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fucked up the daily painting vid link but whatever its not actually duncan

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Been sitting on my unpainted marines for half a year and I'm about to pull the trigger on Imperial Fists.

Am I making the right decision?

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First for feelsenhorn.

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have you painted yellow before?

if yes, go for it

if no, got for it but buy some dettol

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Name a better primarch. You can't.

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I've got some models to test on so that's not the issue.
It's more my crippling indecision that has had me waiting around for half a year.

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>imperial sector battle board
Do I buy it?

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Ninth for germanic space knights

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It is kind of sad, that one of the coolest chars in 40k is a Tau. To bad Farsight is not that great on the table


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his legion is cool he is not.

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Looks like a sister of battle to me bud

>> No.57264418

>Cocked dice industrial district

>> No.57264426

God damn, if those were the new sister models I'd buy the range.

>> No.57264427

>not based crimson fists

>> No.57264441

Already using those colors on my Dark Eldar.

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>I share my chosen army with weebs who made/listen to this

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You in Aus?

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Not judging on that imperial fist novel posted last thread.

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Youre welcome

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Is it worth though? It looks nice but I'm not sure.

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this is the best marine scheme of all time.

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>over twice the price of a battle mat
>takes ages to paint to look remotely ok
>cocked dice every roll
>will need to repaint every so often because of scuffing

just get a battlemat imo

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>will need to repaint every so often because of scuffing
You don't if you or your opponents aren't animals

>> No.57264490

How do I strip off paint from resin and plastic models?

I only know about dettol for metal minis.

>> No.57264497

all that does is delay the inevitable anon

>> No.57264504

metal - acetone
plastic - brake fluid. some american cleaning products work but I don't live in there.
Resin - nfi.

>> No.57264506

Ive used dettol on plastic. gotta scrub

>> No.57264514

lmao dude weed

>> No.57264522

12 hours in brake fluid and some scrubbing afterwards do marvels. Be careful cuz that shit is toxic as fuck and leaves plenty vapors.

>> No.57264525

I have used 96% Ethanol to strip plastic minis and it works wonders, just leave them in it for half an hour, grab a toothbrush and get to scrubbing (dip the brush in the ethanol too as you scrub). Use a mask for it has some non-healthy fumes, btw, and close the container you have the alcohol in as it evaporates and the smell is kinda bad.

As for resin miniatures, i have no experience with them so i have no idea on that regard

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Purchased Death Guard from Dark Imperium, next week I plan to play my first game to learn the rules. From what I see in Battlescripe I currently have ~740 pts. I would like to start slowly expand to be able to play for more points in the future. What should I get next to have viable army for 1000 pts?

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Nah. Balsa wood and polystyrene insulation for terrain

>> No.57264534

At worse you'll have to touch up small areas every few years. Matts are nice for the lack of crooked dice but the upkeep on a gameboard isn't any worse than fixing up your army.

>> No.57264548

Dettol works on plastic, it'll just leave patches of primer sometimes. Plus your dudes will smell like industrial disinfectant for weeks.

People also use isopropyl alcohol but I've no experience of it myself. It's hard to find in the UK, I got told to try methylated spirits instead, but again no experience with it

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More poxwalkers, more bloat drones, Typhus. daemon prince.

>> No.57264567

the mantra of poxwalkers is similar to that of dakka. there is never enough.

>> No.57264568

>Having anything but models and terrain on the table

Fucking degenerate, how are you supposed to forge a narrative like that?

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Are Primaris-only armies a thing?
I bought Dark Imperium, and I'm wondering what to do with these guys, I don't own any Guard or Space Marines to use them with.

>> No.57264578

The bloat drones and daemon prince should be able to do double duty, too, and let you use the new Daemons codex, barring some sort of strange rule, since they're a valid way to build an army of nothing but NURGLE DAEMONs.

>> No.57264581

there primaris only successors

>> No.57264583

>not being able to force a narrative when random objects are on the table

you don't drink enough during matches

they are a thing, you can get ideas by looking at last place SM army list at any tournament

>> No.57264584

People try to make them a thing, but they lack in some departments. Namely long range anti-tank and a good, hard hitting melee unit.

>> No.57264606

Good news, Duncan has an excellent video on drybrushing Imperial Fist armor that gives them a very nice look.
Bad news, that is still a fuckload of yellow to paint and the averland spray is finicky about working correctly.

>> No.57264612

Great unclean one

Or if you're too pussy to plonk a single greater daemon on the table in a thousand point game...

>Another bloat drone
>Plagueburst crawler
>Myphic blight wotsit

My pick would be helbrute or tank

>> No.57264621

I figured as much, I might just used these guys for conversion parts or sell 'em.

>> No.57264623

Why are Chosen still a thing?
GW doesn't sell the models

>> No.57264631

Isopropyl Alcohol works pretty good and can even get the primer layer off. You'll want something with a concentration north of 90% for easier removal.

>> No.57264663

People kitbash and convert their Chosen since forever.
Or are you one of those new people that GW is catering to who can't comprehend the concept of creating something by themselves, that something can exist that isn't sold in a package?

>> No.57264668

>GW doesn't sell the models

As someone who's been playing since the early 2000s this mentality has me dumbfounded

Used to be that some of the best units didn't have models, and we'd spend ages collecting bitz and creating awesome conversions. Used to make each game much more interesting. Nothing stopping you doing the same.

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What Forgeworld to pick for Heavy Support detachement(spearhead is the name??)? 2 onagers and kastellans inside.

I was thinking about stygies for stationary firestation varian or lucius for teleporting rapebots.

>> No.57264692

People these days no longer think for themselves anon.

>> No.57264695

Which one?

>> No.57264714

Can a non-space marine human wear terminator armour?

>> No.57264718

space marine

>> No.57264719

They have their own ones.

>> No.57264727

I shouldn't have to think though
My wallet should immediately determine that validity of my army!

>> No.57264730

Want sine dark elf warriors for postage?

>> No.57264746

Sweet, any examples?

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Reminder that trenchbros united soon
>tfw popping a stiffy when thinking about the artillery strikes on fortified positions and attacks through no-man's land

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Critiques welcome.

I think if I were to make it up to 2000, I'd grab a stormhawk and swap out the lieutenant for a captain.

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A lot of old minis, nothing new, but it has always be a thing in the lore.

>> No.57264768

>M 6"

>> No.57264769

Alright thanks.

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Yes, it's bullshit

Maybe there are other official picture, this is the only one that I remember

>> No.57264802

>Unmodified human
>No helmet
I guess shrapnel isn't a thing for her "battle"

>> No.57264809 [SPOILER] 
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I'll give her my Terminator Honours...

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Basically what I did. Then I found a box of sister in my attic.

>> No.57264839

>Implying an Inquisitor wouldn't have access to some kind of bullshit shield tech that means she doesn't need a shield.

>> No.57264844

Rate my list !

I feel low on wave clear so could change the Ravagers to Reapers, drop the phantasm launchers for an extra mandrake.

Was also considering swapping the sslyth, venom and mandrakes for a raider And 9 Incubi to go with my Archon.

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I'm not an anatomist, but I'm pretty sure there is no way that are her arms

>pic related is how she do it

>> No.57264853

I've used isopropyl alcohol and it melted the plastic pretty fast.

>> No.57264867

easy. vulkan.

>> No.57264876

Literally 3/4 of the Primarchs are better than him

>> No.57264879

Huh, that is odd. You're sure it was just isopropyl alcohol and no other additives?

>> No.57264885

She use it like a mecha.
Basically picture a oiled and naked D.Va piloting a Terminaror armour

>> No.57264913

is it worth a read?

>> No.57264915

Isopropyl on its own doesn't melt plastic you autist, you must've been using nail polish remover or something silly

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That's stupid!
I'm gonna kill you, fucking heretic

>Up, X, X, Triangle, Down, Circle

>> No.57264921


To this day I'm reluctant to field stock miniatures for anything other than the most basic infantry.

Modelling has always been my favorite part of the hobby. I miss the days when the lore and artwork was made in a way that inspired you to make your own creations, rather than being a list of box sets you can buy. These days when I read through a codex or something it reads like the should be a tm after every other word.

>> No.57264923 [SPOILER] 
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>> No.57264925

>What are bodygloves?

>> No.57264932

Dan Abnett is probably one of BL's best writers and I hugely enjoy the series. Only way for you to really find out is to read the books for yourself and judge them on your own merits.

>> No.57264937

As far as beatsticks go, he's pretty mid-tier (about as good as an average chapter master), but he has pretty much no support there and nothing else going for him.

>> No.57264947

Depending on some wording, Nurgle Daemons may break the game.

Detachment 1: Nurgle Daemons
Detachment 2: Mortarion
Detachment 3: Nurgle Alpha Legion

Plan: spend 2cp to deep strike Mortarion. Deep strike sorcerer for warp time. Have fun with Obliterators with a 0+ save and ability to fire and fall back.

>> No.57264949

No, the pages before that image shows her getting inside naked.

>> No.57264955

She's literally oiled and nude under the armour in the comic.

