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Slaaneshmas is over edition

Previous Thread: >>57098327 → #

For all your questions on Dark Heresy (1st and 2nd Editions), Rogue Trader, Deathwatch, Black Crusade, and Only War.
Not the wargame, not Chapter Master, not Space Hulk. Inquisitor is okay, but not many people know about it.

>Who's making the new 40k RPGs?
Ulisses-Spiel, very well known in Germany. It's set post Gathering Storm, uses a Shadowrun-esque D6 dice pool, and is a unified line with Marines, Humans, and Xenos all playable in the core book.

Book Repositories (If you're planning to download any Rogue Trader materials, read the .txt file in the RT directory)

There is a new Homebrew Megafolder option in above MEGA directory containing several things.

40K RPG tools, a site that contains stats or references for almost all weapons, armor and NPCs/adversaries. Not updated past DH2 core.

40k RPG Combined Armory (v6.48.161023), containing every piece of gear in all five lines. Now includes all DH2e books.

The Good, the Bad, and the Alpha Legion (v1.1.8) (Total Conversion Deathwatch into the Horus Heresy)

Mars Needs Women! (v1.3.11) (Mechanicus Skitarii and Taghmata for Only War)

Fear and Loathing in the Eastern Fringe (V1.6.4) (Playable Xenos for Rogue Trader)

The Fringe is Yours! (v1.8.16) (More Xenos, Knights, and Horus Heresy gear for Rogue Trader)

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Tell us of your groups finest moment.

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Existing for a session.

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>Unbeknownst to us our inquisitor was a filthy, filthy necron-worshipping heretic
>Get ambushed and captured by an off-sector puritan lord inquisitor trying to bring ours to justice
>Don't know any of the backdoor politics between the big guys, just think some crazy bitch is gunning for us because of some crazy bitch reasons
>Having two platoons' worth of stormtroopers gives her a strong negotiating position so we listen considering there's only three of us and most got wounded in the ambush.

>It isn't as bad as we thought because we actually have a nice chat in her rhino where she tells debriefs us and even offers us a chance to redeem ourselves!
>Turns out, she knows our inquisitor's hideout and has a solid intel his xeno allies are there too
>We are to get him and bring him to her and she'll think about our future employment

>Get dropped near the underground with in the desert some 20 clicks from the hive with most of our wargear.
>In fact, we actually got a bit extra - all 3 of us got their very own explosive collars with pictrecorders and a vox link to guide our sinful souls

>The bitch didn't take my commbead
>Decide fuck it, we're not having some crazy foreigner telling us what to do and arrange to take the collars off using hand signals
>On count 3, mine and techpriests' collars disengage with a click, but the assassin takes too long and the collar goes off as the techpriest rushes to assist
>Tight, dark corridor. Nowhere to dodge.
>The assassins' face is vaporized and techpriest's ribcage is reduced to scrap
>First thing we hear after our ears stopped ringing is the bitch starts screaming obscenities over the vox


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When we purged 55,000 heretics in three hours.

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To be fair, we only did a fraction of that personally, the rest was collateral damage. I'd have to say gunning down an alpha-level psyker tops it.

Also, the salvation of Velasquez:
>Kill-Team Theseus is making its way off a rapidly disintegrating Rogue Trader ship, a friendly rogue trader by the name of Velasquez locked in a stasis casket, along with his Seneschal/Paramour.
>We have recently fended off the remains of the mecha-marines the heretical Rogue Trader created, and are getting the hell off this ship to deal with the boarding party on the friendly vessel.
>We progress through the halls, Brother Gunnar's glorious multi-melta vapourizing assassins.
>And then, the heretic's Alpha-Level Witch-daughter starts fucking with our minds.
>Most of us pass the opposed willpower check (Including my Assault marine, who's been wise enough to invest in those expensive advances), except Gunnar.
>Fresh from burning an assassin alive, he turns his cannon towards our mission objective, preparing to unleash the heat of the a thousand suns as he pulls the trigger.
>It has the recharge quality, giving us time to hold him down and shake off her influence.
>Her hand played, we start to merrily jog towards the hangar, chanting prayers in high gothic to prove our purity and faith at all times. Those who falter, if only for a second, have fallen.
>We make our way to the hangar, hop in Velasquez's salvaged stormbird craft, and fly across the void, during which we discover that mother-fucking Vanderlin, the heretic bastard who we've destroyed two body doubles of so far, has assumed Velasquez's identity, and turned the ship against us.
>We dodge incoming point-defense fire, and crash into a hangar, only to find it filled to the brim with Sororitas pointing heavy weapons at us.
>Our Wolf-Priest exits, making a convincing argument for why we should not be burnt alive.
>Among his points, is that we have the Rogue Trader and his Seneschal with us, in need of medical aid.

