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>ALL the undivided daemon princes

Here they are.

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Did someone say heresy?

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Anons, name my dudes.

These guys killed 17 genestealers and a broodlord in one turn last game, and I’m very proud of them. Chapters are iron hands, sons of medusa, dark angels, executioners, red talons, mentors, taurans, Black Templars, red Scorpions, and raven Guard.

Any name is good provided I could say it at the LFGS. /tg/ got me to my deathwatch, only right I get my deathwatch to /tg/.

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Undivided daemons are the most powerful race

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Soon clause.

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Dark angel is Hue G. Feget.

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xth for someone upload the daemon codex already i know you faggots have it reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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What planet were they fighting on? "Saviors of X" wouldn't be too bad, or "[Hivefleet]'s Bane".

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Download the dataslate.

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Who was in the wrong here?

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It's true; Be'lakor, Madail, Drach'nyen. These three are daemon Übermensch.

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The filename is wrong, thats not art of the war in heaven

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Retoasting for a new bread.

What does /tg/ think of a SoB order that believes that the Emperor and the Omnissiah are one and the same? They would be bashed a bit with some Ad Mech bits and work with them often.

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So is nuln oil suppose to be like a more metalic shade?

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Find me some art of said event and I will use it until then this is the best I could find.

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Nah man, I mean name them individually. However I like the savior name for The Whole army.

Cheeky cunt, dubs means I can’t resist

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>One of the more recent tales told by the Harlequins concerns the lost troupe – the Masque of the Sunset Reflection. Gathered to close off a contaminated section of the webway, they found themselves ambushed by a legion led by the Masque of Slaanesh. Far from the light of any star, the two sides spun, flipped and contorted themselves in a deadly yet beautiful battle that seemed more like a courtier’s ball. Even Slaanesh was delighted at the breath-taking feats of acrobatics, and ordered his Herald to ensure the Sunset Reflection’s survival as a reward for their impressive grace. The intricately fought conflict lasted for days, until every Harlequin but one was slain; the Shadowseer of the Sunset Reflection skipped through a portal, never to be seen again

To the Necrons, the War in Heaven never ended.

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It's just a black shade

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Nope, it's used to shade wash things black.

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Show me it. Otherwise, I'm sticking by soon.

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The human form is sacred, The mechinicum is tolerated by the eccleiarchy but they aren't exactly popular

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Iron Hands dude is Eggburt Cumberknickers

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How about odovacer cummernicus? I like that a little better

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There's countless sub-cults in the Cult Mechanicus. One that works more closely with the Ecclesiarchy isn't really that outlandish.

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Is Slaanesh squatted by Ynnead yet?

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Download it. It's like 30 MB.

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Oh okay, call the Red Talons guy Queerus Maximus.

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Whatcha workin' on /40kg/?

Pic related. First ever attempt at doing shit with greenstuff.

Current plan is to have his entire left side covered in Akira-like tumorgrowths that end in a big ol' fly claw (converted from a tyranids scything talon)

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They'd patch them up and supply them for sure but interfering with the holy human form is a no-no. I'm sure they'd take a prosthesis but not elective augmentation

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>He doesn't know Ynnead is Slaanesh

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A good way to run them is basically a mechanized wave of assault troops supported by anti-tank and/or deep strike units to act as your screen and first turn assault.

Overwhelm and destroy, thats the Templar way.

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call one of them "dub posting is cancer, fuck off already. At the very least /tg/ has an inbuilt dice roller, use that instead you fucking mong."

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Carapace crush
Tyranid terror
Bug begon

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Necrons, its the equivalent of r9k shooting up a school due to jealousy

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>Of all the complexities of the Great Game, the most compelling is perhaps the relationship between Slaanesh and his brother gods. None can amplify Khorne’s fury like the Lord of Excess, whose earthly luxuries and lusts defy the Blood God’s desire for indiscriminate slaughter. The mere mention of Slaanesh or his schemes is enough to cause volcanoes to erupt across the Blood God’s domain. Though Khorne is the only god openly hostile to the Dark Prince, Nurgle and Tzeentch are also ill at ease in his presence, despite the fact that the most typical hierarchy of power between the four Chaos Gods sees Slaanesh at the bottom. Even they feel the magnetic pull of his matchless charisma, and are both attracted and repelled by their younger brother.

>This is due, in part, to the fact that all the Chaos Gods embody the excess for which Slaanesh is known: Khorne with his bloodlust, Tzeentch with his scheming, and Nurgle with his spreading of plague. Each is an obsession that Dark Prince can turn to his will with merely a whispered promise. Lurking deep within the psyche of each of his brothers is the suspicion that the influence of the Dark Prince is rapidly growing, and that Slaanesh will perhaps one day eclipse them all in strength. With this thought in mind, any alliance of convenience with Slaanesh is especially short-lived; while this could be attributed to simple distrust of one who changes sides at a whim, there is an argument that the Dark Prince’s rivals fear the secret power he holds over them.

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Nah, show me. Also, how old is it? Outdated?

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Fires of Cyraxus when?

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Yeah but slaanesh is ynead nerd.

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Daemons really do have the worst fluff.

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Not dubs bromigo, just name them. Don’t care about the numbers

Dig it

Dig it even more

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After my current project, I'll be building my box of GK terms. I was thinking of doing 1 Apothecary, 1 Ancient, and 3 Paladins(2 Falchion, 1 hammer). But I've heard that the buffing characters aren't too good. Should I build them as such anyway and just proxy them if needed. I don't play tourneys and we've had wilder proxies such as Guilliman for a DP.

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I was intending more like giving them Vanguard helmets, Arc mauls, and giving Imagifiers Taser lance bits on their backpacks instead of the staff things. More aligned with the Motive Force and the Electropriests than the others.

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Call the Templar Sir Spearsalittle

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I know, right?

"both attracted by their younger brother".

This sounds like a plot of some weird anime.

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>tfw no immortality

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All the Old Ones had to do was share their toys, and now they're dead.

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Still working on my Custodes. Trying to figure out how to go about painting the swords.

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>younger brother
slaanesh confirmed for qt trap

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They also fucked up the warp and created the orks in the process.

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>>However, each conquest not only made Be’lakor more powerful, it also edged him closer to downfall, for even in rebellion, he had unwittingly performed the Chaos Gods’ bidding. Be’lakor had done much to spread the creed of Chaos across the world. In time, the Daemon Prince’s mightiest mortal followers drew the unblinking gaze of the Chaos Gods, and were raised to Daemon Princehood themselves. This time, the dark brothers made no effort to share their mortal prizes, and nor was there any need, for there was no shortage of suitable champions. In a comparative eyeblink, Be’lakor became but one Daemon Prince amongst many. Where he had once ruled without challenge, he now found himself beset by dozens of would-be usurpers. Worse, with each new Daemon Prince who ascended, Be’lakor felt his own powers ebb, as the gifts bestowed upon him were stripped away and granted to more loyal servants.

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Any book from FW when!?!

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Did we need confirmation on that, I thought it was a given?

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So to recap, in case someone's not been paying attention this past couple threads: daemons lore is out, says nothing on Lorgar and Perturabo's allegiance, reaffirms Be'lakor's backstory but is vague and ambiguous as to any other Undivided Daemon Prince. Massive autism ensures by way of Carnac saying "I was right" and others saying "no you weren't". Nothing is resolved and we can look forward to weeks lore of these pointless cyclical arguments.

Boy I love /40kg/.

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>and now they're dead
so are the necrontyr

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Ultimately they're your dudes so you do what you want with them.

But personally I really cant see an Order coming to this conclusion. Not mention that as SoB order dont recruit themselves, but are sent recruits from Schola Progenium who will have presumably been taught in the traditional manner, things would get tricky fast.

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>Nothing is resolved
YAY! the true spirit of 40k

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Did the necrons ever even ask for help? iirc they jumped straight to galactic war

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It's just denial of Be'lakor's uniqueness as the last Undivided.

But you know something that cannot be denied and was stated outright? Be'lakor is the mightiest daemon prince!

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so it was, so it shall be. In the grim present of 40kg there is only shitposting

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The Necrontyr are said to have asked the Old Ones many times for the secrets of eternal life. The Old Ones refused them each time.

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>be chaos daemons
>get BTFO

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Drukhari Theme


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Virgin Necron and Chad Old One image when?

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Well, to be more fair with Necrons that is more like r9k shooting a school if r9k has cancer(they do in fact) and the school had cure to cancer but refused to share it.

There is also the thing that they also started the war against Old Ones because otherwise they would kill themselves in civil wars, ended up being really badly beaten by the Old Ones, so they had a grudge of the war and not sharing immortality against old ones when they agreed to the C'tan plans.

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Custodes Theme


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My fuckin' man. Excellent music taste.

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>that song


My Father used to tell me that all the time.

You just made me realize that about 80% of the wisdom the old man has ever shared with me is probably just song lyrics from his childhood/stoner years.

You just shattered my fuckin' world, anon

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C'tan are the ultimate chads have you seen their abs?

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>Dangerous Days
Such a good album.

>> No.57402178

The saying does not originate with the song.

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That's essentially human wisdom since the dawn of time so don't worry about it.

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Maybe not, but I'de bet a sizable portion of my next paycheck that that's where the old man got it from.

Same goes for a lot of other nuggets of wisdom he's shared with me over the years, too.

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My headcanon has always been that there was never a secret to eternal life,
the Old Ones were just immortal by nature of their biology similar to the Orks, and the Necrontyr either refused to believe it or
were so envious of this that they decided to kill them just because they could never have it.

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>There's no way my little skitarii can be this cute!
Post conversions!

Pic is not mine btw, just found.

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Cute beep boops on that beep boop

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Stand aside for the best primarch.

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The only question I have is, does it vibrate?

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Mine. I had so much fucking fun putting them together. I hope we get the old Grotesquerie formation bonus back as "wargear" or a stratagem.

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tourists lmao

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actual custodes theme

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Thanks for clearing the way for the best Primarch, Pert.