>> No.57264961

>Have fun with Obliterators with a 0+ save and ability to fire and fall back.
Explain that for me please

>> No.57264967


>> No.57264968 [SPOILER] 
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>> No.57264969

Y'all gotta stop uploading these things as PDFs

I've got an SD card filled with lists for armies I don't play now

>> No.57264974

Based Mars designing armor like that

>> No.57264975

2+ armor, +2 to that for cover from the tree and the ability to shoot/charge after falling back. 0+ save is esentially 2+ save, since 1s are always a fail, but it takes more armor penetration to degrade. They are 3+ against lascannons, for example.

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>> No.57264990

Oh, okay.
Fire and Fall back confused me
I thought you meant they got to shoot in combat and then leave somehow

>> No.57264998

That is also how SoB get into their power armour.
You can pretend novice Sisters oil up Battle Sisters before getting in their armour

Human power armour basically needs to be wear while naked and oiled up

>> No.57265002

>fortifications can only be deployed in your deploment zone (outside of snail boi)
>oblits have a 24inch range
not as good as you think

>> No.57265032

Same. I still have my converted flash gitz, based on a text description, before there was any artwork of them

Even when I'm using a multi pose kit I'll try and at least make the poses look unique. And as you say, with basic troops I don't really convert them but I'll spend a lot of time on the posing and the basing so they don't just look like "someone else's dudes"

I have the death guard side of dark Imperium here and though the sculpts are cool and all, I can't find love for it because every poxwalker pose is duplicated and I'm not a fan of all the tentacles and horns... But they're absolute chaff, so I don't want to spend time converting each one.

>> No.57265033

Rate the codexes so far from best to worst

1. Tyranids
2. Imperial Guard
3. Craftworlds
4. Chaos Space Marines
5. Dark Angels
6. Death Guard
7. Blood Angels
8. Space Marines
9. Ad Mech
10. Grey Knights

>> No.57265052


ad mech

>> No.57265062


1. Tyranids
2. Craftworlds
3. Imperial Guard
4. Chaos Space Marines
5. Death Guard
6. Ad Mech
7. Blood Angels
8. Dark Angels
9. Space Marines
10. Grey Knights

>> No.57265081

>GKs above other codices

>> No.57265095

God Tier

Shit Tier
The rest

>> No.57265110

Idk why people say the AdMech codex is bad, ive had no issue with it myself. It certainly has issues but its pretty midtier imo.

>> No.57265116

> +2 to deny the witch psyker with 2++
>d6 mortal wound AoE spell
>deepstriking 10 rapid fire 2 heavy bolters for cheap

mono GK is boring but to say the codex is completely bad is a retarded thing to say, its amazing for an allied detatchment

its mainly cost of units and the fact that you have to be mars and take cawl to be remotely decent

>> No.57265132

Mostly from the initial first impression from Winters.

Codex is limited in its top tier strategies and lists but what it can make work is filthy.

Fuck Cawl, Stygies is where most WAACfags go with Ad Mech.

>> No.57265134


Easiest way for people to view them unfortunately

>> No.57265152

Cawl Onager parking is quite good though.
I wish I had six Dragoons to actually run Stygia.

>> No.57265161

I've had reasonable success with it too. My records exactly 50/50, and my meta includes CSM, Ultras, SoB, dangels, guard, and nids, all considered high tier opponents.
I can see holes in the codex and stuff, but I dunno, I think it had more potential than people give it credit. Maybe it's just because I play Mars. Maybe other choices are much more subpar.

>> No.57265163

Most waac lists I've seen are a Mars spearhead with a stygies batallion

>> No.57265175

The codex is annoying because it took a lot of tactical flexibility from admech players without giving anything in return.

>> No.57265192

>collect daemons
>my friends tell me I can play AoS and 40k at the same time
holy shit

>> No.57265206

I'd like to know more. Mars spearhead is self-explanatory. Beepboops+Crawlers+Cawl. What about Stygies batallion though?

>> No.57265208

Just give me a ducking Alpha Primus with a re-roll wound rolls of 1 for Skitarii and I'll be fucking golden.

>> No.57265211

Collect marines
You can play 30k, 40k and AoS

>> No.57265219

>play daemons in 40k
>want to try daemons in aos
>theyre fun
>all the aos mortal models look incredible
>buy some mortals
>now have full tzeentch and khorne mortal armies
>nurgle release tomorrow
pray for my wallet

>> No.57265223

>Codex is limited in its top tier strategies and lists but what it can make work is filthy.
Isn't that pretty much every book in every edition? They are always limited to one, maybe two top tier lists.

>> No.57265226

That's surprisingly specific

Marginally less hawt than being naked and oiled up

>> No.57265228

Dragoons, maybe priests infiltrating. Then ranger span for snipers and 30" guns being somewhat protected by -1 to hit and screening the spearhead. Also the Dragoons running around with -2 to hit against ranged attacks is hilarious.

>> No.57265237

Pretty much just enginseers and rangers with snipers for the minimum requirements, and then hammer in as many electro priests and dragoons as you have, using the infiltrate strat to go for super hard first turn charges and shooting.

>> No.57265262

It's mostly parking lot lists though, they're bad at objectives.

Something like Chaos Nids and even Guard (depending on opponent) can reliably grab objectives.

>> No.57265272

I mean, yeah. I'd rather run that than an enginseer or Dominus, so yeah I can see that. Hopefully FoC?
I personally just really want an elite or HQ that can revive dead models, like an apothecary. The amount of healing in Admech is good already, but the fact that space Marines can revive centurions from the dead and we can't do it with servitors, even though we're clearly better at it in fluff kinda rubs me the wrong way.
And if they wanna combine those two things into a single skitarii Primus, then yah, I'll buy.

>> No.57265312

unmodified humans have used termie armor before, aka inqusitors

>> No.57265365

wasn't termi armour originally made for civilian use for like space shit or something else equally hazardous? they just militarised the tech

>> No.57265406

It's for working inside Plasma Reactor. Which is hilarious to me because plasma is actually the most reliable way to kill it.

>> No.57265412


For repairing active star ship reactors I think.

>> No.57265420

Baneblade was a " light " tank. Battle barge was just a cargo ship.

Fuck, the human in DAoT is OP as fuck.

>> No.57265422

So whatever happened to infantry platoons in IG? Are they just dead and I have to take a bunch of detachments or what?

>> No.57265443

closest you can get now is a stratagem that combines two infantry squads together every turn

>> No.57265464


Platoons have been broken up with platoon COs and SWSs in Elites, Infantry in Troops and HWTs in Heavy Support.

>> No.57265465


Proof or it didn't happen

>> No.57265486


>> No.57265493

Yeah I'm going to need a link to the comic, or at least some pics
>tfw you know it's an official GW comic so it can't show fapbait
It's the thought that counts!

>> No.57265585

I wish there was a character I could build as a melee beatstick to run with infiltrators/dragoons. The only hope is Fires of Cyraxus.

>> No.57265589

>he doesn't know how to google

>> No.57265601
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Guys, I need you to motivate me to finish painting current batch of Vostroyans instead of building some Bullgryns.

Post Imperial Guard!

>> No.57265619
File: 961 KB, 1920x1080, 1513868242489.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.57265626
File: 2.23 MB, 817x537, jungle basilisk.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.57265640

I made it to the wiki, where it says she appears in seven different issues of three different series of comics. It obviously doesn't say which one she gets naked in.
What is people's problem with giving sauce? If you know what issue that just saves others time? There is literally no downside to you, and if you like the thing, it gets others to like the thing, and then we can discuss thing better (not as relevant here but it's the same when people ask where an animation or manga page came from)
Like seriously never understood that and I've been here several years, it's a sixty second post cooldown, and nucaptcha takes no time.

>> No.57265642

Vostroyans are way cooler than Bullgryns.
Get them vosties done.

>> No.57265648 [SPOILER] 
File: 2.29 MB, 4032x3024, 1515163545132.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have a pleasant surprise but also annoying

Sorry no Guard thou

>> No.57265656

>help me jerk off


>> No.57265674
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>> No.57265678

Because the source is basically “Inquisitor getting inside a terminaror armour comic”
Oddly enough it only shows the page right before where she is getting the robe on that turns into a backless body suit

Also the comic is at Op if I recall correctly

>> No.57265683


Holy Emperor what a bunch of metal. Cool army anon.

>> No.57265713



>> No.57265716
File: 152 KB, 629x755, ss+(2018-01-05+at+03.51.51).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Literally first result. Learn to use google you idiot.

>> No.57265732 [SPOILER] 
File: 2.49 MB, 4032x3024, 1515164137561.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That’s not all. I basically found a box of SoB in my house. While looking for my Crusader fleet from BFG.
Sadly after I started my third party SoB

Basically double my SoB army by accident

>> No.57265744
File: 122 KB, 459x725, ss+(2018-01-05+at+03.54.54).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Third result is even more specific

>> No.57265754

I hate/envy you so much.

>> No.57265763


>> No.57265769

>make a claim without proof
>G-Google it you retard, why should I need proof to prove things!!!
So in otherwords you're just spouting bullshit, good to know.

