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Sex in rpgs. How do you handle it?

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Let's be honest op, you just want a coomer thread, don't you?

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>fade to black
wow so difficult

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All four of PCs in the current campaign have their own love interests. We do fade to black. However, from time to time a few details of their sex life pops up - for example, the group knows that the wizard's waifu is into femdom, and barbarian's is into roleplaying.

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It happens, but nowhere near the party. Just like real life.

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There is none you coomer faggot.

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Can we stop having this thread?

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I have sex with all my players before the game, so they don't get horny mid game.

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We've been having the same threads since 2008

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Maybe you should have sex with all the coomers on this board, the quality of posts would increase.

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this and >>70564209 this
>all threads that can be answered with "depends" should be posted in >>>/trash/

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Typically I stand up at the game table when a character has initiated sex with an NPC or player character. I whip my dick out and ask the player what they do to the NPC. If it's player on player action I have them describe it to me. I start stroking my donger and the sex encounter ends when I jizz on the map / minis.

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OOC in a 1:1 session

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I describe everything, make them roll things they don't want to and make the situation as uncomfortable as possible. Then I ask them to never ask for that shit again.

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By using genitals.

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Fade to block or being very innuendo.

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I use FATAL rules.

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>Has six pack
>Noodle arms

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It's almost as if these are different muscle groups.

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Have you tried having sex in real life?

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We take breaks to run train on the DMs GF.

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Via RP is the best way I've found, mixing mechanics into something that's basically RP, even if it's ERP, generally results in nonsense

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those abs look painted on tbqh

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Don't tell my wife.

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>Anime face
>Liefeld abs
I'll pass.

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Con and preform rolls.

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When you are a teen or a preteen, using tables for sex "roll how long you stay" its funny.
With 20 years old or older, is top cringe.
I was playing with some friends a d20 campaign in babylon 5 setting, and he insisted in using some tables from some d20 suplement for sex. We were in our 30s, and it was silly amd purposeless

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For whatever reason they all like to act out the actual sex and roll for cum shots. It wouldn't be so bad if we weren't all sitting around each other.

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>You want to fuck? Really?
>Ok. You fucked.
>Wanna throw a die on how successful you were at fucking?
*Player throws dice*
*Table laughter*

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I don't. Pure and simple.
There's no need for this, just like how an action movie that's good on its own doesn't need an awkward, forced romance in the third act purely to satisfy the female audience.

Women ruin everything, so keep them as far away from everything as possible.

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It can be funny but I honestly don't want to rp sex with my 30 year old DM and he feels the same. We love our group and all, but half of us are married

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Not him but its just cringy anon.

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More cringe than grown men pretending to be elf knights?

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>Women ruin everything

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Visible abs comes from a lack of body fat, not muscle definition. This is why scrawny skaterfags all have visible abs.

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She shouldn't have tits with that kind of body fat ratio.

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That I can agree on.

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Depends on the setting, the group, and the theme of the game.
> Setting is cute wholesome lighthearted fantasy
> The group contains children 15 or younger
No sex allowed. If some player insists, stare at him with a frown and proceed describing the comedic non-sexual outcome or, if I can't come up with one, fade to black.
> The group contains teenagers 16-17
> The group contains someone for some reason not comfortable
> The game is not about adult themes and sex is not something
Fade to black. May be a Con roll for the meme.
> The group consists only of players aged 18+ comfortable with such themes
Give some vague details
> Setting is grimdark 4edgy8you (of course with players aged 18+)
It's OK to be descriptive.
> The game is ERP
Time to prepare homebrew pregnancy rules and work on sexual customs of races and places.

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> The group contains someone for some reason not comfortable with sex
> The game is not about adult themes and sex is not something that's supposed to come up often

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Name one thing they don't ruin. Other than sex, which they've also ruined but let's be generous and say that's the one thing they're actually good for.

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I play all my characters like the unholy spawn of Johnny Bravo and Brock. I will hit on all the female npcs. However, I expect the DM to have me rejected in a funny way. Should a girl ever react positively, my character immediately trops their spaghetti and pussies out.

