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What if Amazons and Ladyknights ran an Adventurer's Guild?

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There's already a fucking thread for this, which is one too many

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What was wrong with the other thread, you fucking piece of shit?

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What other thread?

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That's another thing that kills me about this fantasy. You can't get girls to be that muscular with tits that nice

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>The thing I hate about this fantasy is that it's not realistic
You don't say

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what if OP died in a fire or choked to death on a bag of dicks?

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I have no issue with fantasy being believable or not, but these people want it to be believable.

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Nothing would ever get done as it would either be the wrong time of the month or they'd be sitting around gossiping.

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Rape by them

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There was a Maidknight vs. Maidazons thread that was moved to trash after about thirty posts.

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Which is why we like Fantasy. That and cat girls.

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So what event brings the Amazons to the table so they must work together?

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>You can't get musclegirls with tits that nice
How do you feel about giant flying lizards?

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They died out about 65 million years ago

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Savage Worlds Amazons riding dinsoaurs? I’m in. How do the Ladyknights fit in though?

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Yes, you can.
Obviously you would have to have much more muscles than if you did cutting but its possible to have good muscles and good tits.

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Knights ride beasts right?
Ladyknights ride the dinos
Amazons are foot troops

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I believe amazons have much more testosteron than average female, which means they are as or more horny than men.
They are bitches and rape defeated men.

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Ladyknights Vs dinoriding amazons

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Why are the Ladyknights there? Are the on a noble quest for some lost artifact? Have they rallied others, such as the Loli elf tribe to their side?

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>Why are the Ladyknights there? Are the on a noble quest for some lost artifact?
Actually questing to retrieve some artifact from a lost, perhaps even previously thought mythical land sounds like a good idea now that you mention it
Maybe have it be something long thought lost like [insert not!Grail here], which was taken on a journey by some founder to a far off land and then they disappeared and some new records were found pointing them toward the amazon's land?

>Have they rallied others, such as the Loli elf tribe to their side?
Nah, loli shit tastes

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I was throwing out Lolis for meme.

But yeah, it’s both funny, and makes more sense than you’d think-

The Holy Grail being in England is laughable when you think about it, considering that England was the ass end of the empire, and relies on the idea there was a second Joseph mentioned in one sentence of the new bible. So a similar holy artifact being smuggled to a lost world of dinosaurs is pretty in line with that.

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Would they fight dragons to save innocent shotas?

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>but these people want it to be believable
no they don't

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Of course. Fighting dragons and saving weak men are the job description.

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>You will never be saved by a /fit/ af amazon/ladyknight
How do I learn to live with this soulcrushing feel?

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Contribute to the worldbuilding in the hopes that the latent mental energy congeals to form the ideal Ladyknights universe in the multiverse that we may one day tunnel into.

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Would fit yeah
Plot twist, they worship the same goddess, only different aspects/differently remembered teachings

Some do certainly

Just try to get through it one day at a time

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The best way to go is look for athletic girls, not bodybuilders

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I think we need a new board for this

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>snorts some cocaine
> that’s a great idea anon
>let’s have the guild master be a dragon too

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Think about it, anon: would anyone suspect a dragon of running an adventurer's guild? Of course not, that's as stupid as a pig running a butchery. And that's why it's the perfect front.

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>The guildmaster is a dragon
>This is why all the members are suspiciously hot bitches; because he's a dragon and he doesn't care/doesn't actually want the most effective warriors
>just hot bitches
>His name is "Charlie"
>These are his "Angels"
>he does lots of magical dragon coke

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>The leader of his rival guild is Thulsa Doom

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What are the effects of dragon coke on other species?

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Spontaneous combustion, I'd wager

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The high would probably be worth it though

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Depends on the setting

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You know how adventurers bring back all that gold and then go blow it at the nearest whorehouse?

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For the next thread find a way to shoehorn in 40K and elves and you might achieve /tg/ shitpost singularity.

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So, like secretaries in a RL army headquarters? Sounds quite legit.

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So, what if Screaming Banshees and Sisters of Battle ran an adventuring guild?

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>Tumblrina version : More likely to fight shotas to save innocent dragons...

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What if your dad hadn't forced you to suck his cock?

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>Ruining a perfectly fine fetish with tumblr
Do I need to explain the difference between powerful and empowered again?

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These threads are totally embarrassing and pathetic

Poorly disguised fap bait for your weird I'm-scared-of-girls beta male fetish. This board is worse for having it

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Is that just the excuse lefties use for everything? If career women in their 40s are unmarried, it's because men are afraid of women. If men admire and sexualize hypercompetent women, it's also because they're afraid of women.

