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Torchstar a best.

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she's a dumb floofhead. Proper t'au culture requires daily shaving of the head, what is she trying to achieve with that tuft of hers?

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fyi this is what a female tau actually looks like

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shut up kitten

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>fyi this is what a female human actually looks like

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There is actual canon artwork depicting pretty human and eldar ladies though. Not so for the tau.

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Only under the oppressive, stick-up-your-assening regime of the Empire. Their tight-assed interpretation of the Tau'Va causes them to scowl and sneer and frown so hard that they become ugly.

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>Torchstar betrayed the Empire and joined up with Farsight so that she could grow 80s anime hair
Seems legit.

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Then post those and not terrible miniatures. Except you can't because the the only art of a female T'au is that one picture of Shadowsun, who is canonically a horrible old crone and hardly representative of what an attractive specimen of the species should look like.

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>Except you can't because the the only art of a female T'au is that one picture of Shadowsun, who is canonically a horrible old crone and hardly representative of what an attractive specimen of the species should look like.
Hey so when the only canon depicitions are an ugly mini and an old crone then I'm guessing they probably are kind of yucky and not kawaii uguuuu anime girls.

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>Posting the Living Manface and Inquisitor Lampjaw
You're not doing yourself any favors.

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God, Tau need to be 80's-90's anime and always have thigh-high V-cut clothing, that sweet ass hair, fucking aerobics sessions, a dedication to fitness and joy of life due to short-lifespans and need fucking Synthwave blaring with Carpenter Brut for warfare.

Also, shitloads of gundam music, and Macross. need all of dat.

Also, I'd kill to see TauxDraenai Fanart, blueskinned ayy's unite!

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Would commit Heresy over.

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Are tau more Space Commies or Space Japs?

Space chinks?

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Basically you just want Tau Knight Sabres, don't you anon?

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internally they're a blend of space jap and space chink, with an outward appearance of space hong kong

which is all the more funny considering how much all of those things absolutely hate one another

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Eldar babes >>>>> Tau babes

Deal with it.

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t. Guilliman

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She's very smol. Only 150 cm at most.

How can she be a subcommander if she's so smol?

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The one on the far right is probably going to do horrible things to us with her pompoms.

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pof pof

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The very worst she could do with you is honk.

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Her face is fine but thats not the best part of her.

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T'au are t'iny.

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She cute and floof. And smol.

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And there's nothing wrong with that.

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This. Thigh highs refer to socks and boots and such.

XYZ-cut refers to the undies.

Have a chart.

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That's canon for me now.

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>women with combat boots

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More Infinity than 40k but eh.

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Quite honestly, the Eldar are more suited for that.

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Eldar are too uptight to be genki and floof.

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that's why we have corsairs!

also Banshees are very floofy

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That's not real floof though.

Corsairs are okay.

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I wish Jes Goodwin didn't have such a giant fetish for topknots

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Topknots are a pretty odd choice to be honest; how'd he get fixated on them?

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But that's Brother Dimetrius, so more like those banshees are gonna to be MANNED.

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he might have seen em in old-timey illustrations of huns and figured it'd be a nice shorthand for "barbarian"

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Most likely. Though I'm not sure; I'm trying to think of some obvious influence he might have drawn from culturally around the 80s, 90s or so.

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ponygirl BDSM subculture?

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That sounds about right.

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Why are Tau and Eldar grils so lewd towards Human men?

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Does he have a twitter? We could try asking him.

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Tau can't dick unless Ethereals say so and Eldar don't want to Slaanesh again, so they need some BHC.

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doesn't seem so.

John Blanche had an instagram account for a couple of months, so maybe he has one?

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So, we're superior, especially in the way that counts? Whybhavent we taken advantage of this earlier? Why wait until King Smurf got an Eldar GF?

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Because they're literally so uptight.They need to let their hair floof out naturally.

