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what's the best way to play a competent feminine woman that's not just a man with a vagina?

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How is this relevant to OP's question?

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It is a difficult balance, especially if you're male. Much better to start as a "man with vagina" then build some motivations that are feminine, like wanting to protect families or some such goal.

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... by playing completely feminine woman that's not just a man with a vagina?
I mean what kind of question is that?

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I'm assuming you mean masculine competence which is mostly based on competitive drive. You can't be competitive and feminine.

If you're talking about feminine competence and having a character skilled in that, there are plenty of examples in media to go by.

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Put her in a situation where being feminine is an asset. Assassination is one such field in many cultures, read up on Mochizuki Chiyome. As a source of inspiration or symbol of a movement can be another in many cultures.

Ultimately though, just make a competent character who happens to be female. Yes, there is a difference between this an "man with a vagina".

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Report troll and bait threads, not respond to them.

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The worst thing to do is to act like the usual CN tabaxi flirting sloot, that means you just can't rp a woman.

Just play women as people (I know that's a hard concept for /tg/)

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Consider that women are people and just play her like your usual male character. Give her goals and aspirations and boobs and you’re good to go for the most part. Girls can be masculine, they can be dominant, they can be brash bold and everything in between.

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>Yes, there is a difference between this an "man with a vagina".
Which one? Don't even get well what he means by man with vagina to be honest.

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Assume that op has no idea what that looks like.

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I don't allow my players to play people from the opposite gender and maybe your GM should too.

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He means having a woman act the same as if the character was a man.

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Or, since contrarians and OP will both continue to bump the thread until it hits autosage, you could either take your own advice and ignore this thread or make an attempt to turn the thread into something more to your liking.

Of course, you're probably the kind of person who just browses /tg/ to tell others that they're having fun wrong and doesn't actually contribute anything to the board.

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He wants to know how to play a feminine woman realistically. That's why he mentions "men with vaginas" as what he doesn't want to play.
It's not even a troll question, but some people here are all too sensitive.

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Did you ever watch Avatar the Last Airbender?

Katara is an example of how to do it right.

Korra is an example of how to utterly fuck it up by making a "man-with-a-vagina" type of character.

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Very much this, want to add feminine traits to her personality. Then do that, but a male character can also have some of the usual traits also.

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Korra's issue wasn't that, it was that she was thick as a sack of bricks. The basic idea of a tough as nails brawler as the avatar rather than a spiritualist was fine.

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Actually, I've been reporting every post in the thread, including my own.

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"Man with a vagina" kinds of characters tend to be the "strong female character" stereotype you see pushed in bad modern media. Where they completely reject all feminine values as weak. Basically the height of toxic-masculinity, at the risk of sounding like a SJW.

A good feminine character can still show what's considered feminine values, and even emotions and moments of weakness, while still being strong enough to acknowledge those moments and not let them render her helpless. Sometimes it takes alot of strength to just be human (This applies to well-written male characters too. Reminder Aargon cried when his best friend died.)

Good characters are good characters, regardless of gender. They only get fucked up by people who don't know how real people work, or by people pushing an agenda.

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Compare Vasquez (pretty much a dude) with Ripley (very much a woman, but still strong and competent)

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Play a trap instead, much more feminine

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>man with a vagina
Is a meme. The behavioral differences between men and women aren't pronounced enough to make this an actual thing. A FEMININE woman is different, and by definition really won't be a man with a vagina, so your last part there was completely redundant really.
So, back to the question. It's fucking impossible to do perfectly, because "femininity" is highly skewed in various directions by culture and education. What base instincts are dependent upon sheer hormone is near impossible to accurately determine, and we've been trying for a very long time. Certain qualities can be objectively studied, such as higher risk aversion, improved linguistic ability, greater in-group preference, but what of this contributes towards "femininity"?
And if you try to take too much on at once you might run the risk of just weirding out your fellow players. Trying to express true femininity would feel a bit strange coming from the assumed image of the fa/tg/uy; a 40-year old virgin neckbeard wider than he is tall.
So, sorry, but the answer is ultimately inconclusive. Ask a trap about what specifically makes them feel more feminine than masculine.

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Not OP, but I can agree with this except for
>like wanting to protect families
How is this solely a feminine goal?