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>"But she's right here with us."
>And at that moment, Alyssa Vanderlin, Witch-born daughter and lover of Severus Vanderlin, failed her deceive check by one, while surrounded by angry sororitas.
>The command post immediately detonated, turning several sisters to ash, while servitors started to pour into the hangar.
>We pressed onwards, pouring machine curses and bolt fire onto the servitors, closing in on Alyssa's position.
>A sister's fire penetrated Alyssa's psychic aegis, drawing a cry of pain and a plea for help sent to her father.
>It was at this moment that Vanderlin, butcher of Astartes, dealer in darkness, heretic, burst forth from beneath the hangar, clad in a modified Tau battlesuit, and engaged the kill-team.
>Unfortunately, he was unable to stop a dozen bolt-shells from brother Gunnar ripping into his daughter, turning her into a fine red mist.
>The battlesuit immediately turned and charged into the command post, only to be savaged by battle-brother Arkio, immobilized by Brother-librarian Hindenburg's curses, and peeled open like a tin can over the remnants of his daughter.
>It was at that point, revealed it was either remotely controlled, or piloted by an abominable intelligence. Either way, it was burnt by the sisters, along with the witch.
>Vanderlin, disguised as Velasquez, still breathed, however.
>We went to rectify that, along with a contingent of sisters.
>After passing the wounded Trader and his Sensechal into the care of the sisters, we kicked down the door, purging any traitorous bridge staff with fire, as the assault went for a flying tackle on wings of flame.
>It was at this point that Vanderlin was forced to roll a fear test as he realized how much shit he was in.
>He failed, and fell to the floor a broken man.

And so, Justice was done. Still have a heretic Explorator creeping around somewhere, and we're drifting dangerously close to Witchwood, but it went well.

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purge the techies desu

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>And at that moment, Alyssa Vanderlin, Witch-born daughter and lover of Severus Vanderlin

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>And at that moment, Alyssa Vanderlin, Witch-born daughter and lover of Severus Vanderlin

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The day the dice betrayed us and we still prevailed
>Party is a navigator, sister of battle, cadian shocktrooper, crazy psyker and techpriest
>Infiltrating probably chaos old laboratory
>Cadian sneaks up on the two henchmen guarding the door and rolls 100
>Cadian slips in puddle and falls flat on face
>Sister of battle hurries over to his aid and has a flamer jam
>Cadian tries to attack in melee and gets knocked out due to second crap roll
>Seeing this, the psyker and the techpriest climb into a rhino and decide to ram the door to the lab
>Navigator barely jumps out of the way
>Psyker decides to go all psychic powers blazing
>Rolls a perils of the warp
>Disables the rhino and the techpriest
>Lab door opens due to ruckus and 4 chaos marines step out
>Sister of battle decides to beat in the face of the first with her broken flamer but fails
>Cadian still trying to get rid of henchman and fails melee roll
>Two chaos marines start trying to pry open the rhino
>The psyker gets another chance to roll and does a second peril of the warp, vanishing to another planet
>Techpriest tries to restart the rhino and fails
>At this point, the navigator decides to run into the action with a loud "LOOK AT MEEEEEE"
>The dice betray the chaos marines who don't get the deception and all look or start to aim at the scrawny man
>Lidless stare bonanza
>One outright dies and the rest is knocked out
>Sister finished basking one's head in
>Techpriest fails again with the rhino and the GM, seeing our desperate situation, decided that the machine spirit went in reverse and flattened the chaos marine that was still in the vicinity out of sheer annoyance
>Cadian finally rolls something decent and kills the henchmen
>Last chaos marines blindly shoots at navigator and miss because the dice weren't in their favour either
>Cadian and sister of battle take care of the rest
Needless to say it is the session we do not speak off.

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When we found a long-lost Knight House. It was a fixer-upper.

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>the GM, seeing our desperate situation, decided that the machine spirit went in reverse

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So guys. I need advice.

My squad is trapped on a ship with a single Rak'Gol. We thought the ship was dead and it already killed our retinue of guardsmen. We got the power going and it woke up from hibernation and started killing.

Party is:
Rogue Trader
Marine Errant

We only have power swords and a couple plasma guns

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>marine errant

Why are you worried again? You're already breaking the system.

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A signle rak'gol, and you have plasma, power weapons AND a space marine? What an easy fight. Even a squad of guardsmen can take on a single rak'gol - your GM probably fiat'd them dead to create "atmosphere."

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Assuming your group has the same XP, that makes everyone but the Marine rank 4 by default. So, what's the problem?

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I've seen some pictures of humans with nartheciums, is that a thing? Would it have the same stats as the Apothecaries?

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It is, check sisters hospitalier.

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So I'm going to try Deathwatch for the first time and Wolf Scout caught my eye. I'm not very familiar with the system (I mostly play RT when I play a 40K rpg at all) so I' like some clarification. The characteritic advances for WS replace the standard Tac Marine one, but what about the speciality advances? Does it replace the Tac Marine ones, add to them, does it replace general or Chapter advances?

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Hey, I noticed there was a pretty cool anon who said they converted a bunch of stuff from RT a thread or two ago and posted a link to their weapons stuff.

If you are around anon, could you post the rest of your conversion?

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How do I get my friends to play a 30k game? Whenever I try, all they say is "lol space marines" and brush it off.

>> No.57177930

Any ideas for DH2 Psykers to gain astro telepath powers without soul-binding?