Make up your mind, woman. Does men's supposed fear of women lead them to admire powerful women or avoid them? Neither of these two hypotheses makes sense but at least try to be consistent.

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Who you calling lefty?

Hyper-masculine != hyper-competent. Men fetishising muscular and masculine women with bigger biceps than tits implies an interest in playing the submissive feminine role. There must always be a tension between masculine and feminine (even gays get this) so if you are drawn to masculine men, it means you want to be feminine and are therefore pathetic

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>Hyper-masculine != hyper-competent.
I agree, but neither does musculature imply femininity. If there's one thing those slutty instagram thots are good for it's proving this before Saudi princes piss in their mouth.

>masculine women with bigger biceps than tits
I've yet to see that in this thread.

The sooner we get rid of this paradigm that a healthy body and ambition are inherently masculine traits, the better.

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It's not rape if you're willing.

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Yea... You can. If not with implants, it's pretty possible to get buff arms, legs, abs, and gluts without losing your tits. The issue is that most women who want to be that big are bodybuilders, and most of them don't care about having tits, they care about being swole as fuck.

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>implying being athletic is a masculine trait
YOU are afraid of athletic women with big muscles, anon. I embrace them. Why would you be scared of girls? Why would you project so hard? Why are you so pathetic?

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>Men fetishising muscular and masculine women with bigger biceps than tits implies an interest in playing the submissive feminine role.
Fuck off dude. I just like abs and thighs.

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I think you mean fighting tyrannical princesses to save dragonshotas

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>The amazon warrior saves the prince, the last surviving member of an ancient line, from forced marriage to a dark knight (female).

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>to save them from dragonshotas


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I hope you aren't implying that she and the dark knight aren't teaming up to save the poor exiled prince from a wicked sorceress seeking to use the power of his bloodline to summon her patron demonness in order to unleash an unspeakable age of evil upon the land. And so they can share him

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>implying it isn't hot when stronk women she fucked hard like submissive sluts

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No, these are poorly disguised /pol/bait threads. And you keep taking it.

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>they don't deny that they want femdom
Return to the true path, like this man >>57356063

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>Femdom that turns into Maledom halfway through
Things like this are the reason God doesn't talk to us anymore

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>abs and thighs.
Good tastes


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>and elves
Surely you mean dwarves and Pelinal.

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Something something elves are better than dwarves

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Well, they are. That's just plain fact.

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pegasi or alicorns

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>Femdom that turns into Maledom halfway through
It doesn't though, it's maledom start to finish

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What if people stopped making fetish threads on /tg/?
Regards, a concerned anon.

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>What if people stopped making fetish threads on /tg/?
We would have /tg/ circa 2017. 25% generals, 25% bait threads, 50% dead threads.

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Sounds like an improvement

>> No.57359971

Can we go back to that, then? That sounds good.

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>an improvement
>That sounds good
Maybe you should shitpost harder, board police, it could work for you. Make another bait thread with inflammatory OP if you like them so much.

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So we have a bunch of bad things and we remove one, you're trying to tell me this makes everything worse?
Anon I just noticed lately a lot of low effort thinly veiled fetish threads, usually with the same themes (monstergirls, amazons, ecc ecc).
It just puzzles me and I wanted to touch base with other anons, that's all.
Why such a reaction?

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>Fetishizing fit female fighter with a fit body wearing few clothes
>Fetishizing female fighter wearing full plate and adopting archetypal masculine roles coming to save you and sweep you off your feet because you point-blank refuse to be a man

Only one of these is pathetic

>> No.57360381

>he's so new that he has nostalgia for and idealizes 2017 /tg/
>doesn't remember the constant smut and fetish threads that have been a constant here since the beginning.

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>You will never be a big strong healer man who save a amazing Amazon lady knight

Damn this world

>> No.57360415

>Oldfag larping for upboats.
Cmon anon you're better than this.

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>If career women in their 40s are unmarried, it's because men are afraid of women.
Isn't it because nobody wants to marry a used up cunt?

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I want to be saved by the amazon ladyknight though, then spend my night pampering her as a thank you

>> No.57361328

you've been making this thread atleast twice a day for the past couple of days, cut it out

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Yeah, that and the fact that these women refuse to marry down. I believe that the root of this crisis is the fact that due to the education being feminized women graduate more often than men for the first time in history. Once the old generations retire and women start outearning men, this means that hypergamy will be a lot harder to achieve. The first generation to feel this are the used up "where have all the good men gone?" cunts. They pacify themselves by saying that men are just intimidated by them, not realizing that men who desire to be househusbands are a dime a dozen. But passive men who earn less than they do don't tickle their vaginas, and the alpha studs they want just fuck the youngest and freshest pussy they can find.

