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Happy Holidays Edition

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>Latest News:

>Official Site: Contains deck building rules and the current ban list.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their decks strategy and card choices.

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen Commanders color identity.


>Official search site. Current for all sets.

>Unofficial, but has GOAT search interface.

>Thread Question
Get anything EDH related as a present recently?
How to build Group Hug without being cancer?

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Give me dank Darevi tech.

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>Thread Questions
I cant open any pressies till the rest of the f.a.m. gets here.
Actively try to maintain a threat status, as opposed to ending each of your turns without no aggressive actions/only symmetrically beneficial plays. Accumulate tokens, steal some people's shit, whatever. Don't just group buff and pillowfort.
On the flip side, for maximum cancer, I have yet to find a more aggrivating Non-Chaos spell to resolve than Guided Passage.

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>Get anything EDH related as a present recently?
It's not quite Christmas here yet, but I know I'm getting some packs of IMA and UN3, and I suspect the family might have pitched together to get me a Mana Drain I've been needing for my Kruphix deck as well.

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I know this is the wrong thread but I don't trust Modern/Standard/Vintage kids to give me advice that isn't "Buy exspensive mana" and "That's not what the meta allows"

I want to make a sixty card casual deck but I have been playing edh for so long I forgot how. What's a good ratio of lands:creatures:non-creatures?

I want to do R/U spellslinger featuring Monastery swiftspear, storm chaser mage, bloodwater entity, lighting bolt and counterspells.

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Brimaz in Derevi y/n?

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What format

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>thread question
My mother got me a large pack of clear sleeves so that's something. I also got a bunch of those bulk rares and commons packs from ebay.

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No particular format, just kitchen table. I just want a 60 card casual deck for under $50 bucks I can use to play with my friend who got into magic but refuses to play commander. I haven't played 60 card in for ever. In the last 3 years I've only played EDH and Limited.

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>Be playing X
>See my opponent flipping Atraxa
>Send it up turn 3 off off lucky greaves n ring
>5 turns later, he's seething
>I have ulted 3 of his planeswalkers
>His deck his foiled out
Mfw I drank his milkshake

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Play lots of one mana cantrips. You only need the best prowess-type creatures. Too many and the deck doesn't work.
Because your creatures are cheap and your spells are cheap you only need like 18~22 lands.

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Build Pauper Izzet Blitz, it's pretty much the exact deck you described for the right price. Just pop out and add stuff as you see fit since you don't actually have to prescribe to only using commons.

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How good are the preconstructed Commander decks? Looking to get in, don't want to be suckered by a 30 dollar price tag for trash.

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Good. High value for low cost. Playable out of the box, easy to tweek, how strongs ya local meta?

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Most of them are descent for casual commander play and can be tuned to a reasonable standard for about $20 more. Unless your playgroup is all running cEDH decks you'll be good.

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what is your definition of "good"?

can you play one out of the box and hold your own/win against casuals? yes

can you play one out of the box and compete against turn 5 combo decks? fuck no

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Most of them are worth the price tag, (except kalemne, was my first edh purchase and it is just suffering) i would look at some of the reviews that some of the Magic youtubers have done to get an idea of deck types and what you actually get out of the box and what you need/want to get to upgrade.
Tolarian community college
The Command Zone
Are all ok options but, always take a grain of salt with what any of them say as they all have their preferences.

That being said, any other MTG personalities that /tg would recommend?

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I like that channel a lot but It's mostly just edh gameplay, little talk about actual construction and deck building.

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ah i misunderstood your post, my bad

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Nice try, Des.

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He is objectively terrible

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>except kalemne
Check the pricetag on Fiery Confluence/Gisela/R&W Titans/Blade of Selves senpai
She pretty much pays for herself now and the deck has climbed in value. Poor Daxos is the still stuck in the dumpster

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Erm, and Urza's Incubator

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I guess I just have grief with boros in general, but good to know I have a few more useful/more valuable cards I guess.

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>Get anything EDH related as a present recently?

My sister got me the dragon precon and a bunch of ixalan boosters, dad has no idea what magic is so he just bought some iconic masters boosters

now I have a foiled lightning helix and supreme verdict

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> any other MTG personalities that /tg would recommend?

Jumbocommander is pretty good, he only does edh decks

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Thread Question
New satin tower deck boxes for mono colour decks! Best deck boxes

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>thread question
Opened a bunch of Unstable boosters for the lands for my decks, if that counts

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>Get anything EDH related as a present recently?
Nah, the only other people I know who like MtG are a couple friends of mine who live a state away.

>How to build Group Hug without being cancer?
Kami of the Crescent Moon permission/Owling Mine. Give everyone a ton of cards, use counterspells and removal to stay alive, help people draw through their decks while facilitating their killing of each other until you can force your last opponent to draw out.

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Parents got me From the Vault Lore and Transform

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>Parents got me
Underage get out

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>implying you'd still get presents after you stopped living with your parents
>in a children card game form no less

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>be me
>loves mtg and now edh
>make 3 decks to play with my buddies
>we half play half get drunk and the nobody cares for the game
>im the most invested in this
>got 5 unstable boosters for xmass
>wanna add some cards to have a few laughts
>i fear theyll hate them

I need more aspie mtg friends to play with. Last time i went to a lgs it was full of tryhards tier 1 decks.

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Goys, where can i get a Grimlock copy for naya pourposes?

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This. Although the guy strikes me as an asshole irl.

But his content is good.

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What is your reason for making a deck that is focused around doing one thing every game (usually involving the commander) instead of a pile of goodstuff that can always be used in different ways? Goodstuff is called that for a reason

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Because I picked my commander to do something interesting in their colours, for example I play Feldon because a mono-red reanimator deck sounds awesome. If I wanted to play goodstuff I'd play a legacy BUG based deck or something.

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For me it only works as some sort of gig, that is fun for a week. As if you have to prove something by making a weird deck and winning with it. It's more challenge than actual fun. As soon as it starts winning smoothly I'm compelled to take it apart

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But anon, goodstuff is even worse at being "samey" than one trick commander based decks. At least those play much differently from one another. "Goodstuff" decks are pretty much all the same mid-rangey control deck, with slight variations based on color.

