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Have you ever just looked at something, and wonder "Why"?

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I blame millennials.

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>Expectation vs Reality
>Normal People vs Creative People

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>>Normal People vs Furfags

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On an unrelated note.
I just sat through the Magic training montage ad with the delicious twink/girl (not entirely sure which).

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>The Power Gamer
>some wimpy looking dork in a dino costume

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Thanks, for a moment i thought it would be a rick roll

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>I just sat through the Magic training montage ad with the delicious twink/girl (not entirely sure which).
Anon, that's a child.

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Hey autists. IF any of you play MTG arena I have a free ashiok deck code for you. Add my steam (_Sitzkrieg) and first person to message me gets the code. I'll reply in this thread once it is claimed.

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I'm with you there

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That's the girl from the new IT movies.

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Its the chick from IT

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not sure why you're complaining, look at those giant fucking hands

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Is that Piff the magic dragon?

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well that's an editable image to be sure

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>the delicious twink/girl (not entirely sure which).
Fuck why is that perfect androgyny so enticing

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Because you're a closeted bisexual?

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But I'm not attracted to fourteen year old boys, I'm just attracted to women who could pass for fourteen year old boys at a glance.

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I like the new art more. Fits better with Johnny and Spike. Also they tweaked Johnny's art, too, just more subtly.

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not even fourteen years old boys that could pass for women? (let's assume you're German and it would be legal)

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