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God that is girly overload and I love it.

>> No.57362920

Have you ever tried being a man? It’s exhausting bro.

>> No.57362959

>Ladyknights in shining armor, with frills and various ornate holy designs, all riding pure, white unicorns
I can dig it anon

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Hell Yeah

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>Only one of these is pathetic
And that's fetishizing the fit female fighter wearing few clothes. A warrior wearing garb impractical for her role is pure wish fulfillment. A woman should always wear the right outfit for the job. If you want her to show off more of her body, perhaps you shouldn't be lewding warriors and instead go for career women wearing formfitting skirtsuits or MMA fighters.

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You'd build your resistance if you actually put in the work. It's like exercise.

>> No.57365107

Yeah, it's pretty sad too, watching them think their careers give them any sort of value. They think what they want from a man is what men want from them, which is obviously absurd.

>> No.57365219

So what your saying is that it sucks.

>> No.57365228

>They think what they want from a man *they deem desirable* is what men *they deem desirable* want from them, which is obviously absurd.
Corrected that for you, because that's where the tension lies. They think their careers give them value, yet they still want men who outearn them which in turn makes that career meaningless. The problem is the belief that they can have it all: a career AND a man who's richer than they are AND a house with a white picket fence and 2.11 children. Women need to learn that SOMEONE needs to be the one who works/earns less and stays home to take care of the children. If they don't want to be that person, they need to learn to marry down. If they do want to be that person, they need to learn to shut up and get back in the kitchen. I don't even care which one they choose, as long as they choose.

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Okay, but what if as suggested in other threads, Amazons wear magical body-paint or tattoos that are as durable as armor?

>> No.57365279

Not that I disagree about the overall part (I think it’s an extension of a general culture about people refusing to accept limitations or over idealizing stuff) but what about just hiring a nanny?

>> No.57365342

>but what about just hiring a nanny?
Unless you're girl is making six figures, that's not even financially worth it, not to mention the psychological impact it has on a child to be raised by people other than it's parents, which for me is not something any amount of money can outweigh.

>> No.57365355

I quite like it, you probably would too if you got into it. Remember to squat heavy to BOOST TEST.

>> No.57365465

I was mostly making a joke, I believe everyone should exercise more. That said I enjoy being a lazy bum, and I have this weird metabolism that makes me thin as a pole anyway.

>> No.57365520

>I have this weird metabolism that makes me thin as a pole anyway
I had that too, then I started to EAT MORE

>> No.57365724

I’ve actually been having issues lately reminding myself to eat. I’ve found myself just eating one meal a day consisting of half a pizza.

>> No.57365933

>I have this weird metabolism that makes me thin as a pole
>I only eat half a pizza a day

>> No.57366039

Recently I’ve said. I usually eat regularly, but it’s all junk food, with no real exercise outside of walking.

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Bump, this shit is hawt

>> No.57368583

My 3 favorite things in one!

>> No.57369694

Amazons and Ladyknights are fucking awesome.

Adventurers guilds are shit.

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>Would they fight dragons to save innocent shotas?

No. They wouldn't give a shit about shotas.

>> No.57369846

Will these Characters help my PC find his teacher again?

>> No.57370110

>It doesn't take long for the boy to learn that his master purposely left him behind to go on a long trip
>It breaks his heart
>"B-but why would master leave me all alone with all these icky girls?"

>> No.57370371

How much did you use to eat before?

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>> No.57371653

Can’t believe this thread is still here, thought it would get archived quickly like the others. Here’s to another wonderful day in /tg/

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>> No.57373824

That's a very interesting responsible adult.

>> No.57373902

Skip breakfast usually, Big lunch and dinner, and snacking all day if I could. Like not a lot of food, but not too little food either.

>> No.57375520

Would the Amazons have an amazon trainee program?

>> No.57375665

Do they get raped by voreworms together?

>> No.57375951

Someone's gotta train those young girls up

>> No.57375959


Holy fucking shit I want this.

>> No.57375984


This image lacks subtle bulge.

>> No.57376014

Not even amazons are born swole, so yess.

>> No.57376064

OwO what purpose would that serve?

