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5eg/ - Fifth Edition General

>Unearthed Arcana: Elf Subraces (No new UA this month)



>5etools latest update-
Use the Readme to get it working if you're computer illiterate, or ask for help ITT.


Previously, on /5eg/:

How do I represent a dragon in a vision without directly showing a dragon? With an undead menace, I can show a dead forest, with a kraken - something lurking in the murky deep, but how do I hint on a dragon?

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Well what color is the dragon?

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>how do I hint on a dragon?
>fields covered in <breath weapon>
>small creatures scurrying away from it followed by creatures that normally wouldnt be fleeing, fleeing from it
>open skies that darken suddenly (not weather related) and everything goes quiet except for a single roar

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Red. Also, I can't show a shadow in the sky or something abstarct like that - this vision will be an interactive kind, and will be shown on a map.

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Black smoke billowing mountain
Smoldering crater in the ground
Furling, almost writhing, yet stationary pyroclastic cloud
Sulfur vents
Blood red sunset
molten/melted gold
black charred skeletons/corpses
Slightly melted rubies
Wild fires

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Kobold Pyro maniac Forge cleric who worships a normal dragon

Or a goo warlock of an undecided race with pact of the chain and a lot of pet rats.

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Charred remains of a destroyed caravan and from it a trail of coins and gems leading into a cave.

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>I hint on a [red] dragon?

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Size matters. If it's big enough it'll start changing the area around it's lair to suit it's element. If it's really big, it'll do that by simply being there rather than actively trying.

If we're talking Young, then it'll be building it's horde. A thin trail of coins for your tracker to track. Burnt and melted shit everywhere, maybe even a melted rock with the skeleton of someone who thought they could hide.

Dragons are typically big headed so they might leave a survivor on the map somewhere to tell the tale, if you plan on leaving anyone alive.

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Katana should be 1d8 slashing versatile and finesse what do you guys think?

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2d6 with finesse property imo

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Can anyone think of 2 more quirks to add to this table? I love flavor, so having a large quirks table is always fun.

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Make it d6 (d8)

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1d12 (versatile 2d10) slashing finesse and +2 to hit and damage

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Reposting from few threads back, because i want more answers:

During our last session, my dwarven Battlemaster tried using Trip Attack on Giant Vulture (large beast). My DM thought it is rather weird that medium PC can trip to large enemy and considered giving the Vulture advantage on saving throw. We argued that it is class feature and it says nothing about large enemies having advantage and convinced him to let it be.

My question is:
Who, if anyone, is faggot in this story? Is it me, for arguing with DM? Is it him, for nerfing my on the spot? Is it actually right thing to give situational dis/advantage?

>Trip Attack. When you hit a creature with a weapon
attack, you can expend one superiority die to attempt
to knock the target down. You add the superiority die
to the attack’s damage roll, and if the target is Large or
smaller, it must make a Strength saving throw. On a
failed save, you knock the target prone.

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>That image

Who was the sexiest character you’ve ever made?

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>Finesse longsword
Sure why not

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I think katana is just curved longsword.

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Just make it a Longsword, play a Kensai Monk to make it Dex based. Or ask for a Finessable Longsword like the Sunblade.

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Katana even means “Japanese Sword.”

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A long-ass time ago, back in the 1500s and 1600s, Japan had a blanket ban on brining rapiers into the country because even middling swordsman using rapiers were able to win duels against highly skilled samurai ten out of ten times. So obviously, the katana shouldn't be put as high as the rapier. That means 1d6 at most. Possibly less, considering how shit they are at anything but unarmed peasants and animals.

I think the most accurate stats for the katana would be 1d6 slashing with disadvantage against medium and heavy armor.

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Reposting for feedback.

Ignore the numerous typos I can’t edit from phone.

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Golden eyes will never not be the hottest thing ever.

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>>57139610 I don't know, I thought sex appeal was in the eyes of the beholder. It always depends on what you find attractive I guess.

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Tripping people larger than you, especially if you've trained to be good at tripping people, is not amazingly difficult all things considered. Plus features like that tend to specify when they get advantage based on size. I'd side with you

That said, DM's word is law so you might be SOL here.

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My Tiefling Warlock who was tall, dark, mysterious, filed his horns Hellboy style, and had a shapely and firm ass (which was relevant to the story at one point).

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Starting a new Campaign

Give me all your In House/Custom Rules so I can see if I wanna use any

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Elf courtesan. Never had an image for it though

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I always aim for cute rather than sexy

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As someone who is 6'7" and has a center of gravity in his fucking chest, your DM can eat a dick. Difficulty in being tripped comes entirely from how stable something is, not how big it is.

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There is literally no mechanical reason for a katana to be versatile

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Critical fails makes you fail so hard you die. Critical successes make you succeed so hard you end up having to create a new character.
>Trying to convince a city guard that you're one as well, and you're replacing him for your shift
>20: You're so persuasive that you believe it yourself, and live the rest of your life as a city guard
>1: You're so suspicious that the guard rallies as many other guards and adventurers as he can, and the resulting army skewers you

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I like giving a free feat, either to everyone, or to just martial classes.

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Go play L5R you weebs.

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That first link is from the masterwork bastard sword meme. You wouldn't post before lurking, would you?

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Does that mean that with extra attack i can make up 6 attacks in round with -2 to hit? For 6d6+2DEX? Averaging 29.

Could you somehow make the special ability without six attack rolls in round? Couldn't they be just crossbows without loading property?

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That said I do think longswords should be finesse...

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That’s what I was saying, anon. I think bright golden eyes are extremely attractive and one of my favorite quirks of making a character in a fantasy setting that allows that eye color.

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File: 214 KB, 720x828, Resurrection Rules.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Potions as a bonus action.
>Dual Wielder Feat gives a +1 bonus to Dexterity or Strength.
>Try out these resurrection rules to add some extra punch to your PCs relationships with one another and other NPCs.

These are what I use as far as house rules go.

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Thanks for your insight. My issue with it is not as much about whether tripping of large enemies is realistic, but rather about etiquette at the table.

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Actually due to cutting motion used when swinging a katana properly, having the extra hand on the grip for leverage makes a tangible change in effectiveness.
It should still 1d6 (1d8).

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Oh. Applying dis/advantage on the fly is good DMing. Nerfing a class ability on the fly is not.

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Trying to think of a way to hack 5e to balance casters
Thinking about using Apoc World and a d12+spell mod and making players roll to cast everything except cantrips.

1-4 = fail
5-7 = Middle success
8+ = Total success.

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Sorry anon, apparently I'm illiterate and did not notice the double negative. Golden eyes are pretty awesome and I think my half-elven Rogue/Warlock would appreciate the compliment, she is pretty self-conscious about her body.

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Which category does my example fits into?

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Nah I want it to grant extra attacks. Not really balanced or intended for high level play. But yes someone with extra attack could fire six times a round with it.
A level 11 fighter could shoot 9 times with a light.

The average damage is on par with comparable stuff.

3d6+6 from repeater vs 2d8+9 from someone with a longbow or crossbowmaster at 5. Difference is you have less range, it’s more expensive, and you take a to hit penalty.

>> No.57139930

i actually meant to say finesse it makes sense for it to be versatile. Just reflavor a longsword.

>> No.57139933

What exactly is middle succes?

Also, note that every caster worth the name will have +4 or more in hist casting stat, making it literally impossible to roll 4 or less. This rule would nerf mostly low level casters and half casters, which are not really the problem.

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If you increase something's dimensions in three ways, their mass increases in theory eightfold.
Mass is effectively resistance to movement for all we care about here.

Something something moments, moments of inertia, mass distance square blah blah I don't know exactly how it works out but what I know for sure is that being bigger will absolutely make you harder to push over if you try to trip the creature at their feet.
If you push at their centre of mass, that might be a different story but you still have to appreciate that more mass should make it harder.

It'd kind of make sense if it was a huge creature maybe, but large doesn't feel big enough to warrant any special rulings. Technically a warlock can repelling blast a creature the size of a planet and redirect it into the sun.
Your DM shouldn't make houserules on the spot that work against the players unless something is absolutely absurd, and large isn't quite absurd enough yet.

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Both. Your DM did good by making ad hoc reasons to use dis/ad. They also did bad by nerfing you on the fly. It ended up being bad overall because he used to former to do the latter.
Also you broke etiquette by pausing the game to argue with the DM on a ruling, but it's understandable in this case since it was an ad hoc nerf.

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Boy I just typed this and I do not fucking understand any of the logic I used to reach this conclusion.

Ignore me I’m very tired.

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My DM gave us a free feat at character creation, and I decided to go mountain dwarf for 17 str. I took the shield master feat and am going sword and board fighter.

At 4th level, should I take the Brawny feat (+1 str, double proficiency athletics) or HAM (+1 str, -3 B/P/S damage taken)?

>> No.57140009

>ass is effectively resistance to movement for all we care about here.
"Tripping" implies that you're using their own movement against them unfavorably (so more mass means that /they/ have to work harder to stop themselves), not forcing them to move from the start. Other than that I agree.

>> No.57140026


I would make them normal crossbows that just ignore the loading property so you can get past the feat tax if you have the multiattack feature.

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>Tempest gods send their clerics to inspire fear in the common folk, to encourage them to offer sacrifices of propitiation to ward off divine wrath.
What FR and Greyhawk deities have this flavor?

>> No.57140034

Alright so I’m gonna increase the extra shot penalty to -2 per extra bolt for the heavy.

So -4 to hit for all three attacks if you shoot three times.

>> No.57140047

Borrow tags from dungeon world based on a middle success.

I haven't implemented it yet, just working out how to make it work without just slamming casters with a Nerf maul. And using d20s doesn't really seem to work unless the range of a complete success is really narrow. Like an 18+
My goal is giving an 65% chance to cast a spell based on only the dice

>> No.57140059

Go Brawny. You’re going to be making those Athletics checks every round for your whole career. 3 DR never hurts but becomes less and less useful as you go.

>> No.57140066

Talos is the FR thunderbolts and lightning god for you.

>> No.57140084

>Nah I want it to grant extra attacks
You are exactly the reason why homebrewers have bad name here. But if you are brewing only for your group, it doesn't really matter.

I argue against multiple attacks mostly because it seems unnecessarily complicated (tracking ammo, six attacks rolls!), not because i think it is too strong. (It costs like uncommon magical weapon and it the glance it seems to be similarly strong).

Also, please check the wording, especially in second paragraph of Repeater.
I think "ranged weapon attack modifier " in not necessarily thing. Can i stack other bonuses? For example, Enlarge gives +1d4 to damage for enlarged weapons...

>3d6+6 from repeater
>2d8+9 from someone with a longbow
Pls explain like i am retarded.

>> No.57140096

I would argue that finesse would fit as well, but such an argument would needlessly devovle into weebery so we'll just agree to disagree. Refluffing a longsword is easier and less work anyway.

>> No.57140098

Haha, you guys ever watch any of CJ's class guide videos? They're really funny and have lots of memes


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File: 107 KB, 464x768, Drowned.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Trying to fix this monster, I added a save to end effect and gain immunity. Another anon said I should add the ability to hold your breath but given how long you can hold your breath compared to how long combat lasts, I feel like it would reduce this ability to a pointless novelty. I could just change the ability to "any creature not holding its breath that starts its turn within 30 feet of a drowned, must succeed on a Con save DC 14 or take one level exhaustion" and simplify the ability, but I'm not sure that would make it better.

>> No.57140114

>No Good Tempest god or goddess

>> No.57140122

That's what I was thinking, but I -really- feel like that -3 damage adds up like crazy. Even at higher levels, if I get hit 3 times in a round for 15 damage each (for a total of 45), knocking 9 off of that is still 20% less damage taken.

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File: 108 KB, 464x768, Arcane Ooze.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'd also appreciate thoughts on this creature: an arcane ooze that can drain spell slots from enemies. This was from the 3.5 monster manual III, and since people had said the "drowned" was a "fuck you martial" creature I figure I'd post a "fuck you caster" creature.

>> No.57140132

All of my female characters have either been grouchy and unapproachable in such a manner, only "cute", or "holy fuck don't stick your dick in that, they're fucking crazy".
Umberlee and Auril, without a doubt.

>> No.57140149

Why the shilling?

>> No.57140151

>"holy fuck don't stick your dick in that, they're fucking crazy".
>implying Bards don't live their lives by the simple code of "Stick your dick in everything, especially crazy"

>> No.57140168

Thanks for your opinions.

>It'd kind of make sense if it was a huge creature
The ability in question specifically works on Large on smaller

I think Umberlee works like this for sailors.

I think that if casters are overpowered is it because of options they have, not because they are too strong in combat.

>> No.57140171

>The fight begins
>I cast haste on the fighter!
>Oh, nothing happens
>Guess I will just move 30 feet back
Sounds like a very good and fun mechanic, make sure to use it in conjunction with critical fumble table (two nat 1s on attack roll result in accidental suicide) and rules for dying of diarrohea when the food/water isn't clinically sterile.

>> No.57140194

No no I’m retarded. I don’t know what I was thinking there.

But yeah I need to fix wording. I threw sharpshooter in between it, it reads
“You cannot add your ranged weapon attack modifier to damage” the modifier being Dex. But I guess I didn’t specify.