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Necrons have to be the biggest dumbasses in the universe. stupider than orks.

>> No.57402393

That's giving orks a bad name, at no point have they fucked up everything beyond belief.

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I think even GW doesn't know what the fuck to do with Lorgar/Pert. I would be fine with Pert just flat out not being a daemon prince, just a chaos-aligned primarch. Lorgar should basically be what Abbadon is.

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i'm sorry

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Thanks for keeping my seat warm rowboat

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Actual actual Custodes theme

>> No.57402433

brother undercoat

>> No.57402437

its sad to think that this was a thing before jojo became what it is.

>> No.57402445

actual actual actual Custodes theme

>> No.57402455



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They've already settled it. Pert is Nurge-aligned now.

Time to start collecting DG minis and painting your Iron Warriors!

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well that is a totally reasonable response to what was posted

>> No.57402479

The other thread convinced me be'lacuck is malal in canon form. Mal'lacuck.

>> No.57402486

Actual actual actual actual Custodes theme.

>> No.57402502

Not so fast, actual actual actual actual Custodes theme


>> No.57402506


That would be really lame, especially with the massive DG/Iron Warriors fight. If anything, he should be Slaanesh or Tzeench.

>> No.57402514


Perturabo being a daemon prince kind of makes sense in a way. All he wanted was to control stuff on his own world and have it perfectly the way he wanted it. I can see that from that angle since he has Medrengard.


He's not Nurgle based but he used Nurgle stuff as a tool to hack a forge world. It was a tool, nothing more.

>> No.57402520

Being eltisit about music is even more embarrassing. It's too mainstream for you?

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>Custodes based on the companions of Alexander the Great
>Alexander the Great introduced bananas to Europe

Deepest lore.

>> No.57402562

Which type of musical retard do you think he is.

Metal or classic rock?

Thing is, he doesn't 100% fit any of the Chaos gods and it wouldn't make sense for him to be one anymore if undivided isn't a thing.

>> No.57402573

If Pert was Undivided, then why did the studio writer refuse to comment about the status of Lorgar and Pert?

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>Metal or classic rock?
Mongolian throat singing.

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was just scrolling through AoP from last year, how the fuck did this one get through? don't get me wrong it's awesome, but I thought the UK would be touchy-touchy about this

>> No.57402584

>Alexander Graham Bell was named after Alexander the Great
>He invented the telephone
>The Adeptus Custodes answer the call of the Primarch

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File: 1.63 MB, 360x270, 1514198174536.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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He obviously only listens to music made by himself, before the plebs ruin it with their ears.

I dunno he just seems like a fag.

>> No.57402607


Oh, well if undivided isn't a thing then I don't know. I wouldn't really know what to do with Perturabo either, though. He just wants to engineer stuff and control things and paint gilded eggs and shit like that.

Oh, and kill Imperial Fists but who can really blame him?

>> No.57402609

WE/Khorne theme

>> No.57402628

I remember my local GW back in the day had zulu themed savage orcs. No one cared because the internet was for nerds only and crybabies were stuck watching tv.

>> No.57402646


I'd just make him his own thing. It's not like GW never makes special snowflake characters. He gets to break the Chaos undivided rules or just be something totally different from the normal chaos stuff we understand.

>> No.57402647

>batch-painting units
>post theme song



>> No.57402650

What's the best loadout for thunderwolve calvary?

I have wulfen, and the two thunderwolve calvary named HQs to buff them.

They seem expensive this edition.

>> No.57402652

because he's a cuck and he didn't get any minis of them to base the lore off.

>> No.57402653

Come on man. Get serious.
Its literally called world eater.

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Tau theme

>> No.57402688

Bolt Thrower just goes without saying.

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Hey guys, Necron player here looking for some advice on his list. I'm playing a game against my Ultramarine friend, and I'm really trying to finally beat him, despite the possibility of him bringing Guilliman.

The game is 75 Power Points (I know, I know, but it's his preferred play style)

Overlord with Ressurection Orb, Warscythe, and Veil of Darkess 7PL
Crptek 6PL

20 Necron Warriors 12PL
20 Necron Warriors 12PL
20 Necron Warriors 12PL

>Fast Attack
Destroyer Squad: 5 Destroyers, 1 Heavy Destroyer 18PL

1 Ghost Ark 8PL

The plan is to have the Overlord and a squad of Warriors teleport up onto one flank, while the other two squads of Warriors, Cryptek, and Ghost Ark advance up the other flank, using their higher resilience to weather any damage they take. The Destroyers will be deployed in the middle to take out any vehicles or heavy infantry he might have.

>> No.57402732 [SPOILER] 
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Reminder that Eldar are only good for one thing

>> No.57402741

Where does it say the other gods couldn't make more princes of undivided in the "soon" before then?

>> No.57402760


>> No.57402762

>2 arms

>> No.57402771

Take nothing but deathmarks and mortal would guilliman to death.

>> No.57402777

Are tau players really this faggoty?

>> No.57402788

Lord no, this is what I consider to be the T'au theme.

>> No.57402799

s o u r c e

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This is what I mean by he should just be a Chaos aligned primarch that isn't a daemon prince. He should just be himself. Especially since his legion hates mutations. Kind of like Alpharius/Omegon. It would actually give him character and make him stand out from the others.

If he IS a daemon prince Tzeench makes sense with all the plans and such IW are known for, or Slaanesh makes sense because of how much he strives for perfection in his work/legion.

Reading comprehension, anon. I'm saying that since GW is saying undivided isn't really a thing anymore, he doesn't belong as a daemon primarch because he doesn't sync up with any of the gods.

>> No.57402807

Dark Angels theme:

>> No.57402821

>Electric Six
/tg/ is the real /mu/.

>> No.57402825

My plan is actually to avoid Guilliman as much as possible and kill everything around him. Aura is not so amazing if no one is around to use it, right? Maybe later, throw one of the Warrior squads at him just to tie him up for the rest of the game.

>> No.57402829
File: 6.49 MB, 5312x2988, 0112182303.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just spent like 8 hours painting this in once sitting

>> No.57402837

grey knights:

>> No.57402859

Noob here have a 300$ budget and thinking of just walking to my local Games workshop and buying everything I need what should I be looking out for?

>> No.57402875

It'd help if we knew what army you wanted. Also, your LGS might have better deals, they usually sell GW products at a discount.

>> No.57402878


3 start collecting! boxes seem to have the most value, if not 3 at least 1

>> No.57402900

The whole internet at your fingertips. And you do no research. Give me the 300.

>> No.57402905

If you are extremely new get a small Dark Imperium box set, if you know the basics get some paints, brushes, etc and buy a Start Collecting box.
If the army you want doesn't have a start collecting box then buy a commander and two different boxes of units for them.

>> No.57402913

It depends on the army and such you want to play. Have you done research into the various factions? :)

Inquisitorial Theme: https://youtu.be/Wz2IFuUjma8

>> No.57402917


I just always figured he got a daemon world and was like, "finally, people will do what I want." The whole thing with the Iron Cage and sacrificing the geneseed of the IF to ascend was pretty stupid. Perturabo doesn't even give a shit about gods and probably doesn't think they are gods if anything.

I hope they don't ruin his lore if they do anything with him. Even if we hear nothing else I'd be happy if he were just sitting at Medrengard being the great guy he is.

>> No.57402918

In my experience, the necron characters are actually worth running and not nearly as yourdudes ruining as other factions due to cron fluff.

Depending on what your opponent runs, I might recommend scarabs, since unless you're running a lot more destroyers, you don't have a whole lot of AT, and scarabs are pretty damn cheap.

Also, a squad of destroyers+1 heavy would be 19PL, not 18.

Finally, I'd look into possibly picking up a second ghost ark. They make a fantastic target for absorbing bullets thanks to void shields, and keeping your warriors up is pretty crucial nowadays. Plus, they're still solid chaff murderers.

Of course, take all this with a grain of salt. I'm speaking from a third party experience of seeing people run them, and playing against them, rather than playing them myself.

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Thousand sons' theme

>> No.57402936

I don't know what I want yet I just want to see them in person then I'l pick also my LGS is farther away.

>> No.57402947


They stood up against a great horde, so spartan names are appropriate. In order:

>> No.57402960
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Does the AIDstree give doublecover to all NURGLE units, or just NURGLE DAEMONKIN units?

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>fucked up everything beyond belief.
You rang?

>> No.57402978

Come on guys, give me some input.

It's for a Fall Of Cadia Army.

>> No.57402979

You're relying on 10 Strength 5 attacks and 1 Quasi-Lascannon for all your AT in a 1500 points-or-so game?

That's only 6 wounds per turn and that's if we round everything generously up.

My other issue is that he'll likely blob up around RG and simply not give a crap about flanks at all.

>> No.57402988

Well I don’t think 40k has daemonkin/maggotkin, so probably just NURGLE DAEMON units. Gonna fuckin suck to fight, hopefully they do have something that prohibits all the CSM stuff from benfitting

Souphammer is cancer when left to powergamers

>> No.57402993

But he did nothing wrong.

>> No.57403014

>Well fuck you, too!

It looks great anon! I hope the Ork Codex makes Speed Freakz amazing just so you can justify that thing charging around the battlefield spewing bullets.

>> No.57403016

This is like a back rub compared to the shit eldar did in their spare time.

>> No.57403026
File: 39 KB, 237x225, 1501544067573.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tigers kill beautiful panthers
Hens do in the worms
The lions massacre the pretty gazelles
Cats strip the birds of their wings
But of all animals
Who are the strongest and by far
But of all animals
The strongest is us, it's the humans
We kill lions, kill wolves and kill lambs
The hens, we too take them out by 20 in their crates
We kill men, women, old people, children galore,
You can kill everything that moves so who's the beefiest?
The giraffes are seeding foliage
Cows gorge grass
Rabbits are stuffed with carrots and cabbage
Koalas are stuffed with bamboo
But of all animals
Who are the strongest and by far
But of all animals
The strongest is us, it's the humans
We, if we want, we can empty the oceans
Cut the trees and burn all the fields
If we want we can even melt glaciers
We can beat the planet they stop telling themselves
Yes of all animals
Who are the strongest and by far
Yes of all animals
The strongest is us, it's the humans

It looks nice, but IMO not Orky enough.