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Very fit too!
Betcha she'd be more efficient outside of her suit, bouncing around and spewing promethium on the bad guys

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Those aren't combat boots you fool they're geobaskets

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Damn right she would. Leaping around the place while 80s aerobics video music plays in over some public tannoys, working up a nice sweat as she hoses them down with the flamer.

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I thought the T'au didn't sweat at all.

How does she cool down, then? And how does she evacuate excess water?

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Hah! the T'au can't wear those, they got hooves

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Cool down I suppose by having a refreshing drink after a nice workout.

And we both know the answer to the second part.

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I for one love tau girls

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I'd get into melee combat with them if ya know what I mean.

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I'll take an Earth caste with a side order of Air caste, to go please.

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Blue best tau

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She's a hot blooded Enclave rebel. Even her floofy hair is a microrebellion against the lies of the Ethereals

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Draenei are a goddamn horsecocked tire fire, tho

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What is the best caste and why is it water caste?

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Water caste is the blandest caste, tho. Fire has the musclegirl thing going for them, Earth is plush and sturdy with dem hips, Air is tall and lithe, and Ethereals are stern muscular milfs like Balalaika if the male Ethereals are any measure. Water caste is just...there

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u wot

I am like 80% sure it was just a random drawfag

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They're vanilla if anything. Sometimes average is just what a guy needs.

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Not posting superior version.

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No, it was a quest. A smutty quest.

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>not floofy
choose one

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A man of fine taste.

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Macha a cute.

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Only good Eldar is a Saim Hann Eldar

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The only Tau that deserves to be fucked by the hand of Man, is Jhi’kaara from the Fire Caste novel.

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Damn Tau and their propaganda...

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your waifu and the entirety of any attractiveness of her race is fanfiction and non canon. get cucked tauboi.

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So, she's basically 40k version of Duenan?

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So, she's basically 40k version of Deunan?

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Is he standing on a box. Eldar ladies are like 6'10

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Kleinvoimond innit?

Did he ever continue it?

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>Except you can't because the the only art of a female T'au is that one picture of Shadowsun, who is canonically a horrible old crone
I don’t think she looks that bad.

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Reminder that water caste probably do actually look like blueberries, as they're selectively bred for their 'duties'.

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Would you rather
>Fuck a Air Caste? With the caveat that you have to be very gentle lest you break their bones.
>Be fucked by a Fire Caste? Except it's Jhi’kaara and she's fucking pissed.

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6.6 ~ 6.10 ft, actually.

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t. kitten

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>Implying he can even look at a picture of her anymore without bursting into tears and wallowing in a mix of sadness, shame, and denial for the rest of the day.

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Seriously though, her facial features aren’t that bad or un-feminine. Sure she isn’t in line with the paragon of Human beauty standards or animu girls, but she’s still kind of cute in her own way.

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Am I the only one who gets reminded of Osmosis Jones when looking at all these tau girls (male)?

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>Tfw there was once a point in Kitten’s Life where he found someone who made him so happy, that he was willing to risk going against his people and beloved leader to be with her
>Tfw she wouldn’t do the same

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Uncle Crawl is easily the best looking out of those 3

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Damn it, Naga.

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You know what's HI-FUCKIN-LARIOUS? Telling the same exact joke!

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t. ThunderPsyker
Does this mean “Retrospective Review: Dawn of War 2” is getting pushed back another week?

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Don't be a coward, post the rest.

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Yes, very genki!

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It comes as a .gif for a reason, faggot.

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Tiny and cute.

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Does she have fluffy puss puss?

>> No.57153612

Statistically at least one of those banshees is actually a dude

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I am okay with this.

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>And we both know the answer to the second part.
By panting?

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Gzeenoh is adorable.

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Who is the artist?

>> No.57153990

That's one of the reasons I try to collect these things like a damn madman.
That and all the old archives are dying. Or dead.

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>> No.57154027

That's what happens when you get rid of people who like to do stuff for the board.

>> No.57154036

yeah, oh well.

>> No.57154052

100 million posts ago.

God damn the board went downhill since then.