>> No.57265772
File: 2.17 MB, 4032x3024, DC99BC95-98E8-4145-A89F-536D9716E0FF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Even some old Inquisition stuff
Also random “Jurgen” model that will be a Dominion now

>> No.57265781

how bad/decent are gargoyles? i just love the way they look and wanna run a squad of 20 for those re-rolls for shits and giggles.

>> No.57265782

>this butthurt he cant jack off to a female marine cause he cant google female inquisitor in terminator armor

You realize you have to be 18 to post here right?

>> No.57265785

The proof is at op and 5 second google search. Is not like some Carnac stuff that is basically compiling 999 difference sources

>> No.57265797

Motherfucker, don't you dare convert Jurgen!

>> No.57265802
File: 57 KB, 640x645, 1c8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I literally posted a screenshot of the first result that you obtain doing a google search of the image. A comic website where they show the preview image with the number of the issue, that I removed to not spoonfeed you.

>> No.57265840

I just googled it using 3 words in my search and found it within like 2 links

I didn't even want to find it, I just wanted to see if it could be found... It can. Git gud.

>> No.57265851

Theyre not bad. They fill a fast attack spot which is good for Brigades - tyranid stratagems are expensive. I like to use them in a Kraken detachment, deep striking them into play alongside a flyrant.

They're great at charging heavy weapon platforms to tie them down and prevent OW on the flyrant (1 wound models don't care about being hit by lascannons), then retreating, then shooting (fly), then charging something else (kraken) to tie it down. If you bring them in squads of 20 you can easily surround non-flying enemies and prevent them from retreating

>> No.57265853
File: 2.08 MB, 4032x3024, 9C0AAFB0-E90B-4A17-80CF-826CEE508956.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Who said anything about convertion?
He is going to ride next to Dominions “count as” maybe even a Superior for the lulz

Sadly the Exorcist is missing the organ

>> No.57265864

jesus christ this fucking comic bs is the DKoK argument all over again.

>> No.57265873

>making sisters ride in the same airtight vehicle as Jurgen
You're a cruel cruel man.

>> No.57265898

We have a player who runs the Stygies Dragoon list. It's damn dirty and should be considered a top tier build.

>> No.57265958

Making a nautical themed Death Guard army, trying to think of something to use as a Daemon Prince.
I'm not super privy to the Games Workshop catalog, so I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to what I could use as a base for my conversion.

>> No.57265959

Astra Militarum

Tyranids can do anything ever other army can do just as well or better -- psychics, deep strike, alpha strike, horde, assault, shooting, etc.

AM was top tier when the codex came out, but has been slowly chipped away by the FAQ and chapter approved. It's still top tier, but barely.

People are sleeping on the Admech codex because the models are mostly shit. It can go toe to toe with any other list out there when built correctly.

As a GK player, I can attest that they don't stack up on their own. the GMDK is the only worthwhile unit, but you need to bring a lot of other support, probably Astra Militarum.

>> No.57265972
File: 2.12 MB, 4032x3024, 955715A5-936D-461F-949D-A5BD7C0AF1E5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well is that or being on foot.
No one wants to walk when they can ride in an Immolator or Repressor

>> No.57265982

There are plenty of cthulhu themed miniatures, which would be ideal.

>> No.57265983

What are Tyranid weaknesses/drawbacks? It seems like they can do everything

>> No.57265989

Fuck man I'm doing the same thing.

Was probably just gonna cover my daemon princes face, keep him neutral like a white and see where that goes.

Was going to give him a tiny beard, pipe and sea captains hat but that was too much.

>> No.57266008

Little long range and ap weapons. They can't out gunline.

>> No.57266015
File: 99 KB, 1064x1500, 71ybaWbaaQL._SL1500_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If dubs you gotta do it

>> No.57266024

> They can't out gunline.
what about hive guard, tyrannofexes, exocrines, biovores, and dakkafexes

30 devilgaunts popping out of a trygon tunnel shooting 3 shots each (twice) is brutal against infantry armies

>> No.57266033


>> No.57266037

>someone genuinely believes this to be true
The absolute STATE

>> No.57266046

>consider the following

Has GW intentionally buffed Nids to further their "greater threat than Chaos" storyline?

>> No.57266048


>3 shots each (twice)

>> No.57266054


>> No.57266061

Exactly. Point for point exocrines are better then a Leman Russ, dakkafexes match a Punisher, Biovores outshoot Manticores. IG infantry can't compare to Devilgaunts.

Good luck when hormagaunts tie up your entire gunline and can't ever by shot because they just pile in 6" more.

>> No.57266067

Are you sniffing glue?

These pdf lists are formated horribly and you have to open them separately.

Objectively the best list format is your lazy retard nigger ass typing them out nicely formated, one unit a line and posting them.

>> No.57266069

Are they better at gun line though?
Like a lot of armies have those oh shit units.

>> No.57266071

They have some trap units, so if your opponent take these you can capitalize on that. Sometimes help.

>> No.57266076

Which is honestly for the best. Fuck having to have multiple 50 man blobs to play a small detachment. Now we can fill the biggest one for peanuts.

>> No.57266084

>your opponent can occasionally make bad decisions

Ah yes truly the greatest weakness

>> No.57266091


>> No.57266092

For an image board the best way was the image list builder.

Sadly shills exist and reported it

>> No.57266122

>Are they better at gun line though?
Yeah I would say they're one of the best gunlines in the game if they want to be. They may be behind IG on raw volume of shots but they have a lot of tricks that can make them the best gunline in the game

>deep strike almost anything
>stackable -1 hit auras and psychic powers
>high mobility
>immunity to morale tests
>great melee options
>burst damage stratagems

>> No.57266125

Don't do h.p. lovecraft it's too easy and boring.

>> No.57266128

The image list builder was greatly overrated. Nobody cares about an exact list of every units wargear and special rules.

Don't be a tard, type that shit out.

>> No.57266140

>As a GK player, I can attest that they don't stack up on their own. the GMDK is the only worthwhile unit, but you need to bring a lot of other support, probably Astra Militarum.

out of the viable units for GK, the GMDK is the least viable because it outright requires to get charges to be viable, which needs a warlord trait

strike teams, librarian and purgation squads are incredibly efficient units

>> No.57266141

It's been squatted :^)

>> No.57266143

Literally all of them except Lorgar. Lorgar is the eternal shittest

>> No.57266146
File: 14 KB, 393x297, 15542286_192895727839929_7080670322054188502_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In 27 minutes

>mfw I kept refreshing at 17 o'clock and then a fucking Space Wolves appear

>> No.57266155

Are Nids even that good?

>> No.57266157

>image board
>not using images and text
>not using superior form of list posting
Anon are you high or just triggered?

>> No.57266159

We covered the major relevant daemons

>> No.57266165


>> No.57266171

That moral shit needs to be retooled.
>stand near a character like 24 Inches
>immune to moral and all other negatives
>they also have a pocket deny the witch within 18 inches

>> No.57266175

For what reason is a librarian a good unit for GK exactly? You can get a Brother-Captain for basically the same points who has better stats and a buff aura to boot. Sure, a Librarian can cast two powers, but with every GK unit now able to pick a power it's not like you need more acces to psychic powers.

>> No.57266179

What's good stuff that they have?

>> No.57266204

>Has GW intentionally buffed Nids to further their "greater threat than Chaos" storyline?
There is no storyline. Despite what nidfags (and dudes like me who are sick of Chaos cocksucking) would want to believe, in fluff Chaos is the top dog, no ifs or buts. The Great Rift opening temporarily KILLED the Hive Mind (cf. Devastation of Baal). Hive Fleet Kronos was specifically made to help contain the Rift, and it can nibble at the edges at best.

>> No.57266207

>oh hey what are nids weak to
>oh pyschic bombs that kill their dudes
>okay how about we make all pyschic abilities target nearby units only and then subtract 1 from all their rolls, and add extra fuck you's like if they fail they take a perils, oh and did I mention the nearest enemy is 30 gaunts

>> No.57266212
File: 35 KB, 640x400, 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tons of whitespace for unnecessary scrolling
>tons of useless information for MORE useless scrolling
>literally isn't even an image
here let me format my reply in a "superior" format

>> No.57266221

Genestealers, exocrines, biovores, hive tyrants, devil gaunts, carnifexs, OOE, good relics, good hive fleet tactics, good strats, can get mucho CP with (reasonably) cheap battalions, look great.

>> No.57266224

Running a CSM army I have some deamonettes lying around, can I somehow add them to my CSM army? They CSM are all Slaanesh

>> No.57266234

Most things in their codex are really good. Hive Tyrants Genestealers gaunts fexes hive guard exocrines biovores. There's some duds (lictors zoanthropes for instance) but most of their shit is damn good.

>> No.57266236

Look at >>57265959 and at the aswer to >>57265983

They have some shit units but the others can do basically everything in an extremely good way.

