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>EDH/Commander General /edhg/
>Nostalgia Edition

>Link to the prequel: >>>>57273681


>>Latest News:

>>Official Site: Contains deck building rules and the current ban list.

>>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their decks strategy and card choices.

>>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the the internet.

>>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen Commanders color identity.


>>Official search site. Current for all sets.

>>Unofficial, but has GOAT search interface.

>>Thread Question
>What is your first commander and do you still have it? What was the deck like originally?

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>Thread question
Nekusar, and yes I still have him. For me at least, he's far too consistent to take apart. That and I fucking hate durdling with a passion because that's normally all my playgroup wants to do. He was originally a glass cannon deck but I found a lot more success after adding in control elements.

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First commander was the Ob Nixilis pw. Didn't much care for it, lost most of it. Tried Meren (still my cardfu) and newzuri, both were cool but got repetitive. Built Xenagod and never had more fun than that. Currently building Gishath and had to cannibalize Xenagod because I'm cheap. Should still be fun tho

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Who are some good commanders I can do land shenanigans with? I already made titania. Preferably with white and red

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I have been gone since Eldritch Moon. What cool new commanders and cards for commander have I missed?

i actually quit, im considering getting back in if enough cool shit has been added

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Well what kind of play style do you enjoy?

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I enjoyed variety, really. I played pretty much every archetype. I'm just curious if anything interesting or different has been added. Things were stale for a while.

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Honestly if you are too stupid to make the thread correctly then why do you even do it?

People who fuck up the OP should be perma banned.

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>just bought a bad lands and a plateau for my alesha deck

what the fuck am i even doing with my life?

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>Wahh wahh I don't like thing
Stop being mad that the text isn't in right colours, since at least we have a thread.

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post em

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hey dip shit, its not the color of the text. its that people search the catalog to find the thread and if they cant find it by subject the thread moves slow as fuck

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Just came up with the idea of a Dwarf Fortress inspired deck commanded by Depala, Pilot Exemplar. Vehicles, dwarves, probably land destruction. Any way to make this even semi viable? I'm a newb as far as deck creation goes.


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you missed our lord and master Edgar Markov who was created as THE perfect Vampire tribal AND Storm commander

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>Gisa and Geralf
Basically flavorland zombie deck. Endless ranks of the dead, rooftop storm, relentless dead, etc

Same deck. Stax Nightmare. This deck is basically my big red button for when game night needs to come to an end. Humility, Greater Auramancy, and an Enduring Ideal combo that is a guaranteed game ender if EI lands

>Zurgo Helmsmasher
Voltron, so tons of equipment. Favorite combo is Zurgo + Worldslayer

Shadowborn Apostle combo deck. Edgewalker, Blood Artist, Thrumming Stone,Ob Nixilis, Unshackled, etc

$20 triskelion combo, this was my first deck, needed something cheap to get ASAP and play with my friends when I started

Landfall/Land Manipulation and elemental tokens. Crucible of Worlds, Azusa, Scapeshift

Graveyard shenanigans + lifeloss. Death's Shadow/Phyrexian Dreagnought + Varolz, the scar-striped. Also Mortivore and Lord of Extinction

Don't have this one finished yet, waiting for RIX. Basically big dinosaurs smacking things. Gonna try for Gishath hit into Congregation at Dawn + Etali, Ghalta, Zetalpa/Zacama.

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tell me about the ramp in gishath, how do you deal with the fact that dinos have an average curve of like 6

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Oh fuck, this is embarassing. I even double checked everything, still forgot the subject

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This block is tribal and dinosaurs and vampires got a lot of toys.
Full spoilers are out
Oh, there's dinosaurs now.
People are bitching about eminence, still.
If you're into standard, it's still lame. Energy is still the best deck, rr is still trailing behind.
Modern is pretty cool tho

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Hazezon Tam is the only one that I can think of with both white and red in it. If you're willing to slide on those colors, Noyan Dar is a blast and a very unique effect.

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There have been some very interesting legends printed that could offer you some unique build around me experiences. However, nothing has drastically changed the metagame except for eminence which is cancer.

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>when your so worried about some shitty edition joke you actually just fuck up the thread completely

Never make a thread again.

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Not him, but it seems similar to xenagod. All the ramp sorceries, some dorks or dudes that fetch land, and cost reducers.
Hope to ramp fast enough to cast gishath and attack for more than 5 to start filling the board.

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everytime i see gishath i cant help but just think "shitty ur dragon"

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Well like I said, I haven't finished it yet. But cards like Kinjalli's Caller and Otepec Huntmaster help. Gaea's Cradle and Growing Rites, Mirari's Wake and Living Plane. Plus a couple mana rocks and the usual ramp sorceries

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No promises.

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How? The ur Dragon just gets you 1 on the field, and scion just becomes whatever you put in the gy. What am I missing?

>> No.57286285

can you share your mogis deck?

>> No.57286294

The fact that scion gets you exactly what you want on the field for a turn and is good.

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Fair enough anon.
But consider this:
Gishath looks way more cool

>> No.57286452

not really, looks like wotc wanted to fag up dinos way too much

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Well in addition to terrible card evaluation, I'm also going to add terrible taste in art to your diagnosis.

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I have a problem with Edgar, how do you win besides attacking with huge tokens? Especially in Boardswipe: The Format.

Don't get me wrong, I love me some big vamps but the aggro strategy gets old.

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Edgar is the easiest commander to use if you want to turn guys sideways. If you can't do it with him, you can't really do it with anyone. Your meta is either too powerful for the strategy to be relevant anymore or you just suck and aren't adding in enough card draw.

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cliffhaven vampire and excuisite blood

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I want to build an Edgar with a lifegain sub-theme with Aetherflux Reservoir. Thoughts or ideas?

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>not being so secure in your masculinity that you parade around in bright feathers to attract a mate

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my current decks, i think karametra is secretly better than i give her credit for

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You can do whatever, hes mardu. Ive won after getting mindslavered by emerakul with edgar reanimate so you can do whatever with thisncommander.

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>thread question
OG Borborygmos where every nonland card had the Gruul watermark. It was garbo, but I beat a Memnarch list with it once because he wasn't drawing lands and I cast both Wreak Havoc and Frenzied Tilling on him. Good times.

That deck ultimately evolved into a Xenagod list, but I still have OG Borborygmos in the 99 for nostalgia's sake.

