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Do knights ever get to wed the princess in your fantasy setting? Specifically commoner knights:

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>Commoner knights
There can literally be no such thing.

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Such promotions do happen.

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If someone is a knight, then by definition he's not a commoner. Knights are nobility.

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So someone who is a commoner, who was a war hero, cannot be knighted and then marry the princess?

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No, the princess in my world are usually major sluts and they love fucking Orcs too much to marry any beta knight.

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It's conceivable as well that such a person would make an eligible bachelor, so long as the man's reputation is storied enough and the princess isn't especially important.

It certainly wouldn't happen often in any case.

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And a commoner promoted to knight would have a different social standing than someone born as one, so the moniker of commoner knight won't necessarily be wrong.

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No, because Orcs are way more sexy than any little cuck knight. Princesses lust after big Orc dicks, not little human knight cocks.

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Why are the people pelting their princess with veggies?

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Because she fucked Orcs. The poor (white) knight is just a cuckold marrying a literal whore.

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If I remember correctly, the plebs consider her cursed.

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She's a literal Orc-fucker, a Greenburner.

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Because that princess is a THOT (redundant, amirite) and the knight is a WHITE KNIGHT BETA ORBITER SOYB-

Beat me to it

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I think that they might be saying that tgey become noblemen upon being knighted, but that's just semantics. They know full well you meant a common born knight and are being purposefully obtuse.

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The best a commoner knight can do is marrying an Orc-fucking slut of a princess. It's sad but true.

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No, because it's a matriarchal theocracy, and thus there are no princesses.

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Now that's just racist. Not all pointy eared people screw orcs.

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It's the truth. It's widely known that most Princesses are nothing more than Orc-fucking whores.

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You fucks need to go back to /pal/

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>Knights are nobility.
It depends.

A landed knight would be gentry, but not necessarily nobility. An unlanded knight would be gentry and definitely not nobility.

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You need to stop fucking Orcs.

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It happens. Usually as a result of eloping.

Its more likely that a common born warrior leads a revolution, names himself king, and marries a princess from a neighboring kingdom for allies/legitimacy. Which isn't particularly common.

In the case of a politically powerless individual with no family connections marrying into royalty because of his martial accomplishment, queen regnants (or even regents ruling in their child's name) have been known to wed adventurers due to their lack of loyalty to any noble houses. In that case he essentially serves as her enforcer/bodyguard in the capital city.

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It's not a problem, I can stop any time I want!

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Most human princesses, you mean. They're sluts in general.

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Human AND Elvish are all Orc-fucking sluts, nothing redeeming about those whores.

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wow i was gonna read that comic but that website is formatted like hot cancer

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You're going to have to clarify what you mean by gentry because it has been used to mean a lot of different things.

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Sorry, in the English sense. Which is to say aristocrat vice noble.

Typically including: gentlemen (aristocrats), esquires (aristocrats), knights (aristocrats), and occasionally hereditary knights/baronets. Although the latter are also typically the first place you find actual nobles in the Peerage.

t. 4th in line to a Scots barony

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Wrong, I bet you are addicted to Orc cocks, you filthy whore.

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>Implying that filthy mud-eating commoners can even become knights

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As long as the royals don't think he'll ever actually inherit the throne. So probably the second or third daughter.

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That heavily depends on the nation and time period in setting. Not all of them even have knights and the title of knight can imply different things.

The Kryn Empire actually prefers princesses to marry knights, especially those who have been promoted from the ranks of the common soldiers. The royal family is an entirely different class from the other nobles and is always trying to marry in the strongest and brightest members of the lower class in order to improve their bloodline. The royal family is intentionally large in order to facilitate its weird succession laws. The emperor later purges the nobility and establishes a more dictatorial empire, so knights eventually transition into a class of administrators while professional soldiers and mercenaries take the role of armored cavalry. Late period knights might marry into the royal family, but it would be rare since bureaucrats don't distinguish themselves in battle very often.

All other nations in the setting that have knights would not generally approve of such a union. Some Aiter kingdoms or republics might allow it, but their populations are so focused on gaining wealth and power for their family that they would only let a high noblewoman marry a lower noble if he was incredibly successful or as a political stunt of some kind.

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Okay, well to be fair you have to remember that fucking nothing is based off of english nobility.

Like, most settings have a hard time getting the basic underlying structure of feudalism right, let alone the details.

In most settings, english gentry would be referred to as 'petty nobles', 'unlanded nobles', etc. They're nobility in all senses that matter.