I might just make it you can’t add dex or sharpshooter to damage rolls made by repeater attacks and remove the to hit penalty.

>> No.57140202

Because he's really funny, and deserves lots of views. Here's another really good video on a funny fighter archetype


>> No.57140210

In the FR, you have Valkur and Aerdrie Faenya for the good alignment and Akadi, Istishia and Sheela Peryroyl for neutrals.

>> No.57140212

>Who is Deep Sashelas

Thanks for the suggestions. Umberlee seems to focused on sailors for me.

I do not want to play capital E Evil Cleric, just one who does the necessary things to appeal to the gods, so people don't get killed. Fear the god, not the cleric

>> No.57140227

See you in 3 days CJ. Maybe next time don't advertise so blatantly.

>> No.57140230

Is imposible to fail with a 18 score so is more like
>I cast whatever
>It works
>Of course it fucking works, why are you making me roll and additional dice for no reason every turn you stupid fuck?

>> No.57140245

One of them was a borderline-psycho who was a hedonist and barely managed to cling to their admittedly-loose moral compass and used what was effectively a nailbat with extreme prejudice, and the other was a self proclaimed princess. That was also supposedly a police officer, and Alchemist Artificer. Who ran around in fancy robes chucking bombs at people or handcuffing them mid-combat.

One of them's bound to be a sadist and the other absolutely had a thing for tying people up. Shit wouldn't end well.

>> No.57140246

That's my problem with casters. Theyd only be rolling to cast a spell on the things that dont already do so.
So, fireball would still be a Dex check. Otherwise it would be too steep of a Nerf having to do two checks.

>> No.57140254

Anybody have an adventurers wanted poster handy?

Need it for trope

>> No.57140255

Do we have any information about this deity?

>> No.57140270

Assuming i let someone use close quarters shooter so his arcane archer can be a tacticool operator and he decides to take 2 levels of ranger for the archery fighting style they won't stack to give him a +3 to attack on every shot, right?

>> No.57140280

I would say it's working as intended then.
It and mage or whatever can only just rely on spells to end engagements, that's pretty lame.

>> No.57140289

Reposting the Elemental shifting staffs/rings, they have charges now.

>> No.57140290

Akadi (pronounced ah-KAH-dee[6]), the Queen of Air, was the embodiment of the element of air and goddess of elemental air, speed, and flying creatures. As an immortal being of freedom and travel, she instructed her followers to move as much as possible from place to place and from activity to activity.

Check the FR wiki or something.

>> No.57140298

The 2e Faiths and Avatars has a long writeup on her.

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File: 807 KB, 564x869, Erith.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My femme fatale Rogue (Mastermind) / Bard (Secrets) half-elf charlatan (inspiration, pic related). I was a little hesitant to bust out a sex-as-a-weapon character at a table that's literally half grills, but when one of them waltzed out with a pretty-boy valor bard with Vega (Street Fighter) as inspiration, I knew it would be ok. Turns out they all think it's hilarious when I ham it up and start flirting with NPCs. Better yet, me and the valor bard (the two unreasonably attractive characters in the group) can't fucking stand each other.

>> No.57140348

>Faiths and Avatars
I'll check this book, hope it's good

>> No.57140357

fresh day same old garbage

>> No.57140364

Is the college of swords any good?
I loved blades back in baldur's gate 2 but I doubt they play anything like that game, throwing around bigger damage spells like skulltrap and fireball than wizards.

They're mostly limited to illusion and enchantment spells this time around right?
Can they hold their own in melee without shields?
Also, dueling or DW?

>> No.57140365

>Self-conscious about her body

Why tho?

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File: 1.44 MB, 1078x3091, akadi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Faith and Avatars is awesome and well worth checking out. But here's Akadi for you (the rest of the pages are special spells for Akadi's specialty clerics).

>> No.57140428

She has really nasty scars on her body (Patron resurrected her and uses the scars a branding mark), they make her feel less "sexy"
and not as attractive. So she does not show very much skin ever.

>> No.57140463

New day same anon! How are you doing today buddy?

>> No.57140569

Everyone has scars, some more visible than others! I’d protect the heck out of that smile.

>> No.57140586

I want to be a druid-type that's all about gems. Is there a homebrew for that?
What would you guys recommend?

>> No.57140610

It would have to be an 11+spell mod to cast and if you fail, well fuck. Sucks to be a caster.
Still thinking about it. I just can't fucking stand it.

>Player gets caught because they're a fucking idiot
>I cast disguise self or whatever the fuck
>Problem solved

>> No.57140637

>Tfw my character worships a dead deity and isn't exactly sure why nobody has mentioned him since he started adventuring because he could've sworn he was a pretty big player, nor has he admittedly brought them up
>Nobody really knows it because they think they're the nice guy fire pun character

>> No.57140638

>I want to be a druid-type that's all about gems
You're going to have to be way more specific than that, right now you could be asking for anything from "dwarf druid who is a jeweler with guild artisan background" to "druid that wildshapes into dark souls crystal lizards."

>> No.57140668


>> No.57140692

>finally bring up your god
>Other PC: "Anon, [god] is dead..."
>you go buy them a fedora to tip and smirk at them
The jokes write themselves

>> No.57140706

Why are good mind flayer minis so hard to find? You'd think they'd be more popular.

Though all minis are a pain in the arse to start with.

>> No.57140734

That's sweet anon! I hope one day she runs into someone who cares that much about her. Kinda hard though with a powerful devil that basically has her mentally enslaved and causes haunting hallucinations every now and then to remind her of her past mistakes. Maybe one day...

>> No.57140756

What's funny to me is that the opposite is true. You wrote that, not any joke, and it wasn't funny. And before you meme me again, I'm a Christian. I just happen to think that comedy requires something more that meme references.

>> No.57140830

Holy shit calm down anon, it was a joke.

>> No.57140836

Acknowledge when she's had her scales buffed and complement het eyes.
Oh sorry thought you said hit on a dragon.

>> No.57141039


>> No.57141054

If you are a Christian, how can you play D&D?
I thought your religion didn't let you claim any one else to be a god. Or do you just pick the parts you want to follow

>> No.57141095

How do we fix Undying Warlock? Pretty much every ability it has aside from the level 1 ability is either extremely underwhelming or worthless.

>> No.57141166

Honestly, I'm pretty sure my character would go from 0 to 60 on the "what" and/or panic scale as he realizes that what he was pretty sure was a fairly big-name and well-known deity is fucking dead. Especially since it's likely that even if that one guy knew, nobody else in the party would even recognize the name.
Probably just leave him with a horrible sense of wrong-ness.
Because it's one of the Untheric deities that've been dead since like 2nd or 3rd edition or so

>> No.57141183

This is why homebrew is shit. Needlessly making overcomplicated rules for things that don't need it.

>> No.57141234

It's unnecessary. The power gap between casters and noncasters is small

>> No.57141244

Not that anon, I agree that it wasn't funny at all but I have to severely disagree with the statement that is not a joke. It was a joke with a set up and a punchline, is not just a stupid meme reference because you can replace the punchline with a non meme and still have the exact same joke

>> No.57141273

It’s a Scanlan-tier joke and you should feel bad for doing it.

>> No.57141274

>Has to use one of their limited spell slots to overcome an obstacle
Hmm seems like it's working as intended

>> No.57141303

But adventures never take longer than 15 minutes, you ever try to tell a Wizard to move when they’re out of spells?

>> No.57141312

dwarf barb in a leopard print bikini

>> No.57141316

That's probably accurate, but dropping the implied "funny" from the statement "the " funny" jokes write themselves" makes it lose all meaning.

Christianity requires that I worship no other gods. Playing Dnd is not worship.

Also are you seriously implying that the best campaigns aren't in a setting based on the more esoteric Christian beliefs?

>> No.57141326

Again, I wasn't the anon who made it and I agreed that it wasn't funny at all, but there is a clear distinction between a painfully unfunny joke and something that is just a gratuitos reference and not a joke

>> No.57141354

delay is a thing in my game

>> No.57141399

do the Amish play D&D I wonder

>> No.57141403

People overhype the weird parts of christianity, wheel of eyes on fire and Jesus fighting dragons as a baby is not that remarkable by DnD standards

>> No.57141412

>my personal experiences can be used to generalize every game

>> No.57141423
File: 61 KB, 1250x407, my houserules.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I made these house rules before Xanathar's came out, so anything that made it in must be used over the UA version, except Storm Herald since it got unnecessarily nerfed. I also ruled out the dragon wings feat later on.

>> No.57141478

>Human may be used as a worse [any other race] instead of using vanilla human's one unique triat that puts it in front of the others in having a total of +6 to stats, which could be useful in very fringe cases.
Making more trap options is not smart

>> No.57141544

The Church of the Silver Flame is basically Catholicism and yet they’re the coolest religious institution in any DnD setting.

Use that aspect of Christianity, it provides players a rock to build their character or even a campaign.

>> No.57141558

Mind you this was for my first campaign and nobody picked human so I didn't get to modify it to make it work better. Other than that, when I posted these here the first time I got almost exclusively positive responses.

>> No.57141586

Why do people hate playing as humans?

>> No.57141588

This sounds more like a GMing problem than a balance problem. If you cannot come up with a reason why time is essential and the wizard can't take a little nap right now than that is a failure on your part

>> No.57141621

Probably because they're inherently less interesting since humans actually exist in real life. That's just my guess, though, I've played as a few humans (including vanilla) before and enjoyed them.

>> No.57141624

That human is probably the best race for a wizard since iirc there is no race that lets you get +2/+1 to int/con

>> No.57141631

No darkvision.

>> No.57141653

rock gnome

>> No.57141658

Seems alright, I just wonder why you have an issue with flying characters, or is there a lore reason that Aarakocra and Winged Tieflings aren't allowed?

I'd also be iffy giving characters free racials, especially considering how good Elven accuracy can be.

>> No.57141666

Rock gnomes get +2 int +1 con and a whole bunch of other stuff.

This is just a goddamn +2 int +1 con with nothing extra.

>> No.57141670

I’ve never believed in that statement since I’ve found the “ordinary” person thrown into extraordinary circumstances, and how they react and grow to that, is a story I think is worth telling.

>> No.57141690

I normally pick Variant human, not even trying to make optimal builds with the feat, I normally pick something like tavern brawler just to try something new and avoid things like lucky

>> No.57141697

Because it makes casters and ranged martials so much better because they don't need to worry about being in melee range if they can fly, especially considering my game is taking place largely outdoors. Even if I didn't ban flight altogether I'd still ban Aarakocra because 50 feet at level 1 is nonsense.

>> No.57141721

Fair enough, this is rock gnome without the "massive faggot" role playing penalty.

>> No.57141747

Well, gnomes do have 25 ft speed, which might IS somewhat nerf.

>> No.57141749

How does this sound for another variant take on humans?
>1 skill proficiency of your choice
>1 tool proficiency or language of your choice
>three +1s that can be allocated as you choose, even if they stack (you could do +1 to three stats, +2 to one stat and +1 to another, or +3 to one stat)
Shitty and dumb, overpowered and dumb, or just ok and dumb?

>> No.57141778

Are there any more compact, printing friendly character sheets out there?

>> No.57141790

Well in case one of my players dies and wants to make a human, what should I do to make them more appealing? Maybe give them Human Determination as a base racial feature?

>> No.57141793

Where are the racial feats for kobolds?

>> No.57141817

Literally variant human.

>> No.57141901
File: 550 KB, 804x606, Humans revised.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>or +3 to one stat
Overpowered and dumb.

>> No.57141910

read >>57141423
I'm already giving every race a starting feat, albeit with a few restrictions. Are you saying I should allow just humans to take a combat feat?

>> No.57141915

Make every NPC a racist, if players don't pick Human as race they should get fucked

>> No.57141959

Make humans take a second feat, but non combat

>> No.57142065
File: 364 KB, 600x359, Image+03+-+Minions.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone have a better quality version of pic related? It's my favorite bit of art from XGtE

>> No.57142072

Not him but how is that even overpowered?

>> No.57142099


>> No.57142130
File: 33 KB, 301x301, kuo-toa avi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.57142135
File: 23 KB, 540x513, 10501812_848086571934150_3531204185071631214_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>that crying orc
Actually makes me feel kinda sad that he got rejected

>> No.57142144

Goddammit that Orc gets me everytime.

>> No.57142195

That happy little fish fuck is my favorite art from the Monster Manual.
Look at how excited and ready for the day ahead of him he is.

>> No.57142199

Welll, it is no more OP than rolling stats and getting 18, i guess.

>> No.57142220

Trying to trip a flying creature... You're all faggots

>> No.57142298

Well, it wasn't flying at that time and tripping flying creatures is perfectly valid RAW.

>> No.57142320

How often do you use movie plots in your games? Do you try to avoid non-fantasy movies when making quests or characters?
I want to use the thing from It Follows to torment the bard in my group. I don't want to kill them with it, but I think seeing mangled version of prostitutes they've fucked could be cool and a good way to light a fire under the party's ass when they start to meander.

>> No.57142363

Somebody more artistically inclined and less lazy than me should shop his left hand into a thumb up, would make for a good reaction image.

