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Any good girl vs girl fights in your campaigns?

Have you ever wanted to have one?

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Strangely, last night's session had one. It was a player's ranger against their previous character who left the party a year ago to join the enemy. The previous character was given all the power she could ever want and still lost horribly because she's afflicted with the worst luck in the world.

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Can you give more detail? That sounds like an interesting setup. So the previous character was a traitor?

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>Two female characters fight
>Suddenly the fight has to be sexy and nobody is allowed to get hurt
This shit needs to stop. It's not a catfight if they aren't clawing eachother's eyes out.

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>People getting hurt
You act like those are mutually exclusive.

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As far as popular depictions go, sexy and people getting hurt usually means a woman mutilating numerous men without getting hurt herself. It never means women getting hurt, or at least seriously hurt.

It's shit m8

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Not my fault you're looking at the wrong stuff.

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No. Because I'm not gay. Therefore my campaign only has large, sweaty, burly men naked to the waist and covered in oil.

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WWE is the most hetero thing on Earth.

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Hook me up with some of the good stuff then

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Masturbate before posting.

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Raze (2013)

You're welcome.

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Tell me more.

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>Raze (2013)
>The story focuses on women forced to fight to death for the twisted entertainment of the wealthy elite.
Not sure if based. Sounds like it could be exactly what I want, but it also sounds like it could be a full retard revenge fantasy that devolves into "this is how the patriarchy exploits women" drivel. Gotta give it a watch after I get rid of this shitty fucking unpaid internship of mine that makes me too exhausted and depressed to even watch anime, so thanks.

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I wish.

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>West Marches campaign
>Player makes a young not!Scottish cavalry-woman from a petty kingdom on the march
>She's tall, red haired, foul-mouthed, and vicious
>Also can't roll above an 8, forgets she has a shield, and is always getting thrown from her horse
>Puts on the clearly cursed armor she loots from her dead cousin
>DM talk to the player
>It's linked to an ancient black dragon who is now slowly corrupting her
>Other players don't pick up on it
>After a year, she leaves with the fortune she's amassed and starts her own warband.
>Two other retired characters (an evil wizard and a cannibal barbarian) join her warband.
>Said warband unites the not!Scotts and begins burning the villages of any other group
>Second character is a survivor of one of those raids
>She's a poor huntress who's parents moved to the marches from the not!Spanish Empire.
>The ancient dragon keeps messing with the party, villages being burned, another party member has their hometown threatened
>The eventual conflict is a huge brawl as the party smashes through the not!Scotts to duel their traitor party members
>Cannibal barbarian has been turned into a wyvern

It started as a proper fight, but the best part was the two female characters fighting while both riding the wyvern. The huntress got boosted up by some party members to a height where she could grab onto the wyvern mid-flight and climb up. She realized after about one round that she couldn't beat a not!Scott with a greatsword and magic armor by herself, so she stabbed the wyvern with a magic sword that makes people drop prone which drove it out of the sky.
Unfortunately, she didn't get the last hit, but their duel was cool and dropping a mount is a great transition into the next phase of the battle.

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I'm not sure if it was good, but I had a good laugh during it.

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In our recent game, one female PC slept with Zeus. She'd just completed a quest for him (The PC and the rest of the party are basically proto-Solar Exalted) and when he revealed who he was and made a pass at her, she agreed enthusiastically.

Hera was incredibly pissed at her and looking to inflict some horrible fate on her, while she tried to get the blessings of the other Gods in order to turn the tables on the vengeful goddess. Sort of like God of War, in a weird way.

What I thought was really funny (and in-character) was that the PC NEVER blamed Zeus. No-one blamed Zeus. Even Hera didn't blame Zeus. This was a 'boys will be boys' thing, and it was impossible to be mad with Zeus, who was like "Women, right?"(It's not possible to blame Zeus, no matter what he does. It just slides off him.)

It ended in a catfight with Hera. They fought each other to a draw, and ended up with a new mutual respect for each other. Zeus (of course) suggested a three-way, but the PC and Hera turned it down because they were still sore at each other.