>> No.57403028

guilliman looks like hes offering to take magnus to dennies.

>> No.57403032

guy at my store runs thunderwolf cavalry with full stormshields, 100% melee. They make perfect bullet sponges and if they get into melee they fuck shit up. Dunno if that's the best loadout for them, but that's what he does and it's worked every time I play against him.

>> No.57403033

Thousand Sons' actual theme

>> No.57403054


>tfw you named your dudes after Ozymandias


>> No.57403064
File: 34 KB, 510x546, Thousand Son Coffee Mug.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Actual ACTUAL Thousand Sons' theme

>> No.57403070
File: 903 KB, 1008x4284, Comb03012018014629.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I converted almost my whole army so I have some dumb space rats

>> No.57403079


>> No.57403083

kek, I was waiting for this

>> No.57403084

>links the jojo version

come one anon, thats an actual song.

>> No.57403090

This tbqh

>> No.57403104

OOIDF please leave

>> No.57403112
File: 44 KB, 351x440, 5-Star Post.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.57403118


If they wanted to keep him without breaking their undivided rules, I guess doing it like Abaddon would be the best way (just with arms). He has favors from all 4 gods as they fight for his soul, but he doesn't really give a fuck about any of them. Lets him stay, functionally, undivided.

>> No.57403122

>gets killed by literally who marinelets

>> No.57403159

You know what I meant, senpai.

I'm trying to figure out if I can soup my Death Guard into being absolutely unstoppable objective campers.

>> No.57403196
File: 2.92 MB, 220x220, thumbs up.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Love it. Props for the dedication in doing so, Anon

>> No.57403207
File: 1.20 MB, 1621x1200, 1510793566741.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've got a 1500 point "beginners" tourney coming up
Rate my list
Valhallan Imperial Guard Battalion
Company Commander: Powersword, 34pts
Lord Commisar: Power Sword and Pietrov's Mk45, 55pts
Tank Commander: Command Vanquisher, HB Sponsons, Lascannon, and Heavy Stubber, 227pts
Infantry Squad: Grenade Launcher, Vox Caster, 50pts
Infantry Squad: Grenade Launcher, Vox Caster, 50pts
Militarum Tempestus Scions: 3x Hotshot Lasguns, Meltagun, Tempestor with Plasma Pistol and Power Sword, 74pts
Command Squad: Medipack, Standard, Grenade Launcher, Vox Caster, 49pts
>Heavy Support
Leman Russ Demolisher: Heavy Bolter, Multi-Meltas, Storm Bolter

Black Templars Space Marine Battalion
Chapter Master: Master-crafted Boltgun, Power Sword, Crusader's Helm, 81pts
Captain in Cataphractii Armour: Chainfist, Combi-Melta
Crusader Squad: 4x Initiates with Chainswords, 5x Neophytes with Combat Knives, Sword Brother with Power Axe and Bolt Pistol
Tactical Squad: Plasma Gun, Heavy Bolter, Sergeant with Boltgun
Scout Squad: 4x Sniper Rifles, Missile Launcher
Vanguard Veteran Squad: 5x Vanguard Veterans with Power Swords and Storm Shields

The idea is that the crusaders and vanguards will suicide slog across the battlefield while the captain and scions run interferance and the tactical squad and imperial guard provide a gunline with buff bubbles from HQ

>> No.57403244

This is the version that matters

>> No.57403273

ACTUAL custodes theme:

what do you think the odds are that they'll give us some models fitting the fluff that custodes forsook their armour after failing big daddy E?

>> No.57403286

I'm no guard player, but last time I checked the vanquisher was trashcan-tier bad.

>> No.57403288
File: 47 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>beginners tourney
>brings soup

>> No.57403290

Someone already posted that song

>> No.57403295

>what do you think the odds are that GW is consistent with fluff
somewhere between zero and none

>> No.57403298

Honestly I just wish they would remove Abbadon, he's been a joke for so long it's impossible for him to be taken seriously at this point. Have Lorgar take his place and Pert be the guy behind the scenes ala Fabius working with the Dark Mechanicus.

>> No.57403303

I just hope bananna men get their point helmets

>> No.57403314

What's wrong with soup? It's only two detachments. Only two detachments are allowed and I dont have enough models for one big one

>> No.57403324

>tfw chaos would be so much more interesting if it was consistently led by the gods' champions rather than not!horus
Not like a whole lot would change. Chaos would still be infighting and fucking their own shit up, but having lucius, ahriman, kharn, and typhus lead the hordes of chaos would be better IMO

>Only 2 detachments are allowed
...why? Even the official matched play rules have 3 at 1500.

>> No.57403329
File: 254 KB, 767x1375, Adeptus_Custodes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I could see them doing a model based on the rogue trader bodyguard, along the same lines as the Imperial Space Marine.

but I doubt it

>> No.57403360
File: 4 KB, 156x187, 1500060273518.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Serious question for lore-knowing Custodesfags

What kinda customization will we be working with for their upcoming army units? Does everything have to be in gold? Can some shoulderpads be black as a sign of rank or something? Are some Custodes black with gold trims instead of fully gold?

A little variance to break up the gold in everything would be nice.

>> No.57403363
File: 1.33 MB, 1024x768, 1436440684311[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>trying to math out a Death Guard/Nurgle list that allows for maximum bullshit
>goal is to get as much annoying toughness buffs/self healing gimmicks into a match as possible

>impossible to get everything I want into a 2k point list, while still having an army capable of actually being able to effectively deal with enemy threats, instead of just standing around turtling

This sucks.

>> No.57403372

You're kind of right. The Lascannon has better stats. It's only advantage is higher range and getting to roll two dice for damage and pick the highest.
I only chose it because it was cheap and I wanted an anti-tank gun. Plus, it's similar enough to the battle cannon that if I wanted to proxy it I doubt anyone would complain
How the fuck should I know. Those are the rules for the tournament. Probably intended to prevent waacsoup

>> No.57403374

Yeah, the authors should bow down to some dumb internet memes. No wonder GW writers are often said to hate the fanbase.

>> No.57403375

I believe custodes do different colours based on their roles in the palace. I think canonically they have black with gold trim if they're keeping secrets, and stuff like that.

>> No.57403383

There was a youtube guy, I've forgotten his name (cpatain something?), who said he was interviewing GW people who showed him a white and a black custode and gave some kind of lore reason for the color on each one.

>> No.57403385
File: 4.57 MB, 480x354, giphy-2.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I really dont get the retards going "durr all your models arent from the same army, u r a waacfag lol", there's literally nothing wrong with soup armies
Soup only becomes a problem when used to make retarded shit like the Guilliman list with 2000000 assassins or Morty + Magnus super best friends friday fisticuffs etc

>> No.57403422
File: 789 KB, 800x841, 1515595293621.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Chapter Master Valrak is probably who you mean.
Yes there are indeed different colour schemes in Custodes, its not all gold

>> No.57403425

whats up with those studs

i mean the litteral studs

>> No.57403437

>Chapter Master Valrak
Yeah, that was it. He has some video where he shows off a white and a black custode.

>> No.57403441

They provide an electric field to restrain his banana splitter

>> No.57403450

>They provide an electric field to restrain his banana splitter

also why do the space marines have them on their pauldrons?

>> No.57403451
File: 33 KB, 341x354, 3f2[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>new Chaos Daemons codex comes out
>oh boy, I sure am glad that a full half of my army got a proper update into 8th edition!

>go to FLGS for a match
>start taking out my army

>oppenent sees that I'm using both the Death Guard AND Chaos Daemons codex

>"wait a minute... those daemons aren't just for summoning?"

>Tell him no, my army has one detachment of Death Guard and an allied detachment of Nurgle Daemons

>he calls me a soupfag and refuses to play with me

>> No.57403456

No way fag

>> No.57403457


>> No.57403463
File: 169 KB, 925x960, Boarding Party Chaos Style.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I agree with removing Abaddon, but in my personal opinion, there should be no one, unified leader of Chaos.

Black Crusades should be when Kharn, Lucius, Ahriman, and Typhus decide to put aside their differences and lead a unified attack for a while. I like the idea of Chaos being competing warbands and raiders, that just occasionally unite into full on, serious armies. But when they do, it's positively apocalyptic.

>> No.57403472

I should clarify my statement.

I myself run assassins in my guard army because I like assassins. However, he said it was supposed to be a beginner's tourney, and I don't really think running hybrid lists really matches that.

>> No.57403482

>Soup only becomes a problem when used to make retarded shit like the Guilliman list with 2000000 assassins or Morty + Magnus super best friends friday fisticuffs etc
and there you have it
I dont think anybody complains about mixed faction armies generally, unless its classic waacfaggotry like tau+eldar or
I can understand how it might be limited for a tourney intended to draw in new players though, since dealing with the strengths and weaknesses of various factions at a time could be difficult for a new player

>> No.57403487

Luther as the unified Chaos leader maybe?

>> No.57403491

What weapons doespecially he give them along with the storm shields?

>> No.57403513

>Shit lore being turned into a meme somehow makes the argument irrelevant.

>> No.57403515

I don't remember, it's been a while since I played him.

He ran a melee/dread-focused SW army and it just devastated my drukhari.

>> No.57403540
File: 42 KB, 258x267, her face when.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> the authors should bow down to some dumb internet memes
>13 failed crusades that had to be retconned into successes
>dumb internet memes
>canonically failing to kill his greatest enemy when he literally had him, LITERALLY, in the palm of his hand
>dumb internet memes
yeah, okay.

>> No.57403543

Just think of all the people who played Khorne Daemonkin in 7th that are now going to have this exact same problem for running a fluffy list.