>> No.57142382

So I'm thinking of running a roll20 game using one of the book adventures.
Anyone that's bought and run any of the roll20 WotC modules, how do they stack up to one another?

I've been a player for ToA and it seems pretty sweet for the DM.

Side question, which published adventure do you think would be the easiest to adapt to a homebrew setting? Maybe... which one has the fewest locales that might need a name change?

>> No.57142398

>doesn't explicitly state something that is common sense

Of course I can trip the young red dragon while it's flying, the rule book doesn't say I can't!

>> No.57142445

I definitely steal from movie plots when one gives me inspiration.
If it's obvious where I got the idea there will be some play on the player's expectations and I'll have the plot turned around on them at some point.

For one offs, this is especially fun to do.
So long as you're not copying 1-to-1 then it's usually completely fine. Keeps players from using metaknowledge to solve the problem and also shows you're not incredibly lazy.

>> No.57142446

Cool weak magic items for a low level party?
I want to avoid +1weapons/armor for now, so far I think I'm going to give them a wand of grease (1use per day) so the wizard has something to fall back to and a ring of heroism (+2thp per turn and immunity to fear once per day) so the fighter actually stays in the frontline

I'm thinking of giving them a warding bond item minus the AC bonus and with a lower duration and some kind of healing item, bag of goodberries maybe?

Any ideas for rogue trinkets? He wasn't interested in caltrops nor ballbearings and since he's a human I think he could use a dark vision source, like a ioun stone or somekind of googles

>> No.57142486

We have a human subrace called blood of the first king.
They have +2 to one stat of your choice, one extra language or tool prof or skill of your choice and they get the ceremony spell at lvl 3 and shadow blade at 5th. Both can be cast once, resets on long rest.
They also live up to 500 years of age.

>> No.57142493

iirc there's sage advice somewhere that clarifies tripping a flying target will cause it to fall.
I'm pretty sure it's intentional.

Just flavor it in a natural way, like you hit its wing which causes it to fall out of the sky.

>> No.57142494

>it's common sense that things using wings to fly can never have their flying interrupted for any reason whatsoever
Come on, anon.

>> No.57142517
File: 104 KB, 702x383, mexican curse of strahd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>which published adventure do you think would be the easiest to adapt to a homebrew setting?

>> No.57142533

Actually after a short google it's mentioned explicitly that causing a flying target to fall prone will cause it to fall, unless it can hover or is being held aloft magically like with the fly spell.

- from the players basic rules

>> No.57142546

I love it when people are doubly wrong but flaunt themselves as if they're so obviously correct.

>> No.57142552

There's a whole section of common magic items in Xanathar's

>> No.57142572


No you baka! The superior Katana is made of steel folded a thousand times, and as such is a much deadlier weapon.

>> No.57142577

I really like this actually.
Would be a fun day of the dead one off.
I couldn't be assed to transform everything into mexican themed shit though.

>> No.57142602

"You find using a one-handed weapon makes you feel inadequate. Two-handed is best!"
"You find using a two-handed weapon makes you feel like you're over compensating. One-handed is best!"

>> No.57142603

those are mostly useless for my party since they're 1 step from full murderhobos

>> No.57142608

>the rule book doesn't say I can't!
Worse! The book explicitly says you can!

>Flying Movement
... If a flying creature is knocked prone, has its speed reduced to 0, or is otherwise deprived of the ability to move, the creature falls, unless it has the ability to hover or it is being held aloft by magic, such as by the fly spell.
PHB, p. 191

>> No.57142668

Goggles of night are a thing.
Yeah, magic items that mimic non-damage dealing cantrips are pretty decent low level magic items. Level 1 spells, too, as you mentioned.

A magical "lucky" trinket that gives you a single use of luck (as in the feat) is quite good but not usually overpowered.

>> No.57142714

he already has minor illusion from magic adept so I guess I'll give him the googles
The lucky trinket sounds great too, I'll keep it in mind

>> No.57142809

Kill youself

>> No.57142823

You made me look up the topic, and actually, the quarrels were between Portuguese sailors and what probably were Japanese merchants, not samurai. The japanese weapons were too heavy to effectively counter rapiers, so the odds were made even when the merchants bought lighter swords and the whole thing erupted into a miniature war between merchants and sailors until their superior officers both cracked down because it was putting the trade relationship in jeopardy. The portuguese were banned from going into Japan armed in general, and the Japanese were banned from drawing weapons upon unarmed Portuguese sailors

>> No.57142877

Your a new kind of Killer DM

>> No.57142964

need more responses to make an informed decision help me /5eg/ you're my only hope

>> No.57142994

HAM, unless you think you'll need the double athletic proficiency.

>> No.57143053

XP for gold, giving either very little or no XP for monsters. It de-emphasizes killing things, making all approaches to the game which would ultimately allow you to get fat loot valid without having to use weird rules like the 3 pillar UA. Works better for some types of games than others of course


>> No.57143085

D&D’s scale of HP vs damage means that “20%” means very little.
Let’s say you’re a typical level 8 fighter with 16 CON. You have a solid 76 HP. You can take exactly five hits of 15 damage before the sixth drops you.
If you have HAM, that number increases to six before the seventh drops you. Does that help? Sure.
But CR 8 monsters do closer to 25 damage a pop. That means you can survive three hits before the fourth drops you. With HAM making that 22, you can survive... three hits before the fourth drops you. Your feat didn’t practically benefit you at all.
HAM starts strong and continues to be useful, particularly against hordes, but its practical benefit fades after level 5 or so.

>> No.57143102

Squat Nimbleness for free flips.

>> No.57143123

Start the PCs at level 2 and with a free feat.

>> No.57143129

>lvl 1 aarakocra player flies using the INSANE 50ft movement!!11!
>goblins shoot him with shortbows
>aarakocra drops to 0hp, falls 50ft and immediately fails 2 death saves

fuckin op race man

>> No.57143155

wait wouldn't the fall be massive damage for instant death at lvl 1?

>> No.57143172
File: 24 KB, 627x594, 1502980888688.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Have Cleric in party who worships Gond
>My fighter is a devout follower of Tempus
>Cleric won't heal me because I don't follow his god, I have to pay him to be healed
>Explain that Tempus and Gond are good friends and Gond forged the saddles for Tempus's horses Deiros and Veiros
>''You're character isn't religious enough to know that dude''

Why do I even play Adventure's league

>> No.57143196

Get your character proficiency in religion in any way possible

>> No.57143197

>Person takes le epic OP meme race making an optimized character
>Uses optimized character poorly and dies
Fall damage would only fail one death save, but technically actually the fall damage should have instakilled them.

>> No.57143253

Tell him to stop being a literal faggot or leave.
Otherwise he's also admitting his character isn't religious enough to know the same information and he's a fucking dumbass.

>> No.57143269

yeah the fall would be massive damage, my mistake. still, flying is very dangerous for players, especially at low level, and easily countered by DMs. Its not any different from a DM throwing a Wis save at a high AC character. Not that you should do it every encounter - you should let the player enjoy their strengths. I just don't think its so strong that it merits a ban.

Regardless, I'd never play an aarakocra. Mostly because I have no fucking idea how to pronounce that word.

>> No.57143281

>Why do I even play Adventure's league
Because you're a fool who believes that bad game is better than no game.

Also, talk to the GM about it. The guy may be acting in character, but he's acting in a way that's actively hurting the cooperation of the group. That's case enough for his god to give him the direct message "Hey dude don't be such a faggot." If the DM agrees with you, either the guy stays a massive faggot and loses his powers / throws a fit and leaves, or he begrudgingly shelves his dickery for the time being. If the DM agrees with him, see the first part of my post.

>> No.57143300

air-uh-COCK-rah is how my group says it.

>> No.57143451

What's the goddess of motherhood in dnd?
I need to make a cleric of her to be a nurse maid and whatever the name of someone who helps people give birth

>> No.57143453

It's 50ft speed instead of the standard 30ft, you can easily just fly 15ft above the ground so that falling isn't an issue but you're out of range of melee weapons, you can solve many problems such as 'get to the other side of this chasm' by just saying 'well I fly across', even if that doesn't help everyone fly across. In open field combat you can simply fly somewhere around 600ft above your target and pelt them with arrows if you buy enough and defeat even a fucking terrasque that way at level 1 with enough time if the DM doesn't decide it knows how to throw rocks. It also gets +2 dex with lends far too well to this ranged abuse playstyle.

Levels 1-4 it's obnoxious to similar levels as v.human for PAM, later levels it's still the strongest racial ability to have considering the fly spell requires class, spell preparation, a spell slot and concentration.

>> No.57143484

>What's the goddess of motherhood in dnd?
Which setting, motherfucker

>> No.57143529

No faggot like that is worthy of glorfying Gond nor Tempus. Kill him

>> No.57143578

In the Forgotten Realms you have Hathor (if you're Mulhorandi), Berronar (if you're a dwarf) and I'm sure there are others I have forgotten.

>> No.57143698

Color me impressed by how adding 2 little lines to Homebrewery will murder the formatting.

>> No.57143858

Adventurer's league gold actually matters because you can spend it on certain magic items right?
Sounds like he's just holding his heals hostage so he can powergame the items he wants faster.

This is why adventurer's league is shit. So little roleplay. Just railroad from encounter to encounter so everyone builds characters for combat.

>> No.57143950

Until you have to face a ton of fights in a dungeon that only has 10 ft high ceilings.
Yeah, flying is good. But it's not that good.

I suppose it really depends on the campaign. If you're just playing a standard pre-written then it might be stronger than in a homebrew world where the DM tailors encounters to the group.

For instance, the "get across the chasm" is mitigated by a fight breaking out midway while the birdman is ferrying party members across.
Now the party is split and they've got a new unique challenge to overcome. Birdman also currently has his hands full.

>> No.57143996
File: 1.16 MB, 1300x1300, dire wolf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>print 50 pages for one shot tonight
>my wife put the shitty paper back in the printer tray even though I'd move it to a different room (was going to donate it to my kids school)
>have to reprint everything


#boomerlyfe #penandpaper4ever #hashtagson4chin

>> No.57144009

Best way to play a small race using a giant sword?

My two ideas were hexblade or a barbarian.
Barb is gonna get you fucked up because you're dealing with the disadvantage by reckless attacking. Hexblade you've got a couple different ways to gain advantage to cancel the disadvantage, and maybe even get you advantage.

Was thinking a halfling would be preferable as the small race because rerolling 1s is nice.

>> No.57144014

>For instance, the "get across the chasm" is mitigated by a fight breaking out midway while the birdman is ferrying party members across.
>Now the party is split and they've got a new unique challenge to overcome. Birdman also currently has his hands full.

adding that particular arrow to my DM quiver.
Jesus now I want to give the party flight just to do this to them.

>> No.57144020

>50 pages for a one shot

This has to be bait right? I stopped reading here.

>> No.57144036

What you're saying is you basically have to actively make up new encounters and shit to deal with it.
That suggests it's broken.

And as a general thing, it can feel like you're bullshitting players if there isn't any warnings they can pick up on and you just spring it out of nowhere. If it's clear there's some noise behind a door on the other side of the chasm then sure, though it also might be odd if the monsters only charge out the moment you're half-way across when you've been standing around for ten minutes.
I'm sure you could reasonably make most encounters happen with limited ceilings, prepare it so that there are only a few problems that can be dealt with just flying over the problem, etc but ideally for the DM even a wizard who has a certain spell shouldn't drive the DM to create the campaign around them.

>> No.57144068

Maybe it includes some visual aids and notes for the players

>> No.57144082

6 characters 6p
5 characters spell sheets 8p
3 copies of the php equipment list 3p
1 homebrew weapon 1p
6 levels of dungeon 7p
1 wildshape cheat sheet 1p
2 unique monsters 2p
1 encounter table 1p

closer to 30 pages I guess. I'll call it overestimating and hyperbole.

>> No.57144084

Whatever the 5th edition campaign books take place in

>> No.57144102

I'm hoping that it's 5 copies of a 10 page document that has pretty pictures/maps

>> No.57144120

>giving maps to players


>> No.57144153

I mean if they are creative (using Revised Ranger Primeval Awareness to build a map) or have thought to get a map they should be given a map.

>> No.57144181
File: 623 KB, 2000x2800, This could be you!.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm imagining a recruiter harassing him with pamphlets while he's getting his wolf from the car park.

>Ask me about the Blizzard method! Anyone who doesn't think orcs are basically just green humans is a racist!
>Rebranding and you! How to keep your cool iconography while remaining kid friendly!
>Chaotic Good! It worked for Drizz't!
>Cliche minion race = Totally original hero race! Have you considered levels in Paladin!?

>> No.57144195

No, you completely miss the point.
If you're running a book-campaign that's one thing. It can be strong if that particular campaign has a lot of open air encounters or places with high ceilings.

If you're running a dungeon crawl campaign with small corridors, much less so.

As for the example, obviously you don't execute it in such a way that it feels like bullshit. As with everything it should feel justified, exciting, and fun. I've noticed the biggest issue in groups is when players don't trust their DM. I've run a lot of games and even encounters that from an outside observer might look like bullshit, everyone enjoys, because there is ample DM trust.