An OG teysa deck, a karlov deck, and a selenia deck all play dramatically differently from one another, despite being the same 2 color combo. All BW goodstuff decks play the same, and to a similar degree, they are all very similar to decks that have those colors in them. There isn't going to be that much difference in a BW goodstuff deck and a RBW goodstuff deck either.

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goodstuff decks are very samey, what's the point of edh if you're not gonna be original.

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>How to build Group Hug without being cancer?
will people hate me?

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>5 extra turn spells

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How original are we talking here? It's pretty easy to netdeck and lists with the same commanders often look really similar. The more unusual the commander, the less original are the lists. In goodstuff on the other hand, while there are most popular options like Krosan Grip, you don't have enough slots to fit everything so it's up to personal preference and meta.

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>How to build Group Hug without being cancer?
The only way to play is to give out gifts till you have the resources to combo out or just win in one fell swoops rise of the second sun is perfect for this and I've personally also been using leveler + fractured identity for fun

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SBMTG is pretty good. Guy mostly does standard deck techs but he knows his stuff and his voice soothes pets so you can leave a playlist on for your dog if you're going out.

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It's not about the same commanders looking very similar. If you build around their abilities that should happen.

Goodstuff lists are all mid-rangey control. Every list is going to look and play the same, regardless of what the cards are called. They are going to be decks filled with ramp, CA, good removal, and big high cost finishers like avenger of zendikar or rite of replication.

It doesn't really matter if the ramp card you are using is called thran dynamo or skyshroud claim. Or if the card draw is a consecrated Sphinx or necropetence, etc etc.

Running decks that aren't "goodstuff" is the only way to avoid playing mid-rangey control. The commander you build around might inspire only one strategy, but I would much rather have 5 decks that each have their own strategy instead of five decks with the exact same one.

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>kike city games but only commander vs
>SBMTG for standard stuff
>jumbo commander for commander stuff
>pauper fox (no longer makes videos but the only ones are good) for pauper
>commander central for commander podcasts

tolarin used to be good but is pretty shit now imo, manasource is a kike shill, and command zone is dog shit now that they have sponsors and became WotC kike shills

dev is god tier, i build his decks all the time for standard. cheap and fun as fuck to play. that GW aggro deck he did a week or two ago is amazingly fun to play and really powerful

>> No.57095662

Anyone here has experience with using XMage?

>> No.57095669

shit program, barely better than MTGO which isnt saying much

>> No.57095700

I'm using MTGO for pauper and XMage for everythong else because free as in free beer.

Problem is I'm almost always stuch with graphic bugs: I'm looking for a way to restart the client without leaving games.

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I'm a filthy casual and like Giant Monster Games, Magic Aids and TCGplayer (each one geared towards modern).

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>talking shit about Teferi

>> No.57095919

Voidmage Gamer is pretty good, and he uploads every day

>> No.57095928

But what about the time you have to answer something (which is nearly all the time)? You have to put in good effort just to stay afloat, because of the amount of stuff flying around that can end you in one turn. Last time a person had a Glacial chasm with Anointed Procession and it was clear from the turn 3 that none of us has any LD in our decks and we're not winning that one, despite game being far from over. I can't afford to run many answers in the decks that rely on drawing into combo pieces, neither can I afford the mana to cast them, because of the strategy I need to accomplish

>> No.57096026

Really? He seems chill and like he just genuinely loves the game to me

>> No.57096070

In which storyline Teferi and Karn match up together?

>> No.57096092

Plenty of non-goodstuff strategies have room for interaction. Ayli can blow up problem permanents on her own, Gonti can steal answers from someone else, etc. And if it's not built into your commander, then you're a fool for at least not including some removal in your deck. Yeah, in that respect a lot of similar cards can show up between decks, but there's only so many good answers out there for each color.

Also, I assume you meant Glacial Chasm + Solemnity. Otherwise you could just wait until the guy couldn't pay his upkeep costs

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> 2017 Wizards of the Coast LLC
So next Dominaria set.

>> No.57096277

I have the Christmas blues, /tg/
I'm probably going to spend the day teching this deck. Does anyone have any recommendations?


>> No.57096278

I love it.

>> No.57096358

>But what about the time you have to answer something (which is nearly all the time)?

Your answers can still be part of your generals strategy. A Titania deck can use cards like Mouth of Ronom and strip mine and it should synergize very well with the rest of the deck, for instance. Decks that flicker or abuse etbs in some other way will have most of their removal attached to creatures, a deck like karlov can run much less removal if they have enough life gain engines, etc.

If you are talking about having answers for everything up all of the time? You are right back to wanting to build that same mid-rangey control archetype, and are probably forced into blue to counter spells too. Not every deck can answer every threat, and that's fine. Sometimes your strategy should just be trying to kill them before they get to the point that they can turnabout+reiterate into exsanguinate.

>> No.57096396

Because when my cards synergize it makes my dick rock hard, and goodstuff is the antithesis of synergy.

>> No.57096419

I'll bust a nut if suspend is back

>> No.57096432

I know you don't think you want a format, but if it's just kitchen table with no deckbuilding requirements or restrictions why even ask? Just make whatever shitty deck and call it a day.

The other anon suggested a pauper list which is probably the way to go. My point of view is that deckbuilding feels directionless if you don't build for a format. If you build for pauper you can make informed deckbuilding decisions for the pauper meta

>> No.57096642

Well yes, the one that prevents permanents from having counters. I tried Gonti and he was okay, but he either gets hard-countered with some artifact or enchantment preventing me from benefitting from his etb (yay for color pie!) or better yet, anything I can steal from my opponents does jack shit for me, because their deck is build around synergies.

I see, but getting your entire strategy fucked up with a single good spell from an opponent you can't answer is the equivalent of grinding you rock hard dick against sandpaper.

>> No.57096695

>Playing gonti
>Not playing gate to phyrexia

This was your own damn fault.

>> No.57096710

>getting your entire strategy fucked up with a single good spell from an opponent you can't answer
What the fuck are you talking about, a synergistic deck isn't like a house of cards.