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My playgroup is allowing chinese fakes starting next week, where can I buy some decent looking ones?

>> No.57287180

Had a dream last night where I was flipping out over a Thassa list that ran some infinite combo as a primary wincon and infect/proliferate control as backup. Now I want to see if it can actually work. Is there anything not immediately obvious one would put in a mono-U infect deck?

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>commander/archetype looks fun
>it's in UGx

every time goddamn

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What are some other lands that win games?

>> No.57287222


Look for the bootlegmagic reddit and ask there

>> No.57287244

UGx is just the most powerful combo in magic EDH. blue and green gives you almost every best effect you can possibly have in the format and the very small amount of stuff it cant do is always covered from the other color(s) you add

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the point is that i'm not looking to make a powerful deck, i just want to play a fun archetype or commander and it's always at least partially in UG

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Plenty of fun shit outside of UG. In fact look through the Mardu options and tell me none of them look great

>> No.57287436

most of them don't

>> No.57287444

UG also together cover basically everything you can do in magic aside from shit like burn. idk what you want anon your asking to not use half od the color pie

>> No.57287474

What are some good life gain spells?

>> No.57287512

try china

>> No.57287536

approach of the second sun
swords to plowshares

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It's not enough to shill with your own threads, huh?

>> No.57287685 [DELETED] 

Brewing Tazri Ally tribal atm.

>> No.57287775

im not shilling though? im just asking where to buy them. if your going to use a word you should know what it means anon

>> No.57287837

Brewing Tazri Ally tribal.

>> No.57287914


It boggles my mind how people can think jamming the 30 best of X tribe into a deck think they are brewing anything. At best you are doing math to figure out your mana base.

>> No.57288036

Who hurt you?

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>> No.57288065

What's wrong anon, get your anus stretched to the size of a shower drain from elves or vamps?

>> No.57288161

>he fink me stoopid so he mus be jelus of my powahful and yonik edgar deck

>> No.57288167


Haven't really been playing much EDH lately, so this hasn't changed in a while.

>> No.57288184

>"build" brainlet deck
>lol u mad? Xd

>> No.57288206

0/4, with (-1) for thinking "random oops i win combos" is something worth noting in an izzet deck. Fuck you, I bet you think it's "quirky" and "unique" you fucking faggot. Worst roster i've ever seen.


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>> No.57288403

6/6, perfect score. You are a scholar and a gentleman

Judging you on your current commanders: 1/3.
Judging you on your current+testing: 3/6.
Judging you on everything: 5/11.

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>> No.57288474

The answer is always more MLD and board wipes (especially since you can manipulate vehicles to survive whipes).

>> No.57288476

can I see your dwarf deck? I had the same idea today >>57286023

>> No.57288557


A must have in all decks

>> No.57288577

This is the current version, that's mostly just fun and needs to be updated for AER, much less later blocks.


This was me theorycrafting a more destructive version:

>> No.57288595

>gets beated by a tribal deck
>cries in an asian comic forum

>> No.57288684

Please be gentle I started playing less than a year ago.
Also, I lent that Kalemne deck to my best friend in exchange for his edgy innistrad jank for my Mairsil deck, but it's not ready yet.

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>> No.57288781

>all decks
what. a lot of decks don't win by swinging with one big creature.

i really need to go back and update my terrible mono-white jank deck. it's never going to be good but it was the second deck i made and it shows.

>> No.57288782

>no green
anon wtf are you doing?

>> No.57288785

after silver-bordered cards are no longer legal, someone comes to EDH night at your lgs with a foiled out Grusilda deck with the commander as the only un-card.

do you let him play the deck?

>> No.57288819

>boring boros card instead of one of the interesting ones.
>three izzet decks.

0/4. I'll let you off with a warning because of your inexperience, but you need to fix your shit before your next rating. If you continue on this path you will receive a failing grade.

>> No.57288829

investing :^)

>> No.57288887

I don't really have a lot of good green and used to play Izzet on my "Standard" (more like playing with the same 5 guys every week on my small town) days so that's what I had lying around. I want to build a Golgary or Naia deck some time in the future, though.

I like Boros I just didn't like Kolemne. I actually got a bunch of boosters from my brother from christmas, two of them were Kaladesh and I pulled a Depala, which I'm considering building (since I don't have the money for a proper Sram deck right now and the other booster came with a Sky Sovereign).

>> No.57288909

Why haven't you guys made a Nemata deck yet? You've got no idea what you are missing.
Also Sporemound + Life and Limbs combo.

>> No.57288941


is this bait?

>> No.57289003

I'm not saying boris is boring, but your commander choice definitely is. Consider any of the boros angels for a more mechanically and thematically interesting commander.

>> No.57289015

Anybody have any good/funny/frustrating stories about EDH? I'll start:

> playing casual O-Kagachi Spirit tribal, not doing badly at table
> cast Myojin of Night's Reach, make everyone else discard their hands before my turn
> Draw Kindred Boon
> Its late game, so there are plenty of lands and 2 opponents left
> cast Kindred Boon, activate it on Myojin twice
> make each player discard their hand on their draw step
> maniacally laugh

I didn't mean to create a lockdown at the start of the game but that's what I did. My opponents were less than pleased

>> No.57289039

im saying boros is boring, honestly why not just go mardu? its basically the same shit just with non shit black cards

>> No.57289107

>>What is your first commander and do you still have it? What was the deck like originally?

I just got back into magic after almost a decade away, so my favorite (and currently only) commander is Tsabo Tavoc. I pulled a foil of her from my first ever pack of magic, so she's pretty special to me. Currently it's a janky mix of goblins, zombies, reanimate, and kill creature spells. Basically what I had available. Would love to tune her eventually.

That said as a non beginner to magic, but much newer to edh, I love a Goblin deck. Is Krenko as fun as it seems it would be?