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I want to hug that Xeno and give her headpats

>> No.57154121

that's fair

>> No.57154245

You can pofpof the head and pofpof the crotch.

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But she is cold and made of metal.

>> No.57154376

Just warm 'em up a bit.

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Last one for me before I have to go, featuring a meme I've not seen in a while.

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>tfw no harlequin gf

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old anime tau are the best.

>> No.57154502

Air caste is best.
I will be very, very gentle. Will still break some bones, she is a filthy xeno after all and she likes it.

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>Tfw no tall Air Caste gf

>> No.57155247

She looks like a blue Oni!

>> No.57155366

No tiger stripe, no oni.

Though she could get some soot streaks in her hair...

>> No.57155400

did you see her tats? Looks like jagged stripes to me.

>> No.57155413

I'll buy that!

>> No.57155573

It's an older meme, sir, but it checks out.

>> No.57155574


It shows nips, which is too mature for a blue board...

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>> No.57157893

Torchstar more like torchSLUT

>> No.57158468

Harsh and uncalled for sir, good day to you!

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>> No.57158527

why so hi-cut?

>> No.57158625

Why not?

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So... got a real heretical idea when learning some Tau lore. Tau committing thought crimes against the Greater Good are typically imprisoned for reeducation and experimentation should the first option fail. The idea is to hit one of these prison camps hard, snatch up as many renegades as possible, and offer them positions as techs and janissaries in exchange for a degree of liberty that the Greater Good denies.

>> No.57158958

It's not just heretical it's also stupid
If there's one thing the Imperium doesn't lack it's manpower, and the tau aren't even good cannon fodder.

>> No.57158999

What they lack is knowing how to build their own shit without a Tech Priest jamming his robo-cock into an STC. At least Earth Caste know how to make a pulse rifle and battle suits without it being couched in religious doctrine.

>> No.57159034

And hiring a handful of unstable xenos would fix that how exactly?

Do you think the average Earth caste fuckhead knows how to assemble a cogitator on his own?

>> No.57159147

Her tits aren't that big, she's just puffing her chest out.

>> No.57159150

Not unstable, but ones shaking off the Communist propaganda. Save them from the camp, they'll owe you their life. Give them liberty, they'll owe their very soul. If they don't want to join, fine. Airlock or ransom them off to the Farsight Enclave for favors or materials.

As for that single Earth caste, that's why an entire prison camp is getting hit. One solo engineer, sure, but grab as many as you can, and they'll be able to grant insight into how their tech functions, which if nothing else will make it easier to engage loyal Tau.

>> No.57159195

Ah, thank you, anon, I have another reason to hate Tau.

They're offbrand gremlins.

>> No.57159340


You're thinking about this all wrong my dude. The water caste are trained and selectively bred to be optimal diplomats; their job, nay, very reason for existence is to be sufficiently pleasant to be around that they can swing potentially hostile races to the greater good. They're going to be level headed and patient, willing to try and understand the motives of all those they come across. They're going to be highly intelligent and witty, to be able to negotiate both formally and informally. They're going to take professional pride in being well groomed and presentable, on top of already being carefully bred for their looks.

In short, they're absolutely GOAT tier waifu/husbando material.

>> No.57159343

The Tau would be better if they actually did multiply in water and become monstrous if fed after midnight?

>> No.57159470

>hating deunan
I'll have you know Deunan is not a gremlin, she's a good girl, unlike a certain indigo-haired floofhead

>> No.57159480

Congratulations, you just invented the Farsight Enclave you dingus

>> No.57159521

Until they move on to their next mark to seduce

>> No.57159561

She is most definitely a floof gremlin. In fact she's more gremlin than floof.

>> No.57159564


>not being virile and charismatic enough to make them stay

the absolute state of inquisitors these days

>> No.57159573

No surprise a post this cancerous came from an Activision shill.

>> No.57159621

hi-cut is great.

The higher the better.