I don't have too much of a problem with Abaddon, I just wish GW and BL would pump the brakes with him a bit. They try to push him as this ultimate badass threat to the Imperium and everything so hard that people are naturally going to rail against it, especially when the last 20 years of writing depicted him as losing almost all of his Black Crusades until they were retconned into secret agenda victories at the cost of thousands of his own men.

There should be no unified leader of Chaos, that literally flies in the face of the very fucking idea of Chaos.

>> No.57403553
File: 183 KB, 473x710, Iron Warriors 3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Like I said, I don't want a unified Chaos leader. Unified Chaos doesn't really make sense, in my opinion. They're a bunch of renegades and pirates all out for themselves. Any alliances are temporary at best.

In my opinion, the only Legion that makes sense to act as a proper army is the Iron Warriors. The rest would be more like the barbarians who destroyed Rome. Sure, they did it together, but they weren't really working with each other.

>> No.57403560


Fluffy means only one (sub)faction, ever you WAAC MONSTER!

>> No.57403566
File: 102 KB, 574x581, 1515755754993.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Then again if they're new players they won't be stuck on the mindset of only taking units from one army since they came in during an edition where mixing and maxing was added
So they may well do it themselves and know to expect it

>> No.57403578

Do we have a pdf yet or will that be tomorrow?

>> No.57403579

>whats up with those studs
studded leather was popular in the 80's

>> No.57403580


I mean why would Nurgle marines fight along side Nurgle daemons right?

>> No.57403581

>>13 failed crusades that had to be retconned into successes


>>canonically failing to kill his greatest enemy when he literally had him, LITERALLY, in the palm of his hand

Kairos and Huron had him, not Abaddon.

Memes on top of ignorance.

Actually, memes spawned out of either ignorance or misreading of the lore.

Like people thinking the Leman Russ was a tractor.

>> No.57403592

he had creed in his hand during the final battle of cadia before celestine stabbed his ass.

Keep denying fluff, carnac.

>> No.57403606
File: 143 KB, 863x542, Creed 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Kairos and Huron had him, not Abaddon.
He's talking about Creed. Abaddon was literally holding Creed in his hand, when Celestine impaled him through the spine and the grand warmaster of Chaos proceeded to puss out like a bitch.

>> No.57403610

They collect them from thrown away custard pants and insert them on their own armour in hopes that the Big E's personal bros' nad sweat will provide them with an edge over their opponents

>> No.57403628

>especially when the last 20 years of writing depicted him as losing almost all of his Black Crusades until they were retconned into secret agenda victories at the cost of thousands of his own men.

That's false. The Crusade weren't portrayed as failures except from the point of view of the Imperium.

>There should be no unified leader of Chaos, that literally flies in the face of the very fucking idea of Chaos.

False. It's established since the earliest of days that Chaos seeks out a being who can unite it to get things down. You don't get Chaos.

>> No.57403635

is there much chance of the FW stuff getting rules in the custodes codex, I kinda want to pick up one of the dreads

>> No.57403649
File: 898 KB, 500x281, 1362938775909.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

doubling down on abbadon now that be'lakor isn't the super snowflake you wanted him to be, Carnac?

>> No.57403654

There's literally no chance. FW stuff will get rules later in its own release.

>> No.57403656

Creed is a nobody to Abaddon. Just a recently elevated general. He wasn't part of the Cadia's High Command.

Damn, guys are dumbasses.

Abaddon cared more about killing Celestine than Creed or any other soul in the planet.

>> No.57403660

none at all.

>> No.57403667
File: 211 KB, 512x512, 1513464708845.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Every thread with you people.
Learn to read the damn articles GW puts out, then you wouldn't have to fucking ask.
Yes, FW Custodes are getting 40k rules but not in the codex, they'll be separate datasheets

>> No.57403679

Except we already established that he is. I mean you tried to badly debate him not being ONE Undivided but what do you can against him being the most famous and STRONGEST that were stated outright?

>> No.57403686

>He wasn't part of the Cadia's High Command.
He was literally Lord Castellan of Cadia. He was above the high command.

>> No.57403687

>Abaddon cared more about killing Celestine than Creed or any other soul in the planet.

Well, he cared more about saving his own ass than killing Celestine as he didn't manage that one even when she was depowered.

>> No.57403699


Why not the Word Bearers? They're basically Crusade bait. They have a unifying ideology and they have jobbed a lot without being completely rekt.

>> No.57403706


Let's be honest: Abbaddon has failed to kill a LOT of people who could be his 'Greatest enemy'. He's not very good at it.

>> No.57403712
File: 721 KB, 446x251, what's wrong with you.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Spends 13 crusades trying to take cadia
>fails at that
>retcons make it so the goal was just spreading chaos through the imperium
>nobody buys it
>TRUE goal is to secretly break necron pylons
yeah, super effective
>goal of thirteenth is to take cadia to use as a staging ground to move onto terra
>can't even do that
>blows up cadia by wasting one of his most powerful weapons on it

and then to address your 'facts'

>Abaddon cared more about killing Celestine than Creed or any other soul in the planet.
and he still failed at that.
>Creed is a nobody to abbadon
oh boy, I love how you pretend the fluff you like doesn't exist.

>> No.57403735

A title he took AFTER all of Cadia's high command was blown up.

>as he didn't manage that one even when she was depowered.

Because she was saved by Greyfax's distraction and then she ran from him like a coward and hid behind tons of Cadians?

After the activation of the Pylons, he needed to leave the planet and shut them down at once or risk being stranded on Cadia and having the Eye of Terror sealed.

>> No.57403736
File: 572 KB, 1099x1811, Word Bearer Havoc 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fair enough, I suppose, but I wouldn't really think of the Word Bearers as having the organizational skills of the Iron Warriors to stay together as a unified force. I could definitely see Word Bearers Crusades, but I think they would probably have some confused command structures.

>> No.57403743
File: 152 KB, 480x270, 1417470481249.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>what do you can against him being the most famous and STRONGEST that were stated outright?

but perturabo and lor'gar exist.

>> No.57403755

>>Spends 13 crusades trying to take cadia

And we disregard everything in your post. If you can't into basic fluff, then there is no point arguing with you. It seems you either a legit retard or baiting.

>> No.57403762

If memory serves Word Bearers have been described as one of the more organized legions after the heresy

>> No.57403767
File: 21 KB, 250x359, Necron_Destroyer-0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So can Destroyers get the flayer virus or do the effects cancel each other out?

>> No.57403773

What does that have to do with Be'lakor being most famous and strongest daemon prince?

>> No.57403784

>carnac disregarding fluff he doesn't like
what a shocking new development that's never happened before!

oh wait:
>Creed is a nobody to Abaddon. Just a recently elevated general. He wasn't part of the Cadia's High Command.
>lord castellan in charge of repelling his assaults over and over
>a nobody

>> No.57403791


>ran from him like a coward

You mean 'Like not a fucking moron'? A human doesn't beat a marine by standing up in their face and trying to overpower them. They beat them by being smarter and 'Hit and Run Tactics' are so very much part of the core SOB idea that for the longest time they had exclusive imperial access to units that could pull out of combat with no penalty.

>> No.57403805

>>lord castellan in charge of repelling his assaults over and over

The 13th Black Crusade was the first time Creed and Abaddon met each other.

You are dismissed because you are awful at the lore to the point that a toddler who played DoW 1 would have more grasp on the setting than you.

>> No.57403811
File: 67 KB, 320x223, 1366498148188.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I always love seeing carnac trying to pretend everyone who doesn't accept his shitty interpretation of fluff and pushing BL as canon are stupid shitposters.

Go paint your necrons, Carnac.

>> No.57403812


There's definitely some factionalism in the WB fluff but I've always read it as vaguely reminiscent of Islamic extremist groups in the middle east. Some Dark Apostles and Hosts almost certainly hate each other but each Host is probably reasonably coherent and everyone at least nominally listens to the Dark Council. I haven't read anything saying they're incapable of operating as a coherent force but recent fluff has filler sentences saying they're still operating more or less like a legion.

>> No.57403823

>A title he took AFTER all of Cadia's high command was blown up.

Only part of Cadia's high command was killed. Most of it, but not all. Creed was chosen by the remainder to be Lord Castellan. But when he took the title is literally irrelevant considering you claimed Creed is a nobody, he was already well known and successful even before Tyrok Fields.

>> No.57403828

I DISAGREE. In Emperor's Legion, a Sister of Silence went 1 vs 1 against a disgraced Black Legion marine. She won.

>> No.57403832
File: 14 KB, 180x158, 1322240894596.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>there was only one battle in the 13th black crusade

>> No.57403847

Ah fair enough. I'm not overly familiar with the grand lore of the Legions (haven't read a single Horus Heresy novel.) Just into Iron Warriors and have working knowledge of the rest.

But yeah, that could work. Word Bearers could be the thing that gets the really devout Chaos warbands to work together from time-to-time, while Iron Warriors could unite the ones that are more about riches and personal gain.

>> No.57403854
File: 521 KB, 2204x2130, templar.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Make the most unfluffy soup using two armies.

Bonus points if the visual style of the armies clashes horribly.

>> No.57403855

A nobody to ABADDON. Abaddon wouldn't have known his name before arriving to Cadia. He is just a man among millions. No way Abaddon's greatest enemy.

>> No.57403867


And St Celestine won doing it her way too. He had to flee due to 'literally the most pain he'd ever suffered' according to the fluff.

>> No.57403876

Marines Malevolent and Cadian Conscripts

>> No.57403877

legal army?

>world eaters with lots of berzerkers led by kharn alongside a detachment of thousand sons led by ahriman, and a second detachment of tzeentch daemons

>> No.57403887

>Abaddon wouldn't have known his name before arriving to Cadia.

This might explain why he did so badly, if he didn't know the name of the most influential military leader on the planet he was attacking.

>> No.57403902

emperors children would be a better choice, considering the history between them and the world eaters

>> No.57403903

No, he left because of the pylons.

And she didn't win. She survived. She would have won if she cut off his head or stabbed his heartsrather than stabbing him in a spine which is an injury that rarely does anything to marine because of the Black Carapace.

