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Have you ever fapped to your character or an NPC of a game?

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Yes, actually. I have had vivid fantasies of my character being forced into sex, often by party members.

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Does it count if they had an ahegao face as their character image?

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Yes. Post game of course

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Not a tabletop game buuuut

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Not any character from real games.
I've had tons of ERP, though.

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Yeah, one of my characters.
Basically I was playing as a rat man and at one point I put on a bunch of make up just to put my charisma by one point.
I masturbate often to the idea of my ugly rat monster of a character pretending to be a women

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that sounds so hot

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Me and a buddy were playing twins, and as the female twin, I was starting to slowly develop the motivation to become morally questionable/evil late in the campaign. I have no idea why Episode 3 came to mind, but the idea of a creeping obsession with protecting the brother came to mind, and boy later that night some twincest fantasies decided to just write themselves.

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>Have you ever fapped to your character or an NPC of a game?

But I've schlicked to them.

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What a twist!

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One of my PC's is like my ideal waifu, but honestly most if not all of the female characters I've made touch my Magical realm in some way.

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A number of my PCs, yeah. I've even done ERP with a few.

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You’re not OG unless you’ve fapped to the gynosphinx

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That’s a level of pathetic I don’t want to devolve to.

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Yes. The female player kept making sexual jokes about our characters (I was also playing a female), like "haha we should make out to distract the guards". Little did she know I'm a big yurifag.

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Yes, my curent character is a super fetishized elven dancer that nobody knows is a woman because the body is completely covered in cloth and i only refer to the character by her name, not by any gendered pronouns
Current DM is an Artist.... but i cant request art (she does character art for free for her players) because she doesn't know the character is female either, might have to commission online to get my fappiness to the next level

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>might have to commission online to get my fappiness to the next level
Ask in /aco/ or /d/ drawthreads if they are willing to draw your character

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Yeah /aco/ is pretty good for getting /tg/ related fappable material from draw/writefags.

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I'll have to check it out, i generally avoid draw threads, it feels bad because i have ZERO artistic capability and i don't want to be another begger
Do yall have a prefered place to get minitures? Both lewd and regular? I have neckbeardia subbed on YT so ive seen some pretty nice lewd ones

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No idea on lewd miniatures. Feels like the sort of thing that you should keep private, yeah? Bit too cringe on the tabletop. I'm all about the online ERP and fanfiction though.

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Its more for collection, like people with lewd anime statues, they are not flaunting them at every chance

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Yes, specifically the loli I'm playing in a game of Star Wars.

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Yeah a male and female character in my PF campaign had sex cause we realized he had a 16 charisma. Both players were male. They fucked twice then the other player started dating someone else. It is still joked about sometimes. The female character was a wizard who frustrated me as the DM by killing the monsters constantly and being OP so I didn't realize I had sexual tension toward "her" so I jacked off imagining her getting fucked.

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No, just to a couple of players.

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There's a royal family with two incestuous sisters in it. I've done it to them a few times, they're cute as hell.

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Princesst is the best

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You are so right.
Kinda short on details there, anon.

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Every day since 2017

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What kind of details? Cause their relationships pretty long winded due to their whole realm being one big ratrace based on my loose understanding of olden Italy.

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The ones that make them fappable, duh.

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Well the eldest sister's a dominant little blonde who's got a napoleon complex. Meanwhile the younger sister's a busty, freckled auburn haired girl who relies on her sister to curb her nervous attitude.
I always imagined the eldest taking the dom role verbally and instructively but the younger sister man handling her tiny frame via her big sis' instructions.

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That's more like it.

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Yep. Didn't help when the DM gave me a cute dom girlfriend.

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I know she's a Twi'lek but c'mon man

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I'm not proud, but it definitely isn't the worst in this thread.

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well then it doesn't fucking count for the thread, does it, dipshit?

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Top ten anime betrayals.

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I had my character fap to me, the player. Yeah, things got a bit weird.

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Thats immensely strange, anon.

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only cringe because tailhead

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My brother here with top taste

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My wizard was fucking the rogue for shiny shit and treasures the That Guy rogue was stealing for most of the last campaign. It was really a "you steal me shit for my experiments, I make you magical crap, also let's fuck" deal, no actual feelings involved.

