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Protection Edition

>Unearthed Arcana, 2020 Subclasses, Part II - Changed to Placate the Twitter Crowd

>5e Trove


>Stable releases


Previous Thread: >>70919210

What's your favorite style of armor, /5eg/? Is there a particular magic armor you've gotten that you really like?

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>Is there a particular magic armor you've gotten that you really like?
My first three campaigns of 5e have all had very miserly GMs that almost never handed out magic items. One GM got a little bit better about it. Another game I'm in and we've received almost nothing either. Last game, we have so many magic items that it's blowing my mind.
Feast or famine I guess with an emphasis on famine.

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Lately I've been into bone and hide armors. Druidic and OotA paladins, maybe even rangers(UA ranger/berserker multiclass sounds actually playable)

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yeah, so is speak with animals I assume, but DM so far fucked me over twice while trying to use it

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id say that honour goes to linguist, simply because of how fucking pointless languages are

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I'm Gming for the first time in a long while and I have no idea how to handle magic items. No PC uses weapons so I can't just give them magic swords.

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Got the perfect item for you.

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what are some good magic armors/items/weapons for a land druid? preferably not homebrew stuff and also preferably not the staff of the woodlands

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Languages and communication could be a rad theme to explore but you'd need a group of people who is up for it.

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How often do you give spell scrolls to your Wizard players?
Do you give spell scrolls to your Wizard players?

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I've got the perfect item for you.

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Resilient is so flavorless and SOULLESS. It's just a plain feat to just get to survive, not even adding something new to your character. How can we spice it up?

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yeah our dm has only handed out like two animals for the party to fuck and one of those was problematic

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Anyone have homebrew magic items a super powerful Mummy Lord might have?

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>Comprehend Languages
>1st level divination spell (ritual)

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You have a party of Wizards or something?

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>No PC uses weapons so I can't just give them magic swords.
Jesus what a nightmare. Unless they're all clerics or something.
Wands of the War Mage for any spellcaster and Rod of the Pact Keeper for Warlocks.

I like the art. Kind of reminds me of the Sword of the Souless. The replica of Iyachtu Xvim's Sword of Souls. Nice.

I have never seen this happen. Which is sad.

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>btw guys, you can't take any spells that help you understand languages like tongues or comprehend languages
woah that was hard

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Three casters and a beast barbarian that only uses his claws. Maybe the bard will pick up a rapier eventually but he's glamour so idk

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>it's a "the DM underestimates the cleric" episode again

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>DM calls my character racist because I cut down an unarmed groveling kobold
If you have a problem with slaying evil creatures, there's a problem with you

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well guess what? I agree with you but /5eg/ will tell you you are shit dm if you ban any spell in existence for any reason whatsoever

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Guess I'll post this again

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>beast barbarian
Why would you allow UA if you're DMing for the first time? Beast sucks.

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Beast is fine

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I don't understand creation bard. What's the flavor supposed to be? What role does it fill? I thought I could make pic related but it seems like a disappointment. Am I wrong?

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level 6 bear totem barb, what do i use my bonus action for?

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>DM cancelled again

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wannabe forge cleric, dude art lmao

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>What's your favorite style of armor, /5eg/?
Made of a dragon I just killed, d'oh!

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I also allowed another player to use a weird time mage homebrew. It seemed fine and everyone was excited to play their characters so I thought why not. Maybe it will bite me in the ass later, we'll see

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>Brain Rope
>a canopic jar, covered in pictograms
>when a command word is uttered, a rope made of brain tissue shoots out and attempts to grapple a target of the wielder's choice
>AC 14, hp 12, Athletics +4

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So, question all.
I'm making a whip-master build, currently my character is now jumping from level 6 to level 8 in Descent into Avvy. I'm Kensei Monk 5, Fighter 1 currently.

I get two levels, what's more important for me? I can get to Fighter subclass, or I can get Monk 6 for Ki-fueled strikes.
For fighter subclass, I originally planned on UA Monster Hunter. Though, Battlemaster does look very appealing to me, especially with the UA class variant additions.
I can only choose one. Overcoming resistance, Monster Hunter, or Battlemaster?

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Well you can't fix shit DMs. But seriously, pass without a trace is THE stealth spell and lets group stealth actually be achievable, even maybe with heavy armor users.

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>mystics can’t target fixed objects with mastery of force
>only disciplines that make attack rolls are with weapons
>psionic healing can only heal one creature at a time
only thing this class seems good at is cheesy shit like scrying the end of the dungeon and teleporting the party there.

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Rolled 8, 19, 12, 16, 6, 15 = 76 (6d20)

>and this is my Dragonborn Noble!

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Would you accept letting someone with the Grappler feat attempt grapple monsters a size up from them?
It doesn't seem unfeasible for a skilled grappler to trap a larger opponent into some kind of joint lock and immobilize them.

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Sounds like your DM is a shit, the whole point of spells is allowing them to be used as intended. Especially from a goddamn ranger.

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>the land were your weapons always break and fucking everything resists non magical attacks
Kensei 6 is well-advised

>> No.70927113

Magic Initiate for Mage Hand might be good, so you can tie your whip around things. Alternatively using a Rope of Entanglement as a whip.
Whips are finesse so rogue levels are great.
Rangers seem like the best bet since hunter’s mark and collosus slayer will give you some proper damage die.
Lots of options for you.

>> No.70927115

RAW, you can already grapple greatures up to 1 size category larger than you.

>> No.70927123

I would imagine the Gith go in untrusted because they look like lanky goblins.

>> No.70927153

really? I thought it got errata'd out.

>> No.70927162

Why whip-monk? It seems like a really odd choice as you'll need to close to 5ft for the bonus action attacks anyway.

>> No.70927163

Well, the githyanki are untrusted because they're the stupidest motherfuckers in the universe.