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Badly, my group do it a lot but only cringe happen when I do it so my character is even more of a virgin than me.
Well he might get laid soon idk.

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By getting really horny and acting like a slut and then waking up the next morning and cutting myself out of shame.

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I had one friend named Rick, make a stereotypically gay character that was pretty funny once, but I had another friend named Peter, who was pretty liberal and didn’t like that.
Peter had made a shitty character who died early on, so his new character was secretly actually gay. The reason for this, was that Rick, despite playing what may appear as a gay character, was majorly uncomfortable with actual gay people. So Peter wrote gay romance scenes for his new character, and gave them to the DM in private, so that he could work them in to the story. Whenever one came up, Rick would have to go to the bathroom or some shit, to get out of listening to it, and our DM would be like “oh we’ll wait ‘til you get back :)” just to mess with him.
All in all it was way better than it sounds, so thanks for listening to my blogpost. I guess that’s how we handled sex. Long, detailed, ironic gay fanfiction just to make one guy squirm.

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If it's an outright ERPG/Magical realm game over discord i'll get descriptive
Anything else is a fade to black after some flirting and an okay from the player.

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How do you have both abs and breasts like that, at the same time? Did she magically transmute every gram of fat in her entire body directly to her chest?
Also, post more cheesecake

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>How do you have both abs and breasts like that, at the same time?
Fantasy genetics, same thing that lets people with high amounts of XP survive orbital reentry mostly alive

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Judging by the shape, spending some time on /fit/ and regularly visiting musclegirl threads on /s/, they look like implants.

>same thing that lets people with high amounts of XP survive orbital reentry mostly alive
But remember: hp isn't just meatpoints!

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The same way I handled it the last fucking eight times you asked. Stop making this shit thread.

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>But remember: hp isn't just meatpoints!
I headcanon levels are the degree to which one's soul can affect and empower one's physical body, a level 20 barbaran can take so much damage due to a mix of being that good, durable, and her soul shining bright enough that when the world says she should be injured, she can just say NO, for a least a bit

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Ask me how I know you're into femdom

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I bare no shame over my desires
I'm into far worse than femdom anyway

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We don't.

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Go on

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Vore, inanimate TF, sexy bad ends, giantesses, dragonesses, etc, etc

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fucking hell man

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I know what I like, and compared to most of it, femdom is nothing

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>Liefeld abs
Don't give that hack even that much credit. He aspires to the level of mediocre in the picture.

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>All fags discussing whether or not they actually handle sex.
>Nobody actually discussing *how*

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The man is nobody!

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I'll unironically have sex with anyone who's not morbidly obese if they agree to shower, groom, and come to my house for it beforehand and I don't have to pay for the expenses.

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Rolled 5 (1d20)

I roll accuracy to put my sword in the sheathe

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Wasn't this just a thread just with cropped porn?

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Post address

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That's what /tg/ is all about: bringing people together.

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With explicit and grotesque detail to diagourage players from attempting ERP again.

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wow there are alot of ugly pagebreaks in that, please work on formatting in future wanking material. Ugly formatting is not attractive.

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I know women with abs and tits. Hell, at least one girl I know literally went up a couple cup-sizes as her chest muscles developed. It's not that hard. She's kind of thin for how built she is though, getting stronk generally involves more of a power-lifter shape that's more round

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>I know women with abs

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Basically what I do is, I make them roll fortitude as a suns for stamina, difficulty depending upon the type of act they’re performing (standard missionary is 10, cowgirl is 15, ect) assuming they succeed then they roll a d4 and that is how many minutes they last until they need to roll again. Once they fail the roll I make them make a reflex save (difficulty 15) to pullout in time. If not (or they willingly cum inside) they make a pregnancy roll which will detail if it’s boy, girl, twins ect.
One time the great hero of the land managed to spend 20 minutes fucking some noble lady to get her pregnant (he won a contest and earned breeding rights with her, he also got to bang some elves out of it) and once he successfully inseminated her he passed out, upon which a maid came in and sat on his dick until his seed got her pregnant as well.

Theses became my groups characters next campaign.

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It's punishable by death.