>> No.57289119

>Go to LGS
>Bunch of guys playing EDH
>Ask them if I can join them, they are more than happy to have another
>Sit down
>Table is Mimeo, Atraxa, Avacyn (restored), and Prrosh
>Break out my Animar, they start complaining
>Explain my Animar is the peak of casual
>My deck has no infinite combos
>My deck doesn't even run shit like Purphoros for cheesy burn wins
>My deck uses every 0 cost creature it fucking can just because I find them funny
>They ask me to play something else anyway, they claim "Animar should be banned"
>No other deck on me, they agree to let me play but are apprehensive
>Game goes on uneventfully for the most part. They all seem terrified to fuck with each other. Nobody is attacking anybody, period.
>I'm just building counters, they seem content to ignore Animar.
>Fuck it, someone has gotta swing, it's like turn fucking 7
>Drop OG Ulamog from my hand
>It has haste from Maelstrom Wanderer I played last turn (Cascaded into garbage)
>Swing Ulamog at Mimeo and Animar at Avacyn (lolprowhite)
>Table immediately fucking chimps out
>They end the game and tell me to play another deck
>Reiterate that I have no other deck on me.
>Apologize for upsetting them and wasting their time, grab my stuff and leave them to their game.
Was I in the wrong here?

>> No.57289130

Superior thematically, mechanically and sexily waifus. While a lot of boros commanders are boring as shit due to the wotc's dumb policies, some are actually unique and having their effects in the command zone is worthwhile.

>> No.57289132

>stax player wraths and casts lethal vapors
>i cast teferi's protection, hold priority, then activate his lethal vapors ten million times, skipping the rest of the game
>go grab dinner while everyone else fights over second place

>> No.57289144

>Playing Gonti
>Drop Mindslicer and sac it to attrition as opponent's next turn passes out of draw step.
>Over the course of the table moving, people purposefully avoid paying the Jeskai players Study tax just to spite me
>Jesaki player refills hand to 9 cards by their draw step
>People were surprised by this

My playgroups can be infuriating sometimes.

>> No.57289148

Meant to link

>> No.57289204

Your table is retarded. They can do the exact same thing, skip as many turns as you do and the game continues on as normal.

>> No.57289209

>some are actually unique
who? brion? every single other boros commander is turn dudes sideways.dec and they dont even play different stuff. you could build 5 different boros decks and they would probably share 90% of the same cards and literally all function the same

>> No.57289258

i skipped the turns before casting protection and they hadn't heard of the combo.

it'll never happen again, but it was real funny.

>> No.57289280

>P1 has gisela out
>he attacks someone P2 with gisela
>P2 has a hundred life, he smugly declares "no blocks"
>I cast tainted pact on P1's gisela
>P2 rages, attempts to remove Gisela in response with sword's to plowshares
>use imp's mischief to redirect it to his own creature
>"gain your life P2"
>he rages at me for ganging up on him
>after he leaves, P1 swings at me next turn
>cast darkness and then win with exsanguinate in my turn.

Fun times.

>> No.57289311

>interesting and unique

>> No.57289350

I still have my Brion. It works the same as it used to only it's more efficient with low mana cost creatures to fling and more things that take advantage of the high life he gives me.

>> No.57289353

Yeah, he has got to be confused. There are a bunch of really cool red or white commanders that are fucked by being monocolor, but I can't think of any that are genuinely cool that are Boros. They are all combat step the deck and Brion

>> No.57289386

I hope you mean Tainted Strike

remembered another one:

> playing Patron of the Moon, have Uyo out and mana up
> BW player (forget the commander) wants to end the game since everyone is at low life
> they cast Debt to the Deathless
> I copy it a few times with Uyo

probably the most fun win I've ever had besides the Myojin lockdown as previously stated

>> No.57289402

Turning things sideways can be fun and interesting. I like Aurelia for that strat.

WR-Avacyn can be interesting for combo based decks. It offers cheaper (and therefore superior, imo) protection for your creatures than the normal avacyn.

Gisela makes burn viable.

>> No.57289452

Sure, Grusilda is literally the most reasonable and fair of the Un-commanders, it could actually be a real card. I'd let Phobe fly too, X is REALLY pushing it since to build him properly is most likely AIDS inducing, any other is a no.

>> No.57289468

>timmy scion deck has used both niv-mizzets already
>mash them

>> No.57289490

>"gain your life P2"

>> No.57289581

Grusilda should have been black-bordered. I am so happy that my group is letting my play her full time.

Kek, love that comic.

>> No.57289629

>Making Bosh deck after I bough the dereti deck to basically just strip it of cards
What is some super spicy tech for Bosh nigga?
Idea behind the deck is self sac recycle artifacts for value and damage.

>> No.57289633

Jor Kadeen is quite fun, and it's also different because it's an artifact matter commander.

>> No.57289696


Never Forget. The Hour of Promise is coming.

>> No.57289703

Phyrexian tower, Treetop village, Arena, Ancient tomb, Dakmor salvage, Serra's sanctum, Hall of the bandit lord and my personal favorite, Tower of the magistrate

>> No.57289710

Just make sure to turn Bosh into a juggler with Junk Diver, Myr retriever, Scrap trawler, stuff like that. Also, don't forget that Bosh can throw himself. Also Spine of Ish Sah. Oh and the Wellsprings.

>> No.57289748

razaketh is so fucking versatile

you can do timmy-shit tribal with him (relentless rats/shadowborn tutor for thrumming stone every game) or straight-up busted combos

i have like four razaketh decks and i hope he never gets banned

>> No.57289771

If Griselbrand is still too broken for EDH, Raz's days are numbered.

>> No.57289801

Is Land Tax worth it in GW? Thinking about building Saffi.

>> No.57289811

i haven't seen very many other razaketh players, and the fact that he's not exactly top-tier makes me think he might stick around.

i think the justification is "you have to set up creatures to sacrifice to use his tutor!" it's a shit justification, but if he's not banned yet i don't think he'll ever be.

>> No.57289828

worth it as in worth the slot in the deck? hell yeah

worth the money? i dunno, what's your budget like?

>> No.57289829

We live in the world where Paradox Engine isn't considered broken boys. It's time to let it go, and realize that Raza is simply the best MonoB bomb there is.

>> No.57289837

To be fair anon Raz hasn't been out long, and the next banlist update is coming very soon. Raz could be going down in just over a week.

>> No.57289860

does anyone here play on cockatrice?

I've kinda been in the mood to play but my playgroup is unreliable at best

>> No.57289880

Wasn't Griz banned before he even came out? And wasn't it just because you could reanimate him and win on the spot without any real setup?

With Raz you at least have to set up a few creatures or token engines to sacrifice, and each of those you put in the deck takes away a slot that could be used for ramp and rituals.

