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If yugioh remained yugioh but they instead played mtg, what decks would the main character's play? Usual plot armour and magical Christmas land draws included
>Yugi, GW midrange (with like, grizzly bears on 2) splashing U, R and B because "All of the colors have their own strengths, kaiba." Running every miracle because heart of the cards.
>Kaiba, UB 'control' with show and tell into like, silumgar or something.

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Bant Coco or Bant human because they're the "good" colors of magic and power of friendship and stuff
Gruul or Rakdos bigstuff
EldraTron or UrzaTron
Esper hard control
Some really janky deck like Goat-token

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Atem/Yami Yugi would run a singleton Grixis miracles deck, because his whole aesthetic is demons and black magic and fate and all that.
Yugi Muto/"Little" Yugi would run affinity, because his deck is all about groups of interlocking tiny machines and golems that support each other.
Joey would run Boros token swarm - his deck was full of warriors and knights, and had a lot of the "take a chance" and looting effects common in red.
Kaiba would run Naya stompy with ramp to get into dragons. His decks were all about brute force, with beasts at the bottom and dragons at the top, all supported by holy servants.
Bakura would run Stax - he pretty much runs a shitty version of it anyways.
Pegasus would run Squirrels or some silly shit as a front cover, then smokescreen into Storm somehow. His whole thing was that his Toon deck was a front, and his "real" deck was his "Illusion" deck.
Tea would try to run Angel tribal, and fail at almost every match because she'd have no concept of mana curve.
Mai would run Faerie tribal - the swarming and "tricky" effects fit with her Harpie deck.
Odion would run a Gifts Ungiven reanimator control deck - his deck was built around defending with traps and cheating out his boss.
Marik would run Stax Tron, the sadistic fucker.
Siegfried would run a deck with a playset of Black Lotus, un-set cards, Conspiracies, and CaCs.

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Adding on:

Judai/Jaden would run a janky Bestow deck that manages to pull through with plot armor.
Johan/Jesse would run Eggs.
Manjyoume/Chazz would run Tezzerator at first, then switch to some semibudget jank combo like Owling Mine.
Sho/Cyrus would run an artifact deck, but deliberately avoid all good support.
Asuka/Alexis would run BW tokens, with a focus on Elspeth as a finisher.
Misawa/Bastion would have monocolor decks for each color, and for his "main" deck, a 5 color devotion deck with a lot of split-cost cards.
Nightshroud would run a RB reanimator with all the targets as dragons.
Kagemaru would run UrzaTron. While Marik's Stax Tron would only use the old Eldrazi, Kagemaru's UrzaTron would run only the new Eldrazi.
Saio/Sartorius would run a coinflip deck, and the coinflips would always turn out in his favor, no matter what.
The entire third arc would be replaced with the cast finding a planar portal and ending up on Dominaria, where Jaden is revealed to be the reincarnation of Yawgmoth. During his time as the Supreme King, his deck would switch to a mono-black control deck, and his vassals would use Infect.
Yubel would be replaced with Phage, instead, and her deck would be centered around pulling off her own alt win.
Darkness would play Duel Masters in a Magic game.

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>fail at almost every match
Reminder that Tea only lost once, in a filler episode.

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This is a pretty good and accurate post.

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I agree with most of your ideas, but for one.

This is, surprisingly, a topic that comes across quite often among my circle, and it always starts with the assumption that Kaiba would use some big dragon-themed stompy deck just because of his love for Blue-Eyes, but almost everyone that brings this up forgets one crucial aspect about Kaiba.

When he debuted, he wasn't obsessed with the Blue-Eyes because he was secretly in love with its ancient Egyptian counterpart, but because it was really powerful and really rare. Kaiba before the waifu retcon won by having the most expensive and powerful cards and his deck, like many winning decks inYugioh's earliest days, was full of high-power monsters and staple spells.

