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Why do people who hate adventurer guilds get hesitant, nervous and even a little bit afraid when you mention Witcher schools, and how they are exactly what they hate so much?

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A school and a guild are pretty fundamentally different, right there in the name. A school is about training new people into a profession, and may in the process build loyalty to the school so that those same people support it further. A Guild is about collecting people already in a profession, promising some kind of mutual gain generally without providing anything at all initially

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>adventurer guild
>it's not a guild, more of a mercenary company
Why is this allowed?

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because it's allowed in real life you fucking retard

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d&d is not a world of logic.
Stop asknig questions like
>why armies/nobiltiy doesn't eradicate goblins
>why there are always dungeons with loot
>why there are adventurers etc
Just shut your brain off and play. Want to play extremely simulationist game with sensible worldbuilding? Go play Harn or Kalamar if you are adamant enough to not go beyond d&d

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The concept of an adventurers guild is also an ass-pull at the very least, how would a massive group of loners decide to band together? What king would allow a unified faction of transhuman baddasses run free on his lands? The problem is the centralized nature of an adventurers guild, if it were a secret society with lodges in major cities where you can go to rest and get a bit of info from the other members of the brotherhood it would feel far more genuine. Any setting that starts off by forcing their players into what feels like an ass-pull from the get go will likely have a hell of a time getting Players to care about it

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So a union.

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>Witcher schools, and how they are exactly what they hate so much?
Witcher schools had nothing to do with concept of an "adventuring guild." They weren't even guilds. Closer to Knightly orders like the Templars mixed with an Assassins order or something. You couldn't just join one. You had to be apprenticed at a young age. Also, they weren't even founded to be monster hunters. They were more like some fucked up throwback to when wizards controlled the entire world and tried to subjugate through a number of bizzare as methods. The Witchers being one such method. In fact, I don't even think Witchers schools had anything to do with one another as I believe the production process for making Witchers varied from order to order.

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>usually excused by them being in isolated spots and dug in
>DMs come up with lore for dungeons
>character creation usually asks why your character decided to be a murder hobo

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It is not that much, basically fluff, at least for d&d.
I mean in some games, your virtues/flaws really matter, as much as your abilities. Check out Pendragon or Ars Magica.

That being said, I love the lore of some d&d worlds, FR especially, but I feel such settings are wasted on d&d.

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I'd like to point out that even D&D doesn't have adventuring guilds in most of its settings. That's pants on head retarded meta bullshit that doesn't belong in a world.

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If you want an example of an Adventurer's Guild in fiction that actually works, outside of anime shit, look at the Battletech Mercenary Review Board. It's literally the same thing, except at a different scale. Mercenaries want to take Board jobs because the clients are more reliable, clients want to hire guild mercenaries for basically the same reason. If either side fails to keep up their end of the deal there are consequences ranging from difficulty of finding future jobs/merc, to being attacked by other mercs.

Adventurer's guilds are pretty much the same. People join the guild looking for work for reliable clients, and clients come to the guild with requests looking for reliable adventurers to fulfill those requests. People working outside the guild are untrustworthy. All the while the guild itself collects fees from all parties that probably end up going to the local lords, so everyone profits.

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That's wrong though. What about the Harpers and the Lords Alliance?

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>its another grognard thinks normal people care about the same minutiae he cares about episode
this might shock you but most people dont care about kings making realistic decisions or other geopolitical snoozefest

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You misunderstand what an adventurer's guild IS. It's not really a coherent, banded-together force. It's a managed job-board that tracks clients.

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What unified faction of transhuman baddasses would allow a king to run free on their lands?

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>why do
Saged and hidden.

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That's an insult to grognards. Real grognards would know that kings are just name-level characters that have carved out a city state in the unforgiving wilderness - which the PCs might do for themselves

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Witcher isn’t an adventurer that does quests they only kill monsters, that’s a job in a setting with a shitload of monsters that you could either expend manpower killing or pay one guy to do it for you

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based and oathpilled

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The Harper is not an adventuring guild.
It’s more like a decentralized spy network, and it’s handling of assignments is pretty variable due to how disorganized it is. Roughly over half of the Harpers just see a problem and act on it in accordance with their ideals, rather then actually get assignments from Berdusk.