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Rolled 12, 5, 2, 8, 14, 6 = 47 (6d20)

Shadow Sorcerer 4, Way of the Shadow Monk more

Let's see how much this hurts

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5e lacks of an arcane equivalent of the paladin, something like the 3.5 duskblade. Hexblade are garbage

>> No.70927183

>trusting an aasimar
yes that guy with bat wings and eyes of satan is totally not drawing any attention

>> No.70927189

Literally unplayable like this, damn.

>> No.70927201

What's there to underestimate?
>I use spirit guardians
>I can turn some undead

>> No.70927202

Well, literally everything will hurt you

>> No.70927203

>2 CON, 6 CHA
Anon, you are in the world of hurt.

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i give him spell scrolls occasionally, and he's even gotten a few whole spellbook lately. mainly i try to ask him what sorts of things he's looking for, or just listen to him when he's picking spells on level up. if there's something he seems to really want but can't justify taking it for a freebie, i'll try to find somewhere else to include it. i figure giving him too many spells isn't really much of a problem, bc he's still limited by money and time and, most importantly, number of preparable ones

>> No.70927217

Maybe his experience has been with Clerics like the one in my party, who upcasts Guiding Bolt and does literally nothing else.

>> No.70927222

New blood hunter seems to be going in that direction

>> No.70927238

What about Eldritch Knight, Artificer, and Bladesinger?

>> No.70927239

Too bad its poorly designed in every conceivable way.

>> No.70927250

>characters traveling over the course of several days before getting to the dungeon/plotpoint/city whatever
>attacked by monsters/pirates/whatever on the way
>Start at full HP and Nova all resources making any but deadly encounters trivial
>Long rest immediately
So we either spend an entire session fighting random encounters (5 medium per day or a deadly one) just for traveling, have no Combat during travel (lame, the world is full of monsters), or the combat has no consequence
Is longer rest rules the solution here?
I use Lingering injuries, which somewhat helps.

>> No.70927255

I mean, just standing around and upcasting guiding bolt is at least on par with some feat-less martials.

Not that great
Definitely an arcane equivalent of a paladin but much like the paladin it needs a nerf and there's so much missing potential for things that could have been
Shitty Mearls homebrew that did everything it shouldn't have done.

>> No.70927267

Gritty rests are basically mandatory for me. There is no way to justify having 6+ encounters a day.

>> No.70927271

Control Water. Oh look everything in the room is drowning and now there’s a whirlpool.
Planar Ally. Thanks for the Solar, DM!
Call Lightning. Gosh how did you deal 300d6 of damage?

>> No.70927272

I said Bladesinger, not Hexblade.

>> No.70927280

You don't need any meme 'long-lasting wounds' shit, you just need Gritty Realism and a vague time constraint on the players.

If the world is likely going to end in 200 days then the players aren't going to sit around fucking around.

>> No.70927292

Bladesinger doesn't exist, faggot, what're you talking about?
It was crossed out like half a decade ago, grandpa. Wake up.

>> No.70927301

How do they just decide to take a long rest? You need to wait 24 hours between starting them and if they just say they're going to sit around until nightfall, they're as likely to be attacked as if they kept moving.

>> No.70927314

Wait never mind I forgot tiny hut exists for a second. My bad.

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It's okay to like Warlocks.

>> No.70927337

I'd rather give that treatment to hexblade if anything

>> No.70927356

Unfortunately Hexblade is far more recent, has been published in a major book that hasn't been purposefully phased out of official games with a PHB+1 rule and is something that actually needs fighting for being overpowered whereas the other thing that must not be named isn't necessarily OP, just a faggot choice for people who want to be special instead of picking abjuration.

>> No.70927365

I will admit i still have to look into the artificer, EK is more of a fighter that happen to cast a couple of spells every now and then and bladesinger are wizard who happen to not completely suck in melee
>paladin needs a nerf
Ever tried having more than two encounter with a single enemy each per day?

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I cAsT ElDrItCh BlAsT :DDD

>> No.70927375

>Not that great
EK's are really good though.

>> No.70927386

It's a class that's completely ruined by a retarded subclass, and i firmely believe that pact of the blade should have half the shit hexblade gives you at level one

>> No.70927388

ok boom(ing blade)er

>> No.70927394

>plot based time constraints
yeah that stops rests inside dungeons/near plot points
But not generally while traveling, and personally I don't like running the "stop the apocalypse and save the world" adventure as that's every campaign I play in

>> No.70927406

Yeah, pretty much. extra damage + amazing durability between shield + absorb elements. Things only get messy when you get to level 11, which is a shame.

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Sure it does. You start as an Elf Fighter, promote to an Elf Knight, and then you pick the support path for your next promotion.

>> No.70927432

Yes, if you have 1000 encounters in a day so that everybody has no long rest resources, they're about as good as a fighter.
So if you give them long rests ever they're better than a fighter.

>> No.70927472

EK as a subclass is okay, it's just that fighter is pretty lackluster overall and EK doesn't have any synergy with the class. Battlemaster, on the other hand, has ideal synergy of 'just do more damage' which is all fighter is supposed to do anyway.

If you want to stack AC, play an Artificer or a real caster or something. If you're playing a sword and board EK with the defense fighting style all you really are is a shitty barbarian.

>> No.70927474

A featless fighter with no subclass, maybe.

>> No.70927477

How would that translate to 5e?

>> No.70927508

>+2 weapon
>Immunity to necrotic and poison damage
>recharge spell slot+give exhaustion levels

>> No.70927510

Once you take away all limited use resources, fighter vs paladin becomes
>Class that gets an extra ASI
>Class that gets +CHA to saves and gives everyone nearby +CHA to saves
If you run melee fighter.
If you run ranged fighter, you'll have 2 or 3 or 4 less AC than the paladin but have more flexibility in what you can attack. But you still don't get the broken-ass save aura.