But Magic is nothing like the Yugioh of 1999, so high-power monsters and staple spells doesn't look like the "stronkin' big niggas and dragons" we think of when we think of the early forms of both games. In modern Magic, rare and powerful looks more like Lilliana and fetchlands. With that in mind, I'd like to posit that were Kaiba to play Magic, he'd probably use, strange as this sounds, Mardu Death's Shadow.

Why? Because when I looked at the cards he's most known for, they seem to line up fairly well with either white (Blue-Eyes and their support), black (Crush Card, Vorse Raider, Shrink, etc...) or red (Card of Demise, Ring of Destruction, and his non-BEWD dragons); and all with a heavy focus on disrupting the enemy's strategy and wrecking their shit with low-cost value before bringing in the boss monster to finish things up. Mardu Death's Shadow seems like it has the right blend of disruption, removal, and power that Kaiba's decks are known for, while focusing on getting the most out of a specific boss monster.

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>tfw you start playing a card game and accidentally New Phyrexia your home plane
>instead of ancient Egyptian gods people get possessed by Planeswalkers or have their own spark activate
>5 episode stalemate duels when both players have Winter Orb on the field
>campy retard villains of the week who think they are vampires, dragon cultists, Eldrazi worshipers, Phyrexian agents, etc

I think it would be pretty good actually. You could even substitute Shadow Realm duels for plane themed "Hhaha! We're in Innistrad now Yugi, my vampires get +2/+2! also try not to get eaten by the eldrazi that are real" episodes.

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Now a question. Does 4 kids still do the dub?

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They're no longer called 4Kids, but yes, they still do the dub. In fact, that's about all they exist to do these days.

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So Kaiba plays Jund then

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>campy retard villains of the week who think they are vampires, dragon cultists, Eldrazi worshipers, Phyrexian agents, etc
That sounds amazing.
>"Now, Emrakul! Attack Kaiba and and the rest of his worthless life points!"
>"Not so fast, before your attack i'm going to flash in my pestermite."
>"A puny 2/1, what's that supposed to be? The eldrazi are stronger than any creature you could hope to throw under the proverbial bus!"
>"It's not about power and toughness, it's about each creatures special effect. Pestermite allows me to tap or untap any permanent i choose when it comes into play. And i am going to tap down your emrakul. Forcing it to stop attacking."
>"Well, you have only delayed the inevitable. It's your move Kaiba, use it well, for it will be your last."
>"It will... Because i'm ending this duel right now! DRAW!"
>Kaiba draws card with absurd exaggeration
>"Like always, my finely tuned deck gives me exactly what i need..."
>Reaction shot
>"I cast Splinter Twin, which allows me to tap my pestermite to make a copy that can attack immediately!"
>"Another 2/1? Kaiba you'll have to do better than that..."
>"Remember Pestermite's special ability, the new one untaps the original. Allowing me to tap it again, and again, and again until i create an army of faeries!"
>"Even with all that size, emrakul can't save you from my swarm. Pestermites, attack!!!"
>"N-n-no! The eldrazi can't lose! This is impossible!"

Why is kaiba playing twin? Because this is mid-late battle city where he's kind of a good guy and it isn't yugioh unless the protagonist turns the tables in one play.

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this picture is promo art for a card., i swear it is. but i cant think of what card it is. can someone help me out

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>10, or 15 episode arc where yugi has to fight his way through an eldrazi cult and beat t heir leader

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Path to Exile.

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But Slivers though.

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>"Hhaha! We're in Innistrad now Yugi, my vampires get +2/+2! also try not to get eaten by the eldrazi that are real" episodes.
pffftahahahaha I read that shit in Kaiba's voice.

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Kaiba is among twin because it is banned and he has the money to flaunt the rules.

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>Now you'll play by our rules in this virtual world
>You'll each build a 100 card deck and select one creature as your deck commander
>Your creatures will have addtional abilities if chosen
>But if they are destroyed in battle, their owner automatically losers the duel

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Not so fast

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I'll play,

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>Screw the rules I have blue mana!