I also reject your notion that making up new encounters to deal with stuff suggests something is broken. Can it mean that? Perhaps. But in my experience, no. As I run homebrew campaigns I design encounters that will uniquely challenge PCs as well as give them opportunities to display their strengths as well as test the players to their ability to react and respond to a troubling situation. But I digress.

My point is that I believe it depends entirely on your campaign. If you don't want to allow it because you think it will take away from the game you're trying to run and decrease the fun of the group, then by all means, disallow it.

>> No.57144226

You’d need to fly higher than 10 ft most of the time because the creature that’s hitting you can usually jump, and isn’t a zero foot manlet.

>> No.57144255

What, are players not allowed to have a map of a major city or something?

>> No.57144265

>he doesn't grind on wolves in the starter zone for the first 5 levels to mitigate all risk while firing from the safety of the air

>> No.57144284

Does anyone have that pre-order racial feat document?

>> No.57144300

>His wolves are tiny wolflets that can’t even jump 50ft

>> No.57144310

Airakocra monk is best kocra.

Just fly around with a bow and shoot niggas from the sky. Oh they shoot back? Catch them arrows nigga.

>> No.57144321

I assume he means dungeon maps, which is definitely a thing. Early editions even explicitly had "mapper" as one of the out-of-character player roles, you'd basically just scribble on graph paper based on what the DM said. That was important because of how out-of-combat movement worked

>> No.57144366

If your also looking for the Lost Notes from Dmsguild here it is as well.


>> No.57144390

Lemme get this straight, lads:

If I take the mage Slayer feat, I can whack bitches if they even THINK about casting spells?

If they’re grappled they get disadvantage on hitting too or something right?

>> No.57144394

Missing the PDF apologies.

>> No.57144406

If you give someone a +100 damage weapon, you can't justify that it's balanced because you can design encounters so that it isn't a problem, because it limits design choice and does remind the player that the DM is creating the world around you, which lacks plot integrity. +100 damage might seem extreme, but it can't solve anything that can't be solved with pure, raw damage and it needs an individual attack each time, so it isn't so great against swarms of enemies, non-combat encounters or even combat encounters with elements such as distance, overcoming saves, mini-puzzles inside them, etc. Flying isn't as dramatic at +100 damage, but it's still far too much to give as a racial trait if you want a balanced game. Also, Aarakokra have hardly any trade-off for their much boosted speed and flight ability. Heck, they still get a +2 ASI.

So yes, you could just so happen to conveniently be playing a narrow corridors dungeon campaign. But if you make everything always shut in and narrow, it's dull if you do nothing but that. You want to diversify an dmake encounters or puzzles more dynamic or fun. But then you have to keep considering that this one guy has a +100 damage weapon or flight or whatever and that can be built around, but isn't a fun thing to deal with in the creative process. But yes, if you think you can handle it as a DM, nobody's stopping you.

Only other mention is that if something has no hints ever to the players as to why it has happened, it's shit.

>> No.57144413

No, its post casting. If they cast anything that teleports them, moves you away, moves them away, or removes your reaction you are out of luck.

>> No.57144464

Sweet strawman, my dude. Your equivalency is totally not false. You will surely convince everyone.

>> No.57144475

Reactions interrupt the action that triggers them, you hit before the spell takes effect. Otherwise you'd never get an AoO unless you had reach.

>> No.57144482

Fuck that’s not as cool as I thought..

>> No.57144495

>Wow, a +100 weapon is far more extreme than flight speed, your post is false!

Get it into your head. The analogy is used to show that just because something can be built around so that it's still fair for all players, it doesn't mean it's not unbalanced or broken in any way.

I dare say the cock-bird race is worse than yuan-ti.

>> No.57144501

That's an attack of opportunity. Sentinel and Mage Slayer are not opportunity attacks.

>> No.57144505

So I can slap them to interrupt their spell and make it fail?

>> No.57144510

Unless the timing is specified (like it is with opportunity attacks), reactions take place immediately after the trigger.

>> No.57144519

If the party steals a phylactery, is there any reason a lich shouldn't just kill himself to regenerate by the party?

>> No.57144535

Unbalanced != broken
Anyway, not the same guy you were arguing with.
Personally, I don't like having too many exotic races in my party more than I give two shits about someone being able to fly.

>> No.57144567

No, as per the official rulings Sentinel and Mage Slayer activate after the triggering attack or spell.


>> No.57144579

'Broken' is just the state of being excessively unbalanced.

>> No.57144624

Okay, sure. They can both be built around. But it's an objective fact that more "problems" are solved with raw damage in an overwhelming majority of games than allowing someone to have a flight speed.
It's why murderhoboing isn't just a meme.

Sure flying is good. But if it were so overpowered or unbalanced and broken, then you probably wouldn't face many flying creatures in the game. But that's why people have ranged options. Archers are extremely common.
Flying across a chasm is one scenario that might happen.
Also, flying speed can be dealt with in a way that retains fun for players that don't get the luxury of flight while still creating balanced encounters that everyone can enjoy.
Giving one player +100 damage just means they can one shot nearly everything and isn't fun for everyone else that would like to participate in combat.

Did a bird man fuck your mom or something? Is it so hard to believe that they don't bother everyone as much as they bother you? Did the person you're replying to not JUST say do whatever you want.

>> No.57144630

The phylactery may not work as a literal respawn point. Maybe regenerating takes a couple hours, during which he is vulnerable or at least weaker than usual

>> No.57144649

PHB is unclear on this, do you guys have a rule or sage advice to cite?
It wouldn't make it fail unless they're concentrating

>> No.57144664


>> No.57144667

And 'retarded' is just the state of being excessively wrong all the time.

>> No.57144674



>> No.57144721
File: 637 KB, 863x854, Ramul.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do I make this map more interesting? This is supposed to be a "throne room" of a barbarian chief. I've decided to decorate the map with gold and chests, a tribute to him, but the entire lower half of the map still looks really boring and bare bones.

>> No.57144726

Is it possible to bring up rules without sounding like a rules lawyer when the DM is wrong about something?

For example, in our game the DM doesn't impose disadvantage on ranged attacks if someone is in melee with you. Only if you're trying to fire at the person that's next to you.
If you've got someone next to you, but are firing at someone that isn't next to you, it's a straight role.

This kinda makes being able to disengage a lot less... what's the word, special? If you can just ignore the guy harassing you and keep shooting his buddy.

>> No.57144753

Thanks mate. I'll still probably rule that it hits before but it's good to know for when someone else DMs.

>> No.57144763

Running the risk of being redundant.

"Far over, the misty mountains cold;
To dungeons deep and caverns old;
We must away, ere break of day;
To find our long forgotten gold.

The pines were roaring, on the heights;
The winds were moaning, in the night;
The fire was red! It flaming spread;
The trees like torches, blazed with light."

>> No.57144775

Don't contradict the DM while playing. No one likes drawn out arguments about rules breaking up the game. Wait for the session to finish and then bring it up, or go early and do it before the game starts

>> No.57144782

Careful with a ruling like that, Rogues will make your game a pain if they get both of those feats.

>> No.57144808

Personally looks a bit strange to me that the gold is drawn out like a line and not all piled up as a horde on which he nearly sits upon like a grand dragon or something.

Then you could have his throne placed upon a bit higher of a ledge, with steps leading up to his throne.

The reason, imo, the bottom looks so bare, is because the room seems fucking huge and I have no real context as to what this place is.

If it's a cave, consider some stalagmites providing some cover. If it's built, maybe some carved pillars of stone. Maybe add a crack in the ground with a board placed over it as a makeshift bridge for "safety." Turn it up to 11 and give it some character. Consider what events may have gone down in this place before they arrived here.

>> No.57144829

>Sure flying is good. But if it were so overpowered or unbalanced and broken, then you probably wouldn't face many flying creatures in the game.
Personally I find almost all DMs have flying enemies conveniently lend themselves to having the melee characters have a way of attacking them when they could often simply fly about and shoot arrows down. Many people seem to forget to pick ranged options and many people play classes suited best for ranged in melee (warlock, fighter and ranger for example) so either the DMs avoid using flying enemies completely, they use flying enemies where flying doesn't matter or they use flying enemies that seem to want to fly down to the ground, or at the very least have flying enemies that are paired with ground enemies so the melee bitches have something to hit.
Most 'damage dealing focus' characters in campaigns use primarily melee.

>Giving one player +100 damage just means they can one shot nearly everything and isn't fun for everyone else that would like to participate in combat.
Not true. In all the examples to build around I gave, everybody can be just as effective as the +100 damage weapon guy or even more effective. Heck, you should worry that the +100 weapon guy starts getting overshadowed by casters using fireballs and shit once you start adding in weaker but more enemies.

It doesn't matter if you make the entire party gods, it's possible to work around it and make it fun for everyone. But it's still not a good idea.

>> No.57144838

Yeah that's what I did. Contacted him afterward.
It was a bit odd though because the rule was brought up while playing... as in, I inquired about the enemy I was harassing, how he was able to fire a shot off at someone else without disadv. Thinking it just slipped his mind. To which he "corrected" me. But yet I still feel as though I'm somehow the asshole.

>> No.57144844

>and I have no real context as to what this place is.
It's a tower which makes you hallucinate visions of the future. In this particular room, the party hallucinates a warlord they intend to fight and his lair.

>> No.57144847

Like a boss is a terrible name
Angelic protection, seriously? It gives advantage on all saving throws and magical effects, that's busted as fuck

>> No.57144852

That's fine by me. Someone who invests in a class and both of those feats just to be clingy deserves to be a nightmare to get away from.

>> No.57144903

Anyone know a good source for d&d related models for 3D printing? My family got a printer for Christmas so I want to give print... everything

>> No.57144909

I mean these are not official feats they were just made by the people from D&D Beyond I believe. I will say its odd that the Dao Heritage
feat does not have your AC equal 11+CON mod or STR mod. It would have been a good alternative to what the Stone Sorcerer had.

Its the multiple sneak attacks I was more so talking about. Both feats are not essential if your game does not have many casters, Sentinel will do just fine for the Melee Rogue.

>> No.57144922

Hero Forge has a lot of options, but they charge for the 3d model.

>> No.57144938

Best to let it go m8. You're starting to contradict yourself.

>I find DMs balance encounters based on players picking poor options
>DMs shouldn't have to balance based on player characters REEEEE

Unbalanced goes both ways. Suboptimal choices require just as much DM tweaking as do powerful options.
>It's possible to work around it and still make it fun for everyone. But it's still not a good idea.
And I see why we disagree. My primary goal is fun for everyone, including myself. As long as that goal is being reached, I just might give an aarakocra a +100 bow.

>> No.57144962

So this lair is his actual lair that they're getting a vision of?
Where is his actual lair located?

>> No.57144983

My dream is getting a bronze one. It looks absolutely beautiful.

>> No.57145017

On an island, the throne room is on the very edge of it, with the cliff and the ocean right behind his throne, as you see.
Great idea with columns, I'm now trying to find some that would fit.

>> No.57145023

What's the Firbolg's deal?
Is there anything to make them interesting compared to any other race, or are they just hippie goliaths?

>> No.57145033

Okay I see it now.
Yeah, perhaps his throne is in the ruins of a temple that used to sit there. Adding some walls that keep his treasure from being blown off into the ocean might make sense.

>> No.57145047

>What's the Firbolg's deal?
Mearls is in love with Feywild and fey-related shit for some reason. Maybe about 10% of the playerbase shares his obsession.

>> No.57145074

It's hard to say because it seems like 5e firbolgs are basically hippy goliaths.
All previous lore seems that they used to be a bit more savage.

>> No.57145081

How the fuck is that a contradiction?
>I find DMs are doing stupid shit to fix the fact that using X would be no fun
>If we didn't have X in the first place, DMs wouldn't have to bend the story in weird makes to make it work

>Unbalanced goes both ways. Suboptimal choices require just as much DM tweaking as do powerful options.
I'm not against tweaking to make those melee characters feel relevant, but I'm saying that you want to minimize the amount of tweaking you have to do so that it doesn't look so painfully forced as 'the flying enemy lands near you because drive me closer I want to hit them with my sword' because the DM didn't take the extra time to avoid flying enemies. If you give players extra choices of which those choices are more powerful than regular choices, that just increases the power gap between players and means more tweaking is needed.

>And I see why we disagree. My primary goal is fun for everyone, including myself. As long as that goal is being reached, I just might give an aarakocra a +100 bow.
Of course I'd give someone a +100 weapon if I had fun plans for it, but I'm not going to give players the option at level 1 'Okay you can be a normal adventurer or you can be MEGACHAD and I'll balance encounters around you' just because it can be fun. While that can be fun, it can be just as fun and require less effort to be just as fun following the normal rules and that extra effort can go into milking more of this mysterious fun resource out.

>> No.57145085

>Its the multiple sneak attacks I was more so talking about.
Again, that's fine by me since it only really makes a change to one scenario (caster trying to teleport/shocking grasp away) and I think there should be a good martial way to shut down mages. Besides, one of my players really loves anti-mage fighters, so why not give it to him.

>> No.57145112

I will admit I share such obsession, but its because I am in love with everything non-prime material. Elemental, aberration, fey and fiend, yes please.