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My group can't handle it in any tasteful manner so I just don't allow it.

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We take it to the showers, just like at the ranch.

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Usually I just write a single letter in the relevant field.

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Haha! I have left my mark on 5th Edition. Something-something cum pun here.

That is an outdated version, however, here's the most up-to-date.

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Is our board culture so weak that v and pol can unironically spread their retardation to us?

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18 naked adventurers in ram dungeon

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Romance is hard to pull off.

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Seethe harder, incel.

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It's not necessarily weak board culture, just that the fucktards are able to drown out the actual content just by sheer volume of shitposts.

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This, but roll dice to determine whether it was good or not.

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If you want more detailed ERP, do it separately without forcing people to partake in it.

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>tfw you hate soft vore but like hard vore if the predator is hot
I think it’s a ‘nature red in tooth and claw’ complex running into my kemonomimi fetish.

The world needs more kumiho art.

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>barbarian's waifu is into roleplaying.
In your roleplaying game, the barbarian's waifu is into roleplaying an office prole in a post-industrial society whose hobby is roleplaying a barbarian...

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I take my clothes off and hump the table until I splooge all over the minis and terrain while screaming about how I would fuck helen mirren in many different ways depending on how old she was.

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>I bare no shame over my desires
And I shame no bears over their desires

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I just make them play minigolf or billiards

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What games are particularly good for ERP stuff and why?

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Nice argument tranny

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if a woman is in the group, player or dm, you go into extreme detail for at least 5 minutes

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I throw little girls at them until it happens naturally.

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>> 70572973
unironically based

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Jesus anon, he's only one based man.

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I force them to vividly describe every action as if it were a romance novel, and give them inspiration if they did well or disadvantage on their next few rolls if they didn't.
I've only had to do this a few times, the thought usually dissuades most players. I have no problem with sex in the game, and players can romance NPCs (and eachother) all they like. But making them commit to it ensures they aren't just going to do it every chance they get as a gag or "it's what muh character would do"

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Is it easier to find games in the "lewd" gamefinder? The normal one is pretty much dead

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Either fade to black or use as a plot point.
Eg. Perception check, fail, she has a cool tattoo, and keeps muttering about you "serving the dark prince well" or "Shit, you're an assassin."

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Fade to black. Maybe a roll if performance actually matters (like if the char must sex the drow princess to save his friends lives). Oh and the stds. Fantasy stds are fun.

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Three rolls, althetics, performance, endurance.
>One guy rolled average for the first two, but nat 20'd on third.
>DM announced amidst laughter that "You are not present in the next encounter."
>Turns out it was the chiefs daughter.
>It was a village of Thri'kreen.

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Tastefully how?

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I'm basically dating Karen Murphy if she did karate instead of aikido. 5' nothing, blond, stocky as hell, assistant instructor. Not a cop, though. Class has a decent number of women in it, most of whom are reasonably fit. These people exist if u look, anon

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Tits + skinny like that is possible, it's just rare.
Source: Friend's gf talking about being like that. (Her arms were never that noodly though)

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You sound familiar, anon.

>> No.70577658

same way i treat it in real life, something other people can deal with if they like, just don't expect me to be involved.

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Our party consists of sexually active individuals, therefore we do not feel the need to play out any sexual acts in our RPGs apart from fade to black/zoom on the fireplace.

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crossboarding /v/irgins that can't deal with being called a coomer, so they claim it's a discord meme even though it's from /fit/

>> No.70578092

I use the official rule extension book for sex, orgies and sluts. Not a joke, it's a published rulebook for the dark eye.

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All of her... is painted on

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OK, coomer

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>how do you
Quick and dirty.

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There are two of them, and you have to choose one during character creation. The only way to switch them from that point forward is to find a Belt of Gender Change.

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With the left hand, under the table.

>> No.70583461

Just like in real life. I have it then either form a tighter bond with the woman or more likely we drift apart because I act like a selfish jerk and hurt her feelings because of a cold, uncaring attitude that destroys most relationships in my life.

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They have to perform the sexual acts irl or it doesn't count.

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I would also like to know this, please.