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Doesnt yugioh have a fucking draw two banned?

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A costless draw 2.

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It costs 1 card nigger: itself

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>costless draw 2


what the fuck.

What sort of degenrate shit goes on in that game i wonder

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It's from the first set in existence and it's banned you dumb faggot. It's no different than Black Lotus or Ancestral Recall.

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What are your coolest moments in the anime?

>that episode where Para and Dox manage to play Helm of Kaldra, Sword of Kaldra and Shield of Kaldra to summon Kaldra Champion after stalling two episodes with Maze of Ith

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The Bakura episode where the friends and Yugi were sucked into their cards and played by Yami

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the episode where they got stuck in kamigawa.

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When I cast divination. I get to draw two more cards, thus putting me at an advantage

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>when bones plays entomb exhume into iona buy Joey has a janky Eldrazi deck

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Jeskai Aggro

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4Kids was bought by Konami, and given the near-singular purpose of dubbing Yugioh.

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>he didn't play pokemon back in the day
Trainer cards were mostly costless, with a coinflip or single discard on some. Shit like draw 2s, discard your hand and draw 7, trade one creature in your hand for any in your deck, discard one card to tutor up anything in your deck, etc were all around in the first couple sets.

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It's not as bad as Pokemon TCG, which had a costless draw 2 AND a costless one-sided Wheel of Fortune in the first set.

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>yugioh has a commander arc
>it's also one of the worst arcs ever made

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Still not as bad as 5D's attempt at a western, or the first half of Zexal, or the last half of Arc-V.

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Thank you Anon! I needed to put into words how I felt that other Anon was slightly off but you did it much better

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>that secret tech so he can buff his monsters with golem artisan and master of etherium out of nowhere

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Anon, don't kid yourself, Kaiba was like that because blue-eyes seems strong in the anime, not because it is a good card, but because it's huge and flashy, which looks scary. The card itself was always a joke and no serious players ever touched that thing until it started getting archetype support (over 10 years after the anime started).

He'd instead likely run a deck based on huge or famous dragons that aren't actually strong. Something based on Yosei for blue-eyes or a even a Nicol Bolas deck since Bolas would be a perfect card for a rival character and maybe stuff like Shivan for the smaller ones. His deck could also include artifact creatures given his use of machine monsters later on. Pic related would be a perfect Kaiba card.

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>No Exodia in mtg
Been over 20 years and Magic haven't made a Exodia version

>> No.57161167

Got a lot of cards that could work like it though, Phage, Biovisionary, Coalition Victory or Hedron Alignment could all give a similar feel as Exodia

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My gut is telling me you're wrong. I know you mean a "if you have x of these cards in your hand just reveal them and win" type deal, but I still feel like you're wrong and I just can't remember the right cards. Something like tron lands + turn 3 karn is basically exodia but still.

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>the leader plays 12 post eldrazi

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>Nicol Bolas
Nice idea, but I think he would prefer a different Elder Dragon.

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>12post eldrazi

Thanks forgiving me vietnam flashbacks cunt, heres some music to give you all nam flashbacks


tron&12post eldrazi making use of the 20 mana ability on spawnsire of ulamog

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>that episode when Raphael flips his Archangel Avacyn and baits Yugi into tapping out to play Glorious Anthem so he can't attack through brainfarting on that card that requires you to pay mana to attack

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Ghostly prison

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Yami Yugi would obviously be running Azorius/Esper control deck with a handful of ridiculously OP Alpha cards mixed in with a bunch of incredibly situational cards, which only he could truly run with any efficiency because he has probability manipulation.
Joey would probably run Mono-G stompy which progresses into Gruul and then Naya as he rounds out his mana curve lower and lower, but can't really cut his big GR mythic, so it's never truly competitive.
Kaiba is running some Jund birthing pod shit to cheat out big dudes or pull answers when he needs them. His deck also has some OP Alpha cards, but it's incredibly well rounded, so he has access to most of his answers at any time he needs them.
Tea has Elves, with her picking up some elves that crap out tons of mana or counters and Coco along the way. Somehow, she's still slightly worse than Joey, though it's usually just bad luck.
Tristan is trying his best to keep up. He's running some mono-R rock elemental jank deck.