>> No.57096737

Your Sedris stares down t2 Rest in Peace, wat do? Tutor for Rift to get a single free turn?

>> No.57096803

Bounce it with an etb creature like Venser and then cast a graveyard filling wheel of Fortune?

Those both seem like normal cards to have in a sedris deck.

>> No.57096823

Deal 40 points of damage to the player controlling rip.
Problem solved.

>> No.57096834

There is literally one single card that stops Gonti that Black has trouble dealing with (Torpor Orb) and you'd be a fool not to include a solution to it considering the entire point of Gonti is ETB abuse. You can play Unstable Obelisk, Spine of Ish Sah, Gate to Phyrexia, Nevinyrral's Disk, Scour from Existence, Steel Hellkite, and any number of other colorless artifact answers. Yeah, they're a bit slow, but you staring down a T2 Torpor Orb is a pretty uncommon occurrence, and I bet others will want to get rid of it as well.

>> No.57096842

What's good in Rakdos? Had some experience with Rakdos the Defiler, can't say it's bad, but definitely on the riskier side, not only because of the general, but because of the number of high cmc removable demons

>> No.57096859

1) enjoy the fact that my opponent just spent card advantage on random hate while my creatures still ETB and attack as normal
2) tutor for Chaos Warp/All is Dust/Oblivion Stone/Karn/Ugin/Bolas etc.
3) stop playing grixis

The problem you're describing is more applicable to one-trick pony decks than to synergistic decks.

>> No.57096881

SPEAKING OF GONTI, what is everyone's favorite win conditions for the guy? As fun as drawing cards off of everyone else's decks is, eventually you need to close things out. Right now I'm using a reanimator package with lots of ways to recur and re-cast Gary, with a backup plan of big mana + Exsanguinate/Torment of Hailfire. I'm intentionally avoiding infinite combo in my list. Here's my deck:


>> No.57096970

Gary the Merchant
Lashwrithe on Gonti (lol)
Torment of Hailfire

But most often just the meaniest beatdown crap your opponent's got on the top of their decks

>> No.57096985

What are good engines for reusing Gonti on the cheap? I can only come up with Sheoldred, Conjurer's closet, Erratic Portal and Phyrexian Reclaimation from the top of my head

>> No.57097000

Cloudstone Curio is always a good choice

>> No.57097006

Dawn of the Dead + Sac Outlet
Skull Collector
Palace Siege/Oversold Cemetery
Mimic Vat
Blood Clock/Umbilicus

>> No.57097027

Does Marty's Bond trigger when you sacrifice a token?

>> No.57097030

Yes. Tokens very briefly hit the graveyard before disappearing

>> No.57097187

What do you use to activate it?

Blood clock/Umbilicus are 11/10, never seen these in any of the lists.
Mimic Vat though is scary as hell, always keeps you second guessing

>> No.57097219

Blood Clock is less good if everyone else is abusing ETB creatures. If you're just drawing extra with Gonti and they're getting a free bounce for their Maelstrom Wanderer or whatever it's a bad deal. So you gotta kill that shit

>> No.57097241

I Hate Card Games channel

>> No.57097283

Literally anything that puts a creature onto the battlefield. Gonti himself can steal a creature which triggers it, breeding pool or some shit can bounce him every single turn, theres a ton of ways to activate it

>> No.57097288

Holey moley, Gonti is almost 2nd most used mono-black commander, when did he become that popular?

>> No.57097294

Not a fan of Teferi's new look.

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File: 161 KB, 480x680, batheinlight.hq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The light of divinity!
The touch of GOD!

>> No.57097316

>Cheap to cast
>Helps cover most of Black's weaknesses
>Costs 50 cents
>Automatically adjusts with the power of your meta as you steal better/worse stuff

I dunno dude

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File: 41 KB, 112x318, Bringles.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I need tech, secret tech for Mazirek!

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File: 2.71 MB, 720x540, 1499386355931.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>give whites protection from white

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File: 272 KB, 672x936, mir-149-tombstone-stairwell.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You play lots of sac outlets, right?

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Forgot this gem

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So for Christmas I want to pimp out my mono colored commanders, starting with Thassa. I play her pretty straight forward, drawing/bouncing/countering with big krakens to finish. Any good mono blue secret tech for under $50? My goal would be to eventually swap her for Jin Gitaxias and enter the infinite/omniscience/lab maniac a win. Any other spicy mono blue combos?

>> No.57097417

Blade of Selves, Conjurer's Closet, Minion Reflector, Panharmonicon and Strionic Resonator for extra ETBs

>> No.57097430

Are 5 free sac-outlets enough?

>> No.57097434

I don't like Blade of Selves because Gonti is so great on defense that I'd rather he sit back and deter attacks rather than draw a couple extra cards and do 2 damage to someone

>> No.57097452
File: 30 KB, 312x445, orimschant.hq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

uh, you don't get to cast spells, or bring friends

>> No.57097456


This won't work for Jin, but if your guys are unblockable via Thassa then Stolen Identity can get really nuts, especially if you can copy the cipher trigger with Strionic Resonator. Copy your Resonator with the Stolen Identity, use the Resonator to copy the trigger, get another resonator, use that to copy the original trigger, until you have a Strionic Resonator for each 2 mana you had available. Then you can build-your-own Rite of Replication every turn with the cipher trigger or start getting 6 or 7 triggers off of your Consecrated Sphinx or whatever

>> No.57097473

An equipment that draws 2 cards on attack in a 4 man pod sounds worth one turn of vulnerability to me, plus it lets you go nuts with Panharmonicon or Cloudstone Curio out

>> No.57097526

Hey blade of selves and cloudstone is actually some pretty sick synergy anon. I'm going to put a blade in my inalla deck now, thanks a bunch

>> No.57097647

Card's good and all, but there's plenty of options that don't require you to attack with him, and I always run out of space for blink engines before I slide Blade in

>> No.57097746

It's Jhoira, it has to come back.

>> No.57097777

Sure, but in his Q&A videos he seems different. Meh I don't really know thought. But I enjoy his vids.