>> No.57159649

nobody tell GW

>> No.57159654

It has nothing to do with charisma, they have a mission to uphold

>> No.57159743

Eldar girls are the hottest
Tau girls are kinda ugly, but exotic and “friendly”
Human girls are varied looking and varied dispositions.
Necron girls are probably the scariest looking, but would be the best to converse and hang out with.

Tough decisions

>> No.57159829

World needs more hi-cuts and big 80's hair.

>> No.57159859


>not carefully orchestrating events such that you are their mission

the ABSOLUTE STATE of inquisitors these days

>> No.57159871

>Being yandere for worn out blueberry pie everyone has already had a slice of
Kinda pathetic desu fampaitchi

>> No.57161169

More blueberry QTs pls

>> No.57161199

padded ones?

>> No.57161267

Fuck off Technomancer unless you're posting your non-diapershit art, I actually enjoy that stuff

>> No.57161328

Your image intrigues me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

>> No.57161472

Plz crop out horrifying Ethereal grill before posting in future.

>> No.57161537

>someone actually remembers technomancer

Holy fug. Didn't he die?

>> No.57161620

There's something strange about this Farseer.

>> No.57161877

She pops up in Your Dudes threads every now and then along with a big thing of writefaggotry.

>> No.57163464

>being unable to arrange one of however much purity you desire
THE ABSOLUTE STATE of inquisitors these days

>> No.57165050

>> No.57165098

I would imagine that there is a Necron Lord who does nothing but spread shitposting to imageboards of all races.

>> No.57165218

We call him lolcron.

>> No.57166122

Someone needs to make an Eldar version of this.

>> No.57166508

Just an Ethereal.
Nothing to sea here.
Move along.

>> No.57166564

>Ynnead is Slaanesh.

>> No.57168247

It actually finished several years ago, rather abrubtly and out of character to be honest. I missed the first third of the quest, but the second and third part I was there for, and it was a really well written quest for smut. A lot of political intrigue, scraps in the war and exploration, coupled with xenophilia (obviously), sort of bestiality with alien animals, tentacle play, kroot-on-tau, tau-on-human, submissive futa lovers, and a smattering of other kinds of deviancies.

You wont find it on sup/tg/ because it was all contained on /d/. Yes I go there and it feels weird admitting it.

>> No.57169034

Bruh where the fuck do you think you are

>> No.57169225

Why is his torso so freakishly long?

>> No.57169819

/d/ is small ball, all the real degeneracy goes on in /trash/.

>> No.57170094

Got a link?

>> No.57170208

I assume all that diplomacy and pr training makes them really pleasant to be around, like geishas and shit.

Also, they likely whisper dirty shit in your ear that hits all your kinks.

>> No.57170291

You furfags should stay there and burn in your dumpster fire

>> No.57170361

Futafags are worse than furries desu

>> No.57170370

that is 100% false

>> No.57170415

Not really. Futafags think people find them more acceptable and thus try to work themselves into everything and yet at the same time think they're SOOOO deviant for such a basic bitch kink

>> No.57170443


>> No.57170460

No, you're thinking about trapfags, futafags don't have that "teehee I might be gay does that bother you" attitude anymore since 2012 at least

>> No.57170492

T b f trash has a little bit of everything

>> No.57170520

There's hardly any difference between trapfags and futafags. Both are just closeted gays.

>> No.57170571

how edgy coming from a zoophile

>> No.57170581

I hate furries too fampaitchi, I just find the other two more detestable since they think themselves likeable

>> No.57170588

Yeah no furries ruin everything, they're are the top tier for autism.

>> No.57170666

stop trying to justify your erroneous perspective

>> No.57170693

You're also describing futafags my dude.
You ain't fooling me satan

>> No.57170708

Dingus, think about it like this: no matter how bad you think something is, it could always be worse. It could always be furry. Furry futas, furry traps. You're either blind or a furfag.

>> No.57170722

look why don't you just cut your dick off and kill yourself if you're so afraid of cocks, faggot?

>> No.57170738

Futa fags are just a fetish, like vore fags or foot fags.