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"I play in response, ANCESTRAL RECALL!"

"everyone collectively shits their pants"

>> No.57163468

Isn't Ancestral Recall actually MtG Pot of Greed?
>one card to draw two
>one card and one land/mana to draw three
Except also better because it's an instant instead of a sorcery.

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"I play in response, ANCESTRAL VISION!"

"everyone collectively shits their pants 4 turns later"

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this guy gets it.

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>The un-set episodes
What happens?

>> No.57163771

Kaiba would likely run Treva, the Renewer as the surrogate for Blue-Eyes. This especially makes sense later in the Millennium World arc.

>> No.57163783

Yugi probably takes his pants off at some point.

>> No.57163884

This might play?


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Do recall that when yu-gi-oh first debuted, you didn't have to sacrifice anything for any level of monster. Until the RL card game came out, it was mostly a matter of 'get the highest number card, play it, win because there's no removal yet'. By that metric, Blue Eyes was amazing.

>> No.57164383

That's because the anime and manga are older than the game. When it was created it already had the basic rules though.

>> No.57165672

Dream episode

>> No.57166069


Maze's End

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Pegasus plays silly shit like contraptions and little girl to win.

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Any ideas of how Arc-V would play out?

>> No.57172430

It'd be like Alara with the shards being each dimension.

>> No.57172528

Boros Reckoner is too spike-y for Joey.
Flailing Soldier is more his speed.

>> No.57173104

>joey is the RW purely combat based aggro-bro player

fund it

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Boros Reckoner is perfect for Joey, even just a miser one-of. It would be a Beast-Warrior in YGO which he also runs.
See filename of pic related for another bigtime Joey miser 1-of.

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No! My Dark Depths! One more turn and I could have sacrificed another Hexmage to release Marit Lage!

So how about BG Dark Depths for Bakura? Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth, Vampire Hexmage, Dark Confidant, even Thespian's Stage sorta suits him.
I feel like Atem and Mai are quite right-on.

>> No.57176392

Weevil Underwood would have insects, spiders, and some transform/emerge. maybe things like delver of secrets, docent of perfection, thing in the ice. play UG control lite to work his way to bigger things, splash in some black for a true BUG tribal.

>> No.57176916


The Eldrazi could easily substitute in for the Egyptian Gods really. Emrakul would be Ra, Ulamog would be Obelisk, and Kozilek would be Slifer.

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>The entire third arc would be replaced with the cast finding a planar portal and ending up on Dominaria, where Jaden is revealed to be the reincarnation of Yawgmoth. During his time as the Supreme King, his deck would switch to a mono-black control deck, and his vassals would use Infect.

>> No.57178125

>but you forget yugi, you may have casted that creature on your turn but i can flashback my chainers edict!

>> No.57178357

I feel Joey would splash a little blue just to play Ral Zarek's ult

>> No.57178562

>that one episode where Axel takes him on with his burn deck
>think he ran out of gas
>jaden about to destroy his last creature
>casts arcbound and reduces both to 0 health

>> No.57180085

Maybe related, go check out Wizard's Soul.

>> No.57180846

>But Magic is nothing like the Yugioh of 1999
Actually, Kaiba was 100% a reference to this exact culture of TCGs back then. In fact, he was originally a one shot villain of the week referencing the phenomonen, as you may or may not, Yugioh originally was about different kinds of games and assholes who played them. Kaiba was meant to represent the TCG asshole who had a lot of money and could always buy and play the best cards, and of course the easiest way to make a card seem like the best is to make it literally the strongest in terms of attack/defense which spawned the blue-eyes thing.