>> No.57097792


>> No.57097845


>> No.57097886

literally wizards.com

>> No.57097932

I dunno man, suspend is probably too advanced for nu-Standard. Jhoira could end up as the long awaited UR artificer and have nothing to do with time.

>> No.57098060

But you have two time mages making their return debut which would inevitably have time shenanigans involved, maybe to the extent of Time Spiral or Fate Reforged.

>> No.57098097

What the fuck does stax mean?

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File: 47 KB, 244x350, smokestack.full.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.57098109

Dude, the all powerful marketing department decreed that time spiral was a bad set because new players couldn't appreciate the references. and all the fun mechanics.

We will absolutely not get any time mechanics beyond an extra turn spell that is overcosted generally but conditionally undercosted.

>> No.57098135

force people to sac things every turn, thus preventing them from playing magic. smokestack is the pin up girl of the playstyle

>> No.57098189
File: 225 KB, 672x936, usg-309-smokestack.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i can never descide whether i prefer the new or old art more

>> No.57098216

The older artwork looks nicer, and therefore fits the card less, Smokestacks is not a nice card

>> No.57098255
File: 206 KB, 672x936, 6ed-230-fog.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It looks right out of a Dr. Seuss book to me which is neat. I like to run some of the jankier art versions of cards sometimes just to annoy foil full art landfags and "all the old art is better" people at the same time

>> No.57098275

Ah, the whip-cream fog

>> No.57098289

I always thought this was a huge snake as a kid

>> No.57098292

Friend gifted me a copy of Riku of Two Reflections a few days ago. :3

>> No.57098342

Nobody knows the origin, but it generally applies to strategies that apply a cost, either per turn, per action or based on permanents. For example Smokestacks, or Mogis, God of Slaughter, are both stax cards in EDH.

>> No.57098387
File: 211 KB, 672x936, ice-366-plains.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Its wonderful. I really wish I could get these ice age plains in white border but at the same time the contrast between an okay looking white border land and then the garbage looking black border ones might be more awful to look at

>> No.57098421

be the eyesore, tilt your opponets autism so they misplay.

>> No.57098481

Do they hold a sleved commander deck?

>> No.57098497
File: 214 KB, 672x936, 5ed-449-forest.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thats literally what I do. If a card has ugly ass awful art or a white bordered version I specifically buy that version. I even throw in a couple of random foils just to have even more random shit on the table and it never fails to piss off the two autistis who play all the same land and foil their entire deck

>> No.57098516

Make sure to play with those white bordered Forest-Plains in front

>> No.57098530
File: 70 KB, 350x338, 1504249115642.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>run a single white bordered basic that has the same art as your black border basics
>tutor it up every time

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>bitching about Teferi

>> No.57098761

>literally one single card
Leyline of Sanctity
Witchbane Orb
Orbs of Warding
Overwhelming Splendor

>> No.57098799

How does cipher work? Do i treat the creature that gets the cipher like it has an aura on it and just get the spells affects every time it gets in? Do i get the affects without doing damage when i first put it on a creature?

>> No.57098840

>Leyline of Sanctity

Target someone else

>Witchbane Orb
>Orbs of Warding

No one plays these. If they do, target someone else

>Overwhelming Splendor

The same answers that apply to Torpor Orb apply to these except these cards come out a lot slower. Also Humility screws everyone equally so there's a good chance someone else in the pod will take care of it

>> No.57098860

The first time you cast it, you get the spell's effect and then you "encode" it onto a creature. Encoding is basically like an aura except the spell isn't actually attached to the creature, so things like protection won't make it fall off. Then, whenever the creature deals combat damage, the cipher trigger goes off, and you get a copy of the spell.

>> No.57098863
File: 29 KB, 300x240, Moving-the-goalposts-300x2402.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>these cards come out a lot slower
You haven't played against a good enchantress deck then.

>> No.57098882

Torpor Orb costs 2 and approximately 100% of decks play Sol Ring. I doubt this Enchantress build is capable of putting out an 8-drop faster than that.

>> No.57098902

I would forgive all the extra turn cards if you thre in a timesifter.

>> No.57099027

Why no Time Spiral to go with that fat High Tide?

>> No.57099146


No mercy.

>> No.57099156

>lands in front

I KNEW Hitler didn't die!

>> No.57099166

i bought like 10 cards with total cost like 20 bucks to build this deck (I already had rest of them) and I suspected it would end in cancerous deck with few opportunities to actually play it, so Time spiral with pricetag 50$ is overkill for now...but i still want it for my Aboshan deck

>> No.57099180

I need some phasing and suspend goodness. I hope Karn gets something sweet too.

>> No.57099200
File: 152 KB, 480x680, mirrorweave.hq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pretty fun playing this in Noyan and wiping the battlefield

>> No.57099261
File: 48 KB, 700x520, 946.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

/tg/, i need your help.

Our meta has gotten removal-cancerous to the point when it's a miracle 0/1 goat token stays on the field for a single phase.

That's why i need the most unfun, indestructible, all-surviving boardstate. i face all sorts of removal, from bouncing to Wraths, to Merciless Eviction. I need to be able to eat it all.

What are the best mass protection spells in Bant colors? I already have my "oh shit" package (Eerie Interlude, Teferi's Protection, etc.) Also which bant general is best for being fucking invincible (no Derevi please, i hate the dumb shitbird)?

>> No.57099266

If I'm thinking of the ones he's mentioning, yes, they hold sleeved decks and dice on the bottom part. Just annoying to remove.

>> No.57099283

Roon is pretty tamper-proof, with some mana available

>> No.57099311


This doesn't work. The other creatures turn into regular, unanimated lands

>> No.57099321

They don't turn into 0/0 elementals?

>> No.57099345

Nope, the animated state is not a copy-able property of the card. You can Fog someone by turning their creatures into Plains for a turn, but they aren't 0/0s.

>> No.57099370

aw fuck guess i have some splainin to do

>> No.57099391

What ever happened to the pauper threads here? They were tight.

Been playing Eldrazi Tron myself, It of the Horrid Swarm does wonders against the rampant Elf/Control decks right now.

>> No.57099486

does anyone have the wild ride pic for blue kami?