Found out the That Guy was actually a That Girl a few months ago. Much laughter was had.

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Was she a girl rp'ing a dude and you're a dude rp'ing a girl? Because that's hilarious. Even more so if you got off to it.

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I paid a guy to draw an 8 page pornographic comic about one of my characters.

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>create female npc
>become attached to her
>think about cuddling and protecting her and masturbate to fantasies of her
>she’s being unjustly hunted for a bounty on her head
>think that players will protect her since they’ve met her before and she helped them
>they kill her before the hunters that way they can collect the bounty

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Players are the worst.

Yours especially, but in general too.

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I've fapped to my tiny elvish necromancer getting absolutely ravished by the party's big cyborg gorilla man.


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9/10 it's furry

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Yes, and?

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See at first I thought the players never met her and thus was like "well no shit they killed her for the money" but then I reread the second to last line and I have to agree with the other guy, your players suck.

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das bad man

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>You’re not OG unless you’ve fapped to the gynosphinx
The OG says "Go away, monster! My mom is hotter!"

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Jedi Grandmaster George probably wouldn't let her wear that much as a Padawan.

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Been a while since I commissioned it, so long I even forgot how long it was. Here ya go.

https://e-hentai.org/g/1489782/610777aa57/ Enjoy a fap at my expense.

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C-could you tell us about it

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This is my fetish, anon. Ever since I played that shitty latex dungeon game.

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You want to fuck animal people.

That's fuckin' weird, dude.

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Fear not, anon, it's not furry smut.

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A minotaur was once a very important character in a campaign I was in.
I did plenty of fantasizing about getting absolutely railed by that fine and upstanding gentleman.

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Sir Hector?

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If it's weird then why is it such a persistently common fetish across human history?

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Because humans across history have been fuckin' weird, dude.

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Never make an NPC you aren't prepared to watch die.

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of course, why else play rpgs?

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Only my players not their characters

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>was a wizard who frustrated me
Wizards, no sense of right and wrong

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How much did you pay? Was it up to your expectations?

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I believe it was 600 in total, and yes, I am quite happy with it.

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>600 dollarydoos

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75 per page is a pretty good deal by commission standards. Still a waste of money though.

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Commissions ain't cheap, because it takes a lot of time if done well. Plus a series of unfortunate events left me quite well off.


Many things are a waste of money, but I find the quantity of boners provided to be well worth the money.

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I think every young nerd has fapped to the Monster Manual some time.

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When making something, if you have an opportunity to make it fappable and you choose not to, you're doing yourself a disservice. /d/ has long since claimed me. Slaanesh has blessed me with fetishes both too arcane and too mundane to be noticed, or else put me in the company of those who do not care.

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>tfw literally can't even look at simple as a Fairy without my mind slowly drifting towards using it as an onahole or it shrinking down another girl even smaller than herself to keep as a pet
I'm broken

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>towards using it as an onahole
>or it shrinking down another girl even smaller than herself to keep as a pet

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I have a very broad spectrum of interests in fairies. From pleb to based taste they are some of the lewdest and cutest creatures in existence.

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I agree, although I admit I've never done much with them, in /tg/ or /d/

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Yeah. My current character and another character are in a romance together, and I've had fantasies of the two of them together.

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You're missing out, they're one of my largest folder for a reason. They are also a fun companion to have in tabletop if your DM isn't a dick and lets you get creative.

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Yes, but that's because I always throw in a few cute, competent, and dominant ladies when coming up with NPCs. only sometimes on purpose.

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I've always liked pics like that and this with fairies, I much prefer them whimsical and cutesy rather than making them some flavor of edgy. I would like to run with one in tabletop, will discuss it with the DM There were a few doujins I enjoyed, the latest with the shota hero and fairy healer was nice, in addition to one by LEE

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I bet you're one of those faggots in the Warhammer Fantasy threads that wants to fuck skaven huh...

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You're right edge and fairies should never mix unless it's for comedic factors. They can even be a nice break from the usual tension of a setting. One by LEE? Not sure I know that one.

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>Cute, competent, and dominant
My kindred of Moorish descent. Fuck the bumbling "must protect, because inept" bimbos, gimme a gal who can hold the line.

