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Should gryphons have manes?

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I've taken the realism pill and made them just big quadrupedal birds (wings are also their front legs to walk around on), so no manes. All of my mythological chimeric beasts are now realistic versions.

>manticores are huge feline-like bats with long spikes tails
>chimeras are hairless big cats with toxic bites
>cockatrices are big dino-birds
>ammits are big crocodiles with lots of spikes around their necks
>baku are predatory elephants

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Should is a too strong of a word for it. If you want the griffons of your world to have manes then give them manes and never look back.

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Only if they are the mane event.

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I have hired a kill squad to track you down.

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Nah, mullets would look cooler.

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I just wanted to pop in and say I fuckin' love griffons, I wish there were more of them in my games. Griffon knights especially.

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Should gryphons be owl/cat instead?

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Why have a mane when you can poofy feathery front and a layer of down underneath.

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Maybe griffon is a genus, and there are various species, such as owl/cat, lion/eagle, hawk/ocelot, etc.

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Don't forget the ever popular pigeon/rat griffins you have to chase away from your trashcans.

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Good god. If I were the burgher of a city forget dragons, I'd be paying adventurers 2 copper for every one of those disease-spreading little bastards they could get.

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You just know.

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Yes but they should still be able to flex to a support or off-tank role if the team needs it.

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Some. That way you can do the fun thing of having multiple species of griffin which have different ecological niches. Like owlbears who are simply northern griffons with vestigial wings due to their more bearlike lifestyle instead of the more catlike.

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Good job sir

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That's how I do it. A wide variety of species and breeds. Raising griffons as hunting beasts and war mounts is the pastime and pride of the most noble of the elite. If you're not riding into battle on a Berenikan Stormchaser, or at least a Sdaltan Crested Gold, then are you even really a gentleman?

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Where would hippogryphs fit into there or would they be their own genus?

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The classical hippogriff is a mythological creature born of the foreign misunderstanding of descriptions of creatures of the same name from the Berenike Mountains. The real hippogriffs are flightless quadrupedal avenoids used as mounts by the middle class and lower Gentry unable to gain permission to keep Griffons. Foreigners, familiar with their more prolific cousins, heard about the Berenikan bird-horses and just sort of slapped some horse bits on a griffon and called it a day.

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