>> No.57177978

Unfortunately 30k is pretty much all “lol space marines”, like 90% of the lore is about the great marine slapfest. Maybe try a game of Deathwatch and see if they like it? Not sure that solves the marine problem though.

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So, in DH2, There are the temple assassins. who have that super dodge ability. What should that be worth to PCs xp wise?

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I didn't see GBAL have solar auxilia, mechanicum, or cults and militia. Are they in another book?

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So why is healing in DH2 so much harder than in Dark Heresy 1st edition. Does anyone just ignore the "once per 12 hours" rule on invigorate and endurance?

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Time for Dragon Ball Super.

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Even in Permadeath I still serve

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How the Warp does the blimp relate to the Dark Angels?

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They're a high-flying relic of the past that's often romanticised but would burn to cinders if exposed to the slightest spark of the flame of truth?

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Player’s online handle is Dirigible. After familiarising himself with level of carnage unleashed by the Kill-Team on every mission he decided to get a fitting name and thus Brother Hindenburg was born.

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A little different from before and a lot simpler, which works better as the symbol of a Sisters of Battle Order? Left or Right?

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I like the left. The fleur de lis pops better.

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Hi, /tg/, newbie GM here. I've cobbled a group together to play Dark Heresy (or possibly Rogue Trader, but DH won ). Three of the four aren't familiar with too much of the setting, although I've sat them down and given them a quick summary of the important bits; "heresy is bad, cute aliens are not for cuddles, people with visible deformities are not going to have a fun time" - that sort of thing.
The fourth is a tech-priest nut that I'm a little worried is going to be a little hammy and alienate them, but I'll ask that he roll a non-techpriest at first, so he doesn't go full Mechanicus right away. Anyway, they've committed, we'll start after someone moves house in just under two weeks.
My problem is, what's a good sort of one-shot scenario to act as a tutorial? No-one's actually played PnP stuff before, bar me. I was originally going to see about altering Shattered Hope to fit DH2e, but I saw that a few people last thread were saying that it's basically a dull dungeon grind - and having read it, I can sort of agree. Is there any pre-existing one-shot that combines investigation, combat and talking?
In other words, got three receptive normies interested along with a tabletop player, how can I rope them in good and proper?

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Holy shit anon, so they never played PnP and they have no idea of Warhammer 40k. Frankly I would go with a more easily understood world, like DnD, where even normies will get what an elf, a dwarf or a halfling are. If you really want to, I'd play a one shot scenario which is basically a couple of clues and then blow up a chaos dude. Something real easy and simple.

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whats the best way to play RT atm?
original ruleset or some port?

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Which game line handles psykers the best, and why?

>> No.57183716

Only War, because playing one is discouraged.

>> No.57183741

OK most important question...where is more 40k scooby doo? I need that in my life.

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>The psyker gets another chance to roll and does a second peril of the warp, vanishing to another planet
What happened to him?

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Dumb Krautfag here,with two questions. First, could you explain me, whats the difference between Aptidutes and Characteristics in ONLY WAR? Sadly, I only found the Rulebook in english.
Second, does weather (Heavy Rain, Snow, Blizzards etc.) effect Energy Weapons (Lasguns, Melters, Plasmaguns etc.). The Gimmick for my groups Regiment should basicly be, that the have more or less "All Weather Proof, including Radiation"-Armor and therefore can be deployed in even the shittest of places."
Pic more or less related.

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>First, could you explain me, whats the difference between Aptidutes and Characteristics in ONLY WAR?
Characteristics are you char's stats you roll tests with.
Aptitudes are your char's leanings that make advancing characteristics/skills/talent cheaper; everything has two aptitudes listed; the more aptitudes your char has fitting for a thing, the cheaper it would be in exp.
>Second, does weather (Heavy Rain, Snow, Blizzards etc.) effect Energy Weapons
No such rules, IIRC.

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blew up the Tricorn palace to stop a necron invasion of scintilla and later sacrificed a good 70% of battlefleet calixis in a mad 3 way battle to shoot the tyrant star out of the sky. seeing as we rammed the bugger in a game of World Engine/Operation Chariot and survived i would like to think we succeeded.

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Left it is then. Thanks.

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So one of my players rolled a 33 in WP in DH and still wants to play a psyker. I'm not too sure if I should let him since that seems like an awfully low WP for it and I know he'll bitch constantly if it doesn't turn out well. Do you guys think advances would be enough to let him still work reasonably well?

>> No.57186170

can you just let him swap two characteristics or is this a HARDCORE game

>> No.57186290

its HARDCORE for sure, and thats the way they wanted it. He says he thinks he can just take advances and get away with it even though he'll be stuck in the 40's for who knows how long but I don't think its a good idea.

>> No.57186341

would it be hardcore to swap two stats in exchange for burning a fate point?

>> No.57186448

They don't want to. I said he could just do it if he wanted to but they've never played HARDCORE and now they want to. The question isn't what can I do to make it work the only real question is can it work at all or should I just tell him no?