The Lord’s Alliance is basically the United Nations and like the UN has very few people ACTUALLY working directly for it. Those that are are likely to be along the lines of diplomats rather then “professional” adventurers because not everyone in the Alliance agrees on everything, and in fact they rarely EVER do.

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The lore even goes into why monster knowledge isn't wide spread,or at least known among people who would be around certain monsters.

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Because adventurer guilds are just a video game conceit and you damn well know it.

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Because the Witcher schools aren't guilds, they're cults. They work based on weird cult tropes, not plucky adventurer tropes.

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Nobody gives a shit about the witcher, anon.

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>The concept of an adventurers guild is also an ass-pull at the very least, how would a massive group of loners decide to band together?
Shit gets fucked. Loners get organized to unfuck it. Stay together because they realize how easily it could be get fucked again. Or, less pessimistically they realize just how much a shot they have at unfucking other fucked situations if they just stick together.

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Nobody dislikes Witcher Schools. People love Witcher Schools, same as how they love Wizard Schools, Academies, Universities, Covens, Cults, etc..

I know this is bait, but to the people who don't know anything about Witcher 'Schools': they operate more like Tribes or Cults than actual unified orders, guilds, or what have you.
Witcher Schools formed after the 10th century when "Witchers" created by well-to-do Wizards and Kings attempted to make an order of Magical Knights to slay monsters. The results were ineffective and unimpressive as the Knights could do little more than simple 1st level'ish magic. These original Witchers eventually defected and wandered into the wild and began forming their own organizations or 'schools' where they would train, experiment, indoctrinate, and methodize the process of making more of their kind.
For maybe 300 or so years these 'schools' shat out more Witchers by taking in orphans and/or accepting children as payment for their services in order to continuing proliferating their numbers.

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> "Why do [thing that never happened except in my highly biased thought experiments] always happen?

Weak opening move, telegraphs your weaknesses and leaves you completely open and defenseless.

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>get hesitant, nervous and even a little bit afraid
Where did this meme start anyway?

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>why armies/nobiltiy doesn't eradicate goblins
You assume they have the resources to do so.
>why there are always dungeons with loot
Monsters and bandits love hideouts, they keep their stuff there.
>why there are adventurers
You don't call a day laborer to rewire your house or treat a disease, you hire an experienced professional specialist.

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People like to ascribe a fear response to those that disagree with them. Hence why dislike of gays is called homophobia, it's denigrating to the prejudiced by saying they're scared, when fear very often has nothing to do with it. The goal is to make people want to prove they're not afraid by agreeing with/accepting the idea they rejected. Realismfags are the same way, "why is /tg/ so AFRAID of historical accuracy?" The premise of the shitpost is an insult.

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>adventurer's guild
running it like a actually medieval guild would be interesting.

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How about this for an adventurer guild

>adventurers (PCs) are a thing that exist regardless of anything else
>some (ad)venture capitalists decide to organise these unassociated individuals by making friends of adventurers
>said people have no power beyond networking/social skills
>offer to get them jobs for a small-ish cut of the profits
>make it known for people to come to them to get their problems solved
>years pass, they become successful in this, get more adventurer clients on board
>franchise into a "guild" with other business-savvy non-class-level NPCs

There you go. There's a reason for it to exist that benefits both parties
>"guild" gets easy profits for being the go-to place to have problems solved
>adventurers have a job board and go-to place to get jobs

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In my game, the monster hunter guild consists of different schools, you don't have to limit yourself to one of the two

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Exactly, but you can take it one step further.

Adventurer "members" are known to the guild. Membership and rank within the guild are dependent on good behavior and performance on jobs. As a result, people who want jobs done know that Guild Adventures are relatively safe and reliable. Bad behavior gets you kicked out, so people don't want to hire non-guild adventurers because there must be a reason they aren't with the guild.

