hell, there might even be sales tax implications, if they allow it unchecked.

>> No.71006192

It is in a Trading Card Game. Its normal to exchange money if you dont have anything the other person wants to trade.

>> No.71006204

The LGS owners I've met have been friendly and professional. That doesn't mean they're my friend, and if I'm not doing business or promoting business in their shop, they have no obligation to put up with me. I've heard of some shops taking this too far and kicking people out if they're not buying something on any trip to the store, but those shops don't last long because they destroy any community that would grow around them. But it's still a business at the end of the day. I'm sure your LGS is heartbroken to hear you never buy dice bi-annually from them because they might secretly think teenagers are annoying customers for hanging out all day and never buying anything.

>> No.71006207

it's normal to pay for the food you eat in a restaurant too, but you don't see some homeless guy selling peanut butter sandwiches in the chinese buffet do you?

>> No.71006242

>lets compare apples and shit dildoes
the thing you compare is entirely unrelated and cant be compared.

>> No.71006256

>promoting business
way to beat your own argument

>> No.71006260

>my FLGS is, in fact, just an LGS because of this faggot owner
Bitch, that LGS became much more friendly when it decided to boot the bitchass card-nigger that can't emotionally handle the consequences of his own actions.

Open your own shop, make your own rules, cause your own bankruptcy because only smelly card-niggers like you have the olfactory capacity to stay in the same room with you for more than 5 minutes.

Shop owners only run card games in their stock because the merchandise's monetary density is off the charts. Smallest possible storage space for maximum profit off retards and autismos.

Bait threads are fun, same time tomorrow?

>> No.71006287

Filipinos are the strongest race.

>> No.71006289

you're ignoring the fact that it's a store that sells the same cards, I'm allowed to compare apples and dildos.

>> No.71006307

>I'm allowed to compare apples and dildos.

>> No.71006313
File: 42 KB, 300x444, simmering wth rage tg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nothing like a little rage early in the morning, eh?

>> No.71006331

shit dildos, its where you shit, but before you shit the poo you suck it back in. you repeat this thus fucking yourself with a shit dildo

>> No.71006338

It's not like you can stop me. For example, the biggest ones fit in your mom's vagina.

>> No.71006341

This is literally a thread bitching about OPs shitty LGS. If you don’t like it, thenas a poster you don't have to post here, it's not difficult, stop being a child over it.

>> No.71006355

I just have my gf peg me, but you do you fampie, I won't judge.

>> No.71006360

Again, isnt it great how it all works out? You get to not deal with me, the customer whom you resent and I get to keep my money AND feel validated in my endless piracy.

>> No.71006367

But I didn't. I'm aware people hanging out and playing in an LGS encourages other people to visit and hopefully buy things even if they're not themselves buying every time. That said, there's a fine line between having a friendly environment where people don't feel overt pressure to buy and providing a free hangout for kids who aren't really your customers.

>> No.71006374
File: 40 KB, 500x500, except.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

and you didn't have to reply

>> No.71006386
File: 15 KB, 295x317, 1479573196826.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is literally an image board for calling OP a faggot. If you don't like it, you can always go back to tumblr.

>> No.71006394

Are you the kid that shows up with one-side prints of edited yu-gi-oh cards and gets mad about others not playing with them?

>> No.71006395

having some fedora wearing asshat sitting in the corner selling loosies does not make for a friendly environment, regardless of what else it does for your business.

>> No.71006487

Nah I just immedietly pirate all my RPG books without the thought of buying them legitimately even crossing my mind. Which is the way to go since apparently, LGS owners dont want me in their stores anyway. Its right to cardmarket in the rare, rare I want something TCG too.

>> No.71006498

Moral, responsible human beings understand that being obsessed with property is in fact the biggest cuck of all.

>> No.71006515

But you're not a customer and nothing your LGS could do would make you a customer. And I'm not your local LGS. Maybe they'd love to put up with your bullshit logic, but let's be honest, you'd pirate anyway because you don't actually need any validation to do it.

>> No.71006535

This is OP and he’s pissy

>> No.71006620

OP has been banned from my minecraft server

>> No.71006627

>/tg/ blowing out bait thread and OP losing his fucking mind because he’s emotionally attached to his bait
Lol, based

>> No.71006638

It’s not bait if OP believes in it

>> No.71006664

If you are selling for money then you are competition, why the fuck would he let you do that on the property he pays for?

>> No.71006685

Where did OP lose his mind in the thread?

>> No.71006695

It wasnt always like this though. I actively played MtG once and bought stuff on an atleast weekly basis. I was a customer once. Owner who doesnt like what he does and his shitty practices lost me. And now everything's for free.

>> No.71006776

right under you boss

>> No.71006784

>I wasn't always a parasite

>> No.71006787

Signings are often set up where you buy the merchandise being signed from the store.

>> No.71006808

Why would you ever go to a LGS if you wouldn't spend money on that in the first place? LGS are for the people who actually do spend money on their hobbies.

>> No.71006847

That's right.

>> No.71006855


>> No.71006872

Claim? He's OP, no need to fake it.

>> No.71006898

He wanted to make money not spend money

>> No.71009185

LGSs can't afford to sell at market price. They literally make no money doing that. They already have to pay MSRP to acquire product unless they get a lucky deal on shit. If they turn around and sell it to you for the same price they bought it, then they're losing money overall. The point of the LGS isn't to sell product at the best price, it's to provide a place for people to interact socially and pick up what they need for games while they play. You trade lower prices for convenience and a venue to play in. A lot of LGSs actually make a lot of their money on renting tables or selling snacks because people don't want to buy from them, but they really can't do anything about that. They HAVE to mark things up to not be selling at a net loss. It's just the nature of the business.

>> No.71009234

One lone angry grog isn't going to make an impact on the stores profit. Otherwise he wouldn't have risked banning.

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