>> No.57186484

whats the range of stats in DH typically?
I dont remember anymore

>> No.57186549

Due to not wanting to piss off the player, GM ruled that he landed on an imperial world and managed to send an astropathic message to mention were he was. We went and picked him up later.

>> No.57186601

Average is about 30, so his 33 is technically above average but even the book says you should min 35 and ideally be closer to 40. Its really expensive to increase stats past like +10 so realistically his willpower won't even go beyond like 48 for forever which isn't that great for dealing with all the bullshit psykers deal with. He'll be able to cast powers but not really deal with the side effects probably

>> No.57186840

If he's dead set on playing this out then he has to accept that he is more likely to die than most characters in a system where turnover is already high. With a low score in his critical characteristic he's going to fuck up sooner rather than later and potentially catastrophically so. If the player is known to be a bitch about things not going well then you only need to tolerate that until he dies. If he wants to play a hardcore game he will face hardcore consequences. Maybe next time he won't be such a sperg.

The bigger threat you face is how the rest of the party will react when they get punished by his reticent stupidity. Psykers are inherently dangerous in a meta sense because their fuckups endanger everyone else disproportionately to how easily they can fuck up. Your campaign isn't doomed but if people are quite taken with the characters they've initially created then the psyker splatting the party by accident will be a miserable wake-up call.

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pls respond

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Original ruleset is fine. It's meant to be a high powered open game that you can take extensive liberties with regarding the universe and character interactions and the RAW support that.

Mechanically, it's not balanced with the rest of the games as RT characters end up being insanely powerful if they make it to just the middle ranks. That's more easily offset within the system since you can juice up opposition to still make combat interesting and social contests are the meaty and substantive part of the system since everyone is meant be a master unto himself and inherently human, unlike DH and OW where you're lucky to survive the day, or BC and DW where you're generally incredibly far removed from base humanity.

Most of the splatbooks are useful ASIDE from the canned adventures, which are all terribly railroady shite with maybe one exception.

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>Has the two strike I of the Sisterhood on her shinguard
>Wears an I with no strikes, the Chaplet Ecclesiarchus, icon of the Ministorum
>Sister of Battle
>Wears tripple strike I, the Inquisitorial Rosette, symbol of the Inquisition.
Every single time.

>> No.57187552

Can you imagine an Inquisitor pulling his Rosette out, expecting the fucking Imperial Guard pointing their flashlights at him to quiver in fear and piss them selves into a coma, and instead they laugh and say
>The fuck do you think that means? Just because you're with the church doesn't mean we're going to stop.

what would you do?

>> No.57189649

Is there precedent for Eldar manipulating Orks, or are greenskins squarely in the "kill on sight without exception" category? Want to send some freebooters at my DH2 group, rationale being that the Kaptin was bribed by some Corsairs to keep the mon'keigh away from a planet with a broken warpgate or something.

>> No.57189674


It's valid. Eldar manipulate everything.

>> No.57189696

Eldar have manipulated basically everyone, it's just a matter of degree and direct involvement. They probably wouldn't have face-to-face'd with Orks but they could probably finagle some nonsense with a human catspaw. Kaptinz are weird since they have ambition and could easily be hired as long as there's fat lootz at the end.

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Thanks for the quick responses. Using a human stooge to stage the inital deal is something I didn't think of, good way to add an extra layer of mystery; could leave a database with the ship's coordinates or something in the breaching vessel as a clue (instead of the more obvious pile of Eldar guns I was considering).

>> No.57190158

Dark Heresy is about investigation. Though Rogue Trader gives the most variety race wise.

>> No.57191795

how do I handle RT giving players an army basically?
basically every combat encounter has a shitload of underlings on their side

>> No.57192437

Why do space wolves act like niggers?

>> No.57192688

Is there a tool to help convert DH1e material to 2e?

Is there a collection of DH 1e material that's been converted to 2e?

I've heard that the mechanics for 2e are great, but, that the fiction/missions/setting are a bit naff.

>> No.57192803

A brain and common sense. The vast majority of things just need a slight rules update or can be ported as-is.

>> No.57192836


So it's more of a DIY thing then (ya git).

Cool enough.

>> No.57193063

>what would you do?
Just kill the guardsmen if there are only ~40. Or try to not get into such silly situation in the first place. But I drag a killmarine and a Palatine, so it's not that big of a deal, they would shit their pant anyway.

>> No.57193518

>players spend time and effort equipping and managing squads
>try to use said squads
>oh just fiat them dead :^)

That is not a solution

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Are you slow Acolyte? Read who he was responding to.

>> No.57194329

You can separate them from their underlings, but that only works once or twice before players will start giving you shit about it. Your best bet will probably be to dynamically scale encounters depending on how many dudes they bring to still present a challenge and devise logical reasons for why bringing a whole bunch of extra gunmen might be a bad idea otherwise.

>> No.57197173

If they just bring the entire army every single time I'd make a largish force attack their ship once while they were off it with most of their forces. See how many times they bring out all those goons once they get robbed. Alternatively just scale the encounters up and if you PC's have 40 guys just say the enemy has 80 and then let the PC army and their army fight while you just focus on what the PC's do.

