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Indecisive Edition

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>Latest News:

>Official Site: Contains deck building rules and the current ban list.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their decks strategy and card choices.

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen Commanders color identity.


>Official search site. Current for all sets.

>Unofficial, but has GOAT search interface.

>Thread Question
What commander do you want to play, but you can't decide on how to build?

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My brother built animar and I’m building gitrog

Have we gone too far down the rabbit hole?

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This is a Kazuul thread. Pay (3) for each post you make, or I'll send an ogre after you.

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I'd argue that Mirri is a go tall Voltron deck too, I very rarely if ever hit people with other creatures once she's suited up

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>Thread Question

Ramos. I can't decide between +1/+1 counter synergy or multicolored spellslinger nonsense and can't zero in on a build that can both go nuts if I get to untap with Ramos and function without him. I've yet to get my list under 140 cards.

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The thing is, if you go wide with her, the swarm literally can't be stopped. IF you go tall, she's about as stoppable as any other potential Voltron base.

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That is a yes

Pretty much any commander without a no-brain list, I'm rethinking my goals in commander atm

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>What commander do you want to play, but you can't decide on how to build?
Titania of all fucking things. Other than hitting infinite with Food Chain and Command Beacon I've got trouble making Lands.dec survive and thrive in monogreen

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Lesser ogres OUT

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How do you even build a deck?

I'm making a mill deck and I dont know what the fuck I'm doing.

I have like 25 extra cards I dont know where to fit

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Give me more ways to cheat in expensive creatures in Orzhov colors

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Well, you can net deck to get a base idea if you're not familiar with most of the cards.
Alternatively pick a win condition or even multiple and plug in cards that synergize to make that win condition real. If your goal is to mill then I also recommend some graveyard exile tech to keep yourself from feeding any decks that are based around resurrection

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Well, you start out not doing mill in EDH. I don't want to sound like a dick but mill is really ineffective in the format.

>> No.57070649


I already have a deck I'm progressively buying but I'm just not sure what are the optimal cards for it and I have like 25 extra cards I could swap but I dont know


It's all good, I have combos and life drain as well, I'm running Phenax, Mortivore, Guiltfeeder etc... so I can swing at someone for 40 damage if I have to

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I thought "dies to Doomblade" was just a meme, but now I get overly uncomfortable playing shit that doesn't have some tough-ass protections so that I'm sure I'll untap with it still on the board. This leads to some pretty uninteractive solitaire plays and if I don't lock people out, they"ll wreak ANYTHING I put on the board ('xcept lands, thank god), even if it doesn't do them harm

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>Playing creatures


Millchads dont have this problem

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Should I buy the remainder of my commander deck from star city games? On one hand, they have everything I need in stock, but on the other hand their business practices have been kinda shady..

>> No.57070724

Not the person you are talking to, but I agree. I tried doing mill a few months ago it only did reasonably good because nobody was aggroing all over me, but I still didn't have a real chance of winning. It has the same problem as, say, Gisa and Geralf zombie tribal - it's too slow, beneficial for your opponents and not flexible

>not using all the mill engine creatures

>> No.57070822

>giving kike city games money


>> No.57070856

Y'know... reanimation?

Or just making black mana out of the ass so you don't have to

>> No.57070909

dies to doomblade isn't a meme, but it is overused occasionally

things that are inherently strong vs doomblade
>creatures lower than 4-5 cmc (4 cmc is really the cut off point where a creature becomes more efficient to remove with doom blade)
>creatures with protection
>ETB/LTB creatures

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Do you yell KAAAAZZZUUUUULLL whenever you cast him? Because if you don't, you're doing it wrong.

>> No.57070994

I feel that I must add, that commanders I play (or in general) are rarely below 4 and lack etbs, and that can be cast in response to greaves equip, so it is problematic

>> No.57071006

How do you play monored so that you don't feel a complete underdog? It was one of my favorites in constructed play, due to simplicity, but card advantage is something I just can't do without

>> No.57071028

>He has no partners decks

What's your excuse for not playing the vastly superior choice?

>> No.57071057

Who in their right mind would sell these? And I'm not buying two different decks to get the ones I need. Also, they lack personality completely, the mere fact that you got two unrelated cards that are both commanders ruins the whole point

>> No.57071069

I'm a commander inspired person, building around two mediocre mooks is not inspiring. I would much rather build a deck inspired by the abilities of the commander than a goodstuff pile.

plus partnerfags are usually insufferable

>> No.57071080

>group complains that I run a big mana Eldrazi deck because annihilator is a "feel-bad mechanic"
>half of them are playing t4-5 infinite combo decks

>> No.57071086

I already run reanimation but the issue is when my hand is full of expensive fatties, since all the playable self-discard effects are in green, red and blue.

>> No.57071110

It's not, even when I Exhume It That Betrays t2, it can only get one person out, and that would usually be the most insufferable one

Black has ridiculous lot of them, some just make everybody discard

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>Mfw when I hang up my turn 2 Sharuum deck and people are still pissed because I play Rafiq.

>> No.57071127

>Thread Question

Dear god, where to start?

G/R Wort - not sure if I want to go goblin swarm, spellslinger, or something else

Marath - I wanted to build a fight deck and originally had Rhonas as the Commander but think Naya colours would be a better fit.

I want to build a Notable Dar aggro lands deck but again, don't k own how well that'll be.

And dear god Abzan. Do I go with Doran, Anafenza, Ghave?

There's more ideas I made note of but I'm not at my pc.

Choosing a commander is hard

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Try building something that doesn't have "roflstomp" written all over it, or at least use low-profile commander with the similar deck

>> No.57071143

If you beat people fast enough you don't need card advantage.

>> No.57071179

Kinda hard when my meta is nothing but Teferi stax, Derevi stax, Tymna/Thrasios doomsday, etc..

>> No.57071184

I cannot comprehend the hand of 7+3-4 cards (half of which are probably lands) that can take out 3 people with 40 life you the game, in red, of all things, and the amount of luck needed to goldfish it.

>> No.57071206

>stax player complains about literally anything
Bitchslap his ass into the next century

>> No.57071221

Some days I'm really tempted to do so.

>> No.57071239

I would only do it if I could partner Bruna and Gisela.

>> No.57071240

>Black has ridiculous lot of them, some just make everybody discard
Few of which are actually playable in the situations where you don't need the discard. I can only think of LotV and flip Lili.

>> No.57071278

Is this thing good for ramp in a non-green deck with a CMC1-3 commander, or am I better off playing Gilded Lotus?

>> No.57071297

Someone I've played with yells "DINOSAAAAAURS" whenever they attack with gishath and it is the most obnoxious thing in the world.

>> No.57071424

Grenzo, Havoc Raiser + general fuckery is fun, things like Disrupt Decorum and Insurrection can steal games handily

>> No.57071447

I bought an arcade wizardry deck to get into the game, what are some must have cards for it?

>> No.57071461

the pinball wizard is great in arcade wizardry

>> No.57071491

Underrated post.

>> No.57071506

Use both. I can say that Boros loves it

>> No.57071511

How do I make mono red work?

>> No.57071522

Daretti stax. All other lists are inferior.

>> No.57071565

Nigger, you're the only person to post after him. How the fuck could it be underrated?