>> No.57403905

The best part about that was the fact that she was depowered at the time.

>> No.57403917

Black Templar LasPlas gunline with Guilliman supported by BA Librarian Dreads out the ass.

>> No.57403921

I was looking at it more as:

World eaters fucking hate sorcerers, as does khorne

Ahriman fucking hates daemons and does not personally consort with them at all

>> No.57403928


Kabal of the Black Heart

In the alternative,
>All 3 inwuisitorial forces
>Astral lions

>> No.57403937

Sisters of the Argent Shroud, Flesh Tearers and Space Wolves.

>> No.57403940

Except for the fact that the traitor forces routed the loyalists on Cadia everywhere except for a single stronghold. It was only because of Trazyn's continuous interventions that the final stronghold held.

So Creed did nothing that should impress Abaddon in a tactical or strategic sense since from the3 moment Abaddon arrived the loyalist were being driven back and back and back.

>> No.57403945

Minotaurs + Lamenters

>> No.57403948

>that rarely does anything to marine because of the Black Carapace.

Considering it was described as the most pain he's ever suffered before, methinks it might actually do something. But let me get this straight:

>St Celestine pulling back but staying in the same battle despite a lack of supernatural powers that put her above marines: Cowardice
>Abbasson fleeing because he realises his escape route is about to be gone: Not Cowardice.

He fled a lot further and a lot faster than St Celestine. If she's somehow a coward, he's a hell of a lot more of one.

>> No.57403951

>Can't even take a giant floating wall defended by Imperial Fist's least experienced battle company and some spookey ghost rider marines.

>> No.57403958

The Lords of Iron Thorn Kabal + Imperial Fists Primaris Force + Dreadnoughts.

>> No.57403959
File: 81 KB, 1200x848, 1512514805979.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The 'beginners' tourney at my LGS just had a ton of people who never showed up before come in with lists copied from the pro circuit or highly optimized lists that were clearly not made by beginners. Meanwhile I was there with my shitty Guard list still learning the game.

>> No.57403963
File: 305 KB, 978x609, Nurgle-daemon-plaguebearers[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Toying around with Nurgle shit.

Hows this look for an allied DG/Nurgle force?

-Nurgle Battalion-

GUO, Balesword, Nurgle's Rot, Fleshy Abundance
Poxbringer, Virulent Blessing, Horn of Nurgle's Rot

30 Plaguebearers
3 Nurglings
3 Nurglings

708 points

-Death Guard Patrol-

Termie Chaos Lord, Balesword, Combi-Plasma, Warlord w/ Arch Contaminator
Winged Nurgle DP, Malefic Talon, Suppurating Plate, Miasma of Pestilence

7 Plague Marines, Champion w/ Combi Plasma, 2 w/ Blight Launcher
6 Plague Marines, otherwise same loadout as above

Blightlord Terminators, 1 Flail, 1 Blight launcher, rest combi-bolters

2 Bloat Drone, Plaguespitters

Plagueburst Crawler, Entropy Cannon, Heavy Slugger

1291 points

At the start of the game I will have 6 command points, taking into account the one lost from giving my Poxbringer the Horn of Nurgle's Rot.

>> No.57403969


That's more saying sad things about daemon princes than good things about Be'lakor.

>> No.57403980

Space Wolves and Inquisition.

>> No.57403982



>> No.57403996

He may be the ""strongest"" but that doesn't make him the smartest or best at doing things.

>> No.57404007

honestly belakor coming from fantasy justifies its destruction. If only belakors master mould had been dropped.

>> No.57404009

>be'lakor fails to take even a pathetic daemon summoner's soul when it dies when Ahriman slaps his dick across his face


>> No.57404011

Step Above the Primermarines

>> No.57404023

>Considering it was described as the most pain he's ever suffered before, methinks it might actually do something. But let me get this straight:

Not pain. It just says that he hasn't been injuried like this for a long time. Sigismund actually left him near death. Celestine did no real damage to him since he was walking and fighting like nothing happened shortly afterwards.

>>St Celestine pulling back but staying in the same battle despite a lack of supernatural powers that put her above marines: Cowardice

But the Emperor Protects and Abaddon didn't have any supernatural powers. He was a marine at that point. A huge marine but still a marine. Celestine is supposedly the greatest of the SoBs. Can't SoBs take on marines in single combat?

>>Abbasson fleeing because he realises his escape route is about to be gone: Not Cowardice.


>> No.57404037

right but think of it this way;

both sides of skalathrax united and fighting together as one cohesive army

>> No.57404053

alatoic eldar and guilliman

>> No.57404066
File: 169 KB, 2290x856, The Court of Change.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ahriman's completing his quest means that Tzeentch will erase him. It's an outcome that Be'lakor would like since Tzeentch favours Ahriman above all and Be'lakor cannot have that.

>> No.57404068

An SoB can't take on a marine in single combat.

>> No.57404083

and yet when ahriman completed his quest, tzeentch called the changeling back and decided NOT to erase him.

So...guess be'lakor's plan definitely worked, huh?

>> No.57404084


>> No.57404092


>It just says that he hasn't been injuried like this for a long time.
>Celestine did no real damage to him

Do you proofread your own posts? So 'An injury unlike any other he's had in the longest time' isn't real damage?

>> No.57404099

The Unfinished Bretheren

>> No.57404101

so carnac is in the "LALALA I CANT HEAR YOU" phase of his tantrum.


>> No.57404116

light blue highlighted to white

>> No.57404128

Alright so I got a noob question.

If I'm running Death Guard, is it worth the reinforcement points to summon a GUO?

He has a few abilities that buff other units that would straight up fall flat if he was the only Daemon on the table.

S7 T7 W18 and access to Nurgle powers makes up for it though, yes?

>> No.57404133

>isn't real damage?

Yeah because it didn't break his stride or hinder him in any way. Goes to show that Abaddon is made of hard black steel. She shrugs off wounds like the one Celestine inflicted.

>> No.57404139

good luck summoning a GUO.

>> No.57404148


So was stabbing Abbaddon in the back. Because, you know, it worked. A mundane human would be a fucking idiot to try and take a marine in terminator armour on in a fair fight, even if you are a better swordfighter than him (Matching WS, she's got higher init and attacks)

>> No.57404149

well if you can get him close to the enemy hes actually pretty decent. think his major flaw is that he gets shot to hell turn one, that and you save 2 cp for deepstriking him.

there are better options though.

>> No.57404158

>The anti-Be'lakorfags projecting

Tzeentch decided to allow him to strive a bit more before the final reward would be his. Be'lakor at least pushed him further along the path towards his oblivion.

>> No.57404180

>the be'lakor fag projecting this far

>> No.57404182


So you are ignoring what it actually says in favour of 'Well, the battle ended almost immediately afterwards to clearly he would have been fine to keep going!'

>> No.57404184

He shrugs*

>> No.57404185

I could take him in a patrol detachment with some Nurglings, would be functionally the same thing, though I would be spending CP.

>there are better options

But... I like big monster models. :(

>> No.57404222

Says what? The fluff says its the baddest injury he got in a long time doesn't mean it meant it did any real damage to him. And you are ignoring that Abaddon was willing to chase after Celestine (AGAIN) but decided against it because of the Pylons. Shortly afterwards, we see Abaddon leading a charge into the Ynnari

>> No.57404235

you could run him and it wouldn't particularly hinder you, but his power level would make it difficult to summon.

>> No.57404291

So since the horus heresy will be finally ending in a couple years, what's the next big event you'd like to see?

For me, it would be the War in Heaven, featuring playable eldar, krorks, and necrontyr/necrons

>> No.57404292
File: 49 KB, 701x959, Right behind you.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>An opportunist, Be’lakor has been sighted fighting alongside the Daemon legions of each of the gods since the opening of the Great Rift. He has pledged aid to several renegade Chapters, even fighting in the company of Abaddon the Despoiler and his Black Legion. Exactly what his winding plots seek to achieve is, like so much about the shadowy Daemon Prince, unknown.

Do Abaddon and Be'lakor make a good duo on the TT? I am thinking of making a soup army based around these two.

>> No.57404308

They said that they will cover the Scouring and other 40K events through a multiple book series like the Beast series novels.

>> No.57404322

That's probably a better approach.

>> No.57404335
File: 1.05 MB, 480x270, DO. IT. NOW..gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Be'lakor and Abaddon, the buddy cop movie of the year.

>> No.57404338

>Exactly what his winding plots seek to achieve is, like so much about the shadowy Daemon Prince, unknown

Yeah, Unknown in that the writers don't fucking know either. You know who Be'lakor is? He's the Judas Traveller of 40k, this randomly added guy who is mysterious and super special but not even the writers don't what they are doing with him so he just hangs about being mysterious and super special but not actually important to anything of note.

>> No.57404354

I mean I want to see models and a playable game. I might actually break my forgeworld cherry for a war in heaven tabletop game.

>> No.57404391

Nurglings are surprisingly useful. There's really no reason for any nurgle player not to take a bunch.

>> No.57404398
File: 7.41 MB, 4032x3024, MVIMG_20180112_225619.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Serious question /40kg/
When is enough enough?

>> No.57404415

>Draigo : Be'lakor, what have you done? What have you DONE?!
>Be'lakor : Kaldor, I assure you I have done nothing!

>> No.57404424

Eh. well they don't have any particular synergy. Abby buffs Black Legion and Heretic Astartes. Be'lakor buffs Daemons. However, if you're looking to make a truly Undivided Chaos force with CSM and Daemons from multiple different gods mixed together they're solid choices since they're can each handle buffing half your army.

>> No.57404430

What are some good guidelines for setting up terrain? My friend (the only person I play against) likes to clump it all together, leaving huge areas of the map featureless.

For example, I'll place a ruin, then he'll place a two story building directly against it. It looks terrible and is a massive pain in the ass for moving vehicles through (not because it disallows it, but because bits get caught all the time).