>> No.57266237

You could just summon them into play

>> No.57266240

>For what reason is a librarian a good unit for GK exactly?

it can get 2++ and 5+++ easily
it gets +2 to deny, making it really useful against the inevitable magnus lists, especially now that smite is getting nerfed

brother captain is outclassed by the grand master anyway, its extra smite range isnt exactly useful in most situations (unless you are going around buffing the relic bearing ancient)

>> No.57266247

Oh autistic meltdown mode.

Dark Angels are gay, you silly chinese closet homo

>> No.57266250

You can summon them if you allocate the points before game. If you have an army of daemons you can just make a detachment so you don't need to summon.

>> No.57266267

I don't think there's a single objectively bad unit in the nid codex. Even their worst units like pyrovores, maleceptors, haruspexes, mawlocs, venomthropes, and toxicrenes are mid tier or situational at worst.

>> No.57266276

just buy a single herald of slanesh, and put them into a patrol detachment. better yet CONVERT a herald

>> No.57266283

So what's the tyranids weakness.

>> No.57266289

What if I don't wanna run Genestealers, exocrines, biovores, hive tyrants, devil gaunts, carnifexs, OOE?

>> No.57266290

That fortification?

>> No.57266296

Shut up, Carnac.

>> No.57266298

nids are just the npc race anon. they exist just to fight other things in the story and to be one of many looming threats. blame it on poor writing, blame it on the lack of actual characters with character (i.e. a personality) in an army like nids but its just the way things are.

>> No.57266312

zoanthropes are painfully bad, nurothropes are literally better cheaper, and can hide from shooting

they have no weakness

>what if i dont want to run nids, hopw can i play nids?
okay fuck face
warriors, hormas, nurothropes, tyrannofexs, trygons.

>> No.57266317


>> No.57266326 [SPOILER] 
File: 99 KB, 1584x880, 1515167263519.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.57266336

>the models are mostly shit
Confirmed for shit taste

>> No.57266339

>they have no weakness
So how do you counter them

>> No.57266346


Sweet, looking for the summoning rules right now.

I'm looking to buy a model along with another box.

>> No.57266350

why have those skulls afros?

>> No.57266352

>30 points deep striking troops

Rippers are gold anon. And even the Sporocyst which was shit in the index is now constantly spawning spores on top of the ones it generate from its gun, so it's actually a pain in the ass for the enemy, as they either destroy it fast (subtracting valuable fire from stopping the melee threats) or that objective is going to be a fucking minefield to get.

>> No.57266380

as people have been saying, they are in a good place right now, having said that, shoot the big ones has always worked. Each bigone (sans 'fexs) is goign to be 150-250 points, and on the whole they are T6 with a 3+, so las cannons, and DS melta works well.

>Bring this new

>> No.57266385


>> No.57266388

bring this new what?

>> No.57266396

>it can get 2++ and 5+++ easily
Storm shield + Stave. So a 2++ in melee only or using "Heed the Prog"
5+++ via the Warlord trait, so only 1 Librarian will get it.

>> No.57266398

>People are sleeping on the Admech codex because the models are mostly shit

How can one man be so wrong about something?

>> No.57266403

>being so fresh-faced

>> No.57266405

They're very strong (maybe the strongest army in the game) but do have some notable weaknesses.

Big monsters (except the tyrant and maleceptor) don't have invuln saves so theyre very weak to anti-tank weapons.

Infantry is very easy to kill. T3 and 6+ save is paper-thin and melts to any kind of high volume fire.

Reliant on hit debuffs or deploying off the table to stay alive, so auto-hit weapons like flamers are really good

Stratagems are expensive and they don't have a good way to generate command points. This forces them to take 2x battalions and brigades, which leads to...

Cheap battalions/brigade slots means lots of drops. You can force them to go first and overextend then react to their positioning.

Psychic powers are mostly defensive or support

They can zone out enemy deep strikes with spores but it doesn't do much to stop deep strike shooting on their flanks.

Their best shooting units rely on being stationary

>> No.57266410

Warhammer tv will have segment where a GW lore writer will discuss the fluff behind daemons. He will open to taking question. It will start in 10 minutes.

Anyone interested?

>> No.57266414

>carnifexs, OOE?
Then you are a pleb and are undeserving of victory.

>> No.57266425

>it can get 2++ and 5+++ easily
I doubt a Librarian can get a 2++, as Sanctuary has specifically been FAQ'd to not buff invulnerable saves beyond 3++. A Brother-captain with a warding stave and that strategem does get a 2++ in close combat.
And any character can get the 5+++ relic armour.

>it gets +2 to deny, making it really useful against the inevitable magnus lists, especially now that smite is getting nerfed
Only when within 12'' and if Magnus is already that close, you are having more serious problems than having a better chance at denying psychic powers.

And the point is that a Brother-Captain already has better stats than a Librarian, whilst only being able to cast a mere single psychic power less. The buff aura is just the cherry on top of that. And even with the added stormbolter the Brotherhood-Captain is 5 points cheaper (but only if you don't give the Librarian a stormbolter for some weird reason)

>> No.57266458
File: 2.73 MB, 3006x5344, IMG_20180102_095645091.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey guys here's the first model I've ever painted. The photo doesn't really capture the dirty look as much as real life but some feedback would be great. Also, if anyone has a suggestion how to keep the model darker yet having that nurgle dirt / rot look we all shoot for I would really appreciate it. I can't seem to achieve that without the green getting too dark. Thanks!

Also, I fucked up and sprayed the death guard green spray without priming first on about 40 models... I also want to convert 16 of the pox walkers even tho they have been sprayed. Should I strip them first or do you think my army will be fine to paint as is? The included photo was not primed before the spray.

>> No.57266462

And the storm shield has only ever been an option in the indexes, so who knows for how long that will remain a legal loadout...

>> No.57266475

You wanna know what makes Carnac so incredibly goddamn annoying? He's (usually) right. He peddles this shitty new version of the lore where Chaos wins everything and Abaddon is justified and all nuance is thrown out the window in favor of jerking off the OC of the month, where Xenos might as well not exist and the canon is akin to a 9 year old plugging his ears and yelling that his dudes are the bestest, and he's right. He's got the authors backing him. If Carnac was just spouting baseless bullshit he'd be easier to just ignore, but when he says retarded shit like "Chaos already won and Abaddon is the rightful heir to the galaxy!" he's got BL and GW at his back going "yes, that's right". And that fucking blows.

>> No.57266485

>zoanthropes are painfully bad, nurothropes are literally better cheaper, and can hide from shooting
With the smite changes you want quality over quantity. A unit of 3+ zoans does 2d3 smite damage. Not bad for a 3++ unit.
They're not an auto-include but they're decent.

Rippers are a god tier unit.
33 points. For a troop choice. That can deep strike directly onto any objective.
Situational stratagems to ruin morale tests for enemies - this has been relevant more than a few times when playing tactical objectives and drawing cards to make enemies fail morale.
Rippers win games.

Sporocysts are also very good. They're like a distraction carnifex that you can drop immediately into play to deny deep strikes after deployment and immediately start spawning mines. You can't just ignore them, but if you're wasting heavy weapons on them then you're going to lose to the REAL threats shortly after.

They fit into their own detachment so you can use whatever hive fleet you want for them. If you make them Jormungandr they get +1 save, or you can make them Kronos to reroll hit1 and their spores can activate the kronos stratagem.

>> No.57266486

Fuck yeah, where is it? Twitch?

>> No.57266491

What sort of wash did you use?

>> No.57266492

The older lore still says he is wrong though. And it hasn't been officially declared non-canon entirely (yet)

>> No.57266493

>I doubt a Librarian can get a 2++
Use the Librarian from the Index can buy a Storm Shield. Combo that with Warding Stave for 2++ in melee or using Heed

>> No.57266501

How to deal with Nids now as IG? Its usually two flyrants beelining to me followed by a Trygon with 20 Stealers followed by Catalyst Broodlords and Stonecrushers. That's like 100 wounds of high T shit that gets to me before I can even dream of focusing one down. His mellee dudes > my melee dudes

>> No.57266503

Yeah. It's starting up in a few minutes.

>> No.57266511



>> No.57266525

looks neat

and about your problem not priming your minis first
what I know, Citadels spraycans are good enough without one (even tough they are not real primers)

>> No.57266529

Newer lore overwrites the old.

>> No.57266533

5+++ via a relic, WLT would always be first to the fray for reroll charges (or grand strategist on an IG detachment because its just better)

it doesnt matter if only 1 libby gets it, its just a bonus, the key thing is that its the tankiest character that can actually hide behind units, considering you only need 1, maybe 2 librarians tops for denial, they are really good units to have

>fielded 2 of them with purgation spam alongside black templars and scions

>fought magnus+bigbird lists from a freind before big bird was nerfed

>+2 to deny, access to 3d6 discard 1 deny and an additional ignore on a 4+ from the black templars means he almost ever got to cast magnus smite or get his +1 invuln

its a shame black templars are so shit, now that sisters get the same thing i might swap them out

its permanently legal as of last month when GW published that flow chart

>Only when within 12''

so when he deepstrikes in, right where i want him

>> No.57266540

Right now i use the standard black wash to get in the indents and deeper parts. In the edges where armor plates meet I am using typhus corrosion

>> No.57266545

Feed them cheap chaff units
Have the remains of those chaff units Fall Back in your turn, then shoot the scary things to shreds with the valuable stuff hiding behind the cheap chaff units.
Don't Fall Back everything when you can't shoot it all yet.
Charge his stuff with cheap chaff units to pin them in place and prevent them from charging something else.