>> No.57289900

This land is funny as fuck to use

>> No.57289971

Krenko is fine, but pretty much overplayed. If I'd make a goblin deck, I'd pick either one of the Worts or Ib Halfheart. Squee is also an option, but I'd prefer him in the 99 anyway.

>> No.57290019

I absolutely love it, it's just too much fun to piss on the Talrand's shoes, when he just wants the Swords of x and y triggers

>> No.57290098

>What is your first commander and do you still have it? What was the deck like originally?
Shu Yun. It was an awful mess and I broke it down after a while.

First deck I built out of stuff that wasn't just chaff was Godo and it whupped ass.

>> No.57290111

This guy was created around 2012 when Gatecrash came out. Loved him and still have it to this day. Back though, instead of being the lightning bolt generator(some of his great staples came later), it was half synergy with and half potato value in which deflected the target away from him.

>> No.57290112

If the far superior Sidisi wasn't banned, raz won't be banned either.

>> No.57290132


>> No.57290153

6/6, well done. A true patrician.

>> No.57290197

Do you have a list for that Seton deck? Curious to see what another anon's take on wurm tribal is.

>> No.57290228

I am simple man, I like red and always run short of full art mountains.

Remember: cast early tutors to assemble Cabal Coffers plus Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth and you are casting Razaketh as early as turn 6. :^)

>> No.57290238

Yeah here


>> No.57290328

Not even giving you a numerical score. Building a deck to "teach people a lesson" identifies you as a huge passive aggressive turd. You don't belong in the hobby. Out.

>> No.57290335

How hard can you go with Bosh nigga?
Making one right now give me sum spicy tech

>> No.57290403

I build budget jank.

>> No.57290413

Most decks I build are around $200-300, and I tend to move staples between decks. The problem is that I take apart and build new decks often. Land Tax seems like something you'd want in every white deck, but I feel like the G could cover for the land weakness of W.

>> No.57290436

3/4 general choice, but a minus notation for your descriptions.


>> No.57290472

land tax is great for deck thinning, discarding to hand size to reanimate stuff, having discard fodder, and all sorts of good shit.

i put it and sylvan library in every GWx deck i build.

>> No.57290512

I've got my copy of Sylvan Library in my girlfriend's deck currently, but I'll probably go ahead and buy a second copy of it and a copy of Land Tax. It seems really useful and I could see myself putting it in anything W. Thanks for the advice, anon.

>> No.57290540

Chill bud, you're misinterpreting. I literally only play it against the local TnT stax, Thrasios/Vial Smasher Nooze Combo, Kess Storm, and Jeleva Storm players unless someone wants to see it. That's what I meant by "lesson" because that's what people call it around here when I teach them how on earth I win with Dakmor Salvage. Forgive my poor wording.

Probably not as hard as I could go with other artifact commanders honestly; it's pretty shaky but I neglected tinkering with it for a long time. When I get a good hand the deck goes lightning fast but I kind of have to choose a person to go boom while I have critical mass. If the game is slower I can usually hold back and poke people until I can throw enough at everyone to win.
I do see a lot of Vandalblasts, however, so be prepared for that.
I'm a huge fan of Ugin's Nexus and Repercussion (Blasphemous Act optional)

Here's my list if you want it http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/rube-boshberg-machine/

>> No.57290592

What are your favorite fatties and big boys for Mono-U, /edhg/? I need some sweet finishers.

>> No.57290605


lock everyone else down

>> No.57290708

Colossal whale. Eat everything.

>> No.57290719

the new elder dino is neat

also jin gitaxias

>> No.57290768

The classic Inkwell Leviathan.

>> No.57290868


>> No.57290886

This would be great if not for the fact that one guy in my meta plays a total of 3 non-permanents in his deck.

>> No.57290967

then play :^)

>> No.57291065

>thread question
I had quite a few rare and mythic angels, so I threw together a crappy angel tribal deck. After some advice from my playgroup I swapped Akroma for Sigarda, Host of Herons and added ramp. I kept the same theme, and shied away from a voltron strategy.

>> No.57291646

should i build Rosheen or Wort? Nuking someone with big X spells seems fun but so does copying spells

>> No.57291658

>show up to new store
>owner won't shut up about politics
>whines about samey Skullbriar decks
>pulls out Meren
I had fun.

>> No.57291685


>> No.57291715

I don't think it's that broken. You can Necropotence for a billion cards and tutor it a wide variety of ways for 3 mana. Grislebrand is notably worse due to increments in which you draw cards and lose life.

>> No.57291728

If you want to do mostly X non-permanents then run Wort and include Rosheen

If you want to include a lot of X permanents run Rosheen and maybe include Wort for copying X spells sometimes

At least that's what I would do

>> No.57291790

wort is going to hold your interest for a lot longer imo

>> No.57292030

You did good work that day.

>> No.57292097

>atraxa player whining about animar

>> No.57292133

Git (Kede)rekt

>> No.57292139

Necropotence comes with a pair of massive drawbacks (skips your draw, discarded cards are exiled), and an extra downside with the delay. Griselbrand is more comparable to Yawgmoth's Bargain, and even then it's up for debate whether weakness to creature/enchantment removal is better or worse than being a 7/7 lifelink flyer.

>> No.57292221

And of course there's the little detail where you can't Sneak Attack or Animate Dead a Yawgmoth's Bargain.

>> No.57292579

>Tfw you have a deck that you don't really care about anymore but don't wanna break it because it got a lot of expensive niche cards that won't fit anywhere else

>> No.57292823

This happened to me. I want to play Athreos so bad but there is really no fun way to build him so I had to tear it apart.

>> No.57293019

Kind of same, but yeah.
Have a Zur deck that I never get to use because it either gets insta-hated in multiplayer or people outright refuse to play in 1v1. Nice cards that don't work for any of my other decks.

>> No.57293031

Of course. Most of the people building un commander decks are are having fun and none of them (Bar X) are really busted.

As long as you don't use annoying cards that actively piss people off, why not?

>> No.57293134


ok what am i missing and what do i cut

>> No.57293179

Necropotence + Doomsday. One true combo, even in EDH.

>> No.57293391

Is the 2 card combo to kill yourself?

>> No.57293403

I think you may be retarded

>> No.57293523

doomsday to get labman, flash, streetwraith, pact, and counterspell
on beginning of opponents turn, use flash, cast labman, cycle wraith, back up with pact or counterspell, hope they don't have draw effects before that

>> No.57293642

Oh shit, I'm sorry.

