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How would you stat Tomie? From it's freakish regeneration or it being able to take over a host like a parasite. Possible genetic memory of those who had slighted a previous generation. Also pseudo nymph like charm and pure hatred of other Tomies.

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Only one stat:


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Sure it would be kill-able just as everything else. I mean, nothing short of a wish could kill it. Pray it never leaves the planet.

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Lets try to make a list of her abilities before going further:

*Charming: She can heavily influence the psyche of the people in her proximity, usually manifesting in strong attraction or jealousy towards her and up to manias and insanity.
*Immortality: A pure Tomie doesnt ages naturally beyond her prime, however Tomies who have been created by the infection of another women do age like a normal person.
*Regeneration: She can regenerate her whole body seemingly from any part of her body down to a single drop of blood. This leads up to the creation of replicas. Shecan accelerate this regeneration by consuming the flesh of people.
*Radiotrophy: She is immune to ionizing radiation and is empowered by it, she can also accelerate her regeneration through these means.
*Infection: Young girls whose organism is exposed to part of Tomie will be infected by it and gradually become Tomies themselves. She can also manifest mentally to people who are exposed to her tissue.
*Misc. Weird Shit: In the final story shes able to escape imprisonment through a small crack, theres probably other stuff Im missing.


*Spontaneous Mutations: Tomie begins replicating herself out of control from within her own body when expossed to great emotional stress.
*Fire: Its seemingly the only thing that kills her for good.
*Unportrayable: Every time someone or something tries to depict her beauty it comes out fucked up, with deformities, aberrations and extra limbs.
*Charm Immunity: There are certain people who have been shown to be completely immune to her mental influence.
*Personality: Shes vain, shallow, petty and needlessly cruel, this often works in her favor due to her abilities but not always.

Something I missed?

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Tomie is one of those things where her entire statblock is probably just one big block of: YOU FUCKING LOSE.

Seriously, just by the isn't of most of her abilities bad her nature, Tomie is almost ocmpletely un-killable by most settings.

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Tomie would not be much of a threat to the average PC party provided they avoid getting emotionally involved with her, you cant kill her but she can be easily contained, avoided or sent to another place.

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What even is this?

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Anon, you forget, Tomie is a Junji Ito villain, and as such she has utterly insane levels of mental manipulation. If a PC Party encountered her and didn't IMMEDIATELY go for the " OH GOD KILL IT WITH FIRE" option, she'd probably have most of them wrapped around her finger in short order.

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>she has utterly insane levels of mental manipulation

Not really, not even close,Tomie influences people differently, not everyone she meets is automatically bewitched by her otherwise her presense would be too notorious, lost of characters in the manga are even puzzled as to why the afflicted are so fixated in her and on top of that she has zero control over the people she fucks up, some even end up actively obssesed with meddling against her interest.

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Jokes on you, my current party is a band of spastic murder hobos who would light her on fire anyway!

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Pretty much spot on there.

Acid seemed to halt regeneration but not break down the flesh.

The impure Tomies seem to regenerate on faulty troll properties.

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Sure, if it was set in a modern realistic setting most parties would be pretty much fucked on a Lovecraftian level, but throw it into a SCI-FI setting or Fantasy. Not so much, what if Tomie just finds out they have that ability after a first regeneration? How would they handled against hivemind insectoids or greater intelligent item?

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She seems to only enchant biologicals. Send robots armed with flamethrowers?

Also please tell me she's going to appear in the Junji Ito Collection anime. The first episode was a disaster.

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It seems like there will be.

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She has ovas

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Well, it's better than nothing. Hopefully there'll be Enigma of Amigara Fault and head bloon episodes.

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Didn't Cannibalization (Humans) speed up the regen ?

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Its hard to gauge how much Tomie really knows about herself or how deep her connection with other Tomies is, it varies from story to story.


She probably would only affect sapient creatures, she has never been show to be able to influence animals.

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