>> No.70585738

>"But I rolled a 19! With my modifiers that's at least a 25!"
>"Show me what you're doing before you roll, or it doesn't count."
>"This is railroading! If I knew you were going to nerf bards this much I would never have played one."

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The mechanics of a system are largely irrelevant to ERP, which should be mostly improvisational. In my experience, if you try to "systematize" eroticism, it's going to fall flat. You just need the mechanics of whatever game you're playing not to get in your way, or to require so much attention that it distracts from the actual ERP. For this reason, rule-heavy systems tend to not be ideal, and lighter, more minimalist systems tend to be favored. But beyond that, it's mostly just the interplay between the GM and the player(s) that determines how successful ERP is. Obviously setting matters too, though some of what works for you depends on what genres you're into, and what sort of kinks you have.

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>This thread
>This OP
>This subject
>Nobody has fucking asked it yet
I'm disappointed in you, /tg/
What is sex with a musclegirl like?

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Fade to black then I make fun of you for being a nerd that jacks off to my pretend elf games.

>> No.70588375

I am going to do the following the next time my player gets laid. I will oppose their character's Constitution score against their lover, once per hour of constant coitus. If they fail this check, they'll lose one point of Intelligence, but will gain it in Constitution. This goes on until they manage to succeed.

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>keep failing Con check
>Now have INT of 5

>> No.70588453

That is exactly what I hope to achieve.

>> No.70588733

New...superpower thread?

>> No.70588764


I'd imagine, I don't fucking know chief. It's not really on topic.

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Six pack is made in the kitchen, not in the gym. So noodly arms are correct.

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I would fuck her so raw her pussy would prolapse on my cock.

>> No.70590935

Anyone got a link to the lewd gamefinder chat?

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Seconded please.

>> No.70593694

What are some good systems for ERP games?

>> No.70596065

Sex doesn't need mechanics, so virtually any game will do.

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Nothing wrong with likeing giantesses, anon. Climbing mountains is a noble endeavor.

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Virgins are unnatural creatures disconnected from the natural cycle of the world. This makes it very hard to resurrect a virgin. It's in characters' best interest to score.

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>>The mechanics of a system are largely irrelevant to ERP, which should be mostly improvisational. In my experience, if you try to "systematize" eroticism, it's going to fall flat.

I disagree. If anything, ERP is more fun when it has proper crunchy mechanics. It makes it part of active play, the basic absurdity of dungeon crawl systems being adapted to a different sort of cave explorer keeps things light-hearted and fun, and keeping you reacting to unexpected outcomes keeps it interesting. It's a lot more vivid than freeform "um... erm... I stick p0n0s in vag00"

>> No.70596257

It's also one of the few cases when rape is justified and beneficial to receiving party.

>> No.70596798

It exists in the lore. However, sacred intimacy is honored.

>> No.70598087

I would fuck her so raw her pussy would prolapse on my cock.

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I wouldn't be able to handle it with other people which is why I'm always on the lookout for lewd solo adventure type modules for systems or choose your own path books.
sadly there aren't a lot of lewd options in that regard.

>> No.70598700

Best thing about Artesia is how the dead and gods aren't different categories of being. You want to be a god? You can get a good ways there before you die with The World XP. Gods and heroes are the same thing.

Worst thing about Artesia is 21 tarot xp tracks and and separate xp tracks for everything else.

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The best thing about Artesia is stats for trees.

>> No.70600037


I am surprised solo lewd choices exist. Source some for proof.

>> No.70600066


I do not think a official book exists. Just fan made ones. At least for dnd anyway. And the book of erotic fantasy in 3rd e is a 3rd party.

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I am intrigued as well

>> No.70601595

>How do you handle it?
You just need to keep a firm grip on the situation.

>> No.70603581

What is this?

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Where are her nipples?

>> No.70606212

Please post your Discords. I'll get to you as soon as I am physically able.

>> No.70608201

It really depends on the audience. I don't do graphic details, but mostly because I'm positive it would make one of my players in particular uncomfortable.

>> No.70609862

I don't use my Discord very much at all, need to remember the password. Any other ways you can contact us?