I think Kaiba definitely plays blue no matter what.

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I could see Kaiba running a blue based, powered vintage deck that does shit like T1 Tinker into pic related.
Blightsteel Colossus works as a decent analogue to Obelisk the Tormentor and he has raced that thing out on numerous occasion.
He'd probably bother to run Show and Tell.

T1 Mox vomiting + Tolarian Academy works with his tech boner, all those union monsters and everything. And Blightsteel Colossus also has infect to go with his virus subtheme.
For Crush Card itself the best parallel is probably Surgical Extraction. I think he would run black only as the lightest splash for this Memoricide type stuff in what is more a mono U build.

He isn't big on a countering theme though. Yugi and even Joey do the gotcha game. Kaiba just sets up for an OTK or even FTK.
Also being powered vintage Kaiba of course is suited to run Ancestral Recall with all his literal visions of the past and shit. Time Walk too which he would use pretty much just to give his cheated-in Blightsteel Colossus virtual haste like that retarded Quick Attack forced meme card he would use on his Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon.

Speaking of Blue Eyes - there really isn't a good parallel in MTG. In Modern I would say Tarmogoyf has historically made a decent comparison, which I think is what gets people sometimes thinking Jund often.
Outside of OTK combos he does simply run goodstuff. He doesn't race for his combos, just dumps them when he completes them off a big draw spell resolving.

In Modern I think I agree with Tron for the techie flavor. Kaiba does the stompy shit but I could see him going the slower mono blue route if only for Wurmcoil Engines serving as another kind of Blue-Eyes.
Blue-Eyes is pretty hard to pin down in MTG.

Odion running Gifts Reanimator control is another good one.

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Yugi I could definitely see running Grixis control with Reforge the Soul as the miracle card for that swingy as fuck topdeck action.
Empty the Warrens and even Kiki Jiki+Deceiver Exarch and blue blink spells for those saving throws he does all the time and to bait enemy O-rings into infinite loops etc.
Then there's Dark Magician which has something of an MTG parallel in Snapcaster Mage.

LIttle Yugi, Joey, Mai, and Odion all seem pretty figured out. Little Yugi running affinity makes a lot of sense when you stop to consider he's supposed to actually be truly spikey - he'd just get all his Affinity cards altered art to be cuter lego creatures or something.

Tea would run RW Soul Sisters. Creature swarm is friendship and lifegain triggers are holy waifu magic. She'd also mise Deflacting Palm Vs an Emrakul sometime when a Through the Breach player taps out and she finally reads what the card does in her hand. Also has echoes of Waboku and Mirror Force which Little Yugi and Big Yugi showed her.

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These two poorfag shotas would win standard regionals with tier decks like BG delirium (mostly because of Ishkanah for Weevil) and a post-Rivals of Ixalan meta where naya dinosaur stompy finally gets to be a thing.

They never hang it up though and force tribal pet decks, though Weevil would play Slivers in Modern and as >>57176392 says BUG Delver in Legacy.
Rex meanwhile just settles into Jund or Naya Burn while running whatever dinosaurs pass for goodstuff.

>ctrl+F Mako
>0 results
Well fuck guess it's just that obvious he'd run Merfolk tribal huh.

>> No.57183921

>BEHOLD, YUGI! I have infused my deck with glistening oil!
>Now nothing can defeat me and my infected deck!

>> No.57186458
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>Elder Dragon

Oros, the Avenger could be a good one, and Numot, the Devastator fit more into the disruption theme we're suggesting for Kaiba.

And if he ran a deck with Numot, the Devastator, it would play well against Yugi's miracle deck, where the decreasing number of lands causes a ton of tension, and then Yugi plays some miracle spell that causes him to win the game back.