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>This kills the xenomorph

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You are aware for some characters gender means jack shit? Like lizardfolk, only difference could be that she can have some eggs from time to time and thus can have small army almost on demand.
Some species in fantasy lack different attitude between between genders

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> The behavioral differences between men and women aren't pronounced enough to make this an actual thing
>believing in egalitarianism
>in 2018

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It really wasn’t tho.
Action shows tend toward brawler MCs rather than pacifists. MCs like Aang are relatively rare - usually you have a “I’ll beat you within an inch of your life but not kill you cuz that would be wrong”.
Aang was special because he’s the opposite of the usual MC.
It’s like Shaman King: Yoh was the opposite of the usual MC in that he really didn’t have any work ethic at all, and only agreed to try to be the Shaman King because he figures the King never has to work. Also, he was pressured into promising Anna he would.
Then know Flowers, his son Hana is a really angry kid with a lot of work ethic with an evil side to him. It’s just a regular MC again and that’s boring.

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Witches or priestesses
Support roles in general is a good way.

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Au contraire
You’re making the same mistake as women do when they talk about men expressing feelings: just because they don’t do it like you doesn’t mean they don’t do it

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A repeat of Aang though would have been shit, as it kinda takes away from the Avatars all being different people (Especially when many of them in the past have been brawlers). A non-spiritual person thrust into a spiritual role is also something interesting to explore.

That's a good chunk of what made Aang interesting. He was a spiritualist in a situation that called very much for a warrior instead. Korra being a warrior in a situation where a diplomat and spiritualist is more fitting is also interesting.

Mind you, the writing was shit but the idea itself was fine.

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>has never talked to a woman in his life

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>Girls can be masculine, they can be dominant, they can be brash bold and everything in between.
Are you illiterate? OP said FEMININE woman

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>The behavioral differences between men and women aren't pronounced enough to make this an actual thing.

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It's basic psychology

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Dumbest post on /tg/ right now.

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Play them as you feel like. There's no rulebook on how to woman "right"

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Play pic related.

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>The behavioral differences between men and women aren't pronounced enough to make this an actual thing

Only a man can write something this retarded because the while womens iq doesnt fluctuate too much men can be absolute drooling retards.

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That would require from OP to have absolutely zero interaction with any other female than his own mother. And that's pretty hard to pull, you know.

Like I've said, to have issues with playing "feminine woman", regardless of players gender, the player in question would have to be completely sheltered from female interaction in the first place.
Considering it's adult-only page, to call it "improbable" is a serious understatement.

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Spending 30 seconds to talk to a woman actually makes it abundantly clear he's right though. It's the most retarded levels of reality-denial to pretend there's no differences.

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You can be feminine and still be wildly competent and skilled. Even if public record says you have a habit of getting kidnapped.

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No, I think the problem is that you have a very skewed view on how human biology has evolved and how female and male roles play a certain way because of this

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Also, compare Ripley in first two movies (female deck officer vs hardened female with serious trauma behind her) with Sarah Connor in T1 and 2 (girly girl vs a dude with tits)

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Trust me, absolute retardation exists on both sides of the gender divide.

But yes, it's absurd levels of "safe space" reality-denial to believe there are no differences in the mental processes involved.

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>What's the best way to play a competent feminine woman that's not just a man with neither reason, nor accountability?

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You have to play them as though they are a mentally disabled man.
They may be extremely knowledgeable in a field, but they always have the flaw of being unable to apply their knowledge.
They lack any accountability for their actions and aren't aware of this. They believe it's because they're "right", not because the men give them special treatment.
Finally, they have a deep hatred and jealously of other women that is completely unfounded. They will only support women when it boosts their own standing in some way.

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Yes it certainly does but i was talking statisticaly, pic related.

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>you are aware for some characters gender means jack shit
Human players still come in only two genders and cancer. Nobody gets to play a cute girl if they don't have a vagina to start with.

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Well you can play transgender or something...I would not be opposed if my player played one too

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>Look how sexist I am!

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>Nobody gets to play a cute girl if they don't have a vagina to start with.
... have you ever, at least once in your life, played a tabletop RPG?

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Shitposting for a shit thread.

And yet somehow it's not as retarded as >>57247600.

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>cat image macro

Hello, out of touch soy loving man from 10 years ago.

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>using the same test to compare two creatures whose brains are literally hardwired differently

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>write a post saying objective, hard differences between men and women are difficult to study, and while trends do exist, there exists no list of "traits you need to have to roleplay girls"
>this triggers /tg/

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It's also a test on kids. Who gives a fuck? If you're playing a child character in DnD, you're already 110% That Guy anyway.

Are you literally retarded (don't answer, it was rhetorical), that's not at all what the people calling you retarded were saying. Stop moving the goalposts.

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>Write a post saying the differences between men and women are hard to study even though they've been studied a ton and are kinda basically self-evident to anyone with a functioning brain.
>Because of this the differences don't exist.

Yeah, that kind of shit logic might work on Tumblr, but not here.