>> No.57197528


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It's early in our campaign (OW) so our squad hasnt done anything that spectacular yet, but on our first mission my guardsman insulted the GM's mother and survived the mission (and still lives currently).

>We're mechanised infantry rolling around in our chimera and we run into 2 traitor leman russes (later found out there were no russes/false intel/group wide hallucinations) and fuck off in another direction.
>We disembark to to achieve our objective of neutralizing an AA-Battery. Then we discuss what we should do about the two potential Russes on our tail.
>Discussion between my guardsman (M) and the guardsman of another player (B), who is the GM's brother.

B:We should try to sneak up on the tanks and take them out from behind, we all have 2 krak grenades each and M managed to get demolition charge from the munitorium for this mission.
M:Sneak up on them? We dont know where they are. I don't want to round a corner and find myself starring down the barrel of a cannon.
B:It's big, it's loud and it can't look behind itself...
M (interrupting): Stop talking about your mother we have a mission to do!

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I grant this to you.

>> No.57198120

Not sure about the robbing thing myself. There are a fucktonne of millitant personnel onboard a Rogue Trader vessel. It'd be pretty bullshit to say "whoops those 60 dudes you had with you out of the hundred thousand on board where the ones stopping you from being robbed." The rest was solid though. Do consider just talking to the player and bring up that it's presenting a logistical roadblock for you though. If they're reasonable they'll understand and you csn work towards a solution that's more permanent.

>> No.57198143

I agree, on the other hand I guess it's not really feasible to land an army every time AND keep them supplied

even then, landing some squads is a no-brainer but I guess I can just say "during the fight your reinforcements are occupied with holding off a horde"

>> No.57198692

So, I get to make a Psyker in second edition. I've got access to a force weapon, and so I'd like to make something based on melee.

Now, forgetting powers entirely, which world/aptitudes should I take? I should probably go Adeptus Astra Telepathica and Mystic, which leaves me without Finesse, offfense, Strength and Fieldcraft. My DM is also giving us one extra aptitude.

What should I do?

>> No.57198824

If you go biomancy eventually you'll get iron arm and warp speed to help with your melee stats, but force weapons do big damage even without much of a strength bonus. Offense is probably the better aptitude to take since itll cover more bases. Grabbing prescience from divination will get you a decent boost earlier on, psyniscience is a skill you'll increase a lot so it'll be easy to cast at full power.

>> No.57199510

Both make so much sense in so many ways, so I choose to believe both.
>The Lion riding in a blimp because travel by horses on Caliban was too slow and resulted in crushed horses

>> No.57199520
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Oh that's hideous and excellent in equal measure

>> No.57199828

what other games have similar themes to Rogue Trader?
Like RT without WH40k lore

>> No.57199986


>> No.57200009

is there a specific edition thats relevant?

>> No.57200650


Why is it hideous

>> No.57201110

Does anyone have the /tg/ WIP thing of the Genesys draft of Dark Heresy? I forgot to save it.

>> No.57201721

>finally get a rogue trader group going
>seem to have a pretty good dynamic
>a heroic rogue trader who is basically a more narcissistic Archer but less overtly mean
>a yesman Ork Mek sidekick who travels the ship eating all the black mould
>a haughty eldar corsair who will get the d
>the most mutant navigator

Last session degenerated into three hours of comic relief, and everyone had a jolly old time. Our Rogue Trader has just inherited the patriarchy of his family, and has come into a risky investment that could pay off hugely, so he's doing the rounds of all his current holdings. He's been to see his accountant, a fat man with a servitor who feeds him pies, he sent his ork to do the negotiating at an affiliated scrapyard (it didn't go well) and they ended up at his public relations office... one level above the underhive.

As it turned out, the senior clerk has a fault in his cognitive implant that makes him occasionally go a bit schizoid and think he's a commissar on his holidays, the junior clerk is an overworked Miss Pauling, and the juniorest clerk is a very bright young man who likes to clean things. Like the walls, the ceiling, the tax forms...

>> No.57202565

thats nice
I wish I could get my friends to play RT

>> No.57202694

Left, but I think it would look cooler if all the flames were joined together. Or maybe double the lines on the fleur de lys for the second; it's great for afar but isn't striking up close.

>> No.57202724

>>a haughty eldar corsair who will get the d

Tell me more.

>> No.57203609

She doesn't *want* the d

but she's going to get it. someday.

RT is a full-on xenophile, and playing in a fairly far-out sector where Rogue Traders are quite well-known to do their extralegal shit, having xeno companions is seen as 'something we just have to put up with' from the general populace - barring a few worlds, places with a strong ecclesiarchy/etc presence, and if we're too overt about it.

We make the ork wear itchy sackcloth robes when he comes with us, while the elf just has to tape down her ears. She has a group of wounded corsair battlebuddies who sit in their gun-cutter aboard RTs ship and refuse to do any work, so one day - some day - there will be an elf harem in the RT's quarters. Fade to black, of course - we're not *complete* degenerates.

>> No.57204041


I'll try to get a pastebin together at some point. I don't have a tidy file to copy from, since everything's separated on Roll20 posts.