>> No.57071749

>He has no partners decks
But I do. Tana & Tymna hatebears and Sidar & Ludevic evasive creatures and card draw are some of my favorite decks

>> No.57071806

>What commander do you want to play, but you can't decide on how to build?
Gay dudes
I can't decide if I want to go with a mill subtheme tokens or stealing so I'm sorta doing all three and it's working but it can be more focused

>> No.57071831

>turn 2 Sharuum deck
I'm sure that's exactly how that deck played

>> No.57071841

once every three thousand games it would win on turn 2 if the opponents didn't have any answers

that counts as turn 2 bro

>> No.57071856

I bought Atraxa as soon as she was released, and refuse to build infect or superfriends. Every iteration has been my most expensive deck, and I keep moving goalposts slightly. My win con has always been Darksteel reactor, but I've approached it 2 or 3 different ways, so far. Keeping 4 colors balanced (cost/quantity) and focused (similar/synergistic effects) is vexing, but I love witch-maw, so I'm not giving up.

It does me well in hope, WCS, it's a vulshock morningstar, BCS, it's a Dynamo and 2 commander damage.

>> No.57071877

No it isn't
A turn "x" deck is a deck that wins or threatens to win most commonly on turn "x".
My selvala wurm deck can win on turn 1 with a god hand that don't make it a turn 1 deck

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>> No.57071956

>Adding raw power to decks
>Not sure if I should invest in Premium boardwipes, Fetchlands or tutors first
Kind of leaning towards Boardwipes lads, Damnation and Toxic Deluge just seem too powerful.

>> No.57072012

Rated post

>> No.57072103

>want to build six separate gruul decks


>> No.57072153

>unstable reprint
theyre going to make some of the uncommanders legal at the very least. or do a semi annual legal thing, like april fools.

>> No.57072169

generally tutors are the way to go as they can get anything you need for the situation. after that comes lands

dont buy damnation. there are better board wipes in black and it costs way too much for what it does. MAY if you are in monblack consider it but only then

>> No.57072185

aside from spike i think all the commander should be legal as none of them are really that bad. no other uncard should be legal though as they are stupid as fuck

>> No.57072191

Just go with Xenagod, hard to remove, makes any decent creature a fucking train and you can run Berserk.

>> No.57072218

angry omnath and xenagod are pretty fun along with ruric but nothing else really is that great in gruul imo. the rest of the commanders all play the same pretty much

>> No.57072275


Xenagod and Omnath are two of them, but Borborygmos Enraged seems fun too. And Rosheen Meanderer/Wort the Raidmother can focus on RG's cool and powerful sorceries instead of creatures.
I mean, imagine a conspired Plow Under.

>> No.57072403

mary o kill and dr jumbles need thier cards of choice to be optimum because changlings alone only go so far. but the dr can work without hosts, seen a gw sliver build with him. baron is going to take awhile for most to solve, personally going for dash focus. grusela is goat reanimator. calcutron and X is super lockdown nofun bros.

>> No.57072474

I've got a spare $20 to go into my Tana / Tymna deck. Deck buffs Tana, makes saps, buffs wide and uses Tymna to send saps out wide to draw a lot.

Usually overrun type effects are "I win".

Should I get Craterhoof or Purphoros? They cost about the same and would both be super good "I win" cards for the deck. Purphoros is a little more resilient, but Craterhoof could win it out of nowhere.

>> No.57072559

Or should I get anointed procession & mirari's wake instead

>> No.57072566

This card is the best card.

>> No.57072584

Vial Smasher + Kydele, and Tymna + Sidar Kondo here.

>> No.57072933

>being this retarded

>> No.57072994

Posted this last thread, I've got a Vorel counters deck and I want to build a golgari deck of some kind. I'm stuck between stone sisters, Meren, and hapatra. What do

>> No.57073065

>being the copy-paste partner-fag

>> No.57073069

>What commander do you want to play, but you can't decide on how to build?
Pharika, Athreos, Mogis, Phenax, and Erebos

>> No.57073179

How opposed would you be to using RoboRosewater cards to play with in EDH?

Also what some goodstuff for Navagika here?

>> No.57073251

Will Mindless Automaton go infinite with Mikaeus, the Unhallowed? Automaton will return to the battlefield after dying with three +1/+1 counters and to draw a card, you must remove two counters. Does that put a wrench in the combo?

>> No.57073316

I just picked up the cat precon to start playing with a couple guys i work with who also got the 2017 precons aside from the dragon one and one guy who already has a deck. What should i expect?

>> No.57073343

Cat precon is all about stacking a bunch of buffs on one big guy and killing people quickly.
Vampire precon is all about going really wide and having better cards on average.
Wizard precon has no one clear direction and is kinda shit, but has two amazing commanders and two decent commanders that people can build around.

>> No.57073390

No for a lot of reasons. You're right in that you can't activate the second ability if you only have one counter.
The other problem is that Mikaeus will make it a 1/1 so it wouldn't die even if you removed every counter

>> No.57073391

What's a fun mono U commander, I don't have the cash for all the fatties for Braids.

>> No.57073448

i thought i'd never build mono-u myself but i finally did for talrand


>get talrand on the board
>cast cantrips
>cast synthetic destiny or mass polymorph to summon the big fatties in your deck

>> No.57073452

>inb4 someone calls you a poorfag
Higure is really fun, and Mistform Ultimus is a great Voltron deck. Braids can work decently on a budget as well.

>> No.57073473

X is great, if my play group allowed it he would go straight into sen triplets

>> No.57073516

The wrench is put first by mikaeus' Lord effect. Same reason you can't go infinite with Ballista either.

>> No.57073622

i just built jalira and it seems fun. haven't actually run it yet. i bet you could build one for next to nothing.

>> No.57073760

He's a Baral of laughs for the whole table!*
*once everyone else has scooped

>> No.57074030

>build friend a deck for his birthday filled with cards i know he could never afford because he is a poorfag
>he fucking loves it
>feel great
>fast forward 3 weeks later and no one in our group can beat it

what have i done?

>> No.57074077

What's the deck?

>> No.57074102

Fuck card advantage, just throw huge fireballs at people. Don't be a bitch.
Last night I swung with a 37/37 double strike trampler.
It was a great feeling

>> No.57074178

Mizzix's Mastery, Past in Flames, Increasing Vengeance, Recoup, Reiterate
Red is the color of creativity. Build up a combo in your grave, then recast the pieces.

>> No.57074225

yidris storm

>> No.57074365

>Build a full-powered storm deck for what was likely a mostly poorfag/budget/semi-casual group
>Be surprised nobody has beat it

There are two things to do:
>Build everyone else in the group high-power decks for their birthdays, create a full high-power meta to balance things
>STAX him hard up the ass

>> No.57074376

My friends and I are planning on building some EDH decks, most of us haven't ever played or built decks for this format before, and I myself haven't played magic in years. We're trying not to overdo it in terms of cost, thinking ideally under $60 but could go up to $90.

I was looking at a couple of interesting commanders and budget decks, most notably this ninja Vela deck:

The above deck is kind of old though, do you guys have any suggestions of things to add/take out? I find the idea of continuously bouncing ninjas in and out of the board hilarious and fun.

I was also considering an enchantress Sigarda/Bruna, and maybe a ramp Azusa, but I'm open to suggestions for beginner/budget friendly decks.

>> No.57074427

>ramp azusa
azusa is like 50 dollars on her own brotato. the budget zur cycling deck is kinda popular but super fun if you want a suggestion

>> No.57074469

I am never going to stop shilling Higure. Higure, the Still Wind is cheap to build around, fun to play, and lets you shank your friends with an army of ninjas and faeries.

>> No.57074485

I'm pretty sure the oversized commander card is like $18

>> No.57074618

save some more money and get all 4.

otherwise purphoros should be bought first

>> No.57074672

not really. i know a lcs that sold em for a dollar each. most players dont want them except for a nice framed picture.