>> No.70611609

My eyes!

>> No.70611660

can't you just post an invite?

>> No.70613744

Are there any other Servants that you find particularly sexy?

>> No.70614368

I never had sex in real life. I don't know how I would roleplay it. Hell, I never kissed a girl or had a gf.

>> No.70614487

Fine. Here you go.


>> No.70616099

like this
*unzips pant*

>> No.70616129

>I object to all this sex on the television. I keep falling off.

>> No.70616976


>> No.70617518

In person? Avoid it. Or if things start getting too magical realm then pretend I'm not interested while bottling it all up, and then write erotic fiction about it when I get home.

>> No.70619019

well played anon

>> No.70620965

Any tips for that, then?

>> No.70621347

This, with roll for pregnancy.

>> No.70621594

Anything else but this is disgusting

>> No.70621668


>> No.70621691


>> No.70623308

Rape. The answer is always rape.

>> No.70624301


>> No.70624334

With both hands

>> No.70626758

You at least know what a woman is, right?

>> No.70626800

nonsense, consentacles is the way to go

>> No.70626873

Well if you're just looking chyoa there's a site dedicated to it, and some lewd authors have been making chyoa books and putting them on amazon.
Usually they're pretty standard though, and far from what you'd want if you've ever played an old solo-adventure book.

>> No.70626904


>> No.70627444

he's just not a fat hideous faggot like erpers/anime fans

>> No.70628548


>> No.70631670

Not all of us are.

>> No.70634371

How do you know that he’s fat?

>> No.70634605

Tips for what? Ignoring or writing?

>> No.70637422


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>lack of bodyfat
>NOT muscle definition
Both: low bodyfat AND muscle definition. Yes I lurk /fit/

>> No.70639998

I came here to post this.

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Don't be a disingenuous little anon, now. Of course, the character is painted, but the relative look of a feature of an imagined object, in this case, an anime painting of a woman's muscles, is ideally persuaded to us as if it were not painted.
Putting it simply, the "Painted on" bit means it wasn't painted as if it were an actual part of the character's body; you're supposed to 'sculpt' the form, so you draw the shape of the muscle even if it protrudes and 'unsmooths' the silhouette, because of course it would read as muscle that way.

Pic related is an example I made in 28 seconds. I couldn't even be bothered to complete the damn thing.

I mean, you probably already knew this and were just doing a jokey joke, which is fine, but "Painted on" is a pharse genuinely used a whole lot in critique.

>> No.70641508

Reading a lot helps with writing. And if you want a good response to erotic lit remember most of the audience is female.

For ignoring it, just derail the convo asap when it comes up.

>> No.70641656

>if you want a good response to erotic lit remember most of the audience is female.
Not always. I write wh40k porn and unfortunately most of the audience is male.

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>> No.70644114

No, seriously.

>> No.70645501

Penth a cute. Cute!~

>> No.70645510


I put on my wizard hat and robe

>> No.70646480


>> No.70647962

He's doing that thing boomers do when they realise they have nothing useful to add to society so they just regurgitate memes from fifteen years ago instead of talking.

>> No.70648815

Where'd that meme come from?

>> No.70648884

Old IRC sexchat logs by a guy named Bloodninja.

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>> No.70649339

A description that gives the player what they want, then a fade up later.

This is literally the easiest thing. If you cant do it you shouldnt DM.

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Who dis?

>> No.70654868

>A description that gives the player what they want
I think the issue is that most of these guys want to jack off.

>> No.70654993
File: 166 KB, 873x1024, 6002D9ED-1F29-4D2A-94E1-9E5577A3C9E2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Often have it be ugly/imperfect to encapsulate the grim and gritty nature of the setting

>> No.70657527


>> No.70657933

I don't.

>> No.70659414

Every character the players try to fuck is secretly a succubus. Do that a few games, and they'll never get near the idea of having sex in a rpg again.

>> No.70659810
File: 1.31 MB, 1750x984, portada-ishuzoku.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Been using this but with a couple changes:

>DC starts at 10, not 15
How tf are people getting born when they fail at getting laid 75%+ of the time?