>> No.57376081

I still haven't found a word for female pederasty.

>> No.57376089


It would give realistic vibe, if you catch my drift.

>> No.57376104

Well, now all that's missing would be Z-ton and Asanagi.

>> No.57376108

Amazons are disciplined soldier chads.
Ladyknights are undisciplined warrior virgins.

>> No.57376171

I'm pretty sure pederasty is gender-neutral by definition so it's still applicable, though legit alternatives can be grooming or sorority.

>> No.57376303

How about no?

How is that a bad thing? Imagine awkwardly fiddling around on your wedding night and her shyly mumbling that this is nothing like the poems the Grand Mistress of her order hides in the back of the library

>> No.57376375

Truth in television. Knights were more concerned with personal glory than actually winning. They fell much more on the warrior spectrum than people think.

Meanwhile, the Greeks had disciplined citizen-soldiers who trained to fight together in formation.

>> No.57376445

>Truth in television.

Are you for real.

>> No.57376619

Knights were part of a dedicated warrior caste and trained from childhood. Greek citizen-soldiers were literally citizens who could afford heavy infantry equipment and fought in a highly inflexible formation because it got the most bang for your buck when dealing with barely disciplined semi-professionals. Even the Spartans were more famed for their professional officers than for their soldiers per se.

Also, would you rather date a girl who thinks oily, naked wrestling is entirely normal and not at all erotic or a girl who thinks holding hands is something lewd that should be reserved for private occassions?

>> No.57376653

>You can't get girls to be that muscular with tits that nice
You can get damn close though

>> No.57376706

Knowing how to swing a sword is different from knowing how to fight to win.

For instance the mongols trained regularly, and promoted based on merit, tending much more towards the soldier spectrum, and would roflstomp the knights they faced by feigning retreats and lure gloryhound knights into ambushes.

Also it tickles my funny bone imagining civilized Ladyknights getting all but hurt about Amazons beating them with ambush tactics, instead of taking them head on like real women.

The other stuff is personal preference, I don’t judge.

>> No.57376852

Dude, you already have TWO threads up right now to wank on and on about your Amary Suezons, be civil in this one or fuck off

>> No.57376970

Quiet the opposite. Greeks had poorly trained levies who received no training. Xenophon, Aristotle, and Plato tell us this.

>> No.57376984

>wanting adventurers with -4 strength.

>> No.57377016


I also like how that faggot keeps bringing up Mongols when Amazons have nothing to do with them and are typically based off of South American, African, and various Pacific Islander tribal societies where combat was basically "get high on shrooms and beat the shit out of whatever is closest to you"

>> No.57377108

Who tended to the warrior side of the spectrum.

You could easily have soldier Ladyknights, I just find the contrast better and funnier if the Amazons are soldiers and the Ladyknights are warriors. Plus Ladyknights already have a lot of advantages to begin with, better equipment, resources, and defensive structures, while Amazons just have more height and strength.

>> No.57377254

>I just find the contrast better and funnier if the Amazons are soldiers and the Ladyknights are warriors.
We get it, you're one of those EBIN SUBVERSION faggots. Now stop shitting up the thread.

>> No.57377325

Well what’s interesting about soldier Ladyknights vs. warrior Amazons? It’s way too onesided.

>> No.57377363

>Thinks amazons are humans
You forget that other races have bigger females and some can live without men for good.

>> No.57377373

They were supposed to be working together you fucking retard

>> No.57380593

The idea is amusing yeah, but it'd probably be different flavors of honor at work

>> No.57381884

Like Ladyknights have a chivalric Code, and go around saving the innocent, whereas Amazons just care about results.

>> No.57382070

Well, you can make the Amazons more Gallic-like rather than simple jungle girls. They can live in a warm climate and dress scantily in their off-time sure, but they also live near vast reserves of iron ore and are excellent smiths capable of producing swords that vastly outmatch those of more civilized folk. That, and while ladyknights may have their castles I imagine amazons are better at using their home turf to their advantage. Think traps, ambushes, hit-and-run attacks et cetera. A ladyknight and her retinue trying to save her shota prince from the vile clutches of an amazon queen could end up biting off more than she can chew.

>> No.57382638

My setting has Amazons in City across a sea basin, and run the gamut between egalitarian Republics, tyrannical queendons, and isolated tribes.

Also skimpy armor for both sexes is explained via magic bodypaint or tattoos that act as armor.

But I dig the idea of Ladyknights holding a feudal empire and held back by a large expanse of guerilla fighting tribals, ala the Picts and scots.