>> No.57099581

I'm another guy but I'll definitely look into cipher, seems like a great ability and I've never seen anyone in my playgroup use any card with cipher, as far as I remember.

>Thread question
Got two boosters for Secret Santa, one Unstable and one Gatewatch, got a unstable Mountain, a full art Swamp and a Fall of the Titans which will be good on my Mizzix deck.

>> No.57099885

You should run Biovisionary

>> No.57099917

Originated from Vintage. There was a deck called "The Four Thousand Dollar Solution," or $T4KS, which was a hardcore prison deck

>> No.57099929

Why is guided passage cancer? Seems bad

>> No.57099931
File: 29 KB, 688x792, 1513140821077.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>It's a "Locust God player overloads Dragonshift" episode

>> No.57099947

He's got vigilance, so no probably not. Brimaz is only good in cats or tokens.

>> No.57100051

Can someone translate this for me?
I can't tell if it's the slang you guys use around here or if this guys just a fuckin moron.

>> No.57100075


>> No.57100169

Sure thing Anon!
Basically he is playing the commander "x"
Turn 3 he puts x in his opponents hand
5 turns later he has stolen heaps of shit,. Including 3 planeswalkers and used their ultimate ability
The guy has foiled his deck completely (I guess this means he hates others using his valuable cards?/he is a mouth breather)
And our hero "drank his milkshake" or ruined his day!

>> No.57100200


>> No.57100284

Rare that the person moving the goalposts posts that pic.

>> No.57100364

>7 mana Overrun that removes the insects' haste and makes Locust God vulnerable to removal

>> No.57100464

>instant speed

>> No.57100505

Still don't fully understand though. Commander x?
Is he intentionally giving no information about his deck?

>> No.57100518
File: 121 KB, 200x279, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He's talking about this

>> No.57100521

The tokens losing haste doesn't matter if you cast Dragonshift after declare attackers. I'm not actually sure if Locust God would stay dead, but it doesn't matter because you can just return him to the Command Zone and pay the tax this one time.

>> No.57100524

Are you in the know?

>> No.57100557

I always let my friends take back misplays but if they say something super intense and threatening like "I'm going to get you next turn bud" I will rules lawyer the heck out of them

Why would you warn people what you're going to do anyway?

>> No.57100581


pretty spensive desu

>> No.57100601

I let people take back misplays if its from a blatant misunderstanding of the rules but if they just do stuff in the wrong order or fuck up the combo or something then no that's entirely their fault for playing poorly.

>> No.57100602

i usually let people take back misplays if they catch it on the same turn

>> No.57100609



Holy fuck 150 just for Grimlock. Man i knew i should have bought the set when it was 30$.

>> No.57100751

Shiuld I build Alesha or Licia? I own them both and i don't really know how to build licia but she looks cool

>> No.57100792

Alesha gives you a lot more toolbox options, licia is just an undercosted beater that requires setup

>> No.57100824

The anon said literally one card, was shown wrong, then argued that the cards that proove him wrong don't come out soon enough

>> No.57100878

Academy rector/Replenish can do it easily.
You're also missing the main part of the argument that anon said there was literally only one card that can fuck over Gonti and difficult for monoB to remove. That was the entire point.

>> No.57100915

A retard agreed to play an Ungame, hilarity ensues.

>> No.57100947

Gonti+ nim deathmantle + ashnods altar + phyrexian altar + grave titan = cast everyone elses entire decks

>> No.57100981

> Long-term plans

I like you

>> No.57101003

You should say kike more. It really emphasizes your point.

>> No.57101012



I'm the fucking moron. Haven't paid much attention to the unstuff

>> No.57101052

Unlseeved Media, especially if you don't play the game

>> No.57101210


Goalpost mover here.

The point that started the discussion was that you'd be an idiot to not include answers to the card that's most likely to completely destroy Gonti's ETB gameplan, and can show up in any deck. Yeah, I forgot a few others but the stuff that answers Torpor Orb also answers all of them.

The white hate cards also show up in specific shells, and it's a lot easier to take preventative measures when someone busts out what is obviously an enchantress/hatebear commander. You bet I'd be hitting them first with Gonti's ability and using Praetor's Grasp and the like to pull the really bad stuff out of their deck before it screws me. Torpor Orb however can come out T1 from literally any deck, so it's a lot higher on the radar for me.

>> No.57101231
File: 76 KB, 312x445, 198.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>make deck
>ends up being extremely powerful
>stop playing the deck because the games are usually one-sided and unfun
How long do you let a deck sit around unplayed before you formally retire and dismantle it? I don't even think tuning the deck's power level down much would help, as the commander paints such a big target on me I'm either going to be singled out or I can combo out.

pic related

>> No.57101269

You're playing with the errata in mind right :v

>> No.57101291

Fair enough.
Has Hushwing Gryf/Tocatli Honor Guard ever shown up? They're creatures I'm conaidering since I figure if I place them in my voltron deck, it would be better for my Torpor Orbs to be able to equip&swing.

>> No.57101317

I see them from time to time when I play at my LGS, but it's not like mono-black has any trouble killing creatures en masse

>> No.57101318

Of course. However, even with the X != 0 errata, Marath is still a monster of a commander. He enables a handful of really efficient combos, and even without the infinites, he turns a lot of goodstuff cards into backbreaking engines, like Purphoros and Basilisk Collar.

>> No.57102818

I've had a Jarrad Golgari Lich Lord deck for a while now and all I end up doing is durdling and filling up my graveyard. What's some spicy tech for this weed wizard?

>> No.57102839

Lord of extinction

>> No.57102967
File: 230 KB, 672x936, tor-59-dawn-of-the-dead.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


That's as vanilla as it gets dude. We need to go spicier. How about this enchantment that gives free recursion, haste, and can be re-used every turn so long as you have a sac outlet (Jarad) out?

>> No.57102997
File: 181 KB, 1069x792, Roon_of_the_Hidden_Realm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I absolutely love flickering ETB creatures, hence my first and favorite deck is helmed by Roon. However, the deck is extremely mid-range and only manages to "get there" either through Birthing Pod chaining or Tooth and Nail-ing into Avenger of Zendikar and Craterhoof Behemoth; this is the only way I ever manage to win, and wins with the deck are few and far between. Should I cut my losses and change the deck to fit Brago as the commander for a more powerful and consistent performance or does anyone know of some spicy tech I could use in Roon?