>"Minutes and Hours" are just rules of thumb, time is what it needs to be
Felt like this just added extra crunch that didn't do much. You keep rolling for bonuses or to see if you came, DM hand waves whatever time was spent as narratively appropriate.

>Advantage to +2, and so forth
More of a gripe with 5e than the sex book. Redundant bonuses will add +2s or +5s and so on. So that everything isn't wasted or just gives advantage which feels too strong for how often it's given.

>You use SEX?!
Play a lot of intrigue games and relationships/dirt gets to be pretty important. Never detail the sex (although players will for humor), and just focus on how it affects the relationships in the story. Before, during, and after.

Still trying to figure out a brothel game tho

>> No.70659832

>/fgog/ is having a meltdown because their Amazoness event is SHIT
wwwwwwwwwwww also fade to black

>> No.70662174

Is that manga any good?

>> No.70663162

How does it feel to have sex? I never do it so I can't role-play doing it

>> No.70663382
File: 92 KB, 736x954, 8eec790d955650e52cd0961114a8ea0c--dragon-age-characters-fantasy-characters.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw this thread mysteriously remains in the catalog for several days, but post count barely advances

>> No.70663388

With sticky, sweaty details until bitch cowards give in and accept my dominance.
Basically we play ERP chicken and whoever gives up first loses, like a bitch.

>> No.70663404

Try Fate Accelerated for ERP-heavy games

>> No.70666345

Why that one?

>> No.70669124

Why not regular FATE?

>> No.70669334

I fail to spot where the fun lies in that approach

>> No.70670949

Doing erotic roleplay with your grungy hairy GM is fun, but do you know what else is? Not grossing out the other players!

>> No.70671543

With great gusto.

>> No.70674989

Are they always gross?

>> No.70676524

I live in Denver, you can find me on tinder, I'm the only one who mentions TTRPG on their profile (I think). Match me (I swipe right to everyone), and if you conform to the above standards at very least you'll get a blowie.

>> No.70676614
File: 3.15 MB, 450x458, 1531322466882.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rape every time so sex never happens again. Who gonna stop the barbarian from raping. No one that who. But it stops sex faggotry in the group.

Im here to kill monsters and slay demons, not witness awkward homosexuality between players.

>> No.70676767


>> No.70677220
File: 254 KB, 1500x2055, SlaaneshChampion.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Rape every time so sex never happens again.

>> No.70677286

>Toned midriff
>Noodle arms

>> No.70677684

We avoid having erotic elements in the game become a distraction by having blatant, shameless cybersex outside of the game so that no one is coming into the game with suppressed sexual desires. Everyone works it out of their system over the course of the week between sessions. Occasionally we have (usually non-canon) smut involving PCs, but it's always done outside of sessions in play-by-post style.

>> No.70678154

But I want running commentary!

>> No.70678169

Rolled 4 (1d20)

rolling for bear lore

>> No.70678274

We don't
Go ERP somewhere else

>> No.70678338

never a problem if you kick out furries and faggots

>> No.70679251 [SPOILER] 
File: 48 KB, 500x625, 1580103835537.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

look at this noob and laugh

>> No.70680676

No such thing.

>> No.70682587

The DC 15 Seduction check is based around the idea that you've basically just met the target, like at a bar or in a dungeon or something. If you're trying to seduce your girlfriend or wife or something, the DM should probably give Advantage. Even with a +0 modifier, you have a 51% chance of passing a DC 15 check.

Although from what I know about marriage, arguably Disadvantage should be imposed in trying to convince your wife to have sex...

>> No.70683204

Honestly, why doesn't tg just have a dedicated erp/coom thread and clear that shit out from everywhere else?

>> No.70685367

I like cats.

>> No.70685453

Penis in vagina in the missionary position after marriage for the purpose of procreation.

>> No.70685467

Not the same thing, but you've never seen those girls who only do squats and nothing but squats because "muh butt"?

You mean the weekly smut thread? That was banned around the time quests were banned?