Then again, I can only say that Firbolg has never been such a big thing in D&D ever. They have one small entry in AD&D as a monster, and that is it. In 3.5 they appear in MM 4 or 5, or something. So it is pretty hard to draw inspiration, I myself consider them "meh".

>> No.57145113

I feel no need to really continue this discussion further. You won't agree and I can't make you agree.

Go reee about birdmen to someone else.

>> No.57145134

I might be wrong, but to me you two look like two guys screaming at each other "I LIKE IT THIS WAY".
Fair enough.

>> No.57145138

Out of curiosity do you primarily DM or are you primarily a player? I mean nothing by it either way. Just curious to know from whom this perspective comes.

>> No.57145152
File: 186 KB, 1024x768, fencing_finery__animated__by_street_angel-d55ssg4.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Then I guess its fine so as long as the Rogue with Sentinel gets that buff too.

>> No.57145153

>to be just as fun following the normal rules
So if the races were part of the PHB somehow their bullshit would be okay?

>> No.57145156

Honestly I'm more of the guy shrugging that you can like it anyway you want it. So long as everyone is happy.

>> No.57145176

Poor guy. I'd hire him. He already seems easier to work with than some of his kin given that he's reacting with sadness rather than anger.

Plus I'm a faggot with an orc fetish

>> No.57145192

The official wizkids line has painted in boosters and unpainted for stand alone purchase. Anywhere else can't call them mind flayers or illithids, so try other names. Same with beholders.

>> No.57145213
File: 72 KB, 640x336, 4e firbolgs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>they used to be a bit more savage
Holy shit you weren't kidding. What the hell happened

>> No.57145224

Brokeback Black Mountain!

... I am straight and I'd watch that.

>> No.57145235

How does someone dragging a person he's grabbing with one hand look like exactly? It just doesn't work in my head. Even weirder if he's prone.

>> No.57145247

If there's an aarakocra in the party couldn't you just *include* flying enemies in more encounters the same way you can take them out if you've got a melee party?

>> No.57145263

Blokeborc Mountain.
The touching story of two Australian Orcs pulled into a fiery romance, with a passion to make the gods weep

>> No.57145265

Unironically faggots at WotC

>> No.57145267

NGL I would allow that when I wouldn't normally allow the birdmen, because that's badass.

>> No.57145273
File: 54 KB, 736x812, 2cc5dca0e8619adcec53f2283b4ad9fe--light-angel-body-armor.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What are some good invocations for a level 6 hexblade? I'm not sure which pact I'm choosing, but it's either chain or tome.

>> No.57145276

The 3.5 lore was about the firbolg celtic and germanic legends (i think) and the new one is a pure creation of the Mearls Mind, as far as I can tell.

I can only find shit about savage people, hairy people, cannibals and sidhe slaves.

>> No.57145286

>My femme fatale Rogue (Mastermind) / Bard (Secrets)
Man that sounds awesome, I wish my group would actually progress in levels instead of staying at level 4 for an eternity because the DM thinks that "Level 5 is a huge game changer since people can multi attack and other stuff and I just can't handle that". Multiclassing sounds like so much fun and I'd want to try it out.

>> No.57145304

maybe with a rear choke hold?
Or maybe he's pushing him off balance so that the other guy doesn't have time to react before he's pulled?
Prone works if the grappler is strong. He's grabbing the prone dude by his shirt at the shoulder and pulling. The prone dude is semi-sitting up, just from the force of the pull. If that makes sense.

>> No.57145305

ugh that sounds horrible.
Level 5 is a major power boost, but seriously nigga? That's when shit gets exciting.
My favorite levels are 5-10 I think. That's when I feel like everyone really begins to come into their character and party roles.

>> No.57145318

If you're stronk you can easily imagine it. You're yanking them by their armor or their arm.

>> No.57145331
File: 2.20 MB, 240x180, autistic shrieking.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>staying at level 4 for an eternity

>> No.57145332
File: 59 KB, 420x420, 88295-Flag_Red_3x3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>because the DM thinks that "Level 5 is a huge game changer since people can multi attack and other stuff and I just can't handle that"
Tell us more about your DM.

>> No.57145335

But of course

>> No.57145346

have you honestly never seen someone pull/drag someone else before?

>> No.57145350
File: 119 KB, 772x599, Visions_of_Valor_full.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone have that gif of the estoc parrying a long sword?

>> No.57145356

Doing a battle royal tomorrow for players. We know it isn't balanced.

Any fun pvp map ideas?

>> No.57145366
File: 834 KB, 560x420, parry_by_paulgq-db06dvg.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I see you are a dex anon as well!

>> No.57145371

I don't have anything specific but adding some environmental hazards would spice it up.

>> No.57145373

Eldritch Smi-
>Chain or tome
Whew. Ok. Uh...

I guess you could go full Eldritch Blast goody. It benefits from the Hex HARD. So; Repelling Blast, Grasp of Hadar, Lethargic Lance, etc.

For utility Devil's Sight + Darkness is always a-ok. Tomb of Levistus is pretty fucking fun. False Life is pretty much a free 8 tmp hit points at the begin of a combat.

For tome and chain, Book of Ancient secrets is a must I think. Aspect of the Moon could be creepy and fun to have, specially if you are into multi-tasking. And if you are going with a damage dealer, Maddening Hex is a nice addition, since it only takes your bonus action to add some extra damage in.

>> No.57145391

muh realism

>> No.57145406

Yeah so we've done a lot of that kind of stuff in the past. Part of me feels like it might be fresher to tone that part down a bit, even.

One thought I had was maybe creating a typical colloseum-like map. But having sections where the different Walls-of-X would appear. Or alternatively having different hazards that could be triggered by other players.

>> No.57145420
File: 2.02 MB, 700x394, tumblr_owt21t3upZ1r843z4o10_r2_1280.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do people really care about this in a game world with Monks beating dragons to death with their fist?

I worry more about why the Battle Master's Parry does not work like a Monk's Deflect Missiles.

>> No.57145428

That is actually pretty realistic, don't know what you are talking about.

And if you say "that thin sword blade should break!" god give me patience, cause if he gives me strength I will smite you down.

Steel. Can't cut through. Steel.

>> No.57145438

Those swords are bleeding?
Must be what it's like to fight with sentient magic weapons.

>> No.57145443


>> No.57145444

Just for reference purposes. Thank you anon

>> No.57145455

In the context of the person being able to attack as he's being dragged it just seems a bit silly to me, to be dragged 15 feet that way, then again I guess I could ward off his blows with my shield or if I'm holding a weapon.
How often should one level up in your opinion? We do pretty long sessions that last for 7-9h, varies a bit, but roughly every two weeks.

>> No.57145460

Since it looks like a rough sketch I guess that is to mark their contact sparks (which are also kinda over the top, unless they are weird flint swords)

>> No.57145471

>the sentient magic item screams in pain every time something strikes it
>you have disadvantage and perpetual depressing and jitters

>> No.57145489


are you sure about that anon?

>> No.57145498

>In the context of the person being able to attack as he's being dragged it just seems a bit silly to me
have you never seen someone being dragged/pulled by something other than their arms/hands?

>> No.57145506

Its currently PHB only and everyone is level 3. Any ideas what I should play or am I free to make whatever at this point?
This is my first time joining in the middle of a campaign

>> No.57145517

I have ran 3 games now that went from first to 7th level or so. It always went like this:

First adventure is 1 to 3. On the 1st game they reach second level. on the 3rd they reach 3rd level.

Then it goes +3 sessions for 4th, +5 sessions for 5th and then it levels out around 6-8 sessions for each level.

>> No.57145522

Consider skipping the eldritch blast invocations. 1d10+CHA was excellent before hexblade, and 1d10+Prof is excellent as well.A hexblade doesn't need agonizing blast, though of course agonizing blast is amazing.

Consider instead utility invocations. Devil's Sight, Beast Speach, Misty Visions, and Levitate at Will are all excellent

>> No.57145544

I am pretty sure if that sword was moving in someone's hand that type of damage wouldn't even be possible.

And EVEN IN SUCH AN EXTREME CASE... it didn't cut through it. So yeah. That video proves my point even more.

>> No.57145552

One played a fairly decent role in the cleric quintet

>> No.57145554

so to get from level 4 to 5 you have to play 5 sessions?

>> No.57145580

How does the 5e tools download from the OP work? I can't open or extract the RAR file.

>> No.57145593

>have to
Look. Those are strong words. I work with a very tight XP system, so it takes some time for my players to kick up a level.

But a good rule of thumb I see many DMs use is "roughly one session per level to level up". That sounds fair to me since I have few sessions a month (2 or less) and they are often pretty long (9 hours or more).

>> No.57145601

Breaking doesn't mean cutting. The blade could snap just from sheer weight, though that would imply a brittle blade. Bending is more likely, which would ruin the parry at worst, or make a counter attack impossible at best.

>> No.57145603

You know, the claim you are arguing against that nobody actually made yet is, in your own words, "that thin sword blade should break!" How do you justify the leap in logic between "break" and "cut"?

>> No.57145631

>I see many DMs use is "roughly one session per level to level up". That sounds fair to me since I have few sessions a month (2 or less) and they are often pretty long (9 hours or more).
Seems reasonable to me. He argues however that at level 20 you can kill gods so we have to spread out the levels a lot, but I don't know if he thinks this campaign will go on forever or what, but I imagine the game would be more fun if we leveld up rather frequently now and then maybe start slowing down a lot after lvl 10.

>> No.57145653

While 100% true that it wouldn't cut, quartestaves can blow through parries like that, you need to redirect the force. A sword with enough force could easily plow through, or knock the guard out of position for a kill.

>> No.57145662

Lots of opportunities to use utility stuff.
Maybe a pack of wolves somewhere that can be commanded, a cave filled with the dead remains of adventurers to be raised. Put stuff in that your particular players would have a use for.

>> No.57145678

How many sessions have you played? If you've done many sessions you should be past level 4 even if you're doing experience points with the length of your sessions (assuming you play every week). As for most games, I think average session lengths hover around 4 hours.

I personally use milestones and so players often level up much faster than they would with experience. My current group just hit level 14 and we've played for a year and a half. But we can't play every week, so I'd say we're somewhere around 30 sessions in.

>> No.57145682

is that Castlevania?

>> No.57145699

Actually no. We're past session 40 now.

>> No.57145711

Is there any synergy from a monk/druid multiclass?
I would like a battle druid that doesn't rely on wildshape

>> No.57145720

I agree with bending, but even then you'd have to hold it with a lot of weight. In the example the sword arm flexes with and then against the attack, so a lot of force has been absorbed. In the video the blade rested against a (I presume) steel support. So the blade absorbed all force.

One. I never argued in favor of breaking. Chippin, bending, yes, breaking? You need a pretty brittle sword, and then the problem isn't the strike, but the composition and forging techniques.
I don't understand where else you are coming from. Care to elaborate?

I agree completely. A human arm would sooner give way and absorb most of that strike. I have seen people twist their wrists before a good blade was bent out of shape.

>> No.57145736

For one thing, I think estocs in particular were made with thick, square-shaped blades specifically to be as rigid and durable as possible. They weren't even sharpened beyond the point.

>> No.57145761
File: 103 KB, 431x311, 1505935627336.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>cherry picked examples of blades fixed to a table being overhead chopped
>no equivalence in terms of quality of the blades in question
>literally 0 relevance to the discussion/gif.

How does it feel to be retarded? I've always wondered

>> No.57145775

>One. I never argued in favor of breaking.
You didn't, you argue against it, that's what I wrote

>> No.57145778

Extra info: this is the first time we're doing a team pvp. So it's 2 v 2.
They're all highly mobile except for one person but they hit like a truck.

Maybe I'll have a spike trap that can be triggered via a lever.
A wall of water that occasionally bisects the battlefield.
And some columns that can be climbed via ladders to gain some high ground advantage.

If I go with the Colosseum theme maybe I'll have each side of the stadium with chained tigers that get released a ways into the fight.

>> No.57145786

One thing that I do is stop rewarding players with XP for doing the same thing over and over again. I had a druid that had a fascination for turning into a (quite infamous but extremely rare) land octopus and grab 1 to 8 opponents and choke them to death.
I had a sit down with the players (they were level 6) and told them certain 'proven to work' strategies will start to reward less XP because then the fight as a whole will be a lower CR. It made sense and it flied with ok colors.

I also didn't mean to fuck them over for doing what they knew how to do or anything like that, so I tried my best to always present them with radically different challenges.

But then again, I see no problem with reaching epic and going for a planet destroying game or something like that.

>> No.57145802

I play a monk/coastal druid that's basically a beach bum.
He uses wild shape out of combat for utility purposes.

>> No.57145808

know any free sources and tools?

>> No.57145815

I think so actually I just can't find the source. Sorry, Anon.

>> No.57145850
File: 2.96 MB, 540x270, tumblr_ozbd48GFm91whqt7fo1_540.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If I waited 5 more seconds before admitting defeat...

>> No.57145858

AH! Sorry, I read that wrong.
And no, my argument was that a sword steel shouldn't be able to cut through another sword, even one much thinner. The video then presented was of a person hitting a blade blade resting on a steel support with a sword using full force. It didn't cut through, the resting blade BROKE.