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You people need to get laid. Or pegged.

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Nah, I'm good.

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I haven't, but I know for a fact one of my player has. Apparently I made my villain too hot, despite going out of my way to keep escalating how terrible a human being she was.

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Chaotic Good at best.

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Yes, one of my NPCs is a princess based on pic related. There's a bit of romance between her and one of my PCs, and I've had some fantasies about the two of them together. Unfortunately I expect one or both of them to die at some point, though.

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>actually risking STDs
>actually potentially procreating
>actually relying on a second person for your physical pleasure

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someone post the ahsoka audio

>> No.70680871

There's not really much to tell because it's horribly generic. I was playing a dorky out of her depth priest and the other girl at the table went for a lawful stupid paladin. But I like determined guys, even more so if they're inexperienced and I can show them the ropes, and her physical descriptions of him hit right between my legs. It quickly turned into me fantasising about our characters experimenting together.

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No, but I know my players have, and it sickens me to the core just thinking about it.

>> No.70681270

100 Scouts in open field VIOLATE level 20 fighter

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I wrote an awful fapfic many years ago wherein my tomboy sorceress and her childhood friend, the party's deadbeat bard, had to convincingly dress up like nobles (they cleaned up nicely, of course) and pretend to be a couple in order to sneak into a ball and spy on somebody or something. It had every shitty romance novel cliche you'd expect and ended in shitty romance novel sex.

I put a password on the document out of sheer paranoia and I've since forgotten what it is.[/spoiler

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Someone wrote two gay fanfics involving our party.

>> No.70681760

>I wrote an awful fapfic many years ago wherein my tomboy sorceress and her childhood friend, the party's deadbeat bard, had to convincingly dress up like nobles (they cleaned up nicely, of course) and pretend to be a couple in order to sneak into a ball and spy on somebody or something. It had every shitty romance novel cliche you'd expect and ended in shitty romance novel sex.
Alright Brandon we've all read Mistborn, there's no need to keep shilling it here.

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Thanks for the rec.

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Tits or GTFO

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I'll do you one better

>> No.70682405

I once jerked off to a harpy in a monster manual.

>> No.70682442

Its only jokes. Why you heff to be mad?

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I don't think I'd be able to control myself.

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Is it scary? Knowing that there are women here, I mean. Do you feel insecure?

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There aren't any women here. You don't count, tranny.

>> No.70684215

Yeah I'm not the person who said they were a girl, I was just pointing out how weird you sound. Of course there are women here, not many, but a verifiable minority. You should spend less time wrapped up your weird echo chambers if you think there's a complete absence of one gender on /tg/. Especially in a thread like this.

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If you don't post a pic of your tits with a timestamp then you're not a woman even if you say you are.

>> No.70684279

I never said I was a girl, anon. Just capable of comprehending the fact they exist.

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Kill yourself.

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For a campaign where the PCs where falling like flies my fiancé made a PC based on my waifu in hopes that I would go easy on this one.
It was a shame but the dices demanded that I had to put that one down too.

>> No.70684392

This, I've also ERPed these scenes with various party members throughout the course of the campaign.

>> No.70684610

Nah I'm good.

Man, imagine coming into a thread like this and thinking women who play games don't exist. Thanks for the free bumps though, can't let quality posts like these die.

>> No.70684643

jerked it to atleast 3-4 of my gfs characters.

>> No.70684828

Woms bring nothing intelligent to any conversation, so it is pretty depressing when they try to attention whore without at least providing tits.
Jokes are funny.

>> No.70684858

>Woms bring nothing intelligent to any conversation
That's a rather bold statement.

>> No.70684903

>Woms bring nothing intelligent to any conversation
Despite that obviously being false, you're in a thread about jackin it to RP. Maybe this is as intelligent as conversations get for a birdbrain like yourself, but personally if women want to add sluttery to this convo I say let them go ahead.

>> No.70685008

Most true statements are bold in their time.
And a wom STILL managed to bring the level of discourse down by a multitude of degrees. It's almost impressive how cancerous the Men of Wö are to intelligent discussion.