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I would like to point out that the princess is the kings daughter, so whoever marrys her will likely be crowned king. A knight from an extinct or weak family probably wouldn't be rewarded with such power.

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Knights are not aristocrats so no, they can't marry princesses.

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Not even if he manages to save the kingdom?

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>posts a picture of the grandson of a jumped up migrating merchant
America was a mistake. No respect for social classes!

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Not necessarily. Whilst prince/princess has become associated with the non-ruling members of a royal family, it's a title used for a wide variety of nobility.

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Do. They. Ever. Sometimes they even marry princes. Its hot.

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The real question is why is he using a pavise?

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Typically only in times of strife when charismatic young men become heroes and warlods whose loyalty to the crown is of the greatest value and princesses of the time tend to be of the rebellious kind enthralled with that sort of man due to their lack of a father figure in war time.

Otherwise men of high status and their sons tend to win the ladies hand in marriage.

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Thats oddly specific. and I like it.

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He doesn't normally, but he knew ahead of time that produce was going to be flung and figured he'd need the extra coverage.

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Let's not be anal and assume OP meant a gendarme: a commoner who took up arms and is for all intents and purpose the exact same as a knight.

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In my setting, Knights are of equal or greater nobility than a princess. Common-born full knights are rare but not unheard of.

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I would assume that either female children of the ruler are useless even for political marriage or knights are hella rare.

Or you're being obtuse and have 'princess' mean something other than 'female child of the ruler'.

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Knights are about as uncommon as princesses in this setting and hold immense martial might and political power, and can levy armies as a commissioned proxy for the God-King.

If a knight wants to marry a princess, generally speaking the princess doesn’t have much of a choice in the matter,

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Depends on the laws of succession. He might just end up as prince-consort to the Queen, and then their kid could be King (Although the important part is that it's her kid).

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It takes a rough sort of man to tame a woman whose had free run of her household and heel licking ladies in waiting as friends all her life. The fae blood the Royals tend to have in their veins doesn't help the situation either.

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I disagree. I think it takes a sort of rare gentle persistence to show a women like that, that she doesn't have to stop pretending

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>He thinks someone is actually going to read all of that

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>plate armor
>still uses a shield

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Anon, that's not even a particularly long post. Are you alright? Are you sure you're even on the right board? Most fa/tg/uys are at least somewhat used to reading things.

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It's not really /pol/, anon - inspired by /pol/ memes, sure, but what we're witnessing is all homegrown.

Basically, accuse anyone of fucking Orcs and lusting after Orcs. We do it for Elves all the fucking time, why are people getting so angry when we extend the accusation to Humans?

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>Lorica Segmentata
>Plate armor

It's good armor, but it ain't no gothic.

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It's the original plate armor.

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This actually is kinda dependent upon where’s and whens.
I mean in feudal heirarchy they weren’t common anymore, but neither did this mean their parents were nobility of any kind.

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No it's not, if we're going to assume any hunk of plate strapped onto a person counts as plate armor, than the Greeks did it WAY before the Romans.

Plate armor refers to a specific kind of armor, namely the suits worn by 16th century Knights.

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>Partial plate armour, which protected the chest and the lower limbs, was used by the ancient Greeks (muscle cuirass) and Romans (lorica segmentata)

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No, but plenty of knights do get to marry the prince.

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But I don't want to marry the prince, I'm not gay.

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White knights never get a girl

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Fake propaganda!

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But all knights are white, anon.

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In my setting they wed the prince.

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the prince is a girl(male)

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Doesn't the (male) just mean they look like a girl, but they're actually a guy? That's still gay - hell, I'd say it's worse since it's tricking you otherwise.

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What if they are not tricking the groom, just the rest of the nation?

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Well, that wouldn't happen because I specifically said the dick makes me not interested.

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She's actually extremely popular among the populace and all the commoners want to provide their agricultural tribute in person. Sometimes they overexcited.

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But what if you met the prince and you too were tricked, but after you developed a crush and saw them as a beautiful person they told you the truth the very knight you expected to ask them out?

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Then I'd feel hurt by the revelation and either gently break off our relationship as nothing more than that between a knight and his liege, or try and move away from the romantic affections and settle into platonic friendship.

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Then why answer the question?

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Yeah, the common people are like that sometimes, we had to ban masons from these public events, since the unfortunate events with late sir Richard and his wife.