>> No.57266549
File: 39 KB, 900x900, 1459024513822.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy shit, no Faction Focus yet!

>> No.57266568

Slaanesh confirmed squatted, daemon shitters BTFO

>> No.57266579

Oh fuck, a qt as well!

>> No.57266590

And then you play against Tau, or Necrons, or Dark Eldar, or just any other army that doesn't spam or use psykers, and your librarians are literally useless.
A Brother-Captain has more attacks, and can take a psilencer so has more ranged damage as well. Or take a Grand Masters for a few more points and have the best of the HQ choices.

>> No.57266606

I know, right? He is a Qty.

>> No.57266608

My friend, if that's the first model you've ever painted then you're on a very good path. Congratulations.

For C&C, I'd say some of the metallic areas are a bit monotone. You could easily fix this by painting the bells on the sword in the brass colour, for example. You could paint the vein in the sword with red or screamer pink too, then wash whatever colour.

Same on the gun, paint the bell and the bullets a brassy colour.

The photo is a little blurry to tell - have you edge highlighted at all? (For your first mini though it really doesn't matter, great job either way)

>> No.57266609

Post a link

>> No.57266610

then good news because nothing in the codex is actually that bad

>> No.57266642

Reinforcement points are 1:1 with normal points right? Its just a portion of your points set aside from your normal points, innit?

>> No.57266653


>> No.57266655

no 4+ zoans does that, and thats 160 points, which is 20 points MORE than 2 nurothropes.


>> No.57266677

> and your librarians are literally useless.

>can still spam purge soul, vortex of doom, etc

>A Brother-Captain has more attacks
it has ONE more attack, considering even with rerolls to charge you only have a 53% chance to get in, thats a laughable bonus

>and can take a psilencer so has more ranged damage as well.

GKs are already spamming the ever living shit out of purgation and strike squads anyway, taking a BC for ranged firepower is retarded

>Or take a Grand Masters for a few more points and have the best of the HQ choices.

Everyone takes a GM already because its a buffing unit, I never had a problem with the GM but saying the BC is a good unit choice in the same breath as saying the librarian is bad is staggaring

>> No.57266686

twitch dot tv slash warhammer

>> No.57266692

they are both quite nice

>> No.57266696

What kits should I buy to get space marine power axes?

>> No.57266703
File: 187 KB, 1365x2048, 15151067669520.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw no dark elf waifu

>> No.57266710


>> No.57266713


>> No.57266719

My penis can get only so erect

>> No.57266728

So can hers.

>> No.57266733

Something khorne from Fantasy

>> No.57266737

I'm not into flat chicks but that is some damn good cosplay

>> No.57266764

Do Chainswords double a model's attack? What would two chainswords do?

>> No.57266774

no, they add 1 attacks

>> No.57266793

Chainswords grant one additional attack. Two chainswords grants two.

>> No.57266805

>This room is for subscribers only
Fuck off, GW. I buy plastic crack already, what the fuck else do you want from me?

>> No.57266806

>literally no breasts, ass, or hips

>> No.57266807

Why did he get all worrisome when Undivided was mentioned?

>> No.57266813

Kastellans are the worst models, bar none, in all of 40k. Electro priests are a joke. Tech priest dominus looks like a hunchback Johnny 5.

>> No.57266819

>What would two chainswords do?


>> No.57266823

I have the urge to take two mallettes and play her ribcage like a xylophone.

>> No.57266830
File: 5 KB, 221x109, where-yo-dick-bro.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.57266834

Get amazon prime

>> No.57266836


>> No.57266846


>Tfw best way to handle stuff like this would be for GW to include I limited time access code in every box of minis they sell, so people can access twitch etc as long as they're buying minis, or bought an army a while back and have access codes stacked up
>Tfw this will never happen

>> No.57266852

>tfw my dudes have these shit chain swords that don't add an attack

based on old ruling they should hit 4 times each but now they hit only 2 times.

>> No.57266859

Why not hide their community website and facebook page behind a paywall too?

>> No.57266863

Because as ADB said, their stance on shit like this is to ignore it until people forget about it.

>> No.57266866

Has anyone made a character soup marine army? I'd like to see an example list.

>> No.57266875

Someone should record this and sell it on ebay.

>> No.57266883

I want to get into the hobby for the first time.

Since I wanted to create salamanders army I decided to buy Dark Imperium, as it seem to have good price to content ratio. (I can buy it for like 100$) It'll also allow me to start playing, maybe even getting my friend to play, as they already like 40k, though similarly to me don't collect atm. Plus all the rulebooks and such.

The only thing that keeps me back though is that I have no fucking idea what do I need to start painting and maybe modeling.

Do I have to buy official GW paints or are the replacements good enough?
What accessories do I need (brushes, knives etc.)?
What exact paints do I need to do a Salamanders?
Can I buy transfer sheets or something like that separately (as DI apparently doesn't have them for Salamanders)?
Are there any good sets of those things I'd need?

Help me anons, I too want to waste shitboats of money on useless fucking hobby!

>> No.57266891

Guess I need ALOT more guardsmen then...
I was hoping i could carry my whole force in two cases but i giess I'm playing the wrong army for that

>> No.57266900

Paying for the twitch stream is basically paying for publicity.
The same thing happens with White Dwarf.

But then again retards pay for it

>> No.57266925

I pay for it and have gotten to ask Duncan lots of painting advice and have also asked Phil Kelly lore questions which they both have answered

It’s pretty great

>> No.57266944

Also - are there any good boxsets I could buy instead of DI? (since I can pirate the rulebooks desu)
Would creating Mechanicum army be as costly as Salamanders? (I have major hardon for mechanicum and orks, but I fear the latter might be too difficult to paint for me atm)

>> No.57266948

t. Retard

>> No.57266970

Hey thanks for the feedback! I'll give the weapons another go tonight, that's a great point they do look shallow. I did some edge highlighting on the armor but could def do more on the trim and weapons. Can't upload a better photo, at work. Really appreciate it!
Ok that's good to know. I'll prime them in the future but I was really annoyed with myself for that oversight. Thanks!

>> No.57266973

Is it possible to play a good IG army with only 70ish guardsmen?

>> No.57266995

A lot of people shit on GW hobby products but I think they're great for beginners.

>Do I have to buy official GW paints or are the replacements good enough?
GW paints are good quality, but you don't get the best value out of them since the bottles are relatively small.
It's not a concern unless you finish the whole bottle. A beginner like you doesn't need to worry about that sort of thing.

>What accessories do I need (brushes, knives etc.)?
You'll need clippers to get the models off the sprue and probably a mold line remover or knife
For brushes you should probably be fine with getting just a single M Layer brush.

>What exact paints do I need to do a Salamanders?
Check the citadel paint app for a colour guide

The Start Collecting box is decent for spess meens. If you want Primaris marines then the best choices are Dark Imperium and the Easy To Build boxes.

All of the recent Battleforce boxes are good value.

Mechanicum don't have as many good value boxes as some other factions

>> No.57266999
File: 1.03 MB, 1210x1613, goodgoy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm such a good goy!

>> No.57267009

Start Collecting! Grey Knights when?
SC! Genestealer Cults when?
SC! Sisters of Battle when?
SC! Imperium when?
SC! Harlequins when?
SC! Death Guard when?

>> No.57267020

That's more than enough. You could probably get away with 30-60 in 2 battalions. You'll want to stock up on Leman Russes, Manticores (or basilisks), and heavy weapons teams.

>> No.57267022

this triggers the poorfags

>> No.57267029

plastic sisters or emperor's children models?

>> No.57267031


>> No.57267037

I hope you die after a syphilitic hobo rapes your skull.

>> No.57267050

Here they come!

>> No.57267059

I collect DKoK, just because I don't like Eldar doesn't mean I'm a poorfag.

>> No.57267062

Thank you very much anon

>Mechanicum don't have as many good value boxes as some other factions
That what I was afraid of, I guess I'll start with Spess Muhreens since it seem like a good beginner choice anyway.

One more question - do I need any additional books for Salamanders? Like those codices or indices?

>> No.57267064

I've seen your camshow. I couldn't believe that you managed to fit an entire spartan up your ass. Well, whatever keeps you in resin crack, I guess.

>> No.57267065


Literally the WORST Primarch. Not even Lorgar is as much of a shit.

>> No.57267072

the IG part of my army has

5 officers
27 scions, 6 HS lasguns, 3 plas pistol, 18 plasma guns
32 infantry, 4 snipers 4 las pistol 24 lasgun
16 HWTs, all lascannons

backed up by some sisters, dark talons and tauroxes

you can fit an absurd amount of fire power in 70 ish IG models

>> No.57267078

*tips stahlhelm*

>> No.57267083

actually soon
soon (tm)
maybe never
>what are all the intro boxes

>> No.57267090

Upvote. Perturabo is worst, only slightly better than Lion El'Jonson, followed closely behind by Dorn.