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>And a wom STILL managed to bring the level of discourse down by a multitude of degrees. It's almost impressive how cancerous the Men of Wö are to intelligent discussion.
No, she didn't. She posted about touching herself, another anon asked for details, she gave them. Everyone continued. Hours later you appeared and shat up the thread.

Unless you're a woman, it wasn't the other sex that brought the level of discourse down in this thread.

Now take your pol shit and fuck off so we can get back to talking about erp.

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Kill yourself tranny.

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>replies several hours and dozens of posts after the fact to complain about a girl attention whoring
>derails the thread by arguing with everybody about it
Please stop forcing your volcel worldview upon the rest of us.

>> No.70685163

Please stop pretending you're not the same seething roastie and fuck off.

>> No.70685193

Everyone who disagrees with me must be the same person! I can't possibly be wrong!

>> No.70685208

I thought you were just shitposting but Jesus Christ you replied fast. How angry are you, anon? Are you shaking IRL?

>> No.70685238

>"woman" enters the thread and it instantly goes to shit
At least it wasn't even a good thread.

>> No.70685288

>Woman enters thread
>Posts relevant content
>Thread is fine for hours
>Incel enters thread
>Thread goes to shit instantly

Yeah it's not the woman that's the problem, it's the autists who can't get over having girls in their playpen. I hope she comes back and posts more details just to piss you fucks off.

>> No.70685326

"She" is not going to fuck you. You can stop.

>> No.70685329

>over 24 hours later

>> No.70685647

It's probably a samefag who decided to derail a dead thread

>> No.70685707

>She posted about touching herself
No, "she" posted about having a vagina for free (you)s and didn't even discuss the actual topic (masturbating to PCs/NPCs) until prompted by some bootlicking whiteknights came in to milady at "her".
Ah yes, your first and only line of defense: cry /pol/.

>> No.70685754

Absolutely based

>> No.70686063

I might fuck him. You never know. It's more likely than me fucking you.

>> No.70686248

The gender quotes are cute, good job!

And it's a topic about masturbating to PCs, come on. I hide my gender in every other thread because it derails them but this one is literally about getting off. Are you really gay enough to go "no girls allowed" when you're talking about stroking yourself?

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I accidentally magical realmed myself once. Didn't even notice what I'd done until three or four sessions after I'd made the decision.

I haven't fallen to temptation yet, but I got close once.

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Uninspired for sure but lazy bait? What is it baiting?

>> No.70686468

Fun. He's mad about people having fun.

>> No.70686492
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He's just posting it on random threads he doesn't like, as far as I can tell.

>> No.70686699

>And it's a topic about masturbating to PCs, come on
Then talk about masturbating to PCs instead of your gender, whore. You don't need to be male to jack off, after all. Or if your gender is just so interesting to you, show it off and post tits.
> I hide my gender
This doesn't make you special. Everyone "hides" their gender. No one says "as a male, my opinion is special because penis" and yet here you are doing the reverse of that because you have nothing of value to say other than MUH VAGINA

>> No.70686868

The lack of self awareness in this post is amusing. The four posts above me said even less on the subject than I did, and multiple people in the thread have indicated they they're male instead of hiding their gender. So why single me out?

Because it's not about content or gender-hiding, you just don't like girls posting that they're girls in your safe space, and it makes you feel big to insult them. It's pathetic.

I'm happy to go back to talking about masturbating to PCs though. You know, since you actually care about the thread and this isn't about shitting on women to make yourself feel better. What say you prove that by dropping this back and forth and posting something relevant to the thread, hmm?

>> No.70687080

Fuck off tranny.

>> No.70687130

I am a DM and my Definitely Not A Lesbian Vampire kidnapped my friend's wife's character and then faded to black after the kidnapping went off. A few months earlier I had imagined the scene after.

>> No.70687248

>So why single me out?
You singled yourself out with your own post, sweetheart.
>you just don't like girls posting that they're girls in your safe space
Even when woms try to psycho analyze, they suck at it. Sad.

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How is this thread still up?

>> No.70687447

Shamefully. A very quiet player joined a new campaign, had played with in previous campaigns. Fucked an npc to pump for information. Roleplayed the entire seduction and the mid bang knockout. It was unexpected and a ridiculous turn on.
I couldnt get it out of my head for a solid week. I skipped the next game because I was worried I'd do something weird. Goddamn, who knows what lurks beneath the surface.