Furries think it's a way of life or something, like they have to interject it into everything they say, similar to mlp, but they are modestly self aware.

Furries are the ultimate endgame worst and most autistic. Even self aware furries have a hard time controlling themselves.

>> No.57170741

Wait this thread is about tau who are you people

>> No.57170748


>> No.57170753

I keked

>> No.57170771

I Liked when 40k had interbreeding.

>> No.57170779

It still does, unless they retconned it recently. Half-eldar are still a thing.

>> No.57171347

>Futa fags are just a fetish,
And yet they still force it into everything
Why don't you just go suck some tranny cock if you're so """straight"""?
I'm just saying that furries are easier to sequester in concentration camps like /trash/ or /mlp/ because they know they're hated though they're all over/tg/, go figure. Futafags think they're acceptable and thus shitpost and derail threads like you closeted faggots are doing right now

>> No.57171514

Half-Eldar haven't been a thing since Rogue Trader. Triple-Helix DNA and shit makes it practically impossible.
Interbreeding between all the human variants is probably a thing tho, so if you are into shortstacks, catgirls or Snu-Snu, you're in luck.

>> No.57171543

Hotblooded floofy hair Eldar Corsair chicks in Mecha run as War Walkers and wraithlords/knights

>> No.57171640

Waifufags are not fans of the race they waifu. Majority of waifufags are imperium-fags that don't give a shit about tau or eldar, unless they are drawn as uguu animu girls.

>> No.57171675

Objectively incorrect.

>> No.57171711 [SPOILER] 


I recognize you, my friend.

>> No.57171713

Show me your tau army.

>> No.57172169

>Triple-Helix DNA and shit makes it practically impossible.
I dunno, man. Old One engineering can do freakier shit than let humans breed with Eldar. Have you seen how those fucking Orks reproduce?

>> No.57172200

The point is there's only ever been one Half-Breed and he was in Rogue Trader, to be never mentioned again.
However, 40k Fluff has long gone to shit and the only sane option is to pick and choose the bits you like. If you want QT Halfbreeds in your game, do whatever.

>> No.57172312

there's been others in Black Library shit. Which is about the main place crap like that would be bothered with

>> No.57172379

>there's been others in Black Library shit
I hope you aren't talking about that pirate, whose alleged eldar genes are only speculated on.

>> No.57172992

>People still pushing 'Futa is gay'

Unless the futanari in question is fucking a boy, it's just a way to get two women fucking without a man.

>> No.57173012

Well, I came back here expecting more hi-cut floofy tau and I got this gay guy trying to insist futanari is homo and furry talk.

>> No.57173048

>not gay

>> No.57173064

>Take man and woman
>Remove most of man except for penis
>Add another woman.
>Two women and a penis is gayer than a man.

Kay. You just enjoy looking at fat ugly Japanese men.

>> No.57173109

>being so obsessed with penis that you need to attach it to women to enjoy them


>> No.57173117


No mental gymnastics can save your faggot ass.

>> No.57173187

No, no, just keep fapping it when half of the page is taken up by sweaty men.

Mmm... so straight. You both love looking at the man.

>> No.57173228

>trying to deflect from your rampant homosexuality by creating a strawman


>> No.57173309

Bro there's telekinesis, magic, toys. If you really need a flesh-and-blood penis in there to get you going you don't have to hide yourself.

>> No.57173346


>> No.57173593

Post-modern thinking was a fatal mistake.

>> No.57173744

People who think futanari is homosexual are very weird and seem to lack logic or a basic understanding of fantasy/fiction.

Let's break it down.

Man fucking woman=Straight. We can agree on this.

The main reason people use to insist futanari is gay is the real world example of transgendered men who still keep their cocks. However, in these cases, a man is still fucking a woman. Which is straight.

'Woman' who used to be a man fucking a woman=Straight

Which brings us to futanari; a futanari is born a woman and has working female genitalia. Through fantasy, magic, superscience, spirtual whatever excuse in fiction, she is given a working penis in addition to her female genitals.