>> No.57074811

god damn it /tg/ you cant just use stacks to solve all your problems

>> No.57074830

Higure as a commander? If not what commander would you suggest?

>> No.57074939

Higure as commander, yeah

>> No.57074944

>make Mizzix spellslinger with no counterspells because otherwise I know my group will bitch
>they still bitch because my good turns are long
>ok fine, make Saffi Dies Tribal with no way to go infinite because otherwise I know my group will bitch
>they still bitch because I end up with boardstates that aren't hurt much by wraths
>okay fine, just build a meme deck. Yidris with every cascade card in his colors and every spell resembling cascade, but no strong win conditions because otherwise I know my group will bitch
>they still bitch because it rebuilds too quickly
>okay fine, build a totally casual wheel manabase intentionally gimped with a terrible manabase to make it awful because otherwise I know my group will bitch
>they still bitch because they fundamentally don't like discarding their hands over and over
>okay fine, fuck it, just buy the Vampire Tribal pre-con and leave it barely changed because otherwise I know my group will bitch

What the fuck do you do about this shit?
I just want to play a damn game with my damn friends without feeling like an asshole.

>> No.57074989

Maybe you're just an asshole, anon

>> No.57075026

What's your least favorite color to run in EDH? For me it's red.
>No card draw that isn't wheeling
>No ramp
>As a stand alone color it's either token spam or dude burn damage lmao
>The former gets wrecked by a single boardwipe and the latter is about as fun as a root canal
>Every red commander is either useless or cancer
>When you splash it with other colors it's only to make it more "aggressive"
>All the answers red has are done better by white and black

>> No.57075033

Godo ass pounder is a lot of fun

>> No.57075042

>playing Magic
>expecting players not to bitch

>> No.57075058

maybe they just like to bitch

my group is a lot like that

>build a simple ass timmy smash deck
>they complain about getting singled out and hit in the face with a big creature
>ok fine
>build a deck that hurts everyone equally
>they complain that i'm killing everyone too fast (like turn 8-10)
>ok fine
>build a deck that doesn't even try to win, just answers board states
>they complain a lot less now, but every game goes to 10 billion years because i'm taking apart their wincons, so no one is having fun

and then i went back to timmy smash decks because there's no way to please everyone.

i complain about certain cards and decks too, but i don't want people to stop playing them just because i dislike them. it's the 21st century and complaining about completely trivial shit is fun to people

>> No.57075065

Godo, one of the best voltron commanders out there. Otherwise you're either building a bad deck or one that's pure AIDS.

>> No.57075076

I never bitch about their dumb shit.

I just want to win a game without a lecture on why my deck isn't fun.

>> No.57075091

I know the feeling. I've never had a group that didn't softban at least 3 decks I built. I've just given up on building fun decks.

>> No.57075262

you draw all the cards

>> No.57075282

I want to play Licia but im not quite sure how to build her

>> No.57075290

>Feldon looting/reanimator
>Neheb storm
>baby Chandra storm
>Kurkesh storm
>Ryusei control

>> No.57075442

Try this.

>> No.57075488

What do you guys think of this ninja/rogue themed deck


>> No.57075611

I could use Containment Priest with Eldrazi Displacer for siqh exile kill but damn is they're expensive. Not as expensive as the lands though.
Maybe I should stick to using some hatebears and make tokens for Glare of Subdual instead.
Or hope they have the cards at my LGS. Kinda glad that this is a singleton type, but still, it hurts.

>> No.57075675

tips for my prossh?
hard mode: no food chain
table meta is atraxa, marchesa, braygo, feldon, and nekusar

>> No.57075776

Because I already have 5 decks that are not finished.

>> No.57075796

This, I just want my big bad eldritch angel to beat face.

>> No.57075807

I need secret tech for this guy

>> No.57075813

None of the partner commanders really appeal to me.

>> No.57075908 [SPOILER] 


>> No.57075967


>> No.57075969

Likelihood of Unstable legends being permanently legal?

>> No.57075986

What makes you think Silver-Bordered cards were ever legal?

>> No.57076003

Ajani's Chosen
Auratouched Mage
Boonweaver Giant
Cephalid Sage
Champion of Wits (especially if you have Cathars' Crusade)

>> No.57076012

The fact that they were.

>> No.57076015


>> No.57076058

Learn to read

>> No.57076066

It can

>> No.57076110

Learn to understand humor

>> No.57076150

>Turn 1
>Sol Ring
>Talisman of Impluse

It was like sex, except I was having it.

>> No.57076226


serious advice, try to get your hands on a riptide lab if you intend to play tribal wizards.

>> No.57076252


Master Polymorphist.

>> No.57076302

Unless your next play is like Necropotence or Damia or something, you're now totally out of ammo, so what was the big deal

>> No.57076345

>unless you can follow it up you blew your load for nothing
just like sex for me!

>> No.57076418

There's a big difference between "bitching in the moment" which people do to keep a conversation or to smack talk compared to "bitching between sessions" which is when you actually voice your complaints.

>> No.57076420

Could be worse
>tfw the load never comes

>> No.57076436


I know that feel. Always feel really guilty.

>> No.57076449

>not keeping hands with land, land, land, Sol Ring, Exploration, mana rock, Wheel of Fortune

>> No.57076559

>not keeping hand of ancient tomb, izzet signet, mana crypt, dark ritual, lotus petal, simian spirit guide, wheel of fortune, and drawing into a notion thief

>> No.57076586


>> No.57076606

>How opposed would you be to using RoboRosewater cards to play with in EDH?\

>Also what some goodstuff for Navagika here?
Gemstone Array

>> No.57076731


Next play was Mina and Denn, then Horn of Greed.

>> No.57076899


>> No.57076912


But he’s gonna be banned soon!

>> No.57076932

Says who? He's not making any kind of waves in casual, and in competitive there's better options.

>> No.57077000

>competitive edh

>> No.57077272


>> No.57077365

I genuinely wanna get him but the price he's currently at is too expensive, last I checked. 10bux or so.

>> No.57077405


Tell me about those better boardwipes in black except for toxic deluge. Mutilation?

>> No.57077590


Just wait until July, and you’ll get $100... unless it gets banned of course. :^)

>> No.57077613


>> No.57077705

Damnation is hard to beat, but here are some alternatives. Not all of them are as good, but most are better for the money.
>Toxic Deluge
>Bane of the Living
>Bontu's Last Reckoning
>Decree of Pain
>Forced March
>Life's Finale
>Hellfire unless the price has spiked lately
>Living Death/End if you're cheeky

>> No.57077839

Planeswalker Deretti and Zada are both really good at producing card advantage while still being aggressive.

>> No.57078418

hell fire is $50

>> No.57078430

Torment of Hailfire

>> No.57078469

What's good in Sultai colors? Thinking either self-mill Sidisi (still needs a bunch of money to spend on mill engines) or Tasigur goodstuff control. Leovold 's out of question though, because of the price and obnoxious design

>> No.57078621

>My selvala wurm deck can win on turn 1 with a god hand that don't make it a turn 1 deck
Not him, but I doubt there's a single 7-card hand in that deck that can win turn one.

>> No.57078681

Why do people here get so salty anytime anyone mentions cedh?

Serious case of badwrongfun

>> No.57078701

most people are poorfags

god forbid you enjoy seeing someone combo off before turn 5

>> No.57078714

And he's banned

>> No.57078802

How does Anafenza hatebears with a subtheme of CMC 3 or less sound? This doesn't exclude cards above that, but tries to get value out of things that are CMC 3 or less (Sun Titan, Matter Reshaper, Bishop, etc) along with having cards that focus on the stats usually found at that CMC (Reveillark, Recruiter)?