>> No.57267091

>I collect DKoK, just because I don't like Eldar doesn't mean I'm a poorfag.

Post your FW receipts.

>> No.57267098

>One more question - do I need any additional books for Salamanders? Like those codices or indices?
Should just be the Space Marine codex

GW is doing a new thing where they don't release a billion campaign books and supplements and scatter the rules around everywhere.

Instead they're doing a twice-yearly single supplement called Chapter Approved that brings new rules and point changes for every faction

>> No.57267109

Scions are the key. IG infantry is just there as a speed bump and to build CP.

>> No.57267115

Well I have a 45 slot tray loaded with Lasguns, plus about 4-5 of each special a handfull of officers and an equal amount of Vox and heavy. 15 scions counting the prime, three BC Russ, soon to be four chimera, nine Bullgryn, three Ogryn, and one of each artillery vehicle. Regardless i keep finding myself being almost tabled every single game by his bugs. The only fun I have is against our other friends DG or multiplayer matches.

>> No.57267122



What page is the rules for summoning on?

>> No.57267129


Welcome anon. I'm not a marine player but I do like salamanders, they have a nice story and they're simple enough colours to paint.

>Do I have to buy official GW paints or are the replacements good enough?
The replacements are good enough, and you get more paint from other companies for less money, but you won't be able to follow GW's guides and you'll spend a lot of time and frustration trying to find exact matches to every single GW paint you'd need. I'd stick with GW for now whilst you're getting started and your motivation is high.

>What accessories do I need (brushes, knives etc.)?
For the dark Imperium kit... Brushes, clippers, plastic glue. They're the essentials. Don't buy clippers and glue from GW, they're overpriced. Brushes at GW are good quality but higher priced again. However their painting system uses their brushes and again you may find that a benefit.

>What exact paints do I need to do a Salamanders?
Download the GW painting app, it's free and will tell you. Or, watch the warhammer TV episode about painting sallies. That app is great though seriously

>Can I buy transfer sheets or something like that separately (as DI apparently doesn't have them for Salamanders)?
Never looked for salamanders transfers but there must be some on eBay from a past edition. Or you could just git gud with your freehand!

>Are there any good sets of those things I'd need
There are sets but as always, the convenience is reflected in the price. Better off getting the tools separately. As for paints, GW do paint sets for a lot of factions, but they're smaller pots so even if they did one for salamanders you'd run out of paint before finishing the DI box

I'm gonna go away and look at their paint scheme and see if I can recommend anything else anon... I'll reply to this post when I'm done

>> No.57267136

i think its in the chaos index?

>> No.57267143
File: 484 KB, 916x627, unknown.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> IG infantry is just there as a speed bump and to build CP.

not that true, cadians lascannon and mortar HWTs getting 75% hit rate and can also get rerolls to wounds from the relic of cadia is hilariously powerful

and they still havnt fixed the fact that lost relic of cadia isnt one use only

i do love my scions though

>> No.57267169

>Don't buy clippers and glue from GW, they're overpriced
Their clippers are expensive but also very good quality.

Their plastic glue is fine. I really like having the fine control from the pipette. Their super glue is definitely not worthwhile.

>> No.57267171
File: 53 KB, 750x734, Mr Crabs Is Fucking Done With This.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

they're immune to moral out of 12"

if its a hive tyrant its 18", if its a hive tyrant with synaptic lynchpin warlord trait its 24"

honestly it worked far better when synapse was 8"/12" for a tyrant. that was pretty balanced considering how powerful synapse is.

the bloody neurothrope becoming a Character is retarded too.

these days I just play with the index rules for synapse and instinctive behaviour so it actually feels like a weakness to my army instead of just something I don't have to ever worry about.

I wanted my codex to be strong, but not like this...

>> No.57267175

>go to youtube.
>type "how to paint salamanders" in the search bar
>click on the Warhammer TV video

also watch all the other videos from them. yes I got that right, ALL of the other videos.

>> No.57267183

SC GK: Terminator Librarian, 10 Man PAGK squad, Razorback
SC GSC: Patriarch, Neophyte Hybrids, Abberrants, Goliath
SC SoB: 404 not found
SC Harlequins: Shadowseer, Troupe, Voidweaver
SC Death Guard: Lord of Contagion, Plague Marines, Bloat Drone

>> No.57267192

What makes Scions so good?

>> No.57267227

For GK, I'd rather they included a venerable dread.

Sisters won't happen until they get plastic. Then it would be 10 battle sisters, 5 seraphim, Rhino, Cannoness

>> No.57267237

Can deep strike. BS3, tempestor prime can give them an order to reroll 1s. Combine with plasma and they can take down things lickety split.

>> No.57267239

Four deep strike rapid plasmas up your bunghole with a shouty man behind them rerolling ones

>> No.57267241

so gamebreaking that the lascannon bait primarch has 1 extra turn of use

>> No.57267252
File: 1.10 MB, 1200x592, cute.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hornets are the cutest tanks in 40k

>> No.57267254

best source of plasma spam in the game, even with the point increases and officer tax

deepstrike, can easily get reroll 1s to hit and also have access to reroll all wounds vs monsters and vehicles

I always run 3 officers with rod, 3x5 troops with plas pistol and 2 plas, 3x command squad swith all plas

give 1 officer the laurels of command and deepstrike him with the 3 command squads, make them all reroll 1s to hit, then each has a 50% chance of rerolling all wounds

>> No.57267292


Oh yeah I agree, the quality is fine, but the price is too high. Clippers can be found elsewhere that do just as good a job for half the price, and the glue does give nice control but it's literally the same shape and type of bottle as a competitors plastic glue, which again is cheaper, leading me to think it's just a rebranded product for GW with a price hike.

Ok so according to the paint app the base colour is waaagh flesh, and unfortunately they don't do that in a spray can, which could have saved you a lot of time.

There's a company called The Army Painter, and they do spray colour primers. They have one called Greenskin, which looks like a close match, but I'm unsure how close just from the picture. I've used their yellow colour primer before with fine results but other reviews online say they've had issues, so try at your own risk. Potentially an enormous timesaver though.

Otherwise it's waaagh flesh with a small or medium base brush :)

>> No.57267308
File: 143 KB, 1000x472, bad moon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw can't decide which clan/color scheme I want my Orks to be


>> No.57267311
File: 30 KB, 237x419, Really Cute.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.57267314

Why don't the chaos gods just calm down.

>> No.57267340

too bad they suck

>> No.57267343

They are formed from mortal emotion projecting into the warp and coalescing into a consciousness

They are made of NotCalm

>> No.57267350

As a side question. For a cheap allied detachment what would be the best source of plasma with scion?

My SoB are lacking plasma and I have like 500 points left if I drop the melee

>> No.57267364

everyone knows that feel but for their own army. you'll make it, anon. don't go black

>> No.57267366

So should I buy more or am I just doing everything wrong?

>> No.57267368

black and white check

>> No.57267375
File: 47 KB, 600x620, 99120102077_BloatDrone01_1024x1024.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cutest flyers are bloat drones

>> No.57267378

So the podcast ignored all questions about Undivided and just gave a non-answer.

Justify this.

>> No.57267387

Thank to you as well anon, I already ordered Dark Imperium as I found it at great price, but I have some time before I'll be able to paint (at least 2 months before I change apartment) so I'll have some time to think about what accessories I'll use.

Have a great day anon!

>> No.57267391

Is there seriously no Slaanesh focus today?

>> No.57267405

you can fit a batallion in 526 points

2x tempestor prime with command rod - 90
2x command squads with all plasma - 176
2x 5 man troop squads with plasma pistol and 2 plasma - 220
1x 5 man troop squad - 50 points

>> No.57267412

They're workable, slighty sturdier and faster vyper or war walkers with the fly keyword and a built in -1 to hit, so -2 with alaitoc

>> No.57267413

2 ways to decide:
>Paint whatever colour you like most
>Pick the Klan whose fluff you like most

Or the bonus option...
>Paint your own colour scheme
>Choose whatever Klan rules you want for every game

I picked bad moonz because (when I picked them) nobody played them and you never saw them in the books, and I liked the idea of rich orks who thought shooting was better than krumping.
Nowadays I think I'd go with goffs or deff skulls

>> No.57267414

Standard GW modus-operandi. The "nerds will fight over it and we just need to ignore it for another edition" approach.

>> No.57267416

What's a good way to kill ttss terminators

>> No.57267433

autocannons or plasma spam

>> No.57267434

Slaanesh is new god(des) of undivided

>> No.57267440
File: 46 KB, 600x620, 99590103088_GrotTanks01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.57267451

there is no Slaanesh

>> No.57267453

Mortal wounds. Psychic powers usually, but every army's got some way to pile them on (some better than others, AdMech and Tyranids spit the things out where T'au have to beg on the street for some). Alternatively, stuff like autocannons does a decent job.