The act of a penis fucking a woman is heterosexual by definition. If a transgendered man fucking a woman is straight, then a female who is still a female but has been given a penis in addition to her female qualities is also straight.

Fictional Woman with cock fucking a woman=Straight

Now this doesn't apply to when a penis is used to fuck a man. That is all gay.

So 'Woman' who used to be a man fucking a man= Gay

Fictional Woman with a cock fucking a man=Gay

Man fucking a Man=Gay.

The only way Futa=Gay is if you think heterosexual sex is gay or consider anything with a transgendered man in it, even if it involves fucking a woman only is completely homosexual. It's only homosexual if it's futa on male or if the focus is primarily on the pleasure of the fictional penis without involving another woman. Arguably also with futa on futa depending on the focus.

Futanari is just a fantasy dildo with extra features that allows men to empathise with the female character. People who claim it's always homosexual just can't into logic. This isn't complex either or trying to justify anything. This is simple logic that anyone should grasp upon coming across the concept. Futa can be gay; it can also be straight.

>> No.57173802

U' gay, son.

>> No.57173816

I didn't think this could actually happen

>> No.57173944

Makes sense. Still has fuck all to do with the thread topic.

>> No.57174028


>> No.57174133

Yes I want to go back to the talk about fucking the xenos. Sexy tyranids when?

>> No.57174483

Would've been >>57150325 but someone is afraid of catching a ban.

>> No.57174748

>Man, you know what would be great right now? Some giant, throbbing, bigger than life, colon crucifying cock
>oh, but I'm not gay so make sure there's some tits there
>But the cock is the important part
And you wonder why people know you're gay

>> No.57174769

>Futa isn't gay

>> No.57174797

Then why is most futa art just solo images of huge ol dicks? Futa on female is like the rarest form of futa because the emphasis for futa is on the cock, because futa is gay as hell.

>> No.57174828

We've got a good assortment going. Lots of qt Tau and Eldar, a human babe or two, a Necron, an ungodly xenos hybrid, even a genestealer if you count the image you pointed to. kroo-t pi when

>> No.57174859

That may have been re-retconned apparently due to 40k's own End Times bullshit.

>> No.57174878

If dickgirls are gay, are cuntboys straight?

>> No.57175030


>> No.57175052

Cunt boys are extra gay.

Like I'm not into futa but the genitalia isn't what most men are attracted to, outside puffy vulva. It's less gay to find futa hot than cuntboys.

>> No.57175152

I agree, so post tutorials on how to greenstuff her hair for my conversion

>> No.57175565

Straight... But very unattractive.

>> No.57175867

It's still a woman stroking a cock.

>> No.57176511

You're looking at a huge cocks and fapping.

>> No.57176715

And the focus is on the dick, not who's stroking it

>> No.57177579

>You're looking at a huge cocks and fapping.

Are you saying you don't at least stare at one huge cock when you fap?

>> No.57177755

not usually, no.
I mean, here's a thing from my fapfolder. I think it's worksafe. I guess we'll find out.

>> No.57177766

another one from the ol' folder

>> No.57178098

and a final worksafe example from the porn folder.

>> No.57178242

Isn't there a follow-up comic where just about everyones number went up by a little bit, except for the guy with over 26,000 times fapped?

>> No.57178262

yeah, there's several.
My porn folder aint organized though.

>> No.57178297

Look anon. You're just gay. It's alright. We won't judge you. At least not for that. What we will judge you for is you looking at pictures of giant cocks reaming out dude's assholes while autistically shrieking that you aren't gay.

>> No.57178354

Like any of us can tell the difference until we see a bullock.

>> No.57178423

It just means one day he's gonna find himself in a gay bath house getting fucked in the ass, and ask himself "Am I gay?"

>> No.57178517

it sucks when people don't allow themselves to accept a slight bit of gayness.

I mean, most of my porn folder is just ladies being hot, but occasionally there IS a dick in there. And that's kinda gay. but it's hot to see the lady get fucked by the dick.