>> No.70927517

what an awkward class tree
why is the base class not at the bottom?

>> No.70927532

Elves are a root vegetable, anon.

>> No.70927547

You are forgetting 2 extra attacks

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File: 732 KB, 1064x651, D&D Peasant Reactions.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Why no on half-elf?

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>But what if, level 20, on top of stripping paladin of basically all of its features?!
I'm already giving fighter a massive handicap and you need to go that far to justify playing fighter?

Even after stripping basically all of paladin's features off by saying at-wills only, paladin gets a feature at level 11 that competes to an extent with an extra attack and a feature at level 17 to let their aura basically affect all teammates always and thus be even more powerful.

>> No.70927586

>literal furries and a horse in would fuck tier
>gets picky with creatures that can literally turn into anyone and other furries

>> No.70927595

They're infertile, like mules.

>> No.70927597

would marry tier*
same difference

>> No.70927614

Masturbating while staring your DM in the eyes, daring him to kill you without wiping the whole party at the same time

>> No.70927619

Completely broke my DMs plans last session
We had a good ole chase
bad guys left the day before us and he figured he could say they moved faster than us unless we force marched all they way there, in which case he was going to ambush us.
Elk totem barb me took a shit all over that plan

>> No.70927627


>would fuck a dragonborn and a lizardfolk
>but not a kobold

barafag detected

>> No.70927648

Do you often have travel shenanigans or why the fuck would you ever pick Elk at level 6?
I think travel speed has been important maybe twice in my groups

>> No.70927655

It says drunken sex, though.

>> No.70927670


>"but i'm drunk, haha"

>> No.70927688

Such as?
It’s much better off than the previous version, though it’s still homebrew. I’d much rather play it than ranger or monk as written

>> No.70927708

What's wrong with changelings?

>> No.70927725

When I went totem barb dm groaned and the wizard was hyped
but I wanted to do something different than meta bearbarb same shit
So I wrestled an elk into submission and took its antlers as my totem that I wear on my back.
Grabbed mobile feat and just do run in and out attacks on people

Traveling is never really an issue and it doesn't come up ever (other than last weekend) as a bonus. I just bring it up that we get there faster.

>> No.70927770


what about CV ranger?

>> No.70927771

Anon is a dumbass, changeling are GOAT

>> No.70927784

CV Ranger best ranger.

>> No.70927792

Changelings are always killing people and stealing their faces, though.

>> No.70927795


they have commitment issues

>> No.70927797

But it's not really a bonus, it's a feature you picked. You know you can pick a different totem at level 6, right?
I mean props if you just want to stay with the elk totem theme I suppose, but it's not like a nice little bonus you get on the side, you literally picked to have a faster travel speed at level 6 instead of something like extra proficiencies or supervision

>> No.70927811

Changelings are godless heathens that deserve the rope.

>> No.70927815

Not in the setting where I'm having sex with them

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File: 238 KB, 2000x1775, lizardman.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Would you allow these natural weapon feats at your table?


>> No.70927840

People like catgirls and horsegirls, though.

>> No.70927843

I'm tempted to take tiger next but i think ill stick with elk even tho it seems maybe the weakest
And even tho it almost never seems to change the game (i dont think anyone else really cares to think about provisions and has the same ones they started with) I really enjoy bringing it up before a travel
Makes me feel like it does something anyways

>> No.70927863

No. Duh.

>> No.70927868

But a tabaxi isn't a catgirl, it's a furry.
If we're arguing they're catgirls, the minotaurs are just cowgirls, kenku and aarakocra are just birdgirls nad kobolds are just lizardgirls.
Also liking a horsegirl still means you want to fuck a horse.

>> No.70927884

from just those feats, fucking no

>> No.70927890

Common misconception

>> No.70927892

Thoughts on this power rangers themed campaign?
>Start without any abilities that recharge, fight mooks
>boss says evil lord is at it again
>new named bad guy shows up
>bad guy kicks PC butt
>PCs unlock all short rest abilities (and get to roll hit dice)
>round 2
>evil lord shows up, taunts PCs, uses his magic staff of bad guy giving him more power and mooks show up
>PCs have to delay X rounds for long rest abilities through some zord-like plot device
>end of session
Casters probably get access to lower level spells at first and higher and higher as "short rest" and "long rest" abilities come online. Each class would need a close look as to what's online at what stage.

>> No.70927902

Yea sure except Limited Magic Immunity. Not sure why everyone else is saying fuck no, they aren't well below the power level of shit like Pole Arm Master and GWM.

>> No.70927913

>Rogue Assassin 3 gets auto crit on any surprised enemies
This sounds absolutely kino. Is it worth taking a 3 dip into Rogue if you're a Ranger?

>> No.70927926

Gore seems a bit silly, and I don't care to give Magic Resistant races blanket immunity to spells under level 3. Don't Dragonborn already have a feat for natural weapons, though?

>> No.70927928

Yeah I thought that one was too much, but the others aren't so bad.

>> No.70927935

no thank you

>> No.70927938

Its actually worth replacing all your ranger levels with scout rogue.

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File: 156 KB, 595x844, 005___1573871460.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Liking a horsegirl still means you want to fuck a horse
Doesn't seem to stop many people these days.

>> No.70927949


yes, and those feats are problems in how fucking powerful they are

>> No.70927954

I think so but if I'm remembering right it's pretty bad

>> No.70927962

Remember that it sounds better than it is in actuality. It's much more worth it if you're gloomstalker though.
1. you have to actually surprise the enemy. This means that you have to have a pretty sneaky party, go alone (and even then hope for good stealth) or have a DM who is generous with surprise.
2. you have to roll higher initiative than whoever you're attacking, since surprise goes away at the end of their turns
3. you actually have to hit whoever you're targeting, which shouldn't be an issue since you get advantage and you should have multiattack with ranger eventually.