>> No.57205430

Looking for some advice for a only war game I'm in. I'm playing a weapon specialist and I wanted to know if solid projectile weapons are any good?

>> No.57205435


Autocannons are the best weapon in the game.

>> No.57205596

Oh yeah it is pretty good what about the rest? I think I'm going to end up being the pointman/scout out of the party and it seems like the Basic weapons are having a pretty hard time hurting anyone we have to deal with I was thinking of taking some time out of getting other kinds of ammo and on top of that I was thinking of looking into projectile weapon mastery. I do like the idea of getting a autocannon because it doesn't seem like any of the other weapons are really that strong but I'm pretty sure that's the point.

>> No.57205637

An autocannon also makes you fire support, not pointman, especially since you'll need at least one friend to carry and operate it.

>> No.57205890


How does the autocannon compare to slugging around a M41 multi laser?

>> No.57206166

I would recommend looking at warrior, assassin, or crusader and buying psyker if your starting WP is 40.

>> No.57206454

Why aren't there all-Eldar rulebooks?

>> No.57206573

This is the most dumb thing I've heard in a while, but I think it really does prove that players do not know what they want.

Tell him no, he needs to learn the consequences of wanting to roll straight down the line. If you let him do it, he'll just be disappointed as he finds he can rarely cast anything, and he'll just be a huge liability to the party.

>> No.57206632

>He'll be able to cast powers but not really deal with the side effects
Quite the opposite. Getting talents to manage psychic phenomena is easy enough, but at <50 Willpower casting powers successfully will be a real struggle. There are no environmental modifiers for casting, so apart from lowering the PR you cast at (which is only feasible at higher PR, like 5+) you'll always just have a +10 from your Psy Focus and that's it.

Also fluff-wise, if he's Sanctioned you would really have to wonder how he survived the Black Ships at only 33 Willpower.

>> No.57206687

Because there are no rulebooks entirely revolving around just one xenos species?

>> No.57207175


Tau Character Guide.
Soul Reaver.

>> No.57209010

By "rulebook" I was more thinking he meant core, not sourcebooks.

>> No.57212037


>> No.57212089

Define "best", and you may have an actual answer.
Sorcery, basically.
It is not something that should be "given XP" on it's own, period. If I was even going to allow it, I'd make Neophyte Temple Assassin an elite advance similar to the Sister of Battle, where you get a few bennies for taking it, and can xp further for the rest of the temple assassin talents/gear.
>So why is healing in DH2 so much harder than in Dark Heresy 1st edition.
Because the devs realised just how much it invalidated combat being a threat.
>Does anyone just ignore the "once per 12 hours" rule on invigorate and endurance?
Only faggots.

>> No.57212110

You don't really need one, you'd be more served by doing your own reading on basic GM techniques, because running investigation based games are not something you start good at.
The GM is the one most likely to fuck up, so educate yourself. As for the players, have them read the major fluff sections of the DH book, it is actually very enlightening and paints the picture of a different time and mindset.
As for game advice, I'd honestly run an investigation that SHOULD end with nothing being found wrong, because it sets the precedent that not everything is as it seems and the pcs are not just in all cases because they exist.

>> No.57212128

Yes, advances will work, but he will not be the OOOH UBER PSYKER THAT SOLVES ALL PROBLEMS FOR THE PARTY.
Being smart, hedging his successes, and keeping a good blaster at his side will see him get just as far as being a number dickrider.

>> No.57212180

By making sure they are aware of what shit like that requires and the gm having others act appropriately.
Do you think that bringing a small army to mercantile negotiations is going to be received positively?

>> No.57212208

FFG's first SW book.
SP weapons are as good as las weapons in practice, with more versatility in terms of loads you can use. The difference is that you will eventually move past both unless you are using long arms or AT/AHI weapons.
Now, to be completely fair, I used a tricked out combat shotgun with a variety of shells for much of the life of my jughead in OW, and it did good work.

>> No.57212235

>It'd be pretty bullshit to say "whoops those 60 dudes you had with you out of the hundred thousand on board where the ones stopping you from being robbed."
Might not be that specifically. Imperial ships are all about doing everything through sheer physical effort, so those 60 could be from any given ship role or function where they get enough seasons training. Maybe they're the guys that load a macro cannon.

>> No.57212343

This ain't DnD, you're supposed to avoid damage entirely rather than just heal up mid/after a fight.

>> No.57213752

If you are thinking you can just eat damage and go one like nothing happened, you are doing it wrong.

>> No.57213784


What were you looking for, exactly? Other than the weapon conversions, it's mostly homebrew stuff, I think.

I can give you the Aptitude lists for roles, but that's mostly a direct translation from characteristic advancement costs.

>> No.57216170


>> No.57217796

Does anyone have a functional Xenology PDF?

>> No.57220108

Have you checked Da Archive thread? Download their PDF indexes and go nuts.

>> No.57220132

Pointmen like shotguns

>> No.57221344


So how are you supposed to get attached to and roleplay a character? If I want to get stressed I'll just go to work. I play games to have FUN.