>> No.57404437
File: 4.01 MB, 3456x4608, 20180103_183923.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what is the definition of the word?

This is my fourth army, and I built them in a week.

>> No.57404550

As I believe has been stated, the Necrontyr were definitely in the wrong. The Old Ones were major dicks for not sharing their secrets with the Necrontyr, but the Old Ones were also under no such obligation to share the discoveries they had themselves found.

The start of the War in Heaven can be thought of like this. Imagine North Korea demands that the United States gave them the technology to make unlimited food. The US refuses. North Korea asks several more times, being denied each time. North Korea asks one final time and promises war if the US denies them this last time. The US denies them because they don't believe North Korea poses a threat. North Korea surprises everyone by not only making good on their promise to declare war, but manages to take over a small part of Japan. The US retaliates and kicks NK the fuck out of Japan, but doesn't finish them off out of pity. NK scientists then discover an actual demon living under Pyongyang, make contact with it, use it to discover more demons, and make a pact with them for not only the secrets to unlimited food but also the power to destroy the US forever.

>> No.57404555
File: 797 KB, 1095x645, Be'lakor spells.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What the hell? Be'lakor has his own spells outside the spells of the gods?

>> No.57404571

So Rotigus seems like the way to go for GUO, yeah? Knows an extra power and throws out incidental Mortals in the psychic phase.

Normal ones all seem like they suffer too much from an inability to affect the battle outside of melee, except maybe bell guy if you're running a build that supports his power.

>> No.57404581

>Buying Crisis suit kit but not the SC box.

>> No.57404593

>shitty version of Hereticus

>> No.57404597

The NOVA Open has terrain guidlines for what is considered fair terrain for at least some of the competitive community. Of course in friendly games you shouldn't feel slavishly bound to tournament style setups, but the terrain should be spread around the board to break up firing lanes and provide multiple locations of line of sight blocking and partial blocking terrain.


>> No.57404604

How young is your dad for his "old wisdom" to come from a song that references MP3s?

>> No.57404610

He uses part of the Dark Hereticus Discipline. The CSM powers. Death Hex at least is very good.

>> No.57404631

Problem with Hex is WC8 and he doesn't have any sort of casting bonus.

>> No.57404634

But why though? He isn't a marine.

>> No.57404673

If Pert is Nurgle I'm going to take my ball and go home.

>> No.57404676

>suits N kroot


>> No.57404684

Losing warptime and prescience is a big hit.

>> No.57404686

>‘Heed me, wretches, for thy doom cometh. All who pass before my gaze shall die in offering to Khorne. But before the slaughter begins, I bid thee all to fight – to strain thine utmost against us in glorious combat. While all thy skulls shall be taken for the almighty, those who die on their feet may yet find the Blood God’s favour. Thou may think the manner in which thy lifeblood runs out meaningless, but I can assure thee that a coward’s suffering shall never end – never! So raise whatever weapons thou can muster and hope that thy feeble offering is worthy. I relish the carnage that shall be… now, my Crimson Cohort, begin! Let the blood flow!’

- Kzar’tark, Bloodmaster of the Crimson Cohort,before the epic slaughter of the hive city of Skyreen

How can anyone read that and not think that Khorne is best god?

>> No.57404704

>be me, oversexed 24 year old
>living with my equally oversexed 26 year old girlfriend
>regularly watch porn and play with each other
>still like sexy things
>still buy 3rd party thicc cheesecake models because i enjoy them
>enjoy the uncomfortable aura of chasties squirming as they're forced to confront sexuality
>get awesome games because no one wants to sperg to the alpha lumberjack unafriad of showing off his cheesecake in public and not making a big deal about it
>n...nice conversions anon
You too, twinky ork bro.

>> No.57404719

Carnac, if you're still shitting up this thread, do you even paint/have an army for 40k or do you just shitpost completely?

>> No.57404727


>be me
>my gf is hotter than yours and I almost certainly make more money
>statistically speaking my penis is probably bigger too (no homo)

Also, cool story, bro

>> No.57404728

The Word Bearers are way more cohesive and organized than the Iron Warriors. Perty’s boys split up into a bunch of different warbands but Lorgar kept his legion more or less unified.

>> No.57404729

he plays necrons, from what I've heard.

>> No.57404756

>be me
>have 4 armies
>have fun with conversions
>mock tau in public, but still encourage new players and help them if they're interested in tau
>make a couple jokes about tau despite making it clear I want to help them get invested

>> No.57404759
File: 12 KB, 480x360, 1368050820406.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>easiest army to paint

sounds about right

>> No.57404787
File: 55 KB, 624x517, sad-dog-copy-624x517.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Buying any Tau

>> No.57404811

More than 500 points ahead of my paint brush is too much. Curb impulse buying!

>> No.57404814

>With the War in the Rift deadlocked, the Chaos Gods arranged a formal contest to end the conflict – a great gladiatorial fight between their champions. Few mortal creatures know much of that battle, save for the disturbed dreams of prophets or insane sermons spouted by sorcerous cultists.

>The battlefield itself was created when Khorne, Tzeentch, Nurgle and Slaanesh each ceded part of their realms to create a hellplane all its own. So was Amalgrimm born, a prize that would be claimed by the winner.

>Tzeentch sought to define the criteria by which the contest would be judged. The others, most vehemently Khorne, refused to be bound by such arbitrations, believing the last Daemon standing should decide the victor. The Blood God’s only concession to the long list of Tzeentch’s stipulations was to agree to limit the number of combatants, believing martial honour to be paramount. It is unknown exactly how many took part in that battle; some claim every god chose one hundred champions, each supported by a legion, while others suggest the size of the forces were based around each power’s sacred number.

>It was Slaanesh that attacked first, his Lashscourge Host led to battle by Ssi’lsh the Dominator, and it was they that swept away the vanguard of both Tzeentch and Khorne. However, Blothar, the most hulking of all Great Unclean Ones, deployed alongside his legion, and their advance could not be halted. More of Slaanesh’s Legions of Excess took

to the field, each of the Dark Prince’s Daemons scoring a hundred blows for every one the diseased followers of Nurgle dealt, yet still it was not enough.

>> No.57404829

>Back and forth the contest swayed, growing in scale and intensity. Upon heaving waves of fire, Skarbrand and Ghorgrax led the Rage Legions to annihilate Gol’grul and his seven Great Unclean One bodyguards. The Feathered Lord Tzax’lan-tar was struck from the skies by the Exalted Keeper of Secrets Prr-fra, and scores of individual duels erupted amidst the clash of legions. Bolts of change-magic felled Skulltaker, but Karanak, the Hound of Vengeance, reaped revenge, leading a charge that tore apart a coven of Lords of Change.

>On it went, a swirling maelstrom for which each of the Chaos Gods cursed his brothers while channelling titanic energies to aid their embattled minions. Strange beasts were unleashed and powers of such magnitude unleashed that the warp itself shuddered. As the hellish attrition took its toll, it seemed that Khorne’s champions would stand triumphant, until final trickery by Kairos Fateweaver stole the victory for his master. With victory slipping away due to his Tzeentch’s deceits, Khorne intervened, his bellow of rage sundering the Amalgrimm.

>Thus concluded the War in the Rift, with each god declaring victory and disputing the claims of their brothers. The Great Game resumed, and realspace once more thundered to the sound of battle.

Seriously guys, who won?

>> No.57404858

i love this. not lust, not like, oh i love this game. i love this like i love my gramma, or my 2nd child. if i could i would adopt this lovely rat thing and put it on a shelf in a glass case

>> No.57404860

>supports Be'lacuck and shit like that
>doesn't even play them
>only plays the easiest thing to work on

>> No.57404862

it doesn't say what fateweaver did. So I dunno. Khorne flipped the table though lol.

>> No.57404874

The sponsors.

>> No.57404877

What did your first child do?

>> No.57404886

It literally says that Tzeentch was victorious. Khorne was mad about it.

>> No.57404906

Yeah it seems like fateweaver cloned a bloodletter put khorne over the participant limit (the only mentioned rule) and then khorne flipped the table.

>> No.57404938

nothing agains the 1st, but the 2nd likes star wars and comics books, just like i did when i was a kid. 1st one is a jock and will probably grow up to be a chad somehow, and we just dont have a lot in common.

>> No.57404964

No warptime and no prescience: it's trash.

>> No.57404999

Rat titan theme song

>> No.57405059

>clears throat
>resounding laughter
>standing ovation
>gets handed a fistful of crisp one-hundred dollar bills

>> No.57405064

So the lore in the codex says that the Chaos Gods could have conquered the galaxy if they capitalised on the shock of the Great Rifts birth. Instead of doing that they withdrew their legions from real space and played Smash bros. See here >>57404814

Justify this.

>> No.57405066


If >>57404906
is the case, then I can see how Khorne and Tzeentch could have valid claims to victory (my warriors triumphed and they have no way to keep you from just pushing everyone's forces over the participant limit and winning by a default vs. you agreed to a rule that I included so that I could win by default if the need arose), but how could Nurgle and Slaanesh make any claims to have won the conflict?

>> No.57405092

Do you go out for a hard night of clubbing the same day that a random, horny stranger moves in and starts calling himself your roommate?

>> No.57405093

Should I bother magnetising my dreadnought arms?

>> No.57405106

If you or the people you play with regularly care about WYSIWYG then yes, they aren't to hard to magnetize.

>> No.57405113

fair enough im the "favorite" of my dad cause im the only one that got into warhammer and im the youngest of 3

>> No.57405127

I've always thought that setting up the terrain should be part of the game. Players can take turns placing terrain across the board, given certain restrictions like "more than x" from the board edge," "more than x" from all other pieces of terrain" or "each play must put at least one terrain piece outside of any deployment zone."

>> No.57405156

You cant just drop "im bigger than you" to someone with a 7 inch dick. Proofs.

>> No.57405253

>It is unknown exactly how many took part in that battle; some claim every god chose one hundred champions, each supported by a legion, while others suggest the size of the forces were based around each power’s sacred number.