>> No.70928006

>Dragon Bite
I almost wanted to say this was OP (jumping straight to 2d4 unarmed strike). but in order to actually abuse it you'd need to be a Dragonborn monk, which is awful. ditto the Gore feat.
>magic immunity
immediately strikes me as OP at 3rd rank but I'm not sure. it might actually be fine considering it makes you sac 3 entire ASIs for it and can't be used by Vuman.
>natural weapon expert
is fine.
>worrying strike
weird name. but it's just a Tavern Brawler sidegrade (probably a downgrade since no half ASI). it's fine.
>Wounding Strike
might be a little annoying since it ends up making you track a new status effect for everything that the PC hits with claws, but isn't overpowered.

overall, pretty neat little designs and nothing OP. they err slightly on the side of UP compared to a main-stat ASI, which is probably the way to go for feats. I would definitely allow them at my table, but I'm not sure if I would take any of them as a player.

>> No.70928030


>> No.70928069

Is wild soul barbarian a good fit in a party of mostly spellcasters or should I pick something beefier?

>> No.70928115

Yeah, Wounding Strike sounds cool since it basically turns your claws into Weapons of Wounding but it might get annoying to have to make repeated saving throws

>> No.70928118

You're essentially a walking battery for your caster friends. If they're terrible at stretching their resources, it might be useful, but otherwise, you can probably find a more proactive subclass.

>> No.70928140

It's a bit op, actually. You're a spell slot dispenser more than a barbarian.

>> No.70928200

>Give your teammates infinite spell slots
It has been abandoned because it's retarded

>> No.70928282


i had a guy who wanted to play wild soul, I told him that i'd AXE The spell slots part of the class and he could only grant temp HP.which I think is still pretty neat to be able to essentially give some of your health to your teammates

he quickly gave up on the class

>> No.70928330

BASED taking worthless shit for rp

I have a similar character that uses a blowgun
its pretty fun

>> No.70928370

>Sorting your character art folder
Fuck me this has gotten out of hand. On the upside it's only 300 MBs.

>> No.70928405

conceptually its cool, mechanics of it are a mess.

>> No.70928412

How bad is Blood hunter without crossbow expert?

>> No.70928454

the progressively increasing splint with the guardian minir property on my rogue was nice

>> No.70928472

sometimes I’ll spend hours organizing my minis

>> No.70928528

Does CBE effect spells

>> No.70928541

as written, yes.

>> No.70928547


>> No.70928557

I specify "as written" because it's dumb and makes no sense but it is what it is.

>> No.70928574

works for me

>> No.70928637

>Good Paladin
>Nature/Art Paladin
>Steven Universe Paladin
>like 4 edgelord Paladins
>a regular boring knight Paladin who serves royalty
Which Pally is best and why?

>> No.70928642

good paladin

no one else is good

>> No.70928655

yeah I spend time organizing my own dick before I go to be at night, I get it.

>> No.70928659
File: 41 KB, 454x541, nrfs.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Which Pally is best and why?
regular boring knight pally who serves royalty
because I'm just that kinda guy

>> No.70928661

Things I learned last night as a new GM:

1. Just because a player rolled a 20 for a perception check looking for suspicious characters doesn’t mean you need to give them one.
2. If you don’t want players going to an area where they will be picked off one by one and killed by the enemy who knows the area you shouldn’t even mention it.

>> No.70928670


>> No.70928681
File: 30 KB, 1074x791, paladin.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the third edgelord paladin, of course

>> No.70928705

Fucks a matter with you?

My OCD finally got the better of me but damn if I don't feel better sorting all of this shit.

>> No.70928717
File: 669 KB, 645x810, DAoC - Paladin.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Devotion Paladin. Being a good guy is nice.

>> No.70928738

>you shouldn’t even mention it
Or, yknow, planned for that to be the only scenario to going there, that's the real trip up is having a set outcome in your mind before things happen.

>> No.70928766

I don’t have a character art folder but I’m sure it did feel good

>> No.70928791

Good people don’t want things to die. Maybe they should stop attacking things with swords, hmm?

>> No.70928806

I took the telekinetic UA feat for flavor but I fear I will regret it

>> No.70928833

My favourite devotion pally was one I played that was sick of everyone's shit, including his own. He made the oath when he was young and optimistic but grew cynical and disillusioned over the years, he only keeps it because deep down he still feels the need to do good.

Paladins driven by sheer altruism in whatever form are the best. Fuck Paladins who suck the crown's dick.

>> No.70928875

One of my favourite character was a OoA/fey warlock who's patron was a dryad, not having to worry too much about rules and just being nice is relaxing

>> No.70928925

>t. Fork-tongued Hibernian fairy trollop
Good men keep iron handy for when monsters come calling.

>> No.70929071

Maces and morningstars are much better, yes.

>> No.70929077

iron, steel, and silver


>> No.70929165

what the fuck is poison damage?

does it burn? does it itch? does it make you nauseous?

>> No.70929203

Tips on making a mega dungeon? Theme is plane of fire, Phoenix worshipping ancient cult, dungeon moves and changes. I have a week.

>> No.70929222

eat bromethalin and find out

>> No.70929240

define "mega"

>> No.70929254

its getting poisoned you dumb fuck

>> No.70929272

Its cultists revive from death every time the dungeon changes, more maimed and mindless than before.

>> No.70929286

sounds like a bad time

no, getting poisoned is one thing, its a condition that slows down your body's reactions giving you disadvantage on attack rolls and ability checks


>> No.70929304

its your body reacting to a more potent poison or venom

>> No.70929317

How do I roleplay? I'm tired of getting shafted from the story because I "don't contribute"

>> No.70929323

play pretend

>> No.70929353

Character concept over optimization.