>> No.70687489

I'm starting to think you're using this image wrong on purpose, anon

>> No.70687582

the moderation of /tg/ is mysterious, spurious, and very strange.

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No real rules about posting.
No real rules about moderation.

>> No.70687788

>run ff campaign
>players previous character (black mage) retired
>makes a white mage
>takes all of two sessions before they start flirting with the dark knight

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Oh wowwww, ahaha
That's like, soooooo funny.
She has a vuhginaaaahhh. Get over it?
She is, like, serriousslaayyy. sew. Fuhckang. Funny.
You can laugh, it's kewl.
Do you haaaahhhve, like, another baaaahhhhr I could craaaahhhhshh? I rahn ahht and I just, lahhhkk, reallaayyy nedddd anutharrrr xannaayy rahght naow.
Thanks, ahr those Amaarican Spirats? Slide me a turqqq beeehhhhtch hahahaaa

>> No.70688143

I'm really glad you think so! <3

>> No.70688193


>> No.70688339


Autism speaks, ladies and gentlemen.

>> No.70688455

This is just sad.

>> No.70688477
File: 310 KB, 1070x600, introducing new player.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

healers are quick to recognize lewdness

>> No.70688487

>hey guys let's talk about masterbation
>Why yes, I've schlicked to-
And people say quests were the worst part of /tg/...

>> No.70688519

You missed the five hours later between the schlicking and the first screech. Thread was fine until the autists turned up.

>> No.70688547 [DELETED] 


>> No.70688584

Seethe Ratio: 200%

>> No.70688604

Do you ever look in the mirror and wonder what you're doing with your life? Because you should.

>> No.70688606

I'm touching myself right now, to this very thread
What's my gender?

>> No.70688610 [DELETED] 

Get bent you fucking nigger id snap you over my leg like a fucking twig you cowardly faggot.

>> No.70688641
File: 374 KB, 699x492, needless.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.70688690

Me too anon, me too.

>> No.70688883

Part of me feels a little bad for the schlicking comment but more of me blames the autists for jumping on and ruining it. I just wanted to talk about touching myself.

>> No.70689160

It is a common characteristic of women (much less common in men) to feel bad when they are involved in something that goes badly - even if they do not have any direct responsibility for things going wrong.
Don't feel bad.
The idiots triggered by the existence of women in MUH MALE HOBBY (I had a female DM in 1991, these newfags can fuck off) could have closed the thread, they could have gone and done something else.
They. Chose. Not. Too.
They are capable of making their own choices, ergo they must take responsibility for their choices.
Now, back to the topic at hand: Has anyone ever schlicked/fapped to the idea of a PC getting captured and molested/raped/tied up/etc by the villain?

>> No.70689181

>Part of me feels a little bad for the schlicking comment
Good. Maybe time you'll keep your mouth shut.

>> No.70689185

Yes. Fortunately me and the character are on the same page about it.

>> No.70689612

Thanks man :3 Sadly rape isn't super high on my list so I don't have any stories for you.
Quite the opposite. Now I know how much it annoys you idiots I'm going to mention it even more often.

>> No.70689717

So what scenarios involving PCs have you masturbated to?

>> No.70689733
File: 7 KB, 242x259, 1547701516135.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.70689784

this is a lot of brian energy

>> No.70689900

>So what scenarios involving PCs have you masturbated to?
I posted a vague description here >>70680871
and the first scenario basically went down like this.

>Hey, we're both followers of the same god, I should bless you so you're more effective.
>Okay? Don't you do that every fight?
>I'm trying something new. it's a stronger blessing. Get naked and lie down.
>Are you sure this is okay?
>Of course, I'm a priest, trust me.

And then I proceeded to imagine slowly persuading him to let me relieve his pent up energy with one hand while touching myself with the other. Started using my mouth when he got closer. Pretty dumb desu, but it worked. Then I felt weird about the girl who played him as a character afterwards.

Guess I wasn't a very good priest.