>> No.57293644


>> No.57293710

My fault for not explaining a pile in full. No worries.


>> No.57293755

Sorry for what?
Our daddy tought us not to be ashamed of our decks.

>> No.57293863

Sometimes, I draw so hard I rip the sleeve!

>> No.57293904

Into the graveyard it goes.

>> No.57293926

>thread question
Derevi filled with what ever bullshit i thought was cool. It got tuned into a good deck then dismantled into Roon to make me feel less like a fag. I want to switch it back though because i hate roon and find him boring.

>> No.57293949

>asking friends in GroupChat if they'd be down to play EDH tonight
>only 1 reply

>> No.57293981


>> No.57294008

Derevi + Roon combo is pretty decent though. Use with Acidic slime and you pretty much have a roundabout asymmetrical Armageddon.

>> No.57294047

Brainlet winning through the combat step detected

>> No.57294105

>not putting it in your combo deck to enable the brainlets to HULK SMASH your shared enemies
Amateur Hour over here

>> No.57294128

He who controls the spices

>> No.57294217

>TFW mass exile return never

>> No.57294268


>> No.57294436

Anon, some of us have to play with our ONLY friend and 15 year old brother. Could be worse

>> No.57294472

Holy shit are you me?

>> No.57294481

What's your favorite affordable non aggro generals /edhg/?

I play in a pretty casual group but there's some powerful stuff floating around. I realize that all my decks main focus though is just turning stuff sideways. I was thinking a Zada storm deck or a Riku big ramp/big spells/clone so far but I'm open to any ideas.

>> No.57294514


>> No.57294519

It's possible anon, stranger things have happened.

>> No.57294591

My friend's sick so I probably won't be playing this weekend.

>> No.57294592

Forgot about that guy, Izzet control/combo would be a lot fun. I was thinking of making a deck with only a couple creatures in it since I've got Ruric Thar already.

>> No.57294689

Yeah, you've got a couple of things you want in Niv-Mizzet. Tandem Lookout to be degenerate, Archaeomancer (absolutely filthy with Baral's Expertise), and some creatures that wheel like Magus of the Wheel, Jace's Archivist, Whirlpool Warrior, and Forgotten Creation.

>> No.57294758


>>Thread Question

My first deck was Hazezon Tamar. It's still together, but its morphed a bit over time. I started out as warrior tribal with things like Champion of Lambholt and Boldwyr Intimidator. Eventually my meta changed to where I had to start taking out bad warrior support for answers, and also to fix my initial deck building mistakes relating to ramp, draw, and recursion. It's changed pretty significantly. I still upgrade it whenever I can.

>> No.57294799

I won't be playing til RIX drops. Friend is wanting to sell his edh deck tho, so that sucks

>> No.57294887

>first commander
>What was your deck originally
A work in progress, and still is. It isn't really that strong, it is just a glorified bling.dek.

>> No.57294901

As a Zur player, I see you as a rival.

>> No.57294929

Why don't you just buy his deck?

>> No.57294946

As Gaddock Teeg player, I see you both as rivals.

>> No.57294995

>Gaddock Teeg
Coincidentally, my play group banned Gaddock Teeg.
Because this guy always teams up with another guy who brings skullbriar and it just becomes a 1v1.

>> No.57295019

>Casting anything

>> No.57295062

put Master of Cruelties in if you just want to win

>> No.57295092

Tell that to my Aura shards

>> No.57295175

I never understood why Teeg was given a Boogeyman status like zur or kaalia. If you let either of those swing in there is a pretty good chance you lost the game right after the trigger resolves.

Teeg on the other hand only seems to trip up some hard control players that pack their decks with a bunch of wraths and no spot removal.

Like, in each of my decks Teeg maybe stops like... 5-8 spells?

It just doesn't feel like he is worth the hate.

>> No.57295232

I don't much like ezuri. Go wide is cool and all but I'd prefer Edgar if I had to choose a token strategy.

>> No.57295286

Very nice.

>> No.57295317

I know this is 10 hours old at this point, but I just got here. If you're still here, anon, do you have a list?

>> No.57295330

What are some cards similar to phyrexian altar and ashnods altar? Artifacts or Mardu colors pls

>> No.57295388

Skirk Prospector for Goblins, Basal Sliver for Slivers.

>> No.57295397

It's because most people hate that they can't do something, just like Memnarch is boogeyman as well, because it steals stuff, even though it costs 14 mana to steal first permanent

>> No.57295420

Pitiless Plunderer was just spoiled. You can use it in conjunction with any other sac outlet to build-a-bear your own altar.

>> No.57295447

>Memnarch is a boogeyman

This is news to me. I only thought he was ever chosen to be the head of an infinite mana combo deck.

>> No.57295473

>if you just want to win
>wanting to win with a bling.dek
The point of the deck is to show off as much as possible.

>> No.57295557

Anybody got that "What I played/expected/got" for commanders template?

>> No.57295559


>> No.57295683

Teeq is a stax deck that is hilariously effective and spits on people. Coupled with wraths and MLD, it's probably one of the most efficient stax decks.

>> No.57295701


>> No.57295725

Would queen marchesa be good as head of a pillowfort/politic type deck? Im trying to build something that punishes degenerate strategies while putting myself in a better position as the game goes on without being flashy and putting a kill me first sign around my neck.

>> No.57295742

I run mine as aftifacts and took out Pili-pala eons ago. People hate to have their permanents stolen and I've had people scoop to first steal so many times.

>> No.57295761

Link? Because a brutal Teeg stax deck sounds like you arent using Teeg. There are any good wraths of MLD that costs less than 4 and Smokestack itself costs 4. There doesn't appear to be any synergy between the commander and the rest of of what you said.

>> No.57295801

>People hate to have their permanents stolen and I've had people scoop to first steal so many times.

>> No.57295843

From what I know, Teeg is run as hatebears most of the time, so it's closer to being creature-based stax, but isn't actually stax. Hatebears.

>> No.57295929

>been playing edh for a bit over a year
>have become so good at budget-fu i can build new decks with 25-30 euros with the cards i already have lying around as extras from other decks

it's really hard to resist not building new decks constantly

>> No.57295939

But hatebears is a good archetype to have, it makes everyone play fair magic. I don't understand the hate.