>> No.57186966

You lot got me interested in this game, whats a good starter deck? is there somthing like mtggoldfish for top decks?

>> No.57187615

This year they launched a new type of monster so people are still getting tools up to date for learning. You can look into playing it online and /tg/ doesn't have Yu-Gi-Oh threads frequently but /vg/'s one helps you with both online and paper game.
Links are mostly outdated, but the official rulebook is up to date. This one is one of the more up to date simulators, think xmage.


And this is the beta as they are trying to implement the link monsters.

I haven't played physically in a long time so I can't suggest what to buy, but I'd encourage you to start with this simulator while netdecking a deck of an archetype you like vs the AI or playing the video games so you can learn things slowly as they added more and more mechanics over time.

>> No.57187973

Mazes End

>> No.57190025

Who the fuck is Mako?

>> No.57190180

>america colors
>destroys lands
must be trying to get oil

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File: 1.77 MB, 3264x1836, yugioh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can someone ID this figure for me? I got in a Yugioh pack back around 2000.

>> No.57191256

That's a Dungeon Dice Monster figure, not sure which one though.

>> No.57191326

Thanks! I was able to ID it. KARBONALA WARRIOR

>> No.57191369

I think it's actually better in DDM instead of YGO, since it's a Warrior lord instead of an early-era fusion monster which I just remembered I have along with the fusion materials, but never got a Polymerization to make it

>> No.57191418

Karbonala Warrior

>> No.57191466

I wish there was a source about this kind of lingo so I could read it without investing 3 years of my life into mtg.

>> No.57191592

If Atem/Yami plays Grixis do you think he'd run a Nicol Bolas, God-Pharaoh as spicy flavor tech?
The only reason I know any of it is because my DM that took over an abandoned game shifted the setting to a plane and has slowly taught me some terminology for the past year or so.

>> No.57191822

>not playing eggs

>> No.57193046

Kaiba would play dragon tribal and you darn well know it.

>> No.57193392

Ancestral requires you to play blue, which while not a major cost in the one format it's legal in is still something. Pot just says 'literal free card advantage + smaller deck size'
And considering YGO has a smaller deck size to begin with, that's a bigger boon there as-is.

>> No.57193494

I'm looking at Odion's deck now and it just looks like a bunch of counterspells, lockdown, and redirect until he can get his 3 card combo off.

>> No.57193524

Nah, he's just a closet timmy.

He's like a timmy who learned to spike just so he could reliably get his timmy rocks off for a change.

>> No.57193547


>> No.57193689

While we're discussing yugioh, how is Duel Links?

>> No.57193736

>Grixis miracles
Grixis - Blue Black Red
Miracle - alternate (cheaper) cost you can pay if its the first card you draw that turn.
Refers to an artifact deck aka robots.
Named after the mechanic "affinity for [thing]" where a spell costs 1 mana less for each [thing] you control. The archetype originally utilised "affinity for artifacts" despite this is outdated and the deck now utilises different artifact synergies.
>boros token swarm
Boros - White Red
Token - Game peice that isnt a card. Representing a permanent.
I assume you don't need me to explain swarm.
To draw a card, then discard a card.
>Naya stompy
Naya - White Red Green
Stompy - Play strong creatures on curve and hit your opponent with them
Smokestack - Artifact
At the beginning of your upkeep, you may out a soot counter on smokestack.
At the beginning of each players upkeep, that player sacrifices a permanent for each soot counter on smokestack
Storm - Deck revolving around the titular mechanic storm (when you cast this spell, copy it for each other spell cast this turn)
Runs by casting cheap draw spells and mana generation spells, before casting a spell with storm. The common finisher is grapeshot (storm, deal 1 damage)
A deck built around a creature type
>Mana curve
The rate at which one generates mana, angels generally cost a lot therefore your early turns aren't very productive.
>Gifts ungiven reanimator
Gifts ungiven - A card, reads:
Search your library for up to 4 cards with different nanes, your opponent chooses two. Put the chosen cards into the graveyard and the remaining cards in your hand.
Reanimator - To bring creatures from the graveyard directly to the battlefield.
>cheating out
To avoid paying the regular costs of a spell.
>Stax Tron
Tron - The collective name for the 3 lands known as urza's tower power-plant and mine. Each taps for 1 mana, but when you control all 3, they tap for 3, 2 and 2 mana respectively.