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one of the pcs is a girl and half the npcs are girls, so yeah

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>agreed enthusiastically

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It's ZEUS. Absolutely no one is going to turn down fucking ZEUS.

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no I mean like...dropped her cloak or what? Or just said "yes" a bunch of times?

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What system are you using for this?

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She'd retrieved the statuette that would one day be the Luck of Troy, and Zeus revealed a fragment of his true form, the classic heavily muscled pillar of patriachial strength. She was impressed (mostly by his looks, the PC isn't familiar with Greek myth) then even more impressed when she realized who he was. He offered his hospitality, she agreed, and he promptly seduced her.

As a subsequent gift, he left her a spear that could turn into a lightning bolt and returned to the hand once thrown.

Scion, the White Wolf game.

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Is Scion any good? I remember hearing something about trannies in White Wolf, and I wan to avoid that since whenever they get involved, everything goes south (see WotC).

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It's really not. For example, Ranged Weapons feel really weak. Stats eventually escalate exponentially. Even the stripped-down version we were playing had a lot of problems. The PC you see here was a combat monster, while my diplomacy-focused Scion of Athena probably shouldn't have even bothered with combat.

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Was this 1e or 2e, because I heard 2e is better.

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Ah man of culture i see,~

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On our current superhero campaign, the one female player made basically Wonder Woman (except that instead of coming from an amazonian tribe, she comes from an alternative Earth where sci-fi spartans are the dominating civilization) and since the GM knew that she just loved family drama, her mother turned out to be evil and they ended up dueling to death at the end of the arc.

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>Still sore at each other
Was there a rematch?

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Imagine a Greek warrior woman tearing Hera's head off and riding Zeus on top of her bloody remains until even his ever-lusting dick is sore, making her into the new goddess of the hearth so the only thing that really changes is that the ideal Greek woman becomes a tomboy.

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Hera wasn't the goddess of the hearth, that was Hestia.

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Athena was already a tomboy.

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What happened?

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Imagine if she got involved in the Hera vs Athena vs Aphrodite debacle, won, and fucked Zeus on all their remains.

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>No pantheon wide catfight tournament
Just imagine. Pele vs Amaterasu. Isis vs Athena. Ishtar vs Aphrodite.

Losers are forced to worship the winners.

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May I point you toward Smite smut. I think most of them are already in the game. Not sure if those match ups have been written

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Please point the way.

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It's kind of hard to find mostly girl on girl brawling. There was one I love that was futa Bellona capturing Sol and breaking her on the dick but I know how people feel about futa so I didn't post it

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I had to fight my evil counterpart from inside her mind.

I cut out her tongue, and severed her link to her power source, resulting in lethal levels of mindbreak.

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God help me, link it anyway.

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dear coomer OP

this is a blue board and you've got a titty in your pic

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If you want to hunt down more you can HF and AO3, heads up if you pick AO3 know your way around its search engine you will find shit you really don't want

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No uncovered titty there.

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Mindbreak is the best victory.

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Here’s another good one that I totally did not commission myself.

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Imagine a traditional american catfight, boys hooting, clothes ripping, teeth gnashing- and Then their penises fall out.
We are closey reaching such an era.

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Please god no.

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As opposed to a traditional Russian catfight?

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Is this supposed to be a bad thing?

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Ive always wanted a drow catfight. Two black-hearted wenches murdering each other for political gain, only to be pushed off the cliff they were fighting on by a third party. But as they fall, they manage to drag their assailant off the cliff into the aboleth-filled pool with them out of spite.

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>Your players dont turn their villains against each other
Why not?

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based Zeus

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...is somebody linking my writing in this thread?

cuz it's also got goblins and stuff in that page. just sayin,

despite that, can't think of any in my own campaigns. I remember an old episode of The Drunk and The Ugly where the gang goes into Wonderland and the one girl just tries to throw down with the Queen of Hearts

"Is there something I can roll to just pull her hair?"
"Hey, should we help her?"
"Nah, let 'em keep going for a while..."

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>implying a threesome wouldn't have been the most in-character thing for everyone to do right then

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