>> No.57178706

>if you like futa, it's gay!

What if penis + male body = no boner, yet female body + penis = yes boner?

>> No.57178719

It's still pretty gay.
But that's okay.

>> No.57178772

Is it based on sex organs or gender?

If it's by the former? Then yeah, it is kinda gay.

If it's the latter (gender being a social thing, which is mostly, but not always shaped by biological sex), then it's more debatable.

If somone is attracted to a man, who has a cunt, and they are also male? They're gay, as it's male attracted to male.

Male attracted to a male with a dick? Gay.

Male attracted to a female with a cunt? Straight.

Male attracted to a female with a dick? Straight.
It depends on the gender, really. Like the whole 'yeah but the futa/dickgirl solo art is then showing off dicks!' doesn't hold that much water, since it implies the viewer would enjoy it just as much if it was a fully male bodied and gendered character doing it.

>> No.57178782

Both. If you trip on any "is it gay" variable, social of physical, the answer is "yes".

>> No.57178795

inb4 several gay variables are made up for normal ladies for the sake of argument despite the quite reasonable position

>> No.57178855

So instead of 'gay' or 'straight' as two solid, blocks, there is only the narrow 'straight', with anything outside that falling under gay?

>> No.57178874

well, really, it's a narrow band of "purely gay", a narrow band of "purely straight", and a wide band of "kinda faggy, but that's hot"

>> No.57178903

I wish I had an image of that sidescrolling shooter where two speedo wearing muscle men embraced to form the fighting ship, and jizzed out white bullets from the top of their penis heads to shoot the enemies.

THAT would be in the "purely gay" slice.

>> No.57178906

Dude if a girl having a dick makes that girl hotter for you, that's just gay. You're attracted to the dick.

>> No.57178927

>attracted to female body
>not that attracted to cunt
>not attracted to men or dicks on men
>not attracted to dicks by themselves
>attracted to femine form with dick
> 'lol no man that's utterly gay'

Like >>57178903 said, it's a spectrum .

>> No.57178932

Why can't we have a nice blueberry thread. Torchstar is not a futa, none of this matters.

>> No.57178942

he is correct though, it IS gay.
It is entirely accurate for him to say it is gay, since it has part gay in there.
At that point, you cannot deny it is gay, only argue HOW gay.

>> No.57178951

oh, because I ran out of worksafe blueberries.
That is explicitly why I am not posting more.

>> No.57178964

Look man, liking dick is gay. Pasting a dick on to a girl makes that girl more attractive to you. I didn't say you're a full blown prancing lala homoman, just telling you that you can't deny that it's at least a bit gay.

>> No.57179014

Dude if a guy having a female body makes that guy hotter for you, that's just straight. You're attracted to the female body.

>> No.57179027

I think the most distinctive and telling proof of the gayness of futa is how unbelievably defensive its fans get about their gayness.

>> No.57179030

Yes, you're right. Futa is straighter than full blown faggotry you dumb fuck. It's still gay though.

>> No.57179032

Not really how the verbage works, sounds awkward when you try to do that.

>> No.57179038

Actually, futa can be made less gay than straight porn.

You see, straight porn has one guy and one girl. Because you're fapping to something with one guy in it, that's 50% gay. If you watch futa fuck a girl, that's one girl and a half girl, thus only 25% gay.

You could make it 0% gay with two girls but the problem is, that makes them lesbian, which wraps back to being 100% gay.

>> No.57179049

Lesbians, strangely enough, are both 100% and 0% gay depending on whether you are a dude or a lady.

>> No.57179063


>> No.57179064

Yeah, futa and a lady is less gay than a dude and a lady. Still gay, but less gay. Though, you don't want to bring this up, as people who like a dude and a lady don't like thinking about how gay that is.

>> No.57179086






>> No.57179087

>futa and a lady is less gay than a dude and a lady.

Are you implying that male x female (straight), is partly game because it involves a man's dick? That's er, that's some type of logic there alright.