>> No.57078836

Sidar/Tymna might work better imo, unless your meta has a ton of graveyard decks

>> No.57078850

It's mainly because I've always liked Junk colors and I have a pre-release Anafenza.
If it doesn't work out I don't mind swapping to those two, which I don't doubt will do well or better.

>> No.57079043

I'd say Karador, just avoid gravehatebears for extra frustration for your opponents every turn

>> No.57079319

Commander is inherently uncompetitive so it's a bit of a square peg round hole situation.
"Might as well play vintage" is actually pretty apt.

>> No.57079534

interesting mill cards you have there
it'd be a shame if something happened to them

>> No.57079780

Maybe run cards that steal spells out of opponents graves, whether they are creatures or instants/sorceries.

>> No.57080090

Cards for Phenax:
>Tree of Perdition
>Memory Plunder
>Vedalken Orrery + other revival spells

>> No.57080099

If you want to play effectively, play discard and gy exile. Mill is only fine, if you consistently exile the cards (Oona or Leyline of the void for example), or you're playing with scrubs that were dropped on their heads as a kid.
Many people don't know how to utilise their graves properly and their plans get foiled, if you force them out of their hands and in many situations, they get stuck in topdeck mode.
Only working mill decks I've seen in my life were combo decks instead mostly.

>> No.57080128

To build off of this, you're more likely to win by milling yourself than by milling your opponents, unless your opponents are unlucky, running decks that don't have much grave recursion, or you get a nut setup (T1: Swamp, Dark Ritual, Lotus Petal, Sol Ring, Gilded Lotus; T2: Tree of Perdition; T3: Phenax, drop someone down to 13 life and give Perdition 40 toughness)

>> No.57080138

As addition to >>57080099, like >>57080090 said, interaction with the GY is necessity. Reanimation spells that touch opponent's graves, things that lest you cast things from their graves (both black and blue primordials are good) and Lazav would be the optimal commander, even though he's not mill: he still benefits the most from mill, aside from Scarab god maybe.

>> No.57080396

Post cards that you thought were useless until you tried them out.

>Drop this in a 5 player game
>Literally noone thinks of attacking me again for the rest of the game
>Everyone forgets that I'm the monarch
>Win out of nowhere with axis of mortality combo

>> No.57081332

>Try out Neheb Eldrazi for the first time with Playgroup
>Thought I would really struggle with getting to any of the Eldrazi before my buds screw my gameplan up
>2 turns after I cast Neheb, I topdeck Comet Storm
>2nd main, 28 mana in my pool and an extra combat spell
Jesus Christ, Neheb was way better than I expected. I didn't want to cast Aggrevated Assalt, it would be a too easy win

>> No.57081334

>6 mana creature with no inherent protection, and it needs to stay alive to bring you value

what the fuck how did that thing survive a turn rotation

>> No.57081468


most decks in my meta are aggro or voltron and they just decide to kill eachother instead of wasting a turn on me, at least it buys me a few turns before a wrath

>> No.57081473


>*counters your spell*

>*mills you for 5*

Nothing personel, edgy black player

>> No.57081494

I'm axing my Samut deck to create Roon, a Gruul deck and/or Neheb.

Should I
>Dismantle the Neheb deck too and go balls to the walls Xenagos Hyperramp+extra combats
>Instead have Mina and Denn as the Gruul commander to not be Archenemy every single game and keep the Neheb deck?

>> No.57081693

mill is really really shit. i dont think ive ever lost to a 'mill' deck. to combos that mill, yes

i was playing mono w against two mill decks and i just milled them to death before the state of my deck was even a problem

>> No.57081750

could you use this in a monoblue deck? or does the black symbol make it also black, even if the frame is just blue ?

>> No.57081776

as someone who plays a fuckton of mtg (and EDH) the big reason is that most decks dont pack ways to hate against cEDH (usually by that I mean combo). if a cEDH deck stays in a meta for long enough then other decks will adapt, but on the first run itll have a really big advantage as no one's packing the right counterplay

me and my A group play each deck at a high powerlevel, but one of us recently brought along a cEDH (I have two cEDH decks but havent had them with me with this group yet). we all play alot of interaction and spot removal because we know that having answers is king, and he won only about 25% of the time.
now in adittion to what interaction we played before, we pack thoughtseize/duress/hymn etc.

tl;dr people complain about cEDH cause theyre shitters who dont include interaction in their decks

also cause whereas most normie edh scum complain about targeted ld or mld and cant into hygiene, cEDH players are smug fucks in fedoras who are proud of stomping craw wurm decks

i should make a list of good interaction cards that mean you dont immediately fucking fold to the unfairest of unfair decks

>> No.57081778

Fraying sanity + traumatize + whatever tutors you have.
Snapcaster and other shit that lets you recast traumatize.
Sprinkle with counterspells.

>> No.57081841

Xenagos is the most fun you will ever have, build him ASAP.

>> No.57081846

>Not running monored control
>Not running chaos
>Not breaking the SHIT out of Norin the Wary

>> No.57081911

related to this, here's the thing about cEDH decks

>they almost always rely on not being disrupted in the first 1-2 turns
>they almost always rely on fast mana, meaning they'll gas out very quickly
>they almost always rely on tutors, so losing a tutor card that they relied on playing will brick them
>they almost always rely on combo, which means they'll brick if they can't get their hands on the pieces
>the few decks that do not rely on cards on their hands rely on their commanders instead, like yidris, zur, selvala, yisan, etc. and are thus very weak to creature removal

after simple calculs i devised that early hand-disruption utterly FUCKS over cEDH decks. i used my old skithiryx deck and some 25 euros worth of hand disruption to put together an anti-cEDH deck that almost always wins vs combo. what usually happens is that they play some mana dorks or whatever, then i drop a inquisition of kozilek and make them discard their food chain or demonic tutor, and then they'll have a hand full of dead cards that don't do anything because their deck is a wonky all-in combo deck that just has no other ways of winning. and before they recover, i hit them with a mind sludge and make them discard last of their cards, and then i hit them with skithiryx a couple of times and they die.

obviously, this deck doesn't win in multiplayer pods, but that's not what it's for. it's a deck for making the cEDH player miserable. luckily, and sadly, i haven't had to use the deck outside of xmage and 1v1. i haven't had to play with a real cEDH player in real life yet

>> No.57081965

The black mana symbol prevents you from using it in any non-black commander (Which saddens me because I can't use "Behind the scenes" in my ninja deck)

>> No.57081976

if theres multiple people playing cEDH then yeah youre fucked but youre seeing what we saw, early disruption in general fucks them over
normal edh players play very little spot removal and less counterspells

im brewing some kind of list to test the limit of targeted discard in edh. timing of them is probably the most important so im including vedalken orrery and maybe leyline of flash if i go blue for draw, might add green cause the UG plan of ramp into draw into threats is just the best thing in the format

>> No.57081990

>tfw there will never be Esper-colored Ninja commander

>> No.57082018

Why does Mairsil look so utterly boring and shit while there was so much hype about it?

>> No.57082023

because edh players are stupid

>> No.57082059

ill post my results of discard in a meta of decks that dont just all in
discard can cripple someone if it takes a refill mechanism away or some kind of engine but how often it hits im not sure about
the problem is that youre no longer furthering your own deck's plan and each seize variant targets one player
itll be clear quite quickly i think whats playable and whats not

>> No.57082060

I mean, you're not wrong...