The same goes for the other side. You put a job through the guild, you pay for the job properly. If you don't pay, or otherwise backstab the adventurers sent to do your job, the guild knows. You don't get any more jobs through them, and you might even get some adventurer "collectors" sent after you. People posting jobs outside the adventurer's guild are probably bad clients who have been banned, so adventurers don't want to take those jobs.

All the while, the guild itself skims off both parties. The adventurer's pay their guild membership fees, the job clients pay a percentage of the job reward to the guild.

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>Witcher schools are guilds
Do witcher schools have legal backing to forbid non-witchers from hunting monsters? If so, they're guilds and just as bad as adventurer's guilds.

Note how this doesn't "make me nervous," stop projection your own insecurities on to other people.

>So a union.
Unions and guilds are not the same (in countries with proper unions. I have been made Aware that America has shit unions)

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>because it's allowed in real life you fucking retard
You'll find that IRL, if you use false words for your product you'll often get sued actually.

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Training people into professions and guarding and passing down trade secrets was also in the purview of guilds
You just don't know the meaning of the concept and have fallen for retarded memes

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>That's wrong though. What about the Harpers and the Lords Alliance?

Neither of those are guilds you fuckstick. You can tell because neither do they (A) have "Guild" in their name nor (B) do they act like guilds irrespective of their names.

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Why do you assume the first two with such confidence?

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The first is a prerequisite for the concept, the second is the catalyst that makes it happen.

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No legal backing, but the vast majority of the time humans just fuck it up. Witchers are stronger, faster, have better senses and can use potions that would kill a normal person. People aren't legally required to hire a witcher, but everyone with common sense does.

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Top quality thread, OP.
Very /tg/, too.

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>America has shit unions
Very much so, they're an artifact from a defunct era designed to protect the rights of workers, but there are so many lawyers willing to take your case pro bono because they know the company can afford a big payout, they're no longer needed. Did you know teachers in America would have in some cases double their salary if they didn't have to pay union dues?

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>No legal backing, but the vast majority of the time humans just fuck it up
Not always, though.

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Homophobia is called "-phobia" because the term was invented to describe fear of admitting one's gay, not because someone wanted to win an internet fight.

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Runner up for best post in thread

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If your goal is to create a setting and not run a game, why do you allow the prerequisite to not require explanation?

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No backing, but vast majority of people who try to do it "on their own" die horribly and often make situation even worse, quite literally feeding the monster.

Eyck got his spine shattered in the end. Just saying. Not saying he was bad at his job, since he's a well-known monster slayer that does it for "moral" reasons rather than money.
On the other hand, guys like Reavers are doing just fine as dragon hunters, even if for the most time they only take the job against draconids, rather than actual dragons (most people don't know the difference anyway).
The big difference between "this or that group does it well" and "anyone can do it" is the amount of equipment, manpower and training/experience each group has. And in case of certain monsters, not hiring a witcher is still suicidal, because a witcher is going to have a hard time and probably die trying, so everyone else is just hopeless.
So in most cases, just getting a witcher is the easiest, cheapest and most efficient way of doing.
Think about it as hiring a pest control company - technically you can try doing it yourself, but it will cost you more, you have no clue what you are doing and there is no guarantee you are going to get it done by yourself.

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>Eyck got his spine shattered in the end.
Literally no one would have done any better in his situation.

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>Literal mob of villagers does better
Read the short story, please. The only reason why the dragon didn't end up fucking swarmed by bunch of rural bumpkins with nets and pitchforks is because Yenn and Geralt decided to stop them. In quite... colourful way.

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I mean alone.

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If we take CDPR as canon, Eyck eventually made a full recovery and went right back to monster slaying.

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retard, do you have one iota of sourcing to back that up?

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>Did you know teachers in America would have in some cases double their salary if they didn't have to pay union dues?

That seems like a serious case of 'Citation Required'. As that would mean like 30k/year dues and I don't think unions make you pay about $570 a week.

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When mercenary activity started being criminalized, they just started calling themselves private security contractors. It's exactly the same as in real life.