>> No.70929361

I would make a bunch of rooms that go through superficial changes like decorations and cover, then just switch up the connections between them so rooms are suddenly matched to entirely different rooms and describe it as all the rooms shifting around like in Cube.
Flavor-wise, you could describe the connectors, bridges and staircases and stuff, heating up, breaking off from rooms and then and welding themselves to their new room.
Maybe everything's made out of brass.

>> No.70929377

not all poisons linger in your body. It’s just a reaction from your skin/internal organs to a chemical. It’s basically necrotic damage but more specific.
The kinds that do linger make for a con saving throw.

>> No.70929385

>tfw my party's wizard only ever casts magic missiles
>we're level 6

>> No.70929399

>that one guy that really really doesn't like missing

>> No.70929404

>It’s basically necrotic damage but more specific.

see, this is how I feel about poison damage, when I want to describe it all I can think of is necrosis and burning and dissolving and freezing up of nerves but it feels lame

>> No.70929406

Old reliable.

>> No.70929409

Eh, just really big I guess. Multi tiered. Something enough to entertain the players for a few sessions before the eventual boss fight with an Empowered Phoenix and the tragic death of their NPC Archaeologist guide who has secretly been dropping hints that he’s zealously entranced by the Phoenix’s glory.

Genius. Definitely using this

>> No.70929416

I do like Warlocks. I'm playing a Great Old One warlock with Pact of the Tome and it's fun.

>> No.70929422

One easy trick: it always looks like good roleplaying when you pick the wrong side of an obvious choice because of your character.
Just make sure you don't screw over the rest of the group doing it, or they'll hate you worse than before.

>> No.70929432


I do this, or I play a halfling because my dm likes to play with critical fumbles

>> No.70929456

I prefer a paladin so boring he's just a fighter.

>> No.70929458
File: 769 KB, 245x133, venom.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it makes your blood do this

>> No.70929468

>Make a character based around casting Cloud of Daggers and using Eldritch Blast to push or pull baddies into the cloud
>4d4 damage, 4d4 damage everywhere

Fuck Magic Missile, it can be blocked by Shield, but daggers? Nothing beats daggers.

>> No.70929472

There are different symptoms to poisons. Some burn the blood and make your veins feel like they are dissolving in acid or have fire pouring through them.

Some make your limbs feel weak and you’re suddenly lethargic and drowsy and nauseous.

Then you have the venoms from snakes that literally clot your blood and dissolve your tissues in to liquid mucus.

>> No.70929482

why dont people like warlock?
What are the usual complaints or problem with the class?

I had to create a Warlock NPC, so I saw they are very special with the short amount of spell slots, but the invocations looked fun, and the patron would bring interesting RP no?

>> No.70929502

maybe poison/acid/necrotic damage should be consolidated into one.

>> No.70929504

I think casting eldritch blast every turn is boring

>> No.70929510

yeah your face melting off is totally the same

>> No.70929514

No not really.

>> No.70929529

Why even classify damage? It’s all just math subtracted from your hitpoints.

>> No.70929534

I wouldn't mind it so much if he ever cast anything else FIRST before spending the rest of the fight whiffing on his shots. I once suggested that he open with Bless, since it would improve his accuracy as well as the accuracy and saves of a couple others, and he told me first level buffs aren't worth the time.

>> No.70929535


it just feels, to me, that poison could fall under any fire/acid/necrotic

mostly necrotic

>> No.70929543

Because you’re not really on fire or melting. It just hurts so bad you think you are.

>> No.70929547

Yeah, I feared that the limited amount of spell slots would mean you have to spam cantrips.
No subclass from Xanathar or another content to change that?

>> No.70929548


so you can measure it against other math to make your math more precise

>> No.70929555

You're that dude who casts Scorching Ray twice and then just EB, aren't you?

>> No.70929558

>poison: your face melting off
>acid: your face melting off
>necrotic: your face melting off
it’s like having bludgeoning (rocks), bludgeoning (hammers), bludgeoning(outta control buggy).

>> No.70929561

no, I don't play warlocks because >>70929504

>> No.70929568

Nope. Warlock has very few actual casts per fight, with the expectation that you'll be having multiple short rests throughout the day to balance it out.

>> No.70929571

It can create kind of a tempo issue, as you really NEED short rests a lot more frequently than anyone else.

>> No.70929576

>>poison: your face melting off
>>necrotic: your face melting off
Literally neither of those happen.

>> No.70929584

Maybe they play in groups who don't short rest twice on average between long rests.

>> No.70929588

>sustain Hex for an extra d6 damage
>shut down a mob with cause fear/hideous laughter/sleep
Picking more diverse spells isn't going to fix the Warlock

>> No.70929595

The concept of warlocks is so fun, but actually playing them in combat is so boring.

>> No.70929598

are you retarded

>> No.70929603

Arnold Toht would disagree.

>> No.70929607

>Crown and Conquest paladins in the same party
what am i in for?

>> No.70929612

>poison: your insides feeling like they are melting
>acid: your face melting off
>necrotic: being drained of life/energy or withering/rotting

>> No.70929621

About as retarded as these fucks who have zero imagination crying about poison damage should just be necrotic damage.

>> No.70929622


agreed 100%, they sound cool as hell but in reality you run out of options fast

if you could get things like fear, charm person, hideous laughter, sleep, etc. as invocations

that could be cool

>> No.70929635

Musketeer and Conquistador having a blast showing off to each other.

>> No.70929637

a paladin that just wants to protect and a paladin that is lawful stupid and edgy

>> No.70929643

l2 short rest then

>> No.70929654

Are they serving under the same royals or are they opposing?

>> No.70929660

Honestly, figure out what enables your players. My necromancer loves his ghoul-dagger: it'll latch on to the soul of its subject, turning them into a permanent cannibal ghoul. It's like bargain bin lichdom. He once or twice had to ask his teammate to stab him if he'd get down to one death saving throw. A good enabler opens up new possibilities.