>> No.57382981

>Strong Cleric and Strong Amazon trying to out strong eachother in combat for dominance in their relationship

I dig it.

>> No.57386745

>Also, would you rather date a girl who thinks oily, naked wrestling is entirely normal and not at all erotic
>YFW she quickly realizes you do find it erotic
>YFW she gleefully takes advantage of it to fight dirty
>YFW you end up losing pretty much every match against her but can't really complain

>> No.57387139

Why must you taunt me?

>> No.57387962

Xenophon doesn't say that at all.

>> No.57388161

>For instance the mongols
Were basically wiped off the map by hungarian and polish knights?

>> No.57388193

>Were basically wiped off the map by hungarian and polish knights?
What kind of history book are you reading?

>> No.57388247

Did the late thirteenth century just not happen in your books?

>> No.57388313


They got curbstomped by the mongols

>> No.57388328

Then you should've mentioned it was later invasions which failed. By that time Mamluks had already beaten Mongols on the field several times, Mongol forces were disunited and Europeans built fortifications after first devastating raids.

>> No.57388414

>By that time Mamluks had already beaten Mongols on the field several times, Mongol forces were disunited and Europeans built fortifications after first devastating raids.
How is that any different from the state of western europe during the initial raids?

>> No.57388435

eastern, derp

The point is, there was a lot going on beyond mongol tic-tacs folded on mirrion times.

>> No.57388504


>> No.57391280

Eh, more like protect tribe/family, don't lie, and win style honor

>> No.57391408

If you guys take all the strong ladyknights and amazons, can I have all the leftover sissy twink princes?

>> No.57391438

He says, posting a valiant and noble ladyknight (male)

>> No.57391446

They won't be noble when I'm done with them.

>> No.57391521

There was a story I read one time where if the main character got high enough, he could go back in time. At the end of the story he snorted the blood of Christ from the Holy Grail and went back so far he told God not to create the universe.

So something short of that.

>> No.57391769

What’s a snappy name for lady samurai?

>> No.57391777



>> No.57391936

Technically Onna-Bugeisha but yeah

>> No.57391967

It’s japansse, But I think it comes with the wrong connotations.
Does that mean something more than something-something geisha?

>> No.57392542

>Does that mean something more than something-something geisha?
Google is your friend here

>> No.57392997

Can we have evil ladyknights instead?

>> No.57393028

This lady is old Can we have office ladyknights instead?

>> No.57393185

God, we need lore on that stat.

What makes them evil? Are they working for the overlady? Do they raid neighboring countries for husbandos?

>> No.57393994

Apollyon was the worst character in that game, which is saying a fucking lot.

>> No.57394328

I don't see why not. If we can have valiant female knights, why not dark ones?

>> No.57394403

>implying she isn’t best
I see waifufags are jealous that the final boss is superior to their favourite.

>> No.57394523

What? My favorite girl character was the autistic Valkyrie, or maybe Sif (aka "RRRAIDERRRRRRR" the Yandere Berserker) since all the female characters were pretty shit. And my favorite character period is probably a tie between either Holden Cross or the PC Raider, probably the latter since he was a huge asshole who ruined everything and got away with it all, as well as had the most character out of everyone despite mostly speaking in grunts and shouts.

>> No.57394711

>the autistic Valkyrie, or maybe Sif (aka "RRRAIDERRRRRRR" the Yandere Berserker)
Go back to /fhg/

>> No.57394882

I have lurked those threads or played the game, tee bee aytch in a long, long time. I just liked how inexplicably fucking pissed she was. She was a proper beserker, unlike the PC clan's goofball.

>> No.57398240

Don't see why not

>> No.57398607

We need serious overlady lore.

>> No.57399727

What sorta thing you thinking of

>> No.57399882

>You can't get girls to be that muscular with tits that nice
My muscle fetish JAV collection disagrees.

>> No.57400103

We can get two settings. Serious, and meme.

I’ll start with meme.

Overlady is ruthless dictator, blessed with great power (magic, strength, something else, could be demonic or spiritualistic).

Amassed an army of mooks, perhaps something mindless like undead, or golems, or more warrior women, perhaps orcs or antagonistic human culture (the pic makes me think less desert-y Persians for some reason).

Is trying to conquest the combined kingdoms of the Ladyknights.

She is an utter domineering bitch to everyone, except her husbando whom she loves and cherishes and pampers like an exotic prize. Prefers to keep him from the peoples eyes so they don’t see her being soft. Maybe husbando is the source of her power or something.