>> No.57082072

i already explained it's not a deck that aims to win multiplayer pods. it's a deck for making sure the cEDH deck doesn't win.

>> No.57082108

Play heartless, win turn 3, have a deck that plays blood moon in commander

>> No.57082118

oh yeah i got that

i just kinda blogged my thoughts and happened to tag you cause you seemed receptive, and im genuinely curious about where targeted discard fits in edh
have a puppy

>> No.57082204

Targeted discard only really works if you build around it completely. Stuff that deals damage for discard or gives you bonuses for discarding like waste not. Adding in plenty of graveyard hate and card draw is better than adding in recursion since other people will rely o ntheir graveyards so if you build on fucking their hands and graveyards they basically just cant play magic. Adding in a lot of symetrical stuff will slow down all players enough for your targeted disruption to have more of an effect. The only real issue is you'll be target number 1 but if you're in a high powered meta a lot of the time decks are so wrapped up in combos and graveyards it doesn't even mean anything. I built my inalla deck to basically be a discard and combo breaker and its a lot of fun

>> No.57082217

almost everything you said was wrong actually

megrim effects are completely useless in cEDH outside infinite combo

>> No.57082300

im not really building a targeted discard deck
im building a deck with the few that seem the most playable and then testing and finding out where they fall in the grand scheme of edh.
more than the ones im already playing, and those only really get cast t1-2 unless im not holding up mana which i usually am

>> No.57082326

even then you could just make infinite tokens or mana instead

megrim decks are terrible
so are nekusar decks jesus christ, ive lost to one once out of like 30-40 games because i got unlucky with wheels

it just draws you gas, so instead of paying for cards with life with necro you dont even have to use a card to draw

>> No.57082427

I run vendillion clique in a deck that abuses etbs, and I could see running Thoughtseize in something like a Kess deck.

They aren't stellar effects, but getting to peek at an opponents hand and strip away their disruption (or knowing that they have way too much to try shit yet) is pretty good if it clears the way for your win.

I couldn't recommend doing it without some way to repeat the effect at no real cost to you. Those kinds of cards aren't built with multiplayer in mind

>> No.57082473

About to finalize an order for the remaining parts for this. Any spicy tech, or suggestions?

>> No.57082531

cEDH is lame, thats all lole

>> No.57082538

*takes 10 minute turn*

>> No.57082585

*Takes 1 second turn*
*spends 10 minutes thinking after each opponent does anything*

>> No.57082612

>counters the kambal player's Read the Bones
>the yidris player untaps next turn, plays paradox engine and wins

>> No.57082643

To be fair, blue players hate kambal players

>> No.57082668

>hellfire is $50
Yeah, that'd be the spike. not too long ago it was less than 20.

>> No.57082687

I have a problem of getting salty from being targeted, does Xenagos envoke that "player X gotta die ASAP" before I cast my fatties?

>> No.57082714

My brother plays Xenagos and everyone in our group tries to kill him off asap

It also might be because his other two commanders are rakdos and animar

>> No.57082766

How do I do a turn 1-2 flash hulk deck with hermit druid combo as a backup?

>> No.57082798

Post your Top Ten favorite Dragons in Magic, doesn't matter if they're good or not, just the ones you like the best. Extra points for reasons why you like them. I'll start:

>Moltensteel Dragon
The very first Foil Rare I pulled. Fell in love immedeately, stuffed it into some of my first decks, won games off of it. Later stuck it in Xenagos, and reaped HUGE REWARD. Also, literally the most phyrexian card in existance, other than Norn's Annex, so it holds prime spot in my heart.

>Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon
I had this smug fuck in every iteration of my mono-black deck since it was first conceived and I never failed to get WORTH out of him. Now as the current commander of the deck, I'm loathe to ever change it again - he's just to awesome. Only other commander I might ever use otherwise is Erebos and he'll require a whole different deck set up so I don't think I'll be switching soon.

>Savage Ventmaw
So. Much. VALUE! Very few times I haven't won games dropping this bad boy on the field.

>Scourge of the Throne
Extra combat steps are always nice, especially when all you need to do to get them is swing anyway.

>Steel Hellkite
Removal on a stick. Always try to jam this into decks that need more removal.

>Balefire Dragon
Boardwipes on a stick are always nice

>Hellkite Charger
Extra combat is love, extra combat is life. Only reason this isn't higher is that it needs mana to go off and Savage Ventmaw isn't infinite with it.

>Moonveil Dragon
Team wide buff for only one mana? Yeah, I can dig it.

>Hellkite Tyrant
Great both in artifact decks as well as against artifact decks.

>Hellkite Igniter
Great finisher in artifact decks that have red and the fact that you only need two mana for every buff is just stellar.

>> No.57082926

Roon is bonkers if left uncontested and has all the tools at his disposal to stop him from getting removed. Even <$100 builds can put together a decent control package and go to town.

Here, have some spicy tech

>> No.57082970

Is Aid From the Cowl good enough for Roon?

>> No.57083059

I love this old art. This guy is having a great time turning into a tree.

>> No.57083071

>*takes 10 minute turn*
If it's a decently build frog deck and they're taking 10 minutes, they're probably winning or having to explain the dakmor loop lol

I know this pain so well but I love it too much to give it up

>> No.57083166

So guys, I just bought Mind Razer EDH because I picked this put at my LGS for a ok price, how exactly would this work out with him and all of the draw outlets? By looking at the oracle text it looks like a "I win" kind of thing but fuck this card is confusing as hell.

>> No.57083191

>you draw a card they lose a life
>they do it again
>they do so until they mill out unless they into eldrazi
>won't matter because of zombie kings ping

10/10 purchase anon

>> No.57083214

You mean something like temple bell????

Because chains only does shit when they draw outside of they're OG draw step.

>> No.57083240

i dont think you understand how it works

>> No.57083246

Did you just say targeted discard?????

>> No.57083247


>> No.57083264


>> No.57083266

I'm building Queen Chesa voltron atm and I've only ever built two other edh decks in my life.

What am I looking for besides artefacts/auras for my commander? Taxes? Tutors?

>> No.57083267

Good god anon. Prepare to lose all of your friends if you use this in EDH.

>> No.57083284


read this.

>> No.57083290

Do you mind explaining the dakmor loop? please

>> No.57083369

I recently built Atraxa with a focus on tokens and +1/+1 counters, and people still kill me first because of "muh Atraxa". I literally went with the least competitive version of Atraxa just to avoid this situation. Wat do?

>> No.57083407

Nothing. She will always be kill on sight by strangers.

>> No.57083430

>be me
>had spent 2-3 months way from lgs, because tight schedule and no disposable income
>finally show up today to play with people I knew for a few years
>brought non-infinite Niv-Mizzet and BUG Sidisi I slapped together the day before from the cards that synergize with her
>concerned with power of my deck, so that people wouldn't be upset if I win
>I guy with the most interesting brews I've ever seen now plays Akiri, who gets equipped and just attacks for the duration of the game
>Rashmi is now Kydele-Akiri with Throne, infinite turns, infinite mana and a whole bunch of ramp and "I win" effects
>Some speed demon 11yo kid plays Narset and Animar
>He does everything so quickly, you should literally stop him after every action to see if what he's doing is legit
>Later on turns out it wasn't
>Sidisi doesn't hit the table once
>Niv-Mizzet does jack shit, because all the opponents have something preventing them from being targetable
>It's magic!

Everytime anyone draws cards past the first one, they either discard 1 or if they can't, mill 1 before drawing. Kinda like Leovold

You discard Dakmor to an outlet, to trigger draw and replace it with dredge. If you dredge a land, you draw 1 card, then put Dakmor back in hand. You keep doing so until you either dredge or draw into an eldrazi titan you can discard to reshuffle the deck and keep going more.