There was no jump in logic from my part, I just reiterated that the blade broke, it wasn't cut through. And it broke because force couldn't dissipate since it was resting and because of fuckups in the tempering process and/or impurities in the blade length. It was clearly a big fault that snapped off there.

That was what I was arguing for. Did I make myself clearer now? I am sorry for being overly verbose and contrived, english isn't my first language. Although it is my best writen language, I still mix up a lot of words and their meanings.

>> No.57145861
File: 318 KB, 1280x1280, Doomguy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's the closest I could get to Doomguy in 5e?

>> No.57145865

Worth mentioning that yes, wildshape does benefit from unarmored AC but you calculate it via the creature's dex and your wis. It doesn't stack with natural armor. It's one or the other, but not both. Go with whichever is better.

Many DMs will rule you can unarmed strike so long as it makes sense for the animal you've turned into. Remember of course, an unarmed strike does not necessarily mean just a punch.

Being that druid and monk both use wisdom for saves and such is decent synergy already. So you won't be MAD.

If you've ever wanted to be an elemental monk but wot4e doesn't really do it for you, dipping monk for just a couple levels is usually good enough.

>> No.57145874


>> No.57145878

Druids get to keep unarmored defense while wild shaped. Then again, barbarian might be better for that. I'm not too sure which is overall better for beast forms

>> No.57145883

Between this and Western style Mines of Phandelver, are there any other resettings out there? Could you do Indiana Jones and the Tomb of Annihilation, where the Soulmonger is some Judeo-Christian artifact?

>> No.57145887

A moon druid dip and the rest bear barbarian is pretty fucking good for raging brown bear mode.

>> No.57145898

Booming Blade's damage condition is that the affected enemy move. Does that mean move as in move action, ie it has to say in place? Or does it mean move as in moves in any way, ie physical attacks and somatic spells?

>> No.57145902

>Could you do Indiana Jones and the Tomb of Annihilation, where the Soulmonger is some Judeo-Christian artifact?
fucking easily

It's basically indiana jones already + dinosaurs.

>> No.57145906

That's right. I have seen a few diamond estocs with cutting points myself, but the consensus is the square shape was more popular (and easier to make).

>> No.57145918

I just find weird that you complain about people who claim "that thin sword blade should break!" with an argument about cutting, is a non sequitur, unless you are not the person who posted >>57145428 then is my bad

>> No.57145924

The former.

>> No.57145925

>Booming Blade's damage condition is that the affected enemy move. Does that mean move as in move action, ie it has to say in place? Or does it mean move as in moves in any way, ie physical attacks and somatic spells?
moves out of their square, willingly

>> No.57145929

You'd have to move around some things, like Acererak, if you wished to go full 'real world' indiana jones, but yeah. Pretty easy.

>> No.57145931

Maybe have one or more sections where the slow guy can corner one of the fast guys if they're not paying attention.

>> No.57145949

no, sorry, that's the only one I've found.

>> No.57145953

Well, the slow guy should already have such option if he works well with his teammate (a stunning machine).

>> No.57145987
File: 27 KB, 720x480, 242282_1243382076996_full.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No, that was me. I made that in jest, actually. I didn't argue for or against it. My actual de facto argument is 'steel can't cut through steel'.

A blade can break, of any size, shape or thickness, but that is more due to integrity problems than because of what you hit it with.

I am sorry that didn't come across as clearly as I thought it did. Again, non parliamo bene americano.

>> No.57145994

>Zealot barbarian.
>Outright refusal to die
>Rage against the lower planes
>Single-minded in his fury but surprisingly whimsical when it comes to small, fun things.
>Flexible in weapon choices---javelin, crossbow, greatsword, and willing to listen to the arguments of people who seek to serve or exploit demons and if he finds them adequate he'll change course.
>Probably not though
>Doesn't bother with unarmored defense, uses his +3 celestial-forged half plate instead
>Gets real brutal with his demon-murderin

Fuck, I want this guy as an NPC now.

>> No.57146011

Oh boy, you are in luck! I just found these babies.


>> No.57146013

level 15 gestalt berserker barbarian champion fighter with the Mage Slayer, Savage Attacker, and Tavern Brawler feats.

>> No.57146017

Zealot maybe, be too angry to die, or desert barbarian.

>> No.57146143

>"Our reports say the dig is being overseen by General Axel Erlich, head of the Nazi Vitae Manipulation Program."

>> No.57146177

Not realistic at all. Delusional dexfag detected.

Rapiers were made to poke and draw blood from unarmored or lightly armored targets, not impale heavily armored knights and kill them instantly.

In fact, two knights fighting like that would exhaust themselves bashing one another with swords. It would be more likely they would take the fight to the ground and shove a dagger through weak spots in armor or through the eye. Or, you know, use a fucking hammer to break their bones and bludgeon them to death.

But 5e isn't for realism, its for playing out a fantasy, so you're welcome to think the much smaller combatant would be able to toss the larger knight's arm back like that with a flick of the wrist. Just know that you're a fucking moron for thinking that's how it works in the real world.

>> No.57146183

Well, sure, a Lich is fine but... I don't want to give spoilers for the adventure. But things get weird. Like... Real D&D weird, right at the end.

>> No.57146187

Thanks for the tools but I'm talking specifically about 3D printing d&d models

>> No.57146200

Fuck. Then no.

>> No.57146201
File: 986 KB, 500x283, Homura.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So to be as transparent as possible, love Meguca and anime in general, so I don't mind it too much when people bring anime characters to my game (As long as they work well with a group and don't disrupt the game what's wrong with that?).

So with that in mind, I know if you wanted to stat each of the magical girls from this show they would all be some type of Hexblade Warlock, multiclassed one, or some type of Warlock... Except for Homura how do you stat her?

>> No.57146208

Go for HAM. Reducing the damage of every non-magic attack that hits you is phenomenal, especially compared to a +2 to Athletics.

>> No.57146216


ps the rapier, or a longsword for that matter, would bend or chip and over time become completely fucking useless - swordfighting wasn't like you see in the movies or on TV. There was much more dodging and misdirection of blows involved, not swinging swords at other swords like in the GIF.

>> No.57146222

Anyone played storm king's thunder?
Thinking of running it.
Any things to watch out for when running it?
Any players have anything they didn't particularly like about the adventure?

>> No.57146241

Would Hellboy be a better setting?

>> No.57146249

I think it should be noted at this point that the estoc in the gif is glowing purple which is usually a sign of magical hijinks at work, which would possibly account for the extra force and easy piercing of the breastplate.
But really, man, if this was 5e, they'd be stabbing each other for like thirty seconds before someone went into death saves.

>> No.57146300

Ok. Beforehand, no name calling is necessary. I am an adult and I assume you can converse like a civilized human being.

Now, for your argument, you are simply wrong. Rapiers were designed to 'poke' into heavy armor through their gaps and inflict fatal wounds bellow the armpit, inside the helmet or between it and the gorgel.

It does look like she impaled the other knight through the plate, but that could be due to the angle of the animation, but yes. That doesn't happen.

Now, yes, a smaller combatant is able to toss a larger blade with the use of correct technique. And then again with the namecalling. Please refrain from looking like such a screeching child, it is unbecoming of someone who, albeit is flailing at points, has a pretty good understanding of conversational topics.

True for the second part. And no. A good steel blade could serve you your whole life, you just have to take good care of it.

>> No.57146317

Also from what it looks like the guard of the Estoc is blocking the majority of the hit, not the blade. That should count for something right?

>> No.57146324

>Ok. Beforehand, no name calling is necessary. I am an adult and I assume you can converse like a civilized human being.
not that anon, but where the fuck do you think you are?

>> No.57146331

Not saying it is impossible to do with an Indiana setting, but it would definitely be the weirdest episode of Indiana Jones ever.

Even for Hellboy (cinematic version less than the published version) would still feel really fucking strange out of a sudden (entering the inner sanctum, for example.

>> No.57146342
File: 639 KB, 512x512, 3IF6IBX.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

anti-bully ranger!

>> No.57146364

Also not that anon, but I believe I'm in a place where you as an adult should be able to express your points like a normal well-mannered individual. If you can't do that your credibility and therefore opinions on anything begin to suffer.

>> No.57146365

If you desire only to hurl insults like a chimpanzee hurl feces, go to /b/. You will be happier there.

Otherwise, try to act in a simile of a decent human being at least when interacting with other people.

>> No.57146406
File: 10 KB, 200x211, 343.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Also not that anon, but I believe I'm in a place where you as an adult should be able to express your points like a normal well-mannered individual.

>> No.57146420

>you have to be at least 18 to post

>> No.57146423

I agree completely, but with one caveat. Your credibility do suffer, yes, but the opinions. Those are exempt because they can still have value. The problem is you won't get as many people to listen to a whining babymonger, when your argument can reach farther if you worded it in a civilized manner.

>> No.57146456

Can someone explain to me why wot4e is bad? I want to be the avatar but my dm warned me that it's a trap without getting into specifics.

>> No.57146478

The 'spells' cost so much in terms of ki points, you're better of just spamming Stunning Fist in combat.

>> No.57146483

every """spell""" needs a 1 point ki cost discount. Yes, even the ones that only cost 1 point.

>> No.57146492

It gives you very few good spells to work with, since most good elemental spells came with Elemental Evil. And of all the monks it is definitely the one that feels less equipped to help out or deal damage on his own.

It is not ULTRA bad, but I think you should listen to your DM.

>> No.57146532

some of these are hilariously bad.

The bard college of keys whose design is so redundant every feature practically overwrites the previous ones.

>> No.57146561

That's a bit sad anon, that you chose to lower yourself just because you're on a place of anonymity. I hope one day you can start to talk about your feelings and opinions in a more civilized and well-worded post instead of a meme.

>The problem is you won't get as many people to listen to a whining babymonger, when your argument can reach farther if you worded it in a civilized manner.
To me, that lessens an opinion, if you can't express your points clearly and concisely even if they are good ones what's the point?

The spell casting is very costly (1 point more than they should be) and because of that, you will not want to use them most of the time, which starts to defeat the main draw of the subclass. Also, there are no free abilities for the class that don't cost you KI to use.

If homebrew is allowed in your game, might I suggest using this homebrew? It's heavily inspired by Avatar, has some free KI abilities (Fist of Unbroken Air & Fangs of the Fire Snake), has more flexibility, and is overall just a better Way of the Four Elements monk. Talk with your DM about it if they are open to it.

>> No.57146597

>if you can't express your points clearly and concisely even if they are good ones what's the point?
I get where you are coming from and I do agree that it makes sense for most. I am just a bit weird because I still want to understand the point of the argument just to better myself.

>> No.57146607

I miss the days when calling someone a faggot was done out of love and bonding rather than anger and bitterness

>> No.57146657

That never happened. You are just suffering from the side effects of stockholm syndrome.

>> No.57146665

>wanting faggots to love you

Gay as fuck dude. Guess you're a faggot.

>> No.57146671
File: 53 KB, 576x310, 4f78bcb5b2515e4b60c0fd0fe6073db4148904ae56a9f51e57b45d6ccd1ed78d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>That's a bit sad anon, that you chose to lower yourself just because you're on a place of anonymity. I hope one day you can start to talk about your feelings and opinions in a more civilized and well-worded post instead of a meme.

>> No.57146700
File: 39 KB, 600x351, 2a8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.57146703

That's just for special occasions and m00t you stupid fucking faggot.

>> No.57146711
File: 731 KB, 637x567, d2705e59358791057deb35b58dfe6f93.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What spells and invocations should a GOOlock take if I want to focus on crowd control?
Currently level 7, pact of the tome, I have two invocations I cannot change due to theme/mechanics (aspect of the moon and book of ancient secrets)

>> No.57146725
File: 73 KB, 600x889, where do you think we are.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.57146738
File: 257 KB, 1500x1006, il_fullxfull.992258042_1x1x.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

*Fun twig noises*

I'm not sure what a bunch of twigs sound like honestly...

>> No.57146762

our warlock used Evard's Black Tentacles to terrifying effect against a bunch of evil monks.
I've forgotten the campaign, but I'll never forget the screams.

>> No.57146766

Evard's Black Tentacles and Repelling Blast. Playing "keep the bad guys in the no-no pit" is always fun.

>> No.57146772

>I'm not sure what a bunch of twigs sound like honestly...
trying going outside for once in your miserable life.

>> No.57146821

My absolute favorite is Sculptor of Flesh. Polymorph is such a powerful spell for offensive and defensive means that you can cast it in pretty much every single combat situation.
Another fun invocation would be Ghostly Gaze since all of a sudden you can target people from across walls with spells.

For spells, Summon Greater Demon is downright fucking fun. Banishment is a cool "I will deal with you later" spell. Hell you could actually Banish yourself and spend the full duration unconscious in a pocket plane before returning. Unless you are native to another plane. Then you just go home.

Dimension Door is pretty useful.

>> No.57146902

>Hell you could actually Banish yourself and spend the full duration unconscious in a pocket plane before returning.
No can do, incapacitation breaks concentration. You would lose concentration and come back immediately after the spell resolves.