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The Lord's Alliance is a government you dumb fuck

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>hesitant, nervous and even a little bit afraid
You likely don’t even talk to actual human beings and are imagining arguments you aren’t even having with people who aren’t even real.

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Eyck was a fucking monster against monsters in Thronebreaker and a true paladin if there ever was one. Fuck you, Netflix series, for killing him off unceremoniously.

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don't play "it all makes sense" game, especially in d&d. You are talking about a game of hitpoints, and wizards that basically act like artillery and naught else.

How come a barbarian with 2 hp can stand and still do all actions he does with full hp? How do the spells are created? Why wizards/druids/clerics do dungeon crawl again and again rather than staying in their natural habitats?

Because d&d is a game about killing monsters. So you don't have wizards or clerics per se but healers or dps or tank.
Again dont try to logic your way out of d&d you will burry yourself.

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A random bumpin managed to near-fataly poison a dragon. The only reason the beast lived was because he didn't have actual poison to do the job.
This is witcherverse, we are talking about. And that story quite literally exists to deconstruct the folk hero (so that bumpkin, who is a fucking moron), the dragon-slaying knight, the "professional dragon slayer" low fantasy bullshit and "muh eco-balance" fuckery. On top of that, also fucking over dragons, since they are quite fragile, all things considered

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Adventurer's guilds don't need "legal backing" for pretty much anything. They simply restrict access to guild jobs for guild members of sufficient rank. Non guild members are free to go elsewhere, but without the backing of the guild nobody is going to trust them, and the jobs they do get outside also can't be trusted for the same reason.

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>Fuck you, Netflix series
I've watched nothing of it, is it worth it in any way ?

>> No.70683468

If you can separate it from the source material? It's worth at least seeing if you like it or not. Big fan of the books and you can't separate it from the source material? Satisfaction not guaranteed.

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I'm probably going to pass then

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The Geralt and Dandelion bits are good. The rest, well, is not.

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To deny the first is to make the party special snowflakes in the setting.
To deny the second is to deny human nature.

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Guilds and unions are both mafia-like schemes that have the sole purpose to inflate the value of their goods by force, using legal or illegal means to prevent free market competition and artificially increase their margins of profit, effectively stealing from their consumers and the rest of society. The main justification for their existence that they help their members is a scam since preventing workers to compete against each other freely only helps the most mediocre members.

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It's not even a mercenary company. Most adventure guilds are portrayed as noting more than questbrokers.

Mercenary company implies a military command structure for example.
In the typical adventurers guild nobody exerts command authority over the independently acting hero teams.

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>Adventurer's guilds don't need "legal backing" for pretty much anything.

I mean, not for anything except, of course, for the most critical part: "Being a guild."

>Nobody will trust you outside the guild

Ah yes, that's definitely how it works. Nobody. That's why no guild IRL ever sought legal backing, because nobody ever hired cut-rate. That's why it's so unimportant to SAG-AFRA to ban non-guild members, because you would definitely never hire a top name if they left the guild so they don't need to have a legal monopoly.

Fucking come on. You can spin as much bullshit as you want, but name it correctly. This "the thing that I invented that is nothing like X, I will call X only and exclusively to confuse people" is the most annoying trend in games design.

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People who hire cut-rate in THIS business are liable to get their throats cut by the people they hire. It sorts itself out pretty quickly. The reason to hire guild adventurers is because you know you get someone who is both capable of doing the job (that's what guild rankings are for), and who is going to actually do the job, rather than simply killing you and stealing your money.

The same is even more true from the other side. Adventurers want guild jobs because they know guild jobs will actually pay, and aren't actually a trap.

And of course, because all the safe hires and jobs are in the guild, pretty much all of the non-guild jobs and adventurers will be this way. A smart guild also knows to take care of its more famous members, the so called "top names" you would hire even without guild backing if you could. They'll almost never want to leave.

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What it comes down to is that the guild is providing a valuable service to all parties. They don't NEED to be a monopoly or anything, forcing out all competition. You want to take the risk and not use their services fine, there are plenty of people who will pay.