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But there’s more to life than talking and fighting. It doesn’t have to be either a brawler or a diplomat.
In keeping with the New Urban Environment theme, I would have made Korra a creative type who embraces the graffiti culture of Reoublic City and is generally anti-establishment. She gets mixed up with the local gangs (talk about untapped story potential) and has to learn that it’s posdible to trust authorities without doing so blindly and maintaining a healthy skepticism.

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You have to go back

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>Over half a dozen people called me retarded for saying something retarded while exactly zero people agree with me
>It's OK, they're all just TRIGGERED

Anon, please.
In before he starts samefagging support of his own retarded ideas now. Calling it now.

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I don't allow it. The problem is that I never get a background with "character is a kick ass rogue mage that went to this school and did that oh and also he's transgender". I get background of "from his earliest age, Nunununu knew he was born in the wrong body, his life an entire struggle, he was hated by everyone at the mage school but he overcame it, and now it is a dark secret yaddi yadda". Same as with rape victims and orphan background, the trauma becomes an excuse for depth which they can't add creatively and every now and then your character will have a shitty breakdown over a pronoun or something. People who aren't transgender either have no idea how to play someone like that properly, botch it, are an insult to the actual trans players, or they are introducing their trap magical realm into my game.
I'd make an exception if one of my trans players wanted to play someone who was trans but most are happy to stick with the gender they transitioned to.

Yes but I throw out autists real fast.

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it is a feminine goal insofar as it's a feminine instinct. For men, protecting one's family is a matter of pride and social standing. For example, the average /pol/tard will adopt a protective stance towards his family as a way to justify his shitty behavior as an individual. In some cases he will seek to build a family solely so that he can get away with being a douche.

Women just protect their family because it feels right.

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So please provide an example of a hard difference between men and women, a non-physical trait that all women posess that no men do
>Moving the goalposts
>No differences exist
To quote my OP
>Certain qualities can be objectively studied, such as higher risk aversion, improved linguistic ability, greater in-group preference
Is real science, but female geniuses do exist, they're just less common, so as far as OP's question is concerned, telling him to play an average intelligence character would be wrong, as not all women are average intelligence (they're just more likely to be so than men) and that probably wouldn't be considered part of "femininity", which is a nebulous and vague concept.

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>So please provide an example of a hard difference between men and women, a non-physical trait that all women posess that no men do

and then in the SAME FUCKING POST

>but female geniuses do exist, they're just less common

Please keep going, it's like watching a slow-motion train wreck. This is an anonymous image board where you can just walk away and everyone will forget in 5 minutes, but please, keep going.

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>objective, hard differences between men and women are difficult to study
It's literally not.
I know statistics and big scary things like math aren't taught in the soy demi-plane, but at least make an attempt.

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>posts some dumbshit
>anons try to correct you
>”why are you guys so triggered?”

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I think you're confusing "protecting the family" in the abstract with "protecting the children". Women will tear apart their families to protect their own children if they have to and sacrifice themselves way more easily for their child than their husband.

>> No.57248178

>implying women don't entirely base their lives on the idea of social standing
Nice alt-history fan fiction. When do the airships come in? Is that next post?

>> No.57248204

>For men, protecting one's family is a matter of pride and social standing.
I disagree, men and women may have differences but the desire to protect family is a common goal world wide. Simply saying that it is only important to one gender is not only wrong but a fallacy

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I remember her from the justice league cartoon but I forget what her name was

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>Hello, out of touch soy loving man from 10 years ago.
To be fair, someone from /tg/ circa 2007 is almost invariably going to be more welcome here than you are.

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>what's the best way to play a competent feminine woman that's not just a man with a vagina?
For one, choose a profession/class that is not about committing violence.

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I mean, this is good roleplaying advice regardless of the gender of your character. Unfortunately DnD is a murderhobo simulator and nobody plays anything else.

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Eh, I'm actually not too bothered here, I may as well keep sweeping this dirt road.
>Objective hard difference
these are not the same
that is why I made that distinction in that post
because again, in that post, I stated
>Certain qualities can be objectively studied, such as higher risk aversion, improved linguistic ability, greater in-group preference
But clearly did not consider those to be "hard, objective differences"
Women don't cease to be women if they are geniuses, prefer men to women, are bad at linguistics, or like taking risks. They're just outliers.
Black people might be more likely to be poor bicycle thieves than whites, but that wouldn't make Obama an unrealistic black character, were he in an rpg. He's an outlier to some degree or another, but that doesn't contradict any fundamentals of blackness (I have no idea if I sound more /pol/ or kangs here) because general trends of poverty and crime are a different matter to hard "X group is A, Y group is B"
So, I return to, examples?

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Spotted the tumblrite

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Believe me, you've got the wrong person. There's much worse cringe in this topic already.

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Men and women both have social standing to think of.