>> No.57146917

Currently playing an airbender type monk, but I find you need to multiclass wot4e to really get access to feeling like a true elemental monk with RAW. If you want to use homebrew what other anons have posted works fine.

I recommend either dipping into cleric or druid for the most part to fluff out your elemental theme.

>> No.57146929

Does it? I never realized. Where does it say that? At first I thought it would but all I could find of about breaking concentration was damage, so I have been even reticent on applying weather effects versus concentration.

>> No.57146938
File: 39 KB, 409x487, 1512356602527.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>join a new game with a friend
>the bladesinger player starts his bladesong
>takes out his phone and starts playing trololo on loop
>"Haha dm you can't kill me my ac is 22"
Is this the famous That Guy I've heard so much about?

>> No.57146951

Unless you're not currently on your plane of existence when you cast it. Otherwise you throw yourself back home and out of the fight.

It's a fucking good "oh shit button" if you're doing some multiplanar adventures and things are looking like a tpk.

>> No.57146970

I'd probably get up and leave the table immediately without saying a word.

>> No.57146982
File: 2.98 MB, 546x410, 352.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Your DM better send a bunch of SAVE OR GET FUCKED spell casters at him

>> No.57146993

>wizardfags in a nutshell

>> No.57147004

22 is not even that high for a bladesinger build. Also, tell your That Guy that ONE CRIT will still explode him like a saucenator.

>> No.57147005

PHB 203 - 204
Concentration checks are forced when you take damage, and you lose concentration on a spell if you cost another concentration spell, become incapacitated, or die. The DM can force a DC 10 Concentration check due to certain environmental phenomena (the example given is a wave crashing over you on a storm-tossed ship).

>> No.57147015
File: 261 KB, 300x223, thefuckdidyoujustsay.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'd murder the player.

>> No.57147023
File: 435 KB, 1280x720, swampthing-1280-1487118767921_1280w.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I need a name for my Half-Orc druid, [BLANK] The Green
All I can think of is Wurzag. Any ideas?

>> No.57147024

I like at-will silent image. Has great roleplaying potential and can be used to construct fake barriers to break line of sight with ranged enemies.

Presumably you can see through your illusions because you know them to be fake without needing to do a check. Up to the DM though, I suppose.
But if you can see them, and they can't see you = advantage for you, disadvantage for them even if they try to fire back through the image.

>> No.57147031

Thanks man. That does help a lot.

It still could work if you live in another plane. Hell, I will use this on my fiend monsters that have Banish.

>> No.57147048


>> No.57147057

Wasn't Wurzag a Death Mage in warhammer? That wouldn't work.

Go Derthu! Or Cactuar! lol

>> No.57147064

>It still could work if you live in another plane
Remember though if you banish someone back to their plane the spell ends. You/they don't pop back when it's over.

>> No.57147068

>Any ideas?

>> No.57147069

Rockbog the Green

>> No.57147074


>> No.57147106

Wurzag was an orc prophet in WHFB

>> No.57147131

It takes its whole duration to send the target back for good. Otherwise it is a nice "pop out, pop in later full of buffs!"
"If the target is native to a different plane of existence that the one you're on, the target is banished with a faint popping noise, returning to its home plane. If the spell ends before 1 minute has passed, the target reappears in the space it left or in the nearest unoccupied space if that space is occupied. Otherwise, the target doesn't return."

>> No.57147150

OH yeah! The dancing guy. Lore of the big waagh then. He was pretty nifty.

>> No.57147152

Oh shit, nice. I missed that.
Even better, then.

>> No.57147170

I feel so sad that I play with DMs that would look at this strategy and not let you do it because it's creative and their minds don't work outside of "hit stuff to beat encounter."

>> No.57147220

Well, to be fair, there are good DMs and there are bad DMs. I myself reached the conclusion that the only way I can't adapt to a situation is if I don't want to. Being able to pull stuff right out of your arse is incredibly useful and improvisation is a very fun skill to train.

Right now only 'outsider' I found that has banishment or ways to cast (spellcasting ability) is the Arcanoloth. Which makes me giggle. I go "so THAT is why every fucking fiend fears and respect the Yugoloths, huh..."

>> No.57147269

>"Haha dm you can't kill me my ac is 22"
Neat. Make a STR save.

>> No.57147298

Implementing house rules as a new DM - Yay or nay? FWIW I have a strong grasp of 5e mechanics (because they ain't rocket science). I'm not looking to reinvent the wheel, either, just smooth some rough edges. Thoughts?

>> No.57147315

As always, see what your party thinks before setting it in stone.
Do you have any in particular you want to try?

>> No.57147322

The game literally encourages you to

>> No.57147323

They're fine if everyone you play with is also fine with them.
Introducing them out of the blue is kind of shitty.

Above all it's important to understand why rules are a certain way before just changing them. Understand the implications of changing a particular rule or adding another.

>> No.57147324

I talked to the dm about it after the game, he said he's busting out the redcaps next session

>> No.57147326

If your players want them, sure
If you think it will make the game more fun, sure

>> No.57147330
File: 232 KB, 750x1961, 26ee089b1e35f2d141e379337f415d001f322c06.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there a point on having both hunger of hadar and evard's black tentacles as a warlock?

>> No.57147339
File: 78 KB, 416x416, Its the only thing I could find okay!.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Aarakocra Revised WoT4e Monk

>Level 3: Fang of the Fire Snake (+5 Unarmed Reach and Fire Unarmed Strikes)
>Level 3: Fist of Unbroke Air (+10 Unarmed Reach)
>Level 6: Become The Teapot (Absorb Elements)
>Level 6: Water Whip (30-foot trip whip, with good damage)
>Level 11: A Leaf on the Wind (It's falling with style!)
>Level 11: Flames of the Phoenix (Fireball)
>Level 17: Fist of Elementals (Elemental Weapon for unarmed strikes)
>Level 17: Avatar of The Elements (Avatar State)

This is probably my favorite build, I don't think its optimal or anything but it seems pretty fun at the least and works better than the PHB one.

>> No.57147356

Hunger is a void right? Can't be seen through no matter what you do. It's like opening a rift.

Tentacles are just hentai tentacles.

>> No.57147365

I myself love to use house rules because I can get into a more groovy feeling with my players.


Check out the variant rules here, I myself use a lot of them on my games with some light alterations. If you want to see the list I have it in the goog driver.

>> No.57147385

If you have Devil's Sight, use hunger. If you have a bunch of archer/blaster friendlies, use tentacles.

>> No.57147391
File: 8 KB, 295x155, firefox_2017-12-28_22-57-22.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes they are a void, but my list has a lot of concentration spells I feel
pic related (grey spells aren't learned). I have a hard time justifying having Hex as well other than the fact that it can last you from your first combat to your next long rest.

>> No.57147416

Hunger of Hader is spooky void like darkness, no one can see through it. Not even people with Truesight or Devil's Sight.

>> No.57147430
File: 119 KB, 767x872, Baldie.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

maybe if you took out the swords on this one

>> No.57147443

Ok, you almost got it right. It is darkness like void, not the other way around. Devil's Sight can see through it alright, since it is magical darkness.

>> No.57147471

This happened yesterday.
>stoner dragonborn finds some psychoactive mushrooms with a successful survival and nature check
>specifically, fly agaric and gold caps
>only enough for one dose of each
>dragonborn takes all the gold caps, halfling eats the fly agaric
>halfling starts to feel high and really needs to piss
>half-orc and dragonborn get the idea to drink his piss to get high, nature check showing that people have done this with success
>half-orc kneels down to receive the mushroom piss of a halfling
>make halfling roll dexterity, gets an 11
>just over half of the piss gets into the half-orc's mouth, the rest dribbles down his chin
>dragonborn wants some of this and powerslides with an acrobatics check of 18 to get underneath the piss stream
>halfling gets a 3 on dex roll
>none of the piss lands in the dragon mouth and all just dribbles down his clothes
>a while later, half-orc is chilling in the grass enjoying the sensation, halfling feels really tall and is loving it
>dragonborn rolls a 2 on constitution save, starts having a bad trip
>roll random encounter
>dragonborn spots a fierce owlbear hiding in the bushes, goes for surprise round, hexes and eldritch blasts the shit out of it
>rest of the party looks on in horror as the dragonborn starts freaking out throwing spells at a random tree that kind of looked like an animal

>> No.57147476


Oh no trust me, I know. I gave my player a weapon that can cast this spell and eventually he will get truesight from that same weapon and be like "I want to see whats in there!" and I will be like... there are somethings mortal man is not meant to see...

>> No.57147507


>> No.57147513

You have a hard time justifying hex?
Hex is made for warlock and EB spam. It's the best spell you could ask for as a warlock desu in terms of single target damage.

Hunger is great for dealing with large amounts of enemies and crowd control, as are tentacles. Hypnotic pattern too, great for CC. One of the best, even.

When I have things that would compete for my attention as a caster I pick whatever would be more thematically appropriate to my character even if it's not necessarily the best. So that might mean not taking hex, I guess.

I've been thinking of playing a mad-priest cleric/goolock though, and with the new maddening hex invocation it's gonna be perfect for me.

>> No.57147514

That is seriously cool! Damn, I wished they put things to indicate that inside the fucking spell!

Imagine. "If you look inside the void with True Sight or similar divination spells you have to make a wisdom saving throw or acquire one severe insanity and go unconscious from trauma for a minute" or something like that.

>> No.57147533

And added some fire to the arms with little gust of wind on the side it would be pretty good.

>> No.57147549

Not him, but I was a DM for a goolock and we had the same question as they took devil's sight.

Seems to indicate it is not simply darkness but rather a void, as mentioned:
You open a gateway to the dark between the stars, a region infested with unknown horrors. A 20-foot-radius sphere of blackness and bitter cold appears, centered on a point within range and lasting for the duration. This void is filled with a cacophony of soft whispers and slurping noises that can be heard up to 30 feet away. No light, magical or otherwise, can illuminate the area, and creatures fully within the area are blinded.

The void creates a warp in the fabric of space, and the area is difficult terrain. Any creature that starts its turn in the area takes 2d6 cold damage. Any creature that ends its turn in the area must succeed on a Dexterity saving throw or take 2d6 acid damage as milky, otherworldly tentacles rub against it.

>> No.57147552

Alright thanks, is maddening hex a good pick for EB spam?

>> No.57147584

It's not so much about eldritch blast as it is something to do as a bonus action once hex is already set regardless of EB.
It doesn't deal a ton of damage, but it's automatic and can't be resisted it seems, so long as you take your bonus action to invoke it. And of course, assuming they don't resist psychic damage.

I will most definitely be "spamming it" in addition to EB. Assuming you've got a +3 cha that's an extra free 3 damage to at least that target so long as you're concentrating on hex. And it has the added benefit of being a small AoE.

>> No.57147602

It adds a bit of damage with hex, so yes. It only costs your bonus action too.

Again, they could have made it clearer it was not supposed to be a Darkness Plus spell. Like put a single line saying the spell doesn't create magical darkness, or say something bad happens if you manage to look inside (like with Truesight). Still, that is amazing to know. Together with Melf's Minute Meteor it is now right inside my "Spells I Want" list.

>> No.57147611 [SPOILER] 
File: 582 KB, 414x1160, 1514514187518.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love the flavor of this spell!

For the weapon, I gave my player, the void does not make soft whispers instead it sounds like madding horns and fangs biting. I have it so when the spell is cast Azatoth's having a little taste of the person inside. I don't think the player(s) has figured this out yet either so every time it happens people are just freaking out about the horns.

>> No.57147647

Currently have a +3 in cha but by my next ASI I should reach +5
By the way are good single target spells? mainly to deal with beefy solo enemies? i took enemies abound thinking the drake we would fight would have minions but that was not the case, and noticed the only single target spells in my list were hex and dissonant whispers.

>> No.57147655

How did you manage to skip +4 and go straight to +5?

>> No.57147666

hex and dissonant are great. Hold person is as well (but as a warlock you'll quickly be able to cast it on multiples... and that will be your only option)

>> No.57147686

I have a -1 to all stats due to some house rule, so my charisma should become 18 soon.

>> No.57147692

oh... okay. So it should be 18 currently but you've got a curse or something. Got it.

>> No.57147725

Banishment will clear any fight for a minute. Suggestion can turn a fight. If you are looking for damage Shadow Blade is up there. Sickening Radiance can be lethal against a group or a dude that can't get away from you. Vampiric Touch does a lot of life stealing damage. Cloud of Daggers could deal a lot of damage too...

Again, EB is still the best damage output a warlock can have. If you managed to get Melf's Minute Meteor for a third level spell (by some means) you could even become a living artillery platform for a few turns.

>> No.57147783

That is not why they were created, nor is that how they were used. Rapiers were designed for unarmored combat, primarily for urban self defense and dueling. Not to poke at armored knights.

It is possible to get through gaps in armor with a rapier, sure. But not feasible. You'd be better off bashing someone with a (to use D&D terms) warhammer or a maul.

ps, you're still a delusional dexfag

>> No.57147814

I was about to replace enemies abound for hold person (and get some pseudo aoe restraining) but banishment does sound nice, higher level, no additional targets but is a charisma save and is not restricted to creature type

>> No.57147818

Sure kid. It is late here and children should already be fast asleep, so why don't you run home, huh?