>> No.57103004

Thats more like it boyo. I run a lot of sac outlets so that wouldnt be an issue

>> No.57103011

interested if you are shit stomping trash players

>> No.57103044

Is he even that good? Also what errata? I have it sleeved up as a deck to let new people use.

>> No.57103056

X can't be zero. Otherwise you could have a lot of free death triggers to exploit.

>> No.57103078
File: 48 KB, 600x600, 1451020453297.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

spicy prossh tech?
need to break the spirit of my table

>> No.57103091


Roon really is more of a midrangey value grinding deck than anything else anon. You can eventually build up to a decent Brago impression with Paradox Engine + Temur Sabertooth or something but the fact that Brago blinks everything at instant speed really trumps Roon in raw power. Losing Prophet of Kruphix really hurt Roon to be honest, and green can't offer much anymore that W/U can't shore up in some other way

>> No.57103205

Been thinking about putting a marath deck together
Anything i need besides some sac outlets, deathtouch enablers, and naya goodstuff?

>> No.57103433
File: 1.68 MB, 332x332, 1512273720642.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.57103545

What are some fun decks that don't win out of nowhere? A couple folks have taken to bitching about decks that can win in a single turn without warning (ie they run no counterspells, discard, forms of hand control, or really any sense of what people have tutored for / how their decks win). Bonus points if I don't need to use the combat step to accomplish this.

>> No.57103575

>Slow win
>No combat step

Sounds like a job for hard Stax

>> No.57103581


>> No.57103636


Scratch that, I didn't see that you specified fun. ("Fun" meaning interactive and not too disruptive to everyone else's gameplan because muh battlecruiser). How about Nin? Play tons of mind control/Threaten effects, snipe the shit you stole to draw a ton of cards, and grind out the game using everyone else's shit against them

>> No.57103656

Alright lads, cmon. Stax is not the answer to everything. Yes, I love it too, and I enjoy it, but some folks need to keep their friends (even if those friends aren't ready for the enlightenment in realizing the necessity of stax).

>> No.57103706
File: 1.42 MB, 1080x1373, Screenshot_20171225-223655.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just got this guy, gonna build tempo/control with turns/twin combos for win cons.

Any lesser known tech for him? Also is the Eye of the Storm decks fun enough to warrant people watching you solitaire?

>> No.57103713

Nice idea Anon. I'll get to brewing, it's a nice power level and presumably enjoyable to use everyone's tools against them.

>> No.57103758

Fun for you? Yes.
Fun for anyone else? No.
Whenever you need to ask about a new deck like this, just think of eggs. If the deck is comparable to eggs (or storm), then expect others to dislike it. Then, determine if their hate is adequately proportionate to your enjoyment.

>> No.57103986

i dont think you know what that means
>eye of the storm
fuck off and die

>> No.57104189

Let the boy learn, Anon. Sometimes they must do so themselves, and sometimes it actually works out alright for their group.

>> No.57104315

fuck your racism. teferi is the best.

>constructive use of TIME
so good

>> No.57104553


>Riku can't be built tempo


>> No.57104580
File: 47 KB, 1280x720, Inigo Montoya.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.57104630

nice reading comprehension

>> No.57104708
File: 124 KB, 496x693, Strionic-Resonator-M14-Spoilers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I might need someone to explain the finer nuances of this card:

>Copy target triggered ability you control. You may choose new targets for the copy. (A triggered ability uses the words "when," "whenever," or "at.")

So for example, lets say I cast NuEmrakul (When you cast ~, you gain control of target oppoenent during that player's next turn...), I can pay the cost and copy it for another opponent right?

But what about Caged Sun (Whenever a land's ability adds one or more mana of the chosen color to your mana pool, add one additional mana of that color to your mana pool)? With Strionic Resonator allow me to triple my mana, acting as a second caged sun, or will it not effect the land because its already allowing it to add an extra one?

Thanks in advanced.

>> No.57104732

caged sun isn't a triggered ability

>> No.57104749
File: 40 KB, 265x370, wargate.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Too expensive to be effective? Thoughts.

>> No.57104839

I've seen it be decent at times but that was in old cEDH videos.

>> No.57104890

You're right that it won't work for caged sun, but for the wrong reason. Caged sun's mana bonus is a triggered ability, but it's a mana ability so it can't be responded to.

You can copy any triggered ability but keep in mind that you are only copying the triggered effect, not the trigger. So even if you could theoreticly copy caged sun's ability, you'd be trading 2 mana to copy the +1 mana once, for a net loss of 1 mana. It's not like adding another sun.

Resonator does a lot though. You can copy all kinds of shit though. "At the beginning of your upkeep" "When X enter's the battlefield" ect... are all triggered abilities.

>> No.57104952

I'm so bored with EDH.

Give me a deck that's actually interesting to play.

>> No.57105004
File: 26 KB, 223x310, Image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.57105005

chord of calling is a good card
this card is good card

i dont have a bant deck but if i had id play this

>> No.57105056

Zurgo Beerstriker
A shit ton of low cost red buff spells, a handful of equipment, some wheels, a card sleeve, and a sharpie.
Knock out as many folks as you can, mark those kills, and have a beer with them while you wait for the game to end. I personally don't kill anyone until all players each have 10 Zurgo damage - it makes the game actually easier to win. Most folks won't fuck with you after you've already put 10 on em, allowing you to walk into the late game without suffering the high density of removal that typically cripples an aggro strategy. Season lightly with ways to then blow out opponent's that are already half-dead, and you've got a list that plays fair, kills efficiently, and wins in a way that's oddly satisfying for everyone involved.
And if you don't win? Well, just have a beer with the folks you took with you, and let the other players finish their fun.