>> No.70685912

heavy cringe

>> No.70687638
File: 29 KB, 550x491, profoak.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.70688045

>You mean the weekly smut thread? That was banned around the time quests were banned?
Yeah, and since then this kind of stuff has spread everywhere. I don't mind it, I like smut and tabletop games, but I'd rather keep the two separate yeah?

Moving weekly smut thread to aco was a bad idea.

>> No.70688156
File: 24 KB, 1102x327, no fun allowed.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

not sure about /wst/ but /erpg/ went under mid-2014
Quest were banned late-2016 as per >>49273753
over 2 years difference

>> No.70688185
File: 374 KB, 699x492, needless.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.70690862

Nope. It matters for me.

>> No.70694190

Is he in Ancient Greece?

>> No.70695818

Big ideas

>> No.70696256

We had this same thread last week

>> No.70696572

This IS the thread from last week.

>> No.70696589

Based and actually plays pilled

>> No.70696683
File: 17 KB, 360x450, McBain_-_Let%27s_Get_Silly.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.70698514

>How tf are people getting born when they fail at getting laid 75%+ of the time?
because people are willing to keep on trying

>> No.70698534
File: 278 KB, 1000x900, 1571768341927.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

its not as cool when you realize this anon is a man

>> No.70699438

Girl (male)

>> No.70700275


>> No.70700535

Roleplayed fully, 1to1, but only in LARPs.

>> No.70700749
File: 93 KB, 221x328, 1457919507486.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.70700977

>Sex in rpgs. How do you handle it?
We do it Macca style https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p4E6KtQg_z0

>> No.70701443

Op, you post this thread 3 times and hour. Do you just want erp logs or something and you won't quit till you coom?

>> No.70701529

Right, so one GM just implied stuff and didn't even fade to dark since it was only ever implied. We never rped the actual act of going to bed with significant others the game was more focused on the game rather then slice of life stuff.
Other GM game is a lot more slice of life, there's plenty of lewd banter, and there is frequent sexual teasing. One player is constantly slapping their significant others ass and being openly lewd. My charachter is resevered so she gets teased about how she needs to be more *friendly* with her man. They know out of charachter their intimate but they never do anything in public. The GM also straight up ERPs my charachter and her partners sexual scenes with me in private. But I digress and shall do my part as part of meme law... shit thread stop posting it. I'm going to coooom.

>> No.70701729

a fellow of exquisite taste and refined sensibilities I see

>> No.70701918

>Do you just want erp logs or something
Not OP but... yes?

>> No.70701958

I actually have some from in game. If this thread is still up after work I might share.

>> No.70702476

Good man/woman.

>> No.70704923

We'll keep it up for you.

>> No.70705038

Exceptional choice of words.

>> No.70705151

Performance check

>> No.70705218

For you, it would probably have to be deception.

>> No.70705554

for me, it's handle animals

>> No.70706866
File: 140 KB, 1114x625, Cleverman-s2-2-copyTOP.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Sex in rpgs. How do you handle it?
Once per short rest.

>> No.70709997

What? What did I say?

>> No.70710101

If the npc is a girl do you offer your ass or do you have an onahole next to the table?
Just for reference

>> No.70710140

That you'll 'keep it up' until he delivers. It's a long time to stay hard, but I salute you.

P.S. he's not going to deliver. Just go read some erotic fiction on HF or Ao3.

>> No.70710177

Glad that I took the Agile Tongue feat

>> No.70710917
File: 57 KB, 512x506, 18261f91d57ed399a6d3a86b7bfeeb282bee4749_00.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any time a player asks for sex in rpgs
This nice gentleman isekai in the game and has sex that said character who wanted it in the first place

>> No.70711033

That smile is kind of cute to be fair.

>> No.70713112


>> No.70713408

Because he has good taste.

>> No.70713511

That's where all their fat was. When I cut body fat for marathons couple times a year mine shrink to the point where I need like 3 different sized sets of bras despite my other clothes fitting just the same.

>> No.70715827

Who has good taste?

>> No.70715839

Master based

>> No.70715912


>> No.70715967
File: 20 KB, 363x877, its okay to coom.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm running a quest where the player character actively having sex with an NPC actually rolls dices during the act of sex, with the winner of each individual sex action increasing the arousal of the other character. Sex is like combat without violence.