>> No.57147873
File: 160 KB, 1024x1024, run_on_home_kid.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Sure kid. It is late here and children should already be fast asleep, so why don't you run home, huh?

>> No.57147894
File: 17 KB, 350x366, 245beholder5eundead.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So how hard is a Death Tyrant for a party of 7 level 10s?

Its brought an undead army against a civilization of Elves and is winning... its army has grown with each new death. I'm trying to think what would be the big final climactic battle look like.

These are some of the creatures I'm thinking about using.

o Death Tyrant (CR 14)
o Banshee (CR 4)
o Revenants (CR 5)
o Skeletons (1/4)
o Specter/Poltergeists (CR 1/2)
o Wights (CR 3)
o Zombies (CR 1/4)
o Corpse Mound? (CR 11)

>> No.57147930

7 level 10s will tear through anything

>> No.57147939

20 ancient dragons?

>> No.57147968

I mean, the dragons will eat them. But all the armor does a number on their digestive tracts. Tears right through them.

>> No.57147991
File: 466 KB, 1038x582, 1512667224436.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Aw. You're no fun, onii-chan...

>> No.57148008

Are dragons weak to any substances? Metals, oils, etc? My DM has been letting me make modifications to a weapon from dead dragon parts in rise of Tiamat but I'm assuming this weapon will just end up being a regular old weapon against her since she has immunity to each of the dragons damage types.

>> No.57148015

Fair enough

>> No.57148078

True! True! I have seen them do magical things like one turn a Nightcrawler (Buffed up necrotic Purple worm). I'm trying to avoid that from happening here. Here's the party to help out with what I'm working with.

>Elf Rogue Assassin
>Human Barbarian Totem
>Human Revised Artificer Warsmith
>Human Fighter Cavalier
>Aarakocra Swashbuckler Rogue
>Tabaxi Inquisitive Rogue
>Human Life Cleric
>Level 6 NPC Elf Artificer Alchemist

I get the feeling the party will tell the Artificer to stay back as she is basically only here for supporting them and staying next to the Assassin cause crush but Include her just for safety.

>> No.57148080
File: 129 KB, 657x486, tumblr_omrwnlF9DE1r24pklo1_1280.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm not here for da fite.

>> No.57148102
File: 18 KB, 626x712, tumblr_om9kt5VMHS1r24pklo4_1280.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not a single arcane caster
We's all gonna dieeeee!

>> No.57148129

With all the weird builds I come up with sometimes I just want to play the most vanilla of builds.

A fucking gnome evocation magic missile wizard.

>> No.57148137

As unlikely as it may be I have to ask are you one of my players? Get out now if you are possible spoilers are being discussed.

>> No.57148171

It wouldn't break, but an estoc could not overpower a long sword like that, especially if the estoc wielder is a puny little dexfag vs the buff knight. Estoc also couldn't pierce armor like that.

>> No.57148173

Nope. I am a DM myself. I feel honored that your players subscribe to my school of thought, however. It fills my phylactery with warm fuzzy feelings of joy... or something akin to it.

>> No.57148177

Okay, dad.

>> No.57148209

How do you make a disease scary? I'm trying to work an adventure that involves questing for a macguffin to cure a disease spreading around. Is there any way to make a disease scarier than "We sit around casting lesser restoration all day." without invalidating class abilities?

>> No.57148229
File: 3.36 MB, 234x192, Nail Biting.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Human Barbarian worries about that a lot and mentions it constantly. So I know they are thinking.

.....Okay, so this is a thing one of my players say often when trying to patronize me so I'm actually a little spooked this is actually one of you crazy kids...POP QUIZ what is happening right now in the campaign!

>> No.57148232

Magical disease immune to restoration spells which only the mcguffin can cure

>> No.57148236

True, steel swords can't pierce armor. I prefer to believe she slice under his armpit there.

But it is not an inherent quality of the weapon, the ability to hold, absorb and distribute weight. It is a quality of the fighter. And please, refrain from using the term dexfag. Dexterity itself is a very, very, very strange misconception from real life to games and it has spawned a bunch of strange ideas, like bows being womanly weapons...

To go back on point, even a dagger (with prongs), a light buckler or a smaller lighter sword could be used to successfully parry a strike, by letting the blow rest and then push it out. The frame of the knights is not in question because we can't see their bodies to confirm how strong they are. So I go with the idea that the lady knight is actually stronger than the dark knight, since he can't control his sword after she throws it aside, leaving him wide open.

>> No.57148255

Fuck. That just seems lame to say "Your class ability doesn't work on this." or something. Maybe I can go with "Restoration gives advantage on the con save." but I feel like there's gotta be some way to just bypass the restoration issue.

>> No.57148271

the dark knight can't control his sword after she throws his sword aside because the artist is as fucking delusional as you are.

>> No.57148275

Just make the disease highly contagious and spread by fleas, and have it already have effected more people than they have castings of lesres. They can still cast it to slow the spread, but since it doesn't automatically make the same people immune to the disease that was just cured they would still have to go through the trouble of figuring out that it was spread by fleas and coming up with an effective quarantine. If they talk shit about it not giving the people they cure antibodies remind them that real viruses can mutate to become immune to antibodies as well. It's why old people are supposed to get the flu shot every year instead of just one and done.

>> No.57148280

Make it a fungal infection that grows strange and horrific pustules in a place of the body. But then give the player some bonus because of it, make them actually stop to consider keeping such a thing. Then make the restoration process involve actual surgery with sharp blades and alcohol and lots of pain, and constant castings of cure wounds and restoration.

>> No.57148286

I hit a character's wife with a magic curse that is slowly killing her and that can't be cured without some mcguffins getting destroyed at the same time.

>> No.57148290

Don't be a faggot, that's on par with "Remove Curse doesn't remove this curse because I say so."

>> No.57148295

got a better idea, restoration spells only offset the disease for a little bit so curing everyone everyday isn't possible

>> No.57148300

It's not strictly a "disease" but symptoms caused by millions of tiny creatures which live in the host's bloodstream. Severity is tied to their population within the host.

They can cast restorations all they want, it's not going to kill the creatures and the symptoms will come back just as badly the next day.

>> No.57148305

>play cleric to support allies and cure their ailments
>can't cure them because dm is a dicknose

yeah, I've had that before. fuckin irritating

>> No.57148314

Sure, you could think that. You could always think the worse of everyone. Even yourself. You could wake up everyday and be surrounded by company that you detest because all you see is how horrible everyone is, even yourself and then go to sleep.

Or you could not.

I choose the latter.

>> No.57148317

You're a terrible DM.

>> No.57148318

Melvin the wizard tried keeping a ghoul as a pet but then Creamo Supremo the paladin told him no

>> No.57148332

I kinda like this idea. The concept for it is that it's "slime disease" which causes various mutations, lowers stats but can give things like trogs stench ability or claw attacks.
Maybe have it where it doesn't show symptoms for a few days and it causes phlegmy coughing or something. That way it's incredibly difficult to stop it from spreading if you're only healing people with active disease.

>> No.57148357

Well not really. I mean, it's either something a cleric can't really cure or it's something they can.

If they can, then it isn't a hinderance to the party but it may be a major inconvenience to the citizenry. One can't very well expect clerics to be able to treat everyone. Healing magic is limited.

Whenever someone in your party is afflicted you force them to give up a slot and also ensure that they lose out on other options by needing to keep this one prepared. It also makes the cleric highly important. If they die, you're in deep shit.

One way to make a sickness scary is by revealing it to actually be more like a curse. Perhaps similar to how the death curse is presented in Tomb of Annihilation. But that curse is simply unable to be fixed. Another way you could treat is it is that there's a small window of time for someone to be cured. If you don't stop it before X amount of time, it progresses and is incurable.

Bodily transformations as well as mental degeneration are good late-stage curse/sickness tells. You can also introduce an element of mystery as to where the sickness originates and how exactly it spreads. Perhaps a certain kind of people are being most affected by it, but it has nothing to do with them, but everything to do with what they're eating.

In my opinion adventures revolving around sicknesses need three major things:
The sickness itself (it's effects and diagnosis), its supposed origin which may lead to figuring out the cure, and the imminent threat of what will happen if the mystery isn't solved.

Remember that D&D parties are generally supposed to be heroes of the story. Not the ones necessarily suffering the most. But, maybe a beloved NPC or relative of a PC is afflicted. That gets their boots moving.

>> No.57148384

>barbarian attunes to magic +4 greataxe that makes him attack the person nearest him when he rages and get an additional attack.
>attempt to remove curse as a cleric
>dm says "nope, the axe is too powerful sorry bud"
>90% of combats the barbarian ends up attacking me with 3x multiattack at lvl 10, reckless attack, and GWM
>leave the campaign

>> No.57148405

I disagree me and the player spoke about this. He wanted something that could not be cured by regular magic, so in the narrative, it is bizarre that this disease is not getting removed no matter how many magical clerics they tape to her. The reason for this is I'm borrowing an old death/soul curse from a previous edition as a base point, the entity that caused this curse sacrificed their soul to curse these objects that cause these curses.

The player seemed to like it so that's all that matted to me.

Whew... thank you for telling me the wrong answer at the minimum.

>> No.57148443

DMs like this should end themselves.
I can understand a FEW exceptions when things have significant plot importance.
But I've literally played with a DM before that railroaded so hard whenever we did something he didn't like he would change up how something worked on the fly so things would go his way.
I eventually called a time out and asked him straight up why the fuck were we playing D&D if we follow more of his house rules than the core rules. It was infuriating.
He no longer DMs D&D.

>> No.57148448

>it causes phlegmy coughing or something.
Can you say hysteria? Because I sure cAUGHCOGCHOCA...ACHOH...ahem. Can.

>> No.57148516

Yeah I wouldn't do this for fear of obnoxious roleplaying.
Make it something conspicuous but not annoying.

A classic is the dreaded "nosebleed" symptom.
Where everyone stares at you in silence as you feel the dribble of blood slip from your upper lip. You're infected. Fuck.

Honestly just take a cue from any of these "infected" horror films. Hell, even the Alien franchise does a decent job at it despite how quickly the parasite grows inside its host.
Not knowing exactly how something spreads is dreadful in its own right. But knowing what the symptoms are and if you've got it? Shit son. That's when you've got infected NPCs trying to hide the fact that they're noticing symptoms in themselves while questing with the PCs in hopes of finding the cure before they "turn" or spread it further.

>> No.57148598

Now I'm kind of wondering what kind of class would be a character who was just given a sliver of power or whatever you might want to call it from some crazy death-inclined godlike figure who effectively just told the person "go kill shit in my name". Death/Grave Cleric? Some particularly nasty reflavored pact of Warlock? Divine Soul?

>> No.57148632

>Mage Slayer doesn't get to interrupt Misty Step or Shocking Grasp
Wow, it's fucking useless.

>> No.57148653

Can't let those wizards have a weakness that isn't magical itself, now can we? :^)

>> No.57148660

Grave Clerics are more like reverse psychopomps, taking escaped spirits back to hell. I'd say Warlocks are your best bet.

>> No.57148672

Definitely sounds like a warlock.

Alternatively a death cleric to keep with the death theme, tempest is the god-like figure was trying to instill fear in the populace and reminding them to remain reverent to his power.

Did you expect anything else from WIZARDS of the coast? The same people who will take away the blasting capability of sorcerers but let evocation wizards keep it.

>> No.57148701

Best antimage builds IMO are someone that can just deal enough damage down them in a single turn, shadowmonks, or an abjuration wizard.

Abj wizard is the most fun for me.

>> No.57148717

>Can't let those wizards have a weakness that isn't magical itself, now can we? :^)
God, don't remind me.
Wait a minute. Then how the fuck does Counterspell work?
>You attempt to interrupt a creature in the process of Casting a Spell.
You take a reaction to counterspell something- that takes effect AFTER the spell is cast?
Seriously, what the fuck?
>Did you expect anything else from WIZARDS of the coast? The same people who will take away the blasting capability of sorcerers but let evocation wizards keep it.
Urgh, don't remind me.

>> No.57148730
File: 289 KB, 552x494, Tagging Strike.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A few threads back there was a discussion about an anti-Concentration cantrip that could be used as an antimagic spell in general. See pic.

>> No.57148743

I think counterspell you basically fizzle the arcane whatever just after they cast it before the effects of the spell actually go off.
It's mostly so that if you get counterspelled you still lost your spellslot. If they said the spell is never cast then people would argue they didn't lose the slot.

>> No.57148836

Definitely no interest in actively spreading the faith from the boss upstairs, but the character might be interested.

Fiend patron for the more killy parts and eventually "My master wishes to meet you" for Hurl through Hell, or just Celestial because fuck it?

>> No.57148852

Eh. Seems too good imo. Should also be abjuration school I think. Glyphs and wards are usually abj.

Keep the damage effect if they cast a spell, it then at least forces a concentration check. Otherwise you can lock down any spell caster a bit too easily. Why ever use silence again if you can just hold them down and keep smacking them with this until they stop casting.

>> No.57148864

Fiend is better. Celestial is pretty much "good aligned" at least in flavor. As those it lists as examples of such patrons appear to be anyway.

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