The reason you do that is to either pump up a huge creature/get arbitrary amount of mana (easy way) or to draw your library and then discard three cards (positive mana source, land, titan) to infinitely reuse the mana source (dark ritual or lotus petal). Second option takes careful execution to avoid accidentally decking yourself, so I rarely do that

>> No.57083451

That ultimately depends on your ramp/removal packages. While Roon’s ability does let you fuck with other creatures at instant speed, you still want a fairly standard removal package due to your blinking having anti-synergy with other tappers and Bant not having a lot of the better removal permanents you see in red and black (Shriekmaw, Warstorm Surge, etc.). I’d personally mix in some library manipulation creatures like Sea Gate Oracle and Augury Owl, and ETB land fetchers like Wood Elves and Sylvan Ranger if I were going to run continuous-effect enchantments like Aid to better increase the consistency of you hitting nonland permanents, but it can definitely be good, especially if you’re running beefy 6-drops like Sun Titan and Drowner of Hope.

>> No.57083472

you discard a land to hand size. you can dredge dakmor instead of drawing a card, which will put two cards into your graveyard and then put dakmor back in your hand. now you need to discard to hand size again, so you can discard dakmor to start the process over again.

you can also do it with scourge familiar, discarding to generate mana instead of discarding to hand size or whatever other means. this will allow you to go through your whole deck and generate a huge amount of mana. you can then win with an exsanguinate or whatever.

>> No.57083532

sure! I would love to

Board state: Frog, Discard Outlet (Skirge Familiar, ideally)

Dakmor Salvage in hand.

>Discard Dakmor to the Discard Outletif it's the Skirge Familiiar, B floating
>Frog creates a draw trigger from Dakmor entering the graveyard
>Replace the draw trigger with Dredge 2 from Dakmor
>Dredge 2
>If you hit at least one land, Frog creates another draw trigger
>In response to that draw trigger, Discard Dakmor again to hopefully create another draw trigger
>discard in response to that draw trigger
>repetition accumulates draw triggers on the stack
>Eventually hit your shuffle effect (Kozilek/Ulamog or Gaea's Blessing)
>if someone tries to respond to the shuffle trigger, you respond by continuing to discard and dredge with dakmor until you hit your second grave shuffle effect
>when you have accumulated [Deck Size - X] I usually go to x=4, this requires arduous counting and dredging unless your playgroup agrees to let you shortcut let the draw triggers resolve to draw [Deck Size - 4]

Currently: Deck Size = 4, Rest in hand
>At this point, you discard 4 lands one at a time to draw the other 4 cards.
>With your many discards to Skirge Familiar, you have a lot of Black floating. Cycle 2 lands (Polluted Mire, Barren Moor, etc) to make 2 Frog draw triggers and 2 cycle draws. Discard Kozilek/Ulamog in response to shuffle your GY
>Draw your 4 cards. Deck Size = 2
>If Ula/Kozi ended up in your hand, Discard/Dredge with Dakmor and respond to the draw trigger the frog makes by discarding Ula/Kozi until you don't draw Ula/Kozi again.
>You now know that your deck = Ula/Kozi and a land
>Each time you dredge by discarding dakmor, you accumulate a draw trigger

Would you like me to continue to the kill or was this what you were looking for? I hope I explained it alright

>> No.57083563

What do you guys think about expanding Gitrog to Sidisi self-mill? More ways to win, but not as sturdy I guess. But still, it has blue in it

>> No.57083608

Does Tymaret have any chance of being decent, or is he doomed to be pack filler trash?

>> No.57083651

In competitive/higher power metas, the Frog and Sidisi are two very different decks.

In the average meta though Gitfrog fits fairly nicely into Sultaidisi, but can be a sort of double edged sword if you don't run the high land count that he thrives with.
I'm not sure exactly what your plan is but "hidden commander: gitrog" doesn't work very well I've tried :( because the deck kind of linch-pins around him being on board or available to be on board when you need him to be.

Sultai Gitrog would be even more of a powerhouse honestly ...

>> No.57083684

Has anyone here built this badass motherfucker?

I'm really stumped on my next commander (I'm all about R and G) and figured this guy with the black enchantment - is it called conspiracy? - would make a fun deck. I'm just concerned that his actual cost and the cmc area little high and not worth it in the end.

>> No.57083725

Gitrog is just something nice to cast or to spin with Sidisi on board. She is more beneficial for him, not vice versa. So what's the difference? Lab maniac? Milling people out? Necrotic oozes?

>> No.57083819

Pretty much, SBT has multiple combos ranging from Lab Man, Protean Hulk, Necrotic Oozes, and even Food Chain in some.

I'd call the primary difference the fact that Gitrog shoots for a single combo where Sidisi branches out from the very beginning

>> No.57083844

I love this guys art. We need more spears in MTG

>> No.57083861

>Shivan Dragon
Classic version ONLY. That art! That Flavor Text! Such nostalgia!

>Nicol Bolas
T1 Dark Ritual, Entomb Bolas, Shallow Grave. Somebody's hand is going in the bin. Even not performing dark rites to crush 1v1, Bolas is still the discard king, and getting in an early poke with his draconic hugeness can pretty much lock some decks out of the game.

>Covetous Dragon
Flavor hit, your dragon needs something of a hoard to stick around, and nostalgia for Wildfire decks.

>Kokusho, the Evening Star
Honorable mention for all the Kamigawa dragons (Including, technically, O-Kagachi I guess). I just love their flavor and design. Surprisingly, I'm not super mad at Iconic Masters for changing it, since while most of them are weaker, most of them still did technically hit the right notes.

>Bogardan Hellkite
Has done so much work for me. Comes out and at once breaks board parity. Even if he's removed, he still cleaned up utility critters or, with better timing, fucked with combat entirely. Flash in to block, torch other attackers to turn pushes into kills or chump blocks into trades

>Catacomb Dragon
I'm a strange person who rates high on Vorthos and almost as high on Melvin. I LOVE wonky mechanics, and Catacomb Dragon is hilariously goofy.

Invasion was nowhere near my first block, but I was still a kid when this guy came out, and I actually managed to pull it. True, it wasn't good (though as the most expensive card it still finds life for Volrath or Eratic Explosion nonsense) but it was just about the most epic thing.

>Fire Dragon
It may be a little dopey, bit its ability to burn out opposition makes it kind of a lesser Bogardan Hellkite. Better reach but no spread. or flash.

>Mist Dragon
I mentioned loving wacky shit, right? Phasing and its weird perma-ability-swap count.

>Mirrorwing Dragon
If removed by an opponent, wraths the opponent's board. If buffed by you, buffs your board. I love it!

>> No.57083933

No nigger the reason why people treat cEDH players like the plague is that said players believe a multiplayer format can even be competitive to begin with. Including answers to threats isn't "competitive," it's smart deck building. Stick to your french/duel containment formats.

>> No.57083969

Because he has so many possible ways to play and can be anything from voltron to combo. He's also great for enabling janky interactions by tying a lot of different abilities together. He keeps everything even if he gets removed as well. The only way for him to lose abilities is if someone puts his exiled cards back with something like a Processor.

>> No.57084033

>sitting in lgs waiting for my pals
>Guy:hey Anon, wanna play a quick match
>Me:well okay, but I usually only play multiplayer
>Guy:it's fine, I don't mind
>whips out Leovold
>turn 1, Island into Ponder
>Guy:But anon, didn't you know that Ponder is banned?