>> No.57221361

It's bait then.

>> No.57223060

>What are Fate points
>What is the Dodge skill
>What is approaching combat tactically

>> No.57223097

First session happened yesterday. So far, I smashed in our captor dark angels skull with my fists before he could raise the alarm with some lucky rolls,

After that I tore his arm off and established myself as leader, given the others were unarmed.

>> No.57223258

By tore, I mean the heretek used a mechandrite after we rebooted her.

Still, its off to an okay start. DM felt a little unprepared but its the way with all his campaigns. Rocky start, awesome finish.

>> No.57224450
File: 98 KB, 564x868, c737b9be9c899834d88f3be109b761f8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shout out to fellow Deathwatch GMs here: I've been thinking about introducing a random element in my campaign and thought there's nothing more random than other players.

What I'm thinking about is some level of non-mandatory (i.e. take what you want) coordination of the flow of the Achilus Crusade on a meta level with other parties successes and failures contributing to the total balance of power in the Reach as well as level of support and difficulty of the job of other Kill-Teams operating in the same region.

And there's always a possibility someone's deeds could've been momentous enough to warrant a discussion between different NPCs or included in other Kill-Team's briefing either as a passing mention, praise or a warning.

Not sure whether this will pan out, but there's one way to find out, right? I imagine this would take a form GMs briefing each other on key points of their campaigns and incorporate what they want to have some sort of inter-connectivity and make the Reach feel alive and larger.

Any thoughts?

>> No.57224640


A living campaign with multiple GMs will fall apart as soon as one GM does something another GM "feels" isn't valid.

>> No.57227114


>> No.57227418

Has anyone played a Don Quixote Rogue Trader? It seems like a fun idea.

>> No.57227534

So when that happens stop incorporating the other GM's elements into your campaign.

Easily solved, you fuckjars.

>> No.57227911
File: 497 KB, 309x261, SomethingWrong.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wasn't "multiple GMs working in concert with what happens in their games affecting all other games" the central idea?
Doesn't not letting what happens in other games affect your game while your game affects theirs contrary to the central intent of the setup?

If you aren't going to have the games affect one another, why not sit off on your own with your party and play your own game instead? Why go through setting up and interconnecting the different parties?

>> No.57229459

How do you get Dark Heresy PCs telegraphing plans before inflicting them on the rest of the group, and otherwise working together?

>> No.57232108
File: 141 KB, 799x599, 1276283531667.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh no, it's more like >>57227911 anon said

>"multiple GMs working in concert with what happens in their games affecting all other games"

Say, players from group A achieved a momentous victory on Baraban in the Greyhell Front.

Then, group B deployed to Baraban on another mission, might find their job to be easier because the Imperium might have an upper hand but just as well might face more challenges are the Tau are preparing for counter-attack.

Group C, in the meantime, is carving through the Tyranids in the other part of the Reach and remains unaffected, but if they wish to check the progress of the Crusade they might as well be appraised of the Deathwatch's recent successes in the Ebongrave's domain.

It's not a "single campaign run by multiple GMs" as much as an exchange of campaign updates between different GMs which could mutually influence other players' campaigns and it's up to GM how much they want to incorporate as to not derail theirs. Unless someone decides to just roll with it, you know.

It may work or may not, but I think it'd be fun giving it a try.

>> No.57232270

What, they should just be doing that... Especially given the deadliness of the system.

>> No.57233003

the multi-laser is a vehicle weapon.

>> No.57233120

If you know the secret of making humans cooperate, please, share, the whole world would love to know.

>> No.57233386

Ramp up the lethality.

They'll either be forced to communicate and work together, or die horribly until they get the message. It's Dark Heresy, death is expected.

>> No.57234365
File: 41 KB, 672x960, 26168900_376618112799635_1636469747130976570_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Have you guys seem this?
Blondie the Commissar in the new Wrath & Glory RPG!
It's from their FB page

>> No.57234509

Anybody else not very interested in wrath and glory? It seems like it lacks direction.

>> No.57234521

facial scars are my fetish

It seems like itll be a bit more casual and open, which could be seen as no direction. i hope i can find a good group to play it with once it comes out though, i always love trying new systems

>> No.57234551

My usual DM is waiting for that book to start a Knight campaign. Tier 5 right from the bat!

>> No.57234559

right off*

>> No.57234588

I'd really like to be able to actually play as a xenos in a sort of radical inquisitor campaign ideally, ive never gotten to since everybody always wants to be such a good guy.

>> No.57234628

Rogue Trader lets you put xenos in your group. Dark Eldar, Orks, Tau and Kroot, IIRC.

>> No.57234666

I've never played RT. it seems like it'd be a bit iffy to play to me since the RT usually is a player and that seems awful. But maybe thats just because the only people i have to play with are randoms on roll20

>> No.57234734

>are randoms on roll20
Ah, that sucks.
But if the DM plays the RT, I think it gets way better for the group overall.

>> No.57235096


there's a couple good homebrew for knights if you're not willing to wait

>> No.57235251

>everybody always wants to be such a good guy
I'm sorry, but what? Do you mean everyone wants to stick close to Imperial orthodoxy cause that's just being a good Imperial citizen, not a good guy.