>> No.70689907 [DELETED] 
File: 283 KB, 963x830, 1414627674104.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Slaanesh has blessed me with fetishes both too arcane and too mundane to be noticed, or else put me in the company of those who do not care.
Well you can't just whip Breast Magic out on randoms...

>I accidentally magical realmed myself once. Didn't even notice what I'd done until three or four sessions after I'd made the decision.
What did you do Anon?

>the moderation of /tg/ is mysterious, spurious, and very strange.
Not really, he's mostly here on Tuesdays/Wednesdays and Saturdays/Sundays... Greenwich Mean Time is his Timezone I think...

>> No.70690194

>Guess I wasn't a very good priest.
Depends on which god you worshipped
thanks for sharing.
I, on the other hand am a horrible person and have fapped to the idea of female PCs getting raped by various monsters and impregnated by half-breeds

>> No.70690266

Maybe you should stop trying to introduce gender politics into masturbation then, based retard.

>> No.70690302

>I just wanted to talk about touching myself.
If that was true you wouldn't have made your post solely about your gender, whore.

>> No.70690327


>> No.70690353

hi samefag

>> No.70690395

>salty whiteknight mad multiple people are calling him out

>> No.70690456

No, technically he was never given a name. He wasn't much of a talker, so he never mentioned it.
My character, his liege lady, simply introduced him as 'the good sir'. They went everywhere together. Most notably, he was her +1 when she went to a royal wedding.
They ended up planeswalking into the sunset together, but that's another story entirely.

>> No.70690594

>If that was true you wouldn't have made your post solely about your gender
You did that all by yourself.

>> No.70690686

quintessential ass thread

>> No.70690775

Roasties BTFO!
-4 STR, INT and WIS confirmed!

>> No.70690780

Funny, I don't remember making a post that amounts to nothing more than TEEHEE MUH VAGINA XDDDD

>> No.70690792

Dumb whiteknight

>> No.70690870

Maybe you have short term memory loss?

>> No.70690878


>> No.70690886

itt: Degenerates talk about masturbating to fictional creations, while incels screech about the fact one female commented and try to change the tone to suit their wretched existence.

Here's a repost of the 600 dollars I burnt on making a pornographic comic about one of my characters.


>> No.70690908

shit taste

>> No.70690952
File: 23 KB, 415x592, OmKTf5I_d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Based coomer

>> No.70690995 [DELETED] 

>Depends on which god you worshipped
Some homebrew god of war. But the Paladin did hit stuff for me, so I think he would have approved in some ways.
>I, on the other hand am a horrible person and have fapped to the idea of female PCs getting raped
Nah, you seem alright. Can't help what turns you on!

>> No.70690999

Maybe you're too weak to actually commit to a sentence and instead have to end it in a question mark.

>> No.70691027


>Depends on which god you worshipped
Some homebrew god of war. But the Paladin did hit stuff for me, so I think he would have approved in some ways.
>I, on the other hand am a horrible person and have fapped to the idea of female PCs getting raped
Nah, you seem alright. Can't help what turns you on!

>> No.70691039

Fucking fedora whiteknight

>> No.70691061


>> No.70691178
File: 38 KB, 474x244, MsFrost.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>(I had a female DM in 1991, these newfags can fuck off)
I had one in 1984. Also have the players were female until Marcie became such a spaz that we didn't let her role a new character when her Thief died.

>> No.70691180
File: 2.27 MB, 1600x900, 1449496533690.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.70691205
File: 164 KB, 1280x510, 1578356600637.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes, and not my proudest one. I made the big mistake of having a female antagonist since the first few sessions. My players have grown to hate her over the years as she is fairly recurrent and they aren't strong enough to challenge her directly in a fight, but the more I spent with that NPC the more I started to like her.
I have a feeling I'm not going to be happy once the group kills her. Pic related.

>> No.70691258

>the more I spent with that NPC the more I started to like her
stopping you right there anon, you need to realise that this is how you get vriskas, you need to purge your mind of any positive thought about this character

>> No.70692112
File: 2.97 MB, 540x303, violet.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Game I was playing had the option to make your character a quadruple amputee in exchange for some defensive utility, so I took the option and fluffed it as replacing her limbs with a bunch of cyberware.

About a month later I remembered I have a huge thing for amputee/cyborg girls that I'd just kind of forgotten about at the time.