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i believe you meant to say"hand held tactical anti tomato device"

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They are water balloons

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Why not?

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Only if they get the king to agree to it in a weird, circumspect manner.

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>so long as the man's reputation is storied enough and the princess isn't especially important
Still mad Sharpe didn't marry best girl

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>Let's not be anal and assume
C'mon this is 4chan the top internet community for anal assumptions of all kinds.

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Because it's unnecessary weight, I know you've probably never had to hull around anything more than 15 lbs in your life but given the weight and limitation of plate armor alone I doubt you'd fine an additional shield worth it

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Because in this thinly veiled metaphor, human women are falling for Orc (read; black) dick. With elves (less obvious, but let's say asians), it's elf women falling for human men

it's cucking vs being cucked anon. This is basic autistics anon

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No reason to when your entire body is covered in the same material as everyone's weapons resulting in them either having to wrestle each other down and kill each other with daggers or use big blunt weapons

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>so whoever marrys her will likely be crowned king
why are princesses always only children?
If she have a brother, than he will become the future king

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There are freelance knights that can swear themselves to any individual of any wake of life for literally any reason. Since these knights serve as a sort of diplomat to whatever country they hail from, they’re held to an extremely high standard and are very well respected. A knight sworn to that individual is expected to be so dedicated to that person that they would die for them without hesitation, and stop at nothing to serve them well. I imagine that if a king found out one of these knights decided to swear themselves to their daughter, I can’t imagine they would have a huge problem with it. And the whole diplomatic immunity thing they come with would probably be great for them politically.

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To be a knight in early europe you had to have,1, martial training,2, enough funds for a panoply, and 3, a horse.
Caballeros Villanos, or Pardos (meaning tanned, because being free men they had to work they lands), than translates as Village Knight, where common as fuck in Spain, specially early one because they needed any able bodied men to fight the moors. You could gain Nobility (the least important one, but being free of taxes is sweet) when you got the prerequisits, so yeah, an able young men with martial training and a horse could serve a princess.
I'm only ashamed because I had to defend a friggin fetish thread...

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What does the text in Spanish say?

I did read something about Arab bows being too weak to pierce chainmail back in the days and the Knights basically going throughout it like rain.

Having it pictured is definitely more awesome.

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"Heavily protected be they helms, shields and mail armors over padded robes, the Muslim javelins and arrows barely dented the Christian charge, or so the chronicles of the day said, in that situations some knights looked like porcupines (with all the arrows sticking in them).
You had some crusaders talking about that too, and Spanish account are choke full of that. And the Muslim bows where strong, it's only is very difficult to kill a man in full armor, only Javelins could pierce all that, or the strongest crossbows, and outrigth kill a man with them wasn't easy. So even if they where deathly wounded, they still charged.

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>So even if they where deathly wounded, they still charged
Some say even the dead themselves charged.

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Yeah, one of those beloved legends be the Spanish.
There is a lovely film about the Cid, than I watched several times as a kid, than, for the understanding of the time, had a good grasp of the weapons and armors (you can see they inspired themselves in Funcken drawings a lot), tough lots of pieces of gear for both sides where more common a hundred of years in the future.
Here the final charge of the Cid as that movie.
Also, for the ones than scratch they head about why the muslim guys also say that of for El Cid, God and Spain, the muslim than where allied with el Cid where all of (mainly) Spanish stock themselves, fighting the Almhoades invaders.

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No, but they often get to wed the princess (male)

>> No.57213105

I always wondered what she did to make the crowd angry, at least I think they are angry
That's called a prince anon

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No, Princesses marry into nobility. The exception is if the person they're marrying has enormous personal power.

It's like, if someone's a Solar Exalted, obviously the Princess can marry him. Or if he's a Level 20 Wizard, that's just as good too.

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No lmaoo

>> No.57213238

So a Knight'll do? They're nobility after all

>> No.57213265

One of my players was a peasant who received divine powers, and met a very popular priestess. Many months of mercenary work later, he and the group founded a mercenary company to help their nation fight off an invading larger army.

In the end they also fought off an undead king that sought to use the bloodshed to awaken, with the help of some noblemen. The peasant holy warrior dealt the final blow. After all that was resolved, the mercenary company was elevated to an order of knights by the new king. The divine knight married the priestess also, so that's the closest there is in my setting.

>> No.57213304

It really depends on time period and region, but yeah. The knight title was not always hereditary, although it was often taken as the new family name.

t. a guy with the Machado family name.