>> No.57084085

>I literally went with the least competitive version of Atraxa just to avoid this situation

That's the thing, people don't trust you on that

>> No.57084106

>He Plays with partner Commanders
I bet your deck is a goodstuff pile Shit Taste Senpai

>> No.57084159

simic manipulator

>> No.57084384

I've only ever seen him played once.
>show up early to commander night
>only 6 people in the store
>decide to play secret partners
>dude we've never seen before is playing this guy
>casts his commander turn 5
>I say "That's A-okay, it resolves" to make it seem like I could be his partner (not actually holding up any counters)
>he immediately swings into me
>drops Xenagod next turn, murderizes me
>after I'm dead he doesn't focus anyone else out of the game
>have to wait a half hour for more people to show up to play with while they continue with their game for 2 hours
Karrthus is okay, adding black for card draw and removal is decent. I still Like Atarka, World Render better though.

>> No.57084445

The biggest problem I have seen with him is clones. I would rather play any other dragon or tribal commander because of how he functions.

>> No.57084471

But Blue Braids works just fine with $0.25 rares.

>> No.57084495

>not building giantdad.dec


>> No.57084541

Anyone have a Toshiro Umezawa deck I can look at? I'm not too sure what his wincons are other than doubling down on Tragic Slip and whatnot.

>> No.57084808

Tymna/Sidar Kondo hatebears is good enough for cEDH and fair enough for slower metas.

>> No.57085071

That was my dilemma with Mimeoplasm for about a good year. I settled on a steal yo shit theme. Should be fun once I put it together.

>> No.57085078

You are playing mono black. The idea is to remove all threats until you are swimming in mana, then drop a double dark / cabal ritual and wipe the table with Exsanguinate / Torment of Hailfire. Other win cons can be Bloodchief Ascension or the new card from Ixalan, Revel in Riches.

>> No.57085117

Here go.

>> No.57085134

Who's your Commander?

>> No.57085152

The versatility of this is nice.

>> No.57085180

Alright, I'll bite.

No pairing seems all that interesting or fun to me, let alone unsolved. Some of them are plenty useful in the 99 of a lot of decks though.

>> No.57085205

>Bitchslap his ass into the next century
This is good. I like you. Do you play Gruul?

>> No.57085240

What Commanders?

>> No.57085253

It's very fun and not to be trifled with. I always get a kick out of resolving it in Xenagos.

>> No.57085299

Play what you love.
Fuck the haters.

>> No.57085383

I played the most Gruul manachick in duel last year and most cruel thing I've done was Puncture Blasting a Skullbriar t3 after declaring attack

I own Ruric-Thar and Borborygmos but don't have the right cards. I love reanimation, so I'd expand into Jund, but it is Golgari for the time being.

>> No.57085402

Xenagod, Angry Onnath, Angry Borborygmos, Dubstrike Atarka, Conspire Wort

Rosheen Meanderer was on the list but I axed them because they're basically just goodstuff ramp and the deck would be similar but less interesting/worse than my Dragonlord Atarka deck I already have built.

>> No.57085425

Where the FUCK is your Doubling Season?

>> No.57085447

Goodstuff pile is the natural way to go in 99 card singleton, my dude.

>> No.57085460

If I want to recur artifacts like filigree familiar and also marionette master, would Glissa or Alesha be a better commander? I'm leaning more towards Alesa currently as it has red cards I like and access to white. Is green so much better - Glissa as well - that it's worth it over Alesha?

>> No.57085478


Build a deck that completely destroys them. Absolutely no chance against you.

Then threaten to give them a real reason to bitch every time you play your “Timmy Smash!” Decks.

>> No.57085492

>His memories remained in the Underworld, but his cruelty crossed the Rivers with him.

MORE LIKE AVACYN ANGEL OF NOPE (Steals and sac avacyn)

>> No.57085498

Doubling season is expensive. If your deck can get away with running parallel lives instead, it's a fair choice.
(Having both would be ideal, of course, but it's a fine budget move)

>> No.57085508


I feel one of her strengths is you kinda dont have to choose between going wide and tall, with the right inclusions you can really have it all.

>> No.57085514

The answer is always Xenagos.

>> No.57085623

Jund Commanders are pretty bleh, sad to say. But play what you love.

>> No.57085647

Xenagod and Atarka kinda go hand-in-hand.
The Angry Bros both have land themes.
Wort is /tg/'s deck of the now.

I say build Xenagod, Angry Borb and Wort.

>> No.57085688


>if you have >>57070582 equipped and a creature on the field Tymaret can get back up
>you can even use Blind with Anger to nab and dump

The problem is that it doesn't feel very thematically appropriate. If i made giantdad.dec it would probably be Zurgo.

>> No.57085721

Thanks, that makes sense.
Atarka was largely just because I like dragons and she has a possible dragon tribal aspect, but Xenagos probably would be more fun to actually play. They're both in each other's 99s anyways.

I worry that Omnath wanting me to landfall and Borborygmos wanting me to discard lands will put the two at odds if they share a deck though.

>> No.57085756

There's Kresh, stax-voltron is pretty fun to pilot.

>> No.57085816

Hell, Kresh is amazing with any reanimation/sac engine. I like this guy, personally. A bit slow but works exceptionally well with Buried Alive.

>> No.57085849

>built Venser instead of Planeswalker Teferi for hipster points
>expect a rather mediocre deck with nothing particularly fantastic
>suddenly, shitting out artifacts everywhere
>bouncing things in response to removal
>dropping panharmonicon, then bouncing people's entire manabases with deadeye navigator and peregrine drake
Wow, way more fun than I expected. Anyways to amp this up to 11?

>> No.57086158

Hightide palinchron combos

>> No.57086176

zurgo seems good thematic and mechanical. he gets stronger with chump blocking (gank that humanity). he is only indestructible a quarter or half the time, thus "dies to removal" is the response of choice and you have to cast him again. at 5 cmc he is big value but without protection he dies from a bolt or shock eventually. he also can only be built voltrony.

Tymaret both has the looks and a resurrection function only a couple of costs below the bug gods. him getting around commander tax with a built in ability, thus he never truly dies and can keep coming back on the cheap. Also the salt from steal/sac and even gaining advantage from it would be sweet.

but to each their own. the looks is the deal breaker for me.

>> No.57086212

Best Timmy commanders?

I'm running a modified Ur-Dragon precon because I'm poor as shit, but want to know where I could expand once I can afford to put a better deck together.

>> No.57086225

Does an unearthed baby jace who flips still get to come back as a planeswalker?

>> No.57086292

Glissa requires no work OR mana on your part to get your artifacts back. All she needs is to be protected and for people's stuff to die. Alesha needs to first swing, then you have to pay mana, THEN you can only do it once every time you attack unless you run additional cards to do so; basically, while Alesha is in the better colors for artifacts, Glissa is generally better for it. Also, green is nice even if it doesn't have much to do with the main strategy of your deck.

>> No.57086314

>10. Scion of the Ur-Dragon
Not in use anymore, but he served me well.

>9. Dragonlord Atarka
Hard to say no to an undercosted fatty like her.

>8. Scourge of the Throne
Conspiracy's best-kept secret.

>7. Hellkite Charger
Among my favorite mana sinks.

>6. Savage Ventmaw
Ventmaw Assault gives me absolute pleasure.

>5. Balefire Dragon
Razing boards in style!

>4. Karrthus, Tyrant of Jund
Only I can play with Dragons, damn you.

>3. Atarka, World Render
Double strike is a hell of a drug.

>2. The Ur-Dragon
The quintessential Dragon Commander.