Admittedly not the most magical of realms, as far as some of the stuff in this thread goes, but I'm surprised now at how blithely I wandered into it.

>> No.70692318

Yeah, that happened. I also accidentally made a dom (originally just very imposing and authoritarian) character and realized I was into that.
Though it bugs me if characters act OOC, so my fantasies sometimes (often) end up with me pondering the repercussions of this or that. Like, I want to do it to the thoughts of the effeminate elvish wizard being raped, but he has a very strong temperament and would probably rather set fire to the other party, or the room, or even himself, rather than allow it.

>> No.70692351

The fucks a Vriska

>> No.70692445


Homestuck villain if my google-fu isn't wrong. Very popular among the fandom, despite being the reason why everything went to shit.

>> No.70692469

homestuck was always shit

>> No.70692522

>Popular for the reasons it went to shit.

Homestuck in a nutshell.

>> No.70692579


I enjoyed the music and animations. Still listen to their bandcamp from time to time to this day.

>> No.70692672

she looks cool

>> No.70692905

>Game I was playing had the option to make your character a quadruple amputee in exchange for some defensive utility
You're not masturbating to your Nechronica doll are you, anon?

>> No.70693043
File: 1.17 MB, 802x1536, Slitheroid_ExtropianSmuggler_BenNewman.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can't play Eclipse Phase because basically every part of it pushes my buttons. Body-swapping, robotic transformation, dehumanization, ego death, all that shit. Just reading the CRB gets me going.

>> No.70693095
File: 63 KB, 1280x720, MV5BNTdiMDhmZDEt[email protected]._V1_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well played on the system guess. But no, I've not gone that far. I just got way closer to my personal waifu territory than is really comfortable.

That's kinda messed up anon.

>> No.70693098

No, but my girlfriend is going to be joining my d&d party soon, and I'm going to pester her about that if I can. only bad part is I think she's going to play a warforged. Based choice for a girl to make because it shows an interest in the character itself rather than "uhhh I'm me but quirky lol" BUT warforged aren't sexy.she did ask if it could have fake boobs though, like made out of wood, so maybe?

>> No.70693143


I remember reading somewhere how the older a warforged got, the more likely they were to pick up a masculine or feminine personality, to better assist their existence. Makes them feel a bit more like a person than an object of war when they are referred to as he or she instead of it. Figure they just bolted some smooth wood mounds onto their chestplate and called it good.

>> No.70693387

>she did ask if it could have fake boobs though, like made out of wood, so maybe?
You totally have to let her. Robots modifying themselves with wood is hilarious: cf. the Luddite Bender ep of Futurama.

>> No.70693603

exactly the idea, funny enough. She actually had a really neat idea for a backstory too; the basic gist is that her character basically acted as a robomaid for a sorcerous inventor family and the father designated her as his son's protector. Son got lost/moved away/was kidnapped/was otherwise displaced and the dad was dying, so he gave the warforged a new module that allowed him to store up his sorcerous energy and slowly gain his powers (leveling up) and was meant to find the kid and have him use a key to unlock said module so that he would the inherit his dad's sorcerous abilities. Also, the dad and son were tieflings.

I was super proud of her. not sure if she's going to actually play it or not though, I feel like I'm jinxing it.

>> No.70693645

What's that fairy healer doujin?

>> No.70693680

In my experience, this is the best kind of fap.

>> No.70693696

Not ever. For a tabletop game.

>> No.70693711


>> No.70693883

Can't say I've ever done it but it must avoid some of the weirdness you feel after fapping to a friend's character and then having to face said friend.

>> No.70693969

I've never really had that problem. I'm very good at mentally compartmentalizing everything. I'd compare it to how a green light and a red light mean go and stop despite being the same light beneath the colored lens, and your brain never feels weird about the way it recognizes either one.

>> No.70694004 [SPOILER] 
File: 9 KB, 329x359, 1580174442376.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Have you ever fapped to your character

>> No.70694008

>tfw got to do non-sexual RP with my character for The Veil with a friend who has the same bizarre esoteric approach to intimacy as me
>got off on it

Sometimes you just wanna mindmeld, voluntarily disable your cybernetic senses and limbs, and cuddle as a largely-unaware heap of two people so thoroughly mixed they become as one, y'know?