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Sure, though she probably marries a Duke or something. OP stated it was a 'commoner knight', though.

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Look at this faggot, not having sex with girls(male). Stop trying to rationally explain your perspective. """Prince"""esses need big strong men like you anon.

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Princesses take Knights as lovers but not as husbands. Husbands are for consolidating power.

>> No.57214488

Nah, princes inherit the throne. Princesses (male) are gifted to dangerously efficient knights to kill off their bloodline

>> No.57214541

Your queen is an evil vampire. She killed Diana so she could absorb her life force to extend her own lifespan. That's what social structure gets you. Immortal monster overlords.

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So I had a princess decide to elope with a knight in a setting. It was a huge scandal, and it eventually escalates into a general war on the continent.

The happy couple committed suicide over being captured. The war lasts almost 20 more years.

>> No.57214749

If I wanted to, I'd just have the king give the knight a title. I mean, if he's impressed by the knight enough for the idea of marriage to ever be taken into consideration, it's not like he couldn't make it happen.

>> No.57215106

Sure, if he doesn't mind insulting everybody else who holds title by implying that an upjumped dirt farmer is their equal.

>> No.57215148

Hence why you give them a princess (male) to marry instead

>> No.57215188

Just admit that you are a homo and be done with it anon

>> No.57215241

Maybe because she is an elf?
Yes, humans can be this racist.

>> No.57215247

And that's exactly why every time kings did this IRL all other nobles would get mad and gang rape the king and train his hounds to piss all over the castle and its staff.

>> No.57215279

Plebs gonna pleb.

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you two have set up the chad/beta dynamic here. the CHAD WARLORD who is just the ROUGH MAN to TAME THESE "GIRLS". and the b-beta warrior who's got gentle p-persistence and will convince your p-princess (m'lady) through LOVE.

>> No.57215393

So, not full plate armor that is portrayed in the op.

>> No.57215472

Still plate armor

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man, when your a Dragon Slaying, Demon Killing, One Man Army, you marry whoever you want

>> No.57216884

Like an Orc-fucking slut of a princess? Wow... what a brave knight.

>> No.57216896

No, it's because she fucked Orcs. She's a worthless Orc-fucking slut.

>> No.57216938

Who should he be marrying? Maybe an orc princess, who's probably a virgin because apparently all the men are busy fucking human and elven princesses.

>> No.57216982

>he shares her with the orc warlords
>now that they are hole-brothers the war subsides
>peace via sluttery

>> No.57217136

orc chief's pure daughter > slut elf princess

>> No.57217157

If you answered anything other than,"Yes, because every man is a king,"then you can fuck right off with your royalist drivel m8.

If they're knighted then they're no longer a commoner. That they were a commoner becomes irrelevant.

And if some cocky blueblood old money noble tries to pull lineage they just remind them,"Bitch, see that dragon's head over my fireplace? I did that. How did you get your nobility?"

Christ, diplomacy requires a lot of stamina.

>> No.57217351

Noble knights don't marry them either. Royals marry among royal and perharps with some very powerful lord

>> No.57217360

Jesus, learn English. I had to read your post twice.

>> No.57217597

>Specifically commoner knights

Learn the difference between knights and men-at-arms.

>> No.57217735

>Orcs (read: green, leather-skinned, bipedal pseudo-reptilian with everflowing bloodlust who are typically 1.6x or larger than human men)
>Negroids (read: "black" humans who are purported to have large penises, average human men)

I can see why you're stumped, you took one too many intro-to-language arts courses before you dropped out of High School. It's nothing to be ashamed about, anon. There's also really complex math going on here:
1 average human man < 1 orc in size
1 "black" human man = ~1 average human man + larger dick
1 "black" human man < 1 orc in size
1 orcdick = (+)1.6x 1 niggercock

On a similar note...
>Elf =/= Asian
What the fuck were you thinking. Look at where Elf comes from, like Pixie, and Faerie, and you'll see elves were Scandinavian, Pixies were Scots, and Faerie/Fae were the short ginger runts (typically considered Irish ancestors, though not necessarily the case).

>> No.57217797

Elves are finnish, therefore asian

>> No.57217806

And for anyone who didn't know, Dwarf-kind referred to children forced to labour in mines.

Almost all folklore, mythology, etc. has some basis in reality. It was mostly modifying what happened to make it more interesting and easier to remember for storytelling.
>As opposed to, say, the past ~200 years or so, where a good deal of what's written happened in the dreams or mind(s) of people and was recorded for entertainment, propaganda, or values-enforcement (literature) purposes.