>> No.57105144


land enchantments like wild growth

>> No.57105154

>tfw got a ton of cash for christmas

ayyyy, what should i invest in right now boys

>> No.57105177


its too expensive to be broken, but its not too expensive to be effective. this is a pretty solid card

>> No.57105217

They gave Teferi a generic black guy goatee and now has a different shaped head, Jhoria is pink skinned after her stint as a swarthy Arab in a duel deck, and Karn looks like a Michael Bay autobot. Modern mtg art was a mistake.

>> No.57105235

i just got a wheel of fortune since those have been rising quietly
also survival

just buy staples that are hard to find

>> No.57105248

It's fine, but it's at it's best tutoring busted lands into play for 3 mana.

You would see it in every bant deck for sure if it was an instant, you need good non-creature targets to make it as good or better than chord though

>> No.57105295
File: 42 KB, 223x310, 491D3989-ACE7-4E07-920C-E04659B6E221.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>17 bucks


>> No.57105318


ive been thinking i should get second copies of wheel of fortune and other reserve list cards i own, because they are probably just gonna get more and more expensive

>> No.57105338


one of the first mythic rares ever, not the highest print run set, great art, also the card is overrated which contributes to demand

>> No.57105372

oy vey!

Id just get good cards that i dont yet own

>> No.57105398

It's genuinely stronk, and it had a low print run with good art. I cracked an invocation Lord of Extinction and it was fantastic, despite the ugly frame. My dream is to use him with Consuming Abhoration for tremendous effect.

>> No.57105628

>It's genuinely stronk
It's literally just a fat vanilla creature. I suppose you think Serra Avatar is "genuinely stronk" too?

>> No.57105634

It's great, mostly because it gets Gaea's Cradle or similar broken lands into play untapped.

>> No.57105640

It could be better but it's not like green decks don't have access to trample.

>> No.57105657

It's genuinely stronk with Jarad*

I've never seen anyone play Lord of Extinction without Jarad or Mimeoplasm.

>> No.57105768

2 of my 3 favorite commanders (out of the 10 I have) started as precons (Ob and mizzix, which turned to kalitas and arjun), but have been heavily modified. Even if you don't care for the commander or its playstyle, you at least have a base for a deck that you can tweak with. Definitely try to learn what the deck does before you buy them though, had a couple friends get burned on decks they didn't like the playstyle of at all

>> No.57105810

Alpha Investments and Unsleeved Media are my two favorite MtG channels nowadays

>> No.57105948
File: 1.43 MB, 642x859, 1509819990954.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone have any opinions on my Venser deck?


I've included Panharmonicon, Deadeye Navigator, Mindslaver, and a few other smaller artifacts. I think I substituted the eldrazi titans out, but I'm a little drunk so I can't quite remember.

>> No.57106016

Yes, he's quite powerful. Not quite CEDH Hermit Druid/Doomsday tier, but he can curbstomp most UG/tricolor goodstuff lists

>> No.57106019


not really sure what venser does for this deck but the deck seems pretty solid to me

the whole thing kinda lacks direction but there's a lot of mana and a lot of powerful spells so you cant really go wrong there

one thing i would say is, your deck will rely on counterspells a fair amount so uba mask doesnt really make that much sense there. uba mask is generally more effective AGAINST blue control(ing) decks than for them, a blue deck in general would prefer to hold cards in hand rather than play them out asap if possible

>> No.57106036


you want stuff like earthcraft and ashnod's altar to really break marath, turning tokens into mana is very effective with him

also doubling season unfortunately

>> No.57106061

Lodestone and Vryn Wingmare in Derevi y/n?

>> No.57106079


idk its not so much speculating as knowing ill probably want second copies of those staples. i dont like playing with proxies and i dont like swapping cards between decks either. i have no problem with opponents doing either, but it doesnt work for me

so not having 2 copies of really really important cards like wheel of fortune and demonic tutor is an issue

>> No.57106080

I have Venser in the command zone to act as emergency removal, because there's a super strong Zur deck in my meta, and I need to be ready to deal with an endless barage of nonsense. I'm also open to any other commanders, because I know Arcanis or Jin-Gitaxias would probably offer more utility.

MLD is a thing I need to deal with in my meta, hence all the rocks and counterspells, but that's a good point about the Uba Mask. It never really does anything, other than stop people from top-decking counterspells and removal. I think my new brew is using Memory Jar and Windfall, so in that context it might make a bit more sense, but in general I could use suggestions for wincons, outside of deadeye+venser or dropping blightsteel, or high quality removal I might have missed. I have things like Kekeredt Leviathan and Crush of Tentacles in my binder, I just don't know if they'll actually do anything other than hurt me.

>> No.57106240
File: 13 KB, 315x315, Tony.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

God aint making any more of it.

>> No.57106425

Winter Orb

>> No.57106441

Have it lad, Lodestone and Vryn Wingmare good?

>> No.57106582


>jin-gitaxias or arcanis

i was actually thinking teferi walker, but you know what, having that consistent removal/counterspell in the command zone with venser is pretty cool too

as far as tentacles and leviathan go, those cards are cool but i dont think you want them

i actually think you have more than enough wincons, you've got like all the sauce there. i actually dont see deadeye in this list so i assume youve changed it since then but it looks like you have plenty with jin-connie, twolamogs, stormtide leviathan, memnarch, blightsteel

>> No.57106996
File: 63 KB, 900x506, 3DBA0812-055D-4D34-89DF-123528BB11E6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what new cards do i get with my christmas dollarydoos

or should i wait for m25

>> No.57107025

>Masters sets have been getting objectively worse and worse
I would wait to see spoilers.
Probably just gonna be a few sought after mythics and rares just like the last few sets.

>> No.57107660
File: 17 KB, 290x290, ULIs9XcX_400x400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Control and defensive decks do whatever they want with the table and everyone's decks, the other mid-range player attacks you because he likes seeing his creatures fighting.

>He's happy because he didn't come last, by losing any opportunity to be really relevant in the match.

Why people play multiplayer if they don't want to play teams as needed by the situation?

>> No.57107697

>I'm not actually sure if Locust God would stay dead

He very much would.