>> No.57179103

It is, yes. There's a dude there. That's pretty gay.
Just don't talk about that with people that like straight porn. They don't like admitting that, yes, they are willing to put up with some level of gayness to see a lady get fucked.

>> No.57179128

>I think the most distinctive and telling proof of the gayness of futa is how unbelievably defensive its fans get about their gayness.

>> No.57179129

Look, blueberries are at a premium man.
Only legacy copies exist, new production is almost nil in the modern board climate.

>> No.57179147

See, this feels like the mindset of people who are terrified of being labeled gay, thus they go out of their way to point out how everything else is gay to make themselves feel better.

Do you love or lust for a member of the male gender? Yes? That's gay.

Do you love or lust for a member of the female gender? Yes? That's straight.

Attracted to both? That's bi.

Anything between that is not straight, not gay, but more a weird free floating mingle period. Saying 'everything that isn't straight is gay' , as some have implied. You could do the reverse, and call it kinda straight instead.

We don't have enough actual words to describe it fully.

>> No.57179156

If it's any part gay, then it's more gay than futa x female, because it includes more male parts. If it's no part gay, then they're both perfectly straight, because the male parts are assumed not to be objects of attraction, leaving only a full female in the case of male x female, and a full female + a female body in the case of futa x female as objects of attraction.

>> No.57179178

This is why I became a yurifag. Everything's so much simpler and pure when everyone's a girl.

Sidenote, fuck literally everyone that tags futa as yuri. With a rake.

>> No.57179210


So you're not gay, just closeted transgender.

>> No.57179229


>> No.57179241 [SPOILER] 


>> No.57180001

>> No.57180456

Ah yes, that most underestimated of the classical elements, Whore.

>> No.57180593

Whether or not futa is gay, this thread certainly proved that it is autistic

>> No.57180678


Is she a robot? Cyborg? Skintight power armor?

>> No.57180736

It was a street sam in the artist's shadowrun campaign which I heard was an ERP one.

>> No.57180809


>> No.57180827

I am not sure what there is to be dropped.
I mean, it's not like the campaign is available to be read.

>> No.57180850

Hey, I’ve had a couple lewd shadowrun games. It’s not that bad with the right group.

>> No.57180895

Don't know anything but 40k but I Thought you guys should know that I'm gonna jack off to this thread

>> No.57182656

I love that image. first time I saw it I didn't even notice she was diddling herself.

>> No.57182684

No I don't, I tried looking for it again, but no luck. /d/ has nothing like sup/tg/ to record such things.

>> No.57182955

I love the pics of the Tau in the Cockpit, more so if its Torchstar.

I thought some GW fag killed her off in the campaign where the space pope got his brain melted though. So, is she still alive by cannon standards?

>> No.57182995

That is clearly a gretchin.

>> No.57183085

> Not understanding what attracts male humans of any sexuality
Face, chest, ass, dong, look it up sonny jim it's been studied.

>> No.57183169

So glad to see someone else post this photo.

>> No.57183244

Never learn about 40k then.

>> No.57183355

Thanks, I had a pc with all the classics, sadly the key word is had, as its gone forever. I tried to look for most of the pic I remember, but alas, to no avail for some.

Thats the funny thing about the internet, its like a living breathing human being, in that with age, while it learns more, it seems to forget much too, even if its "never truly lost".

One of the pics I have not been able to find was of Farsight fucking Shadowsun. One was done while they were in their XV-suites, the other while naked.

>> No.57183506

Waifufags get what they deserve.

>> No.57183539

>Her tits aren't that big
All in good time...

>Sexy tyranids when?
Tirraniddo Waifu would be unstoppable!

>Everything's so much simpler and pure when everyone's a girl.
Working on it!

>> No.57183580

In what country does it not go from DD to F/E?

>> No.57183616

T h i c c

>> No.57186018

Studied by closeted fags so obsessed with cock they need to stick it on a woman to be attracted to women.

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