>> No.57295995

I really don't get it either. Maybe they're afraid of their stuff mixing up or me or them forgetting to return them. Maybe they don't like their stuff being touched. I have no idea why they hate it so much.

>> No.57296139

Fun tokens, life gain and big monsters
Oh, you know

>> No.57296143

I agree. People don't hate it as much as they hate true stax. I think that dealing with Teeg is pretty infuriating, since he'a powerful as hell and cheap. I think he's too cheap for the power he has.

>> No.57296180

Holy hell nice

>> No.57296205

how pedestrian

>> No.57296255

Im here for a fun time until I build omnath and ydris stax

>> No.57296283

sorry, angry omnath will eventually be my true deck that is for hating everyone I play against

>> No.57296288

I am FLOORED that this is uncommon.

>> No.57296344

That's gonna replace Pawn of Ulamog so fucking hard
It's doesn't even say nontoken!

>> No.57296345

Holy shit.

Am definitely going to put that into my Ghave deck asap.

>> No.57296353

>Playing R Grenzo
>mfw people exclusively target shit I stole from them with targeted removal
>mfw waiting for them to waste all the removal and then casting Purph + Krenko

>> No.57296387


>> No.57296394

>everyone else builds Taigam as turns.dec
>nobody else will ever know the joy of cantrip.dec and having a hand physically large enough to smack someone with

>> No.57296402

ban in 3...2...1...

>> No.57296409

I kinda like it, but it's more expensive than Pawn of Ulamog and it doesn't trigger Hrave pact

>> No.57296420

What a complete anti-fun deck. I really wanna piss of my playgroup but in a obnoxious way, not something crazy like storm OTK, bt more like NO FUN ALLOWED and I keep all the players in check while, they can't kill me.

>> No.57296429

this is one of three cards from RIX that i'm for sure running in edh. it's a better version of sifter of skulls.

>> No.57296436


>> No.57296457

Brago Stasis Stax with Arbiter of Knollridge and Resolute Archangel.

>> No.57296484

>Allows tokens

>> No.57296514

>allows tokens
were they high when they made this?

>> No.57296530

For black, triggering grave pact is a huge upside. So everything you kill, you kill twice. And even if you somehow turn those treasures into creatures, you would still have to give them haste somehow to turn it into a convoluted combo.

>> No.57296538

It doesn't go infinite with itself so it's not fucked from the start, Standard doesn't have creature token spamming decks, so it's fine to print in the rotation, it's really only EDH and niche decks where it's a bomb, which seems to be true for a ton of the Ixalan cards. And I love it.

>> No.57296555

>It doesn't go infinite with itself so it's not fucked from the start,
March of the Machines

>> No.57296556

I got that. I still like a lot the eldrazi spawns because I like Grave pact. Like a lot.

>> No.57296562

>Quasi-black market that dies to removal and only gives temporary mana

It's neat but not THAT crazy unless you're going for Revel in Riches or Hellkite Tyrant win.

>> No.57296570

Still needs haste

>> No.57296583

>card isn't in standard
>another card is required so it still doesn't go infinite WITH ITSELF
>treasures have CMC 0 so they die as a state-based action
>treasures have to tap for mana and they don't have haste
1/10 you tried

>> No.57296587

>it doesn't go infinite with itself
What part of "itself" do you not understand?
And an Anthem, they'll have P/T 0/0 because they're tokens and die as a state-based action otherwise. Not only that, but it's not a may ability so you'll draw the game.

>> No.57296594

The tokens would die as a SBA, so even if the tokens had haste it wouldn't mean shit. Also the game would end in a tie because of the loop created.

>> No.57296602

>Standard doesn't have creature token spamming decks
>What is BW tokens?

>> No.57296628

Not Energy :^)

>> No.57296637

So use both you tards.

>> No.57296644

Because having ez mode commanders is boring.

>> No.57296648

why are people talking about standard itt

pawn of ulamog is in an insane number of decks

any card that gives you mana for saccing creatures is instantly an edh powerhouse

>> No.57296668

My first commander was Ezuri, the claw of progress
when i got it i just used the precon because i had never played commander, never won anything, nowadays i still use him but he's a gross proliferate, infect with a token subtheme deck

>> No.57296677

The problem is people are arguing which one to use, when you should just fucking run both.

>> No.57296701

Well, true. Still, I'm looking for actual usefulness, which these kind of loops are not.

>> No.57296702

sifter too

>> No.57296703

Tromo is pretty cool.

>> No.57296779

Yeah, Aura Shards was a usual problem when I ran Zur.
Ended up with using Vanishing, Greater Auramancy, Copy Enchantment, and Aura of Silence

>> No.57296785

Elder Deepfiend has always had a good place in my U decks.

>> No.57296789

6/6 for 6 with SUPER menace, an incredible ability, and it shuffles itself like a boss.

>> No.57296855

Diplomatic Immunity is one of my favorite zur cards.

>> No.57296881

Stormtide Leviathan

>> No.57296899

Thanks for the suggestions. One or two of these will definitely find their way into my deck.

>> No.57296903

Diplomatic Immunity is one of my favorite Bruna cards.

>> No.57296999

*wipes your board*

>> No.57297037

Speaking of Teeg, would he be any good in a creature-centric meta? I really want to build him but I have doubts as to his efficacy

>> No.57297060

Oh no.

>> No.57297130

lads, if you sac a creature that come into play with only counters on it and you're playing mikaeus, It'll only come back in with one counter on it correct?

>> No.57297163

Give an example fucko. If you have a Mindless Automaton with 0 counters with Mikaeus out it dies and comes back with 3 counters. If you sacrifice it with 1 or more counters it doesn't come back at all.

>> No.57297164

Reread undying anon, any +1/+1 counters at the time of death will prevent the undying reanimation from happening

>> No.57297171

That upskirt ass nnnggg

>> No.57297175

Literally read the card.

>> No.57297205

walking ballista, would it just keep coming back with the +1/+1

>> No.57297220

*uses Vanishing*

>> No.57297222

Lemme see a list for that Kraum/Silas Renn deck my dude

>> No.57297229

Mike pumps balista +1/+1 so you need a sac outlet after removing all the counters.

>> No.57297249

right, so ashnods altar would make it go infinite

>> No.57297266

lots of shit would. Anything from hardened scales to impact tremors to cathars crusade would achive the same infinite you want. Also just using triskellion works also.