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I didn't even like those parts all that much. I get that Dandelion/Jaskier is supposed to be comic relief but his schtick is just way overdone. He talks just like the insipid writers presumably do (e.g. "dragons are, apparently, a thing"), talks way too goddamn much, and is too stupid and unaware to fit the tone of the rest of the show.

>> No.70686862

>Freemarkets and private ownership are both mafia-like schemes that have the sole purpose to inflate the value of their goods by force, using legal or illegal means to prevent worker cooperation and artificially increase their margins of profit, effectively stealing from their workers and the rest of society. The main justification for their existence that they help their members is a scam since incentivizing workers to compete against each other freely only helps the owners of the industry. You have to go back.

>> No.70686896

>talks way too goddamn much, and is too stupid and unaware to fit the tone of the rest of the show
So... He's Jaskier?

>> No.70686924

That's in keeping with Dandelion, though.

He's a motor mouth with a good voice. He has no redeeming qualities beyond loyalty, but even that could be suspect.

As far as Witcher Schools, Idk where people got the idea they were cults, the elves made them to be storm troops against post conjuction critters, with humans funding the original order, problem was they fell out of favor after a century, and splintered into sucessor factions called "schools" where they turned into specialized mercenary orders sans title. Another hundred years and they're a ruined organization, having completed the majority of their tasks in such a way the populace felt safe butchering them.

Vidya aside witchers are remnants of an age, along with the majority of magic users falling apart as well, as paranoia and intrigue ensures each generation knows less than the last.

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>People who hire cut-rate in THIS business are liable to get their throats cut by the people they hire.

Stats and data source or you're lying.

>> No.70687190

They don't call them murderhobos for nothing fool.

>> No.70687223

>I don't have sources.
I knew that already I just needed you to post it so other people would know so as well.

>> No.70687254

>Sources on a fictional setting you make up
I think you are just dumb. Also I'm modeling the system on the Battletech MRB

>> No.70687315

>I was talking about my specific setting when I wrote about what guilds are and are not like and I didn't feel the need to say so in my previous posts where I was writing like it was universal

You can invent whatever bullshit you want for your own game but then you shouldn't use words with specific meanings unless you're actively trying to confuse people.

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Can you think of any functioning "adventurer's guild" that works differently? Not a merchants guild or anything else, don't get hung up on the word "guild". Specifically "adventurer's guild".

It's extremely commonly used in video games and anime where from an adventerer's viewpoint it's basically just a place where you get quests and may or may not require a fee. Everything else is logic on why those quests are there and how everything works behind the scenes.

>> No.70688199

Probably because of the execution. Adventurer guilds are usually executed very poorly, but witcher schools are a good take on them.

>> No.70688374

>video games and anime
There's no adventurer's guild in any good video games or any good anime.

>> No.70688517

What bothers me about the entire "adventurer's guild" concept, beyond people misunderstanding what a guild is because anime itself borrowed the term from MMOs, is that it caters to a very specific definition of "adventurer" which seems to be shorthand for "supernaturally powerful self-interested sellsword who makes a living by engaging in cliche RPG plots" with the implication that the "adventurers" are so strong as to be completely unaccountable to mundane government. Which I'm pretty sure is a trope that originated in battle shonen manga e.g Hunters in HxH or ninja in Naruto. My games don't have that sort of thing and it's weird that people have it as a serious point of contention

>> No.70688594

I've never met someone who hated adventurer guilds and liked the Witcher, so I think your sample is biased.

>> No.70688659

@all the no-fun cucks who think Adventurers' guilds don't work: I will be adding adventurer's guilds into every game I run from now on, and will be requesting all the DM's of various groups I'm in to also put them in their games.

You fags made this happen. Hope you are happy now.

>> No.70688758

They don't need to be "so strong as to be completely unaccountable". They just tend to get away with things between sparse law enforcement and basically no concept of forensics. Bandits are also a huge thing in most settings, and they usually aren't especially powerful.

Basically you take the concept of murderhobo players, assume that to apply to NPCs as well, and try to make a system that organizes and separates the good from the bad, or at least gives the bad enough incentive to be good.