So, 504 daemons per army?

>> No.57405261

You saying you want to see that man's dick? That's pretty gay.

>> No.57405286

>debate over who has the bigger dick
>NOT comparing notes
>claiming it's gay to do so
Dicklet confirmed.

>> No.57405312

>gives no proofs
>demands proofs of others

>> No.57405315

Being interested in other men's dicks is pretty much the definition of homosexuality.

>> No.57405334

>tfw huge check after the government accidentally flooded my home
>First thing on my mind is which flavor of plastic crack I should buy first

>> No.57405343

Pls rate my chaos deamon soup list:
Supreme command detachment +1cp
Faction Keyword Chaos
sources: Death Guard codex, CSM codex, Chaos Deamon codex

Mortarion 470
Deamon prince of Tzench w wings double maelific talons csm 180
Deamon Prince of Slanesh w Wings Double maelific talons csm 180
Intoxicating elixir
Diabolic strength
Deamon Prince of Khorne w wings double maelific talons cd 180
Deamon prince of Khorne w wings Demonic Axe cd 180
Armor of Scorn
subtot 1190

Battalion detachment:
Faction Keyword: Chaos
Sources: Chaos demons
Deamon Prince of Tzench w wings double maelific talons CD 180
Gaze of Fate
The Changeling Bolt of change 18” -24”new 100 – wl (add 6” to 1st spell)
subtot 280
17 x Prink horrors 119
17 x Pink Horrors 119
16 x Pink Horrors 112
Subtotal 350

Exalted Flamer 90
Exalted Flamer 90

sibtotal: 180

grand total: 2000 pts
7 command points:
-1 Armor of scorn

CSM -chaos space marine codex
cD - chaos demon codex

this is using the new Deamon book and csm book.

>> No.57405386

I din't mention:

i plan on using the chaos demon strategems.

mortarion deepstrikes for 2 pts
csm deamon prince of tzench deepstrikes for 1
pink horror unit with 15 deep strikes for 1
2x chaos demon Khorne demonprinces deepstrike for 2 more

total spent deepstriking: 6 pts (note demon princes will have locust of khorne demons so will get free re-roll charges. the Gaze of fate gives me 1 free re-roll during my turn)

morty will get warptimed by the csm tzench demonprince.

>> No.57405413

lel, I remember this dude getting upset because someone said "nice gang" when they saw his black guardsmen

>> No.57405432

who has the epub?

>> No.57405463

that's not how strategems work, that's not how any of this works

>> No.57405520

The Codices say you can only use CSM Strategems if you have a *Chaos Space Marine* detachment. If both your Detachments has daemons in it that don't have the *Chaos Space Marine* faction keyword in them, then your only actually running *Chaos* detachments and can't use the strategems from the CSM book. Possibly you can't even use the ones from the chaos deamons book either.

At least, I THINK that's how it works. Feel free to correct me.

>> No.57405532

I would be more disappointed than pissed if someone that stupid played in my store.

>> No.57405553

>being interested in a thing makes you lustful for the thing
>playing 40k means you stuff plastic in your butt
>implying i dont like big dick as much as i like big tits
Its like an honor duel, the chalanger presents first as he declares his intent. This leaves the challenged to either accept and present his shaft, gloating at succes or gracefully accepting defeat, or to decline and be ridiculed as a dicklet for eternity.

>> No.57405590

A space marine detachment is satisfied by having one complete detachment in which all units contain the CSM faction keyword. If you field full detachments, you can mix and match to hearts content and gain all benefits. You can ALSO put units into force org slots of the SAME detachment as another subfaction, assuming they share at least one faction keyword. For example, you could have a CSM demon prince, 2 units of noisy marines, AND daemonettes all in the same detachment, but you would not gain strategems of daemons or csm. If you had a full detachment of CSM AND a full detachment of daemons, then you would have access to both. You can have soup OR curry, and it can be as spicy as you like.

>> No.57405677

Has putin released the daemons codex yet or no?

>> No.57405678
File: 51 KB, 920x950, 99550101084_BlackTemplarsStormShields02.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks. I'm on Workers Comp for 3-4 weeks. I really just want to build and paint minis. Not sure if I will get to play any time soon, but I'm still trying to learn.

These threads move way faster than I thought they would.

>> No.57405705

Right, so since both detachments use faction: Chaos, anon would have no stratagems from either codices.

>> No.57405709

The fluff leaked apparently, but I didn't see a link to download anything.
Carnac and anti-Carnac are both BTFO about the whole undivided thing since there is no answer at all.

>> No.57405736

Eh, no answer at all is still funny to me since carnac swore up and down the codex would prove him right.

>> No.57405773

I wanna get capes for all my Custodes. Is there anyone out there that makes good capes that would fit in size and style?

>> No.57405792

*enters thread*
*clears throat*

All Xenofans or sub-humans as I like to call them, FUCK OFF FROM MY HOBBY

>> No.57405798

You, with greenstuff and skill?

>> No.57405806

It has proven me right. One, The Chaos God saw the creation of an Undivided Prince as a DIRE MISTAKE. Two, sharing power is ANATHEMA to the Chaos Gods. Three, the Chaos decided henceforth to raise Divided Princes LOYAL ONLY TO THEM.

>> No.57405807

Marinefag here,
fuck off. If I wanted to play only mirror games I'd play 30k

>> No.57405813


>> No.57405816

Sharing power was always anathema, and something they never really enjoyed. Didn't stop them from making Be'lakor. Also, soon clause.

>> No.57405840

Nope. Be'lakor was the first and the last since Be'lakor was their first creation and through him they saw the error of sharing.

And his Dataslate/battlecroll says thew first daemon princes were raised from Be'lakor's own repossessed power.

>> No.57405863

you seem like you are deepstriking way more than the half army limit. also you don't get loci if your detachment isn't monogod

>> No.57405864

They only saw the error soon after. Soon isn't defined.
His dataslate said that his mortal followers were raised into daemon princes later on, but I don't recall anything about the "first daemon princes" overall, just the first princes of his followers. Thus, they could have easily have picked outside of Belacuck's followers. In addition, how old is that dataslate? By now it's outdated, choose some new lore to go by.

>> No.57405902

Nope. The Dataslate has Be'lakor as being the first and only daemon prince enjoying the attention and love of the Chaos God. Suddenly he felt his power being taken away and then he found himself surrounded one among many daemon princes.

And the lore moves forward as long as it's not contradicted.

Stop with the bullshit.

>> No.57405970

>as long as it's not contradicted
Sure, because you've always stuck with that principal before. Liar liar liar. That's all you can say, lies, bullshit, etc. when you pull bullshit all the time.
>first and only daemon prince, before having power being taken away by other daemon princes being made
I know, but what about the fact that in one of the images you supplied it doesn't say the first princes were necessarily his followers? Also, soon isn't defined so you can't know how many things were made before the realization was made.
>in time, the daemon prince's mightiest mortal followers drew the unblinking gaze
It talks about the mortal followers but not about anyone else, others who weren't followers could have easily been undivided. Also this provides yet another "soon" in the form of "in time", and doesn't specify what happens in between.

>> No.57406036

>Sure, because you've always stuck with that principal before. Liar liar liar. That's all you can say, lies, bullshit, etc. when you pull bullshit all the time.


>I know, but what about the fact that in one of the images you supplied it doesn't say the first princes were necessarily his followers? Also, soon isn't defined so you can't know how many things were made before the realization was made.

That's a line of bullshit. For a time, Be'lakor was the only daemon prince. He went across space and time teaching mortals the way of Chaos and forging empires in the name of the gods and his glory. From the races and peoples he tutored the Chaos Gods found the mortal champions that would use to create daemon princes loyal to them.

>It talks about the mortal followers but not about anyone else, others who weren't followers could have easily been undivided. Also this provides yet another "soon" in the form of "in time", and doesn't specify what happens in between.

And the context of his story that he was the only daemon prince and then he wasn't anymore.

>> No.57406040

I'm going to go take a shit soon.

oh shit, as I typed the word soon I shit my pants.

>> No.57406086

What a strong answer, dang you proved yourself so much.
>second response
Where's the proof that the mortal champions were necessarily the first? Just because Be'lakor prepped them doesn't mean they became the next ones immediately. Be'lakor was a random caveman bashing a rock and he became an undivided prince, who's to say some random other cavemen or whoever can't become one too if the gods happen to notice them?
>context is that he was the only one and then no longer
I know. But again, soon clause. Who knows what happened before the mortal followers caught the gaze of the gods, some other people could have easily done so too. Anything could have happened, which is why the fluff is so great at times, people can make their own undivided princes because there was no specification as to what happened. Yay for being able to make characters and stuff if you really want to instead of having shitty, restrictive lore.

>> No.57406101

Does anyone have the short story "Dead Men Walking"?

>> No.57406127

>What a strong answer, dang you proved yourself so much.

It was gibberish and deserved a single word response.

>Where's the proof that the mortal champions were necessarily the first? Just because Be'lakor prepped them doesn't mean they became the next ones immediately. Be'lakor was a random caveman bashing a rock and he became an undivided prince, who's to say some random other cavemen or whoever can't become one too if the gods happen to notice them?

Because the lore says so. He was the first and then the gods decided it was time for more. Before claiming anything you gotta get proof we don't deal with assumptions.

>Who knows what happened before the mortal followers caught the gaze of the gods

We know what happened. Be'lakor wandered the fantasy old world and the cosmos as the Firstborn of the gods and the only daemon prince in existence. Then the gods grew tired of his rebellion and desired loyalty and devotion.

>> No.57406160

Round and round and round the arguments go.

In the end the only thing GW cares about is money, and what do you think will make them more money, plastic Lorgar or resin Bellakor?

>> No.57406163

>not able to read such a simple thing calling you out for hypocritical behavior, or just doesn't want to face it and calls it gibberish
Again with being a liar and not considering what you don't like to hear
>because the lore says so
Where does it say there were never any other princes made before they realized their mistake? C'mon. You have proof for everything don't you boy?
>we know what happened
No, not really. Be'lakor does some shit, _____, then the gods see he's a piece of shit and want to get rid of him but can't wipe away the stain and just make the color fade out as much as they can. Nowhere does it say they couldn't make anything else.