>> No.57297392

I want to build Hatebears. Who is the best commander for this archetype?

>> No.57297414


>> No.57297433

Teeg is best because he himself is an exceptional hatebear and sword holder. GW are the de facto colors for any aspiring hatebear deck as well. Either Teeg or Alesha, Tranny Who Smiles at Cock. Most hatebears are power 2, so she can recur them and pull off some combos along the way.

>> No.57297456

Anafenza or Teeg.

>> No.57297464

Errata'd to nontoken in 3...2...1...

>> No.57297549

Would you run Torpor Orb in a deck that has a decent number of ETB effects if your opponent is playing something like Animar, or would it be a better idea to reduce the amount of ETB effects before running something like that?

>> No.57297585

Just checking: you recognize that Animar himself doesn't have ETBs and instead gets his +1/+1s from Cast triggers, right?
He still builds plenty of degenerate ETB combos so it couldn't hurt to slow him down.

>> No.57297604

Yeah, it's just that the guy who plays Animar has lots of powerful ETBs, like Ancestral Statue, in his deck.

>> No.57297671

I'd go for it. If you have W, you can run Hushwing Gryf for the Flash effect and the evasive, easy-to-recur body. When it's in your own deck, you know when it will hit the board and can play around it.

>> No.57297756

>I want to build Hatebears

>> No.57297766

You know what's a fun card? Nether Void.

>> No.57297784

>Doesn't have flash

>> No.57297790

Thanks. Sadly, not in W, but Torpor Orb should really help.

>> No.57297791

why would you ever need to flash nether void

>> No.57297800

To counter something when they are tapped out you nincompoop.

>> No.57297811

Do you not know how triggered abilities work?

>> No.57297822

I can't tell if you genuinely believe that works or if you're just b8ing

>> No.57297844

It's the EDH general so I wouldn't be surprised either way

>> No.57297889

>flashing nether void
my sides have reached the outer rim of the galaxy

>> No.57297893

Why not?

>> No.57297918


>> No.57297997

Hello how do I truly design Marath Wild deck?

I made this one myself and wow it was fun but someone on here said the design was bad?


Look at my board too pic related

>> No.57298008

>invite my buddy over to play
>he's been playing since 7th edition, maybe earlier, and runs an esper toolbox deck with Rest In Peace/Helm of Obedience as a wincon
>2.6 average converted manacost
>I spend way too long fine tuning a monoblue control deck to put up a good fight
>every card in both decks are straight gas
>stax pieces everywhere, tons of counters back and forth
>every game comes down to the wire and required optimal play, great fun was had
>I actually manage to win a game, hardcasting Jin-Gitaxias, then casting half my deck with various tap-untap shenanigans
>realize I could consistently win games if I splash another colour
Alright boys, what do I splash? Right now I run Venser, but I was thinking Nin could be a straight upgrade, or Oona for a wincon in the command zone, but I guess Brago or Kruphix could also work. I'm mostly interested in other peoples opinions. My deck is mostly an artifact control deck with counterspell backup, and playtesting


Here's my list, let me know what you think, or just what your opinions are of other colours in general. I'd like to keep things as simple as possible in terms of colour identity, and I think it's going to be hard as fuck to cut anything, but I'd love to hear what other people think.

>> No.57298022

If your wincon is beating people to death with power 1-3 hatebears in a format with ~80-160 life to go through, someone is inevitably going to play around the hate effects and make more explosive plays before you manage to kill anyone.
If your wincon is to delay your opponents until you can combo out, why limit the amount of combos you can perform yourself? Why not go for more effective mana/hand disruption? Why dilute your deck with narrow hate cards?
If you don't care about winning and just want to make your opponents suffer, why not play stax or winconless permission control?

The only reasons I can imagine someone playing hatebears in EDH are either
>I heard it was an archetype in other formats so I guess it works in EDH too
>There are a bunch of cards that I want to play with but aren't good enough for other decks so I'll just cram them into their own deck (I won't get tired of playing with it, I promise)

>> No.57298023

The only thing I can think of is flashing it in response to something like Mind's Desire or Mizzix's Mastery.

>> No.57298105

What are the best creatureless/enchantment heavy decks around? I'm thinking some mix of blue, black, and red.

>> No.57298203

>no White or Green

>> No.57298222

You overestimate my group

>> No.57298233

Hanna or Daxos.

>> No.57298264

>this deck
I don't know how I feel about things. You're running some very strong things, but it seems misguided. What are you trying to accomplish?

For example, you're running Blaze Commando with only Atarka's Command, Lightning Bolt, and Naya Charm to make tokens with him. You have Norin in there, but only aura shards, cathar's crusade and maybe beastmaster ascension to do anything. What is it that you really want to do?

>> No.57298267

Brago, King Eternal
Conjurer's Closet
Eerie Interlude

>> No.57298274

I hope not, because combat damage hatebears wouldn't carry its weight against unmodified precons. Is your group below precon level?

>> No.57298304


blaze commando probably bad but norin also goes with impact tremors and purphorous

i want to spam tokens and damage or play more around marath maybe lightning greaves + swift boots

>> No.57298310

No, but I'm the guy who generally does goofy combo shit. Most decks in my group are beatdown decks.

>> No.57298448

Your deck looks like it's half "stuff I heard is good" and half "random garbage I had lying around".
You need land-based ramp, you need some spot removal, you need some board wipes, you need good token producers (stuff like Avenger of Zendikar and Secure the Wastes, not fucking Krenko's Command), you need some more anthems.
What you don't need are random synergy pieces without any actual synergy like Blaze Commando, Obsidian Fireheart, Protean Hydra, Soul-Scar Mage etc. and you don't need shitty artifact-based ramp. There's also a lot of chaff like half your planeswalkers, all those shitty fight cards and Lightning Bolt. Also you're not even at 100 cards.

>Look at my board too pic related
Yeah no shit Marath is crazy with Cathars' Crusade and/or Doubling Season, but in a real match you're going to eat board wipes and counterspells and spot removal before you get to that point.

>> No.57298498


>no planeswalkers


>> No.57298550

he comes back eot so I'd need something like vedalken orrery to take advantage of those

I want to go off

>> No.57298555

How fun do you expect hatebears to be in such a meta?