>> No.57267456

Mortal wounds

>> No.57267462

They care so little about slannesh that they rather interview a guy about having hundreds of ork boys than give the degenerate God a faction focus.

>> No.57267465
File: 18 KB, 230x260, 1506839921489.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

anyone know where i can find the leaked rules for the great unclean one?

>> No.57267470
File: 4.59 MB, 2800x1344, UYtNnwe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.57267489

it's rather cruel to tease the other gods and let slaanesh get blue balls

>> No.57267491

As khorne beserkers get to fight twice does that mean they can pile in twice

>> No.57267496

God damn theses bastards are cheap

>> No.57267503
File: 18 KB, 320x320, 40kSlaaneshPreview-Jan05-Feature6na-320x320.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.57267504

Random fun fact: Among Marines, Abaddon is pretty much the strongest character, beating everyone from Calgar to Dante to Moloc, and only Draigo can reliably 1v1 him (it's dead even). However, Smashfucker Lite (being an Iron Hands Biker Captain upgraded to Chapter Master with a Thunder Hammer, Shield Eternal and Iron Resolve WT) very narrowly beats him in a fair fight.

>> No.57267511

??? wait until tomrrow chuckle face

>> No.57267540

Fucking neat.

Now I can't decide which God I want to buy a SC! box for.

>> No.57267543

So leviathan dread. What kind of fucking garbage is that? haha. Two grav bombards. Will, on average, do 13-14 wounds to T8 ignoring all armor. Or gets 7d3 shots against huge blobs of infantry even one-shotting terminators without saves.

And the dude kept casting some bullshit on it to make it toughness 9. So that's T9 W14 2+ 4++. Like.. what does this thing not incinerate the second it looks at it? What's an ideal weapon to bring against it? Even overcharged plasma only wounds this thing on 5+.

I play guard.

>> No.57267547
File: 620 KB, 1136x509, 10417655_1447209192203227_297552446374122225_nddd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>She even did that thick edge highlight

>> No.57267550


Faction Focus is up! Slaanesh confirmed not squatted

>> No.57267560

WS2 BS3 S7 T7 18W 5A
Armed with Plague Flail & Bilesword

Plague Flail 7" Assault 3 S User AP-3 2 Dmg. Can be fired within 1" of an enemy unit and can target enemy unit within 1" of friendly unit. Excess damage is not lost, spillsover.
Bileblade Strength User AP-3 D3 Dmg . Reroll Failed Wounds.
Bilesword Strength +1 AP-3 D6 Dmg. Reroll Failed Wounds.
Doomsday Bell. Str +1 AP-1 D3 Dmg.
May Replace bilesword with doomsday bell.
May replace plague flail with bileblade.

Putrid Offering (bileblade): Suffer 1 Wound (Can be FNP) , add 1 to a psychic test before rolling .
Reverberating Summons (doomsday bell): Can summon on 4D6 instead of 3D6. At start of your turn, Roll D6 for every Nurgle Daemon unit within 7" of a GUO with Doomsday Bell, on a 4+ return a single slain model to that unit.

Crushing Bulk: Roll D6 at end of charge, on a 4+ do 1 MW to an enemy unit within 1".

Greater Daemon: Friendly Nurgle Daemon unit within 6" can use GUO's Ld (10) instead of their own.

Casts 2 powers, denies 1, knows smite +2 Nurgle powers

>> No.57267562

>bewitching aura
>halving most melee dudes attacks or taking a quarter of a big dudes damage

Holy fuck.

>> No.57267564

How about Straken with a team of Vets?

>> No.57267568


>> No.57267573

Slaanesh cucking units out of 2 attacks per model.


>> No.57267579
File: 175 KB, 521x350, 1514923956992.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thanks bro, really appreciate it

>> No.57267580

Why the fuck did slanash get all the good stuff.

>> No.57267581
File: 797 KB, 844x475, 1501694002324.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Woah mama

>> No.57267588

Any advise for someone starting 40k but hasn't bought any models yet? I'm still trying to figure out what army to start with

>> No.57267592

Deathstrike Vortex Missile

>> No.57267601

Basilisks. A friend brought one against me and I one rounded it with 3 Basilisks with overlapping fire and relic of cadia.

Can't hide it from them either and they are slow.

>> No.57267608

Go to GW and see if someone can give you a demo game

>> No.57267609
File: 1.00 MB, 930x930, 1514995235254.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Abaddon being a pushover is merely a meme given that he tried countless times trying to herd the horde of cats that is the Chaos Space Marine legions into hitting one single target, which has led to many a failure. Back during the Horus Heresy most of the traitors were still sane for the most part, but after existing for 10k years in realspace or being trapped in the warp you lose most semblance of command. In many cases different Chaos Space Marine groups decided to go fuck off in a particular direction and wreck havoc instead of attacking Cadia. It's like a less humorous version of Orks.

>> No.57267614

Select a Grand Alliance first.

Imperium, Chaos, Aeldari, Orks, Tyranids, T'au or Necrons.

>> No.57267615

>give him the helmet that resets plague bearers each kill
>bell resets too

Whoa man I want one now.

>> No.57267616

Things shall get loud now

>> No.57267636

How many and what are they packing?

>> No.57267646

Sounds hot as fuck, don't know if it's worth 600? Points but still cool.

>> No.57267661

>600 points
What the fuck are you smoking?

>> No.57267662

Oh yeah, tabletop Abaddon is a badass, memes or not. He's literally Calgar but strictly better, and Calgar is already a top tier duelist (that damage halve armor is some bullshit).

>> No.57267669

Is it just me or do all the slaanesh buffs and powers sound more befitting of khorne Daemons? (Not as psychic powers though obviously)

Charging after advancing, lowering enemy attacks, rerolls to hit and wound against enemy champions...

>> No.57267680

You're thinking of Scabeiathrax the Bloated maybe? Index GUOs are 248, don't think they'll rise much.

>> No.57267689


The khorne stuff is really weak. They really don't want to buff melee. They just want to nerf it (Like that's all slanash does)

>> No.57267690

slaanesh has more finesse then brute strength but both are fond of cqc

>> No.57267705

>Leadership shenanigans
They’d be nice if everyone and their mother already didn’t negate leadership in one way or another.

>> No.57267712

Oh, well still don't know if point sinking something that'll get targeted instantly is the best idea. Still sounds fun.

>> No.57267715


>> No.57267732

Choose based off of playstyle, or what dudes you think look the coolest.

What attracted you to the game in the first place?

>> No.57267736

Ironically the armies that should negate it like elite armies do not. So go ham hog with leader bombing them.

>> No.57267760

Honestly that all sounds like graceful fighting moves, which is in the domains of both Khorne's love of the MARTIAL arts and Slaanesh's fondness for the martial ARTS.

>> No.57267769
File: 157 KB, 720x1280, IMG_20171217_170230.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how are sanguinary guard this edition, theyre like my favourite models but ive still yet to play a match with the codex, this dude in a gw store said they were like top tier melee units but i want to be sure that i wont get tabled running them

>> No.57267772

Full team, Sgt with power fist. Assuming shotguns and a heavy flamer/bolter

>> No.57267773

Look at some armies, and this is important, look at the troops that you like the most. Ignore the other stuff because troops are the bulk of your dudes and what you'll have the most of.

>> No.57267780

>5+++ via a relic
Thanks. I completely had a brainfart, but knew it was only 1 per army.

>> No.57267781

How many Sorcerers should my CSM army have? So far I have only one of them in Terminator Armour.

>> No.57267783

Don't forget Daemons as well. Somehow, spirits of rage and lust turn tail after get hit with a few flashlights.

>> No.57267799

One is enough. Fill the rest with Daemon princes.

>> No.57267801

I call bullshit. 3 basilisks with relic of cadia and overlapping fields of fire hit on 3+ rerolling 1s to hit and wound. I just did the math hammer. Average of about 4 wounds vs leviathan dread.

>> No.57267810

But how though?

>> No.57267811

They are very good at killing stuff, but the question is if you really want to invest so many points in a unit that can still get tarpitted and shot off the table like any other assault unit.

>> No.57267818

>All those -1 attacks
Yet another bunch of faction traits and Strategems that shits all over elite armies while leaving my guard intact.

I miss being the underdog.

>> No.57267831

They can deepstrike, get a 3d6" charge with stratagem, and wound MEQs on a 2+ with their axes, T5 on 3+, T6-9 on a 4+. They're pretty good. They will often delete whatever they charge. They are also 2 wounds each with the usual 2+ save so they are quite durable.

>> No.57267834

It's really dumb.

Like all the horde armies have a ton of ways to ignore moral, and if they do lose something to moral it's nothing compared to an expensive army losing a dude.

Like you could compare it to mortal wounds. What's one extra guardsmen.

>> No.57267840
File: 257 KB, 764x665, 4684684168.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What should I take as an Inquisition army for good armor without it becoming too soupy?

>> No.57267868

Is the Inquisitorial Land Raider still a thing?