>> No.57406185

>Again with being a liar and not considering what you don't like to hear

But I didn't lie.

>Where does it say there were never any other princes made before they realized their mistake? C'mon. You have proof for everything don't you boy?

Nah, you have to prove it. The lore says Be'lakor was the first and then suddenly he wasn't. If there as anything else please prove it.

I am waiting for PROOFS

>> No.57406203

But you did.
>you have to prove it
But I'm pointing out the fact that there's a period of time where there's a blank as to what happened and you're suddenly saying I have to give proof when you kept saying "oh nothing happened during that time at all" this whole damn time? Fucking fix yourself you idiot.

>> No.57406247

>But you did.

I did not.

>But I'm pointing out the fact that there's a period of time where there's a blank

The period where Be'lakor was the only prince and was prancing around reality and the Warp. You claiming that Chaos Gods made Undivided in that time is pulled from your ass. It's just your wishful thinking and baseless thinking.

>> No.57406325

Who's to say that them not making something isn't also pulled from your ass and wishful thinking? There's a reason why it's B L A N K.

>> No.57406377

>There's a reason why it's B L A N K.

It's not a blank. It's was a time where Be'lakor ruled as the one dude. You want it to be a black, you blank.

>> No.57406400

Can you prove that's all that happened during the blank? C'mon Mr. Proof.

>> No.57406469

No, it's on you. The lore describes the period as when Be'lakor was floating around on his lonesome. If you any proof and indication, IT IS YOU who must provided it.

>> No.57406512

How? I've been asking you about it from the start, but you're trying to shift asking for proof on me because you can't prove that the gods did nothing else, as it's blank.

>> No.57406666

Just showing you lore which says what I been saying a thousand times. You started a bullshit line by going with the blank business and now you backed to corner you can do nothing. You have no lore to support you.

>> No.57406704

Except you haven't shown what happens in the blank.

>> No.57406753

Except I have. Be'lakor being Be'lakor. If you think Be'lakor wasn't Be'lakoring, then gimme.

>> No.57406806

No, I'm talking about the gods you idjit. I don't doubt that Be'lakor was being a fag that whole time, but that doesn't mean the gods didn't do anything else. Stop trying to change what I'm saying. What's it called again, gaslighting?

>> No.57406855

one detachment has chaos demons (battalion) thus giving me acess to deamon strategems (deep strike)
the supreme command is a mix of demon/csm so it's a soup detachment.

because i have 1 detachment (battalion is Chaos demon) i get acess to the daemon's book strategems. thus able to deep strike any demon keyword units in the entire army.

>> No.57406863

loci rule states only requirement is that the demon be from the demon codex. DP from demon codex in a soup detachment gets the loci rule.

>> No.57406874

Be'lakor would know if he wasn't Be'lakoring.

>> No.57406886

>ignoring what I'm saying again
Fucking gaslighting fag trying to change the argument and what I said again. Address the point or just stop.

>> No.57406967

I am not. If the Chaos Gods created something new that rivals Be'lakor, he would know. He wouldn't be caught off guard by what happened to him.

>> No.57407025

>he would know
Of course, I forgot that Be'lakor is omnipotent, knows everything, and is god himself. Nothing can ever happen without Be'lakor knowing. Now can you prove that the Chaos Gods never did something?

>> No.57407087

Yes, of course, To create something Undivided which require the Chaos Gods to set aside the Great Game to work on a joint project. That cannot be missed. It's like Four suns ceasing to burn. You are illogical.

>> No.57407140

Can it not be missed though? Is this illogical? I'm not seeing that they didn't do anything during the time, and they likely had a lot of time since Be'lakor was teaching a bunch of people and time doesn't truly exist in the warp.

>> No.57407184

Yes, it can't because Be'lakor is extremely jealous and protective of his parents love. Be'lakor's connection to the Chaos Gods has no equal and so if the Great Game stopped he would know because the Great Game DEFINES HIM. So once again, you got cornered.

>> No.57407218

>jealous and protective of their """love"""
More like he wants to keep his power.
>connection has no equal and the great game stopping would be known
Just because he's tied to them doesn't mean they can't do anything. Again, there's things like- how is he to know what they're up to when he's showing his followers "the way" and shit? C'mon, if I'm so cornered just show the evidence and end this. Or give up since you can't.

>> No.57407331

>More like he wants to keep his power.

It's not only power. He craves their approval and praise.

>Just because he's tied to them doesn't mean they can't do anything.

If they did THE THING. Be'lakor would fucking know and be on guard. He wouldn't be cut off guard by mortals suddenly turning into daemon princes. And like I said Be'lakor is tied to the Game. Its shifts and turns define and draw him and Be'lakor wasn't just teachings and he was wandering all over the place. The Realm of Chaos and reality. Further, even if he was in Real space he would sense what's going on in the Warp.

>if I'm so cornered

You are just have nothing and just going SOMETHING happened in blank that doesn't exist by the way and trying to put the burden of proof on me. The blank is your creaton. You should prove that something happened in it.

>> No.57407445

>he craves their approval and praise
>when he tries being independent and free, shit like that
Oh man, I love my parents so much I ran from them. Like that?
>he wouldn't be cut off guard by mortals suddenly turning into daemon princes
I'm not saying he'll be thrown off guard or something. I'm saying that he'll be distracted by teaching. But that brings up a good point, if it happens around the same time as mortals starting to be raised too then it could be harder to detect. Thanks for giving me some leg room.
>you're just saying SOMETHING happened in a blank that doesn't exist
Soon clause
>trying to put burden of proof on me
Says the one constantly asking for proof from me over and over and over, shifting burdens onto me when I was asking in the first place about the soon clause. Also, just because a daemon/daemon prince is strong, does that mean they'll detect everything in the warp? I don't really think so but I dunno maybe. Support it please.

>> No.57407512

>Oh man, I love my parents so much I ran from them. Like that?

It happens. Especially with kids that naughty.

>I'm saying that he'll be distracted by teaching.

Nah, his connection to the Great Game is too strong and you neglected that he was ruling over them inside a mini-warpstorm?

>Soon clause

Pure nonsense.

>Says the one constantly asking for proof from me over and over and over, shifting burdens onto me when I was asking in the first place about the soon clause. Also, just because a daemon/daemon prince is strong, does that mean they'll detect everything in the warp? I don't really think so but I dunno maybe. Support it please.

>does that mean they'll detect everything in the warp?

In case of Be'lakor, his connection is the strongest due to his the pull of the Great Game on him. He will know.

And again, Be'lakor was alone until he wasn't.

"For a time, the gods fought over the winged Daemon Prince, feuding as children might squabble over a favoured toy. However, they soon realised the folly of combining their might into a single vessel, as Be’lakor was nearly uncontrollable. It was not long before the Ruinous Powers began to raise up new Daemon Princes, each god choosing only champions that would be loyal to them, and to them alone".

Nothing about other Undivided. Feel free to show otherwise.

>> No.57407553

>his connection to the game is too strong
So there's no chance of timing, due to the soon clause in the most recent page you've been parading around, that he can miss anything?
>he will know
Strong ties doesn't necessarily mean nothing can pass
>Be'lakor was alone until he wasn't
We're still talking about daemon princes right? Cause sometimes you make it sound like just in general, there's nothing that could have distracted him in the slightest. No war in heaven, no Eldar fuckery, nothing.
>using the quote
There's the soon clause. They soon realized the folly, doesn't mean they couldn't have made anything else during that time. No explicit statement about no princes, just like no statements about bringing undivided. Also using old fluff when they don't have the supreme management of today's BL

>> No.57407603

Cutting all the nonsense.

>Also using old fluff when they don't have the supreme management of today's BL

The line is taken from the 8th ED codex, idiot.

>doesn't mean they couldn't have made anything else during that time.

Prove it.

>> No.57407626

Your quote about the mortals I'm referring is from the dataslate you double idiot. And you tell others to learn to read.
Also, soon clause is all I need. You can't prove that nothing happened then because the dataslate is outdated fluff.

>> No.57407672

Don't lie now. You were referring to the line I just posted now and even IF you were referring to the dataslate then it's GW digital not BL. This makes you a moron for bringing it up.

And the dataslate doesn't have outdated fluff in it. And you need proof that soon clause business is just bullshit. The intention of the lore is clear. Be'lakor was the first and then the gods elevated others. If you have anything to dispute this, then speak. Otherwise, you have nothing.

>> No.57407701

No, you're misreading on purpose to make it seem like that and trying to gaslight me again. Fuck off.
>dataslate doesn't have outdated fluff in it
Then post the modern one
>soon clause is bullshit
Read the segment of the fluff you even posted, there's a section of modern fluff not covered where the gods hadn't realized their mistake. You have nothing to prove otherwise but old, outdated fluff.

>> No.57407738
File: 66 KB, 468x634, Be'lakor 6th ED.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am not misreading. You are a moron.

>Read the segment of the fluff you even posted, there's a section of modern fluff not covered where the gods hadn't realized their mistake.

What? Both are identical. Here is the old one.

>> No.57407757

Where's the thing about the mortals and Be'lakor doing shit then? Outdated fluff. No longer applies. It's now faded into mystery as to what he was doing.

>> No.57407759
File: 637 KB, 825x879, Be'lakor 8 th part.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And the new one.

>> No.57407789

Now you are goalpost changing out of your mistake.

And it's not outdated. It's just abridging his story to fit into a single page.

>> No.57407862

I mentioned in a lot of posts that I've been waiting for the mortals and stuff in the modern posts. Where are they?

>> No.57407973

You can't read can you?

>> No.57408029

I can, but you don't seem capable of reading things you don't like properly.

>> No.57408366

rate may grotesques and talos wanna be

>> No.57408379
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>> No.57408388
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>> No.57408398
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talos back

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