>> No.57107934

tempo play doesn't really work in edh since you're supposed to be out-tempoing 3 other players, rather than just 1

>> No.57108023

Nice bait dude you almost got me

>> No.57108086

go back to bed, jeremy

>> No.57108423
File: 70 KB, 312x445, 95.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thoughts on pic related?

>> No.57108442

seems like a fun commander for whoever plays her. Be prepared for a lot of hate. Also I'm guessing you just watched the mtgmuddstah video with her too?

>> No.57108462

...maybe. But I don't know if it's worth building it.

>> No.57108478

could be fun as a deck that goofs around stealing creatures and sacrificing them

i'd personally build her mostly as a flicker deck since i don't know how viable the untap bullshit is if you're not using it on your commander. UWB has lots of blink tech to abuse, and you can put in redundancy with stuff like sower of temptation and dragonlord simulgar, and sac outlets to sacrifice your stolen creatures when necessary

>> No.57108546

Found the list.

>> No.57108555

And forgot link:


>> No.57108572
File: 267 KB, 672x936, Mother of Goons_UNH.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Multiplayer means more people to kill and more benefits from cards that say "each opponent"
Politics are for the weak

>> No.57108879
File: 145 KB, 762x361, oy vey.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I made a deck with her as commander about 7 months ago, shit is fun to play

>> No.57108895

Now that's a combination.

>> No.57108979
File: 99 KB, 240x345, willbreaker.full.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

mindbreak all of their serra angels

>> No.57109049

The bane of new players.

>> No.57109059

this thing always came across to me as a 5 mana removal magnet

it doesn't even have enough toughness to survive a bolt

>> No.57109068
File: 274 KB, 672x936, e01-86-slave-of-bolas.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good fetish choice anon

>> No.57109176

I enjoy spinal embrace a bit more than Slave of Bolas, sure, it's more expensive, but it's usable in dimir

>> No.57109178

It needs a full on shield defense system to make it work.

>> No.57109574

The trick is to drop it and immediately combo off with something that targets everything. Cauldron Haze, Dwarven Song, Energy Arc, Heaven's Gate, Sway of Illusion ect.

>> No.57109915

>parents at my house for the holidays
>haven’t been able to to play any commander with my playgroup
>they’re all using the Un cards and I haven’t yet

Kill me now.

Also, best cards to fetch with Spike, Tournament Grinder in Kess Storm?

>> No.57109955

Have you gotten Spike pre-approved with your group?

>> No.57110043


>> No.57110161

Holy fuck what a boring build, no wonder you don't want to play it.

>> No.57110170

On what conditions? Can you grab a second Yawgmoth's Will?

>> No.57110179

is that Eddie Murphy?

>> No.57110187

is there an mtg artist with more boner-inducing work than argyle?

>> No.57110198

Ancestral Recall, Time Walk, Yawgmoth's Will...

>> No.57110208

Would naya dinosaurs be fine for casual play with precons or should i just use a precon?

>> No.57110220

It HAS to be.

Teferi's Protection was a foreshadowing of the new suspend.

I wouldn't have it any other way. Time Lord Eddie Murphy.

>> No.57110232

Source on gif?

>> No.57110241

Naya Dinosaurs will have a hard time being anything other than casual play on par with precons.

>> No.57110263

>tfw you'll never be able to illustrate for wizards because you draw porn

>> No.57110269

I really hope they just cater to the older players in this set. I can already see the wings of weatherlight on the back.
I would also love some reprints, especially Captain Sisay.

>> No.57110272

>card that mechanically has nothing to do with suspend was a foreshadowing of the new suspend
>card that thematically and mechanically is about protecting your own stuff and phasing was a foreshadowing of the new suspend
u wot m8

>> No.57110287

I mistyped, it was supposed to be phasing.

>> No.57110299

I just dont want to bring meren or breya to a new playgroup that just got back into magic.

>> No.57110463

Seriously though, where can I buy those Chinese fakes?

I literally never get an answer to this question.

Please help. I can't justify hundreds of dollars more on a card game. I've already spent enough.

>> No.57110627

Can't tell you that or else WOTC shills in the thread will report them.

I've given up trying to find them.

>> No.57110630

You have to be genuinely retarded to not be able to find out on your own. Just head on over to duckduckgo or askjeeves or whatever search engine literal retards like yourself use and fucking bing it and scroll through the pages till you find something

>> No.57110673

Got a link?

>> No.57110782

I've literally only been playing for a year and Time Spiral is one of my favorite blocks. It's pretty offensive that WoTc thinks people can't understand Krosan Grip or can't figure out who Akroma is in the age of Google.

>> No.57110823
File: 59 KB, 800x562, 8ED03588-5E15-4B6B-9F4A-1F396025F53D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

there’s always reddit

>> No.57110926

In response to a Johnny player in my group that loves to win turn 5 with infinite combos or play Superfriends I built a Breya deck with no combos, its basically just Grixis control with white splashed in it. Spent the whole game wacking people with Thopters while I counter/remove the Superfriends players Doubling Season and every planeswalker he played, sometimes using Mind Slaver on another player to use their removal instead of mine. Eventually won after almost 2 hours by concession.

>> No.57110986

what is karn’s ultimate for the scamwalker deck going to be?

>> No.57111048

Yeah. I'm considering rebuilding it to be Gisharth once Rivals drops, assuming there's a handful of playable dinos.

>> No.57111068



>> No.57111097


>> No.57111311

>tfw barely any rl friends or lgs nearby
>mtg arena comes out soonish
>it won't have commander support

why does wotc hate me?

>> No.57111397

They don't hate you but they are retarded so they don't make products that their fans like.

>> No.57111411


>> No.57111484

>"im gonna play with real people at an lgs!"
>go to store
>everyone's playing
>some people rude as fuck
>won't even answer me when i ask if they're playing commander
>others say no and laugh nervously
>hang around a bit
>look at comics i wont buy

>> No.57111681

Phyrexian Devourer lol

>> No.57111753


>> No.57112049

I also watched the video, and the deck looked really fun (for the one using it) and effective. Honestly almost tempted me into building it.

>> No.57114432

>Tfw accidentally spent 60 dollars on 3 bad walkers a pack of sleeves, 13 unstable lands and a mountain dew

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