>> No.57401304

Both are meme settings because women fail as leaders every fucking time

>> No.57401388

>She is an utter domineering bitch to everyone, except her husbando whom she loves and cherishes and pampers like an exotic prize
Just like my Japanese anime!
>Maybe husbando is the source of her power or something.
Just like my other Japanese anime!

>> No.57401433

t. moron that fails at everything

>> No.57401508

I don’t know what it is, but a woman who’s an utter bitch to anyone but you really gets me in the heart boner.

>> No.57401534

>She trusts you enough to let her guard down around you
>The fact that she's making an exception for you proves that she loves you
It's simple m8.

>> No.57401547

>tfw no cute harem of shotas whom you lovingly groom to become your perfect husband-wives

>> No.57401569

Plus you get to live like a king with few responsibilities.

>> No.57401611

Don't be That Guy.

>> No.57401641

I think I can have overlady fantasy’s without being an emotional leech.

>> No.57404008

So how does an overlady acquire a husbando?

Political marriage?
Right of conquest?
Childhood friend?
Summoning neckbeards from alternate worlds?

>> No.57404062

>Right of conquest/Childhood friend
For those sappy old school girls and
>Political marriage
For the sneaky power hungry kind

>> No.57404079

What kind of overlady goes the Isekai route then?

>> No.57404089

The desperate paranoid kind

>> No.57404107

The christmas cake NEET ones

>> No.57404108

Aw. That comes out really adorably in my head.

>> No.57404161

>ywn be the close most trusted confidant to your overlady
>she will never slay random peasants in your name because she thought she heard them say something terrible about you
>she will nevr force blood magic on you so you can never escape her gaze or keep you at her side at all times
Why even live?

>> No.57404189

Eh, I’m not much for the yandere angle. But then again, if someone’s got to be a yandere, i guess it’s the overlady.

>> No.57404250

How about this-

>Overlady starts off as hopeless romantic, but competent unable to socialize
>begins to despair at hopeless love life
>delves deeper and deeper into ancient lore to find a solution
>uses a spell to find her soulmate
>he doesn’t exist in her dimension
>her despair fuels her determination and vows to find a way to unite with her soulmate
>using arcane knowledge she becomes dreaded overlady
>conquers the land, raids the sacred temples in order to use a ritual that is reserved to summon great hero’s to summon her soulmate

>> No.57404307


>> No.57404518


>> No.57404672

Why not all of the above? At once?

>> No.57404707

The only one that’s hard to swing is a neckbeards from another world being a political marriage and a childhood friend.

>> No.57404749

Shouldn't be too hard:
>neckbeard was isekai'd into the overlady's world and was reborn as the only son of an archduke
>overlady is the daughter of the archduke's political rival
>they get engaged in order to make peace between the two families by the order of the high king who is about to declare war on their neighboring country and can't afford internal strife

>> No.57404897

Okay, so the two grow up as childhood friends. I’m guessing marriage gets broken off, overlady declares war to ensure marriage happens.

I imagine she’d get frisky on the wedding knight.

>> No.57404956

Ooooooooooooooooooh, this came up in a thread on /d/ once. This is my favorite response.

>> No.57406216

>Summoning neckbeards from alternate worlds?
Literally my favorite manga right now.

>> No.57406583

>A neckbeard is summoned from another world to save the Allied Kingdoms from the evil overlord about to overrun it
>This is an autist who spends 90% of his free time playing Total War and Paradox games and the other 10% shitposting on /his/ and /tg/ so he's quite the armchair general
>Through the power of PLOT, he manages to defeat the overlord and is given the hand of the heir apparant of the most powerful of the Allied Kingdoms
>Flash forward about 20 years
>The evil overlord's empire has been inherited by his only child, a daughter who is now in her mid-late 20s
>She's somehow childhood friends with the son of the neckbeard, because the Allied Kingdoms hoped to bring the evil overlord's empire into the fold after his defeat
>She invades the Allied Kingdoms to avenge her father, brings their armies to his knees (turns out Paradox games don't accurately reflect real-world logistsics! Whudathunkit!) and humiliates them
>Rather than directly annex them, she forces the neckbeard's teenage son and heir into a political marriage as part of the surrender conditions
>While arranging the marriage with her parents, she sees a golden opportunity to mock his mother
>"Your son calls me mommy too!"

>> No.57406633

So lady nights... that are in to cucking their princes

>> No.57406646

>their princes

>> No.57407053

That is just depression though.

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