>> No.57235380

Its being a good guy in character. Being a good Imperial citizen is being a good guy

>> No.57235563

What should I be lookong at numbers-wise for an inquisitor's influence? The rulebook refers to testing against an inquisitor's influence but doesn't give much guidence in terms of what ranges I should be looking at.

>> No.57235586
File: 2.23 MB, 817x537, 1507361242205.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Okay, so the GM hat was passed onto me and we've started character/regiment gen of Only War.
The players chose to be penal worlder drop troopers with an equipment doctrine of combat drugs.
Unfortunately, I know what I want to do but not how to do it. I want them to square off against Eldar on a frontier world, but I can't think good motivations for the Eldar to leave their Crafworlds to set up camp so close to Imperial space. I was thinking Macguffin/Cache of dank resources within the planet, but I need help on specifics. Got any ideas?

>> No.57235602

Check the Inq elite advance; it should be 75 at least.

>> No.57235656


Homebrew isn't valid, we only ever use official material.

>> No.57235735

Eldar being Eldar.

>> No.57236338

The frontier planet is actually an Eldar Maiden World. They consider the human colonists to be squatters. You can throw in a macguffin buried somewhere for extra plot contrivance.

>> No.57236357

I'm starting a campaign based around the party basically trying to stop daemonic events before they begin, by not so covertly running around and using their authority as members of the commisariat, adeptus mechanicus, and arbites, without revealing the presence of the inquisition.
Any ideas for what Ordos to use, besides just Malleus, or any more specific faction? I'm flipping through the Radicals Handbook, but would prefer one that is not so radical.

>> No.57236437

Posting because I haven't put the newest version in the past couple of threads.

>The fuck is this?
The Karybdis Abyss. A setting homebrew for Rogue Trader tailored for swashbuckling high adventure and pulpy deep void piracy in the pimply blackened ass end of the Eastern Fringe.

>What's in it?
A complete sector/region of space with its own Rogue Trader dynasties, history, larger than life personalities, relics, void-ship hulls, Void-whalers, planets, space-dragon riding knights and other assorted space scum.

>What's new in this version?
- Figures of Fame and Infamy: Rules and descriptions for some of the most well known Captains sailing the Abyss. Such as the Storm Prince, Drusus Jerubaal and Boss-Kaptin Blackgob
- Karybdis Fleet Registry: Famous ships sailing the Karybdis Abyss, such as the Stormbringer or Da Fang o' Gork
- Soldiers of Fortune: Famous and infamous mercenary units in the Karybdis Abyss. Including former Haupsburg house troops, a band of Freeblade Knights and tox-warfare specialists consisting entirely of Necro-Ghouls (think Fallout ghouls).
- Legends of the Abyss: Famous legends, artifacts and similar.
- New equipment, new ship hulls, new creatures

>Are you some kind of faggot?
I'm tripfagging and posting homebrew in /40krpg/ on a tibetan mandela making board, of course I'm a faggot.

>> No.57236615

You say pulpy deep space high adventure: is this theme and tone friendly sorta pulpy deep soqce high adventure or does it not bother itself with setting-unity?

>> No.57236672

I'm not sure I understand your question. Are you asking if the tone and theme of Karybdis breaks with the tone and theme of 40k at large or if Karybdis does not have a consistent tone and theme?

>> No.57237140
File: 869 KB, 764x1080, Dark Souls Sorceror.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I may or may not be playing a Deathwatch Librarian in the near future.

Any tips on how to be maximum blaster caster and not fuck up everything for everyone with perils of the warp?

>> No.57237417

Play a Marine's Errant. They have the coolest chapter specific power with void hammer, just blast your way through literally everything that stands in your way

>> No.57237443

Playing a custom chapter, Conservators, but that also means I'm making up their specific stats for the game.

I'll look into that I guess.

>> No.57237877

did the gamefinder thread go extinct?
is this shit not popular anymore?

>> No.57238992 [DELETED] 
File: 6.23 MB, 2660x4730, 20180103_161609.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Slanneshmas you say?

>> No.57239175


As the GM for >>57201721 I have to disagree and say that it's more fun when a player is the Rogue Trader. Nothing more fun than dangling the man's hopes and dreams in front of him while simultaneously crushing his spirit with a display of just how bad his state of affairs has become.

He will maybe get that Eldar harem.

>> No.57239747

The former. From my experience people tend to like breaking thene with rogue trader a bit, particularly when it comes to orks. More power to them but I wanted to understand what the design approach to this was on your end.

>> No.57240124

What do puritans do with daemon weapons? Lock them up in a vault somewhere, banish the fiends back to the warp?

>> No.57240377

I don't think I've broken too much with 40k's general themes and tone or those of the RT rpg, if at all. As I tried to emulate the way fluff-pieces and etc is written in the Rogue Trader books. It's pulp high adventure in the grim darkness of the far future, if that explains my design process for you.

Then again, I am likely home-blind when it comes to my own writing.

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