A hat of disguises, a flying carpet and a bag of holding are also simple enablers of adventures.

Then again, some players just want nothing more than a +1 shield.

>> No.70929676

>hey guys, can we have a short rest?

>> No.70929684

Good cop / Bad cop

>> No.70929685

>the wizard casts catnap and then just leaves you

>> No.70929696

This is really a pity. The patron dynamic is, imo, very very cool.
I am surprised there is content to propose a revised version of the class, like it was done for the Ranger.

>> No.70929703

Assert yourself.

>> No.70929714
File: 174 KB, 300x300, 1577836438448.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this is my Cavalier fighter!

>> No.70929725

wheres her armor anon?

>> No.70929728

Do people actually play in groups that don't understand that warlocks need short rests?

>> No.70929729

The closest you can really come to improving your magic is picking up the spell Invocations that let you cast something at will or per Long Rest, but that only does so much.

>> No.70929736
File: 681 KB, 563x897, 1550771209703.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


right here!

>> No.70929738


Undead are immune to poison, so use poison gas traps to support your zombie guards.
Pools of acid, however, will dissolve everything that falls into them.

>> No.70929747

>Guys, I NEED to rest to get my spells back
>you can still eldritch blast, I think we can live

>> No.70929764

she should wear more around her torso thats a pretty vital area

>> No.70929767

Warlocks shouldn't even have spells except for ritual casting.

>> No.70929775

It was sarcasm.

>> No.70929782
File: 1.18 MB, 209x180, 38540.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.70929787

So I just cameback for my first session of LoMP. I think it went alright? I think my players had fun, still a lot of shit to improve on.

Kinda hard to force roleplay, especially with two new players and two newish players. The paladin was kinda bored at the beginning, while the bard and wizard were doing cool shit he was only slashing with his word(Holy fuck is wizard stupid sometimes, the guy soloed 6 goblins with burning hands in one turn). The bard insulted the bugbear with that distraction spell, the bugbear then proceeded to oneshot the bard, I feel this battle can easily produce a TPK.

I am excited for next session since its gonna be less rolling dice and more wander around a town, looking for quests and trying to figure out whats going on.

Though I am kinda confused how to use surprise and advantage mechanics, for example once my players sneaked to some goblins, they were making a plan that relied on the halfling to turn on as the last action and the first with the elf throwing an arrow. How do I do this? Do I let them make their plan go in order and after that roll for initiative with the lost round for the goblins being the round where everything goes in order? What happens to the arrow? Does it has advantage since they sneaked in? Does everything in the plan has advantage? When you are surprised do you always have advantage?

>> No.70929789

>Unearthed Arcana, 2020 Subclasses, Part II - Changed to Placate the Twitter Crowd
What'd they change from the last one?

>> No.70929799

Fighters rely on short rests too for their battle manuevers, right? How come we never here Fighter players whine about being "all I do is swing my sword/shoot arrows".

>> No.70929800

Is cavalier good or nah

>> No.70929805

the rapist cleric, I assume.

>> No.70929814

How long can you sprint before getting tired in this game?

>> No.70929824

Control water + water walk can get your party anywhere. I even threw ships on other ships that way

>> No.70929828


she's hot AF and I would definitely use it as character art but the lack of chest armor is specifically why I won't. a real shame because I like the massive sheild she has

they're pretty good, they aren't battlemasters but their job isn't dealing damage, its protecting teammates

>> No.70929840

They buffed up clockwork souls and Sorcerors apprentice Mickey Mouse bards and reflavored love domain to unity domain and made it so over powered you might as well as roll a yuanti unity cleric for mubchkinism.

>> No.70929845

>Just make sure you don't screw over the rest of the group doing it, or they'll hate you worse than before.
This is the key part.

Pick the 'wrong' side because it's in character, but allow yourself to get persuaded to go with the party and/or come up with a reason to go with the party anyway.

>Party: We have to save the elves!
>Dwarf Paladin: I hate elves! I won't go!
>Party: But we need to save the elves to stop the Lich from stealing the Elf Crystal.
>Dwarf Paladin: We-ell... Alright darn it, I'll save the elves but I'm only doing it because my vow is to protect the party! I still don't trust the elves!

You can even save an 'I told you so' for later if you need to.

>> No.70929846

I dunno man. I play a warlock and I'm having fun with it.

>> No.70929874

>Bulwark of law
>Lasts till long rest
Am I retarded or do the dice never get expended? So I can always reduce my damage taken by 5d8 a turn.

>> No.70929893

because they aren't directly comparing themselves to fullcasters so the "zero short rests per day" disparity isn't as immediately obvious as it is between locks and, say, sorcs

>> No.70929896

she does look pretty cool, the lack of chest armor is actually pissing me off though

>> No.70929898


>> No.70929899

It says you spend the dice.

>> No.70929922

I'm gonna need context for that one.

>> No.70929924

You’re limited by your sorcery points, but yes.

>> No.70929936

It's lying on the ground offscreen, she just took it off first for her seduction check

>> No.70929940
File: 3.27 MB, 1482x2048, 6560C908-6897-44F7-B8FC-0F94F1E8D464.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>people complaining about battle smith’s battle pet
it’s like you hate fun things

>> No.70929955

Who is complaining about it?

>> No.70929958

I just wish there was an Artificer that wasn't pet-based

>> No.70929959

That just sounds like the bard with extra steps.

>> No.70929976

there are, artillerist and Alchemist

>> No.70929977

The original Love Cleric domain's Channel Divinity forced a save vs wasting their reaction, but was flavored as using your CD to influence the creature to be attracted to you. Given the domain is "love" some people got upset at the implications of a divine champion for love abusing their magic to force attraction being called love, since love can't be forced. It's an outlier of an ability on what is otherwise a very focused subclass that the rest of Unity preserves: mutual bonds, buffs, and enhancing that bond. Of course, since some people on Twitter referred to it as rape-like, that's all the reactionaries to them needed to reduce their argument.
tl;dr original had a weird function that clashed with the rest of its mechanics, and was functionally shitty, now you get damage splitting that's actually useful.