>1. Hellkite Overlord
Perfection in simplicity.
Jund encapsulated.

>> No.57086330

not all of us like to spend $50 on a magic card.

>> No.57086353

>Atarka makes the list twice

>> No.57086360

True. I dunno. A lot of people here make Angry Omnath, so I figure try the proverbial road less traveled.

>> No.57086390

Both are in Xenagos. Both are in Ur-Dragon. She does something right.

>> No.57086408

No. Only the front side really "exists" as far as the graveyard is concerned, this is true for all flip cards.

>> No.57086425

>flying tramplers that can do minimum 8 - 12 damage itself on top of burn or giving double strike
girl be dangerous

>> No.57086477

He means if you Unearth Baby Jace with Sedris and then flip him
Yes you get your planeswalker Jace and it no longer is subject to Unearth's exile clause.

>> No.57086479

Can't argue with that logic.

>> No.57086494

Does Chainer need a wincon aside from repeatedly reanimating Gary/Kokusho?

>> No.57086744


Very good points, anon. Makes more sense to go Glissa as it seems the stars need to align with Alesha consistently for it to happen how I want.

Also, as you say, access to Green is pretty sweet as well (although red would be the dream)

>> No.57086752

Ehh... wouldn't hurt.

>> No.57087241

ded game ded thread

>> No.57087646

Everyone's having a wonderful* time with their distant relatives.

>> No.57087726

>tfw no relatives at all
At least I managed to splurge a tiny bit so I could bake a decent cake for tomorrow

>> No.57088116

I appreciate the asterix beside wonderful. And really, if you're on /edh/ tonight, either you're ignoring your family, you live a very sad life, or you're a giant jerk and should go see your family instead.

>> No.57088138

>You dont gonna play if you play Atraxa.
Play Witch-Maw Nephilim and hope for draw Atraxa. Maybe using Gift of the Gargantuan, Tracker's Instincts, Traverse the Ulvenwald, Seek the Wilds or plain reanimator instead of draw.

>> No.57088180

Atraxa is Atraxa.
Even without the whole proliferate its still a 4/4 vigilance/flying/deathtouch/lifelink which is a really strong foe because its the perfect blocker and perfect attacker.

>> No.57088229

>Play Witch-Maw Nephilim

>> No.57088806

Am I an asshole for wanting to play an Athreos revolt/recursion deck?

>> No.57088949

>Making Derevi deck
>Reading up a bit on how to build her
>Have alot of the expensive components already
So from what i've seen from builds so far is stax or exploiting mana dorks and artifacts to super accelerate mana and vomit out small creatures.
So what are some good finishers?
Anthem creatures like Thunderfoot baloth, murkfiend liege and wilt leaf liege?

>> No.57088962

Mill decks with other wincons help. I have a Lazav deck thats a mill deck but its also a voltron deck that can win through commander damage too.

>> No.57088982

nah that sounds great.

>> No.57089030

You're asking for help in building a U/G/x commander notorious for locking down the board with minimal effort. The finisher doesn't matter.

>> No.57089230

And here you are giving me no help.
Nigga if I wanted lip I would have asked for your mom not help.

>> No.57089335

Stop talking like a nigger.

>> No.57089472

Then stop being an autistic nigger and don't say shit that isn't constructive.

>> No.57089498

>Decks or Cards that you know your opponent isn't going to be doing fair or nice things with

for me its Leovold, cause I also have "the deck" built up, every Leovold player tries to yuck it up that they are the "good kind"

same can be said if you find a Mikaeus or a Kiki-Jiki in someone's hand.

>> No.57089503

Plebbitniggers not welcome
Leave. Take your sub-80 IQ and abysmal deckbuilding skills with you.

>> No.57089524


>you use a hand reveal card near the opening and they have Teferi's puzzle box, Windfall, and Anvil in hand with counterspell backups.

>> No.57089668

How does one find a playgroup? I just moved to south texas and i need people to play with

>> No.57089694


>> No.57089707

Go to a card store and see if they have friday night edh
Simple as

>> No.57089746


>> No.57089888


I honestly have no idea. My standard response to finding a playgroup for anything /tg/-related is to make friends, then convert them into a playgroup. But M:tG requires such a significant investment of both time and money that it's a tougher sell than, say, hosting a game of D&D.

The other option is to find people in hobby stores but, let's face it, people who hang out in hobby stores are awful.

Good fucking luck, Anon, and godspeed.

>> No.57090034

Anyone else feel like you've done everything there is to do with this format?

>> No.57090044

no, i feel like theres more, so much more weird shit i want to do.

>> No.57090098

Most of the time I just have a hard time finding commanders I will enjoy.
I am a bit picky I guess.

>> No.57090113

Someone salty about casual players having fun the wrong way

>> No.57090176

how dare casuals have fun in a casual format in a non competitive way

>> No.57090201

They must be dirty normies who play with silver-bordered cards and battlecruiser and smile and let each other take back misplays and have friends.

>> No.57090230

i bet their LCS actually ALLOWS such filthy casualism, and not even have a separate non silver trash tourny.

>> No.57090250

>taking back misplays

Easy way to never improve baka

>> No.57090263

>take back misplays


>> No.57090293

>wants constructive criticism
>gets on 4chan
>thinks calling someone on the Internet a nigger will somehow somehow help

Are you retarted or just an every day idiot?

>> No.57090307

>derevi stax is casual

>> No.57090401

gimme deck idea man

>> No.57090461

Kaervak punisher

>> No.57090483

Boros Samurai Tribal

>> No.57090505

>Shit on some autistic kid because he gets mad because I ask about various derevi builds since i've never played the commander
>He gets even madder and accuses me of being from reddit
Nigga I just want to know about Derevi.
>Wants constructive criticism
>Posts on 4chan
People come to this general to discuss builds and card strength and weaknesses.
>Thinks calling someone a nigger will somehow help
I called him a nigger because he was being a nigger that posted solely to make a non constructive backhanded comment.
Its almost as if he wasn't trying to be a cunt I wouldn't have been a cunt.
Wait a few years and argue with me when your brain fully develops.

>> No.57090512

Higure ETB synergies, using a tiny Ninjutsu engine and Cloudstone Curio-like effects to reuse your ETBs as often as possible

>> No.57090549

marry o kill sick ninja trixxx

>> No.57090559

>Nigga I just want to know about Derevi.
Derevi is most notorious for Stax/Stasis builds that hard lock games and at least used to be one of the top cEDH decks.

You can play him casual; bird tribal, t: Do Something.dec, Edric+White, or so on, but most people are going to take one look at your command zone and prepare for the worst.

>> No.57090569

>tfw Derevi is notorious for cancer and I just want to build a Bant Rube Goldberg deck

>> No.57090599

Bosh Iron Golem Big Artifacts is the Thinking Mans Choice Darreti is overrated

>> No.57090605

>I just want to build a Bant Rube Goldberg deck
Roon, maybe? His ability is cool for goldberg machines and since he's the kid gloves version of a more notorious commander (Brago) he doesn't really have a bad rep.

>> No.57090640

Sakashima The Imposter Clone & Steal Your Shit Tribal is really fun and its powerlevel adapts to the table you are playing at.

>> No.57090650

Sounds good to me.

>> No.57090683

Leave nigger

>> No.57090704

>'U/G/x is hard p-pls help'

>> No.57090731

>Baby gets systematically blown out through inductive reasoning
>Responds with "leave nigger"

>> No.57090750

What McDonalds is open on Christmas Eve for you to post off their WiFi?

>> No.57091011

Five color goodstuff.

>> No.57091017

New Thread


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