>> No.57193748

Meant to reply to >>57191466

>> No.57193879

google is how I find out what they are. usually it will direct to either a decklist or mtgsalvation or somebody's deck explanation.

Some of it's not even related to deck archetypes, it's lore names for just color combinations. Though I have no idea why artifacts is still called Affinity long after cards with that keyword stopped being used.

>> No.57193901

a permanent what?

>> No.57193906

Why play that when there's like 5 YGO pros floating around?

>> No.57193948

You can just google MtG permanent to know what it is, the wiki explains a lot of definitions.
Basically MtG cards become spells when you play them, if they resolve(don't get countered or lose target) their effect happens, which is either an effect from a spell or the card is put permanently in play as a permanent. So permanents are creatures, artifacts, enchantments, planeswalker and land cards.

>> No.57194364

Pokemon has (mostly, Supporters are 1 a turn, like land drops) costless draw all the time.

A costless draw three (Hau) is actually considered disappointingly subpar. The two 4-of staples most decks use are "discard your hand draw 7" and "both players shuffle their hand back into their deck and draw a number of cards equal to their remaining prize cards (sort of like Life, but in reverse. starts at 6)"

Pokemon matches last at longest maybe 10 or 12 turns, usually closer to 5-7, and in that short amount of time, having single digit cards left is not uncommon.
Having more than 15 'land' in a deck is seen as a sign of flagrant incompetence (or janky blitzkrieg charbelch-ing), with most sitting between 10-13, despite pokemon lands working almost like Auras, permanently attached to a creature and graveyarded along with it, because with all the tutors and draw, the likelihood you get screwed is slim, while flooding is very easy.

>> No.57194486

Pokemon considers remaining card count a serious resource.

Decking out in magic without Mill is hard. Decking out in pokemon is a daily concern.

Not counting Charizard GX's 1/game supermove (widely considered not worth the trouble) the highest pokemon mill count ever got was 4 cards/turn. That's two millstones. Because anything more would have been format-breaking.

>> No.57197503
File: 149 KB, 310x450, PiercingMoray-GENF-EN-UR-1E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

As my introduction to Yugioh it's treating me fine.
It has that problem I imagine all yugioh forms have, where the meta is super specific. Lava golem with insect infestation or the phoenix card with fire island. I stubbornly refuse to use pre-designed decks so I'm staying with my damage rush monsters, even if it means I've got to get lucky with my draws.

Everything is scaled down, there's saller decks, less lifepoints and less spaces on the board. This shortens every duel and I think it's the perfect length for playing games with anonymous strangers.

>> No.57198685

Nope, he plays affinity. Artifacts=machines my dude.

>> No.57199005

Wait, decks are smaller? i thought there was only suppost to be 30 cards in any given deck

>> No.57199176

I have activated that 20 mana ability before. In a real modern game too. Eldrazi control is not top tier by any means, but it is a flashy win.

I think Bill in pokemon TCG is a closer equivalent, since it is literally the same card. Along with Professor Oak and Computer Search, it makes pokemon a crazy game of using your entire deck every game. Even when they started limiting trainer cards, pokemon remained a game where you use all of your deck every game. Milling is actually decent because of it.

>> No.57199969

In duel links 30 is the max and 20 is the minimum
I think in regular yugioh it's 30-40

>> No.57199992

YuGiOh is 40 to 60, no more than 60.

>> No.57200011

Okay, so duel links has it exactly halved. Just like the amount of lifepoints you get.

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