>> No.70688846

Because Adventure Guilds are anime weebshit & Witcher Schools are old profession based apprenticeship in murdermaking

>> No.70689838

>why armies/nobiltiy doesn't eradicate goblins
wow, way to be goblinophobic. They are people with a rich culture and history that are as much deserving to live as others are, are you antisemitic or something?
>why there are always dungeons with loot
Not always, in most cases, you have to walk the extra mile to find them
>why there are adventurers etc
People have left their home all the time, anon. It is just that nowadays, they go into cities instead of walking the land

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Seldom does that happen

>> No.70690011

Do you? :•)

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Because Witchers are taught, leave, then go out and find shit to do. Adventurer Guilds are lame because they act as a guestgiver hub, and force you to come back for more. Witchers get their quests by looking at wanted posters, hanging around in pubs, and wandering around looking for trouble; all things the players would rather be doing instead of begging higher level guildmates for their excess tasks while they gear up to do the fun shit.

The best adventurer guild is the one you only have to leave once.

>> No.70691994

He probably saw that on the educational video about unions at his workplace.

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For once I'd like to see which way the discussion would go if we used, say, "Adventurer's Coop" instead of "Guild".
It's always filled with autists complaining about the specifics of the word instead of discussing the overall concept. It's like opening a thread of necromancy and see 100 posts saying necromancy should be strictly about divination, not summoning undeath thralls.

>> No.70693411

This is how I feel about it as well (although a couple of the Yenn parts were ok) but it makes me feel like I'm a bumpkin or something for not enjoying the greater world plots. I just enjoyed Geralt slaying monsters and getting into shenanigans.

>> No.70693454

>What king would allow a unified faction of transhuman baddasses run free on his lands?
The adventurer's guild is how he keeps track of them retard. And how he keeps them on a leash. With his fucking money.

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None of them.
It would devolve into some kind of murderhobo Hansa empire.
Where power levels devolve into a peeking order of "leave that guy alone" and quite a bit of other people laying sieges to city states and slaying nobility conspiring to make their blood holier than it actually is.
Turbo murderhobo fantasy would be great.

Why write shitty fan fiction?

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>Fable isn't a good game

>> No.70694671

everything molyneux touches turns to shit. if he promised to bring you a mere ham sandwich it'd still wind up missing something

>> No.70695209

>Go play Harn or Kalamar
Those are settings (much better than most fantasy settings), but you can play them with any system if you're so inclined. Harn as a setting is truly wonderful, but harnmaster as a system leaves something to be desired, particularly in terms of combat.
Personally, I run a game in Kingdoms of Kalamar and have been doing so for three years now, and no we don't play any dnd here.

>> No.70695662

it was an okay game but I don't understand the reason for the prison break in and escape if the guild was so influential in the Albion and the prison being owned by Bowerstone, couldn't some strings be pulled.

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It's happened in real life

>> No.70695887

>Because the Witcher schools aren't guilds, they're cults.

Explain? Witchers are all pretty self aware about the flaws of the system and most work independently since there's so few of them left and the schools barely exist anymore. Aside from being forced into being a Witcher as a small child, they're not really cults.

>> No.70695893

The Witcher is immunized against all dangers: one might call him a mutant, monster, elf-lover, it all runs off him like water off a raincoat. But call him an Adventurer and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: "I've been found out."

>> No.70695939

This is the best way to do it. Basically make it more of an alliance than a guild with a yearly meet up to discuss the state of the land, held in a different area of the land so that no one has to miss too many years. When something big enough happens you call on the alliance members and they gather to fight the undead army, or tarrasque, or holy roman catholic church.

>> No.70695958

The adventurers guild is administered and endorsed by the crown. Adventurers are required to register with the local guild, and can take jobs that have been curated by the crown itself, furthering the interests of the nation.

>Crown desires to reclaim a region lost to monsters and puts out several jobs for reclaiming key areas / eradicating monsters
>adventuring guild gets drunk and engages in tavern brawl, a guardsmen loses his life trying to stop them - crown puts out bounty on their heads, revokes their license

>> No.70695981

Literally never happens. This is a myth.

