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GMs of /tg/ have you ever granted your players some really bullshit get-out-of-ded-free cards so they could keep playing?

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Yes, it is called a "New Character Sheet."

The player is not the character. The character can die and the player can keep playing. There are always more characters. Always.

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you just wanted to post that webm

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No, that ruins the point of fighting/dying and everything between

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What is this? Reminds me of a Madoka witch

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At least some GMs have standards

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thats what it is, you might not recognize it because of the iconic Hidamari style being replaced with generic shit

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That's what Fate Points in WHF and assorted 40k roleplays do.
In D&D and derivatives Resurrection is also usually rather affordable.
MedWagon insurance (gold/platinum) in Shadowrun can also pull character back sometimes.
So basically it's often already ingrained in the system, you don't need to make it anything exceptional.

It's still distinct enough with "collage" witch and stuff.
I miss the days when /tg/ was actively reveling in meguca suffering.

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I did it once for a brand new player. He was standing on watch while they were camping, and rolled well enough on a Listen check to realize there was something out in the bushes, but not well enough to know exactly what it was.

Instead of say, waking up the rest of the party, he decided to go look for the problem on his own. I gave him my best "are you sure you want to do that?" To his credit, he realized that meant that what he was doing was a dumb idea and he should rethink it. A moment's agonized concentration produced the following
>If I head out there in my chainmail, whatever it is will hear me coming. I'll take off my armor first, and THEN go into the bushes to look for it.

At which point I said that his character would have woken up his companions before venturing out. It's one thing to get a dumb player killed because of dumb player shit, but I didn't want the rest of the party likely wiped out because newbie didn't think to wake the rest of them in an emergency.

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My DM have let me play even after the death of my character as an undead a couple of times and a lycanthrope that one time.

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All the fucking time. Though generally only for newish players.
I'm a really lenient DM.

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I still like meguca suffering anon

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