>> No.70715981

>Sex is like combat without violence.
>without violence.

>> No.70716043

I literally fuck my players on the table in front of everyone, pumping and grunting as we rp out the scene. Any GM that does less is a pussy unworthy of the label.

>> No.70716388

Help me out /tg/
>Party of five, including myself and IRL gf
>I'm a wild magic sorcerer and human, gf is elf bard
>Rp characters as in a relationship, but (we like to think) we don't overdo it
>Occasionally we privately rp online and save relationship stuff such as in character dates or even erp for there
>Wild magic burst, my character is reduced to a 5 year old boy
Part of me wonders if the gm did it on purpose.
>Suddenly gf is more a bit showy about affection, under the guise of protecting her "baby"
>Stuff like me sitting on her lap during party meetings, holding my hand when the party is walking and tucking me into bed during rests
>Then we did another priavte rp, I ask her if she's okay with me being like this and she responds that she was already over 100 years older than me and this barely makes a difference
Anyway, that's how I found my girlfriend is into /ss/

>> No.70716691

>magical negro friend provides guidance and mentoring

>> No.70717479

Why would the gm do that?

>> No.70717520
File: 830 KB, 914x1280, 3[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Heh, nice

>> No.70717584
File: 405 KB, 700x900, 1575902178490.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.70719979

Is there ever a time where skimpy armor like that is genuinely useful?

>> No.70720065


maybe a peltast on an equatorial savannah would find it useful but in that case i don't know why you'd want the sillybugger pauldrons.

>> No.70720307
File: 390 KB, 1600x943, excellente.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

By establishing my dominance at the table through raping everyone. Even the DM. Especially the DM.

>> No.70722091


>> No.70723899

Throughout history, the majority of soldiers and warriors rarely had more than a helmet and shield as protection.

>> No.70726185


>> No.70726203

Because armor is expensive and the majority of people are poor.

>> No.70727552

>middle aged nympho accustomed to anal
>60% chance of fitting a fire hydrant up my ass
Let me play you the dirge of Slanesh

>> No.70728311

Not to shit on your joke, but
The circumference of a fire hydrant is actually 33inches, which is beyond any of those creatures.

>> No.70729978
File: 383 KB, 516x282, 5935457463.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Containment threads exist for a reason, and that reason is because no one wants to take their wankery to some new corner of the internet when they can just spread it to the places they already frequent.

This "sex combat" thing is something I see pop up occasionally across various systems, almost always with the same analog to its parent system's combat rules, and it always seemed weird to me. But mostly when it's used as a substitute FOR combat, with literal sex combat scenes where characters are expected to fuck each other until they pass out.

>Wild magic burst, my character is reduced to a 5 year old boy
You should've just retired the character then and there, but you didn't and it worked out anyway. Lucky you.

>> No.70730153
File: 993 KB, 250x250, 1409808231346.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.70732445

Wait, that's a tail? And she has spikes?

Makes sense, you don't want to be lugging around in plate armor in that kind of heat.

>> No.70733547


>> No.70734585


>> No.70736706

What are some of those systems?

>> No.70737716


Sad if true, I liked Amazoness Penth from the third Halloween event.

>> No.70737889
File: 57 KB, 416x459, Shake my turban.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If a PC tries to get involved with one of my NPCs I'll indulge them as long as it helps the narrative, and fade to black before anything actually happens. I'm not some cheap slut of a GM looking to provide spankbank material for any of my players.

>> No.70737942

dm here.

i force the players to have sex on the session table

>> No.70738874

>I'm not some cheap slut of a GM looking to provide spankbank material for any of my players.
I am. That's literally the only reason I DM.

>> No.70738951
File: 108 KB, 601x601, comfy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good on you for embracing it.

>> No.70739181

Thanks! It's crazy how much /tg/ is against that kind of thing nowadays. Especially in threads like this. Why even bother coming here just to post that you don't like where you are?

>> No.70740215

It upsets me greatly that others are finding joy in things.

>> No.70740673

Makes sense

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