>> No.70694703

I envy this ability. I always fluster and make things weird or end up sleeping with people I shouldn't.

>> No.70694744

>I always fluster and make things weird
That's cute, though.
>or end up sleeping with people I shouldn't
You really regret it? Sorry to hear it keeps going wrong.

>> No.70694868

>That's cute, though.
>You really regret it? Sorry to hear it keeps going wrong.
I don't regret the sex, just the aftermath Guys tend to develop feelings and then fuck up the friendship because of it. Tabletop nerds are kinda bad with attachment.

>> No.70694908

Once again, we are reminded that Most Ancient and Venerated Rules exist for a reason.

>> No.70694913

I swear to God the shitposters were right

>> No.70694925
File: 22 KB, 430x323, B8LYf4V.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Sometimes you just wanna mindmeld, voluntarily disable your cybernetic senses and limbs, and cuddle as a largely-unaware heap of two people so thoroughly mixed they become as one, y'know?
I was not expecting this to hit so close to home.

>> No.70694971

Jesus Christ anon, you got anymore? That story was absolute kino

>> No.70695042

Are you okay?

>> No.70695162

Oh, I should have figured. Shame, that. A good time can just be a good time.

>> No.70695274

Look man, there's nothing more healthy than wanting to be a rat dressed up as a woman and being railed by a dude

>> No.70695702

I prefer sticking the corner end of cheez itz into my pee hole and twisting it so a piece falls inside.

>> No.70696787

you should reject and sense of decency you retain and masturbate to your nechronica doll, anonmyous
i'm not satan

>> No.70696910

Begone, necromancer! Dolls are for innocently and possessively eating their fellow Dolls in a sequence of romantic evisceration, NOT for lewds.

>> No.70696940

Error. That is lewd. I enjoy watching the dolls struggle. And snuggle, and struggle snuggle.

This is the power of a necromancer.

>> No.70696972

A real yesposter wouldn't spoiler his image. I think you have some lingering shame or guilt on you.

>> No.70697021

>That is lewd.
Nonsense. There is nothing lewd about two dolls confirming their bond for one another by one allowing the other to rip out her innards and eat them while gently holding her tight with her four clawed arms.

>> No.70697060

it does, she finds it hot, she wants me to be attracted to her characters.

>> No.70697063

I have [LONG EYES], little doll. You underestimate my perception. I know it is lewd, for I saw that some of those arms were used to hold hands.
Had I organs with which to feel such things, I might be sickened by this flagrant display. But I am not anonymous, so I cannot masturbate to his doll.

>> No.70697183

goddamn thats hot.
did this happen to your character in the game you played her in?

>> No.70697315

*waifu catalog

>> No.70697481


Nope. Dude actually has an on going series about the whole xenolatex assimilation thing going on. I really like it, so I figured I'd throw her into the story for fun. She's the canon reason why the rest of the story takes place too, from the looks of it.

>> No.70697693
File: 318 KB, 800x800, pascal_by_4rca-db3y5j4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've distanced myself from her too much to lewd her desu. Besides, she's in a questionably platonic relationship with a robot now.

>> No.70698364

But thats just basic caracther development, nothing to be ashamed of!
[Spoiler]Do you still have said fapfic? Please share.[/spoiler]

>> No.70698385

The hottest ERP I've ever done involved a girl in charge of an army of mechanical soldiers (with captured people wired into the frames) who strutted around in Selvaria's costume and carried a whip. Her objective was to get enough lifeforce to become a planeswalker, and to leave behind a daughter to rule the whole shebang when she was gone.

If I recall correctly, she was impregnated in an orgy with freshly-created undead / cyborg monsters. Her daughter was beautiful but inhumanly cruel, and got on with harvesting whatever life remained.

I totally fapped to that. Dominant women are my fetish.

>> No.70698396

You mean youngling?

>> No.70698491

Not that anon but I think I know the one you're talking about.

>> No.70698512

Good taste, transformation stuff done right is quite rare.

>> No.70698626

Never fapped to them, but me and another player created a pair of Shadar-Kai sisters who were into incest.

One was also a futa.

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