>> No.70929981
File: 49 KB, 513x376, tumblr_inline_o54v31FoqS1qk1oua_540.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

When will Australia stop burning so new blood hunter gets in dnd beyond?
My hunter will be based on pic related

>> No.70930012

Australia is done burning. Now it's drowning.

>> No.70930035

>blood hunter
>posts variant human: sharpshooter battle master archery fighting style crossbow expert
u wot

>> No.70930045

>blood hunter
thematically, he's a Ranger
mechanically, if you want to simulate headshotting for massive damage, play a Rogue

>> No.70930065
File: 711 KB, 563x897, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.70930090

holy based

>> No.70930095

Is the homebrew thread kill?

>> No.70930120

make a new one. can never have enough containment

>> No.70930139

slap a spoiler on that, damn

>> No.70930154

Is this from the fan wiki or something?

>> No.70930161

It's still burning a fair amount.

>> No.70930184

Yeah and that will stop. It's time for drowning now.

>> No.70930459

ranger rogue multiclass

>> No.70930460

Official wiki. It's taken from the game manual.

>> No.70930494

The character art is all sorted now. I think I've got a fucking headache now.

>> No.70930528

Should I buy a grid?

>> No.70930560

Furries/scalies control our media. We are doomed.

>> No.70930579
File: 402 KB, 1000x500, initiative-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Has anyone found any fun MC options for the Battle Smith?

>> No.70930582

No, use a chess board.

>> No.70930611

Jerk off to some orc tiddies.

>> No.70930638

I meant personality-wise.
Now i remembered that the comics will be forever unfinished and got sad

>> No.70930650
File: 619 KB, 679x849, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>wrapping paper
>1" square paper pad
>battle mat
>plain undemarcated white board

>> No.70930652

I appreciate the sentiment anon.

>> No.70930654

Warforged Battlesmith 5/Eldritch Knight.

>> No.70930698

War Wizard.

>> No.70930701

It seems like an oversight that only warforged can use the hidden blade and wand holster infusions. Personally I'd rule it that any character with a prosthetic arm should be able

>> No.70930716

That’s not the rule already?

>> No.70930737

They both say "(must be attuned by a warforged)"

>> No.70930794

I'm starting as a Barbarian Archer at lvl 1 then planning to MC into Rogue for the rest. Is this a bad idea?

>> No.70930806

yes because the class and playstyle don’t mix

>> No.70930808

>barb archer
For what purpose?

>> No.70930820

Which language would sound Asian

>> No.70930826

Rage only works with melee weapons which sucks because a feral angry archer is really cool.

>> No.70930832

anything from kura-tur

>> No.70930840
File: 461 KB, 1280x1024, MEGAS_XLR___Action_pose_by_wilkowwc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What infusions or other magic items can I attune to my steel defender to turn it into the ultimate fightan robot?

>> No.70930867


>> No.70930927

the "take half damage from physical sources" bit works just as well with a bow and arrow as with a greatsword. barbarian gives you longbow or heavy crossbow which an archer rogue is very happy to snap up if not using XBE. unarmored defense tends to beat light armor + no shield which is the rogue default.

>> No.70930999

You’re part Warforged with a prosthetic arm, leg, and eye.

>> No.70931013

i really love the warforge integrated protection with it you can relistically get a 22 AC at level 1

>> No.70931032
File: 25 KB, 280x379, 1580953747927.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any particularly cool uses for ciphers that exist? I'm gonna make a wizard with the linguist feat (he knows a bunch of exotic languages for thematic reasons) and I'm trying to think of anything useful or fun that could be done with the cipher part of the feat

>> No.70931056

Magic armor/barding.
Trinkets like an ioun stone would be awesome.
Something with false life.
Rocket punch returning fist.
Maybe take warlock magic initiate to give it lazor beams on it’s head.
Boots of flying for sure.

>> No.70931058

Kozakuran is literally just japanese according to the FR comics

>> No.70931082

its still retarded

>> No.70931084

encrypting your journal/spellbook
sneeding secret messages

>> No.70931100

writing smut about the big titty rogue in the party

>> No.70931269

I've already decided to use it for my spellbook which my character uses as a journal, because a cipher that when solved translates to a mixture of infernal, abyssal and draconic would be humorously frustrating for anyone else to read.

I forgot that I could teach people the cipher for use in messages. That could definitely be useful

Probably what WotC intended for the feat RAW anyway

>> No.70931281

just make sure to oly tell the male party members to how to decode it

>> No.70931319

>big tiddy rogue is also arcane trickster
>takes detect thoughts
>"Why do all of them have the exact same thoughts about my tits, wh- oh fuck they've all been replaced by intelligence devourers"

>> No.70931327

Not any more they can. They been cucked to SOULLESS flavorless trash. Only +1 AC and you waste time needing to wield armor on you to use it.

>> No.70931485

About to start a Strahd campaign, I want to take a Raven Queen Warlock (inb4 warlock a gay), but im a little stuck as far as what background to give him.

I'm eyeing Mercenary Veteran, but I'm not really sure

Any suggestions?

>> No.70931494

raven queen a gay

>> No.70931503

haunted one

>> No.70931508
File: 813 KB, 916x887, 3A71BDF6-3863-40E4-B0DA-95C0ED198CF9.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>looking forward to today
>ask DM if still up for the session
>he says yes
>go through the rain to meet the group
>no one turns up
>he sent a message 4 hours beforehand that he doesn’t want to go out in bad weather and is cancelling
>so I’m sitting here, alone and soaking wet
Why is life so painful?