>> No.57217940

>Finnish = Asian
Those are 100(+) year old racial theories, not supported by modern science; that's equivocal to saying everything in the Bible really happened or we're made of ice. GTFO Hans Horbiger.

I'll admit, many Finns have the N1-haplogroup, which is mostly found in Northern Eurasians, but that's also 10 000(+) years old and in no way limited to "Asians" - a good deal of folks in North America who are considered "white" have it as well.

>> No.57220477

Whatever they are, they've had more Orc dicks than a urinal.

>> No.57221136

It's possible but if you want it official that knight has to be a grand war hero everyone loves. The alternative is they run away with the princess and they elope.

>> No.57221471

The alternative is that the Princess loves Orc dicks so much that she runs away to be with a strong Orcish warrior rather than a weak Elf or Human boy.

>> No.57221605

This tread has been corrupted by the forces of shitposting, there's nothing of value here don't try to comment,don't suffer it to live. Death is the only salvation there might happen here.

>> No.57221914

Huey Long makes a /tg/ post

>> No.57221962

>a commoner who took up arms and is for all intents and purpose the exact same as a knight.

How'd pay for all that expensive ass gear and his horse? How does he afford to maintain it?
Who taught him to use it? Who tends to his lands when he's away?

>> No.57222113

>Tolkien elves are the same as Scandinavian elves
>Can't see the similarities between the stereotypical negro and the stereotypical tribal orc

>> No.57223770

Guess who isn't wearing plate armour? The person he's protecting.
I'll never understand why princesses waste their time fucking people like you, greenskin.

>> No.57224025

>realismfag can't into distribution of weight
I get that in Dee And Dee plate armor's weight isn't effected by wearing it, but there's a reason there's so many straps in a suit of armor.

>> No.57225512

He inherited his arms from a dying knight who had no heirs. The same knight taught him as much as he could, though the young knight is not very good. He has no lands. He just wanders as a hedge knight seeking the patronage of lowly nobles in need of muscle.

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>> No.57225721

>Immortal monster overlords

So Dwarf Fortress?

>> No.57225894

Nice. Considering where Dunk ends up though, i'm not sure 'not very good' is going to hold true forever.

>> No.57226043

>i'm not sure 'not very good' is going to hold true forever.

It's not supposed to, since I assume the PC who has that backstory is going to be gaining levels and completing quests that give him wealth and renown.

>> No.57226087

No, i'm saying that because that's not a random backstory he's just thought up. It's from a Game of Thrones short story about a roaming hedge knight.


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>all this talk of orc cock
>not realising that orc women are addicted to BIG HUMAN COCKS
>implying sissy orc bois aren't also addicted to the BHC

>> No.57226136

Oh no, I know all about Sir Duncan the Tall, I based a PC off him for a campaign. The person you were responding to was using him as an example of how a commoner could become a "knight" and go forth to right wrongs and seek out a lord, and I was pointing out the "not very good" knight-peasant would gradually come into his own as a true knight.

Which is exactly why I used it for a PC, it's a fantastically short and sweet Leve l1.

>> No.57226179

Oh right. You make a good point, it's a damn good level 1 backstory.

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I generally portray the monarchy/nobility as too caught up with their on politics and maneuvering that, while they may reward the party, there's basically never a princess to be had. They've all been married off for political gain.

I think if I had an off age princess, who somehow had enough contact with a party member for romantic interest to develop, AND the character personally became powerful enough to a political element, I might do it.

>> No.57226586

They were actually possible in a short time period after the bubonic plague swept through Europe - there were openings to be filled, and an ambitious man could plug himself into one with enough skill and luck. Sir John Hawkwood is easily the greatest example of this - born the son of an English tanner in Essex, and eventually rose to the rank of Captain-General of Florence.

He was also a goddamn madman, who once laid seige to the Pope's estate in Avignon. He would later be employed by that same Pope he had attacked to fight a few Italian city-states, the majority of which he would eventually work for.

>> No.57227989

No, but Ladyknights often get their princes

>> No.57228749

At this rate, we're all going to be one fourth orc one fourth elf and one half human by this time next century. I wonder if we can get the dwarves in on this.

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Well what if a commoner who's a soldier saves the noble? Can the noble who so happens to be of military background marry the nobleman/noblewoman after lets say rescueing them?

As a symbol of thanks from the noble family?

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