The difference is that men have to prove they're capable independent actors, while women have to prove they "fit in".

It often overrides whatever protective instinct, with men throwing their family under the bus for personal gain and women approving of abuse against their family because it's the social-religious norm or because their mate wants it (see child abuse cases and stepfathers).

Similarly, they both have a drive to protect their families "because it feels right", they just go about it in different ways. Much like both love their children but fathers tend to be more strict and distant.

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As cringey as it sounds a lot of people live and die for their family

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This desu senpaitachiramasama.
It's also why men celebrate their same-sex friends succeeding more than women do. As long as HIS ability as a capable people isn't in question, his friend can win whatever prize he wants. He tries to compensate if he feels like his own masculinity and ability is question. Women keep up with the Joneses for social acceptance, men to show personal capacity.
I'd bet $100 cash money 90% or more of culture figures people consider 'lone wolves' are male, because women group up and ensure they're equal to their peers and their peers don't get uppity. Most leaders are traditionally male for similar reasons: Guys are more comfortable with answering to a boss of the same sex, or letting that leader succeed on their own merit.
Hierarchies come naturally to men: everyone has their own placement and role, and their success comes from how well they do their job and how that reflects their ability. Sports teams, armies, buisiness.

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> /pol9k/ starts an essentialism thread
>sociologist hoovers up all the (you)'s

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>The behavioral differences between men and women aren't pronounced enough

Cant tell if fishing for (You)s or legitimately retarded.

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>write a post saying objective, hard differences between men and women are difficult to study

Nothing about your post was objective, not even the language.

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I never understood this in RP game, this people want to change their gender or be transgender? Because playing character of their opposite sex would be ideal what they want, while in-game transgender can be easily fixed by wizard

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Play as a mother, and a good one at that

>pic related, best mom

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I'm not sure any GM would allow you to play the robot rather than the pilot.

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>t. Never played a game in his life
What's with nu-/tg/ and hating D&D/Pathfinder? There's literally nothing there that prevents you from being a good roleplayer, and if you try to argue otherwise then you're falling for the Stormwind fallacy

>> No.57249767

>What's with nu-/tg/ and hating D&D/Pathfinder?
We've had this same shit for decades now, we're fucking sick of it. At least on old-TG we were allowed to talk about other games from time to time, but now it's a schreeching chorus of DnDrones any time anyone tries.

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Pathfinder got taken over by furfags and weeaboos, and DnD got dumbed down and super casualized to appeal to the kind of person who watches Critical Roll and thinks the entire hobby is basically screaming "NAT 20!!!11ONEONE!!!!" every chance you get.

>> No.57250043

>Pathfinder got taken over
>implying it wasn't that way from the very beginning thanks to Paizo itself

>> No.57250077

DnD is not a roleplaying game. It's a combat simulator evolved from a war-game. The system doesn't do anything that's not combat well, and shouldn't be used for such.

All the bitching about DnD comes from brainlets who don't understand this and keep trying to use DnD as something it's not, while refusing to play other games even as they constantly bitch about DnD.

They ARE right about it being the only fucking game anyone ever plays though.

>> No.57250125

yeah, with escapism in mind I don't get it either. If it's just to have fun playing a particular kind of weirdness, I get it though

>> No.57250667

Show me when that's ever happened. PF/5e fags never bitch if you're playing another game. If that were the case, then why do I only ever see "have you tried not playing D&D" posts?

>Pathfinder got taken over by furfags and weeaboos
Not anymore. They all went to 5e since its the most popular thing now. You're 10x as likely to find a crap game in 5e than PF now
>DnD got dumbed down and super casualized
Granted. 5e is kind of a dumpster fire and the only good things it has are Inspiration rolls and Advantage/Disadvantage rolls. I fucking hate how 5e has made the term "homebrew campaign" mean "a non-module campaign" rather than "a campaign with a lot of homebrewed mechanics and races"

>DnD is not a roleplaying game.
This is pedantic hair splitting.
>The system doesn't do anything that's not combat well, and shouldn't be used for such.
If its fucking roleplaying you shouldnt have to have rules for improv acting. Unless you're an autist like Lindy who thinks nothing short of stage acting is "Roleplay"

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>> No.57252857

Your character has to be meek and good natured. Don't try to cheat out of that if faced with adversary

>> No.57253426

I'm being entirely unironic here: watch ore anime. Anime does this right a lot of the time, as opposed to Western cinema where a strong woman automatically has to be a strong independent womyn who don't need no man and can do everything as well as the boys.

>You can't be competent and feminine
As much as this is true in reality, the two ideas aren't polar opposites nor mutually exclusive per se so it's at least theoretically possible in fiction.

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