>> No.57267888
File: 2.49 MB, 1000x2000, Chaos Gods.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Who is the best Chaos God, according to Faction Focus?

>> No.57267895

What the fuck does that mean? Inquisition detachments are meant to be added to your other armies

>> No.57267901

>First is worst
>Second is best

>> No.57267905

My math says 6 shots will get through the invuln, each do d3 dmg. Avg about 12. The Leviathan has 14 wounds. Certainly doable.

>> No.57267911


>> No.57267913


>> No.57267916

>he doesnt run a pure strikeforce of the holy inquisition
Literal pleb tier

>> No.57267937

It makes shit like Screams, bloodcrushers, seekers, unplayable in the index. I don't consider a 2CP strategem to ignore a morale test and a fragile Greater deamon as a ton if ways to ignore moreale.

>> No.57267957


Dat chimera bunker mmmmmm

>> No.57267964

I think in WFB it was fluffed as daemonic instability, losing their ability to manifest in the mortal realm after taking heavy losses.

>> No.57267967

Your mathhammer sucks ass then
4.5 average s hots (2d6 pick highest) x 0.7689 (3+ to hit reroll 1) x 0.7689 (wound on 3+ reroll 1) x0.5 (4+ invuln) x2 (d3 damage_ x3 Basilisks=7.98 wounds a turn.

Above average rolls but 14 is easy doable. Doing it in two rounds is reliable.

>> No.57267974

Okay so each basilisk does an average of 4.47 shots. 3 bassies = 13.41 shots. 2/3rds of those hit = 8.94 hits. Then you consider 2.23 of the original 13.41 are 1s so get to reroll and you get another 2.23 x 2/3 = 1.49 hits out of that. 8.94 + 1.48 hits = 10.42 hits.

wound on 3s rerolling 1s. 10.42 x 2/3 = 6.95. And with rerolling 1s you get 8.11 wounds.

Then with a 4++ that's 4 wounds...


>> No.57267979

Nurgle>Tzeentch>Khorne>Slaanesh from what I've seen in the leaks. Khorne has some stuff to make them decent that wasn't in the faction focus.

>> No.57267989

It's an <Imperium> army with the Inquisition being the main theme.

>> No.57267991

Good way of putting it

>> No.57267992
File: 32 KB, 625x626, letsjustgohome.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.57267995

But anon my guard have 3 attacks.

>> No.57268000

Oh. right. my bad. 2 average damage per shot. so average of 8 wounds then. Still not even close to 1 shotting this thing.

>> No.57268001
File: 23 KB, 325x315, 13123.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Haha aren't Orks great gosh darn! XD

Fuck off and give the 8th codex and new plastic Warboss, Deffkopta, Kommandos, and looted vehicles already.

>> No.57268008


>> No.57268012


Mystery box anon is that you?

>> No.57268021

d3 damage idiot.

Are you sure you're a guard player?

>> No.57268027

I was assuming it was a hellforged leviathan.

Leviathans only have a 5++ against shooting.

The relic grants full rerolls to hit and wound. So hit 3/4, wound 8/9. Remove a third (invuln save) then each shot does an average of 2 wounds (d3 dmg).

>> No.57268032

Didn't really consider daemons as a horde. Daemons are probably the only balanced horde.

>> No.57268070

Yes I am.
Though in my defense the entire fight used night fighting rules and his leviathan was T9 and I never use basilisks. I use manticores.

>> No.57268109

What level of recast do you think is acceptable? I can see fully chinkcast or slavcast armies being kinda scummy for the hobby, but what about bits and conversion pieces or a couple of hard to get/out of stock models?

>> No.57268121

The guys with tumblr feminist SoB and shaking hands.

>> No.57268144

>And buggies

>"I actually also played Aeldari [back when they were just “Eldar”]"
GW trying to force this meme

>> No.57268168

Will you sell them when plastic SoB happens?

>> No.57268169

Not even close. Abaddon will plow through all but one of the vets in one turn while not even getting his paint scratched.

>> No.57268172
File: 35 KB, 600x450, Wut.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Nightfighting rules

Are they even in 8th ed?

>> No.57268177

Are there cheats for highlighting? I have very shaky hands from microtremors so only base coats and washes are easy for me.

>> No.57268181

How should I run Chaos Terminators? Melee? Shooty?

>> No.57268187

No one cares unless you are playing at GW shop. But than again why are you playing at a GW shop anyway?

>> No.57268193
File: 221 KB, 884x816, Banner.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey guys, getting back into 40K after several years (Space Marine Army)

I was wondering if anyone knows if the Primaris Ancient carrying a banner exclusive to the 'Dark Imperium' set?

Also; I'm also thinking about getting into the table top game itself and was wondering what is the average army size? (points wise)

>> No.57268215

For now, yes, as other minis of the box. Just buy him off Ebay.

>> No.57268218


>> No.57268226

I'd say that's reasonable.

If GW don't provide a way to get the bitz you need, then take your business to the recasters. Simple market forces at work bruh.

For example, I wanted cyclic ion blasters for my crisis suits, but you only get 1 of them per commander sprue - nowhere else. Everyone else wants them too, so they're £5 per bit in bitz resellers shops... And even there they're all out of stock. So I ordered 4x 3D printed ones for £22. They look great, but I'd have bought GW bits if I could have found them.

However yeah a fully recast army is a bit shit on a company that we all really want to see succeed

>> No.57268228

I still have my BT that haven’t used since 5th.
So unless I need money fast because I some how fuck up it would be a no.

>> No.57268230

Dry brushing.

>> No.57268261

Drybrush or exhail while you apply paint
Also brace your arm and wedge your palms together to stabilize them even more. It should lock them together stiffly and not shake no matter what.

>> No.57268264

>I was wondering if anyone knows if the Primaris Ancient carrying a banner exclusive to the 'Dark Imperium' set?
As of right now, yes. But the box set is pretty good value as far as GW goes and you could probably find it for sale on ebay or somewhere.

>Also; I'm also thinking about getting into the table top game itself and was wondering what is the average army size? (points wise)
Between 1000 and 2000 points is generally considered "normal", I'd consider 2500 the very limit before getting into crazy Apocalypse/30k territory.

>> No.57268276


>> No.57268279

Are there any example Army Lists I should be aiming for with Death Guard?
I don't wanna cheese too hard, but I also don't wanna wind up buying units that look good to me but are garbage.

>> No.57268281

Recasters and third parties are basically result of GW incompetence.

In fact I encourage people to recast things that are impossible to find like OoP models, bits that only come in one kit or shit that is stupidly expensive like SoB. A box of 10 bitches cost the same as a SC.

>> No.57268294

Oh shit just drybrushing over the edge repeatedly? I havnt thought of that.

>> No.57268298

1500 is the perfect thing that gw apparently balances around.

>> No.57268301


=>new bread lets go lets go lets go

>> No.57268308

Three Basilisks with Relic of Lost Cadia and Overlapping Fields of Fire do 7.95 wounds to a Leviathan Dreadnought with the Earthshaker Cannons and 0.89 with the Heavy Bolter.

>> No.57268317

All the deathguard specific units (excluding the elite character stuff) are actually good.

>> No.57268348

HA! once again 40k proves its supriority by making ugly usless cunt in to something grand.

>> No.57268349

>I look at Orks and I think “If you’re living in the 41st Millennium, everything the Imperium has told you about Orks is a lie…”.


>> No.57268350

>I haven't thought of that

Honestly amazed you haven't. Just know that when you highlight bright colors with drybrushing it will look chalky and you need to glaze it to blend it together.

Try different amounts of load for the amount of highlight you want on the model, white highlights shouldn't leave any mark on your hand.

>> No.57268365
File: 2.49 MB, 4032x2268, 20171029_142322.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Me too anon. I used to take the piss out of my mum for it... Until I inherited it haha, whoops

I've cut caffeine out completely and that's helped a lot. Some people benefit from a small amount of alcohol too but I don't. So I brace my elbows on my knees, my forearms on my desk, push my wrists together firmly, press my little finger on my right hand against my left, and work really slowly.

I've found slowly exhaling as I make the brush strokes really helps too.

With that technique I managed to do this lens and all the helmet edge highlights, and it's my first attempt after an 8 year break

>> No.57268393

The characters are not too bad either. I like using them.

>> No.57268396
File: 297 KB, 738x1001, Blanchemech.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you want to play Admech, play Admech, because if you like Your Dudes it doesn't matter how tricky they are or how many books they've got.

Their Start Collecting set is one of the best ones in terms of value, and you need a couple copies of everything in there for a basic 1k Mech list anyway. Also, the models look really sweet and they're not so hard to paint if you subassembly them, spray everything silver and then use washes to get all the little metal details before doing the robes and guns and glowy bits and such, they just look like a pain when you put them all together.

>> No.57268733

All of them is the answer.

>> No.57270357

>Lilith Abfequarn

Someone's a Ravenor fan

>> No.57270714

Every time one of my daemons fails a morale check, I just fluff it as the daemon has failed to anchor in reality after the unit has taken so many losses
Just because the book says flees doesn’t mean you need to make the reason it running away from the battle

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