>> No.70696155

Honestly, I don't see why you couldn't get a squad of the boys together to hunt more mundane monsters. Drowners, Nekkers, Ghouls etc. You'd need a larger party for a Griffin or Wyvern. Only time you'd actually need a Witcher is fighting some fucked up cursed shit that requires specific knowledge and tools. Wraiths, Leshen etc.

>> No.70696236

They do, sometimes. And most of the time a lot of the people who try it get killed.

>> No.70696250

It's frustrating to watch if you're familiar with the source material. It's biggest problem is it doesn't focus nearly enough on Geralt's adventures and chooses to focus on fleshing out Yen's backstory for some reason. Comfy 40 minute show adapting the short stories would've been fine, but the writers decided to turn it into a long form narrative with multiple POVs ala GoT. It just doesn't work and boring most of the time.

Also the casting is fucked. Cavill is practically a 1:1 adaptation of vidya Geralt and Dandelion is great too. But Yen and Triss feel out of place. Ciri is alright, but far too old (though getting an 8 year old who can actually act would be hard). It's just all around a really fucked up adaptation with some good moments.

>> No.70696299

>t. harvey goldstein

>> No.70696314

Isn't a point that Witchers are dying out because their usefulness is limited?

>> No.70696465

Here's the thing, that happens- but when it happens it's called putting down a dangerous beast, not slaying a monster. A monster is by very definition something that is very dangerous and deadly. If we had magic and mutants we'd probably have had witchers running around hunting down grizzly bears and mountain cats.

>> No.70696542

Problem is more that Molyneux couldn't *just* promise to deliver a ham sandwich. He'd get to the point of telling you or anyone else and need to embellish.

>> No.70696989
File: 823 KB, 1122x1600, 1425530654915.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well... what do we mean when we say there's an adventurer's guild? Typically, you imagine a couple of hubs, little more than very well-done taverns with a special clientele, who makes their money servicing mercenaries, explorers, and specialist-hobby professionals. The "Guild" takes a small cut of profits in order to help these different groups network with each other and potential quest-givers (ie; other guilds and political entities who value skilled independent labor).

So, an Adventure Guild is more like a spy network that's open about its services and maintains some level of protection and immunity due to their clients occasionally including demigods and royalty, as well as just their incredible usefulness as a deniable asset.

It assumed some level of anachronistic behavior, but that ship sailed, hit a rock, and sank to the abyss long ago in terms of fantasy gaming. Did I miss something?

>> No.70697761

Yeah. Unions just get in the way of bosses firing shitty workers and generally decrease workplace productivity. Hell, most things like sick leave and unemployment have made employment a absolute nightmare to owners. They really need to make the former less generous and to either halve or even cut away the latter. If the worker works, he stays. If he's shit, then fire his ass and go to the local home depot to pick up a pack of mexicans to do his crappy job for him.

>> No.70700212

Why do you guys hate fantasy job centers so much?

>> No.70702116


Witchers are not part of a guild or organization. Witcher schools train and create Witchers but all Witchers pursue their own careers with their own codes of conduct and organization.

These two things aren’t similar at all you moron.

>> No.70704796

>"Adventurer Guild" is vidya/anime and therefore bad
>"Witcher School" is real Western fantasy and based on a boo by some old Polish dude and therefore good

>> No.70705262

Imagine drinking down the corporate kool-aid like a cumguzzling faggot this hard.

Go lick hillary clinton's cunt you waste of human flesh.

>> No.70705804
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Educate yourself, kiddo.

>> No.70706160




You can, again, tell because it neither has Guild in the name, nor do the things that set guilds apart from other institutions.

>> No.70707776

A corporation that buys political influence to limit its competition and diminish the rights of free commerce from everyone else is akin to any other mafia-like organization, unions, guilds, monarchies, etc. That's literally what guilds do by definition.
A powerful corporation is almost indistinguishable from an absolute monarchy, a communist state, or any other tyrannical government.

>> No.70707972

>no u

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