>> No.70931514


>> No.70931536

Rolled 7, 2, 5, 14, 6, 10 = 44 (6d20)

Rolling the stats for my Fallen Aasimar Divine Sorcerer with delusions of grandeur.

>> No.70931624

>Necromancer Bard
What are your thoughts?

>> No.70931631

Rolled 9, 14, 18, 5, 15, 5 = 66 (6d20)

A mystic who loves Steak and favorite color is Blue.

>> No.70931641

It works, but only if you're not an edgelord

>> No.70931642

Yeah that tracks.

>> No.70931645

okay maybe he’s a druid instead

>> No.70931660


>> No.70931663

The show must go on.

>> No.70931671

>he sent a message 4 hours beforehand that he doesn’t want to go out in bad weather and is cancelling
Sounds flaky af, sounds like he wants any excuse not to run your game

>> No.70931693


>> No.70931736

Is it gay if his entire reason for doing her bidding is because he's horny for her sexy dream-vision form?

I looked at that too, but it doesn't really fit the personality I'm imagining. He's more the type who just kills undead because it makes the queen happy.

Acolyte is the closest thing I'm seeing that might fit, but I dont really like it.

>> No.70931744

Speaking of which, what language would be the closest to a Undead language?

>> No.70931761


>> No.70931786

I think intelligent undead just tend to know languages they knew in life.

>> No.70931787


>> No.70931791

Don’t let the Shadar-kai hear you talking shit about the Raven Queen

>> No.70931817

undead either cant speak or know the languages they knew in life

>> No.70931937

Hey, /tg/. There's this old anti-D&D comic that I remember being posted because of the utter absurdity of its content. I think one of the kids was cutting his wrists and one had shot himself in the head, but they were all smiling. Does anyone happen to have it on hand? I would like to have it, if you would be so kind as to post it.

>> No.70931980

I realized I made several mistypes
>Though I am kinda confused how to use surprise and advantage mechanics, for example once my players sneaked to some goblins, they were making a plan that relied on the halfling to turn on a lanter as the last action and the first with the elf throwing an arrow. How do I do this? Do I let them make their plan go in order and after that roll for initiative with the lost round for the goblins being the round where everything goes in order? What happens to the arrow? Does it has advantage since they sneaked in? Does everything in the plan has advantage? When you are surprised do you always have advantage?

>> No.70931995

What's the point of magic that can Charm when it's useless after lvl 5? Most enemies have charm immunity.

>> No.70932001
File: 1.10 MB, 1499x2037, 1468368278360.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ah, right, Thai Cuisine.

>> No.70932054

I demand my money back that went towards your education.

>> No.70932059

Situations like this I'd bend the official rules somewhat. Let them do what they want in order as a "surprise" and then start combat as normal from then.
Advantage is entirely at the DM's discretion when not explicitly stated. You could justify advantage against a surprised creature as something like the Elf is aiming at a stationary, undefended target.

>> No.70932063

Halp. I can't find 'The Blackstaff’s Book of 1,000 Spells' on Trove. Anyone know where I can find it?

>> No.70932066
File: 385 KB, 1282x721, 1505057746442.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yep, that's the one.

>> No.70932071

About 1/6 enemies are charm immune.

>> No.70932082

Because most PCs and NPCs don't.

>> No.70932085

You could just download the 2e Spell Compendiums and convert spells from that. That's what I do.

>> No.70932096

In that kind of situation I'd say roll for initiative and everyone holds their action until they can do it in sequence. Lantern guy waits for second-to-last guy, second-to-last waits for third-to-last, and so on. Initiative order is meant for encounters and situations where time is of the essence as each action matters, so starting it there before the gobbos knew what was happening is best. Gobbos would be surprised, any attack made while the target can't see the attacker is with advantage, but only the attacks pretty much. After the first hit, the gobbos should be alerted BUT still surprised and miss the first round without acting, and any more attacks hidden from the gobbos would have advantage.

That's partially how goblins fight, honestly. Hide as bonus action so they can attack from a concealed position for advantage.

As for the next session, don't feel like you need to force roleplay, but if they linger too long have some proactive elements. Have someone spot the kid who knows where the hideout is watching the party with wide eyes, have a Redbrand threaten a townsfolk to stay out of where he's walking, if Sildar's still alive he should invite them to the lodge for a drink and to propose a new quest, should they be interested (find Iarno).

>> No.70932139

Which bard would be best? I'm guessing lore for earliest animate dead, but I could also see glamour working for quick repositioning if skele-men

>> No.70932250

DM is such a kike about calling resources and effects before making any dice rolls
but when playing pcs its always low rolls OH WAIT RECKLESS ATTACK
I get hes playing a few things but jesus its one combat a session
at least know the basic mechanics

>> No.70932254

Hmmm, tough choice. Both would work.

>> No.70932276

As nice as glamour is, magical secrets at 6 means your concept gets rolling much earlier. If you go glamour you'll spend a significant portion, possibly even most of, your campaign not even playing your concept.

>> No.70932381


new thread

>> No.70932386

New thread:


>> No.70932421


>> No.70932422

thats even worse now its gay and horny
pick the chad Kelemvor, he’s fucked Mystra

>> No.70932423

Looks like >>70932386 was slightly quicker.

>> No.70932425


>> No.70932445

I was going to offer to delete mine, but the other guy did first. Guess the rat lord is the next edition.

>> No.70932450

Only because he posted his thread while this one was still on page 7. Pretty cringe.

>> No.70932461

>but the other guy did first.
My thread was deleted for me. But you knew that.

>> No.70932485

It was eight when I posted.

>> No.70932500
File: 15 KB, 205x251, Fact.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.70932589
File: 492 KB, 1920x1080, Shrek-disneyscreencaps.com-6045[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do i talk my DM into giving my bard/swashbuckler the merrymen?

>> No.70932638

Isn't that just Knight background?

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