>> No.57298588


i want to fucking drop huge dragons off sarkhan vol drop fucking krakens off kiora if you don't let me i swear i will fucking kill myself force t heir huge creature to fight my deathtouch bee or hornet nest for 25 deathtouch bees i swear i WILL fucking communit suicide if you insult this desire

>> No.57298595


>> No.57298602

Kek, get some sleep and sober up then get back to us

>> No.57298625

>i want to spam tokens and damage
Okay, I can help with that.

First of all, you dont have impact tremors on your list, but I'll assume it's there instead of a basic land. Your mana rocks are a little wacky, and you're running green, so you can run actual ramp too. I'd run something like Sol Ring, Gilded Lotus, Worn Powerstone, all three signets, harrow, primal growth, and explosive vegetation. You could probably swap a signet for sakura-tribe elder and if you can afford a mana crypt, I'd get one.

Your lands are 8 varieties of fucked. Tap lands are always ALWAYS worse than basics. This is how lands work: Fetches > Duals >Shocks > Pain lands > Strong Utility Lands like Dark Depths or Maze of Ith > POWER GAP > Basic Lands > Karoos > lands that enter tapped with upside > life lands > lands that enter tapped with no upisde. You get to run basic land ramp so your mana base doesn't need to be that complicated.

I like warstorm surge and anointed procession in a token deck, but you also really need powerful removal, and fighting doesn't cut it. Wrath of God, Mizzium Mortars, Krosan Grip, Condemn, Vandalblast, Nevrinyal's Disk, and Oblivion Stone are pretty good. I like aura shards a lot, I also run Sylvan Reclamation in any deck I can.

Green also has a full suite of creature tutors that are fantastic. Wordly Tutor kicks ass because it's one mana, but you can also run Idyllic and Enlightented tutor. I also suggest running Harmonize, Faithless Looting and Skullclamp to draw cards. If you're desperate you can always run weels too, but I mean, that depends how you feel. If you run enough enchantments, there are a few creatures that will also draw you cards.


>> No.57298640


>> No.57298648


thanks dude i'm reading this do you have discord

>> No.57298650

>only 1 deck apiece with red and green

>> No.57298655

... Oh.

I spent way too long thinking about your deck if that's how you're going to act. You like looked at EDH rec and slapped some shit together with no concept of what you're doing. It's fine to be new, but I don't really want to help an idiot.

>> No.57298669

I wore a Green chastity belt for the first 9 months I played EDH. That's come off since Teneb was built because I'm ready to punish the greed monsters of my local meta.

>> No.57298671


i'm sorry i'm suffering depression

>> No.57298746

Yes yes, life is a hellish cornucopia of failed dreams and shattered expectations, and we're all born to die because things are arbitrary and awful. The earth is also a a meaningless speck in the infinite vastness of space, and we're talking about magic cards on 4chan right now, so I'd like to keep it that way.

But honestly, the secret to being happy is working hard and having a positive attitude. If you think things are bad, they become bad; fake it till you make it. Have a shower, exercise, eat healthy, go outside and meet people. Do that shit every day, and then even if you're still depressed, think about how much better off you are then you were.

>> No.57298790

>the secret to feigning being happy

>> No.57298797


what was the continued part

>> No.57298814

r8 my taste anons

>> No.57298827

How do I card advantage in Slobad?

>> No.57298843

Ichor Wellspring and friends?

>> No.57298849

Hmm. What if swap to Kurkesh and do eggs then?

>> No.57298858

Something something, cut all the +1/+1 counter fatties, or cut all the token things. Other something Heroic Intervention. Yadda yadda tutor a combo. I'm not spending more of my time typing that shit out at 2am.

And eventually if you fake it long enough while improving your life, things get better, which makes you less depressed. It's hard work, but it's not rocket science./spoiler]

>> No.57298888

>implying that 1-3 power hatebears are doing the beating
Teeg is made for fatass green beast and angel smackdown, son. Your hatebears just make sure the game is played the way its meant to be played. With fucking fatties.

>> No.57298961

i made a taigam tokens deck fammy

>> No.57299226

post list

>> No.57299252

Quick question
Im thinking about building a flicker Brago deck with Deadeye Navigator with
>Venser, Shaper Savant
>Reflector Mage
>Stoneforge Mystic
As the lead guys and was even thinking about adding a heavy enchantment aspect to it

Do you guys think Brago/Deadeyes flicker mechanics allow enough me enough time to stall and get an Enchanted Evening+Cleansing Meditation boardwipe to work?

>> No.57299300

>follow up

I feel like enchanted evening + cleansing meditation (w/threshold) could be really destructive but the deck Im trying to utilize it in now (Daxos voltron) doesnt seem to be panning out. All my tutors are being used to keep Daxos going and I cant use them to pull the cards I need to get the true win con to work

>> No.57299761

He looks so cool but I don't even know where to start with building him
I hate creatures and infinite combos. Thinking of trying a stax-y build with maximum land ramp and winning with fuckhuge fireballs

>> No.57299768

This is my completed Marath deck after taking some advice

any feedback?

(or options to replace the really expensive shit like ABUR duals)

>> No.57299777




>> No.57299803

>making mono red artifact edh
Who’s the best?
So far Slobad seems the beat to me.

>> No.57299826

If by best you mean strongest is Daretti by a mile

>> No.57299834

Sounds like I am making dereti then.

>> No.57299847

The cedh meta build is stax with some big dudes to reanimate. I don't have a list but it shouldn't be hard to find

>> No.57299849

How creative

>> No.57299882

>sorry boutcha

>> No.57299887

Some metas don't have much room for creativity.
Sometimes someone starts an arms race and you have to keep up or try to get ahead of them.

>> No.57300520

What? The card says prevents land from being destroyed, oracle says removal all damage. Does that still prevent thinks like stipmine from killing?

>> No.57300659

It's a replacement effect. It turns the event "destroy this permanent" into "remove all damage from this permanent". The reasoning being that if you animated the land and it took lethal damage, preventing it from being destroyed once wouldn't do anything, it would get destroyed again the next time state-based actions are checked. This way, it actually does what you'd expect it to do in that situation.

This is basically the same way Regenerate works, only without the other side effects of regenerating a permanent.

>> No.57300672

Mind posting your gruul deck? Literally told a friend of mine know was going to do gruul waifu tribal and only found like 5 cards for it.

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